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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

This story features non-consensual gang rape, oral, anal, bondage, and other violent situations.

Another note: This story contains racial comments which some people may find offending. They are purely for literary dialogue purposes and do not reflect the opinions of the writer or the forum.

The Mexican Girls

A story by Vile8r


   Mark and Gary pulled up to the old warehouse. It was 11 p.m. sharp. They were on time. They stepped out of the van into the warm summer night.
  “This is the place?” asked Gary.
 “Yeah, this is where they said to meet,” the other man replied.

  They saw a small side door open and a man waved them over to the building.
  “Hey, in here!” the man hissed.
  The two young men stepped inside the door into the cavernous, dimly lit warehouse. The man who waved them in reached out to shake hands.
  “Hey Mark! Good to see you, dude!” the muscular dark-haired man said.

  “Yeah, Tony! Good to see you too!” replied Mark. “Haven’t seen you much since high school.”
  “Ahhh, good ol’ high school. Those were the days, all right!” Tony laughed.   “But you know how it is,” he said with a shrug of his shoulders. “Work keeps me pretty busy. Who’s your buddy?”

  Mark turned towards Gary. “Oh, this is Gary.
Gary, this is Tony. Tony and I went to high school together.”
   “Well, nice to meet you Gary.”

   Tony walked towards the two men holding his hands out. “But friends or not I gotta search you guys for wires and shit.”
  “Yeah, not a problem,” said Mark holding his arms out to his sides. “We understand.”
  After patting down the two men and satisfying himself they were not a threat, Tony slapped Mark on the back.
  “So, what the hell can I do for you? When you met Mario at the bar the other day you said you were looking for a girl?”
  Mark rubbed the back of his neck nervously as he replied.

  “Ummm, yeah, we are. You remember Brett Sanders from high school, don’t you? He’s getting married in about a week . We’re throwing him a bachelor party tomorrow night.
  “Oh, I see!” Tony said. “So you’re looking for a girl for the ol’ ‘one last time before he’s married’ thing?”
  “Yeah!” said Gary.

  “Why don’t you just go get him a hooker for the night? It’d be a lot cheaper than what I’m gonna charge you,” smirked Tony.
 “I know,” said Mark. “But this is kind of a special gift for him. He’s always said that one of his all-time fantasies was to fuck a young Latino girl. So we figured, hey, he’s getting married, he’s gonna be settling down, what better time than his bachelor party to make his dream come true for him? I was told your buddy Mario could help us out. He smuggles people I was told?”

  Tony nodded his head as he listened to Mark.
 “My buddy Mario and I are involved in many business ventures. We can help you, if  a young Mexican girl is what you want.”
 “Well, yeah,” said Mark. “We figured Brett would love it. And some illegal Mexican girl ain’t gonna talk, will she?”
  “I like the way you think, man!” he said as he slapped Mark on the back again.

  “What kind of girl are you looking for?” asked Tony. “We got several. You looking for a certain age or anything.”
  “Fairly young,” Mark explained. “Not real young, but you know, like teenage anyways.”

  “Okay well, come with me. We got a few I’ll show you.” Tony motioned for them to follow him. They walked across the warehouse and entered a stairwell that led down to a large cellar. The air was cool and musty-smelling.

  Tony led them down a long corridor with doors along both sides. Gary and Mark realized the doors all had padlocks on them and had small barred windows, like prison cells. The two men peered inside one window. The ‘rooms’ were actually small cells. They could see huddled forms inside.
  “Where do you get all these girls?” asked Gary. “And what do you do with them?”

 “My other business associate, Mario, has some connections with a gang in Mexico that specializes in smuggling illegals. People pay them to smuggle them across the border and we help out. But a little side venture they have is grabbing girls and young women too. They bring them up here and we sell them!” said Tony matter-of-factly. “I got buyers all over the country. New York, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas. They get sold and go to work in strip clubs, whorehouses, wherever. Some guys buy them to make movies, that kind of shit.”
  “You mean you guys are like human traffickers?” asked Gary.

  Tony gave Gary a look of contempt.
  “I mean we’re like businessmen, providing a service. If you don’t like it, I suggest you fuckin’ leave!”
  Mark stepped between the two men.

  “Hey, hey guys! Let’s just settle down! He didn’t mean anything bad, Tony. Gary is just a little outspoken at times.”
  Tony continued to glare at Gary. “Well, he just better keep his opinions to himself. I don’t need some asshole going around blabbing about we do here!”
  “Don’t worry”, Mark reassured him. “He’s a solid. He’ll keep his mouth shut.”

  They approached one cell and Tony unlocked the door, swinging it open. The girl inside cowered in the far corner. She looked to be about 18 or 19, wearing a blue dress. Mark felt himself growing hard as he noticed the front of her dress was torn open, exposing her firm breasts. She tried to hold the ripped dress together to cover herself as she hid her face.
  “This one’s name is Connie. She’s 18,” said Tony. “Pretty cute!”

 “Is she virgin though?” asked Mark.
  “Ummm, sorry but no.” answered Tony.
  “We’d kinda like a virgin,” said Gary.

 “All right, not a problem. Check this one out then.”
  Tony pointed to another cell. The young girl inside was wearing denim shorts and a tattered white t-shirt. She had short dark hair that came to just above her shoulders. Mark admired her slender legs.

  “She’s not bad,” mused Gary. “How old?”
 “That’s Melissa. She’s 15, I believe,” said Tony. “I know she’s a virgin, checked her out myself.”
  “She’s hot but the short hair doesn’t do it for me,” said Gary.
 “You like long hair, huh?” said Tony thoughtfully. He snapped his fingers. “Hey, I got just what you’re looking for!”

  They continued on down the corridor until they were almost at the end. Tony stopped in front of a door and unlocked it. He pushed it open. Immediately, the two young girls inside scurried towards the far corner. They stood in the corner, arms wrapped around each other, eyes filled with terror.
  Tony walked into the cell and grabbed both girls by the arms, pulling them out into the corridor. Gary and Mark stood back admiring the two girls. They looked to be sisters, both with long dark hair that fell down their backs.

  They were both young. Mark could definitely see they were teenagers. One looked to be not much more than 13 or 14, the other was a little older, probably 16 or 17. Both were incredibly pretty and petite.
  The older one stood about 5 feet 4 inches and couldn’t have weighed more than 100 lb. She had an extremely tight curvy body and large tits…..for a girl her age! Mark figured they had to be at least a 34C. Her hair came down about five or six inches past her shoulders.

   She was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans with the knees ripped out of them and a pair of running shoes. Her jeans hugged the curves of her ass and hips very nicely and he could see the faint outline of her panties. She also wore a red t-shirt that looked as if it was a size too small. The fabric was stretched taut across her breasts and Mark could see a glimpse of her flat stomach.

 The younger girl was only about 5 feet tall and around 90-95 lb. Like the older girl, she too had a very enticing, firm body, belying her young age. Her breasts were much smaller but she had a lovely little heart-shaped ass. She wore a pair of light blue cotton shorts that hugged her slender legs and a pink Nike t-shirt. On her feet was a pair of tattered leather sandals. Mark reached out and stroked her long black hair that came down to the middle of her back.

She had smooth, light brown skin, big dark eyes and full lips. The younger one had a look of intense fear on her face and she hung onto the hand of the older girl tightly.
  “So, whaddaya think?” asked Tony. “The taller one, her name is Maria and she’s 17. The little one is her sister and her name is Miranda. She’s 14. Both are virgins.”
  “Sweet,” said Mark, approvingly. He walked around them in a circle admiring their young bodies. The two girls looked back at him fearfully. “They’re perfect. Pretty fucking hot if you ask me.”

  “Yeah, they’re two of the best I’ve had in a while,” said Tony. “We got them just a couple days ago. Their old man paid five grand to get the family out of Mexico. But my business associates, well they knew a good thing when they saw it. They arranged for the family to be “accidentally” split up.
   The father and the mother, well God only knows where they’re at. Probably still in Mexico. But these two sweeties were brought here to us.”
  “So what would you be asking for them?” inquired Mark.
 Tony rubbed his chin. “You know, I’m just not sure. I mean, we can take these two to L.A. or New York and ask some primo money for them, being virgins and all.”

 “I see what you’re doing,” smirked Mark. “I’ll tell you right now, we got $2500 to spend. Will you give them to us for that, or not?”
  Tony looked at the girls and looked back at Mark. “Well, normally, you’d be lucky to get one girl for that, but….ahhhh, for an old high school buddy, what the fuck? Yeah, it’s a deal!”

  Gary pulled Mark back to the side. “We’re gonna pay $2500 for those two girls? Fuck man, that’s a lot of money! We could pay for four damn good strippers for that much.”
  “Yeah, and do what, Gary?” asked Mark sarcastically. “Watch them shake their skanky asses around and give a few lap dances. We can go to a strip bar and see that any damn day of the week. We buy these girls, they’re ours! We can do whatever the hell we wanna do with them. Look at those sweet little bodies! Wouldn’t you love to dig into something like that?”

  “Well, yeah but….”
 “No ‘but’ about it, man!” said Mark. “We all threw this money together to get Brett a bachelor party gift. Well, this is a gift he ain’t ever gonna forget! I’ve known Brett for fucking years. He’ll love it!”
 “Okay, okay,” said Gary. “We’ll get the girls. They are pretty damn cute.”
  “You’re damn right they’re cute,” grinned Mark. “This is gonna be one awesome fucking party!”
  Tony spoke up. “So you two got your minds made up yet, or what the fuck? You know, I’m pretty well giving you a two-for-one deal!”
  “Yes, we have decided,” said Mark. “We’ll take them!”

  He dug into his pocket and pulled out a fat wad of bills. “Here you go, twenty-five hundred bucks!”
  Tony counted the money and stuck the wad in his pocket. He pushed the two girls back into their cell and closed the door.
  “A pleasure doing business with you gentlemen,” said Tony with a smug grin. “Just remember, you do not know where the girls came from and you do not know me or Mario! Understood?”

 “Understood!” agreed Mark.
 “Oh, one other thing,” said Tony. “In case you didn’t notice, those girls don’t speak much English. Just letting you know.”
  “Well the way I look at, they don’t really need to know any English,” replied Mark. “They see a bunch of hard dicks; I think they’ll understand what’s going on!”
  “Right on, brother!” laughed Tony. “Your party should be a good time! Say, what time will you be by tomorrow to pick the girls up?”
 “Party starts around 7 p.m.,” said Mark. “We’ll be by around 4 to get them.”
  “Okay, see you then,” said Tony.

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  Brett Sanders could feel himself getting quite drunk. The 28-year old was getting married in a week and tonight was that most classic of pre-wedding rituals….the bachelor party! His friends had done a great job of planning everything.

  His cousin, Randy, had a cabin at the lake that he was allowing them to use for the weekend. It was perfect! They were miles from anyone and they could party as much as they wanted without disturbing any neighbours. There was plenty of bedrooms for everyone and no one had to drive home. They could spend the whole weekend there.

 “You guys are awesome!” Brett yelled, slapping his friend Lee on the back. “This party is great!”

  “Anything for you, man!” said Lee. He was also 28-years old and had known Brett since elementary school. Both of them now worked for a company that designed new computer software and video games. It was a dream job.

  They walked out onto the large outside patio that overlooked the picturesque lake. There was six other men sitting around on the patio. A large plastic tub was packed tight with ice surrounding a beer keg. A table in the center of the patio was covered with platters of chicken wings, barbecued ribs and other snacks.

   “So where’s Mark and Gary?” asked Brett.
  “They’re still on their way,” replied Lee. “They phoned me earlier and said they had to pick something up.”
A big smile spread across Brett’s face. He punched Lee in the shoulder.

  “Ahhhh, come on, man! You’re holding out on me! I know what they’re ‘picking up’. Strippers! I know you guys would not throw a bachelor party for me without strippers!”

  Lee had a coy smile and he shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know what they’re doing. Honest!”

  Lee secretly knew they were picking up ‘something’. All the guys at the party had thrown money together a few days before and Mark said he would look after lining up some ‘entertainment’. Lee sure hoped it was either hookers or strippers, or ideally, both!

   The beer and whiskey was flowing freely and everybody was getting wired. The large house stereo was pounding out some of Brett’s favourite tunes.

Metallica, Godsmack, Disturbed, stuff like that. He was a big heavy metal fan.
   Mark and Gary finally pulled up in front of the large cabin in Mark’s white van. He owned a business installing satellite dishes and home security systems and he used the van for his work. He and Gary came striding into the party. Brett met them at the door.

  “Mark-ster!!! Gary-meister!!!” he yelled, holding his plastic cup of beer high in the air. “You assholes made it!”

  Mark made like he was going to tackle the drunk man.
  “Wouldn’t miss it for the world, dude! Seeing you have your last blowout before Leanna slaps the ball and chain on you? Of course I’d be here!”
   “She’s a nice girl, but I still say she has a terrible taste in guys, seeing as how she’s marrying you!” joked Gary.

   “Hey!” said Brett, with a look of mock anger. “Don’t be dissin’ mah woman!”

  The truth was Brett couldn’t believe he was marrying Leanna Stewart either. She was a beautiful girl, tall, blonde, with a gorgeous killer body. She was 24-years old, a little younger than him. He never thought he would have a chance with a girl like Leanna.

   Her father was his boss and they had met a year ago at a company picnic. Leanna used to be a Hawaiian Tropics bikini model and now ran her own business as a party planner. She and Brett fell madly in love and he couldn’t believe his sensational luck at landing such a beautiful woman. The perfect trophy wife, so to speak.

   However, Leanna was far from perfect. At times, she could be a bit of a spoiled brat and a Daddy’s girl. He also discovered that being with a hot girl, did not automatically translate into great sex. Leanna was, for want of a better term, a bit of a dud in the sack.

  Oh, they had had some great sex from time to time, but Leanna just didn’t get into it like Brett wished she would. One thing she didn’t like to do was oral or anal sex. She had made that quite plain to him the first time they ever had sex.

  “I will suck your dick this one time,” she had told him. “But personally, I find it very repulsive and demeaning and I feel it is a lack of respect towards me for you to even ask me to do such a thing. So enjoy it now, because it isn’t gonna happen very often! And as for the back-door, don’t even think of going there!”

  So why was he marrying her? Brett had had a reputation through high school and college of being quite a Casanova. He had fucked dozens of girls through high school and college and had lots of wild and kinky sexual adventures.

Why was he now settling for a woman, who although she may have the looks of a super model, had all the sex drive of a sack of grain?

  His career, that was why! With her father, Adrian Stewart, the president of CyberScape Systems, as his father-in-law, Brett knew he could be in line someday to own a company worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Brett’s father had told him once, ‘Marry for money, if you can’t marry for looks!’

  Well, as far as Brett was concerned, he had married for the looks and for the money! It was like winning the lottery. And even better, his future father-in-law liked him! Brett had already been promoted to assistant vice-president in charge of product development. He was on his way up the ladder!

 So, if Leanna didn’t exactly wow him in bed, so what? As long as he was married to her, someday he was going to be a very wealthy man!  And if he wanted good sex, well there was other ways for him to get that.

  Of course, he didn’t let on to his friends that his future wife was less than ideal. They were all envious of him that he had managed to land such a “hottie”, in their words. And Brett led them along with the belief that he was having sex on a regular basis to a goddess who was a tiger in bed. It massaged his ego to have his friends think that Leanna was one hot fuck!
  He looked outside toward Mark’s van.
 “So, ummmm, where’s the babes?” he asked drunkenly.
 “What do you mean?” asked Mark.

  “The babes!” repeated Brett. “The peelers, the ho’s, the big-titted skanks, whatever the hell you were ‘picking up’ earlier!”
  Gary laughed out loud. “We don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, Brett!”

  Mark put his hand on Brett’s shoulder and looked him in the eye. “Don’t worry bro! We got some ya some entertainment and soon you’re gonna get to see it. What is it? I ain’t telling you! It’s gonna be a big surprise!”

  Brett gave him a hurtful look. “You cock suckers! Always gotta put me in suspense, huh? Okay then, I’ll wait. But don’t take too long! I might be passed out soon.”

  “Oh, when you see your surprise, you’ll be wide awake!” Mark and Gary winked at each other knowingly. They walked out to the party on the deck and helped themselves to some cold beer.

  Including Brett, the guest of honour, there was now a total of ten people at the party. Mark and Lee, who had organized the party, had decided against having a big free-for-all with tons of people. They just invited a small core of nine of Brett’s closest friends.

  There was Mark and Lee, of course, who had grown up with Brett. The three boys had all lived on the same street as kids. Gary was also a close friend who had been Brett’s roommate back in college. Then there was Randy and Myles. They were Brett’s cousins.

  Also at the party was Brett’s younger brother, Brandon, who had just turned 19. Even though he and Brett were nine years apart in age, they were very close. Brett had always been very protective of his little bro. Brandon was also one of the groomsmen along with Mark, Lee and Gary.

  Rounding out the group were Leon, Dean and Chet. They had all been friends of Brett’s in college and all now worked at CyberScape.

  The party carried on for about another hour with everyone consuming copious amounts of beer and other booze. Someone produced a large bag of weed and soon the distinctive aroma of marijuana was wafting through the air. The partygoers were becoming very drunk and stoned.
  Mark stood up on a chair and yelled out, “Okay everybody! We shall now have the presenting of the gifts!”

  They moved into the living room of the lake cabin. Brett sat down in a recliner as the partiers brought out several ‘gifts’ to help him in his married life.
  Lee gave him an electric blanket and a dogfood bowl.
 “What the fuck is this?” Brett laughed.

 “It’s for those cold nights you’ll be spending in the doghouse,” Lee said. Everybody roared with laughter.
   Randy gave him a football helmet. “Make sure you wear this when you’re having a fight!” he said. “Those rolling pins are hard!”

   “You guys are a bunch of assholes!” grinned Brett. “But I love ya!”

   The gifts continued. An inflatable sex doll, some porno DVDs, a gift certificate to Hooter’s and a poster from Brett’s favourite stripper bar. Dean and Chet gave him that. They had it signed by the staff and several of the strippers who worked there.

  “This is one thing I won’t be able to hang in the living room!” chuckled Brett. “Thank you all. This has been great!”

  Mark slapped him on the back. “Well, you’re not done opening gifts just yet. There’s still one more little gift we got for you! You just sit here and we’ll go get it. It’s something real special!”

  “All right!” gloated Brett, rubbing his hands together. “It’s what you got in the van, isn’t it?”

  “You’ll see, you’ll see,” said Gary.

  “I just wanna say,” said Mark. “I think everybody’s gonna love this gift!”

  “Then fucking show us!” hollered Myles.

  “Okay, okay, we’re going,” said Mark as he and Gary headed out the door.

  A few minutes later the two men came back in the house, dragging two large black duffel bags along with them. Small holes were cut in the tops of the bags. There was something in the bags and whatever it was; they were doing a lot of kicking and struggling.

  The men in the room were silent as they looked with shocked amazement at the two duffel bags moving around on the floor. They could hear muffled screams and cries.

  “What the fuck is in those bags?” asked Randy.

  “Are there…are there women in those bags?” asked Brett with an unbelieving look in his eyes.
  Mark looked at him and grinned. “Brett, remember how you used to always tell me you had a big fantasy about fucking a young Latino girl?”

  “Ummm, yeah, I remember that. I still do!” Brett replied. “I’ve always thought Latino girls are hot!”

  “Well then, tonight you can consider your fantasy as being fulfilled!” Mark reached down and unzipped his duffel bag. Gary unzipped his at the same time. The two men grabbed the sides of the bags and tipped them over, dumping out what was in them.

  The men in the room stood in awe, all of them with their mouths hanging open as they saw the two young Mexican girls rolled out of the duffel bags onto the living room floor.

One looked to be around 16-17 years old, the other a little younger. Both had incredibly hot petite bodies. Their arms and legs were duct-taped together and each girl was gagged as well with tape.

  “Sweet fucking Jesus!” yelled Brett. “Where the hell did you get these two?”

  “Let me just say, I have my connections. That’s all you need to know, Brett,” said Mark. “Let me introduce you to Maria and her little sister, Miranda. Maria is 17 and Miranda is 14! And best of all…..they’re both cherry!”

  “Holy shit!” gasped Brett. “They’re fucking hot! And we can fuck them?”

  Gary laughed. “Well, what else are you gonna do with them Brett? Take them for ice cream? Of course, you can fuck them! We can all fuck them. And the best part is….they’re illegals. Nobody even knows they’re here! We can do whatever the fuck we want with them!”

   “I say, LET THE PARTY BEGIN!” whooped Mark.

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The rest of the men let out a loud drunken cheer as they fell upon the two hapless girls. They split into two groups. Gary, Mark, Brett, Brandon and Myles grabbed the oldest girl Maria, and hoisted her off the floor. Lee, Randy, Chet, Dean, and Leon picked up the smaller girl, Miranda.
   They pulled and tugged at the tape binding the two girls’ arms and legs and yanked off their gags. Both girls commenced screaming and bawling hysterically.
  Mark and Myles pulled and grabbed at Maria’s t-shirt. The thin cotton garment ripped in two, exposing her plain white bra. The men had that tore off her in a matter of seconds as well, her firm 34C breasts available for all to see. They bounced and jiggled as she struggled to break free from the men.
 “OH! Suh-weet fucking titties!” gushed Brett.
  He pulled off her shoes and immediately took hold of the snap on her tight-fitting blue jeans. He undid the snap and pulled down the zipper. He hooked his fingers in her belt loops. Maria tried to kick at him as she felt her jeans being yanked down over her smooth hips. Brett, his reflexes slowed down from all the beer he had consumed, was not able to dodge the flailing leg. He fell backwards as her leg contacted his chest.
  “Oh, she’s a fighter!” laughed Gary. “I like fighters.”
  Gary reached down and helped Brett to his feet. Maria gave another kick but this time Gary caught her leg in his hands. He twisted hard. She let out a painful squeal.
  “Settle down or I’ll break your goddamn leg!” growled Gary.
 Maria could not understand English very well, but she could tell from his tone that he meant her harm. He let her leg go. He and Brett each grabbed one side of her jeans and stripped them down her slender brown legs. Then they both hooked fingers into the sides of her white cotton panties  and with a hard yank, ripped them from her body.
 “PUSS-EEEEEE!” yelled the group of men as they could see the small triangle of dark curly hair between her legs.

    Miranda was being pounced upon by the other group of men. The slim, curvy fourteen-year old was lifted up off the floor by three men. Randy and Chet gripped her by the arms as Lee had an arm wrapped around both her legs. As she kicked and struggled, her sandals flew off her feet. Lee was pulling and tugging at her shorts. Leon tore at her pink t-shirt. It hung off her body in torn strips.
  Leon produced a small jack knife and slid the blade under her white bra. The men all hooted and whistled as they viewed her small perky breasts. Miranda screamed, loud and piercing, tears streaming down her face.
   Her little body twisted and bucked between the men holding her, her long dark hair falling over her face. Leon reached down with his jack knife and cut up the side of her blue shorts. Lee easily ripped them the rest of the way from her legs. She wore a pair of pink cotton panties with small hearts on them.
  Leon quickly sliced them off her with a couple flicks of his blade. “Fucking nice!” smiled Lee, looking at the patch of soft brown fuzz between her thighs.     

The girls continued screaming wildly as the men carried them upstairs to the bedrooms.
  “I get to bust this little honey’s cherry!” yelled Brett as he looked with hungry anticipation at Maria. He could feel his cock growing hard as rock.
  “I call dibs on Miranda!” hollered Lee.
 “Okay, but let Brett have her ass,” said Gary. “It’s his party!”
  “Deal!” replied Lee
  At the top of the stairs, the guys carrying Maria turned to the left, the ones with Miranda to the right. Each group disappeared into a bedroom. Miranda called frantically for her older sister as she saw the group carrying Maria go through the doorway.

    Mark and Gary carried Maria, twisting and thrashing, into the bedroom. They threw her onto the bed and pinned her arms down above her head. Brandon and Myles each grabbed one of her ankles and yanked her slender legs wide apart. She was pinned down spread-eagled to the bed.
  Brett quickly pulled down his pants, exposing a thick eight-inch cock standing at attention. Maria’s eyes were wide with terror as she saw the blonde man standing at the end of the bed. She arched and bucked but she was held firmly by the other men.
  Back in high school, Brett was what you could call a “pretty-boy”. He had thick blonde hair and deep blue eyes. In school, he had also been very athletic and part of the “popular crowd”. It was a contrast of sorts, that despite his “jock” persona, Brett had been a real computer whiz. That had led him to pursuing his present career.
  Brett still had a fairly athletic physique. He stood around six feet tall and weighed about 180 lb. but he went to the gym on a regular basis and still kept himself in good shape. He still had his thick blonde hair and even though he was now 28, didn’t look a lot older than when he had graduated at 18. His friends said, with his looks, it was no wonder a hot girl like Leanna had went after him.
   Brett climbed onto the bed. His eyes roved across the body of the beautiful Latino teen spread out before him. From her slender legs, to her slim waist and flat stomach, up to her firm heaving tits, her attractive oval face framed by her black silky hair. It was just the way Brett had always pictured it in his fantasies. A hot, young, virgin Latino, ready for him to ravage!
  Maria screamed loudly, tears streaking her cheeks as Brett leaned down and inserted a couple fingers inside her tight entrance.
   “Fuck, boys! She is tight as hell!” grinned Brett as he worked his fingers back and forth inside her. “Time to pump this little spick bitch!”

  He pulled his fingers out and positioned himself between her thighs. He guided his swollen cock head up to her pink lips. He grabbed her tits in both hands as he shoved his hips forward, grunting as his cock met resistance inside her. He pulled back a bit and slammed forward again, feeling her hymen rip and his cock tear her fuck tunnel wide open.

“FUCK YEAHHHHHHH!” he drunkenly roared.
 There was a rush of warmth around his shaft, which he realized was her blood. It helped to lubricate him as he began to vigorously ram in and out of her.


“AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!” the young girl screamed, the sound excruciatingly loud in the small bedroom.
  Brett was in heaven, Maria’s exquisitely tight cunt gripping and squeezing his erect member. He could feel his fat cock head spreading and pushing at the walls of her vagina as he drove in and out. He hadn’t had a fuck like this in a long time!

  Maria’s face was pale and screams continued to rip from her throat as her body was savagely violated by this “gringo” man. Her entire body felt like it was being split in half.

Next door , she could hear the violent screams and bawling of her little sister, Miranda. She imagined the same thing was happening to her as well. Poor, little innocent Miranda! They had done nothing to these monsters. Why were these men doing this to them?

  The other four men were cheering on Brett as he continued to pound into Maria. It sounded like they were back at a high school football game.


Maria had ceased screaming and now just let out painful moans as Brett’s cock continued to invade her, the thick shaft grabbing and tearing at her insides. He was squeezing and mashing her tits together as his thighs slapped against her.

  He sped up his thrusts and yelled out, “Ohhhhh, here we go boys! Big load coming up!”

  His body shook and shuddered as his cock unloaded into the squirming girl. Maria squealed in revulsion as she felt the river of warmth spreading through her, knowing this man’s vile seed was now inside her.

  Brett collapsed on top of her. He clamped his mouth on hers and slid his tongue into her mouth. She tried to turn her head away, but he held her there, working his tongue into her. He finally released her and climbed off her. The head of his cock still had a long string of cum dangling from it and the shaft was streaked with her virginal blood. Mark handed him a towel to wipe himself off.

   “Girl, you just made my fantasy come true!” smiled Brett as he looked down at the sobbing girl. “There ain’t nothing like some hot Latino cunt!”

  He high-fived Mark and Gary. “Thanks, you guys! Awesome!”

  Mark let go of her arm, Brett taking his place. Mark dropped his pants and climbed on the bed. He was around the same weight and height as Brett but had dark brown hair and brown eyes. He  sported a goatee. He was also 28-years old.

   He laid his weight onto the slim girl and bucked his hips. He closed his eyes tightly as he felt his hard eight inch cock drive up into her. The sensation of her tight walls wrapping around his length sucked the breath out of him. He began fucking her in hard forceful strokes. His hands gripped her sides as he pulled her back against him.

 “What a sexy little fuck!” he panted. Maria whimpered and pleaded something in Mexican. Her mouth opened and closed in quiet gasps of agony.

  In about 5 minutes Mark was ready to cum, although if he had his way he would fuck her all night long, she felt that good! With a couple long hard thrusts, he felt his cock go rigid and his balls emptied into her. He pulled out, another man ready to take his place.

  This time it was Brandon, Brett’s 19 year-old younger brother. Where Brett was fairly muscular and fit, Brandon was the opposite. He was tall and thin, just a little over six feet tall, but was lucky if he weighed 160 lb. As a young child he had had health problems and wasn’t able to participate in sports like Brett. He had been a thin sickly child and it was one of the reasons Brett was so protective of him.

  He had blonde hair like Brett and a thin acne-scarred face. He looked apprehensively at the teen girl on the bed. He was pulling down his pants, his seven-inch erection poking out. He looked at Brett.

 “So it’s okay to do this, man? We’re not gonna get in shit, are we?”
  “Not at all, dude!” said Brett. “You heard Mark and Gary. These girls are illegal immigrants. They go to the cops, they’ll just get kicked back to Mexico. You got nothing to worry about!”

  Brett got a strange look on his face and he broke into a smile.

“You’re nervous, ain’t you, Brandon? You’ve never fucked a girl, have you?”
 Brandon began to blush. “I’ve fooled around a bit,” he lied.

 Mark laughed. “Brandon, beatin’ off to internet porn doesn’t count!”
  All the guys burst into laughter.

“Okay, okay, I haven’t had sex with a girl!” snapped Brandon angrily. “I’m not like you, Brett. Just get to fuck anybody you want!”

 “Don’t worry about it, little bro!” said Brett. “Tonight’s the night, then. Mount this little slut and fuck her like there’s no tomorrow!”

  Brandon worked his way between Maria’s trembling thighs. She looked up at him pleadingly as he pushed himself inside her, his body tensing as his virgin cock slid easily into her warm, tight hole.

 “OHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHH!” he moaned. “This is awesome!”

  He began to stroke slowly in and out of her. He had a hard time getting a rhythm established and a few times, he slipped out of her. He would stop, reposition himself and push into her again. He leaned down and began to suck on her soft nipples as he humped against her.

 “Yeah! That’s the stuff!” yelled Brett encouragingly. “Suck on them titties, Brandon!”

  “Plow her!” yelled Gary. “Make her hurt!”

 Brandon dug his knees into the bed and began stroking in and out at a furious pace, his balls slapping against Maria. He made loud grunting noises as sweat ran down his face.


 Brandon dropped his body onto her, crushing her into the mattress as he came. His face screwed up into an expression of utter ecstasy as he held himself inside her, her cunt walls squeezing and milking him as he felt his cock jerk and spasm.

  He slipped out of her, her pussy making a loud sucking noise as he did so. He had a grin a mile wide.

  “Brett….that was the….greatest!” he said as he tried to catch his breath.

  “All right! You’re a fuckin’ machine, Brandon! Way to go!” said Brett as he slapped Brandon on the back.

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Offline vile8r

While they were talking, Gary had pulled his thick nine-incher out of his pants. Maria was not showing much fight anymore and the guys let go of her arms and legs. Gary flipped her on her stomach and pulled her back so her ass was hanging over the edge of the bed.

 Her thighs slamming against the bed, Gary drove into her in a single hard thrust, her tight cunt walls struggling to stretch around his girth. Wrapping his hands in her long hair, he pounded in and out of the squealing teen girl.



 “Ahhhh, she does know a little bit of English!” sneered Gary. “Fuckin’ right it’s gonna hurt, you little Mexican skank!”

 Gary pulled all the way out of her, placed the head of his cock at her entrance, and ploughed into her again, spittle flying from his mouth as he threw all his weight into her.

  Gary was 27 years old and a little on the paunchy side. He had the beginnings of a small beer gut. He stood around 5’ 10” and weighed in at 210 lb. He was slightly balding with light reddish brown hair and a moustache.

  Feeling himself hit bottom, he pulled out and did the same thing again, smiling as Maria’s whole body arched and jerked forward.

 Watching Gary pound away at Maria, Mark felt his cock growing hard again. He pulled his pants right off this time and climbed on the bed. He kneeled in front of Maria, brushing the hair away from her pretty face. He looked into her tear-filled eyes.

  “My little senorita, you’re gonna learn how to suck cock now!”

She vigorously shook her head from side to side.

 Mark pushed her mouth open and shoved his hard cock between her lips. Placing his hands on either side of her head, he forced his cock in farther. She tried to scream but all that came out was a muffled gurgle. Mark stroked in and out of her mouth, feeling her saliva lubricating him.

 “UUUGHHHACCCKK!” Maria gagged as Mark tried to push to the back of her throat. Slobber ran down her chin and her nostrils flared as she struggled to breathe. Mark ran his tongue across his lips as he fed his cock into the teen hottie’s wet mouth.

“Oh yeah,” he panted. “Suck that cock, baby! Suck it really good. Oh man, that feels good!”

  In the meantime, Gary kept up his steady hammering rhythm in her cunt. The bed creaked and groaned as he drove Maria’s body against it. He slowed down and let out a loud groan as his balls built up pressure. This time though, he pulled out and let his cock erupt across her ass cheeks and lower back.

  Maria shuddered as she felt the warm sticky liquid spraying onto her. Mark continued to fuck her mouth, her lips sliding back and forth along his shaft. He felt the tide rising in his balls and his heart pounded with the anticipation of blowing a load in the cute teen’s mouth.
   Gary slipped out of Maria’s dripping cunt. He wiped himself on the bed and stepped back out of the way for Brett’s cousin Myles. Myles was a little younger than Brett.

He was 25 years old. Standing at around 5’ 11”, he weighed about 170. He was very fit and muscular and had no spare fat on his body. The women considered him quite good-looking with his short dark hair and boyish looks. He had the looks of a younger Tom Cruise.

  He stroked his rock-hard eight and a half-inch cock as he placed it up against Maria’s swollen and sore pussy lips and drove into her. Her body shook with the force of yet another dick in her tight cunt.

  Mark wrapped his fingers in Maria’s hair and pulled her face right into his crotch as he felt his cock spray warm jizz into her mouth.


 Maria’s stomach heaved and she fought the urge to vomit as she was forced to swallow his cum. Mark pulled out of her mouth and wiped his dick across her cheek, leaving a slimy trail.

  “Some fine cock-suckin’ honey!” he said.

   Myles was driving in and out of Maria effortlessly. She was very well lubricated now. Myles had fucked some very hot women in his day, but he had to admit, none had ever been this tight! He reached under her and squeezed her nipples between his fingers. She let out a squeal and her body jumped. At the same time, he thrust into her.

   He loved it as her body jerked back against him, her pussy muscles clamping down on him.


   Miranda had cried out as she saw her older sister carried into the other bedroom. She was totally helpless now. Again, she was being separated from someone she loved. First, it had been when the bad men had separated her and Maria from their parents. Now more bad men were separating her from her sister.

  They carried Miranda into another room and she was thrown onto a large bed. Dean and Chet held her down by her arms as the petite girl kicked and thrashed on the bed. Her frantic screams reverberated off the walls.

  “Want us to hold her legs?” asked Leon.

 “Nah,” answered Lee. “She’s small. I can handle her.”

  Lee stood at the end of the bed and yanked his pants down. His thick eight and a half-inch erection was rock-hard. He grabbed Miranda by the ankles and pulled her legs wide apart.

 “MOMMA! POPPA!” she wailed.

 “Forget them,” sneered Lee. “Tonight, I’m your daddy!”

  He guided his cock up to the small pink slit between her legs and placed the head right at the opening.

 The bed shook from the force as he thrust into the young girl. He felt his cock head rip through her hymen and a warm gush of blood surrounded his dick. He pulled back and slammed into her again, the blood helping to lubricate him. Leaning his weight into it, he watched as his entire length disappeared inside the screaming girl.




 It sounded as though she would tear the vocal chords right out of her throat, she screamed so hard.

  A cheer went up from the other men and Lee began huffing and grunting as he worked his large cock in and out of the 14-year old’s tiny vagina. Her small frame was dwarfed by the man’s body pressing her down into the mattress.

  Lee was around 6 feet tall and about 210 lb. He had a muscular, athletic physique, which the 28-year old worked at hard to maintain. Like his friend, Brett, he too had been involved in a lot of sports in high school and had also played some college football. He had short dark hair with a goatee and his chiselled good looks made him appear younger.

   He had gotten married the previous summer to a little dark-haired stunner by the name of Rikki, a former UCLA cheerleader. But that still didn’t stop Lee and his wandering eyes. Lee was a player and interestingly enough, he found it easier to pick up women, now that he was married, than when he was single.

  One particular conquest he was quite proud of was when he fucked his wife’s hot 16-year old sister the night before his wedding. After getting her quite drunk on wine, he had lured her into his hotel room and mercilessly raped her.

She’d had a gorgeous tight body and Lee had thoroughly enjoyed himself. His wife never knew a thing, and Kari, his teenaged sister-in-law, was too embarrassed about the whole incident to say anything.

  Now Lee was in heaven again as he stroked into the nubile form of the little Latino girl underneath him. The pressure enveloping his shaft was incredible. He had thought Kari was tight, but this was way better! And Kari hadn’t been a virgin, the little slut!

   Lee fucked Miranda with short, brutal strokes, making her little body jump and jerk. In a few short minutes, he was ready to cum. He filled her with a tide of warm gooey semen, as she squealed continually.

  “Holy shit, you really gave it to her!” said Randy as Lee pulled out of the madly squirming girl.

  “Got that pussy ripped open now,” Lee said as he panted heavily. “Now you guys can work at making it bigger!”

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Great job vile.  Thank you for posting.

October 30, 2014, 07:40:53 PM
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very good job as usual Vile8r I always look forward to reading your work.

October 31, 2014, 05:31:16 AM
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Wow that gives me a hard on.. Nice share

November 01, 2014, 03:35:20 PM
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Offline vile8r

 Leon was next in line, pushing his 7-inch cock in with a couple of hard thrusts. He dug his hands into her small round butt cheeks and lifted her ass off the bed.

 “Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk!” he sighed. “This is nice!”

   Leon pounded into Miranda with his 5’ 6” frame. He was about 170 lb. The 27-year old was a bit self-conscious about his height, being that most of his friends were taller than he. But he worked out and kept himself in good physical shape.

 His nickname was “Archie”, as his red hair and freckles reminded his friends of the famous comic book character.

  As Leon worked his fuck-spear into Miranda, Dean and Chet pinched and played with her small round breasts. She still screamed, tears streaming down her face. In the next room, she could hear also the screams and cries of her sister.

  Dean and Chet had pulled their pants down and kneeled on either side of Miranda’s head. Dean took one of her small hands and placed it around his throbbing eight-incher. He moved her hand back and forth on him, indicating what he wanted her to do.

  “Stroke it, little bitch! Get me nice and hard before I stick this in your little pussy!”

   Chet did the same with her other hand, and soon Miranda was working on stroking both mens’ hard dicks. Chet smiled, feeling the young girl’s warm hand clamped onto his turgid shaft.
  Leon pounded away at the young teen, his cock driving up into her mercilessly. The sensation was exquisite, her tight pussy gripping him like a vise, his cock pulling and tearing at her as he stroked in and out.

 “UHHH….UHHHH…UHHH….UHHHH…..UHHH…AHHHHH!” he grunted and sighed as he blew his load, cumming deep inside Miranda. He wondered what his girlfriend would think, knowing he had just possibly impregnated a 14-year old Mexican girl.

   “Way to go, Archie!” yelled Dean. He had taken Miranda’s hand off him and now stood in line for his turn on the girl.

   “Thanks, man. She’s fucking tight!” grinned Leon.
Barely had he pulled out and Dean was between Miranda’s slender legs. He sunk himself into her balls deep, his cock spreading her pussy walls. Dean’s weight pinned Miranda’s small frame down to the bed as his hips slapped against her, rocking and shaking her whole body.

   Dean was 29. He stood around 5’ 10” and weighed 190. He wasn’t really muscular but he had a slim fit body. He had a full head of dark hair and was clean-shaven.

   He picked up his tempo as he felt his balls swelling and suddenly they erupted, shooting a flood of semen into the tiny dark-haired girl. Dean held himself inside her, feeling her pussy squeezing him tightly along his length.

  Finally, he pulled out, looking down at his blood-streaked cock. The insides of Miranda’s thighs were smeared with a mixture of blood and cum.

   Chet was behind him, stroking his thick curved 7-inch erection. Pre-cum already oozed from the dark purple head. Chet grabbed her legs and flipped Miranda on her stomach, mounting her from behind. Miranda bawled uncontrollably as she felt his fuck-rod drive into her, her pussy stretching tightly around it.

Grabbing a handful of her long hair, Chet began riding her, his hips smashing against the teen as her tiny body sprawled out underneath him.


   Chet tried to hang on, but he couldn’t. Her tight vagina muscles clamping down on the head of his cock was too much to bear.

 “Take it bitch! TAKE IT!” he bellowed as he filled her tiny pussy with hot cum. It was overflowing by this time and most was oozing back out onto the bed when he pulled his dripping cock out of her.

  Randy stepped up to take his spot. Brett’s cousin was the oldest of the group at 32. He was quite tall and slim, standing almost 6 ft. six inches and weighed around 190. His firm fit body was toned from several years of being a competitive surfer. He now owned a successful chain of surf shops along the west coast of the U.S. and had even opened a couple shops in Mexico and Hawaii.

   At the beginning of this whole affair, Randy wasn’t too sure if he should be allowing it to happen. But now after watching the rape of the pretty young Mexican girl for a while, Randy found himself getting incredibly aroused.
 He knew it wasn’t really right, she was only 14, but then he figured what the hell? It wasn’t like he had never done it before.

He thought back to when he was in his early 20s, touring the world as a competitive surfer. He had worked hard and partied hard. Well, his work was a big party!

   He had participated in several “gangbangs” of young girls at beach parties. At the time, it had seemed like just a bunch of innocent fun, but as he grew older, he realized they had been gang rapes more than anything. Why would it take four guys to hold down a girl if she was supposedly willing?  And willing girls don’t scream and cry and beg to be let go!

  He remembered one time that stuck in his mind. It had been on a beach in Hawaii after a big surf competition, which incidentally he had won. There were always big beach parties after these things, with tons of booze and weed and lots of cunt. Randy met this one incredibly hot little Hawaiian girl . Her name was Gina.

  Randy thought she was at least 18, she certainly had a body that made her look that age. He found out later she was only 16. Anyway, to make a long story short, he had lured her to a secluded spot away from the party. It hadn’t been too hard.  She was attracted to him too, him being the hunky surfer dude and all that crap. He figured he would get a good fuck.

  They had made out in the sand and she had gave him an amazing blowjob. Then he had fucked her. She wasn’t a virgin but man, she had been tight! It was fantastic! He was just finishing when four other fellows had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

  “Randy, dude, you’re holdin’ out on us! Let’s all bang this little hottie!” they had said.

  Randy, being quite wrecked at the time, hadn’t given a shit. He told the guys to go for it, he had gotten what he wanted out of Gina. Over the course of the next couple hours, the five of them subjected the extremely hot girl to what could only be described as a brutal gang rape. Everybody took a turn on her. In her pussy, in her mouth and in her ass.

  Randy especially remembered how she had looked as they had left her lying there in the sand. Her black and blue thighs,  smeared with blood, cum spattered across her pretty face and flat stomach, sand and dirt stuck to her body and in her hair. But what he remembered the most was her eyes staring straight up at the night sky, a blank, broken, distant look, her mouth slowly moving but no sounds coming out.

   He had left Hawaii the next day and never saw the girl again. He wasn’t too worried. The police in Hawaii were quite accustomed to rapes on the beach after big parties and most of them had the attitude that the girls had asked for them. Most girls never reported such things. It wasn’t worth the hassle and humiliation.

  Now, here he was again. It had been a long time since he had participated in something like this and to his amusement, he found his heart pounding like a horny high school boy. His nine-inch cock strained at his pants as he pulled them down.

  “Randy! You’re a goddamn weapon. Look at that thing ya got between your legs!” laughed Lee.

   “It’s ready for some little Latino action!” said Randy as he gazed down at Miranda on the bed. A large amount of cum had seeped out from between her legs and soaked into the bedspread.

  “Well, I ain’t fuckin’ her in a pool of cum,” said Randy.

  He reached down and pulled Miranda off the bed. She was surprisingly  light and he hoisted her up effortlessly. Holding her around the hips, he wrapped her legs around his waist and began to impale her on his monster pole. Miranda threw her head back and squealed as the large head pushed into her.


  “Yeah, it’s gonna hurt!” laughed Randy.

 His back arched as he drove his hips upward, his cock ripping into her. Miranda’s body shuddered violently from the pain of the big cock tearing her apart. Randy began bouncing her up and down on his shaft. Miranda’s small hands pounded against his chest as she cried and bawled.

  Looking for some better leverage, Randy turned around and put her against the bedroom wall. He planted his feet firmly against the floor as he drove into the young teen. The whole wall shook and vibrated and a nearby picture fell  from its hook, eliciting a round of cheers from the other guys.

“Holy shit, Randy, you’re bringing down the house!”

“Slam her, man, slam her!”

 The man’s body almost completely covered the girl as he held her up to the wall. All the other guys could see from behind was her legs wrapped around his waist.

  Randy came inside her, the muscles in his buttocks and lower back quivering as he pushed into her as far as he could. It felt to Miranda like he was trying to push right through her into the wall. She could feel the intense pressure of his cock pushing against her innards, almost as if he was inside her stomach.

  He pulled out of her and still holding onto her body, he threw her back onto the bed.
  “Sonuvabitch, boys,” Randy said breathlessly. “I ain’t banged a little cunt like that in a long time!”

  He turned around to see Brett and Gary standing in the doorway of the room, broad grins pasted on their faces.

  “What the fuck is going on in here?” Brett asked Randy. “It sounded like you were trying to knock the wall down in here.”

  “I was trying!” joked Randy.

 “How are things goin’ next door?” asked Lee.

 “Oh, we havin’ a great ol’ time!” said Gary. “That Maria is some nice fuckin’! How’s her little sister?”

  “Like fuckin’ an angel!” yelled Dean. “Tight as hell!”

 “Well, judging from all the screaming coming from in here, it’s a good guess she’s not quite as tight as she used to be,” said Brett.

  “Ummmm, yeah, you’re right!” chuckled Randy.

  “Come check this out,” said Gary, waving towards the other room.

   The other men followed along and gathered around the doorway to the other room. Inside they saw the nude form of Maria draped over the end of the bed. Myles, his pants around his ankles, had his cock buried deep into her. They watched as he reached under her and squeezed and pinched at her dark nipples, making her body jump and jerk.

Each time as she did, he would pull back and then drive into her, slamming her legs against the bed. Tears and slobber glistened on her face and her dark hair hung down over her pretty face.

  Myles looked over his shoulder and smiled at his audience in the doorway. It was his cue to put on a show. Seizing her by the tits, he lifted her upper body off the bed and pulled her back against him as he continued to pound in and out.

  He let out an animal-like roar as he came inside her, bouncing her up and down on his cock to milk out every drop. He then released her and let her fall back down to the bed as he slipped out of her.

   “Well boys that was something else, huh?” asked Mark.

 “You fuckin’ bet it was,” agreed Brett. “Awesome, awesome gift, man!”

  “I say we give them a little break, and then come back for more,” said Gary.

  “Excellent idea,” said Lee. “I need a beer!”

 “What are we gonna do with-with th-the girls?” asked Brandon.

 “Grab Miranda and put her in here with her sister,” said Mark. “They ain’t going anywhere.”

  Randy dragged Miranda off the bed and carried her into the other room. He threw her down beside Maria.

  “Miranda!” cried Maria as she saw the dishevelled and battered form of her sister. She glared at the men and spat, saying something in Mexican. The guys didn’t understand what she said but it sounded like something akin to ‘Fuck off!’.
  Greg chuckled. “Sounds like you still got lots of spunk left in you, Maria. We’re gonna have to make sure and fuck that out of you!”

  Mark produced a roll of duct tape.

  “Just in case,” he said as he commenced to tape the girls’ ankles and wrists together. “I don’t feel like chasing them if they try to get away.”

  They left the two young girls on the bed and the whole group headed downstairs, whooping and hollering as they made their way back to the beer keg.

November 02, 2014, 06:49:14 PM
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November 08, 2014, 05:57:57 PM
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Offline vile8r


Maria waited until she was sure all the men were downstairs.

  “Miranda, we are getting out of here. I don’t know where we are going but we are getting out of here. We’ll steal their van and drive away with it!” she said.

  “But-but you cannot drive, Maria,” said Miranda.

  “I can drive good enough to get us away from here,” she replied. “We have to get away, Miranda. These men will hurt us more if we stay!”   

   She slid down on the bed and began working at the tape around Miranda’s wrists with her teeth. The man who had taped them up had neglected to tape their mouths too. Now Maria was taking advantage of this. After a few minutes, she worked the tape loose enough that Miranda could pull her wrists free. Then Miranda undid the tape around her ankles. After she was free, she took the tape off Maria’s wrists and ankles.

  She stood up away from the bed. Her legs were weak and she wobbled a bit. She bent over, clutching at her midsection. She was still in pain from the brutal assaults she had suffered.

  “You must be strong, Miranda,” said Maria. “I know they hurt you, but you must be strong.”

  Maria herself was also in pain and her body felt weak but she knew they had to escape. There was a large dresser in the bedroom and she rummaged in one of the drawers. She pulled out two large t-shirts. Tossing one to Miranda, she slipped the other over her head. The shirts were about three sizes too big for the girls, but at least they were something to cover their nakedness.

  They snuck up to the bedroom door and slowly opened it. The music downstairs was very loud. Good, thought Maria. It will be harder for the men to hear them.

  Maria had taken a mental note as they were being hauled upstairs earlier, that the front door was to the right of the stairs. All they had to do was get down the stairs, turn right and head out the door.

She had no idea what they would do when they got outside, or where they would go. If the keys were left in the van, they could try to escape in it. Or maybe there were other vehicles they could take.

  She didn’t know. All she did know was that she wanted to get the hell out of there and get her sister away from these men.

  They creeped out into the hallway and looked around cautiously. There was no one around. They could hear the men out on the patio deck, yelling and laughing. Loud rock music blared.
  Taking Miranda by the hand, Maria began sneaking down the steps leading downstairs. Her heart pounded with fear. She didn’t know what would happen if they were caught trying to escape.

  She looked off to the left. Luckily, there was a wall that blocked the stairway from view of the patio. The men could not see them.

 The girls reached the bottom of the stairs.
  Maria whispered into Miranda’s ear, “We are going to start running! Stay right behind me! Understand?”

  Miranda nodded. Maria could see the fear in her little sister’s eyes and she planted a small kiss on her cheek.
  Maria began running for the front door, Miranda right at her heels. They had just whipped the front door open, when they heard the voice behind them.


“RUN MIRANDA!” yelled Maria. The two girls headed out the door and down the front steps.

  Lee was heading to the bathroom to take a piss. As he rounded the corner into the house, he stopped dead in his tracks. There they were! The two girls just heading out the front door. He yelled out to the guys on the patio.
  He heard the older girl yell something to the younger one and they took off. Lee began pursuing them. Out on the deck it was pandemonium as the rest of the bunch heard Lee’s shout. They all came running through the house and out the front door.

  Maria and Miranda ran frantically down the steps and straight for the van. Maria whipped open the door of the van. It was just as she feared. The keys were gone!

  She kept running, heading for the woods on the other side of the driveway, looking over her shoulder to make sure Miranda was still behind her. It was dark outside and she had no idea what they would do in the thick woods once they got there, but maybe the men would not be able to follow them so easily.

  But they weren’t fast enough. She heard a loud scream behind her. Miranda was being tackled and hauled to the ground by the man who had pursued them. Maria saw two of the other men coming up behind her. It was no use. She couldn’t try to escape now.

Not when they had Miranda. Maria could not leave her sister alone with these animals. Maria dropped to her knees and held her hands out in self-defence.

  “NOOOOO! NOOOOO! NOOOO!” she pleaded.

  As Mark ran up to her, he lashed out with his fist, catching Maria across the forehead. She flew backwards, hitting the ground hard and squealing in pain.

 “You feisty little bitches!” snarled Mark. “Where in fuck did you think you were going?”

  He reached down and grabbed her by the front of the large t-shirt, pulling her to her feet. He twisted her arm up behind her back and grabbed a handful of her hair, yanking her head back.
 Maria sobbed in despair as she was marched back to the house. The escape attempt had failed. And now she knew, things would not go good for her and Miranda.

   Lee had hauled Miranda up off the ground. The large man had literally bowled the small girl over as he tackled her. He heard the air drive out of her body as he slammed her down on the hard ground, almost knocking her unconscious.

  He grabbed her around the waist and threw her over his shoulder. The other men stood by the front entrance of the cabin, watching as the girls were brought back.


  “What the fuck?” Brett yelled out. “Our little pets trying to get away?”
  Mark had an evil smile as he dragged Maria up the steps  into the cabin.

  “Yeah, they tried, Brett! And you know what happens when a dog tries to run away? You tie them up!”

   Randy had found some lengths of nylon rope in his garage. Crude nooses were made and fitted around both girls’ necks. Mark and Lee each grabbed the ends of the ropes and held the girls tightly by them.

  “On your hands and knees, bitches!” yelled Mark. He pulled on his rope hard, yanking Maria down to the floor. Her hands grabbed at the noose around her neck as it dug into her flesh.

  “You’re our bitches now! And a bitch is a female dog, so you’re gonna be treated like dogs!”

  The girls looked around at the men looming over them as they cowered on the floor.
  “I think they need to be punished!” said Brett. “Trying to run away like that.”

  “Right you are, Brett,” replied Gary. He had pulled the belt off his pants. “And I know just what to do!”

    Randy’s cabin was built of logs. A large log beam ran the length of the cabin which helped to support the upper floor. This beam in turn was supported by three large vertical log pillars. One of these pillars was set in the center of the living room.

   Gary motioned to Lee to bring Miranda over to the pillar. She was pushed up against it face first. Gary grabbed the back of the large t-shirt she was wearing and began to rip it off her.

  “Hey asshole, that’s my shirt!” Randy scowled.

  “Too late now,” said Gary as he finished tearing it from her body.  Using more rope, Randy pulled her arms around the pillar and tied her wrists together. The girl was frantic, calling out for Maria.

  “Maria?” sneered Gary. “Why do you want her ? Maria is the one who got you in trouble! Now she gets to watch you get punished for her actions.”
  “Yeah!” yelled Mark. “We paid some good money for you girls. We own your little Mexican asses. Ain’t gonna just let you run away!”

  Gary brought his belt down hard across Miranda’s round little butt. She shrieked horribly.
 “MIRANDA!” cried Maria. She tried to lunge forward but Mark yanked her back with the rope.

  Gary lashed Miranda a couple more times with the belt. She twisted and pulled at the ropes tying her wrists together and tears flowed down her face.
  All the men stood around cheering loudly. Bright red welts sprung up across her tiny ass. Miranda screamed again as Gary landed several more hard whacks across her behind. Her little feet danced and jumped as she tried to dodge the blows but she was bound tightly to the pillar.

  “Okay, I’m done,” Gary panted. “If Maria is so concerned about her little sis, maybe she wants to kiss that ass all better!”

  “I think she does,” said Brett. “I wanna see her kiss her sister’s ass. In fact I want to see her bury her tongue right between her ass cheeks!”

  All the other guys clapped and hollered with agreement. Mark pulled Maria over behind Miranda with the rope and grabbing her by the hair, he pushed her face right into Miranda’s soft butt cheeks.

  “Lick ass, bitch!” he yelled. He made a licking motion with his tongue.
  He wasn’t sure if Maria understood him or not, however, she must have obviously got the hint. Tears streaming down her cheeks in humiliation, she began licking her sister’s ass cheeks with her tongue. Brett came over and grabbed Miranda’s firm cheeks, spreading them apart.

  “Come on!” he said. “Get your tongue in that little poop-hole! Now!”

  The men gathered around closer as they watched Maria’s tongue circle around Miranda’s little puckered anus.
  “Oh awesome!” yelled Chet.

 “That’s sooo cool!” gushed Brandon.

Mark held Maria’s head as she continued to lick Miranda’s ass, her face screwing up in disgust as her tongue ran across Miranda’s little bunghole. Miranda squirmed and cried.

  Then Brett and Gary each grabbed one of Miranda’s legs and pulled them wide apart, pulling her lower body up and away from the pillar.

  “Now suck some cunt!” said Gary. “Suck your sister’s cunt!”

  His hand on the back of Maria’s head, Mark shoved her face between Miranda’s legs. Miranda squirmed and squealed as she felt her sister’s face push into her crotch area.

  Maria began to lap at Miranda’s vagina, Mark pressing on the back of her head so her nose was pushing right inside her sister. Miranda cried out in humiliation.

Maria was making muffled squeals as her mouth was plastered against Miranda’s twat.  She feverishly licked between the younger girl’s legs. Tears ran down Miranda’s face and her whole body quivered as she felt Maria’s tongue stab up into her.

 “OOOOO-EEEEEE! Look at that girl lick pussy!” exclaimed Randy.

  “Well, I’ve got a better use for that tongue,” said Mark. He yanked Maria’s head back. Brett and Gary let go of  Miranda’s legs and she slumped against the pillar.

  “Okay Brett!” said Mark. “Your choice. Which of these little sluts should be the first to suck your cock?”

  Brett was checking out little Miranda, still tied to the pillar. Her eyes were filled with tears and she looked around with intense terror at the men surrounding her.

  “I think Miranda will get the honour,” smiled Brett as he began to untie her from the pillar. Grabbing the rope around her neck, her drug her over towards a chair and pushed her onto her knees in front of him. He plopped down into the chair, pulling down the zipper on his pants at the same time.

 “NOOOO, SENOR! NOOOOO!’ she screamed out.

  “Oh yes, my little Mexicano ” laughed Brett sarcastically.
“Suckee, suckee!”

   Miranda eyes grew big as Brett sat in the chair, his large cock pointing at her mouth.  She couldn’t understand most of what he was saying, but she knew what he wanted. The prospect of having something like that placed in her mouth was absolutely terrifying!

    Maria had been pushed onto her knees on the floor as well. As Mark held the rope around her neck, Gary stepped up and undid his pants, letting them fall to the floor.
  “Let her watch her sister,” sneered Gary. “Maria can show her how it’s done!”

  He yanked Maria’s head back by her hair and forcefully pushed his erect cock between her lips. She tried to scream but was cut short as his cock drove between her lips and into her mouth. Maria let out a small gag.

   Gary grabbed her by both sides of the head as he began to rape her mouth. He stroked in and out, Maria’s face turning purple as she fought for air. Her warm, moist mouth felt good on his cock and Gary knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on for long.

  He began to stroke faster and suddenly his cock gave a jerk as he spurted into Maria’s throat. She coughed and hacked as he pulled out and tried to spit out the vile liquid in her mouth.

  “You swallow that stuff, girl!” said Gary.
Miranda had watched with horror as Gary had shoved his dick into Maria’s mouth. Brett now reached out and put his hand on the back of Miranda’s head. He forced her face down towards his crotch.

 “Now you see how it’s done,” he said to her. “Get my cock in your mouth! Or I’ll let Gary whip your ass  again!”

  Miranda swallowed hard and opened her mouth, sliding her soft lips over the head of his cock. She pulled back a bit as the bitter taste of his penis made her want to puke. Brett smiled as he felt her warm mouth close around him.

  “Yeah, suck me good, Miranda!” sighed Brett. “Use that little pink tongue.”
   His cock jumped as he felt her tongue slide along the underside of his shaft. Her eyes were tightly shut as she tried to suck on the cock in her mouth. Her saliva lubricated him and allowed him to push deeper into her mouth. Miranda’s cheeks bulged out.

   “Right on! That looks fucking hot!” yelled Myles.

  Maria could not see what was happening to her sister, but she could hear the gagging, choking sounds coming from her. She had Lee standing in front of her now, his erect cock dangling in her face.

  Brett forced Miranda’s head farther down into his lap, pushing his cock into her mouth. His hand wrapped around her hair and he forced her mouth up and down on his rock-hard dick.
 “GACCCKK!……GAACCKKK!……GAAACCKK!” Miranda gagged and choked as Brett’s cock savagely invaded her mouth.

   She tasted something salty on her tongue and almost vomited when she realized that it must be his cum. Brett held her head on his cock as it began spewing its warm, sticky load into her mouth. Miranda had no choice but to swallow his cum or risk choking. She gulped down as much as she could manage, some dribbling down her chin.

  Brett pulled her off him and motioned to his brother Brandon.
 “Hey man, get over here! I’m thinking if you were a virgin, you’ve never had your dick sucked either, have you?”

  Brandon shrugged sheepishly. “Well, what do you think?”

  “Tonight’s your night, then!” said Brett. “Get your dick out and we’ll put little Miranda to work!”

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Love this story vile8r

November 11, 2014, 04:06:04 PM
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Offline vile8r

Gazing at the slender form of the naked teenager as she sucked his brother‘s cock, Brandon had felt himself growing very hard. He pulled his pants down and sat on the couch, his cock standing straight up.

  “Okay, Miranda,” said Brett. “Give Brandon some mouth action.”

  She slowly shook her head. “N-no, senor!” she whimpered.

   He pushed her over to Brandon who pulled her face into his lap as he tried to push his cock into Miranda’s mouth. He gasped out loud with pleasure as her mouth closed around the head of his cock.

 “Oh, that’s good!” Brandon sighed as he wrapped his fingers in Miranda’s long hair and pushed his hips up towards her face. Miranda slid her mouth up and down on him, small whimpering sounds coming from her. She placed her hands on his hips to steady herself.
     Lee had his cock buried in Maria’s sweet mouth, his hips thrusting. Her lips were stretched tightly around his girth and his balls slapped against her chin. Snot ran from her nose as she tried to breathe.

   “Gonna shoot down your throat, you little whore!” snarled Lee as he felt his balls release. A volley of semen splashed into her throat and her chest heaved as Maria fought to swallow. Lee pulled his cock free from her mouth, a long string of cum and slobber still clinging to the head.

  “Lick that off!” ordered Lee.

  Maria licked the head of his cock with her warm tongue until it was clean. She coughed and hacked, trying to catch her breath.
As Lee zipped himself up, Maria looked up to see Randy in front of her. He had an evil grin on his face as he unzipped his pants, his large erection springing out.

     Brandon was in heaven as Miranda slowly moved her mouth up and down on him. His rock-hard cock was slick with her saliva. The young man was staring intently as the girl’s head bobbed up and down between his legs. His mouth hung open as he felt his cock stiffen and he began to cum.
 “Oh my God,” he thought excitedly. “I’m cumming right in her mouth!”
  His fingers dug into the sides of her head and his cock blasted a big load of gooey cum into Miranda’s mouth.

“Ohhhhh!” exclaimed Brandon as he felt his cock spasming inside the girl’s small mouth. Miranda pulled her mouth off him, gasping to catch her breath.
  “That was something else,” said Brandon. He looked over to where Maria was kneeling in the center of the room. It was a sight to behold.

   Randy had his cock deep in Maria’s mouth, his balls pressed against her chin. Her face was a reddish-blue and snot ran from her nose as she struggled to breathe.

   Mark had become tired of watching everyone else having fun as he held the rope tied around Maria’s neck. He had moved around behind Maria and dropped his pants. He tore the t-shirt off her that she had been wearing when she tried to escape. Kneeling behind her, he had drove his cock up into her tight pussy once again. He fucked her slowly and forcefully, relishing the feeling of tightness gripping his hard cock.

    Myles had his thick cock out and was taking Brandon’s spot on the couch. He held his dick in one hand as he guided Miranda’s mouth to him. The girl had a blank look of resignation on her face as she prepared to have another penis pushed in her mouth. Myles let out a pleasurable moan as he watched his shaft disappear between her lips.

   “That’s the stuff, girlie,” he said. “By the time we’re done with you, you’re gonna be an expert at sucking dick!”

   Randy moved his hips, sucking in his breath as he felt his cock slide in and out of Maria’s mouth. Her tongue lapped at the underside of his shaft. His cock head pushed to the back of her throat and he could feel his balls tightening.

Randy arched his back as more cum was unloaded into her mouth. He pulled out in the middle of cumming and stroked his cock as he sprayed some onto Maria’s face. It stuck to her cheeks and chin and clung to her eyelashes.

  “Cum facial! Right on!” yelled Brett.
At about the same time that Randy blew his load, Mark slammed up deep into Maria’s pussy and let loose. She could feel the familiar warmth flooding her insides as Mark’s fuck-rod twitched and jerked.
   Leon and Chet stepped up, ready to double-team the pretty Mexican.

Over by the couch, Myles had blasted a load down Miranda’s throat and now Dean and Gary were mauling Miranda. Dean was forcing her mouth onto his cock and Gary was attempting to mount her from behind. The two large men had lifted Miranda off the floor so she was suspended about three feet in the air between them with Dean holding her under her arms and Gary with his hands around her tiny hips. 
   Miranda tried to squirm and struggle, but it was futile. She was firmly sandwiched between the men as they began thrusting in and out of her mouth and pussy, her body seesawing back and forth.
  Her jaws ached fiercely as Dean’s cock spread her mouth wide open. Gary pushed into her tight pussy and began to increase the force of his thrusts. The tight walls of Miranda’s young cunt seemed to squeeze and pull on him, increasing his pleasure.
  Leon was pushing Maria’s mouth open with one hand and feeding his cock in with the other. His heart pounded with excitement at the idea of having the hot Latino girl sucking his cock. Chet was getting in position to penetrate her from behind.

The two men simultaneously entered her, Chet letting out a loud groan as his cock sunk balls deep into Maria.

   He had wanted to fuck her from the minute he had set eyes on her earlier in the night. Now the 5’ 10”, 165 lb. man was getting his wish. He was thin and sported sandy-coloured hair with a goatee. Chet had never had much luck with women growing up and his sexual encounters had been few and far between. He hadn’t lost his virginity until he was 22.

  This was the first gang-bang he had ever participated in, even though he knew it was really more a gang-rape. He had had a small twinge of conscience when they had first raped Miranda upstairs, but then he thought about all the times girls he had went to school with had humiliated and shunned him. This was his payback!

  And what the hell? These girls were Mexicans! Illegal aliens, to boot! If they were still living in Mexico they’d probably be married and knocked up by the time they were 18 anyways, living in some squalid shack. It was how those people lived, wasn’t it?
   Leon’s mouth hung open in an ecstatic grin as he watched Maria’s mouth wrapped around his 7-inch cock. Her moist tongue worked back and forth along his length and he arched his back.

“YEAH!” he whooped. “SUCK ME!” Leon wrapped his fingers in Maria’s black hair and pressed his stomach against her forehead.

Gary and Dean continued their savage assault on Miranda. Gary pounded in and out of Miranda’s tight cunt while Dean buried his fuck-tool in her sweet mouth. The two came almost simultaneously, filling her mouth and pussy with sticky white goo. They dropped her back on the floor, Miranda coughing and spitting as cum and slobber dribbled out of her mouth.

Good job!” yelled Gary as he high-fived Dean.

 Chet’s hips were a blur as he hammered away at Maria.

Her body shook with each thrust of his hips. He reached under her and squeezed her beautiful tits. Leon had his cock pressed to the back of Maria’s mouth.
  “Gonna….cum!” gasped Leon. “Right down her….fucking ….throat!”

   He pulled on her hair as he felt himself erupt into her mouth. Chet dug his fingers into her ass cheeks as he bottomed out in her pussy and spewed a load of his own filth into Maria. The two men pulled out, utterly spent.

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Great story . . .as usual Vile!

November 11, 2014, 11:39:55 PM
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November 15, 2014, 10:03:05 PM
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Offline vile8r


“Time for a break!” yelled Brett. “Let’s have a beer!”

 “Sounds like a plan to me” said Chet as he buttoned up his pants after wiping off his slimy cock in Maria’s hair.

   Maria and Miranda lay in little curled up balls on the floor, their petite, abused bodies shaking and quivering.

  “Well, they ain’t getting away this time,” remarked Lee as he grabbed the rope tied around Maria’s neck and pulled her up on her knees. Mark grabbed Miranda’s rope and did the same. Both girls were now on their hands and knees, the men holding the ropes around their necks like dog leashes.

  “I say they do some work for a while,” said Myles. “They been making us do all the fucking and everything. How about they put on a show for us?”
  “That is an excellent idea!” said Gary, smiling.

Brett suddenly showed up with the dog bowl he had received  earlier as a gag gift. He had filled it with water. He set it down on the floor between the two girls.

  “Here bitches! Have a drink. You’re probably thirsty after all that cock sucking.”
  “Yeah, drink out of that dog dish, you mutts!” sneered Lee.
  Miranda and Maria dipped their heads down and lapped thirstily at the water in the bowl.

  “Hey, they’re pretty well-behaved pets,” laughed Randy.

  After the girls had finished drinking, they were forced to crawl on the floor out to the back deck. Their ropes were tied to the deck railing and the men proceeded to help themselves to more beer and snacks.

   “This is the greatest bachelor party!” said Brett as he made a toast with Gary and Mark.

   “You’re fucking welcome!” Mark smiled  broadly. “Glad you’re having fun!”

  “Oh, I’m having fun, all right!” laughed Brett. “So much fun I don’t know if I’ll want to get married after all this. Maybe I just wanna fuck little Mexican girls for the rest of my life!”

  “Shit man! You can’t be pulling off that crap,” said Mark. “You gotta marry Leanna! Get in good with her old man and you’re set for life!”

  “Don’t worry, I’ll be getting married,” Brett reassured him. “But I’ll say this much. My honeymoon is gonna have to be pretty damn good to beat this!”

  “A honeymoon with Leanna Stewart?” asked Mark. “Oh, I think it’ll beat this! Getting to tap her whenever you want? That’ll be heaven!”

  If only you knew, Mark, if only you knew! thought Brett. This is the best fucking I’ve had in six months!

   Randy and Myles had cleared a spot in the middle of the deck and they dragged the young girls over.

  “You guys ready to watch some pussy action?” yelled Myles.

 “You fucking bet we are!” replied Brett.

   Maria was forced down on the floor of the deck on her back and her legs pulled apart. Miranda was arranged on top of her in a ‘69’ position with her face between Maria’s legs and her pussy over top of Maria’s face.
  Randy pushed Miranda’s face down into Maria’s pussy.
  “Get licking!” he yelled.

  With tears of humiliation on her cheeks, Miranda slowly began to lick at the outer lips of Maria’s vagina, still covered in the slime of the men who had fucked her. Hands pushed Miranda’s body down so Maria was also forced to begin licking on her little sister’s pussy.

  “Fuckin’ yeah!” whooped Brett! “That is fuckin’ sexy!”

  All the men gathered around in a circle to watch the girls as they slowly lapped and sucked at each other.
   “Get that tongue inside her!” snarled Gary. He put his hand on the back of Miranda’s head and pushed her face down farther, holding her so she was forced to push her tongue up inside Maria.

Small whimpers escaped from Miranda’s throat as she performed the humiliating act.
  She jumped and squirmed as she felt Maria do the same to her.

 “LICK THOSE PUSSIES! LICK THOSE PUSSIES!” the men began to chant.

   Miranda and Maria could not believe the sick things these men were making them do. Maria just closed her eyes tightly and hoped that soon the men would tire of them and let them go. Miranda felt sick to her stomach and was sure she was going to throw up at any time.

   Then the men stopped them. Miranda was pulled off  Maria and turned around. Her face was pushed down to Maria’s tits.

  “Suck those tits now!” Mark ordered.

 He made a licking motion and pointed to Maria’s tits. Miranda’s tongue snaked out across one of Maria’s nipples. Maria let out a low whimper. Miranda proceeded to lick and suck at her sister’s breasts, as Mark held his hand on the back of her head. The men whooped and hollered, quickly working themselves back into a horny frenzy. They were ready for some more action.

Brett was the first to move.
  “Well, I’ve had my dick in Maria, but now I want little Miranda!” he said, licking his lips.

  “Okay, then! Have your fun!” said Gary.

  Brett hoisted Miranda up and slung her over his shoulder as he headed back into the house. “Come on Brandon!” he yelled.

Brandon followed his brother as they headed up the stairs to the bedrooms.
  Mark and Lee hoisted Maria back to her feet and dragged her along by her leash as they followed along too. The other men took turns slapping and pinching her ass and squeezing and mauling her tits as they walked along.

   Brett threw Miranda down on a bed and began to strip his pants off.  Miranda cried out something in Mexican but Brett paid no attention as he rolled her onto her back and pushed her legs apart. He settled onto the poor girl, his cock pushing inside her, marvelling at the feeling of tightness gripping his hard cock.

He licked and sucked on Miranda’s small breasts and ran his tongue along the side of her face. Slowly but forcefully, he pumped in and out of her. Miranda just stared at the ceiling, making small painful moans as Brett slid in and out.

 Miranda was not as tight as she had been but Brett figured after being fucked so many times already, what could you expect? She still felt damn good! He increased his tempo, making the bed shake as he pressed Miranda down into the mattress under his weight.

  “OHHHHH YESSSSSSS!” he groaned as he came deep inside the pretty fourteen-year old.

He held himself inside her for a few seconds as he caught his breath. As he pulled out he looked over at Brandon, standing beside the bed. He had a look of excitement on his face.

  “Can I do her now, Brett?” he asked.

  “She’s all yours, bro,” Brett answered.

   Brandon had his pants off in a flash and was on the bed. He rolled Miranda on her stomach and lifted her ass in the air.
  “I’ve always wanted to fuck a girl in this position,” he said. Gripping Miranda tightly by the hips, he drove into her.


 “Ohhhh, she does have a little life left in her yet!” Brett exclaimed.

   Brandon dug his knees into the bed as his body slapped against her. He made quick rapid thrusts inside her. Miranda’s tiny hands grabbed at the sheets on the bed as her body was shoved back and forth.

   In the bedroom next door, Maria had been thrown on the bed and the men were on her like a swarm of ants. Lee was between her widely spread legs pumping into her hard, his large arms wrapped around her waist. Gary and Randy were on the bed on either side of her. They each had one of her luscious tits in their mouths sucking and biting on them. Dean was kneeling by her head, his ball sac dangling above her face. He was forcing her to lick and suck on his balls.
   Myles and Mark headed over to the other bedroom. They had already fucked Maria and wanted to try out Miranda. Brett greeted them as they walked in the room.

  “Hey boys! Looking for a piece of this one?”

  “Yeah,” said Mark. “If Brandon don’t wear her out!”

  They all shared a laugh as they watched Brandon slam away at Miranda on the bed. Every few seconds she would let out a small painful squeal.

   Brandon finally came in a powerful orgasm, his hips and buttocks quivering as he dumped his cum into her.
  He pulled out slowly, his cock making a sucking sound. He had a huge grin.

  “Man, she’s sweet!” he said.

  Mark had dropped his pants and was waiting with another raging hard-on. Brandon climbed off the bed and Mark took his place. Grabbing a big handful of Miranda’s hair and yanking her head back, he plunged into her, driving the air out of her lungs.

   Miranda grimaced in pain. How much longer would this nightmare last, she wondered? She wasn’t sure how much more she could endure. Every thrust of Mark’s cock into her felt like a burning spear.

    Reaching underneath her, Mark grabbed both her tiny nipples in his fingers and pinched down hard. Miranda let out a sharp squeal. Mark held onto the nipples, smiling as he felt her body twist and buck on his cock. He continued to pump inside her until he came, sweat running down his chest.
   Next door, Maria’s torment was continuing. Leon was taking his turn to fuck her, stroking vigorously in and out of her battered cunt. Dean and Chet were mauling her tits and Gary crouched over her face, making her lick his ass.

  “That’s kinda gross, man!” said Randy, making a face.

  “Don’t knock it ‘til you try it, dude!” said Gary. “That sweet little tongue feels good on my ass!”

   Leon blasted a load inside Maria as he let out a loud whoop.

  He held himself inside her for a few seconds, letting her pussy squeeze and milk him. He pulled out, cum smeared along the shaft of his cock. Dean pulled his pants down.

  “All right, gonna get to do my thing now,” he said excitedly.

  He slid his cock effortlessly into Maria’s warm hole with a loud SCHLIKKKK! sound. She was getting a bit sloppy down there but still retained some tightness. After pumping her with a few hard strokes he pulled out, his shaft glistening with cum and pussy juices.

   He moved up on Maria’s body, straddling her chest. He laid his slimy cock between her tits and pushed them tight around him. Then he began sliding his body back and forth giving her a tit-fuck. Maria wailed in revulsion as she felt his thick member push between her boobs.

  “Yeah!” yelled Gary. “Tit-fuck the bitch!”

The men gathered around the bed cheering him on. Dean squeezed her tits harder, digging his fingers into the soft

 “AAAAHHHH...AAAAAHHH…AAAAHHH…AAAHHHH!” Maria gasped painfully.

  Dean pumped harder, feeling his balls preparing to spew. He pulled his cock out from Maria’s tits and let rip, cum shooting in  thick gobs across her chest. He rubbed his cock in the mess and then wiped it across her mouth and cheeks. After he was done he grabbed a handful of her hair and wiped himself clean.

   Maria rolled up into a fetal position on the bed and sobbed. When was it going to end, she thought?
  The men stood back and looked at the abused teen girl on the bed. All the cum oozing out of her pussy had soaked into the bed, making a large wet spot. Sweat glistened on her body. Even in her battered, dishevelled state, she was still very attractive.
  “I think we’ve pretty well worn out that hole,” laughed Randy.

  “Guess then it’s time to break in the other one,” Gary smirked as he began to pull Maria up off the bed. He ran his tongue along her neck as he pressed a finger between her ass cheeks. Maria’s eyes flew wide open and she screamed.

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Nice job Vile . . .as always!  ;)

November 16, 2014, 11:58:37 AM
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Offline sweetness

Yea it's good vile love your stories

November 16, 2014, 01:11:54 PM
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Great story.  One of the best things about this site in my opinion  is the great stories you guys write. Keep putting them out.

November 18, 2014, 10:47:33 PM
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Offline vile8r

Thank you for that comment Dark.

November 18, 2014, 10:52:17 PM
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Offline vile8r


Myles grunted as he slid into Miranda. Her sopping pussy enveloped him and he began a series of short rapid thrusts into her. As he fucked her, he leaned down and sucked and bit on her small tits. Mark knelt beside her and pushed her mouth open with a couple fingers. He pushed the head of his cock between her lips.

  Without hesitation, she began sucking and licking at his dick.

  “We’re getting these little beaner chicks well-trained,” Mark smirked. “Don’t even have to tell them anymore!”

  He stroked Miranda’s hair as she pleasured him with her mouth. Her lips stretched around him and she worked her tongue around the head of his cock. Mark was thoroughly enjoying himself.

  Myles sped up his thrusts as he approached orgasm. He drove hard into Miranda as his cock spurted a load of thick jizz into her. Mark also could feel his balls stirring. He pulled out at the last minute and let loose across Miranda’s face. Gooey strings of cum stuck to her face and in her hair. The other men cheered and laughed. Miranda wiped at the mess on her face as she cried.

   Lee stuck his head in the doorway.
  “Yo! What you motherfuckers doing in here?”

“We’re just finishing up on little Miranda,” said Brett. “What’s going on?”

  “Gary wants you to bring Miranda in the next room when you’re done.”
  “Okay,” replied Mark.

  Mark got up off the bed and pulled Miranda along with him. The other men followed. Inside the other room Maria was lying facedown across the bed, her arms stretched out in front of her and her wrists taped tightly together. She had a sock wadded up and stuck in her mouth and it was taped in place so she couldn’t spit it out.

  “What’s this about?” asked Brett.

  “It’s time to tap us some virgin asses,” smiled Gary.

 “Whoa, sounds fun!” said Mark. He dragged Miranda over to the bed and threw her down beside her sister. Randy grabbed her wrists and taped them together and began to stuff a sock in her mouth. The young girl began to scream and buck.

  Dean helped hold her down as Randy got the sock in her mouth and taped it in place.


Both girls were trying to scream through their gags. Their eyes filled with panic as they tried to figure out what the men had planned for them next.

  “Okay, the deal was Brett gets to have Miranda’s ass cherry!” said Mark.

  “Who gets to do Maria first then?” asked Gary.

  “I want Randy to have her ass!” Brett said. “It’s his house!”

  “Okay, fair enough,” agreed Lee.

   Brett walked up to Miranda. His cock was rock-hard and ready. He stuck his cock in her pussy again and gave a few hard strokes, getting it lubed up. He pulled out and grabbed her firm round little ass cheeks. Miranda began to realize what was coming next.


Tears streamed down her face and she flailed her body madly. Brett hung on tightly as he spread her ass cheeks apart and began to push into her anus.

   Maria was also screaming and struggling to break free as Randy got into position behind her. He shoved a finger into her ass and worked it around.

  “Yeah, this is gonna be tight!” he said.

  He placed his cock head at the entrance and began pushing his nine-inch fuckstick into her. Her head flailed from side to side.

   Miranda’s eyes were rolled into the back of her head and the muscles in her neck stood out as she tried to scream.
 Brett pushed in relentlessly, twisting his hips as he worked his cock in deeper. He stopped, pulled back and thrust in again. Miranda’s whole body went stiff. The pain was incredible! Brett began short powerful thrusts into her pooper.
 “Goddamn! I’m gonna split this little slut in half!” he yelled.

  Randy had sunk himself all the way into Maria’s ass and held himself there for a few seconds before beginning to slowly pump in and out. She could feel every bump and vein in his shaft as her ass tunnel gripped him like a vise. Her lower body felt as though it were on fire. Sweat beading on his forehead, Randy drove his hips hard against the back of her thighs. It had been a long time since he had fucked a girl up the ass and he realized he had forgotten how good it felt.

Brett started vigorously stroking in and out of Miranda’s tight sphincter, feeling his cock tearing and pulling at her insides. It would be only a matter of minutes he knew, before he was ready to cum.

 He braced his knees against the edge of the bed as he slammed into the young girl, her screams turning now into low guttural moans of pain and agony. With a loud “YEAHHHH!” he blew his load in her ass. The sensation of his cock jerking inside the tight confines of her ass was exquisite beyond belief.

  Randy too had cum in Maria’s ass as he grunted and groaned in ecstasy, his mouth hanging open and a dribble of slobber running down his chin. He pulled out, his shaft streaked with blood, and wiped it on the back of  Maria’s thigh. Gary and Mark both stepped up to take Brett and Randy’s places.

  Mark went for Maria and Gary for Miranda. Miranda bawled uncontrollably as Gary slowly pushed into her ass. He dug his fingers into her hips as he used his weight to drive all the way into her.

 “Gonna rip this ass to shreds!” he snarled.

 He looked over to see Mark also pushing into Maria. He was forcing himself in a little bit at a time, then pulling back and pushing in farther. He was laying his weight right on top of Maria and had one hand underneath her, shoving a couple fingers into her wet cunt as he fucked her ass.

The other men cheered and hollered as they watched the brutal sodomizing of the Mexican girls. Brett slapped Brandon on the back.

  “I want you to go next, Brandon. Which girl you wanna do?”

Brandon gave a little nervous smile. “I don’t know if I can do that, Brett. I mean, pussy fucking is one thing, but I don’t know if I can fuck a girl’s ass.”

  “Of course you can!” exclaimed Brett. “It’s just another tight hole! Trust me, you will love it!”
  “Well, okay,” Brandon shrugged. “I think maybe I’ll try Maria. She has a pretty nice ass.”
   Mark was savagely fingerfucking Maria as his cock pumped in and out of her dirt-hole. Her upper body, flailed and flopped on the bed as she desperately tried to pull away from him. Finally, Mark gave a deep groan as he came inside her, blasting more cum into her ass.

   Gary was arching his back, crushing Miranda’s body between him and the bed as he also dumped a fresh wad of semen in the blubbering, mewling girl. Mark moved around to the other side of the bed and ripped Miranda’s gag off her mouth.

“OOOOOOWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!” A loud piercing scream erupted from her throat.

  Mark pushed his cock in her mouth.
 “Lick your sister’s filth off my dick, Miranda!” he ordered.

She closed her eyes tightly in disgust as he slid his slimy member in and out of her mouth.
   Her body jumped forward on the bed as Lee took his turn in her butt. As his large shaft sunk into her ass, her mouth tightened around Gary.

  “Good girl!” Gary moaned.
Brandon was shaking nervously as he put his cock up to Maria’s abused ass entrance. He let out a loud gasp as he began to push inside her. The tightness shocked him. It felt like her ass was going to squeeze his cock until it burst. As he pushed in deeper and began to slowly stroke back and forth, her ass loosened up a bit around his shaft and the pressure on his dick let up a bit. Still, it was the most exquisite sensation he had ever experienced. He began to viciously assault her ass.

Taking a cue from Mark, Brett came around to stand in front of Maria. His cock was erect again. He reached down and stripped the gag away from her mouth.

“STOPPPPPP! NNNNNOOOOOOOO!’ she frantically pleaded.

“Shut up and suck my cock,” said Brett pressing his cock against her lips. He shoved his hips forward.

“UUUNNNHHHHH!” he groaned as his cock slid inside her mouth.

 He grabbed a big handful of her hair and held her head. Her body moved back and forth on his cock as Brandon fucked her ass.

  Brandon yelled out that he was ready to cum. But he didn’t cum in her ass. No, he pulled out and let it spray across her back. She shuddered as she felt the slimy stuff on her skin. Brandon stepped back, catching his breath.

 “Wow, you were right, Brett!” he grinned. “That was off the hook!”

  “Told ya it would be,” said Brett.