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When Heather came downstairs, her father already had the coffee pot brewing.  They’d all slept in.  The family was heading to Aunt Rebecca’s farm in rural Pennsylvania for the entire summer.  Heather was going to Europe when school started and they wanted to spend time with family.  The 21 year old was an avid outdoorsman…outdoors woman.  Her social media was covered with pictures of her, mountain biking, playing ball hockey a league back home, but her favourite, was horse back riding.  She had two horses at Aunt Rebecca’s farm.  She had horses, cows and chickens.  One animal that she didn’t have, was pigs, as they were Jewish.  Heather couldn’t wait to see her horses, but, of course Aunt Rebecca more.  After eating a late brunch, the family loaded into the SUV, with the two dogs, and headed north.  With traffic, it would probably take a little over two and a half hours from D.C.
As they approached the state line, they were pulled over.  The officer approached the drivers door.
    “Afternoon sir, officer Hussein, do you know why I pulled you over?”
    “No, sorry, sir,” Heather’s father Dan, a prominent D.C. attorney, said.
    “You where speeding sir,” Officer Hussein said, “Licence, registration, and proof of insurance.”  Heather’s father handed over all the information the officer requested.  Officer Hussein ran all the information and walked back to the door.  He took out his ticket book and wrote the ticket as he chatted with the family.
    “Where you folks headed?”
    “My sister in law has a farm in upstate Pennsylvania.  We’re spending the summer with her,” Heather’s father said.  Officer Hussein tore the ticket out of his book and handed it to her father.
    “Enjoy yourself, upstate can be really beautiful in the summer.”  After bidding the officer goodbye, they resumed their trip to Aunt Rebecca’s farm.  It was just a few minutes after 1:00 when they arrived.  In the excitement, as the car was unpacked, nobody saw the small blinking red light just under the rear bumper.
As sunset approached, Aunt Rebecca, summoned the remaining family members.  Nobody was particularly religious, but enough, that as tonight was Friday and Sabbath began at sundown, they followed the tradition of their people, lighting the candles and reciting the traditional prayers.  Then they went back to their activities.  After a few minutes, Heather went to her room and resumed chatting with her friend, Rick, on Facebook chat on her laptop.  Her parents and Rebecca stayed in the living room, talking.  After some time, they realized they didn’t hear Heather in her room.  Her mom went to check on her, she found her daughter laying in bed, still fully dressed, with her light on.  Her laptop was still open and on it’s side, on the floor.  She was relieved that, Heather had removed her golden chain with Star of David before she went to sleep.  It was dangling from her bedpost.  She went back into the living room and joined her husband and sister.
    “Everything alright sweetie?”
    “Yeah, Heather’s already asleep,” she said.
Eventually, the entire family went to bed.  At some point, Heather woke up and got changed into her sleeping clothes, a Washington Redskins oversized jersey and red panties, turned out the light and climbed back into bed and went back to sleep.
Sleep didn’t come easily for Officer fact, it didn’t come at all.  He couldn’t seem to get the family, out of his mind.  Especially the daughter.  He checked his tracker on his phone.  It was coming through strong.  As the sun rose, he called a few numbers.  Some of his buddies.  They weren’t too happy with having been waken up this early on a Saturday morning, but with his promise of some prime pussy before the sun went down again, they were in.  A few of his friends, were rabidly anti-Semitic, he made sure to include them, promising not only would the pussy be Jewish, but also a bloodbath on the innocent Jewish family.  They went to work.  Several different hardware stores, were covered so it would be harder to tie them to each other and the coming bloodbath.  Hammers, nails, ropes, chains zip ties, several rolls of duct tape, and a few other pieces of torture and torment.  Keith, a skin head, went to the adult novelty store and did a thorough shopping, he had a sadistic streak, and not just because he was a skin head.  He put a guy in the hospital for looking at his baby momma the wrong way.  He he wanted to skin and gut a hot piece of Jewish ass.  They met up at Hussein’s place.  The five men headed off, to descend on the unsuspecting family.
Heather woke, while the rest of the family slept.  She crept out of the house and down to the lake.  She swam competitively for the school swim team all through High School, while maintaining a 3.7 GPA.  She had her bikini underneath her jeans and T-shirt, so she stripped down and dove in.  The morning was already warm the water was cold and refreshing.  Every time she came to visit Aunt Rebecca, she would swim a mile first thing in the morning, and today was no exception.  She swam out to over half a mile and back.  She climbed out and reached for her towel.  A shiver ran up her spine.  She felt as though she was being watched.  She quickly flung her towel around her.  She towelled off, and went back to the house to change, before heading into the barn to get Seneca, one of her horses.  Her father and Aunt Rebecca were having breakfast.
    “Hi sweetie, how was your swim?” Her father asked.
    “It was great daddy,” she said kissing him on the cheek.
    “You want some breakfast dear?” Her mother offered.
    “I’m going to take Seneca out.  I’ll have some when I get back in,” she said.  As she stepped out of the house, she felt like she was being watched, again.  She shrugged it off and went into the barn.
    “Hey girl, did you miss me?” The horse snorted and nuzzled her shoulder.  She led her out and saddled her up, adjusted the stirrups and swung herself into the saddle like the pro she was.  She headed to the point where the lake emptied into a river.  There was a bridge to cross into, what Aunt Rebecca called ‘the wilderness’.  As she passed the tree line, she didn’t see the two black SUV’s turning into her Aunt’s drive way.

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Great build up. Looking forward to reading more

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Thanks to those who've read and reviewed.  I love reading them.  Now Chapter 2

The sun was warm on Heather’s face as she turned East into rising sun.  She pulled the hat down to block out the sun, more than just her shades.  This was only the first morning, but she was enjoying herself she loved riding her horses.  Aunt Rebecca was wonderful in taking care of her two horses.  The wind was nice as the day was getting warmer.  She knew she couldn’t be on the horses all day everyday, but as much as she could.  Maybe the family could go on an overnight trip on horseback.  She enjoyed the early morning, still and quiet, no demands, no chores, no responsibilities, just her, Seneca and the tranquility of the morning.  She stopped by a stream to let Seneca to drink.  She checked her phone.  She thought she’d head back soon.  Everyone should be up now.  She wondered what everyone was up to as she wheeled around and headed for home. 

Khassam jumped from the third step. 
“The rest of the house is empty,” he said as he passed the three bound and gagged captives.  Saeid came back into where the others and their captives were.  He held a picture from the hallway.
“Who’s this little bitch?” He asked Rebecca as he removed her gag.  She stared silently.  Hussein, drew his gun and fired into the floor. 
“From now on, if you refuse to answer a question, we put a bullet into your ankles, followed by your wrists, then knees, then elbows, then shoulders then your head.  Does everyone understand?”  All three nodded.  Saeid turned back to face Rebecca.
“That’s Kelley, my daughter,” Rebecca responded. 
“Who was the bitch in the car with these two?” Hussein asked, jerking his thumb toward her sister and Dan. 
“That’s Heather, their daughter,” Rebecca answered quickly, her eyes on his weapon, his threat ringing in her ears.  Keith came in from the barn.
“I think there’s a horse missing,” He said. 
“Beautiful morning for a little trail riding,” Khassam said.  He was the youngest at 21.  He wasn’t really interested in talking, he was interested in prime Jewish ass and pussy.
“Are we expecting either of them to come by?”  Rebecca balked.  Hussein fired and her sister screamed into her gag as her left ankle was destroyed.
“Oh, just so you know, we’re not shooting the one who doesn’t answer.  You’re causing someone else pain,” Hussein said above Dena’s screams and Dan’s curses. 
“Heather is coming back,” Rebecca answered, she felt like she was setting up her niece to be in the same situation as her, “Kelley lives in another state,” she quickly added. 
“Colorado,” said a voice from upstairs.  The last of the group, Ali had a picture he’d taken from Rebecca’s night stand.  It was of Kelley wearing a Denver Broncos T-shirt and hat.  Her husband was wearing a University of Colorado sweatshirt.  It looked like Keith was about to say something but Hussein beat him to it. 
“Guys, I think the little bitch is here,” he said from the window.  He was already hard from imagining what was in store for her.  He longed to tear that shirt off and drop her pants.  He couldn’t wait until she was naked on the floor and take her there and then.  Ali had already untied  Rebecca and they prepared for the arrival of the young woman who was brushing out her horses in the stable.  Keith and Saeid took Dan and Rebecca upstairs.  Dan was tied to the bed legs and arms splayed wide.  His sister in law was on her knees between his.  A length of cord was tied to the foot of the bed frame, that was tied to her neck.  A second one was tied to the head of the bed frame and tied to her neck, keeping her head, anchored in place.  A small elastic band was slipped over the end of Dan’s cock, making it stand up hard and tall.  Rebecca was forced to take his tool in her mouth, and with her wrists bound behind her back, she couldn’t hold her balance, so her face was pressed against Dan’s pelvis. His pubic hair, tickling her nose.  Keith looked over the perverse scene, a rare smile spread across his lips.  He leaned against the wall next to the bed, his knife perilously near Dan’s wrist. 
“Tell you what, if you can score into her mouth before we come back, then you can keep your balls.  How does that sound.” Keith said.  Dan, who was still gagged, glared at Keith.  They left turning the light off.  Saeid and Keith headed downstairs. Dena had been moved around to the other  side of the living room.  Khassam took the gag out of her mouth. 
“You say what I say, or I kill her then your sister and husband, then you,” he whispered in her ear before kissing her on the cheek.  Dena nodded, tears glistening in her eyes.  She was being forced to lure her darling daughter into the living nightmare she was already in. 
“Mom?  Dad?  Aunt Becky?” 
“I’m in the living room baby,” Dena called feeling Khassam’s hand at the back of her head and the cold steel of his revolver against her left temple. 
“Who’s SUVs are in the dri…” her voice died in her throat as her mind struggled to comprehend the scene she saw in front of her.  Suddenly, she was grabbed from behind, a muscular arm, wrapped around her neck.  She struggled but the air was being consumed and she felt darkness dropping over her.  She was released, collapsing to the floor.  Her wrists were bound behind her back and she was dragged into the living room and lashed to a chair opposite her mother.  Hussein smiled.
“Khassam, Saeid bring the bastard and other bitch down here.  We’re ready,” he said.  He turned to Dena, “Good work mom, we got your little cub.” Dena hung her head.  The two, who’d gone upstairs to retrieve Rebecca and Dan, came back down, the two in tow.  They were both brought down into the living room, devastated that Heather was now a prisoner as well, though it was inevitable.  The four prisoners were sat in a square.  Dena’s gag was reapplied, and Heather was gagged as well. 
“Did daddy dearest cum?” Keith asked.  Dan leaned back.  As Keith advanced, he launched himself at the skinhead.  Unfortunately, Keith was able to grapple him and fall on top of him.  He rolled Dan over and landed a punch to his face, a second, then a third.  Had Saeid and Hussein not pulled him off, he’d probably have beaten Dan to death.  Dan was thrown into the seat, and made sure he was secure this time, before leaving the prisoners alone for a while. 

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You are an incredible story teller. I love how you don't spare the details. Please keep the updates coming.

December 27, 2018, 12:40:12 PM
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The big hockey  bag hit the floor. 
   “Mom?” The strawberry blonde’s blue eyes flicked toward the living room, where she could hear some activity, some movement. 
   “Yeah baby, I’m up here, aunt Dena, uncle Dan, and Heather are here,” she said arriving at the top of the stairs, “I didn’t know you’re coming home.  How long are you home?”
   “Just two weeks.  Mr. James is off for two weeks and the office is closed.”  Kelley climbed the steps to hug her mom, but stopped short, her blood running cold.  A tall middle eastern man, stood around the corner, a gun level to her mother’s head.  Other men stood around the living room.  Her cousin, Heather was with her parents.  All three were on their knees, wrists were bound behind them, and they were gagged.  Another man stood behind each of them, guns tapping the back of their head. 
   “Nice job, mom.  Come on Kelley, join us.  You’re just in time to join in the fun, “ the man behind Heather said.  He tossed a few items to Rebecca.  A pair of handcuffs, leg irons, and a ball gag.
   “Do junior bitch tight, or both your sister and daughter die, bitch.”  Rebecca took her daughter and, with shaking hands, shackled Kelley’s wrists behind her back, shackled her ankles and slipped an awful ball gag in her mouth.  The tall man smiled as he checked Rebecca’s work.  Rebecca and Kelley were tied to chairs on opposite sides of the room. 
   “Heather, your cousin joined the party.  Show her how happy you are to see her,” Heather  crawled over to Kelley.  Kelley was able to open her legs and rise slightly to help Heather undo and slide her jeans down enough to get her face into her cousin’s crotch.  Heather and Kelley were fairly close, considering Kelley lived in Denver with her husband and son, and Heather lived clear across the country, in Maryland.  That mattered little as Heather was forced to eat her cousin out.  Kelley was horrified both by what was happening to her family, but also by what her cousin was being forced to do.  Soon, however, the burning within her came racing forward and ended up on Heather’s face mixing with all the other fluids.  Heather started to stand but was pushed back onto her back.  Hussein untied Dena. 
   “Everyone’s gotten off except for your kid.  It’s her turn,” he said pushing her toward her daughter.  Dena lay on her stomach and pushed her tongue into her little girl’s folds.  Instantly, Heather felt the most pleasurable feeling, she’d ever felt in her life.  She wasn’t a virgin.  She’d given that gift to her current boyfriend, Rick, months ago.  Her moms tongue though, was hitting all the right places.  It was also disgusting to have her mother do this.  With a scream, Heather finally found release.   When Heather and her mom, were again secured the family was left alone for several hours. 

Rebecca, Dan and Dena were on seats around the living room.  Each was gagged, Dan was naked.  The focus was in the middle of the room.  Heather and Kelley were also naked, on all fours, facing away from each other.  Keith walked into the room with a large double ended dildo.  He forced the one end into Kelley’s ass and the other side, into Heather.
   “You two bitches are going to fuck each other, with this.  First one to loose it, looses,” he laughed at his little, unintended, pun. 
   “You don’t want to loose, Ali said from the side of the room.  18 year old Khassam walked around the girls, before stopping in front of the older cousin. 
   “Open up bitch,” he said, lowering his pants.  Despite his age, his tool was about 6” or so long. 
   “No ple...” Kelley started to protest, but Khassam slapped her soundly across the face. 
   “How dare you a woman, a Jewish woman, say ‘no’ to any man!” he roared slapping her again.  Hussein stood and walked over to Rebecca.  He pulled his gun, holding it inches from her knee. 
   “Khassam, did anyone explain the rules to Kelley?”
   “No,” he said.  Hussein, holstered his weapon.  Rebecca breathed a sigh of relief.  Hussein went to his bag, laying in the far corner of the room, and produced a large, very sharp blade.  He walked back to Rebecca.  He knelt down, grabbed her small toe on her left foot.  While Rebecca begged into her gag, Hussein swung the knife.  Rebecca screamed as Hussein swung a second time.  He stood up, showing everyone, Rebecca’s severed toe, before removing his lighter and cauterizing the wound.  Khassam turned back to face the beautiful strawberry blonde in front of him, smiling.  Kelley was crying, but she obediently opened her mouth.  Khassam slid in, and Kelley fought the urge to chomp down.  If her mother lost a toe for her saying ‘no’, maybe her mother would die for her biting, so she refrained.  Ali, meanwhile was currently balls deep in Heather’s beautiful, warm orifice. 
   “Okay cunts, fuck each other,” Keith said clapping his hands.  The cousins began forcing the tool back and forth, while pleasuring the men in their mouths.  Both women knew, whether they won, or lost, they would suffer, regardless, their captors would see to it.  For a while the only sounds were the cousins whimpers, Ali and Khassam’s balls slapping their chins, Khassam’s grunting and Rebecca’s pained cries.  With a cry, the tool popped free and just like that, one of the cousins had won.  Hussein smiled.
   “I have to work, have fun and we’ll punish the little bitch, when I get back.”

The rest of the afternoon consisted of more humiliation and pain.  Since it was likely Hussein would go home and sleep, before coming back to the farm, the captors and captives would wait until the next day.     “Can’t think of a better way to start the day off, than by torturing a beautiful Jewish bitch, can you?” Saeid asked the captives as he led them to the barn.  Dan was led to the farthest stall.  He sat with his back against the door.  His wrists were bound behind him, then raised and tied over his head, in a strapado.  His upper body was bent forward to ease the pain in his shoulders and back.  Dena was seated on a sawhorse.  Two chains were attached to her ankles and her wrists were bound behind her.  The pain in her pussy and cunt could only be relieved by pushing herself up, the chains would tighten and her legs would be tired and she would crash back down.  Rebecca, Kelley, and Heather, were hogtied in different stalls.  Each feared the next day, especially one young woman.  Eventually, one by one, everyone fell asleep, all except one

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Looking forward to seeung who gets punished. This is a great story so far

December 27, 2018, 09:01:48 PM
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Unfortunately this is a story I started some time ago, I only got a few chapters, in. When I get to that point, updates will be less frequent as I will be writing them, they are coming, I promise.

December 29, 2018, 11:07:10 PM
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Yes updates are worth the wait. I will happily wait for an update.

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Hussein pulled into his driveway.  A few hours of sleep, then off to the farm.  Maybe the next time he slept, he’d have a sexy young Jewish girl kneeling between his legs.  Unlike his buddies, he wasn’t Anti-Semitic.  A common misconception that Westerners often made was that Arab Muslims, like himself, all hated Jews, and while stereotypes exist for a reason, that simply wasn’t true.  This family would have suffered if they were Christian, Hindu, Sikh, or even Muslim.  He prepared a small meal and climbed into bed, even as he designed torments for the captive family.  Despite his excitement at his sadistic fantasies, he managed to doze off. 

Khassam smiled at the twisted scene he had come up with.  He was sitting in the easy chair.  His feet were resting on Dan’s back.  His wrists were tied to his knees, his gagged face against the floor.  His wife and her sister were engaged in a hot and heavy make out session.  He had Heather on his lap his left arm holding her shaking form, his right hand held a rope, tied around Kelley’s neck, a bright red ball gag was in her mouth. 
   “Khassam, wake up,” Ali yelled, pulling Khassam from his dream, “you must have been having a good dream, you were smiling.” Khassam just smiled again. 
   “We’re playing a game,” Saeid said, “and we need you to play.”  Three of the women were placed in circle their wrists bound behind them.  Keith was fixing Dan up.  A ball gag was in his mouth and his wrists were tied to his ankles.  He was sat in the corner so he could watch his family’s degradation and humiliation.   Dena was forced to her knees in front of her husband. 
   “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to play a game, and you’re all invited to play,” Saeid said, looking over at Dena and Dan.  “I’m sure you’ve all played ‘spin the bottle’?” He asked looking around the three bound women.  Hesitantly, their heads nodded.  Saeid hadn’t really waited for a response.  “Good,  because you’re going to play a variation on it.  Well, actually we’re going to.  Ali, Khassam, and I.  We’re going to spin the bottle and whoever the bottle lands on, gives us a ride.  Then she gets a whipping if you cum before daddy.  However, if daddy cums, before anyone else, he’ll loose his package.”  The family listed in horror.  Either they would have to pleasure a group of rapists and be beaten, or Dan would be castrated.  It was an impossible choice.  Saeid stepped forward and, with a twist of his wrist, sent the bottle spinning around and around.  Keith, meanwhile, had pushed Dena’s head forward and she was now sucking on his rod.  She was more willing to let her daughter, sister and niece to be beaten than to let her husband loose his balls.  The bottle slowly stopped. 
   “Kelley, you lucky bitch,” Saeid said grabbing the strawberry blonde, by her hair and slamming her down next to him, Rebecca screaming into her gag, watching her daughter being assaulted.  Khassam, meanwhile was already spinning the bottle, it spun around, stopping on Rebecca.
   “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you,” he sneered.  He just stood in front of her, and placed his foot on her chest and pushed back, causing her to fall backwards.  He said nothing, but smiled down at her.  Ali, grabbed Heather. 
   “Guess your mine bitch,” he said.  Soon all three were being ridden, plowed or having their mouth plugged.  Dan felt the pleasure in his loins and struggled to keep himself from exploding into wife’s mouth.  At present, he didn’t care that his daughter, niece and sister in law would be punished if they came before he did, he had to keep his jewels.  As he struggled, to keep from  climaxing, his  daughter screamed as Ali sprayed deep inside the young woman.  As she was roughly shoved away, Dan couldn’t keep it inside anymore.  His baby batter sprayed in Dena’s mouth, and down her throat. Ali slammed Heather’s face into the floor, and placed his foot on the back of her head. Khassam was next followed shortly by Saeid.

Dan, Dena Kelley and, Rebecca, were on their knees, wrists bound behind them.  They were weeping as Heather was dragged into the barn and hung from her wrists, her feet not quite touching the floor.  Dan was relieved that she’d made Ali cum before Dena made him, but ashamed at the same time.  Ashamed that his daughter, the one he’d sworn he would do anything for, when she was mere moments old, was the one suffering.  Saeid removed Heather’s gag. 
   “If we catch anyone looking away, will loose an eye as will one other,” he said.  Khassam handed Ali a great bullwhip.  He stepped up to Heather and placed his left hand on her stomach and slowly trailed his hand across her stomach and around her to the small of her back. 
   “You’re going to scream for me sweetie,” he said.  The crack of the whip, made a line of fire across her back.  She didn’t scream.  Not because she was particularly strong, but the pain robbed her of her voice.  The second one fell and this time, she screamed, causing Ali, Saeid, Khassam, and Keith to laugh.  They didn’t care about her pain.  She was just a Jew, after all, an inferior creature, put on earth to satiate the desires of men. Her family cried and she screamed.  Keith stepped out and grabbed his cell.  He chatted briefly before stepping back into the barn. 
   “Hussein is on his way over and he wants me to run an errand.  I won’t be back before he is, so don’t let him start torturing the loser until I get back,” he said.  He walked to the SUV, smiling at the sounds of a pretty twenty one year old Jewess having her back whipped raw. 

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I loved the variation of spin the bottle. I hope you have more fun games in mind for the family. Looking forward to you next update.

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Keith arrived at the farm.  Sure enough, Hussein was back.  The skinhead was eager to break some prime Jewish pussy.  Were it up to him, Mom, dad, and auntie, would be dead already.  He unconsciously, touched his knife.  He didn’t necessarily have to kill Dan, just make sure, he couldn’t breed anymore Jews.  He decided that by the end, one of them, at least, would have a swastika, just a final humiliation.  The three dogs on the leashes started barking and pulling against Keith.  The muscular neo nazi easily held them.  He smiled.  The dogs were nasty, mean dogs.  He walked into the barn.  Dan was standing still, a noose around his neck, a strip of duct tape over his mouth.  A few seats had been taken from the kitchen and had been set up in the barn.  His wife, her sister and his niece were tied to the chairs.  His daughter, though was on her knees at his feet, her wrists were shackled behind her.  Hussein smiled.
   “We can begin,” He said, “okay little slut, you’ve got ten minutes to get a mouthful of your daddy’s man juice.  You don’t want to know what happens if you fail.  And don’t swallow a single drop of it, or you’ll get skinned alive.”  Dan’s instinct would have been to discourage his daughter from doing it, but he was pretty sure he knew what the threat was.  If pressed, he would die for her and her mother, but his daughter would still suffer anyway.  He’d rather kill her before he allowed her to suffer the way they were probably going to do.  Ali struck Heather on the back of her head. 
   “Whatcha’ waitin’ for?  Get sucking.”Her head bobbed forward, engulfing more of her father’s pole.  She began to bob her head back and forth trying to get more of her father into her mouth every time she did.  Though not particularly religious, she prayed to The Creator for relief, but she knew that her people had suffered throughout history, so why should she escape persecution and suffering?  As she was working on her dad, she felt her hips being pulled up and a set of heavy paws settled on her back.  She shivered in revulsion and fear.  She tried to focus on her father, not wanting to see him hurt…or worse.  The penetration came, it was bigger than she could imagine.  She was an anal virgin, and was never interested in anal.  Her boyfriend had suggested it once, but she was resistant that he dropped it, now, she was being raped by a big dog, while giving her daddy a blowjob.  She wept as her ass was being raped by a dog.  Dan, for his part, was trying to keep calm, again it came down to his balls and his baby girl being tortured in the most inhuman and in humane ways imaginable.  His nineteen year old baby girl was being raped by a dog, the ultimate humiliation for a Jew. 
   It doesn’t matter what happens.  If daddy cums in his little girl, the pig will loose his balls for being a pervert.  If he doesn’t, cum, he’s useless and he’ll loose his balls.” Keith said.  Hussein smiled but shook his head, saying nothing.  Heather’s eyes bulged as she felt her father’s cock quiver and she felt gush after gush after gush, coat her mouth and throat in vile tasting cum.  She struggled not to swallow the mouthful. 
   “That’s your brothers and sisters, slut,” Keith jeered.  Heather hung her head in shame and humiliation.  She didn’t know how long she’d have to hold onto her father’s baby batter.  Hussein, meanwhile was freeing Kelley.  She was pulled over to next to Heather and forced to her knees as well. 
   “Okay you two cunts, kiss like cousins shouldn’t,” Keith said.  Rebecca and Dena both wept as their daughter’s were forced to kiss and pass Dan’s man juice between them.
“C’mon bitches, let’s see some tonguing,” Ali said as he knelt between Dena and Rebecca.  He kissed Rebecca on the cheek.  The cousins, swallowed their revulsion.  Not only were they forced to kiss like family shouldn’t, not only did they have to share Dan’s juices, but they had to tongue duel.  Nevertheless the sadistic gang had already shown a penchant for violence, and the girls didn’t want to be hurt anymore.  Heather, of course hadn’t forgotten about the dog, buried deep within her anus.  She grimaced as the dog whined and shot into her ass. Involuntarily, she bit down, hard, on Kelley’s tongue.  The strawberry blonde screamed and Heather opened her mouth as the dog shot his load into his human bitch.  Keith removed the dog as the cousins were allowed to swallow their mouthfuls.  Dan was taken back and tied to the chair with his sister in law between him and his wife.  His daughter and niece, however, were still centre stage.  The four Muslim men lined up and the girls were forced to be urinals for them, two men for each.  Keith came back and also used Kelley.  He was carrying a large bag which jangled like chains when he placed it down.  The girls were left on their knees as Keith removed a long chain.  He expertly tossed the end, over the main rafter that ran the entire length of the barn.  The girls were untied and their wrists were shackled in front of them and their wrists were affixed to the hanging chain.  Each of them was gagged with penis gags.  Dan, Dena and Rebecca were removed from their chairs and laid face down on the dirty, barn floor, wrists behind them.  Each of their ankles were shackled to each of the other two essentially spreading their legs, ensuring that they couldn’t stand.  All but Khassam left.  He smiled and looked around.  He hefted his gun and, without warning, dropped to his knees, on Rebecca’s back, pressing the gun against the back of her head. 
“Tell me, why shouldn’t I shoot you?” 

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Rebecca shook and wept. 
   “Hear O Israel…” she began reciting the most Holy prayer in Judaism.  Khassam kept his gun to the back of her head, but now removed his knife, placing it under Rebecca’s throat. 
   “Shut up you Jewish whore,” he said.  He looked over at Kelley hanging from her wrists. “Maybe we’ll start with your cub,” he growled into her ear. 
   “No please, don’t hurt her,” Rebecca begged to save Kelley from more pain.  “What about your niece?  Should I hurt your daughter, or Heather first?”  Rebecca couldn’t condemn her daughter to torture by those men, but she loved her niece as well. 
   “Don’t make me choose.  I can’t choose,” she sobbed.  Khassam rose and made his way over to the girls hanging from their wrists from chains, their toes, barely brushing the floor.  He picked up a heavy rope, he tied a knot tugging on it to ensure it would work.  He started flicking his wrist getting it moving in an underhand momentum.  He circled the two girls.  He wound up his arm and brought it up and thrashed Kelley’s ass.  She gasped.  The sadist circled them again, before using it on Heather.  Heather didn’t know, that it was harder than Kelley’s had been.  He turned to face Kelley’s mom. 
   “Which bitch?  I’d prefer your daughter.  D’you know what I ‘m gonna do to her?”  Rebecca broke down into sobs. 
   “Hurt me, leave them alone, they’re just kids for God’s sake,” Rebecca yelled at him, equal parts anger and fear.
   “How should I hurt you, my dear?”  He asked, seeming to forget about killing her.  Whether or not, he was actually going to kill her or not, she didn’t want to find out. 
   “How do you want me to hurt you?”  Khassam repeated.  Rebecca didn’t know what to say.  She didn’t want him to hurt her, and she certainly didn’t want to decide how she got hurt.  Khassam shrugged and whipped Kelley again, as he circled around preparing to thrash Heather, Dan lifted his head up. 
   “Me, hurt me,” he pleaded.  Khassam ignored him for a moment.  He thrashed Heather’s ass. 
   “When it’s time to hurt you, Mr. Big Shot Lawyer, you’re loosing your balls.  It’s either gonna be someone here, or Keith.  Don’t worry, you’ll get castrated,” Khassam said as he hit Kelley again.          ”Please just let my family go, and I’ll…” Dan began.  Khassam fired a shot past them. 
   “The next time someone speaks, other than Rebecca telling me how she wants me to be hurt, their little girl is dead.  Understand?”  The three grown ups all nodded. He reached up and placed the gun against the crack at Kelley’s ass.  “You got ten seconds bitch, before I shove this up your little girls ass,” he said.  The 21 year old and her cousin both screamed. 
   “Rape me, whip me, use me as a cheap whore, a cum dump.  Please stop hurting Kelley.  Don’t hurt my daughter,” she finished in tears.  Khassam smiled. 
   “Not yet my eager little slut.”  He laughed.  He left the captives as he walked away as Rebecca hung her head in humiliation. 

It was getting toward nightfall, when Keith emerged from the house.  He was carrying a large plate.  The prisoners hadn’t been fed all day.  He stood between Dan and Dena and overturned the plate.  Seven pieces of bacon landed on the dirty floor between them.  The three Jews, turned away and refused to look at it.  Their hunger wasn’t so bad that they would compromise and eat bacon.  The girls weren’t even offered food.  Heather would eat the bacon if it were offered.  Keith shrugged. 
   “Suit yourselves.  You’re not getting anything else.”  He turned his attention to the cousins hanging from the rafters from their wrists.  He lowered the chain, took the double ended penis gag, unhooked Heather and raised it again, so Kelley was again, hanging. The cousins both starting begging and crying. 
   “Don’t worry my little bitch,  you’ll get your turn.”
   “Hey, where you taking my daughter?”  Dan yelled.  Despite being chained down between his wife and her sister, he tried to stand, his rage surging.  Keith kicked him the ribs a few time, finishing off with a savage kick to the head.  His head snapped to the side, out cold. 
   “You animal, you could have killed him,” Dena shrieked. 
   “The best kind of Jew is a dead one,” Keith said pointing his gun at the back of Dan’s head. 
   “Keith, what’s the holdup?  Get the bitch quickly.  We’re going to start soon,” Khassam called.  Keith roughly forced Heather ahead of him, toward the house.  The whole family feared what was going to start soon and who would have to suffer next.  They soon heard the sound of laughter and Dena cried as she heard her little girl screaming in pain, all the way from the house. 

January 22, 2019, 06:40:26 PM
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Nice cliffhanger. I'm on the edge of my seating waiting to see what's happening to Heather.

February 19, 2019, 05:14:01 PM
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Offline archon

Heather’s parents, aunt and cousin heard her screaming and wept.  Poor Heather, who never had a bad thing to say about anyone.  Their quiet girl who preferred to see the good in everybody, was screaming in pain, suffering, who knows what abuses at the hands of a sadistic group.  Rebecca’s farm was quite remote and they wouldn’t be missed for some time.  For the moment, Heather was lashed to a chair, a large blue dildo was affixed to the seat, which was in the anus of the quivering girl on the seat.  Heather was already in significant pain, when Keith brought out two haemostats.  He smiled sadistically and closed one onto Heather’s left nipple, squeezing hard, before locking it.  Heather screamed, as Keith slowly applied the second one.  Heather screamed and writhed in her chair.  The group had opened the windows, so her family could hear her screams.  Khassam, meanwhile had grabbed her right hand, uncurling her index finger.  Heather screamed shrugged against the muscular Muslim.  He produced a few more pliers and even more haemostats.  Gripping her finger in one hand, he smiled and grasped her fingernail with the haemostat, and pulled.  Heather’s anguished screams reached a new pitch.  Khassam pulled and tugged.  With a particularly loud anguished scream, from Heather, Khassam held her fingernail in the haemostat.  He discarded it and pulled her middle finger out from the fist she was trying to hold.  The group laughed at the poor girl, passed out in pain. 

The victims secured in the barn heard silence.  Every couple minutes, there was silence, then more screaming.  While her parents wanted them to stop hurting their little girl, the screams meant she was still alive.  This time, the screams didn’t come.  Each feared that she was dead.  Presently they heard the sound of footsteps.  Ali and Khassam entered the barn, dragging a limp Heather between them.  Her family saw the abuse she had endured, her every finger on her right hand had it s nail completely torn off.  She was dumped unceremoniously between her parents, with a  moan of pain.  Kelley was dumped between her mother and aunt.  Dan was unchained and dragged to the main support beam.  His wrists were pulled behind the beam and handcuffed there.  The women were pulled to their knees, wrists behind them.  The chain was removed from Dena and Rebecca.  A cock ring was placed around his member.  Khassam went back to the house and came back carrying a glass of water and a pill.  He offered it to Dan, who refused it. 
   “You don’t have to take it Mr. Big Shot Lawyer,” he said.  “Ali put a bullet in his daughter’s pretty head,” Khassam said.
   “With pleasure,” Ali said, stepping up to Heather, gun pointed at her head.
   “NO, I’ll do it,” Dan said. Khassam smiled and unchained Dan’s wrists.
   “See that wasn’t so hard, was it?” He asked as Dan swallowed the Viagra.  He recuffed Dan’s wrists around the beam.  The four women, two mothers and their two daughters were seated on the ground in a circle or square.  The bottle was back. 
   “Next to fuck Mr. Big Shot Lawyer is…”Ali said and stood watching it slow down until it stopped at, “Rebecca, ever fucked your brothers-in-law?”  Rebecca couldn’t say she’d never thought about getting into Dan’s pants, but not like this.  Ali grabbed a handful of her hair and roughly walked her like a dog over to her brother-in-law. 
   “Ass or mouth?” Ali said.  Rebecca leaned over and gently took Dan’s tool in her mouth. 
   “Rather enthusiastic!” Ali said, “when he blows his load, you’re not swallowing it.”  Everyone in the barn, understood his words.  Someone would be sharing Dan’s baby batter with Rebecca.  Dan’s erection was being strangled with the ring.  Rebecca could feel her brother in law getting hard, even as he gritted his teeth in pain.  Rebecca nearly screamed at the intrusion into her back end. 
   “Oh my god this bitch is tight,” Keith said as he hammered in and out of her anus.  Rebecca was red with shame.  She was enthusiastically sucking her brother in law, betraying her sister.  Dena was also feeling the sting of betrayal.  Her sister had been chosen at random, but did she have to be so enthusiastic?   Dan was in pain but was getting aroused.  His sister in law had an expert mouth.  It took some time, but all the while, Dan was more and more aroused.  His wife had never given him a blowjob.  In fact, this was the first ever.  He’d always wanted one from various girlfriends and his wife, but his sister in law, all but jumped at it.  Despite the ring, Dan eventually came, in what felt like gallons into his sister in law’s mouth.  Rebecca choked trying to swallow as little as possible as Keith continued to ream her tight ass.  By the time Keith exploded into her anus, Rebecca was about to pass out.  Keith walked her to about halfway between the family and Dan.
   “Ali, bring her cub,” Keith said, pointing at Kelley.   Ali dragged Kelley towards her mother. 
   “Ok bitches, get kissing.  Let’s see a lot of tongue,” Keith said.  Both women were disgusted.  Ali’s gun tapped the back of her head.  She felt her mother’s lips on hers, and her uncle’s nasty seed, flood her mouth. 

February 19, 2019, 06:57:02 PM
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March 12, 2019, 04:24:23 PM
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Unfortunately real life  has gotten in the way.  This story is returning end of week. 

March 12, 2019, 10:50:10 PM
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March 19, 2019, 02:35:40 AM
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Offline archon

The ‘prisoners’ were sleeping.  Each had been locked in a stall that had chains added.  They were all shackled hand and foot.  Each was gagged using duct tape and each was blindfolded.  They’d been promised an agonizing day the following day and each of them dreaded the next day.  Rebecca, Kelley and Heather were raped in front of Dena and Dan before they were forced into the modified stalls.  The horses were turned into the paddock.  Each of the prisoners were fearful but finally fell asleep.  They woke to the afternoon sun high overhead and a loud argument.  All the prisoners were frightened by the shouting.  Saeid stumbled into the barn.  The prisoners had almost forgotten Saeid was there.  Keith and Hussein joined him.  They held a chain, with several other chains and collars attached hanging off it.  Dan was dragged out and one of the end collars was attached around his neck.  Heather screamed and kicked and struggled as she was dragged out of the stall and locked to the collar in front of her father.  Rebecca was locked in front of her niece, Kelley was in front of her mom, and Dena was the front of the line.  Another length of chain was attached to the front of Dena’s collar with a padlock.  All their wrists were pulled behind them and shackled.  Finally each was gagged and Hussein took the lead affixed to Dena’s collar.  The frightened family quaked as they were led from the barn. 

The family room was in total immaculate.  Dena, Heather, Rebecca and Kelley were on their knees, foreheads on the floor.  Each of the woman had a Muslim cock in their Jewish anus. Dan was sitting on the floor, his ankles were pulled to his thighs and lashed there exposing his naked manhood.  He had a rubber phallus shoved into his mouth.  Hussein was up Heather’s anus, Ali was up Kelley’s, Rebecca had Saeid, up hers and Khassam was in Dena. 
   “We’re gonna play a game,” Keith explained.  “Everyone of you is going to try and get the gentleman in her ass, to come first,” Dan cursed and swore behind the obstructing phallus.
   “Isn’t that cute?  Daddy’s trying to protect his family, “ Hussein said giving Heather a hard smack to her ass, causing a help of pain from the unfortunate girl.   Dan tried to look menacing and angry, but the rubber cock sticking out of his mouth made him look, and feel, clownish and comical.  Keith looked at the women, then the men ready behind them. 
   “Go,” Keith said looking at the smartphone in his hand.  Each woman felt the offensive tools plumbing their depths and grunt.  Despite Khassam being the youngest, even Dena, felt the brutality of his thrust.  The only sounds were the women grunting and the men’s balls slapping their ass.  It was Ali, who was fucking the strawberry blonde, Kelley, who came first.  He shoved her off his pole and spurted all over her.  He stepped over her and approached her face.
   “Okay babe.  Get to work,” Kelley gagged at the thought of having the cock in her mouth, immediately after it was in her ass.  She didn’t really want to know what would happen should she refuse.  Khassam watched the young beauty take Ali into her mouth.  That was all it took for him to bathe Dena’s innards, in his baby batter.  He smiled as he approached her.  She didn’t want to suck him any more than her niece did, but she too, took her rapist into her mouth.  Dan screamed at seeing his wife violated, but seeing her suck him was a new torture.   He looked at his daughter, then Rebecca, then back to Heather.  He closed his eyes for a moment.  Pain lanced through his manhood.  Keith stood over him with a riding crop. 
   “Keep your eyes open, bastard.  You’ll watch what we’ll do to your family,” he said.  None of the women could see what was happening, as Kelley and Dena had a cock in their mouth and Heather and Rebecca still had their faces pressed on the floor, the threat, though sounded ominous.  It was a a few minutes later, Saeid came with a groan.  Rebecca meekly opened her mouth and gently closed her lips around the presented pole.
   “Good bitch,” Saeid said stroking her hair.  Her daughter cringing at the insult to her mother.  Ali slapped Kelley. 
   “Eyes up here little cunt,” he said.  A moment later, as soon as the girl looked up, Ali spit in her face, laughing  at her reaction, her revulsion.  By the time Hussein finally came in Heather, Kelley and Dena were done.  They waited for Hussein to get done with Heather.  Rebecca and Heather were essentially dragged toward Kelley and Dena.  Rebecca was forced to her hands and knees behind her daughter, Heather, the same behind her mom. 
“Okay, start cleaning losers,” Keith laughed.  Rebecca was horrified by having to clean her daughter, but Heather was being forced into her mother’s ass.  Both women nearly threw up, but they managed not to.  Abruptly, they were pulled away.  Dena, Kelley and Rebecca were forced into chairs, and tied there.  Heather was told to stay on all fours.  She did so, fearing why.  Keith left, but wasn’t gone long.  He returned and Heather prayed to die.  Keith had two dogs on a leash. 
“These dogs are gonna make you their bitch, bitch.” 

March 19, 2019, 12:57:05 PM
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So worth the wait. You have an amazing story here.