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this my first attempt at a story so please point out how I can improve!

"White van man"

This story includes scenes of rape, kidnapping and non consensual sex, it is a fantasy intended for over 18's only. If under 18, don't like stories like this or cannot understand the difference between fantasy and reality please leave this site now. The actions of the main character are serious crimes in every country of the world and bring long jail sentences or death. The effect on a victim would be life changing and truly horrendous. If you are tempted to enact any of these scenarios please go and get help. Urgently.

Being British a short explanation of words, phrases and ideas is useful for those whose first language is American!

"White van man" the most popular vehicle used by small traders, craftsmen and one man businesses is a van called a Transit, produced by Ford, in millions, and normally white, battered and rusty. The driver will be middle aged, fat, unshaven and badly educated, the van full of the tools of the trade and the cab overflowing with paper coffee cups bits of paper with phone numbers scribbled on them and Mcdonalds wrappers. The phrase "white van man " is used to convey the idea of a boorish, uncaring driver.

Knickers  - panties
Pavement or footpath  - sidewalk
Mobile - cellphone
Number plate - license plate
Arse/bottom - butt
Motorway - freeway
Secondary school - school for pupils between 11 and 18

Stepping back and wiping his hands on an already dirty rag, Tim Holt smiled in satisfaction at the sound of the smooth running engine in the hi top, long wheelbase transit he had bought a week ago at the Birmingham auctions for far less than it was worth, as the auction staff hadn't been able to start it. Owning a garage, Tim knew he would easily be able to get it running well enough to get it the 200 miles home.

Having bought it under an assumed name and brought it back to the workshop spluttering and coughing, he now had a functioning, anonymous and untraceable vehicle. Although fully equipped, the workshop had not been used for several years, ever since his wife had died, the day before his 40th birthday, not because he was distraught over Sarah's death, but because the insurance payout from her life insurance and the fire that had destroyed the large house Sarah had insisted on (and also covered up the fact he had beaten her unconscious before setting it on fire) meant he wouldn't have to work for the rest of his life. Selling the car dealership Sarah had inherited from her father meant he could live that life in comfort.

Switching the engine off, he walked to the back of the workshop where the equipment to produce number plates sat, covered in a thick layer of dust, taking a notebook out of his overalls pocket he started to make the number plates he had copied from vans similar to his in the time since buying the van.

The next morning, just as the sun came up,Tim drove the now sweet running van with its false plates, out of the workshop and off down the access road to the motorway. Sat next to him was his friend, Alex, whom he had met through a website catering for their rather unusual sexual interests. Alex had spent the last weeks equipping the back of the van to suit their plans, and who had talked Tim into this first foray, showing him pictures he had taken of possible victims during the last months.

8 hours later they pulled up with the left hand wheels on the pavement on a quiet residential road close to, but out of sight of the local secondary school.
Wearing blue coveralls, white hard hats and yellow high visibility jackets they were indistinguishable from the thousands of utility workers that you could see on any road in the country.
Settling down in the sliding side door with a large diagram showing underground utilities that Alex had got from local council offices in a town at the other end of the country, Tim and Alex waited nervously for the first of the prospective victims to come along.
Quietly talking they discussed what they wanted to do with their target.
After about 20 minutes kids from the school appeared at the end of the road, breaking up into smaller groups making their way down the footpaths on both sides of the road. Alex leant forward to look past Tim " fuck, she's gone down the other side of the road! What do we do now?" "Relax Alex, you're going to draw attention, calm down and wait, there may be others."
After 10 minutes the road was empty, the school kids had passed, either on the other side of the road or in small groups. In frustration Tim and Alex prepared to give up. Then, at the corner a girl and boy appeared, walking slowly, they stopped and kissed. The boy, about 6ft, collar length blonde hair and even to Tim's critical gaze, handsome, slowly slid his hands down the girls back towards her bottom. Without breaking the kiss she reached back and grabbed his hands and moved them to his side.
She then stepped back, still holding hands and seemed to say goodbye & then gave the gesture for phone me? He nodded and they separated, he walked out of sight round the corner and she walked towards them putting in a pair of earbuds.
Alex, now sat in the passenger seat, watching in the side mirror exclaimed "shit, she's gorgeous! She's coming this way, get ready!" Alex got out of the van and moved close to the fence alongside the pavement pretending to look at it. Tim, in the back of the van soaked a cotton pad in chloroform and waited, the girl, head down singing along to the music only she could hear, appeared in the open door "NOW " Tim shouted. Alex turned, grabbed her round the waist and dived into the back of the van landing on top of the girl driving all the air out of her lungs.
Tim slapped the cotton pad over her mouth and nose. Trying to get a lungful of air the girl instead got a lungful of the chloroform fumes, choking and coughing she lashed out hitting Tim hard on the nose. As she kept fighting for air Tim grimly held the pad over her mouth as blood dripped from his swelling nose. Much slower than Tim expected she slowly stopped struggling and slumped softly on the washable flooring.
"Shut the door Alex" "Alex shut the fucking door!" Alex struggled to get his 250 lb bulk up and slid the door shut repeating " oh shit, oh shit we're really doing this!"
Tim quickly grabbed the syringe ready in the pocket of his jacket and with shaking hands slowly injected its contents into a vein in her arm.
"That should keep her out for a few hours, let's get out of here!"
“wait – she's got to have a mobile, we need to shut it off, they can track it”
Alex started to run his hands over her prostrate form, his hands slowing as they passed over her breasts “god, these are firm. This is going to be awesome!”
Following the leads from the earbuds overeAlex found the mobile in a jacket pocket, threw it hard to the floor, the case sprang open and he quickly removed the battery. “OK, you drive, I'll get her tied down”. Still shaking, Tim got in the cab and carefully drove away.

Slowly Alison opened her eyes but was confused when she could only see darkness, trying to move her hands, she started panicking when she found that she couldn't move her arms, pulling her knees up she discovered her legs only moved an inch or 2. Trying to scream she realised even that was denied to her as her mouth was stuffed with what felt like cotton cloth. Panic really setting in now she started wriggling and twisting, sobbing so hard her nose started running down her cheek mixing with the tears.
Eventually exhaustion and frustration took their toll and Alison stopped struggling. After a minute she stiffened as a male voice said 'see, I told you she would stop, time to take that hood off'
Sudden light blinding her, Alison closed her eyes then slowly opened them to see a blurred face about 2 ft away, blinking several times the face came into focus revealing the unshaven, coarse featured face of a 50ish man grinning at her. 'Hello darlin, welcome to your worst nightmare' Another male voice, about the same age said 'take the gag out'. Grinning even more the man pulled whatever was in her mouth out. Alison immediately shouted “who are you, where am I and what the fuck is going on!” Scowling the man grabbed her throat and squeezed. Hard. “listen cunt, you don't speak, you don't swear and you certainly don't shout, do you understand me?” he reinforced the message by banging her head several times on the floor, only then did Alison realise she was on a floor. Struggling to breath she nodded her head as much as she could and he released her throat dropping her head to the floor with a thud. Struggling to breathe through her sore windpipe Alison again asked in a hoarse whisper “who ar.......” the slap across her face was so hard she thought her jaw must have been broken. The man stood up, looming over her he said in a quiet voice that sent shivers down her back “girls who wilfully disobey will be punished”. The other voice said “use the prod, then the cow will learn”. With a grin the man stepped to a wall nearby on which a number of unknown objects were clipped. Taking one down he bent down next to her, “this is a cattle prod, it gives cows an electric shock to get them to do what you want, of course, cows have a thick hide so to them its just uncomfortable”. He put the end of the prod against her left cheek and slowly, very slowly moved it down, across her throat to her right chest then down toward her breast. Whimpering, Alison tried scrabbling away from the man but found that she couldn't move. In horror she looked down watching the tip of the prod slowly approach her nipple, sobbing  now, she watched as her nipple started to stiffen as if she was sexually aroused. Holding her breath she closed her eyes tight as she felt the prongs at the end of the prod pass each side of her now prominent nipple which even her blouse and T shirt bra couldn't conceal.
Breathing a sigh of relief as the prod continued past and started down the underside of her breast she opened her eyes, at that moment the most agonizing pain she had ever felt ripped into her breast, seeming to go on forever. Her back arching and her mouth opening in a silent scream she slumped unconscious to the floor.
“Fuck me, I nearly came in my pants” Alex said as he stood, staring hungrily down at the unconscious form. “Lets get her in the frame whilst she's still out” Tim said.

About 4ft from the back of the van they had fitted a metal frame like a portrait frame or doorway. Made from scaffold poles it was strong enough to hold an elephant let alone the 100 lbs of the young girl. With a pocket knife Tim quickly cut through the cable ties holding her feet together and to a ring set into the floor, rolling her over he swore as he saw that her hands were swollen and going purple. “ we put these cable ties on to bloody tight I think next time we need something like handcuffs” Careful not to cut her swollen hands he eased the razor sharp blade under the cable tie severing it cleanly.

Quickly now the 2 men dragged the limp form to the frame. With Alex behind her supporting her weight and at the same time squeezing her firm 34 b breasts Tim quickly fitted a leather cuff to each wrist and ankle, then, using the ropes attached to each cuff through a pulley he pulled her arms up towards the top corners of the frame .As she started to moan and lift her head he quickly adjusted the ropes until she was upright, her feet still on the ground but her legs as wide as the they could naturally go, her arms stretched tight towards the top corners.

Quickly picking up the prod Alex had dropped, Tim went and stood directly in front of the now almost conscious Alison. Alex remained behind her, out of sight.

Alison opened her eyes, confused for a moment, then drawing in a sharp breath as she remembered what had happened. As she focussed on the man in front of her she saw a 50 odd year old man about 6ft a bit overweight with short neat hair greying at the sides and clean shaven
“Do not say anything or you will be punished again, do you understand? Nod if you do”
His voice was clear and commanding, almost without thinking she nodded.
“I will give you some simple rules, you will obey them or suffer, do you understand?”
Again she nodded, the voice sounded cruel and impatient.
“When I have given you these rules I will NOT repeat them”.
Quick nod.
“you will obey every order without hesitation, you will only speak when spoken to, you will address me and every other man as Sir, you will always do everything you can to please.”
Alison waited, expecting more orders but they did not come.
Realising what he was waiting for she said “yes”, her voice, even to her ears, sounded timid and weak.
The man's eyebrows went up and he raised his left hand. Immediately she heard a swishing noise and felt a burning pain across the back of her legs, again and again the pain came, only stopping when the man lowered his hand. Weeping she twisted round as far as she could and saw the other man behind her, he was holding a thin flexible rod about 2ft long and wearing a big grin.
“Lets try that again, properly this time”.
“Yes Sir”
“Good, now for the first and last time, you may ask the questions I am sure you are impatient to ask”.
“Wh....where am I” she stammered. Swish, and the pain again, across her bottom this time.
“Where am I Sir?”.
“In a secure place, a long, long way from help.”
“What are you going to do with me.......Sir?”
The man laughed, “anything I want”.
“Are you going to rape me Sir”
Terrified so much that she could barely speak, she finally asked “when will you let me go Sir?”
“When you are no use to us”
“Are you going to kill me Sir?”
“I don't know, can you fuck a person to death?”
Moaning and hanging her head as the tears streamed down her face, dripping of her nose and soaking into her white blouse, she could think of nothing else to ask.

“Right “ Tim said, “to work, lets see what we have got here”.
Putting the prod back in its clip he took down a pair of scissors. In 2 strides he was next to her and started to cut the grey school cardigan off her arms. When it was free Alex pulled it off and put it in a black rubbish sack hanging off the slightly curved wall. Standing back for a moment, Tim looked closely at the girl in front of him, she looked about 17, slim, very attractive with light brown hair down to the middle of her back, green eyes. About 5ft 4in she was beautifully proportioned, shapely legs partly covered by a rather short grey pleated school skirt over skin coloured tights. Her white short sleeved Blouse hid what appeared to be a gorgeous pair of breasts.
Tim stepped forward and reached out placing a hand on each breast and squeezing, moving them in small circles, they were so firm he couldn't move them far to the sides or up and down.
Slowly he started to undo the buttons relishing the vista becoming visible under his hands, Meanwhile Alex had moved up behind her, pushing his rather obvious erection against her bottom and pulling her blouse out of the skirt waistband.
Tim pulled the blouse open and stared at the breasts hidden beneath a pure white, simple bra, with no seams spoiling the shape but little bumps showing where her nipples were. Using his nails Tim started scratching at the just visible bumps chuckling quietly as he felt them stir.
Impatient now, he quickly cut along the arms, shoulders and collar of the blouse and pulled it free. Alex took the opportunity to slide his hands round and cup her breasts with both hands, squeezing hard he said “ these are the firmest tits I have ever felt”
Alison tried squirming away from the hands mauling her breasts but could not move away. Alex let go and grabbing her hair, jerking her head as far back as it could go  he said “ I just paid you a complement, its rude not to thank me”
With her neck stretched back Alison could only croak “thank you Sir” Still pulling hard on a big handful of hair he said “ and I just gave you the enjoyment of having your tits massaged, shouldn't you thank me for that?” “Thank you Sir” “For what?” Alex said reaching round with his free hand and digging his fingers into her left breast as hard as he could. Moaning loudly from the pain Alison finally managed to say “Thank you for massaging my tits Sir!”  “That's a good girl!” Stepping back he gave her right arse cheek an almighty slap.
Tim, having put the blouse in the bin bag laughed and said “you're an evil bastard, but I like it, I think she should thank us every time!” Alison, hearing this moaned in shame but knew she would have to do whatever they said.
Back in front of her Tim used his scissors to cut through the straps of the bra then sliding them up under the front he cut it free. It dropped to the floor leaving her breasts proud and unencumbered, sucking his breath in Tim exclaimed “oh my god, come and look at these Alex, they are absolutely fucking amazing!” Alex, threw the bra in the binbag and came and stood next to Tim.  Both men staring at her bare breasts Alison felt herself going red with embarrassment and shame, but just bit her bottom lip.
The 2 men stared at the sight before them, beautifully shaped and with small pink nipples it was easy to see she had been sunbathing with a small bikini top on, the small triangles of white skin standing out from the tanned flesh of the rest of her torso.
“You realise she knows my name now” Alex said still staring at the amazing sight in front of him. Tim thought for a moment, then shrugged “I don't think it really matters”. Stretching out a trembling hand he started gently caressing the breast in front of him.
Alison jerked at the first touch on her naked skin, but thought “No, don't react it's what they want”. When the man she now knew as Alex started fondling her other breast she could not help releasing a slight moan as her nipples started to stiffen. When the other man started to squeeze her nipple between finger and thumb she could not help but whimper, hearing this Alex also started to squeeze, but a bit harder. Jerking at the unexpected pain her eyes flew open and she stared straight into Alex's eyes. “what do you say girl?”. He quietly said. Alison thought for a moment, having difficulty concentrating because of the feelings of pain and arousal flooding through her, “thank you for touching my breasts Sir” Alex twisted her now sensitive nipple ignoring her squeal of pain “Touching? I think its a bit more than that!”.  “Aaah, stop please! Sorry Sir, Sorry, thank you for twisting my nipple Sir but please stop! Your hurting meee!” Tim grinned and, with as firm a grip as he could get started pulling her nipple towards him. With Alison now crying a squirming he said “you don't tell us to stop, we tell YOU what to do, so if it's hurting, get used to it! Oh, don't forget to thank us!” Sobbing from the pain, Alison said to herself “God! This hurts so much! What do I have to do to get them to stop!” Tim, still holding the nipple stretched out slapped the side of her breast hard, pulling the nipple out of the grip of his finger and and thumb. The sudden searing pain made Alison shriek loudly jerking and twisting as much as she could.
“ANSWER” Tim shouted, slapping her breast even harder. “t th th thank you Sir's for hurting my breasts” she sobbed. “Good girl” Alex said, “but it's your nipples not your breasts, and I think you should call them tits from now on!”.
Tim, going red in the face said “I can' stand this, I've got to come!, help me lower her. Leaving her legs as they were, the 2 men lowered her arms and told her to Kneel.
Not being naïve, Alison knew what was probably going to happen and waited, trembling. “Open” Tim said. Looking at the circumcised penis in front of her face and the clear fluid leaking from the hole, she slowly opened her mouth. Tim put the first couple of inches into the waiting mouth saying “ No Teeth, bite me and I will rip them all out!”. Alison nodded as best she could. “Now gently close your lips round it, swirl your tongue all over and keep it good and wet!”. Moaning, Alison started moving her head up and down on the disgusting tasting thing filling her mouth. “Stop moving” Tim said sharply, “I'll tell you if I want you to do that!”. Puzzled, Alison stopped moving, she hadn't given a blow job before, but she knew the theory and Ruth, her best friend, who had a long term boyfriend had delighted in telling all the girls what she did and what it was like. She noticed that Tim was now gripping the bottom half of his penis and rapidly moving his hand up and down the shaft. “Eeeew” she thought, he's wanking into my mouth!. At that she felt it starting to twitch then erupt salty thick fluid into her mouth. She tried blocking the hole in the end with her tongue but it still kept coming. Tim had put his other hand on the back of her head at some point so she couldn't move away. After 3 or 4 strong squirts filled her mouth he started to slowly take it out, still gently moving his hand up and down, presumably to get the last little bit of cum out. The stuff in her mouth didn't taste to bad, but knowing what it was she started to retch. Bending her head down she spat it all out onto the floor in front of her.  “That wasn't a very nice thing to do” Alex said, “you'd better clean it up!”  Alison, confused, asked “ How?”and quickly remembering added “Sir”.
“Well, it came out of your mouth, I suppose it needs to go back in!” Tim laughed. Horrified, Alison realised that she was to lick it up off the floor!
Working together, the 2 men slowly lowered her until her face was about a foot above the disgusting mess on the floor. Looking at the mess, Alison thought it looked like the flour and water glue she used to use in the early days at school. Stretching down as far as she could and sticking her tongue out to it's furthest extent, she still couldn't reach it. As she started to look up to ask to be lowered a hand grabbed the back of her neck and pushed down. Her nose and mouth hit the floor with a squishing noise as her shoulders and elbows screamed from the position her arms were forced into. Moaning she started licking the mess up, noticing that some of it was now the blood leaking from her nose.
“And if your sick, you'll have to lick that up as well!” Alex delightedly said.

Eventually, and having repeatedly heaved whilst licking up every tiny drop, the hand on the back of her neck went away. Without a word, the 2 men then pulled her up to her knees again, the ropes were a little slacker this time, for which she was grateful as it allowed her to slightly move her shoulders and elbows, sore from the stretching they had just received.
“My turn” Alex said “I'll show you how its done!” getting his rigid penis out he started rubbing it over her cheeks and forehead. Holding her eyes tight shut, Alison felt it gliding across her eyelids and then across her mouth. Trying to get this over with as soon as possible she opened her mouth and tried to get the head into it. Not succeeding she opened her eyes to feel the lids and lashes slowly peeling apart from the fluid leaking from his penis. Alex had taken a step backwards and said “ If I feel your teeth I will hit you in the mouth until I knock them all out, got it?”. “Yes Sir” Alison replied without thinking this time, it was becoming instinctive. “open wide for the biggest cock around” Alex said moving forward.
Studying it, Alison was not that impressed, yes, it was bigger and fatter than the other man's but was still only about 7 inches long  and she was sure she could accommodate it's girth easily in her mouth, after all, Jack, her boyfriend, had a bigger one than that, she had seen it only last month when they had an unsuccessful attempt at sex. Jack had come almost immediately on entering her, only just managing to break her hymen, leaving her in pain and frustrated, the mess of cum filling the condom and her blood smearing the outside of it repulsed her so much that she hadn't let him try again, but she still remembered the look and velvety feel of it!
Opening her mouth, her nose wrinkling at the musty smell and was sure she got a whiff of dried urine, she settled her lips round  his cock and started to swirl her tongue around the head, this time having to push the skin cloaking his uncircumcised  cock out of the way. The taste in her mouth immediately got worse, so she started to pull back.”Don't you fucking dare!” Alex said grabbing a handful of hair and pushing her back on his cock. Trying hard not to vomit, she repeated the actions she had used to make the other man come.
“This feels really good Tim, I know why you came so quick but I prefer a proper face fuck!” Thinking that she now knew both their names, Alison was taken completely by surprise when her head was forced forward burying the head of his cock deep into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat, Alex held her there shouting “come on girl, get that mouth working!” having just exhaled Alison was desperate to breath, trying to push away from this thing blocking her throat she bit down slightly.
Alex screamed, more in rage than pain, he pulled out of her mouth, carefully inspecting his now shrinking, but unmarked cock, his face almost purple with rage he shouted “I told you what I would do if you bit me you fucking bitch!”, punctuating each word with alternating blows to the sides of her face. Mercifully Alison lost consciousness under the rain of blows.

As Alex raised his fist to hit her again Tim shouted “STOP, we've only just started with her, she is to hot to damage yet!”
Lowering his fist, Alex looked thoughtful. “O.K, I guess your right, there's plenty of time for that”. “You make sure she's all right, I'll go and get some ice for her face, might keep the swelling down” Tim opened the side door and jumped down.

Making sure Tim was gone, Alex grabbed Alison's hair, pulled her face up and bending down so his mouth was next to her ear he growled “your going to pay for that, in so many ways, you're going to wish I had killed you, you fucking bitch! And we're going to start with that face fuck you owe me”
Still holding her hair, he started masturbating until back to full rigidity then, holding her lolling head with both hands he started pistoning in and out of her open mouth. Even though he was doing all the work it didn't take long until he came, his cock buried fully down her unresponsive throat.
Checking she was still breathing, he dropped her head and swaggered off to the open door and waited for Tim to return.

To be continued......

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Great job for a first story!

June 27, 2015, 01:29:44 AM
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Really good Pirate! Keep up the good work and let's see more!

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A little change of pace now, don't worry, will get back to the main storyline soon, just as soon as I can get this keyboard working again!

Seeing Alex stood at the door looking smug, Tim grinned to himself. Knowing Alex for over a year now he had come to understand the way his mind worked, and knew that this had been an opportunity he wouldn't have passed by. “so, is she still alive?”.
Alex grinned “so far”
Entering the van Tim immediately noticed the string of blood and cum dribbling from her still open mouth, the sight making his cock twitch in anticipation.
Standing for a moment to admire the sight before him, he saw a young girl, naked to the waist, on her wide open knees, head slumped forward with strings of her long brown hair dangling over her tits. Below the waist still with the short pleated grey skirt and tights reminding him of the girls from his own school days, the girls who treated him like dirt, laughing at his attempts to talk to them and telling him to fuck off when they got tired of him.
“You know Alex, I am glad we didn't manage to get your first target. This one is just to perfect”.
“I know, but we will get that one one day won't we?”. Alex said, with a pleading note in his voice.
Frowning, Tim realised that there was probably something personal behind Alex's first choice of target, oh well, not his problem but it sure was going to be hers!
“Come on, lets get her down until she wakes up”.
Working together in a well practised routine they loosened all the ropes, carried her, feet first down the van until they could fasten her feet to the ring they had originally been cable tied to. They then fastened the ropes from her wrists to the bottom of the frame, clipped the two ropes together and adjusted them until she would be able to move a hand to her face but only by moving the other arm out towards the pulley at the bottom of the frame, that way she would not be able to bring her hands together to undo the cuffs or reach her feet.
Standing back and admiring their work both men couldn't help but notice that her tits had flattened out, still visible as tits but not sagging to the sides as bigger ones did. Tim was also struck by how red they were, the left nipple looking swollen and tender.

Tim took out of the carrier bag he had come back with a towel which he filled with ice he had also brought. Wrapping it up into a sausage he laid it round her jaw and cheeks, tucking the ends under her head.
“I'm going to go and get a rest” Alex said, “You coming?”.
“Yeah, its been a long day”.
Leaving through the still open door they switched the light off and slammed the door shut.

Alison Slowly woke, afraid to move, opening her eyes all she saw was blackness, but couldn't feel the bag that had been over her head when this started. Eventually her fuzzy brain worked out that she was in a room with no windows or lights. Listening carefully she couldn't hear anything so in a trembling voice she quietly said “are you there Sir?” receiving no reply she relaxed a little and started to check out her jaw and teeth with her tongue. Although painful, everything seemed intact. Realising her hands were down by her sides and her legs no longer being pulled painfully apart and thinking that they had released her somewhere she sobbed and tried to sit up only then realising that her bonds were still in place.
Distraught, she instinctively moved her right hand towards her face but stopped when she felt resistance and a tug on her left wrist. Experimenting she found that as she move one arm the other was pulled in the opposite direction, stretching her left arm out she was able to move her right to her face where she gently moved the strands of hair to the side. Exploring her jaw it felt tender but to her surprise not swollen.
Finding a wet towel on her neck she brought it to her lips and gently dabbed the cut in the corner of her mouth. She also used it to wipe the dried crust off her chin, feeling revolted as she figured out what it must be.
She then carefully started exploring her breasts, although both were painful, only the left nipple was bad enough to bring tears to her eyes when she touched it.
Stretching her left arm out as far as it would go, she slid her right hand slowly down across her belly, sighing in relief when her fingers touched the waistband of her skirt. After a moment she slid her fingers under the waistband, finding the top of her tights she pushed under that and was again relieved when her fingers touched the silky knickers she had put on this morning. Still apprehensive, she slid her fingers further down, parting her lips with her forefinger she gasped as her nail scraped her clit.

Feeling relieved and apprehensive she slid her hand down to the entrance to her cunt, having to stretch hard against the rope.
She froze in horror as her fingertip touched something unexpected, flooded with embarrassment and humiliation she realised that she still had the tampon in that she had inserted this morning, although she thought her period was over last night she had just wanted to make sure, as a stain on her white knickers would have been embarrassingly obvious when she was changing for the play rehearsal earlier.
Straining as hard as she could, she tried to grip the tip of the string, but only succeeded in pushing it further out of reach.
Half laughing, half crying, she thought how stupid she was, feeling sure she knew what the men had in store for her, them finding a tampon was the least of her worries.
Fighting against the tightness of her underclothes she started to withdraw her hand but shivered when her fingers again slid between her labia, confused, she stopped, then gently started to slide her finger up and down.
What on earth was she doing! Here she was having been abused and beaten, knowing that soon she was going to be raped by those evil men, and she was lying here, fingering herself as if she was back in her own bed! But her fingers wouldn't stop!
She tried justifying what she was doing by persuading herself that this was the only pleasure, and relief, she would ever get before those men killed her.

Giving in to the now inevitable she tried to think nice sexual thoughts, of Jack kissing her and squeezing her breasts gently, of that mad day at the start of term when, passing a group of 17 year old boys on the stairs who, as usual had been taunting the passing girls with chants of “show us your Knickers darling” she had suddenly turned towards them and lifted the font of her skirt high, treating them to a view of her tight, white  satin knickers, knowing full well that her mound would be clearly visible. To a stunned silence she had scurried away to the nearest toilet and in the far cubicle had masturbated furiously to the most powerful orgasm she had ever had.
But it wasn't working! The only images she could conjour up were of those men mauling her tits and fucking her mouth.
Then she felt it hit. Trying to bring her legs up and both hands together, the way she did at home to stifle her moans she instead just jerked her right hand out of her knickers and straining against the ropes, which somehow intensified the waves of pleasure coursing through her body, she screamed, “eeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaagggggggghhhh”
Still feeling waves of pleasure rippling through her body she tried to relax, exhausted, she fell into a fitful sleep unknowing that her right hand was gently caressing her breast.

Tim sat back in his chair, staring at the black and white picture the infra red camera was giving him of the inside of the van.
“God, that was so hot, I must think of a way to do something with that!”.
Reaching over he pulled several tissues out of a box and carefully wiped up the cum he had spurted over his desk.

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Sorry for the delay! work got in the way!
Chapter 3

Slowly Alison woke,until she remembered the nightmare she was living in, coming fully awake she opened her eyes to be dazzled by the bright light directly above her.
Screwing her eyes shut she slowly opened them and fearfully looked around, relieved at seeing that the van was empty she tried sitting up.
The slack in the ropes holding her wrists allowed her to prop herself up, but that was all she could do.
The act of sitting up made her head spin, waiting for it to settle, she mentally ran through the aches and pains she felt.
Both breasts and nipples were sore, her jaw and both sides of her face hurt, there was an awful taste in her mouth, and thinking about that nearly made her throw up! her back and legs were stiff and aching from laying in one place whilst she slept. But the over-riding discomfort was from her bladder, she needed to pee, urgently!

'Hello?' She called quietly, 'is anybody there?'. Nothing. trying again, louder, she again didn't hear anything.
Frantic now, she yelled, as loud as she could.
With a bang that made her flinch, the door slammed open and Tim stepped in, looking angry and tired he quickly stepped up to her and raised his hand to deliver a vicious slap across her face.
'You do not shout, ever! Do you understand!'.
I'm sorry Sir, but I need to go to to the toilet, urgently!'
With a grunt, Tim went to the back of the van, to an area partitioned off with a curtain.
Drawing the curtain aside, Alison saw a camping toilet.
Reaching down, Tim picked up a leather cuff attached to a chain and dragged it across until he could kneel down and fasten it round her left ankle.
Having secured it with the attached padlock he quickly removed her other restraints.
'Go on then, and leave the curtain open'.
Bright red with embarrassment, keeping her back to the man, she reached under her skirt and pulled down her tights and knickers. Sitting on the toilet she quickly relieved herself. Seeing a toilet roll on the floor next to her, she took several sheets and, whilst cleaning herself surreptitiously slid the tampon out of her cunt and dropped it into the toilet.
Standing she bent down to pull up her knickers but Tim quickly stopped her saying 'leave them down and come here'.
Starting to shuffle towards him he again stopped her, 'Aren't you going to flush it?'
'Yes Sir'
Again shuffling towards him she felt sick, knowing why he made her leave her knickers and tights down, she started to tremble and a quiet sob escaped her attempts to stifle it.

'Now, you have a choice, you can cooperate and do everything your told, in which case I might go a bit easier on you, or, I can put you back in the frame and have some fun and then fuck the living daylights out of you. So, what's it going to be, comply and get fucked or fight and get beaten, abused, and fucked? Your choice!'
'c cc ccomply' Alison stuttered.
Moving faster than she thought possible, Tim slapped her face, making her stagger sideways almost falling. 'What was that for!' she sobbed.
Again Tim slapped her, on the other cheek this time and followed up with a punch to her stomach. Unable to catch her breath she sank to her knees, gasping and retching, she finally looked up at Tim who stood, arms crossed, smiling down at her. 'I know you have better manners than that. Try again, this time ask me nicely to fuck your tight little cunt'.
With her eyes screwed tight shut, as if that would stop her hearing what she was saying she haltingly whispered 'Please Sir, will you fuck me?'
Again a slap, sending her sprawling with blood filling her mouth from a cut on the inside of her cheek.
'That's not what I said' Tim snarled. 'Again, louder.'
'Please Sir! Will you fuck my tight little cunt'
'That's much better, from now on when you are asked what you want, that is what you will say. Now, on your back, feet towards the frame.'
Moving slowly, her head still spinning, she positioned herself as she had been ordered. Flat on her back, she felt exposed and folded her arms to hide her breasts. Hearing a zipper, she screwed her eyes shut as tight as she could. A kick to her leg made her open her eyes to see Tim, naked, stood astride her legs, his hairy belly jutting out over his swollen cock which he was gently stroking. 'You will look at me at all times, now, slowly pull your skirt up, very slowly.'
Keeping her left arm across her breasts she slid her trembling right hand down and grasped the bottom hem of her grey, pleated school skirt.
'Use both hands bitch!' Tim snarled at her. Tears pouring from her eyes, knowing that she would be exposed fully to his leering gaze, she moved her left hand down and continued to inch the skirt upwards. Looking at Tim's face she was horrified at the sheer lust showing as he avidly stared down at her slowly revealing thighs. As she lifted her bottom so she could get the skirt higher, the side door of the van slid open and Alex climbed in.
'Hi Alex, you haven't missed anything, come and have a look at this, its gorgeous!'
quickly shedding his clothes Alex came and stood with his feet on either side of her head. Looking up, Alison was presented with the stomach churning sight of his hairy, white legs and bottom, the crack of his arse open just enough to show his brown, puckered anus. His cock rapidly getting larger as he started to stroke it fascinated her for a moment, never having seen one that wasn't already erect.
'God! That's lovely!' Tim exclaimed as the full glory of the sweet pussy below him was revealed, a neatly trimmed bush did little to hide the pink lips peeping out of her slit.
With her skirt now bunched up round her waist, Alison was holding the material in both hands as tight as she could trying, unsuccessfully, to stop herself shaking.
Stepping back clear of her legs, Tim took a deep breath  'Open your legs, as wide as you can'. Bright red with humiliation, Alison slid her legs open, feeling the cold air on her most intimate parts and knowing she was spread, showing all she had, to the two perverted, fat, ugly, frightening old men who stood above her.
'I taught it a new trick,' Tim said. 'Listen, What do you want?' he asked, smiling down at her.
Knowing she would suffer if she didn't do what she was told she swallowed to try and get her dry throat lubricated and said, quietly but clearly 'Please Sir, will you fuck my tight little cunt?'
Laughing, the two men looked at each other. Alex raised his eyebrows and asked 'who goes first?' Tim smiled, 'you can have this hole first, I'll take her arse first'.
'Fine by me!' Alex positioned himself between her legs, leaning on his left arm he spat on his right hand and used it to lubricate the delicate lips below him. His rough, callused fingers fumbling and poking he eventually got his index finger up her cunt. As he pushed it in Alison squeaked and tensed, tightening her cunt walls round his finger, pistoning his finger in and out as fast as he could, Alex was overjoyed as Alison continued the quiet little noises.
Sliding a dirty, broad thumb up her lips he found her clit and started flicking it, looking up at Tim he grinned as the noises Alison was making went up in pitch. Grasping his cock he circled the head round her little button of a clit then, positioning it at the entrance of her cunt he pushed.
Alison, unaware of the noises she was making was desperately thinking about the homework she had in her bag, trying to distract herself from the strange mix of pleasure, pain, and humiliation the finger up her cunt was providing but when the thumb started stroking her labia and flicking her clitoris all she could then think of was the not unpleasant feelings making her pussy hot and starting to lubricate her cunt.
Feeling his cock ready to enter her she tensed, so that when he pushed she thought her insides were being torn apart, screaming, she tried pushing him away with both hands. Alex stopped, looked at Tim and asked, in a false upper class accent ' I say, old boy, would you kindly give me a hand with this wriggly little bitch?'.
Grinning Tim moved to Alison's head and leaning forward grasped her wrists and pulled them up above her head. Now free to continue Alex slowly thrust as far as he could into the dry, tight cunt, grimacing from the pain it caused him he carefully pulled back until only the large head was still in her entrance, then slowly thrust in again. Feeling the lubrication from his precum and her natural juices slowly easing the passage of his cock he started moving quicker and quicker, reaching full pace he grasped her tits with both hands and, leaning most of his weight down on her started to use them to try and pull himself up her slender body, pressing his pubic bone hard against her labia and continually nudging her clitoris.
Alison sensed, rather than saw, Tim above her, but definitely felt him grasp her wrists and pull her arms above her head, he then knelt on her forearms pinning them to the floor with his not inconsiderable weight. As the pain from the continuing rape started to ease, the pain of Tim's weight on her arms started to come to the fore, tilting her head back to look at Tim to beg him to release her arms she saw  the purple head of a cock, slowly coming towards her face. In revulsion she turned her face to the side only to jerk it to the fore as Alex brutally grabbed her breasts and started to pull as if trying to rip them off her chest. The pain made her open her mouth to scream but the vast weight pressing down on her drove the air from her lungs.
Fighting to breath Alison was becoming increasingly aware of the pleasurable sensations Alex was starting to produce in her now dripping pussy but the pain in her tits was stopping her appreciating the feelings spreading up through her belly.

Tim grasped Alison's chin to hold her head steady and started rubbing the glistening head of his cock over her nose and lips, although he tried, the angle was to great to get it properly in her mouth but he was able to rub the glans up and down her tongue leaving a glistening coat of precum behind. Tim couldn't see Alison's eyes as his belly was blocking the view, but the combination of pain from her tits, pleasure from her cunt, the almost anaesthetic effect of her partial asphyxiation mixed with revulsion and humiliation were leaving her eyes glazed and unseeing.

With a bellow and last mighty thrust of his hips Alex spurted hot semen into the tight, slippery and very very pleasurable cunt enveloping his rapidly deflating cock.
As he started to lever his bulk of the slim body beneath him Tim started coming over her face and into her mouth. Giggling in a way that would get a psychiatrist reaching for the straight jacket Tim started scooping his cum off her face and pushing it into her mouth where Alison, seemingly reflexively, was licking it off his fingers.
When Tim shuffled back Alex knelt by her head and demanded that she clean his cock. With a blank expression Alison turned her head and started licking the drying cum and pussy juices of the semi erect penis presented to her, the traces of blood mixed with the other fluids did nothing to  put her off as she meticulously cleaned his cock, even straining to chase the dribbles that were drying on his balls.

Standing back, the two men looked down at the beautiful young woman at their feet and silently watched as she slowly curled into a fetal position, restrained only by a chain on one ankle, around which was bundled her knickers and tights. Around her slim waist the grey school skirt still remained somehow seeming to accentuate her nakedness and vulnerability.
'Well, I don't know about you, but after that I could do with a cup of tea, you coming?'
Bending down, Tim picked up his clothes, 'I do think we should get dressed first, imagine if we spilt boiling water!'
Alex noticed that as Tim said this he was looking at the naked form beneath them.

To be Continued

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