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Offline Jed

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

The Haughty Girl

I’m sitting in the fashionable reception area waiting with a few others.  All the seats are taken and several people including myself are standing.  A blond girl comes in, and she looks like she just walked out of a women’s clothing catalog wearing a skirt and cardigan with the gait and statue of a model.  The clothes look stylish and somewhat expensive, but not overly so.  She appears to be college age and probably is on break from school.  She is thin but with a decent figure, although it’s a little hard to tell what she has upstairs with that cardigan sweater on and her long blond hair in the way.  The skirt was short, but not in a way that would be interpreted as provocative.  My eyes weren’t the only ones following her, and two young men stared at her shapely legs and one whispers to the other, “Nice ass.”

She’s not oblivious to the attention and walks to a decored vanity table and whirls around leaning against it her matching purse clutched in front of her.  The haughty glare she gives the two men is priceless.  In one look she tells them they are scum and further beneath her than any dirt on her shoes, not that her shoes were anything but as immaculate as the rest of her.  I had never seen such a snooty superior look even from the most overindulged wealthy brat.  Then she turns that haughty glare on me even though I knew I wasn’t leering like the other two.  It was if she was challenging me.  I just give what I was sure was a pleasant smile without a taint of what really was going on in my head.  What I was really thinking was this self-centered spoiled haughty girl needed to be taught a lesson, and I was going to make sure it was me that did it.

My decision made, I just turn and leave the reception area discarding the notion of registering for the upcoming conference.  I didn’t need any record of me being here for what I have planned.  I had been looking out the window when she pulled in, so I move my van next to her red Lexus that I’m sure her daddy got her.  My van conveniently blocks any view of her car.  About 30 minutes later peering through the van window I see her approaching.  She doesn’t unlock her Lexus while walking as most people do.  She’s fumbling in her purse for her keys, when I open the side door of the van.  Before she has time to make a sound, I cover her face with an ether soaked rag hauling her quickly inside slamming the door.  The ether fumes make me choke slightly as she kicks and struggles.  Within seconds her struggles grow feeble, and then she’s unconscious.

May 13, 2015, 04:21:28 AM
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Offline Jed

Why is it so dark?  Something is covering my eyes.  Am I blindfolded?
Something is in my mouth.  What’s in my mouth?  It feels like a ball and tastes like rubber.  I think it’s strapped around my head.  I can’t push it out.  I’m trying to push it out with my tongue, but I can’t.
I can barely move.  Why can’t I move?
My legs hurt.  They are spread really wide; it hurts, they are spread so wide.  It’s obscene, they are spread so wide.  Something is pulling them apart at my knees, but my ankles are tied too.
I can’ move my arms either.  It’s like they are tied above my head.
Oh God, what’s happening?

I feel like I’m on a bed, but why am I here?  I remember registering for the conference, and those two jerks were staring at me whispering to themselves.  I remember leaving too and going to my car.  I can’t remember anything after that.  Why can’t I remember anything else?  Is someone here?  I feel like someone is looking at me.  I can feel my clothes, but my sweater and blouse are pushed up, and my skirt is hiked up.  I want to push them down, but I can’t move my hands.  Is someone here?  I can hear myself trying to speak, but it’s just moans around whatever is in my mouth.

Oh God, someone is here!  I know it!  I can smell something, like someone’s breath.  It’s not bad breath, but there’s a hint of onion.  I think he’s leaning over me?  I know he is.  I know it’s a he too.  What does he want?  Oh God, I know what he wants!  He’s going to rape me I know it!  I want to scream, but all I hear is moans through whatever I’m gagged with.  Oh my God, I feel his hand on my bare stomach!

“I looked at your driver’s license Caroline.  Happy Birthday, sorry I missed it last week.  21 now are you?”

Oh god, there is a man here, and he’s rubbing my stomach!  Ugh, his hand is under my blouse and cardigan.  He’s touching my bra.  No please, no.  I’m crying, please stop squeezing my breast, please stop.  I want to scream, but I can’t.  No, now he’s tugging my blouse and cardigan over my head.  No, please don’t!

“Your clothes are very fashionable but not particularly sexy.  However, I notice your bra and panties are seductively lacy and a very sexy pink.  Victoria Secret I’m sure.  Interesting the clothes next to your skin are provocative, while the rest of your clothes are not?”

What was that noise?  Scissors?  Is he teasing me making scissor sounds?  Cold.  I feel metal on my shoulders.  Oh God, he just cut my bra strap!  No, not the other one too.  Between my breasts, no please don’t.  I'm naked above the waist.  Oh God he’s squeezing my bare breasts now!  Please no, don’t touch me.  Don’t touch me like that.  They’re so sensitive.  I can’t get away from his wicked hands.  Oh my God, my nipples are getting hard!  They’re so hard they hurt.  Please no!

“You may be making noises of distress at me fondling your tits, but your body likes it.”

No, I don’t like it!  I’m ticklish.  Please stop touching them, please don’t.  God, I’m squirming!  No please!  Oh God, he’s sucking on my nipple.  Please stop that!  I can’t take it.  He probably thinks I’m getting turned on, but I’m not.  He’s a disgusting rapist.  I’m not turned on.  I’m ticklish and trying to get away from his horrible mouth and hands.  Please stop and let me go!  I want to go home!  I’m crying.  I can feel the blindfold getting wet.

“You may be crying, but your body loves me touching and kissing it.  I bet you’ve only been with 3 or 4 guys, and they are the only ones that know what a firecracker you can be and how hot you can get.”

It was only 2 guys, and both turned out to be jerks sleeping with other girls.  Damn this gag!  I want to scream at him!  Oh no.  Don’t touch me there.  Oh God, he’s pushing his hand in my panties.  Please no, not there!  Oh God, his finger is rubbing me.  Please not there.  I can’t take it!  I don’t want to be raped.  Please let me go.  I don’t want it!

“You’re getting wet sweetie.  See how hot you can get from me touching you.  You want to play at being prim and proper, but you have dirty thoughts, don’t you, all the time.  You act haughty, but deep down you want to be naughty.  You want to be some guy’s fuck toy.”

I do not!  I don’t have those thoughts!  I don’t!  I’m not turned on!  I’m not!  I hate you!  Get away from me!  Oh God, his finger.  It’s inside me now.  I want to throw up.  God, I can feel him wiggling it inside me.  It’s so awful.  Get it out!  Leave me alone!  Please leave me alone.  I want to go home!  Please God, just let me go home.  I want to scream at him.  This fucking gag!  I want to scream!

“You’re only a little wet, but it’s wet enough.”

What does that mean?  I hear the scissors again.  Oh God, he just cut my panties!  He cut them again!  No please don’t.  Ugh, he’s pulled them off.  I’m completely naked down there now.  What’s that?  No. he’s getting on the bed.  He’s kneeling between my legs.  My legs hurt so much.  They’re pulled so wide apart.  He’s going to rape me now, and I can’t stop him.

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Offline vile8r

Nice to see some new writing from you Jed! Love you doing the girl's POV.

May 13, 2015, 07:13:02 PM
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Offline Fancy

May 13, 2015, 08:58:47 PM
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Offline Plaything

Guess what?  I like it . . .big surprise huh?[/color]

May 13, 2015, 10:12:52 PM
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Offline Jed

I'm doing something psychological.  At least that's the idea.

And thanks.

May 14, 2015, 10:02:35 AM
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Offline sweetness

May 14, 2015, 01:01:32 PM
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Offline Dark

Nice job Jed.  Looking forward to more.

May 16, 2015, 08:24:34 AM
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Offline Jed

My skirt’s bunched up around my waist.  I hope he doesn’t ruin it.  What am I thinking?  He’s going to rape me, and I’m worried about my new skirt.  Oh God, his face is really close to it!  I can feel his breath on my holiest of holies!

“I see you’re a real blond, but then I knew that.  Such a neatly trimmed pussy, a landing strip they call it.  It’s as if you knew a man would see it today, would fill it today.”

Oh God, is that his tongue!  Oh my God, he’s licking it!  Not there, oh God!  Stop wiggling for him!  I want to stop squirming, but I can’t.  I can feel myself getting soaking wet down there.  I’m so ashamed!  He thinks he’s turning me on, but he’s not!  He’s not!  Oh God, his tongue is inside me!  I feel so dirty!  Why can’t I stop moving?  I’m not lifting to his tongue am I?  Oh, it’s gone?  Where did it go?  I’m not disappointed it’s gone.  I’m not!

“You’re not the nice chaste girl you think you are.  You taste like the slut that you really want to be.”

I’m never going to be a slut!  Oh no, I feel him moving up.  Here it comes, the rape.  I don’t want to be raped, please.  Damn this gag!  I want to scream at him to stop.  Ugh, his mouth is on my nipple again.  Please stop that!  He’s been paying lots of attention to my breasts.  They’re not that big, but he likes them.  Why do I care about that?  I don’t!  Oh no, he’s moving up on top of me.  Oh God, I feel it on my leg!  No, not there.  Please no, I don’t want it.  He keeps nosing it around?  Why don’t you just get it over with!  Rape me already!  I can’t stand this teasing!  Just do it!  Get it over with!

“You’re so ready for my cock right now, dripping wet.  If you weren’t gagged, you would be begging me to fuck you.”

I would not!  I hate this, and I hate you!  Oh God, he’s pushing in!  It’s stretching me open.  Ugh, it’s in!  God, it hurts!  It feels so big.  It hurts!  He’s bigger than Michael or Stanley.  Why do girls want big?  It hurts!  He keeps pushing more in.  Ugh, he’s pushing my insides.  God, he’s so big, and it hurts!  He’s moving now.  Raping me, and I just have to take it.  Take it easy, you’re pounding me too hard.  God, he’s going so deep.

“That’s a nice tight pussy you got, just the way I like them.”

Shut up!  So frustrating him talking like that, and I can’t say anything back.  God, he’s big.  It feels weird too.  Why does it feel weird?  He’s not wearing a condom!  Oh God, he’s probably giving me a bunch of STDs!  Will he ejaculate in me too?  Of course he will, he’s a rapist.  Can he get me pregnant?  Probably not now.  But, I don’t want his filth inside me!  I always made Stanley and Michael wear a condom.  God, he’s taking so long!  He keeps pounding away.  Stanley would have been done by now, probably Michael too.  He just keeps drilling into me.  God, I’m getting so sore now.  I’ve never had it like this.  It’s too much!  I can’t take it!  Just finish already, I can’t take it!

“I can feel you moving under me.  If I didn’t have your legs strapped apart, you’d have them wrapped around me.  You love the feel of my cock, I know it.”

I do not!  I hate it, and I hate you!  God, I’m so sore.  Why can’t he just finish?  He keeps going and going.  If it was Stanley or Michael, they’d be finished and driving home by now.  I never let them stay.  How long has it been?  I can’t believe how long he’s taking.  Please just finish.  I beg you, just finish.  God, he’s going even faster!  You’re ripping me apart!  Please let this be the end.  He’s killing me with his penis!

It’s hurts so much!  He’s jerking on top of me now and moaning.  Ugh, I feel it!  He’s squirting into me.  He keeps shooting his nasty filth inside me.  I hate this!  I never let a guy do it without a condom before.  It feels so gross!  I can’t believe how dirty I feel right now.  I want to die!  I’m so humiliated.  I want to die!  He’s so heavy.  Just get off me!  You got what you wanted.  Just get off me and let me go!

“Don’t worry sweetie.  Don’t be disappointed.  You’ll cum next time I fuck your pussy.  You were just a little too scared this time.”

I will not!  I was not disappointed!  Next time?  Oh God, he’s not going to let me go!  He’s going to do it again!  Maybe even over and over!  I will never have an orgasm with you!  You disgusting pig!  Just get your thing out of me already!

“Did you like feeling my hot cum fill your pussy?  Get used to it, because it’s going to happen over and over, and not just there.”

Please no.  Just let me go, and I won’t tell anyone.  Ugh, this gag!  I can’t reason with him, if I can’t speak.  Not just there?  What does that mean?  Not just there, as in not just my vagina?  I’ve never done oral.  It’s the grossest thing I can think of.  Michael and Stanley both said that’s why they went with other girls, because I wouldn’t do that.  Why couldn’t they understand I’m a lady, and ladies don’t do that?  They had to be with sluts, when they should have wanted a lady like me.

He’s getting off me.  Ugh, it feels so icky sliding out of me.  I’ll get some rest at least, I hope.  He won’t be able to rape me again so soon will he?  He’s untying my legs.  God, they’re so stiff.  I want to kick him, but at least he’s untying them.  He’s turning me over?  Ugh, I can feel his semen leaking out of me.  It’s so gross.  Please wipe it off.  It’s nasty.  No please don’t.  He’s tying my ankles together.  He’s pulling my skirt off.  Now I have no clothes at all on except for my blouse and cardigan wrapped around my hands.

He’s sitting on my back.  That’s so I can’t move.  He’s untying my hands.  I want to fight him, but I feel so weak.  There go my blouse and cardigan.  I hear him tossing my new clothes on the dirty floor.  He’s pulling me.  My head is at the edge of the bed now.  Why?  He’s tying my hand to the side.  Now he’s tying my other hand.  He’s turning.  I’m trying to kick.  Ugh, he’s strapping down my legs.  What’s he going to do?  Why does he want me on my stomach?  What’s that!  Ugh, he’s pouring something wet on my butt.  Isn’t your semen leaking out of me enough?  You have to make me even wetter?  Ugh, his hand is on my ass.

“You know what dirty girls get don’t you?”

What does he mean?  Stop rubbing my butt crack.  No!  No, don’t do that!  Ugh, his finger!  He pushed his finger in my butt!  I’m trying to get away from his finger, but I can’t.  Get it out of me!

“What’s the matter?  Haven’t you ever fantasized about anal sex before?”

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Offline kelarioux

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Offline Jed

Oh my God no!!!!  Not even Stanley and Michael suggested that.  It’s disgusting!  And he’s huge!  That would kill me!  He must be kidding.  He’ll rape me again, but the regular way.  He won’t do that.  Get your filthy finger out of my ass!  Oh God, he’s forcing another finger in!  It hurts!!!  Why are you doing this to me!!!

“All your life, but especially since you began to blossom, you’ve had men wrapped around your little finger.  They would do whatever you asked including your father that bought you that red Lexus.”

Shut up about my Dad!!  You don’t know anything about me!  Ugh, get those fingers out of my ass you shit head!!  I can’t get away from his awful wicked hand!

“By the way you’re thrashing around I’m guessing you are cursing me.  Well, no matter.  Your wiles don’t work with me.  My plan is to destroy what you are now and remake you as I see fit.”

Destroy me?  Oh God, what is he going to do?  I know he won’t rape my butt.  He wouldn’t dare do that.

“Nothing helps a haughty spoiled arrogant conceited snooty stuck-up princess of a girl put things in perspective better than a good hard butt-fucking.  That’s not going to happen for several hours, but I want you to think about it every minute from now until it does happen.”
Oh God, he’s really going to do it.  I believe him now.  He will do it and make me think about it until he does.  I don’t think I’ll survive this.  He’ll kill me.  I know it.  It will kill me.  He’s too big.

“You’ll have to learn to relax if you don’t want it to be excruciatingly painful.  The plug will help, but you should think on relaxing when I force my cock in your ass later tonight.”

Plug?  What is he going to do?  Oh, he’s pulling his fingers out.  It feels so dirty.  Ugh, he’s pouring more stuff on my butt crack.  What’s that?  It’s not his penis.  It’s hard!  He’s rubbing it around my butt cheeks.  Is he getting it wet?  It must be lubricant.  He said something about a plug.  Is this it?  Oh, God!!!!  He’s forcing something in my ass!!  It hurts!!  It’s huge!!  Ugh, he’s twisting it in!  No, it’s too big!!!  Uuuuuggghhhhh!!!!  Oh, God it hurts!!  I feel so full back there!  It hurts and it feels weird!  God, this is beyond humiliating!

He’s fooling with the gag.  Is he taking it off?  He is taking it off.  I can feel him unfastening it.  Good, I want to scream at him!
God, I can’t talk!  At least I made a noise.  What’s this?  Oh, a bottle.  Cold water, oh it tastes so good, so thirsty.

“Not too much, I don’t want you to vomit.  Well, at least not have much to vomit.  I’ll give you more water after.”

Why would I vomit?  After what?
“Aaaaaahhhh.   Naaaahhhhhhhhh.”
Ugh, he’s forcing my jaw open!  He’s put something else in my mouth.  I can’t close my mouth, but I feel air, and I can breathe through my mouth.  I couldn’t before.  Ugh, he’s fastening something behind my head again.  Damn, I wanted to yell at him.  It’s so damn frustrating him talking to me, and I can’t tell him what a piece of garbage he is!  I can feel it with my tongue.  It a ring holding my mouth open.

What he doing?  He’s got his hands in my hair holding my head hard.  Ugh, something is touching my tongue!!  It’s his penis!!!   He’s pushing it through the ring.  This is so gross!!  I would never blow Michael or Stanley and fuck them for leaving me for girls that would!  No please don’t!  Ugh, I’m gagging on it.  You’re choking me!!  Why does it taste like strawberries?  “Gaaaaaaawwwwwkkkkkkkkkkkk!”

“I find that using an oral lube works well in these situations.  They always come flavored.  Try relaxing your throat, and let’s see how far I can get in.”

“Gaaaaaaawwwwwkkkkkkkkkkkk!”  I can’t breathe!!  I’m choking on his penis!!  God, my whole body is heaving!  I’m going to puke!  He won’t stop trying to get more of it in!  I’m trying to stop him, but he keeps pushing it against the back of my throat!  God!!!  I can feel my whole body jerking trying to keep it out of my throat.  He’s choking me to death!!  I can’t breathe!!

“Until you learn to move your tongue out of the way and take me into your throat without vomiting, you get nothing to eat.  Well, I suppose that’s not entirely true.  You’re going to swallow my cum in a few minutes.”

No, that’s disgusting!!  Don’t make me do that!  Ugh, he’s humping my face!  The noises I’m making are awful!
“Gaaawwwkkk!  Gaaawwwkkk!  Gaaawwwkkk!  Gaaawwwkkk!  Gaaawwwkkk!  Gaaawwwkkk! Gaaawwwkkk!  Gaaawwwkkk!  Gaaawwwkkk!  Gaaawwwkkk!  Gaaawwwkkk!”
God, my mouth hurts!  He keeps shoving it in too far.  Doesn’t he have any mercy?  I can’t take this!  I’m suffocating!  He has to stop!  He won’t stop until he’s done.  Ugh, his hands in my hair are hurting!

What can I do to make him stop?  He won’t stop until he has an orgasm.  I’m dying!!  Maybe if I get my lips over the ring and around it he’ll finish faster?  Ugh I’m doing it!  I’m moving my tongue on it too!  I can’t believe I’m making it better for him!  I’m so ashamed!!  I just need to make him finish and get this over with.

“Gaaawwwkkk!  Gaaawwwkkk! Gaaawwwkkk! Gaaawwwkkk! Gaaawwwkkk! Gaaawwwkkk! Gaaawwwkkk! Gaaawwwkkk! Gaaawwwkkk!”
He’s taking forever!!  My lips and tongue are getting so tired!  Please just finish already!!  Did he just moan?  Is he close?  He’s humping even faster.  I’m trying so hard to please him.  I can’t take any more.  He’s being so rough.  God, he’s slamming into my face!  That’s too deep!!  Ugh!!!  He’s shooting into my mouth!!  I’m going to be sick!  Ugh, I’m swallowing it!  It’s so revolting!  I’m swallowing my rapist’s semen!  I’ve never been this miserable and humiliated!

You’re done already, just pull it out!  Ok, he is pulling it out.  Ugh, I can’t believe he made me swallow it.  What’s he doing?  He’s pouring water in the ring.  Ugh, it so awkward to swallow with this thing on.  I’m so thirsty.  Yes, more water.  More water, good.  OK, he’s stopped.  Yeah, that’s enough water for now.  What if I have to pee?  I know he’ll let me up to pee.  He won’t want me to wet the bed.  God, he’s shoving something in the ring!  It’s not his penis.  What is it!  I wanted to try and talk.  I think I could have tried to talk through the ring.  Ugh, now something’s in my mouth again, and I can only moan!  I need to talk to him, but he won’t let me!  Ugh, it’s probably a dildo.  I can’t push it out!  Why does he have to humiliate me like this?  Just rape me, but why humiliate me like this?

Ugh, that thing in my butt.  It never lets me forget it’s there, and what he said he’s going to do.  What’s he doing now?  He’s lifting me.  He’s putting a pillow under my hips.  He’s lifting my butt in the air.  That to rape my butt later, oh God!  It’s pressing on my bladder.  I need to pee!  Please let me up to pee!  What’s he doing now?  Oh my God, what’s he doing!!!  That’s my pee hole!!  What’s he doing!!  Oh God!!!   He’s sticking something in my pee hole!!   Ugh, it’s a catheter!  I’m peeing!!!  I’m peeing!!!  I can hear it going into a bag!  He’s not even going to let me up to pee!!  How can he do this to me?  Now he’s gone.  Come back here damn you!!!

What do I do now?  Do I just lay here waiting for you with this thing in my ass?  You bastard!!  Where are you?  I’m just laying here waiting for you to come back and rape my ass!!!!!  I have to lay here and wait and think about what you’re going to do when you come back.  God, this waiting is torture!!!

May 29, 2015, 09:02:17 PM
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Offline vile8r

Excellent Jed! Just the kind of story I expect from you!  ;D

June 14, 2015, 11:13:01 AM
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Offline Jed

Why does he always have something in my mouth?  Is he afraid of me talking to him?  No, he’s not afraid of anything.  I can tell.  This has got to be a dildo of some sort.  It’s in just far enough that I can barely make any noise at all.  It’s done to humiliate me.  Damn this thing in my ass!!  I mean it’s there filling me and constantly reminding me he’s going to rape me back there!

I can’t stand the waiting.  It seems like hours have gone by.  I can’t see anything.  I can’t hear anything.  I can’t smell anything but my own sweat and his dried semen on my body.  I can still taste his semen too, ugh!  I can feel the restraints, but really the only thing I seem to feel is that damn thing filling my anus.  It’s there stretching me open getting me ready for him to come back and fuck my butt.  I can’t think of anything else now for how long?

God!!!  I can’t take it!!!  I can’t take it!!!  Just come back and fuck my ass already!!  I can’t take this waiting!  I want you to fuck my ass, if it will end this unbearable waiting!  Oh God, I can’t believe my thoughts!  I really do want him to come back and fuck me in my ass.  No I don’t.  I just can’t take this waiting, with this thing filling my ass constantly reminding me what he’s going to do when he comes back.  God, I both dread him coming back and yearn for it?

Is that him?  Is he finally back?  Ugh, it is him, and he’s pulling out the catheter.  Ouch!  What’s that buzzing sound?  Oh God no, stop that.  Please don’t do that.  It’s a vibrator, and he’s rubbing me with it.  God, it’s right on my clitoris!  Please stop, I don’t like it!  I’m sure if he could hear me, he’d say my body likes it.  I can’t help how I’m squirming.  Ugh, his hand is under me squeezing and pinching my nipple.  He knows how I react to that.  It’s not fair!  I’m getting wet.  I’m so ashamed at my body betraying me again.  I’m getting wet for him.  God, please stop!  I can feel myself moving.  I’m pushing back at the vibtator.  God, I’m soaked down there!

He stopped?  Why did he stop with the vibrator?  I’m not disappointed he stopped!  I’m not!  Oh, he’s getting on top of me.  Here comes the rape.  Ugh, he’s pushing it in me again.  It hurts.  Not as much as last time.  I’m really wet.  He’s so big.  Wait, he’s in my vagina?  I knew he wouldn’t rape me in my butt.  This is a relief!  Relief?  He’s raping me again, and I’m relieved?

“Did you know the plug in your ass make your pussy feel even tighter?  You sure are gripping my cock just how I like it.”

Shut up!!  Is that why he put it there, not to rape my ass at all?  Oh God, he’s got his hand under me rubbing my clitoris with a finger.  Isn’t your penis torment enough?  Oh God I’m moving under him!  I can feel myself lifting each time he thrusts into me.  Damn, his insidious finger!  Oh God, I feel it coming.  Please no, I don’t want it.  He’s moving faster, thrusting so deep into me.  His finger is moving faster too.  Oh no!!!!   It’s coming!!  I can’t stop it!!!

Oh God, that felt good.  Oh no, not again, “MMMMmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggghhhhhh!!!!”
He’s pulled out.  Ugh, he’s twisting that plug out of my ass.  What’s he doing?

“I thought making you cum would relax that tiny little asshole of yours just long enough to let me get in.  Damn, you’re clenching down now though.  I knew this little bung hole would be much tighter than your pussy.”

OH, GOD it hurts so bad!!!!  He’s doing it!  He’s fucking me in my ass!  It hurts!!!!  IT HURTS!!!!!

“Just relax and take it.  All that clenching is just making it hurt more.”

I can’t relax, you shit!  You’re raping my ass!  God, it hurts!!  Just please finish.  Please just finish and get this awful pain over with!  Just go ahead and ejaculate in my butt!!  Please cum in my butt already.  I can’t take it!  God, it hurts!  It hurts!!


I had hoped he would release me after defeating me in that way, forcing me to have an orgasm and then raping my ass.  He raped me in my vagina, mouth and butt, and humiliated me by forcing me to an orgasm.  I was hoping that would be enough, and he would let me go.  But that was only the beginning of a devastatingly long series of countless rapes and unbearable suffering.


<After her ordeal>

Ugh, it’s so bright.  Wait, I can see!!!  There’s no blindfold!  I’m in my car!  Oh my God, the sun is setting and it’s evening, but it still seems so bright.  My eyes aren’t used to the light.  I was blindfolded so long.  Where is he?  I don’t see anyone around.  I’m in the same place I was when he took me, same parking place.  How long did he have me?  It must have been at least three weeks, maybe a month?  My phone is here, and it’s fully charged.  Oh my God, it was only 8 days?  It seemed like a lifetime.  I lost count of the rapes.  There were just so many.  What do I do now?

I’m wearing the same clothes I had on when he took me.  They are clean and pressed?  Did I fall asleep in my car, and it was all a bad dream?  It can’t be?  How can I have so many memories, if it was a dream?  Oh, my panties are gone, and my bra too.  It was no dream.  Why do I feel relief it was no dream?  And again, what in the world do I do now?

June 20, 2015, 07:47:28 AM
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Offline Jed

<Three weeks after she was released>

No one even missed me.  My parents were in Europe and never bothered to call me.  My friends thought I went with them to Europe and was having too much fun to return their calls.  I didn’t tell anyone.  I don’t know why?  It was too humiliating what he did to me to tell anyone.  I’m sure that’s it, but why do I keep thinking about my reasons for not telling anyone?  I know why I can’t get what he did to me out of my head.  It was so incredibly traumatizing.  It will stay in my head forever, the rest of my life.  But it bothers me that I’m not more upset about it.  Why aren’t I angrier about what he did to me.  I should be furious.  I am furious!  I think?

I never saw him.  I was blindfolded the entire 8 days.  Not ever seeing him wasn’t as bad as never being able to talk.  He would taunt me with that smooth assured oily voice of his, and I could never tell him what a filthy human being he was.  Towards the end he would untie me, but I’d still be blindfolded.  By this time I was too intimidated and frightened to dare and try and remove the blindfold or the gag. 

He only removed the gag when he fed me or when I was forced to blow him.  I so much wanted to speak, but by the time I could talk if I dared, I was beyond cursing him.  I wanted to beg him not to do things I knew he was going to do.  And to my shame, I also wanted to beg him to do things to me.  He warned me if I did speak, horrible things would happen to me.  He told me I would be mutilated.  I was only allowed to moan.  I moaned, sometimes in pain, but with increasing frequency, I moaned in ways that were far from pain.  I hated that.  My only real means of communication with him were to nod yes or no, and he didn’t seem to need any more.

He would make me ride him mostly while he was in my vagina, but a couple times towards the end, he made me put it in my own ass.  It was so humiliating to be ordered to grasp him and wait for instructions on which hole he wanted me to put it in.  I would then have to bounce up and down on him trying to go faster when he ordered me to.  He made me put the plug in my butt too.  It was awkward with my hands tied together.  That was one of the worst things.  To have to lube that plug up and force it into myself knowing why I was doing it and what he was going to do to me later when he made me pull it back out.

The anal rapes were the worst as far as pain.  It got easier, but I could never say I got used to it, and there was always some pain.  But that wasn’t the worst thing.  The worst thing, the most humiliating thing, was that rubber dildo bolted to the floor.  He would strap me to it for what seemed like an eternity, but certainly was more than an hour.  I would be kneeling on the hard floor hands tied behind my back and ankles tied together.  My head would be strapped to the dildo such that I couldn’t get it completely out of my mouth.  I was supposed to force the dildo into my mouth.  It was practice for blowing him.

The dildo must have had hash marks on it to measure how much of it I got in my mouth.  I don’t know for sure, I never saw it.  He would come by and insist I get more in than the last time he checked.  He would whip me on my back and butt cheeks if it wasn’t more.  I vomited a few times early on.  It was so gross feeling my vomit spraying out of my mouth around the dildo, the taste of acid and bile.  This made him angry, and he beat me for it.  The really insidious thing was the bulb and oral lubricant.

He had this obsession about oral lubricants to help get his penis deep in my mouth and throat.  The dildo must have had a tube running through the middle of it.  He would put the bulb in my tied hands.  If I squeezed the bulb, the lubricant would squirt into my mouth.  It was disgustingly, just like when he would ejaculate in my mouth, except it tasted like strawberries, and sometimes cherries.  I guess there were two flavors.  It did help me get the dildo into my throat, just as it helped get his penis in there too.  I would bob my head up and down squeezing the bulb to lubricate my throat forcing the dildo ever deeper.

It was utter humiliation being trained to give him better blow jobs.  I would hear his footsteps, and in a panic I would force the dildo down my throat as far as I could hoping it would be enough to avoid the stinging lashes.  When he released me to try it for real, I would be desperate to please him.  Sucking him for real was infinitely better than that awful rubber dildo.  I learned the tricks to make him cum.  I learned I better swallow all of it too, sucking and swallowing to get every drop.  I wanted to please him to avoid the lashes.  That’s what I kept telling myself, but there was something deeper going on that really confused me.

I remember that moment when my lips got to the base of his penis for the first time.  I could feel his pubic hair tickling my nostrils, his sweaty testicles resting on my chin.  I knew I had taken all of him and felt relief that he wouldn’t make me force the rubber dildo in my mouth anymore, and he didn’t.  I felt so much shame that he had basically trained me to serve him in that way.

He would make me get on my knees and blow him.  I had to lick his balls and use my hands on it.  I kept thinking I would lift to blindfold to see him, but I never did.  He would make me suck his penis sometimes for what seemed like hours.  Time had no meaning for me anymore.  In the end I was perversely pleased at how good I got at it, and so very confused as to why I was pleased?  I can’t stop thinking about it.  That time with him haunts me in a way I would never have expected.

Being perversely proud about getting good at sucking his cock was one thing.  The shame I felt at the way he could make me orgasm almost on cue was something I was having even more trouble dealing with.  I can’t tell anyone about what he did to me, and how I reacted to it.  No, I have to.  I have to tell someone, but who?

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June 21, 2015, 09:20:47 AM
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Offline Jed

<6 weeks after she was released>

I probably could have gotten someone better through my parents, but I decided to never tell them, and they are still in Europe anyway.  Instead I went through the university saying I needed some counseling by a professional, and they sent me here.  I am in an Ivy League school, so the referral ended up being to someone with a degree from my university, who offered services as a way to help their alma mater.  So I probably got someone nearly as good as my parents could have gotten and better than most rape survivors would get.  As I stand here in front of her door, I almost laugh at the irony.  I’m here to try and come to terms with being forced to have orgasms by my rapist, and I’m going to tell that to Dr. Judith Cummings?

“You say you were repeatedly raped over a period of several days, yet you are determined not to report it to the authorities?”
“Yes, I never saw him.  I was blindfolded the whole time, so what could I tell them.  And, it’s been 6 weeks.  I didn’t want anyone to know, but I needed to talk to a professional that would be sworn to confidence.”
“Well, I won’t divulge anything you say unless you tell me to.  Do you think it was a student at the university?”
“I’m actually sure it was not.”
“Did you get checked out at a hospital?”
“You didn’t have any physical damage?  You should have gone to a hospital and still should.”
“No, I’m OK physically.  He hurt me.  He hurt me a lot, but he didn’t seem to want any permanent damage.  He used lubricant.  Oh God, he used so much lubricant!  In places, you know!”
“Here’s a box of tissues dear.  In places you say?  So the rapes were not just vaginal?  You said lubricant, so he committed sodomy on you?  Anal?”
“I still think you need to see a medical doctor.”
“No, I’m OK physically.”
“And he forced you to perform oral sex on him?”
“Yes.  He even used a lubricant then sometimes.”
“Yeah, he had different flavors.”
“But that’s not what I want to talk about.”
“What do you want to talk about?”
“I’m trying to understand why something happened while I was being raped.”
“Go ahead, tell me.”
“I had orgasms during the rapes.  I couldn’t control my body.”
“First of all, you must understand that was a physical response of your body and not something you really wanted.  The human body can play tricks on us, but our minds can reason and understand we didn’t want this person to do what they did.”
“I just can’t understand my responses to him.  He could touch me, particularly my breasts and between my legs, and I would get so aroused.  I would squirm all over for him.”
“That’s just a physical response.  Nerves in those areas were sending impulses to certain centers of your brain causing involuntary responses.  This does not mean you wanted it to happen.”
“In the end, he made me put it in my mouth on my own.  Oh God, he even made me put it in my butt on my own, and I did it.  Every time I was forced to do these things I was so humiliated.  What I’m trying to understand is why when I was so ashamed, I was also very turned on?  Why?  The more he humiliated me, the more aroused I became?”
“It does sound like you were having some mental responses as well as physical.  Were you ever abused before?”
“No, never.  I didn’t really like sex very much, and had it not that many times before him.  I was a virgin until I was 19, two years ago.  I’ve only had two different boyfriends I slept with.”
“Did you have orgasms with them?”
“A couple times, especially if they touched by breasts, but only a few times, maybe five times total before him.  My breasts aren’t that big, but they are so sensitive.  The two guys I was with didn’t pay much attention to them.  They were always in a hurry and didn’t last very long.  He went on forever.”
“He?  Your rapist lasted longer?”
“Oh God yes, he would take his time touching and licking me and have me writhing uncontrollably.  I know if I hadn’t been gagged, I would have been begging for him to just do it.  He would get me so aroused, I just couldn’t stop myself.  Even being tied up seemed to add to my arousal.  Yes, I know it did, that feeling of being so helpless.”
“I see.”
“And the orgasms with my two boyfriends, they would be these little short ones that faded almost immediately.  With him, it was wave after wave electrifying my whole body.  The pleasure was astonishing.  I hated myself for reacting like that, but I love every bit of it while it was happening.”
“Oh, I see, go on.”
“I didn’t just lose count of the rapes while he had me, I have no idea how many orgasms I had.  20?  30?  He only had me 8 days.”
“Oh, I didn’t know it was that long and no one missed you?”
“I’m just trying to understand how he conquered me like that, physically, mentally and emotionally.  I became his toy to do anything he wanted, and I did anything he wanted.  I both hated it and loved it.  I just don’t understand what was wrong with me to act that way?  He made me his fuck toy.  He made me his slut.  He told me that, and it was true.”
“Well, we will talk you through this, but it’s going to take many sessions.  Unfortunately, we are out of time.  Please make another appointment for next week.”

Dr. Cummings watches a distressed and confused Caroline leave her office, and then calls her husband.
“Hi, can you leave work now and meet me at home?
***  You can, good.
***  Why, well do you remember when we were dating and you used to tie me up in play while we made love?
*******  I knew you would.  I need you to do that to me as soon as we can get home.  I’m canceling all my afternoon appointments.
****  I don’t care what you use to tie me up!  Just find something quick, and I want you to be very rough with me!”

June 23, 2015, 10:05:28 PM
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Offline Jed

<9 weeks after she was released>

That man over there seems familiar.  I’m going to walk closer to see if I know him.  He looks like he’s definitely well over 30 but not yet 40.  He’s not bad looking.  He’s staring at me now, but then I’m walking up to him.  Was he in the hotel lobby when it all started?  I think so, but there’s something else about him.  Why did I get so close?  I walked right up to him?

“How have you been Caroline?”

Oh my God it’s him!!!!  I should run and scream, but I’m frozen right here.  I can’t move!!!  No one is around us!!  He could take me again and do whatever he wants!  Again!!!!  Oh my God, he’s put his hands on my shoulders.  I can’t move!  I can’t look him in the eyes.  God, I’m shaking!!!

“Did you miss me Caroline?”

Caroline shakes her head no, and wonders why she doesn’t run away.  They stand there silently for a couple minutes, and then her well-manicured hand reaches out trembling and touches the crotch of the man.  She brushes her hand along his length feeling the outline of it through his trousers as it begins to harden.  With increasing assurance, she begins kneading his crotch bringing him to a full erection.  Speaking softly she says, “Can we skip the blindfold this time, and not use some of the other stuff?”

“You don’t need the blindfold anymore Caroline, but I will use whatever ‘stuff’ I want on you.”

Caroline feels him pressing on her shoulders.  Nodding acceptance she begins lowering herself to her knees in front of him.  Once on her knees with hands that were no longer trembling, she begins opening his pants with more self-confidence than she had shown in doing anything these last 9 weeks.  Working her jaw to loosen it and mentally relaxing her throat Caroline thought, ‘Alright you bastard, I’m going to show you I’ve lost none of my expertise.’

The End

February 01, 2017, 08:32:01 PM
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Offline Babysitter19

Wow Jed, that was great! I loved the twist at the end, and the visuals and vid along the way were great additions.