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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features a character under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is fiction and any resemblance to real people, places or events is purely coincidental. If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

gangrape; oral; anal; non-con; minor; mild violence; bondage

The Rave Girl: Another Adventure with the Predators Club

An original story by Vile8r based on an idea by dman

“Probably lots of cunt at that rave tonight,” Val remarked to Clay, as they drove in their van down the street past the Hartwood Community Centre.

“We shoulda went to it,” Dwight, one of the teen boys sitting in the back of the van, said.

“Could have found us a nice hottie for the night,” Reid added.

“Nahhhh,” Clay said, with a dismissive wave of his hand. “I don’t do raves. If we keep driving around, we’ll be sure to find us a straggler or two.”
There was six boys in the van. Along with Clay, who was driving, and Val, sitting on the passenger side, there was Dwight, Reid, Ty, and Chad. The young men were all between the ages of 18 and 19, with the exception of Val, who was 20.

They attended the very prestigious Hartwood Academy, a private college for families of the rich and elite. The boys all came from extremely wealthy and influential families, with fathers that were judges, politicians, corporate tycoons and Wall Street investment bankers.

The Hartwood Academy sat on a parcel of land just on the outskirts of the small picturesque town of Hartwood. Originally built in the late 1800s, some of the people of the town were very proud of the school and its prestigious heritage. But many others were not. The spoiled, entitled rich kids who attended there, made life around the little tourist town miserable at times.

They were rude and obnoxious to the local residents, and in their free time, hung out in the town, acting like they owned the place. They believed their money made them above the law.

Clay and his friends were among some of the worst. They were fit and athletic, and their good looks made them very popular with the girls. But when it came to having fun with the girls, these boys didn’t like to take ‘no’ for an answer.
With their social standing and wealth, they felt no girl had the right to refuse their advances.

So they had formed their own secret group, The Predators Club. Their purpose: to pick up girls and basically, well, have their way with them. And tonight, that was exactly what they were doing. Clay and Val, the two leaders of the group, knew the annual Spring Rave would likely provide them with a “target-rich” environment.

They knew there would be a lot of girls from other towns attending. The Spring Rave often attracted up to five hundred people, filling the large Hartwood Community Centre.

The boys knew the real fun would begin when the rave ended at midnight. When dozens of young people would leave the community centre, and head out to one of the many after-parties.

Many of those parties were held out at nearby Timber Lake, a very popular summer resort area.

The Predators cruised around Hartwood for a while, making loops past the community centre, but not seeing too much to pique their interest. They left town for about an hour, driving out around the countryside, stopping at a popular party place called The Clearing. There wasn’t a lot happening there either.

They saw a couple cars parked in the trees, no doubt guys who had brought their girlfriends there to make out. But the Hartwood boys left them alone, and drove on.

Clay decided to head back into town. They drove down the street past the community centre, and that was when they saw her!
“Hey!” Val said, pointing out the young girl sitting on a bench outside the hall. “What do we have here?”

She looked to be around at least 14 or 15 years old. They couldn’t get a really good view of her, as it was getting dark outside. But they could see she was wearing a very short, very form-fitting dress with high heels.

The dress showed off a pair of slender legs and what looked to be a curvy, tight body.

“All I can say is, she’s definitely worth a second look,” Clay grinned, as he turned a corner to come back around the block.
“We got a good one?” Chad piped up, from the back of the van.

“Don’t know,” Val said. “But we’ll find out soon.”

It took him only a couple minutes to drive around the block and pull up along the curb, near the bench where the girl was sitting. They were happy to see she was still there. Val rolled down the passenger side window.

“Hey, honey! What’s up?”

The young girl looked up. They could see her better now, under the streetlights. Val and Clay’s cocks twitched in their pants, as they realized she was indeed a hottie.

“Are you talking to me?” she asked.

“Of course, I am, silly!” Val laughed. “I’m not talking to the streetlight. Come on over here.”

She stood up slowly and seemed a bit unsteady on her feet, indicating to the boys she had likely been drinking.  But talk about a cutie! They could now see her standing up in her dress.  Her pert breasts pushed into the stretchy fabric and  looked so delightful on her slim body.
The dress was very short, the hem of it coming down to a few inches above her mid-thigh. It really helped to show off her long legs. It had straps on the shoulders and a low neckline that allowed them to see bit of cleavage.

 She was probably about 5’ 5” in height, but her high heels made her appear taller. She had straight brunette hair that hung down just past her shoulders, and for some reason was wearing a baseball cap sideways on her head.

She cautiously approached the van. The boys were impressed at how the dress hugged her body so tightly, the material pressing into her curves, accentuating her figure.  Her cute little bubble butt was causing the back of the dress to rise and fall from side to side as she walked.

“Why are you out here?” Val asked. “The rave’s inside!”

“Well, I, um, kinda got kicked out,” the girl said sheepishly.

She was close enough now for them to see how her hair framed an adorable teenage face. Clay’s cock grew harder as he gazed at her sparkling blue eyes. She had a pretty smile with cute dimples. He thought about how nice it would feel to have her soft, red lips wrapped around his stiff rod.

He liked the natural look of the young girl’s face, and hers was exceptionally smooth and clean.  The small bit of makeup she wore helped to make her look even sexier.

“You got kicked out?” Clay said.

“Yeah….I got caught with booze and they kicked me out,” she sighed, wiping a tear away from her cheek. “And I lost my phone and now I can’t find my friends I came with. I don’t even know where I’m at.”

“You’re in a bit of a pickle, ain’t you?” Val smirked.

“Yeah, this whole rave sucks!” the girl said angrily. “The security guys were dicks. I didn’t even have that much to drink.”

She wobbled on her high heels and slurred her words. The boys knew she’d likely had way more to drink than she thought. And knowing that, they knew their job would be made a lot easier.

“What’s your name?” Clay asked.

“It’s, um, it’s….Morgan,” she answered, like she had to stop and think about it for a second or two.

“Well, tell you what, Morgan,” Clay said. “There’s gonna be a big party out at the lake after the rave gets out. That’s where we’re going. Why don’t you hop in the van and come with us? It’s gonna be a blast! Everyone’s gonna be there!”

“But… friends….they’ll be looking for me,” Morgan said, hesitantly, looking over her shoulder back towards the hall.

“Tell you what,” Val said, pulling out his phone. “You text your friends and tell them you’re going to the party with us. Tell them to come out to the party too and they can pick you up.”

“Okay……I guess, I can do that,” Morgan said, giving Val a weak smile.

He handed her his phone and within a few minutes, she had texted a message to her friends. In the meantime, Clay jumped out of the driver’s seat and Dwight took the wheel. Clay went into the back of the van and opened the side door.

Morgan finished her texting and passed the phone back to Val. Clay reached out the door and took Morgan by the hand.
“Come on, hop in the back,” he said.

As Morgan stepped up into the van, she had a look of surprise on her face. She didn’t realize there was more people riding in the back. Clay was sitting on one of the bench seats that ran along either side of the van. He patted the seat beside him.

“You can sit beside me, sweetie.”

Morgan settled herself down on the seat, her short dress sliding up and barely covering her crotch as she sat down. She quickly tugged at it, trying to pull it down on her thighs as far as she could, consciously aware of the leering stares the other boys were giving her.

“Ahhhh, don’t worry about those guys,” Clay said, with a grin. “They’re pretty harmless.”

“Yeah, we’re just a bunch of teddy bears,” Ty laughed.

Morgan gave a nervous giggle, but she was a little concerned to see that she had just climbed into a van full of boys who all appeared older than she was. Clay seemed like a pretty nice guy though. He had a nice voice and he was very good-looking.

She felt herself blushing a bit, looking at his handsome features. Curly blonde hair, boyish grin and fit body. Clay prided himself on looking good and knew it made it all that much easier to put on the charm with the cute  girls. But no girls ever suspected such a sweet-looking guy to have the depraved mind that Clay possessed.

None of them knew of how much he loved to forcefully pound his cock into a tight cunt and how he loved to hurt girls as he fucked them. None of them, that is, until it was too late!

As Morgan was to find out very soon, as well.

To Be Continued

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"I’m Clay,” he said. As the van drove away from the curb, he pointed around to the other boys, introducing them.

“That’s Ty and Reid, and that ugly guy there is Chad. Dwight’s the guy driving and that’s Val in the passenger seat.”

They all gave Morgan little waves and said hi.

“So Morgan, how old are you?” Clay asked.

“I’m sixteen,” she replied. “Just turned 16! My birthday was two weeks ago.”

“Ooooh, sweet sixteen! Right on,” Clay grinned. “What’s with the baseball cap?”

Morgan blushed and took it off, shaking her silky brown hair.
“Oh, I took it from some guy at the rave,” she explained. “He said I looked cute in it.”

“Well, you did, kinda,” Clay said. “But you look a lot better without it. Anyone ever tell you you’re hot?”

Morgan blushed even more. “I get told a lot that I’m pretty.”

“You have a boyfriend?”

“No…..not at the moment, anyway.”

“Shit, that’s too bad,” Clay remarked. “A hot girl like you shouldn’t be single.”

As he said that, he placed his right hand on Morgan’s left thigh. He slid his hand back and forth a little, enjoying the feeling of her smooth skin.

Morgan tried to push his hand away. “Ummm, what are you doing?…..don’t do that….please,” she protested.

“Hey, you said you didn’t have a boyfriend. I figured maybe I could be your boyfriend tonight.”

“I don’t need a boyfriend,” Morgan whimpered, still trying to push Clay’s hand away from her, as it moved farther up her leg. “Now, please…….leave me alone! In fact, just let me out! I don’t wanna go with you guys now.”

The other boys began looking on with excitement. They knew what was happening next.

“Well, I’m not really asking,” Clay said, abruptly. His hand came off Morgan’s leg and he grabbed her around the waist, pulling her up onto his lap. “I’m telling  you I’m gonna be your boyfriend. A hot little body like yours, it’s a goddamn shame it ain’t getting some cock!”

“NNNNNOOOOOO! Get away from me!” Morgan screamed.

Her legs kicked and flailed, as Clay pulled her back against him. Ty and Reid jumped into action, each grabbing one of her legs. With her legs yanked apart, her dress rode up around her hips, completely exposing her white lace thong panties. The boys pulled her high heeled shoes off her feet.

Morgan tried to scream but Clay put his hand over her mouth. Val jumped up out of the passenger seat and joined the fun in the back. As Clay held the fighting, squirming girl on his lap, Val pushed a hand down inside her panties.
Morgan arched her back and screamed through Clay’s hand, as the burly quarterback penetrated her with a thick finger, quickly followed by a second. He probed and pushed at the tight walls of her vagina, smiling as he came up against resistance.

“Oh yeah, boys! She’s a cherry!”

“That’s what I like to hear,” Clay said. “Gonna get to do some cherry-poppin’!”

“N-NOOOO!.......NOOOO!” Morgan bawled, managing to pull Clay’s hand away from her mouth. “Please let me go!”

“I ain’t letting my new girlfriend go yet,” Clay hissed in her ear. “Me and my buddies, we are going to fuck your sweet little body good! In every hole you’ve got!"

The look of terror and panic on Morgan’s cute face was priceless. She suddenly realized, even if her judgment was clouded by the booze, that she’d just made a horrible mistake in getting into this van. A mistake she would never forget.

As Dwight drove the van out of town, the other boys in the back were playing with their new toy. All were taking turns with their hands in her panties, fingering and feeling up her teenage cunt, reaching inside the top of the dress and squeezing and groping at her tits.
Clay forced her to kiss him, rolling his tongue around in her mouth. They rubbed their bodies against her, making sure she could feel the hard cocks in their pants, telling her how good it was going to feel to put those cocks inside her.

Dwight was out of town now and heading into the mountainous area surrounding Timber Lake. Many cottages and cabins were built on the mountainsides, overlooking the picturesque lake. The van turned up a narrow winding road that would take them to a cabin situated far away from the more populated areas of Timber Lake.

It was a cabin given to Clay by his dad. Clay and his friends called it the Predator’s Lair and it was their own little private rape den. This was where they brought their unwilling victims to abuse and torment. It was far away from any other cabins on the lake and very secluded.
They felt Dwight finally pull to a stop in front of the old cabin. Right away, Val threw open the side door of the van, and they began to haul Morgan out. Ty and Reid still held her legs and Chad had her by the arms.

They carried her, screaming and crying up the steps into the cabin. Clay ran ahead and unlocked the front door, going inside and turning on the lights. Once they had her inside the cabin, Morgan was dumped on the floor like a sack of potatoes.

As she tried to stand up, the boys surrounded her. Holding his left hand over the girl's mouth, Val put her in a choke hold with his right arm. Clay smiled at the teen hottie standing before him.

 "You are such a dumb little bitch. You never should have got in the van, now you are going to pay."

Grinning at Val, Clay rubbed his hands together, and said, “Party time!"

Clay, grasping the front of her dress with both hands, ripped it open, the light fabric tearing down to her midsection. He yanked the straps down off her shoulders, and pulled her dress the rest of the way down. He could have just unzipped the dress, but Clay always found it more fun to tear a girl’s clothes off her. It added to her humiliation.

Morgan’s tight teenage body was exposed for them all to see, with her skimpy, torn dress pooled down around her ankles. Clay ran his hands across the front of her bra.

"Nice titties, I can't wait to chew on these," he delightfully stated.

“MMMMMPPPPPHHHHH…..NNOOMMMPPPHHH!” Morgan was screaming through Val’s hand.

Clay looked down between the girl’s legs at the delicate lace panties covering her pussy and then into the terrified eyes of Morgan.

"Bitch, you are going to get fucked and fucked good."

“Sonuvabitch, she’s got a sweet little body,” Dwight remarked.

“Let’s get her on the bed!” Reid whooped. “I wanna get my dick inside her!”

Val made her step out of her dress, and began pulling her back towards the bedroom. Well, it wasn’t really a bedroom. It was more like just a rape room. That was all that ever occurred in there.
Morgan came out of the shock that had momentarily paralyzed her, and she tried to fight back. With all her strength, she struggled to get away from Val, and tried to kick Clay with her long, coltish legs. Clay dodged her kicks and backhanded Morgan across the face. The force of the blow numbed her mind and ended her resistance.

 Gripping her by the hair, Clay then pulled hard on it, forcing her to look up at him.

 "Look, you bitch! You do that again and I’ll bust one of your fucking legs."

With his mouth only inches way from Morgan’s ear, Val snarled, "Little girl, you are going to get fucked, and there is nothing you can do about it, understand?"

Clay nodded in agreement. "Yeah, you have no choice. You understand….bitch?"

Trembling with fright, and fearful that he would hit her again, the teenager quietly said "Yes."

Val continued to pull Morgan into the bedroom and threw her onto the bed. It had no blankets, just a filthy old grey mattress. It was permanently stained, a testament to other nights of debauchery.
Two of the boys, Dwight and Chad, grabbed her arms and pinned her to the bed as Clay walked up.  He produced a small knife from his pocket.

Lowering the knife, Clay cut through her lacy strapless bra and threw the torn material to the floor. Her tits were gorgeous! Not large, about grapefruit-size. They jutted straight up from her chest, defying the laws of gravity. And topping each perfect tit was a half dollar size areola with small brown nipples just begging to be sucked and played with.

Putting the knife away, he reached down and cruelly gripped both of her titties. Kneading and pulling on Morgan’s tits with no regard to her pain, he smiled and said "These are real nice! Let's see how they taste."

Lowering his head, Clay licked Morgan's soft breasts. Finding her nipples, he placed them between his teeth, and bit down hard. She screamed.

Feeling the girl's body jump from the pain, Clay laughed, and moved his mouth off of the girl's tits.

"Yum, yum, she tastes real nice. Now let's try out the rest of her. Boys, hold her while I strip."

After removing his clothes, Clay kneeled over Morgan and ran his hands up her smooth, long legs.

"She is one nice piece of ass," he heard Reid say.

Moving his hands further up her legs, Clay ran his hands over her panties, and then jerked them down over her thighs. Clay laughed when he saw her shaved pubic area and licked his lips.

"Fucking fantastic, this whore is smooth and a virgin. My friends, we are too lucky!"

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Nothing like seeing the best back doing what he does best!

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Morgan could feel Clay's naked stomach and the burning heat of his hard cock pressed against her. She writhed and squirmed underneath him.

Admiring Morgan's pert, firm breasts, Val said, "Man, I can't wait to fuck her. Hurry up Clay, use this bitch so I can fuck it."

Understanding his friend’s anxiousness, Clay pulled Morgan's panties completely off and climbed off the bed. The boys prepared her for her gangrape.

Thin ropes were wrapped around her wrists and Dwight and Chad tied them to the headboard. Ty and Reid pulled her tanned legs wide apart and more ropes were used to tie her ankles, leaving her spread-eagled on the bed.
Clay climbed on again, roughly sticking two fingers up the girl's pussy. He smiled when Morgan yelped with pain. Enjoying her pain, he dug his fingers into her dry pussy, until he was stopped by the thin shield of her hymen.

He laid his hard naked body against Morgan. He could feel her heart pounding in fear. Morgan had made out with a few boys at her school, but had never been with a totally naked male. Moving Morgan's brown hair to the side, he licked the side of her face, and began to tease her.
For Clay, it was all part of the game. Instilling a sense of fear and terror in the young girls, telling them the things that would happen to them.

 "You feel my cock, baby? That's it rubbing against your leg. When I get done ripping out your pussy cherry, we are going to take your other cherry. You know what I mean, baby? We’re going to fuck you up the ass. I promise, it's going to hurt you so bad, that you'll beg us to stop. But you know what baby, for us it's going to feel so good.  And because it hurts you so bad and because that will make it so good,  we are going to keep on fucking and fucking your sweet little ass. You know what's going to happen then, baby?.......You’re going to love this. Then my friends and I are going to make you into our love sandwich."

Digging his hands deep into her titty meat, Clay asked Morgan, "You know what I mean, bitch? We are all going to fuck you at the same time. One of us in that tight little ass of yours and another up that hot twat. And even one more guy fucking your throat”

 Once again licking her neck, Clay paused before continuing. "Yes my sweet, little, innocent bitch, by the time we get done with you, you won't be able to walk straight for a month."

Clay positioned himself over Morgan as he looked down into her terrified eyes. The other boys cheered him on to start fucking her.
Without any other warnings, he shoved his cock forward. Morgan gasped with pain as Clay's body crushed hers. She could hardly breathe, as Clay's hot cock slipped past her pussy lips and entered her. Momentarily stopped by her hymen, Morgan screamed when Clay pulled back, and then rammed his cock forward full force. His cock ripped through her hymen, and sliced deep into her body.


She could not believe the pain raking her pussy, and she begged Clay to stop his plunging cock. Clay only laughed at her, and her tears and pleas of mercy only drove him on. As he shoved his cock in and out of her tight cunt, he looked down at the girl laying underneath him.

 "You feel so good, baby. You were made to fuck, bitch!"

“AAAAAIIIIIIEEEEE…….AAAIIIEEEEEEEEE……oh stop!......P-please…….STOP!.....oowwwaaiiiiiiieeeeee!”

“Pound ‘er, dude!” Val yelled.

“Rip that pussy open!” Dwight cheered.

Morgan didn’t notice Chad, off to the side, setting up a small videocam on a tripod. That was another thing the Predators liked to do. They filmed all the rapes they did in the Lair. They made for entertaining viewing afterwards.
Clay was driving his cock into her while he breathed heavily. He kissed Morgan on her lips and forced his tongue into her mouth.

Morgan frantically tugged and pulled at the ropes on her wrists and ankles, but after a while, gave up, feeling the ropes cutting into her skin.
Clay stopped kissing her and nuzzled his face next to her ear. While breathing heavily and moaning from the labor of his brutal rape, he ran his hands down her body. He enjoyed the feel of her silky smooth flesh. Her pussy was hot and tight around his cock, and her body felt so soft and warm pressed against him.

He began thrusting faster.

"Here it comes, bitch. Your first load of sperm. You are going to love it!" Then slamming his hips forward with all his strength, Clay buried his cock deep into Morgan and flooded her cunt with his hot cum.

“NOOOOOOOOO!.......NOOOOOOOOO!” Morgan bawled, feeling his cock throb inside her.

Taunting her, he groaned and asked, "How did you like it, bitch?" as he pulled out of her. He wiped his cock on her leg.
He looked around and saw that his friends had all stripped down while he was raping Morgan. They were now gathered around the bed, stroking hard, erect penises.

Val stepped forward. He was going to be next. Morgan let out another scream as the burly football player climbed between her outstretched legs. Val was in his third year at Hartwood Academy, and was on their championship football team.

But in spite of his wealthy pedigree, he was a brute.  Val had a reputation of being one of the most sadistic members of the Predators Club. Clay often joked to his best friend, that were it not for his family’s money, Val would be a two-bit street thug.

 Val did indeed love to fuck girls hard…..really hard. Seeing their tears and hearing their screams was a powerful aphrodisiac to the young man. He saw Morgan staring at the thick, erect cock dangling between his legs.

"Am I too big for you, you whore?" he chuckled.

"N-no….pl-please….don't hurt me," she tearfully begged.

Settling on top of her, Val fisted his cock as he fed the fat head inside the sobbing 16 year-old. Licking his lips as he gazed down at Morgan’s firm naked body, his hips propelled his cock into her tight tunnel.
Val thrust himself viciously inside her, his heavy body slapping down on top of the screaming girl. The entire bed shook with the force of his powerful fuck.

She screamed in agony as he thrust deeper and deeper inside her. Waves of pain coursed through her body. She had never felt pain this intense ever before. Val laughed out loud. He got pleasure from the pain of his victims and was enjoying the brunette girl’s cries, the tears that streamed down her cheeks and the desperate twisting of her body as she tried, with no chance of success, to tear herself free from his violation.

Tied to the bed, Morgan could only arch her back. Val loved that, feeling her warm, flat tummy pressing up against him.
Finally, his grunts got louder and quicker, and after what had felt like an eternity to Morgan, he came. She felt the powerful spurt of his semen deep inside her damaged body. Slowly, Val pulled back out of her, his penis damp with blood and semen.

“Fuck! She’s a good one, boys!” Val said, as he stepped away from the bed.

“Well, I’m going next then,” said Dwight.  The good-looking, dark-haired boy was on the bed and feeding his raging cock into Morgan.

A cheer went up from the boys as Dwight started to fuck the young girl.

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“Fuck ‘er…..fuck ‘er…fuck ‘er….!” they chanted, as he pounded his cock into her pussy. Her titties were bouncing back and forth with each powerful thrust of Dwight's body.

He smiled as he settled into a steady rhythm of thrusts into the girl as his hands squeezed her tender teenage body. He lowered his head and he began to alternate between sucking on the nipples, forcing them to distend in response, and biting her breasts, almost to the point of drawing blood.

Dwight was loving the freshly broken-in pussy of this young girl, and he enjoyed dragging the experience out. After a while, her screams died down to be replaced by whimpers of pain and wracking sobs.

He grabbed her around her smooth thighs and ground his body hard against her, as his cock jerked and spurted inside her. Morgan could only close her eyes in silent humiliation as yet another load of sperm was dumped into her.
She was terrified with knowing these boys were raping her without protection. She knew she would feel like dying if one of these horrible boys got her pregnant.

Dwight let go of her thighs and Morgan’s body slumped back down on the bed. Her wrists hurt terribly from the ropes around them. However, the pain in her arms was nothing to the waves of fire that came from her damaged vagina.

"You were made for this baby,” Dwight said as he climbed off her.” Your body feels so nice!"

Next up was Reid, the 18 year-old son of a state senator and from a family that traced their heritage back to the 1700s. As he had watched the other boys, all he could think about was how he was going to fuck the shit out of this hottie. Reid was blonde and, like his friends,  very athletic. A good all-American boy. He was popular with girls and really didn’t have to resort to this kind of thing. He knew there was plenty of girls who would willingly let him fuck them.

But after hanging out with Clay and Val, and becoming involved in the Predators Club, he was now addicted to force-fucking. Seeing the power they had over girls and the fear they could instil in them, was intoxicating.

His dad didn’t help matters either. He was from a state in the Deep South and his views on women were pretty old-fashioned and misogynistic. He had always told Reid as he grew up, that most girls were just tramps and were only good for one thing in guys’ eyes, and that was fucking.

Reid knelt between Morgan’s legs and snuggled the head of his cock between her swollen pussy lips.

“Please…..don’t do this to me…..let me go,” Morgan pleaded before Reid, with all his might, drove his cock all the way up inside of the sexy little teenager’s tight pussy, making her squeal in pain as he invaded her.

He laughed, seeing the pain in Morgan’s beautiful blue eyes. He couldn’t hide the delight in his own eyes as he gloated,  and began to pound his man-meat in and out of the hottie. Morgan turned her face away from him in humiliation, as she squealed underneath his relentless pounding hips, his balls smacking the crack of her ass as his cock pumped her hard.

Morgan laid underneath her rapist crying and squealing. When she heard Reid moan, “I’m gonna cum!”, she looked up at him with her pleading eyes. Staring at him through tears, she sobbed in a soft, submissive voice, “Please…. don’t do it in me…..”

Reid didn’t really care if he impregnated a girl. His dad had always told him, if a girl was worried about getting knocked up, it was her job to protect herself, not the guy! That was the attitude of the Predators Club too.

 “That’s your problem, bitch!” he said cruelly to Morgan. “It’s a little late to worry about it now. And anyway, it doesn’t matter what you want, you fucking slut! You’re nothing to me…..nothing!”

And on that note, Morgan felt his baby maker go off inside of her, filling her with his seed. He was moaning, “Fucking A…..Ha! Ha! Ha! .....Fucking A!”, as he emptied his nuts inside of her battered little pussy. She could only lie there, underneath Reid, feeling used and dirty, his cock jerking and twitching inside of her as it slowly deflated.

Reid pushed himself back up to his knees, pulling his cock out of Morgan as he did. He was barely off the bed, and Chad was on it. He lined his cock up with Morgan’s cunt and stabbed into her hard, slamming the headboard against the wall.
He heard the other boys laughing.

 “Take it easy on the cabin!” Clay joked.

“Pound that tight little cunt!” Val yelled.

Morgan was crying uncontrollably as the red-haired teen boy pumped away on top of her. What a beautiful sight, Chad thought to himself, as he buried his cock balls-deep into the sweet, sexy teenager.

With each hard thrust of his hips, he watched her whole body go stiff and her back would arch, letting her tits push up from her chest. Chad ran his hands up across her flat belly to her heaving breasts. Suddenly, he grabbed both of her nipples and squeezed them hard.
At the same time, Chad stopped pumping, and just held his cock inside her. Morgan tried to twist and pull away from him. That caused her hips to involuntarily buck up against him.

"No, no, no………please……. Aiiiieeeeeeee!" she squealed.

"That’s it, baby!” Chad grinned, enjoying the feeling of her young, pert breasts in his hands, his fingers closed around her erect nipples. Unable to pull away, Morgan was trapped on the end of Chad’s dick, her pussy clenching down on him as he savagely squeezed her nipples.
"Oh yes, look at the horny little bitch!” Dwight exclaimed.

Chad finally released her nipples, noting they were now a dark red. Her body sagged and Chad took the opportunity to pull back his hips and plow into her again. He resumed his hard rape of the girl.

His body slapping into her, Chad furiously stroked his cock in and out of the tight cunt until he felt his balls begin to tingle. The warm rush of semen up his shaft , caused him to let out a load groan. But he didn’t cum inside her.
Chad pulled out and allowed his seed to spray across her tummy. Morgan was repulsed by the slimy sensation of his spunk on her bare skin. He stroked his meat a few times to squeeze out the last drops of his load, finally wiping the head of his cock across her stomach.

“Finally ! I get my turn!” Ty whooped.

The solid, muscular teen boy, had waited impatiently as the other boys raped Morgan. Now was his chance to sink his meat into her. He wasted no time, plunging his hard cock up inside her.

“Ohhhhh, shit! She feels awesome!” he groaned.

Ty didn’t care that he was basically getting sloppy seconds. Morgan was still tight as hell and her pussy wrapped around him nicely.
He slid his hands up her spread legs and cupped her hips, holding her as he started to thrust slowly and deeply into her tight pussy. Ty’s breathing became faster and he was digging his fingers into her hips, pulling her tighter against him. Laying his whole body against her, he could feel her nipples push against him as he fucked harder and faster inside her.

Morgan was letting out a series of pathetic moans and whimpers as Ty used her body for his pleasure.

“Bang ‘er Ty!” “Fuck ‘er good!” “Harder, man, harder!” His friends urged him on.

Ty was liking the sound his body made as it would slap against Morgan, his dick sliding in and out of her.

“Oh baby, you feel good,” he grunted.

He began to thrust as hard as he could into her, sending shivers of pleasure through his spine. He could feel his orgasm building up in the base of his cock. He bit hard into her shoulder and she let out another of her high pitched screams. Her body convulsed around his cock, and he gave one more deep thrust and clenched his teeth as his cum erupted from his cock.

He pulled her hips tight against him and tried to thrust even deeper into her. He groaned as his cum kept pumping into Morgan. He laid on top of her for a while as he caught his breath. Then he rolled off her slowly, a string of cum still clinging to his dick.
As he got up off the bed, he leaned down and kissed her on the lips, tasting the sweat on her face.

“Wow, I enjoyed that sweet cunt of yours.”

“Good job, boys!” Clay said. “We got her broken in good!”

“Yeah !” Val whooped. “We gave her a good Predators’ welcome to the Lair!”

“Time for cherrie #2!” Clay yelled. “Untie her guys, and we’ll take her out to the table!”

“Ple-please…….just let me go……please……I wanna go……” Morgan pleaded, as the boys began to untie the ropes on her wrists and ankles.

“Let you go?” Dwight laughed. “No fuckin’ way! You belong to us tonight.”

“You’ll be going on our wall of fame!” Reid said.

August 04, 2017, 09:14:08 PM
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Offline vile8r

Morgan was dragged off the bed, and carried back out into the main room of the cabin. She was pulled over towards a sturdy wooden table that sat along one wall. She was thrown face down on the table, her legs and ass hanging over one end.

“Ever been ass-fucked?” Clay snarled, as he kicked her legs farther apart. Reid and Dwight held her arms. Morgan screamed as she felt him push her ass cheeks apart.

“NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!” Morgan wailed.

Taking cum from her pussy, Clay coated two of his fingers with the cream and placed his fingertips on her asshole. Ramming his fingers inside her asshole several times to spread the cum around, he cruelly opened the girl's virgin asshole as she gasped in pain. Curving his fingers, he slowly twisted his fingers out of her tight ass.

 As he held his cock against her puckered asshole, he told the trembling girl underneath him, "You think my fingers hurt, wait until you feel this!"

Thrusting forward, his cock forced past her tight sphincter muscles, and slowly entered into her asshole. With unbelievable pain suddenly burrowing and burning up her ass, Morgan screamed.

"NOOOO! Please……stop! Take it out!.....Please…..Ohhhhh, it is killing me. Please don't!"

Sobbing, the girl cried "It hurts so bad!"

 “You got a nice ass, baby,” Clay smirked.

Not giving any thought to the feelings of the teenager lying underneath him, Clay grabbed her thighs and pulled her body backwards as he thrusted his cock forward. Feeling him impale her on the thrusting cock, Morgan screamed.


Twisting her body, she tried to move and ease her pain while the teen boy continued to bury his cock deep into her ass. Morgan's face twisted with pain and anguish as the cock moved deeper and deeper up her ass and into the very center of her body. When his cock had went all the way into her ass, and his balls slapped against her ass checks, Clay stopped and just held himself inside her.

He enjoyed the feeling of her hot, tight body. Slowly pulling his cock back out of the girl's ass, Clay liked the way Morgan arched her back in pain, thus raising her titties up off the table. He was able to shove his hands underneath her and grab her soft tits. While continuing to play with the girl's breasts, Clay pulled his cock out of Morgan's ass until just the head of his cock remained inside of her.

Then rapidly thrusting forward, he buried his cock back into her ass. Moving his hips back and forth, he ass fucked the pretty teen. The brutal attack made her weep again, and Clay enjoyed the sight of Morgan's tears and cries almost as much as he was enjoying the feel of her tight ass wrapped around his cock.

Clay couldn’t help but think of all the girls that already been raped on top of this table, as he pounded into her ass. All the hot, firm bodies that had been pressed against the wood, as hard cocks had violated their holes.

The tightness of her ass squeezing and milking his cock, was too much for Clay to hold back. He felt himself getting ready to cum. He slammed his cock as deep into her bowels as he could and let out a loud sigh as he emptied cum inside her.

Pulling out slowly, Clay noticed his shaft was coated in blood and flecks of shit. He stepped away from the table and Ty handed him some paper towel to clean himself off.

“Thanks, bud!”

Val was next, his eyes wild with excitement. “Ain’t nothin’ like a teenage ass,” he said to Morgan. “I’m gonna have some fun.”

He wasted no time in feeding his thick cock into her ass. Morgan could not believe the pain. She could feel every vein and bump in Val's cock. It hurt so bad. As he continued to sink more of his cock into her, she realized that her torment wasn't even close to ending. With more cock ramming up her ass, Morgan earnestly hoped to pass out in a desperate attempt to avoid the hot pain shooting through her ass. The cute girl was denied even this single means of escape, and she had to lie there as her ass was forcibly impaled on Val's unrelenting cock.

As Morgan grimaced in pain, Clay laughed and urged his friend to fuck her even faster and ram his cock up her ass even harder and deeper.

"Give it to her Val. Oh, she feels it! Look, that little honey’s hurting now. You're the man, give her your cock, buddy!”

“Hey, the little tease is learning her place now,” Dwight jeered. “How do you like it, huh, bitch? Not so smart now, was it, getting into a van with us?"

Spurred on by Clay's cruel encouragement, Val shoved another inch of cock up the terrified girl's tight ass. "How do you like it baby. You feeling good?”

"NOOOO!" Morgan replied.

"Well, take this!" Val said, as he rammed his cock all the way into her tight asshole. With his cock buried all the way up her ass, he rotated his hips in circles and widened the girl's asshole even more. Screaming as if a hot baseball bat had been slammed into her body, Morgan sobbed and begged for mercy.

"Oh God, please stop…….pl-please don't do this to me……Please! Oh please d-d-don't hurt me…..Take it out…..It hurts so bad!"

Val pushed his hands under her to get at her tits. Pinching her nipples, he asked Morgan, "So, do you like it up the ass, little bitch? Tell me you want it!"

Whimpering with pain, Morgan did not respond. Angered by her lack of attention, Val brutally thrusted his cock into her ass and twisted her nipples as he yelled, "Answer me, bitch!"

Crying, Morgan moaned, "N-noooo!....Please just stop hurting me!"

Val laughed and said, "But baby, I have to hurt you. That's what you’re here for. We’re the Predators and we love to hurt your body and your tight little pussy and ass.”

Harder and harder he pumped, working up a sweat. He finally slumped over top of her, his hips twitching, as his cock unloaded inside the cute brunette.

Val pulled out of Morgan, his cock making a SCHLORP! sound. He traded spots with Dwight and the other boy got behind Morgan.

August 12, 2017, 01:14:32 AM
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Offline vile8r

He fed his cock into her sore ass a little bit at a time. He was oblivious to the screaming, crying, pleading girl. Dwight grabbed a handful of her hair as he began fucking her chocolate tunnel.

“Damn!" he exclaimed. “You got a good, tight ass, sweetie!”

Clay saw that Chad had set up the tripod and videocam nearby to capture the assrapes.
“Good job, man,” he said. “You got all the action in the bedroom?”

“You bet, buddy!” Chad said.

Clay took the videocam off the tripod and zoomed in on Dwight’s dick driving in and out of Morgan. He panned over the sobbing girl, the sweat dripping off her naked body and pooling on the tabletop. 

Fucking in and out of the girl's ass, Dwight pounded into the teenager at a feverish pace. He let out a loud grunt as he came inside her. He pulled out of her and smiled down at Morgan.

"I don't know which was tighter,  little girl. Your ass or your pussy? But they’re both pretty damn good!"

Ty wasn’t waiting to be last this time. “I’m taking a turn now!” he announced.
“Go for it then!” Val said.

He and Clay were reclining on a nearby couch, sipping on cold beers, just as casual and content as if they were watching TV.
Ty was trying to push into Morgan, but kept slipping out. Repositioning his cock, he finally thrusted up into her ass.

"Oh yeah, that's tight all right!"

Stopping after a dozen strokes, he held himself inside her, just enjoying her ass muscles clamping tightly around his shaft. Lowering his head, he bit down on the back of her neck and shoulder. He used his teeth to chew at her tender flesh, almost breaking her skin with his sharp bites. Pulling his hips back, Ty fucked in and out of the beautiful girl.

With every deep stroke up her ass, Morgan whimpered in shame and torment. Listening to the sobs escaping her sweet lips, Ty made sure that every thrust was faster and harder than the thrust before, keeping her pinned to the table the whole time.
Morgan could not believe that it was possible to live through such cruel treatment. She did not understand how the boy fucking her could laugh at her as she experienced such brutal pain. He was hurting her so much, and she could not imagine why he would hurt her even worse by biting her on her neck and shoulders.

 She just hoped that Ty would hurry up and finish with her. Suddenly, and as if Ty was reading the tormented girl's mind, he pulled his dick from her suffering asshole and spurted jizz all across her back.

Morgan's respite was short-lived. Even before she could catch her breath, Reid was brutally gripping and tugging at her hips, stabbing his hard cock into her butt.  With one hand on the back of her head, holding her down, Reid pushed his cock deep in and out of her ass.
 His hips slapped against her ass, as he raised up on his feet with each hard thrust. Val was standing close by, holding his shirt. He twisted it, and then swatted Morgan in the ass.

"Move your ass, baby! Show my man Reid how much you like his loving, baby!"

Stunned by the sharp strikes of the rolled up shirt on her ass cheeks, Morgan instinctively tried to pull away from the boy stinging her ass.
"Please….stop! D-don't hurt me!" she begged, barely audible.

Val, amused by the red marks he was causing on her ass, continued to swat the begging girl while Reid held her in place on his thrusting cock. Reid, turned on by the whipping, drove his cock up into the girl harder. Val continued to hit the girl's ass and lower back with the twisted shirt.

Trying to end the sharp stings of the shirt, Morgan pleaded with Val, "Pleasssse……Stop! Oh please…..stop! I'll do anything you want! Please just stop hitting me."

“Oh, don’t worry, honey, you’ll be doing anything we want anyways!” Clay retorted.

Reid was slamming into her roughly, piston fucking her. He felt his balls churning as her tight ass canal gripped him. When he came, he pulled out at the last second and allowed his spunk to shoot across her back in a high arc, spattering across her skin. Some of it even ended up in her hair.
Reid looked down as he pulled out of Morgan’s abused ass. The opening was red and swollen and gaping open.

“I’d say we’re getting this ass broken in,” he laughed.

“Could park the van in there,” Dwight smirked.

“Well, still gonna be tight enough for me,” Chad remarked as he moved behind the bawling girl and slapped her across the ass.
“Wake up, bitch! Party ain’t over yet!”

Morgan squirmed a little bit beneath him, as he thrust into her, But she had no fight left at all and was only able to lay there and take the punishment. Chad pressed her body against the rough table and began to slam into her. He laughed gleefully, enjoying her tears and pain. Like Ty, he leaned down and bit her on the neck.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! aaahhhhhhhh...” Morgan moaned, her voice becoming softer with each cry. Her voice was almost gone completely and she was barely able to make any sound. Chad spit on her a few times, his tempo against her increasing.

"UGHN….UGHN…UGHN…..UGHN…..FUCK….UGHN…..UGHN!!!" he grunted, shoving her head down onto the table.

He was just slamming fully into her body, until he finally let out one last loud grunt and pulled out, coating her ass cheeks in spunk. Chad stepped back from the girl as the boys let go of her arms. She slumped to the floor, a sweaty, cum-soaked heap, crying hard to herself.
The boys of the Predators Club were high-fiving and fist-bumping each other, as they boasted about what they had just done to the young girl.

“Pounded that ass good!” Val beamed.

“Man, that was nice,” Ty said. “That ass was golden!”

“Nothing like the ass of a 16 year-old,” Reid commented.

“I’ll drink to that,” Dwight replied, holding up his can of beer.

“Take her to the bathroom,” Clay said. “I want her ready for Round 3!”

July 02, 2018, 05:21:49 PM
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Offline unzy1

Hey vile.  Did you have an ending in mind for this one?

July 06, 2018, 01:29:15 AM
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Offline vile8r

Holy crap, Unzy! Thank you for the reminder! LOL! I finished this story ages ago and I thought I had posted the rest. Apparently I did not. I will be posting it right away. Again.....Thank you for taking interest in my stories and bringing this to my attention.

July 12, 2018, 11:19:06 PM
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Offline vile8r

Ty and Reid half-carried, half-dragged the poor girl across the room to a door that entered into the small bathroom. Inside they set her on the toilet and let her take care of business. They washed her up a bit and splashed some water on her face.

She was dragged back to the living room. There, Morgan saw Clay sitting on a chair in the middle of the room. A pillow was on the floor in front of him. He was stroking his cock, looking at her with an evil grin.

The pretty teen was pushed down, so she was kneeling on the pillow, Clay’s cock directly in front of her face.
“So tell me, Morgan, are you good at sucking cock?” Clay asked.

She shook her head timidly. “I-I’ve never…..d-d-done that……with a boy,” she whimpered softly.

She was telling the truth too. Morgan had given a couple hand jobs to boys she had made out with, but so far she was very inexperienced at oral sex. She’d never had a boy’s penis anywhere near her mouth.

“Looks like we got a mouth virgin too,” Val smiled. “Damn, we really hit the jackpot tonight!”

“Yeah, you’re gonna learn how to suck cock tonight, baby,” Clay said. “You’re gonna suck us all. Now start by kissing it.”

He put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her in closer to his crotch. Morgan softly kissed his rock-hard shaft and Clay sighed feeling her warm, soft lips on him.

“Lick it… a popsicle,” he ordered.

Morgan began to lick along the shaft with just the tip of her tongue. Slow little licks, her nose turning up at the sour taste.
“Yeah, guess you ain’t gonna like tasting your own ass, are you?” Clay chuckled.

He watched as she also licked around his purple head, lapping at the drops of pre-cum oozing from the tip.

“Now take it in your mouth,” he said. “And don’t bite or I’ll punch you in the face.”

He watched as the first inch of his cock disappeared into her mouth. She stopped, pulling back, but Clay held the back of her head. Soon her mouth was sliding down again. It excited Clay as her cute lips parted and slowly slid downward over his cock.
It also felt wonderful knowing his was the first cock to be inside her mouth. Clay took a deep breath and groaned as much from the feel of her mouth as watching her.

“Little slut ain’t doing too bad for a first time,” Val remarked.
“Yeah, not bad at all,” Clay grinned, leaning back in the chair. “She’s got a hot little mouth.”

Between the two of them, they’d had dozens of girls’ mouths on their cocks, and were certainly qualified at assessing a girl’s oral abilities.
Morgan’s tongue slid along his cock as she moved her mouth up and down. Her hands were pressed against his thighs, and her breasts brushed against his legs each time she slid up and down with her warm sucking mouth.

Clay lifted his hips slightly, pushing his cock further into her mouth. Morgan gave a little gag.
“Come on, bitch! You gotta learn to take it deeper,” he said.

She paused, slid her mouth off his shaft, and looked up at him.
“I-I’m sorry…..I c-can’t do that….” she whimpered.

“I wasn’t asking you…..I was telling you!” Clay snapped. “Now get your little whore mouth back on my dick and start sucking. I wanna see my whole cock in your mouth!”

Morgan put her warm mouth back on Clay’s cock, and began moving her head up and down on him, only taking a couple inches at a time. With an impatient grunt, Clay grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved his meat as far in her mouth as he could.
Her cheeks bulged out and she tried to pull away. Clay held her tightly, feeling the tip of his cock push into her throat. Morgan pitifully whimpered and gagged around the invader in her mouth.

“Yeah! Skullfuck  ‘er!” Val laughed.

“She’ll learn to deep throat or she’ll fuckin’ choke,” Chad said, holding the videocam so he could get a good angle on the action.
Continuing to hold her by the hair, Clay jammed her head up and down on him, using her mouth like a pussy. After a while, with the sensation of her soft lips wrapped around him, and watching the tears roll down her pretty face, Clay felt his balls swelling.

Morgan heard him breathing harder and knew he was getting ready to cum. She fought to pull her mouth off him, but couldn’t. Spurts of his musky semen shot into her mouth and across her tongue. She retched, as she was forced to swallow the disgusting stuff.

“Oh…..that’s it!” Clay grinned. “Be a good little bitch and swallow it all.”

He slipped out of her mouth and Morgan was on her hands and knees, gagging and sputtering.

“Guess she needs to get a little more used to the taste of cum,” Val said, as he stepped up to her. “You get to suck me now, baby! Make it good!”

July 12, 2018, 11:32:09 PM
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Offline DirtySerenity

I love the story vile8r. you posted just enough to keep me hooked you tease

July 12, 2018, 11:41:36 PM
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Offline vile8r

The muscular young man gripped the back of her head through her hair. Morgan opened her mouth reluctantly, taking his thick, throbbing cock past her lips. Her tongue felt good on the bottom of his cock. She gripped the base with one hand, her other resting on his thigh as she began sucking him off.

Up and down she bobbed on Val’s cock, not taking him deeply like a good cocksucker, but he was okay with that. He knew she just wanted to get him off, not make him feel good. Val didn’t care; after all, she was making quite the scene down there on her knees, saliva dripping down from her lips on his cock, sucking and bobbing.

“Oh fuck yeah, bitch,” he groaned, so close now.

He was going to come, and shoot his thick load deep down her throat. He’d make her swallow every fucking drop. Val liked it, when girls put up a fight. He loved holding their heads down, feeling the strain as they tried to pull off of his cock. Sometimes, if he had to, he’d clamp his hand down over their mouth and pinch their nose shut until they swallowed.

“Just like that, yeah, fuck!”

Val watched her sweet mouth moving on his cock. He was close, so damn close. His body tensed, his cock swelling. He gripped her head, holding tightly.
Val came hard, cock exploding in her mouth, so turned on by the cute young girl sucking his cock. She gagged loudly as his seed flooded her mouth. Val gripped her head intensely, making her keep sucking until he was finished, his cock still twitching.

He finally pushed her away roughly, sending her onto her ass. Morgan just laid there, wiping slobber from her chin and bottom lip.
“Looks like it’s my turn next,” said Dwight.

Once more, she was forced to get up on her knees, and take Dwight’s erect cock in her hands. She leaned forward and took him in her mouth. Morgan began slowly sucking up and down his shaft.
But Dwight was impatient. He didn’t want a soft, slow suckjob. He pulled out, then savagely rammed it back in, causing her to choke and sputter. Again and again, he rammed forward in Morgan’s mouth.

Her reaction was immediate, her eyes bulging, coughing and gagging, spittle and drool spilling out from the side of her mouth. But Dwight gave her no room, instead pushing her head down against him, enjoying the feeling of his cock deep in her mouth, her cheeks bulging.

“Now suck, whore,” he said.

Tears welled up in her eyes, as she was trying to hold off her gagging and press her lips around his member. Dwight gripped her head, sliding in and out of her mouth slowly.

“Keep working me,” he said.

Morgan did as she was told. In and out he stroked a few times, almost gently, but pressing down to the back of her throat, making her gag before pulling out again, sliding across her lips. He did this for a little while, then slammed his cock into the back of her throat, making her gag and buck, then began the process of a slow sliding in and out again.

Dwight picked up his pace, sliding in and out of her at a quick tempo, no longer slamming into the back of her neck, but not giving her time to properly adjust either. He kept working faster until he pressed her down against his hips, holding her there, his hair sticking into her nose, keeping her from breathing. She struggled, trying to shake loose.

“Yeah!” she heard someone call out. “Choke the bitch!”

Dwight’s hips quivered as he shot ropes of cum into Morgan’s throat. He pulled out suddenly, Morgan coughing violently as he did so, her head tilted to the right, spit and drool spilling onto the floor.

“Not bad...” he said, slapping his cock against her forehead.
“Good job, dude!” Val said, giving him a fist-bump.

Reid took his turn next. He stood in front of Morgan, stroking his hard meat.
 “Lick my shaft and suck on my balls. Do a good job if you know what is best for you,” he snarled.

Morgan cried, looking at the member, slapping at her wetly, but slowly opened her mouth and complied. Her tongue ran slowly up the length of Reid’s dick. It tasted sickly, like all the others had, but she tried not to think on it.

 She ran her tongue up and down his length a couple times. Then Reid pushed her down towards his ball sac. “Now...” he said. “My balls. Lick and suck them.”

Morgan did as she was told, leaning towards him, touching with her lips and wincing at the sweaty smell of his balls. She opened her lips and closed them around one of his balls, sucking on it, pulling it into her mouth.
“Mmm...” said Reid, feeling the girl’s mouth on his sac.

She sucked on one ball for a little while, then the other. Reid wrenched her head away from him. “Alright,” he said. “Now for the hard stuff.”

“No….please...” she began to whine, but was cut off when he jammed his cock between her parted lips. He pushed his cock down as far as it would go, watching her struggle.

“Ah yes,” Reid gloated. “This is what little sluts are made for.”

“Fuck ‘er  mouth, dude!” Clay yelled out.

Reid began pumping against her with his hips, gripping her hair with both hands, nails digging into her scalp. He slapped against her loudly, groaning openly while face fucking her. He loved how her body quivered and shook, her eyes looking up at him so piteously.
Morgan was choking and sobbing around his manhood and it made him even harder.

Her cheeks were puffing out as he pushed in and out of her rapidly, spittle and drool spilling out of her mouth. He built up to orgasm, his back arching and he let out a loud groan. Pulling out suddenly,  he pushed the tip of his penis against her right eye and pushed it open with his free hand.

She screamed as his cum spilled into her eye, stinging it. Reid was barely able to hold her for more than a moment before she twisted away, frantically shaking her head to get the horrible stuff out of her eye, but with little result. Reid laughed, finishing by cleaning himself off on her forehead.

The other boys roared with laughter, seeing the big splotch of cum smeared across the teen girl’s eye. Morgan sobbed with humiliation as she wiped at her eye with the back of her hand.
“That was awesome!” Val exclaimed.

“Cum right in her eye!” Chad laughed.

Reid sat down on the couch and lit up a cigarette, feeling quite proud of what he had done to Morgan. Ty was stepping up, ready for his turn in her mouth. But Morgan backed from him, shaking her head.

“N-n-noooo…….nooooo…….I c-can’t do anymore…..noooo!” she bawled.

“Come on, bitch, you’re gonna suck my dick,” Ty snapped.
Clay intervened. “Hey, you know what? We’ll give her a little break.”

“Fuck that shit!” Ty argued. “She’s sucking my dick!”

“Don’t worry, dude. You’ll get your turn,” Clay assured him. “We’ve got lots of time. Have a beer, let her rest a bit, and then we’ll get back to our fun.”

Ty looked at Clay grudgingly. “Yeah, okay, whatever you say.”

Clay walked over to one wall of the room. “It’s time we added Morgan to the Predator Hall of Fame.” 

He opened a couple panels, revealing a display case recessed into the wall behind them. Arranged on small hooks were pairs of girls’ panties, in all colours and styles. Names were written on the panties with a black felt pen and beside each one was a picture of the girl they had once belonged to.

This was a collection the Predators Club had started, a record of all the young teen girls they had raped since they started the club. With Morgan’s panties, the collection was now at eighteen.
Clay held Morgan’s white thong panties he had removed from her earlier in the night. He picked up a black felt pen and wrote Morgan  on them in bold letters. He hung the panties on an empty hook.

Then he walked over to Morgan and knelt down in front of her. He pointed his phone at her face to take her picture. “Say cheese!” he chuckled.

Morgan tried to glance away, but Val grabbed her head and held it while Clay took a pic of the frightened girl. “Perfect!” he smiled. “Welcome to the hall of fame, Morgan!”

Clay would later print off a copy of the pic he took, and put it up beside the panties. Morgan was sickened to see all the girls these boys had abused. Why were they not in jail? They certainly deserved to be!
Clay closed up the secret display case and turned to his friends.

“Well, guys, I think it’s time we had some more fun with Morgan. I’m sure you all agree we haven’t worked over those holes near enough yet.”

“I agree!” Dwight beamed.
“I got at least another load left in me,” Val quipped.

Clay looked at Morgan. “Let’s take her back to the bedroom then, shall we?”

Two of the boys hauled her to her feet and the poor girl was dragged back to the bed where her virginity had been torn from her earlier.

“It’s been a night of firsts for you, Morgan,” Clay said. “You got your pussy fucked for the first time, and your ass, and you sucked cock for the first time too. Now, you’re gonna learn how to ride cock!”

July 13, 2018, 08:09:01 PM
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Offline vile8r

Clay flopped down on the bed beside her. Morgan was hoisted up by the arms and placed so she was straddling Clay’s cock. Helpless to resist, the boys began lowering her body, so Clay's hard prick pressed against her pussy lips. She winced as the cock touched her sore pussy, forcing it to stretch around him. Morgan could not imagine how she was going to endure being fucked again.

Noticing her reluctance, Clay reached up and gripped her by the hips. He pulled her down, forcing her to impale herself on his cock.
“Start fucking me!” Clay ordered her. Slowly, Morgan began to move her pussy up and down onto the boy's cock. It hurt as he stretched her torn pussy, and she was trying to take her time. Impatient, and uncaring about her agony, Clay thrusted his cock up into the teen girl straddling him.

Morgan cried out in agony as the cock drove deep into her. Clay's strong hands kept her from moving away from his thrusts, and he loved the look of torment in the girl's face.

"How do you like that, baby? We’re teaching you tonight how to take dick from real men, not little boys.”

 Morgan just moaned in response and tried to fight the pain as Clay ravished her body. She didn’t notice Val moving into position behind her, until suddenly the head of his cock was pressing at her ass again.
She whipped around to look, but Val slapped her across the back.

“Just never mind, sweetie. I’m gonna have a bit of fun back here.”

Morgan jumped as Val slammed his cock home, burying it into Morgan’s ass. Riding atop one boy, she gasped as her ass was stretched open painfully by Val. Biting her lower lip, she tried to control her sobs as the two of them raped her.
She was going to scream, when Ty grabbed her head, twisting it to the side and pushing his hard cock into her mouth. Her jaws were forced wide apart.

“Time for you to suck my cock,” he snarled.

Morgan gagged, fighting to breathe. Pinned against Clay's chest, Morgan could only whimper as Val’s cock plowed in and out between her ass cheeks. Unable to rise off of Clay's dick, she was powerless to stop the triple assault. She was sandwiched between Clay and Val, lightning bolts of pain tearing through her groin. She felt so full, and she was sure that the boy's brutal cocks attacking her body would permanently damage her.

Meanwhile,  Ty pulled on her hair as he fucked her mouth. Slobber and drool oozed from her mouth as his rock-hard shaft pumped in and out.

“Fuck yeah, this bitch has got a nice mouth,” Ty smiled, looking down at her.

“This ass feels even better the second time,” Val groaned.

Feeling Clay's cock buried in Morgan's cunt only inches away from his cock in her asshole, Val was filled with even more lust for the young ripe girl impaled on his cock. Moving his cock in and out of her ass, he smiled as he listened to her gasping for breath as Ty humped her face.

Watching Ty's facial expressions strain as he pounded his cock up into the young lady, Val knew that she would get no mercy. They were giving it to this teenage bitch good, and Val loved knowing that there was not a thing she could do to stop them. As he fucked up her ass, Val reached underneath the girl and pinched her right nipple and breast.

She belonged to them and he loved the idea that he could do anything he wanted with her. He pulled on her hair as he delightfully thrust his cock in and out of her asshole. Noting the intensity of Val's attack on Morgan, Clay did the same. Thrusting upwards into her, while at the same time pinching and squeezing her body with his hands, Clay enjoyed as his cock slurped in and out of their new toy.  Her firm, young body felt good on top of him.

Val was the first to blow his load. He slammed hard into Morgan, grunting as his balls spurted into her abused ass. Clay came a minute or two later, pulling the hot teen down onto his rigid meat.

That left Ty, with Morgan’s mouth still locked around him. He was rocking his hips back and forth, sweat running down his face, his eyes tightly shut, as he concentrated.  Ty loved getting his cock sucked, and the 16 year-old’s soft lips dragging along his shaft were bringing him closer to the edge.

Morgan coughed as first one spurt, then several more, sprayed into her mouth.
“Oh fuuuuck! Swallow, you little cunt!” Ty yelled.

With all three boys finished, they left Morgan curled up on the bed, cum dripping from her ass, pussy and mouth. But it wasn’t over yet.

Dwight dropped down on the bed beside her. He pulled her over on top of him.
“Now you can ride me, little piggie,” he chuckled.

Morgan tried to say something, to beg for them to stop, but her mouth only opened, she was too weak to make herself say anything. Like a ragdoll, she let Dwight pull her on top of him and she groaned, feeling his cock easily push up inside her.

“Yeahhhhh……..fuck you feel good, baby,” Dwight said.

Reid climbed on the bed and got behind her, slowly pushing his cock into her well-used ass. Driving his cock into the girl's ass, Reid smashed his body into Morgan. Then stopping for a moment, he told her to extend her legs straight out next to Dwight's legs.
With Morgan off her knees, Reid was able to lay his full weight on top of her. Crushed between the two teen boys, Morgan's body was completely sandwiched by them as they were viciously fucking into her body. Dwight, wanting to push his cock up into the girl, flexed his legs to drive his cock even deeper.

Morgan, in the middle of the two boys so savagely using her pussy and ass, was completely imprisoned by their pounding bodies. She could only limply lay there as they used her for their own lustful purposes.
She was totally helpless, when Chad walked up and turned her head to the side. His erect cock pointed at her lips was all she needed to see to know what he wanted.

Chad grabbed a handful of her sweat-soaked hair and forced her mouth to his dick.  She obediently opened her lips and took the head of his cock into her hot mouth. He punched his hips forward, pumping deeply into her mouth, savoring the rape of her sweet face.
Although it wasn’t quite as sweet now as when they had first arrived at the cabin. Morgan’s eyes were teary and blood-shot, her once rosy cheeks now streaked with dried tears and sweat.

“Suck my dick, you little cock tease. That’s it, you little bitch, gag on my dick!” Chad taunted her.

He held her head steady and fucked her in long strokes, holding her nose to his pubes every couple of strokes until he needed to let her come up for a breath.  She was coughing and retching around the head of his cock and it was almost enough to make him blow a load in her mouth right then and there.

Morgan tried to understand why the boys were using her so cruelly. She could not understand why they pulled on her hair, and maliciously abused her body with their cocks and hands. She could only hope that they would finish quickly.

The pain coming from her, soft, sensitive titties rubbing against Dwight's chest only added to the unbearable, burning pain she felt in her asshole and pussy. Reid's thrusts were just as rough as Dwight's. Morgan was scared that he would rip her if he continued to pound into her asshole so forcefully.

Finally, and after what seemed an eternity for Morgan, she felt Reid's thrusts up her ass shorten, and his body tighten.
"Here it comes, bitch! Right up your dirty little asshole. You like it in the ass, huh Morgan?"

"No!" she wanted to cry as she felt the boy's cock painfully swell in her ass. The cock exploded in her ass tube, and Reid bellowed, "I'm coming!"

Morgan felt her ass suddenly grow warmer as Reid shot his load of sperm deep inside of her. Enjoying his climax, Reid stayed on top of Morgan, as Dwight continued to push his cock up into the girl's pussy.

Enjoying the teen’s warm, wet pussy wrapped around him, Dwight harassed her. "You’re a whore! You like being fucked in the ass, and having my cock shoved up your pussy! I know you like my cock!"

Chad also berated her, as her slobbery mouth moved over his cock.

“You like this, you little cunt, I know you do. You wanted to suck everyone of us tonight, didn’t you? That’s why you got in our van!”

With her mouth full of Chad’s cock, Morgan couldn’t reply to the horrible things he was saying about her. She wondered about her friends. They were probably frantically looking for her right now, with no idea of where she was. Would she ever see them again?
Chad looked down and enjoyed seeing her with his cock buried to the hilt in her wet, sucking mouth. He pulled out and watched her catch her breath. Her lips were smeared with her spit and his precum and her eyes were tearing slightly.

“Hold your mouth open, slut!” he ordered her.

Chad wrapped his fist around his dick and began to furiously  stroke himself, holding the head right at the edge of her mouth. It only took him a couple minutes and soon Chad was firing gobs of his jizz onto Morgan’s tongue. 

Clay had been catching all the action on his videocam. He had some great footage of Morgan sandwiched between Reid and Dwight, and of Chad giving her a vigorous mouth-fuck. Now he zeroed in on Morgan’s mouth, as she caught Chad’s cum on her tongue, some of it dripping down her chin.
“Don’t swallow that yet!” Clay barked. “Stick out your tongue.”

As Morgan obeyed, Clay was able to get a great shot of the cum pooled on her tongue. When he was done he told her she could swallow. He watched her tip her head back, trying to force the slimy stuff down her throat.
At this same time, Dwight was also getting ready to cum. As his cock propelled itself in and out of her silky fuck-tunnel, he felt his balls building up to orgasm. Chad stepped back and Dwight rolled over so Morgan was underneath him. He pulled out of the girl and quickly straddled her chest.

He began jerking off over her face. Instantly, he shot his load, an arc of creamy spunk shooting over the girl's face, getting most of it up Morgan’s nose. She sniffled and gagged as the boy's gooey jizz clogged her nostrils and oozed into her head.
“That’s awesome guys!” Val whooped, pumping his fist in the air.

“Damn, she was good,” Dwight said as he climbed off the bed.

“Yeah, not the best we’ve ever had here at the Lair, but who am I to complain?” Clay smirked.  “At least she was a cherry!”

“Was a cherry, is right,” Reid laughed. “Those holes of hers are pretty well-used now.”

“Get her off the bed,” Clay said.

Morgan had curled into a little trembling ball, cum still dripping off her face. She was barely able to move, her body aching and throbbing. Reid and Chad pulled her off the bed and up onto her feet. They had to hold her up as her legs were very wobbly. 
Clay stood in front of her, his face only inches away from hers. He held up the videocam, so she could see it.

“You’re on this! Everything we did to you, every cock that went inside you, every one of your holes……is on this videocam! You’re our little video star. You got that?”

Morgan nodded feebly.

“We’ve went through your purse, and we have all your personal info. We can find you on Facebook if we want to. And we can do things to this video to make you look like the biggest slut in town. I’ll bet you don’t want that happening, do you?”
Morgan didn’t reply right away and Clay gave her a light slap across the left cheek.

“Did you hear me, cunt?”

Morgan nodded again, too weak to talk.
“Good, because I’m just letting you know, it will do you no good to tell anyone what happened here tonight. Other girls have tried, and it didn’t go well for them.”

He paused for a moment before he spoke again. “You see, we all have very rich dads. Rich, important dads! They have lawyers that can eat little girls like you for breakfast. You try to go to the police…….and we can and will, make your life a living, fucking hell! You know, we put someone in a mental institution not too long ago, because she didn’t keep her mouth shut. Do you want that, Morgan?”
Clay held her by the chin and looked her straight in the eyes. She could barely focus, but she was able to give him a nod that she understood him.

“Good, that’s what I like to see,” Clay smirked.

“You think we raped your ass hard tonight……you try to get us in trouble….and we’ll find you and fuck you again so damn hard , you’ll never walk!” Val added.

Morgan heard that, and shuddered. She had no doubt, from the malice in his voice, that Val meant every word he’d said.
“What are we gonna do with her now?” Reid asked.

Clay shrugged. “What we always usually do. Get her dressed and drop her off somewhere down by the lake. Make sure it’s not where someone sees you.”

Reid and Dwight held her up, while Ty and Chad got her torn dress put back on her. Her bra was useless as it had been cut open and her panties had already been kept as part of the Predators’ collection. They stuffed her bra into her purse and handed it back to the girl.

 After all the boys got their clothes back on, they left the cabin, shutting out the lights and locking the door. Two of them had to help Morgan walk, as they got her in the van and drove off.

Several minutes later they stopped on a deserted road, near the lakeshore. They could see the lights of several other lake houses farther up the road. Off in the distance they could hear loud music and voices.

“Sounds to me like there’s a hell of a party going on down at the lake,” Val stated.

“Let’s get down there,” Ty said. “Should be some hot cunt.”

“Fuck, man!” Clay laughed. “You haven’t had enough tonight?”

“Hey, Morgan just got me warmed up!” Ty laughed.

Clay threw open the side door of the van. He pulled Morgan close and planted a hard kiss on her lips. “Thanks for the fun, sweetie!”

He pushed her out of the van. She stumbled and fell in a heap on the gravel, scraping up her knees. He tossed her shoes out after her. Then they drove away, leaving her in the dust.

Morgan stood up slowly, clutching her purse and her shoes in one hand and trying to hold together her ripped dress with the other. Sobbing and whimpering, her legs barely strong enough to walk, the young teen began staggering down the road, toward the lights in the distance, hoping someone could help her.