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Warning!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt


Sometimes when you’re head is screaming that something is wrong, something else deep inside you screams, “What the fuck!  Do it!”  This is one of those times when the inner voice ruled.  Now I’m not saying it’s the best way to run your life, but sometimes you just throw caution to the wind.  This is one of those times.
Traveling around the country I get so sick of motels and restaurant food that I relish the chance to stay with relatives and eat some real home cooking.    So it wasn’t odd to stop by my wife’s sister’s house and stay with her and her husband while I did some business in the local area.  It gave us the chance to talk and enjoy one another’s company, and it gave me a break from the road.
“Uncle Mike, are you awake?”  I was faintly aware of being shaken from my sound sleep far too early in the morning.  I opened my eyes and saw my niece Jenny wearing a t-shirt and having the same sleepy look in her eyes.  I sat bolt upright and looked at her.  Clearly she was not a little girl any longer.  “Mom and Dad asked me to wake you.  Dad’s brother has been in an accident and they are needing to go to the hospital to be with his family.”
“I’ll be right down,” I said rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.  As Jenny walked out of the room, her t-shirt rode up a bit and I saw that she had the finest ass clad in pink panties.  Shaking my head to clear that thought, I put on my pants and walked downstairs to see my sister in law and her husband moving frantically around the house throwing thing in suitcases.
“I’m sorry we had to wake you,” Kathy said with tears in her eyes.  “We’re going to have to go to Montana to be with the family there.  They don’t know if he is going to make it.”
“I understand,” I said.  “There’s no problem,” I continued.  “I can go ahead and get a room in a motel and be on the road.”
“Nonsense,” I heard in a booming voice.  I looked up and saw Kathy’s husband coming into the room at a frantic pace.  “You’re family; my house is yours.  In fact, you can do us a favor.  We’re not taking Jenny with us because she has school and can’t afford to miss any more days.”
“I don’t need a baby sitter, dad,” Jenny grumbled.  “I’m sixteen and a grown woman.  I’ll be just fine on my own.”
“Yeah, right,” he returned.  “No way I’m leaving a teenage girl alone with no supervision.”  He looked at me, “Can you stay a few days longer and watch the house and Jenny?  We’d sure appreciate it.”
“Yeah,” I said thinking about my work schedule.  “I have vacation time coming.  I won’t mind sleeping in the same bed more than one night.  I hope your brother comes through okay.”
“He’s tough,” he said slowly, “but you never know.  His wife and kids need us there to help.  So if you can keep Jenny in school and stop the house from falling apart, I’d sure appreciate it.”
“No problem,” I said with more confidence than I felt.  After all, what did I know about raising a teenage girl.  But then I figured she’d be in school most of the day, and I’d have to house to myself.
“Thanks you, Mike,” Kathy said kissing me on the cheek.  “Just get her to school every day by eight and pick her up at 3:00.  There’s plenty of food, and it will be easy.”  With that she grabbed one bag while her husband grabbed another and they walked out the door.
Looking over at Jenny, still clad in her t-shirt, I remarked, “Well, get as much sleep as you can.  I’ll wake you in plenty of time to go to school.”
“Yeah, like that’s going to happen,” she said stalking out of the room.  “I’m declaring tomorrow a vacation day.”
I had no idea how much of a handful this little teen was going to be.  How was I going to handle her.  I figured I’d have a few hours to make some type of plans.  All would be well if I could just keep my temper in check.
   Six o’clock came sooner than I wanted it to.  “Wake up, Jenny,” I called through her bedroom door.  “Breakfast is nearly ready.”
   “Go away,” she called back.  “I told you I’m not going to school today.”
   “Your folks expect me to get you up and get you to school every day.  Now get moving or else.” I called back through the door.
   “Or else what?” she called back.  “What are you going to do?  You can’t do anything.”
   After a couple of minutes thought, I flung open her bedroom door and heaved a huge pitcher of ice water towards her bed.  It hit her perfectly in the face and upper body.  She awakened instantly in a rage, “What they hell are you doing?”
   “Don’t be so snippy, Jenny,” I laughed.  “Next time it will be chocolate syrup.  Now get dressed and come to breakfast.”
   “You’re mean,” she shrieked.  But she got up and began to move in a semblance of getting ready for school.  As I walked away, I couldn’t help but think about how the water had caused her t-shirt to cling to her body showing such perfectly shaped pert breasts.
   She finally came to the breakfast table and at in silence.  She started at me and slowly her anger cooled.  Hopefully this was the only trouble she was going to give me and she’d realize that I was really in charge.  We rode in silence to her private school.  As we pulled through the gate, she looked coolly at me and remarked, “I’ll find my own way home.”
   “I don’t think so, Jenny,” I said.  “Your folks told me that you are to be taken to school and picked up at regular times. “
   I could feel my temper rising.  The look on my face must’ve warned her that it would be best if she said nothing else.  As I drove off, I notice two things.  First, she flipped me off and I drove away.  Secondly, she was strangely seductive in her school uniform.
   The hours passed slowly at home.  Daytime television bored me, and I had no friends in town to call and go for lunch.  On a whim, I reached over to a photo album on a nearby shelf.  As I flipped through the pages, I watched the chronological progression of my niece, Jenny, from a young baby into a fully developed young woman.  One picture of her in her cheerleader outfit held me riveted.  Her short skirt revealed tanned and fit thighs that were spread invitingly.  Almost self-consciously I reached down and moved my hand over my hard cock.  Soon my hand traveled the length of my cock, and I gave Jenny’s picture the attention it deserved.  With my pants to my ankles I imagined what it would be like to be between those young thighs,driving my cock into an unimaginably tight pussy.  Soon an explosion of hot cum spurted from my swollen cock impacting the picture.  Quickly I wiped it off to cover any evidence of my activity.  “I’m probably not the first guy to jack off with her on my mind,” I said with a chuckle.
   The day finally passed and I pulled up to the entrance of the school.  Students came and went, but Jenny didn’t happen to be with them.  Panicking,  I figured I’d better look around before I called anyone.  Moving around the grounds of the small private school, I could hear voices coming from behind an old tool shed skirting the property.
   “You know this shit ain’t free,” I heard in an angry voice.
   Coming around the corner, I saw Jenny standing with two men whose very clothes caused me to doubt that they had any business on school property.  Making my presence known, they looked up in alarm, and then anger.
   “What the fuck do you want?” said the largest man. 
   “He’s my uncle,” said Jenny.  “Don’t worry about him.  Let’s just do some business.”
   Moving towards Jenny I reached my hand into my coat pocket.  “Walk away,” I said evenly.  “Do that and you might live to see another day.”
   “Fuck you,” the smaller one retorted.  “Cut him up, man.”  The larger man pulled out a knife and moved menacingly toward me.
   In one deft move, I pulled a revolver from my pocket.  They stopped dead in their tracks starting at it in fear.  “Like it?” I said with an evil smile on my face.  “I sell these and a hundred others up and down to gun shops all around the country.  Now unless you’re interested in having your cock blown off, ran, don’t walk, away from me.”
   Tripping over one another, the clumsy duo crashed through the hedge and made their escape as quickly as possible.
   “Get in the fucking car,” I snapped at Jenny as I roughly grabbed her shoulder and propelled her in the right direction.
   Halfway home she finally spoke, “Were you really going to shoot him?”
   “One more step and he’d have been history,” I growled low.  “I always carry a gun to protect myself and my inventory from punks just like that.”
   The rest of the trip was spent in silence.  Upon our arrival home, I dragged Jenny up the steps and into the door.  Tossing her on the couch, I raised my voice, “How long have you been messing with that shit!”
   “This was the first time,” Jenny cried out not looking me in the eye.
   “We’ll see,” I snapped.  Grabbing her shoulder I took her to her room and threw her on her bed, still soaked from her morning wake up call.  “How about I search your room and see what turns up?”
   “You have no right,” Jenny shouted indignantly.  “Get out of my room!”  She jumped and tried to shove me out the door.  Grabbing a handful of her blouse, I threw her back onto her bed.  I heard the material rip.  She sat there frightened on her bed, her shimmering bra barely covering her soft young breasts.
   “You don’t move until I give you permission,” I said in a low voice.  I had been pushed to the point where  my temper flaring to the extreme.  I moved around the room, yanking out drawers, pouring out the contents, tipping over containers.  Finally, I removed a mirror and found a bag of weed and another of pills.
   “So you lied to me,” I snapped.  “What are your folks going to do when they hear about this?  I know them.  You’re folks will put you into a girls school in the middle of nowhere.”
   “This is none of your business,” screamed Jenny as she reached madly for the bags.  Shoving her back on the bed, I pinned her there until she calmed. 
   “You think that you don’t have to follow any rules?” I said in a low voice, my eyes inches away from hers. 
   “W-What do you want?” she whispered fearfully.
   I relaxed my grip and slowly began to peel her white blouse from her young body.  The skin was indescribably soft.  “Maybe you just need someone to put you in your place.”
   “Help!” Jenny screamed.  Immediately my hand covered her mouth.  She thrashed terrified, by my free hand continued to roam over her body, exposing more and more of her young flesh.  It was easy to rip the blouse away and pull the frail bra from her young body.  Removing my hand, I kissed her lips hard.  Angrily she tried to bite my lip.
   “Slut!” I snapped and slapped her hard in the face.  “You might fuck with your mom and dad, but don’t you dare try it with me.  I won’t take it.”  To emphasize my point, I yanked at the top of her school skirt.  Hearing it rip and seeing it pull away from her slim body caused somewhat of a fever to grip me.  I had reached the point of no return.
   “Please, Uncle Mike, don’t do this,” she pleaded with tears running down her cheeks.  “I won’t cause you any more trouble.  I promise.”
   Ignoring her please, my hands continued to enjoy each young curve of her body.  Nothing was going to stop me.  Holding her firmly, I yanked her panties down and threw them across the room.  Her sweet pussy, perfectly trimmed, was fully exposed to my intentions.  Despite her objections, my hand began to manipulate her clit.  With each touch her mouth opened and her eyes widened.  Soon her own fluids began to flow. 
   Spreading her trim tights, I maneuvered myself into the right position.  The head of my cock slide easily over her soaked young pussy.  “Maybe this will take some of the bitchiness out of you.”  I thrust forward, feeling her warmth welcome me.
   “Oh Goooooooooood!” she screamed.  I looked down and saw blood staining her sheet. 
   “What do you know?” I said allowing myself the job of sliding my cock in and out of her wounded pussy.  “The little girl only pretended to be a slut.  She was really a virgin.”
   Tears continued to flow as I continued the assault more on automatic pilot than on thought.  Down through the years I’ve been with more women than I can count.  I know how to please them.  As I continued my regular thrusts, I placed my lips over hers and kissed her tenderly.  To my shock, the kiss was returned.
   “Kiss me again, Uncle Mike,” she said in a low voice.  Her limbs relaxed as I released them.  They encircled me as I kissed her long and hard, exploring her sweet mouth. 
   Holding her tight young ass cheeks, I pushed my hard shaft deep inside he over and over.  Her cries ranged from gasps to shrieks of delight.  Faster and faster I invaded her young body.  In a feverish motion she ground her body against mine, meeting my thrusts.
   “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried out.  She was thrashing wildly, having her first climax with a man inside her.  I met her motion for motion and soon I felt myself explode deep inside of her.  You young cunt milked every drop from me.
   I collapsed on top of her, sweat from my body running down and mingling with hers.  Rolling off of her I sat on the edge of her bed.  Reality finally set in.  “What was I going to do?  I could be in a hell of a lot of trouble for this?”
   “Get this place straightened up,” I said in a dull tone.  “I’ll make us some supper.”
   Supper was a quiet ordeal for both of us.  Neither one of us wanted to speak.  Finally, Jenny broke the silence, “Will I get pregnant?”
   “No,” I said meeting her gaze.  “Years ago I had an operation to fix that.  I never wanted kids.  I dated a girl for a while and almost married her, but she wanted kids.  I didn’t, so that ended that,” I explained. 
   “I’ll help with the dishes,” Jenny said in a half whisper.
   “Thanks,” I said.  “I’d appreciate the help.”
   The remainder of the evening passed in silence.  I watched the news, and Jenny did homework.  I was waiting for an explosion of accusations and the threat to call the police.  Oddly enough, it never happened.
   “Better get to bed,” I finally said as I switched of the television.  “You have school tomorrow.”
   “Good night, Uncle Mike,” Jenny said as she went quietly to her room.
   I lay in my bed in silence and dread.  Why had I done it?  What was going to happen to me?  What would Kathy and her husband say?
   The door to my room creaked open.  In the darkness a slim form moved through the room, gently pulled back the sheet, and gingerly stretched out beside me.
   “My bed is still wet, Uncle Mike, from the water this morning.  Can I stay here with you?”  She lay her head on my shoulder and pressed her naked young form against me.  “I promise that I’ll do what you want me to do.”
   The rest of the night we spent in each other’s arms.  About the time I think that I was spent, Kathy’s youthful form and enthusiasm would coax me to life one more time.  We barely got her to school on time and that evening she was the first student out the door.  Our evenings were divided between homework, meals, and me teaching Jenny every trick I knew.  By the time the week was out, Jenny could totally devour my cock and you tight ass had been explored. 
   Finally the phone rang to wake me from my lustful stupor.
   “Mike, how are things going?” asked Kathy.
   “Things are going fine,” I returned cautiously.  I wasn’t about to give her any hint of what her daughter and I had been up to.
   “Are you alone,” asked Kathy?
   “Yes,” I returned curiously.  “I don’t have to pick up Jenny for an hour.”
   “When we were dating you said you’d never want to have kids.  Now here you are and it seems as if you’re a natural at it,” she whispered into the phone.
   “Yeah, so,” I returned.  “What are you getting at?  Are you saying that I should have had kids?
   “Well,” she said.  There was a long silence that followed.
   “Well what?” I asked.
   “I was pregnant when I got married,” she said in a secretive voice.  “Mike, Jenny is your daughter.  But we can’t ever tell anyone.”
   I dropped the phone and walked silently away.

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:O What a twist.

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:O What a twist.

I love stories with a twist. Keeps the reader guessing ;D

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Great story!  :)

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Yes, excellent story, bulldog!

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Great story I loved the ending!!!!

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Hot one.  Hope there is more