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January 19, 2015, 04:46:24 PM

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You Dream of Me

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more.  Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.


Iím not sure how I was able to do it.  One night sleeping next to my wife, I could feel her dream.  I mean I knew what she was dreaming about.  I didnít do anything about it for months, but then one night I inserted myself in the dream and started trying to manipulate it.  In her dream she was walking in a garden of flowers brushing her hand gently across the blossoms.  I came over and started kissing her, and then I pushed on her shoulders forcing her to the ground on her knees.  I opened my pants and soon I had my cock in her mouth.  She blew me for a little while, and then the fucking alarm clock went off.

She woke gasping and looked at me finally catching her breath, she said, ďI had the strangest dream.Ē
ďOh, what were you dreaming about,Ē I asked.
With a grin she said, ďIíll show you.Ē
She dipped her head down under the covers and chuckled finding me already erect.  She took me in her mouth and gave me a fantastic blow job.  This went on for nearly two years, and the more I manipulated her dreams, the better I got at doing it.  I could get her so very sexually aroused just to wake her and have her do whatever I wanted.  The problem was she finally figured it out, and it freaked her out.  She couldnít get past me manipulating her dreams, even when I promised to stop doing it.  She stopped sleeping with me and slept in another bedroom.  We stopped having sex at all.

Despite my promise not to, I tried to do it again, but I just couldnít do it.  She was too far away in the other bedroom.  It seems for me to get into her dreams, she had to be closer.  The bed she slept in made her head about 18 feet from the door.  If I put my head against the closed door, I could faintly feel her dreams, but I couldnít influence them.  She was too far away.  She always woke if I tried opening the door and get closer, and that just started a bad argument about what I was up to.

It was too much for both of us, and she started seeing another guy.  He was much younger than me, but then so was she.  Somehow for a 43 year old man with a modest income, I was married to an attractive woman 13 years my junior.  We had been married for 6 years.  We didnít have any kids, so that made the divorce easier.  She got the house, but then I didnít fight very hard during the settlement.  Iím starting to realize what a mistake that was, as I canít believe this is the only crappy apartment I can afford right now.  Garden Ridge Apartments, I mean thereís no fucking garden or ridge here.


I donít understand why my parents canít accept I donít want to go the Med school?  I switched my major to literature with a concentration on French and Russian authors.  I love the romance of those novels, and I want to be a professor of literature and teach.  Why canít they understand that?  Fine if they want to cut me off financially thinking they are giving me no choice.  I dropped out of college after two years and got a job in an office.  Iím saving every cent I can to go back to school and do what I want.  I just wish I could afford better than this crappy apartment.

I considered stripping and have a friend that does that and makes decent money to help with her college bills.  I still might do it on the side, but really I got enough older men drooling over me now at the office, not that I got anything against dating older men.  My last boyfriend was a professor at the university 12 years older than me.  I was careful never to take any of his classes, but it still was criticized by the university, which was why he had to break up with me.  I just couldnít stand the immature college boys my own age, those vacuous expressions, and they actual called me dude.  I mean do I look like a fucking dude?

If I wasnít just so fucking horny these days it would be fine, but the men I run into, especially the men at the office, are just not my type at all.  The guys at the office are just as bad as those immature college boys, superficial and almost a caricature of the brown-nosing go-getters with no morals in the movies about corporations.  At least I have a good excuse when they ask me to happy hour.  I just smile sweetly and say, ĎSorry, Iím only 20 and not allowed in barsí.  Unfortunately, they always say I look much older, and theyíre sure I could get in.  It never occurs to these idiots, I have no interest in them at all.

Five months of living in this shit hole after moving out of the dorm, Iíve had three sets of neighbors.  The first that thankfully lasted only a month was a single mother with three kids.  The kids screamed and cried constantly and the mother screamed and cried too, right through the fucking wall.  Next I get miss slut-bunny who has a different guy over every night who seems intent on pounding her bedframe through the wall into my apartment.  She was around for four months before our complaints finally got her out.  Everyone around her complained including multiple floors, but my fucking bedroom shared a wall with hers!  The new guy hasnít seemed so bad yet even if he did try and look down my blouse when we chatted briefly while getting our mail.  I mean I know I got nice tits, at least based on the hundred guys a day that stare at them.  Theyíre the reason why my girlfriend keeps bugging me to strip with her saying how much money I could be making.  I know itís unreasonable to hope only a guy I might be interested in will look at them, but a girl can dream canít she?

The new neighbor looked in his 40ís and not too bad looking, but still way too old for me.  I just miss Brian the professor.  I need an educated mature guy, but where do I find one of those given my life now?  Itís nice and quiet when I sleep now.  At least the new guy is quiet, but I know heís right there mere feet away through the wall.  That sort of distracts me when I masturbate.  Have I mentioned how fucking horny I am lately?

January 19, 2015, 06:07:18 PM
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This is really great Jed! Opens the door to a lot of possibilities!

January 19, 2015, 06:14:43 PM
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Offline Jed

Thanks vile.  He's just waiting for her to go to sleep.....perhaps to dream.

January 19, 2015, 07:33:49 PM
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Nice twist Jed . . .looking forward to more of her dreams . . .

January 21, 2015, 04:30:34 AM
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Offline Jed

January 21, 2015, 05:20:45 PM
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I want more too jed great start

January 31, 2015, 10:56:25 AM
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I hear a faint moan through the wall.  I knew she was alone, but for some reason I was sure she just had an orgasm.  The moan had that tone to it.  I also sensed she was thinking of me being here so close through the wall, so she stifled the moan as best she could hoping I wouldnít hear it.  Sorry sweetie, I did hear that.  I tried to picture her naked and rubbing herself with those amazing tits she has jiggling in rhythm to her busy finger.  OK now Iím erect, so I guess itís my turn to masturbate?

The only bright spot in living in this fleabag apartment these last couple days is that girl next door.  She is such a vision of loveliness, so itís surprising Iíve seen no guy or guys sniffing around.  She wears business clothes and tries unsuccessfully to hide her figure, but those puppies she has are hard to hide.  She even takes her long dark hair and lets it hang in front to try and hide them, but that just makes her look even more beautiful.  That day in the hall when she looked at me with those gorgeous brown eyes, I nearly melted.  But then I had to ruin it by trying to look down her blouse and got caught.

Sheís so close through the wall, I just wonder if I can still do it.  I havenít been able to try for months.  Somehow since Iíve been here, I havenít felt her dream at all, but then Iíve been dead tired; first from moving and then from trying to catch up at work.

My eyes open and I glance at the clock.  Almost 4AM, shit, why do I have to wake now and on a Saturday?  Stretching in bed and trying to gauge if I can get back to sleep, I feel a flutter in my mind.  Focusing on it, I reach out trying to grasp it.  Itís her, and sheís dreaming.  Itís something annoying about a jerk at her work who keeps hitting on her.  Mmmmm, letís see if I can steer that in a certain direction?  No, youíre not at work.  Youíre home and in bed, and you are not alone.


Tom is such an asshole.  Heís always resting his hand on my shoulder squeezing a little when he talks to me pretending itís about work, but he never looks me in the eye.  Youíre staring at my tits again Tom.  He thinks this comes off as a casual massage, that hand kneading my shoulder, but I know what heís thinking about squeezing.  I know what else heís hoping to get someday soon.  Well you jerk, youíre not getting any alone time with me.

Oh, this is better.  Tom is gone, and Iím in bed.  Someone is pulling my legs apart and whispering how much Iím going to enjoy this.  The whispers are soothing and sexy somehow.  I sense I should be terrified, but Iím not.  I feel a hand between my legs rubbing me so gentle and nice slowly arousing me.  Why canít I see who it is?  I can tell itís not Brian.  He feels bigger than Brian.  I really should be scared, but he keeps calming me, whispering how everything is going to be fine.

Ooohhh, something or someone is between my legs.  I feel a brush of beard stubble inside my thighs sending a chill up my spine.  Is that a tongue lapping at my privates?  Lips are fluttering on my clit, and I can feel myself moistening.  That is definitely a tongue licking me, and I hear myself moaning with pleasure at each wet swirl.  The contact ceases, and I whimper in disappointment.  But then I feel a mouth on my belly softly kissing and licking towards my breasts.  A tongue licks and then a mouth sucks my nipple making it so hard it almost hurts.  Heís positioning his body between my legs.  I feel the weight of him on top of me.  His strong hands are on my body, and it feels so good.  I open my legs wide letting him in.  Why canít I see his face?

I feel it now probing between my legs.  Iím so wet for him.  Him?  Who is he?  Oh God yes, fill me with it.  He pushes inside me, and it feels much bigger than Brian.  Damn it, who is he?  Heís moving, thrusting into me so deep.  I wrap my legs around him and begin murmuring ĎOh yesí over and over.  Oh my God, Iíve never been fucked this good.  His pumping organ is rasping my clit deliciously making me squirm and squeal with desire.  I feel the passion building in me, and Iím yearning for it.  Looking at him, I finally see his face.  Itís the neighbor next door fucking me?  Heís fucking me so good.  I shake my head in confusion seeing his smiling handsome face looking down at me.  Iím not attracted to men his age, well I wasnít until now.  Oh, he is good looking.  I pull him in even more knowing Iím so close.

I wake up abruptly alone in bed gasping for breath covered with sweat.  My head is reeling with sensation and emotion.  Iím right on the edge of an orgasm and suddenly realize my hand is inside my soaked shorts, and itís my own finger sliding in and out of me.  I stop trying to understand this intense dream.  I see his face again, the neighbor through the wall.  I canít help it and move my finger again.  It only takes a few strokes and my back arches off the bed, and I moan way too loud.  Panting to catch my breath, Iím embarrassed wondering if he heard that.  I know it was loud.  Itís so quiet, maybe heís up and gone?

My shorts are soaked with sweat, and yeah, more than just sweat.  Iím quivering from the orgasm, that powerful orgasm.  It may have been one of the most intense orgasms of my life, and it started as a dream?  Yuck, I feel sticky all over.  I need to get out of these shorts and t-shirt.  Bathroom, yes I need to clean myself up.  These go into the hamper.  A warm wet wash cloth, that feels good, cleaning the sweat off me.  Yeah, I feel better now, not so sticky.  Damn the bed looks like I really was having sex with him in it.  Thereís even a wet spot.

What time is it?  Fuck, 4:37AM?  I donít want to get up now.  I should try and sleep more.  Somehow, Iím a little afraid to go to sleep.  I feel like heís waiting for me in my dreams.  Thatís silly, it was just a dream.  But wow, what a dream.  I canít say I hated it, but Iím afraid of it happening again.  Why am I afraid of a dream?  It wasnít a nightmare.

Should I put on clean shorts and a shirt?  No, Iíll sleep naked.  He wants me to sleep naked.  Huh?  Why in the world did I think that?  Heís not here, and heís not in my head either.  Somehow Iím not convinced of that, but he canít be in my head?  So tired, just need more sleep.  It's not wet over here.  The sheets feel good on my body, not sure why I donít always sleep naked?  Maybe Iíll just sleep, maybe heís not waiting for meÖÖÖ..


Sensing her drifting off to sleep and her thoughts as she does, I whisper, ĎYes, I am waiting for you.í

February 01, 2015, 09:58:33 AM
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Offline Fancy

Jed this is kinda freaky but I like it just the same

February 01, 2015, 10:50:01 AM
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Offline Jed

Thanks Fancy.

It's supposed to be a little freaky and disturbing.  Imagine if a guy could get into your dreams and manipulate them, and then slowly manipulate your waking life too....

February 01, 2015, 09:20:44 PM
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Offline darklord

I love this story. What a premise. The back and forth between the characters is great too.

February 01, 2015, 10:28:04 PM
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Offline Jed

Thanks Darklord.  I like doing this in first person for both the guy and girl.  I have to admit I'm not real sure where I'm going with this.

I have had a fantasy for a while where I could make a girl dream of me and make her curious enough she wants me in real life.  There was a movie with this concept (entering someones dreams) about 30 years ago, but I can't remember the name of it.

February 05, 2015, 12:58:52 AM
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Sensing her drift off, I give her some time until she begins dreaming.  Itís a restless dream that peripherally includes me without me pressing for that just yet.  Iím not surprised Iím already present without trying yet, as the intensity of the last dream will have imprinted me on her psyche to some extent.  I push just a little to bring me into the forefront of the dream and feel her get slightly nervous.  Thereís some tension in the dream, so I wait for her to get a little more relaxed.

Soon in the dream Iím standing over her bed fully clothed caressing her long dark hair telling her everything is fine.  Sheís holding the covers under her chin looking at me unsure, but I keep talking in a soothing tone and see her fingers loosen.  I brush back the comforter and sheet revealing her nude form, and she tenses a little looking concerned.  Pulling images of her body from her own mind, I admire the voluptuous curves and gently fondle one breast while still stroking her hair.  I keep whispering to calm her anxiety, but I still sense some unease and dread I need to work through.

Ceasing my whispers, I address her directly in the dream, ďWhy are you so nervous?Ē
ďI donít know?  Why are you in my bedroom again?  Wasnít before enough for you?Ē
ďIf Iím here, it must be because you are thinking of me.Ē
ďIs this a dream?Ē
ďYes, you are dreaming about me again.Ē
ďWhy do I keep dreaming about you?  I only saw you a few times.Ē
ďYou are extremely attracted to me.Ē
ďI am?Ē
ďOf course you are.  Sit up for me.Ē
ďAh, OK?Ē

His hand is in my hair, and the other one on my boob pulling me up and then into a kneeling position on the bed.  Itís like Iím a piece of clay he is molding into the position he wants.  I know I should fight this, but I feel like I have already lost the fight.  I look up at his smiling face and gasp as all his clothes melt from his body leaving him nude.  Now Iím staring at his erection just inches from my face.

Iím mesmerized by it.  He is much bigger than Brian.  I knew he was taller those times I saw him in the hall, maybe 6í1Ē.  Brian was the same height as me, 5í5Ē.  Heís much bigger than Brian down there too.  I know what my neighbor wants from me.  Brian wanted blow jobs all the time too.  I did that for him often, except the times I refused after that one time he came in my mouth.  It was disgusting, and I spit it out.  I refused to do it again for weeks after.  Somehow refusing anything to this man does not seem to be an option?

Itís just so compelling his huge penis aimed at my mouth like that.  I see my trembling hand reaching for it.  I touch it and stroke it a few times.  It feels so real.  Holding it firmly in my hand I look up at his smiling face and ask, ďYou wonít cum in my mouth will you?Ē
ďYes I will, and you will like it.Ē
ďI donít know?Ē I hear myself say, but suddenly the thought of that does not seem so bad.
His hands are in my hair pulling me towards it.  Without thinking my mouth opens and engulfs him.

Itís velvety soft and feels good in my mouth.  My lips seem stretched around its girth.  I swirl my tongue around the shaft and begin moving my head.  It tastes good.  Why do I think it tastes good?  I feel hungry for it, working more of his penis into my mouth.  I feel him push at my face using me.  A thrill courses through my body at him using me.  I feel it hit the back of my mouth and heave, gagging a little.  He tells me it will be fine, and I wonít choke on it.  This seems to relax me and the gagging sensation fades.  He is thrusting at my face filling my mouth.  I grab his buttock with both hands pulling him in deeper reveling in the sensation of his penis, his cock, filling my mouth and throat.  This goes on for a delightful several minutes until I feel an eruption in his loins and his semen begins spurting in my mouth with a salty oyster like taste.  I hear him order me to swallow every drop, and I obey.

As his softening cock slips slowly from my mouth, I look adoringly up at him and ask, ďI donít even know your name.  What do I call you?Ē
ďCall me Master.Ē

My eyes flutter open, and Iím alone.  It really was all a dream?  Ugh, his cum is in my mouth and running down my chin and neck.  Wiping at it and looking, I see itís only my own drool.  I must have been salivating like crazy.  Two intense sex dreams in one night.  I feel dirty.  I feel really confused.

Iím shaking as I shower.  I swear I can feel his hands on my body.  What is even more disturbing, is that the thought of his hands on me is arousing me a little.  Why canít I stop thinking about this man next door who has to be at least twice my age?  I donít even know his name.  He hasnít told me it yet.  Why did he tell me to call him master in my dream?  This is all so weird and upsetting, yet I feel like Iím yearning for him.


I purposely make sure we are entering our apartment building at the same time.  When she sees me, I smile and give a slight wave as we enter the front door.  She is fidgeting like mad while we wait for the elevator, but I pretend to be oblivious to it.  The elevator door opens and as we both step in, I break the ice by saying, ďI apologize for not introducing myself the other day.  Iím Roy, Roy Hilchens.Ē
ďAhÖÖ.Samantha Collins.Ē
ďWere you out with friends this evening?Ē I say still ignoring her discomfort.
ďNo, I had to run errands.Ē
ďWell, it is early to be coming home from being out with friends.  Are you going out later?  It is Saturday night.Ē
The elevator dings at the seventh floor and the door opens. We step out, and she stumbles a little as we walk the short distance to our adjacent apartment doors.  She realizes I asked her a question and responds, ďNo, Iím tired and going to bed.Ē
ďWell, sweet dreams then.Ē

Oh my God, did he just say that?  I search his face for some sign he knows about the dreams, but he just has a pleasant unconcerned look.
ďAh, thank you MasÖ..ohÖ..uh, I mean Roy.Ē
He opens his door and goes inside leaving me still fumbling for my apartment key.  I drop the keys twice before I finally get the lock open.  Hurrying inside, I shut the door and lean against it panting.  I canít believe I almost called him Master.

February 05, 2015, 01:06:41 AM
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I have had a fantasy for a while where I could make a girl dream of me and make her curious enough she wants me in real life.  There was a movie with this concept (entering someones dreams) about 30 years ago, but I can't remember the name of it.

Found it.....Dreamscape:

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February 22, 2015, 11:23:11 AM
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Offline Jed


I donít want to sleep.  Iím afraid to sleep.  I know heís there waiting for me to sleep.  I must have been leaning against the inside of the apartment door for 20 minutes before I finally gather myself enough to walk into the kitchen area.  I brew some coffee and taking the mug draw myself a bath.  I need to stay awake.  I canít take any more of these dreams.  I purposely make the bath water a little cold to wake me up sipping the coffee while in the tub.  I rub myself vigorously trying to work the circulation and hoping it helps wake me up even more.  I put on my thick bathrobe.  Itís comfortable, maybe too comfortable?

Making more coffee I sit at the small table where I eat.  Maybe I should get dressed again, but this robe is warm and comfy.  I need to stay awake, but Iím so tired.  Maybe Iíll just set my head down on the table for a few minutes.  Now donít fall asleep.  Donít want to sleep.


Sitting in bed, I canít feel her at all.  I try putting my head against the wall we share.  I need to be close to do it.  I try moving down the wall we share pressing my head against it sometimes changing rooms.  In the kitchen/dining are I finally feel her.  Sheís sitting and trying very hard not to sleep.  Iím patient and sit waiting for her.  Soon I feel her drifting into dreamland, where I own her.


Master has me bent over the table fucking me so good.  His wonderful cock filling me, pounding into me.  Iím gripping the table edge with my fingers trying to drive my hips back at him moaning with pleasure.  I can feel him rubbing my clit bringing me so close to an orgasm.  I canít help it and begin screaming for him, ďOh yes Master!  Fuck me harder Master!  Fuck me harder!  Fuck me harder!  Fuck me harder!Ē
Suddenly I wake in confusion.  Iím prostrate on the dining table trying to focus on whatís going on.  Was I just yelling for real, and I woke myself up?

I sit up and close my robe that somehow opened.  I check the clock and see itís only just after 10PM.  No sooner do I stand, but thereís a knock at the door.  No one ever comes to visit me this late, but I look through the peep hole.  Oh my God, itís him.

ďSamantha, are you OK?  I heard yelling.Ē
Swallowing hard trying to calm myself, I respond, ďIím OK, just had a strange dream.Ē
ďSamantha, open the door.  I want to make sure you are OK.Ē
No, donít open the door.  Itís him, you canít open the door.  ďIím OK.Ē
ďSamantha, I need you to open the door to make sure you are alright.Ē
He just being nice and wants to check on me.  He canít know about the dreams?

Somehow my hand is turning the deadbolt, undoing the chain and then unlocking the knob.  I open the door and step back as this man, this older neighbor who has been tormenting my dreams, walks into my apartment shutting the door behind him.  He looks around as if to make sure Iím alone, but Iím positive he knows I am alone.  That facade completed, he approaches very close to me.  My arms are snug across my chest holding the robe as tightly closed as possible.  I want to step back but somehow seemed glued to this spot.  Heís so close.  I can smell his raw animal maleness.  Itís not a cologne, itís the scent of a strong man.  I feel my nostrils flare drinking it in.  I know Iím breathing harder now.

ďI heard shouting.Ē
ďI was dreaming.Ē
ďDo you know what you were shouting?Ē
ďIím not sure?Ē
ďI think you do know what you were shouting.Ē
ďYou were shouting at someone to fuck you.Ē
ďYes, I was dreaming.Ē
ďWho were you dreaming of?Ē
ďI donít know.Ē
ďI donít believe you.Ē
ďI know you donít.Ē
ďYou were dreaming about me fucking you werenít you.Ē
In my meekest voice yet, I nod my head and whisper, ďYes.Ē

He finally stops talking, but then his hands are on either side of my face.  Iím not crying, not really, but there are tears in my eyes, and he sweeps them away with his thumbs.  He is tilting my head back to look up at him, and his face gets really close.  I can hear my heart pounding, and I want to pull away but I canít.  My eyes close at the last split second before his lips touch mine.  I moan into his mouth and feel his tongue touch mine.  My mouth opens more, and then I realize my arms are around his neck as we kiss passionately.

He breaks the kiss and looks into my eyes.  His hands slide down my neck to my shoulders under the robe.  I feel my face blush as he brushes the robe along my shoulders opening it a little and letting him see my cleavage.  He brushes the robe past and off my shoulders, and I let my arms go slack at my sides.  The robe hesitates briefly, and then falls to my ankles in a heap.  I know my face is very red now at being completely nude before his gaze.  I canít look at him.  Both his hands are casually fondling my breasts.  Itís not the clumsy groping and pawing Iíve experienced before of an aroused male, which Iím pretty sure would turn me off right now.  It feels possessively gentle, like heís letting me know Iím his.  Somehow this is reassuring to me and definitely not a turn off?

His hands move back up to my shoulders.  They rest there for a few seconds, and I look in his eyes.  I feel a slight pressing down on my shoulders, and I know what he wants.  I nod vaguely accepting and slowly get down on my knees in front of him.  I feel myself getting nervous as soon as I begin undoing his belt.  My hands are shaking terribly, while I struggle to unfasten his pants.  I pull the zipper down, and his trousers fall to the floor.  Itís only when I begin tugging down his boxers, do I realize why Iím so nervous.

Iíve done this before sure, but Iíve never tried to be particularly good at it.  Suddenly Iím desperate to be good at it.  I want to be so pleasing for him.  I see the bulge in his shorts before I even get them down.  When it springs out aimed at my face, Iím stunned to inaction.  I dreamt about doing this just this morning, and it looks exactly how it did in the dream.  Itís so big and intimidating compared to Brianís and those few others Iíve blown.  How did I dream of it looking just as it actually does?

I feel him push on my head, and I know I have no choice.  His push on my head gets more forceful, and it bumps into my lips.  I open wide as he forces it in, feeling it stretch my lips open and slide along my tongue.  I reach around and grasp his buttocks moving my head and trying to work more of him into my mouth.  For the first time in my life Iím hungry for it, enthusiastically sucking and wanting nothing more but to please him.  When he abruptly pulls it out of my mouth, I am dreadfully anxious and extremely worried I didnít do it well.

Summoning some courage, I enquire, ďDidnít I do it good?Ē
ďNo, not particularly.Ē
I get a horrible sinking feeling in my gut and choke out, ďIím sorry.Ē
ďYou just need more practice, and Iíll make sure you get it.  You want to be good at sucking my cock donít you?Ē
Swallowing hard and thinking about it, I realize I do want that very much and squeak out, ďYes.Ē
ďBut right now I think you need fucked donít you?Ē
The arousal I felt during the dream never really went away, and now the thought of him fucking me was an incredible turn on, and I manage to pant out, ďYes, please fuck me.Ē
ďCrawl on your hands and knees to the bedroom.  Iím going to give you that good hard fucking that you need.Ē
ďYes Master,Ē I say and begin crawling rapidly towards the bedroom.  I canít wait to feel him inside me.  Iím already dripping wet and ready for him.  Just as I crawl through the bedroom door I realized I called him Master.  It came out easily and felt natural.

March 28, 2015, 10:39:07 AM
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Offline Jed


That first night with my Master was wonderful.  He pleasured me as I had never been pleasured before.  He fucked me with that big cock of his rubbing me in just right the right places.  I came almost immediately, and then came again several minutes later.  I usually donít cum from fucking, so this was surprising, but as the wave after wave of my second orgasm flowed through me I wasnít complaining.  Hey, I just thought Ďcockí again?  I never liked the vulgar terms for human anatomy like cock and pussy, although Iíve always been fine with saying Ďfuckí and Ďfuckingí?  But lately when I think about his penis, I say Ďcockí in my mind.  Iím thinking about it all the time.  And if Iím not thinking about his cock, my Masterís cock, Iím dreaming about it, about it inside me, in my pussy.  Pussy, not vagina?  You would think with all Iím getting now, I wouldnít be so horny, but I swear Iím even more horny now than when I wasnít getting any?

He had a month to month lease, and when it ran out told me he was moving in with me until we found a better place.  For some reason I knew that I had to say yes.  I mean I wanted to, but I did have a nagging feeling something was wrong, very wrong.  It was the dreams I kept having about him.  They were controlling my life, and I knew it.  I just couldnít seem to stop it, and I wasnít sure I wanted to.  When I think of him as my Master, I get all warm and gooey inside.

He was right about the blow jobs.  I can tell Iím getting better at them, but then for the first time in my life I want to be good at it.  I think I do?  I remember the first time he filled my mouth with his semen.  Brian always warned me and came in a tissue after I got mad that one time.  I knelt there in front of my Master getting ready to spit it out, but he was looking sternly down at me.  Staring into his compelling eyes, I just swallowed.  It wasnít so bad, and his face relaxed when I swallowed it.  I never considered spitting again after that.

The things he bought bother me a little, the toys and other stuff.  There is this spray he bought.  Itís supposed to numb my throat, so I wonít gag so much when he forces his penis to the back of my throat and down.  I donít mind it, really.  OK, I do mind it a little.  Itís humiliating to be ordered to open wide, so he can spray the back of my throat.  Iím trying to get better to please him, and I know I am, but he tells me I have a ways to go.  Sometimes I just canít help it and block my throat with my tongue.  He orders me to push my tongue forward and relax, but itís so hard to do and not gag.  I never got into watching porn, but he makes me now.  He said I have to see what is possible.  Admittedly, Iím fascinated that girls even smaller than me can swallow a cock even bigger than my Masterís.  It makes complaining I canít do it seem silly, and since I have no say in it, futile.  I just thought Ďcockí again?

The most disturbing thing he bought was a set of something called butt plugs.  It didnít take a genius to figure out what they were for and what he wanted to do with them.  Iíve never had anal sex.  The idea of it terrifies me.  Heís so big.  I know all this is to get me ready for anal sex.  I donít want it!  But I donít dare tell him that.  Heís slipped a finger in there lots of times, but when he pushed two fingers in, it hurt.  The butt plugs arrived two days later.  He made me lay on my belly.  I still remember the cold squirt of lubricant between my but cheeks, and the humiliating feeling of him working the smallest one inside me.  After that he made me put it in, which was even more degrading.  He sometimes checks with his hand to make sure I didnít take it out without permission.  I canít do anything without his permission.  I have the plug in now.  It makes me feel so filled and never lets me forget itís there.  I even wear it to work.  I know heís going to make me use the next bigger one at any time now.  And, I know what he wants to do when he thinks Iím ready.  I shudder when I think about it.  I try not to think about it.  Heís so big.

My friend Keri who strips to get through college gives me grief about being with him.  That he and I have a Master slave relationship is not something I feel I can tell her.  I canít tell her about all the things he makes me do, the throat spray, the butt plug and other stuff.  Iím also too afraid to tell her about the dreams I have every night, and how they make me know I belong to him.  The dreams keep me obedient.

Keri and I get bothered a lot when weíre out together.  Guys just wonít leave us alone.  Except for the fact sheís a natural blond, and I have dark brown hair, we look so much alike.  We both have long hair and can even wear each otherís clothes, although Iím an inch taller.  Keri says we were both blessed with big boobs, although Iíve always felt it was a curse.  Keri is partial to Victoria Secret and spends way too much money on their stuff claiming she needs the lacey and sexy under wear for her stripping job.  Itís not usually my taste, but I do like the colors.  Plain white all the time somehow just doesnít feel right.  Itís not my nature to dress slutty, but for some reason I want to look good in my undies.

I donít drink.  Itís not that I havenít before even if Iím not old enough, it just holds no appeal for me.  Keri drinks way too much and has a fake ID for getting into bars.  At 19, sheís even younger than me by about 6 months.  She makes bad decisions when she drinks and has even gone home with guys from the strip club on more than one occasion.  Which brings us to the current problem.  Keri needed a place to stay for a few days.  Her boyfriend threw her out after she came home at 9AM.  She had obviously spent the night with some other guy.  He shouldnít have been surprised.  He got her when she spent the night with him, and her last boyfriend threw her out of his apartment because of it.

Keri has been sleeping on the couch.  I expected Master to say no to her staying here, and was surprised when he said ĎSureí and smiled.  I know she can hear Master and I in the bedroom.  I didnít use to be so loud, but I am with him.  The couch is right on the other side of the wall probably only a few feet from our bed, so I know she can hear us.  I got a little worried when she said something about strange dreams, but then I knew she couldnít be having dreams like I do about my Master.


What the fuck!  Iím gasping and the dream is fresh in my mind.  Samís old guy boyfriend was fucking me again in my dreams.  Shit, my pussy is so fucking wet itís soaking the sheets.  I hope I donít stain her couch.  Goddamn it, I am so fucking horny.  Itís bad enough I can hear him in there giving it to her in what sounds like must be better fucking than I would think for such an old guy, but why the fuck am I dreaming about him constantly too?  I mean I wake a few times every night like this, hot and bothered and thinking of Samís boyfriend.  I mean heís so old?  I never dreamed like this before.  What the fuck is going on?


The dreams the last couple days are different.  Usually itís just me and Master in the dream, but I can feel Keri in them too now.  Weíre all three together in bed in these dreams sometimes having a mťnage ŗ trios.  Sometimes Keri and I are pleasing Master, and sometimes Keri and I are together.  Keri and I are both straight?  I donít know why Keri is in the dreams now, but then I donít know why Iím having these dreams since I first saw my Master in the hall.  Iím drifting off again.  I woke after one of the dreams.  Master is beside me sleeping.  I can feel his body against mine.  Iím sleepyÖÖÖÖ

Keri and I are kissing our way down Masterís chest.  We get to his cock, and weíre both kissing it, then we kiss each other, and then kiss his cock again.  Keri starts sucking on him while I kiss her face, and then I suck on him and Keri kisses my face.  I know itís a dream again, but it seems so real.  I hear moaning and the bed is shaking.  The moaning gets louder, and the bed is really shaking.  I wake up and look beside me.  I can feel my face getting red, my throat is dry and Iím really confused as to what to do.  I know this is no dream.  Itís real.  Right there beside me in our bed, Master is fucking my best friend Keri.  She has her arms and legs wrapped around him moaning, and I can tell sheís going to have an orgasm at any moment.  What am I supposed to do now?

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I donít know what happened.  I was on the couch sleeping and had another of those intense dreams about Samís old guy boyfriend.  This time she and I were taking turns blowing him, and I was getting incredibly turned on being with both of them.  Then in the dream, he said he needed to fuck me and I needed to come to him for that.  Next thing I know I wake and get up in a trance and walk to the bedroom.

Heís there staring at me with a lazy confident smile on his face.  Sam is lying next to him breathing deep still asleep.  I can see her eyes moving under her closed eyelids and know she must be having a dream too.  Sheís looks so beautiful.  Master, I mean Samís boyfriend pulls back the covers and pats the bed on the side away from Sam.

I canít get in bed with them I think, but then I realize Iím pulling the long t-shirt Iím wearing over my head.  I have no bra underneath, and I see with that same lazy smile him admiring my breasts.  I glance down knowing I have to take my panties off too.  I have to?  Why is it I seem to have no choice?

Working both my thumbs into the elastic, I slip the red panties off my hips.  I work them past my thighs and my cheeks redden as I see how lacey, shear and sexy they are and wonder why I wore a pair from Victoria Secret for just sleeping on the couch?  He told me too.  Huh?

I bend down pushing on my panties until they drop to my feet.  His hand is in my long blond hair.  I feel him get a good grip and pull my head over to him.  I grasp the side of the bed to keep from falling and look seeing his cock wavering inches from my face.  Itís big, stiff and inviting.  I see in his eyes I have to suck on it.  I want to suck on it and please him.  Huh, no I donít?  This is Samís boyfriend.  What am I doing here?  Sheís right there sleeping.

His hands in my hair are hurting.  I donít understand why, but I like that heís hurting me a little.  Thereís something incredibly masculine about him.  Just as his cock enters my mouth, I realize I willingly opened wide for him.  He tastes so male, like a man should taste and smell.  I begin moving my head sucking on it looking up at his eyes for some sign of approval, but his face is almost indifferent.  Just when I get him all sloppy and wet, he stops me.

I get a sinking feeling and become worried he didnít like it.  Why am I so desperate to please him?  He pulls me up next to him, and suddenly is on top of me.  Instinctively I open my legs wide for him knowing heís going to fuck me.  Iím sopping wet and extremely aroused.  I reach out and grasp him stroking his cock and tugging it towards me, and then I hear myself whimper, ďPleaseÖ..Ē

I sigh in relief when he moves further between my legs, and I guide his cock to my pussy.  Iím no stranger to getting fucked and have lost count of the guys Iíve done it with, but I squeal in shock at how good he feels pushing inside me.  He starts moving rapidly fucking me so good, and I hear myself moaning as I fuck him back.  Iím already really close wanting him to fuck me as hard as he can.  His maleness is so overwhelming; I know Iím getting there.  Itís right on the edge, and then I sense a movement and look over.  I feel my face flush red with shame.  Sam is looking at us with shock in her eyes.  Oh my God, I canít believe Iím fucking her boyfriend right next to her.  Oh God, I canít stop it.  Iím going to cum for him right here and right now in front of Sam.

I sit up in the bed and have the urge to jump out and run away someplace away from the scene of my Master fucking my best friend, but I canít seem to move now or stop watching.  Suddenly Keri starts bucking under Master.  Sheís having a really intense orgasm clawing at his back and crying out just like I do with him.  Iím incredibly jealous itís not me, and I have no idea what Iím supposed to do now.

Sheís flopping around underneath him, and he keeps drilling into her.  Her spastic movements eventually quiet, and she begins sobbing and then begs me, ďPlease forgive me Sam!  I donít know how this happened!Ē

I donít know what to say.  How can I respond to this?  She pleading with me with her eyes to forgive her, but sheís still moving under my Master, and heís still fucking her.  I see her body quaking from her orgasm.  At least sheís not gripping him with her arms and legs any more.  I have to sit and watch for another couple minutes until finally Master stiffens and cums inside my best friend.

Master finally notices me and chuckles.  He pulls out of Keri and moves towards me.  I cringe away from him not wanting to be touched, but he grabs my arm and pulls me over.  He begins kissing my cheek and then my lips.  I canít help it.  I want to push him away, but I canít.  Keri is still crying and looking forlorn.  I know she feels terrible about all this.  I feel terrible too.

He makes Keri sit up and then sits between us.  He puts his arms around both of us and pulls us closer against him.  I still want to get up and get out of here, but I canít seem to do it.  Keri wonít stop crying.  Master is fondling my breast possessively.  I glance over and see heís kneading one of Keriís breasts too, the same way, possessively, like sheís his too.  And, sheís not stopping him.  His thumb on my nipple makes it instantly hard.  His caresses feel good despite how upset I am.

ďAre you sorry that you upset Samantha?Ē Master asks looking at Keri.
ďYes,Ē answered Keri with a choking sob.
ďWould you do something to make her feel better?Ē
ďIíll do anything.  I love Sam.Ē
ďItís not fair that you had an orgasm in this bed and Samantha didnít.  I think you need to lick her pussy until she does have one.Ē

The bodies on these two are so similar, even their tits feel the same in size and softness.  I bet they can wear each otherís clothes.  Samantha has dark brown hair and is demure with a hidden fire underneath, while Keri has long blond hair is sultry with more obvious sexuality.  They even trim their pussys the same, one dark brown landing strip and one blond landing strip.

For a couple weeks now Iíve been able to manipulate Samantha a little even while sheís awake.  I begin pushing in her mind to accept this, while also giving a little push in Keriís mind to perform the act and lick Samanthaís pussy.


ďI donít want her to do it,Ē I tell Master appalled at the idea.
ďWho is the master here?Ē
ďYou are Master.Ē
ďThen you will do what youíre told.Ē
ďYes Master,Ē I manage to say feeling really strange.

Waves of embarrassment flow through me, but I know I have to obey.  I just hope Keri refuses to do it.  I realize most of my embarrassment has to do with her seeing it.  Thereís no way she can miss seeing it if her face is down there.  Iím leaning slightly to one side on one butt cheek, because Iím wearing the butt plug.  Itís a constant reminder that anal sex is coming.  Iíve gotten to where it doesnít hurt so much going in, and I keep thinking about the larger one I know heíll make me wear soon.  Iím surprised he hasnít done it yet.  I think he enjoys drawing out the anticipation.  Itís gotten to the point Iím past dreading it and now wish he would just get it over with and fuck me in my ass.

While I consider myself straight, Iíve been with girls a few times.  But I doubt Sam ever has; at least she never admitted to it.  Itís just too weird to do this with Sam, and besides I mostly let other girls lick me.  Only twice when I was really drunk did I lick a girl.  Heís looking at me, and I feel a tingle in my head.  I was going to refuse to do it knowing thatís what Sam would want, but now that doesnít seem to be an option, and I donít know why?

Oh God, his hand is in my hair forcing me over to her.  I want to resist, but I canít seem to do it.  Sam is whimpering, but she lays back and opens her legs wide.  Her neatly trimmed pussy is so close to my face.  What the hell is that?  Holy shit, Sam is wearing a butt plug!  Does he fuck her in the ass?  Of all the sexual things Iíve done, thatís the one I refuse to do.  I let one guy try when I was drunk, but it hurt really bad when he tried to get in.  I screamed at him to stop, and he did.

Sam is very clean, and it doesnít smell bad at all.  It actually looks rather inviting.  I want to taste it.  I do?  Itís like heís in my head making me want to do it.  My lips are brushing her most intimate lips, and I feel her trembling in anticipation.  Iíll just close my eyes and give it a little lick.  Sam moaned.  Iíll lick again and again.  Sheís moaning, she likes it.  I want to please Sam, but I want to please him even more.  Iím licking and tonguing it even faster.  Her clit is really hard.  Itís her hands in my blond hair now forcing me, but I feel him in my head like heís orchestrating everything thatís happening.  Iím going to make Sam cum, just need to lick her even faster.

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Great to see you've been working at this again Jed! I like it a lot!

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i really like this one jed glad you are working on it again.