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May 02, 2015, 04:22:09 PM

Offline Nyx

I'm finally getting around to posting things. This story includes rape. Don't rape in real life.

ďI invoke thee, Guardians of the North toÖĒ I started and stopped. I heard the noise again. There was definitely something out there. It was large enough to rustle the leaves when it moved. If someoneís fucking dog is interrupting my Esbat ritual, I am going to be furious!

I like to travel into the woods for my rituals. The summer is good to me. The skies are clear and the air is fresh. I chose this spot because itís far enough from town that Iím usually not bothered. Every now and then I get a teenager passing through who sees a witch practicing and hopes for some nudity. The poor boys must leave so disappointed.

Iím snapped back by the secret intruder making noise again. Thatís it. Iím checking it out.  I grab a candle and head in the direction of the ruckus. Even with the light I can barely see shit so after a few minutes I head back to my circle. Iíve only just stepped into my sanctuary when Iím grabbed from behind.

ďAghhhhĒ, I yell as Iím dragged over to a nearby rowan. I can tell itís a man. He smells of labor and frustration. He easily tosses me against the tree and pulls a bungee cord from somewhere on his person. My instincts take over and I scream and kick and punch and bite and spit and scream some more. I get bungeed to a tree. My world is now lit only by the faint light of my circle. My broken circle. The one place I feel safe. He stand between me and my circle and stares at me. He doesnít speak.

What could he possibly want? I donít have any money on me and he canít be after my chalice or athame. Even my Midsummer offerings would be useless to him. Iím suddenly aware that he has a blade of his own. Heís going to kill me now. Heís a psycho in the woods looking to kill someone. I close my eyes and my whole body tenses, waiting for the massacre. I feel the blade run up the front of my shirt. It makes a terrible ripping sound. Then I can feel itís coldness on my body. What? I open my eyes and my favorite t-shirt has become a hideous vest. It doesnít stay that way as he pulls it from my body and tosses it to the ground. What the fuÖ.. the realization of whatís happening hits me like a bag of stones. The fight is renewed in me and I once again squirm around looking for any weakness in the cord. I stop only when the blade makes contact with my neck.

I look up at the man knowing my fight is over. I know Iím trapped. He easily pulls my shorts down and tosses them too. He looks at me quizzically for a moment and my face flushes crimson. I know that without my shorts, my bottom half is completely exposed. I know heís wondering where my panties are but he remains silent. Once again I close my eyes. I can feel the burning as a flood of tears waits at the gates to be released. As he slices the bra in half, I let them go.

He checks the cord carefully to make sure Iím truly stuck and then drops the blade to the ground. He moves in closer and runs his fingers down my thin waist. I shiver. He stops and reaches for my breasts. He cups one in each hand and rubs my nipples. When he moves his face toward them, a fresh stream of tears falls like rain. He licks and sucks and plays. He keeps his mouth on one and rubs the other with his left hand, snaking his right hand lower down my torso. He reaches my slit and shoves two fingers into my vagina, using his thumb to play with my clitoris.

After heís ensured that my body is ready for him, he pulls his own pants off and rubs his dick on me. Without warning, he thrusts, and all of him is inside me. He grunts. Itís the first sound Iíve heard from him. I uselessly try to shimmy my body up the tree to get away from him. He grabs my hair and makes me scream. He seems to enjoy the cat and mouse game, even if the mouse already got caught in the trap. When he finally blows his load inside of me, I sigh and slump down. Itís finally over.

He unties the cord and pulls me back into my circle. Iím sure heís going to kill me now. He lays me on my stomach in the dirt. Iím too exhausted to strain my neck and look around. Suddenly, pain explodes through my body as he pushes into my ass. Heís pumping so quickly. He must be tearing me up inside. It doesnít take long for him to finish. He pulls out and his jizz covers my backside like a blanket. I canít see him but I can faintly hear the sound of denim rubbing as he puts his pants back on. He rolls me over and wipes the dirt off my front side as he goes back to playing with my nipples. His mouth is on my clitoris and he starts to lick and suck. I manage to cry again. My legs start to shake and I can feel a heat building up in my body. Oh no you donít! I fight to keep my mind on anything else. Dead kittens, a drooling St. Bernard, maggots on shit. My body starts to buck wildly and I know heís winning. I cum with a ferocity Iíve never experienced. Then everything is still. He leans down, his face now visible in the light, and pats me on the head before heading north.
I awake the next morning in a daze. What in the hell happened last night? I see my torn clothes lying next to me and I remember everything. He must have brushed against some thorns at some point because atop the pile of what was once my clothing, I see a scrap of fabric that doesnít belong to me.

I quickly check the basket under my altar. I brought my poppets with me. Thank the Goddess. I think I have time to finish my ritual sky-clad.

I wrap the fragment of his shirt around the small cloth doll and secure it with a pin. I relight my candles and call to the Watchtowers and the Goddess. The wind begins slowly but soon the branches of the trees groan and sway in the breeze. I know I have the assistance I need now. I twist and contort the doll with my hands before driving my athame through its non-existent heart.

I put the poppet back into my basket and trek to find my car to the south. I pull it up to my ritual area and load everything up. Thank the Goddess I packed my gym clothes yesterday. After putting on the new t-shirt and shorts, I start the car and head back into town. Traffic is backed up. Some kind of accident. As I near, I can see a car has gone almost completely off the road with no signs of damage. A policeman is directing traffic. When I finally get close enough to the scene, the officer motions for me to stop. The cars from the opposite direction begin to file through. I glance over at the car, being nosy like everyone else, and I see the man staring at me.

ďWhat happened here?Ē I ask the officer.

ďWe really donít know yet.Ē The young officer replies. ďThereís absolutely no sign of a collision but the man seems to not have an unbroken bone in his body. After all that, the dude managed to stick his bowie knife through his chest. ď

ďCuriousĒ, I reply.

The officer motions for me to go, and I head down the dirt road, smiling to myself all the way home.

ďI win.Ē I proclaim loudly to no one in particular.

May 02, 2015, 05:15:02 PM
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Offline Dark

l think Nyx has been holding out on us

May 02, 2015, 10:53:47 PM
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Offline vile8r

I commented on this story on the other site, but I'll do it here too! Great job Nyx! Fucked his shit up real good!

May 03, 2015, 01:28:39 AM
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Offline Nyx

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l think Nyx has been holding out on us

Definitely not. My stories are carried by the detail overall. The actual rape part is difficult for me to write because I've always been awful at role play and talking dirty.  I feel like it comes off as forced or generic.

Thanks for the comments guys :)

And extra thanks Vile for being the only fucking one to comment on my story on RU. Bunch of asshats. I posted two stories last night and out of both I have one comment.

May 03, 2015, 09:18:16 AM
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Offline sweetness

I just read ur stories nyx n I thought they were both good.  Hope u have more 2 share.

May 03, 2015, 05:45:41 PM
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Offline Plaything

Nyx!  This is a great story!  Thanks for sharing it!

July 10, 2015, 09:11:26 PM
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Offline Jed

This is great Nyx.  I'm not sure how I missed it before, but I only just read it now.

July 11, 2015, 07:39:38 AM
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this is verry good nyx i would verry much like to read more