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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

Note:  This was the first story I ever wrote.  It has many chapters.

The Green Grocer

Chapter I Monday

Milly didn’t want to go along with her brother Tommy’s plan to steal from Mr. Green’s store, but ever since Mom died and Daddy started drinking and lost his job there hasn’t been enough to eat around the house.  Besides, she didn’t like the way Mr. Green looked at her.  Every time she was in the store or walked past it, his eyes would follow her.  He would smile and pretend to be only looking at her face, but his eyes would wonder lower, and he would watch her back side when she left the store.  This started around the time she turned 13 a year ago.  Now that she had just turned 14, everybody seemed to be looking at her, the boys and men anyway.  They said her mom had been the prettiest girl in these parts; Mom had blonde hair, blue eyes and was very shapely despite her petite size.  Everyone was saying she looked just like her Mom despite her young age.  Milly’s long blonde hair was in her typically single braid hanging down to the middle of her back, her lips were full and naturally red, and she had already attained Mom’s height of 5’0”.  Although she hadn’t quite attained Mom’s full voluptuous figure, she was well on her way and getting noticed.  Milly was very shy and resisted the advances of the boys knowing she was too young for dating.

Milly moved through the back of the store knowing Mr. Green would make an excuse to follow.  At the right moment she pretended to slip and knocked down a small display.  Mr. Green ran over and started to bend down, but stood bolt upright in time to see Tommy grab a case of tin goods and run out.  Mr. Green looked down at her from his 6’3” height and pulled Milly up by her arm, “I saw that.  Tommy stole from me, and you were part of it.  I’m going to call the police and Tommy is over 18, so he will go to jail and you will go to reform school.”  “Mr. Green, please don’t do that.  I’ll do anything,” Milly pleaded.

Milly saw a gleam appear in Mr. Green’s eye when her heard her say that.  “Well you’re going to need to do something really special to fix this.”  “Anything Mr.Green, please don’t do anything to us.”  Still holding her arm he pulled her into the office and pushed her down in a chair.  He went to the front of the store and turned the sign so that “Closed” was facing out and locked the door.  Next, he walked over to a tool box took out a pair of pliers walked back to Milly and set the pliers on the table next to her.  All of a sudden he stepped right up to her in the chair, straddled her with his legs and pinned her knees together in front of the chair.  She thought about how you could kick a man in the groin, but his groin was too high, about level with her face.  He reached down and touched her face, his hand slid down to the V of her dress.  His fingers went under the bra she had to start wearing at 12.  His thumb and forefinger rolled her nipple between them.  A tear started down her face, but she didn’t protest thinking if she let him do this, maybe everything would be OK.  “Milly, I think I’m going to need a blowjob from you.  Do you know what that is?”  Milly knew from overhearing older boys talk, but she shook her head no.  He began unfastening his pants and in one motion pushed both them and his underpants down on top of Milly’s knees his penis sprang free already half erect.

Mr. Green was a big man in every way.  “I’ve been wondering what those full pouty lips of yours would feel like wrapped round my cock,” he said as he pushed forward.  Milly tried to pull her head back but his left hand was gripping her braid in back preventing that, and she tried to push with her hands but she might as well have been pushing on the side of a building.  “Now be nice and maybe no one has to go to jail.”  He was aiming his penis at her mouth, but she clamped her mouth shut as his penis bumped into it.  Two of the fingers holding his penis pinched her nose shut in a motion that had to be practiced.  Her mouth popped open in surprise at her air being cut off, and with a laugh he pushed his penis into her mouth his left hand still holding her head still.  He released her nose knowing she wouldn’t be breathing very well through her mouth for sometime.

He picked up the pliers from the table and held them in front of her wide tearing eyes and full mouth, “See these?  If I feel any teeth, then I’m pulling out all those teeth.  All I want to feel is those pouty lips, your tongue and the back of your throat.  Now you need to suck on it,” he said as he returned the pliers to the table and his hand joined the other one at the back of her head.  “Just think of it as one of those cherry popsicles you always used to like and get in my store.  I’ve seen you suck until the cherry flavor was nearly gone and you were holding plain ice.”  She knew what he as talking about, because she did do that, and more tears rolled down her cheek as she thought about him watching her and waiting for this moment.  During this byplay his hips had been moving ever so slightly back and forth only an inch or so, with not much force and without much thought.  Now with both hands wrapped in her hair he began pushing further into her mouth.  He began experimenting with how deep he could push.  “Clamp your lips and tongue on it and suck on the out-stroke, and just relax and let it slide in on the in-stroke.”  She began following his directions mostly out of fear, but also out of resignation to get it over with as quickly as possible.  He pushed even further in, and as it moved towards the back of her throat he felt her heave slightly at the first sensation of gagging, but she seemed to adjust slightly.  He was happy with how well she was following instructions, and her hands were limp at her sides as she realized the futility of resisting and her fear of him.  “That’s it, more suction.  You want to suck all the juice out just like the popsicle.”  He watched his cock pistoning in and out of her mouth and tried to estimate how deep he was going and go just a hair deeper with each stroke sometimes feeling her gag slightly as she tried to adjust.

Her lips were clamped tightly around his cock and her tongue swirled trying to create suction.  Saliva was dripping off her chin as she just kept telling herself, “if I do what he says, it will end soon.”  A particularly deep thrust elicited a full gag response as she choked audibly.  She felt him picking up the pace and pushing deeper, and she struggled to adjust.  He ignored her this time as his rhythm increased.  She felt his hands tensing and gripping her hair more tightly.  She was still sucking with all her might, but will this never end, she thought.  Suddenly, he went rigid and his penis spasmed in her mouth flooding it with what felt like a gallon of sticky salty fluid; he jerked a few more times and a bit more fluid filled her mouth with each jerk.  She began pushing him with her hands again afraid she was going to drown.

“Swallow it, swallow every drop of it,” he said as he continued his firm grip on her head and ignored her pushing hands.  She was given no choice but to swallow.  “Keep swallowing and sucking until it’s all gone.”  He felt himself slowly go limp, and her mouth slacked open as he slowly removed his cock.  He pulled up and fastened his pants.  She was sitting in the chair dazed by all that had happened, and while still disoriented he place one hand under her butt and another on one of her breasts and used them as leverage to lift her 93 pounds easily onto the table as one would a pet cat, fondling her in the process.  He continued to fondle her reaching in her bra again with one hand and under her dress with the other.  Simultaneously pinching a nipple and rubbing her vaginal area, thinking about the lips he hadn’t penetrated yet.  “Now Milly, I guess we don’t need to call the police today, but I have cameras in the store and tapes of the theft.  And something you didn’t know is I have loaned your father money for the mortgage and gave him credit in the store, and he is behind in paying both.  Now you and your brother have stolen from me.  How is your family going to pay all this money back?”  He observed her silence and said, “well you are going to have to work this debt off, as I don’t see any other way.  Tell your father I gave you a job, and you have to be here after school every day and on weekends.”  He removed his hands from her body walked to the front door and turned the sign to “Open.”  He turned and said, “See you tomorrow Milly.”

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Chapter II Tuesday

Milly sat in school wishing for the first time that it would never end, and she wouldn’t have to go to Mr. Green’s store.  She showed up a bit late and to her surprise not only didn’t he say anything about being late, but he put her to work stocking shelves instead of what she dreaded.  After a few hours he turned the sign to “Closed,” and it really was closing time.  “Get in the office Milly.”  Trying to get out of her fate, she said “Mr. Green, my jaw and mouth are awful sore, I don’t think I can do it.”  Mr. Green responded, “That’s OK Milly, we don’t have to do that…….today.”  Her hopes started to rise, but then he said, “I have other things in mind for this evening.”  Her eyes flew open at the implications of this.

Pointing at the stairs at the back of the office he said, “Up.”  As she climbed the stairs, she felt his breath on the back of her neck.  At the top she began to look around at the various storage rooms up there, but he grabbed her neck in a vise like grip and steered her towards a mattress in one of them.  Mr. Green had spent many a night here when he first opened the store, and still did occasionally.  Realizing this was more than she ever intended to do, she began to struggle especially after seeing the handcuffs at the top of the bed attached to a headboard and various straps arranged around it.  She opened her mouth to scream, but he was ready with a piece of duct tape and sealed her mouth.  He pushed her face down on the mattress, collected her hands and applied the cuffs above her head.  Sitting on her legs with all of his 240 pounds he began pushing her dress to and past her waist and eventually above her head to the cuffs.  Her bra joined the dress.  He worked her panties slowly off and tossed them aside.  A hand on each hip flipped her on her back.  He sat on her legs while looping straps under each of them and tightening each trap around her knees gradually spreading her legs wider and wider.  Her feet were still flailing around, and were secured with more straps.  He stood up and got his first good look at her body her eyes wide and wet above the tape.  He began taking off clothes admiring her flawless youthful body.  Even on her back her firm developing breasts defied both gravity and her young age pertly sticking up.  The downy sparse fur on her pussy was even more golden than her hair.

As he viewed her, she got her first look at his entirely naked body tall heavy with only a bit of a gut, thinning hair around 50.  Although his penis had been in her mouth yesterday, she hadn’t really looked at it.  It was as big around as her forearm and almost as long.  She had seen her brother’s briefly, and it was no where near this huge.  How could he think it would fit in her?

He sat next to her in the bed and fondled her breasts briefly as before pinching both nipples this time.  Then he moved his head down to suck them and lightly bite them.  She began to squirm from the sensation.  It didn’t hurt, but it was humiliating.  She also felt her body more mature than her mind reacting to his touch.  His mouth began to move on her stomach past her navel.  He adjusted his body from beside her to down between her legs without his tongue leaving her flesh.  By the time he got to her pussy, she was squirming again.  She knew she was going to be really raped this time; her virginity stolen.  His tongue traced circles around her clitoris over and over again until he could feel her natural lubrication starting to flow.  She could feel it too and was ashamed at what it meant.  He didn’t mind hurting her, but he didn’t want to damage her so badly a doctor would be required.  Some places his tongue touched caused her body to jump not of her own volition.  She was too afraid to feel real pleasure but her body was reacting on it’s own to her great shame as muffled whimpers came through the tape.

He pushed a hand under her buttocks his middle finger probing about 2 inches from where his tongue was working.  Feeling the rosebud of her anus he pushed until his middle finger slipped in to the first knuckle drawing a moan from her.  He began pushing his tongue as far up her pussy as he could while simultaneously pushing his finger up her anus as far as he could resulting in louder moans.  Drawing his middle finger almost all the way out, he positioned his index under it to shield the nail and pushed both fingers slowly in; it was very tight fit, he couldn’t push them both in very far and judging from her sounds it was very uncomfortable.  He briefly considered then discarded a new thought, “Not tonight, that is for another time.”

It was time to fuck her.  He placed a few towels he had ready under her buttocks as he planned on using this bed often and didn’t want a mess.  His erection which had come and gone while he ran her through her paces was returning.  He felt her opening with his hand and added some lubricant he had ready to it and himself.  He positioned his cock at her quivering entrance, moved it around to spread the lubricant and pushed.  She whimpered first then gave a muffled scream as the second push got the head in.  He had to keep the pressure on to keep the head in, “Man is she tight!”  Repositioning for leverage he gave a very hard relentless push officially ending her virgin status and receiving the loudest muffled scream yet, followed by heavy panting through her nostrils.  She seems to be choking and having trouble getting air, so pausing after a few more thrusts, he used his finger to poke a hole in the tape creating whoosh of air as her panting lessened, and he resumed his thrusts.  Although still exquisitely tight, his thrusting was easy, the combination of both their juices, the lubricant and even her blood making a slick path for his cock, and she seemed to be bearing up as well as could be expected.

She laid there enduring the pinching, biting, licking and probing, but when he broke through her hymen, she couldn’t believe the pain followed by the feeling of terror at possible suffocation.  Although still immensely painful, she was adjusting to the rhythmic thrusts.  Occasionally, a particular deep thrust caused her to gurgle, and once she felt a muscle jump in her leg.  For many minutes she just stared into his hairy chest as he wallowed on top of her.  Then just like yesterday, the thrusts got faster and harder and both their breathing became deeper and after a couple very fast deep thrusts he went stiff filling her with his fluid and letting out a sigh of satisfaction much more pronounced than yesterday’s.

Yes, that was better than yesterday, he thought, a combination of her very tight pussy today and her inexperience yesterday.  Today, she just had to lie here and take it, he thought.  He got much deeper penetration today too.  Yesterday involved skills she will have to improve on, including the ability to take more of his cock down her throat.  He didn’t think he got further than half of his 9 plus inches in yesterday.  He already had a plan for that, one that would require more coercion.  Wow, even limp her pussy was still gripping his cock like an old friend.  He could remember having trouble staying in some women after cuming and going limp.

Meanwhile she was lying under his entire uncomfortable weight while his breath returned to normal, her head turned to the side so she could breathe, his hairy chest now in her ear.  He was still in her and made no attempt to pull out like yesterday.  Just when she thought he was going to stay on her all night, he raised up and looked down at her.

He pulled the tape from her face that wasn’t sticking too well now anyway, and said, “You won’t need this anymore.  You know better than screaming, and no one would hear you this late anyway.”  He gave a few tentative pushes confirming to himself he was getting hard and could go again.

She was confused.  She thought that was it, and she could go home, but he was starting again.  Each thrust was still painful, but not as painful as when he broke her hymen.  Although still bound, she very able to angle her body in a way to meet his thrusts that was slightly less painful.  She could see how a woman in love could eventually enjoy this, but she hated Mr. Green, and what he was making her do.  She decided right there that she was never coming back here again.  She didn’t care if her family would be homeless.  Again the tempo increased, and again he shot his load into her.  This time he pulled out immediately leaned down and kissed her on the lips for the first time, a kiss she didn’t expect or return.

“That’s enough for tonight,” and he uncuffed her and began loosening the straps.  Clean up those towels.  There’s a tub of water over there for you to clean up with.”

She picked up the towels soaked with various fluids that were also leaking out of her, a combination of her juices and blood, his semen and saliva, and the lubricant he used and placed them in a hamper.  The wash tub of water was ice cold.  He motioned for her to get in the tub, something that would have been impossible for anyone not of her petite size.  She retrieved her clothes and was about to leave, when he stopped her.

“I have homework for you,” he said to her confused expression.  He retrieved an object from a bag, a long rubber cylinder flat on one side.  She realized it was the same size as his penis.  He stood it on the table on the flat side leaving it sticking up like it was him on his back. “Yesterday you couldn’t take much of my cock in your mouth.  That’s because of the gag reflex.  You can use this to practice suppressing the gag reflex.  I expect you to make rapid progress in this area.”

Since she wasn’t coming back, she only half listened, but took it anyway to avoid trouble.

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Chapter III Wednesday

A few of the students at school noticed how she was walking and asked if she was OK.  Her friend Mai was particularly concerned, asking her several times.  She said fine, but the soreness from last night was hard to ignore.  After school she went directly home.  The Mr. Green ordeal was over.  However when she came into the house, her father was very angry.  “What the hell are you doing here?  Why aren’t you at the store?”

“But Dad, you don’t know what he’s making me do.”  She looked at his face, and then looked at Tommy’s face, and she knew.  Tommy at least looked red-faced and stricken.  Dad had no expression at all except anger.

“Get your ass to the store before he gets mad.”  And, she turned and went back out trudging to the store and Mr. Green.

The first thing he said when she stepped into the store was, “How much homework did you do since last night?”

Surprised she said, “Ah, some, I was at school all day.”  She still had the nasty thing, but hadn’t touched it.

“That’s no excuse.  Keep it with you always and practice in the evenings when you come back from here and at school in places like in the rest room.  I better see some progress, and I better see it right now,” he said as he turned the sign and gestured towards the back.  Rather than force her as before, he started barking orders, “Strip all those clothes off, and bring those cushions over here for you to kneel on.”

Not knowing what else to do, she obeyed.  Together they arranged the cushions to the right height, and she knelt on them her back straight.  Pulling on her braid from beside her, he said, “Don’t ever cut your hair without my permission and always come here with it braided like this.  If I want it loose, you can do that here.”  He released her hair to open his pants, but took hold of the braid again verifying why he liked it.  As he moved his penis toward her, she opened her mouth to accept it trying to imitate her actions from two nights ago.  He began to push it immediately to and beyond that which she could take two nights ago getting an immediate gag response from her.  He kept doing this until she couldn’t help it and began throwing up.  In disgust he yanked her to her feet by the braid and slapped her four times really hard on the face.

He pushed her towards the table and threw her belly first on it.  She was so short her feet dangled off the floor.  He placed his cock between her butt cheeks and moved it back and forth between them.  There was no lubrication at all, so it tended to stick.  For the second night in a row he looked wistfully at her anus and said, “No not yet.  That like her mouth will require preparation.”  Spitting in his hand, he began rubbing it first on her still sore pussy and then on the head of his cock.  It wasn’t enough, and she winced terribly when he entered her.  After a few strokes her juices flowed a bit and it got easier for him and less painful for her.  He took a long time this time, much longer than both times last night combined as he was in no hurry to finish and was concentrating on several things besides his own orgasm.  While thrusting he gripped her breasts mostly twisting them painfully and sometimes her hips, but he occasionally explored her anus again with a finger and at times a thumb thinking about the best way to handle this project.  He needed to slowly open her up.  She was so tiny, her poops probably looked like rabbit turds.  If he forced himself in this hole prematurely, he might end up with a girl that shit herself all the time.  Checking the time, he realized he needed to finish up soon.  Grabbing her hips, increasing his pace and focusing on the task at hand, he was soon ejaculating in her.

For some reason, she was less concerned with the pain than why he was taking so long?  He did his usual pinchings, probings and mutterings about things like rabbit turds.  Several seconds after he finished, there was a knock at the door.  Tucking in his shirt he went to answer it thinking, “Right on time.”  She peaked around the corner, and saw a man about the same age as Mr. Green.  Her clothes were on the other side of the doorway she didn’t want to cross it.  “Where could she hide,” she thought.  But it didn’t matter as Mr. Green walked towards the back with the man saying, “Milly, I have someone who wants to meet you.”

Milly was mortified and froze in place as Mr. Green rounded the corner with the stranger.  The man looked at her naked body with approval.  “You weren’t lying,” he said.  “What can I do with her?”

“Anything you want except the back door.”

Milly finally spoke.  “You can’t sell me to him.  We had an arrangement.”

“Milly, I owe this man money.  Your family owes me money.  You provide this service, and your family debt goes down.  That’s the arrangement.  It’s the same arrangement.”

Both men saw the defeat in her eyes.  The man was short and pudgy, very ugly actually.  He walked around her touching here and squeezing there.  The man saw the cushions on the floor and understood their purpose.  Kicking all but the thin one aside, and then estimating and seeming satisfied with the height, he gestured her back in her place.  Head down, she complied.  He lifted her chin, his pants open, she saw he had a much smaller penis than Mr. Green.  Her earlier failure was not repeated as she was able to fit him completely in her mouth.  She experienced the unusual sensation of her nose striking his pubic hair at the same time his balls were bouncing off her chin.  Unfortunately, the man was drunk and took a very long time to cum.  Her glances to the side showed her even Mr. Green was very annoyed at how long it was taking but keeping his mouth shut.  She wondered how much she was making for him right now.  Although, she didn’t gag a single time while she was sucking him off, she nearly lost it when his semen filled her mouth.  First, he didn’t increase his pace or go rigid like Mr. Green to warn her.  He just blew his wad right in the middle of a thrust just like any other thrust.  The other issue was the enormous quantity, much more than Mr. Green.  It was immediately after, that she noticed the size of those balls that had been bouncing on her chin.  Mr. Green may have been impatient with how long this guy was taking, but he did insist she swallow it just like with him.  It took several swallows to get it all down catching some with her hand and putting it back in her mouth.  She wondered if this was helping with the food shortage at home.  She felt full and might not need dinner tonight.

When she got home, her Dad was waiting and slapped her twice, “He called.  You do the homework as you’re told by Mr. Green.  Do you want us to lose this house?”  Later, sitting on the edge of her bed, she pushed Mr Green’s dildo into her mouth as far as she could over and over again for 45 minutes trying not to gag.

A shove woke her up in the night.  Her father was standing in his shorts beside her bed.  “You’re a stupid slut just like your mother.  You look exactly like her and nothing like me.  No way you’re mine.  Won’t do your homework huh?  I’ll make sure you do it.”  He dropped his shorts to the floor.  Although she had caught a glimpse or two of it over the years, never erect and never this close.  Dad’s penis was slightly smaller than Mr. Green’s, but not by much.  As he moved forward grabbing her hair in that now familiar way, she didn’t know what else to do but what she had been taught.  He tried to choke her from the first thrust, but the days events had sharpened her skills and she was able to finish him off rather quickly.  When he left he certainly wasn’t nice, but he wasn’t mean either.

Chapter IV Thursday

Milly sat in the stall at school creating the rabbit turds Mr. Green was worried about, doing her ‘homework’ and thinking.  As far as homework, she could almost make the whole thing disappear down her throat now as she was demonstrating to herself.  As to her thoughts, her father was actually nice to her when she left the house.  What does that mean?

“Milly, are you in here?”  It was her friend Mai.  She had been avoiding all her friends, especially Mai.  Pulling the homework out of her throat, she responded, “Yes Mai, just finishing.  Milly and Mai gravitated to each other.  They were both very poor and very pretty.  The other girls made fun of their poverty and resented their looks.  Mai’s situation was worse than hers.  A half Vietnamese orphan moving from one bad foster home to another.

Milly had only a few friends, but Mai had only one friend, Milly.  She was painfully shy, even more so than Milly.  The foster home Mai lived in now was with a mean old woman, who made Mai take care of everything in the house.  Nothing was ever clean enough.  Mai would scrub the kitchen floor, but if a crumb fell on it 20 minutes later, she would have to scrub the whole floor again.  She had been in the house for 3 years.

Mai was small like Milly.  She was 5’1” with slightly darker complexion long straight black hair and 89 pounds.  She was a few months older than Milly, but not quite as developed.  Her figure just started to develop a year ago, while she remembered when she first came to town 3 years ago Milly had curves at 11.

Milly had never had an orgasm.  She had admitted to Mai she had rubbed herself many times, but would stop when it started feeling weird.  Mai had lost count of the orgasms she had given herself.  She would bring up images from when she was little when she did it.  Mai’s first memories were of the tiny room in Saigon, where she and her mother lived and where her mother would bring men.  Her mother would hide her in the closet when the men came, but Mai would peak through an opening and watch what the men did to her mother and what she did to them.  Her mother died when she was 7.  An American man came and said he was her father and brought her to the U.S., but then a test showed he wasn’t her father, and he abandoned her.  Although still a virgin, Mai wanted sex, but not from any of the silly boys that tried to talk to her.  Coincidently in Vietnamese, the name Mai means Cherry Blossom.

When Milly arrived, Mr. Green said first let’s see how the homework is going.  She walked into the back pulling the dress over her head.  He saw she hadn’t bothered with panties or a bra today.  This time he placed her kneeling on a chair.  She had to lean down a bit and raise her head to accept his cock.  He thought maybe this would help.  He recalled seeing sword swallowers in roughly that position.  He pushed in slow to test immediately how far he could go now.  At less than an inch left, he felt her throat quivering trying not to gag.  He pulled most of the way out, and patted her cheek telling her she was a very good girl.  For some reason this pleased her immensely, she began to suck with enthusiasm.

While Mr. Green was nearing the end and pushing in particularly deep, she heard a voice to the side say, “Wow, look at that tiny girl makes that cock disappear.”  Tonight, two men had showed up, and she had a feeling she knew what that meant.  “Not just now,” Mr. Green said to them.  They nodded and went back around the corner to wait.  He resumed his thrusts into her mouth, and she resumed trying to remove all the flavor from the popsicle.  The two men didn’t have to wait long.

Of course they were here for her.  After seeing what she could do with her mouth, they both wanted it.  They didn’t know each other it seemed.  They just showed up at the same time.  Neither had a particularly impressive cock.  At least they were clean.  She noticed she had stopped thinking of it as a penis and starting calling it a cock like Mr. Green.  She saw the first guy she finished hanging around while she was blowing the second.  When the second guy left, it seems the first guy wanted to go again and fuck her.  She caught a glimpse of a $100 bill pass between them.  We went up to the mattress.  He wanted me on my stomach and took me in the pussy from behind.  He asked me to whimper and say he was too big, so I did.  But after Mr. Green, guys of his size were easy to take.  That started her thinking about Mr. Green, and the way he fucked her.  She moved her hand under her and down and started to rub her clit.  Occasionally, her finger contacted First Guys cock pumping into her.  It felt good, then it started feeling really good.  She could sense there was something coming that would feeling even better.  She could feel it building in her.  Then First Guy went rigid and moaned, and she felt him spurt inside her.  “Shit’” she said into the mattress.  He left without speaking.

She was cleaning her naked body with a wash cloth when Mr. Green came upstairs.  Mr Green didn’t seem much interested in her and was going through some things on a shelf.  While searching for something on a high shelf, he felt something touching his crotch.  Surprised he looked down.  “Please Mr. Green, that last guy started to get me worked up, but then he left.,” she said looking up at him while kneading his cock through his pants.  “He got you worked up?” he said annoyed with emphasis on “He”  “Well, I was thinking of you while it was happening,” she said her lips in her most pouty expression.

He wasn’t about to lick her after that other guy fucked her, but he did his use his fingers on her clit while biting gently on her nipple.  It only took a matter of seconds for her to start breathing hard and a another minute to get her wet.  At this point she could handle him, so although he entered slow to make sure, once he was in, he started pounding hard and faster.  She was moaning the whole time, and then the moans got louder.  All of a sudden she clutched him really hard, legs wrapped around him, nails digging in his back and screamed so loud, that he covered her mouth afraid people all the way in town would hear.  Her reaction took him over the edge and he shot into her.  And, that’s how Milly got her first orgasm.

Later as they were lying in bed catching their breath and Mr. Green seemed really satisfied, Milly thought is was a good time to ask about the $100.  “Mr. Green I saw that you are making $100 when the men come to be with me.  I want to make sure that money goes to pay our debt especially the house.”
“Of course it does,” he said, but thinking, I’m glad she didn’t see it was three $100 dollar bills, and I made $900 this evening.  I have to be more careful about that.  Any sleaze ball can come up with $100.  I’ll only sell her to someone who can afford her.
“OK, as long as I’m paying off he house, but I think I should get some for myself.”
Mr. Green got very suspicious and said, “Well, that will make paying off the house take longer.  How much were you thinking?”
“Could I get $10 for each guy?”
“I’ll give you $5

Just when Mr. Green thought Milly had surprised him as much was possible this evening, she said, “We could make more money if there was another girl.”
The wheels in his mind turning he said, “You know someone?”
“Maybe,” she said and nothing else.  Milly went downstairs to find her dress and leave.  Later, he chuckled as he descended the stairs.  With the amount of money that piece of ass is going to make me, I could buy 20 shacks like the one they live in that she is so worried about.

She got home later than usual and went right to bed.  While waiting to fall asleep, her father came in.  He didn’t say or do anything.  It was Milly that pulled his shorts down and gave him his nightly blowjob.  He didn’t act aggressive like last night and just allowed her to work her magic.  After she swallowed his sperm, he touched her head gently and said, “Thank you honey, it’s been really hard on me since your Mom died.”

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Chapter V Friday

Mr. Green opened the door and to his shock Milly and a small Asian girl came in.  “Mr. Green, this is my friend Mai.”
“Well, hello Mai.”
Head down, her response was barely audible.  Mr. Green remembered what Milly said last night about another girl, but this soon and this pretty?
“Here’s the deal, Mai gets $5 for every guy she does, and I get $5 for every guy she does for bringing her to you, except you of course.”
“Deal.  Milly, go upstairs so Mai and I can get acquainted.  You’ll have visitors soon, and I’ll send them up.”  He watched as Milly did as she was told.

Mr. Green led Mai to the office.  He sat down in front of her and looked for a few minutes at her.  “Will you take off your clothes for me?”  Trembling she started by hiking up her skirt while sitting down and then removing her shoes and socks.  She stayed seated while she removed her blouse, then skirt and bra.  She stood up again to push her panties to the ground.  There was a knock at the door.  Mr. Green stood up walked to Mai and turned her towards the stairs.  “Stay exactly in this spot.”  He led the 5 men into the store, collected the money out of sight of Mai ($1500) and gestured for them to go ahead upstairs.  As they went through the office, each of they got a good look at a naked Mai.  “Look, a new one,” one of the previous clients said.  Sitting back down he thought about how she had no hesitation in stripping for him despite her obvious nervousness.  “Have you had sex before, Mai?”
“Do you mean with other people?” she whispered.
“Well, yes that was what I meant.  Does that mean ‘no’ not with other people, but you masturbate?”
“Yes,“ she whispered.
“A lot?”
“Yes,“ her voice quaking so much it was hard to understand.
“Do you want sex with me?”
Milly required trickery and coercion, he thought.  Here was one ready at any time, but no one noticed.
He undid his pants, pushed them down and gestured for her to come closer.
She had seen what was required by watching her mother many years ago and came over knelt down, leaned forward and without further instruction opened her mouth for his cock and began sucking.  She wasn’t very good and couldn’t take much of him, but made up for that somewhat by the obvious enthusiasm with which she applied herself to the task.
Mai was bringing back memories of watching her mother do this.  She wanted so hard to please him.  Mr. Green stopped her by lifting her head.
She immediately started crying, “Wasn’t I any good?”
“No, you weren’t very good.  You need a lot of practice.  Do you want to be good at this?”
Yes, very much.”
“Let’s try something else,” Mr. Green said.

Milly watched as the five guys lined up, four sitting on bench.  She wondered how they determined the order.  Five?  She had never done more than three different in one night including Mr. Green.  Well, three guys five times, since Mr Green and one guy did her twice.  This thought assured her she could handle this easily.  “What do you want?” she said to the first one while sitting on the bed.  He pushed her back used a little lube located conveniently near the bed and hilted her with a cock almost as big as Mr. Green’s.  He was younger than all the others, and with the vitality of youth fucked her very hard for much longer than anyone else ever had except for that one time with Mr. Green.  She had an orgasm five minutes into the fuck, where she bucked under him and screamed, but then he went on for another 20 minutes.

Mai was on the table her legs spread while Mr. Green was licking her pussy.  Mai was squirming all over the place and moaning softly.  She shuddered, then bit her lip to avoid making too much noise like she had to do when she was rubbing herself in the room at the old woman’s house.  Mr. Green lifted his head and said, “Go ahead, let it out.”  A loud cry partly of relief and partly of her orgasm escaped her lips.  Mr. Green stood up and held his cock right at her pussy that was still pulsating from her orgasm.  He worked it around the entrance trying to determine her capacity for him.  He pushed in just the head.
Mai spoke the loudest he had heard yet, “Just do it already!”
So, in he went.
“Aaaaahhhhhh, Whaaaaaa, Ohhhhh, yeeaaahhhhh…………finally,” Mai exclaimed.
She actually was a virgin, and he felt her blood leaking down his leg as he began thrusting into her.  He thrusted for a while, and she lifted and locked her legs around him and reached down to his butt trying to pull him into her faster and further as if she had being doing this for years, then she began screaming and thrashing around with her second orgasm.  She went limp for several seconds while he just thrusted, then grasped him again with both arms and legs while he sprinted for the finish.

Milly was pleased when the second guy also managed to bring her to an orgasm after a particularly good fuck with a cock that just seemed to hit her in just the right spot with each of his strokes.  Unfortunately for her, after she had two orgasms in a row, the next three guys were determined to give her one too, not even considering her mouth.  They pounded her pussy and used all their efforts to hold back their own orgasms searching for signs of her having one.  She began realizing that the night she did 3 guys 5 times, she had only been fucked twice.  At some point lying under the 5th guy with her pussy hurting like hell, she got a brilliant idea and starting bucking under him and screaming, “Oh yes that’s it.”  Unfortunately, she was a lousy actress in this first attempt at faking it, and he spit in her face in disgust and kept pounding her determined to punish her for thinking he was that gullible.

He sat the girls down to talk with them, although both winced when they sat.  He handed Milly a small case.  She opened it, and five objects of gradually increasing size were inside.  The largest one was almost the size of the homework and Mr. Green of course.  “More homework?” she guessed.
“So, you can fuck me in the ass?”
She seemed satisfied with the answer.
“Do you need an explanation on how to use them?”
With an annoyed look Milly said, “Did you think I would stick them in my ear?”
Milly handed the previous ‘homework’ to a surprised Mai saying, “I’ll explain later.  Mr. Green nodded to Milly in approval.

Milly took Mai home with her and put a spare cot in her room for her.  Mai watched Milly’s Dad while he was in the room by Milly’s bed just like she use to from the closet in Saigon.  Mai was silent while watching his hips moving and listening to Milly making slurping sounds.  Mai couldn’t speak if she wanted to.  Facing the wall, her mouth was full of ‘homework’ moving in and out.  The girls went to sleep, Milly on her stomach due to the object in her rear.  Several times during the night Mai woke up, when she did she reached for the ‘homework’ to use it for 10 minutes or so.  She knew Milly was much better at this, and she was determined that would not last for long.

Chapter VI Saturday

In the morning, Milly, her family and Mai went to the lake in the next county to swim.  There were other families there and some kids their own age.  One girl named Julie was stunning, but a complete bitch to the other kids.  She was 5’3” brown hair very tan with a figure way too mature for her 14 years with even bigger breasts than Milly.  She knew she was pretty, and she was particularly mean to Milly and Mai fearing they might be prettier.  She made sure all the other kids knew she lived in the big house down the lakeshore.  She kept flirting with her brother Tommy, but when he asked for her number she said, “Fuck you poor boy, I don’t go out with trash.”

Milly’s instance dislike for the girl evolved into a plan, but she would need Tommy’s help.  Milly explained her plan to a horrified Tommy, “I took the fall for you when you had a plan to steal from Mr. Green.  I’m still taking the fall, and I’m the reason we still have a home.”  Tommy still looked uncertain.  Milly continued, “I bet Mr. Green will let you fuck that bitch any time you want if you get her for him.”  At that statement, Tommy had a hint of a smile.  “Not today, we’ll go Sunday,” Milly said.

Back at the store, Mr Green was supervising the plumbers as they installed a bath tub next to the sink and toilet that was already there.  He had to wash Milly up that one time in an old wash tub without hot water, so he felt this was needed.

In the early evening Milly and Mai arrived on time at the store.  “Mai won’t be seeing guys upstairs yet,” Mr. Green told Milly.
“I know.  She needs broken in some more first.  It’s not like I don’t know the drill,” Milly said with some annoyance.
Mr. Green gave Milly a look, and Milly rolled her eyes and went to the stairs and up.  “I’m going to have to do something about that attitude real soon,” he thought.  Four men came in and he sent them up to Milly.

The first guy wanted Milly’s mouth.  She got him off so fast, she was actually a little disappointed she give couldn’t show her best technique.  The next guy took his time licking her to one orgasm, and the fucking her nice and hard to a second orgasm.  Milly was pleased with both her efforts and the pleasure she received.

Mai stood patiently waiting.  Mr. Green asked her to remove her clothes as he did the same.  He gestured for her to kneel in front of him.  “I didn’t give you many instructions yesterday during your first blowjob, I probably should have.
“I asked Milly a lot of questions last night.  I know about the popsicle and sucking, I just need more practice,” she said dropping to her knees and engulfing him immediately.  Mr. Green didn’t hump her face just yet, he wanted to see what she could do.  She wasn’t just better than yesterday, she was fantastic taking much more of him than yesterday.  Pulling her back, he asked, “How did you improve so much?”
“I used the homework throughout the night.”
Pushing himself back in her mouth, he wound his hands around her long black hair and began humping her face.  She reached around gripping his ass and helped pulling him in.  They went like this for a while, until he began humping faster near his end, and Mai pulled him in all the way down her throat and began swallowing.  Her lips and tongue stopped working, it was her throat muscles and rhythmic swallowing that brought him to his final climax as she continued swallowing during his release of sperm.  Mr. Green couldn’t have been more shocked.  He didn’t know this could be done without the girl choking on the semen, normally he would to pull out a little to spurt in their mouth, not so deep in their throat.

The last two guys came to Milly with a special request of doing her at the same time.
“OK, which one of you wants my mouth.”
“We don’t want your mouth at all.”
“You’re not allowed to have my ass,” Milly said
“We don’t want your ass either.  We want to be in your pussy at the same time.”  The two men were bisexual partners and enjoyed the feeling of their cocks rubbing together held tightly by a pussy.”
“That’s not possible,” Milly said.
“We’ll see,” they both said as they grabbed her not giving her a choice.  She struggled with them, but they were two grown men and she was a 93 pound, 5’0” girl.  Turning her sideways one behind her and the other in front, they lined their cocks up and using the semen from the previous guy as lubricant they pushed their cocks together and into her.  Once they were in, she stopped struggling.  Although uncomfortable, it turns out this would work as together they were barely as big as Mr. Green.  After that Milly felt like a rag doll as they only paid attention to each other while fucking her.  It was humiliating to be ignored.  When they left, she looked around hoping for at least one more that would at least pay attention to her.

Mr. Green positioned Mai on her stomach with a pillow under her hips having already taken her from the front.  He stuck his face in her crotch and began licking and tonguing her to get her ready.  His nose was resting on her anus.  Amazing, even her ass smelled sweet, like cherry blossoms, he thought.  When Mai began panting and squirming around, Mr. Green knew she was ready, straddling her he pushed his cock in and started thrusting deep.  Picking up a rhythm he was again amazed by this girl, even though her pussy was very tight on his cock anyway, he could feel her vaginal muscles repeatedly squeeze him on the out-stroke and relax a little on the in-stroke milking his cock.  “You’re squeezing me with your pussy each time I withdraw.  Do you know you’re doing that?”
Her head sideways on the mattress she said, “Of course I do.”
“Where did you learn this?”
“This is what Milly and I do with our mouths.  It just seemed to make sense to try it with my pussy too.”
“Did you know in the South they call this ‘snapping turtle pussy’?”
They continued their rhythm for a while longer, and Mr. Green said, “When Milly’s ready to listen to you, and that will be real soon, tell her how to do this.”

Milly heard Mr. Green cry out in a way she recognized, but extremely loud.  “What’s going on?  He was never that loud with me,” she said jealously.

When Milly’s Dad came into the girl’s bedroom for his blowjob, he turned and looked at Mai with surprise.  “Is that Milly’s homework in your mouth?
Pulling it out and in the most assertive voice Milly had ever heard from her, Mai said, “It was hers.  It’s my homework now.  While we’re on the subject, it’s wrong for you to come in here to have sex with your own daughter”  Waves of embarrassment went through Milly’s Dad, but when he started to speak, Mai interrupted him, “Come over here, I’ll give you your blowjob.  I need the practice anyway.”  Milly’s Dad was frozen in place with shock, so Mai got up and led him over to her cot.

Milly shrugged and thought with pride, “Yes she does need the practice, and she will never be as good as me.”  Milly turned on her side reached back wincing and even letting out a painful moan as she inserted butt plug #3 for the first time.  She watched Mai work on her Dad.  She thought with disgust, “Look at that, not much past halfway down his cock, and it’s an inch shorter than Mr. Green’s.”  Milly was in denial, because Mai took all of her Dad’s cock and used the swallowing technique she had tried out first on Mr. Green.

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One of the very first stories of Jed's that I ever read......and a personal fav! I've always loved the Green Grocer!

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Chapter VII  Sunday

First thing in the morning, Mai went into Milly’s Dad’s room and without waking him pushed her head under the covers opened his shorts and starting sucking him.  He awoke with a start, but then relaxed and let her work.  Mai had a liquid breakfast.  Later, Milly’s father went over to see the old woman that was Mai’s foster mom.  “Mai is staying with us for now on.  We know how you worked her as a slave, so if you say anything, you will go to jail, but not before I beat you to a pulp.”  The frightened woman agreed.

When Milly’s Dad got back, Tommy asked for the car and he and the girls piled in to drive to the lake.  They didn’t have any real plan, which was very stupid.  Unbelievably, as they drove down the road just a few hundred yards from the lake, Julie was walking the other way by herself.  The three jumped out, threw a hood over her and Tommy pinned her arms to her sides, while the girls tied her up and gagged her through the hood.  They put her in the trunk. They turned around and drove to Mr. Green’s store.  Milly said, “I can’t believe what just happened.  I thought this was just a scouting mission, and we would come up with a plan for next weekend.”

They parked in back of the store and knocked on the back door until Mr. Green answered.  His eyes narrowed, “what’s going on?  You girls don’t need to be here for a few hours.”  They showed him the girl in the trunk.
“What have you done?”
“We got you another girl,” Milly said smugly.
“Bring her in quickly.”
Tommy carried her in.  They went upstairs and put her in one of the storage rooms that Mr. Green had just put a new mattress in.  Tommy and Mr. Green secured her.  She was still hooded.  Outside the room Milly said, “The deal is Tommy gets her any time he wants, and I get $5 every time somebody’s with her, except you and Tommy of course.”
“Can I do her now,” Tommy said.
“No Tommy, Mr. Green’s always first,” Milly said, but she didn’t sound convinced, even glaring at Mr. Green arrogantly while saying it.
Mr. Green looked at Milly and thought, this needs to stop today.  He walked to the side picked up the phone and made several phone calls one after the other.  He came back over and said, “Tommy, come back tomorrow.  Mai wait here.”  Mr. Green grabbed Milly by the neck leading her to the other bed.

After stripping her at the bed, he used the straps to bind her face down sideways on the bed, a wrist to a top and bottom post and a knee to a top and bottom post.  This left her head and ass at the edge of the bed.  Upper legs were in nearly a straight line full split perpendicular to her body.  He pushed his pants down pulled out his cock and laid it lengthwise on the crack of her ass.  “It’s time for you to take it in the ass.”
Milly cried out in fear, “But, I’m only on number 3 butt plug.  I still have 4 and 5 to go before I’ll be ready!”
“Number 3 will have to be enough.  You have been a very bad girl and need to be punished.”  He squirted lubricant the length of his cock and moved it back and forth using her butt cheeks to spread it around.  He inserted a finger and then two fingers in her anus to push some of the lube in noticing it was a little easier to get in.  Aiming his cock, he pushed in about an inch.  She gurgled, then screamed so loud Mai jumped downstairs.  In a series of thrusts he experimented with how far he could get in, then he started to fuck her ass with long hard strokes.  Milly cried the entire time.

Milly lay on her stomach feeling like he was tearing her ass to pieces.  It was stretched to the breaking point.  Even while screaming and crying her mind kept saying, this is how I’m going to die, but Mr. Green just kept surging into her rectum.  After an eternity she felt his pace pick up.  Oh please, let this be the end; if it’s the end, I’ll be a good girl for now on, she thought.

After Mr Green shot his wad in her ass, he asked her “You didn’t bring that girl or Mai here for me, you brought them for the money didn’t you!”
Milly whimpered, “Yes.”
“Because of that, you no longer get money for Mai or Julie, and the amount you get for yourself is cut in half to $2.50.  And, I think your lesson and punishment are not over, look.”  He pulled her hair to raise her head and pushed her head around to show her the waiting crowd.  I gave them a discount to come over and fuck any of your three holes they wanted.  11 men waited for Mr. Green to give them the OK to start.  Your cut because of the discount is 1$ each or $11.  He pulled out of her ass and looked down at how her anus was very red and wide open.  There was a hint of blood, but he decided she could take what was about to happen.

The men started to line up, some in front of her face and some behind her where she couldn’t see.  She felt a cock enter her pussy, while the guy in front was still getting ready, and then his pushed his cock passed her lips and into her throat.  At least neither took her in the ass so soon after Mr. Green just did.  At some point more than one of them did take her in the ass.  The guys in front eventually had to hold her head up as she had no ability to do so.  Although she had lost count, Mr. Green must be letting them go more than once, because she could taste her own shit on at least two of the cocks that were put in her mouth.  After about 2 hours, there were sometimes breaks as the men rested before getting up and pounding one of her holes again.  They began to trickle away after 4 hours and the last one left after 5 hours.  Milly passed out from exhaustion.

Downstairs, Mr Green said, “Mai, I have a special person for you to be with.  He is the Sheriff of the county.  We may need his help in the future, so be real good to him.”
Mai nodded and when the man came in, he seemed real please to see her.  The Sheriff had been in the Vietnam War and had been thinking for years about the girls he had there.  He took Mai on the same table as Mr. Green did the first time, and she wrapped her legs around him while he fucked her wearing nothing but his Sheriff’s hat, Mai came without faking and used the “snapping turtle technique’ the whole time, and the old man was so happy.  Before he left, he told Mr. Green he would never have a problem with his new business.

He hadn’t even seen what this Julie girl looks like yet so it was time.  He glanced at how Milly’s punishment was proceeding, then went into the storage room that was the new girl’s new home to welcome her.  She had been there for hours.  Her terror had led to exhaustion, so she fell asleep.  Given that she had been kidnapped, he hesitated about letting her see his face.  Well, there’s only one way this is going to work, he thought, and it’s not anonymously.  He removed the hood and gag, which brought her partly to her senses.  Mr. Green was impressed with the girls looks, especially her body and thought briefly he may have been too hard on Milly.  “No, she needed what has and is happening to her.”
Becoming more coherent, Julie spoke, “Who are you?  Why am I here?  Let me go or my Daddy is going to ruin you.”
Mr. Green slapped her really hard, which shocked her to silence.  I am Mr. Green, and you belong to me now.  The girl had on a very pretty yellow dress.  Her breasts pushed the dress out in a nice way.  Mr. Green reached his hand into her ample cleavage hooked it through both the dress and the bra twisted to get a good grip and yanked.  The zipper in the back of the dress parted and other materials shredded and as he pulled his hand quickly away he held her entire dress and bra in his hand stripping her down to nothing but her panties.  His other hand reached down to them and even quicker ripped her panties from her body.

Julie regarded this man who in just a couple seconds had completely stripped her with strength that terrified her.  The man threw her ruined clothes aside and slowly undressed watching her watch him.  She watched Mr. Green as he removed his last piece of clothing his underwear.  Seeing his huge cock for the first time Julie opened her mouth to scream, but he was ready for that and stuffed the underpants he had been wearing all day in her mouth effectively gagging her as her scream turned into a muffled, “Mmmmmpphh.”  Julie could taste the man’s sweat in her gag.  “This man wouldn’t dare rape you, “she thought, but she was really just trying to convince herself.  He was squeezing her breasts commenting on how nice they were and how nice it was that they were his now.  Using both hands, he pinched the nipples on both watching for her reactions.  He bent his head down still watching her and became to lick, suck and lightly bite one of her nipples while still tweaking the other with his hand watching her eyes carefully.  Shudders went through her that were mostly revulsion, but she arched up just a bit towards his mouth and there was an intake of breath around the gag that even she knew was something else.  He sensed it too she knew as he smiled slightly while still biting her nipple.  He began rearranging some of the straps that held her down.  She muffled a cry and tears rolled down her cheeks as he began spreading her legs widely and securing them.  There was no doubt now how far he was going to go.  “Daddy.  How come you won’t come and get me away from this man?  I thought you could do anything?” she thought.

He reached down to her pussy and rubbed testing if any juices were flowing.  It wasn’t very wet, but it wasn’t completely dry either showing his efforts on her breast had some result.  He leaned down and began licking her pussy.  Her clit slowly become hard and she got a bit wetter.  He insert a finger to check her status, and in his surprise for a girl as mature as this despite being a young 14, he found out she was still a virgin.

Unlike Milly and Mai who lived in a small town and went to a school with grades 7 through 12, Julie went to a junior high school.  Being in eighth grade and very mature, she had no interest in any boys in her school.  She had limited access to the older boys, those who did see her were very interested, but most were afraid of her father, and she was too.  She told all her friends she was having sex with older boys, but it was a lie.

When he pulled his head away from her and that wicked tongue stopped torturing her, she saw him put something on his hand and rub it down there.  She shed fresh tears as she saw him rub it on his penis as well, and knew it was to help him get in her.  He held his massive penis making sure she saw it and placed it at her entrance.  With a short thrust, the head popped in and she tried unsuccessfully to scream through the gag, “Mmmaaaahhhhhhhhhhfff.”  She felt him working it around and could tell it was getting more slippery.  He felt him brace, and then he surged into her.  She arched her back and through the gag she tried to scream, MMMMAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHFFFFF.”  He was on top of her and looking in her face as he held still with it inside her.  He was watching her and he began to move, at first slowly and not so deep.  It was still painful, but once the initial horrible pain of his first deep thrust had passed she found she was handling it.  But then he started thrusting a little deeper and a little harder, and she began to realize he had been going slow to get her used to him.  His pace kept increasing and she started feeling him hit bottom, and the pain increased.  She tried to say, ‘no, don’t do it’ but it came out, “NNNnnaaaaa Daaaaannnn Daaa eeeeehh.”  His pounding of her vagina was relentless, withdrawing all the way back until only the tip was inside her, then surging forward to the hilt pressing her cervix backwards causing her to cry out, “Aaaahhhff.”  It starting hurting even more as the pounding and surging got faster, and then he stiffened, grip her hips so tight he left read marks filling her with a hateful slimy wetness that was his sperm.

“You were brought here a girl, now you are the woman you always wanted to be,” he said smiling.  He left her there bound, legs spread with blood and semen leaking out of her.  A few minutes later she couldn’t hold it anymore and peed all over herself.  She felt so fouled, abused, dirty and alone.

Mr. Green untied Milly, checked her out and decided she would make it.  He cleaned her up and made the bed.  She never woke while he was moving her around to do this.  He put her back on the bed, put a blanket over her and let her sleep.

Milly’s Dad came into the room, and Mai was sitting on her cot.  Mai said, “Milly is staying overnight at the store.
“Yes, I know.  Mr. Green called.  I wanted to talk to you.  This room is too small for both you girls.  I think you’ll be staying in my room for now on.”
“Rent for living here?”  Mai asked.
Mai smiled and said, “I think that will be fine.”

Tommy laid awake in his room listening to his Dad and Mai panting and moaning in the other room.  It was more than he could take.  First he didn’t get to fuck that girl Julie, and now he had to listen to this.  I bet Dad won’t share Mai with him either.  He finally had to masturbate his frustrations away.

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Carlota had been running and hiding for many days.  In the middle of the night men had come to their house and killed her parents.  She heard the shots, ran to the top of the stairs and saw her parents on the floor.  The three men fired more bullets into her parent’s bodies.  She saw the bodies move as the bullets entered, but it was not the movement of life.  “Ay,” one exclaimed as he pointed to her, “Está la hija.”  They raised their guns towards her, and she fled to her room.  She could hear them running up the stairs as she went out the window, dropped to the ground and ran through the forest.  She ran and ran until she collapsed.

She knew her father had been involved in dangerous business, drug business, but they lived in the U.S. now.  Her parents told her they were safe, because they lived in a rural area far away from everything, especially Mexico.  Carlota had lived here in the U.S. for 8 years, enough to speak English very well with a slight accent.  Her parents did not let her leave the house very much.  They home schooled her, because they told her it was too dangerous to be seen.  She learned her English mostly from TV, the few channels that they could get.  When they came here she was a girl of 6, she listened to her parents and was afraid of the men looking for them.  But as she grew older, it was very frustrating to be locked up in this house in the middle of nowhere.  At 14, she felt she was a woman because her body was changing in the ways of a woman.  Her mother was beautiful, and she could tell looking in the mirror that she was beautiful too.  She was still 3 inches shorter than her mother at 4’10” and only 84 pounds.  She had long black hair, beautiful dark eyes with long lashes and light brown skin.  She had curves now, well maybe not as much as her mother yet, but she could see the changes occurring.  She wanted to experience life, but she had no one to talk to.  Her parents were very conservative and told her nothing about the facts of life.  Although, they let her watch TV, they were very careful about what she could see.  Although she knew there were things she didn’t know about men and women being together, but it couldn’t be that much she thought.

She had been wandering for days and had put over 25 miles between herself and her former home.  She was covered in scratches from running and hiding in the woods.  Her once pure white dress was covered in mud and grime.  She hadn’t eaten in four days, just drank water from the creeks she had found.  At night outside a small town she crept out of the forest up to and behind a building, where she found a dumpster with food in it.  As she was about to crawl in with the garbage, a voice spoke, “Hola.”  Surprised and frightened, she looked up.  The man who spoke was in the doorway of the building and looked concerned and very friendly under the lamp on the building.  He told her in fluent Spanish not to be afraid.  She said I need someplace to hide, and he told her she could hide inside.

The girl seemed to be getting less frightened as he spoke to her.  She nodded when he asked her if she was hungry.  He gestured for her to inside and told her she would be safe.  As she walked up to the back door, the man spoke again, “Como se llama?”
“Mi nombre es Señor Green.”

It was already evening and the girls had gone home except for Julie in her soundproof room.  Mr. Green sat Carlota down and brought her some bread, ham and an apple.  He told her to eat slowly, that she could get sick if she ate too fast.  Carlota spoke to him in English, “Please Mr. Green, can you hide me here?”
“Yes, as long as you like.  Eat Carlota.”  She ate until he said, “Stop, you will be sick.  You can eat more later.”  He helped her up and she broke down crying and he held her as her sobbing got louder.  He rocked her for a while stroking her head.  “Carlota, you are tired and dirty.  Let’s get you cleaned up and into clean clothes.  He took her upstairs to the bath tub, began filling the tub.  The past days events were hitting Carlota all at once.  She was too dazed to do anymore.  When the bath was ready, he undressed her lifted her in and with a soft sponge slowly cleaned her.  She was aware of what was going on, even lifted her arms so he could clean under them, but was catatonic otherwise.  If she was completely alert, she might have noticed he spent more time cleaning her budding breasts and crotch than other parts of her body.  He dried her with a towel, and put her in a clean white dress.  There were a number of clothes for small girls on hand upstairs.  Milly and Mai often needed something in an emergency.

When Carlota woke up she was sleeping in a clean bed and then was startled because she was snuggled against the man from last night her head pillowed on his shoulder.  She was wearing a clean white dress instead of the dirty clothes from the terrible days in the forest.  She did notice she had no underwear on.  Mr Green had on shorts.  Her arms were clutching his bare chest.  He was watching her and kissed her on the forehead, and told her to go back to sleep she needed the rest.  Uncertain but still exhausted she did.

Over the next couple days in the late afternoon and evenings, she stayed quiet in the room downstairs that was used for storage.  From the room, she could hear many people coming and going upstairs and sometimes strange noises coming from upstairs.  At night she would go upstairs with Mr Green and get into bed with him.  He would comfort her and hold her while she sobbed and told him stories about her parents until they fell asleep.  She stayed upstairs until late I the afternoon and would go down stairs to hide in the room.  She knew the men who killed her parents were still looking for her.  Often while sleeping, Mr. Green would accidently hold her growing breasts but she didn’t mind, because he was so nice and it felt good.  And, often she could feel part of him pushing into her leg or her backside.  She would look expecting it to be his hand, but it wasn’t.  It was in his shorts.  She didn’t know what it was and was extremely curious.

One morning her dress had bunched up all the way passed her waist.  She was pillowed on his arm, her legs were parted slightly and with his hand Mr. Green was rubbing her down there between them.  It was a little wet and his finger was sliding back and forth and she felt all tingly.  Just as she thought he shouldn’t be doing that, he touched her just right and she moaned.  He kept rubbing and she moaned louder and then to her surprise she arched her back and waves of pleasure shot through her.  He began kissing her while she was still quivering from whatever just happened to her.
“I never felt like that before.  What happened?”
“When men and women are together, they can give each other pleasure.  After all the bad things that happened to you, I thought you could use a little pleasure.”
Men can get pleasure from women too?”
“Of course they can.”
“Does it have something to do with that,” she said pointing at the bulge in his shorts.
“Can I see it?”
“Yes, but it will have to wait until tonight.  I have to get up. Hide up here for a couple hours.  I’ll bring you down when I can.”
She went downstairs after her bath, and saw there was a new bed in the room she had to hide in during the day.”
Mr. Green said, “This is your room now, so you only need to go upstairs to bathe.”

Later in the night when all the people who make all the noise were gone (except Julie locked in her sound proof room), Mr. Green came downstairs and into Carlota’s room.  “Are you ready for bed honey?”
“Yes, Mr. Green,” she said very nervously.  She knew tonight was going to be very different.”  He removed his clothes down to his shorts like every night.  She looked at his lap.  It didn’t seem as big as usual.  “Can I see it?”  He pushed his shorts to the floor.  She was fascinated by it, and it was big, but it seemed too soft to be that hard thing that she felt against her in the bed.  “Can I touch it?”
“Yes, of course you can.”
She reached out hesitantly and touched it.  She began feeling it all over, and then she was amazed as it started growing in her hand.  She pulled on it, and it got even bigger.  Before long it was the hard thing she thought it might be and much bigger.  He was cupping her breast and pinching her nipple through her dress.  She started breathing hard.  He pulled her dress past her waist and up over her head.  She lifted her arms to help.  He started kissing her with long deep kisses that were making her feel tingly again.

When he stopped kissing her she said, “What do you do with this?” her hand had never left it, and she pulled on it, when she said ‘this.’
“Do you remember this morning when I was rubbing you with my finger?  It goes down there.”
“Do you mean inside?”
“I thought so, but it’s way too big.  It would never fit.”
“Yes, it will,” but when he looked at the tiny Latina, at only 5’10 and 84 pounds and even smaller than Milly or Mai, even he wasn’t sure.
“It looks like it will hurt.”
“It will hurt at first.  You’re not afraid of a little pain are you?  I thought you were a woman.”  She looked concerned and uncertain.  “Let’s not worry about it now,” he said.  She relaxed when he said that.  “I can touch you again in other ways to make you feel good.  Would you like that?”  She smiled and nodded.  He thought further and said to himself, despite her small size, her hips are ample.  She can take this.  She’s going to have to.

He pushed her back and the look of concern returned, but he kissed her and she felt his tongue in her mouth, and she pushed her tongue into his mouth.  Eventually, his tongue traveled down her neck, where he began nibbling at her nape.  She began feeling the beginnings of the pleasure she felt in the morning.  His mouth traveled again to first one breast than the other sucking her nipple into his mouth.  She moaned and then gasped when he lightly bit her nipple.  His tongue began moving down her stomach past her towards where his finger had been.  She couldn’t believe it when he put his tongue there, then she couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt.  He was licking and probing with his tongue, and she put her hands in his hair, and then it happened again.  She arched her back and screamed with pleasure several times, it went on and on, and then she panted until her breath slowed, and a smile appeared on her face.

Soon after, she felt him move up and on top of her using his knees to pushing her legs wider than they already were.  “No.”
“Sorry honey I’m turned on, and since I gave you pleasure twice already, I think you owe me some.”
“No, please I’m scared.  You have to stop.”
“I’m afraid it’s too late for that now,” he said as he pushed his thing, where his tongue had just been.
She saw him pull a tube from under the mattress and squirt some liquid in his hand.  He rubbed it on her and on himself.  She knew it was to help him get inside her, and that he was planning this all along.
“Nnnoooo,” she screamed as he leveraged forward, and she felt him rub it around.  She reached up to try and push him away, but he caught both her hands and held them above her head with only one hand.
“AAAAAaaaaiiiiiiii,” she exclaimed as he felt the head push slowly and relentlessly into her.  Holding it there he leveraged forward a bit again, and pushed hard.  “AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh….NNnnooooooo….PPPlleeeeeaasseee…NNnnoooo,” but he pushed in further and further, and she felt something tear inside her not knowing it was her hymen, “AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.”  He stopped and lifted to look at the grimace on her face.  “Mr. Green, how could you hurt me like this!” she wailed tilting her head to look back at his face instead of his hairy chest in front of her.
“Honey, it’s for your own good.  I’ve made you a woman now.  After tonight it will get easier.  Soon you will like it very much and ask me to do it often.”
After he watched her for a few minutes, he began to move, slowly at first, but then with increasing speed.  Each thrust seemed to go deeper into her.  He was so big, and it was so painful.

Her pussy was gripping him so tight, that when he first entered he almost shot immediately, so he stopped.  When he looked down at the gorgeous tiny Latina so vulnerable underneath him, he nearly came again without moving. After he calmed himself, he was able to proceed.

Mr. Green was pushing into her over and over as she stared into his chest.  This huge man who had been so gentle was not being gentle anymore.  The pounding of his thrusts were getting faster and faster and deeper and deeper.  Her head was thrashing side to side as she screamed, “I can’t take it anymore!”
Gritting his teeth, he said, “Yes, you can and you’re going to,” as he continued to pound.
The immense feeling of him jamming into her was more pain than she ever felt before.  The thrusts suddenly got much more rapid, then he jerked upright, he groaned extremely loud, and she felt fluid rushing into her as he screamed, “That’s the best ever!”  After spurting a few more times into her, he relaxed and then a minute later pulled out of her.

She jumped up to run to the door blood and semen dripping out of her, and he said, “I saw the Mexicans in town today, so I wouldn’t go out if I were you, especially naked.”  She stopped before she found out the door was locked anyway.  He pulled her back into bed and into his arms.

Laying in bed with Mr. Green an hour later and still terrified of him, but more terrified of the men looking for her she had been crying softly.  She felt him fumbling behind her, and then he was pushing that thing against her again, then into her.  It didn’t hurt as much as the first time he entered her, but she cried even louder and began yelling, “Mommy, Daddy, help me!”  He turned her onto her stomach, her face pushed into the mattress, he started pounding again over and over for an eternity until she felt the fluid shoot inside her again.  She didn’t try to run again and eventually cried herself to sleep

In the morning he awoke her by turning her on her back, and without mercy used his knees to push her legs wide apart again.  Entering her he started the now familiar thrusting.  The pain now became like a drug dulling her anguish.  Her body was adjusting however, and without knowing it, she shifted herself to make his thrusting easier.  Also without knowing it consciously, her hands reached up to his hips.  She didn’t try to pull him in, but she didn’t try and push him away either, her hands were just resting there on his body.  His third orgasm was nearly as intense as the first two.  Carlota on the other hand was nearly catatonic.  Standing up and looking at her he thought, I could go again in an hour, but she can’t take any more.  He cleaned her up, put her in a nice dress locked her in her room and went upstairs to see how Julie was doing.

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Chapter VIII Monday

Lying on her stomach, Mai awoke next to Milly’s Dad and reached back to remove butt plug #1.  She had appropriated the case of 5 butt plugs without asking knowing Milly didn’t need them any more.  Her built was thinner than Milly’s.  Although she adjusted to the size of Mr. Green’s and Milly’s Dad’s cocks in her throat faster than Milly did, she knew her anus would take longer to adjust and didn’t want anyone to get impatient and force the issue before she was ready.  Milly didn’t look so good when she left last night.  Rolling over on her back, she saw Milly’s Dad was awake and looking at her with an expression she was already familiar with.  They both grinned as he climbed on top of her.

Milly didn’t make it to school Monday morning.  She was still in the bed upstairs in Mr. Green’s store.  She could barely move and when she tried, pain would shoot through her body.  Every orifice hurt.  Mr. Green got in the bed with her.  She cringed from him afraid of what was next, but he just put his arms around her.  She starting sobbing and hugged him back.  “I’m sorry, I know I was giving you back talk, and I deserved to be punished.  I won’t do it anymore.  I’ll be a good girl. I promise”
“That’s good to hear Milly, but I need to be sure you mean it.”
“I do, you won’t get any more trouble from me.”
He laid there holding her and comforting her for a while until she reached over touched his cock and spoke, “Mr. Green, none of the guys I’ve seen yet are as big as you.  The only one that’s even close is my Dad’s.  Do you have the biggest cock there is?”
Mr. Green laughed, “No Milly, but I’m bigger than most I expect.  You wouldn’t want bigger.”
“Oh, I know that.  My Dad’s a tall man and not bad looking, but how did he get my Mom when he was so poor?”
“I expect you already answered that question.  I remember your Mom dating mostly rich guys, but she was dating around.  The girls used to talk about your Dad, so your Mom went out with him a few times, and then with him only.  I expect his size and ability in bed is partly why your Mom married him.”
Milly laughed.  She was still holding his cock. She bent her head down to really show Mr. Green how sorry she was.  At some point Mr. Green turned sideways repositioning Milly’s body and head without her mouth leaving his cock, so that they were both sideways on the bed.  He then gripped her braid and began humping her mouth.  Milly would have sighed if she could have with her mouth so full, and she began to work on him with her lips and tongue despite how very sore her mouth and jaw were.  She starting feeling better about things, and when he groaned stiffened and exploded in her mouth she felt very satisfied and secure.

They lay together for a little while longer, before Mr. Green got up and spoke, “You had a rough night last night, so you don’t need to see any guys tonight, but I have a few other jobs for you.

Milly went to Julie’s room and cleaned her up as best she could.  Julie recognized her with fear in her eyes as she remembered how mean she had been.  Milly winked at her before she left.

Mr. Green had Milly do laundry washing sheets and towels.  They went through a lot of them.  The mattresses had waterproof coverings under the sheets to protect them, or they would have to throw out a mattress after a week.

Mr. Green was standing over Julie, “You were in the news.  A 21 year man left your town yesterday, and the police think you went with him willingly.  They had seen him hanging around the lake.  The rumor is the two of you are headed to California.  No one is looking for you around here.  He paused to let her digest that, Now, let’s see how your pussy is doing after last night.” His pushed a finger into her watching her eyes.  She winced, but only a little watching him with fear.  Leaving the gag in, he untied her and took her to a bathtub.  He took the girl from the lake washed her, then removed her gag and fed her and let her go to the bathroom.  They tied her up again but didn’t gag her, this time on her stomach.  Mr. Green left, but he came a few minutes later and he undressed as she began to sob, crawled on top of her sat on her legs, placed his penis in the crack of her ass, and she felt something drizzle there as he applied lubricant.  He worked his penis back and forth to coat it then pulled back and positioned it.  He pushed his penis in her vagina and repeated the pounding from last night.  She hated it, but at least it didn’t hurt as much.  He plunged deep in her and withdrew almost all the way out just to plunge deep again.  This went on seemingly forever until finally he stiffened.  She felt the warm liquid of his semen flow into her again as she softly sobbed.

Another one of Milly’s jobs was to apply homework to the bitch Julie, forcing it repeatedly in her mouth and down her throat while the bitch pleaded with her to stop between vomiting then dry heaving.  Milly figured Mr. Green was right and this would get her ready sooner than usual, plus it helped put her in her place and teach her what her new life would be like.
“I’m sorry I was mean to you,“ Julie whimpered.
“Not sorry enough yet,“ Milly said as she forced the homework down her throat hearing the bitch gurgle and heave again.  Milly gave her instructions on how to suck it as if it were a real cock.  She repeated the instructions over and over again to imprint them in Julie’s brain.  “And remember, when Mr.Green or anyone else shoots their sperm in your mouth, you have to swallow every drop.”

Mai was entertaining five men that evening.  In between giving Julie her lessons, Milly would walk past Mai and whoever she was doing at the moment.  The men seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely.  She happened to be there twice when one of them then later another that were fucking Mai and had a loud orgasm.  She remembered both of these guys had fucked her too before, but they didn’t scream that loud.  She also remembered on Saturday when Mr. Green yelled so loud with his orgasm while fucking Mai, so loud she heard it from upstairs and was jealous. “What is Mai doing to please the men so well,” Milly wondered?

Mai had advanced to butt plug #2, so Milly began applying butt plug #1 to Julie, moving the lubed up plug in and out of her ass while the girl sobbed and asked why her was she doing this.
“How stupid are you?  It’s so Mr. Green can fuck you in the ass, then customers can fuck you in the ass.  Mr. Green’s always first.  You should be grateful.  If I didn’t do this to open up your ass, you would probably bleed to death the first time you were fucked in it.”  Milly pushed the plug all the way in and left it there as she left to check the laundry.

Milly was in bed listening to Mai and her Dad going at it through the wall, and wondered again how Mai was pleasing all the men so well.  Well, at least she got her room back even if this was the third time tonight they woke her up.  It’s 3AM, stop already.  Then her door opened and Tommy walked in.  He saw she was awake and spoke, “Keeping you up too?  Well, they have given me another problem I think you can solve.  I was supposed to get Julie, but Mr. Green says she’s still not ready”
She saw the bulge in his shorts.  She also noticed seemingly for the first time how tall he was, as big as Dad and almost as muscular.  “I’m your sister, you can’t do that.”
He dropped his shorts and held his cock in his hands.  “Who’s going to stop me?”
She hadn’t seen his cock in a while, it was as big as Dad’s now.  She swallowed and realized her mouth still hurt.  He grabbed her hair just like the others and guided his cock between her lips and pushed.  At first she didn’t cooperate, but he just kept banging her mouth.  The only way this was going stop is when he came she realized, and began applying herself to the task using all her skills.  She was very relieved when he groaned and filled her mouth.  He kept it there until he was sure she swallowed it all, withdrew, pulled up his shorts and left.

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Chapter IX Tuesday

Mr. Green hired Tommy and his father to do some work.  He showed them the storage room off the office he wanted prepared for a bed.  Upstairs he explained, “There are 3 storage rooms and this large room.  I want to turn the large room into 4 rooms, 3 small and one a little bigger.  I also want to take the 3 storage rooms that already have beds and add some soundproofing.”

“What will we get paid,” asked Milly’s Dad.
Mr. Green responded, “The payment is three-fold.  Upon completion, the debt your family has with me is wiped clean.  Second, I will pay you each $1000.  And as long as neither of you ever tell Milly the debt is gone, Mai will continue to stay at your house, and Tommy can take two breaks a day to fuck Julie, and after the job, continue to fuck her once a day as long as he wants.”
Both men smiled.  “In fact Tommy, Julie is waiting for you.”  Mr. Green barely got the word ‘you’ out before Tommy was sprinting up the stairs.

On her back again legs spread wide just as she was when Mr. Green raped her the first time, she saw the door open and a young man walked in.  In her shock she saw it was the older boy she thought was cute from the lake.  She had flirted with him all day, until he asked for her number.  Scared of what her father would do if a boy that much older than her came around, especially a poor one, she had told him ‘fuck you.’
“Do you remember me?”
“Yyyeeahh,” she said nervously.”
“You told me ‘fuck you” and that I was trash.  Well I think it’s not ‘fuck me’ time it’s time to fuck you.”
“Tommy, please you don’t want to do this.  I liked you.  I was just afraid of my father, that’s why I said that.”
“I work for Mr. Green now, and he said I could fuck you.  Do you really think I’m not going to?” he said while undressing.
She was silent when he crawled on top of her and began feeling and mouthing her large breasts.  She stayed silent but her breathing got quicker.  She couldn’t help noticing how handsome he was and much bigger and stronger than she remembered.  Tommy pushed himself in and began pushing in and out.  Although it hurt, he was not as big as Mr. Green, and she was able to handle it.  She watched his face and saw he was in rapture.  A part of her was proud, that she could give this cute boy…, this good looking man, pleasure.  She felt him stiffen and moan like Mr. Green and felt his fluid enter her.  He collapsed on her and began kissing her, and she almost returned the kiss and then did slightly.  He said he had work to do and left.

Lying on her stomach, Milly was wincing as the third guy in a row was pounding her ass.  The regulars were told, that at least for Milly, the backdoor was wide open, and most of them having had her mouth and pussy already, wanted her ass.  They were really enjoying the tiny blond’s groans as they pushed themselves into her tight hole.  With the permission of the current guy banging her rear, the next in line lifted her head and pushed his cock past her lips, along her tongue and down her throat and started banging her mouth.  They got in rhythm and starting pushing in at the same time, so she had nowhere to retreat.  Eventually, she felt the guy behind her stiffen then spurt into an already very full rectum.  When he withdrew, a spasm of her body pushed about a pint of semen out of her ass.  As a courtesy to the next guy, he wiped it up with a towel and put a fresh towel on the wet spot.  As the fifth guy readied his cock at an already gaping, red and extremely sore ass, Milly began to cry and sob as well as she could with her mouth still stretched open with a cock lunging in and out.  The fifth guy plunged into her ass and found a rhythm with the guy in front.  This is almost as bad as Sunday she thought, as she winced at the incredible pain in her backside.  She is definitely going to have to help Julie get ready for Mr. Green, and then the customers, in her ass real soon just to save her own ass.  She knew Mai was trying hard to get ready, but Milly knew Julie with her bigger frame would be ready first.  Once again, Milly could hear a guy fucking Mai’s pussy in the next room let out a loud yell.

This time while Tommy was fucking her she started to feel good, really good.  She knew about orgasms and even given herself a few.  She wasn’t ready to have one yet, but maybe soon she thought as Tommy’s fluid entered her for the second time today.  When he kissed her this time, Julie kissed him back.  Before Tommy left, he untied her.  She thought he was going to let her go and take her home with him, but to her shock he flipped her over and tied her up again on her stomach.  Milly came into the room very unsteady on her feet and with a determined look on her face.  She had stolen butt plug number 2 from Mai.
“Easy sis,” Tommy said, but he didn’t stop her from pushing the plug in her Julie’s ass as she moaned at this violation and Tommy’s betrayal.  Mr. Green came in and told Milly to stop.  Milly left but the plug was still in place.  Mr. Green showed Julie a pair of pliers and explained to her if he felt any of her teeth, she was going to lose all her teeth.  Having been lectured repeatedly by both Milly and Mai about teeth and other things while they applied that dildo to her mouth, she knew what was coming and what she was supposed to do, although she didn’t know why it was called ‘homework.’  With her ass plugged and her pussy still quivering from Tommy’s penis, Mr. Green readied his enormous penis and aimed it for her mouth as tears started to roll down her cheeks.  In fear she didn’t resist and parted her full lips to accept his penis between them.  He pushed and she did her best not to gag, but as he kept pushing until his pubic hair was getting very close to her nose, she finally did start to gag.
“Milly and Mai did a good job with you,” he said.  “It won’t be long before you’ll be able to take every inch.”
Winding his hands into her long brown hair to get a better grip, he began to thrust in and out of her mouth while she did her best to suck as she had been told using her lips and tongue.  This being the first time she had a long way to go to get good, but she had a head start thanks to Milly and Mai.  He was really pounding her face and giving instructions, most of which she already knew.
“Well, it seems we have another mouth to feed around here,” he said and laughed at his own joke.
The comment brought fresh tears to Julie’s eyes as she thought again about Tommy leaving her here to this without any sign of concern or regret.  Having experienced a man having an orgasm inside her three times before, she could recognize the warning signs as his thrusts got faster, but didn’t know what it would feel like in her mouth.  With a loud groan he stiffened and began shooting in her mouth.  Even with all the lectures, Julie was completely unprepared when Mr. Green began filling her mouth with the slimy salty fluid.  Holding her hair to keep her in place, he was still thrusting and yelling at her to start swallowing.  With disgust she swallowed, then swallowed again as he kept filling her mouth.  She kept swallowing, but he kept filling her mouth.  After what seemed like an eternity he finally stopped spurting in her mouth, but he ordered her to keep sucking to milk it dry.  She did as she was told with utter humiliation.  When his limp penis was slowly pulled out of her mouth and she was gasping for breath, she felt her stomach twitch at the unexpected food it received.  Unfortunately for Julie, Mr. Green had been busy all day with the construction and hadn’t had time to fuck any of the girls since yesterday and came to her with a really full set of balls.

At home Milly and Mai were talking.  Their relationship had been strained for a couple days, when Milly was acting like a bitch, but now Milly was contrite and apologized to Mai, “I  haven’t been very nice lately Mai.  I’m sorry.  Mr. Green was right to punish me.  I can tell it has changed my attitude for the better.”
“It’s OK Milly, I forgive you, and Mr. Green knows what’s best for us.”
“Yes, I know he does.  Mai, can I ask you something?”
“I hear the men with you having louder orgasms than they do with me.  Are you doing something special I can try?”
So, Mai told her about ‘snapping turtle pussy,’ and Milly wondered, “Why didn’t I think of that?  And then she thought, “If I can get good at this technique, maybe the men won’t want my ass so often.”
“There’s something else Mai said, “and she told her about the throat muscles and using swallowing to pull the cum out of the men.  “That’s why I kept using the homework even after I could take all of Mr. Green’s cock.”
Milly had a new found respect for her friend.

Later, Tommy removed his limp and drained cock from his sister’s mouth.  Catching her breath Milly said, “You fucked Julie twice today.  Why can’t you leave me alone?”
“Julie’s not here,” he replied and turned and left.
Well you can’t argue with logic like that, Milly thought and rolled over to go to sleep.

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Chapter X Wednesday

In the morning, Julie was still on her stomach with her butt still plugged with number 2 from last night, when she saw Tommy come in.  He removed the butt plug and came around and bent down to her face.  “I’m really sorry about all of this, but it’s the way it has to be.  I need to help you get used to your new life, because I care so much about you.”  He untied her helped her to the bathroom.

When he brought her back to the bed, he asked politely for her to get back on it.  He undressed, but he made no attempt to tie her up again.  She knew he was going to fuck her again, but he was being gentle and very nice.  He obviously had no choice in working for Mr. Green.  He told her his family owed Mr. Green a lot of money, and she knew how poor his family was.  When he got on top of her, he gave her some foreplay to get her warmed up, kissing her and then her breasts.  His hand was rubbing her in just the right spot on her pussy, so when he finally entered her, she was ready and willing.  It took her no time at all to have her first orgasm with a man, gripping Tommy’s ass and shouting she loved him.  He smiled at her after and kissed her, then looked troubled as he said, “I have to tie you up again, and you have to be on your stomach.”

Just as he finished tying her up, Milly came in and Tommy said, “You’re supposed to be in school.”
“I’m going, I just had to make sure of something first.”  She looked at Julie’s empty butt in anger and picked up butt plug number 2 from the table.  Julie saw her put it in her purse and sighed with relief, but then Milly removed butt plug number 3 walked over spit on it and shoved it in Julie’s ass with a look of satisfaction eliciting a scream from Julie.  “Mai needs number 2 back,” she said and went to school.

Later, Mai was lying under a guy, who while screwing her, annoyingly insisted on trying to have a conversation, “Mai, what’s your last name?”
“Lay,” she responded falsely.  No way, she was going tell him her real last name.
“Mai Lay,” he said and hesitated for a few seconds.  “HA HA HA HA HA, Mai Lay, Mai Lay, my lay, my lay.  Yeah, you sure are my lay, ha ha ha ha.”  As she hoped, he just shut up eventually and started sprinting for the finish.

Still on her stomach, Julie looked and standing up in front of her, Tommy began to unfasten his pants.  As he lifted her head, and moved his cock towards her lips she said, “If you care about me, why are you doing this?”
“Because I can,” he said filling her mouth. He began thrusting all the way in, his balls bouncing off her chin and his hands gripped in her hair.  Being an inch shorter than Mr. Green, he could get full penetration with his cock.  So Julie got her face banged again like last night and she did as she was taught relaxing as he thrust in and trying to grip his cock as best she could with her lips and tongue while he was pulling out, repeating over and over.  Her mouth was eventually filled again with semen after several minutes of sucking.  Extremely apprehensive, she was actually very relieved when the amount of semen was a lot less than Mr. Green and she was able to swallow it in two gulps.  He bent down and kissed her head saying, “I’m sorry.  It’s hard to be a horny guy, but I’m especially sorry about what’s going to happen next.”

When Tommy left, she saw 4 men were lined up outside for the new one and began crying as she knew this was the beginning of being sold to whoever wanted her.  They came in two at a time taking her in her mouth and pussy.  The first pair seemed to get into a good rhythm thrusting in her mouth and pussy and came in about 10 minutes.  The next two guys argued first about who would get which hole changing their minds at least 3 times.  When they finally got started they were out of rhythm, each yelling at the other about messing up.  She was miserable as they took a good 25 minutes for them to finally finish.  As she was terrified not to, she swallowed every drop spurted into her mouth, but as she lay there tied up and feeling the spunk that was in her pussy slowly leaking out, she never felt so dirty.

In the mean time, Milly was also on her stomach her ass getting pounded yet again and she grunted, “Before I leave that bitch is getting number 4.”
“What?” the guy said who was in her ass.
“I said you’re so big, I can’t take it anymore.”

Julie thought it couldn’t get any worse lying there, then Milly walked in, and she started crying all over again.  Milly retrieved butt plug number 3 from the small table.  Removing butt plug number 4 from her bag, she lubed it up good.  As she pushed it in Julie’s ass as gently as was possible for such a large object, she felt very sorry for Julie, “I’m sorry Julie, but all the guys who want to butt-fuck only have me for it.  They are tearing my ass up.  I have to get you ready, or I’m going to die.”

As usual at home, Tommy came into her room and dropped his shorts.  When she leaned forward to give him his nightly blow job, he shoved her back, flipped her over on her stomach.  “No!” she screamed, but he spit directly on her anus and plunged into it a second later and began thrusting deep moaning almost immediately.  Out loud while her brother was ass-fucking her, she yelled, “What do I have to do to get these guys to stop fucking my ass!”

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Chapter XI Thursday

Tommy and his Dad came into Julie’s room and started installing a ring and chain into the wall.  She watched them working, and then Tommy placed a collar around her neck like a dog collar and fastened the chain to it.  They untied her, but she realized she could only walk about 20 feet, but she could now reach the toilet and the bathtub.  They made some other modifications, and then Tommy’s Dad placed both his hands on her breasts and began squeezing.  She cringed from his grasp, but he gripped her breasts too hard, so she couldn’t pull back.
“Hey, Tommy how about you let me take your turn with Julie here?”
“Why would I do that?” said Tommy, and despite herself Julie smiled with pride.
“Because, I’ll let you have Mai tonight.”
“All night in my room?” Tommy asked, and Julie started to cry.
“Sure, but I get both turns on Julie today.”
“Deal,” Tommy said thinking, I can fuck Mai a lot more than two times at home.  Julie cried out in anguish tears rolling down her face.
Mr. Green had walked in to check the work and obviously he had heard everything.  “OK, with you?” they both asked together.
“Whatever arrangement you fellows make is OK with me.”  He was very pleased as he had been a little worried they were getting too attached, Tommy to Julie and Tommy’s Dad to Mai.

Tommy’s Dad pushed Julie to her knees and her tears kept flowing.  Tommy was the first man to give her an orgasm, and she told him she loved him.  Now, not only was Tommy not helping her, he just traded her for another girl.  Tommy’s Dad brought her back to reality when his cock pushed at her mouth, and he said, “Open up girl.”
She did as she was told and accepted a cock of identical size and shape as Tommy’s into her mouth.  Tommy’s Dad began lunging into her mouth his balls banging her chin as she did her very best to suck on and swallow him.  After several minutes of sucking, she felt him go rigid and sperm poured into her mouth and she began swallowing to keep up with the squirting.

Later when Tommy’s Dad came to collect his second turn with Julie, she had been waiting and wondering about how many men she would be given to this evening.  He gestured she should lie on the bed as he began undressing.  As he climbed on top of her, she noticed how much he looked, not just like Tommy, but her own father too.  She felt his muscles as this good looking older man began licking and tonguing her breasts his hand rubbing her clit.  She could feel herself getting worked up and realized she was thinking of her father.  When he entered her, she arched her back and moaned.  He started plunging deep into her pussy hitting all the right spots.  To her disbelief she could feel it building within her; she was going to have an orgasm from an older man raping her.  Tommy’s Dad kept pounding deep into her and suddenly she clutched him screaming, her back arched, nails digging into his back and waves of pleasure flowing through her.  When she finally stopped bucking under him, she just gripped him while he continued to fuck her with deep strokes.  When Tommy’s Dad groaned and filled her pussy with his sperm, she could see men outside waiting.  After Tommy’s Dad withdrew, he pinched her on the cheek and said, “Good luck, you’re going to need it.”  She counted 6 men outside as the first one came into her room.

Milly was having a typical evening.  Of the 6 guys she pleasured, 2 wanted her mouth and the other 4 her ass.  As she lay on her stomach under the last guy, all she could think of was how much she needed a cock in her pussy.  The guy on top of her had his hand wrapped in her long blond braid while he was lunging in and out of her ass.  Making his rounds Mr. Green walked by, saw her getting her ass pounded and thought, wow, what a trooper.  I need to get some relief for her as soon as possible.  He looked in Julie’s room, she was on her knees her hands gripping a man’s ass pulling him in and swallowing a cock not much smaller than his.  Coming along nicely he thought.  At Mai’s room, she was on her back legs wrapped around one her regulars applying the ‘snapping turtle’ technique.  Everything is as it should be he thought.

Later in the evening after the men assigned to her had been satisfied, Milly went to Mr. Green and crawled into his lap while he was sitting at a desk.  She started massaging his cock through his pants, her other arm around his neck, “Mr Green, it’s been days since you fucked me.  I miss you so much, I wouldn’t even mind if you did me in the ass.”  “Well, I miss you too sweetie.  And, I have been thinking about fucking an ass tonight, but I’m sorry honey, I was thinking of Julie’s ass.”
“Oh never mind then, I wouldn’t want to interfere with that,” she said smiling wickedly.
“You did a good job with her getting her ready, and you have been a good girl lately.  Here’s your money for tonight, you are back to $5 a guy.”
Gratefully, Milly kissed him long and deep before she left.

At home Milly and Mai were talking.  “I think there’s another girl in the room downstairs.”
“Why do you say that,” Milly asked.
“I saw a long black hair in the tub, and I know it’s not mine.”
Intrigued, the girls speculated more about who this girl might be.

After dinner Tommy took Mai as agreed and led her to his room.  Milly started to get up from the table, and her Dad grabbed her wrist, “Where are you going?”
“I’m finished eating.”
“No.  You’re not,” pulling her to him and pushing her down in front of him while he was still seated at the kitchen table.
She opened his pants and performed as expected.

Before trying Julie’s ass, he went down stairs to check on Carlota again.  He had checked on her throughout the day, and she seemed to be doing OK.  She was standing when he came in, and he went over to her and pulled her dress over her head.  She didn’t fight him.  He removed his clothes.  She expected to be pushed down on the bed, but he sat on the bed and asked her to sit too.  “I know things have changed, and you are very scared.  Everything is going to be OK.”  She leaned against him.  “I know you still hurt down there, and I don’t want to hurt you anymore, so I won’t stick it in you again until you are ready.”  They sat together quietly for a few minutes and he said, “But, I am a man with needs.  You remember how I put my mouth on you and made you feel good?”
“Yes, Mr. Green.”
“Well, you can do that for me too.”
“You mean put that in my mouth?” pointing at his cock.  “It would never fit.”
“It will take some time before all of it will fit, and we will be working on that, but I’m sure you can get some of it in now.”  With that said, he moved her off the bed and in front of him.  He pushed her face towards it.  She didn’t resist, but he had to pinch her nose to get her mouth open.  As he pushed his cock in her mouth he warned her, “Carlota, this is part of my body.  I don’t want to feel your teeth at all, and I’m sure you don’t want to hurt me?”
She could hear the menace in his voice.  It was the first time he was actually threatening to her.  She knew she better be very careful.
He watched her mouth stretch wide as he pushed his cock in.  To see how far he could go, he gripped her hair behind her head and slowly pushed forward until her first heave started and she tried to push him out.  He withdrew all the way.  “Carlota you were able to take almost half of it in your mouth.  I’m very impressed and proud of you.  I won’t go that deep anymore until you’re ready.”
For some reason the praise pleased her, and she opened her mouth again as he moved it forward.  As she closed her lips around it, he began giving instructions about relaxing on the in-stroke and gripping him with her lips and tongue on the out-stroke while sucking.  He moved her head up and down slowly getting her used to his size.  With the instructions she was doing well considering a complete lack of experience, her small mouth and no preparation with ‘homework.’ After several minutes of this Mr. Green stopped her and said, “That’s enough for your first lesson.”
“Did I do good?”
“Well sorry honey, no.  Do you remember when I came inside you and how I moved and made noises.”
“That’s what you need to see, hear and feel from me with this too.”
She looked sad and he said, “I knew you would not be able to do this very good.  I will get you help, so don’t worry.  I have to go upstairs for a while, so you just go to sleep.  I’ll be back.”

Julie was on the bed trying to sleep.  Today, she had sucked off 4 men and was fucked 4 times, among these was the sucking and fucking with Tommy’s Dad who had given her the second orgasm of her life with a man.  She heard steps come into her room.  He was already naked when Mr. Green slowly removed the butt plug.  She had advanced to butt plug number five.  She tried to turn over, but he pushed her back down on her stomach and climbed on top of her.  “Milly is getting her ass pounded every night the poor girl.  It’s time you took some of that burden away from her.”
Julie tried to scream and struggle, but he covered her mouth with his hand.  Applying a little lubricant, he used his cock head to distribute it and with a series of thrusts pushed himself completely into her rectum.  He kept it there fully inside her and removed his hand from her mouth.  Although panting hard at the huge intrusion in her backside, she was able to take it.  “When I first fucked Milly in the ass she was only on butt plug number 3, and it was not only extremely painful for her, she bleed from her ass for days afterwards.  Next time you see Milly, you better thank her for preparing you.”  He shut up and started to move pounding her ass with long hard strokes.
Despite what he said, it did hurt her very much, but she tried to image him doing this after only number 3 and shuddered.  After about 10 minutes she felt him shoot his semen in her ass.  He climbed off, kissed her on her cheek and left.

Later as Milly was trying to sleep and feeling really frustrated.  She got up and went to her Dad’s room.  In the hall she could hear Mai moaning as Tommy fucked her.  As she got in bed with her Dad he woke up and looked at her.
“Dad I need you to fuck my pussy good and hard.”
“But Milly, that’s ‘real’ incest, not like with your mouth”
“I don’t care.  I need a cock in my pussy, or I’ll never be able to sleep.”  Several minutes later Milly screamed gripping her Dad as he shot into his daughter.  She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

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Chapter XII Friday

Carlota woke next to Mr. Green as usual.  Neither of them wore clothes in bed anymore and his hand was already kneading her breast and tweaking a nipple, while a finger of his other hand was sliding up and down between the lips of her entrance rubbing that tiny hard knob at the top of her lips down there in the way that feels good.  She was extremely apprehensive knowing where this was going, but eventually her breathing started getting deep.  He turned and climbed on her in a familiar way placing it at her entrance.  He pushed very slowly into her.  She reached out and gripped him around the hips.  It hurt a little, but there was a different feeling going through her that was definitely not pain, “Oh, Sí……... Sí.”  Adjusting herself without thinking about it and wrapping her tiny legs around this large man also without thought, he began pushing into her, pulling almost all the way out and pushing into her again.  She could tell that feeling leading up to the pleasure was building.  He was pushing in and out in a delicious way, her mouth opened wide and she started moaning very loudly gripping him even tighter.  The pushing was getting faster and deeper.  She could feel him hitting bottom and squeaked with each deep thrust panting and panting.  Moaning continuously now she could feel on the edge, and then she screamed, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,” gripping Mr. Green very hard with her arms and legs as she thrashed all over underneath him feeling waves and waves of pleasure flowing through her that seemed to go on forever.  Mr. Green was thrusting into her harder, faster and deeper, and then he got extremely fast with his thrusts and finally he went rigid and yelling as loud as she had been.  She felt his fluid shooting into her as he collapsed on her breathing very hard.

Milly and Julie could fuck and suck as good as Mai, but Mai was being requested a lot more.  Mr. Green finally figured out if it wasn’t ability, it was something about Mai’s looks.  Her face was pretty, but Milly and Julie were beautiful and had much better bodies.  Thinking about it more, Mr. Green spoke out loud, “I think I need another Asian.”  He called the men over and explained.  They left on scouting missions in two different cars to neighboring counties with Asian communities.

“Girls,” he said to Milly and Mai, “this is Carlota.”  Carlota in a shear white dress curtsied for the stunned girls.  “Carlota this is Milly and this is Mai.”
“How old are you Carlota,” Mai asked.
Milly and Mai exchanged looks of significance thinking of their own ages, and they looked back at her. They both recognized that freshly fucked look Carlota had.
Being serious Mr. Green spoke, “Bad men killed Carlota’s parents several days ago, and she has been hiding here ever since.”
Both Milly and Mai cried out, ran to Carlota and hugged her close.  “Carlota began to cry for her parents, but also because she could tell these girls felt so sorry for her.”

Mr. Green watched the girls comfort Carlota with approval, but he had to bring them up to date, “Girls, those Mexican men we keep seeing in town are looking for Carlota, because they want to kill her.  That’s why she has to hide here with us.”
Neither Milly nor Mai had seen any Mexicans but understood, so they exchanged glances again smiling.  Milly spoke, “Yes, we have to hide her maybe for a very long time until those bad men stop looking.”
Mai nodded in agreement.

Mr. Green tasked Milly and Mai with Carlota’s education.  Mai asked Carlota, “How much of Mr. Green’s cock can you take in your mouth?”
“What’s a cock?”
The girls exchanged glances.
“Well, a cock is what Mr. Green puts in your pussy,” Milly replied.
“What’s a pussy?”
The girls exchanged glances again.  Wow this girl is priceless, Milly thought.
Cutting to the chase, Milly touched her crotch and said, “This is a pussy.  Do you understand?”
Carlota turned a deep red and nodded.
Milly said, “Have you figured out what part of Mr. Green is his cock, and it’s not his tongue?”
Still red, Carlota nodded again.
Mai brought out the homework, and both girls took turns explaining how to use it.

The word was out, and those that preferred anal were lined up outside Julie’s room having already had Milly.  Although she sucked off the first guy waiting for her, the next guys all wanted her ass.  Lying there on her stomach she thought sarcastically, oh yeah, I should be thanking Milly for getting me ready for this.  The guy on top of her shot his wad into her ass, the fourth one to do so, and the next guy came in hilting her immediately also in her ass.  When he finally shot his sperm in her ass, and the next guy was getting ready for her ass, but she coughed and about a quart of semen flowed out of her rectum.  Looking at that mess, he shook his head and came around to the front, lifting her by her hair and pushing his cock down her throat.

Milly initially was very pleased that the guys were either choosing her mouth or her pussy.  She even managed to achieve two orgasms and fooled a couple other guys into thinking they gave her one too.  However lying under the last guy drilling her pussy, she started thinking about how good he would feel in her ass.  “Son-of-a-bitch,” she said in astonishment and frustration.
“Huh,” the guy rooting into her pussy said.
“Nothing, I just realized I left my books at the junior high I attend.”
Her admission of being in junior high took the guy over the edge, and he started coming.

Milly feeling extremely confused at the end of the night went to Mr. Green for comfort.  Mr. Green looked at her and opened his arms as she fell into them crying.  He took her to bed, and to her delight turned her onto her stomach and fucked her really hard in the ass his hand under her rubbing her pussy.  When she came, it was the best orgasm in many days.  How did he know exactly what I needed, she thought.

Tommy and his Dad came back after several hours with numerous photographs of Asian girls, and the three men sat down to go through them.

Carlota was in her room with the thing the girls called ‘homework’ using it as they told her and the door opened.  Expecting Mr. Green, Carlota was shocked to see a very young and extremely handsome man walk in.  She immediately felt very nervous as he looked down at her.
I’m Milly’s brother Tommy, and I work for Mr. Green,” he said.  “Mr. Green said I should help you with your homework.”
She looked at the thing in her hand with a puzzled expression.
“Well, not that thing specifically,” Tommy said and he began opening his pants.
Carlota hadn’t even considered the possibility of a different man than Mr. Green being in her room in this way and was stunned by what was happening.  When Tommy pulled out his cock, she saw it was big but not as big as Mr. Green’s.
“What am I supposed to do?” asked Carlota
Tommy just raised his eyebrows at that question and pushed forward to show her.  Tommy gripped her long black hair as she finally understood and opened her mouth to accept his cock.  Tommy experimented with how deep he could go.  He could get about 70% in before she was gagging.
Carlota was struggling with swallowing the cock as Milly and Mai had taught her.  She was very confused.  She thought she was Mr. Green’s woman, and then he sent this young man into her room to do this.  This man Tommy was telling her to suck and criticizing her efforts saying Mr. Green expects progress in her abilities.  She began trying very hard to please the handsome young man and sucked with all her might.  Tommy was pushing his cock into her mouth lunging in and out and after a while he gripped her head really hard and she felt liquid pouring into her mouth.  Realizing this was the same liquid she felt go into her pussy with Mr. Green, she didn’t know what to do until Tommy started shouting at her to swallow it, so she did.  It took more than one swallow to get it all down.  Tommy didn’t let go of her head until she swallowed every drop.
“Good girl,” he said patting her on the head and left.
Mr. Green never came to bed that night, and Carlota did not sleep well crying and hoping he would come to bed.  She lay there for hours waiting, her hand was down on what the girls called her pussy.  She was rubbing it hoping Mr. Green or maybe that handsome young man would come it and put their cock in it.  Eventually, she fell asleep.

When Tommy came into her room and undid his pants, Milly pulled her head back from his crotch and flipped over on her stomach.  Shrugging, he took her anally and was surprised when his sister had an orgasm with him in her ass.

At the end of the night, Mr. Green got into bed with Julie.  Julie recoiled from his touch, but when he hugged her and kissed the top of her head, she cried.  Mr. Green held her all night.  Towards morning she got on top of him reached back to grab and guide what is referred to as ‘morning wood’ and settled down on it.  He woke and gripped her hips while she road him.  Julie bounced on his cock until she started coming like a firecracker.  Mr. Green rolled her onto her back and went for his finish.  They spooned afterwards and he slipped his cock back in her, and they slept for another hour.  Julie woke to him moving in her, and she sighed in contentment.  He brought her to another orgasm just before it was time to get up.

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Chapter XIII Saturday

In the morning Lana was walking from home through the trail from their rural house to go into the village.  Her family was from the Philippines and came to the U.S. a few years ago.  She was 14 years old, 4’11” and 86 pounds with long black hair past her waist and a deep tanned skin typical of her origin.  She had a very pretty face with full lips and a wide mouth.  Her body had been developing for over a year, and she knew she was pretty, because she saw boys and grown men looking at her.  To her shame a few weeks ago, the man her father works for called her over, and when she did he reached up with both hands and fondled her breasts.  He always seemed to find excuse to be at their home, and after that first time, he groped her whenever he had a chance.  She knew if she complained her father would lose his job.  A handsome young white man was walking the other way and he stopped and smiled at her.  She stopped and smiled back, then suddenly everything went black as a hood was pulled over her head from behind.  She felt herself carried, then put down, and soon after she could feel movement and knew she was in a car.

Mr. Green had been worried about feelings Tommy might have for Julie and feeling’s Tommy’s Dad might have for Mai.  Now he was worried about his own feelings for Carlota.  She was the best piece of ass he ever had.  The only way to deal with this is to put her out there for other men.  When Milly and Mai came in, Mr. Green looked at Mai with her long dark hair tied in a pony tail.  He knew she started keeping it that way because men liked it, just as they liked Milly’s long blond braid as a convenient handle to grip, when the girls were on their knees, hands and knees, or on their stomachs.  He grabbed Mai’s hand leading her to one of the rooms.  Mai was extremely pleased, since it had been a while since Mr. Green wanted her.  Thrusting into the 5’1”, 89 pound Mai and feeling that talented set of vaginal muscles of hers squeezing his cock helped him to stop obsessing about Carlota.  After they both had orgasms, he turned Mai over spit on her anus and gently pushed a finger in then tried two fingers.
“I know Mr. Green, I’m trying to open it up.  I’m just so thin, and my butt hole just can’t handle anything big.  I’ve gotten butt plug 3 in a few times, but it’s difficult and very painful”
“I know.  Maybe, I should give up the idea of being first in your ass and allow someone smaller to do it.”
“Only if that’s what you want Mr. Green.”
Then, the phone rang.  After listening for a few minutes, a smiling Mr. Green looked down at Mai on her stomach in his lap and said to her confusion, “I don’t think you’re the only Asian I’m fucking today.”

In the evening after being alone all day, Carlota turned as the door opened and a man she never saw before came in and started undressing looking at her.
“I’m Milly’s Dad,” he said.  “Take your dress off.”
She was frozen in place.  Mr. Green never asked her to do that, he just pulled it over her head.
“Dress, off, now,” he repeated his voice a bit louder.
She did as she was told.  Where’s Mr. Green she thought, and her tears started flowing down her cheeks.  She realized that if this was Milly’s Dad, he was also Tommy’s Dad.  She did notice he was handsome, but the man terrified her.  Both of them nude he pushed her back on the bed and climbed on top of the tiny 4’10”, 84 pound gorgeous Latina.
“You can’t do this.  I’m Mr. Green’s woman.”
“Yes, you belong to Mr. Green, but he said I could have you right now.”
Carlota gave him a look of shock, but the man just grinned as he used his knees to pry her legs apart.  He nuzzled her neck, kissed her hard on the lips and moved his head down and began licking and sucking her breasts.  She was too terrified to become turned on and began struggling to get away.  He held both her hands easily above her head and used the weight of his body to hold her down.  His free hand was applying lubricant to her pussy and to his cock.  She felt him place it at her entrance.  He held it there leaning up to look into her fearful eyes.
“I thought it was just Mr. Green that could do this?” she said in fear.
“You thought wrong,” he said as he pushed into her.
The man pumped into her deep and hard.  She felt no pleasure at all trying to understand what was happening.  The well muscled man kept thrusting and thrusting into her, occasionally going so deep, she gurgled and cried out in pain.  The thrusting seemed to go on forever.  He released her hands and with both hands gripped the cheeks of her butt his weight completely on top of her while he continued to pound her.  Moving his hands again to raise himself, his thrusts got faster and harder, and she knew what was coming.  As he shot into her, she heard him speak, “Damn, girl.  You are one fine piece of ass.”  She cried with shame at how callous he was.

The man climbed off her, and without another word left.  Carlota was surprised to see Tommy come in immediately after.  Tommy began undressing and she started crying again realizing her ordeal was not over.  Tommy pushed her back and without any foreplay hilted her and began thrusting.  Even though the pain was not as bad as the very first time this happened to her, it seemed worse as her world was being turned upside down yet again, just as she was starting to cope with her parent’s death and thought she was safe.  How could Mr. Green let these men do this?  Her crying turned into audible wailing, and Tommy got annoyed and placed his hand over her mouth and kept thrusting. Eventually, she felt Tommy’s fluid shoot into her body.  Like his father, he got up and left without a word.  She curled up in the fetal position sobbing as she felt the fluid they put in her leaking out.

Mr. Green always checked out new customers at the beginning as they were about to use one of his girls.  This was to ensure they behaved, and that the girl could take what she was about to receive.  So far no ‘Ron Jeremys’ had shown up his girls couldn’t handle.  For the men who wanted anal, he was particularly careful.  Getting an idea, he contacted a few of these anal enthusiasts he knew of moderate to small size to offer a bidding war on Mai’s virgin ass.

Regaining consciousness, Lana was tied on a bed her hands above her head.  The hood was gone but she didn’t know where she was or who brought her here.  She could feel air on her body and looked down to see she was naked and her legs were widely spread and tied.  Completely disoriented, she thought this can’t be real.  A large older man came in and looked down at her and spoke, “I am Mr. Green, and you belong to me now.”  The man began undressing, and the last thing he removed was his underwear he placed next to her head.  She began to sob softly tears rolling down her temples onto the bed.

He looked down at his latest acquisition.  Lana had a beautiful face and the longest hair of any of his girls (and, they all have long hair).  Her lips were full and her mouth wide giving an indication of her potential for sucking cock.  Despite being shorter than Mai at 4’11”, her hips were wider, and he speculated that not only would her ass be ready faster than Mai’s, it would be ready for him.  The girl’s breasts were a bit bigger than Mai’s, but they were nowhere near Milly’s or Julie’s size.  They were nice breasts with very dark nipples.  He sat on the edge of the bed, reached out with both hands and began squeezing them and pinching the nipples.  The girl sucked in air to begin screaming, and he snatched his underwear up and shoved them in her mouth.

“AAaaaammmmmmmfffff,” came out of her mouth when she tried to scream.  She knew those were his underpants he just put in her mouth.  The man she had never seen before continued his molestation of her breasts and then bent his head down to use his mouth and tongue on them.  Although her father’s boss had felt her up more than once, no man or boy had ever put their mouth on her.  He lifted up and repositioned himself between her wide spread legs.  She looked down at the man, who was looking back at her, as both his hands went under her thighs and back up on her breasts tweaking both her nipples.  Grinning he stuck out his tongue to show it to her, and his head moved down.  She could not believe he was licking her down there.  That was something she had never heard of.  She kept waiting for this nightmare to end and shook herself to wake up, because this couldn’t be real.  The man’s licking certainly seemed real.  She could feel juices flowing down there, and she was moving around in ways she didn’t want to.  One of his hands left her breast and wiggled down underneath her.  She felt a finger probing first where his tongue was, then under her, “AAaaaafffff…..NNnnnnnnaaaaffff,” she tried to protest as his finger went into her butt.  As he licked her, the finger moved in and out of her butt.  After an eternity of his fingers on her breasts and in her butt and his tongue down there, he suddenly stopped.  He rose up and moved forward on top of her.  He kneeled up with something in his hand showing it to her on purpose.  It was part of his body.  Her tears flowed again.  She knew what it was but had never seen one before.  It was enormous, far bigger than she had imagined they would be.  The man squirted something in his hand, rubbed it on himself and then rubbed it on her down there.  He moved forward, and she felt it touch her.  He pushed and she tried to yell, “NNnnnaaaaaafffffmm.”  She could feel that something had entered her, but it seemed to be stopped by part of her body.  She could feel something stopping it, but then he pushed really hard, and she could feel whatever was stopping him break, and she felt great pain, “AAAAAAAAAiiiiihhhhhhhhhhh……..NNNnnaaaaaa……Dddddoonnnnnn.”

Mr. Green pushed into the tiny Filipina with great satisfaction at how her pussy gripped him.  He went slow at first looking down at her watching her eyes.  She had squeezed them shut for about a minute, but now looked at him with complete disbelief shaking her head no.

Lana was shaking her head because she knew this can’t be happening her breath coming in gasps.  She continued to refuse to believe it.  She could feel every thrust the man on top of her was making as he plunged into her, then the sliding out, followed by plunging in again, this was repeated over and over again.  She could feel him hit bottom with most of the thrusts causing her to grunt through her gag, “UUUuhhhhfff.”  He kept pushing into her, but then his thrusts started getting faster and faster, and finally he stopped, his body stiffened, and he was gritting his teeth above her as he stared down at her face and she stared back.  She felt something, a liquid spurting inside her, spurt and spurt again.  The man lay down full length on her breathing as heavy as she was.  Several minutes passed and she felt him slide out of her.  The man who called himself Mr. Green kissed her on her cheek, put a blanket over her and left.

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Chapter XIV Sunday

People had seen the boss of Lana’s father leering at her and touching her.  The community did not like this man, so when Lana disappeared, a few people told this to the police.  A search of the man’s truck was performed, and a pair of girl’s panties were found.  DNA testing confirmed they were Lana’s, and since Lana was still missing, he was arrested and eventually charged with killing her.  The man admitting stealing the panties, but claimed it was from a dirty laundry basket.  The jury that eventually convicted him didn’t believe this story.

In the morning, Milly and Mai were joined by Tommy, and they went to see the new girl Lana.  Tommy began fitting her with a collar and then chained it to the wall.  After she was connected by chain to the wall, they untied her and took her to the bath tub and cleaned her up.  Lana recognized the young handsome man that was chaining her, but she didn’t speak trying to figure out what was going on.  He left after chaining her.  A pretty blonde girl and a pretty Asian girl that both looked about her own age took her to a bath tub full of warm water and helped her clean herself.  They told her their names were Milly and Mai.  They gave her a white dress to wear and took her back to the room.  There was a third girl in the room who was chained like her.  All the girls were her age and very beautiful.

“I’m Julie,” said the girl that was taller than all of them at 5’3”.
Milly pulled out an object, “This is what we call ‘homework,’ although mostly people call it a dildo.  As you can see, it is the same size as Mr. Green’s cock that he stuck in your pussy last night.”  Lana’s mind was spinning with the new words.
“Mr. Green wants you to learn how to suck his cock really well.  You learn to do that partly by pushing this into your mouth until you can take all of it,” Mai said.
Milly still holding the ‘homework,’ demonstrated by pushing the entire thing in her mouth.  Lana’s eyes bugged out, and she leaned around to make sure it was really in her mouth and not beside it.  She expected it to come out in back of her head.  Milly handed the ‘homework’ to Mai, who made it disappear as well.  Mai handed it to Julie, who also put the entire in her mouth and down her throat.
“Now you try,” said Julie handing it to her.
Lana shook her head, but Milly lifted her hands making her take it.  “Julie is going to help you learn.  Mai and I have to go,” said Milly.
Julie began telling Lana how to suck cock.

Milly and Mai went to see Carlota.  She was still curled up in a ball.  They cleaned her up, put her in a pretty white dress and sat down with her.  Carlota, her voice quivering, said, “I thought I was special to Mr. Green.”
“Carlota, we are all special to Mr. Green.  When I first saw you, I was very jealous of all the time I knew he spent with you,” said Milly.
“Mr. Green takes care of us, and we have to do our part,” Mai said.
“What’s our part?”
“Men come here, and we give them pleasure.  This helps all of us,” Mai replied.
“Why did Mr. Green send your Dad and brother in to fuck me?” Carlota asked Milly.
With her use of ‘fuck,’ Milly noticed Carlota’s vocabulary was continuing to increase.  “Because you needed to understand that more men will come here for you, and you need to be ready to please them.  Have you been using the ‘homework’ since we left?”
“Yes, a few times during the day before your Dad and brother came in.”
Both girls looked at her and Mai said, “I hope it was enough, because Mr. Green will be here soon, and if he is not happy with your progress………”  Mai didn’t complete the sentence frowning, and then Milly and Mai got up and left.

Carlota sat on the edge of the bed a bundle of nerves for about 20 minutes after Milly and Mai left, and the door opened and Mr. Green stepped in.  He motioned her to stand up, and when she did he pulled her dress over her head.  He sat down and pulled the tiny 4’10”, 84 pound Latina into his lap hugging her and said, “I know you are upset and confused.  As the girls explained you have to be ready for life here, and that’s why these things are happening.”
She hesitantly hugged him back, and he held her for a while, then moved her off his lap and stood up.  He opened his pants.  He positioned her kneeing on the bed, leaned her forward and gripped her hair in his hands.  As he pushed towards her, she knew what he wanted and opened her mouth to accept his cock.  He pushed his cock along her tongue slowly aiming for the back of her throat.  At nearly all the way in he felt her shaking and trying desperately not to gag and pulled slowly back out until her lips were gripping just the tip.  Gripping her hair even tighter with both hands, he lunged forward, pulled back and lunged forward again.  He repeated the thrusting into her mouth noting that she could not yet take all of it, but she was gripping him very nicely with her lips and her tongue was working over-time generating decent suction.  He plunged in and out of her mouth picking up the pace as she tried to please him.  After several minutes, he stiffened and began shooting his semen into her mouth watching as she desperately swallowed as she was taught.  He left it in her mouth watching her sucking and swallowing every drop and continued to suck and swallow even after it was all in her stomach.  He pulled out and lifted her head.  You can do better than that, and I want to see more improvement.  As he left, she saw 4 men waiting outside for the new tiny Latina.

Mai on her stomach waited for the highest bidder of the triple A (Asian Ass Auction).  Mr. Green stayed to observe just in case; when saw the man used a little lube on himself and Mai, he went to check on Lana.
Mai had lost count of the number of men she had sucked off and fucked, but she had never been ass-fuck and was extremely nervous.  She looked sideways from being on her stomach and with a relief saw the guy wasn’t as big as Mr. Green, but he sure wasn’t the smallest she ever had in her pussy.  Despite the lube, she cried out and then whimpered as the man entered her ass and pushed into her rectum, her breath was coming in heavy gasps and pants.  The man thrust deep and began pounding her ass.  This went on for at least 10 minutes, until the telltale signs of his going faster and faster signaled the end.  When tiny Mai felt the man shoot into her ass, she was relieved it was finally over, but she was a little sorry it wasn’t Mr. Green or Tommy’s Dad or even Tommy.  Maybe I’ll be able to take them one day, she thought.

Carlota was still kneeing on the bed with the taste of Mr. Green in her mouth, when the first man came and began undressing.  He asked her to lie back, and she slowly did lie back watching the stranger remove the last of his clothing as he climbed on top of her.  The man was not as big as Mr. Green, or Tommy’s Dad or Tommy, so she handled it easily.  The next three men also couldn’t resist the tiny Latina on her back, so she had no chance to try her new oral skills.  It took nearly an hour for all of them to finish, but it seemed like several hours.  There was pain, but nothing like what she had experienced the first time.  While the last guy was thrusting, her pussy started feeling raw and sore.  She stood up after the last man left and was so unsteady on her feet she had to hold the side of the bed to keep from falling.  She felt very dirty and had no pleasure like with Mr. Green.

“Let’s see how the lessons are progressing,” Mr. Green said as he came in and made Lana get down on her knees.  At 4’11” she had to kneel on a thick cushion to be at the height he wanted.  Julie had warned her severely about teeth, and the warnings terrified her.  Her terror removed any resistance and she complied.  He held her hair and pushed it towards her mouth.  She was beyond fighting and compliantly opened her mouth to accept him.  She felt him push slowly to the back of her throat eliciting her first signs of resistance, her hands moved up to try to push him out and she began heaving and choking.  Mr. Green ignored her hands, but slowly pulled back from how deep he had gone.  He repositioned his hands in her hair and began lunging in and out of her mouth giving instructions on how to suck.  They were the same instructions Julie had given her, and she tried her best to comply being terrified not to.  She relaxed when he pushed in and gripped him with her lips swirling her tongue to suck when he pulled out and repeated this over and over.  His thrusts into her mouth continued until she was getting exhausted and her mouth and jaw were getting very sore.  About when she was convinced she couldn’t take any more, his pace got faster and he gripped her long hair harder.  Suddenly, he went rigid, jerked a few times and fluid began filling her mouth.  Julie had warned her about this and told her she must swallow every drop and keep sucking.  Terrified to do otherwise she began swallowing and he kept spurting more fluid in and finally the fluid stopped and she could feel the ‘cock’ as the girls called it slowly getting soft.

He pulled out of her mouth, helped her to her feet and spoke, “Lana, you are a very good girl.  You have a lot to learn about sucking cock, but for your first time you were actually better than I expected.  I think you were probably the best girl so far at doing this the first time.”  For some strange reason the praise made her feel better and a little proud.

As Mr. Green walked by the bathroom, he heard laughing and slashing coming from inside.  Opening the door to look in, Mai and Milly were in the tub washing Carlota who was between them.  Mai and Milly cried out to him still laughing, “Come in Mr. Green, join us.”  Even Carlota smiled slightly, when she looked at him.
“Well girls, I would love to, but I don’t see how there is room for all of us.”  With that thought though, he immediately liked the idea.  I think I will have to call the plumbers in the morning, he said to himself.

He crawled in bed with Lana.  She cringed from his touch terrified of what was next, but then he kissed her gently and held her while she sobbed.  Eventually she fell asleep with the man called Mr. Green holding her gently.

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I always loved reading forced sex stories, I guess it's something natural to guys to get turned on when they are dominating someone. This is a great share thanks

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Thanks for your comments santino.  This was actually my first story I ever wrote.  I have been posting my stories here slowly as we get up and running.  This one is almost done.

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Interlude II

After a ride of about 20 miles, a car dropped two girls off at an exit off the highway.  The girls had lied and said they lived close by.  The girls were generally headed south but had no real plan, they just wanted to go some place warmer.  They didn’t like riding far with people, because the questions and suspicions would start about why two young girls were by themselves and travelling far.  The family seemed concerned about them being alone, but the girls said it was only a short walk to their houses.  They sat by the road wondering whether to try and walk to a town or hitch another ride.  It started getting dark, so they stepped back into the woods to look for a place to sleep.  The options were limited and extremely uncomfortable.  A few hours later in the middle of the night before either of them had fallen asleep, a very hard rain started to fall and the two girls took refuge under an overpass from the highway to escape the rain and to try and get some sleep.  They curled up together soaking wet on the concrete for warmth, hugging each other against the chill.  They shivered sometimes violently holding each other for hours until well after dawn when the rain finally stopped, maybe getting an hour or two of sleep.  They both felt miserable.  They were very cold and wet, filthy dirty, extremely hungry and dead tired.  They walked along the road for several miles hiding in the woods when cars approached, both to avoid being sent home and in case there were bad men in the cars.  They walked and walked as the afternoon turned into early evening.  They saw a store and pulled out and combined the change they had.  Combined it was $1.47, a large portion of it in pennies.

They were both runaways for the same reason; they had abusive stepfathers and mothers that cared more about the man in their life than their own daughters.  In addition to beatings, both had been sexually abused in ways leading up to and just short of actual vaginal rape, and both girls left knowing this kind of rape was going to happen if they didn’t.  Nikki was a beautiful African American girl with dark creamy skin, a beautiful face, long hair with a few curls, firm full breasts, an exquisite rear end, and standing 5’3” and 96 pounds.  Erica was a fiery red head with very curly medium length hair to her shoulders, pert small breasts, a few cute freckles and 5’0” 89 pounds.  Both girls were 14 years old.

Nikki’s step-father would come into her room at night and explore her body with his hands telling her what else he would soon be doing to her while chuckling.  He would maul her breasts to the point they would be sore in the morning.  He would reach between her legs, but she held them tight together trying to keep him out.  A few times he exposed himself to and force her hold his filthy penis.  She complained to her mother about it, but her mother slapped her face and called her a liar.  Having had enough, she left one morning for school and didn’t go to school or back home.

The abuse Erica’s received from her step-father was far worse than Nikki’s.  The man had passed beyond groping, and about two weeks before she ran away, he was coming to her bedroom nearly every night and forcing his penis into her mouth with threats that if she bit him he would cut her throat.  He was a horrible man with an unimpressive penis and pushing in her mouth over and over he would spurt into her mouth and force her to swallow it.  When she told her mother about it after the first time, her mother said, “Well, maybe ‘I’ won’t have to do ‘that’ anymore.”  After about a dozen times of this troll forcing her to give him a blow job, she left in the middle of the night.

Before the two girls met, they each had several close calls at being raped.  Each time breaking free and running.  However, one day Erica’s luck seemed to run out.  Asking for spare change along a street, a foul smelling homeless man started yelling at her about being in his spot.  Looking around and not seeing anyone, he pulled her into an alley, pushed her down and started groping her.  Sitting on her, he began undoing his filthy pants and pulled out an equally filthy penis.  While screaming for help that she didn’t expect, she heard a voice yell, “Get away from her you asshole!”, and she heard a crack and the bum fell across her.  A black girl dropped the brick she was holding and pulled her out from under him, and they both ran down the alley.

Together Nikki and Erica were better able to fight off potential rapists.  They could judge which people were safe to ask for rides, always trying to ask families together, ready to run into the forest if things looked wrong.  They had developed a mutually supporting relationship and depended on each other.

Entering the store, the girls walked around looking at the options $1.47 could get for them, finally settling on a package of two cupcakes that cost $1.35.  The man behind the counter had a very friendly face that showed some concern, “That’s not food girls, and I can see you are very hungry.  Put your money away, I’ll fix you something to eat.  Normally they would be extremely suspicious, but their hunger overcame their fear as he led them to a table and sat them down.  He brought juice, bread, some cold cuts, cheese and fresh berries including strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.  He poured cream over the berries in a bowl and added sugar.  Ravenous, the girls ate and drank smiling at each other.

Soon after eating they both felt so tired.  The man showed them a bath and brought two clean dresses and left them.  The girls were too tired to wonder why he had dresses ready.  The girls got in the tub together and scrubbed clean, but both of them were feeling so lethargic, that they were barely able to put the dresses on.  A knock on the door before he entered the nice man said, “I have a room with a bed for you girls.  You need rest badly.”  The girls should have been suspicious, but they were together, and when they saw the clean bed, something they hadn’t had for weeks, they climbed in together.  They felt warm for the first time in days and fell asleep immediately holding each other.

Groggy, Nikki slowly opened her eyes and tried to move but couldn’t.  She looked for Erica, but she was gone.  Then she felt air on her body and noticed she was nude and tied in the bed her legs spread wide.  She tried to close her legs and couldn’t.  The man from last night walked in, and she knew now he wasn’t nice at all.  “Where’s Erica!” she shouted in a demanding manner.
“In the next room,” he replied.  He reached over and squeezed her breast and then squeezed the other one with his other hand.  “These are nice.  I’m glad you decided to come here.”

Nikki was a very strong willed girl, and this wasn’t the first time or the worst that she had been groped.  “Let us go right now!”
“I don’t think so,” the man said as he began undressing.  “I’ll give you a choice.  I can rape you first, or I can rape Erica first.”
“You can have me, just leave her alone.”
His voice actually had a kind tone to it and he touched her cheek gently, “You both are staying here for a long time.  You’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll get used to it here.”  He dropped his shorts, and when she saw his penis was much bigger than her step-father’s, a whimper escaped her lips.  He spit in his hand and reached down and rubbed it on her vagina slowly inserting a finger.
“I’m continually amazed at my luck.  You’re still a virgin.  How old are you Nikki?”
“14,” she responded tensely.
“Well, we seem to have a trend going on here with ages,” he said seemingly talking to himself now.  “And Erica is 14 as well?”
“Yes,” she responded.  “You drugged us?”
“Yes.  It was in the juice.”

Erica had a similar experience waking, disoriented she first looked for Nikki.  She tried to sit up, but couldn’t and saw she was tied to a bed.  Looking down at her body, she saw she was nude and her legs were tied widely spread.  She was actually calm.  She knew the man who fed them had done this, and he was going to rape her.  She had felt this was inevitable ever since her step-father started molesting her.  All that running and close calls, and Nikki saving her that one time, and hiding in the woods when cars and trucks with men in them passed was just a delaying action.  She relaxed thinking at least it won’t be that disgusting pig my mom married and waited for the man wondering why he wasn’t here for her already, then in alarm she shouted, “Nikki!  No, no, no Nikki!”

Nikki could feel his finger in her vagina slowly move to her clitoris and began moving back and forth on it.  His other hand moved back to her breast and began to pinch the nipple.  She could feel her nipple harden as his finger manipulated it.  She could feel wetness developing where his finger was rubbing her vagina.  She felt her hips move involuntarily up towards his hand and began sobbing at her response to him touching her.  He released her breast and bent down to look at her pussy.  The pink and red of her pussy was in stark contrast to her dark skin.  He stuck his tongue where his finger had been and began licking her clit.  Her body arched up to his mouth, and she sobbed again with humiliation at her own reaction and began moaning in the back of her throat.  He continued to lick until she was writhing as best as the straps securing her could allow, the sobbing increasing as she knew she was responding to her rapist.  He stopped and moved up on top of her.  He checked her and found she was dripping wet.  “You got really wet for me.  I guess we know now you are enjoying this?”
“No, no, no, no, no!  AAAAiiiiiiiieeeee,” she cried out as she felt him push the head of his penis into her.
He leveraged forward looking down at her, watching her eyes staring back at him, her teeth clenched.
“AAAAAAAiiiiieeeeee…NNNnnnnnnooooooo!” she cried out as he pushed forward breaking her hymen.  She was sobbing as she felt him begin thrusting into her.  It was painful, but she decided not to give him any more satisfaction and she forced herself to stop sobbing and moaning.  She lay quietly her teeth still clenched in order not to make a sound, but her breathing was getting heavy, and she started getting alarmed and disgusted with herself.  Her body had started moving under him as best it could with the straps in place.  She was lifting to meet his thrusts, and she knew if her legs and arms were not bound, she would be wrapping them around him now.  She felt something building and building in her, until her back arched and she screamed, “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH….UUUUuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh….NNNNNoooo,” as her body shook with an orgasm.
“That’s it girl.  Let it out.”
Sobbing again with utter humiliation at receiving pleasure from her rapist, she felt the thrusts get faster and faster and he stiffened, and she felt his sperm shooting into her.
He pinched her cheek gently, “Now, that’s unusual but not unique.  Mai had an orgasm with me the first time too when I took her virginity.”
“Who’s Mai?”
“You’ll meet her soon enough.”
Nikki’s mind was spinning and she thought, are there other girls here besides me and Erica?

He got up off of her and spoke again, “Well, I have to recharge for about an hour, and then I’m going to visit your friend Erica.”
“Nikki cried out in anguish and said, “No, just do me and leave her alone!  You can have me anytime you want, if you leave her alone.”
“I can have you any time I want now,” he said as he left.
Nikki continued to cry, partly for herself, but mostly for Erica, “I’m sorry honey, I won’t be able to save you this time.”

Erica jerked in her bindings, when the man from last night came in.  “You raped Nikki didn’t you?”
“Yes, about an hour ago.  I could have come to visit you right after, but I felt I owed it to you to build my strength back up.”  He undressed slowly in front of her and immediately began groping her breasts and pinching her nipples, “You know I was quite surprised.  Your friend Nikki had an orgasm while I was raping her.  Do you think you will have one too?”
Furious, Erica responded, “You are a liar!”
“No, I never lie about things like that,” he said as he continued to pinch both nipples.  “These aren’t as big as Nikki’s, but your titties are very cute.  I particularly like your large nipples.  They are so red, just like your hair, upstairs and downstairs.”  One hand left her breast and moved to where her legs were widely spread and began rubbing down there.  “I don’t think I’ve ever seen pussy hair this color before, such a nice shade of bright red.”  He rubbed her clit, then moistened his finger with spit and rubbed some.  “No, I don’t think you will have an orgasm.  At this point Nikki was sloppy wet and moaning with pleasure.”
“Liar!” she screamed again.
“But, don’t worry my fiery red haired girl,” pushing with his hand to tell her what hair he was referring to, “You will have plenty of orgasms with me and soon.”
“Not a chance!” but she wasn’t so sure because she could feel her body responding slightly to his hand.
“Let’s get a closer look at this fiery pussy of yours,” he said as he bent his head down.

Erica could feel the man’s tongue on her and for the first time her tears started.  He was licking and tonguing her vagina, and she could feel her juices flowing to her great shame.  Eventually he stopped moved up and pushed into her.  She bit her lip trying not to cry out.  But then he pushed harder, and she felt part of her body break and intense pain, ““AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee………..SHIT!”  The man pushed deep and began to rape her roughly with deep thrusts pounding in and out of her.  She moved her head aside to look at the wall biting her lip to not make any more sounds to give him satisfaction, but he forced her head back to look at him.  She didn’t think to close her eyes, she just stared at him with hatred mostly for his lies about Nikki having an orgasm.  His pounding went on forever it seemed, then suddenly he went rigid, and she could feel him shooting semen into her.  She remembered how it felt shooting into her mouth from her step-father’s abuse.
“Don’t worry my little firecracker, you will be cuming with me like Nikki did in no time.”
She stared at him in complete hatred as he left.

Mr. Green let the two girls rest for a few hours his spunk still inside them.  After some time had passed, Tommy went into Erica’s room and fitted a collar around her neck with a long chain bolted to the wall.  “My name is Tommy,” he said as he unbound her.  He led her nude into another room the chain rattling behind her when she walked.  In the next room, his Dad was just finishing bolting Nikki’s collar to the wall.  Tommy released Erica and let her run to Nikki and hug and kiss her.  The men let them hold each other for a while.
Erica spoke, “That nasty man lied to me and said you had an orgasm with him.”  Nikki’s face screwed up into a look of complete anguish, and her crying turned into a wail.  “It’s OK Nikki.  It’s not your fault.  None of this is your fault,” Erica told her in shock that the man had told the truth.
After a while, Tommy pulled Erica over to a chair and he sat holding her in his lap his hands roaming over her body.

The older man pushed Nikki back as he began undressing.  He climbed on top of her spit in his hand and rubbed it on an already sore vagina.  Nikki still had some fight left in her and tried to hit him, but he caught her hands easily, mounted her and pushed in.  He thrust into her over and over again making an already sore vagina even more sore.  His pounding into her lasted at least as long as the first man calling himself Mr. Green.  At least she didn’t have an orgasm this time, she thought.  When he spurted into her, she was relieved.

The man pulled Nikki off the bed as Tommy pushed Erica towards it.  Both girls tried to fight the men, but they were too big and strong.  Tommy pushed Erica on to her back holding hands above her head and inserted his penis into her and began thrusting over and over again.  She lay under him sore and miserable until he shot into her.  Tommy handed her to the older man she now knew was his Dad, and Tommy took hold of Nikki and pushed her face down on the bed.
“You can’t do this so soon after Erica,” Nikki said.
“Want to bet,” he said pushing into her from behind and began thrusting.
It turns out not only could he go again, but he lasted longer than he did with Erica.  Tommy’s Dad was next and hung Erica over the edge of the bed pushing into her.  Although her eyes had filled with tears a few times today, she began crying openly now her spirit breaking.  The man pushed into her for an eternity, then finally she felt him spurt into her too.

The girls lay sobbing holding each other while the young man and older one looked down at them.  “You girls are a mess and your pussies need cleaned up.  You are such good friends, I think you should lick each other’s pussies clean,” said the older man
After all the abuse, both girls couldn’t believe what they wanted them to do next.  “No,” they both said.
The man pulled out a long knife and said, “Well, I think I have to cut your throats if you don’t.  Get on the bed in a 69 position and start cleaning each other.  I want to see every spot of cum cleaned up, and I want you to suck the cum out of each other’s pussy and swallow every drop.”
“He means it,” said Tommy.
Crying the girls looked at each other, and complied with the order.  Erica began licking Nikki’s vagina, and she felt Nikki doing the same to her.  The men stood over them pointing out spots of semen that had dribbled out on their legs for the girls to lick and swallow.  They forced their heads closer and ordered them to suck the semen out of each other.  After neither girl could find anything on their friend to lick or suck clean, the men made them lick the semen off the bed and finally made them lick and swallow any that had leaked out of them onto the floor during the rapes.  Both girls were completely broken as they knelt on their hands and knees licking the cum spots off the floor.

Mr. Green hadn’t lied to his first girl Milly about having her and Tommy on tape stealing from him.  There wasn’t an activity in the store that didn’t get taped.  He had the Sheriff, the Mayor, the County Commissioner and various other locals of prominence on tape with underage girls.  These tapes had already settled a few problems for him.  Now he watched ‘real time’ as the two new girls Erica and Nikki were locked in a 69 embrace their tongues licking each other clean as they sobbed with humiliation at what they were being forced to do.  Mr. Green chuckled at this new way to break girls in for the customers.  He would go in and comfort them later and act surprised that these bad men forced them to do this.