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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction. Any resemblance to real places, people, or events is purely coincidental. If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

The Volleyball Girl - Jordan's Perspective written by Brokenwing

An alternate interpretation of "The Volleyball Girl" - written by Vile8r with his permission

I had always been a shy girl, the middle sister in a family with three kids, my older brother the pride of my father, star team athlete in both football and basketball, my younger brother the creative popular kid active in Scouts always a leader in his class and me the quiet girl who preferred to spend most of her spare time with my nose in a good book having few friends making average grades and a maintaining a very low profile in school.

So it was a huge surprise to my entire family when not only did I try out but actually had made the junior varsity volleyball team.  I wasn't even a starter let alone a star but I had made the team and it made my mother very proud as she had played volleyball when she was in high school as a starter and star player on a team that won the regional championship three years in a row.  But I think she was just happy that I was part of a team rather than curled up in a chair or my bed alone with a book.

I don't think the first time I tried on the uniform, I could have felt so very self conscious of the red and white sleeveless top with the Eastgate school crest on the front and the number “8” on the back but even more the  black spandex shorts that exposed the full length of my legs. The ensemble was topped off with red and white knee socks and white kneepads.  I'm not sure a single girl on the team felt as self conscious about the large arm gap on the jersey that made our sports bra visible every time we raised our arms in preparation for hitting the ball more than me, but it took months of me wearing the black spandex shorts before I stopped feeling like my hips were visible to the entire school when we were in uniform.  I remember tensing and squeezing my legs tightly together anytime we were just standing facing anyone and not involved with a game sure the shape of my sex was visible to anyone looking there. 

Especially since over the past few months my body had been maturing as nature designed with my hips widening and my breasts getting larger.  But like with anything I slowly became less sensitive to my surroundings as I spent more time in my uniform at school and in the gym.  I had even gotten to where I was okay to dress in my uniform before a game or practice or not change immediately after practice if my schedule made it difficult to do so.  I still did my best to avoid walking around in stores or shops if I could avoid it having had people make comments about how "cute" I looked a few times when I went into the grocery store after practice with my mom. 

But that resistance to avoiding being seen in my uniform that day changed my life forever.  As I did often I had changed into uniform at home before having mom take me to volleyball practice I didn't realize she had intended on stopping into the bank.  But as she had done many times she left the engine running, leaving me in control of the music on the radio.  My focus was so into singing with the latest Taylor Swift release that I was caught completely off guard when first the drivers door was pulled open and a large man got into our SUV and before I had a moment to think a second man opened the front passenger door next to where I sat.  I had neglected to press the electric door lock button when mom headed into the bank.  The second man used his strength and too easily pushed my 100 pound body over enough to allow him into the seat.  As I gathered my thoughts and started to open my mouth to scream I saw then felt the barrel of a metal gun press against the side of my head.

While I have seen guns in movies I have never touched or felt a gun and would have been afraid to hold one yet now I had one pressed against my head.  The man somehow managed to unbuckle my seatbelt and with what seemed like little effort managed to push his arm in the center of my torso and shove me over the center console into the backseat. 

Because of the age of my younger brother my mother still used the child safe locks on the two back doors as she had with me when I was younger.  Most of the time I rode with her I role in the front seat and my older brother had his own car.  So even though I was able to think escape when I tugged the backdoor handle to open the door and free myself the child proof lock worked as designed and the door pull did nothing.  The window safety lock was also engaged as normal as the SUV AC worked well.  I was locked in the vehicle with these two men.

Without a seatbelt and with the vehicle now in gear and speeding away from the bank I slipped around the bench backseat like a rag doll.  I heard the two men begin to argue about why I was not thrown out of the vehicle but the words frightened me even more, “Why the fuck didn’t you just throw her out, man? Now what the fuck are we gonna do? The pigs’ll be after us for kidnapping!” The younger bald man said.

The older man responded, "You are a real fucking idiot sometimes, Miller!  You even check out what’s back there? Some prime teenage cunt, is what! I don’t know about you, but I plan on nailing that hard!"

When the words he said registered in my mind I felt myself shiver and begin to cry softly.  I was being referred to as, "prime teenage cunt".  And the older man was planning on nailing me hard which I assumed meant raping me.  His next statement made me sick to my stomach, "If I’m gonna go back to jail, I’m at least gonna go back with that little honey’s cherry juice all over the end of my dick!”

I'm not sure anyone could ever imagine their thoughts or feelings for if something like this ever happened.  As I sat there in the backseat alone with these two strangers, likely the escaped convicts the radio announcer talked about, my mind raced with terror and random thoughts.  I know that some girls fantasize about  bad boys but I was not one of those girls.  I had not even started dating.  I had a boy at school I liked but he was shy like me and considered a nerd.  We had flirted a little and even held hands but had not even gotten close to a kiss let ago anything sexual.

Yet here I was in the backseat of my mom's Navigator listening to the two escaped convicts both very well built men with tattoos talking about raping me and taking my virginity.  When he said cherry juice I wondered if my face turned red and I know I had to look away from him.  I couldn't help wonder how he might know I'd not been with a guy.

Their argument continued, "Jesus Christ, always thinking with your dick!” groaned Miller the bald headed man driving the SUV then continued,. “All right, all right, I’ll find us a good spot to stop."

The older man while still pointing the gun at me replied, “Don’t give me that bullshit, asshole. You want her just as bad as I do. I can see the bulge in your pants as we speak.”

The conversation made me feel nauseated.  They were talking about me as if I had no thoughts or feelings on the subject.  I realized I was more scared then I had been in my entire life.  I felt myself trembling and struggling to control my crying.  I finally made the decision to protest, "WHO ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU GOING? LET ME GOOOOOO!”

What came out of my mouth didn't really even make sense to me.

But I easily fell silent when the older guy pointed the gun more directly at me and added, "Shut the fuck up or you’re fucking dead!”

Suddenly I was grabbed and pulled back into the front seat on the older man's lap.  I hated myself for how easily he accomplished that, how had I not managed to grab a hold of anything but within moments I was on his lap as easily as my father had pulled me onto his lap playfully when I was a little girl.  I struggled, kicked and screamed at the top of my lungs even knowing he had the gun.

He immediately threatened me saying, "Just keep quiet, you little cunt or I’ll jam something in that sweet little mouth that you ain’t gonna want in there!”

I thought about those words a few minutes wondering what he might be referring to and tried to push the thought out of my head what I thought he meant, his manhood but I did as I was told and stopped screaming but to my horror, even though I did as I was told things got worse.  He shoved one hand up my volleyball jersey and the other hand into the spandex shorts.  I was humiliated and horrified to be touched and felt up like that.  He managed to work his fingers inside my patties as well and to my horror I felt those fingers probe at the lips of my sex.  I once again thought I would throw up when he managed to force a finger to penetrate into my sex.  I never thought this would happen to ME.  This complete stranger, a man I had never seen before today, a man with tattoos all over his arms had his hand inside my shorts and was touching my most private place.  I couldn't help thinking of the talks in elementary school about inappropriate touching and to tell a trusted adult, but they didn't say what to do if a two strangers pushed into your car and one pulled you onto his lap, pointed a gun at you and shoved his fingers between your legs inside your panties and forced a finger inside your sex.  I was horrified yet frozen and didn't really do anything but accept what he was doing.

I let out a loud painful groan.  The penetration of his finger into my sex hurt pretty badly but not as much as the horror and realization of the lack of control that there was nothing I could do to stop him.  His strength to hold me on his lap was incredible and his determination to force a finger inside me was unrelenting.  It was demeaning that despite how hard I pulled with both my hands at his wrist it seemed to have no effect on him. 

His next words made my blood run cold, "Oh, Garrett, my friend, we have got a tight one!” I didn't realize that my own wiggling and struggle was actually helping him force his finger inside me.  “Get this fucking thing parked! I want my cock inside this sweetie and now!”

Suddenly I felt the SUV stop and the older guy, Garett threw the passenger door open and got out with his arm still wrapped around me.  Once again I screamed, "NOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOO! MOMMMY!" With little effort he moved us to the back of the SUV.  He managed to easily open the rear door and pushed me inside.  I could not imagine what was going to happen next.

To be continued. . .

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Wow, brokenwing! I wrote this story and I KNOW what's going to happen next, and still you have me on the edge of my seat as I read! Great job and thank you for giving this story your alternate POV! Love at the start where you flesh out Jordan's character a little more, talking about her being self-conscious about her volleyball uniform. That was really good.

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I could hardly believe that not to long ago I was talking with my mother about her volleyball championships, then listening to music louder then my mother liked when suddenly two men with little effort had gotten into our SUV and now here we were parked who knew where and I found myself lying in the back of our Navigator alone with two men I didn't know.

Somehow Garrett the bald man was already in back with the seat backs folded down.  I felt like all my struggling had little effect with the one man but the moment we were in the back of the SUV both men started holding and attacking me.  The old man pinned my arms, as he did I began screaming but the Garrett quickly slapped my face hard, twice.  The slap caught me fully by surprise as I could not remember ever being hit before by anyone and I stopped screaming but it changed to a squealy sob.  My cheek, where he slapped me was burning and stinging and within a few seconds felt damp.

Suddenly I felt my jersey tugged up and pushed high on my chest and my sports bra was also tugged up by the bald man exposing my breasts to the two of them.  One of the reasons I had always avoided any form of organized sports was because my discomfort and self consciousness of others seeing my body.  So even after trying out and making the volleyball team if I knew I was going straight home I would wait till I was home to shower.  Only if I had to stay after school for another activity after practice or a game would I shower or change at school.  Even then I would dilly dally around till most of the girls had finished their showers so there would be few or no girls left in the shower.  That said few people had ever seen my naked breasts.

Yet today here I was lying in the back of my mother's SUV with my breasts exposed to two convicts I had never met before today.  But it only got worse when he used his fingers and pinched my bare nipples.  Once again I cried out another squeal.  I knew like all girls knew that guys liked and were into girls boobs but I didn't typically like to touch or stimulate my own breasts for pleasure.  I think I felt both guilt and shame for giving myself any type of self pleasure so the idea of letting a guy see let all be touch my breasts seemed like something far in the future.  But now an escaped convict was manipulating and pinching my bare nipples.  It hurt and I wanted nothing more than for him to stop, yet it did send feelings deeper into my body than I would ever have imagined.

My attention to what was being done to my boobs was quickly diverted when the bald man took hold of my spandex shorts and tugged them down.  I tried squirming and kicking but hated the fact that doing so only seemed to help him tug them all the way off even over the knee pads and shoes.  But what scared me even more was when he took firm hold of my pink and white panties and tore then from my body.  I never could have imagined how that would feel to have undamaged clothing ripped directly off my body.  I think I was too much in shock to feel how much it really hurt to have undamaged cotton pulled with enough force to tear the fabric.  I do remember my hip feeling really hot.

But what impacted my mind more was knowing I was exposed from my upper chest all the way down to the knee pads on my knees to these two men.  It scared me beyond belief that the two of them so easily exposed my private parts to two people I didn't know.  I knew I was in deep trouble and couldn't stop thinking about the gun or what more they were about to do.

But the next words and actions just continued to build my anxiety, "Fuckin’ suh-weet!” he gasped. “Whaddaya think, Garrett?”
“That’s nice!” said Garrett. “Rock n’ roll!” 

The next sight and sound I heard would be something I would have nightmares about for years and even while awake hearing that sound would trigger me into intense anxiety, I heard the jingle as the older man unbuckled his belt buckle and watched as he opened his pants and pulled them down and his large, thick eight-inch erection sprang out.  I had only caught a glance at my little brothers sex by accident and it was much smaller then what I saw.  I tried to look away but the odd look, the blue veins, the red head kept my attention.

"MOMMMYYYY! DADDDYYYYY! HELLLPPP MEEEE! I cried horrified wanting them to hear me and come running like they did when I was a little girl having a nightmare.  But this wasn't a dream and no one was coming to rescue me.

"What’s your name, little girl?” asked the older man starring at me with his pants around his thighs.  .
“I-it’s J-J-Jordan!” I replied my voice shaking as I cried.

“How old are you, Jordan?” he asked.
“I’m-I’m sixteen! PLEASE LET ME GO!” I whimpered begging.
“Oh, what a nice age. I ain’t fucked a 16-year old in years. Well, Jordan, tonight you’re gonna get raped,” snarled the older man. “I hope you can scream loud, cuz that’s what gets me the hardest!”


My heart started pounding in my chest when he forcefully pushed my legs apart and I was angry at myself for not anticipating him doing so and not fighting more but I felt a powerful rush of guilt that my legs were now wide apart.  The moment they were open his body was on me and I jerked hard when I felt something, that I prayed was anything other than that huge erection touch between my legs almost directly on my sex but to my horror it was the one thing I hoped it wasn't, his cock..  Faster and more painful then I ever could have imagined I felt his sex organ penetrate inside my vagina, my body but it also tore into the entirety of my being and soul.

I felt like someone was stabbing a knife between my legs and cutting deep into my body.  Why was this happening, why was this happening to me, why was he raping me?

I heard his sigh, pull back a tiny bit then thrust again even deeper inside me.  This wasn't how this was intended to be.  This wasn't the sweet boy I had held hands with.  This wasn't my wedding night or prom night or me sharing my first time with a boy I chose to share it with.  I was being raped.

I heard him grunt, loud with strength and effort he used to get deeper inside me.  I felt my mom's Navigator moving under us, I hated him for using that much effort to force his body inside mine.  I couldn't help looking at his face, in his eyes, I know tears were streaming down my face and I heard noises come from my mouth I never made before but the couldn't stop looking in the eyes of my rapist.

I was mortified even more when he somehow managed to hook his arms under my knees and force my thighs and knees up against my chest.  I couldn't help thinking about the volleyball coach harping on us about flexibility and stretching and about how much my flexibility had improved dramatically since I started working on stretching when tryouts started.  Now that improved flexibility helped him fold me in half and it didn't take me long to understand why he did that as I felt his body force deeper inside me.  Again I heard sounds come from me I never made before.  But what I hated more were the physical sensations I was experiencing not with someone I loved and wanted to be with but a complete stranger raping me.  I felt the presence and penetration deep inside my body.  It hurt, but I couldn't help wishing it hurt more and I hated the intense feeling of fullness I felt, an intense stretch, painful yet primally natural.  I finally stopped looking at his face as the intensity of the fullness, stretch and depth of his body inside mine made me need to roll my eyes up.

His next loud, commanded and yelled words penetrated my thoughts, " “YEAH!” “SCREAM FOR ME LITTLE SLUT! I WANT MY FUCKING EARS TO START BLEEDING!”

I hated myself for needing to do as he commanded but I screamed so loud it hurt my own ears like I didn't have a choice, like I needed to.

Then something happened to snap my mind back to where I was, what was happening to me and that I was with not one but two men.  Garrett, who had been holding my arms while the old man was raping me suddenly licked my cheek and said, "Mmmmm, ain’t nothing like the taste of some young bitch’s tears when she’s getting fucked!”

I had almost forgotten he was in the back of the SUV with us, but he was there, watching, watching me loose my virginity to his fellow convict.

I turned my face away from him all as I continued to feel the man raping me moving inside my body, stroking in and out.  It hurt horribly yet I could hear my own grunts and gasps of breath cycling with the same rhythm. 

I could feel his effort as on each of his in thrusts his body weight shoved me hard against the floor of my mother's SUV.  There was little give under me and I felt my hips, pelvis and butt take the force of his thrust.  Even if I had wanted to change the rhythm of my breathing I could not have as I was forced to exhale my full breath with each in thrust and if I wanted to breath I had to inhale when he pulled back.

Suddenly his pace quickened and his body slammed me harder against the floorboard over and over.  I then felt him press down hard against me with what felt like his full body weight times ten  and I heard him let out a frightening groan and he stopped pulling back and just held firm against and inside me.  I'm not sure why I had not thought of the result of what he was doing until that moment but I think my head had a rush of thought as much as I had inside me when he sprayed his body fluids deep inside mine. 

For just a few seconds time seemed to freeze and it was quiet.  That moment, feeling and realization of the fact that he forced his body fluids inside me against my will and there was nothing I could do to change it or the fact that he would forever be my first sex partner and would become part of my nightmares for many years.

I realized I had had my virginity stolen from me.  I was a rape victim.  I would never have that first awkward, shy, timid sex with another.  I would never feel another person between my legs without thinking of him, now, this moment in the back of my mother's Navigator, the hard floorboard pressing into my hips, buttocks and back.  His weight lying on my.  My knees pinned to my chest and his sex so full and deep inside me.  This one moment in time would live in my mind forever.

As almost just as much a shock I felt him lift his weight and pull out from inside me and get up off me.  I almost immediately felt the most disgusting escape of fluids from between my legs as well as a painful ache as my inside muscles spasmed at the relief from his withdrawal.

I felt the hands gripping my arms released and for what seemed like less then a second had the hope that this was over stollen quickly from my thoughts as Garrett now made that horrifying sound of unbuckling his belt and unzipping his fly and pulling his pants down exposing his purple looking cock that looked sticky and set and sickened me.

Before I could react, I'm not sure I even managed to move much other than maybe to straighten my legs I felt him grab hold of my legs and flipped me onto my stomach. 

I'm not sure if I blacked out or if it really just happened that fast but it seemed like within milliseconds he was on top of me from behind and once again I felt a man penetrate my sex.

I heard and felt myself cry uncontrollably.  For a few seconds it was if I was hearing someone else the crying was with such disparity.

If someone had asked me if I thought it might hurt as much the second time I might have thought no but once again I felt like a blade was being shoved inside me between my legs.

Over the last several years I had not let my mother, or anyone for that matter but my honey blond long straight hair other than to trim off any slit ends and t encourage growth.  Since I was about ten I had received so many complements on my beautiful natural blond hair.  Now I could not get my hair to hold a curl no matter how long I worked with a curling iron but people still frequently complimented my beautiful long blond hair.  To play volleyball I either works wear a bun, a braid or like for practice for today I just had a pony tail.  My hair had always been my pride and joy and I loved it.  Until that moment.

Garrett grabbed very hard onto my full pony tail and used it to help pull my head back and to hold my body as he forced himself inside me.  It hurt so much I think I intentionally pushed my legs wide to let him push deeper inside me to stop the intense pull on my hair, scalp and neck.  I hated myself for needing to do that but something about being raped from behind like this felt more athletic.  It felt like a fight for him to get inside me.  But there was only one winner, him.

With my head pulled back like that it left the older man the ability to move in front of my fave and he said words that I think I will be able to hear the rest of my life in my thoughts and nightmares, "You’re gonna clean my dirty cock, Jordan. Always like having a little schoolgirl’s mouth around me! And I better not feel those braces, or I’ll beat your cute little ass to a red pulp!”

I hated the braces my mother had made me get to straighten my teeth and she always gave me a hard time for not liking to smile.  But even my rapist spotted my braces.  But he really was t going to make me do what he just said was he?

My eyes found his cock.  Just the sight of it made me nauseous.  It was sticky with milky fluids and reddish brownish fluids I knew enough to assume was my virgin blood.  I turned my upper body to the side as much as I could but I was scared almost to death when I watched and felt his hand grab perfect hold of my throat and turn me once again facing him.

The way he held my throat I could not pull in an ounce of air.  I don't think I even realized I had opened my mouth to gasp for air until I saw the nasty looking fluid covered cock move into my mouth and felt and tasted it for the first time.  It was a smell I've never been able to forget.  I couldn't help but gag but it didn't matter he just pushed in farther.  Only when I began to choke did he pull back and he did let me get control of the coughing and hacking before taking firm hold of my head and beginning to once again move his sex in and out of part of my body but this time my mouth.

Garrett continued to hold hard onto my hair keeping my back arched and my head up as the older man moved his cock in and out of my mouth.  I felt so nauseated and gross.  I felt saliva and I'm sure some of the blood and fluids on his cock run from my mouth down my chin.  I felt Garrett continue to move his cock in and out of my sex.

Like most teen girls I had talked to some of my friends, mostly girls about oral sex.  While I didn't think it sounded like the most gross thing on earth, I wasn't in any hurry to try it.  I didn't have a real boyfriend yet even.  For just a moment I thought about one of my friends who admitted to giving oral sex.  She talked about licking it a little and carefully and gently putting her lips around it.  This wasn't at all what she described.

His hands on my head gripped my face so hard, I was sure his finger tips would leave bruises.  He moved his own hips to move as well as moving my head back and forth.  The sounds coming from my mouth were gross.  I slurped, gagged, spit and grunted.  More fluids continued to escape around my lips and ooze down my chin.

At the same time my second life sex partner, not by my choice, continued to force deeper inside me.  It felt very different like this.  Again I felt very stretched and full but his cock pressed and rubbed differently inside me than when I was on my back with my knees against my chest.  Once again I found my grunts and breathing matching the rhythm of the use of my body.  What I hated most was that I felt like I was resisting less and just accepting what was being done to me.  I tried to put my hands against the hips of the older man, but it didn't seem to phase him.  They both just continued to use my body for their pleasure and I felt like I was doing nothing to even try to stop them.

My mind was snatched from its thoughts when Garrett said, "Oh man!  I ain’t fucked a girl this tight since I did my cousin when I was 16!”

I couldn't help wondering if he raped her too or if she slept with him willingly.  But his cousin?  Ewwww!  I thought to myself.

Then the older guy added, "Suck me good, Jordan!  Use that little pink tongue.”

I hated him using my name like he knew me.  It was hard not doing what he said, his cock was plenty thick and my tongue had to be somewhere.  I felt it slide along his cock as he moved it in and out.  With the fact my vagina was being raped at the same time as my mouth it was hard to pay attention to one or the other.  I still felt myself gag now and then but realized he was working his cock deeper into my mouth than earlier.  I'm not really sure how I didn't throw up.  I coughed up thick fluids several times but he didn't seem to care and it made his cock more sticky and let it push deeper. 

I thought about my friend describing when she gave oral and saying that she gagged when it got even slightly deep, but this felt much deeper than she described.  I had heard and we joked about deep throating but I'd thought it sounded awful but I had to wonder if that's what I was experiencing.

I found it hard to focus on my tongue, mouth and throat while my second rapist continued to pound between my legs.  The intensity of the pain, stretch, penetration and fullness there kept my thoughts and attention there.  I hated how as I was pulled and pushed between the two men I again found mind pushing away thought and just trying to accept what was happening.  I was pretty sure I could t stop it.

I'm not sure why once again I was surprised but the older guy pulled back just a bit and the gushed gobs of fluids into my mouth.  I was horrified.  I'm not sure why I hadn't prepared myself for it.  The bastard held hard onto my head and I hated myself as I felt some ooze into my throat and out of instinct, or at least I have to believe that, I swallowed.  I hated that there were so many fluids I needed to swallow two more times but he held my head hard so I did gagging his nasty fluids into my stomach.

When he finally pulled out more fluids followed his cock out and onto my face and chin.  I felt disgusting for the fluids on my flesh but even more for swallowing them.

I was shocked when Garrett lifted me up, forced as deep as he had been in my sex and I felt him cum inside me.  He jerked and seemed to cum more and more and I hated both of them but even more hated myself for doing so little to resist, or at least that's how I felt and still do despite therapy telling me different.

His excitement and words horrified me when he yelled, "YEAH!” he whooped. “You and me gonna have a Garrett-baby! You gonna look so cute with a little baby bump while you walk around school!”

  “AHHHHHWAAHHHHHHHHHHH! NOOOOOOO!” I cried bawling like a baby horrified at the thought of having one.

Garrett pulled out and got up off of me. His cock made a horrible loud slurping sound. He wiped the blood and cum on my hair, it was so humiliating.  I collapsed on the floorboard my body sore in so many places.  I felt like someone had kicked me multiple times between my legs.  My jaw and neck felt like I had been punched in the jaw and like I had been choked multiple times.  My throat felt raw like I was getting over a bad cold.  I just laid there exhausted.  The two of them sat with huge grins on their faces while I laid on the floor of the SUV and sobbed uncontrollably.

Only a few minutes seemed to pass before, Garrett seemed to grow hard again. He grabbed me once again by the hair and pulled my face up into his lap as he sat back against the wall of the Navigator.  My ordeal seemed anything but over.

To be continued. . .

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Loving every word of this brokenwing!

April 12, 2017, 06:13:27 PM
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Offline brokenwing

Why couldn't this ordeal be over?  These two men, strangers, likely prison escapees, had taken so much from me.  All my hopes and dreams of love and romance for my first sexual experience obliterated.  This wasn't how it was supposed to be.  Yet here I was, my volleyball jersey, such a powerful symbol of pride for my mother in my accomplishment for trying out and making a team bunched up under my arms along with my sports bra fully exposing my modest perky breasts.  My spandex shorts no longer on my body but lying against the wheel well along with my pink and white panties, torn from my body just as my virginity had been torn from deep inside me.

Yet it wasn't enough for these two men, rapists, without my will or consent they had each taken a turn with me, using my body against my will, pushing part of their body deep inside mine and flooding my womb with their body fluids against my will.  But once again Garrett, the younger bald man, but still a man likely twice my age, used my long blond hair, now sticky with their body fluids to pull my head into his lap.

My eyes couldn't help looking at the grotesque sex organ only inches from my face.  Coated with fluids I couldn't imagine anyone would want in their mouth, blood, both their cum and I shuddered at my next thought, fluids from my own body.  I felt a rush of shame and disgust at that thought. 

But my mind was once again snapped back to what was happening when Garrett commanded, "Okay, Jordan. Give me some mouth action.”

My mind filled with disgust and despair and very slowly I moved my head left and right to shake my head no and I whimpered, "N-no, I c-can’t!”

In a very stern angry voice Garrett growled, "Little bitch! I ain’t asking! I’m telling ya!”

He used his strength to forced my head down into his lap, his cock poking into my nose, eye until he managed to force his cock into my mouth. His hand wrapped tightly in my pony tail and he bounced my mouth up and down on his rock-hard dick viciously.

I gagged over and over, "GACCCKK!……GAACCKKK!……GAAACCKK!” making horrible gagging and choking sounds as Garrett’s cock savagely forced into my mouth and throat. 

My mind was racing, why me?  Why was this happening to me?  My mom's cell phone had been left in the vehicle with us how had the police not come and found us?  Weren't they even looking?  Did mom even see that they drove off with me?  What was going to happen to me?  Were the men going to kill me?  I could feel myself panicking more.  My body ached like someone had pummeled me.  My throat burned.  Garrett was pounding my face viciously with complete disregard for the fact I was a person.

I didn't feel like a person at all.  I didn't feel like a beloved daughter.  I didn't feel like a sweet shy girl.  I didn't feel like the same girl who held hands with the boy at school. 

I felt like a disgusting object.  A vessel for use by two low life escaped prison convicts.  I felt less then a person or even an animal. 

I was terrified my jaw would dislocate it hurt so much. 

Then, once again my thoughts were interrupted by another physical sensation that found a way to degrade me even farther, I felt a damp firm probe of my at my butt cheeks then my anus.  Without warning I felt the first penetration ever into my ass.  Things were somehow going to get even worse.

 I tried to buck, jump, wiggle and squirm but my movement didn't seem to make any difference at all.  What I finally realized was the older man's finger forced into my butt hole.  Nothing I did stopped or even seemed to slow it.  His finger pushed in then moved in and out and then to my horror I felt his body get in behind me and lower onto me.

I heard him spit and then say, "This is gonna hurt a little,” he chuckled as he pressed what had to be his cock to my anal opening.

Garrett grabbed hold of my arms his cock still deep in my mouth and throat.  I didn't think there was anything that could take my attention away from the horrible manner Garrett's cock forced over and over in and out of my mouth and throat, but I was wrong. 

I let out a scream from the depths of my being.  I think doing so even somehow allowed Garrett deeper into my throat but every thought was torn away from my mind except the intense stretch, no tear as I felt the most intense pain in my ass I could not even have imagined, my ass was now too being raped.

I felt my body moving wildly thrashing, wiggle, squirming twisting and turning, not controlled by a single thought but pure instinctual reaction and yet it hanged nothing as Garrett held my arms yet continued to thrust in and out of my mouth and throat as the man who first raped and took my vaginal virginity was raping my anus.  I felt his stretch and force deeper then I could have imagined anything could touch and I felt pain at a depth I could not have imagined.

I thought I was going to die.  I felt like I was tearing in half yet I felt him work even deeper into my bowels.  Suddenly my ability to draw air stopped because of the depth of cock in my throat.  I felt myself once again panic and was horrified once again as I felt a gush of wetness into my throat.  I felt like I swallowed a gallon of warm pudding down my throat and I felt it pull into my lungs as well. 

Oh baby girl! That was good!” Garrett sighed as he pulled his cock free from my mouth, a long string of cum and slobber still clinging to the head of his purple monster.  I gagged and coughed several times relieved to once again get air despite the intense pain in my ass.

“Lick that off!” ordered Garrett.  Out of pure fear of worse, I didn't even know what I did as I was told and licked his cock even as I continued to cough and gag.

Somehow I realized that the monster in my ass was now spanking my butt cheeks with his pelvis he must have been fully inside me.  I felt a stretch and fullness there that ached like I would have imagined to would feel to put an entire baseball bat completely inside yourself.  Certainly that was not possible but it's how it felt. 

Suddenly I felt even more wetness deep inside me and I was terrified I was bleeding heavily.  But once again I was distracted when he slapped my butt hard and then pulled his cock out of me.  Even that felt painful and horribly disgusting.

"You got a sweet little ass, Jordan! I could sell that little ass for a lot of money! Think I should do that, huh? Put you out on the street to suck cock and let old men fuck your tight ass?”

“Nooooo! I want to go home! I want my mom and dad!” I cried hysterically, barely audible.

Well, you just be a good girl then,” the old bastard said and kissed me on the cheek.

As I lay there feeling like I had been beaten and torn in half the two men began searching through the SUV.  I wasn't sure what they were looking for and didn't really care.  I laid there exhausted and so sore and was ashamed I felt too tired to try to cover my body.  I coukd feel nasty fluids continue to leak from my body and the intense smell of the fluids he squirted into my mouth and throat now filled my sinuses. 

What the fuck? This is all that’s in here?” asked the older escaped convict.
“Looks like it!” replied Garrett. 

“Guess we’ll just have to fuck Jordan again then." replied the older man.
Within moments he was once again in the backend of the Navigator and I heard the awful sound of his belt being unbuckled and dropped his pants.  I didn't hardly realize I was in a daze and in shock until he rolled me on my back and I could feel wetness under me.  But I didn't offer any resistance this time.  I was like a rag doll for him to do with as he wanted.

Within seconds he was on top of me had opened my legs and once again I could feel his sex penetrate mine. There was something different about his movements, they didn't seem rushed or hurried.  Once again I felt my body moved with his rhythm as well as my breath and groans.  I was so sore and exhausted that I couldn't find the energy to resist but felt terrible shame for it as I felt my body move and heard my breathing and groans sounding like the sounds I had heard on the computer when one of my guy friends tricked me into watching pornography for a few minutes. 

It only got worse when he first moved his mouth to my breasts, that part of my femininity that I had always felt so self conscious about stimulating let alone letting anything one else do so yet his tongue licked my breasts and nipples and then his lips encircled my so sensitive nipple sucking it into his mouth.  I hated that I could feel my nipple harden and respond to his sucking and I was so ashamed.

After licking and sucking each boob and nipple he then licked my face.  I felt so much less a person and even more as an object and then he must have known he was getting into my head because he put his mouth to my ear and whispered, "Yeah, you’re a good little fuck-slut Jordan. The kind of girl all the boys are gonna wanna fuck. I sure would like to keep you for myself now that I got you broke in. We could get a little house to live in. I could get a job. Everyday when I come home from work you’d be waiting for your daddy so you could suck my cock and I could fuck you hard! You like getting fucked hard, don’t you? Dressed in your little volleyball uniform, just begging for someone to come fuck you!”

As he was whispering those words in my ear he slowly but forcefully pumped in and out.  Each stroke hard and deliberate.  It felt like the full length of his sex pulled almost out then forced fully in till I could feel his pelvic bones push hard against mine.  Almost timing each sentence with a stroke. 

I wanted the thoughts out of my head but I couldn't stop thinking about them, "’re a good little fuck-slut Jordan."  Was I really a slut? 

"...The kind of girl all the boys are gonna wanna fuck..."  Would this really change who I wasn't?  Would lots of boys want to hook up with me now?  I wasn't a virgin anymore.  I was a fuck-slut who had intercourse with two men, anal sex and had given oral now multiple times.  Would people be able to look at me and tell what I wasn't the same girl any longer?

"I sure would like to keep you for myself now that I got you broke in. We could get a little house to live in..."  The thought of never going home again seeing my mom, dad and brothers.  Being kept by him in a house forever.

"...Everyday when I come home from work you’d be waiting for your daddy so you could suck my cock and I could fuck you hard!"  Would that really happen?  Would everyday become like today?

"...You like getting fucked hard, don’t you?"  Those words scared me.  I hated this. Didn't I?  I could feel him moving inside me, filling me, feeling him deeper in my body then I ever knew I could feel another person.  I felt every movement.  I still hurt, I was incredibly sore and raw inside but it felt primal.

"Dressed in your little volleyball uniform, just begging for someone to come fuck you!”  I thought about the uniform and how self conscious I felt the first time I tried it on.  Knowing when I lifted my arms to hit the ball anyone watching from the side could see my sports bra.  But that was minor compared to how I felt about the spandex shorts, so tight and form fitting.  I worked anyone behind me could see the shape of my ass and anyone in front, they might see, the shape and lines of my sex.  I remembered feeling so self conscious walking around school in the uniform.  I noticed any male teacher or student who looked at me.  But my mom told me I was being silly although even she admitted the uniform was very different when she played.  Was I begging for someone to have sex with me wearing it?

I tried to stop thinking of his words and just stare at the liner at the top of the SUV above me. 

Finally after the long slow methodical strokes his tempo changed and this time I knew he was going to squirt his fluids inside me.  I didn't know if he had a disease or if he would get me pregnant.  I knew he wasn't wearing a condom and I wasn't on the pill, i had no reason to be on the pill.  I wasn't sexually active.  Well not until today.

I was right and he exploded inside me and then got up off of me. 

No sooner then the older guy got off of me before I could even begin to curl into the fetal position Garrett climbed on top of me very physically aggressively and once again penetrated my vagina with his cock.  I was appalled at how easily he once again penetrated me.  While it still hurt and it stretched me it pushed into me without the intense feeling of tearing like before.  Once again I heard those words in my mind, "’re a good little fuck-slut Jordan." 

But unlike the older man who was deliberate and slow, Garrett pounded me against the floorboard of the SUV making me groan from the physical assault, "UUUUHHH……UUHHHH….UUHHHHH..UUUUHH!”  I thought he was going to force my body through the floor of the SUV. 

The only good thing about the bruising aggression was that he came quickly.  To my disgust he pulled out from inside me and showered my body with warm sticky goo.  It squirted on my belly, boobs and even onto my face.  I felt sickened. 

I hardly noticed that the daylight was gone now.  I had been their fuck-slut for several hours.  After he squirted his disgusting fluids all over me both men left the back of the SUV and got in the front seat again.

They left me alone in the back and I just wanted to lay there and die.  Part of me worried they were taking me somewhere to kill me but sadly I didn't find enough motivation to care.  I just laid there mostly silent a sob now and then, in misery. 

We didn't seem to drive very far before the SUV came to a stop and the older man, the man who took my virginity, forced oral and anal sex upon me once again came to the back of the Navigator.  He opened the door, grabbed firm hold of my hair and pulled me out of the SUV only by my hair.  My body fell to the pavement hard.  It was very cold and dark outside.  I was sure I was about to be killed.

He then said to me, "Thanks for the party, Jordan! It was a blast,” he said.
“We’ll have to do it again sometime. You were a good little fuck!”

I held my breath a few seconds waiting for a gun shot or a hit on the head but it never came.  I heard the front door of the Navigator to once again open and close and then heard the tires spin a little on the ground throwing loose gravel onto my sticky body.  Again I held my breath terrified they would turn around and run me over, but that didn't happen either.

I wasn't even really sure where I was but I saw a building.  I tried to get up and managed to get to my hands and knees but the pain between my legs, in my groin and in my stomach was intense and could not get to my feet.  I slowly crawled towards the wall of the building having to stop several times to rest.  Without panties or shorts I continually felt fluids leaking from both my vagina and ass.  I managed to tug my jersey down some but felt so out of sorts I couldn't seem to get my sports bra back in place properly.  I tried yelling for help but my throat was so raw the sound I got out wasn't very loud at all and after a few tries I stopped because my throat was so raw.

It seemed like it took forever but eventually I made it to the building at which point I collapsed in exhaustion.  I think a big part of my collapse was more mental then physical.  The reality of what had happened to me got more and more in my psyche.  The constant and uncontrollable draining of the fluids between my legs was a constant reminder of what had happened as was the pain I felt almost in every part of my body. 

I laid there next to the building sobbing.  I was so cold and exhausted and felt an almost steady drain of fluids between my legs.  At some point I either passed out or fell asleep, I couldn't really distinguish the difference.  I know I woke several times through the night with nightmares and I was supposed cold.

I woke in the morning hearing multiple voices.  It took me a few minutes to open my eyes and think about what had happened and where I was.  There were multiple voices that sounded like teenagers and I could hear them talking about how disgusting someone looked have naked and sticky and bloody.  My mind wasn't clear enough to even comprehend they were talking about me.

At some point I heard adult voices but the sound of a male voice terrified me as I was sure that I would hear the jingle of a belt buckle being unfastened and started to cry. 

I remember going into a panic when I felt my body lifted and then strapped down and I was fully prepared to be "a good little fuck-slut" once more but I only realized later that I was being lifted by paramedics onto a gurney.

The next several days were a blur and I mostly remember waking frequently with nightmares.  I couldn't stand to be touched or examined by any male doctors or nurses. 

I felt confident when I found out I was found at my high school that many kids I knew saw me there half naked covered in cum and blood and those who didn't see me in person I'm sure saw the photos that I later found out had circulated throughout my school and were in multiple website on the Internet.

The rest of the horror I'll have to share at another time.

Maybe to be continued. . .

April 12, 2017, 06:18:32 PM
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Offline brokenwing

Me dear fellow writer Vile8r.  I very much want to know if you enjoy my interpretation of your story and if it gets you hot, or you find it too much plagiarism on your hard work, words and ideas.

Your writing always gets me so wet and my mind becomes empathetic to the characters you create and begins to run in high gear imaging what your victim suffers.

I can't help wonder do you like that I write stealing your setup and some of your words or not.

Curious what other authors think as well.

I really enjoyed thinking what Jordan must have experienced.

Looking forward to comments.

April 13, 2017, 09:54:57 AM
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Offline vile8r

Brokenwing, I love your interpretation of my story! I am, in fact ,quite flattered that you wanted to use one of my stories.

I too, like to feel the empathy of the victims in my story. I wonder what will be going through their heads,what they are feeling. I also like to go inside the heads of my antagonists. Why are they doing this? Why do they want to hurt someone? I didn't flesh out the characters of Royce and Garrett as much as I usually do, and I wish I had.

I don't like one-dimensional characters. Yeah someone is a nasty, sadistic rapist, okay we get that. But why? Whatever happened in his life to make him hate women so much, to want such power over another person? Perhaps, he is just as fragile and vulnerable as the person he is violating, but he hides it all behind a facade of savage misogynism.

I don't consider you stealing my ideas and words. I gave you permission. Because I was very intrigued to see what you could do with them. You exceeded all my expectations. I already knew you were a good writer, and I knew you would give it a great interpretation......which you did!

I hope in the future we can do this again.

April 14, 2017, 04:46:24 PM
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Offline brokenwing

The next few days after the rape were a blur but felt like part of the assault, starting with the paramedics lifting me onto the gurney which caused me to panic and fight and left them no choice but to strap me in for my own protection.  But I wasn't thinking rationally or clearly and just thought I was being restrained for more rape.

It didn't get any better in the hospital.  My fear just intensified as now there were multiple people lifting me, holding me down and removing the rest of my clothing.  I fought so much they just cut the jersey off of me with scissors.  But it only got worse when they needed to collect evidence from my body for the sexual assault evidence collection kit (SAECK).  I was still delirious from the loss of blood and hyperthermia that I didn't understand what was happening and who was doing what to the point they had to strap me down to keep me from pulling the IV lines from my arms. My mother later told me I fought incredibly when they put my legs in the stirrups for the pelvic exam.  

The sexual assault left me in so much pain, bruised and sore inserting the speculum was horrific.  I think my mind believed this was all still part of what the two men were doing to me.  I felt each and every instrument they used to examine and collect evidence from my body.  And the vaginal exam was not the worst part.  The rectal exam was horribly traumatic and painful.  At that point they made the decision to sedate me.  

When I awoke I saw the flash of a camera as my body was being photographed for evidence.  But that felt so humiliating.  The photographer seemed to photograph every inch of my body.  It wasn't till weeks later that I learned I had bruises all over my legs, back, buttocks, stomach, breasts, neck arms and even my face.  The flash went off multiple times and I was rolled over on each side of my body and also lying both on my stomach and back.  

The next terrible part of my ordeal was the questioning.  I was questioned repeatedly by a variety of people, so many I cannot recall most of their names or who they were with.  To most of the yes or no questions I was able to reply.  But they kept asking me what happened and the last thing I wanted to say out loud to anyone was how I had lost my virginity.  I simply stopped talking when they asked the probing questions.  Even when my mother tried to intervene I would not share any detail.  Who would want to talk about the most personal physical interaction that a girl can do with a guy especially when it's forced.  To be honest I felt guilty and dirty about what happened.  

Any time I fell asleep I dreamt about the two men using my body.  One of the bizarre things to me was that in the hospital, other than the gown tied around my neck and back I felt nude without panties or a bra.  To think I used to feel self conscious about my body, yet now I only had on a thin gown with so many strangers as well as my family coming in and out of my hospital room.  

My boobs felt over sensitive and I often felt my nipples harden and areoles puff up.  I swear it felt like every male who came in my room looked at my breasts as well as many of the females.  The more my mind believed they were looking at my breasts the more I felt my nipples and Areola reacting.  Things became even more sensitive when I was being examined or treated.  I felt like my body was on display and subject to anything they wanted to do.  While most of them would tell me what they were going to do before doing anything, they told me they were going to take an action they didn't ask me.  But I felt horrible shame and hatred for myself.  Often I felt a wetness or stirring between my legs and that just added to the humiliation and self-loathing.

I felt like everything in my life had changed and that I had no say over my own body.  The exams, treatments and photographing happened enough I found that I stopped objecting or caring and just accepted what they wanted to do to me, like I had done with the two men in the SUV.  A few times my mother came into the room and I noticed she might tug my gown lower to cover more of my legs or cover me with a sheet.  But one thing didn't change, I was not wearing a bra or panties and I could physically feel that.  It left me feeling very naked and exposed and I started to feel like everyone liked seeing me in only the gown.  After a while I started watching the eyes of everyone sure they were looking at my body.

They sent in therapists to talk to me about what happened but even with them I only answered the yes or no questions.  And still dreamt of the two men using me in the SUV.  The words, "a good little fuck-slut" went through my mind many times throughout the day.  As each male Doctor, nurse, orderly, police officer, psychiatrist, janitor and even my make family members came into the room and looked at me to talk to me I wondered if they were believed I was, "the kind of girl all the boys wanna fuck."  I was beginning to feel like a sexual object.  Less then a week ago I rarely even thought of myself in a sexual way.  When I was being examined and things hurt I would hear the words in my mind, " like getting fucked hard, don’t you?" Now I couldn't help wondering when any man came into my hospital room and looked at me if he wanted to "fuck" me, even my father and brothers.  

As each day passed and I started to rebuild my strength the nightmares continued and I just couldn't stop thinking, "I was a good little fuck-slut the kind of girl all the boys are gonna wanna fuck."

I was so happy when I finally heard discussion about me going home.  Certainly things would get better there, right?

To be continued. . .

April 14, 2017, 07:07:22 PM
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Offline brokenwing

It was such a relief to go home but I felt like a stranger walking into a room i had never been in when I walked into my bedroom.  The room looked like the room of a young girl not the room of "a good little fuck-slut." 

I can't even explain why I needed to do it but I started putting away any toys, dolls or stuffed animals anywhere I could, out of sight like inside my closet or on the top shelf or hidden in dresser drawers. 

I'm glad it didn't take a lot of convincing but even while I was still in the hospital I spoke with the therapist about not returning to school.  I thought I was going to have a fight on my hands but both my parents agreed.  They tried to convince me to transfer to a different school but I had no desire to do that and eventually convinced them I would study and then prepare for the GED.  I was sixteen, made decent grades and just wanted to be done with school.  I'm sure my parents were not happy, they hoped I would go on to college but I had absolutely no desire to ever return to school or ever play volleyball or any team sport again.

I cannot describe how different I felt and how difficult it was to decide what to wear.  But at least at home and in my bedroom I did not have so many people coming in and out of my room all day long as I had in my room at the hospital.

But I wasn't the same girl anymore. 

The first odd thing I noticed was the first night I went to bed.  Like I had started doing in the hospital when I grew strong enough I started taking showers.  But I needed to push the water temperature as hot as I could stand without getting scalded.  I also would wash my vagina and ass hard, aggressive and for a long time.  It felt like I couldn't get clean.  I took such a long shower in the hospital that my mom got a nurse.  But the therapist explained to her I was not the only rape victim who did that.  Being referred to as a rape victim really got me angry and I would cover my ears when people would say that.

But what I struggled with was what to sleep in.  The day I was brought home from the hospital my mother had brought some of my clothing to the hospital for me to wear.  But the clothes, even though I recognized them, looked like someone else's clothes.

I'm not sure how I convinced her, but she let me stay in my hospital gown and just put on a jacket over it.

The first night at home when I finally got out of the shower I went to my room in my towel and stared looking in the dresser for what I was going to wear to bed.  Before my mother's Navigator was taken I typically would wear cute bright colored girl's pajamas.  But when I looked at them, they looked like the pajamas of a nice, sweet, virgin good girl.  I wasn't that girl anymore.  I was "a good little fuck slut."  I could hardly even touch the nice, sweet, virgin girls pajamas.

I finally managed to find a long nightshirt I had but then came the next challenge.

The entire time I was in the hospital I only had worn a hospital gown without a bra or panties underneath.  When I opened my underwear drawer again the undergarments in the drawer looked like they belonged to someone else not the undies of "a good little fuck slut."  Not one of the Doctors, nurses, orderlies, nurses aides or therapists ever suggested I put on underwear while I was in the hospital.  Not even my mother or father.  The panties and bras in the drawers were cute and childish.  Yes I used to wear them a few weeks ago but I wasn't the same girl anymore.

I closed the underwear drawer without taking anything out.  I put on the long nightshirt and took the towel back into the bathroom hanging it on the towel bar to dry and returned to my room in nothing but the long nightshirt.  I felt a strange rush of adrenaline wondering if either of my brothers or my father might see me walking in the hallway from the bathroom to my bedroom in only my nightshirt without a bra or panties on underneath, that didn't happen.  I felt a terrible rush of shame when I got to my room for feeling like I hoped I would run into one of them in the hallway.

Not too long after I got into bed my parents came to my room to check on me.  There was a quick knock on my door then it opened and both my parents came in.  As I had started feeling at the hospital, the fact that my parents did not wait for me to acknowledge the knock, I felt a complete lack of control.  We exchanged mostly small talk and they wanted to know that I was okay.  I did my best to assure them I was but for most of the time they were in my room I watched my father's eyes.  As we talked I felt my nipples harden as I thought he was looking at my breasts.  They each gave me a hug good night and I was relieved when they left my room.

Everyday I was in the hospital, especially the last several days when I was doing better I had noticed a wetness between my legs and was confident it was still Garrett and the older man, Royce, who's name I learned from the police in the hospital, fluids still oozing out from deep inside me.  At one point on one of the last few days I was in the hospital I asked a nurse very quietly, when she was the only one in my room, if it was possible for their fluids to still be leaking from inside me.  She told me it was not very likely that it was more likely my own natural fluids. 

I struggled to believe what she said and felt such shame.  I could not remember having ever found such wetness leaking from me other than when I was on my period and that was a different fluid. 

Yet here I sat in my bed, having just felt like my father's eyes had been starring at my breasts through my nightshirt and I couldn't help wonder if he thought I was, "the kind of girl all the men wanna fuck."  I felt so dirty and ashamed for the wetness but I also couldn't stop thinking of the two men fucking me and couldn't help wonder if my own father also wanted to fuck me.

Later that night I woke in the middle of the night with both my parents in my room standing above me, my mother yelling my name waking me.  Once my eyes opened and I was looking at her she told me I had been screaming.  I then saw my father bend down at the end of my bed lifting my covers off the floor.  My nightshirt was gathered up under my arms like my volleyball jersey had been in the SUV and I was nude from the chest down.  My father covered me with my covers but I knew his eyes had looked at my almost completely naked body. 

I apologized to my parents for screaming and lied when my mother asked me if I remembered what I was dreaming.  I told her "No" but I remembered I had been dreaming of Royce and Garrett fucking me.  I'm sure my face turned bright red while both my parents were looking at me when I realized I felt very wet between my legs.

To be continued. . .

April 14, 2017, 10:34:43 PM
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Offline brokenwing

After a few days at home recovering, I decided I'd better keep my commitment to my parents and started working on the computer looking for ways to prepare to take the GED.  It was a hard decision to decide what to wear.  For the entire time in the hospital which was every minute of my life since my time on the floorboard in the back of the Navigator I had only worn a hospital gown without a bra or panties.over the last few days since coming home I had just stayed in a nightshirt without anything under.  But I knew if i did not start wearing something other than night clothes my mother would start to worry.

For school I never would have worn a dress.  But when I looked at pants or shorts I could not imagine putting them on.  But I didn't have that many dresses but it was the only option similar to a hospital gown or night shirt.  Deep in my closet I found a sun dress my mother had gotten me two summers ago for a family vacation.  At the time I wasn't a huge fan of wearing a dress but it was the first thing I had any desire to try on today.

It was a little small being two years old but it still fit okay other than not being very long.  After trying it on I looked at myself in the mirror.  The material was a heavier stiffer material and when it moved over my breasts it felt a little rough going over my nipples.  It felt amazing and at least for today I knew what I was going to wear.  I put on nothing under it just like it had been since the day I lost my virginity.  I then headed downstairs to the family shared office to the family PC.

After spending a few hours doing research and downloading a few study guides I got bored and tired of the academic research.  I'm not sure what motivated me but something inside me made me decide to Google the two men who fucked me inside my mother's SUV. 

While in the hospital the police only said both of their names one time but I had not forgotten either name, Royce McNamara and Garrett Miller.

Royce was the man, who's name I never knew the entire time in my mom's Navigator.  He was the man who took my virginity.  He would forever be my first sex partner.  The article said he was 44-years old and said he had spent most of his adult life in and out of jail for various heinous offenses. It said he stood at 6 feet tall and weighed 200 pounds. In the photo I could see his all too familiar sandy blonde hair along with the grey streaks beginning to show. His hair was very long and I could not forget he kept it in a ponytail.  I don't think I would ever forget his squat shaped face with a large bulbous nose and small dark eyes. Royce was clean-shaven and had several tattoos on his arms and chest.

The younger of the two was a 30-year old man by the name of Garrett Miller.  They article said Garrett stood 5’ 8” and weighed around 170 lb.  Like Royce, he had tattoos all over his arms and his head was shaved completely bald. The article added that he sported a goatee and he had piercings in his lips and nose. The photo that accompanied the story showed the nasty red scar just above his left eye, and said it was souvenir from a barroom brawl many years in the past when another man gashed him with a broken beer bottle.  I had not forgotten any of the features listed in the articles or in the photos.

I felt like I had become obsessed with the two men and searched for any information I could find on them.  I created a folder on the computer that I saved with a name my parents hopefully would not discover and saved every article about them and every photo I could find.  When I was sure neither of my brothers or parents were around I printed every article and photo.  I had also printed a few study guides for the GED so I put the articles and photos in between the pages of the study guide.

At that point I decided I had spent enough time on the computer in the family office and I didn't want my mom to be suspicious so I headed up to my room.  As I walked up stairs I realized that I had gotten really wet between my legs because I could feel wetness even on my upper thighs.  The minute I got to my room I found a yellow folder from school, took all my school work from the folder and put the articles and photos in the folder.  I placed the GED study guides on the desk in my room.  I took the yellow folder and went back and sat on my bed.

I had absolutely no will power and pulled the photos of Royce and Garrett out of the folder but kept it nearby in case my mom came to check on me. 

I started looking long and hard at the photo of Royce, my first sexual partner.  My first thought was to wonder where he was right now.  I couldn't help wondering if he were wondering about me like I was wondering about him.  At 44 years old he was more then twice my age and a little older than my father.  As I looked at his photo I felt guilty that I found his appearance scary and, well, ugly.  I felt guilty for thinking that, especially since he would forever be the first man I had sex with. 

I couldn't help wondering why a person would start doing what he had done to me.  I pulled some of the articles from the folder and tried to read everything about him I could find.  I was not the first person he had raped I discovered as I read the articles more carefully then I had when I was on the computer, determined to find more articles and also wanting to be careful my mother didn't walk in on me engrossed in reading an article while on the computer.

I couldn't help wondering about the other woman Royce had raped.  We're any of them around my same age or how much older  What race were they?  How tall were they?  What was there build?  Did they have long hair like both he and I had?  What color was there hair?  Did he ever have a wife?  Did he have a girlfriend?  Did he have any children?  Did he have a daughter?  If so how old was she?  Had he thought of me since that day?

Once again I felt shame because of an emotion that I had that surprised me, I was jealous of the others he had been with.  I found myself thinking of his reactions while taking my virginity, did he like it? 

My thoughts and time reading about Royce were interrupted by my mom calling for dinner.  As I hurried down the stairs so my mother wouldn't fuss at me I could feel a lot of wetness between my legs and even on my thighs.  All through dinner I felt something I hadn't felt that many times in my life.  I thought about that feeling, about when it had happened before, the days I held hands with the boy I liked at school.  I had been aroused sitting holding hands with the boy I liked.  I couldn't help wonder did he think I was, "the kind of girl all the boys are gonna wanna fuck"?  Did he, "wanna to fuck me."  I knew Royce and Garrett did. 

I sat there hardly listening to the family conversation, my nipples so hard pressed against the stiff fabric of my sun dress, soaking wet between my legs.  "You like getting fucked hard, don’t you?" I thought to myself hearing Royce's voice inside my head. 

I couldn't help wondering if my brothers or father could tell how aroused I was and if any of them wanted to fuck me too.  The more I let myself have these thoughts the more ashamed I felt because I couldn't help wondering if Royce was right that I was, "a good little fuck-slut."

I couldn't wait for dinner to be over and I think my family realized my mind was somewhere else but no one objected.  The time couldn't pass fast enough I wanted to get back up to my room to my research on my two first sexual partners the men who changed my life forever.

To be continued. . .

April 15, 2017, 09:31:26 AM
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Offline Jed

This is very good brokenwing.  It builds and gets better as you read.  I really like all her thinking about her rapists especially the first one, the older one.  It's very hot she keeps getting wet thinking about it and obsessing about him and any man seeing her breasts and body.  I can't help but think this obsession with the rape, her being called by them a fuck slut and the arousal she keeps having will lead somewhere.  I know I'm hoping it does.

April 15, 2017, 09:35:24 AM
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Offline brokenwing

The minute everyone finished their dinner I asked to be excused.  Before my mom said it was fine she asked me if I was okay.  I told her I was fine just tired and so with that she told me I could be excused.

The minute I got to my room I found the yellow folder where I had hidden it just in case someone came back to my room with me.  No one did so I got it out and took out the photos I had printed again.

I looked at photos of the two men.  Garrett was younger and had a more pleasant nose, eyes and face.  But he was bald, had the facial hair and the scar.  I thought about how he used me, hard and rough.  Again I couldn't help think of Royces's question to me, "You like getting fucked hard, don’t you?"  I tried to think about it but I wasn't sure if Royce "used" me any nicer or if I held sone strange bias because he was first.  But as I thought about it not only was he my first intercourse but he also forced my mouth onto his cock as well. 

Once again I thought about my conversation with my girlfriend who had given her boyfriend oral sex but she made it sound timid, exciting and fun.  She never mentioned anything about giving oral to a guy after he had been inside her sex let alone had her own virgin blood on him.  It was quite obvious that Royce had done this before, many times.  Even with his intense grip first on my throat and then on my head he knew how to make sure I could breath and let me cough and choke.  But he also knew how to push his huge cock deeper into my mouth and eventually into my throat. 

Once again I felt even more shame as I could feel more wetness escaping from me.  The sticky fluids were getting more and more onto my legs.  I looked at Garrett's photo and thought more and more about him flipping me over and fucking me from behind while pulling my long hair hard making my back arch and my head to lift up for Royce.  Garrett used me harder and faster but also sprayed inside me.  The second time he was even rougher and squirted his fluids all over me.

I also realized that Royce was the only one to take me anally.  I couldn't help wonder if he had any idea that he was the first man to use my vagina, mouth and ass.  I couldn't help wonder if he had been any other girls first for all three of those places.  I felt twisted and sick that I somehow had the hope that I was the only girl that he had been the first to use in all three places. 

I grew more ashamed as I put the photos back in the folder, hid it under my mattress, pulled my knees to my chest, felt sorry for myself and sat quietly almost crying thinking then wishing I was the only girl with whom he had been the first in all three places.  Then I found myself wishing I was the only virgin he had been with and then lastly I hoped I was the only girl he had ever taken anally.  I knew he had other sex partners and had forced other girls to give him oral but I needed to believe I was something special in some way.  I could help wondering how many woman he had sex with.  Was it under ten, between ten and twenty, more than twenty but less then thirty or had he been with more then thirty other woman.  I was ashamed that as I thought about that it made me more aroused and I couldn't help wondering how I compared to the others.

Then I started thinking of what he said, "I sure would like to keep you for myself now that I got you broke in.  We could get a little house to live in. I could get a job.  Everyday when I come home from work you’d be waiting for your daddy so you could suck my cock and I could fuck you hard."  Did he really mean that?  Did he want to take me with him?  But why when he said that did he then open the back of the SUV, pull me out by the hair and leave me there at the school for the kids to photograph, the paramedics to strap down and the doctors and nurses to probe and examine me.  Why didn't he just take me with him to that house I asked myself crying softly. 

I found myself pinching my nipple hard trying to make it hurt like they did.  I felt so much shame and humiliation I did something I'm not even sure why I did it, I pulled a sharpie marker from my drawer and on my lower belly just at the top of my pubic line wrote, "... you’re a good little fuck-slut Jordan."

To be continued. . .

April 15, 2017, 01:44:15 PM
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Offline Jed

That she wrote fuck slut on herself is hot.

In the links to the animated monster porn movies I posted in the SciFi story section, one of them had the girl with those counting hash marks on one butt cheek.  You know the ones with 4 hash marks with a line through them to indicate 5 times.  There were several of these groups of 5 counts on her butt cheek, and it was implied it was a count the rapists were doing of the number of loads she had taken.  I remember reading you found a rapist marking a victim to keep score was kind of hot.  I agree.  That she knew he would come back soon to add another mark on her body.

April 15, 2017, 03:39:21 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Would love to view your inner mind as you write this. You taken Vile8r story and made it your own!

April 15, 2017, 09:11:12 PM
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Offline brokenwing

I sat on my bed and put the photos and articles away.  I changed out of my dress and put on a night shirt.  It was just long enough to make it to my upper thighs.  I put nothing on besides the cotton night shirt like I had been doing since the day I lost my virginity.  I looked around the bedroom I was sitting in, the bedroom of a sweet innocent girl.  A girl who had only held hands with a boy she liked.  He wasn't a popular boy or a good looking boy he was just an unknown kid in their school just like she was.  But I wasn't that girl any longer.  I had sex with two men, both much older then me but not only once but two times with each man. 

I also had oral sex with both men.  I took their sex organ in my mouth, but not after we had kissed and made out and known each other for a long time, but the same day I met them and after they had put their sex inside my sex and it was covered in both their and my body fluids.  And not only did I do this with each man, but I did it twice with each man.  I "cleaned" the body fluids, both theirs and mine off their cocks.  I was, "a good little fuck-slut."

But even four sex acts were not all I had done  I also had anal sex with Royce.  God it hurt so much.  It felt like nothing I ever could have imagined.  I couldn't understand why anyone would do that by choice.  I wasn't the sweet innocent girl any longer.  "You like getting fucked hard, don’t you?" Royce asked me?  Did I?

I looked at my lower belly just above my pubic bone where I had written with the red sharpie marker, "... you’re a good little fuck-slut Jordan."  For the first time in several days I sobbed hard.  I grabbed my thickest pillow and pressed my face into it not wanting my family to hear me crying.  I was so ashamed.

I cannot explain it but as I was crying I found that my hand went to one of my tits and pinched my nipple hard as I sobbed into my pillow.  I thought about my first sex with Royce.  I tried to remember how it hurt when he "popped my cherry" taking my virginity, tearing through my hymen.  I thought about the conversations I had with other girls, about articles online and in magazines about teenage sexuality.  It was supposed to hurt your first time, right?

I didn't understand why I felt the need to pinch my own nipples to the point they hurt.  I just didn't want to feel like I was feeling.  So dirty!  Like a fuck-slut!  Like the type of girl all the guys wanted  to fuck.  The type of girl who liked being fucked, hard!  I just needed all the pain to go away.

The crying calmed and I was able to remove my pillow from my face.  I slid down under the covers.  As I did it pushed my night shirt up just under my breast bearing me under the sheet from the base of my chest to my toes.  I felt ashamed that I somehow needed to push the shirt up more.  I pushed it up and bunched it under my arms baring my breast like they were that night in the SUV. 

I hated them.  I hated Royce and I hated Garrett for making me feel like this.  For making me feel, "like a good little fuck slut!"

I tried desperately to slow my thoughts and even took one of the medications I was prescribed by one of the doctors at the hospital to calm my nerves and help me sleep.  But for a little while I didn't think it was doing anything.  I couldn't help wonder what might happen if I took all that were in the medicine bottle.  I did my best to push that temptation from my thoughts.  I'm not even sure when it happened but at some point I fell asleep.  I actually heard my parents come into my room to check on me but I kept my eyes closed and pretended I was asleep.  Like every night since milking the fluid from two men's cock I woke during the night with a nightmare.  I had been dreaming that when I was found by the wall at the school multiple boys were taking their turn with me.  I could feel the sheets were wet under me and it made me wonder if there was something medically wrong with me that was making me so wet.  I thought to myself that maybe I would ask the doctor at my next appointment.  But the thought of that frightened me as well as admitting I was getting aroused and so wet might make him think I was a slut and make him want to fuck me.  And he might need to do another pelvic exam.  I'm not sure what was worse what happened to me in the SUV or that exam.  It hurt horribly and they looked at my most private place so deep and pushed so many tools and instruments inside me.  I hated it.  As I lie there thinking about that I finally came to the realization I wasn't thinking rationally.  But I couldn't make myself stop having these thoughts. 

I eventually drifted back to sleep.  Like the last many mornings daylight couldn't come soon enough.  I got up, took a very long, very hot shower and tried to wash away the words I had written on my lower belly.  After a lot of rubbing and scrubbing the words were faded but still not completely gone.  I continued to wash until the water was no longer hot.  With that I finally gave up, turned off the water and then returned to my room only wrapped in a towel.  On the way to my room I ran into my little brother and like with every male I watched his eyes waiting for them to look at me.  But he only made quick eye contact before hurrying into the bathroom himself.  I went into my bedroom and closed the door ashamed that I couldn't help wonder if he wanted me, if he found me hot.  I told myself that wasn't rational but couldn't help my thoughts.

Once again I stared in my closet trying to figure out what to wear.  I settled on a pleated skirt and a golf shirt with my former school colors and logo.  Once again I did not wear a bra or panties after opening and looking at the colorful bras and panties in the drawer.  But they looked like they belonged to a young innocent girl, not to someone like me, not a fuck-slut who had sex twice with two different men.  Not a girl who cleaned body fluids off of two men's cocks, twice.  I closed the drawer quickly to not contaminate the clean youthful undergarments. Those didn't belong to me.

I checked myself in the mirror noticing my nipples showing slightly through the golf shirt but the writing on my lower tummy was not visible and the skirt was long enough no one could see I wasn't wearing panties so I departed from the safety of my room.

I wanted to keep my word to my parents so after breakfast I went back into the family office and got on the computer.  I worked both on the computer and on the desk doing practice questions for the GED.  My mother poked her head in the room, probably checking on me but smiled when she saw me working the problems on paper on the desk.

After a few hours of focus preparing for the GED I once again got on the computer.  I had thought a few times about the therapists words to me, even though I didn't really say much to her she still talked to me for a full hour each time she came to my hospital room.  She told me there was an extraordinary amount of information online about rape recovery, some good and some not so good.  I had been avoiding that word for the last few days.  My hands trembled as I typed, "rape recovery" into the search engine. 

For the next several hours I looked at multiple different websites.  I'm confident at one point my mother walked in while I was engrossed reading a website.  But I didn't think she would have any problem with that.  After a bit more time I heard male voices come into the house.

Since coming home from the hospital I had had no desire to leave home.  But two of the male voices were not voices I recognized.  I quickly closed the websites I had open.  The voices sounded like older teen boys since I also heard my older brothers voice so I was pretty sure the other two voices were his friends. 

Once again I felt myself trembling.  I wasn't sure about guys being in the house.  I stayed sitting in the office for a while.  When I didn't hear the voices talking I decided to grab something to drink from the kitchen and head up to the safety of my bedroom.  It was a mistake as I entered the kitchen my brother and two guys I didn't think I knew were in the kitchen.

The minute I entered the kitchen all eyes were on me.  Like I did in the hospital I watched their eyes.  Without question one of the two guys was checking me out from head to toe.  As I could feel his eyes on me I felt the tiny muscles in my chest tightening and my nipples hardening.  I couldn't help think he noticed that as slowly a soft smile appeared on his face.  I couldn't make myself move and there was small talk between my brother his two friends and me.  With me in the school golf shirt they asked if I went to that high school and I just nodded.  The only other question asked about the school was what grade I was in.  I said I was in tenth grade which is the grade I was in only a few weeks ago. 

My brother took control of the conversation and within a few minutes he got his friends to head out to the garage.  On the way out I heard the guy who checked me out tell my brother I was hot.  I couldn't help wonder if he thought, "I was the type of girl he'd wanna fuck."

I headed up to my room after grabbing a glass of orange juice which was what I came into the kitchen to get.  I found myself pacing the floor.  I was a mess.  I was terrified.  I was horrified that so many of the things Royce said seemed to be true.  More and more I was starting to believe I was a good little fuck-slut the kind of girl all the boys are gonna wanna fuck, just begging for someone to come fuck.

I headed to the bathroom and started the shower turning the water as hot as I truly thought I could stand without burning myself.  I scrubbed my body as hard as I could especially between my legs on my sex.  Once again I worked on the words written in red on my lower belly and again the writing faded a little more.  I continued to wash and scrub.

But to my horror I heard the bathroom door open and then close while I was naked in the shower.

To be continued. . .

April 16, 2017, 11:25:34 PM
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Offline brokenwing

I couldn't believe it, there were strange guys in the house I didn't know and when I'm standing naked in the shower, shampoo lathered up in my hair the door to the bathroom opens and closes.  "The kind of girl all the boys are gonna wanna fuck" I thought to myself trying to quickly rinse the shampoo from my long hair and more importantly my face.

My mind was racing and my heart pounding.  Might it be one of the guys or two of them?  Were they here to fuck me, hard?  Maybe they just we're going to force their cocks into my mouth, over my tongue and down my throat.  I remembered how raw and sore my throat felt and the way my jaw ached.

Maybe it wasn't my brother's friends at all but instead it was Royce and Garrett.  Had they broken into our house, snuck past my brother and his two friends and my mother.  "I sure would like to keep you for myself now that I got you broke in" I could hear Royce say to me adding, "’d be waiting for your daddy so you could suck my cock and I could fuck you! You like getting fucked hard, don’t you?"  Or maybe they had killed them all, my mother, brother and his two friends.  They were here to get me and take me to their house.   I could feel my body shaking.  Despite the almost scalding water temperature I felt chills run down my spine. 

I finally got the shampoo off my face enough to where I could open my eyes.  I pushed my back hard into the far wall of the bathtub shower driving the built in ceramic soap caddy hard into the backs of my thighs.  I felt myself gasp holding back a scream from the pain of doing that. 

"Jordan, honey" my mom's voice called gently, "are you okay sweetheart?  You've been in here quite a while and your brother has guests.  We only have two bathrooms and you know how I feel about guests using the bathroom off of your dad and my bedroom." 

"Yes mama, I'm okay" I said and I could hear my voice trembling just a little but hoped she wouldn't notice, I'll hurry it up."

I felt my body weight lean fully against the shower wall.  It wasn't my brother's friends wanting to fuck me or Royce and Garrett here to take me away.  I could feel my heart pounding fast in my chest. 

"Okay sweetie" my mom continued, "finish up as soon as you can."  And with that once again the door to the bathroom once again opened and then closed.  It took me a minute or two to fully compose myself before I stood back up away from the wall my upper thighs sore and aching from the soap caddy that shoved hard between my thighs.  I did my best to hurry to rinse the shampoo from my hair but then once again filled my hand with body wash and started to wash between my legs again even though I had already done so thoroughly earlier.  I was sure there were still juices flowing out from deep inside my sex.  I thought about the conversation with the nurse asking her might Royce and Garrett's fluids still be leaking out from my womb when she told me that was very unlikely.  But I was sure she was wrong and scrubbed my sex hard, needing to wash the filth away.

After scrubbing there thoroughly still sure nastiness was oozing out from inside I once again had to rinse the body wash out from down there as well.  I hurried as best as I could and noticed the water temperature was cooling.  I likely had used up most of the hot water again.  I grabbed the towel from the towel bar, dried off and then wrapped it around me.  I then got out of the tub shower and got a second smaller towel to wrap my soaking wet long hair in.  If my mom wanted me to hurry from the bathroom I certainly could not take the time needed to dry my hair.  I quickly brushed my teeth and then put my hand on the door knob, opened the door, hurried into the hallway, heading towards my bedroom, wrapped only in the towel and there walking towards me was my brother and his two friends. 

I stopped dead in my tracks and so did they.  I couldn't help wonder if I they were thinking I was the kind of girl they wanna fuck.  One of the guys said, "You are a cute little thing aren't you"?  Like my brother both of the guys were tall and athletic.  They both stood over six foot tall.  That meant that at just under five foot four inches tall I was almost a full foot shorter then them.  With the fact I was only wrapped in a towel with no shoes and the three of them fully dressed including shoes I felt tiny and vulnerable.  For just a moment I couldn't help wonder if they were going to take me right there in the hallway.  I could feel six eyes looking at me.

I felt my face redden as my brother and his friends stood there looking at me.  There was an awkward silence and the four of us just stood there and I couldn't help but turn on foot in timidly.  The guy who wasn't checking me out so intently then asked, "I guess the bathroom is available now?  Excuse me." He added excusing himself and stepping into the bathroom.  I could see they all had dirty greasy hands probably from helping my brother work on his car.

I wasn't sure how to excuse myself but my intense feeling of being self-conscious was growing.  The other guy started making small talk, "Matt tells me you're sixteen.  Sweet sixteen never been kissed?" He joked.  I just looked down shaking my head no thinking to myself if he only knew everything I had done, but he was right, I had not yet kissed a guy. 

I felt a powerful desire for him to kiss me.  I wanted to ask him if he thought I was the type he wanted to fuck.  I couldn't manage to find any words so I just looked down at the floor ashamed and hurried into my room closing the door behind me.  The moment I was in my room I leaned back against the door.

I felt so much shame and humiliation first for not being able to carry on a simple conversation.  As that first thought went through my mind I heard my brother Matt, tell his friend, "No worries man she's been through a few things lately."  I felt ashamed my brother was having to make excuses for me.  But I felt more shame and humiliation for the other thought I was having.  As I let the words come into my head fully I let the towel fall to my feet. 

I could feel my heart was pounding in my chest.  I was terrified he would kick in my bedroom door and come in and rape me, yet my heart beat with anticipation of him doing so.  I realized I was sweating and fluids were leaking from my sex.  When I was in the shower I did my best to scrub the nasty fluids away from inside me, but no matter how much I scrubbed I just couldn't stop draining the cum Royce and Garrett spayed so very deep inside me.

I bent over and picked up the towel at my feet.  I opened my legs, then opened them wider and squatted down slightly and I started rubbing my sex with the towel, hard.  I stayed there rubbing the towel over and over between my legs.  I wiped my thighs dry then really begin to focus where the fluids originated, from deep inside my sex.

Once I had my vagina lips wiped dry I started working between them.  I lost my thoughts for several minutes and just rubbed and rubbed using my fingers to force the towel inside between my labia.  I hardly thought and just kept rubbing and drying.  Seconds past then minutes I kept going until my eyes spotted something that surprised me red liquid on the side of my finger where I gripped the towel.. 

I had rubbed enough on the tender flesh that I made myself bleed.  I finally realized it was too much.  I realized I had been leaning there against the door my legs open wide and no one had come in to rape me for several minutes and had rubbed myself raw. 

I went to my bed and sat down on the towel to not get blood on the bed.  I found myself starting to cry.  I had just taken a shower and just like after my time with Royce and Garrett I was leaking body fluids and blood from between my legs.  I looked in the drawer of my nightstand and found the red sharpie.  The previous words I had written were almost washed off of my flesh.  I wasn't really thinking very much I just started writing high inside my left thigh, "Just begging for..." And inside my right thigh, "...someone to come fuck me."

As I finished I heard my mother call up to me to come down for dinner.  I quickly had to find something to wear and hurry downstairs so she wouldn't worry.  I felt a familiar ache between my legs as my vaginal lips were sore and throbbing.  I got up off the bed and headed to the closet to find something to wear.

To be continued. . .

April 17, 2017, 07:44:46 PM
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Offline losvu_fan

I just love how volleyball girl's in general wear shorts when they play volleyball. Anyway, both versions of this epic story are a nice hard read.

April 18, 2017, 07:11:37 PM
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Offline gscmar64

As much as i love Vile8r version, you have taken it over and turned it into a must read for all males on how to write the female perspective and characters!

April 19, 2017, 09:10:12 PM
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Offline brokenwing

When I heard my mother call for dinner I hurried to my closet to find something to wear.  As I stood at my closet looking through my clothes I felt a soreness and even felt puffy down below.  It felt strange yet like something I had been missing.  For just a minute I let my mind wander back the my time in the SUV, "You like getting fucked hard, don’t you?"  I remembered my fear and terror while lying in the back of the SUV with the two men.  It was a horrible experience, right?  What I was really struggling with so many new physical sensations.  Just then I felt such shame for my inability to push the memory out of my mind of physical sensations I never would have imagined or how those feelings kept coming back to me.

I realized I had lost track of time when I heard my mother once again call my name.  I spotted a white cotton cover up dress meant to be warm over a swimwear.  I pulled it from the closet and quickly pulled it on over my head then pulled my still wet hair up into a pony tail securing it with a hair tie and then left the comfort of my room to head downstairs.

No sooner than I saw the dining table I realized we were having guests for dinner as there were two additional place settings at the table.  The next minute my brother with his two friends came in from the garage.  Everyone was seated at the table and we passed the dinner items around the table where we each could load our plate.  I noticed one of my brother's friends looked at me often.  As he did so it made me feel self conscious and I suddenly felt my nipples pushing against the soft cotton of the cover up dress.  As I looked down at my own chest I realized the white cotton was made of a thin lightweight fabric and I was pretty sure the natural pink of my nipples and Areola might be visible surrounded by the contrast of the pale white milky hue of the rest of my breast flesh. 

I said very little through dinner and was glad the topic of conversation didn't require much of my attention.  The moment everyone finished eating I excused myself from the table and headed to the family office to continue my research on the computer.

I didn't spend a moment of my time that evening on the GED.  Instead I felt the need to focus on if Royce and Garrett had yet been captured.  From all the articles I could find they had not yet been captured.  They had been reported still nearby and they had been reported several states away.  It didn't seem as if anyone really had any idea where they actually were.  I couldn't help wondering if they thought about me as much as I did about them. 

I was a bit surprised when my brother's friend I talked to just a bit in the hallway earlier poked his head into the office.  He asked what I was up to and I just answered I was doing some research.  We exchanged a bit of small talk but I don't think my chatter amazed him and he was gone before long.

I'm not sure what gave me the thought but I decided to search my own name in the search engine.  I was surprised to find a few articles that mentioned my mother's Navigator being stolen  and me being taken with it.  There didn't seem to be any mention of my assault in any of the articles.  That is until I found one.  It was from a website that I had never heard of and not only did it have the mention of the sexual assault of me it had a blurry photo of me lying on the ground by the school.  The photo was from behind and it had been additionally blurred over my bare bottom and you could only see the back of my head and long hair.

I couldn't stop staring at the article and more important the photo.  And that became my next obsession.  First I printed out every article I had found.  I also saved them into a folder hidden in another folder I hoped no one else would discover.  Next I set out to search for photos like the one included in the article.  I have to admit I had never been very computer savvy or technical but I could at times be persistent and this time it paid off, to my absolute horror.

Even with my limited cyber sleuth skills I found more of the images my fellow high school classmates had taken on various websites on the Internet.  Fortunately none of the photos I located mentioned my name but the quality of several of the images were superior compared to the one in the article I had found.  I also was not very happy with where I had found them.  One website was for deviant artists one appeared to be a revenge porn website which I didn't get since I had never had a boyfriend so I wasn't sure why anyone wanted to get revenge against me. 

I think what was as disturbing as the fact the photo was posted were all the dirty comments people posted about the photo.  Fortunately all the photos I found were from behind me.  While I was close to nude with only my jersey bunched up at the top of my back, my knee pads, knee socks and sneakers my face was not visible.  The body fluids and blood on my legs were visible though as well as some of the bruising.  I couldn't stop looking at the photo of me, but it seemed like it was more of someone else.

The next websites I found were a forced sex and rape fantasy websites.  I was horrified that something like this existed.  But what scared me more were that there were numerous responses to the photo of people saying they wish they would have been there.  I was shocked to even see comments from women saying they wished it had been them. 

I felt nauseous but continued to read the comments and then even read other material on the website.  There were multiple stories of rape.  I continued to read as long as I dare without the risk of being seen by one of my family.  I noted the website and decided to head up to my room.

As I ascended the stairs I once again felt a great deal of wetness between my legs.  I stopped at the bathroom door thinking about taking another shower to wash the fluids away but as I set my hand on the shower door I realized the shower was already running. 

I stood at the door wondering who was in the shower.  Could it be one of my brothers or one of my brother's friends?  I didn't imagine it would be my father as he used the bathroom off of my parents' bedroom.  I even could not help but ask myself if it might be Royce or Garrett.  But it was doubtful they would come into our house and just get into the shower.

I turned and went to my room but once I went through the door I turned and kept the door ajar enough for me to watch through the gap.  I'm not sure how long it took but eventually I watched as one of my brother's two friends came out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist.  It was my brother's friend with whom I had chatted earlier.  I was embarrassed he spotted me looking through the gap between the door and the door frame.  He waived and said, "hi Jordan" and flashed me a big smile.  I said hi back to him and then quickly pushed my bedroom door closed.  I felt my heart racing as I leaned against the closed door.

He looked hot standing there with only the towel wrapped around his waist.  I couldn't help wonder if he thought I was, "the kind of girl all the boys are gonna wanna fuck."  I stood there several minutes. 

Eventually I walked over to my bed.  I finally decided to change into my night shirt.  When I did I discovered that I had visible spots of blood on the cover up dress.  I felt so ashamed and wondered if anyone had seen the blood spots through the thin material of the dress.  I quickly pulled on my night shirt and got in under the covers. 

On my smartphone I searched for the same website I had been looking at on the computer.  I was able to pull it up.  Before long I found myself reading more and more on the website.  I felt more sticky fluids ooze out from inside me. 

The towel I had used before dinner was still nearby and I grabbed it and pulled it under the covers and started to rub the fluids off my thighs and between my legs.  I continued to rub between my legs more and more seeming to find more wetness and eventually rubbing myself raw down there till once again I was swollen and bleeding.  I felt so dirty.  I continued to read the website on my phone until my mother came to check on me.  At that point I decided to try to get some sleep.

To be continued. . .