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The author of this fantasy does not condone any violence against women be it physical or sexual. In the eyes and letters of the Law both are crimes punishable by time in a prison. If you want to consider committing a sex crime please enjoy the next few years with a guaranteed place to live, three meals a day and plenty of neighbours to talk with  while being shown the errors of your ways!

What follow is a fantasy from a pair of unhinged minds involving a teenager under the age of eighteen being accosted by two males over the age of consent. If that upsets you balanced mind don't read further.
Part One-No sex just back story establishing future events

October 1st

She been laying in the ditch covered by leaves for the last two days before the canine officer and his dog found her broken abused body

“Jesus Christ!” then “Over here I found her!” Digging the cover of leaves off her, almost puking at the sight of the femur sticking through the outer skin of her right thigh.The little black willow bugs vying with the ants over the hard crust of blood and loose flesh.

“Get the medics over here!” a female officer joining him, offering June sips of water from a plastic bottle
“Take it slow June, it’s all over, no one is going to hurt you now!”  Covering June’s naked torso with her windbreaker she was wearing this fall morning. The temperature the past two days was more like early august instead of the first week of October.

The medics reach her, pushing the pair of officers out of the way as they set up their equipment. ‘June can you hear me?” Attaching a sensor to her middle finger on her left hand while his partner attaches pads to key point on her body, getting ready to hook her up to An EEG scan
Other members of the search parties were beginning to block off the entrance to the wooded area off Foster Drive to the north as the police units moved into positions to block off the drive. In the sky a TV newscopter hovering, shooting footage of the discovery of the missing teen.

The report speaking into the special microphone “And it’s been confirmed that searchers have indeed found a body in the wooded dale off Foster Drive!”

On the scene an makeshift gurney is prepped to received June after the medics stabilizes her broken leg and get an IV started. Through the trip to the waiting ambulance a weak ‘m-m-m-o-o-m-m-m! Passes June dry swollen lips.


September 8th

“Oh come on mom!, I’m sixteen why can’t I work the midnight shirt at Movierama?”

“Because your father has to get up at three in the morning to go to work and I’m on the night shift for the next two month that’s why!”


“On no June I agree with your mother this time!” Adjusting his glasses before continuing. “This isn’t the best time of year to be walking home after midnight alone!”

“But I’m not going to be alone Marsha is on the same shift as me!” Pausing long enough to take a sip of her diet Coke “And you know she got a both a cell phone and a police band walkie talkie from her dad! So we’ll be able to get help in an instant!” Another sip of her drink “And it’s not like Linwood is the crime capital of the universe!”

Linwood, a small rural town with a population of 800 at the northern tip of Lake Nanatuct. One of the reasons the Myers moved there after leaving the big city of Lilton. “Well Marjorie she does have a point. Bill wouldn’t let Marsha be out without a way to get in direct contact with him!”

“Well against my better judgement Gerry,I’ll let you make this decision!


September 20th, Movierama

Marsha and June were on the popcorn and soda station when Barton Myers and Clint Dawson made their presence known in Linwood for the first time after arriving from Dupont Falls two territories over. As they waited in the line for drinks neither could take their eyes off June nor Marsha!

“Man look at what is behind the counter Missy Peregrym and Anna Paquin!” A little too loud drawing the attention of everyone in all the lines! Even Barton slapped Clint on the arms to shut him up!

“Shut it will you!” Never taking his eyes off either girl “Fuck it’s getting to the point where i’m ashamed to be seen in public with you!”

“Lighten up Bart, I just commenting on how gorgeous they are that’s all!”  Rolling his eyes at his friend “Especially that brown hair one!”  Leaning in close to Bart “Besides who the reason we had to bolt Dupont Falls to begin with!”

Only two people were ahead of the pair so they both shut up. When it was finally their turn It was all Clint could do not to reach over and cop a feel. Barton was finding it just as hard but with the law already looking for his head he manages to treat the two girls with some decouren of respect. Getting their drinks all he said was thanks and keep the change to June.

In the theater in the very last row was when Bart finally gave in “Damn did you see that brown hair one, she couldn’t have been more than seventeen at most!” Keeping his voice down so only Clint could hear him.

Clint sighed “Man can you just picture her body riding your cock up and down?” His left hand in his pants “God I wouldn’t mind trying her out!”  Turning to Bart “Say you think we can stay until they both come out and maybe talk with them?”


September 20th into the 21st

Clint and Barton weren’t the only one talking like that June and Marsha were on a break

“Did you see the taller of the two checking you out June?”

“Oh please according to you all the guys check me out!” then taking a dig at Marsha herself “Why is it no guy checks you out?”

“Because daddy makes me wear this bracelet!” a gold bracelet with the shield of Linwood police  on four places. June never noticed the bracelet before but now it made total sense to her. Every guy that comes up to the concession stand always checks out the hands for rings then the neckline or wrist for a sign that either Marsha or her were going steady with someone!

The rest of the night passes without any problems, when the final count is done it’s a little after twelve thirty when Marsha and June leave for home. As the exits across the parking lot is a dark car with tinted window. Inside Clint and Bart are drinking a beer each, spotting the two girls leaving they both put their beer in the cup holder, spraying breath freshener as the girls comes across the parking lot towards their car.

Bart rolls down his window “Evening ladies, need a ride anywhere!”

“No my father going to be here any minute!” Marsha informs him as the police Range Rover  pulls up to the curb  “In fact there he is now!” Waving at her dad as he opens the passenger door

“Problem Honey?”

“No Daddy!” Grabbing June by the hand pulling her towards the Range Rover, two pairs of eyes watching every step the two took! As they got in and shut the door, Bart rolls up his window and put the car into drive with a hard on between his legs

“Christ Clint maybe it just me but I want that brown hair girl so fucking bad!”

“I know what you mean, did you she how she was shaking her ass at us as her friend pulled her along!” Clint biting his fist before reaching
down to take a swig from his beer! “Maybe we can get her away from her friend and get us some fun from her!

                                                                    To Be Continued

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Part Two

September 26th Movieramma two Hours before June’s Break

Every night since they first laid eyes on her Clint and Barton became infatuated with June. Now five days since then they learned her name as well as the name of her friend with the cop daddy. But it was June that they showed up nightly to gaze at before buy a ticket then treats to watched the movie of choice.

Tonight was the latest Hollywood blockbuster that was all CGI instead of story and acting. Clint was absorbed into it while Barton was reminiscing about two nights previous when he encountered June outside behind the theater


September 24th 11:15pm Movierama Refuse Area

June finished taking out the early trash from the soda counter, including a full one for her break, when he showed up to sneak a cigarette. At first he kept his distance from her, barely acknowledging that she was there. It was her chastising him that broke the ice

“You know you’re not allowed to smoke back here because of the cardboard!”

Prompting Barton to respond “And I’m sure the public health office doesn’t allow drinking around garbage, so if you don’t say anything I’ll do likewise!” noticing her name tag for the first time “June!” Getting braver by the moment “ I’m Barton Myers!” holding his left hand out to her, she accepts it answering June Myers. Inside Barton was fist pumping as he stared directly into her brown eyes  before June lowered then blushing.

“You have such gorgeous eyes June March!” pausing as her eyes starts their trek towards the ground “Eyes that any red blooded male could lose himself staring into!” Then to tease her “Are you blushing June?” lifting her head by the chin “Oh god you are and what a lovely shade of pink your turning!” lifting her head until she looking him directly in the eyes. Then before she could say anything Barton lowers his head and kisses June on the lips.

“I better get back to my friend before he comes looking for me!” Barton releases June’s chin, leaving her still a bit dazed by their encounter. As he goes in he doesn’t see the small smile that came to June’s lips. As she collects her empty cup, making her way back inside, finding Marsha on her way to get her.

“What took you so long June!”

“He kissed me!”


“The tall guy you said been checking me out every night!” grabbing Marsha’s hand “His name is Barton and he kissed me!”

“Tell me you slap him?”

“No Marsha, I was stunned and.” beginning to blush once more “like it!”  Pausing  then “I wouldn’t mind him kissing me more!”

Marsha surprised “But June he’s got to be in his twenties!” June full bloom blushing  walks away a smile on her lips. Returning to the soda concession the rest of the night passes without comment. After the till is counted and everything is cleaned, the girls leave the building as rain starts.


September 25 Movierama after closing

Rain coming down, Barton hung around as usual, spotting June and Marsha as they exit. Driving close “Either of you two need a drive?”
June Looks to Marsha, “Dad can’t come and get us!” June turns back to Barton If it’s not out of your way!”

“Wouldn’t ask if it was!” Opening the passenger door  “I’m Barton Myers and my friend in the back is Clint Dawson!” then to try to put the girls at ease “Don’t suppose either of you can drive? Marsha tells him she has her learner’s permit “Great then why don’t you drive us!, unless you would rather get in back with Clint?”

Since the girls live across the street from each other and Marsha could use the driving experience she accepts. June thanks Barton and says hi to Clint who just nods in response. The whole five minute drive her eyes keep drifting to the rear view mirror to look at Barton,sitting behind her. As Marsha drives steady June feels a hand touch her backside, looking into the rearview seeing a smiling Barton just moving back against the seat.

“We’re here, thanks Mr. Myers for letting me drive!”

“You’re welcome, hope we proved that were trust worth gentlemen!” Earning a laugh from Marsha and a wave from June. As the separate to go home Barton’s eyes are centred on June as he climbs out until she opens the door to her house.

He would have stayed longer to learn more but Marsha’s dad decided to do a driveby right then. “Hey honey you just getting home?”  As Barton gets behind the wheel and drives off. The rest of the early morning June replays the kiss and being touched by Barton over and over in her dreams. Even upon waking her thoughts return to the fell of the kiss and his touch on her backside

“Morning mom, how was your night!”

"Oh god which singer or movie star is it now?”



September 25  Movierama during working hours

Just like the previous evening, as June brought out the cardboard Barton was there a cigarette dangling unlit between his lips “Am i going to have to tell the manager on you?” giggling until a hand holding one red rose if in her face

“Well if you do how will I be able to give you this daily?” Barton looking at her with a coy smile on his face as June blushes again after hearing “This rose isn’t a pretty as you are June!” Putting it in her hand as he leans in and kisses her left cheek, the right cheek and finally her lips after June looks up to him.

As they break the kiss. “So why are you out here, the cigarette is unlit so it isn’t to smoke?”

“Been waiting for you!” looking June up and down “Want to know if you and your friend need a ride home again?” taking her all in “Man that uniform doesn’t do anything for you!” Lowering the zipper of her top to just above the start of her cleavage “Oh yeah that would make me
June all out blushing beet red “Showing that much skin will get me fired!

“Oh June I would love to see even more skin if you want to show me?” Another kiss gives June a reason, as she unzips to the waist of her uniform pants, revealing a pink bra, half covering her teenage bosom. A long sigh then “God damn gorgeous!” as June zippers back up. “Say maybe you like to ride in back with me if your friend will drive again.

“Maybe!” Looking around then “I better be getting back in, my break isn’t for another ten minutes!” turning to go back inside tucking the rose into her uniform top. “Will you be out here then?”

“If it means I get to see you again- hell yeah!” blowing her a kiss, earning a huge smile in return. Fifteen minutes later June is back out and soon in a lip lock with Barton once more, his hands on her ass cheeks gently kneading then through her pants. When her break is over she returns inside, this time Marsha meets her

“June did you fall out there?”

"No why?”

"There’s something grey over the ass of your pants!” June starts blushing knowing what it was but not telling Marsha


September 26 Outside Movierama after closing

While waiting for the girls to emerge “And I swear Clint she unzipped her top and showed me her tits, God it was all I could do not to tear off her bra and suck them right there!”

“So what you think what a couple more days before your in her pants?”

“Going to try to at least get my hand in them tonight if her friend or you drive!”

Seeing June and Marsha come out, June making a beeline for the car “Is the offer of a drive home still good?” Marsha catching up in time to here yes and be asked if she wanted more driving time. Coming around to the driver side Marsha climbs in as Clint asks if she would be uncomfortable with him in the front, giving her a bullshit excuse about hurting his back making it hard to get into the back

“Not at all!” Turning to June “You okay riding in the back?” June smiles as Clint gets out making room for her to get in the back beside Barton. Clint’s eyes glued to her ass the entire time! When all are settled Marsha starts to drive, while Barton’s hand is already on June’s ass cheek moving up towards her waistline then inside it, just touching the waistline of her thong panties

June doesn’t let on what‘s happening, only thinking how it felt to be touched there for the first time by a male not related to her. As the car pulls up in front of her house June waits for Clint to get out and for Barton to remove his hand from her pants before getting out and running up the driveway with a huge smile on her face

“He touched me the entire way home!’ running through her mind!

                                                                    To Be Continued

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Part Three -The last of the buildup

September 27 Movierama Breaktime

Again as June takes the cardboard out Barton is waiting for her, the only difference she’s also  taking her meal break at the same time, so they have a half hour to talk. No sooner is the cardboard tossed than Barton wraps his arms around Her, pulling the zipper to her top down,his hand goes inside touching June’s bare breast.

“Oooh who’s being a naughty girl tonight?”

Even though she deliberately went to the washroom and took her bra off  before coming out June blushed at Barton comment. Turning a deeper shade of red as Baton let’s go and spins her around to face him.

“How about you lean against the wall while I get a picture of these sweet little tits!” For some reason June does as she’s asked, hearing Barton making comment while snapping pictures then showing them to her. Her bare breast and worst yet her face stared out of his phone as June is finally allowed to zip up.

“Please Barton promise me you’ll show no one those pictures!”

“Never I want you all to myself June!” Coping a feel of her breasts through her top while kissing her on the lips When his other hand is free he slides it into the waistband of June’s pants, then under her thong.

Before he could start to finger June. Barton pulls his hand out “Shit! Forgot about the fucking camera!”

June zipping up, the heat of shame radiating off her cheeks “Oh god I can be fired if Mr. Geraldo is monitoring the camera feed!” Giving Barton a quick peck on the cheek before bolting for the back door and disappearing inside. Barton makes his way back inside to Clint.

“How the movie?”

“No redeemable qualities at all!”

“Well then maybe this can give you some worth viewing?” Holding out his phone to Clint. Clint’s eyes bug out at the image on the screen before grabbing Barton’s phone and scrolling through the recently shot pictures.

“God damn how did you get her to take her bra off and pose for you?"

“Didn’t she came out that way!”

“So when are we going to get the whole package?”

“Hopefully right after I get a shot of her by her locker, like i got of Lori in Dupont Falls!”

While this was going on June and Marsha was deep in conversation about June’s recent activities over a slice of pizza and a soda.

“You weren’t really braless were you June?”

June slides her zipper down to the top of her still bare breasts. “I haven’t gone to the bathroom to put it back on yet!”

“You plan to before dad picks us up tonight right?”

“Off course Marsha!” Leaving to do so before she forgot.


September 28 Outside Movierama

Barton was already in the back waiting for June and Marsha to come out. Clint in the passenger seat spots the Sheriff’s Range Rover pulling into the parking lot as the front door opens.

“Bart the local pig just showed up!”

Both watch as the sheriff stops and June and Marsha make their way to the Range Rover.

“Look like not stinky finger for Bart this morning!” Both sliding lower in the car as the sheriff’s vehicle passes.

“Oh well I get her later at the high school!” Barton climbing between the two front seats and drives off!


September 28  R. Macdonald High 3PM

Barton couldn’t believe that such a place existed, the walls of the school were painted with Murals of teens acting friendly to each other. On  one wall Black and whites playing sporting games as one team. What a fucking fantasy!

Hoping that he would find June before she left the building Barton roamed the hallways in search of her. Outside of room 127 Barton lucked out, hearing June’s voice “Okay Mr. Truman, I’ll hand it in by the first of October, thanks for the extension sir!” Then out she came a smile on her face that turning a million watts brighter as she spotted Barton.

“What are you doing here?”

“I can’t make it to Movierama tonight, my little sister’s birthday and all family has to be there!” the lie flowing out his mouth while he tried to see down her top, a white neck, teal front with black sleeves. Moving closer to her “But my day not complete if I don’t see your smiling face!” Backing her into a locker

“Can I snap a picture of you to show my little sister?

June allows it and accepts the kiss Barton gives her before leaving. Blushing as Marsha comes and finds her. “Don’t tell me, your boyfriend  was here and he can’t live without you

“Do I tease you when Carter Johnson goes by?” Little did either girl realize that Barton was eavesdropping on their conversation. “Remember i’m not going to work tonight or tomorrow!” working the combination on her locker “So your on your own to get home!”

Silently screaming “YES” fist pumping Barton makes his way out to the awaiting Clint. As he climbs into the passenger side “Guess who has no way home tonight?”

Clint looks at Barton “So are we going to give her a ride?”

“Until our cocks are raw!” high fiving him as Clint drives then away.


September 28 11 PM Movierama

June couldn’t believe slow the shift was going, there was nothing to look for tonight. With an arm load of cardboard, June butts the door open going through backwards the swinging around only to have the cardboard disappear from her hands and land into the bin.

"They should ties that into a bundle if they’re going to have such a find petite lady carry it out”

“Baton!” rushing to him hugging him like a long lost friend. “I thought you had a birthday party to be at?

"Little sister started puking all over the place so the party broke up pretty fast, so i thought that i would come and see my girl if she’s willing!”

“You know I’m willing!” then she goes for what Barton hope he would hear “Can I ask A favor from you?”


“Could I get a ride from you and Clint tonight?”

Barton had to bite the inside of his cheek to prevent himself from telling her that they planned to ride her right into the ground tonight. Looking at her “Of course you can June!” Leaning in kissing her then “Off the usual time?”

Shaking her head “I have to get back inside before someone notice how long i’ve been gone

“Then to after work my sweet June!” A kiss and a grope of her right right breast through her top before Barton opens the door for her, watching her little ass sway as she walked away. “Oh yeah until after work when you be screaming for more and more of Barton!”


September 29 12:30 AM

Out June comes the zipper of her top lower to the top of her breasts once more. Running to the car, Clint opens the passenger door, bending the seat forwards so June could get into the back “It’s seem like a tradition. Someone else drives while you two makes goo goo eyes at each other!”  Barton and Clint burst out laughing and June joins in, as Clint begins to drive away. June turns to look at Barton just as the cloth comes to her face then all went black!

                                                                   Next-June's Horror Show Begins

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Silly silly girl, June! I could have warned you about getting into a car with Clint and Barton, if you had only asked. Now I have to read about all the bad things that are going to happen to you!

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How do you know that she's not going to like them or better yet get away? I have a heart at times, unfortunately June's not in it at the moment! ::)

Part Four- First experiences

September 29 12:35 AM Wooded Area Off Foster Drive

The playground equipment was just inside of the little wooded area. The local kids had a seesaw, swings, a slide and a set of monkey bars. The big attraction was the woods themselves and the ditch that ran through them. Pulling the car in as far as possible Clint checks the rear view mirror as Barton strips June  “Sweet Jesus those pictures didn’t do her true justice!” turning his eyes back to the drive “Can’t wait to suck them tities. Bringing the car to a halt just before the moat.

As they get out, leaving the now naked June on the backseat while they go and balance the seesaw by putting a wooden post under both seats, leaving it perfectly level. Returning to the car to retrieve June, pulling her out, Clint and Barton carry her unconscious body laying her onto the seesaw. Tying her arms under it, her waist was tied down,but they left her legs unbound.

Clint couldn’t wait going to his knees on the side of June’s breasts, sucking her entire left breast into his mouth a loud pop sound as his mouth leaves the pink flesh “Oh that one sweet tasting tit!” getting back up, smacking his lips “Just like the butter on the popcorn at the theater!”

Barton wasn’t interested in June’s tits he already knew what they looked like and felt,no Barton wanted to find out how tight June’s pussy was. Rummaging in his pants pocket for the ammonia capsule to revive her from his knockout surprise. Breaking it under her open nostrils,  A choking gasp as June comes to then a coughing fit. June tired to roll on her side only to find it impossible.

Sucking in lungs full of air June looks up and sees both Barton and Clint above her “Wha…?

All that comes out before Clint get on his knees and covers her mouth with his. Taking full advantage of her open mouth to thrust his tongue into her mouth. Flicking it all around her teeth and tongue before removing it. With her mouth once more free June turns her head and spits the taste of Clint out. Tears in her eyes as she looks back to Barton

“Why? I thought you wanted me!”

“Oh I do want you June! and Clint wants you to and this morning we’re both going to have you anyway we want!” Getting down on his knees, his left hand diving between June’s legs, coming into contact with her pussy, June tries twisting away from his touch but the way they tied her to the seesaw made it impossible to get away.

The sound of a zipper stops her moving “No please I thought…” Clint, his thick cock hanging out of his unzipped crotch, grabs both sides of her head after stepping over to straddle  her face. The closest a cock has ever been to June since her father spooned her on the couch while watching cartoons with her when she was five.

Clint tips her head, so see was seeing between his legs the wooded area then what she didn’t want to hear “Open your mouth June!” She clamps her lips shut tight until Barton open palm slaps her pussy lips making June cry out in pain. Clint does hesitate shoving his cock forward into her open mouth “Bite down and it will be the last thing you ever do!” letting go of her head, his right hand moving to her exposed throat grabbing it under her jaw. June could feel his fingertips grip the sides of her esophagus.

In her thoughts ‘Oh god he’s going to choke me with either his cock or with his hand!’ Clint seeing the June quit struggling took it as a sign that he could start to face fuck her. Long strokes making their way in and out of her mouth, going deeper each time “Guukkk! Guukk”

"Breath through your nose you little whore, Clint pulling back slightly to make her getting a breath easier then shoving right back in “On man Barton she one lousy cock sucker!”

Meanwhile Barton has his phone out snapping pictures of June’s pussy.”So tell her what to do then Clint” then “And don’t bug me, it’s time little June been kissed between the legs!”  Laying his weight onto the end of the seesaw, his head between her legs, the tip of his tongue tracing her outer pussy lips. Over and over he ran his tongue before running his first and ring finger over them, his tongue moving between then onto her inner pussy lips.

June gasps around Clint’s cock from the sensation coming from her virgin pussy. Clint taps her lower jaw, her attention returns to him “Did you hear me whore, run your tongue along the thick part of my cock, you know the shaft!” June moves it as best as she can getting the reaction “Christ don’t you ever practice sucking a guy’s cock?”

Tears flowing freely down into her hairline then onto the seesaw as June listens to Clint berate her non-existing skills. ‘What does he think i am, I’m not that kind of girl!’ running through her thoughts as me tries to please him so he doesn’t hurt her.

Barton meanwhile has his tongue in her newly penetrated slit, his middle finger and thumb between her outer pussy lips, his thumb rubbing the nub of sensitive flesh of her small clitoris, sending new sensations up her spine to her brain. Inside she was fighting the pleasure he was making her experience against the abuse Clint was making her throat experience.

She tries to turn her thoughts elsewhere but on either one off then would either hurt her of make her bringing her right back to the here and now. Then another sensation of pain, Clint reaches out and pinches her nipples on both breasts between the nail of his first finger and thumb. Pinching hard enough the June swears she can feel the tender flesh parting and blood running out.

Barton now has his middle finger sawing in and out of her virgin passage striking her hymen almost ever thrust in “So had she improved any Clint?”

"Well I had better but she slowly coming into her own, How’s her pussy?"

“Like we thought cherry!” Laughing as he says “Just like she must have been eating lately because she sure tastes sweet!” As he says that June releases some cream moistening her passage and exciting Barton “Damn she must really want the ole’ Bart, she just creamed herself!”

Even with Clint’s cock buried in her mouth June blushes at Barton announcement. In her thoughts “If my mouth was empty I scream out I don’t want either of you animals to touch me ever!’

Clint starts to pull father back “Jesus the little whore may actually have me about to cum for her inept mouth!” Pulling completely out giving June he first good chance to properly breath since he started fucking her mouth. Four deep lung full then Clint says “Okay so once more whore remember tongue the shaft right from the start!” Bring his cock back to her mouth “Open up!” Still gripping her throat, squeezing it lightly until June complies.

Clint thrust back in as deep as he can get his seven inch cock before hearing June gagging on it. “Like that do you whore?”  Pulling back and doing it again and again.

“Clint are you almost ready to blow?” Barton ask as he moves up the seesaw towards June’s breasts.

“Yeah what you got in mind Bart?”  smirking down at June “Want to do the ole ‘Cumaway’?”

“Yeah I think she would love getting her first cum shot in her throat as her virginity is taken!”

Clint burst out in a shit eating grin “Damn just like that one in Dupont Falls!”  amping up his face fucking of June “Remember how she almost choked while screaming as you tore her apart!”

Hearing their plan June ties with all her might to move, seriously think of biting down on Clint’s cock. Barton, senses what June’s trying  as does Clint who hooks too fingers into her mouth keeping he jaws open, while Barton settles in, aligning his cock to her freshly wet opening.

Barton keeps his eyes on his friend as he drills his cock in and out of June’s mouth!

“Remember call out before you unload!”

“Fuck almost there Bart! Then in a few more seconds “Alright take her Bart!”  Pulling back as Bart enters her pussy for the first, like a well practiced maneuver tearing her hymen apart as Clint spews his cum into her mouth.


As Clint get off her, his cock out of her mouth June turns her head and vomits the cum that didn’t go down her windpipe. Coughing as Barton rams his full seven inches into her freshly deflowered passage “Oh god damn what time is it Clint?”

“12:51 AM!” looking at his watch “Why?”

"Well don’t you think June deserves to the exact time that she first drank cum and lost her virginity?” Wide smile on his face as he started fucking June with short rapid strokes.

                                                                                  More to come

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Sorry for the long period between the last chapter and the person who was collaborating with finally told me where this came from and I couldn't make her finish it with me. Using notes from her I wrote the ending.

Part Five: Endgame

September 29 12:52 AM Wooded Area Off Foster Drive

“Ahhhhhhhhhhgrrrrruururruru!” with that I’m no longer a virgin, almost choking on the most vile stuff ever to be in my mouth. Turning my head to the side after Clint let’s go of my throat then vomiting onto the ground. Now the most painful experience ever as Barton shows me his true colours, fucking me to get his own pleasure. Tearing me apart with each thrust in.

“Damn Barton this one also has no respect man juice!” Smashing his fist down onto the side of June’s head, hitting me right where her jawbone met her ear.Unknown to me cracking the bone “You should be more respectful when a guy floods your mouth with his cum bitch!”

Grabbing my jaw wrenching my head to look at him as he continues to berate me. “What is it with you bitches, you don’t practice blowing, you don’t do lets guys into your pussy!” I hate the look in his eyes as he goes on “Hell I bet you never even had a cock in your ass before have you Junie?” I just stare at him, in a state of shock as my raping at the hands of the first guy to ever show me attention. “Well have you Junie?”

Clint has to kneel down to hear  my weak “No!”

Then I hear Barton “Clint you not going to believe this but I’m about to cum, her pussy is that tight around my cock!"

“Well cum then so I can put it home into her!” Did he just say that he was going to fuck me also! I’m about to open my mouth to say something when I feel a warm sensation inside me that I’ve never had before “What did you just do to me?”

“Hear that Clint she doesn’t even know that I just filled her pussy with cum!” Getting up off her “Just proves that today’s high school health classes doesn’t teach the proper things. Moving so Clint could mount June.

“No Barton don’t let Clint do that to me!” 

Barton comes to my face “Oh no June I share all my girlfriends with my brother from another mother!”

Climbing up ,straddling my chest “Just like you’re going to do to me what you did to Clint earlier!” On no I wasn’t, clamping my jaws tight as his cock came towards my mouth.

Clint had other ideas, ramming a much wider and long hard cock into my once virgin vagina, making me cry out in pain as he went deeper than Barton did. Barton didn’t waste time shoving his foul tasting cock into my mouth “That taste is both of our sex juice combined June, slurp it down then I’ll give you a healthy dose of just mine to drink!”

“Careful Barton ‘Little Miss Pureheart’ isn’t that talented with her tongue!” Clint cried out.

“Let me decide that Clint!”  groaning as I ran my tongue along his shaft like Clint told me to do to his
“After all she must have picked up a few pointers from you to make you to make you cum in her mouth!” The smirk on his face was the most disgusting thing I been made to look at.

The only good thing about it was that Barton wasn’t ramming into my throat like Clint was my newly opened vagina. Every thrust felt like more blood was gushing out of my flesh. I don’t know if it was wrong but I asked god to stop this even if I had to die to make it stop. But it seemed even god turned his back on June Myers in her mind.

Barton cock was easier to take than Clint’s was but it had a different taste, a sort of acidic taste that made me want to spit it out and vomit the taste out of my mouth. The only advantage of the way Barton was forcing his cock into my mouth as it pulled back Oxygen flooded into my mouth making breathing easier.

This time both guys seems to needed longer to shoot their shit into me, Barton first, feeding me more cum that I was forced to swallow. And Just like with Clint, I turn and vomit onto the leaves and grass, Clint though Lifted my hips and jammed in as far as he could get before shooting  long streams into my pussy.

When both are out of me, I openly weep as I hear Clint tell Barton of a elixir he found online that ensured guys could get back to fucking faster “See Barton it a soy milk drink with ginger and sesame paste mixed in!” then “So Barton are we going to sodomize her on the money bars like that girl in Leonra County

A look on shock on his face Barton turns to me, acting like i had a say in the matter “Why Clint I think it’s only right that  we ask June if she willing to give us the ass?” Getting down on his knees, undoing the knots of the rope holding me to the seesaw “Well June Can we both fuck your ass off while you lean on the monkey bars?”

Sobbing gently I don’t answer as Barton lifts my abused body off the piece of wood, carrying me to the cold steel piping of the monkey bars. “Hey Clint help me to tie her to the bars, she seems out of it for some reason!” Laughing at me dazed state. Clint comes over  grabbing my left arm, tying it to the top horizontal bar, then the right shoulder width apart. Barton forces my legs apart  and ties then to the vertical poles leaving my spread eagle on the cold metal while they return to their drink.

The morning air was getting cooler, raising goosebumps on the flesh of my ass cheeks that didn’t go unnoticed by Clint “Hey looks like little Junie needs some warming up!” Moving closer to her naked ass “Oh yeah she all goosebumpy, can i fuck her warm again?"

“Now Clint remember out rules!” Getting up coming over to me. “He who gets the girl to talk first get the promise land than the rest is alphabetical order Ass,Barton, Clint, Mouth!”

“Sorry I forgot Clint moving into the monkey bars “You mind if I suck and fuck those tits?”

“Clint are you asking if we can ‘BassFishHer!’, I hang my head onto the horizontal baras Barton leans in and explains to me what they plan to do . First Clint is going to lick your nipples until they pop rock hard while I lick your ass getting it ready for my cock. Much like “Cunaway” as i penetrate your asshole Clint is going to try to pierce your nipple with his teeth. If it works everyone within range is going to hear screaming like they never heard before!”

I didn’t let on that I heard him, it didn’t matter they were going to do it to me anyhow so why make them seem that I had any power to stop what they wanted. That was another mistake on my part.Unfortunately not the first one since I met Barton out back of Movierama.

With their drink finished both got up and stalked towards me, Barton jerking his flaccid cock back hard, Clint running his tongue over his lips and top of his teeth. Splitting around the monkey bars, Clint bending down to worm his way inside the cage like form, Barton rounding my body, his hands roving over my hips and ass cheeks

“Oh! if that little hidden opening is as tight as your pussy was, I going to really enjoy tearing it open!” Barton leaning onto me, putting the tip of his hard cock into the crack of my ass“You ready to take her hook and sinker?”

“Shouldn’t it be more like hook and gaff?” Clint starts laughing as he gets in front of me, going down onto his knees. “After all isn’t she about to be impaled on your hard steel rod!” He moves his mouth closer to me, blowing hot breath onto my cold breasts, making the goosebumps enlarges.

Hot tears flow down my cheeks as Clint moves his lips to my jutting nipples “Anytime Barton!” a quick bite that barely misses my left nipple. Then I feel Barton cock press against my asshole. “On Three Clint, One Two, Thr…!”  I scream in agony as Barton surges forwards forcing his thick cock into a place it was never meant to go, as the same time my left nipple is clamped down onto by Clint’s front teeth, pulling it forwards,almost like he was hoping to bite it off

“Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!”  Oh god the pain was more than I ever been in before. My vision goes black and it was like I wasn’t there anymore.I have know idea how long i’m out of it, when I do come back to it’s to find my right breast aflamed in pain and my ass feeling like it on fire!

“Oh fuck Clint just wait to you get into her shitter Christ I’m loving packing it to the brim!” Then he pulls his cock out of me, the tip exiting with a loud Pop. Hoping to God that he was through only to have Barton hammer his full length back into my gaping asshole.

“Oh fuck June her it comes!” A rapid flowing heat surges through my bowel as Barton unleashes his cum into me.  No sooner is Barton back out of me than Clint races around and shoves his cock into me ass. My throat sore from screaming and crying, all I can do is whimper as Barton comes around and forces his shit smeared cock into my mouth.

“You dirtied my cock so clean it up!” I gag as the tip pases my lips, my stomach churning at the thought of my tongue touching it. I could feel the contents of my stomach start the trip up my esophagus as his cock slide along my tongue. As he pulls back to just his tip inside I try a quick swallow hoping to prevent puking over his cock and crotch. But I was too late, vomiting all that was in my stomach over Barton’s cock and down the front of his legs.

“Oh shit what the fuck did you do that for you stupid bitch!” striking out at me. A solid jab makes my head snap back hitting Clint's forehead before it forced back towards the metal of the monkey bar. As it strikes it my vision blurs and it seems like I’m spinning. Undeterred Clint keeps hammering his cock into my asshole as I lower my head onto the bar

I lose all track of what is going on, not even realizing that I’m on the ground in a heap, warm liquid slowing crawling down my thighs. Trying to get my eyes to focus on voices I hear off to what I think is my right “So we still going to double team her Barton?”

“Fuck yeah!” His hand moving up and down his front “You think I’m going to let that little bitch get away with puking on me?” Looking towards me “Little June going to feel her ass being torn open before I’m done with her!”

“Well finish wiping yourself and I get her in up on her hands and knees!” Clint starts to move towards me only to be halted by Barton

“Oh no I’ve a different idea in mind, see that knotted rope!” A wild look in his eyes. “Tie it around her neck so it’s keeping her upright, then stuff her cunt with your cock!”.

Clint moves to me grabbing my under the arms dragging me across the playground to the rope. Pulling me up so I’m leaning against him I feel the rough hemp loop around my neck. My head between two giant knots  as it tightens against the back of my neck. Clint moves away and my only support is the neck as it slowly chock me as my knees gives out. Clint stop that by lifting me by the waist , raising me up until he can drop my onto his hard cock standing straight up.

“Oh fuck even after we both fucked her cunt it’s still damn tight on my cock!”
Barton comes to us “Well it’ll feel even tight when i ram into her ass again!” “Clint hands on my ass, parts my cheeks as Barton moves right behind us, then I feel his cock penetrate me. My head flies up, my mouth open but no sound comes out, I’ve screamed so much that my voice was gone from all the abuse I been made to made to suffer.

My entire body was radiating pain as they both fucked me together! My breast being mashed into Clint’s chest ,my head felt funny, my breathing was hard from the rope around it. My pussy and ass felt like they were shredding them both it hurt so much. It was hard to tell which one was fucking me harder Clint in my pussy or Barton in my ass. Time started to mean absolutely nothing to me as they both fucked me.

Then as if one they both empty they sperm into me once more pulling out both at one leaving he hanging by the rope. I start to spin as Clint hit me with his shoulder as he walk away, then just when I think my ordeal is finally over Barton launches a kick at me. I don’t know what he was aiming for but he catches the inside of my right thing, the force of his kick breaking my leg, the bone tearing through the skin
Once more I lose consciousness from the pain.


“Shit Barton why did you do that!” Clint’s almost pukes seeing the jagged bone through the flesh. “Now what are we going to do with her?”

Barton looking around, “That ditch over there, we’ll dump her there and leave this shit place for somewhere new!” Moving over to the unconscious June  Help me move her into the ditch Clint!” Clint grabs her shoulders leaving Barton to lift her legs, the right one dripping blood with each step, Both dump June into the ditch “Get some leaves and sticks to cover her. An hour passes before they both feel she’s covered enough.

“So where to next Barton?”

“Anywhere where we can find us another June to play with!” Barton in the driver’s seat starts the car then creeps back to the street then well within the speed limit starts the night drive away from Linwood.


October 1st, Wooded Area Off Foster Drive

Jesus Christ!” then “Over here I found her!” Digging the cover of leaves off her, almost puking at the sight of the femur sticking through the outer skin of her right thigh.The little black willow bugs vying with the ants over the hard crust of blood and loose flesh.

“Get the medics over here!” a female officer joining him, offering June sips of water from a plastic bottle “Take it slow June, it’s all over, no one is going to hurt you now!”  Covering June’s naked torso with her windbreaker she was wearing this fall morning.

The medics reach her, pushing the pair of officers out of the way as they set up their equipment. ‘June can you hear me?” Attaching a sensor to her middle finger on her left hand while his partner attaches pads to key point on her body, getting ready to hook her up to An EEG scan.Other members of the search parties were beginning to block off the entrance to the wooded area off Foster Drive to the north as the police units moved into positions to block off the drive.

An makeshift gurney is prepped to received June after the medics stabilizes her broken leg and get an IV started. Through the trip to the waiting ambulance a weak ‘m-m-m-o-o-m-m-m! Passes June dry swollen lips before the teem once more loses consciousness!

                                                                        The End!

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WOW! Love the ending of this!

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I will pass all comment on to my collaborator so she will know that her story was well received as I told her it would be!