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June 24, 2015, 05:33:14 PM

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If you've got this far then you likely know what is coming but I will say it anyway, do NOT read this story if you are under 18. This story involves rape and underage characters. If this will offend you in any way then stop reading now. If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

Legal requirements out of the way so now I would like to say that this is my first effort at a story so the writing may not be the best but please do bear with. I am a busy guy and this story will be put up in parts so don't stress if it is a few days since there has been an update, I will do my best.

Have fun.  ;D

James Lawrence was 24 years old and a virgin. This was no surprise to anyone who knew him, he looked like and was a typical nerd. A mop of dark hair, glasses and literally zero social skills. James Lawrence also harboured a dark secret. He had fantasies that to put it mildly were not socially acceptable. These fantasies all became reality in one horrifying or glorious, depending on whose point of view you subscribed to, weekend.

James was hanging around at home on the Saturday and his dad was there to along with his 2nd wife and their 2 daughters. James spent most of his time with his mom but his dad got alternate weekends. These weekends were usually punctuated by awkwardness as James and his dad's new family never really knew how to treat each other.

His stepmom was named Abbey and was quite a few years younger than his dad at 38 years old. Her tanned and shapely body was the envy of many men. She had long dark wavy brown hair and light green eyes. Her skin was smooth and she had a dazzling smile, but her real beauty came In the shape of her breasts which were 36D, completely natural and defied gravity and had done for many years, she was all in all a very attractive woman and his dad had done well to get her (James had suspicions that it was to do with the fact that his father had been a successful hedge fund manager and had therefore created a rather large sum of money for himself). She had passed on her good looks to her daughter's.

 Eve was a redhead, this fact raised a few eyebrows when her mother was brunette and her father blond but James's dad and stepmom slept on it and in the end everyone agreed to just deal with it. James was very pleased with this development as he had enjoyed many an evening admiring her beautiful figure. She was now 19 years old and was actually more attractive than her mother. She had a heart shaped face which was perfectly framed by her long mane of red hair and she had also inherited her mom's endowments with a lovely pair of 32C tits. (If you are wondering how James knew all the sizes of the women's breasts it is because he often snuck into their rooms whenever he could and fondled the bras and panties that he found there.)

Rose was the other sister and she was still young at the tender age of 15. She was blonde and much less tanned than either her sister or her mother who both had bronzed bodies. She was paler and had adorable sky blue eyes. Her hair fell to shoulder height and was very straight.

This Saturday morning, James was woken early as his dad rushed in to say that his mom had been taken ill and he had to rush out to the hospital to be with her. He knew that James would not go as he had Iatrophobia (a fear of doctors). This meant that for a few hours at least it would just be him and the 3 beautiful women in the house. Eve and Rose were notoriously late sleepers and therefore when James got up at around 8, he and Abbey were the only 2 awake. He wandered into the kitchen and poured himself some cereal. Abbey was reading the paper and completely disinterested in him. James looked at her as she read. He admired her beautiful face and body while imagining how much fun he would have if that was his to play with. He drifted into daydreams and as such did not notice when Abbey put down the paper and noticed the attention that she was getting from her stepson, she coughed and James looked away, embarrassed. She refused to let the subject drop and began to give him a lecture about women not being objects for men to use. He once again drifted off and eventually her patronizing speech became too much and he snapped.

He got up from his chair and strode over to her and slapped her once, hard. She gasped and exclaimed "HOW DARE YOU!" To which he replied "shut up you stupid bitch, I have had enough of your self righteous preaching and it's time you learnt who is the boss." Next he grabbed a hold of her hair, hauled her up and grabbed both her beautiful bouncy tits and squeezed them causing her to yelp in pain.

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Looking forward to see where this is going

June 24, 2015, 09:13:58 PM
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Yes, dark knight! Continue on!

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He clamped a hand over her mouth and with the other continued to grope her breasts. He murmured in her ear "you have no idea how long I've wanted to do this," she struggled against him but he held her close to his body, enjoying the way her ass was rubbing against his rapidly hardening cock. He walked her over to the side and let go of her tits momentarily in order to pick up the knife he found there, which he pressed to her throat. Her wriggling ceased immediately, "that's better isn't it" he purred, "you're not going to scream now are you?" She shook her head. "Good girl" he said. He released his hand from her mouth but kept the knife on her neck. She started to beg, pleading with him to leave her alone, he pushed the knife into her neck a little more and her whining faded to silence. There was masking tape in the draw and James got this out and used it to first gag his stepmom and then tie her arms behind her back, leaving her powerless to resist his advances.

He stood back and admired his handiwork, Abbey looked back at him, the terror clear in her face as she saw the raw lust and hunger in his eyes as he gazed upon her perfect body. James was ecstatic, everything he had ever dreamed of was becoming a reality. He did not know how to begin to sample the bound beauty he had before him, after much deliberation he decided that he wanted to see her completely naked before he began to take any further action. He grasped the knife once more in his hand and moved closer to her. Her eyes widened like a deer caught in headlights, this caused James to laugh maniacally as she cowered before him. He grabbed her by the arm and ran the blade of the knife down from her throat, over the contours of her breasts and across her flat belly before stopping at the waistband of her silk pyjamas and enjoying the sharp intake of breath he heard underneath the gag as she realized what was coming next.

He stood up and instead decided to first free those massive tits that were currently covered by the flimsy top that she had on. He lifted up first the left strap and sliced through it before repeating the act with the right. He now licked his lips before pulling the top down to reveal her massive melons in all of their glory. It took all of his willpower but he tore his eyes away from the tantalising pieces of flesh and moved once more down to her bottom half. Abbey had no doubt about what was coming now and so as he knelt for the big reveal, sent a knee up to his face in an attempt to incapacitate James in order to get away. Her plan started well, James fell on to his back and she turned tail and started to run. Unfortunately for her there was one problem with her idea, she did not think in her rush to get away, she tried to leave via the front door and opening several locks and a doorknob while your hands are tied behind your back is a tricky proposition. This meant that James caught up with her and was able to reach her before she could warn anyone else of her plight. He was not happy, a fact that was made abundantly clear by his dragging her back to the kitchen by her long locks of hair at which point he sent several aggressive punches her way. He targeted the exposed areas of her breasts, admittedly the obvious place (he could hardly miss). Once he was satisfied that she would not consider escaping from him again and satisfied that her tits were sufficiently bruised he leant down again.

June 26, 2015, 05:36:59 PM
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Since there was no bonds on her lower half, the knife was not needed for this particular part. He slowly pulled down the last obstacle to the loss of Abbey's dignity, pausing every few seconds to appreciate more of her seductive, long, muscular legs. He reached the pussy and took a deep breath in before he yanked down the remaining material to reveal a clean shaven welcome mat to his darkest desires. Her long slit beckoned, inviting him to try a piece of heaven. He obliged and his long tongue ran over this perfect utopia for any straight man, there was nothing that Abbey could do to stop him as his surprisingly skilled tongue began to make her respond to his administrations. The first he noticed of this was the stifled moan that he picked up from under her gag. He stopped tending to her vagina to glance up and stated "you're enjoying this!"  She tried to shake her head in denial but it was useless, they both knew that she was getting hot. "I always had a feeling you were a dirty, little slut. I mean why else would you marry a guy 20 years older than you?" These were the accusations that James put to his stepmom and she had no answer and even if she did, there was no way that she would be heard under the tape that covered her mouth.

There was an evil idea beginning to form in James's mind, one that would mean a lot of fun for him and probably, although she would never admit it, Abbey.

June 28, 2015, 01:40:39 AM
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James was revelling in the fact that Abbey was clearly loving (or at least not hating) the way he was playing with her pussy, being a deluded virgin he now thought that he was the greatest guy at sex the world had ever seen. Abbey meanwhile was sobbing uncontrollably at the wetness of her vagina and the way her body had betrayed her. James put his great plan into action.

2 hours later at about 9:30, Eve was awake and like any other day she got up and went to the kitchen to have her breakfast. Lola was still asleep and neither had any idea what had happened or what was about to happen. As she entered the kitchen, she saw her mom tied up to a chair, legs spread and completely naked. She rushed over or at least started to until she realized that her mom was not alone, James was standing behind her, a wicked looking knife in his hand. She froze and stared at him as he smiled back at her. "Hello Eve I've been waiting for you." His voice sent shivers up her spine and made her want to crawl into a hole and hide. "What's going on?" Her voice hesitant as she had a few suspicions as to exactly what was happening. James's grin got even wider as he explained how he had got fed up with Abbey and her constant whining and had decided to do something about it "... and now it's your turn." He finished, "unless you want to run and and leave me and your mom alone, I'm sure we could find something to do to pass the time." Eve gulped and tried to speak but could barely get the words out. "What do you want me to do?" James beckoned her over.

June 29, 2015, 11:55:33 AM
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Eve was weak in the knees and she struggled to even walk the few steps into the kitchen. She stood in front of James, who was now standing over by the table where lay more ropes, tape and other assorted items, each of which struck fear into Eve's heart. "Please, just leave us alone." Eve begged but James simply ignored her and told her to strip.

"NO!" was the emphatic reply given so James said "do I have to remind you that your precious mommy is over there just waiting for someone to play with her?" He put emphasis on the word "play" making sure that his meaning was correctly interpreted. Eve looked totally defeated and slowly pulled up her top showing her bra which greatly accentuated her lovely breasts. James could hardly contain himself, he so badly wanted to grope and abuse those funbags. He refrained though as he wanted to make sure not to scare his stepsister from finishing the job. She was wearing a cute pair of hot pants which highlighted her ass perfectly. He watched like a hawk as she shimmied out of them, the movement of her body almost hypnotic to him. She was left standing in her bra and panties with James leering at her, she shivered despite the kitchen being at a warm temperature. She looked at him and he nodded, carry on was the message.

Eve had never felt so helpless in her life but she had no choice other than to accept her fate, she reached around and unclipped the clasp on her bra, they were now just held on by her hands which she wrapped around the cups of the material.

"Down!" James ordered and Eve reluctantly complied. The bra fell to the floor, revealing her tits in all their splendour. James had fantasized about this very moment for so long and it was a step too far for him so he decided not to wait any longer. He stepped forward and latched on to his stepsisters breasts, kneading them between his fingers, simultaneously he shoved his tongue down Eve's throat and like an eel it invaded every last corner of her mouth. Eve wanted to retch and throw up but she didn't want to incur any wrath from James, who was consumed by his primal lust. He got overwhelmed by excitement and what had originally been an unwanted however bearable tit-grab had turned into agony for Eve as he squeezed her breasts so hard that she thought that they might actually pop. As a consequence of this she raised her hands and tried to tear his invading digits off her sore chest. He noticed her efforts and straight away stopped and gave his stepsister a slap.

"Outrageous! I'm your master from this time forth and little slut slaves do not try and prevent their masters from doing what they want. Do you understand?" "I'm sorry James, it's just that you were hurting me" Eve whimpered, "Do I look like I give a shit what pain you're in?" James retorted "Quick clue, the answer is no I don't. Also I've told you that I'm your master now and I expect to be addressed as such" he paused for a second "now for your punishment..." Eve groaned as she realized that it wasn't over.

"Oh I know" James said sarcastically as he had of course been planning this all along "we can go and help mom as she seems to be getting a bit bored all on her own" He dragged a sobbing Eve over to where her mom sat and forced her to kneel between the spread legs, both of the women suddenly become aware of what was soon going to happen and Abbey started shaking her head vigorously, pleading with her eyes for James to stop, while Eve tried to stand up and run. James predicted these reactions and had a tight grip on his stepsisters fire red hair, holding her in place and thus making sure that she could not escape. He pushed her face towards her mother's pussy until her cheek rested upon the surprisingly wet womanhood of Abbey, "Now lick it or you're both dead." James said, Eve shook her head " I'm serious" She still refused, "So be it." James regretfully said, he reached out to where he had left it next to him, he raised it and plunged the knife down. Eve stiffened but the knife passed just by her and and hit the floor, "Next time I won't miss" was the threat that made Eve give in, "Ok, Ok I'll do it" she took a deep breath and stuck out her tongue.

Abbey moaned as her daughter's tongue began to run up and down her slit, she could not help herself as she got wetter and wetter and although her mind was telling her that this was sickening and vile, in the battle between brain and body, her body was getting stronger all the while but her brain was weakening and she began to go to natural impulse as her pussy was stimulated and she began to grind back and forth, meeting her daughter's tongue full on.

Eve was shocked by this turn of events, she was horrified at just being made to eat the pussy of her mother but when her mom started to embrace it, she was truly disgusted, however she had no choice but to keep calm and carry on.

James was loving it, two of the women he had most often fantasized about in his dreams were locked together and most of all, his suspicions were spot on. His stepmom was a huge nympho and was almost at orgasm already. It hit shortly thereafter, Abbey arched her back in the chair and juices flowed all over Eve's face, covering her in her mom's ejaculate. James sat back and laughed at the shocked look on his stepsisters face, astounded by the sheer volume of it.

James was getting really horny now and had to cum soon or he would explode so he shoved Eve out of the way, pulled down his trousers and plunged his 7" cock deep into his stepmom's dripping cunt.

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Having just climaxed not long before, Abbey was not in such a worked up state as she previously had been and refused to be as welcoming to James as she had been to Eve. She was careful to look away from James at all times and never moved a muscle as he pounded his dick into her pussy. James was not worried about any of this, he was finally penetrating an actual woman and it was every bit as good as he had imagined. She was relatively tight and he enjoyed the way that as she tensed, her vaginal muscles contacted and tightened around his dick giving a much more pleasurable sensation than his hand had ever allowed him.

"Oh my god!" He screamed after only 30 seconds of fucking his stepmom and exploded inside her cunt, his pent up cum filled her hole to the brim. He would have lasted longer but one look behind him at the disgusted face of his stepsister as he pumped in and out was enough to tip him over the edge. The moment that Abbey felt James's seed enter her body, she broke down into tears knowing that she could be pregnant as he had been unprotected and she was not on the pill. Eve looked at her mom and her heart melted as the woman who she had adored throughout her life was left totally defeated and broken. A sense of pure rage welled up inside her and she leapt to her feet, intending to make James pay for the pain he had caused. He suddenly realized what was coming when he heard the shriek from behind his back, however just before she pounced a voice came from the doorway, "Umm, guys what's happening?"

James and Eve both whirled round to see Lola with a confused look across her cute, innocent face. James sprints across the room, followed quickly by Eve but he gets there first. James had never been good at acting but this was important, he got to his knees at Lola's feet and begged, "Lola, help me your sisters gone crazy. She won't leave me alone." He cowers as Eve arrives, sinking further to the floor "No, Eve I'm sorry, please get off me!" Eve falls straight into his trap and doesn't consider what he is saying and all she sees her sister next to a rapist and she lunges at him. He does not fight back as she claws his face, he simply waits and is rewarded by Lola hauling her sister off him and pinning her down. She asks "why are you attacking James, Eve?" Eve is reluctant to force her sister off her and tries to explain that she is the innocent one, however she takes too long and James is too quick, he sneaks over to the table, where lay a couple of very useful items. He picked them up and went back over to the 2 girls. Eve was still remonstrating with Lola and James could see her slowly convincing her sister that she wasn't some evil, sick, twisted bitch. James knows he has to act fast, he first used the taser which his dad always kept in the house in case of a break in to immobilize Lola and left her lying on the floor, incapacitated. He straddled Eve's still naked body so she didn't have a chance to get up and used the rope to tie her hands together. Lola was not yet recovered from the shock of being tasered and didn't put up a fight as James eagerly ripped her clothes off her body, he enjoyed the way her chest heaved, making her smallish tits more prominent. She was just beginning to stir so he quickly tied her up also and relaxed as he now had all 3 of the stunning beauties powerless and ready for him to use for his pleasure.

James took a shower and wandered back down the stairs, the others were still were he had left them and looked so good that he almost came just seeing them again. Abbey was still tied up in the chair but he had sat the 2 girls either side with their butts in the air and ropes holding their legs spread and this just beckoned to all who saw it "FUCK ME" (of course the only one who saw it was James and he had every intention of doing just that) He had only came about 20 minutes before but he was ready to go again and this time, he would be sure to prolong the suffering.

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When he reached the foot of the stairs, he prepared himself because he knew that the next hour was going to be the greatest hour of his life. Eve and Lola were facing away from him, therefore Abbey was the only one to see his approach. His attention however was on the 2 bubble butts that belonged to his sisters. His dick rose with each second that he stared at their smooth, sculpted masterpieces, Eve had tanned skin and her ass was slightly more rounded and curved. Lola's ass was slightly less so but looked much firmer. James was normally more a boobs than butt man, however he was rapidly changing his opinion thanks to these quite awesome assets that Eve and Lola possessed. He wanted to run to them and bury his cock deep into their anal cavities but it was important to show self control. It made him seem more powerful, not like a horny 15 year old kid.

So he ambled to them in his own time, taking in the sights. Neither of the girls knew he was there so they visibly stiffened when he placed a hand on their ass cheeks and gently rubbed them, softening them up before he moved in for the kill. First he touched Eve and his skilled fingers tenderly stroked her, he began with the left cheek and such was his tenderness that Eve actually started to giggle and laugh because to her this felt like tickling. James placed his other hand on her right buttock and tickled both. Eve was in wonderland and a a passing stranger may think she was simply high on nitrous oxide rather than being raped by her stepbrother. Her hysteria was cut short by a yelp of pain as James went from this calm and cute tickling to spanking her ass with sharp, sudden blows which were the antithesis to the previous ecstasy. Then without warning James slipped back to the rubbing and continued this constant switching between pain and pleasure until Eve did not know which way was up. Eve had managed to stay silent up to now and was refusing to give in to James's plans but after some time she found herself getting rather aroused and with each swap this only intensified and she finally reached breaking point and her resistance to his touch went AWOL. "Oh for God's sake, stop teasing me! Fuck me or fuck off!" She screeched. Lola, next to her appeared stunned at her sisters outburst so James decided to show her how easy sluts like her were to tease. He abandoned Eve in the middle of her treatment and alternated to the younger sister.

Lola had the same cocktail of orgasmic sensitivity and really not orgasmic torture but somehow she lasted for over 20 minutes without any sign of giving in to her base desires, an impressive feat for one with her lack of sexual experience and one that forced James to reconsider his own strategy and technique. In the end he opted for the simple hard fuck to beat Lola back down to be his little blonde fuck toy. She took a deep breath in as he seized her a few handfuls of her shoulder length hair and wrenched her head off the floor. She knew what was coming.

His dick was harder than he had ever felt it and he was relieved when he thrust forward into Lola's cunt, her lips parted in a silent scream of despair. James's lips parted in a very unsilent scream of ecstasy. "Come on bitch, where are all your objections now? That's right. NO FUCKING WHERE!" James was no longer thinking, his single goal was to make Lola his own.

Lola pleaded with him to stop. He was hurting her, she wailed but they both knew that her attempts were futile. James settled into a rhythm that meant Lola was no longer had an overriding sense of pain but even more disturbingly one of pleasure. The slow deep strokes that invaded every inch of her sanctity were torturous but also stimulating. Lola felt herself coming and tried to stave off the orgasm, however James felt it coming too. He yanked her hair and whispered in her ear "shows over sweetie." His dick deep in her pussy twitched and Lola couldn't hold back any longer. The result was a tidal wave of bliss that made Lola forget where she was. At least for a moment, she was torn back to reality by her stepbrother removing his cock from her private place. He looked deep into her eyes. "Embrace the dark side, Lola," he laughed and turned back to Eve, the redhead was going to be his big finale, the fuck to end all fucks and the climax of his life so far (pun intended)

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Almost finished the final part but was just wondering what people thought of the story, what was good but also what I could improve upon, for example I personally will do my next story in fewer, longer parts as this one has been a bit fragmented, that is if people want another story?...

July 13, 2015, 10:39:38 PM
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Sorry I haven't commented earlier, but this story is a masterpiece! Love how the stepmom and sisters have been turned into little fuckpuppets! Good job!

July 14, 2015, 01:08:00 PM
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Thanks Vile8r, that is appreciated coming from such a talented writer as you. Anyway the final part, let's go...

His dick was still hard and it begged for release, however James wanted to have some fun first. He dragged Eve to her feet by the hair and stared into her eyes, he made a big point of licking his lips just to add to the drama. Eve tried to be brave but she could not handle the look of pure lust, evil and devilish intent that she was faced with, she begged "Please James, you've got what you wanted..." her voice faded away to nothing as James's face told her that she was not going to be successful in convincing him from whatever he wanted, "just don't hurt me too much" was her plea. James appeared to stop and consider this for a moment. He came to a decision, "you suck me off and I'll be gentle" Eve nodded, all her fight had been obliterated by the physiological and physical trauma she had been put through. "Good" James said and motioned downwards, Eve complied and knelt. She took his cock in her hands and sized it up, she placed her lips around the cusp and began bobbing her head back and forth along his shaft, she couldn't take the full length without gagging but for now at least James didn't care one bit. She was quite a talented little cocksucker as it turned out, James relaxed as she coated his dick in a healthy dose of saliva, her tongue teased him to the edge and he just loved the facial expression that she was pulling, a look of resignation and despair as she was forced to suck her stepbrother's cock. Once James felt like it was time he signalled for Eve to stop and ordered her to lay on her back.

He admired the scene before him, a nude Eve, not an ounce of fat, her face as adorable as ever and her tits, huge and not at all saggy. She was shaved and her clean pussy was the Holy Grail for him. His dick pulsated as he pushed it slowly into her hole, she moaned as he fit the entire cock deep into her body. He rose up, keeping his eyes on her all the while and slammed back down, she whimpered as he said "C'mon, did you really think I'd be nice." He sped up, his cock ramming deep into her, she lay there and took it, unmoving and emotionless, he went quicker and deeper once more. He noticed a little quiver on her blank face, faster he went and finally she screamed, her face contorted in agony and James came. He groped at her tits to steady himself as the biggest orgasm of his life made him spasm, it almost hurt it was so great and he disentangled from his stepsister. He stood over her prone body, she was looking back up at him, tears in her eyes. Lola and Abbey were both staring in horror at what he had done but they didn't say a word. He felt so powerful, he was the king of the world.

The End.

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Great story!  Looking forward to more stories from you!

July 16, 2015, 03:45:59 AM
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Thanks Plaything, I will try to get my next story up and running within a few days.

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I enjoyed your story to