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The author of the following series in no way condones violence against women in any form. Rape is a serious crime that damages the victim more than the assholes who commit it.
He also in no way feels the action of the police involved is no way an accurate representation of any individual officer or any police organisation in general
This is a pure cold pizza before bed induced fantasy!
                                                                                        Part One
No sex just set up

We’re gathered in the room for the daily roundup of ‘Project Catch’ only difference today is we have to listen to a profiler tells us who and what we’re after. This ought to be really interesting considering their last profile was way off. Agent Flaherty  begins “So we’ve adjusted our thinking, still convinced that the perp is a single male in his late twenties or at most mid-thirties!”  Their last the perp was late teens to mid- twenties, only thing kept was the single male part.

“We know he’s escalating his timing, this was number four, where the perp somehow incapacitates his target, bind them with handcuffs, rapes them then releases then just to tie them up with common hemp rope available in any hardware store” Letting this sink in before continuing. “All we know for sure is the same male is responsible for all four attacks so far, thanks to the DNA proof collected at the crime scenes. His female partner, a real looker dressed in a blue serge jacket and skirt combo with a pure white blouse underneath,  a long torso that top curvy legs that make me wonder, just how wide I could get her to spread.

“And the notes he sent us have all been printed on an HP laser printer common at any of the KiwiKopyKioask chain found here in the city” Turning to write on the whiteboard giving me a great profile shot of her face. “We also believe that he’s has a police background or at least  of police procedures!” Well give the dipshits some credit they actually got something right this time, course I’m not going to tell them that! “We think he’s taking a cast of his victim’s breasts as a souvenir of his dominances of his victims.”

“So you’re telling us that our perp gets his jollies fucking them, then making a copy of their tits to play with later?” All the guys laugh at that as I continue

“And what about how he chooses how to display his vics?”

“Well Detective Stewart, as you’re aware all his victims have been left in public parks tied to the slides, naked, their arms and legs splayed open, our best guess is he wants people to know what he was done and even more what he will do in the future!” She turns her back to me, so she doesn’t see me smirk at their lack of new information for us.

“So is that everything Agent Flaherty?” leave it to Captain McCurtney to try to bring this to a quick end before we begin to tell the profilers what we think of their help so far! Flaherty nods his head so the captain takes over “So you all have been assigned your tasks, so get out and catch this bastard before he claims another!” We gather our papers and get up to leave  “Hey Stewart a minute in my office before you go out!”

Making my way to his office I take a seat before he gets his fat fucking ass, how this piece of shit ever got to be a captain is beyond me! But in my mind how any of these dick stains got to be cops is beyond my ability to fathom. “Jesus make yourself comfortable why don’t you?” McCurtney finally comes in

“Well,  you called me here, not the other way around!” His chair cries out as he sits down, surprises me it doesn’t collapse under the strain of holding that fat ass off the floor.

“Look, Stewart, you only have this case to solve before your retirement

“I”m not retiring, you assholes are forcing me out, and don’t forget it!” showing just how pissed I was at that “Now what the fuck do you want?”

“An attitude like that makes me wonder why the higher ups are bothering to keep you on!” Opening a file on his desk “I don’t know what this one did to piss off the brass but you been assigned a new partner, try not to put this one in the hospital like your last two!” A knock comes to his office door “Come in!”

“Detective Constable Sheriff reporting for duty!”

“Ah Sheriff, just in time, meet your new partner Detective Sergeant Carter Stewart!” I stand to take in my so called new partner “Good now that you’re both on your feet, get the hell out of my office  and catch me a rapist!”

“Come along junior, time to fill your first diaper!” Walking out leaving the door open as we both make to the nearest stairs, then to my little cubicle in the situ room. As we’re about to descend McCurtney bellows

“Hey come back and close my office door!”

“Do it yourself lardass!” making my way down “Your chair can use the rest break and you the exercise!” I holler back. Down on the second floor,  my new partner follows me to the situ room, “Here read this, while I go take a piss!” With that I go back out, when I get back, Sheriff is ready to go.

“So are you going to canvass the Floradale neighbourhood  or the Orchid Club?”

“Up to you junior?” Making our way out to the parking lot to my 95 Camaro, tossing the key to Sheriff  “Scratch it in any way and your balls will be down your throat before you can say sorry!” Getting in the passenger side as he takes the driver seat. Starting the car, the radio comes on to classic Cooper “Go To Hell”

Stopping at a red light, “Oh hey you were right the upper brass is onto McCurtney to put this on in the books or you won’t be the only one they put out to pasture at the end of the month!” Pausing to let that sink in “Seems they’re not happy with his squad's solvency rate, they feel they can get a higher rating with someone else in charge!”

Hmmph!, the end of the month, a little over 14 days before the last 21 years become meaningless. 14 days before the latest serial rapist becomes a cold case. For when I’m gone he’s gone also and the rape spree that started four months ago will end. I know this for a fact since I was the one committing them. 14 days before I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of them couldn’t solve how to get out of an already torn open wet paper bag, let alone any major crimes.

Sheriff pulls into traffic before speaking “So it went just like you said it would!” Digging  into his jacket “Her name is Wendy Gowans, single lives just off Murphy Crescent!” Taking us into the flow of the northbound traffic to Floradale, apparently wanting to waste the day canvassing, instead of prepping for tonight's little excursion.

“You sure she won’t be expecting any company tonight?”

“Just little ole me!” putting on a southern accent “For a home cooked meal, if I'm willing to supply a bottle of wine to drink with it!”

“And I sure you already have it spiked!”

"A whole case ready at a moment's notice!” high fiving me then “You sure you should strike this close to the last one? What if they profilers finally get something right and predict it?”

“Oh please they couldn’t predict a fart to happen even after it passed their asshole!” looking to him “No tonight the night, you already have her expecting you and after the last one I’m horny to take another!”

“So you still think this is the way to get revenge on them for failing to capture Julie’s rapist?” I backhand him in the mouth, making Sheriff loose control of the car for a second.

“I told you never mention her name to me ever again!” Sheriff remains quiet after regaining control, while I brood on the incident. She was only 14 years old when the bastard escaped police custody and took my daughter hostage at the YWCA. The bastard barricaded himself into a change room with her sexually assaulted her before the Swat team finally grew balls and burst in, capturing him. 10 highly trained and armed guys and yet the bastard got away once more. To this day he hasn’t been apprehended. When they higher up came down and personally told me they were passing the case to the cold file squad, I swore until the day I retired or was finally caught I was going to prove the rape squad were a bunch of assholes who were totally incompetent.

“You know what Sheriff, let’s change the M.O. for this one, One going to go in first you can stay away from this one!”

                                                           To be Continued

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The author of the following series in no way condones violence against women in any form. Rape is a serious crime that damages the females more than the assholes who commit it.

Just a nitpick before I sit down to read your story, but you should change that to be sex neutral. I know that it's not your intention, but it almost makes it sound like rape happens exclusively to women. Now, if you'll excuse my nitpick, time to let my fingers wander and do some reading, hehe. :)

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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
The author of the following series in no way condones violence against women in any form. Rape is a serious crime that damages the females more than the assholes who commit it.

Just a nitpick before I sit down to read your story, but you should change that to be sex neutral. I know that it's not your intention, but it almost makes it sound like rape happens exclusively to women. Now, if you'll excuse my nitpick, time to let my fingers wander and do some reading, hehe. :)

A valid point Emily and I'll correct it immediately

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“Just cause I mentioned your daughter’s name I’m being blocked from this one?”

“Be thankful that’s all that happening, my last partner is still in the intensive care unit!” Little bastard called my Julie a cream dream before we were called to investigate a rape at a drug house. While everyone was busy searching the three level place, I made sure Pearson had an accident on the basement stairs, making sure that his head was rammed into the brick wall hard enough to cause brain damage.

“How will you get her incapacitated if I don’t get her to drink some wine first?”

“I have my methods”  is all I tell him. Sheriff pulls the car into an open parking space on Floradale and we spend most of the morning hours canvassing the various homes. Getting the result I expected from the start, no one seen or heard anything that could help us. A little after one we call it and go for a quick bite and compare notes and deciding to go to the Orchid Club, the establishment the last victim. Mary Watson works at as a server.

The Club turns out to be another dead end, none of the regulars, none of the staff remembers anything about Mary that helps our investigation. No one remembers anything about the guy she left with on the night in question. A good thing for Sheriff, or he would be in a interrogation room with the DA and SIU. “Well that was a bust, might as well call it and go back to the precinct.”

There we both do some paperwork before lardass bellows from the intercom  ‘Stewart, Sheriff, my office!” Getting up and making our way to his office, barging in without knocking. “Well mind telling me why I just got a call from a Mr. Robert Evans about two of my officers harassing him about someone who lives at the other end of the street from him?”

“Evans, Evans oh yeah I remember him, the guy with girlie magazines all over his coffee table!” Sitting down without being asked “The guy wouldn’t give a straight answer about his whereabout on the night in question!” Letting that sink in “Well pardon me if I conducting an investigation using tried and true established methods!” Getting up making for the door

“I didn’t say we were done here!” McCurtney blurts out

“Well excuse me, do you want this case brought to a conclusion or do you want to berate me for some little pricks hurt sense of decency?” Not waiting for a reply I leave, Sheriff stays to appease McCurtney’s warped sense of right. Going back to my desk I open the laptop to Google Earth view and type in Gowans address. A picture of a house with a pool two houses from the corner comes up, great pool means a patio and a easy way in.

Sheriff returns, “He’s fucking nuts, he wants us to go back and apologize to Evans!”

‘Well you can do that if you want, me I have other plans I”m interested in!” grabbing my jacket and making my way to the exit. Getting back into my Camaro, noticing the dashboard clock 4:23 pm, knowing the Sheriff would have suggested he show up around seven, giving me two hours and forty minutes to set my plan in motion.

Ten minutes later I park two roads over in a local plaza parking lot, making my way to her place on foot. With what appears to be a clipboard, I approach her house, acting like a meter reader I make my way to her backyard. Again checking all directions, all clear I go through her gate then to the patio door. A screen door in front of the standard patio glass door, looking for and type of alarm presence, finding none I open the screen door, finding the glass door is not secured as I slide it open.

Going inside, taking a fast look through the place, finding nothing that impresses me I return to the kitchen. Opening the fridge I find a bottle of sparkling water that I spiked with a few sleeping drops. Going over to the little wine rack on the counter, finding an bottle on the go I drop a couple of little white pills in it, swirling the contents so the pills dissolve. Looking for a place I can see the kitchen from, but would be hidden, I settle in waiting for the night’s events to start.

Six o’clock a sound comes into the kitchen, a bottle being set a bit hard onto the counter. Then “What the hell it’s not like i’m going to backwash into the bottle. A pop of the cork leaving the bottle, I watch as she takes a long drink of wine right from the bottle. God this was going to be so easy! Waiting for the pills to take effect, I watch Gowans stagger around the kitchen then make her way to the living room sofa, taking a seat  before swinging her legs out as if to take a nap.

Another few minutes pass before I come out, going over to her, Lifting her arm and dropping it back down, good the pills have taken effect. Opening her top, getting a surprise that she braless, moving to her skirt, sliding it down her long legs, not as surprised that she commando. Undoing my pants, dropping them and my underwear, my cock hardening as I survey my prize. A fair size rack, a shaven mound with a pair of butterflies, one on each side
Opening her legs, getting my first look at her pink pussy lips “Oh aren’t these darling?” Looking at her face as I go to mount her, a look of absolute terror  in her eyes as she realizes that she’s about to be raped by a man wearing a bondage head cover. Guiding my cock into her dry pussy, wanting her to suffer like my Julie suffered, I start fucking her. Tears in her eyes, tells me she’s in pain before she feels me cum in her  “Oh just think that was only our first time together!”

Moving so she could see me, I take out a little yellow pill  showing it to her “Know what this is?” Popping it into my mouth and swallowing  “In a bit you’ll know what it can do for hours!” Forcing her mouth open and dropping an Ecstasy pill into it, manipulating you to swallow it .
A half hour later I’m back assaulting her pussy noticing a mantle clock, a little after seven. Four hours of fucking her before I pick a park to dispose of her in.  After cumming in her once more I get bold, sliding her of the sofa then forcing her upper body back onto it, her knees on the floor I prepare to sodomize her. Grabbing her hair, forcing her head up off the pillow so she doesn’t suffocate, I ram into her ass, burying my cock completely in her.
Without mercy I fuck her ass, each time I think I’m about to cum I pull out, delaying my orgasm. Alternating for more than an hour I fuck her, hoping that she hurting as much as I think my Julie was hurting as that bastard fucked her. Noticing the sky outside is darkening, looking at the clock, after nine thirty. Giving her my final orgasm of the night, I pull out looking at her raw red puckered asshole. Picking her up and depositing her once more on the sofa, “Well that was fun for me, how was it for you?”

Going to my jacket I retreive a little kit containing a syringe and a small brown bottle of sleeping medication. Drawing 10 cc I inject it into her right arm, then settle in to watch as her eyes glaze over then flutter close as she set into a drugged induced sleep.  Making sure she’s can’t roll off the sofa, i leave to retrieve my car. Driving back I pull up to her gate, with my light out so as not to draw attention to myself. Normally Sheriff is here to help me get my victim to a park, but with this one I plan to alter my display a bit.

Going in I wrap her in a blanket I took from the trunk of the car. Carrying her out in a fireman’s carry, depositing her in the passenger seat and buckling her in, my destination already in mind. Climbing in I drive around the city taking a long way to Davidson Beach Park by the lake. By the time I drive through the free parking area onto the service road, frequent by pushers  it’s after eleven. Making my way to the secluded kiddie park, i park and take her to her temporary home.

Tying hemp rope to her wrist, I maneuver  her body onto the slide. Securing her arms with the rope i begin to spread her legs over the sides of the slide, tying them tight so they stay that way i return to the car and get a dildo. Returning I reach under her until i can force the dildo up her ass. If by chance she found before the cops do, and the person is so inclined, they will be in for a treat!” With that done I leave feeling hungry, stopping for a slice before going home!

                                                                     To be continued

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Back home after midnight, I call it a night and go to bed. Four forty-one am the phone beside the bed starts ringing, Lifting the receiver up groggily “Stewart, wha  ya want?”

"Detective we got another one, Davidson Beach Park!” As I come wide awake enough to bite my tongue before replying ‘Yeah who do you think put her there!’

"Okay I’m on my way!” About to hang up when I hear ”Wait to you hear this, This one had a rubber jammed up her ass!” Wondering what the hell the little jerkoff was talking about?

"Oh good then we have more than a swab worth of DNA evidence!”

“Wrong rubber Detective, a rubber cook, you know a dilo!”

Yup this is what they’re hiring to work defending the citizens of our fair city “You mean a dildo!” slamming the receiver down before the jerkoff gets another word in. Going to the closet getting out a pair of navy blue pants and white shirt, I get dressed and then on my way. Stopping along the way at a local all-night eatery, getting their version of an egg muffin. a breakfast burrito and a black coffee to go.

Twenty-five after five I pull into the park’s entrance that only five hours ago I left. Following the flashing revolving lights to the heart of the scene I passed under the yellow police tape before pulling up alongside the ambulance, leaving plenty of space so it can turn to leave. Getting out seeing the forensic team snapping their photos and collecting evidence

“So the dildo will be removed at the hospital since the anus has started to close around it!” The medical examiner tells the head forensic man. Both look up and the examiner repeats what I heard. “So Stewart I’ll get my report on your desk as soon as the hospital  releases her for questioning!”
Yeah like I need to be told procedures. Taking my own look around I see that a piece of the rope is under the slide, partially covered with dirt. Making sure no one is watching, I bend down and retrieve it, pocketing it before anyone notices my actions. Pretending to check out the sides of the slides, about to touch the left one when a tech call out

“Hey! be careful we haven’t lifted the prints off  that side yet!” looking closer seeing the one he meant, fascinated with the lines and curls showing up in the black powder. Wondering if I touched the side while putting her there of anytime after I decide not to take a chance. Moving back a little digging my hand into my jacket pocket taking out a hankie doused with black pepper, I keep on hand for just such incidents, holding it under my nose, moving back in for another look, waiting for it’s magic to work.

A minute later I feel the buildup of the sneeze coming, moving the hankie down so the hem leaves the nostril open I let loose, spraying a load of snot all over the fingerprint ruining it. The tech who yelled out comes rushing over “Of fuck your hankie got holes in it?” Opening to him showing it does! Before returning it to my pocket. “Fuck the best print we found yet and now it been smeared that proper identification will be harder!”

“Sorry, You know I didn’t do it on purpose!” Moving away before the tech figure out  that I did do it on purpose Hollering out So can anyone tell me, who found her?”  Constable first class Reed Redman speaks up.

“Yeah we caught a break , Constable Karen Wheeler was out jogging when she decided to cut through the park her and found the victim being abused further by her assailant. She nabbed the bastard red handed, secured him with three zip ties she carries with her  in case her laces breaks and call it in 3:59 am!”

“Wheeler huh!, where is she now?”

“Back at the station, giving a statement!”

"And the perp she nabbed, any idea his name?”

“I.d. on him named him Maris Dodgeworth,25 yrs old, lives at…”

“2345 Confederation Parkway Apt 204” I finish for him. My luck  turns once more. By climbing on and having a go at her, he contaminated any evidence I may have left “So is he being questioned?”

“No they’re waiting for you to get there before starting!” Looking at me “Look I can handle it here, except for the print we’re pretty well done here so why don’t you go talk with Mr. Dodgeworth?”

“Might as well I’m do in at six anyway!” Looking at my watch 5:36 am. Shaking hands with Redman, I make my way back to my car, finding the ambulance still here, calling out “Why is this still on scene?”

The peon on tape duty “Developed engine problems, waiting tow truck!” Getting into my car thinking ‘Yeah that’s city property for you as dependable as the people using it!’ starting the engine on the first try, backing out until I can turn on solid pavement. The drive to the station takes only five minutes do to the lack of traffic. Once there I make my way to the level with the interrogation room, first stopping at the duty desk.“Karen Wheeler, she still around?”

“Just finished giving her statement  to Noah!”

“Okay have her report to me  before she leaves, even if i’m interrogating the suspect!”

“Will do detective” making a note of it before returning to whatever he was doing.

Looking into room one’s two way glass I see Maris shaking in the plastic chair  a bottle of water and a glass in front of him. He must feel my presence out here for he turns his head towards the glass “I swear I didn’t rape her, she asked if she could put my cock in her to warm herself up on!”

As I open the door to go in “Did you hear me?” stopping only long enough to take a drink from the glass “She used her hands to put my cock into her pussy to warm herself up on!”

“Detective Stewart interviewing Mr. Maris Dodgeworth, on July 22 at 0605 am. Really Maris? want to explain how her hands got tied up while you poke her?”

“She asked me to do it! Brought the twine and everything with her!”

“Why don’t you start from the beginning?, why were you in the park?”

“To try to score a fix, instead I ran into this chick who’s naked lying on the slide complaining she’s cold and asked me to let her put my dick into her to warm her up!” draining the glass of water before returning his gaze to my face. “You got to believe me Stewart, she beg me to help get her warm!”

“Now Maris why don’t you tell me the truth. I mean why didn’t she just use the dildo in her anus to warm herself?”

“She didn’t have no anus!”

“Don’t know what the word mean do you Maris?” not waiting for a response “It means ass” Looking into his dilating pupils “When was the last time you had a fix?”

“No fix she asked me to warm up her pussy!”

A knock comes to the door “Interview stopped at 0612 am. Opening the door finding a 5’8” brunette dressed in a sport bar and sweatpants  standing there with Sheriff

“Stewart this is Constable Karen Wheeler, she apprehended Dodgeworth while in action!”

"Oh yeah speaking of him, get him out of my sight until he comes down from whatever he’s on!” Sheriff goes in while I escort Wheeler to my cubicle. When were there “Coffee, or what passes for it?”

“No! I value my insides.” flashing me a smile “So you wanted to see me Detective Stewart?”

“I know you gave your statement already but i rather hear it from you than read it”

“Well at 0335 am I went out for my morning 5 mile jog, at 0355 am I came across the suspect already mounting the victim, fucking her bound form on the slide. Grabbing him in a hammerlock I forced separation and zipped tied his hands to the jungle gym then I call for an ambulance and backup. They arrived shortly after 0414 am which I approached the suspect when i heard him iterate “The pig did it first,all I did was get my fair share!”

That last statement floors me. Could he have been in the park and I missed him? Can he clearly identify me? Then the big question that statement presented to me Do I have to make Maris disappear?

                                                          To be continued

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Part Four: Reminiscing

My mind is debating what my next move is when a flick off to my right catches my eye. Constable Wheeler trying to get my attention, tuning back into the present in time to her “So are we finished here detective, I’ve got role call in half and hour and you know how prickish Dansbury can be if you’re late!”

“Yeah we’re done here, sorry to keep you so long!” watching her as she leaves. Wondering if her statement is ready for the files yet?” Did she put something in it that she didn’t mention to me? Like maybe the name of the pig in question maybe. Getting up I go to collect the latest files and the older one. Returning with the three previous rapes we’re investigating, sitting down opening the first case, Megan Travis, yeah they say you always remember your first!

Five foot three, one hundred and fifteen pounds, blonde, blue eyed, 19 years old college student. Resides at 333 Kirwin Drive with her younger sister Rachel and her father Thomas. I found her coming out of a known sex offender’s home on Jaguar Drive and followed her for a couple of blocks  before I decided she would be the perfect way to begin my revenge on the rape squad.  Pulling up beside her rolling down the window of my Camaro, flashing my badge at her asking her why she’s out so late.

Getting out of the car, I have her open her purse, and empty the contents of it onto the car hood, slipping in a small package of white powder “What’s this?” She turns as white as the package “That’s not mine! I swear!” Placing her under arrest, putting her into handcuffs then into the passenger seat, buckling her in. “You’re not going to take me to jail are you?”

“Depends on what you can offer me?” Of course I was talking about information about my sex offender, but if she was willing to give me something else well who was I to say no! Pretending to drive her to the station, to calm her down a bit I offer her a small white pill, continuing driving until the effects of the pill took control. Taking her into the Creekside Park, a little after midnight, making sure I had her and the place all to myself, I used her on the slide before getting the idea to tie her to it to be discovered. A little after sunrise she was discovered by a dog walker, thanks to the pill she barely remembered what happened before or while her rape happened.

Getting a little more refined with number two Tara Jacobs , five foot seven, one hundred and twenty pounds, redhead with hazel brown eyes, 26  year old known prostitute who resides at 88 Hillcrest Avenue, alone. Now she was too easy, that it was more consensual than a rape that was until I fucked her up the ass while she was tied to the slide in Huntington Park , While I was doing that, One detective constable Walter Sheriff was coming into the same park, in search of said Jacobs. Spotting people by the slide he made his way to us.
Drunk he taps me on my ass “Hey you mind me doing her after you’re done?” going to the top of the slide and sliding down so her face was in his crotch, opening his fly trying to get her to suck his cock unaware that she been drugged, Tapping her forehead  “Hey you open up!”, Using two fingers to open her eyelids “Hey her eyes are rolled up into her head, say are you raping her?” Then he promptly fell over the side of the slide, falling into a pile under it in the sand

As I pumped her ass full of cum, pulling out for some reason I check on Sheriff “Ass is all your’s!” Walking away, only to turn to watch him slowly climb out from under the slide, and climb onto her. As a walk out of the park, he cums and rushes to catch up with me

“Say shouldn’t we untie her, before someone comes along and rapes her?”

“Well did you pay her for the fuck?”


“Well then! congratulations you’ve just raped her!” continuing on my way as he ran back and started to wipe her down. Making my car I sit there for a bit debating if I should call it in since I’m in the clear what with the boy scout obliterating the evidence like he was doing. Speak of the devil he comes running up, suddenly sober.

“Shit listen mister I should arrest you for rape, but i need you for an alibi!” Taking my badge out flashing it to him “But aren’t you a member of the rape squad?”

“Yeah so?” putting my car in gear. “Get in and I explain!” At the Pig and Whistle over a couple of beers I tell Walter my story.

“Man that wack, but I can understand!” motioning to the waitress who would become my third victim Ruthie Adams, a four foot even ninety pound dwarf waitress. While Walter talked her up I contemplated what sex with her would be like. One week to the day of meeting her I was buried deep into her finding out. Now i;m not the biggest out there but trust me it doesn’t take a lot to fill a dwarf.
After Walter go her to take a swig from a bottle of a doctored Jack Daniels, i waited outside for his signal. When he gave it, I went in and had my way with her in her bed, while walter prepared the ropes for when we took her to McCallion Park.  like all the others we tied her to the slide and left her for someone to find.

Now the higher ups figured out that the three rapes were related  so they started a conjoined investigation squad called ‘Project Catch’.  I was to be second in command of the now one giant investigation, only to be given the news of my impending forced retiring due to police cutbacks.After they told me that, I decided to amp up my attacks. At the same time I started to make key pieces of evidence mysteriously disappear.

While the inept assholes tries to discover something they missed i stuck one more . Once more Walter made the initial find of Joan Hart,a five foot ten, 165 pound green eyed, blonde who was the hardest one to get into position  on the slide.  The initial rape was carried out after the Tomahawks lacrosse game at the Twin Arenas. Again drugged alcohol was involved, making it easy for me to take here immense body and fuck her deep. Walter also had his turn with this one since she was so big. Combined we struggled with her inert form for more than an hour before we finally got her secure and displayed on the slide

And that brings me back to yesterday , bullshit profiler meeting and the rape of Wendy Gowans. Closing the files and letting them lay on my desk, i’ve come full circle wondering if Maris actually saw me depositing her on the slide of was he just making it up to justify his raping her.

Deciding I had to know I call for Maris to be brought back to room 6 for another talk. Four minutes later he’s there sober this time a cigarette between his lips as I walk in “Detective Stewart talking with Maris Dodgeworth at 8:45 Am.  “So  Maris want to tell me what you saw earlier this morning in Davidson beach Park this morning.

“I’ve already been over this with you this morning!”

“Humor me and tell me again and maybe I’ll put a good word in with the D.A.”

That perked his ears up “Alright, I was in the park a little after two trying to find empties from the teens who were partying by the beach. When I saw cop on top of the slide humping something that wasn’t doing anything to prevent it. I called out, but he didn’t answer just fucked away before finally getting off. As he left i heard him say “That’ll show him.!”

“Can you describe who you say Maris?”

“Sure six foot two, a good two hundred pounds, grey hair, wide ass

Well I’ll be damned he just described old lardass himself, Chet McCurtney. Could it be true is lardass following me and taking advantage of conquests? Hmm could I use this to my advantage? But there again can I trust a junkie to be telling the truth. Only one way to find out, call the squad together and tell them while plotting my next rape, something shocking that the higher ups will demand fast action say something like a pre-teen!

                                                               More To Follow

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The following involved the rape of an underage teen if that offends your senses then pass on reading

Part Five

As Dodgeworth is being led back to his cell, awaiting the afternoon transfer to arraignment court, I put the call out  to the other squad members asking to meet at noon.  Noon comes around and all twenty of us working ‘Project Catch’ is in the assigned squad room getting ready to hash over what we have to date.

The profilers are back to Agent Flaherty and his female partner who we have yet to learn her name. Old lardass hauls his fat carcass down to join us, Taking over like he’s the one who called us together in the first place “So what the new developments Stewart?”

All eyes turn to me “Well early this morning, we had another female found tied to a slide in Davidson beach Park and we caught a break with this one!’ Pausing to hand out Constable Wheeler’s statement “A fellow cop found her while a rape was in progress by a known junkie in the area!”  Since her statement wasn’t ready before the morning briefing some are surprised by what I tell them.

“Now said junkie, one Maris Dodgeworth claims he was only doing what he saw someone else doing earlier. Read out the description given, listening to the snickering as they connect it to someone in the room.

“Forget it I was home snug in my bed doing the wife!” McCurtney calls out making all of us pity his wife!

“So would you mind if we included you in a lineup captain?”

“Just to prove him wrong sure I’ll do it!” Well that took me by surprise  “So anything else with something new?”

Agent Flaherty puts up his hand “Well we think the last one before this morning was done by a copycat, since no note has arrived to taunt us!”  Thinking back  he right I haven’t sent one in since number three, so sue me I’ve been busy proving these idiots are incompetent while amping up my schedule.

“So captain should we begin to think about a copycat angle or   stay the course s one investigation?

“Until it’s proven otherwise, stay the course as one investigation!” Hauling his fat ass up “Meanwhile let’s get this lineup done so Ii can get back to my office!”

So we do the lineup and just like I thought Dodgeworth couldn’t pick his nose let alone someone out of a lineup. As we escorted Dodgeworth to the paddy wagon transport to the court I spy a young lady in a holding cell that caught my imagination.

About four four eleven, couldn’t be more than a hundred pounds soaking wet, shaking like a leaf as the solid metal door was being closed to protect her from the coming and goings. Going up to the duty sergeant “So what with the one in number two?”

“Denise Jamieson, part of the scared straight program his honor mayor Collins is trying. Seems she likes to skip school, shoplift and drink in Plythin Park at all hours of the morning. “She’s been taken home three times drunk in the last two months alone. What with that rapists running free I hope this get through to her before something like that does!”

“I hear you!’ turning thinking that I’m going to stake out Plythin Park tonight hoping to stake her out on a slide after staking my cock into her a few times. Returning to my desk waiting for Sheriff to show his face.  When he finally does he got an stamped envelope addressed to the station. Tossing it onto my desk, getting out a pair of gloves before I open it then call out “Hey we got another one and I quote:”

“Number four! like it when I shanked her pussy, after a good game at the arena the other night!. Have you morons finally figured it out who’s doing it and why? Probably not since you never managed to find your ass holes after taking a shit!” Looking up so looks like the profilers got another thing wrong! But I keep my mouth shut.

Turning to Sheriff, “Well let’s go canvass the neighbourhood  of the latest one!”  In the car well on our way
“Want to thank you for the note, that should keep the morons on their toes!”

“You’re welcome!” holding back a bit “So can I be apart of the next one!

“Sure can’t say when it will be but if you don’t mind hanging out until the early morning hours!” Not giving him any hints of who or where I have in mind.  The canvassing  was straight routine and as predicted turned up nothing to help the investigation.

Little after eight we return to the station, do some paperwork before calling it a night. After nine, I drive towards Plythin Park, Sheriff in the passenger seat looking at it then back to me wondering what I had in mind. Driving slowly until i find a perfect spot to keep an eye on the entrance to the park it  not more than an hour before my eyes sees her.  Sheriff’s eyes follow mine

“No way she’s can’t be more than fourteen, I don’t mind the last three but this is wrong!”

“No this is going to be an easy one, watch!”  Taking the keys from the ignition, getting out and checking the trunk for the bottle of doctored vodka I keep in reserve, putting it in a clear brown bag. Making my way into the park, pretending to take a swig from the bagged bottle  every once in awhile. Making my way with unerring accuracy towards the little grove of trees that most of the drinkers use to hide from view. There she is already two sheets to the wind, giggling at the long hair boy trying to cop a feel of her still clothed tit.

Spotting me the boy bolts  for some reason, taking the bottle once more pretending to drink before holding it out to my intended target of the night “Want a drink?”, raising the bottle up so she could see the label

“Sure!,” Accepting the offered bottle, raising it to her lips and taking a long pull on the bottle. Choking on the vodka, recovering enough to say “Thanks!”  passing the bottle back. Looking a little leery at me then back to the bottle. I offer it back to her, taking it and getting another long pull . Sheriff back in the car watching, see me cop a feel of her ass  before she seems to pass out in my arms.

With my arm under her shoulder, I make like she’s walking back with me. Getting her settled in the back seat before climbing in a driving to the industrial area of town. Pulling around back of an abandoned industrial plaza, looking around making sure there were no cameras or that anyone was around before reaching over and stripping my prize. Gasping out loud at the sight of my next conquest.

Pert tits topped with the pinkest mpples and areolas I ever seen.Bewteen her legs a mound, shaved smoother than a baby’s bum. Reaching between the seat, getting my hand between her legs, my middle finger inside her pussy. “Damn no hymen! Oh well can’t have virgin meat everyday now can we!” Straightening up to drop my pants, my cock already hard as a rock.

Climbing over the front seat  and onto her I waste no time making her wet. Sinking my cock into her pussy and fucking her for all i’m worth. After filling her pussy with cum i get off her and Sheriff climbs on for his turn. Her may not think it’s right but that doesn’t stop him getting some from her.  Fucking her like that was the last pussy he would be getting in a long while. When he done I turn her over and take that perfectly half moon ass foucking it for more than an half hour before cumming in it. Then Sheriff takes his turn, filling her with his second load of the night

A little after one  we’re back in Plythin Park, at the slide in the dark park, displaying the latest victim of the serial rapists to horrify the city. Wiping her down for fingerprints,a wet washcloth to clean excess cum from her orifices. Tying her spread eagle over the slide, copping a feel of her before bidding her adieu. Awaiting the outrage that this new victim would bring in the evening papers and newscasts!

                                                                    More to follow

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Part Six

Once more I brought out a deep sleep, the big difference this time it’s by the TV coming on as my alarm clock. Set to the local wake-up morning show I open my eyes to a scene of Plythin Park  “Thanks Kev! We’re here in Plythin Park for the start of the annual ‘Clean Up The City’ Campaign, so over the next two hours I’ll introduced you to the campaigners and tell you viewers how you can join us today or over the upcoming days in a park by you!” The camera pans around then “Sweet Jesus Christ!” it centers in on a nude girl tied to the slide spreadeagled.

Well that going to be a new one, wondering how many of the shows viewers will call it in before the reporter and cameraman does? Oh well looks like a shower will have to be damn fast, since I expect the phone to start ringing in any moment. In and out before it does, when Sheriff calls “Stewart you see the morning show on channel 57, they found her on a live feed!” pausing before continuing “I’m at the squad room and the calls are coming in fast from concerned viewers!”

“Okay I’m on my way in!” hanging up, Well I have to admit I wanted her finding to cause an outrage and man did I get that. In the car, my cell phone ring, McCurtney

“Christ! Stewart another rape victim of the ‘Slider’ s the newspapers dubbed him and this one found on a live TV broadcast, the upper brass are screaming for my head!” Wheezing into his phone “I need you to get over to Plythin Park and cordon off the crime scene and get that damn video before they play it live on the news segments

“I’m five minutes from there now, so leave it to me captain!” Taking out the portable light and setting it on top before blaring a siren getting cars out of my way. Three minutes later I’m pulling up to the park  just as the forensic van, and extra officers pulls up. Setting the officers to clear out and close off all entrances to the park, I turn to watch the forensic team set up a tent blocking the slide from viewing angles. Walking around trying to find the reporter and the cameraman, finding then just out of range of our efforts setting up to do a live report.

Walking over, “Alright, I need the camera now and for the two of you to come down to the station and give your statements!” They just stare at me like I’m nuts

“Look we have the right to broadcast this, we’re journalists it’s what we do!”

“Well let me put it this way then. Either hand over the camera as evidence or I’ll have some colleagues come here and take it and you down to the station as accessories to the fact!”

Got to give it to Frankie Reuters, he knew he had a scoop and was determined to go live, so I would let him.  As he go live, I motion two of my fellow officers over and show the press who is boss on a crime scene “Frankie Reuter, you’re  under arrest for obstruction of a police investigation, you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law!” An officer takes him by the arm, while his comrade takes the camera man after relieving him of the camera.Taking them away threatening to sic their lawyers and the station’s lawyers on me.

Checking the camera before handing it to forensic, telling them I want the footage from it placed into evidence. Walking into the tent to get what the forensic team thinks is my first look at our victim. As my eyes drinks in the sight of her ravaged body, remembering  how it felt to have my dick jammed into her ass and pussy, that’s when I notice her eyes are open, staring back at mine

“Hey Jules she awake, is the doctor here yet?”

Weakly through a dry throat “P-p-p-l-l-lease I won’t tell anyone!”  Into the tent comes Dr Jane Martin along with a female constable I never laid eyes on before.

“Can you tell me your name miss?”

“De-de-denise Jamieson”  fresh tears coming to her eyes

“Do you remember what happened to you?”

Looking past the doctor and the constable as if they weren’t there, locking eyes with me, glaring at her implying I would hurt her if she said anything “No, all I remember, I was in the park with a guy in the grove of trees, we were drinking then I can too here!”

The doctor, motions in a photographer then apologizes to Denise as he carries out his assignment. When he gone, she and the constable with help from two forensic techs cut Denise free and get her on a gurney to take her to the hospital. Pulling the doctor aside,

“Well what do you think, can she tells us who attacked her?”

“Well if she’s been drinking and got drunk then it’s hard to say!” Alright so maybe Sheriff and I caught a break, all the others didn’t come too until in the hospital. Even so maybe I’ll pay the Miss Jamieson a visit in the hospital to help her forget her ordeal and if she medicated enough get a few more feels of those teenage tits.

As I step out of the tent there coming up to the scene is lardass himself. Spotting me “Stewart! tell me she can identify her attacker!”

“Doc says too early to tell all she told us now was that she was drinking in the grove of trees!” McCurtney scowls at that

“Well has anyone thought to check out this grove?” I so wanted to tell him to do it himself but I can’t remember if either Sheriff or I sweep it before we left her tied up last night

“On my way to do so now! Want to come along and see how a real cop works?”

“Fuck you Stewart!” leaving me to do the sweep myself. Finding the grove, a quick scan show me nothing except for a driver’s license, Bradley Clemems. The face staring up to me wa that of the punk I ran off.
Going back to lardass “Well we may have caught a break!” showing him the licence

“Daniels, sent someone around to collect one Bradley Clemems ” Rhyming off the address from the licence, as inwards I scoff knowing this was a red herring.Sheriff finally shows up pretending to yawn as he spots McCurtney “Where the hell have you been Sheriff, it’s all but wrapped up here?”

“Sorry,  The morning crew pretty well just showed up to take over the phones. So what can I do?”

“Why not go over and use that boyish charm and talk to the victim, she already been taken to the hospital!”

“Yeah come on junior let’s go do some police work before someone tries to take our badges from us!”
Corralling him by the elbow leading him off before anything slips out. In the car I burst out laughing before telling Sheriff about finding the punks licence “Ole lardass is having him brought in for questioning!”

“But what if he remembers you from last night?”

Slamming on the breaks, almost getting rammed up the ass by the car behind me. Putting on the light and siren once more “Shit I never thought of that, we have to get the punk from Daniels before he get back to the station!” Remembering the address, driving like a bat out of hell to beat Daniels there. A break going my way for once as Daniel is overseeing an accident dispute, I stop long enough to tell him we’ll get Clemems for him.

Pulling up to the address, a run down bungalow, with a dilapidated old garage out back. Clemems is just coming out “yeah I’ll be home around five, mom!”

“Well get some weed before you come back!”

“Sure mom!” Looking up to us as we stop before his driveway. Sheriff gets out  followed by me.

“Bradley Clemems? I’m Detective Constable Sheriff, this is my partner Detective Sergeant Stewart we like to talk to you about an incident in Plythin Park last night!”

“I want a lawyer before I say anything!” Apparently not his first rodeo with the police.

“Find by us!” Escorting him down to my car. Depositing him in the back seat, knowing he planned to stay quiet until a lawyer can do his talking but we try anyway

“So you know a girl was found in Plythin Park raped and tied to the slide?”

“Nothing to do with me!” then “Wasn’t there since I was ten!”

“Okay want to tell me then how I found your licence in it today then?” Holding it up so he could see I wasn’t bullshitting him. The colour drains from his face and we finish the drive to the station in silence.

                                                                    More to come

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Part Seven

As we pulling into the back lot of the precinct with Clemems as quiet as a dormouse. Escorting him to and interview room, leaving him alone to think of a way out of a sex with a minor, rape charge until his lawyer gets there. Going to my cubicle, walking past the operation room for ‘Project Catch’ seeing Agent’s Flaherty partner, never have caught her name, so now seems like a s good of a time as ever to get it!

“Well Agent… ahh!

“Silvers,Tara Silvers Detective Sergeant Stewart Is there something I can help you with?”

“Just wondering what you make out of the latest development about this “Slider” asshole?”

“I’m sorry I only arrived here a little over ten minutes ago, what has happened now?”

“He struck again last night, this time an underage girl of fourteen over in Plythin Park!” Stand there so she could absorb what I said. Taking a real good look at her for the first time. She’s about six foot even,can’t weight more than 110 pounds soaking wet. Dressed in a white blouse, gray skirt and unless I’m mistaken nude pantyhose. Unfortunately the blouse is loose enough that I can’t get an idea of her tits!

“That’s terrible, well in my opinion that means he’s getting bolder. He wants all ages to be afraid about him.” She pauses then “Do you know if he drugged his victim like the others?” Wonder how she knew about that?, the toxicology reports from victims one to four  haven’t come back yet. Catching the look on my face “The reports came in and are on the desk!” Looking sheepishly “Sorry I couldn’t help but sneak a peek at them, purely to get more information to make a better profile of the perpetrator with!”

Smiling “Of course, I understand fully!” then  “Would it help if say over dinner I fill you in on all the details we have to date?”

“Detective Stewart are you asking me out on a date?”

“Well you could call it that or you could call it a info sharing session, your choice!”

“Either way I would like that!” Smiling at me “Shall we say seven?”

“Sure, should I pick you up here or at your place?”

“Why don’t you call me when you’re off shift and we can decide that then, just in case something comes up between now and then and one of us can’t make it tonight!

“Well Beautiful and practical in the same package!” Just then Sheriff chooses to rush in.

“Clemems's Lawyer is here ,demanding we let his client go or charge him!”

“Let him stew until I’ve had a morning coffee!” Turning back to Agent Silvers but she took that opportunity to make a quiet exit. “Damn see what you ruined Sheriff, I never got her number!”

“She’s out of your league Stewart!, hell you probably didn’t even get her name?”

“Well smartass! It’s Tara Silvers and the young lady and I will possibly be going to dinner to discuss the case to date!” Picking up the toxicology reports, scanning through them  until I find ‘A trace amount of Ambient in the victim’s system indicated she may not have had control of her motor functions at the time of the assault!’ Well lah -di -fucking -da Sherlock, I could have saved you all that time and just said that in my notes to my fellow officers- look for a date rape drug but why give them any clue.

Going over to the coffee pot, pouring a cup, taking a sip “ Fuck I thought using creek water for the morning coffee was being outlawed around here?” Pouring the rest back into the pot “Damn might as well get Clemems over with, Coming junior?”

Like an obedient puppy Sheriff trotted behind me to the interview room where Clemems has been waiting since we brought him in. As we enter “My client has been kept her without so much as a glass of water!”

Detective Sergeant Stewart, Detective Constable Sheriff interviewing one Bradley Clemems who is in the presence of his legal representative….”

“Brian Clemems, also his father!” Great like this wasn’t a deliberate bullshit encounter to begin with, now I have to fuck with the mind of a daddy to boot.
“My son has told me what this is all about and I’ll have you know that he was in my presence all night last night when the rape occurred!”

“Well great and dandy, now why don’t you save me having to wait until forensic or the doctor at the hospital to establish that by telling me yourself Bradley?”

“What were you deaf I say he was with me when it happened!”

“And I just told you that time hasn’t  been established yet, so if you know then either spill or I’ll have you charged with obstruction of a police investigation!” He moves behind his son, knowing I’ve got him In a lie. “Now can I ask some questions to establish what i want to know or just charge him outright?” His father just nods his head for me to continue

“Now Bradley you said in the back of the car, you haven’t been in Plythin Park since you were ten, but i found your driver’s licence there in a grove of trees not more than three hours ago, care to tell me how?”

He babbles about his wallet being lost and returned to him minus his licence,that he never thought to report it. Daddy backing him up with every word out of his mouth, so i continue.”So how do you know Denise Jamieson?”

“I hang out with her in the Plythin Park daily!” Earning him a slap to the back of the head from his daddy.

“Well that could be construed as Assault!” to his daddy and to him “And that statement just moved you to the top of the suspect list!” His face drops and he blurts out how he meets her on the sidewalk while walking his dog each day and sometime he stops and talks to her. Further hanging himself with this gem

“But I never go into the park and drink with her in the grove of trees  just past the entrance where we drink out of sight of cops driving by!” never heard a non jewish guy go ‘Oh Flipping Vey!’ like his daddy did. Found out later that the dad shorten his last name to Clemems from Clememstiens  when he graduated law school back in the eighties.

“And how did you knew she was in the grove?”

“Heard it from Frankie Reuters this morning when he gave a full report on the breakfast news just before you picked me up at home!”

“Ah Bradley! you just bold faced lied to a police officer since I arrested Frankie and his cameraman before they could broadcast their story!” Good thing the skin of his face was attached cause that’s the only thing that kept his face from hitting the floor “Bradley Clemems I placing you under detention not to exceed seventy- two hours in the suspected rape of Denise Jamieson!” Stopping the interview getting an officer to lead him away with his father dogging his footsteps

“Just shut up and let me handle it i said!” Not giving up “Now look at you Bradley, detained until the evidence comes back, then i can just imagine!”

Talk about the devil, as I come out Frankie reuters is being escorted out by lardass himself “Stewart Do you have anything to say to Mr. Reuters!”

Something was bugging me about his being there, looking past him to a giant map of the city seeing Plythin Park seeing the three clearly marked entrances then I knew what was bugging me. “Yeah Why did you chose that entrance when there is two closer to your studio to begin with?”

The colour drains from his face, McCrutney mouth gapes open! Not letting it go “I mean that one is six blocks south and a block west of your studio, where the first entrance is only three block away and you could have drove right into the park?”

Just about a whispered mumble “I got a news tip that something big was going to be found in the park at the lower entrance from an anonymous source!” I’ve heard sheriff called a few things by Anonymous wasn’t one of them.

“And you planned to reveal that information when exactly?” McCurtney is turning red from anger. “Before or after I publicly apologized to you and to Channel 57 news?” turning Mr. Reuters back around leading him back towards the guts of the building. Looking to me “Where do you think your off too?

“The hospital to see if I can get anything from our latest victim!” Keeping to myself ‘ you know a cop of her tits, a grope of her ass or better yet another chance to fuck her!” Hollering out “Junior get the keys, we’re going for a drive to Germ Central!”

                                                                                       To be Continued

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Sorry for the delay but lately other projects have been taking my focus away, but it seems to be back now!

Part Eight

Thanks to the fucking construction going on in the city what is normally a fifteen minute trip turned into a half hour swear fest by your’s truly. As we finally get to turn into the hospital entrance “Well about fucking goddamn time, wouldn’t surprise me if the germs haven’t already set up a picnic just inside the fucking entrance!”

“Oh will you quit complaining!” Sheriff trying to corral me in “The construction been going on for the last six months, so it’s not like you didn’t know about it!” Going over to the hand sanitizer station on the wall just inside the sliding doors. “If you’re so worried about germs , then come over here and use some of this!”

“That garbage isn’t going to do anything for the airborne germs spreading around here!” Making my way to the information desk “Where can I find Denise Jamieson please? Flashing my badge, knowing she should be under police protection by now.

“Room 1212 officer!” Fucking figures now I have to go deeper into this germ fest little slut better be out of it if she knows what good for her? “Follow the blue line on the floor to elevator 12 then the thin blue line to her ward!” Once more just fucking lovely why don’t they just put in a GPS system and an app!

Doing as we’re told, we’re in front of room 1212 once more flashing our badges to the a fellow officer. Going in without knocking, a male doctor and three nurses is making Denise more comfortable. “You can have a few minutes, she’s sedated  but it hasn’t taken effect yet!” The four of them leave us alone

“Miss Jamieson, Do you feel up to answering some questions for us?”

Groggily she turns her head “Yowse sir!”

Now to elicit a false confession out of her “Miss Jamieson did Bradley Clemems assault you last night sexually?”

“Yoooowse ssssssir!”

“Are you willing to sign a sworn statement to that?”

Another slurred “Yowse sir!” follow by a sigh as her eyelids droop, her shoulders sag into the thick pillow propping them up behind her. Motioning junior to guard the door, as I cop a feel of that pussy once more before we leave her to doze off to help her recover!

"Well junior that another piece of key evidence scored by us!” Making my way out “How long are you on duty”

“Until seven then I’m replaced by someone!” Yeah like I couldn’t figure that one out for myself. Just shaking my head, following the path we took to get back to the car. Once there I open the trunk and take out a bottle of pure water and rinse my hands, pouring some into my hands to wash my face and the back of my neck before taking a plush towel out of a factory sealed package. Wiping my hands and face  “Fucing germ pit it’s a miracle the news doesn’t report an ebola outbreak daily from it!” Tossing the towel into the trunk “Remind me to burn that and the clothes I’m in!”

“Don’t you think Clemems lawyer will tear her apart over her accusation of his client?

“So what by the time he get’s her in a courtroom I’ll have been kicked off the force and living in South America somewhere!” To be exact 11 days time I’ll be in Bitagron, Suriname  so what do I are about Clemems of Jamieson. Well maybe Jamieson, damn good fuck that one!

“So what are we going to do tonight Stewart?”

“Don’t know about you but I got a date with Agent Silvers tonight!”

“Oh yeah I forgot about that, you planning on giving her a treatment” then before he could open his mouth again I slap him up side the head

“Watch your mouth Sheriff!” But now that I think of it maybe it wouldn’t hurt if I placed a spiked bottle of white wine in the fridge tonight, in case we make it back to my place. “Well junior how shall we spend the rest of the afternoon?”

“Well there is the forensic reports back on your desk to go over?” trying to get back on my good side  “Or we could go scout out the new YMCA fitness classes?”

Great read figures or watch some figures! “Right report it is!”  I could tell by his expression that wasn’t the choice he wanted but I have my reasons. Once more a twenty minute drive back to the precinct. Pulling into the back parking lot hoping to catch a glimpse of Agent Silvers. From the lot to my desk there isn’t any sign of her or her partner.

Taking my seat, picking up and opening the file and intently reading how victims one through four were assaulted by the same attacker. Victims two through four there was additional seman of at least one more attacker  “Shit!”  as i read how victim three was a confirmed hiv carrier!

“Junior did you read this?”

“Wasn’t on mine and I don’t read what’s not on my desk!” Yeah right and I’m lardass number one fan! Motioning for him to read the page i’m holding out, he takes it “Oh fuck, do you think…!”

“Any doctors in your family?”

“Well a podiatrist!”

“Great when my ingrown toenail complains of  rapid weight loss and vomiting!, I’ll give him a call!” Shaking my head at his stupidity, catching the sight of the clock on the wall  almost four o’clock. Damn almost 11 hours has past since I been called, time to call it a day.

“Well junior think about how you’re going to get tested that the higher ups don’t hear about it!” Taking the paper back , replacing it in the file and then tossing said file into my in basket. “Me I’m off to find Agent Silvers and call it a day!” Just as I stand she comes into the room.

“Well Detective Steward is that invitation from this morning still good?”

Walking over to her “Indeed it is, in fact I was just about to go searching for you!”  Taking her by the elbow, escorting her back the way she came “Is Italian okay? The guys say i’m a mean cook when I’m in the mood to cook!”

“Alright! but are you in the mood to cook?”

Looking her over head to toe “I’m sure by the time the wine’s chilled I’ll be more than in the mood!” Walking her out the door, hearing Sheriff smirk of laughter before the door swings closed!

                                                                                     More to follow

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Last chapter

Part Nine

In the parking lot “ So Miss Silvers should I write down my address of do you want to follow me home?”

“Please call me Tara!” then a few hems and haws “Could we take your car, I forgot my license in Ohio, so Agent Flaherty been doing all the driving!” In my mind this was perfect, a beautiful lady who would have to call a cab if she wanted to leave early.

“Well this way Tara, Carter’s cab at your service!” Leading her to my 95 Camaro, for once remembering to be a gentleman and open the door for her.

Watching her swing her long legs into the front well, I wondered what they would look like tied spread eagle on a bed or a slide. After she’s settled, I go around, getting in “If the construction is done for the day then his should be a ten minute trip!

“So then you live central to all the locations the victims were found?”

“Yeah that’s why they call me first, being so close at hand! Pullin out into the flow of traffic then taking the first right to get to Confederation Parkway. As I said earlier it was exactly a ten minute drive from the precinct to my driveway of 2345. “Well here we are, it’s not much to look at but it’s a place out of the rain!”

“There’s nothing wrong with it, I would call it a quaint little house.!” As I hold the door open for her, “Can I ask why Carter’s cab?”

“Well it’s my car and I’m Carter!” Like it was so obvious, then remembering she not from around here. “Sorry, we’ve never been properly introduced, hello I’m Carter Stewart and you are?”

“Well Hello Carter Stewart, I’m Tara Silvers!” And with that we both burst out laughing. Walkin her to my front door, unlocking it, letting her enter first!

“Feel free to take a seat anywhere! Would you like anything to drink while I start dinner?”

“A glass of white wine if you have any?” Going to the fridge, finding a three quarters  empty bottle of White. Holding it out for her to see “Perfect, I’m not a big drinker so that will probably hold me most of the night. Pouring the contents in a wine glass, handing it to her, before returning to the fridge to take out a package of veal and the other ingredients need for veal parmigiana. While I’m busy cutting, I fail to realize that Tara has poured some of the wine into a glass vial that she took out of her purse.

“That a superior vintage Carter, Do you serve it to everyone of just special guests?”

“No only special ladies get’s to taste that particular vintage.” not letting on that only the ones I’m planning on raping . Finally turning to look at her  “well the Veal is read forty minutes from now we should be eating.!”

“Great then I have time to pop a probiotic pill to help my digestion!” Taking a clear bottle of small yellow pill out of her purse. “Care to join me?” Offering one to me and like a true gentleman I accept, popping it down the hatch without liquid trying to impress her.

“So anything new profile wise Tara?”

“Afraid not much, but forensics may have found something, a bit early to tell though!” As I come out of the kitchen, we move to the living room sofa “If it’s alright with you, I’d rather not talk shop tonight!”

“Thought that was why you agreed to come to my place, to get a meal and talk about the case?”

"Well maybe it the wine but I would rather find out if what they say around the precinct is true about you?”

“What are they saying about me?” She got me intrigued

“Oh that he an incompetent investigator!” Looking me in the eyes “Retirement is something you will probably screw up just like your cases!” Moving closer to me on the couch.“And that the only thing big about you is your dick!” her hand moves to the crotch of my pants “And I know what I want to see if it’s true!”

Just then my phone goes off “Just a minute!” As I remove her hand from my crotch “This maybe about the ‘Slider!’,so I better take it!” Getting up, a little wobbly, for some reason but I manage to move to the stairs. Looking down, seeing Sheriff’s name on the screen. Answering it “Yeah What do you want?”

“Stewart they are on to us!, I’ve been arrested for rape of Tara Jacobs, they taken a sample from me!” he keep talking so fast that i can’t get a word let alone a question in. Then the line goes to a dial tone, like he been disconnected. Looking at the screen i recognize the number he’d call from, the pay phone outside of lockup!

Shit have the assholes finally figured something out! Making my way back into the living room to the  couch, seeing Tara still there , the buttons on her blouse open enough that i’m getting a good look at cleavage valley! Going to sit down,my legs seems to decide at that time to turn to jello. Barely making it onto the couch, Tara moves to helps me

“Carter is something wrong?”

“Don’t know my legs seems to be…” Suddenly it was hard for me to move or talk

Tara moves in front of me, opening my fly, taking my cock out “Well it certainly is a big one, I’ll give them that!” Using her hand starting to jerk me off “Wondering why you’re experiencing mobility issues, that little digestive aide i gave you is Ambien, similar to the drug used in every ‘Slider’ attack so far!”
She smiles at me “Seems your partner had a big mouth after the rape of Wendy Gowans in the Diamond’s Gentlemen's Club, started tell anyone who would listen that she was going to get her fifteen minutes of fame!”

That asshole, should have cold cocked him that night in the park and let him take the fall. Now it seems that Julie will never get justice, from those fucking morons. Tara, is working my cock long when “Well finally!” I can see cum flowing out of the piss slit into a glass tube

“If this matches the findings from forensics then we can wrap this case up, you fucking bastard! Letting her emotions show “Do you have any idea the harm you cause those poor women!” slapping me across the face, “The last one was only fourteen!”

Something must have happened, the next thing I hear is “Oh no you bastard, I’m going to make sure you stand trial for what you did!” Her phone out “Agent Silvers, I need an ambulance ar 2345 Confederation Parkway!” Then everything is black!


One year later…

“Today former Detective Constable, Walter Sheriff was found guilty of being an accessory to the fact on the rapes attributed to the ‘Slider’ rapist Detective Sergeant Carter Stewart. Sentencing will be on December 14th, when Judge Styloisne will put the case to rest for the last time!” Looking into the camera and smiling “Outside the Main Street courthouse this is Julie Reiner, News Today reporting!

So I’ll be in prison well into my sixties  before I can try for parole. Shit maybe I should have taken Stewart’s way out and have a massive stroke, leaving myself a vegetable like him. Who knew that he had heart issues or that the Ambien Agent Silvers gave him would have caused the big one to come faster.

“Hey Sheriff, lites out in two minutes!” Picking up the remote shutting off my little tv then my lamp, curling up on my cot to try to get some sleep, before the guard comes along for their nightly checks.

                                                                              The End