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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

I had a couple stories forming in my mind set in the old west of the U.S., one of which had been turning in my brain for several months.  Although I hadn’t started either story, I soon thought of tying the two stories together in some way, which led me to thinking of a third story idea.  Once I had three stories with a common thread, I decided to write this as a series.  The first story has now gotten lengthy enough for two parts.

Note:  The original term ‘glory hole’ was a mine that went straight down in the hopes of striking it rich.  I’m using the term in the mining context with the obvious sexual overtones.  The term  ‘glory hole’ has been used for a number of sexual practices including one involving a hole in a bathroom stall, but you should think about 1880 with its use here.

The Glory Hole (Tales of the Old West)

Tale 1:  Nebraska Homestead

It had been chilly these last couple of September nights, but this morning was fairly warm for this time of year.  John had been watching the homestead since sunrise for about an hour by his reckoning.  The man working the property seemed a sturdy sort approaching 40.  His wife was a beautiful dark haired woman probably a few years younger than the man with a thin waist and large bosom.  Life on a homestead can be extremely hard, but this couple seemed to have done well for themselves having property with good water and what appeared to be dark rich fertile earth.  The hard life of a homestead can take its toll on a woman, but this man’s wife still looked really good.  John was only 23, but he appreciated good looking women of all ages.  Normally he might have guessed her age to be late 20’s, except for the presence of the couple’s daughter.  The girl had long dark hair and was a younger version of the mother including the large bosom, and she was obviously well into her teens making the woman’s age probably mid 30’s.

Leading his horse and slowly approaching the homestead in full view of all John gave a wave and shout, “Hello!”
All three of the homesteaders looked up, and the man shouted back, “Are ya friendly?”
“Yes sir, I am!”
“Well, come on in then.”
John saw the man watching him carefully as he got closer, and as he got really close the man said, “State your business young man.”
“Sir, I was wondering if I gave you a day’s hard work, I could get a good meal,” John said looking significantly at the abundant vegetable garden and barn with animals.
The man laughed, relaxed and said, “We’ll fill you up young man.”

The girl wasn’t particularly close, but he could see her staring at him in fascination.  He intentionally avoided looking at the girl or the man’s wife, and only looked at the man and nodded as the man began telling him about the chores he could do.  Taking the set of pliers and hammer offered, he set off to walk the pasture fence.  As he walked he faintly heard the man say to his daughter, “You go in the house and bind yourself.”
‘Too late,’ John thought, ‘I already saw she’s got great tits.’

John was originally from Indiana.  Ever since he was a young boy, girls followed him around looking goggly eyed at him.  At the age of 13 and big for his age, there was a scandal in the community, when it was found out the young pretty married school teacher had been bedding him.  The teacher had to leave town, and John’s family moved too, as the gossip was too much.  They ended up in Iowa, but the issues started again while John was still in his early teens.  John was accused of getting a couple young girls pregnant, and more than one adult married woman was in the family way.  At the tender age of 15 but already standing 6’2”, John left home to avoid several gun-toting angry fathers and husbands.  He soon learned to be more careful in his activities with the feminine gender.  He also learned to use his good looks and natural ability with women to his advantage beyond just bedding them.

In the evening after working all day, John nodded to the man his mouth chewing the roast pork.  There was a virtual bounty of good food on the table.  Accompanying the pork was winter squash, green beans, carrots, potatoes, biscuits with gravy and two apple pies.  The man loved to talk, so John just gave him a ‘Is that so?’ or ‘How about that?’ every once in a while.  The girl Claire sat to the side, and he could see from his peripheral vision she was staring all dewy eyed at him barely eating the food.  She wore a dress buttoned to her neck, and following her father’s orders had used something to bind her breasts down making them much less evident in the dress.  To the other side of the table was the man’s wife Sarah who was giving him hard significant stares, when she thought her husband wasn’t looking.  John paid attention to the man, only politely acknowledging the two women present.

The man showed him a spot in the barn with clean hay to lay his blankets down and bid him good night.  He was still seeing to his horse when the girl showed up her hands fidgeting and staring at him.
“Mis….ah….mist..  ah….mister?”
“Yes, Miss Claire?”
“Didja want any more pie?”
“No thank you Miss Claire.  I’m quite filled up.”
“Oh……,” the girl managed looking disappointed
“Can you show me where I can get some grain for my horse?” he asked already knowing where the grain was.
“Oh yes,” the girl said brightening some.
As they got grain for his horse, he asked about her life on the homestead.  She relaxed some and answered his questions telling him about the infrequent trips to town only about twice a month.  She didn’t get to go to school, but her mother and father taught her how to read and write and some arithmetic.  The family had a number of books, and she had read them all several times.  During the few minutes they talked, she managed to rub her shoulder against him twice shuddering both times.  When her mother called her, she reluctantly left to go to bed.  John settled down on his blankets chewing a piece of straw knowing he wasn’t going to sleep just yet.

An hour or two past, and John heard someone enter the barn.
“You awake?” asked the woman.
“Yes mam.”
“I want you to stay away from my daughter.”
Eyeing the woman in the dark and seeing her in night clothes he asked, “You came all the way out here this late dressed like that to tell me to stay away from Claire?”
It was the older woman’s turn now to act a little fidgety, as she looked around trying not to look at him.  He opened his blankets and patted a spot next to him, but she shook her head ‘no’ and saying in a faint voice, “Clem would know if I had hay in my hair tomorrow what we was doing.”

John sat up and got to his feet in his long johns and approached the woman.  She was breathing hard and looking scared, but she didn’t resist when he took her arm and led her over to where his saddle was thrown over a rail.  He pushed her butt against the saddle hearing her breath whoosh out of her lungs.  He shoved one hand in the neck of her night clothes gripping an ample breast making her moan immediately.  His mouth leaned down and cover hers forcing his tongue inside entwining with hers.  She moaned into his mouth as he pulled the hem of her nighty up past her waist.  He could feel her hands pulling on the flap of his long johns fumbling for several seconds until getting the flap down.  Her hands reached in and took hold of him and exclaimed, “OH MY LORD!”

John forcibly turned the woman towards his saddle and threw her belly down on it.  Shoving the nighty up her back to her head, and then forcing a hand between her legs he found her moistening some and worked two fingers inside the good woman.  She was moaning loud and squirming on his saddle, when he positioned himself behind her.  Placing the head of his cock at her entrance, he gave a series of hard thrusts getting deeper with each one and eliciting grunts of painful pleasure from her.  John began pounding into the good woman hearing her groans building.  He grabbed her mouth sensing it coming, and soon she was trying to scream her orgasm through his fingers while he was still lunging hard into her.  He held her down pumping into her for several more minutes, until he jerked above her filling her with his seed.  The woman didn’t say a word to him when she left.

In the morning he was up before dawn earning his breakfast.  Clem found him splitting wood for winter and said, “Young man, if you want to stay on a few days, I’d be happy to have you?”
“Sure sir, but not much past a week.  I got friends west of here I’m heading to and a possible job.”

Claire brought him a basket of food in the morning and stayed and talked a little getting over her shyness.  She told him she was a few months shy of 17.  She was back again in the afternoon with some ham and bread.  John could see both Clem and his wife Sarah watching carefully both times.  When evening came and after another large dinner, he went to the barn again.  Claire didn’t show, but the woman Sarah was back in her night gown.  He sat her on his saddle facing him this time, her legs locked around him and hands clawing at his back, while he pumped into her.

The days and nights went like this for a total of 8 days on the homestead, and then he announced he had to move on.  Clem shook his hand strongly and thanked him for his hard work giving him a few dollars that hadn’t been asked for.  Both Clem and Sarah watched Claire for her reaction, but the girl only seemed a little sad at the man’s leaving.  Clem was relieved as he had better hopes for his daughter marrying a man of means.  He knew how young girls could lose their heads over a handsome man, and even he could tell John was good looking.  He was so focused on his daughter, he didn’t see his wife fighting tears just before she turned and left for the house.

That morning rolled into the next and in the very early morning after that Clair was up and dressed hours before dawn.  She packed a bag and went to the barn and quietly hitched the buggy to the gelding.  She led the horse away from the house slowly before getting in the buggy grabbing the reins and by the moonlight began the 3 hour journey to town.  Once in town she left the horse and buggy at the livery station and caught the morning stagecoach.  Her town had only about 30 residents in the main town, so she was fascinated and a little scared arriving at the county seat that was ten times bigger with about 300 residents.  She had been there only once before when she was little.  She was scared looking around until she saw him as he promised.  John was leading two horses smiling beautifully as he approached her.

Claire could feel her face flush looking at this handsome man that had told her he wanted her just a couple days ago on the homestead.  She did wonder how he was able to buy a second horse since she last saw him.  He leaned down and kissed her cheek, but she wished he kissed her lips even in this crowd.  The saddle bags of both horses were full, which made her wonder again how he could afford to buy all the provisions.  He even gave her the money for the stage before he left the homestead.  That was why she knew he was sincere.  She wasn’t some silly farm girl that could be taken in by some sweet talking dude.

“We’ll walk the horses until we’re outside of town.  I assume you can ride astride?”
“Mom and dad wouldn’t let me ride astride after I got older.  I had to use a side saddle, but as a girl I was riding astride every day.”
John nodded thinking with amusement, ‘We’ll see how well you really ride astride very soon.’
Outside of town where residents wouldn’t be scandalized, he helped Claire onto the horse, and they rode towards the Colorado border riding generally parallel to, but some distance from, the Platte River.

It was a cool evening when they stopped to camp under an old oak by a tiny tributary of the river.  Claire hadn’t been out camping like this since she was a girl and was excited.  She took charge of dinner and fried some boiled potatoes with bacon.  He had even bought some onions to flavor the potatoes.  She also simmered some dried apples with sugar.  It was a lovely night under the stars while they ate by the glow of the fire.

John spread out blankets by the fire as the temperature dropped rapidly and gestured for her to get in.
“Where are you going to sleep John?”
‘She is so cute with her naivety’, John thought before saying, “Honey, it’s too cold to sleep separately with so few blankets.  I’m sorry, I should have thought to get more.”
Claire stood thinking for a couple minutes before nodding her acceptance.  She trusted John, but she wasn’t sure she trusted herself.  She needed to get out of her dress, which hadn’t been comfortable during the long ride.  He turned away to allow her to undress and began shucking his clothes too.

Getting in the blankets first, John took Claire’s hand gently pulling her down and next to him throwing the blankets over both of them.  He held her and she lay her head on his chest and sighed.  He kissed her lips briefly saying, “Goodnight my lovely Claire.  I’m the luckiest man in the world.”
Claire sighed again and held him tighter.  She could feel some stirring in her loins and tried to will the feeling away.  She was very conscious of her full breasts pressed against his chest and side.  He kissed her forehead saying nothing as she drifted off to sleep.  He had a more difficult time falling asleep restraining himself from just taking the girl then and there.

John woke with Claire huddled against him.  He let his hands roam carefully on her body trying not to wake her.  Slowly and gently he pulled her night clothes up her legs and past her waist.  Her undergarment fit loose, so he carefully moved it down off her hips.  She twisted in her sleep and made a slight sound of protest but didn’t wake.  Once he got her undergarment down to her knees, he began kissing and sucking on her neck intentionally trying to wake her.

Claire opened her eyes gasping feeling something wet on her neck.
“Wake up my beautiful girl,” said voice that took her a couple seconds to realize was John.
He was kissing and gently biting on her neck in a way that was making her squirm and sending shivers down her spine.  She felt something hard against her thigh.  She realized her nightgown was pushed up past her waist and her undergarment was pulled down.  She opened her mouth to protest, but he covered it with his mouth causing her to just make a muffled noise, as he started kissing her deeply his knee over her legs holding her in place.  She had kissed him a couple times, when she knew her parents weren’t looking, but this was different with his tongue pushing in her mouth.  She felt his hand sliding up her belly until it contacted her breast.  She moaned into his mouth when he began kneading her breast and then rubbing his thumb on her hardening nipple.

The kiss lasted a while as she started feeling really flushed and dizzy.  He broke the kiss moving his head down under the blanket and pushing her nightgown up even higher.  She let out a squeak feeling his mouth on her breast.  His knee was wedged between her legs forcing them apart a little.  He sucked her nipple into his mouth, and she moaned and push at him, but the push was feeble at best.  While he sucked and nipped at her nipple, she could sense his fingers tickling their way down her stomach.  She felt fingers reach her hair growing down there, and pushed again at him again managing between her moans a faint unconvincing, “No.”

Feeling his finger slide between her legs and slip across her most private place, her whole body jerked and strained against his knee and arms holding her down.  She had felt herself get wet down there before after having naughty thoughts.  This happened constantly when John showed up at the homestead, but she could tell the wetness was far worse now than she ever remembered.  She felt his head under the blankets move, and then realized it was his wet tongue slithering down her belly.  He moved his body further down under the blankets, and then he grabbed both her wrists in his hands.  He forced her legs even further apart.

In complete confusion, she felt his face move between her legs his tongue making startling contact with her private area.  She tried very briefly to pull away, but his hands on her wrists held her firmly and pulled her onto his face as his tongue began licking where she was already wet.  Her hips lifted to his face involuntarily, as she shook her head over and over trying to comprehend what was happening.  She never felt anything like this before as she gasped and moaned.  He was licking her down there, and a small part of her brain couldn’t comprehend why, while the rest of her brain didn’t care, as it felt so very good.  She could feel something build inside her.  The feeling was surging within her until her mouth opened wide and her back arched up, as she screamed with pleasure.

She was still quivering and gasping for breath, when John moved up forcing her legs wider apart with his knees.  Her brain was foggy, but she knew what he was trying to do.  No girl growing up on a farm with animals remained ignorant for long about such things.
“No John.  We’re not married yet.”
He didn’t respond, and she felt it poking against her inner thigh.  She pushed at him again, and then pushed frantically as she felt it pressing where his tongue had recently been.
“Please John, not like this,” she begged.
His hips jerked forward, and she screamed feeling something tear inside her.
“It hurts!” she sobbed, as he with a series of thrusts worked it into her.  He felt huge inside her splitting her painfully open.
“You’re doing fine,” he managed between grunts as he picked up speed.

“It hurts…oh my God, it hurts….please John!” she cried, but he just kept pounding into her.  After a few minutes the sharp pains of his brutal entry and first thrusts were replaced with a growing soreness.  She gave up fighting him, but was still crying just a little with a few tears rolling down her temples.  She opened her legs wider for her own comfort and not to help John, but he seemed to penetrate her even deeper, when she did that.  The pushing into her seemed to last hours, but then he seemed to go even faster and lose his rhythm.  Suddenly he groaned slamming into her one last time.  She felt something wet shooting into her body, and he collapsed on top of her.

Rolling off her he said, “I’m sorry Claire.  You are just so beautiful, I couldn’t wait for us to get married.”
“It hurt,” she said unhappily.
“It won’t hurt like that anymore, when we do it.”
“I’m not sure I believe you,” Claire responded dejectedly.
He kissed her and looked so sad, she finally relaxed thinking he was really sorry, and that was bound to have happened soon for them anyways.  It just hurt so bad, and she was still very sore down there.  She painfully got up and went to the creek to splash some water on herself, cleaning up as best she could in the cold morning.

After a cold breakfast of hardtack and jerky, and as they packed up to leave, Claire became concerned about her ability to ride.  Sure enough as she as she swung her leg over the saddle and it rubbed between her legs, she winced in pain.
“It hurts John,” she complained.
“We’ll stop early today,” he responded.
She nodded but looked worried, as she shifted in the saddle and winced in pain again.
True to his word they only rode for about two hours before he said, “Honey I can see you’re in pain.  We can stop now.”
Gratefully, Claire dismounted and started making camp even though it wasn’t even noon.  Her mood improved as they talked all afternoon.  He was such a charming man, and she knew how lucky she was to have him.

As night approached she could see him looking at her with the same look he had in the morning.  When she undressed to get in the blankets, it was with some fear he would want to do what he did in the morning.  He started touching and kissing her, so she pleaded, “Please John, I can’t do that with you now.  I still hurt.”
“I know, but I know another way you can please me.”
“How?” asked Claire uncertain and afraid.
“Do you remember how I used my mouth on you this morning?”
Claire remembered vividly and blushed a deep red thinking about how good that felt saying in a weak voice, “Yes?”
“Did you know you could please me with your mouth too?”
“You mean kissing you?”
“Yes, but down there,” he said pointing at his crotch.
Claire shook her head no, “That’s sounds disgusting.”
“It’s not disgusting.  Men and women do that all the time for each other, they just don’t talk about it much.  Please Claire, I’m a man with needs, and you said you are too sore for the other way”
Claire had to think hard about this admitting to herself she didn’t really know what men and women did together always thinking a husband would teach her, and John was going to be her husband.  She finally said hesitantly, “I don’t know what to do.”
“I’ll teach you,” John said seeing the beginnings of her giving in.
“Will you wash it in the creek first?”

Claire began realizing she hadn’t really got a good look at it yet.  She briefly saw it when he rolled off her this morning.  It had seemed bigger than she expected for one on a man.  She knew what they looked like on a horse and a bull, but a man’s thing had to be much smaller.  He came back from the creek, and sat on the blankets.  He pulled her by the hand down to him and pushed her head towards it.  She was stunned seeing it move and grow in front of her eyes.  She couldn’t believe this thing had been inside her body this morning.  She wasn’t so sure the one’s on horses were really that much bigger.
“It’s so big John.  I don’t know how you expect it to fit.”
“Just open your mouth wide and use your hands on the base and work them up and down with your mouth,” and then he chuckled briefly thinking how surprised her mom was at his size too.
Claire didn’t know why this was funny to him.  She was scared.

His hand was on her neck now forcing her.   It touched her lips and she could smell his musky man scent.  She could tell she was getting a little aroused this close to the most handsome man she ever saw.  She reached out and gripped the base with both hands and moved them up and down like he said getting a feel for it.  He pushed on the back of her head, so reluctantly she opened her mouth wide taking the head of his large thing in feeling it slide past her lips and along her tongue.  He pushed hard on her head forcing more of it in her mouth.
“Use your lips and tongue on it Claire.  Suck and move your head up and down, and don’t let your teeth touch it.”
She tried to do what he said, and he kept offering instructions.  She didn’t like the way he kept telling her to grip it and suck on it and move her hands faster.  She was trying hard she kept thinking.  He had his hand in her hair and was roughly forcing her too.  That didn’t seem nice, but she wanted to please him and tried harder to follow his instructions.  His hips were moving up towards her face too.  Drool from her mouth began coating his thing making it slippery in her hands, so she was able slide her hands on it like her mouth was doing.  When she did that, she heard him give a grunt that seemed like he was enjoying it.  Working her mouth and hands up and down gripping it, she heard his breathing get deeper.  It seemed to be taking a really long time and her mouth was getting sore and tired.  She wondered when he would let her stop, and then he gripped her head really hard groaning, and his thing twitched in her mouth.  To her shock, she felt it squirting something thick and salty into her mouth and tried to pull back.  He held her while it convulsed again shooting more slimy fluid into her mouth.  Finally he let her head go, and she turned and spit what she could of it out to the side.

Spitting again and again she wiped her mouth with her arm, “What was that!”
Laughing he said, “Sorry honey, I should have warned you.  That’s normal.”
“It’s not funny.  I almost choked on that stuff, and I did swallow some!”
“It’s alright honey.  It won’t hurt swallowing it.  You should just go ahead and do that for now on.”
“For now on?  You will want me to do that again?”
“Well, yes,” he said looking at her with his head cocked to the side studying her face.
She didn’t say anything more and went to the creek for some water.
When she came back he asked, “Did it really taste that bad?”
“No, I just didn’t know that was going to happen.”
“That meant you did it good Claire.  Well as good as a girl could for her first time.”
The praise seemed to mollify her some, but he could tell she wasn’t happy about what he just made her do.

The following day Claire was able to ride easier the soreness seemed gone.  After dinner when she was getting into the blankets with him, she was still afraid of what he was going to do.  He kissed her gently his hand on her breast.  He began touching her like he did yesterday morning, and she felt herself starting to enjoy the feel of his hands and mouth on her.  When he began rubbing between her legs, she opened them wider moaning feeling herself getting wet.  She got scared when he got his body between her legs and shivered some in fear feeling him nuzzle his thing at her entrance getting it wet.  He pushed and she grunted at the immense feel of him entering her, but it didn’t hurt like yesterday morning.  Soon he was moving faster and faster inside her, and it started feeling really good the way his thing was rubbing against the little knob she peed out of.  She felt that thing inside her building again like when he used his mouth on her.  Without knowing it her legs had started scissoring around his body in rhythm to his thrusting into her, and her hands gripped his moving thighs.  She was breathing hard, and then very hard as her back arched up to him, and she began clawing at his back as waves of pleasure coursed through her body.  As it subsided and she quivered in aftershocks, she felt him pick up speed and then stiffen above her.  She felt his fluid enter her now understanding what had shot into her mouth.  She fell asleep in his arms knowing she could handle him now and no longer afraid.

From that point on she was eager for him in their blankets and tried to learn how to please him with her mouth too.  He licked between her legs a couple more times making her feel wonderful.  After several days of traveling he told her they would be at their destination tomorrow.  He positioned her on top of him which was different.  She lowered herself onto his thing and groaned with pleasure feeling it enter her.  He told her to move, and she braced herself and began moving on him feeling him sliding in and out of her.
“See, you really can ride astride,” he said looking into her eyes.
She giggled with pleasure and started moving faster.  When she collapsed shaking on top of him, he rolled her over and went for his finish.  She fell asleep with her head on his chest.

As they rode towards town the following morning, Claire could see it was as big as the county seat from home.  One of the buildings was the biggest by far she had ever seen even.  Even at this distance, she could see how big it was.  As they approached town, they dismounted.  Claire looked around the town as they led their horses down the street.  Many of the buildings seemed new and several were being built in this boom town.  She stared hard at the large building as they approached it.  It was three stories high and stretched for what looked like a hundred yards along the street, but was probably not quite that long.  Stopping in front of it, John tied the reins of both horses to the hitching post.  He took her hand and led her towards the front step saying, “Come on Claire.”
She looked up reading the large sign on the building, ‘The Glory Hole Hotel’.

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This is one of my favorite series that you have Jed, can't wait to read more!

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Tale 2:  Learning a Trade

“We’re going inside?” asked Claire in wonderment staring at the large ornate hotel.
“Yes, of course.  This is where my friend has a job for me,” answered John.
As they entered The Glory Hole Hotel, Claire looked with wonder at the luxury of the hotel lobby.  There was a crystal chandelier, fancy furnishings and mirrors and artwork on the wall.  To the side were doors leading to what she guessed was a saloon with loud noises coming from it including a piano playing.  It was still morning she thought wondering why the saloon was so active.  Two young girls in bright fancy dresses sat at a table.  Claire noticed they looked very tired, and drinking what she knew had to be whiskey be by the smell.  She was sure both girls were not much older than her, and she wondered what they were doing here sitting without their menfolk to accompany them, and they were drinking?

“Hello John,” stated a well-dressed man.
“Good morning Mr. Cooper,” responded John.
“This is my fiancé, Claire,” continued John.
“So pleased to meet you Claire,” the man said in a cultured voice looking her up and down with obvious approval.  She could tell he was staring at her breasts in the dress.
“Nice to meet you Mr. Cooper,” Claire managed.
“Please, call me Max dear,” the man said taking her hand and leaning down and kissing it.
“I’m not sure I should,” answered Claire slowly pulling her hand back uncomfortable with the man’s gaze and looking at John for guidance.
Turning his attention to John, the man handed him a key saying, “Take 17 on the quiet side.”

As they moved away from the front desk, Claire noticed one of the girls at the table was staring at both her and John and looked furious.  She was looking back and forth between them; and then staring at her again, the girl’s face softened, and she got a brief look of pity on her face.  The look of pity disappeared, and she whispered something to her friend.  The friend glanced over at Claire, and they both chuckled and whispered again.  Claire wondered what that was about as John led her away.
“You only got one room,” Claire said as John led her away towards some stairs.
“We’re not married yet.  We shouldn’t stay in the same room?”
“These boom towns can be more relaxed about such things,” John answered.
“But it doesn’t look right.”
“We were sleeping together on the trail, and a second room costs more money.”
“Oh yes, I suppose it does.”

They unpacked in the room, and again Clare was impressed with the fancy furnishings.  John sat on the bed and gestured for her to come over.  Claire recognized the look on his face and went to him.  He pulled on her arms and knowing what he wanted, she knelt in front of him and slowly opened his pants.  She had done this a few times by now on the trail, but she was still figuring out how best to please him.  She opened wide and took him in her mouth and used her hands too as her head moved.  She heaved every once in a while when taking him in deep.  After several minutes he erupted in her mouth, and she held it in her mouth looking for a place to spit.  She couldn’t bring herself to spit in the nice room, so remembering him saying it wouldn’t hurt her to swallow it, she swallowed a couple times getting it all down.  It wasn’t so bad she thought.  Afterwards, John went out and she stayed in the room.  There were some books on a shelf, so she began reading one.  A couple hours later John came back with a large box and gave it to her grinning.  She opened it, and saw two beautiful colorful new dresses inside.  She was so surprised.
“We’re going to dinner downstairs later, and I thought you needed a new dress,” John said looking pleased with himself.
“Oh John, how can we afford this?”
“Don’t worry.  I got the job working here in the hotel, and we’ll be fine.”

Claire put on one of her fancy new dresses, and John put on what she thought was the most gorgeous suit she ever saw.  He apparently went shopping for himself too.  They went arm in arm to the dining room of the hotel.  Sitting down and calling a waiter, John ordered for both of them saying words she didn’t know.  Claire never had food like this and asked, “What are we eating?”
“The food is French, Claire,” responded John.
“You speak French?” she asked.
“No not really, but I can order the food,” John said with a laugh.
“I can tell it’s beef, but what did you call it?”
“Chateaubriand with sauce béarnaise,” he said chewing on a piece of tenderloin.
“I didn’t know you knew so much,” she said impressed with John.
Dessert came and Claire asked, “And, what is this?”
“Crêpe Suzette,” he responded.
“What is the fruit?  It’s delicious.”
“It’s made with oranges,” he told her.
“They were brought by train and stage from California,” he continued.
They retired to their room after dinner, and he made love to her making her feel like the most special girl in the world.

The next day when John was off somewhere she got bored in the room and took a book to the lobby to read.  A beautiful girl with long curly blonde hair and blue eyes she hadn’t seen before was there.  She was a few inches shorter than her and wearing a dress similar to the one she was wearing.
“Hello, my name is Claire.”
The girl smiled and said, “I’m Mary.”
“Are you here with your husband?  You look even younger than me.  I’m not quite 17, and I’m here with my fiancé.”
“No Claire.  I work here.  And yes, I just turned 16, so you sound several months older than me.”
“Work here?  What do you do?”
“Whatever the men who pay for me tell me to do.”
“Oh,” offered an embarrassed Claire realizing what the girl was.  She got up and went back to the room.
Mary watched her go and shook her head sadly.

This day went much like the first, and she wondered what John did for his job since he seemed to be mostly paying attention to her, not that she felt like complaining about that.  He got her into bed early and they made love again.  He got up and got dressed telling her to stay in bed and not to put her clothes back on.  She was confused but did what he said.  Not long after, the door opened and a man she never saw before was standing there looking hungrily at her.
“Get out!  How did you get in here?” she demanded holding the covers up to her chin to hide her nudity.
The man dangled a key showing he had one to the room and began undressing.

“Get out!” she screamed.
The man ignored her screams and took hold of the blanket and yanked it hard pulling it away from her chin all the way to her knees.  A stunned Claire just sat there nude in front of the man.
“You got some nice titties girl.  I like em young like you,” he said shucking his longjohns until he too was nude.
Claire quickly covered her breasts with both hands and yelled, “John, help me!”
“That’s a nice little muff you got too,” he said looking at her crotch.
She moved one hand to cover her crotch and tried to cover both her breasts with a hand and arm still yelling, “John, please help me!”

Laughing the man grabbed both her ankles yanking her onto her back and then pulled her legs wide apart.  He crawled onto the bed between her legs as she screamed inarticulately flailing her fists at the man.
“I like em with a little fight,” he said seizing both her wrists and pinning them above her head in one hand.
She tried to kick at him, but he wedged her legs apart dropping between them.  She felt him fumbling around poking at her.  Her screams turned to sobbing as she begged him to stop.  He jerked his hips forward entering her.  She was struggling feebly now under his humping body.  He was mauling her breasts with his free hand while cruelly hammering away inside her.  She knew people must have heard her and couldn’t comprehend why no one came to help.  The man was a big and overweight and was crushing her, as he pumped his thing into her.  She could tell he wasn’t as big as John, but it still hurt.  The man grunted with effort and then some drool dropped from his mouth hitting her face joining her tears making it even wetter.  He huffed and puffed endlessly until finally he stiffened above her filling her with his hateful slimy seed.  She curled up in a ball on the bed sobbing while the man dressed and then left.

No one came to check on her, so after several minutes, she shaking terribly got up and wiped herself with a towel and slowly got dressed.  She went to the lobby seeing the man Max there.
“I was just raped in your hotel!”
“Naw, that was just Lem.  He likes trying the new girls,” Max said casually.
Stunned Claire’s mouth hung open for a couple seconds.  Collecting herself she said, “I demand to see the sheriff!”
“Lem is the sheriff here,” Max said with a grin continuing, “You want him to fuck you again?”

Claire swallowed hard staring at this horrible man.  She saw John walk in from the saloon and ran to him sobbing into his chest.
John spoke, “I have a confession to make Claire.  The person with the new job here isn’t me.  I’ve worked here for two years.  You’re the one with the new job here.”
“What are you saying?” she said in confusion looking around.
“The girls that work here are whores, and you’re the new one.  Trust me that it will be best if you just accept that,” John said.
Claire world was spinning and crashing.  It took her a few minutes to collect herself and say, “I’m going home.”
She started for the door hearing John say behind her, “Everyone in town knows you’re the new girl here.  Even if you could get out which you can’t, someone would just bring you back.”
Ignoring him she headed for the door, but two brutish ugly men each grabbed her arms and pulled her struggling back into the lobby.
Claire was crying and disoriented when John spoke again, “Claire just wait for the next customer who wants a girl and go with him and do what he asks.”
“You’ll be a natural at this.  Your mom was a great fuck.  Back at your homestead, she came out to the barn every night begging me to do her.”
John shook his head sadly, “No, I’m telling the truth.  Your mom loved my cock.”
Claire shook her head ‘no’ but was stunned to silence at his words.
Max spoke to the two large men, “Go ahead and take her downstairs.”
“John, help me please!”
“Seems too late for that now Claire,” John said indifferently.

Lenny and Chuck worked for Max in the capacity of bouncers you might say.  They provided muscle when needed, and the muscle was usually applied extremely violently.  They had a room off the storage area downstairs from the main floor where they slept.  The tasks they performed for Max lead up to and included the occasional murder.  They also handled some of the frequent problems with the girls.  A girl who got out of line would be given to Lenny and Chuck for an evening, morning and afternoon.  The men were true sadists in every sense.  They couldn’t scar the girls, as the customers wouldn’t like that, but the girls given to these men carried their scars on the inside.  A girl given to these men just once would be willing to perform whatever act a customer wanted no matter how disgusting, just to never be given to them again.

Lenny and Chuck dragged a struggling and screaming Claire to the stairs.
“NO!…..NO!….NO!......I WANT TO GO HOME!” Claire screamed her feet kicking in protest.
They took her struggling body feet dragging down the stairs bumping along and finally to a room lite by a kerosene lantern.  They pulled the clothes off her struggling and screaming body.  She was confused about why they were careful with the dress, until she remembered that John had bought it.  They grabbed and squeezed her breasts painfully hard pinching the nipples making her groan between screams for help.  Forcing her to her knees and then prostrate on the wooden floor, they tied her belly down, legs and arms spread wide to bolts in the floor there for just this purpose.  Claire had stopped screaming and was trying to fathom what was happening.  Turning her head she could see both men removing their leather belts.  They folded the belts over and leaning over her body she felt a stinging blow of the belt on her back, and she stared screaming again.  Then she was struck on the butt.  The men hit her arms and legs, striking her a new place every couple seconds while she screamed in pain.  Mercifully they stopped after several minutes, and she hoped they were done with her and she could go back upstairs.  She was suddenly considering doing what they wanted her to do and go with men.  Anything to avoid another beating.

Turning she could see the two men were stripping down, and she knew she was going to be raped again.  She felt one kneel down next to her.  He pulled her butt cheeks apart, and she squealed feeling him shove a finger inside her butt.
“Get the lard Lenny.  John didn’t open her up back here.  She’s mighty tight”
“From what I hear the girls say about John, she’d be dead if he did that,” laughed Lenny.
In a daze and quietly sobbing, Claire wondered what they were talking about.  They couldn’t be thinking of what it sounded like.  That was unnatural.  She felt one of them smearing something greasy between her butt cheeks, and she started thinking about how she used to think putting it in her mouth was unnatural until John made her do that.  Shaking her head in disbelief, she felt one of the men press something right on her butthole, rotating it smearing the grease around.  Pressure started building and she began screaming again feeling her tight hole painfully stretching open.  She screamed and screamed feeling a huge intrusion working its way into her bowels ripping and tearing into her.  She banged her head on the wood floor at the unbelievable pain slobbering a pool of saliva in front of her that began soaking her face.  The man began sawing in and out of her, and her screams got rhythmic with his thrusting.  She could feel splitters from the wood floor digging into her thighs.

Vaguely through the pain and between her screams Claire heard Max’s voice, “Gag her will you.  Some folks upstairs are getting alarmed.”
“Gag her with what boss?” said Chuck laughing.
“Yeah, you can use that,” responded Max joining their laughter.  “Just shut her up.”
“I like her screams, but OK boss,” said a grunting Lenny as he drilled into Claire’s ass.
A dirty rag was shoved into her mouth and tied in place.  Her ass felt like it was on fire.  The pain was incredible and just went on and on as he plunged deep in her bowels.  After what seemed like an eternity, Lenny eventually jerked on top of her, and she felt his fluid squirting in her rectum.  When he pulled out of her, she felt the strange sensation of air entering her gaping open insides.  She groaned and tried to scream through the gag feeling Chuck climbed on top of her.  He plunged deep in her ass, his cock sliding in with less resistance now that Lenny had opened her up.  The burning sensation continued as the second man began pounding into her.  The rag in her mouth was soaked when her drool and tears flowed down her cheeks.  Claire could feel herself wavering in and out of consciousness during the cruel rape of her ass until everything went dark.  She never felt the second deposit of semen in her rectum.

She woke sputtering as Chuck very slowly poured a large bucket of water directly on her face.
“Wakey, wakey, little girl. Time for more pain,” said Chuck.
Claire looked to either side realizing they had turned her over, and the gag was gone.  She was on her back nude with arms secured above her head and legs spread impossibly wide.  She expected to be raped again, but the men got out their leather belts raising them high.  She began screaming before the belts began their decent on her body.  They started at her lower legs and slowly worked their way up her body.  Her legs were hit several times and then her thighs.  The belts struck her hips and worked up her stomach.
“She’s got some fine tits.  Let’s watch them jiggle,” Lenny said giving her a smack right on her left breast.
The men began an unmerciful beating of her breasts as she tried to twist away from the belts.  They seemed to be aiming for her sensitive nipples.  Her screams had become horse and eventually barely audible as the beating continued.
They stopped and she heard one say, she wasn’t sure who, ”I’m hard and ready for her again.”
“Me too,” agreed the other.

She expected to be raped right there on the floor with her legs open so wide, but the men untied her arms and legs pulling her limp body upright.  Lenny she thought it was pulled her out of the room into the store room.  He threw her belly down on a wooden barrel at waist level.  Her hands were then tied behind her back.  When Lenny pulled her head up by her hair and aimed his thing at her face, Claire understood what he wanted and closed her mouth tight.
“Open up girl, and you suck me real good or else.  If I feel any teeth at all, I’ll call John down here with that huge cock of his, and he’ll fuck you in the ass until you bleed out and die.”
Claire shuddered at his words, and opened her mouth.  It wasn’t the idea of getting ripped apart in that way that terrified her.  She would gladly die at this point, but the idea of the man she thought she loved participating in her torture was more than she could take.

He was smaller than John, so her lips and mouth easily took him in as moved back and forth sliding along her tongue.  She retched at the repulsive taste wondering why it was so foul.  Her stomach churned remembering his thing had been in her butt.  She tried to spit the taste out around the thing in her mouth, but he didn’t give her a chance forcing it back in.  He gripped her hair hard and began humping her mouth going deeper than John had making her gag and heave horribly when it touched the back of her throat and then pushed.  Her body jerked violently, and she began vomiting around his thing until he pulled it from her mouth.  She vomited again emptying the contents of her stomach on the floor.  Spitting at the acid taste of bile in her mouth.

Lenny left giving her a very brief rest.  He returned making her drink some water.
“Swish it around your mouth and clean it out.”
She obeyed the man cleaning her mouth and drinking some of it.  When he positioned it in front of her mouth again she begged, “Let me use my hands please.  Untie them, and I can make it good.  I just can’t take it that far in my mouth.”
He pushed into her mouth again saying, “Naw, I just wanna feel your warm wet mouth bitch, not your hands.  We’ll teach you to take it deep.”
True to his word the man shove it even further into her mouth than before making her gurgle and choke in agony.  He pushed it to the back of her throat and beyond.  She could feel her throat convulsing on it not knowing that was adding to his pleasure.  She kept retching over and over as he plunged ever deeper into her mouth rubbing her throat raw.  This lasted for agonizing minutes until she felt it jerk deep in her mouth filling it with his viscous nasty seed.  She had to swallow desperately to clear her throat trying breathe.

The man withdrew allowing her to gasp for breath.  Her lungs took in air over and over until she settled now breathing normally.  Her respite was not for long, as Chuck stood in front of her now bumping her lips with his thing.
“Time to swallow my cock now,” the man said laughing.
“Uuuuughhhhhhh,” she managed as his thing still coated with her waste was forced in her mouth.  He immediately shoved just as deep as Lenny making her retch at the taste and choke as it entered her throat.  He roughly used her mouth for many minutes making her heave.  Her throat felt raw and bruised each time he forced it deep.  She couldn’t do anything at this point but try and breathe on his outstroke before he shoved deep into her throat again.  It went on and on until he finally began shooting his foul slimy seed into her mouth.  His hands gripped her face until he felt her swallow.

The men tied her back on the floor legs spread wide again.  She was barely conscious when she saw them lie down a separate cots to sleep.  She didn’t know, but it was well past 4AM.  She woke a couple hours later crying out in pain as one of the men roughly entered her dry unresponsive private place and began raping her on the floor.  Her only thought as he pounded her body was that at least it was the normal way.  He filled her with his nasty fluid and went back to his cot.  She barely got back to sleep, when the other one gripped her thighs and entered her repeating the act of his cohort.  At least it hurt a little less, as his entry was lubricated by the fluid of the previous one.  He finished and went to sleep.  Eventually she passed out.

The men began beating her again with their belts to wake her around 11AM, follow by ramming between her legs for more rape.  Not much later, she was forced again to use her mouth on them trying desperately to make it go quickly.  At some point in the afternoon they gave her a piece of stale bread and famished she ate it.  Their seed being the only thing she had in her stomach in many hours.  When they tied her belly down again, she begged them to use her the normal way, but they pounded her aching butt one after the other until it felt so raw, used and gaping open.  She was sure that she was permanently damaged back there feeling the second one filling her butt with his seed.  In the late afternoon the men poured buckets of water on her to clean her up, and then they pulled just the dress over her head without her underclothes.  Some man she never saw before came and got her leading her stumbling up the stairs.

It was a shattered Claire that was brought before Max.    He gestured for her to come closer, and with a terrified look she painfully approached him walking unsteady.  Max took hold of her arm and began tugging her until she was on her knees in front of him.  He took hold of her dark brown hair and forced her face near his crotch.  She knew what he wanted and was too afraid to refuse.  She worked her aching jaws swallowing hard and with trembling hands, she reach over and began fumbling with the buttons on his pants.  After getting them open, her shaking hand reached in and found it pulling it out seeing it getting hard.  She glanced around as if looking for a way to escape, but Max grunted in anger and pushed her head closer to it.  In a combination of terror and resignation, she opened her extremely sore mouth wide taking it inside and began moving her head.  Her lips and tongue were so tired from working on the men downstairs, she could barely suck on it.  Max slipped his hand in the neck of her dress and squeezed a very sore breast making her groan in pain around his cock.
Max sighed and said “You really aren’t very good at this.  Maybe a week with Lenny and Chuck will help you get better?”
A horrified Claire moaned in terror and began moving her head faster sucking strongly on it trying to work more of it into her mouth heaving each time it touched the back of her throat.  She used her exhausted tongue and gripped it hard with her hurting lips feeling the man gripping her hair forcing her.  He pushed it deeper, and she felt it entering her throat making her gag horribly yet again.  It took a few minutes, but then he seemed to be breathing harder, so she did her best to finish him off moving her head up and down even faster.  He groaned and then his slimy salty fluid began pouring into her mouth.  She held it there for a couple seconds wanting to spit it out, but in terror just swallowed it.

There was a knock on the door, and Max buttoning his pants said, “Yeah, come in.”
The door opened and the same man that brought her to Max looked in and asked, “Boss, we got more customers than girls right now, she ready to work?”
“Yeah, she can work some tonight, but only three customers.  Lenny and Chuck did a number on her.  She’ll be good tomorrow night for as many as needed.”
A completely defeated Claire let the man lead her away and to one of the rooms.  When a short fat man came in and began undressing, the man who brought her said, “Show him your cunny stupid.”
She lay down on the bed and pulled her dress up for him revealing she had nothing underneath.  He was on top of her in an instant, and luckily for her he was mercifully quick and was soon gone.  The next man that showed up wanted her naked, so she slowly and painfully pulled her dress over her head.
“Damn girl, looks like you were really bad and needed some encouragement,” he said laughing cruelly looking at the welts all over her body.  He didn’t finish fast like the other one, and it hurt as she lay under him getting pounded, the welts and bruises on her body hurting so bad rubbing on the bed, she thought she might pass out.  While the third one was humping her, she did pass out, but he didn’t care finishing and then leaving.  Claire was unconscious when Mary came in, cleaned her up some, pushed her legs together and pulled the blanket over her.

The following day, evening and early morning, Claire serviced nine customers without any resistance and in complete surrender to her circumstances.  She did her best to please them, especially the two that wanted her mouth, terrified they would tell Max she wasn’t any good at it.  As dawn approached she sat with Mary quietly until saying in a weak voice, “I’m not going to make it Mary.  I can’t handle these men.”
“You handled that horse cock of John’s.  They don’t come bigger than him,” Mary replied.
“How do you know about John?” Claire asked blushing at Mary’s words.
Mary just gave her a wry smile.
“Oh,” managed Claire before pausing and asking, “Did John bring you here too?”
“No, but he did bring at least three other girls here besides you.”
“How long have you been here?”
“I’ve been here since February, so about 8 months now.”
“You were only 15 and a half?” Claire asked remembering Mary said she just turned 16.
“How did you get here Mary?”
Mary got a distant look on her face and paused for a while before finally answering, “I’m here to pay for the sins of my father.”

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EXTRA WARNING:  Some of the events in this tale are more violent than most of my writing, but in my opinion still fall short of needing to go in the Extreme section.  This tale includes descriptions of people being killed, however these events are no worse than many or most R rated movies.

Tale 3:  Sins of the Father

Tied to the support beam of the cabin, Sam could only scream hoarsely with his raw throat at the intruders and watch.  His wife was also screaming lying under one of the men as he raped her.  His 15 year old daughter was only whimpering now, as the buttocks of the one on top of her whipped into her faster and faster until the man jerked and gasped finishing.  The curly blond haired man got off his abused daughter only to be replaced by one of the other thugs as another round of rape began with his little girl.  His 12 year old son tied to the stove pulled at his bounds and yelled at them to stop, but this had been going on all evening.  The curly blond man looked at his son and reached for his Colt Dragoon cocking it.  Sam began begging him not to do it, but screamed again as the man fired.  The ball from the Dragoon entered his son’s left eye.  The boy’s head flung back and his body went limp and lifeless.  Sam could see the gaping wound in what was left of his son’s face.

Sam woke gasping from the nightmare in the intense Rocky Mountain winter cold.  It had been 23 years since four men attacked his family, but he had a nightmare about it every night.  He was sleeping under an evergreen tree, one of the last ones as you climbed this mountain.  He had burrowed into the snow piled around it finding an air pocket under the lower branches and shelter from the wind.   What could barely be called a mountain pass was above him.  He gathered a little snow in his mouth making sure to melt it completely before swallowing, and he ate some jerked elk.  From what people told him in the town below, you get through a pass up here to another Montana town on the other side but only in summer.  A Crow warrior he hunted with many years ago taught him to make snowshoes, and he put those he made on to continue the long trek up the mountain and over.

The snowshoes gliding across the top of the deep snow keeping him from sinking in, as he trudged along thinking about his quest these past 23 years and the reason for it.  The four men had showed up on his Minnesota homestead leading his boy with a gun to his head.  He had hoped they would be satisfied with simple robbery and be on their way.  He allowed himself to be tied up without a struggle not willing to risk his son’s life.  They tied his son to the stove.  Once the males were secure, the four men fell upon his wife and daughter ripping and tearing at their clothes while they screamed, and he and his boy yelled at them to stop.  His small brown haired 15 year old daughter was taken first by the curly blond haired leader, while one of the others raped his wife.  He could still hear their screams, his daughter’s virginity torn from her.  They stayed all day through the evening, night, and into the next morning and afternoon.  Each of the four men raped his wife at least once, a couple did it twice, but he lost count of the attacks on his young daughter.  One or two of them must have raped her three times and one or two as maybe as many as five times in a 24 hour period.  He shook his head trying to get the images to go away.

The visibility became poor as the light snow abruptly changed to a blizzard, but he could tell uphill from down and knew this ravine was supposed to lead to the pass.  Eventually he could tell the ground was leveling off, and the already heavy wind swirling in all directions got worse.  He had to be very careful he didn’t get turned around and start down the same way he came up.  He was sure he hadn’t, but only time would tell.  The blizzard lightened up and he could see down into the valley.  It would be a couple more days before he would get to the town.  He had high hopes his 23 year quest would be over soon, and he could finally rest.

Settling in for the night under another evergreen tree, he couldn’t drive away the horrific images in his mind as he tried to sleep and then finally did as the usual nightmares commenced.  His wife was curled up in a ball no longer sobbing as she had gone beyond being able to.  His daughter lay nude on her back legs widely spread with a puddle of the multiple rapist’s foul seed mixed with her blood between them.  She was barely conscious and didn’t even have the strength to close her legs.  The same curly blond that killed his son in the night pulled his dragoon and aimed it at his wife firing.  He could only manage a sorrowful moan seeing the hole in her back spilling blood as she twitched a few times before going limp in death.
The curly blond asked the others, “Anyone want another go at the girl?”
Seeing no one did, he cocked the revolver and fired into her chest.  His girl finally did move then coughing up blood for two or three minutes before dying, while the men watched and laughed.  He stared hard at all four men as they aimed four pistols at him and fired in near unison.

He woke before dawn and began getting ready for the last long snowshoe walk to the town.  He figured if he got moving now before first light, he would make it sometime after dark.  He didn’t die that day in his homestead in Minnesota smack dab in the middle of the 19th century just under a decade before the country had a war with itself.  When the cloud of gun smoke from the black powder cleared, the four murdering rapists saw the large man covered in his own blood from his flung back head to his groin, and satisfied they left.  One ball grazed the side of his head digging a furrow along the right side of his skull.  Two balls entered his left shoulder, and the last ball dug in his side near his groin.  He bleed for a day until a neighbor stopped by finding him barely conscious in the slaughterhouse his home had become.  Some neighbors and other friends tracked the men into North Dakota until losing them.

It took him nearly two months to heal well enough to begin his own pursuit, the image of their faces burned in his memory.  He gave the homestead to his wife’s younger brother not asking for a cent.  He found a man in North Dakota that remembered them.  He spent two years in North Dakota, Saskatchewan, and South Dakota before catching up with two of them in town in South Dakota.  He walked towards them as they got off their horses at a livery stable to have them cared for while in town.  They didn’t see him until he was close and had both revolvers drawn.  He began firing as they pulled their guns.  He didn’t stop firing until his revolvers were empty.  He handed his guns to the livery station owner and waited for the sheriff.  He told the sheriff his story using his scars as evidence.  Several townsfolk offered their condolences and even thanked him for getting rid of that scum that entered their town.

The third one took 7 years from the time of his family’s murder to find.  He was in a small town in Kansas when he shot him in front of a general store.  The few people in the town just nodded accepting his story, but really they were just terrified of the huge scarred man that brought violence to their town.  It was the ringleader that had eluded him for so long.  The man had a name of Roger Johnson he had found out not long into looking for him.  There were clues and hints that he had settled down and got married about 16-17 years ago, and seemed to have moved a couple times possibly moving west each time always on the edge of the frontier.  He had thought a man with such distinctive curly blond hair would be the easiest to find, but he must have hidden himself away someplace and stayed quiet each time he moved.  It was in a remote Montana town, that someone told him about a curly blond haired man that had settled nearby about 3-4 years ago by the man’s recollection after most of the Indian troubles were over.  The time frame seemed right, and he had no other clues.  Despite the weather and mountain between him and this man, he set off to find out if he was the one.

The three men looked over annoyed as the door opened sending a chill through the saloon.  They were huddled near the fire noting the great bear of a man that came through the door looking to be in his early 60’s with flowing grey hair under a fur hat.  His full grey beard was covered in frost as he trudged into the room, shutting the door behind him and shaking snow from the elk hide wrapped around him.
“Mind if I get a place by the fire for a spell?  I’m mighty cold.”
Two men appearing to be in their 30’s nodded and moved aside some, but a younger big man in his 20’s just stared at him saying, “Where’d you come from old-timer?’
“I came through the pass from Riley.”
“You’re a liar, can’t get no horse through that pass accepting in summer.”
“I never said I had a horse, and you should watch who you call a liar,” said Sam approaching the group.
“Leave him be Luke.  Cain’t you see he’s traveled some,” said one of the older men.
“Shut up Frank,” sneered Luke.
The man named Luke intentionally blocked the area in front of the fire glaring at the old man as he got close.  He never saw the meaty fist that whipped out from under the elk hide catching him in the jaw.  Luke’s head flung back smacking into the stone fireplace, and then he fell forward on the floor unconscious with a loud thump.
“There’s seems to be room by the fire now,” noted the old man.
“He’s had that coming for a long time,” said the man who hadn’t spoken yet.
Frank laughed looking down at Luke, “You got dat right Bill.  Ah espect dis hangover will be worser than he’s use to.”

Sam warmed himself eventually shucking the elk hide and fur hat and ordered a whiskey from the saloon owner who seemed pleased with the events looking down with disdain at Luke who gave out a low moan once in a while but otherwise didn’t move.  Frank noted a long scar on the side of the old man’s head beginning near the temple and could tell this man had seen and done many things in his life and was still alive.  Luke was lucky to be alive he thought.  The old man chatted with the Frank, Bill and the saloon owner about the particularly harsh winters the last couple years finally asking in a casual voice, “I knew a man I heard settled around here.  Fellow about 6 foot with curly blond hair and would be just over 40 now.”
“That sounds like Pastor Williams,” offered Frank.
“A pastor you say?” Sam said and started thinking about how no wonder the curly blond had been hard to find.
Frank and Bill took an incoherent Luke with them to help him to the boarding house he was staying at, and then went home to their families.  The saloon owner offered the floor in front of the fire to Sam, who thanked him and settled in for the night.

Pastor Jethro Williams looked out at the bright shining faces of his congregation with pride.  The past year had been very hard on him with his wife’s passing, but at least his daughter was solace to his heart sitting in the front with her long curly blond hair tied back behind her head and her blue eyes beaming at him.  She took good care of the cabin, since pneumonia had taken his wife last winter.  This Montana winter seemed even colder.  He noted the widow Thompson looking at him too.  She lost her husband in the same sickness that took his wife.  He was thinking after another month of grieving he might call on her, as she was a handsome women just a couple years younger than himself.  He said a silent prayer thankful for his salvation from the wickedness of his youth.  He knew God forgave him for his past.

Speaking to the congregation and seeing them all looking intently at him, Pastor Williams scanned the crowd.  He noticed a couple of the young men weren’t looking at him and followed their gaze.  They were looking at his young daughter sitting in the front row.  He saw that all three men ages probably 17 to 21 had sat to the side in such a way as to get the best view of her.  He realized she wasn’t a little girl anymore suddenly noticing how her dress pushed out in front.  Still speaking to the congregation, his brow knit in agitation at the male attention to his daughter.  After the service he drove them both on the frozen road to their cabin well outside town.

It was a cold night blustery evening, and both pastor Williams and his young daughter looked up in surprise as the door to their cabin burst open.  There was a huge ghostly apparition of a man standing in the doorway snow swirling around him.  He was pointing a Henry rifle at her papa as he strode into the room.  He was old in his 60’s, hairy and covered in hides.  He stared hard at her father for a long time before grinning and saying, “It is you.  After all these years, it is you.”
“Who?  Who do you think I am?” asked her papa.
Seeming to notice her for the first time, the man shucked a coil of rope from his shoulder and tossed it to her saying, “Tie up your father to the post.”
She just stared at the rope not moving, but then the man cocked the Henry saying louder, “Move girl or I’ll put a bullet in him!”
Turning to her papa, he ordered, “Sit against that post and put your hands behind it, so she can tie you up.”
Her papa obeyed the man after the rifle swung towards her.  She tied him as the man ordered with her hands shaking.  After she finished, the man came around and made the knots tighter even adding a few more knots.
“You tied me up like this once.  Do you remember?”

“Who do you think I am, and what do you want?” asked her father again.
Ignoring him the man asked her, “How old are you girl?”
“Ah….I turned 15 four months ago in early September.”
“Now ain’t that a coincidence?” said the man staring at her father continuing, “I had a daughter once who was 15.  She never got any older.”
She didn’t know what that meant, but she didn’t like the way he said it.
“She was pretty too like you,” he said looking at her in a way that made her shudder.
“What’s your name girl?”
“Her name is Mary after our Savior’s virgin mother,” her papa answered for her.
“Virgin huh?” the man said laughing.

The temperature in the cabin was a lot warmer than outside, but it was still cold enough to have several layers on inside.
“Build that fire up girl.  You’re gonna want it warm in here,” the fierce old man said to her.
They didn’t usually build the fire up too much, so the wood would last all winter, but terrified she moved to do what he said.  The fire started licking around the fresh logs.

“What do I want?” the old man repeated her father’s words, and then said, “I came here to see if you were him, and you are.  I came here to kill you.”
Mary sobbed saying, “Please mister, my papa didn’t do whatever you think he did.  Please don’t hurt him.”
Turning to the girl, he continued, “But I think I’ve got a new plan, if you want your daddy to live?”
“Sir, I don’t know what you want, but you can take any money we have, just don’t hurt my daughter.  She is all I have.”
“You took everything I had,” answered the old man.
“Who are you?” her papa asked again in wonder.

“It has been many years, 23 to be exact, but I know you remember a certain homestead in Minnesota and my wife, my 12 year old son and 15 year old daughter?”
Mary saw her father’s eyes get wide.  He stared hard at the old man until finally yelling, “You’re dead!”
“No, you left me for dead,” he answered turning his head showing the scar along his temple.
“The three others that were with you are dead.  I killed them,” he continued.
“What happened papa?” she asked knowing that something did happen.
“Your daddy and his friends raped my daughter and wife many times.  He personally killed my 12 year old son shooting him in the eye.  When they finished with their rapes, your daddy shot and killed both my wife and daughter.”
“You’re a liar.  My papa is a man of God!” she shouted.

Her father was quiet for a while then said, “I was wicked in my youth, but the Lord saved me and has forgiven my sins.  Can’t you forgive my sins too?”
She knew it was true then, and felt like everything she knew had turned upside down.  Had her father really done these horrible things the man was saying he did?
The man took a strip of cloth and gagged her papa saying, “I don’t want him yelling, but I do want him watching.”
He dropped the elk hide from his shoulders and began pulling furs off himself as the cabin warmed from the fire which had become a roaring blaze.

“Do you want your daddy to live girl?”
“Yes please, mister.  He’s sorry for what he did.”
“To save his life, are you willing to pay for his sins?”
“I don’t understand?” she asked.
“We’re going to do this one of two ways.  You do want I tell you, and I’ll leave him alive when we leave.  You fight me, and I’ll kill your father and still do what I want to you and take you with me anyway.”
“I don’t understand.  What do you want me to do?” she asked shaking in fear.
“You’re going to be a whore, either willing or not.  If you are unwilling, your daddy dies.  Now get those clothes off girl”
Her papa struggled in his bonds and tried to scream through his gag.

Mary just stood there stunned with tears rolling down her cheeks looking at the horrid grinning devil of a man.  He paused in removing his furs and buckskins and pointed the rifle at her father cocking it again.  She sobbed and pulled her shawl off.  She slowly while emitting choking sobs began the slow process of undressing.  Each time she hesitated in undressing, he raised the rifle aiming at papa’s head.  The man had continued to remove his leather shirt baring his hairy chest and then his boots.  He only had buckskin pants on when she got to her undergarments, and he gestured for her to continue.  Shaking violently now, she took her upper undergarments off feeling the cold air on her front contrasting starkly with the fire behind her too hot on her back.  Covering her chest with a hand and arm feeling her nipples harden from the cold, she slowly pushed her lower undergarment down with her other hand working it off her recently flared out hips.  Soon it crumped on the wood floor at her feet leaving her completely naked and she covered her bare crotch from the man’s gaze.  The fire was hot on her naked bottom.

He walked up to her staring down from well over a foot taller than her and reached out knocking her am away from her chest.  He cupped both her growing breasts with massive calloused hands and began kneading them asking, “Am I the first man to feel you up girl?”
She only responded with a choking sob feeling the man’s thumbs rubbing both her nipples.
“You’re a tiny thing.  I bet you don’t even weigh a 100 pounds, but these titties feel like a woman’s.”
Releasing one of her breasts, he moved a hand down her back until gripped a butt cheek hard holding her in place.  His other rough hand scraped its way down her belly.  She couldn’t help herself despite what he said about fighting him and began struggling in his grip as his fingers reached her crotch.
“That’s a nice curly golden bush you got there girl.  Men lust after gold, but wait til they see your gold.”
His hand forced her thighs apart, and she could feel one of his fingers pushing between her legs and rubbing in her most private place.  She moaned in misery feeling so dirty with the man’s finger rubbing her lips down there.  He wormed his finger just a little inside her holding her in place making her struggles futile.  His finger pushed further until she could feel something blocking it, and he said, “Well girl, it seems you are a virgin.  We’ll remedy that shortly.  I’ll be the first inside here, but once I get you to the whorehouse, there will be so many men inside this little honey hole of yours, you’ll lose count by the second day.”
She heard her father groan at the words.

His finger slowly withdrew from her body, and he released her undoing the belt holding his pants up.   She took the opportunity to try and run, but he paused in undoing his belt catching her by her long curly blond hair dragging her screaming back.  His hand slapped her face so hard, she was momentarily stunned.  He then punched her in the stomach causing her breath to whoosh out and she fell on her butt landing on her pile of clothes.  His pants dropped to his ankles, and he pushed his long johns down stepping out of them revealing his dirty nude body.  Gasping, she tried to scream again as he knelt and pushed her back so hard her head hit the floor.  His rough hands gripped her ankles yanking her legs impossibly wide apart.  She could see her father trying to scream though the gag.  He flopped on top of her, and the weight of his body held her down his hairy chest rubbing her face.

She heard him spit and felt him rub the spit between her legs.  He spit twice more rubbing her down there.  He moved forward, and she felt something bigger than his finger pushing at her, working its way just inside her stretching her painfully open.  He suddenly jerked his hips forward, and she screamed feeling something rip inside her.  With a series of hard thrusts he penetrated her body deeper each time his hips slammed forward.  She tried to beat at him with her fists, but he ignore her jamming hard tearing her insides.  It hurt unbelievably bad lying under him rooting inside her.  She flung her head and curly blond hair around and beat her arms on the floor in complete disbelief, misery and agony at the wretched act being perpetrated on her body.

Eventually she stopped thrashing about and just lay there whimpering only moving because of the man’s thrusting into her.  Her face was soaked in tears, and although she had stopped screaming, she could hear low moans coming from her own mouth in rhythm with his movements.  Turning her head, she could see her father watching tears streaming from his eyes shaking his head and groaning continuously.  The man’s hips got more insistent ramming into her making her cry out in pain again.  He stiffened above her with a few last thrusts, and she felt something spurting inside her.  Knowing it was the man’s filthy seed, she felt sick at the thought of it inside her.  Panting on top of her he lifted up some and pinched her cheek, “Yep, you’re one nice fuck little girl.  You’ll make a great whore.”
With a sickening squishy sound, he pulled his thing from her body and knelt up still between her legs.  She looked up at the weapon he used on her.  In horror she could see it was streaked with her blood.  She could feel his nasty fluid leaking from her body.  He took her undergarment from the floor yanking it out from under her butt and wiped at his thing cleaning it some before tossing the clothing aside. 

The rape done she curled in a tight whimpering ball and tried to will the act away.  Shaking and sobbing with eyes closed tight, she tried to pretend it was just a bad dream and didn’t really happen.  She could hear the man moving about.  When she opened her eyes, she saw him eating a big hunk of some of the bread she had made that morning watching her.  He chewed noisily until the bread was finished.  She uncurled a little laying on her side looking around and at him in bewilderment.  Swallowing some water he finally spoke staring at her, “Well now that I made you a woman, it’s time to start teaching you how to be a whore.”

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Tale 4:  Making Mary a Whore

She didn’t know what he meant by teaching her to be a whore.  What more could he possibly do to that he didn’t just do?  She started shivering from the cold without noticing as the fire died down.  Her eyes followed the man as he strode towards her.  He hadn’t bothered to put any clothes back on and seemed oblivious to his own nudity.  Suddenly conscious of her own naked status she shuddered as he walked past her and threw a few logs on the fire.  As he turned, he reached down and grabbed a handful of her curly blonde hair and pulled her struggling feebly to her feet.  He dragged her over to a chair, and he sat forcing her to her knees in front of him.

With a firm grip on her hair, he forced her face close to his thing.  She couldn’t help but stare at the huge flesh jutting from his body knowing it had just been inside her.  It seemed to twitch on its own and increase slightly in size just inches from her nose as if a separate creature from the man.  He forced her to look up at him as he spoke, “Yer gonna put that in your mouth and suck on it.  If you don’t do it good, or if I feel teeth, yer papa is dead.”
Mary swallowed hard unable to fathom what the man wanted from her.  Surely he wasn’t suggesting she put his thing in her mouth.  Still gripping her hair painfully, he pulled her face closer until it bumped her lips.  She wrinkled her face in disgust and tried unsuccessfully to turn away.

“Open yer mouth girl.  It’s going in.”
With a faint head shake of ‘no’, she clinched her lips shut tight.  His hand not tightly holding her hair appeared in front of her face, and without warning he pinched her nose shut.  Surprised at the sudden loss off of air, she opened her mouth to breath.  He yanked her head towards him, and with a gurgling sound his thing was forced far into her mouth.  She pushed at his thighs futilely tasting his putrid flesh, but he pulled her face even closer making her heave and choke when she felt it touch the back of her throat.  He reached down picking up the Henry rifle once more pointing it at her papa’s head.  Even with her mouth stuffed full of his thing, she could still turn her eyes and see her papa’s agonized face.  The man cocked the rifle yet again and said, “Start sucking on it with yer lips and tongue whore, or I put a bullet in his head.”

She gave a choking sob around the vile thing in her mouth, but then forced her tongue to swirl around it, as he began moving her head up and down.  He gave her directions, and she tried to follow them gripping with her lips and keeping her teeth off it.  She began moving her head on her own and felt relief when he uncocked the rifle and set it down.  He had both hands in her hair now guiding her movements as she sucked strongly on it.
“That’s it whore,” the man said with a groan.
Terrified, Mary continued the nasty act heaving nearly every time he pushed it deep in her mouth.  Each time she slowed her tongue, he yelled at her to suck harder.  The act seemed to go on and on, and her mouth was getting extremely tired, and her jaw began to ache.  She could hear him breathing harder, and then he yanked her head down on it with the loudest groan yet.  She felt it jerk in her mouth, and then a salty slimy fluid began squirting against the back of her throat.  In complete surprise she swallowed instinctively to keep from choking as it squirted again.  There was still some of it in her mouth, and she wanted to spit.  Anticipating her, the man yelled at her to swallow it all.  Her stomach churning with nausea, and she swallowed twice just before his thing slowly slipped from between her lips.  She heaved a few times but somehow kept down the bile rising from her stomach.

He pat her on the head saying, “You weren’t too bad for the first time whore, but don’t worry.  You’ll get lots of practice at that.”
She lowered her head in shame feeling so wretched and miserable.
“Well, time for some sleep.  We got a long journey ahead of us tomorrow.  Say goodnight to yer pappy.”
Mary looked over at her father’s face awash in tears as the man led her naked to her parent’s bed.

Mary woke to the man fondling her breasts.  Her hands were tied above her head to the wooden head board.  He crawled on top of her as she tried to twist out from under him.  He slapped her so hard her teeth rattled yelling, “You’re a whore now!  This is what yer for!”
He wouldn’t be denied his knees forcing her legs wide open.  He spit in his hand and moved it down rubbing it on her extremely sore private place.  She turned her head in pain and disgust, as he worked a finger inside her.  Soon he was poking at her with something bigger, and then for the second time in her young life the horrible man thrust deep inside her, as her mouth opened to scream.

Pastor Williams had been up most of the night listening to his daughter’s faint sobs and the man’s snoring in his bed.  It seemed like he had just fallen asleep, when her screams wakened him.  Soon her screams were joined by the sounds of his bed that he and his wife had slept in slamming against the wall.  The man was raping his daughter again so hard the bed hitting the wall was shaking the whole cabin including the post he was tied to.  He had to listen to the horrible sounds for several agonizing minutes.  Eventually he heard the man groan, and then just his daughter sobbing in despair.

Raising his eyes, he saw his daughter in a dress and her boots hands tied behind her back being led by a rope around her neck.  The man leaned down and said, “Before you consider telling whoever finds you what I look like, just remember I’ll tell anyone who might catch up to us about what you did to my family.  I’ll use my scars as proof, and we’ll stand at the gallows together and join the devil in hell at the same time.”
Mary screamed seeing the man raise his rifle and fire.  Her father screamed as his right knee exploded in blood and bone.
“You said you wouldn’t hurt him, if I did what you wanted!”
“I said I wouldn’t kill him.  If he decides to come after me when he heals, he’s going to be limping really bad and slow.”

They left the cabin with her bound hand and foot and laid across the saddle of her father’s horse like a sack of flour leading her father’s mule with a pack of trail items.  The nightmarish trek ended every evening with the terrifying horrible old man shoving her dress up, forcing her legs apart with huge hands and thrusting into her pushing her insides in when he hit bottom.  Every time it lasted for what seemed like an eternity followed by filling her with that hateful slimy wetness.  Each time she fought him screaming for God and her papa to save her.  He beat her yelling she was a whore and needed to learn to be a whore.  Mornings were the same, except he often forced her mouth on his thing.  Forcing it so far in her mouth she gagged wretchedly around his flesh.  This took so long it made her jaw ache until he finally finished forcing her to choke down his nasty slimy seed.

Just over a week after leaving her home, Mary sat shivering by a tiny fire that gave off so little warmth with the big hulking man next to her.  The only clothes she had were a thin dress and her boots, so she had a blanket wrapped around her, but it was not enough.  She felt so miserable, hurt and broken, she was sure she wouldn’t live much longer.  To her surprise the man started speaking in a different tone of voice than she had heard before.  He began telling the story of his wife, daughter and son, and what her father and the other men did.  He seemed to be speaking to the trees out in the gloom and not her.  She listened horrified at the acts committed on the man’s family by her father.  The story went on for at least an hour, and then he paused and said, “I had a nightmare about that every night for 23 years.”
For the first time since he started speaking, he looked to the side and down at her saying, “The nightmares stopped when I started fucking you.”

Not long after he got under the combination of blankets, hides and furs that was the bed to sleep, and for the first time since she had been stolen from her home, she got in with him without being forced.  The usual happened as he fondled her breasts as a prelude to what would happen next.  She felt him shift, and knowing he was about to get on top of her, she spread her legs wide and pulled her dress up.  He grunted in surprise and said, “Now you’re behaving like the whore that you are, spreading yourself proper.”
He lowered himself between her legs, and she winced as he forced himself inside her.  It still hurt when he entered her but not as bad as the first time or the few times after that.
He spoke again while moving inside her slowly, “Wrap your legs around me.”
She complied putting her legs around him as he rooted inside her.
“Lift up when I push inside you whore.”
She started moving under him obediently, but never feeling so dirty as now cooperating with her rape.
“You don’t have to like it to be a good whore, but you do have to act like you like it.”
She continued to lift to each of his thrusts until he rammed in her faster and faster, and then she felt his foul fluid enter her body for what was now a countless time.

In the morning she woke curled in a tight ball on his chest.  She often woke huddled against her rapist’s body trying to get warmer.  He was stirring too, and then she felt his hands on her shoulders pressing, and knowing what he wanted she moved her head under the hides.  Without being forced she took it in her mouth and sucked as best she could on it.  She knew he liked when she tried to take all of it in her mouth and made herself choke and heave trying to get more of it in.  It didn’t take long before he grabbed her head and the now very familiar slimy salty liquid spurted in her mouth.  She noticed from that point on that he took less time to finish with her mouth when she tried harder.

The days and evenings rolled by and again as the sun set, she crawled into the loose pile that was their bed without any resistance.  All resistance was gone in her these last few days.  She did whatever he asked, and he didn’t beat her anymore.  The man was on his back and pulled her onto his chest, but he didn’t push her head down to it even though she could feel it pressing against her inner thigh through the thin material of her dress.  She was confused as he usually got on top of her in the evening, but then he spoke, “Some men like a whore to ride him like a horse.”
“What?” she responded.
“Get my cock inside you whore and ride me.”

Mary suddenly understood what he wanted.  She had stopped resisting and even opened her legs for him and moved under him when he ordered her to, but her actions had always been somewhat passive. Now he wanted her to do it all.  She pulled her dress up until she could feel it poking against her bare crotch, and then spit on her fingers rubbing it between her legs to make it easier.  She repeated the spitting twice more before reaching back and grasping it.  She positioned it at her private place and settled her body on it feeling it slowly penetrate her.  She had thought she had cried herself out about what the man did to her day after day, but fresh tears rolled down her cheeks as she began moving up and down on him feeling his flesh pushing deep inside her.

“Faster whore!  Move your ass”
Mary gave a choking sob and started moving faster riding the old man.
“Get it in there deep whore…and faster!”
Tears flowing even more, she tried to thrust her body down hard on his feeling it push her insides in, then lifting up until just the tip was inside her, and then hunch her body down hard on his again his thing filling her.
“I said faster whore!” the man yelled again as his hand slapped her butt hard.
She tried to move on him even faster, but then it slipped out and poking her painfully on the outside of her crotch.
“Stupid whore!  Get it back in there!”
Choking back sobs, she reached back and put it inside her again.  She quickly picked up the pace again riding him as fast as she could trying not to let it slip out again.  After a while she could feel him lifting up as she slammed her hips down on him.  After many tiring minutes of pumping up and down on him, his hands grasped her butt cheeks hard, and she felt him fill her yet again with his loathsome viscous seed.

He made her ride him often after that, and she got better at not losing him inside her as she gyrated on top of him.  He would comment on how many men she would soon be riding, and how they should thank him for teaching her to be such a good whore.  His comments were even more humiliating than being forced to do the act itself.

Crouching by the fire Mary sat watching the man cutting pieces of bear fat into the large cast iron pan that had been her family’s before it and her were stolen by him.  He shot the black bear from her father’s horse and seemed happier than usual talking about the bear fat.  When he handed her a thick bear steak fried in the fat, she had to admit it was the best thing she had eaten in a very long time.  After finishing the bear, they both sat by the fire for a long while until he belched a couple times and said, “Get in the bed whore on your belly and dress up.”

He didn’t use her often from behind with her face down, and that usually started in the middle of the night, when he woke her by entering her sideways and then pushed her on her belly.  She was sure something different was going to happen like the humiliating nights recently he made her ride him, but she knew obeying him was the least painful course.  He set the skillet full of bear fat congealing in the cold near the pile of blankets, hides and furs they slept in and then crawled in with her.  She could feel him pulling his trousers off and then his hairy bare skin against hers, his thing pressing between her legs.  He reached out near where her face was turned, and she wrinkled her nose in disgust as he scraped his hand into the nearly solid bear fat and removed some in his palm.

Completely mystified at why and with increasing disgust, she felt his hand begin smearing the bear grease between her butt cheeks rubbing it on her butt hole.  She could feel his hand rubbing it on himself too.  His other hand gripped her neck hard, and the fear she always felt around this man spiked as she tried to figure out what horror he was going to subject her to now.  She felt the very familiar feel of his stiff thing pressing on her butt cheek and then him move it between her butt cheeks.  She waited for him to move it lower to her private place and force it in as he had done countless time before.  She could tell he had his hand guiding it, and then it pressed hard against her butthole.  Suddenly realizing what he intended to do as the pressure on her butthole got painfully intense, she began screaming and trying to scramble out from under him, “NNNNOOOOO! Not there!  Oh my God please, NNNNNNOOOOO!”
The man’s grip on her neck tightened holding her in place the weight of body pinning her to the hides underneath them, and he grunted out, “Stop struggling and just relax and take it.  You’re a whore.  It’s what yer made for.”
Even though the terror she managed a quick thought that she was sick of hearing what she was made for.

She knew he had no mercy and screamed inarticulately in pain as the pressure caused her butthole to give way ripping open.  Her screams turned into a choking gurgle, as she felt his thing that had been in her body so many time force its way deep into her bowels.  In a series of thrusts he thrust it all the way into her stretching the walls of her rectum to the breaking point. He was soon pounding full length into her ass grunting with effort.  She heard wild mewing sounds and thought an animal had come into camp, until she realized it herself was making the sounds.  Wavering in and out of consciousness she heard his grunting get louder and the slamming into her ass get even harder until he jerked a few times filling her bowels with his nasty seed.
“Damn girl, and I thought your cunny was tight,” he gasped out while laying his entire crushing weight on her.
Just before losing consciousness, she thought, ‘That’s the first time since leaving her father’s house weeks ago he called her anything but whore’.

In the morning feeling the man stirring, she quickly moved her head down to take it in her mouth fearing he would use her butt again.  His hardening flesh slid along her tongue, and she began heaving and retching at the horrible revolting taste realizing it was her own shit she was tasting.  The man laughed knowing exactly what vile taste she was choking on and grabbed her head hard forcing it deeper in her mouth.  He usually just let her work at sucking him, but he turned her sideways and began humping her mouth.  She did her best to adjust to his thing slamming to her throat swallowing her own saliva on the outstroke to get rid of the nasty putrid taste.  Soon she was having trouble getting enough air.  He began slamming into her mouth even harder, and she tried to push her tongue forward opening her throat for air.  Feeling it entering her throat, she tried to relax and not heave.  She could tell he was making her take more of it than ever before, as his crotch hair was being shoved in her nostrils and she could feel his sack slapping her chin.  He was groaning loudly and gripping her hair hard his hips jerking against her face.  She felt his foul fluid spraying her throat and desperately swallowed to clear it.  She could feel her throat muscles milking his thing lodged deep in her mouth.

Leaving that morning after frying more bear steaks in fat, he advised her to fill a leather pouch with as much bear fat as possible.  She knew what it was for but did it anyway realizing how bad it would hurt without the fat.  In a surprisingly short time she got used to both his thrusting in her butt and deep into her throat.  She begged him to use her mouth before her butt to avoid tasting her own shit.  He would laugh and magnanimously allow her to choke it down her throat using her ass the following morning.  It still hurt when he used her rear, but nothing like the first couple times.

Spending the usual early evening just before sunset, Mary huddled as close to the fire as possible.  The man cocked his rifle and then with his other hand pulled a pistol out from under his clothes.  She saw him staring out in the last glow of evening and wondered what had disturbed him hearing nothing.
“Hello the fire,” came a voice from the fading light of evening.
“If yer friendly, you can come on in,” the man said.
Three men slowly approached the fire hands free of weapons and visible leading their horses.

Buck as his friends called him since he could remember was the acknowledged leader of the men.  Under normal circumstances he would feel in control of the present situation of an old man and a young girl alone, and he with two other capable men; but there was something deadly dangerous about this old man his experience told him as they got close.  Stopping near the fire he said, “Hello, I’m Buck, and this is Red and Dirk.”
The old man nodded and gestured for them to set by the fire tossing a few more branches on it now that more people needed to get warm by it.

The men settled in throwing blankets out to set up camp.  Some venison steaks were roasted in mostly silence as the very serious business of eating was attended to.  Once the men had eaten, the conversation started with Buck asking pointing to Mary, “Is she yer daughter?”
“Naw, just a whore I got travelling with me.”
“Whore you say?”
“Yep, you boys got any money to spare?”
The men’s attention had already been on the girl but not in an obvious way.  She mostly just stared at the fire and never said a word eating in silence when the old man handed her a steak.  Now they looked full at her just as the older man pushed the blanket around her shoulders off allowing them to see her better.  She got more animated but seemed confused now looking around and at the men shivering even more than before without the blanket.

“We ain’t got much we can spare,” offered Buck.
“Well maybe we can discuss a group discount.” The old man said.
“I suppose we could come up with two bits each….75 cents,” offered Buck.
“I’ll tell you what.  Make it a dollar fifty, and you can have her as many times as yer able between now and when we pull out in the morning.”
Listening to them, Mary whispered in shocked confusion, “You’re selling me to them?”
“Stand up whore,” the man said to her.
In fear she stood shivering in the cold in her thin dress.  The blanket that had been around her piled at her feet.
“Get that dress off whore,” the man continue in a tone that she knew she had to obey.
She pulled at the hem of her dress and lifted it until it was over her head revealing to the men she had nothing on under it.  She felt her nipples hardening from the cold and wanted to cover herself with her hands, but she left them to her side allowing the men to see her fully by the light of the fire.
The men stared at her naked body, and the one called Buck said, “A dollar twenty-five and as many times as we want?”
“Deal,” said the old man, and then look at her and whispered, “You better do it like I taught you.”

By some unspoken agreement the one called Buck pointed at his bedding he had been sitting on, and Mary with a combination of dread at what would happen and gratefulness at getting out of the cold quickly crawled in feeling it was at least warm from the man sitting on it.  He wasted no time getting in with her and shucking his trousers.  She obediently opened her legs for him already rubbing what little saliva she could generate on her cleft.  He grunted in pleasure as he speared into her body.  She wrapped her legs around him and moved under the man looking to the side at the old man in fear.  He caught her eyes and nodded in approval.  The man didn’t take long and soon after a voice said, “Come..ere whore.”
She crawled out of his bedding towards the voice.  Not long after the second man convulsed and finished on top of her, another voice said, “Come..ere whore.”

All three men having taken her, she crawled naked back to the old man who allowed her to wrap the blanket around herself but not put her dress back on.  The old man turned and his large hand reached up gripping her hair.  She knew what he wanted and saw that he was intentionally going to let the other three men watch.  With complete humiliation, she opened her mouth wide taking the old man’s thing inside and began moving her head.  He forced her face repeatedly down completely penetrating her throat.
“Will ya look at that,” she heard one of the men say in awe.
“Yeah, you boys gotta try her mouth next.  I been teaching her real good on that.”
Mary moaned in shame around his flesh but sucked as strong as she could knowing it would end quicker that way.  She had barely swallowed the man’s load, before a voice said again, “Come..ere whore.”
She sucked each of the three men one after the other.  It took each one a very long time to finish due to fucking her so recently.  By the time she managed to bring off the last one, her jaw, lips and tongue ached so bad she could barely move them.

The old man woke her in the night by pushing inside her from the side.  The activity woke the strangers, who when the old man finished, immediately began calling for her with “Come..ere whore.”
She had to crawl from bed to bed servicing each one, before extremely sore between her legs and utterly exhausted, she got back in with the old man.  Before leaving in the morning the three men used her again all them opting to try her mouth again.  Her mouth ached so bad, she could barely chew her breakfast.  The three men left with smiles on their faces slapping each other on the back, while she and the old man broke camp.

Max looked at the strange pair that walked into his hotel.  The tough looking old mountain man and a very wretched looking girl covered in grime with stingy blond hair approached him.  The girl gripped a blanket around herself as the thin torn dress she had on didn’t cover her body much.
“What can I do you for?” he asked the old man while looking at the girl.
“I gotta new whore for ya.”
Hesitating a bit before nodding Max said, “Maybe we better step into my office.”
Nodding as well the old man followed him with his hand on the girl’s neck.
“Do you mind if we get her cleaned up some before we talk business?” asked Max.
“Not at all.”

Max got a couple of the older girls to take the blond.  She went willingly but with a look of confusion and obviously disoriented.  Max offered the old man some fine whiskey and they chatted about other things.  It took the two older whores over an hour to wash the dirt from Mary and drag a brush through her tangled hair to get her a little bit presentable.  They put her in a clean dress and brought her back looking no less disoriented.
“Well that is a change, and I can see she will look even better once her hair is done up right and those scratches and bruises heal,” Max said.
Looking at the girl once more he said, “Get naked.”
Mary hesitated, but then the old man said, “You heard him.”
She pulled the dress over her head and stood completely naked and trembling in front of the strange man who stared at her body in what looked like approval.
“She know what to do?”
“I been teaching her for about a month now,” the old man said proudly.
“What do you want for her?”
“I don’t want money.  I just want two things.”
Max actually reacted with astonishment and then suspicion, “What two things?”
“You gotta make sure she works real hard at being a whore.”
“Oh, I can make sure of that,” laughed Max, “What else?”
“I’ll be rolling through here regular to check on her.  When I do, I want her for free since I brought her to you.”
“You wouldn’t want another girl sometimes?” asked Max.
“Nope, just her.”
“Deal,” Max said smiling and shaking the mountain man’s hand.

Mary was under a man she never saw before less than an hour later, the first of many.  Well into the AM of the following day while a man was pounding into her, she tried to count how many it had been since getting to the hotel and knew she had lost count.  She remembered the old man told her she would lose count back at her father’s cabin and just shook her head fighting back tears while the man wallowed on top of her.

Mary was suddenly silent her story finished.
After a moment Claire spoke, “Mary, nothing that happened to that man’s family was your fault.”
“Someone had to pay.  I chose to pay for the sins of my father.  I would do it again,” answered Mary.
The sun wasn’t up yet, but it had gotten light.  They would be allowed to sleep a few hours before getting up around noon to begin the day and service the first customers.  The hotel ran all day and night.  A couple older girls worked during the morning and day for less money being a little worn out and not as desirable for the high rollers that came in the evening and night.  Mary had already wondered how long before she would be worn out enough to join them.

John approached the table with the two girls, and despite what he had done, Claire couldn’t help smiling at him.  John didn’t even look at her or speak, he just grabbed Mary’s arm and led her off to sleep with him.  Claire watched with a tear rolling down her cheek.  Then Max came over standing by her saying, “Come on.  I haven’t fucked you yet.”
Head down Claire followed Max hoping she would get at least a couple hours sleep before she had to go with customers again.

Three mornings later Mary and Claire were sitting mostly quiet just before going to sleep drinking water and eating a little food.  Claire was sitting mostly on one butt cheek and wincing each time she moved.  One of the men she went with last night didn’t take her the normal way.  Luckily, she had taken Mary’s advice and had a little lard ready to ease the pain of the act.  As painful as it was, it was still better than being taken downstairs by Lenny and Chuck.  Mary’s eyes suddenly got really wide, and she began to shake.
“What’s wrong Mary?”
“It’s him,” she said in a low frightened voice.
Claire turned and saw a huge old man with long grey hair on his head and face.  The man walked over to their table and grabbed Mary’s arm saying, “Did you miss me whore?”
Mary got up and went with him shaking like Claire had never seen.  Max tossed the man a room key.  Claire thought a little more and realized who it was, and she wondered how often he showed up.  Not long after, Max came over to get her, she being his new favorite.  She saw John had grabbed a girl she hadn’t spoken to yet.  The girl was even smaller than Mary and very exotic looking with very long straight black hair.  She was the first Chinese girl she had ever seen, and she wondered about the girl’s story as Max led her to his room.

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Tale 5:  China Doll

Clarke Wharton grew up on his father’s ranch in New Mexico.  Although calling it a ranch would be a little like calling the Grand Canyon a ditch.  Clark’s father came to New Mexico long before most and managed to carve out an empire among the Apache and Comanche.

Once his father had things settled, and it was safer with Army posts nearby, he wrote a letter to a girl back east he had been courting as a young man of 18.  Eleven years had gone by, but he asked if she’d marry him now that he finally was a man of means.  The response he got was from her sister Jocelyn he barely remembered as she had been only nine at the time.  The sister informed him that his old flame was long married with four children, but that she might be persuaded to join him if he came back East to meet her.  Remembering the girl as a younger version of her pretty sister, Ward Wharton agreed sending word he would be there in the spring.

It took very little to convince the girl and her folks to agree to the marriage.  Well very little talk, but a lot of throwing money around.  So Ward took his blushing bride of 20 back to New Mexico.  She was immediately unhappy with the cabin not understanding how a man with so much money hadn’t found the time to build a proper house.  That was how the mansion in the wilderness got built.

Clarke came along a year later, and as soon as he could walk was terrorizing all the help especially the Hispanic cook and older men working at the ranch.  Clarke grew big and strong and was getting wild to the consternation of his mother.  At the age of 11, Clarke and his mother went back East to meet her family.  They went again two years later, but this time Jocelyn Wharton stayed in Connecticut sending Clarke back alone.

As the years went by Clarke went to see his mother every two years until she insisted he go to college.  His father’s money got him into Yale.  While he did well enough to eventually graduate after a few years, he was not a stellar student.  If his friends were asked what he studied, they would respond, ‘mostly all the whores in New Haven and surrounding towns’.

His father took him to a whorehouse in Santa Fe when he was 14.  By the time he got to college he was a regular visitor to such places.  It was in the most expensive establishment in New Haven that one of the more experienced whores introduced him to oral pleasures.  While he did enjoy the regular way, he liked using a girl’s mouth the best.  Many of the girls didn’t like how rough he was complaining he hurt their throats, but Clarke had money so these complaints just got the girls slapped around.

Jocelyn didn’t know about her sons activities, but she did know he needed a wife.  Selecting a girl from a fine family, she made the arrangements.  Unsurprisingly, the 19 year old girl Rebecca had a similar background to Jocelyn and looked very much like her too with long curly brown hair and a nice figure.  Ward Wharton showed for the wedding and tried to get the young couple to come to New Mexico, but Jocelyn would have none of that saying Clarke will go back in a couple years, but not now.

While willing but not overly enthusiastic in bed, Rebecca was completely shocked when Clarke suggested she put her mouth on it.  She informed him that under no circumstances would she ever do such a disgusting act, and if he mentioned it again he wasn’t getting any marital relations at all.  This was no particular issue to Clarke as there were always the New Haven whores to visit, which he still did frequently.

It was only a few months after the wedding that word came that a horse had thrown Ward and broke his neck.  Clarke, Rebecca and Jocelyn made the journey to New Mexico for the wake.  Ward had been buried immediately, but the funeral was delayed for the family.  After a week’s time Jocelyn returned to Connecticut, but Clarke and Rebecca stayed to take over the ranch.  His only regret being the only whore nearby was old, fat and ugly.

Only a month or so after his return to the ranch, Clarke came at a ranch hands request to see them hang a young Chinaman.  The man had been trespassing and suspected of planning to kill a steer.  They were part of the work crew on the rail line passing through having been brought in from California.  The Chinaman’s father and sister were there pleading with the men not to do it.  The noose was already tied to a tree and around his neck, and they had the boy who looked in his late teens on a horse about to do it.

Clarke had them wait while he listened to the man and daughter beg in broken English.  The girl’s English was a lot better than her father’s.  He didn’t think she was even 5 feet tall and so slim, bony and malnourished.  He watched her mouth move as she pleaded with him eyes downcast staring at his shoes.  Although smudged some with dirt, she had a pretty face with a wide generous mouth, and it got him thinking.
He lifted her face up to get a better look asking, “How old are you girl?”
“I think I’ll be 15 this coming winter.  I was born here, not in China like my brother.”

14 and a half was young Clarke thought, but he could see the beginnings of breasts pushing her worn dress out and developed a plan.
“I’ll let the boy go, if your daughter works at my house doing the cleaning.”
The father didn’t even hesitate saying she belonged to him now.  He not only was relieved to get his son back, he was also relieved not to have to provide for the girl any more, daughters having so little value in his culture.

Rebecca was delighted to have a maid and cleaned the girl up.  She went to the general store buying the girl a couple dresses and a night gown.  Cleaned up Clarke realized she was even prettier than he thought and so exotic looking with those dark eyes and very long straight black hair hanging almost to her butt.  Clarke chose a small storage room for the girl to stay in on the first floor well away from the Master bedroom on the second floor and the other end of the house where Rebecca slept, and he did too the rare times she allowed him in her bed.

The girl had settled into her chores of cleaning the house, laundry and a little gardening working hard all day.  Clarke waited for his wife to go to bed before he visited the room the new maid would sleep in.  She was sitting on the edge of the old cot in her new night gown when he came in.  He began unfastening his pants explaining, “There’s one more thing you’ll need to be cleaning.  You do it with your mouth.  I’ll show you how, but you are never to talk about it.  If you ever talk about this I’ll send my men to get both your father and brother to hang them.”

The white devil wasn’t as bad as she thought he would be.  The work wasn’t too hard compared to what she was used to, and the food was wondrously good compare to the rail camp.  He wasn’t cruel like her father, even if he was so much bigger and scary looking, but now with him standing over her and that thing out pointed at her face, she was terrified.  She had seen men go before and always blushed at the sight of their things.  Never had she seen one so close or so big and hard like that.  She understood he wanted her to clean it with her mouth, but that made no sense.  Despite her inclination to be obedient to all men especially Mister Wharton who her father gave her to, Mei just could not open her mouth for it.

With his hand in her long straight black hair pulling her face towards him, he bumped her mouth with it, but trembling in fear she had closed it tight along with her eyes.  Clarke had some experience with whores reluctant to use their mouth on him, so he pinched her nose shut cutting off her air.  When both her mouth and eyes popped open in surprise, he pushed his cock past her lips making a statement he had said many times before, “If I feel your teeth, I’ll beat you to a bloody pulp.”

Mei felt his soft yet hard thing slide along her tongue and made a noise of protest as it entered her mouth stretching her lips wide around it.  It tasted sweaty and musky like he smelled.  The taste wasn’t that horrid.  She had eaten food that tasted worse, but she knew men peed out of it, and that thought made her feel sick.  He told her to suck on it using her lips and tongue and threatened her about the teeth again.  She began trying to follow his instructions.

He soon got into a rhythm of pumping it into her mouth as she tried to suck on it swallowing her saliva to keep from choking.  He pushed too deep every few strokes making her gag around his flesh.  A few times she was sure she would vomit but somehow kept the food down.  She had tried pushing on his hips, but he was too strong, so she gave up and hoped he would stop soon.  He had both hands in her hair now while plunging the thing in her mouth.

Mei just didn’t understand why he kept pushing it in her mouth long after the thing must be clean, but he wouldn’t stop.  Her lips and tongue were getting so very tired of the continuous sucking.  Something seemed to be changing as he was breathing hard and shaking while he shoved it in her mouth.  He started making a noise like he was straining to do something while holding her head hard, and then the thing twitched in her mouth.

The girl wasn’t very good Clarke thought, but then some of the new whores in New Haven weren’t very good either when they first did it.  They just needed the proper motivation of being slapped around.  After giving her instructions he concentrated on her mouth working on him until he felt it building inside him.  He strained to hold it back feeling the pleasure peaking, and then groaned very loud as he came in her mouth.

Mei heard him make a louder noise and then something sticky was spurting in her mouth.  She tried to pull back to spit it out, but he held her head hard with it deep in her mouth.  It jerked a couple more times filling the back of her mouth with something slimy.  Having difficulty breathing she instinctively swallowed to clear her throat.  She swallowed a couple more times getting it all down.  The man sighed and slowly pulled it from her mouth.  That’s when the taste hit her.  It was salty and reminded her of the shellfish they sometimes collected on the rocks at the ocean when she was a little girl in San Francisco.

He didn’t pull it from her mouth until he felt her swallow several times.  When he did finally pull it out from her gasping mouth, she had a look of disgust on her face.  He sat down next to her and deliberately saying in as kind a voice as he could, “That wasn’t too bad for your first time.  I know you will get better.”

Still trying to understand what happened, Mei relaxed a little at his kind tone.  But then thinking about his words, she realized he was going to make her do this again and again.  She wondered if it would be every night.  He then made her stand up and pulled at her new night gown.  She tried to keep her arms down and not let him, but he pulled it up over her head.  She knew she shouldn’t be without clothes in front of a man and could feel herself blushing in embarrassment.  He then started touching her in intimate places making her squirm.  She started crying knowing this was bad too, him touching her breasts and between her legs.

Clarke wanted to see what she looked like.  He thought about fucking her at some point, but she was so small and young making him think maybe that should wait a while.  He also knew that making her pregnant would be noticed by his wife.  She cried when he took night gown off, but whores often cried at much worse things he did to them so he barely noticed.  She was so scrawny and malnourished.  Her tits weren’t much at all, barely more than a child’s, almost nipples on a bony ribcage he thought touching them feeling the little buds harden under his fingers.  The hair between her legs made it clear she was no child.  It was less curly than what he was used to he thought as he stroke the hair sliding a finger between her legs as she wiggled and sobbed.

He poked a finger a little inside her while she tried to twist away.  She heard him say the word ‘virgin’, and then he smiled.  She felt so ashamed to be nude in front of him and to have him touch her in a way no one had ever done before.  She was relieved when he let go of her and stood to leave.  She thought briefly about trying to go back to the rail camp, but remembered her brother and father might be killed.  When he left, she heard him lock her in the room eliminating any thoughts of leaving.

When morning came she was still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes when she heard the lock opening.  It was him that her father had given her to.  She was still groggy when he pulled her into a sitting position on the cot.  He opened his pants just like last night.  When he took her hair in his hands and moved it towards her mouth, she opened wide knowing she had no choice.  Just as before the thing was forced deep in her mouth making her gag as she tried to adjust.

It became the normal routine nearly every morning and evening.  She caught him with her teeth a couple times when he first started doing it, and when he was particular rough humping her face, and he yelped pulling out and slapping her so hard she nearly passed out.  Every once in a while he didn’t show in the evening, and she figured out he slept with his wife those nights about once a week, sometimes only once every two weeks.  She wasn’t sure what the difference was those evenings, but was glad of one less chore to do.  As the chores went, doing what she did for him with her mouth wasn’t as bad of some of the other chores like the laundry and the hard cleaning of things like the fireplace and cookware.  She was a smart girl and figured out it had nothing to do with cleaning it.  It was something he liked, and it felt good for him, really good based on the noises he made when that stuff squirted in her mouth.  She soon learned by experimenting with her mouth and hands what he liked and what helped him finish faster.  Sometimes when she touched it, she felt a little funny like she was yearning for something, but she didn’t know what.

She knew he liked seeing her without clothes and only put her night gown on after he left.  In the morning she just pulled it over her head when he came in and woke her.  He often pulled her into his lap to touch her intimately usually muttering to himself about want to do something to her called ‘fuck’ but was afraid he would ‘knock her up’.  She didn’t know what either of these things were, but they didn’t sound pleasant.  She tensed up and tried to keep her legs closed for the first couple weeks, but eventually it didn’t terrify her any more when he touched her.  A few times she felt herself get a little wet between her legs from his touches, but then he would stop.  She wondered if he didn’t want to get his finger wet, and for some strange reason wanted him to keep touching her.  A couple times he forced a hurtful finger in her butt muttering, this time about how this wouldn’t knock her up, but that she was too tight.  Once doing that she thought he said he was worried it would kill her, and it made her very afraid.  His wife was often gone for a two or three days at a time, and he stayed longer with her these times even sleeping with her most nights she was gone.  He got her a nicer bed replacing the cot, but she had to curl up very close to him for them both to fit on it.  She could feel him get hard before he woke sometimes.  When he did wake, it only took a few seconds before he pushed her head down to it.

He didn’t always stand while she did it to him with her mouth.  Sometimes he sat on the cot and had her kneel in front of him or even lay down on the cot while she did it.  He always wanted to force as much of it in her mouth as possible, and usually had his hands in her hair.  She often gagged horribly on it and threw up more than once, but she gradually learned he wasn’t going to choke her to death with it.  Kneeling in front of him moving her head and knowing he was probably getting close, she pushed it to the back of her mouth and only heaved a little.  Her throat would tense up when he pushed, but this time while she was moving her head on her own with him only guiding her a little, she pushed it to the back of her mouth holding it there and concentrated on relaxing her throat.  When she felt herself relax, she pushed her tongue forward making room for it and lowered her face further down on it.  It felt strange as it entered her throat making her heave only slightly.  Her lips were pressed to the base of it, and she realized she had the entire thing in her mouth.  He let out a moan of surprise realizing it too.  Needing air she pulled up moving her head again.  She took him all the way into her throat several more times feeling him shaking as he got close.  She started swallowing as he let out a louder than usual groan as it jerked in her mouth spilling the slimy stuff down her throat.

Only the whore in New Haven that introduced him to oral pleasures had been able to take all of him in her mouth before this.  That this tiny girl managed it surprised and pleased him immensely.  Still breathing hard he pulled her up in his lap laughing gently.  She appeared to be relaxed and even seemed to relax more when he laughed lightly.  She had stopped resisting when he touched her these last several days, so this time even parted her legs a little when he slid a finger between them.  He had always stopped when he felt her get wet, not wanting to make her cum.  Right now he wasn’t sure why he hadn’t wanted her to cum.

For some strange reason she was really proud she was able to take all of him in her mouth.  It felt rough in her throat as it stretched it out, but didn’t hurt that much or make her sick like before.  He seemed so pleased and nice when he held her, and she liked the feel of his hands on her.  He started rubbing her, and it felt really good.  She could feel herself getting wet down there.  He was sliding his finger on that hard knob she was afraid to touch and along her cleft.  Soon she was breathing hard, and he didn’t stop like the other times.  Mei started feeling good like the other times, and something was building inside her.

Knowing his wife was in Santa Fe he didn’t cover the girl’s mouth as he brought her to the edge.  The girl was trembling and gasping for breath and then a low moan came from her mouth that quickly turned into a scream as her hips thrust against his hand, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
He began laughing as the scream subsided, and she went limp nearly falling out of his lap.  His hands on her breasts squeezing and admiring their increase in size these past couple months, he began thinking she might be ready for other things.

Mei discovered she could get that wonderful feeling using her fingers on herself, but it was better when he used his fingers.  She did her very best to please him as he tried different things.  He liked having her lay on her back with her head hanging off edge of the bed while he pumped his thing in her mouth.  She no longer had any problem taking all of him, but sometimes he got carried away and she choked from lack of air.  One evening when he came in, he brought a good sized carrot with him from the root cellar.  He seemed pleased with her efforts that evening, but he made her get on her belly and did something she just didn’t understand.  He spit several times on her butt, and then pressed the carrot on her butt.  She tried to scream through his fingers as he forced the carrot in her butt hole.  He told her she wasn’t allowed to remove it.  She got little sleep that night being so painfully aware of the vegetable in her ass.  He had shoved his finger in there many times, but the carrot was bigger than his finger and hurt going in and felt so big inside her.

Clarke was no stranger to using a girl in her ass.  He had done it many times to whores sometimes to punish them for being inept with their mouths.  If he got frustrated with a girl’s inability to suck him properly, he forced them on their belly and fucked them hard in the ass.  The next time he was with them, they showed much more enthusiasm with their mouths.  Some girls didn’t mind it, and a few would even ask for it trying not to get pregnant.  They had lard or butter around to make it easier.  One whore originally from Italy always had a little olive oil with her.  He had been thinking about doing this with the Chinese girl to avoid a pregnancy like those whores did, but was afraid it would hurt her so bad she might even bleed to death.  That’s when he got the idea to slowly open her up for him.

The ritual with carrot happened every night now over a couple weeks.  He made her put it in giving her some lard to make it easier.  She knew he was bringing her slightly bigger carrots each night.  They hurt going in and made her feel so filled and full like she had to badly go.  It made no sense to her until one evening he didn’t have a carrot and refused her mouth telling her to get on her belly.  When he pulled her butt cheeks apart and rubbed the lard there, she suddenly realized what he intended to do and began begging him not to do it.  She felt him press it there feeling softer than the carrots, but still hard.  His hand cupped over her mouth, he lunged forward penetrating and ripping her open.  She screamed into his hand, as he with a series of punishing thrusts worked his thing into her bowels.  The pounding in her ass seemed unrelenting as he grunted on top of her.  Eventually she could feel him shaking and losing his rhythm like he did with her mouth and hoped this was the end.  Mercifully, she felt him stiffen on top of her and with a loud moan released his fluid inside her rectum.  She had trouble comprehending the whole experience.

In the morning when he came back she cried out in pain trying to sit up on the bed and had to lean to the side as her ass felt like it was burning it hurt so terribly.  She knelt in front of him using her mouth and was allowed to rest that day, but when evening came he ordered her on her belly again.  It hurt so much those first several times, but she learned to relax just like with her throat.  It never stopped hurting, but she did get used to it after a few weeks.

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Great addition Jed!  So worth the wait!

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Thank you my Plaything.

The story of the Chinese girl is not over and will continue in a tale called 'Broken China'.  I however have decided to leave her alone for a short time, while I introduce a new girl that will join Claire, Mary and Mei in this series.  This new girl is very naughty, and we know what happens to bad girls.....they get punished.

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Tale 6:  The Schoolmaster and the Schoolgirl

When Patricia was very young her father would spank her when she was bad, because he loved her and wanted her to be a good girl.  He really didn’t have to do that anymore after she was 6 years old, as she did want to be an obedient and good girl for him.  She adored her father.  Patty wasn’t sure when the weird feelings started.  It was probably when she was 8 or 9.  When the schoolmaster would spank the younger boys or take a switch to the older boys, she got a tingly feeling and wondered what it would feel like if he did that to her.  He was old in his 60’s and not very nice looking, so it wasn’t a strong feeling back then.  Boys could be disciplined at school, but the schoolmaster always referred the disciplining of girls to their parents to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

The feelings became worse after the bleeding started when she was barely 11.  Her mother said that didn’t usually start for a girl that early, but she had always been more mature than other girls.  By 12 her parents made her bind her breasts to keep the boys and even men from staring at her.  At 14 she was 5’6” with a figure any woman would envy, and still growing some, mostly filling out and becoming even more voluptuous.  Her parents were even more adamant she hide her figure by binding her breasts to keep them from showing and wearing loose dresses to hide her flared out hips.  Their elderly teacher passed away, and a month later a new one arrived.  He was in his late 30’s and Patty thought he was very handsome standing at 6’2”.  The first time he switched a boy she nearly moaned out loud in envy.

The new schoolmaster Charles Riddley was a rather stuffy Easterner from near Albany, New York.  Most in this remote part of Wyoming were rather surprised he applied for and accepted the job considering his credentials.  They considered the unmarried man to be a bit of a sissy despite his large frame.  They didn’t know this would be the fourth teaching position he had in eight years.  He lost the first two due to rumors that were not proven, well not until after he left and a couple girl’s bellies began swelling.  The last position he had resulted in a scandal before he slipped away.  He always managed to seduce one or two girls at every school every year and got them to keep quiet about what they were doing.  It was that last school in Ohio, where the first real evidence against him came in the form of an eyewitness.  That bitch Victoria thought she was the only one, and told everyone when she came in and caught him with one of her classmates bent over his desk rooting inside her.  The little bitch was just jealous it wasn’t her, like it had been several times before.  He left town just ahead of the law making his way to Iowa, where he began looking for another teaching position.

When Charles entered his teen years, he like all boys became fascinated with teenage girls.  He was good looking and even managed to seduce a few somehow avoiding getting them in the family way.  As he grew older entering his 20’s he still craved the girls in their teens.  His parents tried to fix him up with girls his own age hoping for marriage, but he was still fascinated with younger girls.  It was why he made teaching his profession to be around them.  He rationalized it by thinking, ‘I liked them when I was that age, and I don’t see that they or I have changed since then, so why shouldn’t I like them now?  It’s not like I don’t pick the ones that look grown up and mature.  I like the ones best with nice tits after all.  I don’t go after kids.’  It was the innocence they had that attracted him most, that and those tight hard bodies just ripe for plucking.  His position as a teacher and an authority figure coupled with being handsome made seducing the girls almost too easy.  He vowed he would behave himself here in Wyoming, especially with the knowledge all the girl’s fathers never went anywhere without their guns.

The new schoolmaster had just spanked one of the younger boys, and Patty knew she was very aroused by the thought of him doing it to her.  She came up with a plan, but was so afraid and not sure she could go through with it.  She took her time when school was over making sure all the other students had left and approached the schoolmaster seated at his desk.  She reached out and pushed a book on his desk moving it to the edge until it fell hitting the wood floor with a thump.
“Why did you do that Patricia?”
Head down and looking at him with her brown eyes through her long lashes, she pulled her lower lip down with a single finger and then trailing the finger down her chin she responded, “I don’t know.  I guess I’m just a naughty girl?”
He hesitated for several seconds then reached down picking the book up saying, “Go home Patricia.”
Disappointed, she turned and left.

He watched the girl leave with her dark brown hair done in two long braids today.  Some days it was loose hanging halfway down her back, and other days in braids like today.  He tried to see what kind of body see had through that loose dress.  He was sure she bound her breasts and was intensely interesting in how big and nice they might be.

The next day after the rest of the students had left, she pushed a book on the floor again.
“Why are you doing this Patricia?”
“I guess because you aren’t correcting my behavior?”
“What do you suggest?”
“You could spank me?”
Charles knew the girl had been staring intently at him with infatuation ever since he arrived.  It was something he was used to from young girls.  The erection he got when she so coquettishly pushed the book to the floor yesterday returned with a vengeance, as his mind warred with his desires over what to do.

The schoolmaster pushed his chair out from his desk and motioned her to come over.  Gently taking her wrist he pulled her slowly across his lap facing down.  She was shaking in anticipation on her stomach in his lap.  She could feel something hard pressing her side and was extremely intrigued knowing what it must be.  She couldn’t see but his hand raised high and descended hitting her upraised behind with a thump.
He continued to spank her through her dress and other layers several more times as she let out a little sound with each one.  He abruptly stopped and told her to leave.  Rather unsatisfied she lifted herself off his lap and gave his crotch a lingering look before pouting at him and turning to leave.

He wasn’t surprised the next day at the end of class when she approached his desk.  This time she tossed her own book towards him, and it hit with a thud and slid across the desk hitting him in the stomach and falling to the floor.
“What are you up to now Patricia?”
“I barely felt that spanking, so I guess it didn’t work.”
“What do you suggest?”
“Maybe if my dress wasn’t in the way, it would work?” she said coming very close to him.
Charles felt his cock jump at her comment.  Without asking him she lifted her dress and began pushing down undergarments.  He didn’t stop her when she lay across his lap.  She reached back pulling on her dress until she felt the cold air on her exposed bottom.

The girl had a beautiful behind and he just stared at it for a several seconds then reached out caressing it with his right hand running his thumb down her crack.  He heard her left out a moan as he touched and squeezed her bottom, and then she said in a low quivering voice, “I’ve been a very bad girl Sir, and I need to be punished.”
He had never done anything like this before, but her pleading tone and what she was asking for made him incredibly aroused, and he said back, “Yes, you are a very bad girl.”
He raised his hand as she trembled in anticipation, and brought it down very fast and hard.
“You are a bad girl!” he said raising his hand again seeing the bright red hand print mostly on one cheek.
Yes Sir, I am a bad girl…..more please!”
“SMACK!... SMACK!.... SMACK!... SMACK!.... SMACK!.....SMACK!...... SMACK!........ SMACK!”
“SMACK!... SMACK!.... SMACK!... SMACK!... SMACK!... SMACK!..... SMACK!...... SMACK!..... “SMACK!.....SMACK!.... SMACK!..... SMACK!..... SMACK!..... SMACK!..... SMACK!....... SMACK!”

Actually breathing hard from exertion, Charles paused in his spanking of the girl seeing how bright red her butt was from his hand.  He had no doubt her butt must be stinging in severe pain, as his hand was hurting him.  The girl was breathing hard too and sobbing, but in contrast to her tears she managed to choke out, “More Sir, I’m a bad girl.”
‘Remarkable,‘ he thought, ‘After all that and she wants more’?

She was shaking in his lap softly moaning, and he ran his hand across her smarting butt.  Knowing it was even more wrong than what he had already done, he pressed a finger between her thighs probing her sex.  Her cleft was wet and slippery, as he separated the folds with his finger.  He slipped his finger inside encountering a blockage confirming what he already suspected that she was a virgin.  She moaned even louder under his manipulating hand.  He moved his finger further down feeling how slick she was and felt her knob.  He abraded it with his finger, rubbing back and forth a few times, and suddenly she started bucking in his lap and screaming.

Patty was in heaven.  This was better than she ever imagined.  The feel of his palm striking her bare butt over and over until it hurt so good was exactly what she had hoped it would feel like.  She was crying with tears of joy and was disappointed when he stopped even though it hurt something awful.  She felt him touch her between her legs, and a tingle went through body.  She heard herself moaning loud as he touched her.  She felt tense like on the edge of something, and then his hand rubbed her in just the right spot, “Oh my Goooodddd!!!!....AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!”
She was gasping for breath as the waves of pleasure flowed through her body.  She felt herself sliding off his lap to end up kneeling at his side trying to catch her breath.

This was just too much thought Charles and found himself opening his pants, as the girl panted kneeling next to him her forearms on his leg barely supporting herself from collapsing.  He fumbled and pulled it out watching the girl as her glazed over eyes started to track and then focus on what was standing up in his lap.

Every few seconds she trembled and knew it was connected to that wonderful feeling that made her scream.  As the feeling started to subside, she found herself staring in rapt fascination at it.  Just once she caught a glimpse of her father’s when she was about 7.  It had seemed big, but not this big.  He reached over and took her hand pulling it towards the thing.  He made her grasp it.  It was hard yet soft at the same time.  She knew this was really wrong, but it felt good to touch it.  She thought she should be grossed out, but she wasn’t.  He moved her hand on it, and she felt the skin move as he pumped her hand up and down.
“Pull on it,” he ordered.
Not quite sure what he meant, she moved her hand up and down on it.
“Faster,” he ordered.
She jerked her hand up and down on it as fast as she could watching his face as he stopped talking and sat with half closed eyes.  Afraid to stop unless he gave permission, she kept doing it and doing it until her arm started getting tired.

A low moan started in his throat, but she didn’t stop pulling on it.  The moan got louder and then he grunted even louder.  A white ribbon streamed from the thing in her hand shocking her, and she let go as if it burned her.  The thing pulsated as if it was a separate creature and another stream came out.  The first white stream mostly landed on the desk, and the second one hit the front of the desk and began dripping on the wood floor.  Having never seen this happen before she just looked in confusion at the puddles and drops across the desk.  She was stunned by what just happened, but was more astonished by what he said.

“Why you dirty girl!  Look at what you spilled!  You clean that up right now!”
He didn’t know where those words came from and paused, as she seemed confused looking around as if to find something like a rag to clean it up.
“No, you clean that up with your mouth!  You lick it off the desk and the floor until you swallow all of it….every drop!”
Again, he had no idea why he said that and watched her react to his words by shaking badly.

The schoolmaster’s words simultaneously repulsed and mortified her, but underneath that they excited her in a titillating way.  This was his seed she realized.  Without knowing why she stood and leaned over the desk.  Starting at the puddle furthest away from him she began licking and swallowing.  She retched briefly more because of how the humiliating act was than the actual taste.  Keeping it down, she continued licking across the desk getting every drop leaving only her saliva behind.  It was slimy and yucky, but it made her feel strangely good to eat it.  She knelt back down next to him and licked at the front of the desk.  Having cleaned all his seed from the desk she stopped, but he pushed on her head lowering it to the floor.  The taste of the floor was awful, but she licked until it was all gone from there too.

“You missed some,” he said to her.
She wasn’t sure what he meant, as he took hold of her hair moving her head between his legs.  It was still standing up some but not quite as stiff as before.  Some of the stuff had dribbled out on the tip and a little down the shaft.  He pulled her face closer, as she tried to shake head ‘no’.  When her mouth got real close, she opened and took it inside feeling so nasty and thrilled at the same time.  She sucked on it longer than needed to swallow all that had been there.  She could feel his hands touching her chest.

“You bind yourself Patricia.  I knew you did.”
Taking her mouth off it, she answered, “Yes Sir, mom and dad make me.”
“Go home now Patricia.  They will be wondering why you are late.”
Nodding she stood and fixed her dress with her head lowered not wanting to look him in the eyes.
“Tomorrow you will show me your breasts.”
His words frightened her, but she nodded again agreeing she would, understanding now she couldn’t refuse him anything.

At home over dinner she did her best to hide that her butt was sore, but she couldn’t help wincing when she moved and especially when she sat down for dinner.  Her mom and dad didn’t seem to notice, because they were arguing about the job dad got.  He was going to be away from home for two maybe three months.  Mom said they didn’t have enough money to last until he got back.  She knew the argument wasn’t going anywhere, as dad always got want he wanted.  He suggested she find some work to make it through, that he would be back with enough money to get them through the winter.  Patty was only half listening, as she couldn’t get her mind off the spanking, and the things he made her do after it.  She remembered the taste of the schoolmaster’s seed and the feel of his thing in her mouth and the delicious shame she felt.

After school she took her time again waiting for the rest of the students to leave.  This time when she approached the schoolmaster, she didn’t knock a book down or act bad.  She just waited for him to tell her what to do.
“Do you remember what I asked you to show me today?” he finally asked.
She nodded and began unbuttoning the front of her dress starting at the neck.  He motioned her closer, and then had her sit her sore butt on the edge of the desk.  She had the front of the dress open, and he motioned for her to open it wider and pull the sleeves down.  After a few minutes the dress was all down to her waist, and the cloth that bound her breasts was all she had above her waist.  Knowing she had to keep going, she unwound the cloth layer upon layer until she was holding it in front of her still hiding her breasts from his view.  Ever since they started growing, she was made to feel ashamed of them forced to hide the way they would push her dress out.  She wanted to please the schoolmaster, but just trembled in embarrassment still holding the cloth in front of her.

He noticed how she winced when he sat her on the desk.  He had seen that during class too and wasn’t surprised her butt still hurt.   After taking the dress partly off, she just sat there not dropping the binding, so he reached out and took it, pulling it out of her hands with no resistance.  The girl’s face got very bashfully red having her breasts exposed to his view.  She didn’t try to cover them while he sat looking impressed with what he saw.  There had been some hints she was well formed for her age, but these perfect globes were more than he had hoped for.  He had been thinking constantly about seeing them since yesterday.  He had always liked young girl’s breasts, but it’s the other urges he had been having over the last day that were new, urges to hurt her.

“Put your hands behind your back.”
She didn’t understand but immediately obeyed the schoolmaster.  She didn’t look behind her, but she could tell what he was doing, and it sent a chill down her spine that was part fear and part something else.  He was tying her wrists behind her back with rope.  It wasn’t overly tight when he stopped, but she knew she couldn’t get loose.  A tremor of pleasure went through her thinking about how he had just tied her hands up making her helpless.

He sat in front of her again admiring her breasts, before slowly reaching out and cupping each of them with his hands noting how firm they felt.  The girl gasped at his touch and retreated just a little leaning back before resuming her original position, while he groped her.  He moved his hands on them gently squeezing.  He brushed the nipples and watched and felt them harden within seconds.  He fondled them for several minutes before asking, “Have you been a bad girl?”
“Oh…………oh yes Sir, I have been a bad girl,” she said in a quivering voice enjoying the feel of his hands kneading her flesh.
“Should I punish you?”
“Yes Sir,” she said shaking in anticipation.

Pinching her right nipple hard with his left hand making her cry out, and pulling it towards him stretching her breast.  He picked up a wooden ruler from the desk and raised his hand watching her eyes get very wide.  His hand came down rapidly striking her breast with the ruler.
“Bad girl?”
“Yes Sir, I’m a very bad girl.”

He held her nipple firmly as welts formed on the breast during the beating.  He finally paused watching her.  Tears flowed down her face, but she didn’t want him to stop.  She was disappointed when he released her nipple, but sighed in contentment when he gripped the nipple of her left breast.  He repeated the act of raising welts on her left breast by striking it with the ruler making her cry out with each whack.  He stopped after a time observing both her red inflamed breasts commenting, “Those are some nice tits you got Patricia.”
“Thank you Sir,” she managed to pant out from a tear streaked face.

He pulled her down off the desk and made her kneel in front of him.  She pulled a little at the rope binding her wrists behind her back, but then just waited to see what he would do next.
“You remember how you spilled my seed on the desk and floor?” he asked as he started opening his pants.
“Y…yes?...........Sir,”  she hesitantly said knowing her hands were bound.
“We’ll have none of that today,” he said pulling his thing out.

Patty thought he wanted her to pull on it like yesterday, but then why didn’t he untie her?  She felt his right hand in her hair as he got a good grip, and then he pushed her face closer to it until the head was against her lips.  Understanding she opened her mouth taking his stiff member inside.  She was a smart girl and figured she should try and use her mouth the same way she had used her hand yesterday and began moving her head sucking on it.  She tried to grip it with her lips only assuming her teeth would hurt.  She heard him sigh and thinking that meant he was pleased tried to move her head faster and get more of him in her mouth.  A few times she heaved when it went too deep, and she experimented with how far in she could get it.

He was breathing harder, and she kept moving her head on him swirling her tongue around it making grotesque slurping sounds.  His hands in her hair tightened as he began moaning.  He let out a loud gasp, and his thing in her mouth erupted.  She tried to pull back as the slimy stuff filled her mouth and throat, but he held it deep in her mouth.  It twitched again and more of the nasty fluid spurted into her mouth.  Understanding she wasn’t allowed to spit it out, she began swallowing getting it all down.  When she let his softening flesh slip from her mouth, he took her head in his hands, kissed her forehead and said, “That’s my dirty bad girl.”

The whole way home the binding on her breasts rubbed and hurt.  She was relieved when their meager dinner was over and she could go to bed and release her sore tits from the binding.  Her father was leaving for the job in the morning, and her mother told her she would be home late evenings for now on.  She would be cleaning the house of a wealthy rancher several miles away, and the walk would take hours.

After class the schoolmaster had her strip completely naked this time.  She did as ordered her face flushed with shame baring her entire body to him for the first time.  She volunteered information she thought he might like to know, “My father left the county for a job in Montana and will be gone months, and momma is working late, so I won’t be missed if I go home late.”
She reflexively covered the dark triangle of hair between her legs a couple times from his view, but then just let her hands hang at her sides.

This time he used more rope and tied her tight belly down across the desk, wrists and ankles to the four desk legs.  He had a fresh switch, the bark removed.  He let her see it several minutes before moving out of her sight and then delivering the first strike on her thigh making her cry out and say she was a bad girl.  Each strike that followed happened only after an agonizing delay.  She never knew when or where it would hit her next; her back, calf, neck and thighs were soon covered in red stripes.  He seem to avoid her butt, which didn’t hurt anymore, so during one of the delays she offered, “I’m a very bad and dirty girl Sir.  My butt needs a whipping.  It doesn’t hurt anymore.”
“Yes you are a bad and dirty girl, but I’m saving your butt for a very severe beating perhaps in a day or two.”
“Yes Sir.”
“You’re going to regret asking for it, when I do beat your butt.”
“Oh, yes Sir…OOOOUUUUWWWW!!” she cried out as the switch cut into her back.

The beating lasted well over an hour.  Towards the end he waited longer and longer between lashes making her think it was surely over until she would feel it again on a leg or her back.  She was choking and sobbing and considering begging him to stop, when she felt him kneel behind her.  She felt him press against her wet crotch and realized it was his face.  His nose nuzzled in her butt crack and something made startling contact with her moist special place.  She moaned at the sinuous thing rasping against her cleft.  It was several seconds before she understood it was his tongue tasting her and driving her wild.  His hands gripped her beaten and smarting thighs as his tongue wiggled inside her.  Already extremely aroused by the beating, she soon strained at her bounds as her head and loins felt on fire and then she cut loose, “OOOOHHHHH MMMYYY GGGOOOOODD   YYYEEESSS!!!!!......AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

He wiped his face soaked by her juices on her butt cheeks chuckling.  He soon was opening his pants in front of her.  She nodded her acceptance grateful for the beating and pleasure she just received and opened wide for it.  He was immediately very rough thrusting against her face burying it too deep in her mouth making her retch and choke.  He was merciless grinding his hips against her forcing it to her throat.  She was in a panic sure he would choke her to death.  She suddenly felt a gorge rise she couldn’t stop.  He must have sensed it too and pulled out just as she vomited on the floor.  She spit a few times getting the awful taste of bile out of her mouth, but then he raised her head by her hair and speared into her mouth again.  He was relentless forcing is so deep.  She desperately sucked trying to make it good for him.  She was so relieved when she felt it jerk in her mouth and the salty slimy mess poured into her throat.

On the way home to an empty house walking painfully, she thought about how his tongue felt down there.  She wondered if he would put his thing in there one day soon.  The thought of that made her feel moist again and very dirty.  She went to bed early before her mother got home and thought about him saying how badly he was going to beat her butt soon.  Unable to help herself, she began rubbing a finger between her legs just like he did that first time.  The feeling that followed soon after was nice, but nowhere near as good as when he did it.  She fell asleep wondering what tomorrow’s lesson would be.

The next tale of Patty cuming soon will be called ‘Painful Lessons’.

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Tale 7:  Broken China

Mei’s story continues.

Rebecca wasn’t particularly happy with her life on the ranch.  Only her frequent two or three times a month shopping trips to Santa Fe pleased her.  She always stayed a couple days at the finest hotel before returning to the ranch.  On her fifth trip a very well dressed handsome man was seated near her as she ate dinner in the hotel.  After exchanging a few pleasantries, they had a short conversation.  He was cultured and educated.  Clarke was educated and handsome too, but he was so uncouth most of the time and almost never wore a suit.  At the ranch he dressed and acted just like the cowboys, dirty and crude all the time.  She didn’t understand why he would be mending fences and herding cows around when he paid men to do that.  On her sixth trip to Santa Fe she saw the man again and had dinner with him both nights she was there.  The seventh trip to Santa Fe he walked her to her room, and somehow he was inside kissing her.  He didn’t leave until the morning.  The trips after that she got a room, but always went to his room to sleep making sure no one saw her.  He was everything she wanted Clarke to be, although she didn’t know he was an embezzler from New York City on the run, and all his money was not his.  About three months after the affair started, she found out she was pregnant.  It could be Clarke’s, but she knew that was unlikely.

In bed with him in Santa Fe, Rebecca told her lover about the baby.  He did not seem surprised but made little comment about it.  On her next trip to Santa Fe, he was no longer there.  She didn’t ask anyone if they had seen him for fear word would reach Clarke.  She felt abandoned having started to consider leaving her husband for what she thought was a better man.  Back in New York City, the man’s wife had similar feelings of abandonment having been left poverty stricken with two young daughters.  She was forced to move to a squalid tenement, and then had to offer herself to men to get enough food for her daughters.  She soon found herself working for a pimp.  The pimp eventually raped both her daughters when they entered their teens, and then turned them out as his whores as well.

Clarke was thrilled about the pregnancy when she told him and seemed nicer to be around.  She was trying to forget about the man in Santa Fe and determined to be a good wife for Clarke.  It was these thoughts she was having when the maid came in with a tray of her breakfast.  She was small and looked like a much younger girl than she was, but then Rebecca noticed the girl had filled out some.  Her breasts were pushing the dress out much more than they had been when Clarke first brought her home.  She would never have her own nice figure, but for the first time she wondered if Clarke noticed the girl’s development.  She could tell it was partly getting older and partly the better diet the girl had living with them.  She wasn’t the scrawny bony thing she had been.  It was winter now, and she had been with them about six months.  When asked, the girl said she thought she was about 15 now.  For a couple weeks the girl seemed to be walking unsteady.  When she made her sit down, the girl winced when her butt settled on the chair.  When asked, she said she was alright, she had just fallen hard on the stairs and was sore.  Winter passed slowly and spring was around the corner as Rebecca’s belly grew.

One morning Rebecca wondering where Clarke was, walked carefully down the stairs looking for him holding her swelling belly.  Hearing some strange almost slurping like sounds coming from the maid’s room, she pushed the ajar door open and looked inside.  The Chinese maid was nude and on her knees in front of Clarke making his member disappear in her mouth.  His hands were in her hair forcing her.  She recalled him asking her to do that almost a year ago and stood stunned as her husband and the girl didn’t notice her presence.  What was particularly shocking was the tiny girl somehow was taking the whole thing in her mouth.  She coughed once on purpose to let them know she was there and turned to go back to her bedroom.

When Clarke heard the cough he pulled out of Mei’s mouth without finishing and stood for several minutes his mind racing knowing he had finally been caught.  He fixed his pants and went upstairs to find his wife packing.
“Where are you going?”
“Santa Fe for three days.  If she’s still here when I get back, I’m going back to Connecticut for good, and you will never see your child.”

Clarke watched her carriage leave while he pondered what to do.  He knew he would get rid of Mei in some way, but nothing drastic or violent.  While thinking of what to do, a thought occurred to him that he didn’t need to worry about knocking her up if she was leaving.  Feeling a stirring in his pants he went to find the girl.

Mei knelt in her room her red flushed with waves of embarrassment flowing through her at his wife seeing them.  She eventually stood and got dressed. Not knowing what else to do Mei was doing the laundry when Clarke came and got her leading her back to her room.  Without instruction she pulled her dress over her head relieved that everything seemed alright and watched while he undressed.  He pushed her back on the bed and forced her legs apart.  Mei could tell something was different, as he rubbed her making her wet.  She felt him move forward, and it was poking her where often would rub her like now, and she had a moment of panic.  She had figured for a while now his thing could go in there too and had wondered why he didn’t do it.

Clarke was impatient to get inside her and spit in his hand to add that to her slight moistness his fingers had generated.  The girl looked extremely worried, so bent down and kissed her lips something he hadn’t done before.  Her eyes got wide, but he could feel her relax some.  When he rubbed more spit on his cock and pressed it at her entrance this time, she looked less concerned and more curious about what was going to happen.

He rubbed it around down there, and she could feel him push it inside her until something was blocking it.  He hesitated a few second, then jerked his hips forward.
“AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIII!” she cried out at the pain, and then breathed hard as moved inside her.

It hurt, but not as bad as when he first did it in her butt.  He jerked and wallowed on top of her until she felt his fluid splash inside her.  He came for her again three more times that day.  She was so sore down there she begged him to let her use her mouth, but he wouldn’t.  By the second day, he did let her use her mouth on him that being his favorite anyway.

Four of the men were moving on, and Clarke talked to them about where they we going and explained the situation.
One of the men spoke, “Well, up Colorado way I know of a fancy whorehouse.  I couldn’t afford the good ones there and had to pay for an older used up one, but the guy there will buy that Chinee girl for sure.”
Clarke responded, “That sounds like a plan.  You’ll take her with you then?”
“Yep.  Can we fuck her?”
“Sure, why not.”

The trek to Colorado took over a week.  It was a week of pain and misery for Mei.  The men passed her around at night giving her no rest from their abuse.  She purposely tried to use her mouth on them, and they seemed to like that, but they still wanted her to open her legs so they could shove their things between them.  After a while, she seemed to be getting used to it, and it didn’t hurt so much anymore.  She was riding behind one of the men when they entered a bustling town.  They took her into a big ornate place the likes of which she had never seen.  She was fascinated by the place.  There was some haggling going on with a man inside who was looking at her intently.  The haggling abruptly stopped and the man gave money to the men that brought her here.

Mei understood she belonged to this new man Max now, so she went over kneeling in front of him and began opening his pants.  She could see him watching her carefully as she reached in pulling it out.  She examined it briefly seeing it was roughly the size she was used to and opened wide to show her new master her expertise.  Moving her head and getting it coated with her saliva, she moved her head down until her nose was mashed in his pubic hair.  She heard his grunt of surprise at her ability to take all of him and hoped he would be pleased enough to keep her.

Rebecca was still mad at Clarke when she came back from Santa Fe, but the girl was gone.  She asked around and everyone confirmed some men that were moving on took her with them.  That night Clarke removed his clothes and got into bed with her.  She started to protest, but he ignore her.  There was something about his assertiveness that made her stop protesting.  They were quiet in bed for some time, and she started thinking about when they got married, and he asked her to put her mouth on it.  The thought of that still disgusted her, but then a thrill went through her thinking about him forcing her to do it.  With some hesitation and her whole body quivering, she moved her head under the covers.  Finding it with her hand, she opened her mouth taking it inside.  When she felt his hands in her curly brown hair, a tingle went through her, as she tried to please him.  Afraid she wasn’t as good as the Chinese girl, she did her very best working it into her mouth and sucking strongly.  When he groaned and his load hit the back of her throat, it took her by surprise, and she swallowed instinctively.  She expected to feel disgusted by it, but then another tingle of pleasure went through her, and she realized she was proud of pleasing him.  She had been feeling very insecure these last couple months of her pregnancy, but now she felt peaceful and happy.  In the evenings that followed, she gave no protest when he push her head down to it.  After their baby girl arrived, she became a loving and obedient wife accepting anything he told her to do, although she wasn’t sure she would ever get used to taking it in the ass.

October 28, 2014, 12:23:40 AM
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Really liked it Jed! I like the character of Mei, of course I have a weakness for Asian girls, so it helps.

October 28, 2014, 07:11:14 PM
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Really liked it Jed! I like the character of Mei, of course I have a weakness for Asian girls, so it helps.

I kept having this feeling I wasn't doing her justice.  There is plenty more I could have done and might do.  The real issue is my ideas for Patty from the previous post have got me excited to write.  I may have just wrapped Mei's story up, to take a quicker crack at Patty.

October 28, 2014, 08:58:59 PM
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Well Mei could have a recurring role where she could show up again down the road.

October 28, 2014, 09:01:25 PM
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I liked this part Jed.  It's a good story with lots of different things going on.