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August 31, 2017, 01:54:18 AM

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She had just finished cheerleading practice as she panted and wiped the light droplets of sweat off of her forehead as she then started to make her way into school, she had to make a quick stop at the office since she set up to help and show a new student around now that almost everyone has left school except for the office.As she walked in she lightly smiling looking at the boy he looked a bit older then her since she was a freshman, she put out her hand and they shared a handshake as they both said Hello, she then said'' It's nice to meet you!, I have a map of the whole school, We will start by going to your classes and then i'll show you around to the library and stuff'' he smiled back at her as he replied ''Sounds like a plan'' she smiled and folded the map back into her pocket as she looks at his classes and starts walking out as he followed, they walked for awhile till they go to the room as she spoke ''This is the science room, and across this hall and some rooms is the math class, your next two classes are upstairs, will take the elevator'' he nodded as they continued on he showed him his other classes as she shook his hand and said '' I hope you have a nice time here, I gotta go i'm sure you remember the way out'' he nodded again as she gave him a quick smile as she started going to the stairs not noticing he started to follow her she continued to walk down the stairs and down the hall to the locker room after she goes in she walks to her locker and opens it with her key and starts taking out her clothes as she turns around she sees as she was confused as she spoke 'Uhm this is the ladies locker room d..did you forget where the exit is?'' he didn't reply he just slammed her into the locker as she whimpers as he starts to put pressure onto her shoulders till she collapsed onto her knees as she tries to get him off of her he only got closer to her as he pushed her head into the locker and started to unzip his pants as she pushes his hips hard as she speaks ''s..stop this now!'' he just jams his cock into her mouth as she gags hard as he starts moving her her head up and down his cock as she blushed red looking up at him with an angered face as it only made him harder as she pushes his hips harder he makes her head go faster and moves her hands away as he shoved his cock deeper into her throat it made her gag harder and try to push him away  this time he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to the bench in the middle of the lockers as he bent her over it long ways as he took his belt off quickly as he was pressing against her holding her down as he struggled as he quickly bond her with his belt under the bench so she couldn't get far as he started to move back he moved her shirt up as she blushes red and says ''h...hey this is going too far p..please stop this'' he ignores her and pulls her panties down slowly watching her plump ass spring out as he finishes he moves back up and starts trailing the tip of his cock against her slit and ass slowly as he used the other hand to grab one of her ass cheeks roughly as he rubs against her one more time before aiming his cock at the entrance of her pussy as he grabs her hips hard and starts to shove his cock in hard she whimpers and tries to pull away as her effort is pointless as he holds her there just shoving his cock in deeper as she says ''stop take it out now!'' after she was done speaking he sharply thrusts all of him into her as he starts to bounce her against the floor as he kept shoving his cock into her as she cried and kept trying to get away as she bites her bottom lip and tries to hold back as he pounds into her hard as she holds onto the bench as she gasped and said ''s..stop please i cant take anymore!'' as he replies as he pounds harder ''If I stop i'm going in your ass so keep it up!'' as he pushes his self deeper while fucking her harder as he hears her whimpering more as he quickly shoves her down into the bench hard as he presses against her hard as he takes his dick out of her and starts to press it against the entrance of her ass as his as he starts shoving into her as she cries more as she starts saying ''owww'' as he slowly slides his cock into her as she stays still in pain from her tight ass being stretched as he was all the way in her he started to grind on her as he suddenly stops as he moves up a little as he was completely onto of her as she was belly down on the bench  as he grabs her hair and pulls her head back and puts his other hand ontop of her mouth as he starts to quickly start thrusting in and out of her hard as she moves her hands back and tries to push him away as she teared up more as she bit her hand he smacks her and pulls her hands back and presses them together as he used them as leverage to start pulling her and making her bounce on his cock as she sobbed as he got close he drops her on the bench as she pants he quickly gets on the bench and pulls her head up and slams his cock into her throat as she gagged and started lightly punching him as he pushes it deeper and cums down her throat as she stops punching him and just whimpers as her arms slide down as she was forced to drink his cum when he was completely done he slide his cock out of her mouth and let her chin fall on the bench as he back behind her and slams it deep inside of her as he forced her head down as he quickly slammed in and out of her as she screamed as he did one more slam going as deep as he can as he cums inside of her she whimpers and says'' why did you cum inside'' he stays on her panting as he came inside of her more, he completely filled her up as she laid there panting and tearing up as she felt herself being filled with hot sticky cum as he slowly gets up as he looked down as his cum started dripping out of her as he slaps her ass hard before pulling his pants up and dressing before leaving her there

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Good story! If I may suggest something to you- try breaking this wall of words down into paragraphs, it would make it easier to read for most readers!