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June 14, 2015, 04:16:04 AM

Offline sleepynt

This is my first story. I am new to this site. Please enjoy. Thank you.

She is the shy young sweet innocent girl who never really has a boyfriend. She goes on several dates but the guys just keep pushing her boundaries or makes her bored so she keeps delaying getting a real boyfriend. It’s a miracle of how she meets her boyfriend, and now her husband. He is charming and respectful to her. He makes her feel safe and loved. He is like a guy in her dream, just perfect for her. She considered herself lucky that she waits for the right guy to come along. That’s why she decides to marries him the date he proposes to her after 2 years of dating. Because of her shy nature, she and her boyfriend just hug and kiss and wait their first sleep together for their wedding night.

After several months of preparing for the wedding, finally the date has come. Everything is perfect, every little detail from the wedding dress, the flower, the wedding hall, the music has been like a dream. She and her husband are all happy. She feels like she is the most beautiful and the luckiest woman in the world. The wedding comes like a blast. She feels mixed emotion within herself. She is happy because she marries the guy of her dream and all of her friends come to her wedding. She feels kinda sad because she has to live on her own now and she doesn’t stay in her sweet home with her parents and her siblings anymore. Her heart tightens when she saw the tears coming from her dad and her mom as they decide to let her go. But above all, she feels nervous because she has to be more intimate with her husband. She is a virgin, the thought of being intimate with a man just overwhelms her.

Her husband drinks a lot on the wedding night. His friend has to drive him home first and she has to be the one to wrap things up. After everyone says goodbye and good luck to her on her marriage, her family drives her to her new home. She goes slowly into her new home after waving goodbye to her dearest family. She comes upstair to her bedroom and saw her husband lying on the bed drunk still wearing his tuxedo. She suddenly feel relieved because she at least can prolong having sex for another day and she is already too tired due to standing all days greeting guests. She goes to the bathroom and takes off her wedding dress and make up and ready for bed. She changes into her new sleepwear that her best friend bought for her as a gift. She tries it on and she said “Oh my god, this dress is too revealing”. The dress is a smooth pink satin and it hugs her body tightly showing her curves. The short dress fits her perfectly give out her long smooth leg. She looks really seductive right now. She now remembers her best friend teasing her with a wink when she gives her the dress. “He will be crazy about you, dear. Prepare yourself for whole night of sweet loving”.She didn’t understand what her best friend said at that time but now she kinda wish she could cover herself up. She always understand that a man will become a beast when a woman shows more skin. She feels uncomfortable wearing it because she always dress modestly even in her sleep. However, she didn’t have any more clothes to change into because all of her clothes hasn’t been carried to her new house yet. “I will be fine. I will change clothes early morning. I will wrap myself in a blanket”.

Stepping out of the bathroom, to her surprise that her husband wakes up sitting on the bed and now staring at her. She blushes because she is wearing a very revealing dress. The way he looks at her tonight makes her uncomfortable. She notices that he only has his shorts on. She lowers her head and avoids eye contact. “Did I wake you up, dear? I am sorry”. She said to fill in the awkward silence. “I was looking for you. Come and sit next to me”. Her husband said in a calm voice still looking at her. She knows that she has to sleep with him and she kind of mentally prepares for it but snap back to reality, it’s still not easy for her. She slowly come toward the bed and sit next to him. She is more nervous than before. Her heart beats faster and her face becomes redder. She lowers her head down and bites her finger nervously. He puts her hair out of her face and caress her face. “You look very beautiful tonight”. He lingers his hand on her slim shoulder. She suddenly feel all tingling all over her body. She tries to plead “I am tired. I think we should go to sleep. You can sleep on the bed. I will sleep on the couch downstair.” He lets out a laugh and it makes her confused. “No, wife and husband suppose to sleep together on wedding’s night. You are my wife now.” He said in a teaseful way. There’s no way he will take no for an answer today. He already respects her enough to not push her to sex for 2 years. How many times has he jerked off thinking about sleeping with her? He can only imagines her nice body underneath her modest clothes. He didn’t even touch her boobs or butts or her private area because he knows she will get scared. The thought of taking her virginity after waiting for a long time is just too strong to ignore. He already become aroused after seeing her sexy body in that skimpy dress. He knows he has to push her a little or else she will try to delay having sex with him again due to her shyness. He will not try to hurt her but he will be firm this time. She trembles herself after hearing his response and stutters “But...but…” He silences her with a sudden kiss on the lip and pin her down the bed. She tries to break free from his grip but he is too strong. She doesn’t know that her weak resistance only turn him on more. “Just relax, you will enjoy it”. He whispers into her ears. She lets out a soft moan as he kisses her collarbone and along her neck. He eyes her moving chest as she breathes more heavily. He takes off her dress and starts to massage her breasts. He caresses them slowly and gently because he knows this is her first time. He slowly licks her nipples and suck on her breast. Her heart beats faster and faster and she moans more feeling more excited. Then he finally goes ahead and takes off her panty. He slowly caress along her long leg and comes at the entrance of her pussy. He touches there slowly and puts his finger into her. She twitches herself at his touch and gives out more moan. Slowly and slowly she becomes more wet. His cock tightens and now he gets himself naked exposing his big cock. She becomes scared seeing his cock. He gives her a smirk and tell her to touch his cock. She put her trembling hand at his member and feel nervous because it is too hard. He uses her soft hand to stroke his cock a little and it makes him feel just too good. He kneels down between her legs and find his entrance inside her. He slowly push himself in her. Pain got all over her body. She screams and tries to swirm away but he kisses her forehead and said “It’s okay, relax, don’t try to reject me, you will only get hurt”. She then tries to loosen herself to accommodate him. Finally he is able to fully enter her, she feel like hell even though she tries her best to relax. Tears are flowing down her beautiful face. He slowly start moving his cock, she feels the pain and pleasure both, she doesn’t know what to do but moans. Her soft voice moans and tight vagina make him more excited. He goes faster and she gasps and moans more. She knows she can’t say anything to stop him now because the pain and pleasure already overwhelm her body. She knows that his animal side now gets the better of him. He kisses her lip and lick her breast and keeps fucking her. He goes faster and faster and makes her body jerking strongly with his thrusts. Finally he gives his final hard thrust he let out a manly growl and fill her vagina with his semen. He pulls out of her and lies down next to her. He wraps his arm around her, wipes away her tear and say “Good girl”. The blood comes from her virgin drops down the bed. She is now his woman.

June 14, 2015, 10:56:46 AM
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Offline Jed

Nice first story sleepynt.

Not particularly common in the developed world anymore that a girl is a virgin on her wedding night, but elsewhere and in the past it must have been a traumatizing experience for some.

Your story got me thinking about what still happens in many countries where girls are basically bartered like property, often as child brides.  It must be terrifying for them, those first times being forced to have sex with someone who is essentially a stranger to them.

November 01, 2015, 07:53:08 PM
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Offline SexyS

I love your story! <3.  You would be surprised how many women can relate to this.