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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person. That’s the legal part. Here’s the important part to me. This is fantasy, by the author, to be shared with readers who share in such fantasies. That is the story’s sole purpose for being here. In the real world, this sort of behavior is simply not acceptable, period, by any of the laws or morals of any humane people. That means you too. If you actually hurt someone without their informed consent, just stop. Take a deep breath and stop right now. That’s not your right. A surprising number of subs exist out there, so take the time to meet one and make your corner of the world a better place. Don’t trash two lives letting your frustrations get the better of you.

Wrong on all Sides

Miriam lay on the rickety bed with her hands bound by her scarf to the headboard. Too tightly. She wasn’t just restrained, she was in pain. But as Tyrone pounded her harder and harder she found her pleas for restraint ignored. He’d given her her restraint. He’d restrained her! He thought that joke was funny, but that was before he got lost in the lust of ramming his girlfriend’s young pussy as hard and long as he could. The first time was usually a minute. The second maybe five. But on the third time, the young man could give his little teenie-bopper girlfriend the fucking of a lifetime. And if she couldn’t use her hands to claw all over him, which he never liked anyway, all the better. Let her lie there and take it.

She knew this was his thinking because he’d already shared it with her. Tyrone was different. She went with him at first because he was black and it was the closest thing to scandalous she could think of in their lilywhite boring suburban small time of a backwater small city. But he was honest with her. Brutally at times. And he never minded telling her how her body made his dick take over his brain. So she was all too happy to lie with him, be tied by him, and let him control the pace and intensity even when it meant she was howling in discomfort and fear for her own safety.

“Ty, please!” she groaned as his hand clasped over her throat. He was in a choking mood. Terrific. She struggled to breathe. This was the first time he’d choked her and bound her. It was not nice. It was scary. A little too scary. “I can’t, breathe!” she gasped.

“Yeah, sure you can’t, babe,” he said, slamming her hard enough to slide the bed. “You’re lying to me, babe. If you couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t hear you. I can hear you, so you’re lying to me baby girl!” And he slammed into her again. Miriam just cried out in pain under his attentions. He was squeezing, slowly, twisting the life energy out of her. Sometimes, like this time, he just fucked her with a cold, hard abandon. With strength but without flair or abandon. He became a fucking, beating machine. She stared up into his eyes, seeing that coldness. And she came, hard. He virtually scared her into cumming, but the powerful sensation knocked the rest of the air out of her. She lay there, shaking, eyes bugged out, not breathing at all. He gave a few harder, faster, frenzied thrusts. After blocking her air for almost thirty seconds during her greatest passion, as her face was turning blue, he blew his big load into her little white cootchie and released her throat. She sucked in the air, her whole body straining to get her oxygen back into her.

Now she lay there, recovering, learning yet again that her boyfriend wasn’t going to kill her in bed. Her pinkish hue returned to her sweaty face. Tyrone sat up beside her. “You’re a great lay, babydoll. That’s why I love you!”

“I love you, you big bull,” she said. “Come on, untie my wrists now.”

“Oh, I’m gonna shower, baby. I haven’t got time to work those knots you pulled all tight on me. Maybe later, okay?”

“Hey! Come on! Jerk!” she shouted as he vanished down the hall of his parent’s home. They were out, of course. She heard the shower running and harrumphed. She slid up and began trying to work the knots with her teeth. She really had pulled them tight, though. Tyrone didn’t know knots at all, nor how to make them come undone. He just piled layer upon layer of double knots until she couldn’t free her wrists at all. After a half hour of his showering she hadn’t gotten herself loose at all. Her hands were turning blue and really hurting by the time he came back into his bedroom with a towel on and a swing in his step.

“Help me with this!” she said. “I’m really stuck here.”

“You’re doing okay, baby. Just keep at it.”

“Come on!”

“You gonna make me a sandwich if I help you go, right?”

“A sandwich?”

“Yeah, turkey and swiss. With lettuce. And mayo. Toasted.”

“Fine! I’ll make you your fucking sandwich!” she snapped. He finally got to work on her scarf and managed to free her after about ten minutes of struggling.

“Don’t forget to toast it,” he said.

“I’m not forgetting anything,” she said, reaching for her panties. But Tyron’s foot landed on them first.

“What you all getting dressed for, babydoll?”

“It’s your parent’s house, doofus!” she said. “I can’t walk down there naked!”

“My folks are gonna be out until late. They’re not gonna see you sexied up like that. Now go make me a sandwich!”

With a groan of frustration, Miriam headed out of the bedroom and down the stairs, stark naked. She began making the sandwich as he asked, feeling insanely exposed and more than a little humiliated, the more so when he appeared at the kitchen door with his jeans and shirt back on, seating himself at the counter.

“Oh, you can get dressed?” she asked.

“Hey, baby, my family sits on these stools! They don’t want my nasty butt all over them.”

“You just showered!”

“But still, baby. How’s that sandwich coming along?”

“I think you just like being cruel to me.”

“Ain’t nothing cruel about a man asking his favorite woman for some food after a great fuck, babydoll. Nothing cruel about that at all.”

Meanwhile, across town at the college dorms, Miriam’s older sister Jeanette was seated cross legged on the bed, clad only in her panties, and trying to convert a two pair to a full house. At nineteen, she was a stunner, though the two sisters could never decide who was the hotter. Being only a year apart and similar in appearance made it perpetually impossible. But it was Jeanette that Nate had his eyes on as he drew two. She grinned coyly. Nate drawing two meant he had three of a kind. He never varied. She needed a four, but drew a queen. “Fold,” she said.

“Fold? Again?” Nate asked. Their house rules required the hand go to completion before a clothing item vanished. “You fold more than a Chinese laundry.”

“Obviously not,” she said, gesturing to her own nearly naked body. Nate, by contrast, sat there with his socks and shirt off, still wearing the tee-shirt from underneath.

“No more folding for you. We play what we’re dealt.”

“Yeah, right.”

“I mean it!” he said. His tone was getting sharp.

“Yeah, alright. Okay, babe. Sure,” she said. No more folding. But then there was a knock at the door. They were in his room, and he got up to answer.

“Hey, wait a second!” she cried, grabbing her shirt. She only had time to hold it up over her chest before Nate was suddenly stepping backwards and three men, one of them somewhat older, were stepping in.

“Nice security you college boys get around here,” one of them said, looking around the room. He focused intently on Jeanette for a moment and then moved on. “Lots of guys asking if we have business on campus. So I brought some of my younger associates here today,” he said, gesturing to the younger but still out of their element companions at his side.

“I should be going,” Jeanette said.

“Stay seated, sweet cheeks,” the man said.

“Okay, alright. I know why you’re here. I owe you some money,” Nate said.

“Some money? No, you owe me one thousand six hundred fifty dollars. That is not some money. That is a specific bill I’ve come to collect, Nathaniel.”

“I can pay your about three hundred now,” Nate said.

“I would have taken nine hundred without leaving a reminder, but three hundred is an insult, kid.”

“Well I just don’t have more. Search the room!”

“Maybe I’ll search a body cavity!” the man said, suddenly flipping open a switchblade. “Maybe you’re hiding money up your nose! Isn’t that where it all went anyway, Nathaniel?”

“Let’s take it out of the girl’s ass,” one of the younger men said with a wide grin, looking her up and down. Jeanette let out a little gasp. Worse was that she felt a slight moistness in her pussy.

“You watch your tongue!” the older man said, spinning around to confront his henchman with a fury that made Jeanette shiver. “Your job is to stay silent, you get me? If you’re not clear on your job description, maybe I’ll have Gino explain it to you again when we get back. Is that what you want? Is it?”

“No, boss. I got it.”

He turned to Jeanette. “Excuse my younger colleague. He watches too much porn. Your boyfriend here owes me money, but his debt isn’t your debt, and I won’t expect you to pay with either cash or sex. I’m afraid you’ll have to stay put, though, until we are finished.”

He turned back to Nate and held the switchblade up to his face. “I believe we were talking about noses, Nathaniel. This isn’t going to be nice and neat like when Nicholson does it.” Nate was leaning back, sweating, trembling. Jeanette watched in horror.

“Wait!” she cried. “Wait, please!”

“You have something to say, miss?” the man said.

“Don’t hurt him. Please. What if I can help? I want to help.”

“You have cash?”

“No, not cash,” she said, dropping her shirt. Now her body, clad only in panties, was fully visible to everyone. “In something else. Okay? Just don’t hurt him. We can figure something out.”

The man gazed at her, then at his younger associates, both gawking at her nearly nude body. “Boys, tell me your interest,” he said. The quiet one leaned in and whispered something in the boss’s ear. He nodded. Then the other one, so recently berated for that very topic, leaned in and whispered something. The boss nodded again.

“Well, Nathaniel, your girlfriend here is ten times the man you are. If she’s willing to fuck each of my friends here, and you pony up the three c-notes, you can walk out with just a few bruises instead of the spilled blood and guts we were going to give you.”

Nate nodded, looking very pale. The man turned and looked down to Jeanette. She slowly stood up, withering under the stern gazes of the men in the room, and slowly slid her panties down her legs. Now she was completely nude with four men, only one of whom she cared about. And heaven help her, she was getting wet.

“Carlo, you’re first.” The silent man took Jeanette by her arm and pulled her back down onto the bed. She was shivering as he unfastened his pants and pulled them down a bit, but he put her on her back with her legs spread and pulled up. She didn’t even see his cock as he gave it some tugs and got himself hard. But she felt it sliding into her. He wasn’t too rough, and she was already lubed, a fact no one in the room noticed. He grew more energetic, and his thrusts soon got stronger before he unloaded his cum into her belly. Jeanette lay there, breathing hard. One done. One left. She hoped it was worth it.

The loudmouth, she had no other name for him, was just as quiet as the first guy. He was more enthusiastic, though, calling her a whore and other names. “Take it, slut. Take my cum you little whore. Show us what a whore you are.” He lasted a decent while before he too filled her belly with spunk. He got off her with a big smile and got his pants up. Jeanette lay there, sweaty, a bit shaky. She looked to the boss.

“And you?” she asked.

“I’m a businessman. My friends here paid for you, and for part of Nathaniel’s debt. I’m not paying myself. Now, miss, I’ll allow you to leave. Get dressed, but leave your panties. We’re not yet up to the thousand I expected to see today, but we’re much closer and this won’t be as bloody. You’re a good kid, so I’ll let you leave now. I trust you won’t be calling the cops, miss,” he paused to look at her student ID that Carlo handed him from her wallet, “Jeanette Ryberg.”

“No, I won’t call anyone,” she said. She got dressed, minus her panties, and hurried out, relieved that at least Nate wouldn’t be seriously hurt. They seemed like pros. She believed them. She’d call Nate when she got home. She’d see if he was alright.

Jeanette pulled into the driveway just as her younger sister Miriam was getting home. They got out of their cars and looked at each other. For several years now, they could each tell when the other had gotten laid just from their mutual expressions.

“Good time?” Jeanette asked.

“The best. You?” Miriam asked. Jeanette shrugged and shook her head.

“Not really. It was, kind of weird.”

“Oh, that sucks.”

“It happens,” Jeanette said. “Come on, it’s cold out here.”

They headed inside, only to see that their mother Linda was there and talking with a man. She looked up when the girls entered. “Oh, good, you’re both here. Girls, this is detective Morrison. Sam, these are Miriam and Jeanette, my daughters.”

“What’s going on, mom?” Jeanette asked, worried. She hadn’t said a word about the mobster. Why was a police detective there?”

“Mr. Morrison is filling me in on a minor situation. A man I once prosecuted has escaped prison up in Altemora.”

“Oh, is he going to come try to find you?” Miriam asked.

“He might. He’s a crazed sex offender. Those types, they need a firm hand.”

“I want to stress that his prison record has not shown any particular animosity towards you, Ms. Ryberg.”

“Even so. I want maximum protection for this house.”

“We’ll be sending over drive-byes tonight to watch the house,” Morrison said. “Even if he did come around, he’d never be able to know if he could break in unseen or not.”

“Girls, I want you both staying in tonight,” Linda said. “We’ll figure out something more tomorrow, assuming this guy isn’t re-captured.”

“And he probably will be,” Morrison said. “The guy’s a slacker, a loser. I don’t think he’s got the will to try and get far.”

Once the police detective was gone, Linda went around securing all the doors and windows, trying to lock the house down tight. It wasn’t the first time the two hot sisters had seen such behavior. The most recent had been when one of Jeanette’s boyfriends back in high school got busted for DUI. Suddenly the world was at an end.

Outside the house, though, Byron Miller was indeed waiting. His shot at a jailbreak had come without warning, courtesy of a cellmate, but his plans to get down to Mexico and vanish there seemed strong enough. But he did want to deal with Linda Ryberg first. It just seemed fitting. She was the crooked DA who had ignored and failed to report evidence of his innocence. Not that he was innocent, but there was no way she could know that. Yes, he’d gotten carried away with that college girl, especially when she tried to leave during coitus. He’d flipped out a bit, that was true. But she’d prosecuted him like he was the next Ted Bundy.

He could have waited inside the house. That was the funny part. He’d found her house even before she got home. And he’d found the spare key buried in the junk drawer. But he knew they’d sweep the house, so he took the spare and run. Now he was back. Now he was seeing her running around securing the windows and doors. But he already knew the garage side door had no deadbolt. Just a regular lock, and he had a regular key. So after the police came a couple times and did their drive-by, he just walked up to the side of the house and let himself in.

The scene that greeted him was an unhappy family. Both girls had showered, nearly fighting to be first, but Jeanette had paused to call Nate and Miriam jumped in ahead. Then Jeanette hadn’t even finished dialing before her mother interrupted her. “No calls!” the frantic woman had nearly screamed.

“But mom, I…”

“They can track calls. And we might need to dial 911,” Linda blurted out. Jeanette just rolled her eyes and sighed. Her mom was definitely losing it, as she always did in stress mode. But she managed to connect to Nate anyway a few minutes later.

“Nate, what happened? How are you?”

“Fine,” he said, his voice flat and unemotional. “Don’t worry. But you watch yourself. Gotta go. Bye.”

That was is. No real answers, and a warning to watch herself. Well, thanks to the escaped convict out loose she would have to. Meanwhile, she was looking forward to a quiet, miserable night at home. And that was what she got. The three women were all in the living room, the TV randomly tuned to Gilmore Girls, when Byron Miller made his move.

“Don’t any of you bitches move or I swear I’ll fucking blow some extra fuck holes in your bodies, got it?” He spoke while burst into their view. All three of them jumped when he arrived, though Linda nearly peed herself in terror. But she found herself looking directly up the business end of a large-caliber six shooter he had trained directly on her.

“You! You monster!”

“I’m a monster? You must run out of vocabulary for the real criminals you persecute. Alright, ladies, no funny shit.” He tossed his sack of goodies towards them. “Open it up and take everything out. Don’t leave any toys behind.”

Miriam was closest so she upended the sack and dumped the contents onto the coffee table. Her eyes widened as she saw the selection. Ropes. Real cuffs. A couple of severe floggers. Needles and clamps, including some with very harsh edges. Gags. Blindfolds. She let out a brief broken breath she hoped her mom and sister wouldn’t interpret. She hadn’t had a chance to play with most of these things yet. If Tyrone had been there at that moment… She let that thought fade.

“Alright, you fucking bitches. Mommy bitch and girlie bitches, the bitch fruit don’t fall far from the bitch tree.” Jeanette had to bite her tongue at this guy’s pathetic attempts at insulting them. “You all get naked. Mommy first. Stand up and strip, mommy!”

Quivering in terror, with tears running down her eyes, Linda stood and pulled her clothes off. She thought it an unsexy striptease, and wanted him to have as little pleasure as possible. Of course, her trembling hands and crying eyes made it extra sexy. “Toss it all in the fireplace,” he said. She gathered up the pile of her clothing, including full pockets, and in everything went. There was no fire going. She suspected that would change.

“Alright, you,” he said to Miriam, trying to think of a nickname, but both girls were blonde, stacked, and about equal in height and weight. They weren’t twins, but weren’t very different either. “Girl. You’re next. Strip and into the fireplace.” Miriam stripped down. She hoped she wasn’t getting too wet. She had a feeling, a slight feeling, that this guy would just rape them and run off. It was a fun scenario, really, had Tyrone been doing it. She hoped it would be quick.

“Now you, other girl,” he said to Jeanette. For the second time that day, Jeanette stripped under duress in the presence of an armed man. She’d already showered away the stink of one attack, albeit a consensual one. How many times was her luck going to go south in one day? She tossed her clothes in the fireplace and sat naked by her sister and mother.

“Okay, girls, I need your names,” he ordered. They answered him. “Good. Miriam, put the handcuffs and leg shackles onto your mommy. Arms behind her back.” Miriam grabbed the handcuffs and wordlessly handcuffed her naked mother. Then she picked out the leg irons and did the same. “Now blindfold mommy.” She did so. Linda sat, chained immobile and blind to the world. Her jaw quivered in sheer terror that was eating up her conscious mind.

“Okay, Miriam, now lie down on your belly and put your hands behind your back. Jeanette, tie your sister’s hands behind her. Tightly. Good. Now her legs. Cross your ankles first, Miriam. Good girl. Now tie them, Jeanette. Good. Now take the gag and gag her. That’s the gag, the one with the pink ball in front.”

Soon Miriam found herself bound and gagged, but not blindfolded. She was able to turn and look as the creepy man now bound Jeanette up just as she was. They were now all helpless. She fought back tears. This was going to happen. Something was going to happen. She just prayed it would be quick so they could move on.

“Alright, mommy. I’ve got both of your little slut girls tied up,” Byron said as he walked among them. He found each daughter delicious-looking. One was as good as the other. “And now you’re going to pay for what you did to me. You’re going to pick one of these darling little creatures, and I’m going to rape her! Right here, right now. Hell, I’ll leave all the DNA evidence you could want because I’ll be long gone soon. But I’m going to rape one of your precious little bitches six ways from Sunday and you have to choose which one becomes a woman and that’s no fucking joke. So make a decision, mommy.”

“Oh god! Oh god! You can’t! No!” Linda wept. “You monster!”

“Those aren’t answers, mommy. Pick one.”

“I, no, I can’t. I can’t pick one! Do it to me! Rape me! I’m the one who put you in prison.”

“But I want to rape something young and pretty. So choose. Time’s running out.”

“No! I choose me. That’s my choice.”

“Oh, well, shit,” Byron said. He picked up a flogger. Miriam’s eyes opened wide. She’d seen that one advertised. Of course she’d never been flogged with anything aside from Tyrone’s belt that one time. Now he was coming towards her. He put his foot to her hips and rolled her onto her back. Then he brought the whip down.

Miriam screamed. It hurt. It was fucking painful, as its three rough, heavy strands bit into her tender young girl flesh. She screamed, tears bursting from her eyes. She tried to roll away but he kept his foot on her and thrashed her several more times. For the next two minutes he thrashed Miriam’s young body. Nothing in her eighteen years prepared her for the actual sensation, whatever her fantasy might have been. She howled in pain. There was a reason that whip came with the warning label.

Now he stopped and walked a couple steps to Jeanette. She whimpered something into her gag just before the pain hit her. Then she shrieked and writhed on the floor in agony as he brought the heavy flogger down on her again and again. She couldn’t escape the blows. She couldn’t get away from the pain. She just had to lie there and take it, and take it, and take it.

Finally he stopped and turned back to Linda. She stared in abject terror, expecting him to repeat his demand. And she almost had an answer on the tip of her tongue. She knew this would continue until he had an answer. She would have to blurt out a name. She didn’t really know which. Yet. But she was on the verge. And then he began thrashing her body. Linda was forty-one, in reasonable shape for a woman of forty-one. She got hit on at work, which she always rejected of course. Too many years prosecuting sex crimes had left her bitter and paranoid. And now she was in blinding pain as this escaped rapist whipped her naked body over and over and over, going at least as long on her as on her daughters. But he did finally stop.

“Give me a name, Linda,” he said. “Tell me who to rape so we can be done with this. One little rape.”

“Fuck you!” Linda screamed. “You can’t make me chose that! You’re just a rotten can’t you can’t make me fuck you fuck you!”

“Pick me!” Miriam tried to shout, though it came out as just a verbal blob. She noticed that Jeanette was yelling something too. Another verbal blob, but with the same syllables and intonation. Was Jeanette also volunteering?

In fact, she was. It just seemed to be that kind of day for Jeanette. Offering up herself to save her loved ones. She screamed at the man. She screamed at her mom. Just do her and get it over with.

“Linda, if you don’t pick one, I’m going to have to fuck all three of you, and I won’t like that. I’ll have to fuck you up, badly. I might have to torture you. I might have to fucking take you apart! I might have to start carving up your little slut girls with this knife,” he said, holding up a blade from his pocket. “And then I might have to slit all your throats, or gut you, or do something mean to you to kill you. And then I might have to rape all your corpses a second time! So just answer the fucking question you stubborn whore! Which daughter do I rape? Miriam or Jeanette? Pick one! Pick one right now!”

“You, you, vicious monster!” she hissed. “Our world in crumbling because more people don’t stand up to filth in our midst. My girls are innocent. They are so pure. You can hurt them or me, but you won’t break our family!” Miriam nearly cried, and Jeanette was thinking the same. The man had triggered her martyr complex. She was going to get them all killed.

“Pick me!!!” Miriam tried to shriek into her gag.

“Choose? And poison my loving mother-daughter relationship with both of them? And with each other? Rip the family apart with guilt and shame and recrimination? Fuck you, you piece of filth! I said neither and I meant neither. And you don’t have the balls to do shit about it! Maybe you’ll rape all of us, if you can get it up that many times! But you won’t destroy us!”

Byron was shaking, his eyes twitching, being spoken down to by this crooked prosecutor that had already ruined his life once. He’d barely bruised the girl he went to prison over. Now, with rage surging through his veins, he was going to show this cunt what a real sex offence looked like. And it began with him stabbing the knife directly into her right tit, deep and hard. Linda screamed as her flesh was cut open. The daughters screamed seeing their naked mother stabbed so. This wasn’t torture to get attention. This was bad.

He left the knife in Linda’s chest and grabbed the cane. It was much harsher than the flogger. Then he grabbed Miriam and pulled her, screaming and thrashing, up onto the coffee table where he began to lay into her. Again and again, harder and harder, he smashed the heavy cane into her flesh, ripping it apart by the sheer power of the blows. She felt the unadulterated agony of having her body torn apart by blunt blows. Her feet, the soles, got it bad. Her feet were on fire. Could she walk on them again? Ever? And some point she realized she was being penetrated. He was raping her. At last. There was nothing left of her. She was bleeding all over the coffee table from a body torn to shreds. Pain was everything. Pain was her universe.

When he’d dumped his cum into her, he kicked her off the coffee table. Then he grabbed the shrieking Jeanette and pulled her up. He caned her for a bit, but then switched to hitting her with one of the fireplace pokers, beating her hard, breaking bones. He whacked her head repeatedly. And finally, as she lay convulsing, she felt his cock in her pussy. It hurt, but she was mentally numb as she took it in her. She felt a final sharp pain after he’d flooded her with his cum. She slowly turned her head down to look and see the fireplace poker sticking out of her pussy, too deep to be natural.

“Come on, mommy,” Byron said, dragging the now despondent Linda up onto the couch. He began raping her before his cock even softened from raping Jeanette, and he was able to keep it hard as he thrust in and out, over and over. Meanwhile, he used his fists to punch and strangle and claw Linda’s face and chest during her long rape. At this point he could go a long time. He had to go a long time before blowing yet a third load, and Linda suffered the more for it as the choking and pummeling continued.

He even did pull out for a while so he could use the cane again and smash the rest of her body. He held the knife, no longer in her tit, to her nose while she sucked him for a while. Then he stabbed it into her again, in her ass, digging deep into her left buttock. But turning her over onto her back and raping her again guaranteed the knife would slide and jiggle around in her fleshiest of flesh.

While the Ryberg women were enduring their night from hell, two men independently skulked around outside the house. Each had spotted the occasional police cruiser and avoided it easily. Now they converged on the back lawn and the single tree that led up to the windows outside the teen girls’ bedrooms.

“Whoa! What the fuck!” Nate nearly screamed seeing the other figure there with him.

“Who are you?” Tyrone asked. “I’m looking for Miriam.”

“I’m looking for Jeanette,” Nate said. “I’m Nate.”

“Tyrone. Hey, what happened to your face, man?”

“Long story,” Nate said. “I owe my girl everything, though.” He looked up. “They don’t have their bedroom lights on.”

“It’s getting late. My babydoll was supposed to sneak out with me tonight,” Tyrone said.

“They must be still up,” Nate said. “I guess we could try the front door.”

“Miriam said their mom has them hiding from an escaped rapist she sent to prison.”

“Ah. Well, let’s go say hello. Mrs. Ryberg shouldn’t shoot if we just ring the front doorbell.” They doubled around the house, but paused seeing movement through the living room window. The curtains were pulled shut half-assed, but they were close enough to see through the gaps and corners. Both boys peered in to see the strange man ranting and raving over the three naked bloodied forms of the three girls.

“Holy fuck!” Nate exclaimed. “I mean, holy goddamn fuck! Jeanette!”

The man inside swung around, and they both saw the hand cannon he was carrying and waving around. But he didn’t see them. The windows were thick and nearly soundproof, but they could see he was shouting in a rage at all three of them. All three were still moving, obviously crying out in pain, trembling, suffering badly.

“Shit, shit. We’ve got to go for help!” Nate said.

“Yo, homeboy,” Tyrone said, pulling out his cellphone. “Join the current century. We don’t have to go anywhere.”

“Right, right.” The both quickly took pictures through the window and raced to call 911 first.

Inside, Linda was cowering under Byron’s boots. He’d kicked her off the couch and was now kicking her across the room, making her squirm and wiggle to avoid his staggering blows to her gut and crotch.

“What’s the fucking matter with you!” he shouted at her. “I said pick one! ONE! I could have been out of here an hour ago, you dumb cow! But you just had to be difficult! You just had to turn a simple situation complicated. I gave you an easy out, but you just had to solve the problem of evil in the world, didn’t you!” He turned and paced angrily. He turned his wrath to Jeanette. “And you, you could have been a better lay!” He kicked her pussy, with the poker still lodged in it. Then he turned to Miriam, weeping on the floor, the only one of the three without something impaled unnaturally in her body. But her cunt was still bleeding on her. He pressed his booted foot down on her tit and ground it back and forth, making it hard for her to breath and savagely rubbing her nipple.

“So, do I kill you bitches fast, or slow?” He paused. He seemed to be hearing something. Miriam looked up at him and soon she heard it too. Sirens. Lots of them. Coming their way. Coming directly at them.

“Looks like fast,” he said, returning to Linda and pointing the gun down at her.

“Separately we may die, but as Ryberg girls we persevere. I protected the family from you,” she said, her voice dull and emotionless, as he cocked the gun.

Suddenly there was a crash of glass as a rock came through the window. Everyone turned to see two figures awkwardly trying to climb in quickly from outside. They were not cops, clearly. But Byron yelped and took off. He was out the front door before the two were on their feet inside.

The two boys didn’t get their night on the town with their babes, but they did get honored by the county sheriff’s office. Byron Miller didn’t make any fast or slow kills, but he made it to Mexico and eventually Uruguay where he lives today under an assumed name off the proceeds of a bank heist neither Linda nor any other DA ever connected to him. A kidnapped local mom and two daughters keep him company at night. Jeanette’s hospital stay was the longest, and Miriam’s the shortest. Both checked out knowing they would never become pregnant. Both moved almost immediately in with their boyfriends after a long heart-to-heart with their mother about strength, perseverance, and their past sexual histories. Linda sold the house, resigned her job, drank through most of her bank account, and ended up moving in with a biker gang at their shack in south Texas as a full-time leash-wearing fuck toy and cum receptacle. Her relationship with her daughters was never the same again.