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Authors note:  I had the original idea for this story over 3 years ago, and even started it once (no idea where that start went, so restarted from scratch).  The reason I’m explaining this is I used aspects of that original idea in my story Friday Happy Hour with an Indian girl whose path to sexual degradation began from being tutored in chemistry.  I’m adding this note to explain the recycling of that idea, since someone reading both stories would see the similarities with the characters and setting.  This story I’m writing here is how I had first envisioned the tutoring story.  Enjoy.

Tutoring Tandoori Style


A tandoor is a very hot Indian oven used to bake bread or cook chicken and other delicacies of India.  Priya was helping her mother make naan bread plastering the flat dough against the sides of the tandoor to stick and bake.  While they may reside in the United States, Priya’s family has remained traditional to their Indian culture.  She believed her parents and especially her 22 year old brother were far too conservative for their current circumstances.  They moved here four years ago when she was 12 and her sister Kriti 11, so both girls wanted to be American girls.  They were conservative even by Indian standards back home.  She wanted more freedom, but everything was so repressive as to what they could wear, where they could go, and who they could see.  Everything had to be very traditional.

They only socialized within the transplanted Indian community.  Priya and her sister typically only went out with their brother escorting them.  Even the school they went to was private and very small with many Indians enrolled.  She longed to just ditch her brother and parents, wear blue jeans and go to the mall, but she was afraid.  Her father was a strict disciplinarian and she had felt his hand on many occasions.  Her brother scared her even more the way he was so judgmental.  And then there was the academic pressure, she was expected to become a medical doctor.  It wasn’t even open for discussion.  Her brother worked in the store with her parents, but somehow they all got it into their heads she should be the one in the family to complete college and be a doctor.  She knew it was about financial security for the family and not about her.  Even if she did become a doctor, which she thought was unlikely, she just wanted her own life.  College was still two years away, so why couldn’t she just be a teenage girl sometimes?

It was due to this plan of the family that she must excel in school, that there was such an uproar over a teacher’s assessment she was failing chemistry.  He recommended a tutor and said he had several names in mind, but that a private tutor was expensive.  Priya found some of this strange as she knew chemistry was not her best subject, but she didn’t feel she was that bad at it.  It was her brother that quizzed the teacher about the tutors, while she and her parents sat in his office.  He was unhappy about them all being young college age men.  The teacher seemed to give it some thought and said there was an older friend he could call that had taught college chemistry for a time but had recently took an early retirement.  He made the call right there and spoke with someone.  While holding the phone, the teacher said that not only would his friend tutor her in chemistry, but he had been missing teaching and didn’t mind helping a young person get ahead in life, and it would be at no charge.  Priya saw her father’s eyes light up at ‘no charge’.  Her father was very frugal and would pinch a rupee or penny until it screamed.

It was a Tuesday when Priya and her brother arrived at the address.  The tutor seemed like a nice affable man probably around 50, greying with a slight belly but otherwise pleasant looking and fit for his age.  At least her brother seemed relieved he was older and therefore safer, and he left saying he’d be back in four hours picking her up at 10PM. The agreement was Tuesday and Thursday evenings with the option to add time on the weekend if the tutor or teacher recommended it.  It seemed an awfully long time, and she was not looking forward to four hours of chemistry.  It was no problem showing the tutor she could convert from moles to grams and back again using the molecular weight, but it got increasingly more difficult with problems in thermodynamics and equilibrium.  The things like disassociation constants versus affinity constants in solutions were so confusing.  It should be confusing as the problems he was showing her would be to all but a second or third year college chemistry major and she was still in high school.

He had given her some tea, but it seemed to be making her sleepy and that didn’t help with the equations.  She felt a little dizzy and confused staring at the problem in front of her, and then she realized the tutor asked her a question unrelated to chemistry, “I heard you have a traditional tandoor oven at home?”
“Um, yes we do.”
“I hear they can get really hot, sort of like you.”
“Uummm,” was all Priya could manage feeling her face turn red.
“Do you ever wear a saree?”
“Uuummmm ya, jus ah for spethial occathions….uumm waz goen on?”
“I bet you look really hot in a saree.”
The light-headed feeling got worse, and she could see the tutor’s face in front of her smiling.  He pulled her to her feet, and she heard herself giggle which seemed strange.  Somehow she felt really weird but good, and then she had this vague feeling that she was slumping over the desk.

Someone was shaking her, and she opened her eyes seeing her brother.  He and the tutor were there with concerned looks, and she heard the tutor say, “When she passed out, I almost called 911 to bring an ambulance, but called you first.”
“I’m glad you did, thank you.  We don’t want any interference from outsiders.  I’ll just take her home.”
“Bye Priya, I hope you feel better,” the tutor said as her brother led her out of his house.  She was stumbling a little as she walked.

It was getting out of the car at home she noticed her panties felt a little funny.  They were not quite pulled up as far as they should be.  It got her thinking.  The tutor was a man, and she wasn’t some naïve girl who didn’t know what a man might want from a girl, but he was surely too old for that she thought.  And then she realized that if he had really done something bad to her, she would know it for sure.  She would be sore down there, and other than her panties not pulled up completely as she would have had them, she didn’t feel anything else strange and certainly was not sore at all.  She was a virgin and knew she would be sore if anyone had messed with her down there.

A couple days later she was back for another three to four hour grueling tutoring session.  About a 45 minutes in, the tutor said they should take a break.  He smiled at her when he said that, and she smiled back relieved.  The girl was beautiful and exuded purity and innocence.  While still naive and emotionally immature, physically she was stunning and curvaceous in a way not even her conservative white dress with black polka dots could hide.  Her smile lit up the room along with her dark alluring eyes.  She was petite but not tiny, probably somewhere around 5’2” or 5’3” with tanned but not overly dark skin and long black hair.

Without any preamble, he showed her his phone.  It was a picture of her, her face clearly visible turned to the side with a sloppy grin.  What was also clearly visible was her bare bottom with her dress pushed up past her waist with her underwear around her ankles.  Looking at the picture of herself, Priya’s smile was frozen in place for a couple seconds and then slowly turned into a look of shock and distress.  Next he showed her a video on his phone of a man’s torso pressed against her bottom and moving, and a part of him, his thing, was pressed in there.  Her head to the side, it was identifiable as her.  She looked to be awake, and she heard herself make a moan in the video, and she still had a slight grin but her eyes seemed vacant.  She also had no memory of any of this.  Was this her tutor or someone else, as the man’s face was not visible?

She was thinking furiously about the possibility he had sex with her, but that didn’t seem possible and maybe it just looked like it.  She was right about that as there had been no penetration, but it’s not what the video looked like.  It took a great deal of restraint on his part, but his cock had been forced down between her legs and not into her body.

He showed her another video on his phone, and it was the worst one yet.  It was her face again eyes open even if glazed over, and he was moving his thing in her mouth.  She moaned in the video, but it didn’t seem to be in protest at the disgusting thing intruding her mouth.  He played another video of it in her mouth moving in and out, and then a third video of the same thing.  Again, it took some restraint on his part to avoid cumming in the pretty young Indian girl’s mouth.

When the last video stopped he waited a few seconds and asked her, “You don’t want your parents or brother to see those do you?”
All she could manage was a slight shake of her head, no.
“I don’t want to have to show them those pictures and video either.”
Priya nodded her head in agreement still stunned by what she had seen.
Here we go he thought and delivered the threat, “If you do what I tell you, no one will have to see those pictures and videos.”

She remained silent just staring at his phone he was still holding even though the screen was blank, so he continued, “Should I show your parents and brother what you just saw?”
This seemed to shock her out of her trance, and again she shook her head, no.
“Then you will do what I tell you to prevent that?”
In a little girl’s trembling voice she asked, “What do you want me to do?”
Taking a breath, he delivered an order, “Well Priya, take off your clothes, all of them.”
She jumped to her feet staring at him now and not the phone.  Tears were welling in her eyes, and he was sure she was about to flee, so he hurriedly said, “I just want to see you again, maybe just touch you a little.”
Holding up the phone again he went on, “I’ve already done that, so a little more won’t hurt now will it?  Priya, you’ll have to do this to prevent your brother and parents from seeing the pictures and video.”

She stood there hyperventilating and poised to run for the door, but then her shoulders slumped in defeat.  She stood there head down emitting choking sobs and then after a long pause, she began reaching to the back of her neck.  With a trembling hand she tried to find the zipper to comply with the order.  While she was fumbling unsuccessfully with the zipper, he moved a little closer.  With a practiced hand coming from years of previously being married, he took hold of the zipper from her shaking hand and gave a steady tug, and the zipper glided easily down towards the the shaking girl’s waist.  Priya gasped as she felt her dress nearly fall from her shoulders and grabbed at it.  He stood near her and gestured with his hand for her to proceed.  She stood there for a long time clutching the dress to her shoulders, and then with another choking sob let it go.  The polka dot dress slid gracefully off her shoulders and fell in a heap at her ankles.

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My thanks to randomgirl for giving me a selection of Indian girl names to choose from, and also for previewing this chapter for any cultural errors.  I strive for accuracy and some level of believability.  She told me the story is indeed plausible, and a girl from a conservative Indian family could possibly be broken and blackmailed as the girl in this story is being and will be.

I imagined the girl to be darker in complexion than the picture I found, but then such things never fit completely.  So picture her more tan with caramel brown skin.

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Priya was looking down at herself seeing her thick plain white bra and conservative panties contrasting against her caramel skin.  She stood shaking in front of the older tutor for a minute hoping this would be enough, but he kept gesturing for her to go on.  She kicked her white shoes off leaving her barefoot, but he just rolled his eyes.  Taking a deep breath, she reached back and managed to unhook her bra.  She held it in front of her for a moment, and then used a hand to push the straps off her shoulder.  She let it drop joining her dress on the floor.  She could tell by his gaze she had to keep going and reached for her panties awkwardly with one hand, while trying to hide both her bare breasts with the other arm.

Watching her slowly push the elastic of her panties off her hips, he casually took a cushion and placed it on the desk to cover the sharp edge.  He knew from past experience that edge could cut into a girl’s thighs.  The girl took forever pushing on either side of her ample hips getting the panties off, but finally they fell to her ankles.  She lurched to the side and almost fell, stepping out of the panties to regain her balance.

Once Priya was naked, she tried to cover both well formed B cup breasts with one arm and her pussy with her hand.  Weeping with her head down, she was quaking so hard as he approached, he thought she might collapse and fall.  He gently took both arms pulling them away from her erogenous zones saying, “I need to see.  You know that.”
Her nipples were large pinkish brown buttons begging to be sucked on.  He looked down at her pubic area noting it wasn’t overly hairy, but it showed no signs of grooming a girl might do for wearing a bikini or meeting a lover.  She probably never wore such a swimsuit, and certainly never had a lover.  The black pubic hairs weren’t real curly, almost as straight as those of the Vietnamese girl he tutored last year.

With his hand under her chin, he forced her face up towards his.  She averted her tear filled eyes away from his close face.  With his other hand now in her flowing black hair, he held her head firmly and lowered his lips to hers delivering a kiss.  She squealed at the contact and tried to pull away, but he held the petite naked Indian girl firmly in place.  Breaking the kiss, he told her, “You have to kiss me back before I let you put your clothes back on.  And, put your arms around my neck like you really mean it.”
Hearing him say she could put her clothes back on made her ask, “I can put my clothes on if I kiss you?”
“Yes, you can put them on soon after if you kiss me nicely and put your arms around my neck while doing it.”

The young Indian girl took her trembling arms and put them around his neck and let him kiss her responding slightly hoping it was enough.  His eyes to the side noting the camera angle, moved them so it would get nice pictures of her naked and kissing him.  He pulled her closer until her breasts pressed against his upper belly.  She whined into his mouth at the closeness.  She was still shaking, and he wiped a few tears away with a finger noting she had mostly stopped crying.  It was time.  As he began moving behind her, he trailed a finger across her taut belly and across her flared brown hip to her soft butt.  He looked down and noted she had a really great ass below her thin waist.  While she was small, she looked built for breeding with those hips, which coincidentally was what he intended to do with her next.

She looked down at her clothes and made as if to stoop down to gather them, when he suddenly wrapped his arms around her torso pulling her against him again.  His hands were gripping and roughly squeezing both her firm breasts, and he began maneuvering her struggling body towards the desk.  She was struggling and crying again, and he whispered harshly in her ear, “Kissing me like some slut and getting me aroused.  Now what’s going to happen next is all your fault.”

She was screaming inarticulately when he forced her nubile naked body face down on the desk.  The cushion was pushed to the side, and he had to work it back under her hips.  He didn’t really care if the desk cut into her, but the marks and soreness could become an issue if she wasn’t able to hide them from her family.  He had grip on her neck and began working his pants down with the other hand.  It was planned that he wore stretchy pants with no belt that could be pushed down with one hand.  The girl was thrashing around more strongly than he would have supposed given her diminutive size.  She tried to kick back at him as he got his pants and underwear to his knees.  Frustrated with her fighting, he squeezed her neck hard and lifted and slammed her face down on the desk yelling, “Now quit!  It’s all your fault you got me turned on, now quit that fussing and just take your medicine.”

He was rock hard and already enjoying the pleasant sensation of his cock sliding between her butt cheeks.  Using his hand on her neck and his hips pinning her to the desk to keep the crying girl in place, he opened a side drawer and got out some lube.  Again, this wasn’t for her comfort.  He didn’t care much for a dry pussy, and if she was too sore to sit afterwards, it would raise questions.  He squirted the liquid lube on his cock and used her butt cheeks to spread it around.  In a parody of fucking her, he thrust between her butt cheeks until his cock was coated with the lube, his pale white cock standing out against her cocoa toned ass.   He slithered it down finding her folds and nuzzled them apart getting the head inside her.  Feeling it she fought frantically to move her hips aside wailing in misery.
“Remember this is all your fault,” he told her again and jerked his hips forward.

Priya lifted her head and screamed the loudest yet at the abrupt penetration of her body.  The searing pain seeming to flow outward to her extremities, as the cruel rapist thrust again getting even deeper into her womb.  She then realized her virtue had just been savagely ripped from her and howled in sorrow.  It was her honor that was gone now, and she could see her brother in particular angry at her for allowing it to happen.  He would kill her for dishonoring the family.  She moaned in wretchedness feeling the awful old man now thrusting vigorously into her body over and over.  She knew she had been fighting him, but now that he had penetrated her body, she could feel her struggles grow feeble.  Soon she could feel herself give up and go limp, just laying there as he continued to stab his thing into her most intimate place.

Priya’s face mashed against the desk by his hand on her throat was soaked with tears and drool as she struggled to breath.  Her whole world seemed to be crashing down at the violation of her body.  Images of her brother and father screaming at her for allowing this to happen kept appearing in her head.  She knew they would blame her for this.  She remained still except for her body lurching in rhythm unable to stop it.  Soon she could feel herself drifting away, still aware of the painfully jabbing into her insides, but now becoming detached as shock began to manifest itself.  She was now only vaguely conscious of her body jolting against the desk as the awful man used her.  She briefly came back to reality when the thrusting abruptly stopped, and she felt a nasty wetness spreading inside her.  She could tell the groan he made seemed to be one of satisfaction, and then she seemed to drift off again.

He withdrew his softening organ from the now unmoving girl and looked at it noting just a hint of blood.  Some of his cum bubbled out of her pussy and began dripping down her leg.  He pulled her up and needed to support her or she would have slumped to the floor.  The girl probably weighed no more than a hundred pounds and he held her up easily.  She seemed in a state of shock.  Her face was soaked in drying tears, but she had stopped crying.  Hauling her towards the bathroom he said, “Let’s get you cleaned up and presentable before your brother gets here.”

He essentially had to carry the girl to the tub and lift her in.  He ran the water testing it with his hand wanting it a little cold to bring her around, but not so cold to get her shivering too much.  She was awake, but not very responsive.  As the water level rose, she did shiver some and her eyes seemed less glazed over.  He wet a wash cloth and gently wiped at her face cleaning away the dried tears.  He then moved the wash cloth lower tenderly cleaning her legs inside her thighs removing his cum.  When he moved the wash cloth further between her legs to her crotch, Priya abruptly woke from her shock and began thrashing around in the tub splashing water.

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Love this Jed! And thank you randomgirl for the help you gave him! Will there be more?

December 09, 2016, 03:38:19 PM
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Offline randomgirl

I didn't do much really. :P

But loved the two chapters so far. Keep going please :)

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I didn't do much really. :P

But loved the two chapters so far. Keep going please :)

I don't count my science fiction and horror types stories when I say this, but I have an overwhelming compulsion to be as accurate and plausible as I can when writing a story set in the present or past.  It would drive me crazy, if I was farfetched or just plain wrong about details.  I don't mind stretching the truth or believably a little if it's integral to the story, but peripheral and supporting details need to be as accurate as possible, especially with something like culture.  I once researched clothespins to make sure they were around in the 1880's, and what type were available to use on a girl's nipples [see The Glory Hole (Tales of the Old West)].

Here's a couple quotes from you that gave me some reassurance (I hope you don't mind I copied them from a PM.  Making PMs public is not something I normally condone, they being 'private' messages.  It just seems harmless here):

"And you are right, there is a lot of victim blaming at least it used to be even 10-15 years back even more so in conservative families... "

"Yea it's plausible. I did meet immigrant families who are like that. Since the girl is young there's even a chance that if she is broken enough she will hide it for a long time."

I like the names Priya and Kriti too, among those you suggested.  And you, an Indian girl, identifies with the character, now there's a shocker...LOL

I am nearly done with Chapter III.  Hopefully this weekend it will be posted.

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Annoyed at being splashed, he grabbed her arms and held on telling her in a raised but calm voice, “Priya, we need to get you looking and acting normal before your brother gets here.  We don’t want him to find out about us having sex.”

She stared at him seeming to come around.  She had been shivering, but now it was getting worse as the water got colder.  Still holding her with one firm hand, he used the other to drain the tub.  As the water was receding down the drain, Priya spoke in a soft almost distant voice, “You raped me.  I want the police.”
“I didn’t rape you.  I have pictures that prove that.”
“You raped me.”
“The pictures clearly show you aren’t fighting me.  No one is going to believe you weren’t willing.  They will think you are just trying to hide that you are a slut from your family.”
“You raped me!”
“How are you going to prove that?  It’s not just the pictures and video I have.  You stripped yourself naked here in my house, it wasn’t me that did that, it was you.  And nothing is torn proving that.”

The shivering naked Indian girl seemed to be at a loss as to what to say next, so he handed her a large towel to dry off.  He helped her stand, and she begin drying herself absently.  He wanted to emphasize his point and went and got one of his cameras recording the events.  He quickly ran the camera back until he found what he wanted, and then turned it towards her saying, “Look, here you are stripping your clothes off for me.”
He forwarded the camera and turned it to her again saying, “And, here you are naked and kissing me.  It sure wouldn’t look to anyone seeing this like I forced you.  You look like an Indian slut begging to be fucked, and that’s just what you got.”

Her eyes seemed lost looking at the pictures and video he was showing her.  He wrapped the towel around her shoulders, and she clutched at it trying to cover some of her nudity.  He led her over to a chair speaking as he went, “It’s really not about what the police might believe.  It’s your family Priya.  What are they going to believe seeing those pictures?  And it’s not about what your father or brother might do to you for having sex with me.  It’s the dishonor to your family if this got out.  I don’t want the whole community to know about your lewd sexual behavior, but I’ll make sure they all know if you don’t cooperate.”

He sat her down and pulled a chair up very close to her and put a hand on her knee.  Priya stared at the hand but didn’t try and dislodge it.  With his other hand under her chin, he made her look up at him while he spoke, “You don’t want your family dishonored do you Priya?”
There was a long hesitation, and then in a weak voice she whimpered, “No.”
“And what would your father and brother do if they found out?”
“Kill me, maybe kill you too.”
“Do you want that?”
“I don’t care.”
“So we can tell them about us having sex?”
“What would that do to your family, it getting out we are lovers?”
“We’re not lovers!”
“My pictures and video prove otherwise.”
“Please, just stop saying that!”
“They never need to know, and the community never needs to know.  It will be our secret Priya.  Your family won’t be dishonored or shamed if they don’t know, and nobody else needs to know either.”
“So I don’t talk, and you don’t show anybody anything?”
“That’s right.  There’s a little more to it than that, but let’s take a look at you.”

With both hands on her knees, he applied pressure and said, “Open your legs Priya and let me see if you’re OK.”
She resisted some but then gave up and let him open them.  He leaned in looking, and then took the towel from her shoulders and softly said, “Let me wipe a little.  I’ll be gentle.”
He gently pressed the towel against her crotch, and pulled it back looking.  There was a hint of pinkish blood, but just barely, and he commented, “You came through your first sexual experience just fine Priya, nothing to worry about.”
“It hurts.”
“Well maybe it’s a little sore down there, but it probably won’t hurt much at all next time.”
“Next time?”
“Why sure, I have some free time on Saturday to tutor you.”
“You want me to come back?  After this?”
“Of course you need to come back.  You don’t want your family dishonored do you?”

With revulsion Priya quickly grasped that not only could she never tell anyone what this horrible man did to her, but she would have to come back here and let him do it again.  Thinking even further, she knew he wouldn’t be satisfied with just that.  He would make her keep doing it again and again until she could figure out a way out of this awful situation.

She stared at him, and he could see the growing realization in her eyes what he intended.  Her face was an open book to him; there was fear, disgust and resentment, and there was hatred in her eyes, but there was also acquiescence.  He could tell the girl was submissive by nature, especially around strong male figures including an older tutor like himself.  He reached up to her face cupping a cheek.  She cringed from the touch but didn’t stop him.  He needed some things to move along so he told her, “You’re going to have to fix your face before your brother gets here.  It doesn’t look that bad, but I’m sure you have what you need in your purse to get your face looking like nothing happened.”

She briefly closed her eyes, and then nodded in agreement.  That task of getting her presentable established before her brother arrived, he knew he needed to reinforce the new nature of their relationship.  He let his hand slide from her cheek and across her collarbone until it rested on her left breast.  She cringed again and raised her hands slightly as if to push his hand away.  He casually and softly squeezed her breast noting her closed eyes and tense posture.  He reached up with his other hand to grope the other breast.  He played with her large pinkish brown nipples until they began to harden.  He could see by her face she was feeling owned by him as he intended.  He could see her get choked up a little.  Not wanting her to start sobbing again, he released her tits and told her, “You can get dressed now Priya and fix your face.”

Priya steeled herself seeing her brother drive up.  She had acted in some plays in school these last couple years, so she told herself to use her acting skills to hide what happened.  It wasn’t hard.  Her brother didn’t pay any attention to her and just drove.  Hating herself for saying it, she told him, “He wants me to come back on Saturday at 1PM.”

On Saturday the farce of him tutoring her was completely forgotten the moment her brother drove off.  He told her to stand and strip for him.  She hesitated, but he showed her some of the pictures he had again threatening they would go to her family and members of the tight-knit Indian community they associated with.  Only a few tears rolled down her cheeks as she began unbuttoning her blouse and stepping out of her shoes.  She took her time, and thankfully he didn’t hurry her.  The blouse she hung over a chair, and the skirt she unzipped from the waist fell to her feet.  She stood for a while in her underwear, and then with a deep breath unhooked her bra sliding it slowly off her breasts also hanging it on the chair.  She worked her panties off her hips until they fell to her ankles and stepped out of them.  He was filming her again the whole time she undressed for him with no attempt to hide it.  Each time he filmed, it just dug her in deeper into this plight, and she couldn’t see any way out.

She closed her eyes as he approached.  She loathed his hands on her body.  It wasn’t just the intimate way he touched her, she could tell he did it to make her feel possessed by him.  It was like she was some sort of toy he could play with any way he wanted.  He fondled her breasts and squeezed her butt as she shook in revulsion.  He began pushing her towards the desk.  She saw the cushion there again and knew he was going to bend her over again, on that same desk where he pretended to help her in chemistry.  Every fiber of her being was telling her to run, to scream at him, to fight with all her strength, but without resisting she let him bend her naked brown body over the desk.  He spoke, “You can close your eyes Priya and pretend it’s not happening if you want.  Just stay there in that position while I get myself ready.”

She closed her eyes as he suggested.  Hearing him moving around behind her, she steeled herself for what was about to happen.  And then she felt it, the floppy fleshy thing pressing on her buttocks.  Priya felt a wave of nausea and disgust go through her body.  It was all she could do not to scream and struggle.  She was shaking terribly in anticipation.  The touch of his vile organ was followed by the squirt of cold liquid she knew was to aid him getting inside her.  Just like before, he moved it to her most vulnerable and private place, pushing and working her intimate lips aside.  She couldn’t believe she was here, letting him this time, do this horrendous thing to her.

She felt him slowly push his hateful thing inside her and winced in discomfort and loathing.  The sensation was gruesome, and the feeling of his organ filling her body was repugnant, as if she was voiding her bowels in reverse.   It was awful, the stretching open feeling of him violating her body.  He was right in that it didn’t hurt as much as the first time, but somehow the act seemed even more repellent than before.  She realized it was her submission to it this time instead of resisting that made it worse.  He began moving, slowly at first, and then with increasing speed.  Priya kept her eyes tightly shut trying to will the act away in her mind.  The initial discomfort gave way to a growing soreness from the relentless rubbing of his foul organ within her precious channel.  His fingernails dug painfully into her hips, holding her in place while he used her like some worthless inanimate doll.

“You’re going to be a good girl for us, aren’t you Priya?” her tutor’s voice said.
Priya opened her eyes in astonishment.  The voice was in front of her and not behind her where he was using her.  In confusion she saw the tutor sitting a few feet away.  It made no sense as she could feel him thrusting into her body, yet there he was in front of her.  She turned her head around and looked back in shock.  It was her chemistry teacher from school, who smiling as he pumped his organ repeatedly into her body, grunted out, “Hi Priya.  I came to help with your lessons.”

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Nice chapter !! The ending was a genuine surprise. Love where this is heading. Definitely hot and can't wait for more :)

December 16, 2016, 06:49:10 AM
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Thank you random, I like this one too.

I have a couple other stories I need to work on, but I'll get back to this one very soon.

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Oh c'mon...i am still waiting :)

December 28, 2016, 11:24:57 PM
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Wow loving this story!

January 08, 2017, 12:24:37 PM
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Priya looked in front of her again at the tutor and then back at her teacher trying to fathom that she had two tormentors now.  She heard herself whimper in shame knowing now they were going to take turns with her.  The tutor was filming her again, but this time it was of her chemistry teacher raping her.  She knew it wouldn’t look like rape because she was submitting to it, but in her mind she was being forced and hated it.

The tutor stopped filming and began undressing.  That’s when her tears began flowing again knowing he was going to do it to her too.  She closed her eyes briefly, but then grunted and opened them at a particularly hard thrust from her teacher.  She was getting really sore, and he seemed to be pumping his flesh even harder into her body.

Her attention was brought back to her tutor, nude now he was moving towards her.  His semi-hard thing was waving back and forth at eye level as he approached.  She couldn’t take her eyes off it.  It got really close and she could see the veins as it seemed to pulsate and stiffen even more.  His was the first she ever saw, and before it was just a few glances even though it had been inside her.  Other than a picture some girl at school showed her intending to embarrass her, she had never seen one.  Now it was right in front of her face only inches away.  Suddenly she realized what he intended and sealed her lips shut, her breathing rasping through her nostrils trying not to grunt at the other one repeatedly molesting her crotch.

He took hold of her hair winding it in his fist and lifted her face up.  His other hand was gripping his member pressing it disgustingly against her lips, and he ordered, “Open your mouth Priya, it time to begin your cocksucking lessons.”

She closed her lips tighter groaning in humiliation.  And then she nearly opened them as her teacher seemed to be thrusting into her much faster now.  The soreness of his rape was turning to outright pain.  She felt the tutor pull her head higher, and then there was a shocking stinging blow to the side of her face.  Priya instantly knew she had been slapped.  Her father had slapped her many times just like that for being disobedient.  The slap was followed another and then by a harsh yell of, “Get your fucking mouth open now!”

Instinctively and just like she would have obeyed her father, Priya opened her mouth wide.  It was immediately filled with his soft yet hard flesh pushing along her tongue. She felt herself heave a little as it touched the back of her throat.  The taste was unpleasant but not as awful as she would have thought.  It was sweaty and a little salty and she heard him say, “No teeth Priya, grip it with your lips and suck.”

She briefly considered biting on it to get him to stop this filthy act, but the thought of doing that terrified her.  Unsure what else to do, she tried to do what he wanted and sucked on the thing.  The taste intensified, and she wouldn’t know until much later that she was tasting his precum.  He was pumping it into her mouth sometimes going too deep and making her gag a little.  There was no retreat from it.  She did try and suck on it as he kept telling her as he thrust into her mouth, but it was so distracting with the other one almost frantically shoving himself between her legs.  Abruptly the one behind her groaned and jerked against her.  Priya’s mouth went slack and she moaned in misery feeling a slimy awful wetness spurting into her womb.  Knowing what that was made her sob around the thing in her mouth.  She expected him to order her to suck it again, but instead he withdrew it from her mouth chuckling.

He still had her hair wound around one hand and used that to lift her up.  It was then the teacher’s thing slipped from her body.  Priya felt some of his disgusting fluid seep from her body and trickle down one leg and whined in humiliation.  The tutor was leading her stumbling across the room.  She was being forced towards a bedroom.  Someone, she wasn’t sure who, handed her a towel, and without thinking she wiped at the mess leaking from her body.

The tutor lay back on a bed and pulled her up with him.  He forced her knees on either side of his hips.  His stiff thing was pressing against her thigh, and she knew what he was going to make her do.  He took the towel from her hand and tossed it aside, and said, “Put it inside you Priya.  You are going to learn to ride me.”
“Please sir, I’m really sore.  It’s going to hurt.”
“Too bad Priya.  You ride me good and it will be over quicker.  The better you are with your lessons, the quicker they will always be over.”
“Please,” she whined again.
“Do it now Priya,” he ordered forcing her hands to his menacing organ.

Crying in shame, she hated the nasty feel of it in her hands.  She wished he would just rape her, but instead he was humiliating her by making her do it to herself.  Sobbing uncontrollably, she lifted her hips, and then aimed it between her legs.  It looked so pale and repugnant against her brown skin.  His hands were on her hips now guiding her movements as she placed the head in her abused opening.  His hands pushed on her hips making her settle down on it.  It was revolting feeling it slowly fill her precious place.  It hurt too, she was so sore down there from the other one using her.

He pressed up, and she lifted.  He pressed down, and she settled on it again.  She leaned forward and placed her palms on either side of his shoulders for balance, and saw him nod in approval.  His hands gripping her butt were now guiding her faster and faster as she bounced up and down on it.  She was both hoping for and afraid it would slip out, but somehow she didn’t lose him as she gyrated on his thing.  She turned and saw the teacher was filming again, and the tutor said, “Yes, we are getting some good video of our little Indian slut riding cock like she loves it.”

Priya wailed in misery but didn’t stop moving.  It was getting so sore and she began pleading with him with her eyes to hurry up and finish.  She could feel his fingers moving on her butt cheek, and then she squealed feeling a finger penetrate her ass.  He slowed her, and pulled her face down towards his and whispered, “That’s a nice tight little hole you have there Priya.  We’re going to need to loosen that up some.”

She was confused by his comment, and wished he would get his insidious finger out of her butthole.  It felt awful moving in there.  He was still moving her, and the sliding double penetration was a dreadfully strange feeling.  Her breasts were rubbing on his hairy chest, and she could feel her nipples getting hard and sensitive at the abrasion.  They were moving very slow now, his thing and finger sliding inside her, and he pulled her face closer kissing her on the lips.  She wanted to resist this appalling act of intimacy, but found herself feeling so helpless and despondent, that she didn’t even try to pull her face away.  She was also feeling overwhelmed by the sensations; her crotch seemed to be on fire it hurt so much, and the intruding finger in her butt just seemed so wrong.  Her nipples were beginning to hurt too the way they rubbed on his chest, and his tongue probing in her mouth was sickening.

He finally broke the kiss and slid her cheek along hers to whisper in her ear, “For this to be over and for me to cum, I’ll need to fuck you harder.  Do you want this to end?”
“Please sir, yes,” she whimpered feeling him still moving inside her.
“Then beg me to fuck you harder.”
“Beg me or this will go on for hours.”
“Please what?”
“Please fuck me harder.”
“Fuck me harder!  Fuck me harder!”
“Tell the camera.”
Priya turned toward her teacher filming them and begged, “Fuck me harder!  Fuck me harder!  Fuck me harder!”
“That’s a good little Indian slut.”

Priya moaned despairingly, and then squealed in surprise as he rolled with her in the bed.  He was abruptly on top of her and still moving inside her.  His finger at least was gone from her butt, but now he was doing what she begged and fucking her harder.  It was so painful, and she was silently pleading for him to finish soon.  Grunting with effort, he ordered her, “Wrap your legs and around me, and beg again.”
Priya obeyed putting her hands on his jerking hips and wrapped her legs around his thighs and with choking sobs shouted, “Fuck me harder!  Fuck me harder!  Fuck me harder!  Fuck me harder!”

She was wincing at every hard thrust and then couldn’t hold it in any longer and began making whining grunts of pain.  To her amazement, he was drilling into her even more rapidly.  And, she could see his face grimacing with effort until he finally let out a loud groan his hips slamming against hers.  Priya could feel that ghastly dreadful gushing of his vile filth inside her.  It made her feel soiled and untouchable in a way that could not be cleansed.  She was broken and there was nothing that could mend her.  He lay on top of her gasping until she feared his weight would smother her.

After a couple heart pounding minutes, the tutor finally got off her, and she felt that sicking squishy feeling of him pulling his limp organ from her body.  They didn’t let her get out of the bed.  Instead they took pictures of her.  The made her spread her legs wide and took picture and video of his nasty fluid leaking out of her body.  She wept and pleaded with them to stop it knowing more pictures just meant they had her even more trapped.

Her chemistry teacher lay down on the bed next to her, but then turned towards the tutor and asked, “How is she at sucking cock?”
“She just needs practice.”
“They always do.  We got a little over an hour before we need to get the little cunt cleaned up, so she can suck our cocks until then.”
“My thoughts exactly,” responded the teacher, as he began pushing Priya’s face down towards his crotch.

January 09, 2017, 03:27:17 PM
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Love the misery inflicted upon her...specially the way you made her beg made me wet. :P

January 09, 2017, 04:08:45 PM
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It's always pleasing to hear someone enjoyed my story, but it's a particularly nice compliment to hear my story aroused a girl to the point her body was preparing itself for imminent sexual intercourse.

January 11, 2017, 07:31:19 AM
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Fuck this was hot !! Wow wow wow..

January 11, 2017, 11:34:09 AM
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Fuck this was hot !! Wow wow wow..

Random, I think if I could somehow make hourly posts in this story, your fingers would be permanently buried in your panties.

January 14, 2017, 07:52:17 AM
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Fuck this was hot !! Wow wow wow..

Random, I think if I could somehow make hourly posts in this story, your fingers would be permanently buried in your panties.
Is that so bad :P

January 14, 2017, 08:56:08 AM
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Just don't put the blame on me when you get caught with your hand in your panties at work.

I hope to get more of this story out in the next couple days.  I'm working on a couple stories right now, so in the meantime read a few others of mine.  ;)

January 21, 2017, 08:00:40 AM
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At home Saturday evening Priya picked at the rice and chana on her plate until her father became annoyed and sent her to bed.  Incredibly relieved, she stood carefully trying not to wince or yelp at the pain she was experiencing.  She stiffly walked towards the stairs saying she would bathe first.

After undressing and while the water was running in the bath, she got a hand mirror and looked to see how bad it was.  The red welts began at her lower back and went to her thighs.  Her butt in particular was criss-crossed with red welts.  Thinking about how much it had hurt and still hurt, she vowed that she would never let them feel her teeth again.  As soon as she had that thought, she began crying again knowing that she had given up hope that it would stop.  They would be putting their nasty things in her mouth over and over, and it would never stop.

The teacher had been so rough with her, that’s why it happened.  Almost as soon as he forced it in her mouth, he gripped her hair and humped her face.  She was squealing around it and gagging horribly, but he wouldn’t stop.  He was trying to force it into her throat, and she panicked.  She had been trying to keep her teeth of it, but then she felt them scrape it while she was choking and trying not to throw up.  He pulled it out of her mouth and swore at her, calling her a stupid cunt.  First he slapped her a few times, but then the tutor got this leather strap and handed it to him.

It was the tutor that held her wrists and head down on the floor with her butt in the air while the teacher beat her with the strap.  She was screaming the whole time about how sorry she was, and that it would never happen again, but he kept beating her.  She began begging him to let her suck it again, and that she would do it really good for him.  Finally, he laughed and said, “OK slut, but you’re getting more of the strap if you don’t make me cum in the next 5 minutes.”

Terrified, she sucked on it as strong as she could forcing as much of it as possible in her mouth until her stomach heaved and threatened to erupt.  She had to force the rising gorge down a few times.  She was moving her head up and down rapidly and then it happened.  So focused on pleasing him, it didn’t even occur to her what would happen.  It squirted right down her throat, and she swallowed instinctively to clear it.  Then the taste hit her and realizing what it was, she pulled back and covered her mouth knowing she was going to throw up.  They were yelling at her not to, and somehow she kept it down.  She could taste the bile in her mouth and knew how close it had been.

But that wasn’t enough, then she had to do the tutor.  Her mouth was already tired and starting to get sore by then, and she was very conscious of her stinging butt.  The places where he beat her hurt and were distracting.  She was very afraid of them whipping her more, so she was really careful about her teeth.  The tutor lasted longer, but then he made her slow down a couple times, so she knew that was on purpose.  She was sure it was to humiliate her even more.  She was ready for it when it happened.  She was starting to recognize when they were getting close, the tension in their bodies and the slight shaking.  When it shot in her mouth, she was ready and began swallowing not wanting to taste it.  There still some gooey salty taste.  It was slimy and didn’t go down easy.  It seemed to cling to her throat making her swallow several times.

After that, they made her suck both of them some more.  She had to move from one to the other based on them pulling on her hair.  She knew they were just passing the time until she had to clean up, get presentable.  They were too spent to do it again, but still wanted to further humiliate and degrade her by making her suck on their things.

She just couldn’t get the taste out of her mouth.   She had been sitting in the tub brushing her teeth over and over until the water got cold.  Finally she just gave up and went to bed.  What little sleep she got was nothing but nightmares about being forced to have sex, constant unending painful, degrading and shameful sex.

Sunday was uneventful, but Priya was worried about school on Monday, and for good reason.  Chemistry class was in the morning.  She sat in the back and tried not to make any eye contact with the teacher.  All was going well until towards the end of class he walked towards the back near where she was sitting.  As the bell rung he stood behind her and spoke, “Stay behind a few minutes Priya.  I need to speak with you.”

She sat in the desk trying to look normal while the other students slowly filed out.  She could feel herself shaking even before his hand was on her shoulder.  It wasn’t on her shoulder long, soon it was on her breast and squeezing.  She closed her eyes and tried to will it away, but it was hopeless.  Still groping her breast he spoke, “You have a free period after lunch at 1PM.”
“I’ll need you to come to my office that hour.  In fact come at 12:30.  A half hour for lunch is plenty.”
“It’s…’s when I study.”
“Not any more.  It’s when we give our little slut more lessons.”
“In the school?  You…um…can’t.”
He squeezed her breast hurtfully and said, “We own you now Priya.  You will do what you’re told or everyone will know what a little slut you really are especially your family.”

Priya went through her other two morning classes and then lunch, although she only picked at her food at lunch.  However, she had developed a plan.  This madness had to stop, and she was going to make it stop.  She showed up at the teacher’s office as ordered and was not surprised to find the tutor there as well.  Determined that things would stop right then and there she announced, “If you keep making me do things, I will just kill myself.”
The tutor nodded and answered, “You could try and do that, but it wouldn’t change anything.”
“If I was dead, you couldn’t make me do these things.”
“Your family would still be dishonored.”
“No they would not.  I would be dead, and this would stop.”
“But we would make sure they saw all the pictures and video and also everyone in your community too.  Everyone would know what a slut you were.  They would just think you killed yourself because you were a slut and whore.  Imagine the shame and dishonor your family would have knowing that and knowing everyone else knew too.”

They watched her as what he said sunk in, and then smiled seeing her shoulders slump in defeat.  She offered no resistance as they bent her over the desk.  Being bent over a desk was becoming horribly familiar now.  It was the teacher that forced it into her mouth and told her to get it wet and slippery.  He said they forgot the lube.  She knew what that meant and did spit all over his thing while she sucked it.  Then the teacher went around behind her, lifted her dress and yanked her panties down.  Despite her saliva all over it, him forcing it inside still hurt.

The teacher barely got moving before the tutor forced his in her mouth.  This was just like Saturday when she found out the teacher was also one of her tormentors, except this time it was both of them from the start.  It was really hard to concentrate on the one in her mouth, while being distracted by the rough  use from behind.  The welts started to hurt again from his hips slamming into her butt, but at least her body was getting used to the penetration.  It was still an awful feeling and depressing to think of herself becoming accustomed to being used by them.  It was the teacher behind her that finished first with that horrid hateful wetness spurting inside her body.  Not even a minute later the tutor groaned, and his seed squirted into the back of her throat.  She didn’t even think about spitting it out terrified of disobeying them.

She wanted to pull her panties back up from her ankles, but the tutor pulled her into his lap groping her breasts.  The way he always casually squeezed her breasts made her feel so owned by him even more so than the teacher.  She was still very conscious of the taste of him in her mouth.  He asked her, “Do you remember me asking you about wearing a saree?”
“Yes,” she replied.
“Tomorrow you will wear one to school and later for your tutoring session.”
“Please, the kids in school will stare at me.”
“Only because you’ll look so pretty and fuckable in a saree.  You will wear it.  Oh, and don’t bother with any panties.  They are just in the way.”

To emphasize his comment about her panties, he pulled the pair she had off her feet and handed them to the teacher.  Smiling the teacher put them into his briefcase.  They kept her there in the office for over an hour, using her again before letting her leave.  This time it was the teacher in her mouth and the tutor behind her shoving it into her body.  Priya had no hope left in her that this would ever stop.

When Priya arrived in school on Tuesday, she got unexpected comments all morning from girls and boys about how pretty she looked in a saree.  They made her briefly feel good about herself, but then she would remember why she was wearing it and what would happen.  She couldn’t eat much at lunch knowing she had to be in the teacher’s office again at 12:30.

In the office the teacher and tutor were all smiles and made her turn around in her saree.  They told her she was very pretty, and it would be fun in the evening when she stripped it off for them.  It was the tutor that bent her over the desk.  He lifted the flowing folds of her saree and checked with his hand saying, “The little slut was obedient.  She’s not wearing panties.”

She closed her eyes waiting for him to do it, but then opened them to see him showing her something.  He had a cone shaped black object tapered at both ends with a base at one end.  In front of her eyes he poured some liquid lubricant over it.  That’s when she realized he intended to force it into her body to further humiliate her.  She didn’t say anything but was thinking the object was big, well over an inch in diameter and four inches long and might hurt going in, but it was certainly preferable to his thing being inside her.  She wondered why they would want to doing this, but knew it must be something bad.

As she expected, the tutor was pressing the thing into her crotch.  She felt him probing with the tip, but he moved it above her vagina until the tip was on her anus.  She was about to open her mouth to tell him he had the wrong place, but the teacher covered her mouth with his palm and held her very hard.  That’s when the unthinkable happened.  The tutor began twisting the object and forcing it slowly into her ass.  She started screaming into the teachers hand trying to tell him to stop, but he kept shoving it into her.  Priya could feel her anus opening and stretching hurtfully trying to accommodate the object,  She screamed and screamed in pain, and then it seemed to pop into her body.

The teacher was still covering her mouth, when she felt the tutor force himself into her vagina.  Priya felt so full down there with things forced into both her orifices, and she heard the tutor say, “Damn, if you thought her pussy was tight before, just wait to you feel it with the butt plug in.”

February 02, 2017, 04:36:16 PM
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Anther excellent story Jed!  I'm looking forward to more installments soon!