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July 13, 2018, 11:43:13 PM

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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is fiction and any resemblance to real people, places or events is purely coincidental. If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

gangrape; oral; anal; non-con; minor; mild violence

The Perils Of Public Transit

An original story by Vile8r

Alissa looked at her phone. Hmmmm, 11 p.m. It had been a long night at the restaurant where the 19 year old college girl worked part time. She’d be glad to get back to the dorm, have a shower, and relax. Her roommate wasn’t there tonight and Alissa would have the room to herself.

  The 5’ 6”, blonde cutie stretched her legs out and arched her back in the seat. She looked around she was the only person on the bus at this time of night except for a couple boys who looked about 14-15. What the hell were kids that young doing out at this time of night? She wondered.

The bus stopped and some people got on. It was several young black men. They were all very tall except for one who looked shorter than Alissa. She avoided eye contact as they walked past her and sat a few rows behind her. Alissa didn’t consider herself a racist or bigot, but black guys always made her nervous.

 This wasn’t too rough of a neighborhood, what with the college being not too far away, but a young woman still needed to be vigilant. Alissa glanced into her purse. Yep, her pepper spray was handy to grab if she needed it.
She arched her back again and pulled her hair back to put it into a ponytail.

“Wow……what a babe!”

Alissa looked around and smirked. It was one of the young boys whispering to his buddy.
“You wanna suck on those tits?” the other boy whispered back, giggling.

“Fuck, I’d give her a motorboat!”

Alissa ignored the two little perverts. She was used to guys checking her out. She wasn’t a supermodel by any means, but Alissa knew she was considered attractive.
Two rows back though, she was attracting some attention she wasn’t going to like. One of the black men, a large 6’ 5” fellow by the name of Marcus, was nodding to his friends.

“You boys check out the white bitch? You figure she good?”

“Yeah, she all right! Good enough to fuck fo’ sure!” his friend, another tall black by the name of Tyrese replied.

Alissa would have been terrified to learn these 5 black men belonged to a gang called the BeeDees, or BDs for short. It stood for “Bitch Destroyers.” All the men in the group, who ranged from the ages of 22 to 28, were seasoned rapists. All had served time or been in trouble with the law for various sexually related offenses.

  Marcus who was the leader, was 28. He also went by the nickname Big Dawg sometimes. He had raped an 18 year old girl when he was only 17. He ended up in jail for 15 years but got out on parole after serving 8.
  Tyrese was 26 and when he was 20 had raped a 16 year old white girl in a house he had broken into to burglarize. He raped her in her own bed. He had been lucky and the girl could not positively identify him. Plus the DA’s office messed up some DNA samples and the judge ended up giving him a mistrial and he was released a free man.

The other three men in the group were Lionel; Rashid; and Midget. Midget was the shortest of the group, standing only 5’ 5”.
Lionel was 23 and was on probation for trying to sell two white high school girls some drugs, with the intention of getting them into teen prostitution. Rashid was 26 and was a paroled rapist as well. He raped a cheerleader at his school and ended up in jail over it. He was given 20 years, but his lawyer appealed the conviction. Rashid got a bleeding heart judge who let him out after only serving 4 years.

  Midget liked the young girls, and it got him in trouble when he was younger. He molested a couple  12 year-olds in a garden shed when he was only 14. He got sent to juvey, and was released after a 2 year sentence.

All the gang members loved white girls, but even more, loved raping and humiliating them. That was the creed of their gang, “The Bitch Destroyers.”

“Fuck ‘em white, fuck ‘em right! Fuck ‘em hard, fuck ‘em long! Bitch destroyers don’t care if it’s wrong!”

“I say we go for it!” said Marcus. The 5 men all fist-bumped and moved into position. Marcus and Tyrese sitting across from Alissa, Midget and Lionel behind her, Rashid in the seat in front.

“Hey sweetie, where you goin’?” Marcus asked.

“I’m going home,” Alissa stated, looking straight ahead.

“Where’s home?” asked Tyrese.

Alissa didn’t reply.
“I thinks she is goin’ to get some cock from her man,” Midget chuckled.

“Her man?” Lionel sneered. “She ain’t gettin’ fucked by no man! If she gettin’ fucked by a white dick, that ain’t no man. She need some black meat!”

“Pl-please, will you just leave me a-alone?” Alissa asked, looking around cautiously at the five blacks.

“Why you want us to leave you alone?” Marcus heckled. “You don’t like black boys?”

“Oh, I sure like white girls,” Rashid laughed as he joined the conversation. “I like getting all up inside them sweet white girls!”

“What say you party with us tonight?” asked Marcus. “We’ll get you home later.”

Alissa’s hand went inside her purse. “I-I have pepper spray…..please! Go away or….or I-I will use it!”

She was doing her best to sound assertive without letting her voice crack. In self-defense classes she had been taught to not let them think you were scared.
Marcus reached over to grab her arm, his voice cold. “You try that white cunt…..and you be gettin’ that sprayed up yo’ ass!”

"Pl-please.....just let me go!" she whimpered.

"Not until we have our fun," Tyrese growled.

The gang gathering around her, Alissa's purse was yanked out of her hands and she was picked up from her seat and dragged to the back of the bus. Marcus looked over at the two younger boys who were watching with terrified looks on their faces.

"You two little shits stay where you're at and don't go nowhere!"

Alissa let out a scream as she was pulled down onto a seat onto Tyrese's lap. Marcus slid in beside them. He slid his hand along the smooth fabric of her black jeans and up her thigh.
"We like white cunts like you, baby! Like to fuck 'em.....hard!"

"NO! N-n-noooooo!" Alissa sobbed. "Th-the bus dr-driver can see you!"

"Not this bus driver," laughed Marcus. "He's a brother and he's gonna let us do whatever da fuck we wanna do!"

Marcus' fingers wandered along the top of Alissa's thigh, working their way up to the button of her pants. Tyrese held her firmly with her arms pulled back as she squirmed and struggled. Her back was arched and her breasts jutted out. Alissa was panicking as she felt the large bulge of Tyrese's hard cock pushing up underneath her. She knew what these men were intending and she was terrified.

Tyrese let go of one arm and clamped a hand over her mouth as Marcus began to undo her jeans.

"Let's see what this pussy looks like," Marcus grinned.

"Yeah, we wanna see it!" Midget said. "Let's see this tight little cunt we gonna be fuckin'!"

July 14, 2018, 07:20:23 AM
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Great I was wondering how I would get to read the finish of this one! Should have figured it would get posted here! ;)

July 14, 2018, 07:26:43 PM
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Alissa furiously struggled as Marcus slid open the zipper and his big hand forced its way down inside her blue cotton panties. She grabbed at Marcus's arm with her free hand. Her long legs kicked and flailed helplessly.

"Goddamn, boys, she's shaved!" Marcus anounced, his fingers probing and exploring. Yeah, she even felt tight!
"MMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!" Alissa screamed from under Tyrese's hand.

Marcus moved out of the way and let another of the gang into the seat. This time it was Lionel, who pushed Alissa's t-shirt roughly up over her tits and began to grope and squeeze them through her bra. Alissa continued her squealing and whimpering.
Midget was next. He pushed Alissa's bra up and ran his slimy tongue over her soft 34C tits. He bit down on her large brown nipples, making her body jump.


"Don't like that you white whore?" Marcus sneered. "What's wrong? No niggas get to touch this sweet body?"

Rashid had his large black cock pulled out of his pants. Even semi-erect it was nearly 10 inches. He rubbed it across Alissa's tits.
"Oh yeah, baby! Rashid got a big load for you! Gonna paint these fine titties all nice and white for you!"

Alissa squirmed and fought but she was no match for the large black men. She could not understand why the bus driver wasn't doing anything! Lionel got in there and got a few cheap feels too, squeezing her tits and shoving a fat finger into her fuckhole.
Marcus looked over and saw the two teenage boys watching this whole affair, their mouths hanging open in amazement. They had never seen a girl undressed before. Marcus got an evil idea.

"You two!" he barked at the boys. "Get yo' asses over here! You ever had yo' dicks sucked?"

"Ummmm, n-no," one of the boys stammered.

"Tonight then, yo' gonna get yo' first blowjob," Marcus said. "Get your pants!"

Nervously, the two scared boys slowly pulled their pants down. They were very embarrassed to have the other men see their naked erections. Marcus grabbed the first boy and sat him down on the bus seat beside Alissa. He pushed her head down to the boy's lap.

"Get sucking his dick, you whore!"

Alissa sobbed as she wrapped her lips around the teen boy and began to slowly suck on his sweaty cock. She was not very experienced at giving head. The 19 year-old had only had two boyfriends in her life and, quite frankly, she found oral sex to be disgusting. It was something she'd do for her boyfriend once in a while, but she had taken a lot of persuading.
She gagged and choked as Marcus forced her to take the boy's entire penis in her mouth.

"Fuck bitch! You chokin' on that?" Tyrese laughed. "Wait until you got a man's dick in yo' mouth!"

Alissa was made to work her mouth up and down on the young teen. He was shaking with both fright and excitement. He had never had his cock in a girl's mouth before, but he was also aware the poor girl was being forced to do it. He was scared of the black gang too.

It didn't take long for the over-stimulated kid to spurt a load of jizz in Alissa's mouth. She almost retched at the taste of the sperm down her throat. The first kid was pulled away and the second kid was brought in front of her.

"This gonna suck his balls and jerk him off!" Marcus ordered.

The other men jeered as they watched Alissa take the boy's balls in her mouth and suck on his bag. With her right hand she stroked him slowly.
"Ohhhhhhhh," he moaned. He stopped suddenly, like he realized he didn't want Alissa to know he was enjoying it.

"You like that, huh?" Lionel laughed.

"Mmmmm, ain't nothin' better than a good ball-suck," Midget gloated as he watched.

The blonde boy's knees buckled as he suddenly let loose a load, the thick stream of cum oozing down over Alissa's hand and wrist.
"Lick that mess up, cunt!" Marcus snarled.

"It's drippin' on the floor, clean that up," Rashid said.

Alissa was pushed down on her knees and made to run her tongue along the dirty, gritty floor of the bus, cleaning the spots of cum on the floor. It was totally disgusting. She heaved a couple times. almost feeling like vomiting. Then Marcus held her by the hair as he watched her lick more cum off her hand.

"I think now it's time for you get some black cock up your tight snatch!"

July 15, 2018, 12:57:49 AM
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 Oooh vile8r I can't wait to see what else you have in store for this story. Loved the opening.

June 07, 2019, 02:24:36 AM
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Hey Vile, did you ever write more for this one? It’s so good!

June 18, 2019, 01:21:41 AM
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"Oh God .....NOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOO!" Alissa begged.

"Stand up, bitch! Stand up!" Marcus yelled as he grabbed her arm and lifted her to her feet. He said, "Don't fight it, or I'll cut that pretty face of yo’s!”

 "Please don't rape me!" Alissa frantically begged as she tried to push him away. His hands were feeling all over her body.

 Alissa was spun around and slammed against the back of one of the seats. She felt someone tugging her pants down to her knees. A rough hand grabbed the back of her panties and ripped them from her with a single hard yank.

"AAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EE!" Alissa screamed in terror, knowing what was coming next.

Marcus had unzipped his pants and pulled out a thick 10" cock. The tip oozed with pre-cum. She tried hard to fight and struggle, but he pushed his weight against her. He reached down and guided his large meat up to her pussy opening. She frantically bucked as she tried to keep him from entering her. He grabbed a handful of her long hair and yanked her head back as he drove his hips against her.

"AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEE!" "AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" Alissa screamed, her eyes rolling back as the big black man sunk his cock into her. She felt her vagina tearing as it struggled to accommodate him.

Marcus pulled back, paused a moment, then drove in again.


"Yeah, gonna destroy this white pussy!" he growled.

"Is she tight?" asked Midget.

"Fuck, you know bettah than to ask dat!" Marcus snapped back. "Every white girl is tight when dey got dis black snake up inside 'em!"

He stroked in and out with hard, solid thrusts. Alissa screamed and whimpered the whole time, her body being shoved against the back of the seat. Marcus looked down to see her blood streaked along his shaft.
The other men cheered him along, saying lots of demeaning, crude things to her.

"Gonna make you a niggah-lovin' bitch!"

"Yeah, slam dat white ho’!"

Marcus was working up quite a sweat as he continued to rape the petite woman. Her tight cunt gripped him like a vise as he slammed her over and over. She was one of the best-feeling pieces of cunt he'd had in a long time.
"Ughhhhh fu-uuuuck," he groaned, in a long low growl. Marcus felt his cock twitch and jump, shooting a load of warm semen into Alissa.
He held onto her tight, as the sensation swept through him, holding his cock deep into the hot girl as the last drops of his cum entered her body.

"Shit yeah!" he hollered, as he pulled out the quickly softening organ.

Tyrese stepped forward and switched places with Marcus. He unzipped his pants to release his hard, thick cock.
"Please no……please no more……please…….".

"Quiet, cunt!" he barked, as he moved towards Alissa. He kicked her legs farther apart.

Alissa screamed loudly as Tyrese began pumping his thick cock up her tight little slit.

 "Oh nooooo………please…….. stop!"  Alissa was crying as he kept pumping his cock deeper and deeper into her body.

"Damn, this tease is tight as shit. You guys is goin’ to love fuckin’ this tight cunt!" Tyrese exclaimed, as he forced even more of his cock into her.
"Huhhhhh, oh yeahhhh, white bitch! You'se got one hell of a tight cunt!"

Alissa continued to scream as Tyrese’s body slapped against her with his slow but deep pumps. He slapped her told her to shut up.
Then to her horror, the short one, the guy they called Midget was standing on the seat in front of her. He had a shorter, smaller cock, but was still very thick.

“UUUGGGHHHAAAACCKKKKKKKKKK”! Alissa gagged violently as the piece of foul black meat was forced into her mouth. Midget placed his left hand on the back of her head as he fed his cock into her mouth with his right hand. He began pushing her head down while pumping his hips towards her face.

 The result was Alissa’s head bouncing up and down on his cock. Her chin slapped his hairy ball sack.
"Oh shit, I've never gotten head before from a white bitch, but damn dis feels good!” Midget exclaimed. “When I cum bitch, you better swallow it all or else!"

Tyrese came inside her, slamming her whole body hard against the seat. No sooner was he out of her, then Lionel mounted her, also from behind. She was well-lubricated now, and Lionel was able to sink his whole cock deep into Alissa with one solid thrust.
He reached under her and started squeezing one of her breasts as he pumped her athletic body up and down. She was crying so hard that her tit jiggled with her constant sobbing.

At the same time, Alissa was disgusted with the little dork fucking away at her mouth. Her gums stretched around the thick shaft, and slobber dribbled down her chin.

Midget let out a loud groan as his cock exploded in her mouth. She almost got sick as his hot, salty cum kept shooting out of his cock.
"Swallow it, slut. Swallow it, or die, bitch!"

Alissa knew that she had no other choice as she closed her eyes and took his cum down her throat with a couple of deep gulps. Midget held his cock in place, making sure that she swallowed it all.

Removing his limp cock from the blonde woman’s mouth, he said, "You one hell of a mouth-fuck slut."

June 18, 2019, 02:00:40 AM
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I love your writing. Please don't make me wait to long to read more