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February 18, 2015, 01:26:05 PM

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As he slipped the choke chain over her head she knew this time would be different.  Her lover had a thing for devices that would usually be used on animals.  She had seen the horse whip and riding crop standing in the corner as they had first entered his garage.  Not too surprising because their play time had always been rough.  She liked it that way.

At 19, the girl was young enough to be her boyfriend's daughter.  She liked that, too.  He felt strong and safe to be with, although she knew that he was in no way safe.  The man tended to be unpredictable and vicious in his love-making; alternately hurting his playmate and nurturing her.  His caresses were strong and his kisses forceful.  He was always in control.

Tonight they would take their rough pleasure to a new level; they were going to change the relationship between grown man and young girl forever.

Still standing behind her, he pulled slightly on the chain; the links biting softly into the flesh of her neck.  "Who am I?", he whispered in her ear.  Her hesitation to answer brought a harder yank on the chain, causing her to gasp.

"Master", she said softly.



"Yes, I am your Master.  That means that you are now a slave whose only purpose is to serve me.  Do you understand that?"

Her quick reply of, "Yes", only earned a tightening of the chain on her throat.  As he pulled it tighter he also lifted her upwards a bit.

"Yes, what?", he growled.

Her shock at the force of his reprimand made it difficult to speak.  "Yes, Master", she managed to whisper.

"That's better", he said.

"I am your Master, and you are my slave.  From now on, anything I desire becomes a command for you.  You must learn to anticipate my needs and take care of them.  Your only purpose for even existing on this planet is to serve me.  Do you understand that?"

"Yes, Master".

His breath was hot in her ear, his hand pressed between her shoulder blades as he continued the pressure on the chain.  She had stripped as she was told to upon entering the garage.  He was still fully clothed, which made the girl feel even more exposed, on display.  Her thoughts were a tangle of fear and desire because she wanted to be with this older man who always made her feel so good, yet this was an unknown approach to love for her.  This was all new and somewhat shocking.

He told her to put her hands behind her head an interlock her fingers.  As her arms rose it seemed that her small breasts were somehow more exposed than before; more vulnerable.

"The most important thing for a slave to learn is how to obey.  Do you know how to obey?".

"Well, yes...", she started.

"No, you don't!", he yelled while yanking the chain sharply downwards.  The girl fell to her knees, dropping her hands to keep from crashing to the floor.

"What the fuck are you doing?  Did I tell you to take your hands off your head?  Stand the fuck up and put your hands behind your head again, bitch!"

The only assistance he provided was the upward pressure of the chain on her tender neck.  Once on her feet, the scared slave quickly put her hands back and locked her fingers.  She was a quick learner and truly wanted to please her man.  Unfortunately for her, he planned on reinforcing the lesson.

With the chain held tight enough to make breathing difficult he pushed her with his other hand towards the work bench across the room.  She stumbled her way over then fell against the bench, her torso laying on it with scattered tools digging into her breasts and belly, the side of her face bruised from the impact.  With her face turned she could watch as her strong lover reached for the nearby riding crop while never relinquishing pressure on the chain around her neck.  The fear she felt earlier seemed so meaningless compared to the what he was getting ready to do.

"You need to learn, I mean really learn, what it means to serve your Master."  With that, he drew back with the riding crop and swung down onto her bare ass.

His beautiful girlfriend let out an anguished scream and squirmed to get away.  Using the chain to push her harder against the work bench, he began to unleash a shower of stinging blows to the girl's buttocks, thighs, and back, leaving red welts up and down her youthful, firm body.  The beating didn't stop until she had no more screams left in her.  Once she became resigned to the pain and quit trying to get away he set the crop down and gently pulled her to an upright position.  With both arms wrapped around his love, he began to kiss her neck around the choke chain.  He squeezed her small, firm tits in his powerful hands while pulling her closer to his body.  His clothing hurt the raw welts on her back, but she began to feel the pain in a good way.  She was this man's slave and he wanted her to be the best slave possible.  The beating would help her to remember her place in his life; in this world.

She was his.

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Incredible. You never disappoint.

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Great story!  Thanks for sharing . . .looking forward to more stories from you!