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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, currently living, or has ever lived, is purely coincidental and unintentional. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

Additional Disclaimer: Slavery, rape, and murder, in all their forms are evil and cruel.  No human being has the right to treat another human being like property.  This is simply a fantasy… my fantasy.  The author neither condones nor endorses any practices mentioned herein.

Her eyes opened slowly.  For a moment she thought she was in her bed at home.  She realized that she was actually not at home.  She sat up in bed, rubbed her face with both hands.  Her wedding ring was gone, in fact, all her jewelry; including the ring her mother gave her before passing from cancer.  Not only was the ring irreplaceable, it was a last memory of her mother.  Her nose stud was missing as well.  Her blue eyes scanned the walls, searching for a door or window.  After a moment, she could see an outline of a door.  She ran for the door, grabbing it, tried to pull, and then push, but both proved equally fruitless.  The window was set deep in a thick concrete wall.  She couldn’t keep her feet on the floor and touch the window.  That is, if it wasn’t for the chicken wire right behind the drapes.  The windows were dirty and grimy.  The room she was in was cool and she was thankful that whoever had snatched her had kept her clothed, though the T-shirt wasn’t quite warm enough She wished she’d gone back for her sweatshirt when she left the house that morning.  THAT morning?  She didn’t know how long she’d been out.  If you’d told her that she’d been there a year, she’d’ve believed you.  It was remarkably dark, with only a little light from the dirty window.  She ran her hands through her red locks, fighting back the tears.

It must’ve been hours before she heard a sound.  She realized she had dozed off.  A small rectangle at the bottom of the door opened and something came rolling towards her.  In the light that came through the small rectangle, before it closed, she could see it was a bottle of water.  Until then, she wasn’t aware of how thirsty she truly was.
   “Thank you,” she said, as the rectangle slammed shut.  The water was warm, but refreshing none the less.  She drank half of it, not knowing when she would have more.  She stood up and found her way to the wall and walked around the room with one hand on the wall, climbing on the bed and reaching behind a chest of drawers.  Finding nothing beyond cold stone walls, she sat down on the bed.  It wasn’t too long, before light came on.  It was a harsh white light that hurt her eyes. A handwritten note slid onto the floor.  It said: ‘undress” without any other instructions. She wouldn’t comply.  She had too much dignity.  After a few minutes, a new, different sound was heard.  It sounded like a key being turned.  Sure enough, the door was flung open, the light from beyond the door, silhouetting the figure standing in the doorway.
   “Why are you still clothed?” the question boomed from the doorway.  In three strides, he crossed to the bed.  With his left hand, he wrapped his fist in her red locks, while his right, slammed into her pretty face.  She tasted the metallic taste of blood.  He punched her in the face several times.  He pulled hard on the hair knotted in his fist, so she was looking up at him.  He planted a crushing kiss on her lips.  His tongue darting around her mouth.  She tried to scream, tried to push him away but he was taller than her and outweighed her by over 100 lbs.  Suddenly, her hair was released and her lips were free.
   “Strip down,” he said, as the door slammed shut.  She swallowed her dignity and slipped out of her jeans and T-shirt.  Her panties and bra followed.  Almost instantly, the door opened.  The man returned with another figure.  The other figure was a young woman probably a year or two younger than her.  The other woman picked up the discarded clothes and turned to leave.  She stood beside the man.
   “Come,” he boomed.  The young redhead swallowed hard and walked over to stand in front of the man.  He handed her another waterbottle.  This one was cool.  She gulped it down in three gulps.  When she was done, the other girl took the bottle.  The man produced a short chain and a leather collar.  The young redhead feared resistance and soon she was collared.  She had noticed that the other girl had a green collar, but no chain.  The man took the chain and led her through a down a long hallway then down a long series of staircases.  They arrived in a cement and concrete room.  It was huge The cement was cold on her bare feet.  They approached another door marked ‘Incinerators’
   “Are you going to kill me?” she asked in a soft voice.  He smiled down at her.
   “Perhaps.”  That scared the young woman more than a ‘yes’ would’ve.  He unlocked the door and all three of them entered.  Even with the door opened behind them, it was vary hot.  Only two ovens were lit.  The other girl, put on two silicone gloves, opened one oven, tossed the clothes in, and closed it.  They all left, the man closing the door behind them.
   “Are you ready to begin the rest of your life?”

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The young redhead was led to a large room with a door on the far end and a staircase behind an archway.  The man turned to the other woman.
   “Go to your room, until I come for you Erin,” he said.  She silently nodded and turned, heading towards the archway and the stairs beyond it.  He, meanwhile, led her to the door.  Inside was a rather roomy office.  He sat down behind a mahogany desk and indicated for her to sit across from him in one of the comfy chairs. 
   “I have some question for you.  You will answer me honestly and promptly.  Is that understood?”  She nodded silently. 
   “Name,” he said staring at the computer screen.
   “Tayla,” she responded. 
   “Are you a virgin?”
   “No, I have two little ones.  One is…”
   “A simple ‘no’ will suffice Tayla.”
   “No, I’m not a virgin no.”
   “Can I assume you’re married, or are you a whore?”
   “I’m married.  You took my wedding ring,” the redhead stated, a hint of bitterness in her voice.
   “Ah yes, that’s right,” he responded rather absentmindedly, “We did.”
   “Age?” he asked. 
   “Thirty-two,” Tayla said.  He hadn’t looked at her the whole time but had entered all the information she had given him based on her answers to his questions.  Finally, he turned to face her. 
   “Do you know where you are and why you’re here, Tayla?” he asked.  The redhead, again, shook her head silently. 
   “I’m a procurement and training expert.  That means, darling, that I snatch women, such as yourself, and train them as slaves for their masters.  I think I can get a pretty good price for you”
   “Why me?” Tayla asked, tears beginning to form in the corners of her blue eyes. 
   “I don’t know if you’ve ever given much thought to what you look like to a guy.  I can tell you if you came up on my screen, I’d bid on you till I was broke.”
   “I’m a human being not a piece of meat,” she retorted hotly, her red-headed temper started to flair up, even as tears began to roll down her cheeks. 
   “As a human being, you’re just my client’s type.  As for not being a piece of meat, most of my clients, are also, not into cannibalism.  In any event, I think it’s time to start your training.”  He rose and took her chain and looked down silently at her, waiting for her to rise, silently daring her to fight him, challenge him, defy him.  With a sigh of resignation, she rose.
   “In the future, a sigh like that, will get you a slap at best, do you understand?” His look could’ve frozen Tayla’s blood.  She nodded submissively.  He led her silently through the halls.  She was glad there were so few people to leer at her naked body.  She was really, a beautiful woman. For having 2 children, she was in excellent shape.  Her tummy was tight, small, perky and pert breasts, taut ass, and flawless skin.  Being a redhead, she had pale skin, and beautiful large blue eyes. She had always been proud of her body.  She was led to a large room.  Near the centre of the room, there was a chair, which looked exactly like a barber’s chair, except for straps and cuffs. 
   “Sit,” he commanded.  Hesitantly, Tayla sat.  He quickly fastened her in.  Selecting a short cut on a trimming razor, he gave her a buzz cut, the beautiful red locks falling to the floor, as Tayla wept. 
   “Anything that attached you to your past life as a free woman is now gone.  Your transition into a slave can now begin,” he said with a triumphant smile.  Tayla wept harder.

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Part 3

Tayla looked at herself in the mirror.  She almost didn't recognize herself.  Her luxurious, red hair was gone, replaced by a buzz cut, no jewelry even her nose stud and her gold cross on a chain.  She was as naked as the day she was born.  She walked over to the bed and sat down heavily.  She had been delivered to her room as soon as her hair had been shaved off.  The mysterious man hadn't said anything as he had taken her back.  He had taken off her collar and hung it outside her door.  She looked towards the door.  That steel door full of bolts and nuts and rivets and…then she realized a bottle of water on her side table.  She touched it.  It was still cool to the touch.  Just as she started to drink it, the door opened.  He stood there, holding her collar.
   "You can finish your water," he said standing in the doorway, not moving.  Tayla glared at him as she slowly drank the bottle, taking her time.  He didn't yell, or get angry, or even sigh.  She tossed it aside and walked towards him.  He affixed the collar to Tayla's neck and wordlessly led her down the hall to a large room.  The cold cement on her feet didn't chill her as what she saw in the room.  Torture devices, sex toys, objects designed to inflict pain and suffering.
   "Sit down," he said indicating at the chair that, again, dominated the middle of the room.  Tayla hesitantly sat, noticing the straps and restraints on the chair.
   "Seeing as you had a nose stud, I assume you don't have an aversion to piercing.  Is that a fair assumption?" She nodded.  "So I don't have to restrain you?"
   "Depends where you're gong to pierce me," Tayla said.
   "Just so we're clear, you're gonna' get pierced or you're going to be strapped down ass reamed and still get pierced.  Which'll it be sweetheart?"
   "Fine, give me the piercing.  You don't have to restrain me," she replied in her soft voice.  Smiling, he removed a small box.  It had a large hoop, two smaller hoops, a small hoop a stud.  Removing the top tray, he revealed a piercing gun, a few cotton swabs and a small translucent bottle with a liquid.  He picked up the small bottle, showing it to Tayla, and talking almost to himself.
   "Alcohol first." He poured a little onto the swab and rubbed both sided of her septum. Placing the gun into her nostril he pulled the trigger.  Moments later, Tayla's nose was ringed with the biggest hoop.
   "Stick out your tongue!" It wasn't a request.  Tayla hesitantly, stuck out her tongue.  The stud adorned her tongue moments later.  By the time he was done, the smaller hoops were hanging from her nipples and the smallest one was on her clitoris.  She was jerked to her feet by the collar.  He walked her back to her room, her cell.  This time, he didn't lock her in and leave.  He closed the door behind him, still holding Tayla's leash in his left he stood behind her.  A savage kick landed Tayla on her knees.  He forced her over the edge of her bed.  He kept his right hand on her back and hurriedly undressed himself.  He positioned himself behind her and forced himself into her virgin anus.  She screamed in pain at the intrusion.
   "Never been taken from the back huh, baby?" he asked laughing.  He loved the tightness of the previously virgin hole.  He enjoyed the yelps of pain from the attractive redhead as he dry humped her anus.  Soon, her blood began to lubricate his cock.  It wasn't long, before he blew his load, painting her intestines white, coating them in his seed.  He pulled out, disgusted.  In addition to her blood and his seed, tiny bits of fecal matter were on his pole.  He grabbed her around the shoulders and forced her onto her hands and knees.  He presented his cock to her.
   "Clean it off," he barked.  She just turned her head away.  He grabbed her new nose ring, forcing her to face him.  He drove his knee into her left nipple.  She grunted in pain.
   "Look sweetie, either you clean me off willingly, or I beat you and force you to do it anyway." He smiled as he felt Tayla's wrap around his flaccid cock.
   "I feel a single tooth and I remove all of them, one by one."  Tayla believed the threat.  She closed her eyes and tried to believe she was giving her husband a blowjob.  She had never given a blowjob, to her husband or anyone else for that matter.  To her captor, the sight of the gorgeous redhead, on her knees, his cock in her mouth was making him hard despite having deposited such a large load into her anus.  Tayla could feel it to.  He cruelly pinched her nose closed.
   "You better get me off fast," he said.  Tayla could hear the smile in his voice.  She sucked and licked and tried to coax him to an orgasm as quickly as she could.  She cried, as she was successful.  She swallowed as much as she could.  He let go of her nose but kept her cute mouth plugged.
   "Clean me off," he ordered.  Using her tongue, she licked him clean.  He pulled up his pants and left her alone, locking the door behind him.  Tayla broke down and cried.

Tayla awoke some time later.  She realized she must have cried herself to sleep.  There was no light coming through the window.  It was probably night.  She crawled into the bed.  As she was pulling the covers on, she heard the door unlock.
   "Please no."  The voice startled her before she realized she had spoken aloud.  The door opened and the other girl, the one he had called "Erin", entered, carrying a plate of food.  Tayla looked at her.  What was her story?  Had she been kidnapped as well?  Why was she wearing clothes?  Why was she not ringed?  She smiled at Tayla.
   "Thank you," Tayla said.  She wanted to say more but no more words came out.
   "You're welcome ma'am," she said.  Tayla was surprised.  She called her "ma'am".  Without another word, she turned and left.  Tayla realized that this was the first time she was given food since she was captured.  She was hungry, but she didn't trust him.  She sat on the bed hugging her knees for some time.  Finally hunger overcame her and she ate.  It was delicious.  The tray contained a variety of fruits and cheeses, a bowl of nuts, buttered toast, which by this time, of course, was cold, and a plastic cup of water.  The food lifted her spirits a little.  Yes, she had been raped and ringed like an animal, but the humanity shown in her being fed, gave her hope.  Maybe she could convince him to let her go home.  Home to her husband, who must be beside himself with worry, home to her two kids, her three-year-old toddler and her ten-month-old baby girl.  She ran her hand through her hair, forgetting she had been shaved.  The roughness reminding her of when her husband was first started growing his beard, having been clean shaven from the time she met him in college until a year into their marriage.  She resumed sitting on her bed, hugging her knees for a while.  She decided to go back to sleep.  She thought she might go crazy with boredom.

Tayla awoke, well rested, to the door being opened.  The other girl was standing there with a canvas bag and a tray of food.
   "Thank you," Tayla said again.  This woman, might be complicit in the kidnapping and torture, but she had shown Tayla nothing but kindness, and wasn't responsible for Tayla's suffering.  She smiled again.
   "You're most welcome ma'am."
   "Why do you call me that?" Tayla enquired.
   "It's the rules.  Even slaves get called 'ma'am'.  He's 'Master' all other men are sir," and women are 'ma'am. "
   "Other slaves?  You mean I'm not the only one?"
   "Right now, there are three slaves I know of in house, ma'am.  Well at lest two others," She said.
   "What's going to happen to me?"
   "That's up to our Master."
   "What's your story?  Sorry are you a slave, are you his wife, girlfriend?"
   "I'm a slave, same as you."
   "Same?" Tayla asked her voice rising, "I'm naked and ringed…"
   "All rights are earned.  I hafta' go."  She placed the bag on the bed and exited Tayla's room, taking the tray from the night before.  Tayla looked at the new tray.  There was a bowl of oatmeal, two pieces of buttered toast, a plate of scrambled eggs with a strip of bacon, and a cup of coffee with a few packets of milk, cream and sugar.  She couldn't finish it all.  She was thankful she had been provided with a bucket.  She used the bucket and approached the canvas bag.  She found a stereotypical 'little black dress' folded neatly in the bag.  Erin's words echoed in her head.
   "All rights are earned," she had said. Tayla wondered if she had earned the right to wear clothes.  The dress was a low cut showing a fair amount of cleavage, ending halfway between her nether regions and her knees.  There was no underwear, panties or bra.  Underneath the dress was a pair of shoes.  She had to admit she looked stunning.  Minutes later, when he arrived, he was also forced to agree with her.
   "Wow!  You look stunning Tayla," he said.  Instead of the collar, he extended his hand.  She took it, wondering what was happening.  Surely he wouldn't have given her clothes, just to tear them off and take her.  She had been paraded through the house naked more than a few times.
   "Thank you," she answered quietly.
   "Always accept a compliment Tayla," her mother had always told her.  Tears came to her eyes as she thought of her mother.  She was led to a room unlike any room thus far.  Cameras were everywhere and the complexly white room was very bright and well lit.  There was a stool in the centre of the room.
   "Sit," he said.  She did, her blue eyes settled on him.  His camera started to click and he started telling her how to pose.

Tayla wasn't hungry when Erin came with lunch.  She had been humiliated.  Pictures had been taken of her dressed in that damned 'little black dress'.  She had been photographed with her dress up to see both her pussy and ass, down to showcase her breasts; each ring had been photographed multiple times as well.  She was confused, angry and afraid.  Erin left lunch on the side table and sat on the edge of Tayla's bed.
   "I'm sorry ma'am.  I didn't mean to upset you," she said.
   "No, it wasn't you." Tayla proceeded to tell Erin everything that had happened that morning.  Erin frowned and sighed, standing and heading towards the door.
   "What?"  Tayla demanded, even more scared.
   "The pictures mean he's gonna' sell you."
   "WHAT?  What'dya mean 'SELL'?"
   "My guess would be Asia or Africa," Erin said, "in fact the auction may already be running."
   "What's going on?" Tayla demanded.
   "Master trains and sells sex slaves all over the wold," Erin explained.  Tayla screamed in fear.

A/N: This story is called Torturing Tayla.  The torture starts next chapter

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Tayla spent all afternoon hugging her knees and crying.  She didn't want to be sold as a slave.  She wanted to go home to her family that loved her and missed her.  Her arms ached to hold her children.  Erin entered took away the untouched lunch tray and left the dinner tray, all without saying a word.  Just as Erin was closing the door, Tayla grabbed the tray and flung it across the room, her strength fueled by rage and fear.  China and glass shattered, and food littered the floor between the door and her bed.  Tayla was a little surprised at herself, she was not usually a violent woman.  After a few moments, the man entered her room.  He grabbed her by her arm and yanked her to another room.  She was shackled to the post in the middle of the room.  He selected a bullwhip.
   "You ungrateful little cunt.  I picked out your food, prepared it and you threw it on the ground.  If you don't want it, leave it!" He roared.  He brought the lash down on Tayla's back causing the gorgeous redhead to scream.  He continued to whip her, her back becoming a mass of red welts.  Her screams were making him hard.  He tossed the whip aside, dropped his pants and drove hard into her ass for the second time in as many days.  Her screams reached a new pitch.  He undid the shackles on her wrists and guided Tayla to the floor.  He forced her head to the floor and continued dry-fucking her ass.  The young ginger's cries of pain were encouraging him to keep it up.  For Tayla, though, it was more than just the pain, as bad as that was.  She was humiliated.  48 hours ago, she'd been an anal virgin, now she had been ass-fucked twice.  She had never been touched inappropriately, now, not only had she been anally raped, she'd also done oral as well.  He pulled out and sprayed over her back and some on her bald scalp.  She lay, on the floor, crying.  He grabbed her by her arm and yanked her to her feet.  She was taken back to her cell.  She crawled into the bed, lying on her stomach.  When the door opened she nearly cried again.  Instead of her captor, it was Erin.  Erin was carrying a small pail.  She sat down next to Tayla and reached into the pail.  Tayla didn't know whether she wanted to know what was in the pail or not.
   "It's just some warm water to clean your back." She gently stroked the washcloth over Tayla's marred back.  Tayla found the stroking soothing.  All too soon, Erin left.  Tayla couldn't sleep.  She was in too much pain.  Soon, she also grew hungry.  She hadn't touched her lunch and had thrown her dinner, which led to her being whipped.  She missed her family terribly.  She could only imagine what they must be going through.  She was sure they were looking for her.  But she didn't know where she was.  It was a long night, but eventually the sky grew brighter and the sun did rise.  Both hope and fear welled up in Tayla's chest.  Hope that she would leave and go home to her family who loved her, fear that she would leave and go to some stranger's home who would abuse and debase her.  Sure enough, Erin soon arrived with a breakfast tray.  Tayla was so hungry she didn't care that she didn't like grapefruit.  Especially when there was sugar.  The two slices of warm, buttered toast were perfect.  The orange juice and cold and non-pulpy.  She wanted to gulp it down.
   "A lady is never in a hurry," she heard her mother say.  Tayla had been raised to be a lady.  She was cultured and mannered and knew how to have fun.  She forced herself to eat slowly.  She was just finishing, when the man arrived.  He had a water bottle.
   "No thank you," she said.
   "First I want to apologize for my temper yesterday.  I'm sorry."  Tayla didn't quite know what to say.
   "Umm, that's okay." It wasn't okay but she didn't know what else there was.
   "Secondly, I'm supposed to be training you and I haven't been."  And the other shoe dropped.

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Tayla looked around the room.  It was bigger than her house.  She was on her knees.  Her tormentor held her chain in one hand, a small leather whip in his other hand.  A slash fell on her left, ringed breast.  She moaned in pain, earning her another slash, this time on her right.
   “If your Master wants to whip you, flog you, beat, spank or crop you.  You’ll remain silent, if he wants you to express pain, he’ll tell you.  Understood?” He asked.  Tayla nodded.
   “Now, eyes up here,” he said pointing at his face.  Tayla had to admit her Master wasn’t all that bad looking.  If she weren’t married and met him under different, more vanilla circumstances…well things might have turned out differently.  She locked her blue eyes, on his gray orbs.  His light brown hair pulled into a ponytail, broad shoulders, he looked like he worked out and of course, she’d…sampled his cock a few times.  He was bigger than her husband who was always able to satisfy her.
   “That’s a good girl.  Now place your hands on your ankles.”  Tayla, eager to avoid being whipped again, did as she was told.  He slid his left foot forward, gently tapping her knees with his toe.
   “Open as wide as you can.” Again she complied.  He smiled and swung the leather lash connecting with her lips tore a scream from her throat.  Smiling he did it again.
   “I’ll keep doing this until you stop screaming.”  Tayla tried to stop screaming but her clit, still sore from the piercing and the ring, felt like it was on fire.  The whipping kept going.  Finally, Tayla’s voice was hoarse and her clit, inflamed, sore even to the lightest, most gentle touch.  Finally, she passed out from the pain.

Tayla woke slowly to a world of pain.  She was naked on her bed, back in her room.  Wait, not in her room.  This room was larger and better lit.  The bed was larger, softer and more luxurious.  Of course, her mind was on her pain.  Her world had imploded to a small world filled with agony.  Her back was sore from the whipping she’d received yesterday; at least she thought it was yesterday.  Her clit was sore from the savage flogging she’d just endured.  Further, the piercing places were still tender.  More than that, the knowledge that she would never see her family, never laugh and joke with her sister’s, never hold her children or be held by her husband.  She sat on the edge of the bed, trying to keep from passing out.  A tray with a fresh green salad, a ham and cheese sandwich on white bread and a glass of lemonade.  Again, she ate slowly.  She wondered, not for the first time, if her food was somehow spiked with some kind of compliance inducing drug.  Her Master arrived as she was finishing the lunch.  He silently affixed the collar around her neck and led her to the same room as before.
   “On your knees, grab you ankles, bow your head,” he commanded.  She slowly got on her knees and grabbed her ankles making her breasts stand out.  She bowed her head.
   “Lower your head, more and get on your knees quicker.”  He helped her on her feet.  “Again and quicker.”  Tayla did as she was bidden.  Again he helped her to her feet.
   “Let’s see how fast we can go.”  After several times, Tayla was already grabbing for her ankles on the way down, head bowed.  He smiled.  Again,” he barked and Tayla was instantly in place.  “Open your knees for me,” He said.  Tayla looked up at him fear in her beautiful blue eyes and did as she was bidden, expecting him to lash her lips, again.
   “You’ll greet me and your future Master this way.  Just one more thing,” he said as her slid his left foot forward between her splayed knees.  She looked up at him.  A stinging slap across her face rewarded her.
   “A slave never looks at her Master’s face unless ordered to,” he said finishing up with a second resounding slap.  He smiled again, seeing tears rolling down her beautiful face from her blue eyes.  She bowed her head.  He placed his hand on her head, wishing he could wrap his hand in her lovely red locks.  He forced her head to his foot.
   “You’ll be kissing my feet all afternoon.  You’ve gotta’ learn not to disobey.”  It was another moment before he felt her velvety tongue running up and down his foot.
   “Underneath to,” he said.  She straightened up to her knees and lifted his foot and kissed and licked the sole of his foot.  After a while he changed his feet.  For five hours, Tayla licked and kissed his feet sucked his toes individually and collectively, and hated every minute of it.

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After returning Tayla to her room, he headed to his room and turned on the monitors, each with a live feed from a different hidden camera of Tayla’s cell.  He admired the girl.  Even with her head shaved, angry welts on her back and her various rings, he thought she was breathtakingly beautiful.  He watched her as she ate her dinner.  He had crushed up some antibiotic and hid it in her food or drink to help stave off any infection from open welts on her back.  He had considered slipping some sort of ‘compliance inducing’ drugs, like scopolamine, into her food as well, but decided against it.  If she were going to resist, he would let her…and punish her for it.  A smile crossed his face as his mind drifted back to her capture.

He first saw her at the bar.  A chance, fateful sighting.  She, and her husband, James, were celebrating their 9th anniversary.  They still were very much in love.  You can fake emotions and manage observations, but body language is harder to fake.  They spent a long time at the bar.  A few guys even tried to pick her up when James was in the washroom.  She politely refused every advance.  Both she and James knew she was getting looks and Tayla even smiled a little.  She was deeply in love and wouldn’t cheat on James, but she liked the attention of other guys.  It made her feel special.  After observing what they were drinking, he ordered a drink for them, but left before the waitress got it to them.  They had left the bar, unaware he was still watching them, or rather he was still watching Tayla.  He loved the way her ass swayed when she walked, asking to be beaten her shy innocence that screamed at him to hurt her, her full lips that begged to have his cock between them.  He knew that he could rape her and still sell her for a substantial price, even though rich perverts will always pay more for virgins.  He waited across the street for James and Tayla to leave.  It was nearly an hour before they appeared at the door.  They had hailed a cab and he pulled out, following them.  Having served in Afghanistan, he knew how to follow someone and remain undetected himself.  He noted the house they were dropped at.  It was a quiet cul-de-sac, evidence of children in the neighborhood.  He watched and waited.  He broke into their house a few days later, and planted hidden cameras and listening devices in their home.  One in the shower and several in their bedroom, among other places.  That night, he watched them make love and imagined it was him with her.  Over the next week, he watched and listened to the family.  He learned their routines, their habits, their likes and dislikes.  One day, two weeks after their anniversary, he heard James say he was going to be away for a few days.
   “Well what am I supposed to do with two kids all weekend?” Tayla asked clearly frustrated.
   “You’re a strong, capable woman and an amazing mother, Tayla.  You’ll be fine for three nights.  Besides, what do you want me to do?  Tell the rest of the team and my boss that I can’t go because my wife can’t handle two kids for a few nights?”  James asked, his frustration matching Tayla’s.
   “Well, it’d be nice,” Tayla said with a defeated sigh.
   “I know.  I hate being away from you and the kids anymore than possible.”  Master gathered about when James would be gone, and made his plans.

It was the following Thursday night; James left work around noon and drove an hour and a half to where the retreat was held.  At 2:00, James called Tayla to tell her he got there safe and sound.  James’ mother had come over to help watch the kids.  Master’s plan was set in motion.

Early on Friday morning, Tayla was preparing breakfast for the kids.  The doorbell rang.
   “Yes?” she asked the uniformed man on the front porch.
   “Delivery for a…Tayla Evens,” he said, his face obscured by an electronic clipboard.
   “I wasn’t expecting anything,” she said taking the box.  She shook it gently.  She grinned as it rattled.  “I wonder what it is,” she said.
   “I can’t speak to that ma’am,” he said, “if you just sign here,” he said pointing at the line with a pen in his right.  The other end had a stylus.  She took it in her left and signed her name.  She looked up and started to hand his pen back to him when she felt a pinch in the side of her neck.  The world started to swim and darkness closed in around her.  She felt numb and tried calling out but made no sound.  She was tossed into his van where he tied her and gagged her.  He drove off, the sky brightening. 

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He sighed, as the knock on his door brought him back to reality. 
   “Come in,” he called.  Erin stood in the open doorway.  Wordlessly, she sank to her knees, thrust her breasts out, grabbed her ankles and bowed her head.  He walked over to her, and gently lifted her head, with his hand under her chin.  He smiled down at her, before heading towards the bed.  She watched him as he sat on the edge of the bed.  He motioned her to approach him.  She understood his commands.  If he laid down and patted the bed, she was to join him, if he sat as he was now, she would approach him and drop to her knees.  As she, again sank to her knees, her Master leaned back, his hands behind him on the bed. 
   “How was your day slave?”
   “It was good.  Thank you Master,” Erin responded softly. 
   “What was your lesson?” He asked.  He wanted his slaves to learn something everyday.  Sometimes he would instruct them to learn a lesson, sometimes he would subtly teach them and they had to pick up on it, but most often,  he gave them the liberty to learn their own lessons.  In fact he almost always gave Erin the latter.  Tayla would never have that chance.  Since Erin was his, he could do as he could do as he pleased, whereas, he was going to sell Tayla.  He and Erin talked for a little while, finally having her give him a blowjob, after which she joined him in the shower, they brushed their teeth and went to bed.  Erin falling asleep in his arms, with a smile on her face. 

Over the next several weeks, Tayla was trained to be a perfect slave.  She learned how to greet her Master.  On her knees, breasts thrust out, grasping her ankles, head bowed.  She learned how to refer to herself ‘this slave’ or ‘this slut’, never by name.  She learned what her hands were really for, masturbating  her master, not for touching herself.  If she was caught doing so, she was brutally punished.  She learned she was not to speak unless spoken to, to never look anyone in the eye,  to not move until she was acknowledged.  At meal times, she was to kneel next to him and wait for him to feed her, as Erin no longer brought a tray of food to her room.  If he forgot, she wasn’t to remind him and went hungry.  Her hair was growing back and the scars on her back were healing.  He started using the flogger he had used on her pussy as it hurt but didn’t  leave a mark. 

It was a month, since Tayla had been taken.  Four weeks since she had seen her family, her kids, her husband, and had been plunged into this hell.  She sat in her room or cell, or whatever it was, deep in though of what had transpired over the last several weeks.  She had just been through another training.  Her Master seemed hesitant to hurt her unless it left virtually no mark on her.  Her daily baths, luxurious though they were, served only to soothe her so she could endure more torture the next day.  It wasn’t lost on Tayla that she spent almost the entire 16-20 hours a day that she was awake, or at least out of bed, on her knees.   She slid off her bed and into the restroom.  She ran her hand through her short hair.  As she sat on the toilet, she heard her door open and close a few seconds later.  She finished up, flushing the toilet and washing her hands.  She exited the restroom, warily looking for someone, or something out of place.  Seeing nothing, raised her panic level.  She knew she’d heard someone open her door then close it.  Her Master didn’t do anything without a reason.  She was a little shocked, despite all her conditioning, her lessons and ‘training’, this still alarmed her.  She searched high and low in her room for a surprise or hidden danger, but found nothing.  Finally, she turned off the light and went to bed. 

The next morning, the sun rose, obscured behind the clouds.  It was early when Tayla was awakened.  Her Master stood with her leash in his hand.  He hadn’t used her leash in weeks.  In fact she’s really forgotten about the leash.  She slid out of bed onto her knees, bowed her head and grasped her ankles.  He smiled down at her. 
   “Well Tayla, I’ve enjoyed our time together, but, as the saying goes, ‘all good things must come to an end’.  You’ve been sold,” Tayla’s heart began to race, and she broke down into tears.  Her worst fears had been realized.  She was never going to see her husband or beautiful children again, never again see their smiles, never again kiss her husband or feel safe in his embrace.  She would never again feel cherished, loved, or happy.  Instead she would enter a lifetime of misery, pain and sadness.  Her Master fastened the leash around her neck and, with a harsh tug urged her to follow.  She slowly, pulled herself to her feet.  Her master turned and slapped her across her pierced breasts. 
   “How many times do I have to tell you?  On your knees,” he roared.  Tayla raised her head and he could see the defiance gleam in her eye. 
   “Today, you decide to challenge me?  The day you’re to meet your new Master?”  That was when the light bulb switched on in his mind.  “That’s it isn’t it?  You know I can’t hurt or kill you now that you’re not mine.  Well let me tell you something you little cunt, I haven’t cashed the check.  I can give it back to him and you’d be sorry.” He drew his gun and, stepping forward pressed the muzzle against her forehead.  “On your knees you fucking little cunt.”  Shaking, Tayla dropped to her knees.  He smiled and yanked on the leash, causing Tayla to go sprawling and land on her face.  Sobbing, she pushed herself to her hands and knees.  She followed him to a large room.  the sign on the door read “Showcase Room.  he opened the door and went up a set of stairs to a slightly raised platform.  She looked up at her new owner who smiled down at her.
   “Hello Tayla.  It’s been a long time.”  All Tayla could do was stare in shock. 

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Tayla couldn't believe who her new owner was.
   "Matt?" she managed weakly.  Her new Master, Matt McMahon, slapped her soundly across the face.
   "That's the last time you'll ever speak without being spoken to, is that understood bitch?"  Tayla nodded, miserably.  He smiled, and soundly slapped her across the face again.
   "You will always responds when you're spoken to.  Is that understood bitch?" he asked slapping her again with the word 'bitch'.
   "Yes that's understood." Matt looked at her former Master.
   "I trained her, she's a stubborn bitch," he said.  Matt grabbed Tayla's nose ring and wrenched her face up to look at him as he gazed hungrily into her beautiful blue eyes.
   "One," he said as he slapped her face, "A slave never speaks unless spoken to.  Two," again he slapped her face as he counted, "When spoken to, a slave answers quickly and clearly.  Three a slave always greets it's master on it's knees, breasts thrust out and it's hands on it's ankles.  Fourth, a slave always answers with 'Master'.  Fifth, a slave's Master reserves the right to treat it as he sees fit." With every number he slapped Tayla's face.  The pressure in her nose where he held the ring tightly, hurt.  When he was done, he slapped  her once more to emphasize his last point.  He released her nose ring and gave her leash a yank.  She followed her new Master on her hands and knees.  Down the steps of the large house, and across the short distance between the steps to the black stretched Rolls Royce Limo.  She awkwardly clambered in, her nipple rings clinking against the side.  She was made to kneel on the floor.  Matt picked up a phone receiver.
   "To the airport," he said into it.  The car began to move.  He removed two items from a side panel.  The first was a rather large ballgag, which he set to fastening into her mouth.  The second item, was a stainless steel collar.
   "She's a beautiful slave Matt, if you ever consider selling her, I'll buy her." the voice behind her made Tayla jump.  She was so engrossed in her humiliation,  that she wasn't aware of the other occupant in the car.  Matt smiled as he locked her collar in place.
   "Let me tell you who this is and why she's special to me, Amy.  In College she and I were dating.  It was before we met.  I introduced her to my best friend James Evans.  A year later, this little cunt, broke my heart and we broke up.  A month later, she was dating James Evans.  They've been married for…about a decade, with a pair of kids.  Gotta's say their two little ones hit the genetic lottery.  Then I hit that jackpot and met you."  Finished with his story, he leaned back.
   "So this is your ex?  The one who broke your heart?"
   "This is her.  Her name was Tayla."
   "What's her name now?" Amy asked as she buried the toe into the ass of the young woman kneeling before her, causing the redhead to moan in discomfort.  Amy liked how it sounded behind the black rubber ball in her mouth.
   "Whatever you want," Matt said.  Amy, using the hair that was starting to grow back, turned her new toy to face her.
   "You're gonna' eat me out.  If I don't find it satisfactory, I'll whip those cute tits."
   "That's going t' have t' wait.  We're almost there.  You c'n play on the plane," Amy leaned over to the woman ready to pleasure her.
   "I'm disappointed already.  You're getting punished extra.  I know it's not your fault dear, but the satisfaction I'll get from your suffering will make me wet."  A few moments later, the limo pulled into the airport. It was more like an airstrip.  A tower and three runways.  As the limo pulled in, a flight hand, brought out a steamer trunk.  Amy manhandled the young redhead into the trunk, closed and locked it.  Not usually prone to claustrophobia, Tayla was frightfully aware of how small the box was.  She started to panic.  I've gotta' slow down my breathing or I'll suffocate.  It wasn't too long, before she could hear the engines fire up and she was forced into the back of the trunk as the plane took off.  The tears came again.  She was on her way far away from her family.  Away from her loving husband to begin a life of sexual servitude by a vindictive ex-boyfriend who's only goal, was to make her suffer.

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As soon as they were at cruising altitude, Amy and Matt let Tayla out of the trunk.  She looked around; noting the room was more of a flying tortutre chamber.  Taking the young redhead by the ears, Amy forced Tayla to bend over and forced her face onto the trunk, using zip ties to secure her wrists to the handles on the trunk.  Matt slid a bondage hood over his ex girlfriend’s head, rendering her mute and blind.  Amy stepped away and returned with the toy she was going to use to punish her boyfriend’s ex.  A Louisville Slugger.  She assumed a batter’s stance and swung right across Tayla’s fine ass.  The scream through the hood was erotic to Amy’s ears.  The scream hadn’t died down, when she swung and connected with Tayla’s ass again.  Amy enjoyed hearing Tayla scream in pain and watched the ass that was the fantasy of so many men, turn an angry red, covered in welts.  Eventually, Amy tossed the bat aside, walking to the wall, and selecting a long steel pipe.  She rammed it up Tayla’s ass and for the next hour, used it to piston in and out of the ruined bleeding ass.  Matt stepped forward and undid the bottom of the hood and quickly slid his cock into Tayla’s mouth.  Between him and Amy, they got a rhythm going cackling with glee at the tortured moans of the captive redhead.  Matt felt himself ready to cum and managed to catch Amy’s eye.  As he began, to spurt, Amy shoved the pipe up her ass even further. 

The plane had landed and Tayla was back on her knees in a stretched limo.  Her wrists are tied behind her back and, she was ball gagged.  Amy was amusing herself by gently kicking her boyfriends ex girlfriend in her pretty face and ringed breasts, who, had a vibe up both her ass and pussy by now.  Matt sat behind her, with a nice view of the ass of the woman who’d left him years ago.  Amy could hardly wait to get home and start abusing Tayla.  Amy looked down at her new plaything.  She knew Tayla was getting close to an orgasm from the vibe. 
   “If you cum without permission, I’m removing your clit.  Understand ya’ little cunt?”  The gagged redhead nodded.
   “Do you want to cum?” she asked giving Tayla a particularly hard strike to her right breast.  Tayla nodded, wincing in pain, “Well then, sucks to be you,” Amy said pouring a drink for herself.  Tayla hung her head.  Amy liked the visual, but something was missing.  Using her foot, she lifted Tayla’s face to look at her.  She spit in Tayla’s face.  She smiled at Tayla’s humiliation.  Tayla suddenly, stiffened up and took a sharp breath through her nose.  She looked up at Amy with pleading.  Smiling wider, she shook her head. 
   “Up on your knees,” Amy snapped.  Tayla straightened up, only her knees and shins on the floor.  Amy gave the vibe a cruel kick.  The added movement was too much for Tayla and the poor girl came right in front of Amy. 
   “Be glad that you are mine Tayla, not Amy’s.”  Amy looked at Matt scowling. 

Tayla couldn’t help but be impressed by the house that Matt and Amy lived in.  Matt had used some of the money from his lottery winning, to start a rather successful import-export business.  Grabbing her around the upper arm, Amy roughly took Tayla down into a small room with cinderblock walls, a cement floor and ceiling.  In the centre of the room was a sawhorse.  She bent Tayla over it, stretching her wrists to the two ends, following suit with her ankles, so her left wrist and left ankle were next to each other.  Amy made sure the bindings were tight.  She made sure Tayla was gagged.
   `”If it were up to me, you’d’ve already been circumcised ya’ dumb little cunt.  Lucky for you, Matt bought you so you’re his,” she said leaning over to face the ginger beauty’s blue eyes.  Her demeanor changed and she grabbed Tayla’s head and kissed her on the forehead.  She turned and exited without another word.  Tayla was worried she’d be whipped yet again.  The discomfort of the horizontal plate digging into her abdomen didn’t bother her; given the pain that had been inflicted upon her since she was taken.  It was over an hour before someone came to see her, giving her time to think.  She thought of James and her kids.  What must they be going through?  How did James answer her little boy’s questioning ‘When’s mommy coming home’ or ‘where’s mommy’?  Her little girl at just a year old probably didn’t understand.  She knew James would never stop looking for her until he found her.  She found herself crying. 
   “You should save those tears for later,” Amy said interrupting her thoughts.  Tayla looked up.  Both Amy and Matt were wearing a white golf shirt and white pants.  Amy was carrying something she couldn’t identify, and a long extension cord.  She plugged it into an outlet Tayla hadn’t seen.  Both Amy and Matt pulled cigarette packs out of their pockets.  Amy lit a match then lit each of their cigarettes and than put it out…on Tayla’s bare back.  The gag did little to muffle the scream that was torn from Tayla, much to Amy’s enjoyment.  Each of them took a drag, and snuffed out their cigarettes also on Tayla.  Amy just above Tayla’s left hip and Matt on her shoulder blade.  Amy walked over and picked up the item she’d plugged in when she’d first come into the room.     
   “Your know what this is cunt?” she asked forcing Tayla to look up at it.  The young, bound, woman shook her head.  All she knew was that its purpose was to inflict pain and suffering.  Amy patted her cheek smiling. 
   “Hold still.  It will hurt less,” Matt said with a smile that would scare a hungry grizzly bear.  Amy disappeared behind Tayla, a few seconds later, Tayla screamed in unbelievable pain.  The faint whiff of burning skin wafted through the room as the pain erupted from just below her left ass cheek. 
   “Ringed like a cow, now branded like one to,” Amy said.  Tayla wept hard and felt like she would be sick.  But the crazy couple weren’t done yet. 


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Nice that you've continued this story, archon!

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Laying down hurt.  Standing, kneeling, sitting hurt as well.  Tayla’s ass hurt.  The brand was still radiating pain.  It seemed to Tayla that Amy and Matt had no plan, beyond inflicting torture, pain and suffering on her.  Tayla was strapped down to a table, her arms out to the side, at a 90◦ to her torso, her legs shoulder length apart.  Finally, Matt had forced a bit-gag into her mouth.  The conservative woman, who’d never even considered a tattoo, now had a brand on her leg.  She also knew that the tools on the table next to her were tattooing instruments.  Matt and Amy stood over the stunning, naked redhead and slowly; taking care to inflict as much pain as possible tattooed her chest, twice.  Underneath her left breast, the word ‘slut’ was tattooed under her right breast, the word ‘whore’.  Matt removed her gag, then abruptly left the room.  Amy smiled at the redhead on the table.  She climbed up on the table and slowly, sensuously started crawling up the table towards Tayla.  When she got to Tayla’s pussy, with her eyes on Tayla’s, she slowly lowered her head and started kissing and licking.  Tayla, whose entire experience with sex over the last weeks had been, rape and torture, felt a wave of pleasure wash over her.  Amy licked and kissed, teased and coaxed Tayla toward an orgasm.  She knew what to do, knew how far to go.  She could tell Tayla was nearly ready to cum.
   “You’re going to have to ask permission to cum little bitch.  Clear?”
   “Y-y-y-yes M-M-Mistress, I-I-I understand.  May this slave c-c-c-cum?”
   “No, if you do I’m gonna’ tear out your clit,” Amy said re-doubling her efforts.  After a couple of seconds, Amy sat back and continued crawling up Tayla’s body.  Tayla was horrified as Amy’s ass descended on her face.
   “Start licking me, then you can cum,” Amy said as she ground her ass into Tayla’s face.  Tayla had never had the slightest interest in eating pussy.  She’d never done it.  She tried to do to Amy, what Amy had done to her as fast as she could.
   “Okay little bitch,” you may cum,” Amy said, “But don’t stop with that amazing tongue of yours.”  She reached back and using her index finger, brought Tayla to an orgasm, which swept over her like a tidal wave.  For never having done it, Tayla was quick learn.  Amy smiled as Tayla brought her over the edge to have an orgasm of her own.  She sprayed her love juices all over the captive redhead’s pretty face.  She dismounted.
   “Clean your face off, don’t miss a single drop.” Tayla licked her chops and all around her face, as she was able.  Amy freed Tayla’s wrists and Tayla wiped her face, licking Amy’s juices off her hand.
   “Now clean your own mess,” Tayla felt humiliated as she was forced to lick her own juices.  Just as she was finishing, Matt came back into the room.
   “They’re here,” he said.  Amy smiled as she pulled Tayla off the table and shackled her wrists behind her and a black bag over her head.
   “C’mon bitch, we’re going to introduce you t’ some friends of ours,” Amy said.  Tayla was too tired to shake in fear.  Everything they’d done to her, served to emphasize their dominance over her, her subservience to them and to remind her they reveled in her pain and suffering.  She could tell they were leaving the cinderblock room.  They entered the house proper again and Tayla could feel the carpet under her bare feet.  Blinded as she was, she focused on the only two senses that weren’t restricted.  What could she smell?  She smelled food, her mouth watering, she realized that she hadn’t been fed since Matt and Amy brought her home.  What could she hear?  Many voices floated down to her.  ‘Some friends’ is what Amy had said.  She shivered, partially from the cold, partially from the fear that was beginning to wrap her cold fingers around her heart.  As she came to the top of the stairs, there was a cheer and applause.  Tayla heard catcalls and more than a few obscene comments directed her way.  The bag was removed.  The room was packed with men. Most were naked.  Matt whistled very loudly to get silence.  He got it.
   “Alright gentlemen, you know the rules.  No more than three at a time.  You’ve paid for what you want.  Her mouth, ass and pussy are fifty dollars each, and a titty fuck is twenty-five.”   Tayla wanted to scream. 

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Matt looked around the assemblage as he massaged his brand on Tayla's ass.
   "So, who has number one?"  A man stepped forward.  Tayla paled.  She barely came to his shoulder.  He was build like a tank.  Black guy with dreads.  Worst of all, his cock looked like a third arm.
   "Time to get on your knees ya' little fuck slut," he said, pushing her down, "I payed for your ass and mouth." he smiled down at the attractive redhead on her hands and knees.  Kneeling behind her, he placed his right hand on the back of her neck, and with his left hand spread her ass cheeks.  With a violent drive forward, he plunged his cock into her ass, the ass that was the fantasy of many men who knew her.  Before she'd been kidnapped, she'd been an anal virgin.  She wept with pain, but he wasn't in all the way, and already the suffering of the gorgeous woman he was ass raping was making him a little aroused.  He pulled out a little, then slammed back in, burying his cock, balls deep.  Tayla's whimpering sob, became a scream of pain and misery.  The men laughed at her plight.  The man in her ass began a rhythm, slapping her brand as he hammered in and out of her.  The men gathered, cheered as he finally exploded into the young redhead.  He pulled out and went to stand in front of her.
   "Open wide or I'll tear out your teeth.  I even feel a tooth, I'll tear them out.  Understand my little fuck hole?" he asked.  Tayla defiantly didn't want to give him a blowjob, but wanted her teeth torn out, even less.  Her mouth opened as she nodded.  He shoved his cock in.  Tayla, who until she'd been captured, hadn't given one, was, by now a pro.  She kissed the end and caressed the crown with her tongue before sinking in on it.  He played with her ringed breasts as she sucked.  Her squeals and protests massaged his cock and he blasted a second load down her throat.
   "How many times will we have to cum down your pretty throat before you look pregnant honey?" he asked pulling out of her mouth and slapping her face.
   "Number two?" Matt called.  A tall skinny white guy with horn rimmed glasses approached.
   "Mouth," he said responding to the unasked question.  Tayla assumed he wanted to fuck her face, but he blindfolded her before he ordered her to lay on her back.  The group of men whooped and hollered as they saw him squat over her and slowly lower his ass onto her face.  He smiled as he grabbed her head and moved it around, until he felt her cute little, ringed nose in his crack.  Fortunately, for Tayla, if you call it good it that, he only had some gas, but he ordered her to lick his ass clean.  And so it went all afternoon and into the evening.  There was a break for them to eat.  While they were eating, Tayla had a penis gag harnessed to her face, a vibe and butt plug.  She had been made to eat one turd, which had turned her stomach.

After dinner they'd returned.  She was now on her knees, her wrists shackled to her ankles and to each other.  Around her neck, was a collar that other end of which was affixed to the banister for the staircase.  They had unchained her right hand, since she was a lefty, and set a small fishbowl in front of her.  she could see that the bowl, had a number of strips of paper in it.  Tayla didn't know what was written on the strips of paper, she just new she wouldn't like it.  Tayla was more than a little worried as Amy stepped up.  She had suffered more at Amy's hands, than Matt's.
   "Good evening gentlemen, my name is Amy and I'll be your Master of Ceremonies for tonight's session.  How many of you enjoyed putting our pretty little cock slut here, in her proper place?" she asked looking down at Tayla.  The crowd of men cheered.
   "We have another game for her.  On each strip of paper, is written a punishment, or pleasure.  There are 150 of each for a grand total of 300 strips of paper.  She'll remove a slip of paper and be given the appropriate pleasure or punished accordingly.  If she draws three pleasures in a row, she gets the rest of the night off."  There were more than a few "boo's"  Tayla picked one of the strips.  She unfolded it.  "Ten lashes with the flogger," It said.  She was unchained from the staircase and turned around, still on her knees.  She was forced to count off each lash as it fell.  The leather stung, but didn't break her skin.  Over the next seven hours, Tayla was burned, flogged, whipped, made to eat all manner of vileness.  It was well after midnight, when everyone left.  Tayla was exhausted, when Amy cuffed her wrists behind her and freed her from her position at the foot of the stairs.   She spun Tayla around and gave her a savage backhand.  Then, grabbing Tayla by her ever lengthening hair, Amy pulled the young woman through the house and out side.  The wee-early morning hours, had already produced dew causing Tayla, already off balance to slip several times.  They approached a large barn.  Amy unlocked the padlocked chain and pulled Tayla in after her.  Both blinked a few times as the gentle lights caused their eyes to have to readjust.  At the other end of the barn, was a post that helped hold the loft up.  As they neared, Tayla noticed handcuffs, the chain ran through the wood.  She was forced to sit, her wrists being shackled in place.  Amy went over to a bin and selected several chains and cuffs.  Ankle cuffs and leg irons hobbled her, a chain went around her neck and locked behind the post.  It wasn't tight enough to strangle her, but didn't give  lot of room to move her head.  Finally she was gagged.  She looked around, a few of the animals looked at the spectacle of the attractive, naked, human joining them in their barn.
   "Here's where you belong, with your own kind," Amy spat.  She looked down at Tayla for a few moments, then drove her boot into Tayla's stomach a couple times.  She kicked her breasts to, for good measure.  She left, leaving Tayla fearing the following day.  The silent, still night, gave Tayla the opportunity to think..and cry.  She did both all night.  Soon, Tayla could tell the sun was peeking over the Eastern horizon. She knew they would be coming for her.  Whatever they planned for her, for whatever reason they locked her in their barn, it wouldn't be pleasant.

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The sun continued to creep higher and higher.  They didn't come for her.  As noon approached, she began to worry that they'd forgotten her.  Despite her situation she allowed herself a mirthless laugh.  She was worried that she'd been forgotten by two sadists whose whole life revolved around torturing and tormenting her.  The sun soon dipped low into the western sky.  It began it's slow but definite descent westward, finally hiding below the horizon.  Had they left her here to die of starvation?  Tayla had just started to doze off when the barn door opened.  She looked up fearfully, expecting Matthew, or worse, Amy.  Joy welled up in her as her husband James came through the door into the cool barn.
   "My god, Tayla," he said as he ran to her.  He knelt in front of her, his brown eyes staring into her beautiful blue eyes.  He held her gaze as he reached around her head and undid her harness of the ball gag.  He kissed her and Tayla melted into his body.  Resting her head against James' chest had always made her feel safe, happy and loved.
   "How'd you find me?" she asked when the kiss broke.
   "I knew that Matthew always hated you for leaving  him and marrying me."
   "He was becoming more and more possessive and violent.  I began to fear for my life…"
   "Shh, shh, shh, shh, I know, I know," James said pulling her close and embracing  her.  He began gently, lovingly stroke her rapidly growing crimson locks.  He had always loved her red hair.  James stood up and turned to leave.
   "Wait," Tayla said with a smile on her face, "aren't you forgetting something?"
   "Nope," James said frowning and shaking his head.
   "I'm still chained.  Aren't you going to unchain me?" she said laughing at the joke.
   "No.  Why would I do that?" James said.
   "What?" she asked still smiling thinking James was kidding her.
   "You're ruined goods  now Tay.  I want nothing to do with you anymore."
   "What?" Tayla screamed at the retreating back of her beloved, "James.  JAMES!"

She woke with a start.  No James, her gag was still in place, her head still anchored to the post by the chain around her neck.  She broke down in sobs.  She was cold, sore, tired, her body ached, her stomach rumbled, and her head throbbed.

It was well past midnight when she had a visitor.  It had been around 24 hours since she had been locked in her.  She'd tried to hold off but couldn't last 24 hours and was now sitting in her own waste.
   "Hungry sweetie?" Matt asked.  Tayla nodded, hoping they would feed her.
   "I'm not surprised," Amy responded.  They shared a chuckle as Tayla hung her head.  They set to work undoing the chains and standing her up.  She was lashed against the post, her nose ring was held against it with piano wire.  She was worried as both Amy and Matt disappeared from out of her view.  She nearly died from a heart attack as cold water assaulted her body.  They hosed her down washing fecal matter and dried urine from her body.  After she was taken from the barn and into a small shack.  Inside was a glass box not much wider than Tayla.  They shackled her wrists together.  Leg irons held her legs less than shoulder width apart; then; Matt ran a chain that attached the two sets of shackles together.  They put her in the box.  Tayla was left wondering for, only a few moments, what the point of this box was.  Bubbling up from the bottom and showering in from the top, water began to slowly fill the tank.  Tayla began to panic.  It passed her ankles, knees; her wonderful child bearing hips were soon underwater.  Her panic started to increase. 

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The water continued to rise.  Suddenly it spontaneously stopped, just below her wonderful, ringed breasts.  Matt reappeared
   “Are you cold?  Do you want out?” he asked smiling darkly.  The nude woman nodded meekly, shivering.  Matt held up a wicked looking, blue dildo.
   “We call this, the Blue Monster.  Fuck this for half an hour, and we’ll let you out.  M’kay?” Tayla shook her head afraid that the dildo would split her apart.  Matt shrugged nonchalantly.
   “Okay, suit yourself,” he walked away and the water started up again heavier and faster.  She watched as the rings disappeared under the frothing water and soon her shoulders were underwater and as it inched up her neck she screamed out;
   “Okay I’ll do it.  Fine, stop the water, please, I’ll do it.”  The water continued for another second or so.  When it finally shut off, the water level was sitting against her bottom lip.  Matt brought a stepladder to the side of the tank and dropped the Blue Monster.  Tayla caught it.
   “No, drop it,” Matt said.  Tayla let it fall landing on the bottom. “Okay. Pick it up, and start fucking,” Matt ordered, turning to walk away.  Because there was no room at all to bend over, Tayla had to drop straight down.  Her hands were cuffed and the cuffs were pulling on the collar she was forced to wear.  She managed, not without some difficulty, to pick up the monstrous dildo, and started slowly inserting it into herself.  It was large and she felt her anus stretch.  The sheer girth of the monster was tremendous.  There was no pleasure, yet she felt the fire within her.
   “Keep going sweetheart, I’ll be back soon,” Matt said as he left her.  The sun was starting to peek over the eastern horizon.  He had set up Tayla’s next torture.  As he headed back to Tayla, he realized the sun was almost up.  He entered the shack just as Tayla screamed as she came yet again.  She was glad she was done with it.
   “Drop it,” He commanded.  She let it go.  She heard it thud on the bottom, “Pick it up and do it again,” he commanded laughing.  The misery on her face made him laugh even more.

Tayla was exhausted and uncomfortable as the water was drained and taken out of the box.  The dew had already dried and the cool grass was refreshing, She was taken back into the barn.  A rope hung from above where she had spent the night.  All her chains were removed and her wrists were tied.  Amy stood in the loft and poured a bucket of ice cold water on Tayla.  Tayla’s nipples were already hard and the ice water made them harder and stiffer.  Matt retrieved a small box, setting it on the floor in front of Tayla.  He opened it, turning it around so Tayla could see what was inside.  Inside were nipple clamps with the sharp teeth.  Tayla grunted in pain when they were applied.  He attached them by a small gold chain.  He disappeared from her view and came back with a crash cart not unlike one in a hospital.
   “Clear,” he said, drawing a chuckle from both of the sadists.  Tayla swore she felt her heart stop briefly as her ex-boyfriend applied the paddles.  It was one of the most painful things she’d ever experienced.  She couldn’t breathe for a moment.   
   “Clear,” Matt announced again, and again, Tayla was sure her heart stopped and she struggled to breathe.
   “Clear,” Matt said.  Tayla passed out again with Amy’s laugh ringing in her ears. 

June 16, 2018, 01:25:29 PM
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Every time Tayla woke, it was to a world of pain and suffering, this time, was no exception.  She found herself tied to a table.  Her arms were tied together and tied off under the table.  Her ankles, however, were spread as wide as she could go without tearing her legs off.  She could feel a  hard rubber ball between her teeth and a cushion was under her hips lifting her ass.  She could feel cool air being blown on her pussy.  She was already cold and the air was just enough to make her feel too cool.  She looked around the room she was in.  A small table stood a few feet away with two chairs sitting on opposite sides, facing each other.  There was a place setting in front of each of the chairs; two plates, two sets of cutlery, two wineglasses, and an unlit candle.  As she lay there, wondering what her captors had planned next, she heard footsteps coming up the wooden stairs.  Amy and Matt didn’t even look at their ginger slave as they entered the small room she was in.  Matt was wearing a suit and tie, clean shaven and looking like the man she’d fallen for years ago.  Amy was stunning, even their gagged, humiliated and suffering slave had to admit, that she was stunning.  A red dress that ended at her knees, her dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, and elegant red heels.  She was carrying a large bowl and Matt was carrying a bottle of wine.  They sat at the small table.  Matt pulled the seat out for Amy before circling to sit across from her.  As Amy took the top off the bowl, the small of food hit Tayla hard.  She’d only had one thing to eat in the last forty-eight or so hours and that was a rather large turd from Amy and Matt’s twisted house party where Tayla was fucked and abused for their guests entertainment, and amusement.  Tayla watched as Amy heaped a generous helping of steaming spaghetti onto her plate before handing it to her boyfriend who was pouring the wine.  He lit the candle and they smiled as they ate.  They chatted about rather mundane things, briefly before the conversation to a romantic one, as if his ex-girlfriend wasn’t bound and gagged less than 5 feet away.  When they were finally done dinner, they shared a passionate kiss.  Amy walked over to where Tayla lay.
   “What the fuck are you looking at cunt?” she asked with a sound smack across Tayla’s face.  Her red hand print against Tayla’s pale complexion made her smile, “My boyfriend and I were trying a to have a romantic anniversary dinner, and you got hot spying on us.” Another slap stung Tayla’s face.
   “You hungry babe?” Matt asked standing on the other side of Tayla.  She nodded.  Matt smiled.  He retrieved the candle from the table and turned it on its side, hot was dripped onto Tayla’s stomach.  The pain made her scream in agony.  When a small puddle of candle wax was beginning to develop, he used the candle to reheat the wax, then to Tayla’s horror, planted the candle on her stomach using the hot, melted wax to hold it in place.  The wax continued to melt and roll down the sides of the candle to burn Tayla.  She struggled and writhed but that only made more wax burn her.  So focused on the candle, Tayla hadn’t noticed that Matt and Amy had begun to strip naked.  Suddenly, Matt was at her crotch, his cock standing at attention.  Tayla begged and pleaded into her gag.  Amy, meanwhile, had begun to unbuckle Tayla’s gag behind her head.  She leaned over and captured Tayla’s mouth with her own.  Tayla moaned into Amy’s mouth.  After a moment, Amy broke the kiss.  She climbed onto the table and began to lower herself over her redhead slave’s face.  She smiled as she felt Tayla’s ringed nose settle into her crack.  As she did so, Matt shoved hard and into her pussy, making Tayla grunt.  Amy smiled and let go of an unlady like fart into Tayla’s nose.  Tayla gagged and choked as the stench of the fart filled her nose, she could even taste it in her mouth.  Amy lifted off her nose and settled on her mouth.  All the while Matt was jackhammering into her pussy.
   “Now little cunt.  I’m gonna’ feed you.  You better eat it all because you’re not getting anything else.  So open wide and eat up,” she said.  A moment later, she strained and a turd slid out into Tayla’s mouth.  She lifted off Tayla’s face.  She slapped Tayla’s ringed breasts relentlessly as she choked and gagged on Amy’s shit.  Finally Tayla swallowed Amy’s shit.  Amy wiped her ass on Tayla’s chin and forehead.  She sat down again, her ass crack enveloping Tayla’s nose.
   “Here, let’s do something about that awful taste in your pretty mouth shall we?” Amy mocked.  Tayla was almost grateful for the urine stream as it washed some of the shit residue in her mouth.  Matt, as he watched his girlfriend feed his ex-girlfriend her waste, was getting so aroused.  He loved the way that Tayla’s pussy was still tight and her pussy walls still gripped his cock.  As Amy’s piss sprayed into Tayla’s mouth, he himself spurted his seed deep into her.  Tayla felt deep humiliation.  Amy climbed off as Matt approached her head.  He hopped up on the table and without warning, pretense, stuck his cock into her mouth.  She choked and gagged  again as his cock pushed deeper into her throat.
   “Clean it cunt,” he taunted her obscenely.  She licked and sucked as he pounded her mouth.  he pulled out till only his crown was still in her mouth.  He then let a stream of urine into her mouth,  She was able to swallow it.  Matt looked over at his current girlfriend.  Amy was furiously masturbating.
   “I wanna’ cum in her mouth,” she said.  She was already close to an orgasm.  She climbed up onto the table and got her pussy lips over Tayla’s face.
   “Use your tongue cunt,” Amy said Tayla, who by now was almost a professional used her tongue to bring Amy to an amazing orgasm.  As she was coming off one of the best orgasms ever, her scream changed pitch and she leapt off Tayla grabbing her crotch and collapsing to her knees in obvious pain.
   “Baby, are you okay?” Matt asked darting forward.
   “What do you think?  She fucking bit me!” She snapped at Matt.  Tayla, for her part was a little proud of herself.  She was tired of these two sticking their private parts in her face and into her mouth.  Amy gathered her clothes and got dressed.
   “Stay here with that,” she said indicating at Tayla “I’ll be right back.” She stormed out.  She was gone maybe ten minutes.  She had a few things.  First, she had fishing wire, which she tied around the ring in Tayla’s clit.  Then standing on the table between Tayla’s splayed legs, tied the end off to a rafter, making sure the line was taut.  Then she jumped down and slowly showed Tayla and Matt the second thing she had.  It was a scalpel.
   “NO!” Tayla screamed.
   “Shut up you cow!” Amy yelled as she pulled back on the fishing line.  The tension on the line put more pressure on the ring, which in turn pulled painfully on her clit.  Matt, meanwhile took the opportunity to shove the ballgag in and buckle it in behind her head.  Amy smiled showing Tayla she grabbed the end of the wire next to Tayla’s nub.  She slowly began cutting through Tayla’s clit, the ballgag doing virtually nothing to silence her screams.  Finished she let go.  Tayla could scarcely believe that she’d just been castrated.  The fishing line swayed with a ringed clitoris dangling on the end.  She passed out before Amy even fired up the blowtorch to cauterize the cut. 

June 30, 2018, 12:52:16 PM
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Tayla woke with a start.  For a moment, she was disoriented.  Then everything came back.  She’d been castrated.  Her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend had cut her clit off.  She was back in the barn.  Her wrists were tied behind the post.  She was on her knees and her ankles were also tied, around the post.  She was gagged and blindfolded.
   “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.  But you bit Amy.  You had to know we weren’t gonna’ let that slide.  What were you thinking?  What did you hope to accomplish? Amy’s still pretty pissed.” Matt’s voice asked from the darkness, “Oh yeah, I know you’re awake.” Scarcely had he said this then Tayla heard the barn doors open and footsteps stomped towards her.  A hard kick to her stomach would’ve knocked her over if she weren’t bound.  A sharp kick to her head dazed her.  A punch to her cheek a kick to her ribs, a knee to her chin…Tayla couldn’t see where the next attack was coming from, no way to ready herself for it.  After a few minutes, Amy stormed out, with a few choice words for Tayla.  What she thought of her.
   “Fucking bitch, ho, whore, slut, cunt, dogfucker, skank…” she said as she left.  Tayla let her mind drift.  She was exhausted.  Her thoughts turned again to her family.  To James, who she’d met through her captor, Matt, to her children.
   “James,” she sobbed to herself “I love you,” she said convinced that Amy would return and kill her.  Amy did return and she wasn’t alone.  Tayla could make out several excited voices, whistles, catcalls and obscene and vulgar names.  She heard Matt call for silence.
   “Gentlemen.  Behind me, you see our plaything.  There are only two rules.  Number one, you may use her in any way you wish, which brings us to rule number two.  She has to be alive at the end.”  Tayla felt the ropes loosen and she was pushed face down.  Amy knelt on her back while unfastening the gag and removing her blindfold.
   “One more thing gentlemen.  Our little fuck-doll here has recently been castrated.”  A small cheer went up.  When the blindfold was removed, Tayla saw a small group of men, far smaller than the group that had gathered in the hose a few days ago.  The first guy looked like he played line backer for the NFL.  He grabbed the petite redhead and slammed her into the wall.
   “Hey cutie.  Don’t have your little clitty?  Too bad for you.” He punctuated the word ‘you’, by slamming into her.  She felt like he was splitting her apart.  She looked down to see he wasn’t even all the way in yet.  The pain was already tremendous.  Her petite body shook and convulsed as he pushed in.  He loved how her pussy clamped together in a vain attempt to keep him out, but only served to increase his pleasure.  He was going to make sure she missed her precious clit.  The pretty redhead couldn’t have imagined the suffering she would endure.  Her life was a living hell.  The big guy fucking her, found he couldn't long resist the pretty, suffering, redhead as she cried on the end of his shaft and shot his load deep within her.  He dropped her and she fell face down on her knees, before she could move, he drove his shaft into her ass and proceeded to rape her ass.  Tayla was sure he ass was destroyed.  Since he had cum a few seconds earlier, he was a long time cumming, the whole time, he ripped Tayla’s cute tight ass, the fantasy of many of her male friends.  Tayla finally felt his release.  With his foot, he flipped her over and squatted over her chest and slapped Tayla’s cheek with his cock.
   “You know what I want, cutie,” he said.  Tayla was afraid he’d dislocate her jaw, but she had little choice.  She opened her mouth.  He didn’t dislocate her jaw, but he did start to snake down her throat.
   “Clean it off!” he roared.  .
   “CLEAN IT OFF!  CLEAN IT OFF!”  the rest of the men chanted.  Tayla’s humiliation deepened.  He smiled he felt she’d cleaned him off, there was one more thing he wanted to do to the pretty redhead impaled on his cock.  With a small sigh, he shot a stream of piss down her throat into her stomach.  He stepped back as he pulled up his pants and did up his belt.  Tayla choked and gagged, gasping for breath, without warning, another cock was roughly shoved into her mouth.  At almost the same time, one was forcefully shoved into her torn anus.  She was thrown back and forth as her two rapists developed a rhythm.  She couldn’t do anything other than cry.
   “Just breathe through your nose baby and you’ll be fine,” the guy fucking her face mocked.  He enjoyed the sight of Tayla on all fours and choking on his cock.  The guy in her ass, came and was immediately replaced by another guy.  He began to slap her ass in the rhythm as she was pushed back and forth on two cocks.  Finally the skinny guy raping her face came hard and stepped back.  Tayla swallowed the sticky load and was ready for another cock.  The previous man up her ass plugged her mouth and the smell and taste of her own ass overpowered her almost as soon as her mouth was plugged, the rapist in her ass released  his load.  He was quickly replaced by another.  What she couldn’t see from her position was her torment was getting Amy hot.  Amy’s hand was down her panties and she was rubbing herself hard.  Matt was enjoying watching his ex-girlfriend get detroyed, to notice his current girlfriend was nearing an orgasm of her own. 

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Two new men were abusing Tayla’s ass and mouth.  It happened after they used her ass, they would have her clean them off.  Despite the notice that she had been castrated, nobody, after the first guy, had used her twat.  In a weird, twisted and demented way, Tayla was thankful.  The pain in her ass and shame of having to do ass-to-mouth, took her mind off her pussy which was still on fire after her ‘surgery’.  The conservative, innocent, shy, redhead, mother of two, had never even heard of it before being kidnapped and sold.  Suddenly, the pounding in her ass stopped and the cock in her mouth was pulled out as another scream silenced all the other sound in the barn as Amy came, hard.  Everyone, was stunned…even Matt.  Amy had once described herself as ‘a little freak’.  She’d always been a little bit of an exhibitionist, but masturbating herself to an orgasm in a packed barn to a woman being tortured and raped, was too freaky for Matt.  Everyone else though seemed to think it was one of the hottest things ever.  The guy who’s cock was still in Tayla’s ass, grabbed a big as a handful that he could of her red locks, pulling her head back as far as he could.
   “Wasn’t that just so hot honey?” he growled in her ear.  Using her hair with his left, and hips with his right, he rode Tayla’s ass even harder.  The guy who’d been raping her mouth turned around to find her head bent way backwards.  He threw the guy behind her a dirty look.  He didn’t have to wait long, as Tayla’s colon was again painted white with his baby batter.  He was so close it didn’t take him very long to dump another load in Tayla’s stomach.  There were only two ar three men left.  On of the men turned around, and Tayla did a double take.  It was a woman with a large strap-on.  It appeared to be studded and ribbed, designed to cause pain.
   “On your back, ginger-cunt,” she said tossing something at Tayla.  It was a bondage hood.  Tayla was terrified.  This woman was going to rape her recently mutilated pussy with what amounted to a punishment dildo.  She slid the bondage hood over her head.  The woman straddled Tayla’s chest to zip it down and attach a small padlock to restrict it from being undone.  Tayla’s cries became muffled moans.  The woman shinnied back into her place between Tayla’s  splayed legs, and as if discussing the weather, rammed he strap-on into Tayla’s pussy.  Tayla normally wouldn’t have felt pleasure from being raped with a punishment dildo, but after suffering a fate as to what she had experienced, it ensured she never would anyway.

As Tayla was being pussy raped.  All the men had gathered around a bucket.  Since only one guy hadn’t had a go at Tayla yet, he dropped a load of cum, the rest of the men had urinated into it, Matt had dropped a shot a load of cum and urine and Amy had pissed into it.  Amy then took a smelly dump into it.  When the woman was done, she removed the bondage hood, but Amy quickly put the blindfold on her.  She was leashed and led to the feeding trough. That lay on the ground near the pigpen.  Amy tied Tayla’s leash to the rin on the other side of the trough.  Matt poured the vile mixture into the trough.  Amy with a forceful and hard shove, drove Tayla’s face, into it.  Not only was the smell and texture revolting, Tayla couldn’t breathe unless she inhaled some of it.  Amy pulled her head out of the trough, before Tayla could take a full breath  Amy plunged her head back in for longer.  Tayla held half a breath as long as she could.  Amy smiled as he saw Tayla’s breath escaping in small bubbles.  She pulled Tayla’s head out again.
   “You’re disgusting, little piggy,” she said before walking away.  Tayla, who of course was tethered in place, on her hands and knees, couldn’t move more than a few feet.

Amy turned to her boyfriend.
   “You did what?  Why would you apologize?  The cunt bit me.  She needed to be punished,” She fumed staring across the bed hands on her hips.
   “I bought her, not you.  If she was going to be castrated, I would have done it when I was ready,” Matt fired back.
   “You’ve been going easy on her and…Oh my god, you still have feelings for her, don’t you?” Amy accused.  Matt hesitated.  “You bastard!” Amy stormed out of the room.  On her way down the stairs she decided what to do.  She stormed across to the barn.  She passed Tayla, still anchored to the feeding trough and into the barn.  She went into the loft for a few minutes.  She came back and untied Tayla and removed her blindfold.
   “Oh my god, you’re disgusting,” Amy complained.  She led tayla to a vat that she filled with water from the hose she would feed and clean the animals.  She applied soap to a sponge and told Tayla to have a bath and wash her face.  Tayla also dipped below the water to rinse her hair even though she didn’t have shampoo.  When she was done, she climbed out.  Amy smiled and taking the end of the leash, Amy led her through the back door.  Tayla nearly had a heart attack.  A noose hung from the loft, gently swaying.  Tayla tried begging and Amy ignored her.  She yanked Tayla to her feet and slipped the noose around Tayla’s neck.
   “No please, Amy, please don’t hang me!” Tayla pleaded in a little voice.  Amy slapped her soundly.
   “You don’t speak your mistress’ name!  For that alone, I should hang you.”
   “No please, don’t do this,” Tayla begged as Amy yanked her arms and tied them thightly behind her back.
   “Tell you what.  I’ll let you beg for your life.  If you move me, I might letha’ live.”  Tayla couldn’t believe that Amy would be moved by anything she had to say, but she was willing to try anything to avoid being executed.
   “Please Ma’am.  Please don’t hang me.  I’m sorry I bit you, I have a family that I miss and love, two children and my husband…”
   “I’m bored,” Amy said pulling a bench over to in front of Tayla.  She roughly yanked Tayla up, standing her on the edge, “I’ve decided, I’m tired of hearing your voice.” She grabbed a handful of hair at the back of Tayla’s hair and planted a kiss on Tayla’s lips.  The conservative woman was surprised, but not repulsed as she thought she would’ve been.  She certainly didn’t enjoy it, but she thought she’d be more disgusted.  Amy continued the kiss until she came up for air.  When she did, she sharply slapped Tayla across the face before silencing her with a long piece of silvery duct tape.  “I see what Matt likes about you, my little cunt,” she said gently caressing Tayla’s face.  She sighed and grabbed the rope pulling it taut.
   “It’s been fun bitch,” Amy said.  With a savage kick, she kicked the bench out from under Tayla’s feet.  With a shriek, Tayla fell…and hit the ground hard.  She was sure she bruised a rib, the pain was incredible.  She just breathed through it.  “Oh I guess I forgot to tie off the other end,” Amy said.  She grabbed the winded woman by the hair, and forced her up the stairs.  When Tayla saw what Amy had prepared up in the loft, her heart missed a beat.
   “I’m gonna’ make you wish I’d letcha’ hang bitch.”

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I'm happy you've continued thiis, archon! Tayla's ordeal carries on!

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Looking forward to whatever Amy has in store for Tayla.

November 17, 2018, 01:00:37 PM
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Thanks to all you wonderful people who've continued to read and review.


It wasn’t the pillory that frightened Tayla the most, it wasn’t the various torture devices, some of which she knew and some of which she didn’t, it wasn’t the whips or weights.  It wasn’t even the cross.  It was the large jar on the small table.  She could count about five large scorpions.  They looked upset.  She hoped that the small case next to the jar had anti-venom.  She knew that, even if a scorpion couldn’t kill her it still hurt like hell.

            “I see you’ve noticed our friends.  You’ll get to know them really well a little later,” Amy said, “but first,” she said marching Tayla over to the pillory.  She forced Tayla’s neck and wrists into the appropriate spots.

            “Do you know what this is?”  Amy asked.  She smacked Tayla across the face.  “Answer questions when you’re asked,” she hissed.  Then she took a small step back.  “Sorry,” she said, sarcastically, ripping the duct tape off of Tayla’s mouth.  She slapped Tayla across the face harder.  “Answer the question, do you know what this is?”

            “Yes,” Tayla answered in her soft voice.  Another slap across her beautiful face.

            “We’ve talked about how you address your Mistress. “

            “Yes ma’am…” another slap.  Tayla began to cry in pain and frustration.  “Yes mistress,” she responded.  Amy slapped her again.

            “What are you responding to?” Amy asked.

            “Yes Mistress, I know what this is and I know what it’s used for,” Tayla said all she could think Amy would want to know to avoid being slapped again.  Amy smiled.

            “That’s good my little slave.” She slapped Tayla again.  After making sure the lock was in place on the pillory, she she stepped away returning momentarily with a car battery and jumper cables.  Leaving them right under Tayla’s face, she stepped behind her. Tayla couldn’t see what Amy was doing and in someways, that frightened her more than being able to see.  Her experience had told her when she couldn’t see it was usually worse than actually seeing. She knew the psychology of it of course.  If she couldn’t see what was happening, her mind would run through all the terrible possibilities.  She heard something whistle through the air.  She barely had time to register the sound, before a burning, stinging sensation pulled a scream from deep within her.  She realized she was being whipped.  Before the scream was done, a second lash fell, and a third and a fourth and a…Amy kept whipping Tayla as the poor tortured redhead screamed and wept pleading with her to stop.  Finally, Amy tossed the whip away.  Tayla had passed out.  Amy dumped a bucket, full of cold water over her to bring her around.  She stood in front of Tayla now, her right foot on the car battery.  She reached into her pockets and removed a lighter with her right and a long thin steel pin.  She heated the end of one and shoved it, unceremonious, under Tayla’s pinky fingernail as Tayla cried and begged her not to.  Amy smiled as a second needle came out of her pocket.

            “NO, please Mistress, please don’t,” Tayla begged through her sobbing in pain.  Amy ignored her and a moment later, another scream of pain was wrenched from Tayla’s throat.  Soon all eight fingers had heated needle’s under the nails.  She turned to the jumper cables and car battery.  It didn’t even register on the girl, who’s world had shrunk to her own physical pain.  She couldn’t believe how much suffering one person could inflict on another human being.  Amy affixed the jumper cables to Tayla’s nipple rings and smiled sadistically.  The current was not enough to kill Tayla but hurt like hell.  She watched Tayla scream and cry.  She nearly laughed out loud when Tayla started crying for her mother, her mother who’d been dead for nearly eleven years.  Amy did laugh, when Tayla’s bladder voided itself and a stream of piss rained down to form a puddle of piss, which gathered on the floor.  Amy turned off the current with disgust.  She stepped in behind Tayla again.  She grunted in pain, when a metallic, bulbous object invaded her anus.

            “Have you ever heard of a ‘pear of anguish’ or ‘pear of agony’ my little cunt?”  Tayla hadn’t but she knew that anything that had the words ‘anguish’ or ‘agony’ was just the type of thing Amy would love to use on her.  She could feel Amy manipulating it from behind.  Tayla started wondering how it worked.  She didn’t have to wonder very long.  She felt it starting to expand.  Her horror and shame were growing as the pear did as well.  As it got larger and larger, the pain increased as well.  She felt like she was being stretched to her breaking point.  Very quickly, the pain was excruciating.  Amy stepped back looking down at her slave.

            “You have kids right?” Amy asked.  Tayla nodded silently as she tried to cope with the immense pain in her anus.

            “Good,” Amy said.  She set a pail down under Tayla. She roughly grabbed each of Tayla’s breasts and started to manipulate them as one would, if milking a cow.  She was rewarded but, by a very little.  Since she hadn’t breast fed her kids in almost two months, her body wasn’t producing much.  This exasperated Amy.  She slapped Tayla across the face again and again and again.  Her assault was relentless.  She stepped back, delighted that her nose and lip were bleeding.  She picked up a gun.

            “You’re pathetic. I’ve had enough of you.”  She stood with her back to the stairs and pressed her gun against Tayla’s head.  The redhead was nearly in hysterics.  Despite the pain she was in, she didn’t want to die.  All she could do, was close her eyes, and wait for the bullet that would end her life, end her pain, end her suffering.


The shot made her jump.  Had Amy missed?  ‘No, she hadn’t missed,’ Tayla decided.  This was part of Amy’s style of torture.  She waited for a second shot.  No second shot came.  She slowly opened her eyes and screamed.  Part of Amy’s face was missing, but her left brown eye stared up into Tayla’s own blue left eye.  Fearfully she looked up.  Matt was holstering a gun.  He looked up and smiled at Tayla, but it wasn’t a friendly smile.

            “Glock,” was all he said.  Tayla didn’t know much about guns except that a glock was a powerful gun.

            “Before you thank me, I didn’t shoot my girlfriend to save you or protect you.  I’m not your knight in shining armour.  I shot her because I bought you and I will decide if you die, and when.  Amy would’ve killed you,” he said, looking into her shimmering blue eyes.  He slowly circled her.

            “Ahh, the Pear of Agony,” he said with a small chuckle.  “I doubted Amy could resist using that  on you.”  He continued circling her, kicking the fallen whip out of his way as he passed it, yet not breaking his stride.  He picked up a roll of duct tape and tore off a few strips.  He gagged Tayla using several strips to reinforce the gag.  He grabbed her thumb and with a sadistic smile pulled.  Tayla yelled ineffectively into her gag and Matt’s smile broadened as her left thumb broke!  He stepped over Amy’s corpse and made his way to Tayla’s right hand.  Tayla wanted to close her hands, to make a fist.  The needles made it impossible so Matt grabbed her right thumb and slowly toyed with it before he broke it as well.