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I'm going down memory lane with this one. Call it Vile8r: Origins if you like. LOL! This is the VERY FIRST story I ever posted on the web. The one that started it all! I found it and decided I should share it with my friends here on the forum. It was originally posted under my old pseudonym, "Bedroomvile8r", later shortened to just, "Vile8r".

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

This story features non-consensual gang rape, oral, anal, bondage, and other violent situations.

The Sports Bar Waitress' Nightmare

An original story by Vile8r

It was a Friday night at Lucky Lou's Sports Bar & Grill. Blair was being run off her feet with orders. Beer, highballs, burgers, chicken wings, nachos, dry ribs, all the usual sports bar fare. Blair wasn't crazy about working there, but she didn't really have a choice. Her parents had worked hard and saved up for years so that she and her two sisters would be able to someday attend college. Then in 2008, came the big meltdown in the economy.

Her dad didn't lose his job, at least, like a lot of others. He'd had enough seniority to prevent that. However, in order to keep his job, he did have to take a pay cut. The worst thing, though, was that a lot of his investments, including the college fund, took a beating. Fortunately, Blair was able get a couple small scholarships which helped with tuition costs. But it became quite apparent, to both her and her parents, that she would have to get a part-time job to get by.

It was something she hadn't relished. She knew college was difficult, as it was, and now she also had to juggle the responsibilities and obligations of a job along with her studies. It was something her parents had not wanted her to have to do, but there was no alternative. The only other choice was for her to take out a student loan, which she didn't want to do, or just not go to college at all. Her parents, however, had been adamant that she would attend college.

She'd had a very blue-collar upbringing. Her mother had worked for years at a number of menial jobs and her dad had spent his whole working life at an automobile plant. When she was a little girl, her father had said to her, " Blair, you are not going to slave away like your mother and I have had to. Come hell or high water, I'm gonna make damn sure you get a college education so you can make something of yourself!" Those words had stayed with Blair and she wanted nothing more in the world than to someday graduate with a college degree and make her parents proud.

So she had went looking for a job. One of her friends recommended she apply at Lucky Lou's. The pay wasn't great, but on a good night she could double or even triple her regular pay with tips. It also helped she was a very attractive, young woman. Blair had to admit, she had been blessed with a great body. Blair was 19 years old, tall, about 5' 9", and weighed around 118 lb. Along with her long dark hair, big blue eyes, and her 34D-25-35 measurements, she also had long athletic legs toned from years of playing volleyball, basketball and soccer. She was definitely a hottie!

The proprietor of Lucky Lou's was a fellow by the name of, you guessed it, Lou. He was an ex-NFL football player who had had to retire because of injuries. He took some of his football earnings and sunk them into a sports bar, which had turned into quite a successful enterprise for him. One of the mainstays of a successful sports bar, he believed was hot waitresses.

 " You don't see no ugly girls at Hooters, and you sure as hell ain't gonna see any here either," was something he always said. He had been impressed with her too and had hired Blair on the spot when she showed up for her interview, even though she told him she had no previous experience as a waitress. " Honey, with looks like yours, you could fuck up the President's order and he wouldn't care!" he had laughed.

Another way Lou pulled in the customers was the way he made his waitresses dress. They wore very skimpy, sexy referee outfits with little black skirts and tops with black and white vertical stripes. A low-cut neckline helped to show off some cleavage. To complete the outfit, they wore black and white striped knee socks with runnng shoes. Blair felt it was a bit demeaning, having to dress so "sluttily" as she put it, but again Lou had put things in perspective with one of his nuggets of wisdom.

" Well, you girls can wear gunny sacks if you want, but don't complain to me if you don't get no tips! Guys see a bit of leg, a bit of titty and their brains turn to mush. Skin makes the wallets open up!"
She didn't really consider herself that conservative, but Blair detested the concept of basically having to sell her body in order to get tips. Like it or love it, though, she had to admit, Lou's business philosophy worked. The tips did flow! Especially from the older men. Being just off-campus, Lucky Lou's was a popular hangout for the college kids, especially after football and basketball games.

But a big part of Lucky Lou's clientele were older businessmen and married guys out for a night with the boys or stopping after work. Yeah, mostly to check out the college girls, Blair would drily think to herself. Most of the girls who worked or hung out there were young enough to be their daughters. It sickened and repulsed her, the idea that she could be some 40 or 50-year-old guy's sexual fantasy.

But Lou did have one very important rule: HANDS OFF THE WAITRESSES! Any customer not obeying that rule, trying to cop a feel or getting a little too cozy, ended up outside in a hurry. Lou had zero tolerance for that kind of thing. He was like a father and he looked out for 'his girls', as he called them. He knew they were his bread and butter and nobody but nobody, abused his waitresses! Blair took comfort in that, knowing that if anyone ever did got too touchy, Lou or one of his bouncers would punt the guys' ass out the door.

No, it certainly wasn't Blair's idea of a great job. But she had to acknowledge that she did make good money at it and she needed every penny! Her parents weren't really impressed, either, that she had to work there, but her mother had been understanding. " You do what you have to, sweetie, to make ends meet," she had said to Blair. " Sometimes, we have to do things we're not completely proud of. Just hang in there. It'll all get better eventually."

Blair thought about that as she maneuvered across the floor with a tray of beer and chicken wings. " Here you go guys!" she said cheerily, as she set the tray down at a table where 5 young college boys were sitting. " Enjoy!"
One of the boys spoke up. "Yo, Blair! We'd enjoy it more if you were on that tray!"
" Yes, I'm sure you would, Corey" she replied with a sly grin.

" Hey, there's a big party over at the house tonight," yelled another of the guys over the booming music. " Come on over after you get off work!"
" Yeah! But don't change your clothes. You look way too damn good in that outfit!" interrupted the guy named Corey.
" Thanks. I'll think about it," she said. She looked at the one who had extended the invitation and blushed. His name was Brian and he was actually kinda cute, Blair thought to herself. He was in one of her classes and, to tell the truth, she had a bit of a crush on him.
As she turned she looked back over her shoulder at Corey. She stuck out her tongue and said playfully," And you, Corey Stewart, are a pig!"
" Oh man! You guys hear that? She's in love with me! Usually she just tells me to fuck off!" he hollered as he high-fived his buddies around the table.

Shaking her head and laughing, Blair turned around and walked away. She fumed as she headed back to the bar to pick up another order. That was the other thing she hated about this job. Usually, by the time she got off shift on a Friday or Saturday, she just felt like going back to the dorm and crashing. It really cramped on her social life. Especially when hot guys were inviting her to parties. But, maybe tonight she'd just say fuck it, and go! She needed a good party. Blow off a bit of steam!

She picked up another tray of orders and as she turned around she saw a group of 3 men entering the bar. Older guys, she noticed, all dressed in business suits. The first one was big. Not muscular big, but fat big! Blair figured at least well over 250 lb. He was about the same height as her but with a big belly and a red, puffy face. He was balding and had a black, bushy mustache. He looked to be in his early 50s. His partners were similar in height to him. One had a full head of reddish hair and a boyish look. But not a good boyish look.

The kind of guy she figured who was in his 40s but still tried to act like he was 25, and didn't do a good job of it. The third guy looked a bit younger. She figured probably in his late 30s. He had a dark brown mullet and a goatee. He reminded her of Miley Cyrus' dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. Only about 50 lb. fatter. He too had a bit of a beer belly, although not as big as the leader's.
As soon as they entered the door, the oldest guy let out a whoop. Everybody in the bar could hear him.

" Hot gawddamn, boys! You were right! I DO like the scenery in this place. Let's sit down and get us some whiskeys!"
Oh great! she thought. Loud, obnoxious perverts. Just what she needed on a busy Friday night. 'Oh please, oh please, oh please' she prayed. 'Don't sit in my section, PLEASE don't sit in my section!'

But her praying was all for naught, as she watched them weave their way through the bar and straight for an empty table, right in the middle of her section. " Fuck!" she muttered under her breath.
As she passed another one of the waitresses, a cute blonde by the name of Shantel, she leaned over towards her and whispered, " Loser alert at Table 5!"

Shantel glanced over her shoulder in the direction of Blair's section. She gave Blair a sorry smile. " Yeah, I heard them come in. I don't like the looks of that big one. Don't mean to wish you bad luck, Blair, but I think you're gonna have your hands full with him. Take care."
Blair smiled back at her. " Thanks Shantel, you're a sweetie. I'll be all right. At least Table 5 is close to the bar. If I do have trouble, it won't take long for Lou to get there."

She delivered her order to Table 3 and then, taking a deep breath, made her way to Table 5. All three mens' eyes locked on her as she approached the table. She could feel their stares on her body. She gave as fake a smile as she could muster and said cheerily, " Hi boys! Welcome to Lucky Lou's! My name is Blair and I'll be your server tonight. Can I get you some drinks?"
The big guy immediately responded, as she fully expected he would.

" Gawddamn there, honey! I gotta call heaven and tell them to close that gate. They done let an angel get out!"
" Well thank you sir. That's so nice of you," she said with a sheepish smile, pretending to blush. " But is there anything I can get you and your friends?"
" You bet, Blair!" he roared. " Bring me and these fine men here a round of whiskeys and Coke. Make'em doubles! And I think we'll have some of them tasty lookin' chicken wings too. Two orders of'em. And make'em hot! Just like them legs of yours!"
" Okay," she replied. " Coming right up."

As she turned around and headed back to the bar to put in her order, she happened to glance over her shoulder. Yep, just what she figured. The big guy was leaning back in his chair, his gaze locked on her ass as she walked away. The other two were also staring at her like lovesick schoolboys. One leaned over to the other two and said something. She could only imagine what it was.

A few minutes later she was heading back towards them,carrying a tray of drinks. She set their drinks on the table and told them how much it was. The big fella handed her some money and told her to keep the change.
" Why thank you sir!" she said.
" No need to keep calling me sir!" the big guy scolded. " The name's Chester! Chester Collins! Owner and manager of CC Performance Auto Parts. You ever heard of me?"

Blair slowly shook her head. " No. I'm sorry, I haven't."
" Well, I'm not surprised," he chuckled. " I ain't from around here. Dallas, Texas is where I call home! My company supplies parts to NASCAR race teams. I'm sure you've heard of NASCAR?"
" Oh yes, I know about NASCAR. My dad watches it all the time," she said.
" Yep, them guys wouldn't run if it wasn't fer companies like mine. Did two million bucks in sales last year. And that was with this infernal recession!" Chester boasted.

" Wow, that's a lot of money. So, what brings you to our city from Dallas?" Blair asked. As much as she wanted to walk away, she knew as part of her job she had to make small talk with the customers and make them think she had some miniscule interest in their lives.
" Up here for a convention, sweetie," answered Chester. " And I happened to run into these fine boys." He gestured at the other two men at the table.

Blair looked over at them and smiled. The reddish haired guy looked like he was ready to cum in his pants when she did that.
Chester pointed at the red-haired guy and said," This fella here is Norm, he manages my store here in town. And that joker over there," he pointed at the guy with the mullet,"that's Lyle. He's Norm's assistant manager. Known these boys a long time. They said they was gonna take me out on the town, get me drunk and show me some hot women tonight. And all I can say is, after seeing you Blair, they done one hell of a fine job!"

" Thank you," Blair said. " And it's nice to meet you all. But I better go see if your chicken wings are ready." She smiled again at Norm and Lyle.
As she went to turn away, Lyle spoke up.
" Hey Blair. I justed wanted to say, there's some mighty sweet girls in this place, but you are definitely #1! Them legs of yours are MmmmMmmm delicious!"

" Yep, the only way them legs would look nicer is they were wrapped around me!" quipped Norm.
All three of them burst out laughing. Chester slapped the table. " That was a good one, Norm!" he hollered.
Blair gave them a fake shocked look.
" Oh, you boys behave yourselves!" she chided them and headed back toward the bar.
She gave a little shudder. Fat chance that would ever happen, she thought. It would be a cold day in hell before I would ever have my legs wrapped around a loser like you, buddy!

Blair placed her order at the bar and picked up another for a different table. The rest of her section was full and for the next little while she was able to keep herself quite busy taking and delivering orders. Table 5's chicken wings were ready and she delivered them, uneventfully, along with another round of drinks. That was the routine for the next hour or so.

 The guys at Table 5 were going through their drinks like there was no tomorrow and she was delivering fresh ones to them about every 15 minutes. But despite their earlier remarks, they hadn't said much to her since, except for their usual leering stares. Until about round # 7 or 8. Blair had made so many trips to their table she had lost count.
As she set the glasses of double whiskey and Coke on the table, Chester spoke up.

" So Blair sweetie!" he said softly as though he didn't want people at the other tables to hear. Not that they would anyways with the loud music from the jukebox blaring.
" Me and the boys were kinda wonderin'. A college girl like yourself probably has lots of expenses, don'tcha? I mean, why the hell else would ya be workin' in a place like this?"
Blair paused. She didn't usually discuss too much of her personal life with customers, but she figured this was a fairly harmless question.
" Yeah, every girl needs money," she replied. She tried to make a joke of it to humour them. " You know, keeping a body like mine looking good isn't cheap!"

" Well, exactly!" said Chester with a little chuckle. " That's what me and the boys were thinking too. And I know they probably don't pay ya squat in this place do they?"
Blair gave a little awkward smile and answered," No, they don't. But we do make really great tips!"
Chester then motioned to her to lean in closer to him so he could speak even quieter. Blair did so, making sure she could see his hands so she knew he wasn't planning to grab a feel, one of the things Lou had taught her when she started working there.

" Well, we got a little proposition for ya, honey, where you could make some good cash tonight. And I mean damn good cash! Enough that you wouldn't have to work at this place for the next month!"
Blair wasn't sure what he was getting at, but a little alarm in her brain began to go off. She began feeling a bit uncomfortable as to the direction the conversation was heading. She glanced over at Norm and Lyle. Both of them were sitting there with stupid shit-eating grins on their faces.


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" W-what do you mean, enough that I wouldn't have to work here for a month?" she stammered.
" I'm talking a couple grand," Chester said seriously. " and all you gotta do, sweetie, is come back to my hotel after you get off work. You give me and the boys a good time and I can promise ya, ya'll be one rich little girl afterwards."
Blair could not believe what she was hearing. She'd had a lot of come-ons during her time at Lucky Lou's, but never had she been outright solicited for sex! She was flabbergasted. Slowly, she whispered back to Chester, " Well, that's a lot of money. I don't know what to say."
" All ya gotta say is yes," Chester breathed in her ear. " I know three drunk guys ya'd make very happy if ya did."

" So let me understand this. All I have to do, is have sex with you three?" Blair asked warily. " And you will give me two thousand dollars?"
" That's exactly what I'm saying, honey," Chester whispered hoarsely. She could tell he was getting excited. She happened to glance downward and could make out an unmistakable bulge in his pants. It was enough to make her stomach turn. " But hey, if two grand ain't enough, I can give ya more! That ain't a problem. Believe me, with a hottie like you, it'll be worth every penny!"

"Tell you what," Blair said. " You give me a minute or two to think about it. I'll get back to you."
"Oh, you do that," Chester replied. " Like I said, I am a very generous man and I can definitely make this worth your while."
Blair turned around and headed back to the bar. Oh my God! she thought. I think I'm going to be sick! As soon as she got to the bar, she motioned to Lou to come over.
" What's the prob, Blair baby?" he asked.
Blair pointed backwards over her shoulder towards Table 5.
" Table 5 is the problem!" she spat, finding it hard to keep from bursting into tears. " You will not believe what those sick bastards over there just did!"

Lou's face turned red immediately and his eyes narrowed.
" They didn't touch you, did they?" Lou demanded. " I'll kick their asses from here till Sunday if they did!"
" No! But they might as well have," Blair said regaining her composure. " They just offered me money to have sex with them!"
" I'll have a little talk with those boys," Lou snarled as he dropped the towel he was holding and headed out from behind the bar.

Lou strode over to Table 5 in about 3 steps. At about 6' 6" and well over 250 lb., the ex-linebacker made a very imposing figure. He wasn't someone you wanted to see coming in your direction, especially if he was in a foul mood. Blair watched as he placed both hands on the table and began speaking to the three men. After a few finger pointings in Chester's face and a few menacing glares in Norm and Lyle's direction, making those two shrink back into their chairs like little kids catching hell from their father, Lou came back to the bar. He had an evil but satisfied smile on his face.

" Okay Blairie," he chuckled. " I think I got those redneck idiots set straight. I gave them a damn good warning. I told them they either keep their mouths shut with you or I rip a certain part of their anatomies off and shove it down their throats. They shouldn't be giving you any more trouble now."
"Thank you, Lou," Blair said. " You're great!"
" Hey, it's what I'm here for," he said. " Gotta look out for my girls."

Blair felt immensely better after that. She was still a little shaken from the unsettling experience of being propositioned for sex, but she knew she'd get over it. She smiled to herself. Noone could say it ever was boring working at Lucky Lou's!
The next hour was fairly uneventful. Blair went about her work, glancing at the clock occasionally to see how close it was getting to closing time. She couldn't wait to go to the party over at Brian and Corey's. She had seen them leaving earlier and Brian had waved at her, making her blush.

Chester and his co-horts were perfect gentlemen to her after Lou's talking-to, but she did notice they were steadily getting drunker and drunker. It had been about an hour and a half since the last incident when she walked up to their table to ask if they wanted another round. Of course they did, and she went to the bar and got it for them. She returned to the table with their drinks and began setting them on the table. That was when Chester moved his hand, knocking his drink coaster on the floor. Blair couldn't tell for sure, but it almost seemed like he had done it deliberately. He had a sly little smile on his face when he did it. Okay, you wanna start playing games, do ya? she said to herself.

" Oh, I'm so sorry Chester!" she exclaimed, pretending it had been her fault. She knew damn well it wasn't but she had to play the part of the courteous waitress anyway. " Let me get that for you!"
She turned and bent over to pick up the coaster which had rolled a couple feet away from the table. As she bent over, her back towards the table, she suddenly felt a big sweaty hand slide up the inside of her left thigh and under her skirt.

It stopped just below the crotch of her panties and the big meaty fingers dug into the tender flesh of her inner thigh. Immediately, she straightened up and let out a startled shriek. The shriek pierced the whole bar, making everybody turn their heads to look. She whipped around, her open hand connecting with Chester's face. She landed a hard slap right across his left cheek.
" You fucking pig!" she yelled.

Lou had heard the shriek right away and was across the bar in a matter of seconds. As he approached Table 5, his deep voice rumbled.
" What the hell is going on here?" he demanded angrily, glaring at Chester who was already getting up from his chair.
Blair, tears streaming down her face, pointed her finger at Chester accusingly.
" He grabbed me! Right between the legs when I was bending over to pick up a coaster!"

" I didn't do nothing to that teasin' little tramp, least not nothing she wasn't looking for anyways!" Chester protested with a sarcastic grin.
Lou grabbed Chester by the front of his sweat-stained white shirt.
" You, buster, are outta here! Nobody touches my waitresses! Now grab your buddies and get the fuck out! NOW!" roared Lou.
By this time, two big, hulking bouncers had also showed up on the scene hovering over Norm and Lyle. They were slowly pushing their chairs back and preparing to get up.

" Are you kicking us out?" asked Chester.
" Yes! As a matter of fact I am!" yelled Lou. " You have been nothing but rude and obnoxious to my waitress tonight and I don't put up with that shit in my business. You got one warning already but you had to go and push your luck. Now you're OUT!"
" You piece of black shit!" growled Chester. " I've spent a lot of money in this place tonight and now this is how I get treated? No one kicks Chester Collins out of a bar! Do you even know who I am, boy?! I could buy this goddamn place with pocket change!"

At that he took a swing at Lou with his right fist. Lou managed to get his left arm up to block the blow, then in one swift move, he hooked his left foot behind Chester's right leg and gave a quick yank. Chester fell, sprawling backwards onto the table. Drinks and chairs went flying as the table collapsed under his weight. One of the bouncers, a fellow named Rick, reached down and hooked his fingers into Chester's collar. He pulled him to his feet. Chester's face was beet-red with rage, spit frothing in the corners of his mouth. He tried to take another swing at Lou, but Rick held him, twisting his other arm up behind his back.

" Get this redneck motherfucker out of my face before I kick his ass!" ordered Lou. " And take his buddies with him!"
Norm and Lyle were already backing towards the entrance. Norm held his hands up in front of him.
" W-w-we're leaving! We d-d-don't want any more trouble. Okay? We're leaving!" Norm said quickly as the other bouncer moved toward him and Lyle.

Chester wasn't leaving quietly though. As Rick manhandled his large frame toward the door, he yelled back over his shoulder at Lou.
" You're dead meat! You're fucking dead meat! Nobody treats Chester Collins like this. Nobody!"
Then he glared right in Blair's direction. " And you! You fuckin' little cock-tease! Someday you'll get yours too! Keep shakin' that little ass of yours around and someday you'll git it. And your big black friend ain't gonna be there to save you!"A couple of the other waitresses, Shantel and another girl named Amanda, were comforting Blair.

" Come on Blair, let's go sit down for a sec," said Shantel.
Lou and a couple other waitresses began cleaning up the mess and slowly things returned to normal in the sports bar as everybody turned back to their own business. Blair and Shantel went back to the employees' lounge and sat down on the big leather couch that was there.
" Oh God!" wept Blair. " I can still feel his hand up there. It was sooo gross. It was so sweaty and" She couldn't finish the sentence as she buried her face into Shantel's shoulder.

" It's okay," said Shantel comfortingly. " It's all over now. Those guys are gone. They won't be coming back."
She got up off the couch and walked over to the fridge to get Blair a cold drink.
" Here, have a drink of water, Blair. Just relax and you'll feel better."
Blair slowly sipped at the bottle of water. Slowly, she could feel the tension seeping out of her body. But, yes, she could still feel those fat sweaty fingers on the inside of her thigh. Soon Lou came walking into the lounge.

" Jesus Christ, Blair baby! I am so sorry that had to happen. I shoulda kicked their sorry asses out the first time. Are you okay?"
Blair looked up at Lou and managed a weak smile.
" Y-y-yeah. I'm okay, Lou. A little shaken, but I'll get through it. Just never had anything like that happen before. It was kinda scary."
" I imagine it was", Lou said sympathetically. " You know, there's only a couple hours left in the shift. If you want, you can take the rest of the night off. After something like that, you probably need to relax."

Blair looked into his big eyes and smiled.
" That's so sweet, Lou. Maybe I'll do that. If it's okay with you."
" Of course it's okay Blair," said Lou, wrapping one of his big arms around her shoulders. " After an experience like that, I want you to just go and relax. Don't worry, we'll get along without you. Shantel will look after your section and I'll make sure you still get all your tips from tonight. I'll go and get one of the bouncers to walk you out to the bus stop."

Lou got up and left the room. Blair walked over to her locker and grabbed her bag with her street clothes in it. Normally she would change out of her waitress outfit at the end of her shift. Tonight, she just didn't feel like it. Plus, she decided she wanted to look sexy for Brian when she got to the party. She turned around to look at Shantel.
" It's okay if I go early Shantel? I'm really sorry to leave you with extra work."

" Don't worry about it Blairie", said Shantel as she walked over and gave Blair a big hug. " I don't mind. You had a terrible thing happen tonight. You need to go and relax. Hey, tell you what! Brian and Corey said you were going to their party tonight. Well,I'm going too! I'll see you there, okay?"
Blair's face brightened as Shantel told her that.
" Okay! I'll see you there then, Shantel," she said.

" You bet, girl!" said Shantel as she gave Blair another big hug.
Right then, the bouncer named Rick stuck his head in the room.
" Yo, you ready to go Blair?" he asked.
" Yeah, coming!" replied Blair.

She picked up her bag and headed out the door behind Rick. Blair knew most of the bouncers pretty good. Rick, though, was fairly new. He had only started about a week ago. Blair hadn't had much opportunity yet to get to know him well. From what she had seen of him so far, though, he was pretty good-looking. He was black, about 6 ft. 2 in., probably in the 240-250 lb. range. He had short black, curly hair and a very muscular body. His arms were like small tree trunks. She knew he played on the college football team and no doubt he did a lot of weightlifting. She had a bit of a weakness for guys with big, muscular arms and chests and she caught herself blushing a bit.

As they went out the back door of the club, Rick turned and asked her, " So Blair, you just catching the bus or you have your own vehicle?"
" Um, just going to the bus stop. I don't drive my car too much. Gas is pretty expensive these days, you know," she answered.
" Yeah, no fuckin' doubt," chuckled Rick. " Well, I'll walk you to the bus stop and make sure you get on okay."
" Thank you so much," said Blair sweetly. She knew Rick was just doing his job. Lou had a very strict policy about the waitresses walking out to their vehicles or the bus stop by themselves at night time. After the earlier happenings inside the bar, she felt reasonably safe and secure with Rick at her side now.

Then it happened. As they rounded the corner of the building, on their way out to the street, a pair of headlights suddenly blinded them. A car, it looked like a big Cadillac, came barrelling towards them out of the dark. The driver slammed on the brakes as the car slid to a stop only a few feet from them, almost pinning them against the wall of the sports bar. Blair immediately recognized the driver. It was one of Chester Collins' buddies, Norm! In blind terror, she spun around to run back to the bar. But Rick stood in her way, his big arms wrapping around her body.

Blair dropped her bag and began pummelling on Rick's chest with both of her fists. It was like beating a big oak tree.
" Rick!!! What the fuck are you doing???!! LET ME GOOOO!!!" she screamed. She couldn't believe this was happening.
" Sorry," he said emotionlessly. " But these boys just paid me a lot of money for me to do this. Way more than Lou could pay me in a week. Don't fight it! Just go along with them and you won't get hurt."

He pulled her over towards the back door of the car on the passenger side. As the door suddenly swung open, she saw with horror that Chester Collins was sitting in the backseat. Lyle was in the front seat on the passenger side.
" You delivered! Good job, Rick, my man!" Chester said. " Remember where I told you we're going. Meet us there later and you can have the rest of your payment."

" NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!LET ME GO YOU BASTARDS!" Blair screamed again. She kicked her legs out trying to brace her feet on either side of the car door as Rick picked her up and attempted to push her into the back of the car. Chester grabbed her feet and helped pull her the rest of the way into the car. Rick slammed the door shut. Chester hollered at Norm, " GO! Get this fuckin' car in gear and let's get the fuck outta here!!"

Norm threw the car in reverse and then in a spray of gravel went shooting out to the street. In the backseat, Chester had Blair pulled up onto his lap. He had one hand clamped over her mouth, muffling her screams. He was pushing his other hand up under her short skirt, which in her struggles had ridden up on her legs, giving a full view of her slender thighs. Lyle was looking back over the seat, a look of sick anticipation in his eyes.

" Holy fuck Chester! Lookit them legs! She is soooo fucking hot!! I can't wait to fuck that!"
" You hear that, cocktease?" Chester snarled in her ear. " You're gettin' my buddies all excited. Gettin' me all excited too! Ya shoulda just went along with our little proposition earlier. 'Cuz you see? We're still gonna get to fuck ya, only now it ain't gonna cost us anything.

And we ain't gonna be that nice about it. I'm gonna teach you a few lessons about the consequences of being a cocktease! I'm gonna love hearing you scream and your black cocksucker of a boss ain't gonna be around to save your ass this time!"

Poor Blair is in a lot of trouble! Stay tuned for Chapter 3!

December 26, 2014, 04:29:04 PM
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I love it Vile so glad you found it and decided to share it with us!!!!

December 26, 2014, 06:05:15 PM
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Thank you Fancy. More will be posted very soon.

December 26, 2014, 08:52:48 PM
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Goody!!!!  Can't wait!!!

December 26, 2014, 09:23:50 PM
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"MMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHH!" Blair tried to scream but Chester's hand was tight over her mouth. This was a living nightmare! Something she had thought only happened on the evening news or in movies. She realized with a cold ball of terror in her throat, that these pigs were going to gang-rape her! With Chester holding her on his lap, she could feel his erection through his pants, pushing up against her. He felt huge!

" Now let's see what ya got between them hot legs," he hissed. Chester continued to push his hand up between her legs, forcing her thighs apart. She felt his thick fingers scrabbling at the waistband of her panties, pulling them down enough to get his hand inside. Panicking, Blair tried her best to twist and turn. She gripped his arm with both hands trying to pull his hand away from her. Then her whole body stiffened and her back arched as he forced two fingers up inside her, poking and probing like two stubby tentacles.

" Oh fuck boys," he said excitedly. " She is ti-yi-yi-yi-ight!!!! And she's shaved too, just the way I like'em."
He pulled his fingers out and held them under Lyle's nose. " Take a sniff of that sweet little cunt, Lyle."
" Sonofabitch! Smells like honey!" he said.
" Hey you guys! Stop having fun while I gotta drive. That's no fuckin' fair!" whined Norm as he sped down the street.

" You just shut the fuck up and watch where you're going", Chester laughed. As Norm continued driving, Chester kept his left hand firmly over Blair's mouth, while running his right hand back and forth across her smooth thighs. He kissed and ran his tongue across the side of her face. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she kept her eyes tightly closed, praying to God, to anyone, to save her.
She had no idea how long or how far they had driven, but soon they pulled off onto a sidestreet and into what appeared to be a warehouse yard.

" Here we are," said Chester. " This is one of my distribution warehouses. And the place where we're gonna have our little party. Ain't gonna have to worry about no interruptions way out here. You can scream your pretty little head off and ain't noone gonna hear ya!"

They pulled up to a large building at the far end of the lot. Lyle got out and began to open a big roll-up door and Norm drove the car inside the warehouse bay. He parked the car and shut it off. Lyle was out of his seat in a flash and had the back door open. He grabbed for Blair's legs to haul her out of the car. She kicked out, landing a solid hit in his chest. Lyle flew back landing on his butt on the hard concrete floor.
Chester and Norm began laughing. " Gawddamn Lyle, boy! Ya better watch out there. She got a kick like a mule!" Chester chuckled.

Norm was back up on his feet, his face red with rage. His hands were curled up in fists. " I'll beat that little cunt like a fuckin' mule!" he yelled.
He made a lunge for the backseat but Norm grabbed him at the last minute. " Lyle, don't you go pounding on that girl!" he said. " Not unless Chester gives ya the go-ahead, ain't that right Chester?"
" Ya got that right, you two morons!" replied Chester. " I got first dibs on this girl. After I'm done you can do whatever the hell you two idiots want. Until then, if there's any beatin' to do, I'll be the one doin' it!"

He was getting out of the car on the other side. He had one arm wrapped around Blair's neck in a choke-hold and with the other hand had her right arm twisted up behind her back. She was trying to scream but he was cutting off her air so all that was coming out was a muted croak. He released some of the pressure on her throat and she was finally able to speak.

Chester laughed at her frantic pleading.
" Let you go?!! I don't fuckin' think so. Ain't every day I got me a fine piece of ass like this. Hell of a lot better'n what I got at home!" The three men all started laughing.
" Oh my God! Y-y-you're married?" stammered Blair.

" Yeah, I guess you could say that," said Chester sarcastically. " But unfortunately Mrs. Collins is way past her prime. Ya know, when we got married some thirty-odd years ago she was cheerleader material! A fine-looking woman, she was. But after 4 kids and puttin' on about 100 pounds, let's just say she don't turn the old crank much anymore. That's why I gotta go lookin' fer you young ones!"

Blair couldn't believe what she was hearing. Obviously, he had done this before. And now she was going to be his next victim. She looked around frantically for an escape route. They were inside a warehouse of some kind. There was long aisles of shelves piled high with boxes as far as she could see. There was a row of windows along one wall but they were high up towards the ceiling. She had no idea where she was, so even if she could get away, she wouldn't know where the hell to go. The neighbourhood outside could be just as dangerous as inside this warehouse.

Chester signalled for Lyle and Norm to take her. Lyle grabbed her arms and Norm grabbed her by her shapely legs. She bucked and twisted but she couldn't break free from their grip. Screaming and pleading for them to let her go, they carried her over to a flight of stairs along the near wall. They climbed the stairs carrying the frightened girl between them. At the top of the stairs, Chester opened a door and they entered a small office. Walking to the far end of the office, he opened another door and they entered a room, this one bigger than the office they had just walked through. Inside this room was a bar along one wall, a large leather couch and two recliner chairs. In the center of the room was a large king size bed. Along another wall was a huge flat screen tv. Blair also noticed two large mirrors set into the ceiling.
" W-w-what the hell is this?" she asked.

" Why, this is my party room! said Chester proudly. " You don't think I'm gonna take strange girls back to my hotel room do ya? Or to home? Of course not! I bring'em here when I'm in town. Can do all the fuckin' and partyin' I want right here!"
He looked at Norm and Lyle and then barked," Well, what the fuck you two doin' standing there? You wanna get fucked, don't ya? Get her on that bed and get her clothes off!" He walked over to the bar and began to pour himself a double whiskey as he watched the other two men drag Blair over towards the bed.

" NNNNOOOOOOOOO! NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!" she screamed as they threw her down onto the bed. Lyle pinned her arms down above her head as Norm climbed up onto the bed. He grabbed the front of her shirt with both hands and savagely ripped it open, the buttons flying in all directions. He then grabbed the front of her push-up bra and did the same, tearing it from her body after a couple hard tugs, exposing her firm 34D breasts. Her legs flailed out at him as he gripped the thin fabric of her skirt. Wrapping one arm around both her legs he gave a sharp tug and tore the skirt away. It came off in two pieces.

" Okay, okay!!!" Chester hollered. " Leave the panties on! Those are mine."
Norm climbed off the bed still holding onto the torn remnants of Blair's skirt. Chester motioned to Lyle to let go of her arms, which he did. Chester knew there was nowhere for her to go. As soon as Lyle let go of her, the young woman, hysterically sobbing, rolled up into a fetal position, her hands going up to her breasts in an attempt to cover up her nakedness. All that remained now was her white and black-striped knee socks and her white bikini panties. Her shoes had come off while Norm and Lyle were carrying her up the stairs. Earlier, her hair had been up in a long ponytail. In her struggles the ponytail had come undone, and now her long dark hair lay over her face and down around her shoulders.

Lyle stood there staring at her on the bed.
"Holy fuck! Holy fuck! Holy fuck!" was all he seemed to be able to say. " Lookit that body! Holy fuck! She looks even hotter'n she did at the bar, Chester!"
" Yeah, I think we outdid ourselves this time boys," Chester said. " This one is gonna be a classic. We all gonna remember this one for a long, long time!"

" Holy fuck!" Lyle said yet again. " Lookin' at her, my cock is hard as a steel rod! I'm ready to explode!"
" I know, I know," said Chester. " but you just gonna have to wait. Cuz right now, I'm the one gonna be doin' some explodin'!"
He had already taken off his shirt and began to unbuckle his belt as he walked towards the bed. He let his pants drop to the floor and he stepped out of them. His massive erection jutted out of his underwear, straining to be free. Chester pulled down his underwear, exposing himself. His cock was very large, at least 9 1/2 inches and very thick. The dark purple head oozed pre-cum. It poked out from under his massive gut like a third arm.

Blair's eyes widened in abject horror as she saw Chester and his enormous cock approaching the bed. She let out a panicked scream.
" OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! NOOOOOOOOO! GET AWAY FROM ME! DO NOT TOUCH ME! OH MY GOD! NOOOOOOOO! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASSSSEE!" She tried to get up on her hands and knees to crawl away. Chester reached down and grabbed her by an ankle and began dragging her back towards him. In desperation, she dug her fingers into the mattress, pulling the bedsheet along as Chester dragged her to the edge of the bed. Then he grabbed a handful of her long black hair and pulled her to her feet.

"AAAAAAIIIEEEEEEEE! LET GO!LET GO!" she screamed frantically." I told you earlier you were gonna learn some lessons about what happens when you cocktease. Now it's time for those lessons," he growled. His voice dripped with malice.
" B-b-but I wasn't being a cocktease. I-I-I was just doing my job," Blair sobbed.
Chester's hand flew out slapping her hard across the face. She fell backwards onto the bed. Her hands went up to her face to shield anymore blows. Chester reached down and pulled her back up to her feet. Closing his left hand around her throat, he slapped her hard across the face again, this time cutting her lip open. Blood began to run down her chin.

" You little bitches disgust me!" he roared, his face only inches away from hers. Her stomach turned as she smelled his foul alcohol-laden breath. " Oh you're all soooo innocent! 'We're not teasing anybody!' you always say. Wearing those short little skirts and tight jeans and skimpy shorts, WHAT THE FUCK ELSE DO YOU THINK YOU"RE DOING?!!!" Chester was so mad, spittle was flying out of his mouth and hitting Blair in the face. She tried to turn her head to avoid it, but he yanked her back to face him. He continued to rant.

 You little cunts know exactly what you're doing and you think you're so fuckin' smart about it! Oh you'll just tease some poor guy with your hot little bodies and then when he wants something you drop him like a rock! Then he gets mad and rapes one of ya, and then he's the one who gets in shit!! It should be you fuckin' sluts who get thrown in jail! Well, tonight you picked the wrong guy to tease, cuz I ain't gonna put up with your shit. You publicly humiliated me and made me look like a real idiot in that bar."

" For that, Blair", he said her name in a mockingly sweet tone, " me and my friends here are gonna fuck you ten ways to Sunday! I'm gonna shove this cock of mine into ya so fuckin' deep, it's gonna split ya in half. You're gonna find out what it's like to have a real man's dick inside ya, instead of those wimpy college boys you hang around with!"

Blair's eyes were bulged out in terror. Her chest heaved as she desperately gasped for air as Chester's fingers tightened around her throat. Then he released his grip and she collapsed to the floor. She began to cough violently as she struggled to get air back in her lungs. Chester grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back. He moved directly in front of her, his giant erection jutting into her face. She shook her head slowly, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"No, no no! Please not that! You're too big. Please! Don't make me do that!" she feebly begged.
" That's exactly what you're gonna do, bitch!" Chester said, as he grabbed her chin with his other hand and tried to force her mouth open. He thrust his hips forward, trying to shove the fat head of his cock past her lips. She held her mouth shut. He yelled at Norm to give him a hand. Norm was over in a flash, grabbing her chin and placing a hand over her nose. Her mouth involuntarily opened, trying to get air. Holding his cock with his hand, Chester slowly fed it into her warm mouth. She immediately began to gag.

" Jesus Christ, girl! You're gagging already and I barely got the head in! You better start to learn how to suck cock and FAST, cuz this bad boy's going down yer throat!" Chester said as he moved his hips back and forth, slowly pushing his huge member farther into her mouth. It was very thick and Blair's mouth was stretched wide trying to accomodate it. Her eyes were filled with tears. Slowly he continued to push his cock into her mouth, until he felt it bump against the back of her throat. It was quiet in the room except for the gagging sounds coming from deep in Blair's throat.

Aaaaaacckkkkk!Aaaaaaacckkkkk!Gaaaaaacckkkk!Gaaaaac cckkkkk!
Chester, holding both hands on the back of her head, forced her mouth up and down on his cock. Rocking his hips slowly, he began to fuck her face.
" Come on, slut!" he said quietly, his eyes closed and his mouth hanging open. " Let's see a bit of tongue action. And if I feel even one fuckin' tooth on my cock, I'll beat ya senseless!"

Blair was doing her best to fit her mouth around his large girth. She put her hands on Chester's legs to keep her balance as she kneeled in front of him. The foul stench of his unwashed genitals and his sweaty body filled her nostrils. Everytime he moved his hips ahead, his large gut rubbed across her forehead. She tried her best not to gag, but it was impossible. It felt like someone was trying to shove their arm down her throat. Desperately, she tried to pull in more air through her nose. Several times she tried to pull away but Chester, with his hands on the back of her head, held her firmly.

" Gawddamn, boys! You do not know how good that sweet mouth feels on my cock!" exclaimed Chester as he looked down, seeing Blair's full red lips stretched around his large dick.
Blair didn't know how much longer she could go on. Her jaw was getting very tired. Then suddenly, Chester stopped. He pulled back and slipped his dick out from between her lips. Her jaw was so sore from being overextended, she could hardly close her mouth.
" Okay! That's enough of that," he said. " I just wanted you to have a little taste. Don't worry, I'll be back for more later. It was starting to feel too damn good. I don't wanna blow my first load down your throat. I've got a better place for that!"

Wrapping one of his meaty hands around her throat, he yanked her to her feet. Spinning her around, he pushed her down onto the bed, face first. Her mind consumed with blind fear as she realized what was coming next, she began scrabbling across the bed to get away from him.
" NOOOOOOOO! NNNOOOOOOOOO!PLEASE GOD NOOOOOOOOO!" she began pleading. Norm and Lyle stepped toward the bed.
" Ya want us to hold her for ya Chester?" asked Lyle.

December 27, 2014, 01:42:59 PM
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" No!" said Chester. " I'll handle her myself. This is gonna be good! She's a fighter and I like fighters. Makes it more fun!" His eyes flashed with excitement as he climbed onto the bed, his knees sinking down into the mattress. Reaching out, he managed to get his hands hooked around her ankles and pulled her back towards him. She tried frantically to continue crawling away but it was no use. Letting go of her ankles, he grabbed her by both hips and yanked her back hard across the bed. She felt his huge hard-on brush against the back of her thighs and she looked back over her shoulder, eyes wild with fear.

"NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" she screamed again. High and piercing, it echoed throughout the room.
" Son of a bitch!" said Norm. " You got her pretty scared of that big dick, Chester." He and Lyle laughed.
" Good! She should be scared. She should be VERY scared!" laughed Chester too. " Cuz she is about to get the fuckin' of her sorry life!"
Grabbing the back of her neck, he shoved her down onto the bed, pushing her face into the sheets. He wrapped the fingers of his other hand around the waistband of her panties and gave a sharp tug. The thin fabric gave way and they were ripped from her body.

Taking one big arm, he pushed her long legs wide apart, wedging his own hips between them. He let go of her neck and grabbed her left arm, twisting it up behind her back. She was bucking and twisting her body, trying to get her knees under her so she could get away from him. Her cries and screams were muffled by the sheets.
Positioning himself at the edge of her pussy lips, Chester shoved his hips forward.

" UUUGGGGGHHHH!" he grunted, attempting to impale her in one savage thrust. However, being so big and there was very little lubrication, he only made it in a couple inches. He pulled back. Letting go of her arm, he gripped her by both hips and pushed into her again, this time lifting her knees right up and driving her body forward on the bed. Still there was too much resistance. He pulled back again, glancing down. His cock was streaked with blood, the thick shaft tearing at the walls of her vagina. Chester chuckled to himself, knowing he was hurting her. He looked over at Norm and Lyle. They were standing near the bed, both of them with huge hard-ons visible through their pants.

They looked like two hyenas just waiting to pounce on a carcass. " Gawddamn, boys! She's fuckin' tight!" Chester paused to catch his breath. Gripping her firmly by the hips once again, he let his entire weight fall forward onto the hapless girl, while at the same time pulling her body towards him. His cock, stretching her pussy wide and partially lubricated now with her blood, finally drove into the hilt this time, his big ball sac slapping up against her ass. He felt the fat purple head push up against her cervix. He let out a satisfied grunt as her vaginal muscles involuntarily contracted around his shaft. "OOOOOOHHHH!FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD!"

Blair managed to lift her her head up and wail like a wounded animal. " UUUUUUUNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHHHAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!"
The pain was excruciating. It felt like a large tree stump was splitting her in two. She was sure she could feel something ripping inside her. Her body was racked with sobs as she began to cry uncontrollably.
" That's what I like to hear!" taunted Chester. " Scream for me, you little cow! That pussy of yours is MmmmMmmmm tight! Best fuck I've had since that little honey in Tulsa. Remember her, boys?"

" Oh yeah!" replied Norm. " Finally had to shove a sock in her mouth to shut her up. She was a real screamer!"
As if on cue, Blair emitted another painful shriek as Chester pulled out partway and then savagely thrust into her again, forcing her body down into the mattress.

Slowly, Chester started moving his hips back and forth, getting a rhythm going. SLAP......SLAP......SLAP! He listened to the sound of his flabby thighs hitting up against the back of Blair's smooth, slender legs. Looking down, he could see her face, partially covered by her dark, silky hair, twisted up in an expression of intense pain. Her eyes were tightly squeezed shut and hoarse groans escaped from her lips. AAAGGGHHH............AAAAAAGGGGGHHHH........AAAAAG GGHHH! He couldn't even see the cheeks of her ass as his beer gut blocked the view.

Blair was just praying he would soon be done. With every thrust, it felt like he was going right up inside her chest. Brutal pain radiated throughout her lower body. She had been with a couple guys in the past who had been fairly large, but nothing like this! At least they had been gentle. This sick pig was ramming into her like an animal!

Chester was revelling in the tightness of her pussy and the way it gripped his cock. Whenever he pulled back, it seemed like her pussy would clamp onto him harder and then pull him back in. He began to increase his tempo. Putting his big meaty hands around her slim waist, Chester lifted Blair right up off the bed. Leaning back, he put her in a sort of semi-sitting position on top of him, her legs spread on either side of his. He wrapped both his arms right around her and pulled her back tight against his large, sweaty stomach. In this position, he began to slam her body up and down on his monster cock. She let out another long painful howl. UUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE! Her head fell back so her left ear was close to his face. He tilted his head towards her.

" Oh you feel so good, honey!" he panted in her ear lasciviously. " Your cunt is sooooo fuckin' tight! The first time I saw ya tonight, in that hot little uniform, I knew you'd be a good fuck and I promised myself before the night was over I'd have ya. I coulda been nice to ya but then ya had to go and throw a little bitch-fit. So here we are and I ain't gonna take it easy on ya now! My balls are gonna blast you fulla Chester cum! Hahaha!"

"P-p-p-please!" Blair whispered, barely audible. "N-n-not i-i-inside of m-m-me! You'll g-g-get me p-p-pregnant!P-p-please don't! I'll do a-a-anything. A-a-anything! Ju-ju-just don't c-c-cum in me!" Wracked with emotion, tears began streaming down her face once more.
" Why not, Blair?" Chester sneered as he slammed up inside her, making her head snap back again. " I think you 'n me could make a beautiful baby! I'd love to have a pretty little daughter that looked like you!"

Holding her firmly by the waist, he began moving her body up and down on his cock faster, feeling the pressure beginning to build in his balls. It felt like they were swelled up to the point of exploding. SLAP,SLAP SLAP! The meaty sound of his flabby flesh coming into contact with her soft, silky skin was music to his ears. He wanted this to last forever and he was doing his best to hold back, but he knew that soon he was going to have to let go. The sweat was running down his face and his back like water. His big black mustache was matted to his upper lip. He was panting like a dog, a small stream of slobber dripping out of one corner of his mouth.

Suddenly he let out an animalistic grunt. UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! His arms tightened around Blair's waist and he savagely thrust up into her, lifting her whole body off the bed. He arched his back. "SONOFABITCH!!I AM GONNA FUCKIN' BLOW!" he roared as he threw his head back.
Blair's eyes grew big as she felt his engorged cock begin to spasm inside her and she realized with horror, that he was beginning to cum.....inside her! It had always been one of her worst nightmares. Not only to be raped but to have the man cum inside her, possibly impregnating her. It was something she had prayed would never, ever, EVER happen and yet, here it was happening! And it wasn't a dream!
In a last desperate act of panicked terror, she flailed her arms backwards at Chester and tried to throw her body up and forward off his cock.
One of her arms connected, striking a glancing blow on the side of his head, momentarily catching him by surprise. He roared with rage! " FUCKIN' LITTLE SLUT!"

He let go of her waist and wrapped one arm around her throat putting her in a chokehold. He slammed her body face first down onto the bed, collapsing his whole weight onto her. The entire bed shook back and forth with the tremendous strain. With his arm tight around her throat, he drove his hips into her, his cock slamming all the way in. His whole body stiffened and then shuddered as his balls finally released, blasting her insides with a flood of thick cum! She cried out painfully, feeling the weight of his body slam down as his cock spasmed violently inside her and then she felt the hot, sticky deluge. "OM MY GODDDDD!!!!NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!NOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

He kept driving his hips ahead as if he was trying to push every drop of cum as far as he could into her. His eyes were rolled back and his mouth hung open, slobber hanging from his lower lip. Blair felt the muscles in her pussy uncontrollably expanding and contracting around his cock as his balls unloaded their foul contents, almost as if they were milking him. With a sudden wave of revulsion and humiliation, she buried her face into the sheets, sobbing. Chester was collapsed onto her as he lay there, attempting to catch his breath, sweat from his forehead and chin dripping onto her back. Blair wanted to vomit at the sensation of his hot, fetid breath on the back of her neck and the sliminess of his sweaty chest and stomach on the bare skin of her back.

" Gawddamn! That.... was.....something else, girly! Told.....ya I-I......was gonna give ya the......fuck of... yer life! Got.... a whole......a whole load of Chester seed in ya now!" Chester wheezed, still catching his breath.
" Holy crap, Chester!" exclaimed Norm. " You okay? Damn near gave yourself a heart attack! Thought ya was gonna bust that poor bed in half!"

Lyle laughed out loud. " Yeah! You leave anything for us? That pussy's gonna be fuckin' destroyed!"
Chester let out a quiet chuckle as he started to push himself up off Blair. " Don't worry yerself, boys! Might be a tad less tight than it used to be, but there's still plenty of fuckin' left in this pussy!"
Chester could feel his hardness beginning to soften a bit. He pulled out of Blair, her pussy making a loud slurping noise as he did. He glanced down at her. The insides of her thighs were streaked with blood and cum that had oozed out of her and he could make out black and blue marks where he had gripped her by the hips.

" Didn't have to be this way, sweetie. But you're the one who decided ya wanted it hard, so that's what ya got," he growled as he got off the bed. He grabbed a corner of the sheet on the bed and wiped himself clean. His body still glistened with sweat.
" No I didn't!" cried Blair " You sonofabitch! You raped me and you'll fucking go to jail for this!"
" Gawddamn!" said Chester. " Yer still a defiant l'il thing, ain't ya? I can see it's gonna take a lot more fuckin' yet to put ya in yer place!" He reached down and grabbing a handful of her hair, yanked her head back hard. She yelped in shock and pain. He leaned down and spoke into her ear.

"My suggestion to you, honey, is ya better start improvin' yer attitude! Or I'll REALLY bring ya down a notch or two. How does having yer sweet little ass sold to a whorehouse down in Mexico sound to ya? I know some fellas down there'd give me a lot o' money for a hot little honey like you! Ya want some fat greasy Mexican fuckin' the hell out of ya every night? That sound like fun to ya?"

Blair's blood ran cold, as she listened to Chester. She couldn't believe what she was hearing! This nightmare she had been cast into was getting worse and worse. Surely, he wouldn't ACTUALLY do something like that? Would he? Something in his voice told Blair, she probably shouldn't push her luck. Something told Blair that, yes, he was that twisted, that demented, that SICK! He WOULD take her to Mexico and deliver her to a fate of unspeakable horror. Slowly, she shook her head back and forth. As tears dripped down her cheeks, she began to plead, " No, no, I wouldn't want that! Please, for God's sake, don't do that! I-I-I'll be good. I won't fight you anymore!"

" Now, that's what I like to hear. You are gonna be a good little fuck-slave for me and Lyle and Norm, ain't ya? I wanna hear ya say it," Chester smirked. " I wanna hear ya say, ya'll be a good little fuck-slave." He pulled a little harder on the handful of hair he had entangled in his fingers. She gasped in pain.
Closing her eyes, as if she didn't want to have to see herself say it, Blair began to speak slowly. " I-I-I'll b-be a good l-little fu-fu-fuck-slave."
" Louder!" growled Chester. I don't think Norm and Lyle heard ya."

" I'll-I'll be a-a-a good lit-lit-little fuck slave,okay!" she repeated a bit louder this time.
" All right then!" Chester grinned, releasing her hair and letting her fall back down onto the bed. Looking over at Norm, he said, " Norm, you and Lyle take her to the shower and wash her up a bit. She's a fuckin' mess. Then she's all yours! I need a smoke and a drink! Gonna take a little rest so I can git ready for Round Two." As Chester began walking over towards the bar, he let out a wild whoop. " Yeehawwww! Gawddamn! That was one FINE piece of cunt!"

And Blair's nightmare continues.

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Oh wow!  The very first Vile story ever!  Thanks for sharing it with us!  It's a great story Vile!  ;)

December 28, 2014, 01:19:43 AM
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Thank you Plaything. Fancy quite likes it too. It is a little long, but I'll post in small instalments. I lost this story for a long time but I remembered what site it was posted on and it took me a while, but I found it.

December 29, 2014, 03:41:07 PM
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Lyle and Norm grabbed Blair by her arms and pulled her up off the bed. Her legs were so weak she could barely walk. The two men had to hold her up between them as they dragged her over towards a door on the far side of the room. Entering the door they went inside a large bathroom. In one corner was a huge jacuzzi tub, big enough for at least 4 or 5 people. Beside it was a big walk-in shower. Norm turned the taps on and adjusted the water until it was a nice warm temperature. Lyle pushed Blair inside and said," Okay, get washing! Want ya nice and clean!"

The warm water was a shock to Blair, but it also felt very good. She lifted her face up to the water and let it run down over her and through her hair. She looked down at her blood-streaked legs and the ugly bruises on her inner thighs. Splashing hot water up between her legs, she winced as it came into contact with her vagina, swollen and red from the abuse it had just received from Chester.

Blair jumped as the door to the shower suddenly whipped open. Norm stepped inside, completely naked, his thick eight inch dick standing at attention. He had a malicious grin on his face.
" Norm's done with you. Now it's my turn. You and me have a little score to settle, bitch!" he said coldly.
Almost like a rattlesnake, his fist flew out striking Blair in the mid-section. She put both of her hands over her stomach as she doubled over in extreme pain. Her body slammed back against the wall of the shower stall and she screamed out. " AAAAAIIIIIIEEEEE!"

" Don't like gettin' hit in the gut,eh?" he snarled. " Now ya know how I felt when you kicked me! Now on yer fuckin' knees!"
The shower was quite large, more than big enough for two people. He closed the door behind him. Blair had slid down into a sitting position on the floor. Her big blue eyes looked up at Norm with sudden fear.
" Please, no! No more!" she feebly begged.
" Did I not just hear you tell Chester you'd be our little fuck-slave! Huh?!!" he roared. " I guess you ain't cooperating now. Guess I'll tell Chester we gotta make a trip to Tijuana after all!"

" NOOOO!" she cried. " NOOOOO! I'll do as you say," she frantically replied. She pulled herself up on to her knees.
Backing her into a corner of the stall, Norm stood with his legs apart, his large cock hovering in front of her face.
" Open your bitchin' mouth! Now!" he ordered.

As she slowly opened her mouth, he placed both hands on the back of her head, tangling his fingers in her wet hair. His chest heaved with excitement as he watched her slide her lips around his shaft, the head diasappearing in her mouth. He moved his hips shoving his cock farther into her mouth. She gagged a little as she felt him in her throat. At least he was much easier to take in her mouth than Chester had been, she thought. She began to slide her mouth up and down on him, her tongue moving along the bottom of his manhood.
" OOOHHHH yeeaaahhhh!" he moaned. The sensation of her warm mouth on him and the warm water running down over his body felt great. " I've been waiting all night to have those sweet lips wrapped apround my dick."

He increased his tempo, driving himself harder into her mouth. He reached down and grabbed her wrists, holding her arms above her head. He had her pinned into the corner, her head pushed back tight against the wall. His hips jerked back and forth in rapid motion as he fucked her face.
He could hear her muffled groans and gagging noises over the sound of the running water as he ravished her mouth. He could feel the pressure building in his balls. He was ready to cum! He let his hips fall forward as he pushed his cock right to the back of her throat.

" MMMMMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHH!!!!!!" Blair tried to shake her head NOOOOOOO! Her neck muscles strained as he pushed her head back harder against the wall. A thick stream of cum shot into her throat as he climaxed. His whole body shook with ecstasy as thick gobs of his seed exploded from him. Blair gagged and coughed as he held his cock in her mouth, forcing her to swallow. She had never swallowed cum before and her stomach heaved. She almost vomited. Norm stepped back, letting her arms go and she collapsed on the floor of the shower, violently coughing and spitting. He reached over and turned off the taps. Steam hung in the air. " Showertime's over, sweetie," he said.
Pushing open the door of the shower, he saw Lyle standing expectantly there. He was also completely undressed.

" Well Norm, how the hell was it?" he asked. He had a look on his face like an excited schoolboy awaiting his first sexual experience.
" Let's just say, one of the finest mouths I've ever shot a load into!" replied Norm with a self-satisfied smirk. " Gave her a good one right down the ol' throat!"
" Oh boy!' gushed Lyle. " I can't wait no longer! We gotta fuck her, Norm!"
Norm had grabbed Blair by the wrist and was pulling her out of the shower behind him. She dragged her feet as she followed him out, water dripping from her slender body, her wet hair hanging loosely around her face.

Lyle grabbed her by the other arm and pulled her towards him. " Have at her!" chuckled Norm as he let go of her other wrist. Lyle pushed her up against the wall and immediately began mauling her tits, squeezing and pinching her nipples. He bent down and ran his tongue across them.
Blair cried out as she tried to push him away.

Lyle ground his crotch against her as he kept her pushed up against the wall. She could feel his hard erection pushing on her stomach. His hands squeezed and kneaded her tits and he pinched her nipples between his fingers making her gasp in pain.
" Gawd, I am gonna fuck you hard, Blair, " he groaned. " Just fuck you HARD!" He grabbed her by the arm and yanked her towards the door going back to the other room. As he tugged her along she dug in her feet, trying to pull back.

" Come on bitch!" Lyle snapped.
He dragged her across the room towards the big bed. She glanced over her shoulder. Chester was sitting in one of the big recliner chairs. He was still completely naked and was puffing on a big cigar. He was watching a porno movie on the big flatscreen tv. Blair also noticed with disgust his cock was erect again and he was slowly stroking it.
" Hurry up, Lyle!" he hollered. " I'm gittin' hard again. Got another big load ready to put somewhere!"
Lyle threw the struggling young girl onto the bed and fell down upon her.

Blair tried pushing him off but Lyle held her down with the weight of his body. Grabbing at her flailing legs, he tried pushing them apart. She pounded at his chest with her small fists. He grimaced in pain as she dug her fingernails into him, drawing little rivulets of blood. Looking over his shoulder, he yelled," Come over here Norm and hold this fightin' little bitch!"
Norm climbed onto the bed, laughing. " What the hell, Norm, she too much for ya?"
" Just shut the fuck up and grab her arms, will ya?" Lyle asked in an exasperated tone.

Norm gripped her by the wrists and pinned them down to the mattress on either side of her head. Blair arched her back and continued to try twisting her body underneath Lyle. " LET ME FUCKING GOOOO!" she screamed
In frustrated anger, he gave Blair a violent backhand across the face. SSSLLAAAPPP! The sound was loud in the big room. Immediately, Blair ceased her struggling and squirming. The only sound that could be heard was her quiet sobbing as her eyes stared blankly at the ceiling.
" There!" Lyle said with a smug look. " That took the fight outta ya. Now you will lay there and get fucked like the little whore you are, you hear?"

Blair just continued staring straight ahead, her breaths coming in short, sharp gasps, a bright red and blue bruise blossoming on her cheek where Lyle had struck her. Pushing his body between them, Lyle slid his hands up her long tanned legs, starting at the knees and working up to her thighs. Slightly pushing her legs apart, he looked down at her smoothly shaved pussy and licked his lips. Reaching down, he pushed two pudgy fingers of his right hand into her, as far as he could go. He looked over at Chester.

"Holy shit, Chester!" he said. " You were right! She IS somethin' tight. Even after your horse-cock worked her over!"
Pulling his two fingers back, he then pushed three fingers inside her, revelling at the warm tightness as her pussy walls closed around him. He rubbed the nub of her clitoris with his thumb. Her whole body went rigid and she let out a sharp gasp.
" Oh, she likes that!" Lyle exclaimed. He began working his fingers in and out of her, rubbing harder on her clit with the tip of his thumb. Blair arched her back and let out another sharp gasp, but this one was more out of ecstasy than defiance. Her eyes filled with tears and her face turned red with humiliation as she fought against the betrayal of her body to this animal. Lyle moved his thumb faster over her clit as her entire body began to shudder and her eyes rolled back.

" NNNNNNOOOOOOO! You bastard!" S-s-stop iiiitttttt!!" Blair panted frantically. Her body was in a full-blown revolt against his probing fingers and she knew she was losing the battle. She was on the verge of an orgasm and there wasn't a damn she could do to stop it! To make things worse, Norm while holding her wrists, leaned down and started to run his tongue across her nipples, forcing them to become erect as well. They stood at attention, swollen and tender. Her body suddenly convulsed, wave after wave of pleasure washing over her. Sweat ran down her face, mixing with her tears and her breaths came in short, ragged bursts.

" You-you-you c-c-cocksuckers!" she tried to growl defiantly. Her body convulsed violently again, her back arching, the muscles of her stomach flexing as Lyle shoved four fingers into the tight confines of her vagina. It clenched around his fingers like a vise. " NNNNNNNUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!" She finally lost control and her body went rigid as Lyle brought her to an intense orgasm. Lyle pulled his fingers back, the pussy juices dripping from them. Her inner thighs glistened with wetness.
" Jesus Christ!" said Lyle excitedly. " Did you see that, Chester? Huh? Did you just fuckin' see that?!"
" Fuckin' rights, I did, Lyle my boy!" shouted Chester. " Good job! Told ya she'd be a good little fuck-slave for us!"
Blair, her body wracked with guilt and humiliation, quietly sobbed.

Oh my God. O-o-oh m-m-my God! " she kept saying over and over, more to herself than anyone. She did not want to believe what had just happened. That these sick monsters had just brought her to orgasm.
" Well, she's nice and wet now!" smiled Lyle. The bulk of his beer gut hovering over her, he positioned himself at the edge of her pussy lips. He wrapped his sweaty hands around her thighs and with one savage thrust impaled her, slamming into her still sopping wet pussy. He buried his thick shaft right to the hilt. He let out a satisfied grunt as he felt the tight walls of her cunt close around him. Norm had his face close to hers as he continued to keep her wrists pinned down. His tongue snaked out and ran across her left cheek as he watched Lyle ram his cock into her. Her eyes went wide and she threw her head back. " UUUUUGGGGGHHHAAAIIIIIEEEEE!" she wailed.

" Dreamt about this...all...all night at the.... the bar," Lyle panted as he pulled back to slam into her again. " Havin'....these....these fuckin' gorgeous....legs around me!"
Then suddenly, Lyle's face went blank. His body gave a shudder and he felt his ass cheeks involuntarily flex as his cock went rigid and his balls spasmed. Blair's body tensed as she felt his cock flood her insides with hot jets of cum. "NNNNOOOOOOO!" she cried.
" Sonuvabitch!" Lyle cussed as he pulled out of Blair. His dick was still spurting, streams of sticky jizz spraying onto her belly and legs. " I fucking came already! Sonuvabitch!"

Norm and Chester began laughing hysterically. Chester was doubled over in his chair, slapping his knee.
" Holy shit, Lyle!" he roared. " What the hell are ya? A 14 year old schoolboy?! That is fuckin' hilarious!"
Norm had let go of Blair's wrists and was rolling on the bed, holding his sides.
" Wham-bam- thank ya-ma'am!" he laughed. " Some fuckin' cowboy you'd make! Can't even stay on fer 8 seconds! I can't believe you just did that. Git a little too excited?!" Tears were rolling down his cheeks, he was laughing so hard.

Lyle, his face red with anger and humiliation backhanded Blair across the face again. He grabbed her by the hair and began hauling her up off the bed.
" You fucking cunt!" he shouted at her. " I oughta beat the shit outta ya. Ya think this is funny don't ya?!" He raised his hand to strike her again.
Norm leapt up and grabbed his arm. " Don't take yer frustrations out on her, ya loser!" he yelled. " Ain't her fault ya blew yer load like a loose grenade!" He started laughing again.

Lyle strode across the room and went into the bathroom, slamming the door loudly behind him.
" I think he's a little pissed off, Norm!" chuckled Chester. " Guess he shouldna spent so much time playing with Blair's pussy. Got himself all worked up too much!" The two men burst into laughter again.
" Ah well, guess there's just more fer you and me now, Chester," said Norm, wiping tears from his eyes. The door of the bathroom flew open and Lyle stormed out. He had gotten dressed. " I'll see you faggots later," he fumed. " I'm outta here!"

He went out the door and they could hear him as he stomped down the stairs to the warehouse floor. Norm shrugged his shoulders and looked at Chester, a puzzled look on his face.
" Ahhh, don't worry about him, Norm," said Chester taking a big puff on his cigar. "Let him go and have his pout. He'll be back. Ain't the first time this has happened to him! Remember that time in Nashville? He didn't even git inside the girl and he blew his load! All over his pants too!" Chester and Norm shared another good laugh.
" Oh yeah," replied Norm. " That was pretty fuckin' funny too."

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He glanced over at the bed. In the commotion of making fun of Lyle, they had forgot about Blair. She was still there though, curled up into a little ball in the center of the bed. She had pulled the sheets up around her. They could hear her quietly sobbing to herself.
" Guess if Lyle ain't gonna finish the job, I might as well," said Norm matter-of-fact. He walked over to the bed and grabbed the sheets, tearing them away from Blair. She made a half-hearted attempt to pull them back, then just let them go. Norm climbed on the bed and pushed her onto her back. He paused to look down at her slim, shapely figure, his eyes wild with anticipation.

 Her perfect round breasts, her firm,flat stomach and her smooth thighs pressed tight together, eyes wide open looking up at him with fear. Her pretty face was marred by the horrific bruise on her left cheek, long dark hair lying in a tangle around her shoulders. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying. Norm felt himself growing harder.
" No more, no more," she quietly pleaded as she shook her head. " I can't take anymore."

Norm looked her in the eyes and smiled evilly. " Sorry honey. We say when it's enough. And looking at that sweet body of yours, it ain't ever gonna be enough!"
He forced a hand between her knees and pried her legs apart, then swung himself around to get between them. Grabbing her behind the knees, he lifted her legs up and placed them over his shoulders. He then leaned forward, pushing her legs ahead to the point her knees were almost touching her tits. Her pussy was completely exposed to him for maximum penetration and he began to push his large, hard cock inside her, gasping at the sudden sensation of her vaginal muscles gripping the big purple head.

 He stopped about halfway and then with a swift thrust buried it the rest of the way. He felt his balls slap against her ass. She squealed in sudden shock and pain. He pulled out and slammed into her again, looking down so he could watch as his thick penis disappeared into her. It felt really good, her tight pussy wrapping itself around his engorged shaft like a soft glove. Wedging his hips up tight against her and pushing his knees into the mattress for leverage, he began furiously pumping in and out of her like a crazed animal.

"UH!UH!UH!UH!" Blair let out short, sharp gasps as each thrust seemed to forcefully knock the air out of her lungs. She dug her hands into his shoulders and tried pushing him away. He was oblivious to her, his body drenched in sweat as he drove into her like a man possessed. Chester ambled over and grabbed her arms, pulling them down and pinning her wrists to the mattress again. He leaned down by her ear.

" Like it? Huh? Like being a little cock-tease and then getting the livin' shit fucked outta ya? Not so fun is it? Well, start gittin' used to it. Cuz yer gonna be my little fuck-slave for a long time! My cock is so hard right now and I can't wait to rape your tight little ass. Yeah, that's right! The tight little ass you shook at me all night. I'm gonna destroy that ass!" he whispered to her. Blair turned her head away from him, trying to block out this vile man and the filth spewing from his mouth. A cold ball of terror formed in her stomach as she thought about the sick torments that still awaited her.

He looked up at Norm and said louder, " That's it, Norm! FUCK this little waitress like she's never been fucked before. Fuck her hard! Shove that dick of yers right up in her stomach! COME ON! FUCK HER!"
Norm, goaded on by Chester, picked up his rhythm. SLAPSLAPSLAPSLAP! His balls bounced against her ass harder as he increased the speed of his thrusts. He was breathing hard, the sweat running off his body like a river from the exertion. His tongue hung halfway out, foamy slobber gathering in the corners of his mouth. But still he kept up his pace, mercilessly jackhammering into the helpless girl.

Blair's mouth was wide open, her eyes staring up at the ceiling, unable to scream. All she could do was lie there, feeling his rock-hard cock pounding at her insides like a steel piston, praying he would be done soon. Norm began to feel the pressure building in his balls like a tidal wave. He began to move his hips even faster.
" AAAARRRGGGHHHHH!" he grunted as he let go, his cock spurting forth like a fire hose. Blair felt his cock violently twitch inside her and then the familiar sensation as wave after wave of hot cum inundated her insides. Norm continued to pump his hips against her, ensuring he emptied every drop of cum into her that he could. He pulled his dripping cock out of her and collapsed on the bed beside her, struggling to catch his breath. His body was soaked in sweat.

" Hot damn! That...that was...some good fuckin'!" he managed to say between breaths.
" Ain't you boys glad I talked ya into this tonight?" Chester asked as he let go of Blair's arms.
" Yeah, Chester. Ya ain't steered us wrong yet. I thought that little model we had in Tulsa was the best, but Blair here, she got her beat all to hell!" answered Norm.
Just then the door to the room opened. In stepped Rick, the bouncer from Lucky Lou's who had helped them abduct Blair.
" Finally, I found this place!" he said, looking around. " Hey, you fuckers got a pretty nice pad here."

" Well Rick!" yelled Chester. He walked over towards Rick and slapped him on the back. " I was almost ready to give up on ya. Glad ya could join our little party. Our guest of honour," he motioned towards Blair on the bed," has been givin' us quite the pleasure."
" Hey, it took me a while to get away from work. You remember our deal now?" Rick glared at Chester.
"Of course, I do!" said Chester. " You helped us get our hands on this little princess and I promised I'd let you fuck her. But not just yet. I ain't finished with her!"
Blair looked up as Rick walked in the room. Oh my God! she thought. The bastard was in on this the whole time so he could get a chance to fuck her! What a sick prick! Lou would kill him when he found out!

Chester waddled over behind the bar, his big naked ass jiggling side to side. Rick watched him wide-eyed.
" Fuck, man!" he said. " Put some clothes on! That is more than I need to see."
Chester laughed as he mixed himself another drink. " What's wrong Rick? Ain't ya never seen a naked man before? Anyways, we're havin' a party here. Kinda hard to fuck when I got my clothes on!"
" I guess so. But I gotta say, man, for a fat-ass white guy, you're fucking hung!" Rick exclaimed.

" Why thank you, my friend!" Chester replied. " Mighty proud of it myself, I must say. The girls don't always appreciate it so much!" He looked over at Blair curled up on the bed and let out a big boisterous chuckle. " Ain't that right, Blair? But usually by the end of the night, they learn to love ol' Chester's fuckpole. If they don't, well, that's their problem."
Bending down, Chester pulled something out from under the bar. When he stood up, he was holding a small black leather collar with metal studs set in it. Attached to the collar was a steel chain about 3 to 4 ft. long. It looked like the type of chain you would use for tying up a dog. Blair gulped, fear rising in her throat. What did this perverted old fuck have planned for her now? she wondered with dread.

" Help yourself to whatever ya want," Chester said to Rick, motioning to the bar. " I don't know what ya black fellas like to drink, but I'm sure there's something back here you'll like. There's cigars in a box on the counter there. They're Cubans! Relax and make yerself at home!" He looked over at Blair with a sick grin on his face. " And while yer doing that, me and the little missy are gonna play!"
Chester walked over towards the bed. Blair tried crawling to the far side away from him. Chester reached down and grabbed her by an ankle, yanking her across the bed towards him. " Come here, my little slut! Why are you so scared of Daddy Chester? I ain't gonna hurt ya! Well, at least not yet."

Blair grabbed at his hand, trying to pry it off her ankle. She looked up at Chester with her big brown eyes."I-I-I've had enough," she said feebly. " I'm really s-s-sorry if I was a c-c-cocktease tonight. I-I won't do it e-e-ever again. Will....will you j-j-just please let me go. I-I won't say a word to anyone! I-I-I promise!"
Chester began to loop the leather collar around her neck. " Oh, honey. If only I could," he said softly. " But I'm havin' way too much fun tonight. A pretty girl like you don't come along too often and I'm gittin' to be an old man. You young girls keep me feelin' young! And anyways, like I said before, the fuckin' ya git from me is way better than those limp-dick college boys. I'm givin' ya the chance to git fucked with a real man's cock. Ya should appreciate that."

Blair closed her eyes as Chester continued to put the collar around her neck and then fastened the metal buckle to hold it in place. She could not fathom the sickness and delusion of this man. She silently prayed it would be over soon, wondering if she would ever get to see her family and friends again. She was startled out of her reverie by the sudden jerk of the chain attached to the collar around her throat.
" Let's go! Come on!" barked Chester. He had the chain wrapped around one beefy hand and jerked on it a second time, almost pulling Blair right up off the bed.

She tried to stand, her legs feeling like jelly. Chester put his other hand on her shoulder and pushed her down forcefully to her knees.
" Uh,uh!" he snarled. " On your knees, slut! I never said ya could walk. Can't ya see what's around yer neck? Yer my pet now, my fuckin' dog! And dogs don't walk, do they? Now do as I say, or I'll let a REAL dog fuck ya!"
Blair's blood ran cold when she heard that. Oh God, she thought, is there no end to this nightmare? Slowly she got onto her hands and knees on the carpeted floor. Chester held the chain taut as he walked across the room to his recliner, Blair crawling along behind him. He looked over at Norm and Rick and laughed.

"Ain't she just the cutest little pet ya ever saw, boys? Why, I should start up a store sellin' pets like this! Be the goddamn best pet store around, I tell ya. Better 'n havin' a goldfish!" He broke into loud laughter once again.
" And ya wouldn't have to worry 'bout house-training 'em!" added Norm.
Picking his drink up from the bar, Chester walked over to his chair and plopped down heavily in it. He yanked on the chain. " Git over here, beside my chair!" he ordered to Blair. She obediently sat on the floor beside him. Chester picked up the remote lying on the arm of his chair and turned on the big flat-screen TV. A video began playing. Oh gross, thought Blair.

 Now I have to be subjected to watching porno movies. What men found so appealing about them, she would never understand. Then she began to get a very uneasy feeling as she started to realize this was no normal porno movie. The video showed a young, very pretty, blonde girl on a bed. Blair noted she was probably around 18 or 19, close to her own age and very petite, with a very firm, curvy body. She was lying face down on the bed and her arms were tied behind her back. In her mouth was a gag of some sort. Then with shock, she realized that around her neck was the same black leather collar Blair had fastened around her throat. With sick horror she saw a man enter the frame from the side. It was Chester! He was completely naked with his huge erection jutting out between his legs. She watched, cringing, as he climbed on to the bed and began to position himself behind the terrified girl. She looked away as she realized he was attempting to penetrate the girl's small round ass. She could hear Norm's voice in the background. He seemed to be the one holding the video camera.
"Oh boy, Chester! Here we go!"

" Just keep that camera rollin' Norm!" said Chester. " I am gonna fuck this li'l ass HARD! Been waitin' for this!"
Chester reached over and grabbed Blair by the hair, twisting her head towards the TV.
" Hey!" he snarled. " You be watchin' this! It's good!"
With a horrified look on her face, Blair was forced to watch as Chester slowly pushed his large dick into the frantically squirming young girl's anus. Muffled screams came from the gag in her mouth and her eyes were rolled in to the back of her head. Chester grabbed a handful of her hair and began thrusting in and out of her, grunting roughly as he did. Norm and Lyle could be heard in the background cheering him on.
" Wh-wh-who is that?" asked Blair timidly. She didn't really want to know, but she figured she was going to be told anyways.

" Well, it was like this," Chester began to explain. He sounded like someone about to tell a fishing or hunting tale around a campfire. " It was about a year ago, me and the boys, Lyle and Norm, went to a car show in Tulsa. We met this sweet little thing there. She was one of them bikini models they hire to stand around the cars and look pretty. She was pretty young, only 18. Name was Kelli, 'with an i ', she said. Told us she was pretty well fresh outta high school and just started modelling. And boy,oh,boy, we could see why she wanted to be a model. Was wearin' this hot little yellow bikini. What a body! Long blonde hair, really pretty face, big tits, and an ass so tight ya coulda cracked walnuts on it! Yep, she had a body'd bring a grown man to tears, but about as smart as a sack o' hammers. Ya know, they give blondes a hard time for bein' not too bright, but after talkin' to this girl, I know where that comes from!

Lyle, he took quite a shinin' to 'er right away. Oh, he wanted her somethin' bad! I just told him, be patient, play yer cards right, and maybe, before the night was out, we'd get lucky. Cuz I'll tell ya, I wanted to fuck her somethin' terrible too! Couldn't stop thinkin' 'bout how good that tight cunt o' hers was gonna feel around my cock."
Chester paused and looked down at Blair. " Kinda the way I felt when I first saw you, Blair. Wanted nothing better n' makin' her into a little fuck-slave like you."

Blair began to feel physically sick as she continued to listen to Chester recount his sick tale. On the TV screen, the video continued of Chester savagely violating the hapless blond model.
" Anyways," Chester carried on, " later that night we were supposed to go to this big party one of the car show sponsors was puttin' on. It just happened to be right in the ballroom at the hotel we was staying at! So Lyle he went and invited this young hottie to come there too. Well, we got there and along comes Kelli. And lookin' like a million bucks too! Wearin' this short little black dress that barely covered her ass, so fuckin' tight, looked like it was spray-painted on. Thought ol' Lyle was gonna have a heart attack right on the spot. Hell, me and Norm too!
" Well, we all just decided right then n' there, she was ours that night! She just didn't know it.

Lyle was soooo goddamn hot fer her! I told him,' You like her, she likes you, so work on her! You git her up to the hotel room tonight. Feed her booze 'til there's no tomorrow! Do whatever you have to do!' Then Lyle, in a stroke of brilliance, which quite frankly, I didn't think he had in him, he starts askin' her about her modelling career. So she says to him, that her ultimate goal was to someday be in Playboy. She wanted to be a Playboy Playmate! Ol' Lyle, he tells her he knows personally, one of Hugh Hefner's photographers in L.A. and if she wanted to be a Playboy model, he could help her out! Now like I said before, this girl weren't none too bright, she was pretty fuckin' gullible. She fell for that bullshit story, hook, line AND sinker! Fer the rest of the night, she didn't leave Lyle's side. He was in seventh heaven. But he knew what he was supposed to do.

Around midnight, me and Norm headed up to the room and just waited. And sure enough, 'bout an hour later, along comes Lyle and his little slut Kelli. Me and Norm hid in the bathroom and just waited. Lyle feeds Kelli some more bullshit 'bout how if she wanted him to tell his photographer friend about her, she needed to show him her body. Well, Lyle had been feedin' her drinks all night and she was pretty drunk , and even more stupid, by this time. She just stripped that dress off right there and says, " Ya like what ya see?' ! That was when me and Norm came out. Ya shoulda seen the look on her face when she realized what she had just walked into!

Then the fun began. Threw her on the bed and we fucked her so hard and so many times, and in so many ways, she didn't know what the hell was goin' on! Like I said before, she was a screamer and we had to shove one of my socks in her mouth. We didn't have the nice accomodations we have here, so we had to keep her a bit more quiet! And she tried to gouge out one of my eyes. That earned her a whippin' with my belt and she got her hands tied with the phone cord. But boyoboy! Until you came along, Blair, she was THE best fuck we'd ever had! Her body was so goddam beautiful and tight, I didn't wanna stop. Hell, we must have been goin' at least 12 hours or more before we did stop!"

Blair suddenly realized, with horror, that as she watched the video, she could make out ugly red welts all across the blonde girl's back and ass cheeks. Chester pulled the chain tight so she was forced to keep her head turned towards the TV.
"Ohhhhh! Here it is!" Chester said excitedly. On the screen, he could be seen increasing the tempo of his thrusts as he continued his vicious anal rape of the young girl. He was hunched over her and had two handfuls of her long strawberry blonde hair gathered in his fists, looking like he was pulling on the reins of a horse. He was yanking her head back so she was looking straight up at the ceiling. Blair felt tears begin to flow down her cheeks. She could see the absolute pain and terror etched across the girl's face. Chester let out a fearful howl onscreen as he finally climaxed, pumping his hips up against the struggling girl as his balls emptied into her tortured anus. Blair could hear Norm and Lyle hooting and hollering in the background. It was like they were watching a football player make a touchdown. Chester pushed a button on the remote and shut off the TV.

" Now, what did you think of my little performance?" he asked Blair, yanking on the chain so she was looking up at him.
" Th-that was s-s-sick!" she spat. " You enjoy raping young girls? You can't get a woman the normal way?"
Chester pulled on the chain, lifting Blair off the floor. She began to choke as the collar tightened around her throat. She futilely grabbed at the collar as it dug into her flesh. Her eyes bulged out and her face began to turn blue as she desperately gasped for air.
" I don't need no lectures from you about how I conduct my sex life! " he roared. " I've said before I don't like yer attitude. Yer gonna buy yerself a one way ticket to Mexico if ya don't smarten up!"

Chester loosened his hold on the chain and Blair collapsed on the floor, her chest heaving as she struggled to catch her breath.
" Now I ain't finished my story!" he hollered. " So sit the fuck up and listen!"
Rick spoke up. " So what the fuck did you do with that little white bimbo when you were finished?" he asked.
" Well, we didn't really know what the hell we were gonna do. But I'm an old hand at this kinda thing, so I weren't too worried. We told her, in no uncertain terms, she went to the cops, we would track her down and no one would ever see her again. We had her purse and we got her address off her driver's license. She was plenty scared. We told her she was drunk, had come up to the room of her own will and no cop around would believe her if she tried to report us. Hell, SHE was the one took her clothes off! And there was 3 witnesses.

 She was screwed and she knew it! But ya know what? The stupid little tramp DID go to the cops! They showed up at the hotel later that weekend. Hauled the three of us down to the local station. Well, we weren't worried. We just told the cops she was a little gold-digging whore who was trying to get us to help her get a modellin' job. She got drunk and came back to the hotel room with the idea of fuckin' all of us! They asked, ' well how did she get all them marks on her ass?' I told them she was one of them freaky sluts who liked it rough.

The cops, well, they didn't know what to think, but eventually they came to believe our story. They told her she had been way too drunk to be reliable and on top of that, she couldn't even identify all of us. We got put in a lineup and she picked some other guy she thought was Norm! Dumb bitch!"
Chester shook his head and laughed as he took another swig of his drink.
" Yeah!" Norm piped up. He was sitting in the other recliner chair, chugging down a beer. " She picked out some guy, wasn't even close to lookin' like me!"

Chester continued. " Yep! So the whole thing got thrown out. The cops released us, told li'l Kelli there was insufficient evidence to charge us with anything and next time she should be a bit more careful when she was drinking. We laughed and laughed all the way back to the hotel. Cops made her look pretty damn stupid.
But now, I was fuckin' mad! I had told that little cow to keep her bitchin' mouth shut and she ignored me! She was gonna get it. Couple days later we parked outside her apartment, waited for her to come out. We grabbed her in the parkin' garage, stuffed her in a big sack and put her in the trunk of my car."

" Th-then what d-d-did you do?" asked Blair. She knew that whatever the answer was going to be, it wasn't going to be something she wanted to hear.
" What did we do?" chuckled Chester. " Well, we did exactly what she wanted to do! She wanted to travel to L.A. to be a model, so we took her to L.A.! Drove her all the way there in the trunk of my car. 'Cept she didn't really end up being a model. Don't rightfully know what the hell she ended up doin'. See, what we did was we drove down
into Los Angeles where a lot of them Hispanic gangs hang out. I seen a bunch of 'em on a street corner, stopped the car and asked them if they wanted to party.

 They came wanderin' over, wonderin' what the hell we were up to. We opened up the trunk, hauled the sack out with li'l Kelli in it and dumped it on the ground. I said ' Welcome to L.A. Said you wanted to get here, so here ya go!' Then I told them hispanic boys to have at 'er! Well, ya shoulda seen the looks on them wetbacks' faces when they saw this hot little gringo blonde laying there, wearing some tight jeans and a t-shirt, all gagged and tied up. Last I saw of our little friend, there was about 8 of them gang-bangers draggin' her into an alley. She was just a-fightin' too!

 Yep, I figger those boys had a real good time that night! And probably a while after that too. Where she is now, who the hell knows, who the hell cares? She probably ain't even alive anymore. Was her fault, far as I was concerned! Told her to keep her trap shut, but she was too fuckin' stupid fer that!"
Chester looked down at Blair who was staring wide-eyed at him. Blair could not believe the story she had just heard. They had hauled a young girl all the way to L.A. and basically handed her over to a murderous, sadistic gang to suffer a fate of God-knows-what! Her blood ran cold as she contemplated what their intentions were for her.

Chester began to speak slowly. " So now, Blair, my pretty little fuck-slave. I told that story for a reason. I want you to know that I am a man who does not fuck around! I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. If you piss me off, I will definitely drag yer ass down to Mexico and NOONE will ever see yer pretty l'il face again! Well, 'cept fer all the Mexicans who'll be fuckin' ya! And, ohhh! They would just LOVE ya down there!"
Chester pulled on the chain, making Blair crawl around so she was right in front of his chair on her hands and knees. He spread his thick thighs apart. His monstrous 91/2 inch cock was rock hard, standing at attention.

Chester looked down at Blair with a leering grin. " You n' me, we got some unfinished business. I've had my cock in yer mouth once already tonight, but that weren't near enough. I wanna blow a load down yer fuckin' throat! You any good at suckin' cock, Blair? Hmmmm?"
Blair gulped nervously. " I-I-I guess I do okay. I've n-n-never had any c-c-complaints." Tears began to roll down her face as she spoke. Chester said, " Cuz what you are gonna do, is suck my cock like ya've never sucked before. Ya don't wanna end up in Mexico, then I suggest ya do a damn fine job! And when yer done, ol' Rick there is gonna be ready for some action, ain't ya Rick?"

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Offline vile8r

Chester looked over at the big black man. He was sitting on the couch, a beer in one hand. He had a huge bulge in the front of his jeans.
" Fuckin' right, Chester! Can't wait to get me a piece of that little white bitch!" he replied, as he rubbed the front of his pants and looked at Blair. He made a crude licking motion with his tongue. Blair felt sick to her stomach. She couldn't take much more, she thought to herself, she just couldn't! But she knew she had to, her life depended on it.

Chester pulled on the chain, bringing her face right up into his crotch area. She recoiled at the smell of his unwashed genitals and sweaty body. He slid down in the chair a bit farther, so his ball sack was more accessible. It was huge, his testicles looking like two tennis balls.
" Suck my balls!" he ordered Blair. He yanked on the chain, bringing her face right up against them. Slowly, she took one of the giant testicles in her hand and put her mouth around it. It tasted of stale sweat and urine and she had to fight the urge to gag. She could feel the roughness of his pubic hair rubbing against her lips. Blair began to move her tongue in slow circles around the ball, sucking it farther into her mouth at the same time. With her free hand, she began massaging his other ball.

" Ohhhhh yeeaahhhh!" Chester moaned. He was laid back in the chair, his eyes closed. He placed a hand on top of Blair's head, stroking her long black hair.
She took the ball out of her mouth and began to suck on the other one. Blair rolled it in her mouth, as best as she could, her moist tongue moving around it. After a couple minutes of feeling her warm mouth and tongue on his balls, Chester again yanked on the chain. " Okay, now get on that cock!" he said hoarsely.

Blair took both of her hands and wrapped them around the thick base of his penis. Slowly sliding her hands up and down on the shaft, she began to run her tongue in small circles around the massive purple head. She moved down the shaft, licking along the underside, going from the head all the way down to the base and then back up again. Running her tongue around the head again, she brushed her lips ever so lightly against it, just enough so he could feel it. Blair felt Chester's whole body twitch in ecstasy.
" Gawddamn, girl!" Chester rasped. " You're good! Keep it up!"

She continued moving up and down his hard shaft , running her tongue around it, kissing it,stroking it. She gently ran her long fingernails along the underside of his cock. Then opening her lips slightly she took the head of his cock into her mouth. Chester looked down, watching intently as it disappeared inside her soft mouth. " Ohhhhh! That's right! Suck that big boy. Get that beautiful mouth goin'!" he said.
Blair tightened her lips around it, sucking on it as her tongue moved around in little circles. Then slowly, she began to take more of the giant penis into her mouth. She would take an inch or so, then stop and move her head up and down on it. Then allowing her jaw muscles to relax, she would move her mouth another inch or two.

Still, Chester's cock was very thick and she was finding it difficult to get more in her mouth. Her jaw was beginning to ache. She pulled back and began slowly trying to slide it in her mouth once again. But Chester was growing impatient. Suddenly, she felt him grab her by the sides of her head and he thrust his hips up into her face, savagely shoving his cock right to the back of her throat. She desperately gasped for air.
" Enough pissin' around!" he snarled. " Git that damn dick in yer mouth!"

Keeping her lips tightly locked around it, Blair started to slowly move her mouth up and down, gagging a little every time it bumped against her throat. Chester began moving his hips, his hands on the back of her head, holding her firmly.
Completely immersed in the business of pleasuring Chester, Blair did not notice what was going on behind her. She suddenly flinched as she felt something against the inside of her thighs. A hand! And a big hand too. She suddenly felt two large fingers invade her pussy. Then with a twinge of pain, she felt something being pressed against her anus. Blair threw a panicked glance over her shoulder and saw Rick kneeling behind her. Spreading his right hand, he had two fingers inside her pussy and was pressing his thumb into her ass.

The pain sent shockwaves through her body. Her whole body shuddered as she felt his thick thumb push inside her tight anus. "UUUUUGGGGHHHHMMMMM!" she tried to scream but with Chester's cock in her mouth, it just came out as a high-pitched groan.
"Just keep at it, honey," Rick said quietly. " Don't mind me. Couldn't stand sitting there anymore looking at that beautiful body of yours. Just gotta have a bit of my own fun."
Chester laughed. " Go for it Rick! I like the way you think!"

As Rick began to slowly slide his fingers in and out of Blair's pussy and ass simultaneously. She felt a warmness beginning to form between her legs. Fuck, oh fuck! she thought frantically. This is not good! The son of a bitch is getting me wet. I can't have an orgasm again! Not again. I will not give these sick pigs that satisfaction again.
To Blair's relief, Rick pulled his hand away. He slipped his two fingers in his mouth and licked them off. "Shit, girl!" he exclaimed. " That is one fine tastin' pussy!"

As Blair continued sliding her mouth up and down on Chester's dick, Rick laid down behind her on his back. Pushing her legs farther apart, he moved himself up, so his head was between her legs, her moist, shaved pussy right above his face. He grabbed her with both of his massive hands by the ass cheeks and pulled her down onto his mouth. Blair's body went stiff and her back arched as she felt his fat tongue slide inside her. At the same time he reached up under her with one hand and began massaging her nipples. Her body tensed again and her mouth involuntarily tightened around Chester's cock, making him also moan in pleasure. Rick's tongue began to move in small circles around her clit.

She felt her body going limp and slowly she let her hips relax as she pushed herself down harder onto Rick's probing tongue. She felt a moan of pleasure building in her throat. She tried to pull her mouth off Chester' s cock to let it out, but he held her head down, pushing his hips up harder against her face. Norm watching the pretty dark-haired girl sandwiched between the two big men, was getting incredibly aroused. He began stroking his hard dick.

Rick continued his assault on Blair's pussy, alternately licking and sucking on her clit and pushing his big tongue up inside her fuck tunnel. He had moved both hands up, squeezing and kneading her breasts. Her nipples had turned into two hard little rocks. Her body in a turmoil of conflicting reactions, she was arching her back and mashing her pussy down onto Rick's face. At the same time she was furiously sucking on Chester's massive tool, her tongue moving around the shaft, her lips locked tight around it. Chester's mouth was hanging open, a small stream of spittle running down his chin as he looked down, watching the gorgeous 19-year-old college girl's head moving up and down on him. Heaven! he thought to himself, I am in fucking heaven!

Rick took his hands away from her tits and placed them on her slender hips. He pulled her down hard onto his mouth, his tongue snaking up inside her as far as he could push. She was beginning to get incredibly wet and her pussy juices glistened on his chin and lips. He moved back to her clit again, taking it between his teeth and gently nibbling at it. It was driving Blair crazy! Sweat was beading on her forehead, her whole body was starting to shudder, as she felt the early stirrings of an orgasm. She could not hold herself up any longer, her legs turning to jelly. That made her settle her body down harder onto Rick's face.

With her mouth tightly wrapped around Chester's cock, he could feel as well, his balls beginning to swell, preparing to erupt. Fighting as hard as she could to hold off the orgasm Rick was trying to bring on, she gripped the arms of the recliner on either side of her. When Rick placed her clit between his teeth, her head jerked ahead. As that happened she felt the large head of Chester's cock push past the back of her mouth and it went right down into her throat a couple inches! Oh my God! she suddenly realized with weird amazement. I'm deep throating him! I don't know how, but I'm actually doing it. And I'm not even gagging!

The sensation for Chester was unbelievable. He arched his back, his large gut sticking out. " OH MY FUCKIN' LORD! THAT FEELS GOOOOOOD!" he bellowed. He felt the tide rising in his balls and he wrapped his fingers in Blair's hair, pulling her head down on his cock as far as it would go. Blair felt his cock begin to twitch and suddenly a torrent of cum shot into her throat and down into her stomach. Wave after wave of hot cum splashed down her throat, as Chester's body shook and his hips bucked. At the same time, an intense orgasm began to wash over her own body. She could feel an explosion of ecstasy moving through her, starting at her feet and blasting all the way to her brain. Her legs shuddered uncontrollably and she felt her vagina spasm as she released her own flood of juices down over Rick's face and mouth. He was busily lapping it up, his hands holding her firmly over his face.

She held her mouth firmly on Chester's dick as she swallowed frantically to keep it all down. As his climax began to dissipate, she slowly brought her head up, running her tongue along the shaft and licking the head clean. She collapsed, her head lying on Chester's thigh as she desperately tried to catch her breath.
"OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH! " she quietly moaned, her entire body still shuddering, drenched in sweat. She closed her eyes tight in silent humiliation.

She felt Rick slide out from underneath her. Then she heard him undoing the button on his jeans and the zipper being pulled down. Glancing behind her, she saw Rick sliding his pants down off his powerful thighs. His massive erection jutted out, his underwear barely able to hold it in. She gulped. He was huge! Even bigger than Chester. She tried to twist her body around.
" No! N-n-no!" she protested feebly. " It's t-t-too b-b-big! I-I can't take much m-m-more."
" Oh you're gonna take this, you little white slut. Believe me, you'll take it! Even if I gotta have Chester and Norm hold ya down", snarled Rick. " And anyways, from the way you just came, I think you're startin' to like this!"

" Nooooo! No, I'm not!" she replied, tears beginning to run down her face again.
Chester still gripped the chain attached to her collar. Yanking on it, he pulled her head up so it was resting on his massive gut. He held her there tight as he nodded at Rick and said, " Okay! I got her. She ain't goin' anywhere!"

Rick moved in behind Blair and spread her thighs apart. He slid his underwear down, exposing a monstrous, jet-black 11 inch penis. Blair's body tensed as she felt the giant head brush against the inside of her thigh. Rick grabbed her by the hips and placing his huge pole at the entrance to her pussy, began to push his way in. Her pussy was still very wet and it slid in with very little resistance. Rick's eyes opened wide as he felt the tight walls of her vagina close around him.

Gripping her hips tighter, he gave a big thrust, burying himself inside her.
"UUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!" Blair moaned in pain as she pushed her face up against Chester's stomach. Rick pulled back until just the head of his cock was inside her, Blair's vagina making a loud slurping noise when he did it. Then he plunged in again, revelling at the feeling of her tight pussy gripping his thick cock, her muscles expanding and contracting around him. With his big black dick deep inside her, Rick started a rhythm of hard, savage thrusts. Blair thought Chester's dick had been big and painful. This was way worse. With every thrust, it felt as though he was going right up into her stomach.

 Rick leaned down and reached under Blair, squeezing and pinching her tits as he hammered into her, his balls making a loud slapping sound against the back of her thighs. She felt his hot breath on the back of her neck.
Then Rick stopped and pulled out. Looking at Chester, he said, " Hey man, hand me that leash. I wanna fuck this bitch over on the couch."
Chester handed the chain to Rick and said, " You can do whatever the hell you want, Rick! She's all yers for the time bein'. Think I'm gonna have another drink 'n a cigar."

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Wow Vile, this is a really good story!  I'm glad you found it and decided to share it with us all!

January 13, 2015, 09:49:37 PM
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Offline vile8r

Rick took the chain and pulled Blair on her hands and knees over to the big leather couch. Norm sat in the other recliner, stroking his cock, watching in anticipation to see what Rick was going to do next. It was proving to be a huge turn-on for him to watch the slim, athletic college girl being ravaged by the black man. He had always fantasized in his mind what it must be like for a young white girl to be fucked by a big black guy and he had watched many porno videos where that had happened. But this was the first time he had actually been able to watch it in person!

" Oh yeah, Rick," Norm said. " Fuck that little slut! Rape her hard, man! I wanna see it."
" You gonna get to see a hell of a show, Norm," said Rick. " That tight white pussy gonna be destroyed by the time I'm done with it!"
Rick sat down on the couch with his legs spread apart, his humongous black penis standing straight up like a tree. He looked at Blair, kneeling down in front of him on the floor.

" Okay, bitch! You know what you're gonna do? You're gonna climb up here and slide right down on top of my big black telephone pole."
Blair was shaking her head as she slowly stood up. " P-p-please Rick, D-d-don't make me do this," she pleaded.
"You're so......b-b-big. It h-h-hurts."

" I don't give a fuck how much it fuckin' hurts," Rick growled, pulling hard on the chain, the collar tightening on Blair's neck. " Get the fuck up here now! Or I'll throw you down on yer back and fuck you so goddam hard, when I cum, it'll blow out your fuckin' mouth!"
Blair climbed onto the couch and placed her hands on Rick's powerful shoulders. Supporting herself with her knees, she straddled Rick's lap, his large black penis aimed at the entrance to her cunt. Rick ran a big hand up and down the back of her right thigh and up to her buttocks, while he hung onto the leash attached to her collar with the other hand.

" Fuck, girl, love them sweet legs of yours!" he said quietly. " Ever since the first time I saw you at Lou's, wanted to fuck you so hard. Couldn't stop wonderin' what it would be like to get between them hot legs. You wanna know how hard it is workin' at that place, seein' all you white cunts parading around there in those skimpy skirts? Makes it pretty fuckin' hard to concentrate on my job sometimes."
" Th-th-there's not just white g-girls working there," said Blair.

" Shit, I know that," replied Rick. "But I like you white girls. You all got such nice tight pussies. I can get black bitches anytime, it's you cracker babes I want! Now enough yappin'. It's time for me to pound the shit out of that pussy of yours."
He reached down and gripped the shaft of his cock as he placed the big purplish head at the edge of Blair's pussy. Rick reached up and slapped her on the ass, SMMMACCCKKK! Blair gave a little yelp of pain and surprise.

" Now get ridin' me!" he ordered.Closing her eyes tightly and sucking in her breath, Blair slowly began lowering her hips onto Rick's huge cock. She felt the head slip inside her, spreading her pussy lips wide apart. Rick placed his hand on her ass, forcing her down onto him. Norm sat in his recliner, wide-eyed, as he watched the thick shaft of Rick's black cock disappear inside the frightened girl. She gasped in pain as she felt the whole 11 inches slide up into her, the sides of her pussy stretched tight to accomodate the huge cock. " AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!"

" Okay, bitch, start moving that ass of yours!" snapped Rick. " You're doin' the work, not me!"
Blair hesitantly began sliding up and down on Rick's monster penis, pushing herserlf up with her knees.
" Oh girl, that does feel good!" Rick moaned as he lay his head against the back of the couch. " That is one tight cunt you got."
Chester was over behind the bar, mixing himself a drink. He reached under the bar and pulled out a metal rod. It was about 2 ft. long and about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. It had a molded plastic handle at one end. At the other end were two small prongs extending out from the end of the rod about 1/4 inch. He walked out from around the bar, gripping the metal rod by the plastic handle.

Handing it to Norm, he whispered," Here Norm. Have a bit of fun with this thing. We'll git her ass movin'"
Norm took the rod from Chester's hand and stood up from his chair. He looked over at Blair. She had her hands on Rick's shoulders. Her head was bowed down, her long dark hair hanging loosely over her shoulders and over her face. Her body was drenched in sweat and he could see the muscles rippling in her athletic legs as she moved her body up and down on Rick's cock. Her eyes were tightly closed and her teeth clenched as she tried to ignore the pain of Rick's huge black phallus spreading her pussy wide apart. An evil smile crawled across his mouth.

Blair was completely oblivious to Norm walking up behind her. Rick saw him though, and he smiled and nodded, knowing what Norm was about to do. He gripped Blair's leash a little tighter in his hand. Norm reached out with the metal rod, just barely placing the tips of the two prongs against the smooth flesh of Blair's buttocks. He pressed a small button on the handle.

KKKKKKZZZZZZZAAAAPPPPP!!!!!!! A bright blue and white electrical arc jumped from between the two prongs and contacted Blair's buttocks.
"AAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Blair's head flew back, her eyes wide with shock and pain. " WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!" she screamed.
Norm laughed. " That, my honey, was what we like to call a cattle prod! Works pretty damn good, don't it?"

Norm pushed the button as he pressed the two prongs against Blair's butt cheek again. The sweat covering Blair's body acted as the perfect electrical conductor and she felt the shock all the way to the back of her head. Her body went stiff and she let loose another loud scream.
As her body stiffened, her pussy muscles contracted, clenching his thick cock even tighter. Rick thrust his hips upwards at the same time, feeling his cock slam up against her cervix.

"OOOOOHHH YYYEEEAAAHHH!" Rick groaned. " Ohhhh, that's the way, bitch!"
Blair was looking frantically over her shoulder at Norm.
" NO MORE!" she begged tearfully. " Please stop it!"
" You keep that ass movin', sweetie and there won't be a problem," Norm said, noticing the two red welts he had left on Blair's ass with the cattle prod.

Blair began increasing her tempo on Rick's cock. Rick also began thrusting harder against her each time she was moving downwards. The upward thrusting of his cock inside her pushed the air right out of her lungs.
Norm pressed the cattle prod against the back of Blair's left thigh. " Faster!" he ordered " Or I hit the button!" He let out a sick laugh.
Blair yelled out," I'll go faster! O-o-kay? I'll go faster! Just get tha-that thing a-a-away from from me!"

She tried going faster. But her legs were getting tired, her thighs muscles feeling like they were on fire. She was panting hard, struggling to catch her breath, her body being relentlessly pounded by Rick's 11 inch cock in her pussy. Rick, seeing she was having trouble keeping up her rhythm, let go of the leash and grabbed her by the ass cheeks with both hands. He began pumping her up and down on his cock himself. He could feel the pressure in his balls beginning to build. Rick pulled her close to him, mashing her tits against his mouth. His tongue snaked out of his mouth and across her nipples. He bit down on one, causing Blair to let out a sharp yelp.

" Ohhhh, you hot little bitch!" he said as he slammed his hips upward. " You got such such nice tits. And that pussy feels soooo gooood wrapped tight around my big black dick. You wanna know how good it feels? It feels like having my dick wrapped up in a silk glove. Oh yeaaahhh! I don't ever wanna pull out. I could fuck you for days, non-stop! Just fuck and fuck and fuck! Tell me you like my big black meat. Come on, tell me!"
" N-n-no!" cried Blair breathlessly. " I don't like it! It's b-b-big. It-it-it hurts me!"
Rick motioned to Norm. Norm pressed the button.

" NOW SAY IT!" Rick snapped. " Say you like my big black dick! Or I tell Norm to shove that thing up your ass and hit the button!"
" OKAY, OKAY ,OKAY!" screamed Blair, terror in her voice. " I-I-I l-l-like your!"

" See that wasn't so hard now, was it?" Rick said, pulling her face down close to his. " Now get ready, cuz I'm about to blow a load, a big load! Gonna fill you up with black babymakers. Whatcha think about that, huh Blair? You 'n me gonna make a little salt 'n pepper baby! And everytime you look at that little baby, you'll know how it was made. You can think about how ol' Rick pounded the hell outta your white cunt and how YOU liked it!"

He dug his fingers hard into Blair's butt cheeks, slamming her down hard onto him. His huge cock began thrusting like a piston in and out of her, lifting her whole body off the couch with each stroke. Blair had to wrap her arms around his neck to keep him from throwing her right over the back of the couch, her body tight up against Rick's, her tits pressed into his face. " UHHHH.......UHHHHH.....UHHHH.......UHHHHH" Blair moaned painfully as Rick's dick assaulted her battered pussy.

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I decided to do two posts at once this time around.

A groan begin to build in Rick's throat. He could feel the dam beginning to burst in his swollen balls. Blair too felt the head of his cock begin to throb and knew all too well, what was happening and that she was powerless to stop it. A primal grunt erupted from Rick's mouth, "UUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHWWWHHHHHAAAAAAA!"
He yelled at Norm, " DO IT NORM! NOWWW!"

Norm shoved the prod hard against Blair's ass, the prongs pressing right into her flesh. He pressed the button, again and again.
At that same time, Rick held Blair down tight as he bucked his hips up against her and let his balls explode, his powerful cock blasting huge jets of cum into her pussy, flooding her insides. Her body went stiff from the repeated electric shocks and her pussy gripped Rick's penis like a vise, the vaginal muscles contracting around him. He continued driving his hips up against her, feeling his cum lubricating his cock and the sides of her pussy. She buried her face into the side of his neck as she shrieked uncontrollably from the excruciating pain Norm was making with the livestock prod.

Chester was sitting in his chair, excitably watching the performance, slowly stroking his cock.
" Holeeee Shit, boys!! he exclaimed. " That is HARDCORE!! Gawddamn! Listen to her squeal! Yeehawwww!"

Norm gave Blair two more good zaps with the cattle prod before he pulled it away. Her pussy continued to spasm and contract around Rick's cock as he felt the last jets of cum ooze out of him. He had shot such a large load into her, it was seeping out around his shaft and coating the inside of her thighs.

" Oh my fuckin' Lord!" Rick groaned. " That was fuckin' awesome! I ain't cum like that in ages!"
Reluctantly, he lifted Blair's limp body up off him, his still hard cock slurping as it slipped out of her. Blair collapsed on the floor in front of the couch. Her breath was coming in short, sharp gasps. Her battered body felt so weak, she couldn't even lift her head. Her buttocks still throbbed painfully from the torture inflicted on her by Norm. She closed her eyes tightly, praying to God, or whoever was listening, to please put an end to this nightmare.

Rick woke her from her stupor. " Hey, bitch! What the hell?" he yelled. " Look at the mess all over my cock! This thing ain't gonna lick itself clean, and I sure as fuck ain't gonna do it either!"
He tugged on the leash still attached to her. Slowly, she pulled herself up onto her knees, her body swaying unsteadily. Rick put his hand on the back of her head and pushed it down towards his crotch. " Start lickin', slut!" Rick ordered. " I want that dick spotless!"

Oh God, Blair wondered. Will this ever end? Hesitantly, she began to lick at the shaft of Rick's cock. The salty taste of sweat mixed with the muskiness of the cum smeared all over his penis, as well as her own vaginal juices, made her stomach recoil. But she kept licking intently up and down his shaft and around the head, cleaning all the sticky, slimy residue from him with her tongue.
Suddenly Rick put both hands on the back of her head and pushed her mouth down onto his cock.

" Shit, girl! That felt way too good!" Rick exclaimed. " I gotta have that mouth wrapped around my cock!"
Blair, not being prepared, violently gagged as Rick's large dick invaded her mouth.
"AAAAAACCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!" She tried desperately to pull away but Rick held her head down.
" Start suckin', bitch!" ordered Rick. " I got another load on the way and it's goin' down your throat!"
Blair began moving her tongue up and down on his thick shaft. She couldn't get all of it in her mouth, it was so big. Rick thrust his hips up, shoving as much as he could to the back of Blair's throat.

"AAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKK!" She gagged again.
Rick was right. In no time at all, feeling the college girl's soft lips and mouth around his cock shaft, his balls were ready to spew forth once again. He closed his thighs tight against Blair's shoulders and grabbed two big handfuls of her long hair, holding her firmly. His whole body shuddered as his cock throbbed and pulsed with another load of cum coming down the pipeline. It spewed into Blair's mouth, splashing against the back of her throat. Not being able to handle the deluge, some of it squirted up into her sinuses and out her nose.
" HOLY FUCK!" hollered Rick. " You guys see that?! I blew my load right out her fuckin' nose! "

Meanwhile, Blair gagging and coughing, was doing her best to swallow as much of the foul stuff as she could. Some seeped out around Rick's shaft and the edges of her mouth, dribbling down her chin. Rick finally let her pull her head up off him. He forced her to once again lick him clean.
"Don't forget the balls this time!" he said, laughing.

Blair ran her tongue over and around his ball sac, taking each large testicle in her mouth and licking on them, having to stop a couple times to spit loose pubes out of her mouth.
Looking up at Rick, she asked in a small timid voice, " Is-is that good enough?"
Rick looked down at his crotch and made a small frown. " Yeah. You did a pretty good job....for a white bitch! Now I need a beer. All that fuckin' and cummin' has give me one hell of a thirst! You go get me one, Blair,"
She began to stand up. Rick pushed her back down to her knees. " NO!" he said. " You know the fuckin' rules! To us, you're a bitch. A female dog! So you fuckin' act like a dog!"

" Y-y-yes, Rick," she said looking down at the floor. " I-I-I'm sorry. I'm a d-d-dog!"
" Fuckin' rights, you are," he replied. " Now go get me my fuckin' beer!"
Blair began crawling on her hands and knees over to the bar to get Rick a beer from the fridge.

" Sonovabitch, Rick!" Chester said. " You are one mean fuckin' machine. You really slammed it to 'er! And blowin' cum out her fuckin' nose, that was just too much! I gotta commend ya."
He held up his hand and the two of them high-fived.
" Yeah, I felt kinda bad about what I did earlier tonight," Rick said. " But it was well worth it! Ain't fucked a white bitch like that in a long time! The last time I did, well, kinda ended up in jail for a while. Guess that's what happens when ya rape the coach's daughter!"
He and Chester and Norm all started laughing.

Rick paused, looking thoughtful for a second. " It kinda fucked up my football career, I will admit. But damn! She was fine fuckin', at least until after I was done with her!" He let out another big laugh.
Blair came crawling back with his beer. He took it from her and cracked it open.
" Why thank you, Blair," he said. " Damn! I gotta get me a bitch to have around the house all the time. I'd never have to get off the couch!"
The three men roared with laughter once again.

January 19, 2015, 06:24:55 PM
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Then Norm reached down and grabbed Blair's leash. " What the hell are we gonna do with her now, Chester?" he asked excitedly. " Watchin' you two go at 'er has got me all horned up! I gotta bang this little slut again!"
" No," Chester said slowly. " I think she's had enough fer awhile. Don't wanna get her too worn out. I think we'll take a little break."
" But-but-but, come on, Chester!" stammered Norm. He sounded like a little boy who had just been told it was bedtime. " Can't I just fuck her once more? My nuts are ready to explode. I gotta have some release, for fuck's sake!"

Chester glared at Norm and growled, " I said no! Now you fuckin' listen to me, Norm, or I'll slap the shit outta ya. Done it before, I'll do it again. Ya take her to the shower and let her clean up. And no trying anything in there! I'll know if ya do! You'll git another chance to fuck her, ya can just goddamn wait. If yer worried about yer nuts, go beat off!"
Norm glared back at Chester and he looked like he wanted to say something, but he didn't. The tension in the room was very thick. You could feel it. He gave the leash a sharp tug.

" Come on, bitch!" he said to Blair. Looking squarely at Chester he said sarcastically " Let's go! We'll go give you..... your shower!"
Chester stood up, his fists clenched. " I mean it, Norm!" he spat. "I'll come in there and if you're fuckin' her, you'll get yer ass kicked! I call the shots and you fuckin' know it!"
" Don't worry, Chester!" Norm said as he led Blair across the floor towards the bathroom. " I'll leave her alone!"

They entered the bathroom and Norm reached inside the shower and turned the taps on. " Big fat fuck!" he muttered to himself. " Always gotta think he's runnin' the show. I'll show HIM someday. Show him good! Gettin' tired of puttin' up with his bullshit."
He looked at Blair and said, " Okay, get in the goddamn shower, bitch!"
" M-m-may I stand up?" she asked timidly.

" Yeah, you can stand up!" Norm barked. " I don't give a shit!"
Blair got to her feet and began to step into the shower. That was when Norm grabbed her by the arm and spun her around, shoving her face first against the wall beside the shower door. He pushed his body hard up against her. She could feel his cock beginning to harden as it pressed against the back of her leg. His left hand slid across her ass and down between her legs. He kicked her legs slightly apart with his foot. He forced two fingers roughly up inside her and began to kiss her on the side of the neck. A small moan escaped from Blair's lips as he slid his fingers in and out of her.

" Ch-Ch-Chester is gonna be m-m-mad at you!" Blair whispered. " If-if you do anything to me, I-I-I'll scream! You'll be in t-t-trouble."
" Is that so? Don't be thinking Chester is yer friend now. He don't give a shit about you!" sneered Norm. " Anyways, gonna be hard to scream if I shove a towel in yer mouth, you fuckin' slut! I oughta fuck ya, right here against this wall! Or maybe ya like Chester and Rick more, huh? Like their big cocks? Ya like that big nigger cock, don'tcha?"

" N-n-n-no! No, I d-d-don't!" cried Blair.
" I think you do!" growled Norm. " Well, Chester said I couldn't fuck ya, and as much as I want to just ignore the big asshole, I won't. But you heard him tell me to beat off, didnt'cha? However, he didn't say nothin' 'bout how I should do it! Ya ever give a guy a handjob, little Blairie?"

Blair thought back to junior high, when a particularly popular boy she was dating had tried to pressure her into giving him a blowjob. She had refused, but she had compromised with him and told him she would give him a handjob. She remembered the feeling of having her hand around his erect penis. It was the first time she had ever actually touched one. She gave a slight nod to Norm and said, " Y-y-yes. Yes I-I have."

"Okay," Norm said with a grin. " I think you're gonna be givin' me one then!"
He slipped his fingers out of Blair and turned her around so she was facing him. He pushed her down to her knees and stood back a bit.
" Get goin'" he snapped,looking down at her.
Blair reached out and slowly wrapped her hand around Norm's erect shaft. She began to slide her hand back and forth on it. Norm put his hands against the wall to steady himself and leaned in towards Blair, enjoying the feeling of her warm, soft hand on his hard cock.
" Oh yeahhh!" he groaned. " A little faster! And massage my balls too!"

Blair began to stroke faster. With her other hand she reached up and began to rub and massage his ball sac. Norm was looking down, watching the pretty girl working on his dick. His mouth was hanging open, with a small dribble of spit running down his chin.
"Uhhhhhhh!" he moaned. " That feels goood!"Blair switched hands and kept swiftly stroking Norm's cock. He began to moan louder and she felt his cock begin to get harder. He was getting ready to cum.
" Just keep goin'!" he ordered. " Don't stop, until I tell ya!"

Blair continued to stroke. She could feel his balls beginning to swell. Suddenly he yelled," Open your mouth! Now!" Blair did as she was told, opening her mouth. " I'm gonna cum!" panted Norm.
A thick spray of cum suddenly erupted from the head of his cock. It hit Blair squarely in the face, some of it going in her mouth. The majority of it, however, plastering her across her chin and nose, some shooting up into her eyes. Oh my God, thought Blair. How gross! Her vision blurred from the cum in her eyes, she took her hand off Norm's penis to wipe her eyes. Her nose was filled with the sickening aroma of Norm's musky semen and it dripped down from her chin. Norm looked down and laughed.
" Well, ain't you a sight?! Cum all over that pretty face!"

Blair was crying, the tears running down her face and mixing with the gobs of sticky splooge stuck to her cheeks.
" J-j-just let me shower, please!" she said. " This stuff is s-s-so g-g-gross!"
Norm laughed again. " What? You never had a faceful of cum before? You ain't a very fun girl!"
Just then, the door opened to the bathroom. Chester stuck his head inside.

" NORM!" he bellowed. " Takin' a long time for that shower! Ya better not be doing what I think yer doin'!"
Then he saw Blair on her knees in the corner. He glared at Norm.
" What the fuck is goin' on?" he demanded.
Norm put his hands out defensively. " Hey, you told me to beat off, so I did. You never said I had to do it MYSELF! So I got some help."
Chester looked at Blair and back at Norm. " Norm, you little prick! Yer fuckin' pushin' me! Now git her in that shower and git her washed up! NOW!"
He slammed the door behind him.
Norm let Blair get up to her feet and she stepped into the shower.

The hot water felt good. She rinsed the last vestiges of Norm's cum off her face and just collapsed against the far wall of the shower stall. The water cascaded down over her body and for a few minutes she was able to forget about everything. She wished it was all just a horrible dream, and if she opened her eyes it would be over. But she knew that was not the case. All she knew was that she had to be strong. She had to get through this, one way or another. Just do whatever they wanted her to do and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, when it was all over, they would let her go.

The door to the shower suddenly opened. Blair spun around with a start. Norm was standing there.
“Okay, bitch. Let’s go!” he said.
He reached in, grabbing Blair by the hair and yanking her out of the shower by one hand as he shut off the taps with the other. She stood shivering outside the shower. Norm threw her a towel and told her to dry off.
“ What’s wrong? Ya cold? Don’t worry, we’ll get ya warmed up again!” he sneered.
“Now, back on yer knees!” he ordered.

Blair got back down on all fours as Norm pulled on the leash around her neck and walked towards the door. Blair crawled along behind him. As they entered the rec room, Blair noticed Chester and Rick were watching another video on the big flat-screen TV. She could see it was another home-made video, but this one featured a different girl. A young, slender girl with brown skin and long, black hair, looking to be in her early 20s. She appeared to be Latino.
“Hey!” Norm exclaimed to Chester. “ Haven’t seen this video in a while. Good little Stella!”
Chester was sitting in his large recliner with a cigar and another drink. He was now wearing a big black silk housecoat.

“ You bet, Norm,” he replied. “ Showing Rick some of the fun I’ve had over the years. Found my little movie I made with Stella.”
How many girls had this pig raped over the years, wondered Blair? The more she thought about it, the more it made her sick to her stomach.
Then Chester shut off the TV and began to stand up. Blair could see he was partially erect under the housecoat. Rick also started getting up. He had put his pants back on but Blair could see a large bulge between his legs as well. She felt a cold sweat breaking out on her forehead. Chester walked slowly towards her and she could see he was holding something in one hand.

He took the leash from Norm’s hand and began pulling her towards the bed.
“ Now that yer all cleaned up, we can continue our little party. Gotta say, since I first saw ya tonight, been waiting fer THIS, honey!” he said with an evil grin. “ It’s time to pop that ass cherry wide open!”
“OH MY GOD! NOT THAT NO!NO! NOOOOOO!” screamed Blair as she attempted to pull back from Chester.
“ Come on you guys! Give me a hand here!” Chester yelled at Rick and Norm.

They each grabbed an arm and lifted her up off the floor, pulling her on to the bed. She was frantically twisting and flailing her body as she continued to scream and plead. Norm and Rick held her down on the bed by her arms as Chester climbed on the bed behind her. Looking over her shoulder, she was able to see what it was Chester was holding in his hand. It was a red ball gag.
Reaching down in front of her, Chester jammed it in her open mouth and pulled the ties back around her head, tying them securely. Her eyes went wide with absolute fear.

January 19, 2015, 07:32:00 PM
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This is a great story . . .hard to believe this is your very first story!

January 19, 2015, 07:39:21 PM
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This is a great story . . .hard to believe this is your very first story!

Thank you PT. I guess I always have just had the writing bug.

January 24, 2015, 10:47:02 AM
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“ Sorry I gotta do this sweetie, but you might get a little loud! And I’m gitting’ a headache from all yer screamin’” said Chester.
Chester pulled off his housecoat as he grabbed her legs and yanked them wide apart. He began to position himself between Blair’s slender thighs. He wrapped the leash tight around his right hand, pulling Blair‘s head back as he guided himself up to the entrance of her anus with his other hand.
“ Always have been a bit of an ass-man,” he growled as he looked down at the quivering girl. “This could hurt a bit, cuz I’m goin’ in dry!”
Then dropping his huge weight down on her, he plunged into her ass in one vicious thrust. Chester felt the walls of her rectum violently tearing as his enormous shaft pushed in to the hilt.

Blair’s head snapped back and her whole body went rigid. Her eyes rolled back as her whole face contorted in an explosion of pain.
“ Ohhhh! I told ya that was gonna hurt”, Chester laughed. “ Well, get used to it, cuz I’m just gittin’ started! By the time I’m done, ya ain’t gonna feel like wigglin’ that little ass for a looooong time!”

Chester pulled back out about halfway, his penis streaked with Blair’s blood and plunged himself in again, his ball sac slapping against her.
“UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHMMMMMMPPPPHHHHHH!” An inhuman sound escaped from Blair’s throat. Tears streamed down her cheeks and mixed with a thread of snot that had blown out her nose and plastered itself against her cheek.
“Yeehawww!” hollered Norm as he struggled to hold the twisting, bucking girl down on the bed. “ Fuck her shitter! Fuck it hard, man!”
“ Yeah!” added Rick. “Kill that pretty white ass!”

Chester began steadily driving in and out of her ass, sweat beginning to run down his forehead from the exertion. He was bringing Blair’s knees up off the bed with every thrust, keeping a tight hold on the leash.
“AAAGGGHH!AAAGGHHH! AAAAGGGHHH!” Blair groaned from out around the ball gag. Her lower body was on fire from Chester’s huge cock spreading apart her tight anus. It felt like a white-hot spear being pushed right up inside her.
“Oh…uhh…man….uhhh….she’s….uhhh….tight!” Chester grunted between thrusts.

Blair’s screams suddenly ceased and her body went limp. Her head fell forward. Chester yanked her head back with the leash and looked down at her face. Her eyes were closed.
“ Holy shit, dude!” Rick exclaimed. “ I think she just passed out!”
“ So…uhhhh…what?” said Chester. “ Ain’t gonna make me…..uhhhh….. stop!”

Chester let go of her hair and let her head flop down onto the bed. He gripped her hard around the hips with both hands and began to increase the speed of his thrusts. He could feel the pressure beginning to build in his balls. After Blair had blacked out, the room had suddenly went silent, the only sounds to be heard were those of Chester roughly grunting as he pounded away at the young woman’s ass and the harsh slap,slap,slap of his body hitting against the back of her thighs.

Throwing his head back, he let out an enormous yell. “ Uhhhhhyeeeeeesssssss!!!” Spittle flew from his half-open mouth as his hips shuddered and he emptied a load deep into her rectum. He thrust into her a couple more times, as her rectal muscles contracted, milking the last few drops of cum out of him. Chester pulled out, his cock making a wet slurping sound, and collapsed on the bed beside the still form of Blair.
"Damn!" Chester panted. "I'm thinkin' that's one of the best ass-fucks I've ever had! Man, she was tight!"

The entrance door to the room suddenly flew open. In staggered Lyle. He was carrying a half-full bottle of whiskey.
“I’m back, you mother-fuckers! Where is that little gutter-slut? I’m ready to fuck her so goddamn hard!” he slurred.
Chester looked over at the drunken man. He was quite a sight. His hair was all over the place, one shoe was untied, and part of his shirt was sticking out through the fly on his pants. From the look of his bloodshot eyes and crazed stare, Chester could see it wasn’t just liquor that was responsible for Lyle’s disheveled appearance. He was obviously on something. Chester knew that Lyle had a habit of occasionally indulging in crack cocaine.

“ Where the hell you been,Lyle?” asked Chester. “ You been missin’ a helluva good time. Just finished bustin’ her ass!”
“ Well, I’m ready to get my piece now too,” said Lyle as he lurched toward the bed. That was when he pulled out the gun from the waistband of his pants
“Now get the FUCK away from the bed, alla you pricks , or I‘ll blow yer fuckin‘ heads off! Me and little Blairie got some unfinished business!”
“ What the fuck?! Put that goddamn thing away!” yelled Chester, hauling his weight up off the bed.
Rick and Norm had backed away from the bed, both looking at Lyle nervously.

“ Holy shit,man!” exclaimed Rick. “Your buddy there is fuckin’ whacked. I don’t need no shit like this.”
“It’s okay,it’s okay.” Norm reassured him. “I’ve seen Lyle like this before. Lyle, you been doin’ crack again?”
Lyle turned towards Norm, the gun waving around unsteadily.“It ain’t none of yer business, Norm, what I been doin’”!
“Okay, okay,” said Norm. “ Just take it easy. We’re yer friends, remember. You just go ahead and do whatever ya need to do. Just put the gun away, all right? Ya don’t need the gun.”
“Yeah!” said Chester, walking towards Lyle. “ Give me that gun, ya crazy little piss-ant. Or I’ll pound yer head into fuckin’mush!”

Lyle spun back towards Chester, squeezing the trigger. The gun fired, a bullet whizzing just past Chester’s s left shoulder and striking a glass sitting on the bar. The glass exploded, tiny shards of glass flying in all directions.
Blair had recovered consciousness by this time. She looked over her shoulder groggily, trying to determine what all the commotion was. There was a dull burning sensation in her insides from Chester’s violent invasion of her and could feel his cum still oozing out from her rectum. She thought she could hear Lyle’s voice. Is he back now? she wondered to herself, her brain still in a haze of pain.

“All right, ya fuckin’ basket case!” said Chester. “ We’ll leave ya alone. Just quit wavin' that goddamn gun around before ya get one of us killed! And don’t ya even think about hurtin’ that girl. I don’t wanna have to dispose of a fuckin’ body just cuz of yer stupidity.”
“ Don’t worry, Chester, ya big fat dick!” Lyle slurred. “ Me and the little slut are just gonna get to know each other a little better. We kinda got off on the wrong foot earlier. But now I’m ready to make it up to her. So why don’t ya just go sit down along with those other two morons. Watch and maybe ya’ll learn something.”

Chester looked at Lyle, anger seething in his face. He wanted nothing more than to knock Lyle into oblivion, but he was standing too far away. By the time he could get there, Lyle could have a bullet in him. If the drunken idiot could even aim straight. But that was a risk Chester wasn’t willing to make. Lyle was just far enough over the edge to make him dangerously unpredictable. Chester would deal with him later.
“Okay,” Chester finally said. He motioned to Norm and Rick. “ Come on boys. Let’s just sit down and have a drink. We’ll let Lyle have his fun and then he’ll calm down. But like I said Lyle, no fuckin’ bullshit! That girl better still be alive when yer done!”

Lyle was ignoring Chester as he staggered toward the bed. He was fumbling with the zipper on his pants as he struggled to pull them down. Blair looked over her shoulder, her eyes growing wide as she saw Lyle climbing onto the bed with the gun in his hand. She tried to crawl away from him, but he grabbed a handful of her long hair, pulling her back towards him. He reached down and untied the ball gag, letting it fall freely out of her mouth.

“Don’t need that no more,” he said.
“No!No!” she feebly whimpered. “ Don’t hurt me Lyle! Please!”
“Don’t hurt me!,” Lyle mocked. “Honey, yer in fer a whole world of hurt!”
Rolling her over onto her back, Lyle gave her a vicious backhand across the face and then another.
“That’s fer before when ya made me blow my load so fast!”

“B-b-but it wasn’t my fault!” cried Blair.
“Shut the fuck up!” said Lyle. “ I said it was YOUR fuckin’ fault. Don’t argue with me, bitch!”
He gave Blair two more backhands across the face.
Tears were streaming down her face. A small rivulet of blood had appeared from a cut on her cheek.

Lyle raised his hand as if he was going to strike her again. As she opened her mouth to scream once more, he shoved the barrel of the 9mm pistol between her lips. Her eyes grew large with terror. A small whimper of fear escaped from her.
“Now, yer gonna lay there and keep yer yappy little slut-mouth quiet, ain’t ya?” said Lyle.
Blair slowly nodded her head. She could feel her heart pounding and little beads of nervous sweat forming on her forehead. She felt Lyle’s other hand slide across her stomach and down between her tightly clenched thighs.

“Open yer legs!” ordered Lyle. He pressed the gun barrel a little farther into Blair’s mouth.
“Lyle!” barked Chester. “ I told ya before! Be careful with that fuckin’ gun!”
Lyle looked over at Chester sitting in his big leather recliner. He had put his housecoat back on.
“Shut up!” Lyle yelled. “I’m bein’ careful, okay?”
Chester looked over at Norm and shook his head.

“I don’t like this, goddamn it. All it takes is fer that drunken retard to make one little flinch and he’s gonna blow her fuckin’ head off. And if we end up with a dead girl, I’m telling’ ya ,Norm, there’ll be TWO bodies to fuckin’ dispose of!”
“I know, I know, Chester.” said Norm. “ We just gotta keep our fingers crossed he don’t do something dumb. You’ve seen him like this before. He gets on that goddamn crack, he just loses his brain!”

February 02, 2015, 10:32:40 PM
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“Well first chance we get, we gotta get that gun away from him,” added Rick.
“Yeah, don’t worry boys,” said Chester as he glared at Lyle on the bed. “We’ll get that gun. And when we do, that stupid fucker is gonna be sorry.”
Over on the bed, Blair had slowly opened her legs apart for Lyle. Her eyes were staring straight up at the ceiling, her lips wrapped around the cold grey barrel of the gun. She prayed to God she would be alive when this was all over.

Lyle pressed three of his fingers together into a tight wedge and began pushing them inside her.
“Oh yeah,” he said softly, hovering over her. “Yer still damn tight!” He looked down at her. Her face was sporting a few nasty bruises and a cut on her cheek, but she was still very pretty. Her long dark hair half-covered her face. Lyle’s eyes wandered down. Her smooth, round tits moved up and down with the motion of her heaving chest. He scanned down over her flat stomach to her slender athletic thighs.

“Goddamn, girl,” he muttered as he slid his fingers in and out of her. He could feel her starting to get moist. “Ya got one fuckin’ hot body! When I first saw ya tonight in that bar, all I could think about was throwin’ ya down on a table and just fuckin’ the livin’ shit outta ya. Girls like you, that’s what ya were made for. Keepin’ guys like me happy!”
Lyle pulled his three fingers out of her and pushed back in, this time with four fingers. A small whimper escaped from Blair’s lips as she arched her back slightly.

“Oh, I think you’re likin’ this!” said Lyle. Blair tried to shake her head no.
“Yeah,I think ya are!” he said. “Let’s see how ya like this.”
He pulled his fingers out again and this time made a tight fist with all five fingers. He began to push in to her, wiggling side to side, his fist spreading her pussy lips apart. Blair arched her back and her mouth opened in a quiet gasp of pain as Lyle’s entire fist slowly pushed up inside her. The moist walls of her vagina closed tightly around his wrist.

“Whoa!” grinned Lyle. “ That feels fuckin’ good! Yer pussy’s just lookin’ fer a big cock ain’t it? Thinks my arm is a dick! Come on, start fuckin’ me!”
Slowly, hesitantly, Blair lifted her hips off the bed and began to move them back and forth, pushing against Lyle’s fist inside her.
“That’s it! Fuck my arm!” Lyle began sliding his wrist back and forth at the same time, starting a rhythm. Blair’s face winced in pain. “Faster, bitch!”

She increased the tempo of her hips, feeling his fist beginning to slam against her cervix. Lyle had almost half of his forearm shoved inside, spreading her pussy as wide apart as it could go. He looked down at his arm sliding in and out of her. There was a small amount of blood oozing out of her.
“Oh, look at that”, he said with mock compassion. “I must be hurtin’ ya. Fuckin’ good!” He rammed his arm hard into her causing her to sharply gasp in pain. The whole time Lyle still kept the gun firmly pressed between her lips.Suddenly he pulled his arm out of her pussy.

 Removing the gun from her mouth, he grabbed her roughly by the left shoulder and flipped her onto her stomach. Pressing his body down onto her, he wrapped the arm he had just had inside her, around her throat, putting her in a chokehold. He placed the barrel of the gun against her right cheek, pushing it into her flesh. She could feel his hard cock pressing into the back of her thighs.
Lyle placed his mouth alongside her left ear. She could feel his hot breath on the side of her face. “I wanna hear ya beg me to fuck ya!” Lyle whispered in her ear.

Blair slowly shook her head side to side. Lyle pressed the gun harder into her cheek, the metal almost cutting into the flesh.
“This ain’t a time to say no!” he growled. “ Remember what I got stickin’ in yer face here. Ya don’t do as I say, we’ll be cleaning yer brains off the ceiling. You understand me, ya fuckin’ tramp?”
“Y-y-yes!” sobbed Blair. “Please don’t hurt me, L-L-Lyle.”
“Well now, that is totally up to you,” he replied. “You do as I want you to and you won’t be hurt. Well, not hurt bad, anyways. Not let’s hear ya. You WANT me to fuck you like the little piece of shit you are. You WANT me to fuck you hard. Come on, let’s hear ya say it!”
Blair took a deep breath and began to speak. “ I-I want to-to be fucked like a-a little p-p-piece of shit! I w-w-want y-you to f-f-fuck me h-hard!”

“I knew you did!” said Lyle as he raised his hips slightly and positioned his cock between Blair‘s thighs and just on the edge of her outer labia. With one forceful push, he entered her, his thick 8 ½ inch cock sliding in all the way effortlessly. The walls of her vagina gripped him tightly and he let out a moan of savage pleasure.
“Ugggghhhhhhhoooowwwwww!!!!” Blair grunted painfully as her battered cunt was once again assaulted. Lyle immediately began a rhythm of short sharp thrusts, pounding in and out of the crying girl mercilessly. The sound of his hips slapping against the back of her thighs was loud in the room. SLAPSLAPSLAPSLAPSLAP!

Chester looked over at Rick and Norm and said sarcastically, “Well, at least the dipshit has lasted more than 3 seconds this time!”
The 3 men erupted in laughter. Lyle glared in their direction. “You know what?” he snarled. “You three can all just fuck off!”
He went back to the business of savagely driving in and out of Blair. He was breaking into a sweat and drool was forming in the corners of his mouth. The sensation of Blair’s firm, taut body moving under him made him even more aroused.

“Ahh!….Ahhh!….Ahhh!….Ahhhh!” Blair groaned with each hard thrust. She could feel Lyle’s hot breath against the side of her face as he grunted and moaned. “Come on, bitch!“ he panted. “Let’s see ya move those hips a bit. Why the fuck should I be doing all the work? Come on! Fuck me!”
Blair tried moving her hips back and forth a little bit. It was difficult with Lyle pressing her down against the bed.

“Yeah, that’s it!” he said. “Get some motion going there.” Lyle lifted his hips slightly to make it easier for Blair to push back against him. She began to try matching his thrusts.
“Oh baby!” Lyle moaned as he felt Blair‘s cunt clench around his cock. “That’s the way! I knew I could turn ya into my little fuck-slut. Ain’t this better, spendin’ the night with some real men insteada those short-dicked college boys that were hittin’ on ya tonight?”
Blair didn’t reply.

Suddenly Lyle ceased his thrusting. He pulled out of Blair and took his arm away from her throat. He began to roll her over onto her back. At the same time he threw the gun onto the floor.
“I don’t need that fuckin’ thing no more. It wasn’t loaded anyway. Just wanted to put the fear o’God in ya was all.”
Blair breathed a small sigh of relief to finally have the gun away from her face.

“Well if it wasn’t loaded, why the hell did it go off?” asked Rick. “ Scared the livin’ shit outta everyone! Ya damn near shot Chester!”
Lyle gave a sheepish look and shrugged his shoulders.
“Yeah, sorry, ‘bout that guys. Guess there was one bullet still in the chamber. Didn’t check that.”
Chester gave him a disgusted look. “You ever pull something like that again, Lyle, I’ll kick yer motherfuckin’ ass to next week! Ya know the rules we got about guns. We might be rapists, but we ain’t killers!”

“I-I’m real sorry, okay,” Lyle apologized. “I was just so mad and then I went and did some crack and, well, guess I got a little too fucked up there. Think I’m kinda comin’ down now. Still fuckin’ horny, though!” He laughed.
“You know better than to get on that shit,” chided Norm. “I’ve told ya before! It fucks yer head up too much! But I’m glad to see ya come back to yer senses.”
“Okay, well, you gonna sit there and yap or you gonna do some fucking?” asked Rick.

“I am gonna do some fuckin’!” hollered Lyle.
Good!” said Rick. “Cuz I’m getting pretty fuckin’ hard sitting here watching you. I want another go at ‘er!”
“Okay, okay!” said Lyle.He turned back to Blair. “Ya hear that? Yer a popular girl tonight! Everybody wants ya!” He let out a sick little chuckle as he grabbed Blair’s wrists and pinned her arms down above her head. Forcing his knee between her legs, he pushed them wide apart. He dropped his body down on top of her, his hard cock instantly finding its target.

“OOOOOOOOhhhhhhh!” grunted Lyle as he thrust in right to the hilt, the familiar tightness of Blair’s pussy enveloping him once more. Blair’s face twisted up in pain as he continued his relentless jackhammering. Laying his whole weight against her, Lyle ran his tongue up her neck and across her cheek up to her left ear.
“I want you to wrap those beautiful legs around me, honey. Remember, earlier tonight? I said the only way those legs could look better was if they were wrapped around me? Well, now I get my wish.”