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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

A young female deputy finds herself in trouble when she doesn't call in for backup!

mmmmmmF; rp; oral; bondage; violence; anal

Who's Arresting Who?

An original story from Vile8r

The town of Hollister was nestled in a quaint mountain valley alongside a pristine lake. The small community of 8,000 people was a far cry from the bustle and hustle of the big city.

 Hollister had always been known as a logging town.  It was the main industry of the area, with two sawmills on the edge of town employing many of the local people. For the most part, Hollister was a pretty quiet, laid-back place. It would get busier in the summer, with tourists coming to the area, to enjoy the lake and the surrounding scenery. But most of the big tourist crowds went to the other end of the lake. That was where the larger town of Emerald was located.

 The tourists were good for the local businesses around Hollister. The stores; restaurants; bars; and motels could make as much money in those 4 or 5 months as they could in the rest of the year combined.

For the most part, the tourists didn't create too much work for the Hollister police force. Mostly it was dealing with the teenagers and college kids who would throw parties on the beach or at the campgrounds. Or drunken revellers spilling out of the bars at closing time. Sometimes, they'd have to look for a lost hiker or some kid who didn't show up after a night of partying, only to be found passed out in someone's front yard.

But as far as serious crime, there wasn't too much. And Deputy Lemay liked it that way. Still, she was happy now that tourist season was over, and the kids had all headed back to school. She enjoyed Hollister so much more as a sleepy little mountain town. Darcy had no idea that after this night, it was all going to change.

Darcy Lemay was not just the only female member of the Hollister police department, but at 26 years old, also the youngest. It had caused considerable controversy in Hollister, when just 4 months ago, Darcy had been promoted to deputy sheriff.  A lot of people in the town, including other members of the force, felt the pretty, dark-haired woman just wasn't the person for the job.

  Never mind her age,  Darcy was only 5' 1", and barely tipped the scales at 125 lb. She didn't exactly cut a very imposing figure as a law enforcement officer. All the other members of the force felt Darcy was better suited with a desk job, rather than being out in a patrol car.

It also happened to be that the sherriff was Darcy's uncle and many townspeople were crying nepotism. The sherriff argued that she was a good choice for deputy. She was a four-year veteran of the Hollister police force, he said, and in that time had distinguished herself as a very capable and professional officer of the law. He was more than confident in her abilities.

Darcy knew it wasn't like Hollister was a hotbed of crime. The job wasn't that hard! But with all the public criticism, it just made Darcy even more determined to show the townspeople that she could do the job and do it good!

As Deputy Lemay headed out on her Friday night patrol, she hoped it would be a relatively quiet night. The only concern she had, was that a few days ago, the Hollister police had received a 10-65 alert, a prison escape!

Two years ago, a state juvenile detention facility had been built just outside the nearby community of Emerald, which was about 25 miles from Hollister. The state reasoned that it was a good area for such a facility to be built, being so isolated and away from major population centers. Originally, they wanted to put it in Hollister, but there had been a lot of public opposition.

It was to be a high-risk offender facility, meaning that many of the kids incarcerated there were the worst of the worst, real bad-asses. Kids that had committed murder or sex crimes and other serious felonies. Many of them were on long sentences and were slated to be sent to adult prisons when they turned 18.

The people of Hollister were dead-set against such a place in their community. There was concerns about inmates escaping. These kids could be very dangerous. The state corrections department assured them, the facility would have all the latest and newest in security measures, but the citizens of Hollister were unconvinced. In the end, despite the fact people knew it would also create another source of employment, it was voted down, and instead it was decided to build the jail at Emerald.

Now the fears of the people of Hollister were being realized. The state Sheriff's Department, who were responsible for looking after the juvenile jail, had sent the Hollister police an alert that five kids had escaped.

Apparently, they had been on a work detail, cleaning up hiking trails near the lake. Somehow, the five youths had wandered off, eluding their guards, and were now on the loose.  The Hollister police were advised to keep an eye out for them, as it was believed they'd likely travel in that direction.
The official word from the Sheriff's Dept., was that this wasn't considered a high-risk incident. They didn't want the Hollister police releasing anything to the local media, saying they didn't want to create a public panic. In fact, they believed  that the inmates would likely turn themselves in within a day or two anyway. It was very rugged, inhospitable country, and these were kids from the city. They wouldn't have a clue how to fend for themselves in the wild.

After a day or so out in the woods with no food or shelter, they'd be happy to be back in the warmth and security of the jail. But it had been three days now, and still no sight of them anywhere. Search parties and helicopters had been looking for them, but these escapees had proved particularly elusive.
Darcy's uncle, Sheriff Lemay said he smelled a cover-up. The Sheriff's Dept. was downplaying this whole incident, he said, to cover up their own incompetence. They feared the bad publicity an escape would cause and so were trying to keep this as hush-hush as possible. All the same, he told his people to be on alert, just in case the kids did manage to make it that far.

"And Darcy, if you see them, do not, and I repeat.....DO NOT......try to apprehend them yourself! Call in a 10-10 (officer needing assistance) and wait for backup! Do you understand?"

"Yes,, I mean," she replied.

Now, as Deputy Lemay did her patrol around Hollister, the escaped kids were really not very high on her list of priorities for the night. After doing a round of the whole town and a cruise out past the sawmills, she had went to Chet's Diner for some coffee and a couple donuts. It was there that one of the locals advised her, he had heard rumors of some high school kids throwing a keg party out by the lake.

Hmmm, thought Darcy. I suppose I should head out that way.
She knew the kids had just headed back to school that Monday, and it was always a high school tradition to throw a kegger on the first weekend after the start of classes. Darcy didn't consider herself a hard-ass cop. She didn't mind letting the kids have a good time.

But it was still her duty to keep an eye on things and make sure the kids didn't get too rowdy or disturb anyone. And sometimes, kids from Emerald would show up, and there'd be a few fights. So it wouldn't hurt for her to do a drive-by and make sure things weren't getting out of hand.
"See you later, Chet," she said, throwing some money on the counter and heading out the door.

"Fuck! Why didn't you steal a car with more gas in it , you idiot?" Des Gardner snapped  at his friend, Eddy Hartwick.
"I didn't have time to look at the gas gauge," Eddy shot back. "That old guy just about spotted us as it was."

"Guess we're back on foot," said another boy, Nick D'Amato.

The five teenage boys climbed out of the old sedan, which had stalled on the edge of the highway. They had almost made it to the outskirts of Hollister when the engine had sputtered and died.

They were a rough-looking bunch, although after what they'd been through for the past three days, it wasn't surprising. These were the five escaped juveniles from the J.C. Sullivan Juvenile Detention Facility.
Des Gardner, 17 ; Eddy Hartwick, 17; Nick D'Amato, 17; Kurt Danville, 16; and Greg Miles, 15!

They were all high-risk offenders and not the nicest of teen boys. Des and Eddy had been convicted several months ago for the vicious gangrape of a 16 year-old volleyball player at their school.

Two other boys involved, were in adult prison, as they were 18. Des was under probation at the time for an assault on another kid, and the judge gave him a five year sentence. When they turned 18, he and Eddy would both be getting transferred to state prison.

Nick had been dealing drugs to kids in his neighborhood and he had a 10 year sentence. He had come across a judge who was not soft on drug offences and had given him the state's minimum mandatory sentence, even though it was a first offence.

Kurt was also in for sex offences. He had been caught molesting his 12 year-old cousin, Ashley.

Greg was serving a six month sentence for breaking into his neighbor's house. Yes, none of these kids were choirboys, by any means. Des and Eddy were probably the worst,and the most desperate.

 It had been their idea to break loose from the work detail they'd been on. It had been remarkably easy. They weren't even shackled or anything. The new warden at the facility had all these New Age concepts, that shackles and chains and all that kind of stuff, undermined the self-esteem of the inmates.

The five of them had taken off into the thick forest. They came across an old abandoned mine shaft and hid in it for a day, living off wildberries and a natural spring they found. It had been cold at night, but they made it. The next day they'd found an old overgrown logging trail and followed it. A couple times through the day they'd taken cover as a helicopter flew over, searching for them.

Then they hit the jackpot! They came across an acreage in the woods. There was no one home and they'd broken into the house. They were able to steal a bunch of food. In a shed on the property, they found a box full of old green mechanic's coveralls, and were able to discard their conspicuous orange jail-issue coveralls. The third day they found their way back to the highway. But they knew they couldn't stay on the road, it was too risky.
They came across another acreage that had several old vehicles sitting around. It was there, that they stole a car. Eddy had hotwired it and off they went. But he had neglected to check how much fuel the car had, and now the five teen fugitives found themselves on the side of the road, just on the edge of the town of Hollister.

"Well, I saw an old farm back there," Des said, pointing down the road in the direction they'd come from. "It's not too far. We'll make our way back there and hole up for the night. In the morning, maybe we can find another vehicle."

"One with gas?" asked Greg with a smirk.

"Suck my dick, you little fuck!" Eddy retorted.
"Okay, enough," Des snarled. "Shit happens. We're not gonna get far if we keep arguing."

Even though they'd been on the lam for three days, Des had to admit, he still didn't really have any plan. Basically, they just wanted to see how long they could stay on the loose and make the staff at the detention facility look stupid! And maybe raise a little hell while they were at it.

They grabbed the two large backpacks out of the trunk, that were full of the food they had stolen earlier. On the other side of the road was a steep embankment that went about 100 feet down to a river. The five of them pushed the stolen car across the highway and let it roll down the embankment. It ended up in the river on its roof.

It only took about 10 minutes and they were at the old farm they had passed earlier. They began walking up the grass-covered driveway, when a car came around the corner, just a few hundred yards down the highway from the driveway.

"Shit!" yelled Des. "There's a car coming!"

Nick and Kurt, carrying the backpacks, made a quick sprint for the old barn. The other three boys dived into the trees on either side of the driveway.

"Those fucking idiots!" Des hissed. "They're gonna be seen!"


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great setup and two perfect ladies to  imagine as the main leads!

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Deputy Lemay drove along down the picturesque road toward the campground at Elk Lake. She had grown up in this area, and yet she never got tired of the gorgeous scenery. She rounded a curve and went by the old Henderson place. It had been a large dairy farm at one time. The old barn and some of the outbuildings still stood, but the house was gone. Some vandals had burned it down several years ago.

 As Darcy passed the old driveway, she caught movement out of the corner of her right eye. She slammed on the brakes and looked back. Sonuvabitch! There was two figures running through the tall grass towards the barn. It looked like they were carrying backpacks.

A thought ran through Darcy's mind immediately. The escaped juveniles! It had to be!  Who the hell else would be out here? No one lived around for several miles and it was too far from the campground. Deputy Lemay's heart began to pound.

If it was them, why did she only see two? Maybe they'd split up! That made sense. Five people traveling together would be far more conspicuous! But what should she do? She was supposed to call in back-up if she saw them.

But it would take a while for another patrol car to get out here! Still she'd better follow the sheriff's orders.
She had pulled over to the side of the road and she grabbed the mike of her two-way radio. "Attention dispatch! This is Deputy Lemay in Car 2! I am at the old Henderson farm north of town. I have a 10-10....repeat.....I have a 10-10!"

The radio was response. She tried again and still nothing. Then she realized the little green light on the transmitter that indicated she was sending, wasn't on! Her heart sunk. They had been having some recent troubles with their radio system malfunctioning. Around town, it never seemed to be an issue, but once they got away from town, the radios would act up and not want to transmit properly. It was an old radio system and had been growing increasingly unreliable.

The sheriff had put in a requisition to the Hollister town council for a new, more reliable radio system. But due to budget restraints, they'd been told to hold tight for a couple more months. Now what was she going to do? Darcy reached in her pocket and pulled out her cellphone. She'd just have to call her uncle and get him to send out some backup for her. She looked at her phone screen. No reception!

She knew what she had to do. She was going to have to apprehend these kids herself. But hey, there was only two of them! She had seen no signs of the other three. And how hard should it be to arrest two teenage kids? She had a gun, they didn't!

This was just the kind of thing too, that would really vindicate herself to the other officers on the force! Deputy Lemay brought in two escaped prisoners! Maybe then, she wouldn't be thought of as just the sheriff's cute niece!
She turned around in the road and headed back to the driveway. She drove up to the barn slowly. She knew the kids were likely inside by now. Darcy stepped out of the car. Looking at her equipment belt, she saw she had her baton and sidearm and her taser. Good! She was well armed and ready.
She approached the barn warily, her service revolver drawn.


In the trees by the road, Des, Eddy, and Greg watched as the police cruiser entered the old farmyard.
"Shit, it's the cops, man!" Eddy whispered. "We're fucked!"

"Just be quiet," Des hissed. "They haven't seen us. They only saw Nick and Kurt."

They then watched as the car came to a stop near the barn, and a single police officer stepped out. A female police officer!
"Hey, check out the hottie cop!" Eddy said.

"Yeah, she ain't too shabby, is she?" Des grinned.
"Looks pretty sweet for a cop," said Eddy.
"You ever thought about doing a lady cop?" Des asked.

"Oh fuck, all the time! I wanted to do a couple of the guards they had back at the jail. If I had the chance to do a hot cop, I'd go for it."
"Well, how about now?" Des smirked. "There's five of of her. Hey, if we're gonna get sent back to the slammer, we might as well make the best of our time outside. We do a cop, we'll be heroes back at juvey!"

"You're serious!" Eddy stated, his mouth hanging open.

"Damn right, I'm serious. We got her out herself....let's have some action with the bitch. Let's do her like we did that stuck-up cunt at school."
"B-but....she's got a gun," Greg piped up.

"So what?" Des retorted. "She doesn't know we're here. We can get the drop on her. Look at her! You think she's gonna be able to take on five of us at once? We'll have that cocky bitch on her back and our dicks in and out before she knows what happened. So whaddaya say? I know you'd like to get your dick wet, wouldn't you, Greg?"

"I-I don't...know!" Greg said sheepishly.

"Oh fuck off!" Des snapped. "Look at that! That's a woman, Greg! Not some little junior high school girl! You got the chance to slide the ol' weiner into some prime cunt. Don't tell me you don't know!"

"Hell, I'm in," said Eddy.
"I knew you would be, Eddy. I know you too well," said Des. "Okay, let's do this!"

Darcy walked into the barn. There was still enough daylight outside that she had no problem seeing.
"Okay, you two!" She yelled. "This is Deputy Sheriff Lemay of the Hollister police department! I know you're in here. I'm ordering you to come out now! Keep your hands out where I can see them!"

Nick and Kurt came stepping out from behind the wall of an old milking stall. Both held their hands high in the air.
"Get over here and get on the ground," Darcy barked.

"Okay...okay! Just don't shoot us! We're not armed!" said Nick. He had a strange smirk on his face as he looked over at his friend.
"What's going on?" asked Darcy nervously, as she held her gun straight out in front of her.

She began to get a bad feeling and was just about to look behind her, when two strong arms wrapped around her, catching her in a powerful bear hug. Too late, Darcy realized she had just walked into a trap!

Nick had seen Des slowly and quietly sneak up behind the female deputy. Now he lunged forward and brought his right arm down on Darcy's wrist, making her drop her gun. She had been so surprised and shocked, she wasn't even able to get a shot off. Seeing her now disarmed, Kurt jumped in as well. Within a few seconds, all five boys had swarmed her, wrestling and pulling Deputy Lemay down to the ground.

"Get off me, you assholes! NOW!" she screamed.

As she was pinned to the floor of the barn, Nick grabbed her by the front of her shirt.

"Where's your partner?" he demanded.

"I-I don't have one!" she spat.
"She's telling the truth," said Des. "We saw her get out of her car. She's alone."

"We need to hide her car," said Eddy. "If someone drives by, they're  gonna see it."

"I know who you boys are!" Darcy snapped. "You're all in a lot of trouble. And even more, now that you've assaulted a peace officer!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Des snarled. "You fucked up big time, sweetie, trying to take us all down by yourself!"
"Yeah, but maybe she's got backup coming," Nick said.

"Do you?" asked Des.

Darcy was silent for a second, then she spoke. "Yeah....yeah, I do!"

"She's fuckin' lyin'," Eddy smirked. "If she'd had back up coming, she'd have waited until they were here! She only saw Nick and Kurt and figured there was only two of us!"

Darcy was silent again. "I have....b-backup coming....I'm not lying." She realized she wasn't sounding very authoritative.
Des looked at Eddy and back at Darcy. "I think you're right Eddy. The bitch is feeding us bullshit."

The look of despair on Darcy's face was all they needed to see. She knew she was screwed! She had just broken one of the cardinal rules of policing.....always get backup! And now, here she was, disarmed and at the mercy of five teenage boys....dangerous teenage boys! With NO backup and no one even really knowing where she was!

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"Kurt....I want you to go outside, take her car and drive it around so it's behind the barn. Then no one can see it from the road," Des instructed him.
"What the hell are we gonna do with her?" Nick asked.

"Look at her," Eddy winked. "What do you think we're gonna do with her?"

"We're likely gonna get caught pretty soon anyways, boys," Des explained. "It's inevitable. While we're free, we might as well have ourselves some fun. Grab some hot cunt."

"So you're proposing we're gonna fuck this cop?" Nick asked.
"What? You don't wanna?" Eddy shot back.

"Fuck yeah!" exclaimed Nick. "It's of my ALL-TIME fantasies to do a hot cop!"

Cold fear shot through Darcy's gut.
"Oh noooo......n-n-noooooo! boys! Think about what you're doing! Please....DON'T!" she began to plead.

"Oh we know exactly what we're doing honey," Des smirked as he reached down and undid a couple of the buttons on Darcy's uniform.
"NNNNOOOOOOO!" she screamed out as Des pushed his hand inside her shirt and down inside her bra.

"Mmmmmm, feels pretty good!" he said.

Kurt came running back inside the barn. "Okay, I got the car hidden!"
"Right on, let's get this slut naked!" Des grinned.

Darcy fought like a tiger as they pulled her equipment belt off her, containing her radio, gun holster, taser and handcuffs. All of her training in handling violent offenders was proving to be of no use to Darcy. These boys had her overpowered and outmanned, easily holding down the petite woman. Nick and Eddy held her arms while Des sat on her. Kurt and Greg had a hold of her legs.

Des grabbed the front of Darcy's shirt and ripped it open, exposing a plain white sports bra. The shirt and bra were yanked off over her head.
"Holy fuck! Nice tits!" Nick said.

"Yeah, they are pretty sweet," Des agreed.

"LET ME GO, DAMMIT!" Darcy yelled.

She was trying to twist and turn her body, causing her tits to push up from her chest and exciting the boys even more.
"Get her pants off! Get 'em off!" Nick yelled, almost foaming at the mouth.

Kurt and Greg pulled her shoes off as Des undid her belt and yanked down her zipper. He began pulling her pants down off her hips as she bucked and fought.

"Damn, she's getting too hard to hold!" Eddy yelled.

Des looked around. "I've got an idea," he gloated.

He grabbed Darcy's handcuffs off her utility belt. "Get her over here," Des ordered, pointing to one of the old stalls in the barn.
The boys dragged Darcy over to the stall. Des slapped the handcuffs on one of her wrists then pulled it around a wooden post and handcuffed her other wrist.

"NOOOOO.....NOOOOOO......NOOOOOO!" Darcy cried.

She was totally helpless now, her wrists handcuffed around the wooden post. Des and Eddy each took a leg of her pants and finished pulling them off. Darcy was wearing plain white bikini panties. She screamed as Des pulled those off her too.
"Goddamn.....what a sweet-looking cunt," said Nick.

It was very neatly shaved, a small triangle of dark, curly pubes between her thighs.
"She's fuckin' gorgeous," said Greg, with a look of wonderment.

Des was stripping down the old green coveralls he wore. His cock stood erect at eight inches and quite thick. He stood over six feet tall, and was in good physical shape.

He looked down at Darcy, her fit, toned body stretched out in the straw. Tears streamed down her cheeks.
"Pl-please.....don't do this! It's only going to for you!"

"Fuckin' a hot chick like you? Can't see how that's gonna be a bad thing," he chuckled, as he knelt down.

Darcy tried to hold her legs together, but Eddy and Nick pulled them apart. Des moved between her outstretched thighs, a hungry look in his eyes. Just like the day he and Eddy and two other boys raped that stuck-up little Madison Darby in the locker room at school. Snotty little cow! She'd told Des he was a piece of shit, when he asked her out on a date, told him she only dated jocks.
They'd fucked her hard! Put a lot of cum down her throat too. Des even raped her ass. She was a mess after they were done.

Des planned on giving this dark-haired honey a pretty good pounding too. It's something he'd always wanted to do...bring down a lady cop a few notches. He wrapped his hand around his cock, guiding it up to the pink, fleshy lips of Darcy's cunt.

She let out a loud scream and her head rolled back as Des pushed inside her.

"Oh.....shit.....yeah!" he muttered as his cock pushed deeper.

His fingers dug into the tender flesh of her hips, and using them as leverage for his thrusts, he began pounding into Darcy with rough, fast strokes. She couldn't believe the speed and force he was using as he ripped his cock in and out of her. Des hadn't had a girl in a while and now was like an animal, slamming into her as he raped the deputy as viciously as he could.

"Unnnnn....Unnnn..!" she moaned and cried in pain as the savage assault continued. His cock had ripped at her dry pussy, but she was feeling herself slowly begin to lubricate. The pain was still incredible.

"N-no're h-hurting me.."

Des just laughed and seemed to double his pace, if that was possible. He grabbed at her breasts and squeezed them. They felt like they were being torn to pieces.
The other boys were cheering Des on.

"Yeah man,that's the way to fuck the little bitch cop!"

"Go Des! You're burning that pussy up!"

It felt like he was trying to thrust himself through the top of her head, as he rammed his thick, meaty cock into her over and over again. The soft flesh of her breasts was poking between his fingers as he continued to have a death grip on them. His cock was pistoning into her with a horrible speed. He was sweating as he worked his cock deeper and deeper into her, his sweat dripping onto her face. He gripped her breasts as tight as he could, using her upper body as a brace so he could slam his prick into her with greater and greater force.


Her screams echoed through the old barn.
Finally, his whole body shuddering, Des released his load of cum into her. Darcy sobbed in despair. It was bad enough being raped by these punks, now she had the fear of one of them getting her pregnant.

"Sonuvabitch, you were a good fuck!" Des said, as he pulled out.

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Des was barely out of the way and Eddy was pushing his way in between Darcy's legs. Unlike Des, Eddy never even bothered to pull his coveralls down all the way. He just yanked the zipper down far enough to pull out his erect cock.

With a grunt, he was inside her, and thrusting away with short, powerful strokes.
"Uhhhhh...yeahhh.....uhhhhh....never thought......uhhhhh......I'd get to........fuck.....a cop.......uhhhhh.....and a hot one too!"
"!" Darcy snapped, as she tried to twist her body.

Eddy held her firmly by the hips as he worked his cock in and out of her tight hole. Darcy had never been fucked so roughly. In fact, despite being 26 years old, and very attractive, Darcy was still rather inexperienced at sex.

Darcy was an only child and her parents had been very strict and firm and quite overprotective. Her father, Jim Lemay, had been the sheriff of Hollister when she was growing up. He had a reputation of being a tough, no-nonsense type of cop. In fact, his nickname around town had been "Hard-Ass" Lemay.

Darcy knew her father loved her, but he had a hard time separating the roles of being a sheriff and being a father. She was one of the prettiest girls in her school, but she had never dated. Not just because her dad wouldn't allow it, but most of the boys in her class were scared of her dad. Who was brave (and crazy) enough to want to fool around with the sherriff's daughter?
She never had sex until she went away to college. Even then, she still never really spread her wings. Darcy had a couple different boyfriends, and she would fuck them, but she was rather conservative in bed. She gave blowjobs, but begrudgingly. It wasn't something she really enjoyed and she secretly found them a little disgusting. She couldn't believe how most girls in college were just so care-free about it. Darcy thought it was kind of degrading.
Not only was she reluctant to give blowjobs, anal sex was definitely out of the question! Uh, way! Certainly not!

Her boyfriends didn't take too long to get bored of her, knowing there was lots of other girls on campus that would give them the wild sex they were looking for. Darcy was very pretty and attractive, but, she was a proverbial  'dud' in bed!

But now, she was getting fucked, and fucked hard! And she had no say in the matter. As Eddy pounded his cock into her, Darcy strained at the handcuffs around her wrists. Finally she had to stop as she was making the metal cut into her skin.

With a couple final, powerful thrusts, Eddy came inside her.
", that feels good!" he sighed.

"Fuck you, asshole!" Darcy said as she spit at him.

"Kinda feisty, huh?" Nick asked. He was the next boy in line, his coveralls pulled down past his waist to expose his rock-hard meat. "Gonna slam you good, pig!"

The husky, blonde-haired boy lifted Darcy's legs onto his shoulders as he guided his dick up to her snatch. "I've dreamed about this," he said.
Then he bucked his hips, driving himself inside the pretty woman.

"AAAAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Darcy let out a short, painful scream. Nick buried himself in Darcy's warm, wet fuckhole and began stabbing his dick in and out of her.

He leaned down and ran his tongue across her tits.
"Gonna play with these awesome tits. are one sweet fuck!"

Nick loved the feel of her body against him, how her back arched as he fucked her. He took turns pulling her size 34 tits into his mouth, chewing and biting on her nipples, tasting the soft mounds of flesh.
Darcy was probably one of the best-looking women he'd ever fucked and he was loving every minute of it. When he was ready to cum, he pulled out and aimed his cock at her tits.

The other boys cheered and laughed as he spurted white ropes of cum across her chest.
"Fuck yeah, cum on the bitch!" Des yelled.

"I want a turn on this hottie," said Kurt. His cock was straining to be released from his coveralls. His heart was pounding as he looked down at Darcy handcuffed to the post, hands were shaking as he pulled his coveralls down.

Within a few seconds, he had mounted her, and began stroking his cock in and out of Darcy's abused pussy. She wept as he fucked her. These young boys were animals.....savage animals, just using her for their own sick pleasure. Her body was rocked by each hard thrust.

Kurt hadn't been this excited since the days when he used to molest his cousin, Ashley. She had lived right across the street from him. Her parents worked during the day and so his aunt had arranged for his mom to look after Ashley and her little brother after school. Everyday she would come to his house.

She'd always been a very cute little girl, but it wasn't until she turned 12, that Kurt started to realize, his cousin was becoming a hottie. She was growing tits, and long, sweet legs and getting a very nice little ass on her. That was when he started taking her to his bedroom, when no one was around. He would make her pull her pants down or her skirt and he'd play with her and make her touch him. Then it progressed to handjobs and finally he had her sucking him off.

Wow! She'd had such an adorably sweet body! But then it all came crashing down, when a few months later, she finally blabbed to her mother. His aunt had totally freaked and called the cops. His own parents had been pretty furious too. That was how he ended up in a juvenile sex offenders treatment program at J.C. Sullivan.

Now Kurt was letting out all his anger on Darcy, driving his cock in and out relentlessly. He loved the sound his body made as it slapped against her. With each stroke, he'd twist his hips, trying to ram deeper into her.
In his mind, it wasn't a hot cop underneath him, it was his snotty little cousin. He wished he had fucked her when he had the chance. At least then, she'd have had something to whine about!

Kurt collapsed on top of Darcy, feeling her tits squish against his chest. He gave three more hard thrusts, before he felt the satisfying release of his sperm into her juicy hole.

"'re fucking hot!" he moaned as he pushed himself off her. A gob of cum dangled from the tip of his dick and he wiped it on her leg.

"Looks like Greg gets the last turn," Des said.

"I-I'm kinda nervous," said Greg.

He was the youngest of the group. With his blonde hair and freckles, he didn't look like a violent offender. In fact his crime wasn't really anywhere as serious as gangrape or child molestation, like Des, and Eddy, and Kurt.

He'd broken into his neighbor's house to rob it and had taken a gun he'd found in a drawer. When the police arrested him, they found the gun and charged him with possession of a weapon to commit an offense. Greg knew it was a totally bogus charge and tried to tell the cops but they wouldn't listen. And his family was too poor to afford a good lawyer who likely could have gotten the charge dropped.

The judge just happened to be some crusader who wanted to crack down on teens using guns for crime. So Greg was used to make an example, and even though it was a first offense, the judge gave him six months in juvey.

"What the fuck's the problem?" asked Eddy.

"Well...aren't we going to be in a lot of supreme shit for raping a cop? I mean.....this is pretty serious stuff."

Des walked up to Greg and put his arm around his shoulders.
"Are you going soft on me, Miles? You better not be!" he said, with venom in his voice. "You told me you were tough, that you wouldn't wimp out. We can't have someone with us who's gonna wimp out!"

"I-I.....I'm not wimping out.....Des!"

"We're all in this together. If we go down.....we ALL go down. You get your dick out.....and you fuck this bitch.....hard.....and now!" Des growled.

He grabbed Greg by the back of the neck and pushed him down on the ground, shoving him on top of Darcy.
"H-he's right.....y-you kn-know!" Darcy stammered. "You boys will be in a lot of shit for doing this!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Des barked, "Or we'll shove cocks down your throat!"

Greg slowly pulled his cock out of his coveralls and stroked it to full hardness. He found the wet opening of Darcy's vagina and plunged into her.
He knew what he was doing wasn't right. But, oh man, it felt good! Greg had never had much sex. His girlfriend had let him fuck her a couple times, but she wasn't very experienced either, and it had been sort of clumsy and awkward.

But now to have his cock inside a real woman was awesome! Although he was getting the sloppy leftovers from the other boys, she was still, oh so warm and tight. His dick slid easily in and out of her, and he slid his hands along her flat stomach. This cop had such a great body!

Greg's hands moved up to Darcy's tits and he squeezed and mauled them as he humped away on top of her. It was very humiliating to Darcy, to have this young......kid.....using her body! She could tell he was not as experienced as the others had been. Every 3rd or 4th stroke, he would slip out of her, and he'd have to stop and reposition himself, then push back inside her. He was rough and clumsy, constantly jostling her body around.

His youthful excitement and enthusiasm didn't make him last long though. It was barely five minutes later, he was letting out a startled gasp, as his body convulsed and his hips bucked. Darcy felt his cock jerk and spasm as he blew a load of his spunk into her. Sweat was running down Greg's face as he slipped out of her, a big grin from ear to ear.

"See, she was pretty fuckin' good, wasn't she?" Nick said, slapping Greg on the back.

"Yeah.....yeah, man, she was!" Greg nodded.
"Are we getting the fuck out of here now?" Kurt asked.

"What the hell for?" Des shot back.

"Well, we've fucked her, so let's get going! There's gonna be other cops looking for her, you know!"

Des was fooling around with Darcy's police belt. He looked at the other boys.
"Don't worry.....we've got time. I've got a sweet-ass little cop here and I intend to have more fun with her. Gonna show her so she's not so tough!"

Des was holding her taser and rolling it around in his hands. "Lookee, lookee what we got here!"


November 29, 2017, 07:06:19 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Is it wrong for me to want someone to fuck her face and tell her "You have the right to stay silent anytime you open your mouth we'll fuck you silent if horny enough!" Such a great story as per usual!

November 30, 2017, 09:49:32 AM
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Offline vile8r

Darcy's eyes grew big as she saw what Des was playing with.
"NO! NO! Leave that alone!" she cried out. "those are dangerous weapons if you don't know......what you're doing!"

Des looked over at her with a devious grin. "I know it's dangerous, you dumb cunt. Maybe we should have a little demonstration?"

"Oh God.....NO.....NOOOOO!" Darcy begged.

Deputy Lemay was all too familiar with how a taser operated. The hand-held devices had two tiny metal prongs attached to twenty feet of wire. When a button was pushed, the prongs made contact with the skin of the person it was being used on, dispensing a jolt of 50,000 volts and short-circuiting the person's nervous system. It would cause the muscles to spasm violently, causing the victim to shudder, tremble, and in some cases, even lose control of their sphincters. The voltage would really hurt, but it was only 3 amps, so it wouldn't kill. Just make the bad guy very sorry he got on the wrong side of the cop.

Des knelt down beside her, as the other boys gathered around. He let the metal prongs of the taser slide along the inside of Darcy's left thigh.
"What say we have some good fun, boys?" he asked with sadistic glee.

Darcy let out a small scream as the prongs brushed across her pussy lips.
"NOOOOOO! Don't fool around with that thing! Please.....oh please.....just put it down!"

Her whole body trembled as Des dragged it along her tummy and across her tits, pausing to let the prongs dig into each nipple.
"Hmmmm, I wonder what I should do? Stick this on her tits or up her snatch?"

"Let's hear the bitch scream!" Eddy sneered, his eyes wild with excitement.

The boys were getting turned on seeing how scared Darcy was. In police training, she had had to endure a taser jolt. The memories of that experience still made her break into a cold sweat. She'd ached for days afterwards.

It terrified her to have this boy playing with the taser. One slip of his finger on the button and......well, she didn't want to think about it. She closed her eyes tightly as he drew little circles around her tits with it.

"Pl-please! Don't! I'm begging you.....!" she said, trying to remain calm, but not doing a very good job of it.

"She's begging! You hear that?" Nick laughed.

"Yeah, I hear her," said Des. "I love hearing girls beg. Tell you what, Deputy, why don't you tell me what it'll take for me to NOT push this button?"
"I'll-I'll let you fuck me again!" she blurted out.

"Hmmmm, well, I don't know. I've already fucked you. Who says that's what I want?"

"I-I'll do......whatever you w-want!" Darcy said, realizing the level of desperation in her voice.
"Suck our dicks?" Eddy asked.

Darcy gulped nervously and nodded.
"Suck our dicks really good and swallow our cum!" Des added.

She nodded again, tears running down her cheeks.
"I wanna hear you say it!" Des snapped. Darcy tensed as she felt the prongs of the taser pressed hard against her left tit.

Darcy yelled out, "Y-yes! I'll d-do that!"

"Do what?" asked Eddy. "Come on....fuckin' say it!"

"I'll.....s-suck your....d-dicks! And sw-swallow....your.....cum!"

Des pulled the taser away from her and threw the keys for the handcuffs to Kurt.
"Here.....undo the handcuffs. And don't try anything funny, bitch! Remember....I've still got this taser!"

Kurt just undid one wrist from around the post and let her sit up. Darcy was ready to make a move. She knew she could easily jump up and run. But Des would get her with the taser before she could get to the door. He was only a few feet away.
She'd never make it. Plus the boys were all standing in the way. She'd have to get through them to get to the door. It was useless. Kurt pulled her wrist back behind her and snapped the handcuffs back on.

"Good idea," said Des. He noticed Darcy looking towards the doorway and he knew what was going through her head.
Darcy was pulled up and put in a kneeling position. Des walked up to her, unzipping his coveralls again.

"Let's see how good this cop is with her mouth," he grinned. His hard cock jutted out, only inches from her face.

He pressed the taser against the side of her neck. "Start sucking.....any teeth and I'll hit the button!"

Darcy took him in her mouth, gagging a little at the taste. That was the one thing she could never get past when it came to oral sex....the taste! Dicks tasted horrid, and as far as she was concerned, it didn't matter if they were clean or not! Des put his hand on top of her head as she began to move her mouth back and forth on him.

"Fuck yeah," Des said, as he looked down at her. "Nothing like a bitch sucking cock!"

He thrust his hips up towards her face, trying to push himself farther in.
"Fuck her face, man!" Eddy cheered.

Darcy didn't like having her wrists handcuffed. She had no control over how far Des could push his dick into her mouth. It was a very helpless feeling. She wanted so bad to sink her teeth into him, but the taser against her neck discouraged her from that.
She continued sucking on him, slobber running down her chin. When Des would try to push into her throat, Darcy would cough and choke, and he'd pull back.

"Come on, slut, faster!" Des urged her.

Darcy sped up her movements, swirling her tongue around the swollen head of his cock and soon Des felt himself getting ready to cum. He let out a cry, as if in pain. His dick jerked as he came in huge spurts, once, twice, three times... followed by a series of smaller quivers of pleasure.

Darcy made gagging noises as she was forced to swallow his seed. The taste was enough to make her retch and she was sure she'd throw up. As Des pulled out of her mouth, she took in big gulps of air, a few dribbles of cum hanging from her lips.

Eddy stepped up to take a turn. "All right! I've been telling cops to suck my dick for a long time. Finally....I'm gonna get one to do it!"

He forced Darcy's mouth open as he jammed his meat between her jaws. He put both his hands on the back of her head as she began to suck on him. She made wet, slurping sounds as her lips dragged along his shaft.

"That's it, baby! I'll bet this is how you got your job in the first place," Eddy said, as he watched her red lips wrap around him.
Fucking asshole! Darcy thought.

Eddy's dick didn't taste any better than Des'. In fact, it seemed to taste even worse. His genitals smelled heavily of sweat. He was pushing his cock in like Des too, trying to get into her throat.

"Uggggghhhaaaacccckkkkkkkk!" she gagged, feeling the head push deeper.

Eddy felt his cock thicken instantly inside the warmth and wetness of Darcy’s mouth.

“Breathe through your nose, slut,” he said as he ran a hand through the tangled mess of her hair.

She gurgled and coughed more as he began slowly thrusting in and out.

“Look up at me,” he hissed. “I want to see those pretty eyes of yours.”

Eddy smirked upon seeing the thoroughly defeated look in Darcy’s big brown eyes as she reluctantly met his gaze. As far as he was concerned, right now, few things could match the thrill of face-fucking a female cop.

He grabbed her head with both hands and pulled it down onto his crotch. Darcy emitted a muffled squeal as her throat took the full measure of his cock.

She choked and sputtered as Eddy mercilessly picked up the pace. Her discomfort only seemed to arouse him more and it wasn’t long until he felt that familiar tingling sensation in the head of his cock.


As soon as that first spurt hit her tonsils, Eddy released his grip on Darcy’s head. She withdrew, hacking and gasping for air. Eddy's cock was still spurting. Thick gobs of jizz shot across her cheeks and chin. Exhausted, she fell forward and collapsed in a heap.

Eddy staggered backwards and looked down at the broken woman hyperventilating at his feet. Her face was a shiny, sticky mess, cum dribbling out of her mouth and onto the straw-covered floor of the barn.

November 30, 2017, 11:05:06 AM
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Offline DirtySerenity

You're doing an amazing job with this story. Can't wait for more.

December 03, 2017, 11:15:25 PM
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Offline vile8r

"I think it's time to really bring this bitch down," Nick said, stepping around behind her. "I say we show her what goes on in jail with a new boy!"

"Give her the ol' turd-tunnel initiation?" Des chuckled.

"Yeah!" said Kurt. "Let's do her like a newbie!"

"Oh, Jesus Christ! NOOOOOOOOO!" Darcy yelled out. "Please! NO!"

She tried to scramble to her feet, but it was hard with her wrists handcuffed behind her back. Nick swept a foot in front of her legs and tripped her, sending her sprawling back onto the straw.

Kurt and Eddy grabbed her legs and pulled them wide apart. Nick yanked down his coveralls and stroked his cock to full hardness.
"NO......OH GODDD....NOOOOOO......PLEASE.....NOOOOOO.....I BEG YOU......STOPPPPP!" Darcy pleaded.

Nick pulled Darcy's firm ass cheeks apart and spit on her little puckered rosebud.
"You're not getting much for lube!" he sneered. "Just like it is in jail!"

He stabbed hard at her ass opening, his cockhead popping inside.

Darcy let out a shrill scream. Nick pulled back and jammed his meat into her again, going deeper this time. He kept on forcing his dick deeper, feeling his shaft spread her tight ass walls apart.


Darcy was experiencing pain like she never had in her life. Nick's thick teen cock felt like a telephone pole ripping her apart. He shoved his way steadily inside of her, eliciting screams of pain as her anus stretched to accommodate his intrusion. With the lack of lube, the initial penetration was slow and tear-wrenching.

He grunted the last few inches, her rectum pushed far beyond its limit, then began slowly pumping in and out. She could hear Nick taunting her, basking in her humiliation, raping her in the most debasing manner possible.

"That's right, you useless cunt! Take it up your ass! You fucking cops all need it up the ass!"

Nick continued grunting, louder and louder, pounding her ass with reckless abandon.
Darcy's face was pressed into the dirty straw, as Kurt and Eddy kept her legs pulled apart.

She winced with each thrust as her body shook uncontrollably with the force of his fucking. His scrotum smacked her as he moved in and out with increasing intensity, until his pace suddenly slowed. Nick shoved himself deep inside of her, and she felt him twitch and unleash a torrent of semen. Darcy yelped as he yanked himself out violently.

"Looks like your ass got owned, cupcake," Des sneered, chuckling to himself.
Darcy's face burned with shame. She knew he was right. These boys had absolutely no respect for her any longer, as an officer of the law. She was just an inferior object for them to use.

Greg grabbed her leg, allowing Kurt to take his turn. The dark-haired boy looked down at the semen running down her thighs, and snickered.
"Time for me to pump some more into you!"

Darcy let out another sharp squeal, as Kurt impaled her sore ass with his six-inch dick. He began humping away on top of her. She noticed her body began to adjust to his dick, and the thrusts became less painful, but no less humiliating. After a minute or so, her screams subsided, and she lay limp, allowing Kurt to have his way. His hands moved to her hips to better control her body's bucking with his hard thrusts. Darcy cried silently.
Kurt grunted and panted, enjoying the intense tightness of the 26 year-old's ass.

"That's it Kurt-man!" Eddy egged him on. "Make that bitch feel it!"

"Go! Go! Go!" Des yelled. "Fuck that sweet ass!"

Kurt pumped in and out of her vigorously, listening to the wet, juicy sounds his cock made as he worked her ass. Soon, he too was making his orgasm face, as he shot a hard stream of spunk into Darcy's bowels.

"Okay, you go next, Greg!" Des said.

"You...w-want me to fuck her ass...too?" he asked.
"Damn straight!" Eddy whooped.

"I've never, uhhh, fucked a chick there before," Greg said, with a sheepish look.

"It's no different than a pussy," Nick explained. "Just a lot fuckin' tighter!"

Greg didn't reply as he kneeled behind Darcy, looking down at her gaping anus. He placed the tip of his dick at her ass opening and pushed in slowly. It didn't go far and he realized he'd need to use a little more force.

Greg wrapped his hands around Darcy's slim waist and shoved his hips hard forward. He was rewarded with the sensation of his rod being enveloped by Darcy's warm, slimy ass tunnel, her anal muscles clamping hard onto him.

"Fuck!" he blurted. "This feels great!"

Greg began to hammer away with abandon at the pretty cop's gopher hole. His face contorted with the exertion of fucking her tight orifice. As her tight anus contracted and squeezed around his shaft, the young teen knew he wasn't going to last long. He sped up his thrusts, making Darcy's body jerk.
Darcy could see the entrance of the barn from where she was sprawled out on the hard concrete floor. It was getting darker outside, and the light was fading inside as well. The doorway looked so close and yet she knew it might as well be a mile away. Surely, someone back in Hollister had to be missing her by now. Hopefully, they'd be starting to search for her.

Greg let out a loud cry and his whole body jerked with the force of his orgasm. Darcy felt more warm semen flood her insides, as the boy's cock spurted several times.

Darcy lay on the floor, totally exhausted, sweat running off her body. Her ass felt as if it was on fire. But the boys weren't done yet.
Des walked up to her and nudged her with his foot. "You ready for some more, cunt?"

Darcy didn't reply right away and Des kicked her again. "I want to hear you say, you're a bitch in heat and you want your ass fucked some more!"
"Pl-please......don't....." she whimpered.

“Say it, you stupid bitch!”

Des knelt down behind her and started to lower himself onto her.

" more.....," she whimpered as he rubbed his cock across her ass. He then pulled on her hair and bent down close to her ear.

"Beg me to fuck your ass," he hissed at her. “Say you're a bitch in heat,” Des said spitting on her face.
He began to push inside her, and again she felt she was going to be split in two.

“I'm.....a-a b-bitch....... in heat!,” she yelled out.

“Again,” Des said, continuing to push in deeper. “Beg me to fuck your ass!”

“Please.......fuck my ass!” she screamed out, totally humiliated.

Des began pumping himself in and out of her sore, throbbing asshole. Darcy sobbed in pain and wanted to pass out.
The large teen was mercilessly ramming his cock into her. He had one hand wrapped around her throat as he sodomized her hard.

Des was like a madman, the way he way he was fucking her, squeezing her by the hips and pulling her back against him. Darcy let out painful gasps and animal-like moans as his cock pounded her insides.

"You're just a useless cunt! A fucking useless cunt!" Des barked. "We should tell the sheriff you didn't even try to arrest just wanted our dicks!"

"PL-PLEASE.......F-FOR THE LOVE OF G-GOD.....STOP!" Darcy yelled out.

Des just began to fuck her harder and faster, feeling his orgasm building.
He pumped his hips, as he felt his cock jerk inside her, shooting a stream of spunk into her bowels.

"Fuckin' slut!" Des spat, as he pulled out and wiped his slimy dick across her ass cheek.


December 04, 2017, 09:28:52 PM
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Offline vile8r

Eddy stepped up now to take his turn in the poor woman's red, abused corn-hole. He had his cock out already and as he mounted her, his meat slid in with a minimum of effort.

"Ohhhh, Deputy.....your ass is fine!" Eddy noted, as he began a hard, hammering rhythm. He was driving into her as deep as he could, letting himself bottom out in her turd chute.

In the meantime, Nick had decided he had rested long enough. He wanted to give the cute cop another load. He knelt in front of her, squeezing her face.

“Time for another throat fuck!”

Darcy's whole body was sore and she was tired. She couldn't do anymore. But Nick knew she was beaten. Darcy could only lay there, as he knelt in front of her and forced his dick into her mouth. Nick began fucking her mouth.

Her jaw ached as he kept pumping her face, his balls slapping against her chin. Nick could feel his shaft sliding along her tongue, the head of his cock bumping the back of her throat. His meat filled her mouth and it was all the petite girl could do not to choke.
Nick noticed that her mouth tightened around him each time Eddy thrust into her ass.

"Oh wow, man! That feels awesome!" Nick whooped. "Fuck her harder!"

Nick stopped pushing in and out of Darcy's mouth and just let her lips slide along him with the rhythm of Eddy's fucking. Soon he was feeling himself ready to spurt. He wrapped his hands in her hair, and soon his warm cum was shooting up his shaft.

“Swallow it all, you dirty little bitch,” he snarled.

Darcy did her best, swallowing one boy's semen, as at the same time, Eddy released a hard load into her ass.
"Best ass I've ever come in," Eddy smirked.

Darcy had managed to swallow most of Nick's cum. She felt nauseous and wanted to throw up, but somehow kept it all down. Now as Nick moved away from her, Kurt took his place. His hard-on dangled in front of her face.

"Let's see you use that tongue of yours," Kurt said, as he wrapped his fist in her hair and pulled her mouth closer to him. Slowly, she licked the tip with her tongue. She felt his hand on the back of her head, pushing her further.

 “That's right bitch, get it nice and wet,”

 Darcy kept up her licking, Kurt smiling as he watched her wet tongue move along his shaft. It made him think back to that first time he'd had Ashley's soft tongue wrapping around him. It made him hornier, and soon he was forcing himself inside Deputy Lemay's mouth. He thrust to the back of her throat and made her choke.

“C’mon wide!” he said, with a lascivious grin.

Darcy closed her eyes as she opened her mouth further, her jaw muscles aching.

“Good girl,” Kurt said as he took a step closer.

He smirked, as he gazed down at her and worked his swollen member through her trembling lips.
The other boys were gathered around, admiring Darcy Lemay's naked body. She was still on her stomach, her wrists handcuffed behind her back. Kurt knelt in front of her, feeding his cock in and out of her mouth. Her legs were spread, showing a nice view of her pussy from behind.
"What the hell boys?" said Des, rubbing his crotch. "I don't know about you guys, but I could definitely work up at least one more load to put inside that sweet cunt!"

"Shit, yeah! I could too," Nick smirked.

"If I gotta go back to juvey," said Eddy. "I'm gonna do it with a smile on my face!"

"Juvey?" Des chuckled. "We'll be going to the big house for this one!"

"Fuck, we'll be heroes in there," Nick gloated. "They hear we nailed a cop like this.....we'll be goddamn celebrities."

Darcy couldn't comment , what with a dick jammed in her mouth. But she mused to herself, Yeah, you fuckin' losers! You'll be heroes all right! You'll be 'skins', (as other inmates referred to sex offenders!) In the prison hierarchy, skins were the lowest of the low! Celebrities? Yeah, more like someone's bitch!

The boys' arrogance and naivete gave Darcy a certain amount of smug satisfaction. She prayed even harder that she would soon be found and rescued and the boys arrested.

Kurt continued to pump his meat into her throat, her saliva slathering his stick. He was really liking this bitch's mouth and his heart pounded as he prepared to cum. Sweat dripped off his forehead and he let out a low groan.


His cock jerked and spat out its load of jizz into the woman's mouth. It coated her tongue and the inside of her throat. Darcy coughed and hacked as more disgusting boy-sperm was forced down her gullet.

Then, she felt hands on her hips, pulling her up so she was being supported on her knees. Darcy let out a surprised cry as a hard cock was forced inside her pussy from behind. She realized it was Des, going in for another fuck. He was pumping into her like a madman.

"This cunt feels even better a second time!" Des whooped. "Greg....get your cock in her mouth. We'll do her from both ends!"

The young teen dropped to his knees in front of Darcy, his cock out and ready for action. He let out a loud sigh as Darcy's wet mouth closed around him and began sucking on his rigid meat.

"Take her handcuffs off," Des instructed Eddy. "She won't be going anywhere. But keep that taser handy, just in case."

Darcy breathed a sigh of relief as she felt the pressure on her shoulders ease. Having her wrists handcuffed behind her back, and kept in the position on her stomach for so long, her arms and shoulders had been screaming in pain. She could now somewhat support herself using her hands. But Nick was standing over her, wielding the taser only inches from her left ear, and she knew escape was still futile.

Greg pushed his cock into her mouth with anticipation. Darcy began sucking and slurping, moving robotically. She had a dull, blank look in her eyes, just doing what she was forced to do, and hoping it was over soon.

Des drove in and out of her mercilessly, his cock like a piston. He hung on to Darcy's hips, his fingers digging in hard. It was the only way Darcy was kept from collapsing completely, her body was so weak.

Greg arched his back, wrapping his fingers in Darcy's hair. He was trying to force his dick into her mouth as far as he could. Slobber ran from her mouth, coating his shaft. Greg was trying to hang on as best he could, but Darcy's lips wrapped around him was making it hard.

He heard Des cumming hard inside Darcy, and he let himself go. His cock spurted into Darcy's throat, some oozing out of her mouth.
"Whoa, that was fun!" Greg said, as he slipped his cock out from between her lips.

As Des and Greg stood up, they were replaced by Eddy and Nick. Eddy was just about to ram his cock into Darcy, when Des spoke up.
"Hey, there's three of you and this slut has three holes."

Eddy gave Des a sly grin. "I know exactly what you're getting at!"

Quickly, Eddy laid down in the straw. Darcy was dragged over to him and with Des threatening her with the taser, she was forced to climb atop of him, straddling his cock.
"Start riding him, you dumb cunt!" Des ordered.

Eddy held her by the hips as he pulled her down onto his raging hard-on. As Darcy was forced to begin sliding up and down on his rod, she felt the pressure of someone behind her, pushing into her ass. It was Kurt!

"AGGGGGGHHHHHHH!" she groaned painfully as her butthole was penetrated again.
Nick stepped up in front of her, grinning and holding his dick. "Yeah, whore, it ain''t over yet."

"Awesome!" Des whooped. "TP the stunned  bitch!"

Darcy was helplessy rocked back and forth, her ass and pussy both impaled by cocks and Nick jamming his meat between her jaws. It was quite a sight to behold. Darcy felt degraded beyond belief. These boys were sick perverts! They all deserved to be thrown in jail for long periods of time!

As Eddy and Kurt sawed in and out of her, Darcy choked and gagged on Nick's meat.
"I've got a great idea guys!" Nick said. "When you're ready to cum, let me know!"

He winked at Des and Des nodded back knowingly. All three boys continued their assault on the poor deputy. Darcy fought to keep from passing out...every part of her body ached and hurt and she was so weak. It seemed like it went on forever, the hard cocks spreading apart her holes, Nick's meat filling her mouth.

"Hey, I'm getting ready to blow," Eddy announced.
"Me too," Kurt panted.

"Okay, on the count of three, we all pull out and shoot out loads on her!"

Kurt and Nick pulled out of Darcy's ass and mouth. Eddy pushed her off him so she was on her back. All three boys stroked their cocks furiously as they gathered around her. Thick gobs and spurts of jizz were sprayed across her stomach and tits and on her face.
"Paint this pig white!" Eddy laughed.

Mayhem suddenly erupted. The interior of the barn was bathed in intense brightness. The boys spun around to see at least five police vehicles, roaring up the driveway towards the barn. Three were from the Hollister police department and the other two had the markings of the State Sheriff's Department.

"Holy fuck! Cops!" Greg yelled. "They found us!"

"Goddamn!" Eddy cursed as he quickly pulled up his coveralls.

The five boys took off for the back entrance of the barn. One of the first police to enter the barn was Sheriff Lemay from Hollister.
He found his niece naked in the straw, her body covered in cum, straw and dirt stuck to her  and tangled in her hair.

"Pl-please......" she sobbed, as she saw him. "Please.....h-help me!"

Sheriff Lemay quickly covered her with his coat. Two of his other officers came up behind him.
"Jesus Christ!" one of them exclaimed to the other. "Shoulda known something like this was gonna happen to her! Don't have a woman doing a man's job!"

Sheriff Lemay whipped around. "Both of you shut the fuck up, you hear me! I don't wanna hear a goddamned thing about this! Go call an ambulance....NOW!"

It didn't take too long for the ecaped boys to be rounded up. They were thrown to the ground and handcuffed.

"Well, you boys have yourselves a good time during your little vacation?" one of the officers from the Sheriff's Dept. asked. "I hope you did, because it's gonna be a while now before you see freedom!"

"Oh yeah," Des retorted. "We had lots of fun!.....Lots and lots of fun!"


December 04, 2017, 09:59:06 PM
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Amazing ending vile! I loved it.

December 05, 2017, 05:11:14 PM
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They should have been given an cavity search with nightsticks before being taken into custody! Fantastic story Vile8r!