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September 13, 2018, 01:29:10 AM

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The Price to Pay

I hear the clicking of your heels, echoing off the walls as you approach. It is ridiculously late, but your workload this past month has been insane. You have been staying in your office until the wee hours for over a week, as you usually do when you have major projects ongoing. The price of success.

Of course there is another price to be paid, and that is the price pretty women must pay when they forget their vulnerabilities and fail to stick with the safety of a pack or at least request an escort when going into dark parking garages. You don’t seem to realize this. You are a woman of power; a corporate climber and you are simply incapable of seeing yourself as ever being a victim. In your world; the world with rules, people have to respect you because of your abilities, and your management skills. In today’s workforce, men have treated you like an equal; respected your institutional power. The problem is, that institutional power doesn’t protect you when you walk alone in a darkened area. In your self delusion, you have forgotten this fact and placed yourself in harm’s way.

If you had left earlier, there would still have been a parking attendant. Had you been realistic about how your feminine body would hold up against a larger male predator, you would have asked the security guard in your building to walk you to your car, but you didn’t. You failed to understand the limits of your power and the extent of your vulnerability.

I saw you do this several nights ago, but didn’t make my move. Jumping into a situation without knowing who might show up is to risk interference or even incarceration. So I watched. Better to let one get away than end up in prison. Several night in a row, I saw you leave so much later than your co-workers. Every single night, the last person to leave before you left hours before you. You have been all alone each time you walked into this garage. After a few days of watching, I knew that I would have some un-interrupted time with you.

Tonight, or to be more precise, this morning I will make my move.

I listen, excited at that sound. There is something so sexual about the echo of high heels in an underground garage. Peaking, I see you coming; your form fitting suit with the knee length skirt showing your curves, yet looking classy and professional. You look like a woman that belongs at the head of a boardroom table. It’s not just your suit, it’s the way you carry yourself with such assertiveness, your jawline tight, with a firm determined look.

You exude a aura of power that is completely inconsistent with the sheer vulnerability of your situation. You feel like a tiger, but you are merely a lamb. You are prey. A victim about to happen.

As you approach your expensive car, you hit the button on your remote key chain, opening the trunk. At no point do you bother to look around to ensure your safety. Your complete lack of situational awareness is what makes it so easy for me to close in on you. Closing your trunk after securing your briefcase there, you move around to the side of your car, blind to the terrible fate that is closing in on you.

As the side door opens, I make my move, lunging towards you out of the darkness. For a brief second before my body makes contact, your body stiffens. I know what that is. Your peripheral vision detected the sudden movement towards you, and you felt that electrical jolt of fear that rips through the body when something lunges out of the darkness by surprise. Less than a fraction of a second later, you feel the weight of my mass tackling you into your car, face down as I land on top of your back while you let out a startled scream. Given the remoteness of our location, nobody would have heard it, yet I prefer not to take chances so immediately I clamp a hand over your mouth stifling any further screams as you struggle to get me off you.

Pinned down, half in your car, laying face down on the front seat of your car with your legs sticking out of the car you are totally helpless beneath me. Deep down you must know this, but in your terror you still struggle and try to scream through my hand which is clamped tightly over your mouth.

I love this moment. The terror of a victim, before the rape starts is as exciting as the rap itself. I can feel the fear radiating from your body, and it is intoxicatingly arousing. Maybe it is a predatory instinct that dates back to the caveman times, but the feel of a woman’s terror, firing out of her like an electric current is the most arousing sensation.

I do however want to get down to business, so while I enjoyed your struggles it’s time for a little submission. Reaching to my belt, I pull out a large razor sharp hunting knife. Bringing it around front by your face, I feel your body stiffen in terror at the sight of the large frightening blade. I quickly pull it against your neck, pressing it just enough to get your attention.

“Stop fucking screaming or I`ll fucking slice you!”. With the pressure of the blade against your neck if I press any harder it wil cut into you. If I drag it across, the pressure will cut right down through your windpipe and jugular. You try desperately to stifle your screams, but in your terror continue to whimper.

“Listen real fucking carefully woman because I will not repeat myself. Now I am going to rape you”. Hearing those words cause you to whimper and cry through my hand despite the fact that you must have know that was my intent

“SHUT UP!” I bark as you stiffen and your whimpers die down
“Now.....I`m going to do this and you can`t stop me`. If you fight or scream you will feel this blade slice through your throat and then you will bleed out in about a minute, gurgling on your own blood”. The sound of that causes a cry. “If piss me off at any time while I fuck you I will slice up your pretty face so bad that a blind dog won`t want to hump your leg you will look so gruesome” I hold the blade to your cheek for emphasis. It has the desired effect. Most people have vastly unrealistic expectations about their own courage in the face of violence. I`ve heard so many people making brave statements like “I would die first” but they have no clue. Deep down, we all hold our life very precious, and when faced with the threat of having that life snuffed out violently, most people are shocked at just how weak and submissive they become in these situations. Put simply, people who have never faced violence have no clue just how afraid they are of dying because they have never faced it. You now understand that fear. Whatever delusions you might have had about what you would do have been shattered like fine crystal. You are terrified of dying, and you are terrified of pain and violence.

“Do I make myself clear?”

With a whimper you nod your head stiffly, as your wide eyes dart around wildly in terror as though hoping for some sort of rescue to show up. Sorry but there will be no white nights tonight, no heroes; Just you and me.

Pulling the blade away, I reach back and grab a pair of handcuffs out of my jacket.

“Hands behind your back!”. You stiffen and hesitate. Somewhere someone must have told you to never let someone cuff you or tie you up in this situation, to fight back as once you are defenceless the attacker can do what he wants.

“I won’t repeat myself....bring them back or I fuck you with the blade”. That gets your attention and the hands come back. I snap the cuffs first onto your right wrist and then onto your left. You whimper as the steel snaps shut on your wrists, rendering you now truly helpless. Your breathing speeds up with your terror, and I swear I can feel your heart pounding right through your body. Grabbing a large rag, brought specifically for this moment, I release my grip over your mouth and grab your hair, yanking your head back roughly causing you to yelp from the shock. I take advantage of your suddenly open mouth to roughly force the large balled up rag into your mouth, gagging you.

I can almost read the thoughts and emotions going through you. This is every woman’s worst nightmare, and now it is happening to you. To you! You never imagined yourself as a victim, yet here you are, your hands fastened behind your back, a gag in your mouth in a dark garage alone and about to be raped.

This is where all the thoughts and emotions start running through you. You start praying to a god that just moments before you might not have even believed in. You pray for a deliverance from this evil, a reprieve from this horrible fate, but there will be no reprieve. The rape of your body is now as inevitable as the sun coming up in the morning. You of course wonder if you will still be in this world when it does. Surely it must also be crossing your mind that I can do all kinds of things to you now. I have no intention of doing anything other than rape, I won’t kill you, but you don’t know that. The fear of how far I intend to go must be tearing through you. You never in your life imagined you could feel such incredible terror, yet here and now in your helplessness you know terror like never before. I love it.

Reaching down, I pull your skirt up around your waist as you whimper in fear. You have nylons on with white panties underneath. Grabbing the sides of your nylons and panties, I pull them down roughly, exposing your nicely rounded butt cheeks as you moan in fear into the gag. Even though your panties are down, they still prevent me from pulling your legs wide apart so I take the blade and cut through the material with a loud ripping sound as I slice them asunder. Now the tattered remains cling to each leg, but are no longer attached. Your prize is undefended.

Grabbing your soft thighs, I yank your legs apart from behind you, letting the cold night air get to your ass and soft pussy lips as you quiver from fear and cold. My fingers gently touch your buttock, causing it to flinch at the contact as your breathing comes as rapid inhalations and whimpered exhalations. I love this...the precious moments before the rape. This is often better than the rape itself. It always gets me so excited, like a kid on Christmas morning. Sometimes the anticipation is the best part. I’m sure that in reverse, the anticipation is often the worst part for the victim. I like to drag this out, to make the most of the experience.

My fingers trace gently along your buttock, and then down your outer thigh, almost down to your knee. Before I get to your knee, I trace my fingers across the back of your thigh, and then start slowly working them up your inner thigh. As my fingers trace your soft lovely flesh, getting ever closer to your tender womanly flower, your whimpers become higher pitched. As my fingers trace across that warm pit where the inner thigh meets the pelvis you start to really shake while my fingers inch towards your pussy, with agonizing yet deliberate slowness. Your whimpers turn to squeaks as the fingers are just about to touch the soft flesh of your womanhood, but just millimetres away, my fingers change direction, tracing forward towards your pubic mound. I repeat this process for awhile, bringing my fingers close to and then away from your pussy, deliberately letting the anticipation build as you tremble in the cool night air, whimpering face down into your gag, your hands reflexively pulling against their cuffs.

Pulling back I bring my face closer to your behind, and I place a hand on each butt cheek and spread you. This triggers a panicked response as you suddenly struggle and try to get up. I pounce immediately on top of your back, my large muscular frame slamming down on top of your smaller frame, winding you. Grabbing your hair, I twist your head so you are facing me

“What the fuck did I say about resisting!” I bark as I pin your crying frame down.

“Do you want me to slice your pretty face up!” I ask coldly, but you are too shaken to respond.

“I SAID....DO YOU WANT ME TO CUT YOUR PRETTY FACE UP!” I bark, and you try to scream the word no through your gag as you shake your head.

“Then get it through your thick fucking will cooperate with me, or I will do just that! Get with the program and just keep reminding yourself that rape is survivable.....being blade fucked is not!”

Throwing your head down onto the seat, causing you to yelp, I figure that further compliance will not need to be enforced. You are frozen into submission.

I bring my face back down behind you and spread your cheeks, giving me access to your flower from behind. Bringing my face close, I start to blow gently on your vagina, causing it to reflexively clench as you whimper at the sensation. I keep this up for awhile, my face getting closer so my lips are almost touching it as I keep slowly blowing hot air on it.

Carefully I place a finger on either side, pulling your lips apart, exposing your inner pink, and continue to blow. This action, and my delicate finger touching earlier, would likely be quite arousing if you weren’t shackled and gagged in a dark garage by a man with a large knife. I keep this up for awhile, occasionally directing the flow of air towards your anus as your buttocks reflexively clench. The sheer vulnerability of your position must be terrifying.

Time to take this to the next level. Moving back I place a thumb and forefinger from my left hand on either side of your pussy and spread your lips. Slowly I bring my right hand forward, my index and middle finger straightened and close together, and without warning I jam them knuckle deep inside you. This of course causes a scream, and your body reflexively tries to straighten up, pulling away. I don’t punish or threaten you for the movement, as I realize it was just reflex. The penetration was rough and without proper lubrication, it must have inflicted some discomfort, or even pain. Fortunately for you, my prior efforts caused your body to cooperate a bit, even though your mind wasn’t interested, and some natural lubricants helped ease the penetration a bit. It was still a bit rough though.

I hear your trembling sobs of fear and humiliation as you lay here face down, your butt sticking out of your car, your knees on the pavement while a large brutal man penetrates his digits into your most intimate place. The sense of violation must be overwhelming. You are an executive, a woman of power, who has men answering to her and yet here you are with a frightening scary man probing his rough fingers into the portal that you had always had total control over. You had allowed lovers, or perhaps even a casual fling our two access to this place in your body, but always in a tender mutually satisfying way; not a degrading, terrifying way like this. I have disregarded your humanity, and plunged my calloused fingers deep into your delicate lady tissues, brutalizing you, treating you like a piece of meat without rights, feelings or dignity.

Using your body, while disregarding your person I continue with the violation. I start twisting the fingers around inside you, as you hiss in discomfort, trying to control your breathing. You seem to want to try to regain control over your reactions, as though suppressing the panicked screams that want to burst out, will give you that one little bit of control in a situation where control is the one thing you have so little of if any.

After a few moments of this, I figure I have you prepared. Pulling out, I spank you hard on the butt, causing you to yelp at the shock of the impact. Leaning forward I speak.

“You smell clean...I appreciate that. Nothing worse than fucking a smelly skank”
My words cause you to cringe, but what you hear next strikes fear through your hear my zipper being quickly yanked down. Your body flinches at the sound, as you emit a squeak of fear. The moment of the pending rape of your body, which I have been building up to, and which you had to know was inevitable, was now here. You have been trying to brace yourself mentally for the inevitable violation, but now that it is here, you start losing your fragile hold on control again. Your breathing speeds up, your shaking increases and your whimpered cries start coming through the gag. You may have thought you could handle this, had tried to tell yourself it was inevitable, and maybe wanted to deny me the satisfaction of seeing you fall apart, but now you are doing just that.

Getting my pants down around my knees, I move over you from behind, roughly pulling your legs apart, causing you to yelp. Reaching down, I grasp my hardened flesh, all steely and covered in veins and I guide it to your delicate portal. As soon as my rock hard cock head touches the flesh of your pussy, you start crying the word ‘no’ into your gag repeatedly. I appreciate that. Nothing worse than the ones who just accept their fate or go into a sort of shock like trance and lay there like a dead fish, or like a prostitute who is being paid to submit. When I rape, I want it to feel like rape, I want my victim to react as though being raped. You are not disappointing me.

Grabbing your hair, I yank your head back, and whisper in your ear, with my cock head nudged against your pussy lips from behind.

“Just relax and this will be over before you know it. Hey, who might even like it!”

I suddenly lunge forward, slamming my hips brutally as I drive almost half the length of my cock into you with savage force, causing you to cry out from the roughness of it. You were insufficiently lubricated so this had to hurt a bit. Before you can recover, I start jerking and twisting my hips, working the rest into you as you scream into the gag. A few more quick thrusts of my hips and I bury the whole shaft inside your tender feminine flesh.

Once in, I pause to enjoy the exquisite sensation of your inner fuck tube grasping my hardness, convulsing in rebellion to the violent invasion. You gasp and try to recover from the shock of being impaled by the large steely shaft that has been forced into your body. The sheer incongruity of the moment overwhelms you. Less than 200 yards away is your office, your desk of power, and now here you are bent over, your clothes torn with a strange mans penis shoved into your depths, filling you...expanding you. I flex my cock a few times for amusement, listening to you gasp each time I do it. I am deep within you, my bell head pressed hard against your cervix as my girth fills you fully, stretching you.

Then, slowly, dramatically I start to withdraw. You quiver in relief at the removal of the vile invading flesh as I pull myself out so just the head remains. Then without warning, I slam the whole length into you with one brutal thrust as you scream from the shock of it.

Drawing back dramatically, I pull the whole length out again and then slam it in deep again, almost knocking the wind out of you with the force of the thrust. Then I start in a rhythmic pattern, drawing back and slamming in repeatedly as your moaning cries reverberate through the gag in cadence with my thrusts. Your body’s natural defences have kicked in and your natural lubrication starts to flow, eliminating any physical discomfort from the assault. Now only your mind and soul are punished by the degrading violation of your flesh.

I continue to pound into you; not making love, not having sex and not even fucking you.....I am raping you. My hardened flesh is being violently forced into your body against your will, violating your most intimate place as I use your body for my own satisfaction, treating you like an object, devoid of humanity, without dignity.

I keep thrusting into your gripping flesh, amused as it still tries to resist, clenching to stop the invading hardness being driven into your depths. This causes the most delicious sensation as your soft feminine flesh grips me, milking me on every stroke, erotically massaging my manhood driving me wild with ecstasy while you merely endure the brutal humiliating ordeal, trying to keep your mind elsewhere, on anything but the frightening stranger’s appendage now slamming inside your body.

I keep this up for quite awhile, my pelvis slamming into yoru buttocks as my cock repeatedly forces you open, driving in as your flesh slides delightfully over me.

Your cries are now mere moans; as you try to protest to whomever in stark denial of the fact that your protests are in vain. You are just a whore, bent over, having your cunt raped from behind...nothing more. Your opposition is irrelevant and your cries ignored.

Soon I feel a pending orgasm as all good things must come to an end. I start speeding up, slamming into you brutally, your car rocking severely with each thrust from behind.

“Oh here it comes” I whisper boastingly into your ear.

“Are you using any protection? The pill? IUD? You better hope so, because I’m putting this deposit deep inside you”

You cry in anguish to the comment, but your words are muffled. I wonder if in addition to enduring the rape of your body you will also bear my child.

“Oh it comes” I hiss as I start slamming into you with savage ferocity, as though racing to the finish line and then it happens. I come hard, my body tensing as my cock spasms firing my seed deep inside your body as you wail into your gag. I hold, deep inside you, firing my semen hard against your cervix, feeling each squirt hit you hard as I almost convulse on top of you for a few moments feeling the orgasm rip through my body as I release those last few drops of fluid into your body. Then, it passes, as I collapse on your back, breathing hard, my heart pounding against my chest such that you have to feel it against your back, as surely as you feel my hardness still deep within you.

After a few moments, I start to slide out of you, slowly, deliberately I allow the length of my flesh to slide out of the passage you never consented to my having entered. As the head pops out almost audibly you whimper. Then as though to add insult to injury, some of my fluids leak out of you, tracing down your inner thigh as you cringe and try to shake as though to dislodge the clinging fluid.

I pause, watching you as you try to recover and come to terms with the fact that you have just been raped. You don’t really move much, you just seem to try to relax, and control your breathing, as though you desire to cling to sanity despite what just happened.

Just as your mind switches from endure mode to recover mode, I lean in again and place my swollen cock head against your soft folds causing you to whimper in denial. You had at this stage expected the ordeal was done, and now are crushed by the cruel revelation that your suffering is not over.

I slide it up and down, slowly, and deliberately with dramatic purpose, tormenting you with the pending second assault. Up...then down....then up...then down I repeat the process as you brace yourself for penetration, while I taunt you.

Then, on an up slide, I proceed up, beyond your fleshy womanhood and slide up towards your anus, positioning the head of my cock centered on the tight little ring.

Your immediate reaction is to scream into the gag and immediately try to fight back in terror at the prospect of such a disgusting and most likely painful assault. You put up a spirited response, fighting bravely, but unfortunately for you, your hands are shackled behind your back, you have no leverage and I am much larger and already on top of you. You know you can’t stop me.

You start shaking and crying, screaming, pleading through the gag as I slide the head of my cock around at the entrance to your anus, teasing you with the pending violation as you try to brace yourself for unimaginable pain, your whole body shaking with terror as you break down sobbing in horror.

After a few moments of teasing you, I do not penetrate. Instead I pull my cock head away and spank you hard on the butt causing a yelp.

“Next time sweetheart”, I say with a smirk as I stand, pulling up my pants watching the relief wash over your body as your gorgeous buttocks quiver in the night air.

“Keep the treat”

Then you hear my footsteps fading into the distance