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the author of the following does not condone any type of violence towards any female. The following has both sexual violence as well as mental violence against the lead female. If you have problems with this please don't read on. Most importantly if you can;t understand why it's wrong -SEEK professional help before the law seeks you!

This is a three part story which as per my usual part one is purely set up!


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Part One: The Job Offer

The envelope read ‘National Geographic Society’. Inside a typed letter on the magazines letterhead addressed to Miss Caroline Walton
        To: Miss Carly Walton
         From: Sarah Leen
         Re: Canadian Arctic Wolves
         Miss Walton, we here at Nat Geo are very proud to welcome you into our family of photographers. Even more pleased to assign to you the photo assignment of photographing the wildlife of The Canadian Arctic at a private Game park located that the intersection of Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, as a guess of the Canadian government
                                                                                                   Sincerely your
                                                                                                     Sarah Leen


“Oh Carly! I so excited for you!” Bree hugging my like she always does when she excited for me

“But Bree I’ll be missing your Sure but you’ll be fulfilling a lifelong dream doing it Mich!”  Turning the full force of her brownish green eyes on me to show how please she was at that “ “So Lindsey will have to do without her favorite verbal punching bag on her big day!” then “Besides it gives me the perfect reason no to go myself’ to see you off at the airport!”

Even hearing her say the word makes me feeling both elation and guilt both at the same time. Her sister Lindsey and I don’t get along all that well, since she can out and openly said ‘I was just a phase her little sister was going through!’ That was three years ago, wonder how long she phases for?

“Bree promise me that you will attend Lindsey’s wedding, I don’t want to give her anymore ammunition to use against me!”

“Alright Carly but you have to promise me to skype me every night!”

“Bree I’ll be in the wilderness!” Kind of surprised at her “I know the Canadian government wants to provide free internet across the country but I don’t think that applies to the wilderness regions!” We both break into fits of giggles at the thoughts of bears googling how to cook human or beavers watching porn.

Two days later I’m at the airport boarding WestJet flight 201 to Fort McMurray International airport and the of my career as a National Geographic Photographer. Little did i know that it would be the last time i would ever see freedom again


“Conformation sir, She’s on the flight and should be arriving a little after four pm local time!”

“Good! and Vagus and Annal have they been primed?”

“Yes sir each has had nothing but her soiled undergarments in their enclosure for the past two weeks!”

“Excellent!” As I peruse the wrinkled black and white photo i hold so dear, whispering to it “Soon Michelle, soon!”


4:25 PM Fort McMurray International Airport

Getting through customs was a breeze, whoever National Geographic uses I hope they pay them good. I’m in and out like a breeze, with all my equipment undisturbed. As I exit the terminal i notice person in a navy blue blazer holding a sign ‘Carly Walton- Nat. Geo.!’

Walking up to the person “Er hello I’m Carly Walton!”

“Hello Miss! If you will just follow me to the car we’ll be off to the wilderness lodge.”

I do as he asks and I’m surprised when he drives us to a small helicopter base I’m about to ask why when he tells me “By car it would be a 14 hour trip to the lodge, by helicopter it’s only a half hour trip!”  Driving up to the side of a helicopter where he hands me off the pilot.
When I’m safely inside and my luggage is secured, we’re off on what Glenn calls a short hop for him. All the way I’m watching the landscape fly by  thinking any chance of getting to Skype with Bree tonight is going to be super slim. But for some reason I ask Glenn “So is there any chance I could Skype with my friend back home?”Keeping the girl part out, I’m surprised at his answer.

“Uh if you got to use a laptop from the lodge than i might be a little hard , since the Jays are playing the Yankees tonight, If you have your own then I say there a really great chance that you can contact Australia without major signal lag!”

Twenty-three minutes later I’m in a land Rover driving to a slate grey stone lodge that looks like it been standing since Canada was first discovered. As the Rover parks by the front door a tall tanned man comes out to greet me

“Ah Miss Walton I hope your journey to  Carter’s Sanctuary was a pleasant one?”

“Oh yes so far, everyone been so nice and the scenery has been breathtaking!”

“Great to hear!” motioning to someone inside who comes out and gathers my luggage, only leaving my camera bag for me to carry in “I’m aware how protective some people are over their camera equipment!” Taking me by the right elbow “So without further ado welcome to Carham House, dinner is available until ten pm, so don’t feel rushed to eat right away!”

He goes on to tell me each room has it own shower, 123 channel TV service and their own internet modem and the password for my modem was ‘crushed’. After I register, I’m shown to my room and decide to take a hot bath before skyping with Bree


“As per your instructions sir she’s been housed in Room thirteen, the modem’s password changed to ‘crushed’

“Very good!”

“Permission to speak candidly sir!”


“She a fox for sure sir but do you really have to treat her like your going to?” Pausing  before continuing “Couldn’t you just drug her and…?”

“I work too hard not to carry it out like I planned from the beginning!”  Banging his left fist into the desk in front of him. “She will be ruined just like she did to me all those many years ago!” Turning away from his subordinate “Just like she did to me!” Once more staring into the wrinkled old black and white photo in his right hand “like she did to me! Then crumpling the photo and dropping it to the floor.


The flights and time zone difference is  beginning to catch up with me, add low blood sugar, from the lack of food and I’m ready to pass out for the night. Calling the main board I ask if something can be delivered to me here.

“Oh of course Miss Walton, a plate of southern fried chicken and salad should be at your door within minutes!”

“But I didn’t order anything yet?” What was going on was I more tired than I thought? A solid knock at my door followed by “Room Service Miss Walton!” As I open the door a trolley with three domed covered plates is rolled in “Courtesy of the owner of the lodge!”
As the waiter leaves,the aroma of the food overpowers my curiosity of who the owner is. Uncovering the fried chicken and biting a drumstick, then uncovering the other two plates I marvel at fresh biscuit and butter followed by a plate of garden salad. My god my go to meal when I’m travelling how did he know? Taking a closer look at the salad seeing it topped with a small steel pinI recognize instantly- TPHS 2007 Thomas Payne High School 2007! The pin given at the senior prom when you arrived!

My memory instantly returns to June 25th 2007 the night of senior prom, me in a blue Taffeta dress that I saved all year to afford and my date Jim Bowens. He was the city wide all-star pitcher that won our school the first city wide championship in the schools history. The night was magical, we danced the light fantastic, just like  Mom said we would.after the prom Jim took me to the moonlite hills just outside of town and we talked then kissed before he took me home.

Reminiscing did wonders for my appetite, helping me polish off the six pieces of chicken, four biscuits and most of the salad.  Getting out my laptop I Skype with Bree before starting to yawn and then calling it a night!”


Room thirteen, was my personal room that I made just for this occasion. In the main room there is a fiber optic camera in the ceiling light, one in the bathroom angled to catch both the toilet and the shower. Vocal sensitive microphones in the room, so i can hear everything that goes on!

On my screen, the full image of Carly Walton barely under the top covers of the bed,a bathrobe opened to the navel, barely covering her breasts. My mouth begins to water at the sight of her white skin realizing the next time i see such a sight it would be in person
“Sleep well my darling for soon we shall meet and finally become one!”


Morning and I’m in the dining lounge along with various other guests as one of the staff begins passing out bracelets to the guests. As he gets to me “Ah morning Miss Walton, I trust you have a good night sleep?” Looking up it’s Glenn holding out a thin bracelet with a glowing green light.

“Please since you will be going out into the wild today please keep this on your arm at all time!” Going on to explain about it as he secures it to my tiny wrist “This will keep the wolves away from you, if you see one just press the green light and an ultra high frequency that hurts their ears.

“Thank you but i here to photograph the wolves!”

"There’s a big difference between photographing them and feeding them dinner Miss Walton!”

I catch his drift instantly “Just saying please be careful and observant out in the wild!”

Finishing my breakfast then going to collect what I feel I’ll need, I’m back in time to catch a ride with the last Land Rover leaving for a wolf hunt. When we are about ten kilometers from the lodge in the beginning of the heavy forest I depart the tourists,checking that my equipment is still alright and that my portable tent is there i set off in search of a pack to photograph.

As the day passed I seen various species of animals that i have only ever seen in a zoo or in photographs. Moose, two beavers, a bear standing on the bank of a fast flowing creek but no signs of a wolfpack!. As the sun begins to sink, I pick out my night campsite. Getting a fire going before setting up the tent, with the sun barely over the treetops i settle in the windchill making me keep my clothes on i settle in for the night, hoping the next day bring me better luck!


“Sir conformation that her bracelet has become stationary, 23  kilometers from here!”

“Good have Vagus and Annal placed in my Rover” dismissing him so I could prepare for  our meeting flesh to flesh.


Outside the tent the sound of wolves braying at the moon can be heard in the distance. I’m having a hard time getting to sleep when something darkens the north side of the tent. Suddenly something pierces it and the sound of the nylon mesh wall tearing open makes my head swivel. Then the head of a darkened figure pokes through “God even more beautiful than i remember!” the head is joined by shoulders before I jump up and bolt to the south side door.

Undoing the zipper quickly I bolt out as the darkened figure successfully makes its way into the tent. Laughter greets my ears right before the snarling growl of a pair of dark beasts stops me. Looking around I see four yellowish glowing shapes about two feet of the ground across from the fire. As they come closer I can make out some details they looks like a pair of snarling dogs, splitting to go in a different direction around my campfire- oh shit Wolves!

From behind the sound of a zipper. Turning, my eyes adjusting to the twilight to see to see a vague shape of a cock. A harsh command “Vagus, Annal surround!”, the wolves moving so i’m trapped by the fire on one side, a wolf on the other side and whoever can through my tent.

“So dear Carly it very simple “You can do as I say and please the wolf master or you can please my wolves! Choice is purely yours to make!"

                                                                               More To Come

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I look forward to reading more. You've caught my attention and now I'm hooked.

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Great too have you along for the read. Hopefully you'll enjoy what's planned!

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Quickly becoming one of my favorite Gsc stories!

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Hope this cements that then!

Part Two The Wolf Master

“So dear Carly it very simple “You can do as I say and please the wolfmaster or you can please my wolves! Choice is purely yours to make!”

As my eyes have adjusted I see this cock easily looking left and right i see the snarling wolves their teeth bared getting closer with each step. The man behind me speaks “Through the campfire, or into the jaws of the wolves or back in here with me!Smiling at me through the black mask on his head “Or should i put it into simpler terms for you, Burnt feet, wolf food or my playtoy?”

Pressing the green light on the bracelet repeatedly, to no good results the wolves keep getting closer. The Man laughs again “Still gullible Carly even after eleven years!”

“What do you mean?” trembling as the wolves close in.

“That bracelet is a GPS tracking unit!” Now he’s moving closer to me “It was given to you so I could find you no matter where you went. Then a surprise “Vagus lay!”, the wolf on the right goes to the ground then “Annal lay!” the one on the right spreads out as if getting ready to sleep. “See Carly I perfected my Animal Behaviour Device, the one you helped ruined at the school’s science fair with your stupid twirling

“What are you talking about?”

“Thomas Payne High School science fair 2007 my booth was right beside your on how baton twirling improves Eye/Hand Coordination, before the judges got to my Animal Behaviour Modulator you baton came crashing down onto it destroying before I could demonstrate it!”
 He pauses as then starts again “I failed to get into M.I.T. because of you! And worst yet you reneged on your deal to dance with me at the senior prom for breaking my project!” Moving closer to me “For the last eleven years I been plotting to get you alone so I could take revenge on you!!” Oh god that’s where that pin in my salad came from!

"Nervously I-i-i-’m Sorr-y-y-y-y-y!”  try to convince him “P-p-p-please I’m on as-s-s-s-s-ignment for National Geographicc-c-c-c I can pay you if let me go-o-o-o-o-o!”i

“There is no National Geographic  it was all me!” Quoting me the entire letter per verbatim!

I’m openly crying now  No this is all some kind of sick joke right!” Moving backwards until I can feel the heat off the campfire  I’m sorry I never meant to hurt you!” trying to remember who he is?

“Oh god tell me you remember Greg Krator!’ Moving close enough that he could reach out and touch me if he wanted to “Tell me you remember the name of the person whose life you ruined!”  Taking a step back from me “Vagus, Annal Advance!” The wolves get up like one moving close enough that they could snap their jaws on my flesh.

“Take your clothes off or I’ll have the wolves tear them off your body for you!” I hesitate to  do what he wants “Annal Pant leg!” The wolf clamps down on my pant’ leg beginning to tear it as it shakes its head with the fabric in its mouth.

“Alright please call it off I take my clothes off!”

“Annal drop heel!” the wolf opens its mouth and my the remnant of my pant legs falls from its mouth.

Trembling hands starts to undo the zipper of my jacket, then sliding it off my shoulder and arms dropping behind me into the fire smothering it. Then my top and pants, when i’m down to my bra and thong Greg moves in front of me, ashamed I lower my eyes so i don’t have to seethe glee on his face, He lifts my chin, “Now Carly go to your knees and please me!”

The shock on my face must have sent him the wrong message “Vagus Lick leg!” The smaller of the wolves moves close, it rough feeling tongue moving up the calf of my right leg. Involuntarily i flinch and the wolf growls

“No! no more I do what you want!” sinking to my knees in front of him. Reaching out nervously,touching the cold skin of his shaft, repulsed by what I was about to do. Opening my mouth leaning forward until I can feel the tip of his cock on my lower lip!
Even in high school I never took a guy in my mouth like I was about to do now. I wasn’t like the typical cheerleader, I didn’t sleep around with the guys on the teams like the others did. I had one guy, Jim and he never made me do anything i wasn’t ready to do. Unlike the bastard in front of me was going to make me do!

“Come on Carly, suck my cock or Vagus and Annal will get a taste of human flesh!” At the mention of the wolves names I wrap my lips around his cock head, moving my tongue along it. Then his hands grab the back of my head pulling it forwards,impaling my mouth onto his full shaft, as the tip touches the back of my throat, my gag reflex overpowers me! Jerking my head side to side I manage to get it off his cock before I vomit part of my last meal onto the side with the small wolf.

“You never sucked a guys cock before have you Carly?” the smirking look on his face for some strange reason made me feel ashamed of how my sex life has been. Before Bree  came into my life I was celibate by choice, Even through my days at University of Fresno I abstained from having sex , although I had many chances weekly to have it. Bree brought out all my desires and i swore i would only lay with her fo the rest of my time!

“Well then It seems like I’m going to get a piece of your virginity after all!” Greg grabs me again “Now open up and lick my cock like a cherry Popsicle!” I do so as both wolves snarl low in their throat.  As his cock touches my tongue I move it slowly along its length, shivering at both the feel and the taste of his cock. His hands grab the side of my head, moving it up and down his cock “Oh your a fast learner aren’t you Carly!” Beginning to voice how he’s feeling “Oh yeah I think I could turn you into a prime cocksucker before I get rid of you!”

He stops moving my head up and down instead holding it motionless , his his take over going with long strokes to the back of my throat. Then without warning he starts short rapid strokes ‘Oh yeah just like that you little slut!” A salty tear running down my cheek at hearing that. Then he goes deep into my mouth, holding my head hard against his pelvis. I can hardly breathe before I feel his cum, warm and slimy against the back of my throat. So much cum that it starts to come out my nasal passages. As it finishes, he pulls out and once more I vomit what was just shot into my mouth, then coughing as Air came back to me slowly.

Laughing “Oh Carly what do you plan on doing when I cum again in you?” Smirking as he lifts me by the armpits “My next orgasm is going into this!’ His right hand drops to my pussy And if i remember my biology right pussies don’t puke it’s contents sent into it back out!
Still dazed from the lack of air and vomiting I hear “Get into the tent, lay down and spread your legs so I can fuck you!” I move towards the tent as the wolves growls become a little louder. As i enter I see the tear in the north wall and decide to make a dash through it. As i clear it in the tent i hear “Fucking bitch!” then ‘Vagus, Annal Find and contain!”

Not looking back I start for the near tree line, almost making it as the two wolves comes around the tent loping faster than me, once more separating to cut off my escape. The larger one making the treeline before me circling around one tree coming to a stop in front of me, its teeth bared, low deep guttural snarling stops me instantly. The small wolf stopping behind me looking just as deadly as the one in front.

Then I crashing forwards to the barren earth,  the wind driven out of my lungs as i come into hard contact with the ground, then the feeling of a heavy weight on top of me. Dazed as my forehead strikes an exposed tree root, i think it’s the wolf until something is pressed between the cheeks of my ass. It doesn’t stop as it comes in contact with my asshole, forcing it’s thickness into me ass. My head shoots up

“Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!” Shatters my vocal chords and the stillness of the night air

“I planned to take this later but you have to be taught a lesson Bitch!” Oh fuck!, Greg was fucking me in the ass without mercy.

“You’re tearing me apart!” Tears flowing like a river from both eyes. His fingers of a hand gripping my hair pulling my head up

“I don’t care, you brought this on yourself Carly!” Thrusting long and deep into my torn open ass. “You could have been fucked in the tent but you ran!” Pulling almost completely out until only the head was still in my ass, then thrust back in completely until the flesh of his crotch slaps against the flesh of my ass cheeks.

Too add to my shame he forces my head into the loose dirt  pushing it side to side as he fucks my ass “Maybe I should have Annal lay on his back so you can pleasure him with your mouth just to get you more practice!” The wolf hearing its name moves closer, the larger of the two. Stopping as its name is heard once more “Stay Annal!”

Just like he did with my mouth Greg changes from Long deep strokes to short rapid thrusts make me grunt in pain as he keep up fucking me like a man possessed. All the while I’m whimpering from the rough way he’s taking me. Like my mouth, I feel his hot cum spewing into my burning bowel as he grunting on top of me.

As his cock leaves me I remain laying in the dirt my right eye staring up at him my left staring into the dirt, I’m too afraid to move, praying that he’s happy with what he’s done to me! Then I learn that he isn’t through with me yet! Grabbing my by the hair, lifting my head from the dirt he pulls me back to the tent!

As the tear gets closer “Get up you Carly!” The best I can do is get onto my hands and knees, so that is how Greg makes me go the rest of the way to the tent.  When we’re only a foot away “Unless you want he wolves to chew on you, get in there, laying on your back, legs spread begging to be fuck!”

He moves behind me planting a foot onto my abused ass, pushing me in through the tear in the fabric. Inside I do what he told me. As his head comes through the fabric,  sobbing and stuttering “P-p-p-p-pleas-s-s-e-e Gre-e-e-e-g-g-g-g Wo-wo-won-won-won’t you Fuckk-k-k-k me-e-e-e-e!!” swallowing some bile I brought up at the thought of him taking me in a way that only Bree has ever done before.

“Why Carly I would love to but I don’t think you really mean it?” Fucking bastard what did he want me to do, by the look on his face i was going to find out! “Why don’t you prove to me that you want me?” His eyes motions to his flaccid cock that just fucked my ass Oh god I have to swallow a bit more bile at the thought of what he wanted from me.

From outside of the tent the wolves start to howl to the moon, reminding me that they were near enough that Greg could direct their actions. Getting to mt knees in front, reaching out for his cock then leaning in taking it into my mouth,a taste like I never experienced before assaulting my taste buds. Something slimy,disgusting coppery metallic tasting covers me tongue as i try to get his cock hard again. As i lift my head up off his cock i spit the taste out only to have it return every time i take his cock back inside.

As his cock swells I feel his hands on my shoulders, then he’s pushing me onto me back then in a flash he’s on my body, his cock between my legs. I’m not wet and try to say something about that when I feel him penetrating my dry pussy, driving his full length into me.“Oh god that hurts!” trying but realizing he doesn’t care what he might be doing to my passage. “Please Greg not so hard!” The look in his eyes as he mashes his lips onto mine tell me he going to do whatever he wants!”

The only thing that help me was that Bree has me able to take something big inside but how Greg was fucking me wasn’t something I ever had to endure. Crying out in a combination of deep pain and oh god forbid the tell tale signs of pleasure. Choking back the cries Not wanting to give the bastard any idea that my body was beginning to betray me in the slightest.

Something must have tipped Greg “You’re enjoying this aren’t you Michelle?” Then to make me ashamed “Tell me is Bree as good with that fake cock as I am with the real thing!”

Making me squeal in pain and pleasure as he pulls out almost completely then rams back in fast and deep holding for a few seconds before repeating it again and again. Oh god I feel my inside churn telling my i was going to orgasm for this bastard  Worst he already came twice so I knew that this time he would take longer than ever. Over and over he changes his tactics, drive me into a type of pleasure that only Bree brought me to before. Then I cry out “Oh god No!!!”

“Yes Carly do it prove to me that your nothing better than a fuck toy!”  Oh god his words, make my shame for what I’m about to do all the worst! Covering my mouth with a hand i try as best as possible to cover up my orgasm, but something in my eyes must have given it away.
“That’s right Carly cum for me!, tell me how you love me fucking your pussy!”

The bastard just keep on fucking me, a few minutes more I’m about to cum for him again.“Oh fuck no not again!” The smile plastered on his face burning it image into my mind. Still he pumps his cock in and out of me. With my breath coming in short bursts “Please just don’t make me cum again!” My body surrendering to Greg as I wrap my legs around his hips,  locking him into me as he continues his animalistic pace fucking me deep.

A few more minute and I have my third orgasm as I feel myself release then to my relief Greg thrust in deep holding himself deep inside spraying my cervix with his sperm. A few seconds later he’s finally out of me, gobs of our combined ejaculations leaking down  onto the ground. Greg gets up, goes through the tear in the fabric taking his jacket with him.

I can’t hear what he doing as i curl up into a fetal position, trying to curl up as small as possible. Staring straight ahead but seeing nothing! Unaware that he’s return inside.

“Oh yes Carly get some rest for the night is young and I’m not through with you yet!”

                                                                                To be Concluded

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Goddamn I like that chapter!

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And now the conclusion of Wolves. This part contains gang rape if your offended then please don't read on!

Part Three: Animals

I leave her in the tent, the combination of hers and mine cum oozing out of her fucked pussy.Taking my phone out! “Alright she been tamed!” turning looking at the tent “But i think she could use a bit more working out!” Pulling the torn nylon mesh aside “Why don’t you and Glenn come to help me bring her back to the lodge!”

Knowing there’s twenty minutes before they get here I go back to my rover and get some treats for Vagus and Annal. Coming back tossing the treats to the wolves commanding then “Guard!” before going back into the tent.

As I go in, pausing to look at the girl I held responsible for destroying my future, laying there our cum still dripping out of both her ass and pussy, Just staring straight ahead as I move closer, staring at nothing except the right side of the tent’s nylon mesh. Her cheek gashed from when i rub her face through the dirt, for some explicit reason i found her sexy at that moment.

“Get up on your hands and knees!” No response from her, even when I nudge her back with the toe of my foot “Did you hear me Carly?” A few seconds past by and still no movement from her except for breathing. Getting concerned I drop to my knees, reaching out placing my hand on her neck finding her pulse, counting 18 beats in fifteen minutes, doing the math determining her pulse is 72, well within the normal range.

Outside I hear the arrival of the guys, maybe Jim will be able to figure out whys she unresponsive. Going out to meet then,explaining what’s going on Jim ducks into the tent “Sweet Jesus Christ!, I hope god didn’t destroy the mold when she was born!” at that Glenn ducks his head into the tent. Getting an eyeful of Michelle’s form.

“What a fucking hottie!” rejoining me outside “Now I can see why you obsessed over her all these years. Inside Jim  goes to his knees beside her  “ Can you hear me Miss Walton?”  Reaching out to touch her, getting no response until he takes her right nipple between his thumb and first finger pinching the nail into it.

“Let me alone you bastard!” swinging her right arm out

Leaning closer to her right ear “Miss Walton I’m Jim Hawkes, an undercover R.C.M.P operative!”  Making like he was checking other  parts “Please for your sake please play along with what I’m going to try to get Krator to agree to!” Moving his right hand up into her hair “I promise I’m going to get you out of here without any more rapes happening!”

Getting up rejoining Krator and Glenn outside. Speaking loud enough so Michelle can hear, “She faking it Greg!” Pausing before continuing “I say we take her back to room 26 and continue your revenge there!”

“You’re sure she faking Jim?” then “Room 26 with it’s whips and chains and the cage! Of course since she faking it!” Turning to Glenn “Go get her and if she resists you have my permission to do whatever you feel necessary!

Before Glenn can take a step the air is shattered by her screams and the barking of a wolf. Glenn bolts through the tent while Jim and Greg take a different side to curve around the tent. All three coming to a stop seeing a nude Carly sprawling out on the ground Annal standing on her thighs, his snout buried into the crack of her ass.

“Annal off!” The wolf instantly obeys, still bearing its teeth  at Michelle, its tongue flicking out when its jaws part. Glenn corals the wolf leading it to the blue Range Rover “Vagus come here!” When both wolves are in the vehicle, Glenn returns getting his first good look at Carly’s bare long legs. 

Graham turning his back “Get her into the back of my Range Rover, Jim you drive!” With that accomplished Jim gets behind the steering wheel, looking into the rear view mirror as Greg gets inside besides Carly. The twenty minute trip is done with Greg finger fucking Carly.  As Jim pulls up into the hidden entrance of the underground car park, Greg has Carly coating the fabric of the backseat with her cum.
Oh shaky legs, traces of her latest climax, Greg walks her through a hidden corridor to Room 26. One inside Greg secures Carly in a rack like contraption, her arms and legs spread wide open before leaving her in a low light!


They leave me in low light, tied spread eagle on this thing only my head and eye could move. In my mind the words Hawkes whispered into my ear run over and over. “An undercover R.C.M.P operative and I promise I’m going to get you out of here without any more rapes happening!” Do I dare believe him or am I being set up again?

Then suddenly out of nowhere, Jim’s voice “Greg you’ve first hand experience with her, she was willing to try to get past Annal to get away from us and that was after you wore her out, imagine how she’ll fight on a full night’s rest!”

Damn as usual Jim your right she’ll be even more spirited when she fully rested and fed!” A pause “Alright we do it your way!” then silence returns and the light goes out.


A hand touches me “I’m going to slowly release you, don’t make a sound!’ It’s still dark and my eyes and brain need time to adjust, one minute I’m asleep now I’m being told to stay quiet. I feel my arms  being rubbed starting at the shoulders, i can feel the blood returning to my lower arms then the hands are rubbing my thighs getting my circulation going in my legs.

“Can you stand?” a pair of strong arms lift me up and off the device, setting me onto the cold hardwood flooring, my legs shake as I try to stand on my own only to almost wipe out “Here place your arm around my shoulders!”

I do and I can feel the powerful muscles in them, it’s like i gliding just above the floor  as i’m taken from the room into the bright light of the hallway “Damn too bad I didn’t think to bring something to cover you with. As my eyes adjust to the light, my brain can finally focus-JIm, he was making sure he kept his word, rescuing me from this hell on earth!

“Okay we’re about to make the hidden garage!” Reaching out to open the door when In a flash something big and grey jumps onto us forcing Jim to drop me to protect himself. As i roll over I see a sight that will haunt me until the day i die, the  lips of a wolf dripping blood working on a large piece of flesh!

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” I black out!


A strange scent enters my nostril and I’m gagging, thrashing around trying to rid my nostrils of the scent. Something soft under me
“No Jim Look Out!”  my eyes wide open, light flooding into then!

“Oh good She’s decided to rejoin us!” As I focus, on a dark shape in front of me, the visage of Greg looking at me, a leer on his face.

“Oh god he’s dead isn’t he!” turning my eyes away from him. On my right another person with a leer on his face his tongue licking his lips as he stares at me-Glenn!

Oh yes Carly, Poor Jim was throat fucked by Vagus!” An evil laugh hangs in the air “Just like you’re about to be by we nice gentlemen!” Glenn moving closer, reaching out to grab my hair “Just like Glenn is about to do to you!”

With more than a handful of my hair Glenn forces me face into his crotch. Pressing my lips tightly closed I struggle with him to prevent him forcing his cock into my mouth. Twisting my head side to side I almost succeeded in preventing that until Greg chose that moment to force three finger into my pussy.

Crying out in shock was all Glenn needed, burying his full length into my mouth, instantly making me gag on his length and girth. Below Greg pulls his fingers out, gripping my legs forcing them open so he could  climb between them.  As Glenn grabs the sides of my face Greg thrusts his entire cock into my dry passage. I know in my mind I’m screaming at the pain in my pussy but Glenn's cock was blocking everything leaving my vocal cords from coming out.

Both thrust in and out before Pulling completely out of me, Greg grabbing my left hip rolling my on my stomach before yanking both hip up off the softness under me. As my head hangs down I see that there is a large pool of browning think liquid under what i was laying on. Then i register what it was- Jim’s body!

As I’m about to cry out both of my tormentors ram back into me. Glenn once more stuffing the cries back into me. A few strokes happen before they finally sync with each other’s pacing. Greg’s inwards thrusts helping Glenn to go further down my throat, almost cutting off all my abilities to get oxygen into my lungs. Many minutes pass before Glenn pulls out, giving me the chance to gulp lungful of air into my lungs before he brutally re-enters my mouth.

If I though Greg fucked me hard in the woods, I was mistaken, It’s like I could feel him in the pit of my stomach with each thrust into my pussy. As all this was occurring all I could think of was of Bree, Wondering what she was doing and more importantly would I ever see her smiling face again!

Almost as one they both thrust in as deep as the can then I flooded top and bottom with their hot cum. As they pull out i collapse onto Jim’s torso,where I lay dazed for a good amount of time before I’m pull off it.  Glenn has he standing facing him, holding me with one hand around
my throat. Then i feel his thick cock shaft my pussy.

“Oh fuck! Her cunt is heaven isn’t Mr. Krator?” thrust deep into my recently fucked pussy before he turns me sideways. Then I feel something I’ve only seen in a porno video online, my ass cheeks being pulled apart and something fleshy moving between then.

“Oh god no I’ve never done something like this!” As if either one cared about me, to them I was just some piece of meat their cocks could use with impudence!, Then the pain of Greg’s thick girth widening my anal passage, pressing against Glenn’s thick cock with only a thing membrane keeping them apart.

Even more brutal than any rape in the woods was this was more than my petite frame could handle. Both made me shake as their cock forced their way deep into me as the other was leaving. This time the only thing preventing my screams was Glenn’s mouth on mine. At best all it did was muffle then.

For what felt like an eternity they both took me. Making me ashamed when Glenn cried out “Fuck she just cummed on my cock!” then as if my shivering didn’t explain what my body was doing “Oh fuck she just came again!”. They kept at it making me cum four more times  before Greg flooded my bowels with his second dose of cum. As he pulled out Glenn continuing to fuck me until i came for a sixth time before he pushed me hard against the wall then emptying his sperm into my abused pussy!

As he pulled out my legs gave way and i sank to the floor against the wall. My breath ragged. My inner thighs covered in slimy cum, my ass throbbing  when i heard

“Damn she’s too go to let go back. Can’t we take her with us to Labrador Greg?”

Oh she’s going to be ‘coming’ with us Glenn, it’s a long flight to Labrador!” Greg moving in from of me “And as you are aware the night are so long!”


That was four years ago, since then I been nothing but a fuck toy for the pair of them. I wonder how Bree is doing in her life, at least she has one, all i have is four kids by the two of my rapists in isolation. Three boys and a girl!, god I fear for them and what will bring them!

“There you are mommy. Uncle Glenn said he you and him are going to play again tonight, can I come and play with you too?”

“No Marie, we will be playing long after your bedtime!” How many years before he or Greg wants to play with her like they play with me?

                                                                         The End????

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Very bleak ending, but I Love it! Your gangrape scene was brilliant! Enjoyed every bit of it!