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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

The Girl In The Bar

A Story By Vile8r

It was a hot July afternoon in the small North Carolina town of Wilson’s Junction. Jake Cutler and four of his friends pulled up in front of the “WildKatz Bar and Grill” in an old black Chevy van. The five of them piled out into the parking lot.
Along with Jake there was Marcel, Wendell, Brad and Gord. Marcel and Wendell were cousins and were both 24. Brad was 25, same as Jake, and Gord was 23.

In the town of 10,000 people, there wasn’t a whole lot to do but go to the bar or hang out at the lake. Jake and his friends would get drunk, play some pool, listen to the jukebox, or occasionally a live band, and if they were lucky, get laid!

  All five of the men could be considered good-looking, attractive males with athletic physiques. They all had their fair share of luck with the young women around Wilson’s Junction and the neighbouring communities, as well as the many tourists and college girls who passed through during the summer on their way to the local lake resorts. Today, the boys were horny and on the hunt.

Jake and his friends were all well-known around Wilson’s Junction. Jake’s father was the mayor and owned a very successful gravel quarry business on the edge of town, as well as several other properties. It was the biggest business in the town.

Marcel and Wendell were members of the Beauchamp family who owned Beauchamp’s Farm and Fertilizer Supply Co., another one of the biggest businesses in town. Brad’s father was Henry Jenkins, who ran the local bank and Gord’s family, the Lewistons, were big farmers in the area and owned a pile of land.
  As you can see, the boys all came from very influential families in Wilson’s Junction and they weren’t afraid to let people know that. They were all spoiled and strutted around as though they owned the town. Which in a way, they kinda did!

Of all the bars in Wilson’s Junction. “WildKatz”, being on the edge of town right along the main highway, was one of the most popular. Especially for the younger crowd, anyway. The owner catered to the 21 to 30 year old age group. So it was a favourite hangout of the five of them.

As they walked up to the front door, a group of three very attractive blondes came walking out.

“Whoa!” exclaimed Jake. “You girls CANNOT be from around here! No girls from this shithole look like you!”

“Where are you going? asked Marcel. “We’re just getting here! Don’t wanna stay and party with us?”

The girls giggled and blushed as they also checked out the group of men. The tallest of the group, a particularly hot blonde in a pair of extremely tight denim cutoffs and a dark purple tank top, spoke up.

“We’re on vacation. We just stopped here for a bite to eat and now we’re heading out to the lake.”

“Yeah, Sunshine Beach!” added one of the other girls.

“Well, maybe we’ll run into you girls later tonight,” said Gord.

“Maybe,” said the blonde as she looked over her shoulder at Jake, biting her lower lip.

Her friends were already getting into their car and one of them impatiently called out to her.
“Come on, Mandy! We have to get going!”

The guys watched as the car backed up and headed out of the parking lot. Jake waved at them.

“Bye, Mandy! Wow, I could pound that like a nail! Did you see the look she gave me? That bitch wants it!” he said, rubbing the crotch of his shorts.

“Holy fuck, yeah,” said Wendell. “I could tap that all night long. And her friends weren’t too shabby either!”

The horned-up men continued on into the bar. They looked around as they entered the large establishment. Being mid-afternoon on a Saturday, the place wasn’t too busy. It would get much busier in the evening, as the party crowd came out.
 There was maybe a dozen or so customers at the tables. A few people were gathered around one of the six pool tables along the south side of the bar. Van Halen’s “Jump” played on the jukebox in the background.

They sat down near the pool tables and a waitress in a short skirt sauntered over to take their drink orders. She was a tall, brown-haired girl in her mid-20s by the name of Trina.

“Don’t take all day getting back here, huh? We‘re thirsty!” Jake said sarcastically. He loved giving the waitresses a hard time.

“Yeah, whatever, jerk!” said Trina as she turned back to the bar.

She had no use for Jake Cutler and his arrogance. Although she had let him charm her into the sack once back in high school.

“Not too much eye candy happening,“ Brad observed.

The young men scanned the bar and, indeed, they only saw about three other women in the entire place, not counting the waitresses. Two were older married women with her husbands, the local barflies. But the other was a very petite, dark-haired girl playing pool with another group of young men.

She was short, barely over 5 feet and had long black hair. Her face was very pretty, with big brown eyes and a cute smile. The girl wore short denim cutoffs and a pink halter top, showing off her tight, firm, naturally toned body.

The boys immediately recognized her as a local girl, Mary Bennett. Mary was known around Wilson’s Junction as being a bit of a “wild girl”. She lived just down the road from the “WildKatz” bar in a small trailer park.

Mary’s mother had died when Mary was only 10 and her older sister Olivia, who was 15, was pretty well left to raise her and her younger brother, Sheldon, who was only 4 at the time.
    Olivia eventually got married and moved away from Wilson’s Junction and now Mary rarely saw her. She barely even saw the rest of her family.

  Her dad, Tom Bennett, was a long-haul trucker and would be away for weeks at a time. When he was at home, he was usually drunk. Sheldon was now 18, but he had dropped out of high school and hung out with a rather shady bunch, usually involved in break and enters and car thefts. The only time Mary would see him was if he came to her looking to sponge some money. Mary was pretty sure someday she’d be visiting him on the other side of the glass at state prison. It was only a matter of time.

  But Mary was no unblemished angel herself. She too was a high school dropout, being more concerned with partying and hanging out with boys.

   Mary had been blessed with a hot body and pretty looks at a very young age. She was an early bloomer. Even at the age of 13, she had been able to easily pass herself as someone two years older.
 Mary had pretty well had to raise herself, as her older sister spent most of her time looking after Sheldon. And it didn’t take her long to learn that her body could be used to great advantage to get things she wanted. That was why, at the tender age of 13, she had given her virginity to her 28 year-old neighbour while babysitting for him and his wife. With the agreement that he would bootleg beer and cigarettes for her and her friends.

Over the years, Mary had gained a reputation around Wilson’s Junction as being “easy“. She liked to drink and flirt with the guys. She liked the “bad boys” and had had no shortage of bad relationships with rotten boyfriends, guys who had just treated her like shit, more concerned with her body than anything.

  Now, at the age of 24, Mary still lived at home with her dad. She worked two part-time waitress jobs and spent her weekends off partying. She had no plans for the future, except to hopefully someday find a guy with money, marry him and get the hell out of Wilson’s Junction. But for now she was having too much fun. She still had her body and her looks and she intended to keep using them as long as she could.

Now, here it was only 3:00 p.m. and already Mary was getting quite wasted. She had the whole weekend off, which didn’t happen often, and she was on the loose! She had met some cute guys and was playing pool with them. She didn’t know yet if she’d be interested in sleeping with any of them, but as long as they kept buying her drinks, that was all she cared about.

Jake pointed over towards the pool table. Mary was just in the middle of taking a shot and was bent over the table. She was on her tiptoes to reach the cue ball and her skimpy cutoffs were sucked up tight between the cheeks of her ass. The boys could see the top of her thong panties showing above her shorts.

“Now that is what I call an ass!” said Jake.

“Damn, that Mary Bennett is one hot piece of cunt,” said Marcel. “Even if she is white trash!”

“Oh, I’d do her,” said Jake. “Fucking slut could only be so lucky. I’d be a lot better than some of the other scumballs she’s been with.”

“Think we should try to pick her up?” asked Wendell.

“Go for it!” said Jake. “We could probably get her talked into doing all of us!”

The five men clinked their beer bottles together in a toast. They were soon up and playing pool themselves, continuing to watch Mary as she flirted with the fellows at the other table. They could tell she was getting quite inebriated.

They had been playing pool for about a half hour, when Brad Jenkins looked over at Jake.

“I’m gonna go for it!” he said. “I’m gonna make a move on Mary Bennett.”

“Good luck to ya, buddy!” said Jake.

They had seen Mary head to the ladies’ washroom and when she came out, she stopped at the bar and was chatting with one of the waitresses.
  Brad watched until she began walking back towards the pool tables, then he headed in her direction, pretending he was also going to the washroom. Their paths intersected.

“Hey Mary! Lookin’ good today,” Brad remarked.

Mary stood with her hands on her hips, head cocked to one side.

“Hello Brad Jenkins. What do you want?”

“I’m just saying hi. Saw you hanging around by yourself and figured I should talk to you. Why don’t you, um, come over to our table and have a game? We‘re going out to the lake to party later. You could come with us.”

Mary smiled as she put a hand on Brad’s shoulder.
“Well, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not exactly hanging out by myself. And as for coming and hanging out with you and your bunch, no thanks!”

“Whaddaya mean by that? What’s wrong with us?”

“I’m not into the whole rich, daddy-boy scene,” Mary sneered. “You boys just ain’t my type. You just go party with some of the Barbie dolls out at the lake, okay?”

“You’re kinda rude, ain’t you?” asked Brad with a frown. “I’m just trying to be nice to you.”

“Guys like you and your buddy, Jake Cutler, being nice? Yeah! That’s a laugh.”

With that last remark, Mary pushed past Brad and made her way back to the group of men she had been with earlier.

To Be Continued

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Brad walked back to his table.
“Man, that bitch is cold!” said Brad.

“How so?” asked Jake. “She shoot you down?”

“Yeah! Big time!” replied Brad. “Told me we weren’t ‘her type’!”

“Not her type?! What the fuck?” spat Marcel. “We’re guys with dicks! That’s exactly her type!”

“She called us rich daddy-boys too!” said Brad.

“Fucking white trash cunt! Who the hell is she?” snarled Jake.

Jake, in addition to his massive-sized ego, also had a short temper. One thing he didn’t like was being rejected by a female. As far as he was concerned, if he was hitting on a girl, she should consider it a favour to her! He was Jake Cutler for God’s sake!

“Ahhh, forget the bitch!” said Wendell. “Wait a little while and there’ll be more cunt in here!”

The boys continued drinking and playing pool. And getting drunker with each round. Mary was still with her bunch at the other pool table too, until suddenly Jake and his friends noticed, they had left. They didn’t take Mary with them.
  She  had wandered over to the jukebox and was plunking some coins in to play some more tunes. Jake watched her with a hungry look in his eyes, scanning up and down her tanned legs and her round, tight ass as she stood with her back to them.

Gord walked up to Jake.
“Hey man, I’ve seen that look before! You wanna do her bad, don’t you?”

“I fucking do!” answered Jake.

He did want to fuck the little dark-haired harlot, but not so much because she had, as some people would say, “A body that just wouldn’t stop”. No, Jake was mad about the remarks Mary had made. He took stuff like that very personally and now he wanted to fuck her just to show she couldn’t get away with rejecting him and his friends. Jake Cutler was nothing if not extremely vindictive.
  His father had always told him, “You’re a Cutler, boy. You don’t need to take no shit from no one! Half this town wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the Cutlers!”

Mary was walking back from the jukebox. Jake, Gord and Brad took a couple steps so they were right in her path.

Mary stopped and gave them an exasperated look.
“Ummm, excuse me, please?”

“Excuse you, bitch!” said Jake. “We’re not stopping you. Go past if you want.”

Mary tried pushing through the three boys. Jake reached down and his hand closed on the crotch of her shorts. He gave a hard squeeze. At the same time, Brad reached behind her and pinched her ass. Gord got a cheap feel too, cupping his hand around one of her breasts.

“Get lost, you losers!” Mary snarled. “Don’t touch me!”
She slapped their hands away from her.

The three men released her and stepped back.

“Geez, Mary, we’re just giving you what you’re looking for,” said Jake. “Don’t need to get so mad!”

“Fuck you, Cutler!” she spat. “I am NOT looking for anything, and if I was, it certainly wouldn’t be with you!”

“Ohhh, I think you got told, Jake!” laughed Wendell.

Mary strode away, heading for the far side of the bar.

“Fuck, that little bitch has a sass-mouth,” said Jake. “She needs something stuck in it!”

“You get a good feel?” asked Brad with a smirk.

Jake grinned. “Yeah, actually I did!”

“All right, you assholes, get the fuck out!”

The boys spun around to see who was yelling at them. It was Marv Coleman, the owner of “WildKatz.” He was walking towards them, wielding a baseball bat. Marv was a big man. Rumour had it he was an ex-Hells Angels member and certainly wasn’t someone to mess with.

“What?” asked Jake, holding his arms out. “What the hell did we do?”

“I just saw the shit you were pulling on Mary!” he yelled. “I don’t put up with that in my establishment.”

“Hey, we were just having fun!” Jake shot back.

“Fuck you, you were having fun! You and your friends are nothing but wise-ass punks, Cutler, and I don’t like any of ya!”

“So you’re kicking us out?” asked Marcel.

“Yes, I’m kickin’ ya out! Go somewhere else if you wanna harass people. Ya ain’t doing it here!”

“You’re a piece of shit, Coleman,” Jake spat. “We spend a lot of money in this place. And now you want to kick us out? You ain’t dealing with the normal riffraff that comes in here. My old man could buy this shithole and throw you out on the street!”

“That’s what I mean by you being a punk, Cutler! Thinking yer hot shit because yer old man is rich! And I don’t care about how much money you spend in here. It don’t give you permssion to molest my other customers. NOW, ALL OF YA! OUT!”

To emphasize the point, Marv waved the baseball bat.

“Get moving or ya’ll be doing it with busted kneecaps!”

“We’re leaving, we’re leaving!” Jake sneered. He pointed over to Mary, sitting on a stool at the bar.

“That little trash should be grateful we’re even giving her some attention! We’re a hell of a lot better than most of the dickwads she hangs out with! She’s got a lot of nerve treating me and my friends like she did.”

Mary, upon hearing this, yelled back at Jake.
“Oh yeah, I’m SO gratified you and your sick buddies tried to grope me and tear my clothes off! That’s what I hate about you, Cutler. You figure every girl in town should bow down and kiss your ass!”

Jake didn’t reply. He just glared at her as he and the rest of the guys walked towards the entrance, with Marv close on their heels. They stepped out into the bright sunshine.

“Fuckin’ asshole!” Jake spat as they walked back to the van. “Can’t believe he had the nerve to kick us out of there. Protecting his little, dear Mary! Fuckin’ bitch just struts around looking for it!”

“Ahhhh, let’s forget about it,” said Brad. “Hey, Wendell! I’m damn hungry. Take us down to Burger Hut and we’ll get something to eat.”

The five boys piled back into the van and roared out of the  parking lot, spraying gravel.

It was later in the afternoon now, approaching early evening. The boys had went to one of their favourite fast food hangouts, the Burger Hut and scarfed down some burgers, fries, and milkshakes. The food was not really that great, but the boys liked going there for ulterior reasons.
 The waitresses working there wore uniforms consisting of tight red shorts, white tank tops and white running shoes. Most were quite hot-looking too.

It was also a major hangout for the young people of Wilson’s Junction and a good place to pick up chicks.  But today, not so much.

“Where the fuck are all the girls today?” wondered Wendell as the boys got in the van. He immediately turned on the air conditioning.

“Shit, it’s so nice out, I’ll bet a lot of people are out at the lake today,” Brad mused.

“Well, then maybe that’s where we should be,” said Jake. “Maybe we can track down those sweeties we ran into earlier. I’d love to play a game of hide-the-sausage with that Mandy girl!”

“They said they were going to Sunshine Beach,” Gord piped up.

“Then Sunshine Beach is where we shall go too, “ said Wendell, putting the van in gear.

“After you go to the beer store!” Marcel reminded him.

Soon the black van was heading for the highway out of town, with several flats of beer, a few bottles of Jack Daniel’s and five, very horny, young men. It was a recipe for disaster.
  As the van sped up the road towards “Wildkatz” bar, they spotted someone walking along the shoulder of the highway. As they approached closer, they realized it was a female, wearing short shorts and a halter top.

“Shit, that’s that Bennett bitch,” exclaimed Marcel, who was in the passenger seat of the van.

“Hey, it is too!” said Brad. “And all by herselfie!”

“I want that slut!” said Jake solemnly.

“What?” asked Wendell.

“Let’s grab the little bitch, take her with us to the lake and have a bit of fun on the way. We’ll dump her out somewhere after we’re done! Come on, don’t you guys wanna get fucked tonight?” said Jake.

The five all looked at each other, and insidious grins spread across their faces.

“Yeah!” said Brad. “The little skank owes us some apologies anyways, the way she dissed us in the bar! She’s drunk and who’s gonna listen to her? It’s fucking perfect!”

The pieces were falling in place for what would prove to be a very bad night for Mary.

Mary stumbled along in the grass along the right hand side of the road. She was going home to sleep a couple hours and maybe come back to the bar later when she knew things would be rocking. Marv had offered to give her a ride home, but Mary had insisted she was fine. It was only about a 15 minute walk from the trailer park to the bar.
  She certainly hadn’t intended to get so drunk so early in the day. Usually she paced herself a little better. But the guys she had been playing pool with earlier were buying her drinks as fast as she could down them and before she realized it, she was over the edge.
  She had liked them, they were all around her age and good-looking. They were from the neighbouring town of Harris, and Mary knew a couple of them. She’d partied with them before. One of them, a 20 year-old guy named Mark, had sort of caught Mary’s eye and she had hoped he would stick around. She thought, of all the bunch, he was the most likely she would have banged. But then Mary had went to the washroom and when she came out they were gone.
Ah well, it hadn’t been the first time someone skipped out on her and it wouldn’t be the last. Then there was the run-in with Jake Cutler and his posse. God, how she hated those guys! They had been insufferable pricks back in school and they hadn’t gotten any better as they got older.

Sure, they were all good-looking, but Mary couldn’t stand their arrogance and cockiness. Guys like that drove her up the wall. She supposed some of it was resentment at the fact they all had so much money. People like them, really had no clue as to how the lower-class folk of Wilson’s Junction, the so-called white trash, lived! And they didn’t really care either. They had made life a living hell for her and her friends back in school.

  So, Mary surmised, if they didn’t give a rat’s ass about her, she certainly didn’t give a shit about them either!
She looked up as she saw a black van approaching and then just kept on walking. It sped on past her. Mary, in her drunken state, didn‘t notice as it did a quick u-turn in the middle of the road and began driving back her way!

She also didn’t notice it pull up along side of her until the last minute. She turned her head and there it was! The sliding door on the passenger side whipped open and two sets of hands reached out to grab her. A hand went around her neck and another clamped over her mouth. The other set of hands grabbed her by the arms. Mary, being so petite, was easily yanked right off her feet and pulled into the van in a matter of seconds. The van never even came to a complete stop, and as soon as she was inside it sped up again.

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Wendell liked to call the van his “shaggin’ wagon”, and he had fixed up the back compartment with some lights, flooring and a small bed, just big enough for two! It was onto this bed that Mary was roughly thrown.
 She was in a daze and tried to look around to see who the hell had grabbed her. She saw a familiar face looming over her. Jake Cutler! What the hell?

She opened her mouth to scream but he slapped her hard across the face.

“Shut up, bitch!” he snarled.

Gord quickly grabbed her arms and Brad her legs as she tried to swing at Jake.

“Get away from me, you jerks!” she yelled. “Let me go!”

Jake seized the front of Mary’s halter top with both hands and pulled on it, the halter top ripping in two. Mary’s naked tits bounced and shook as they fell out.

“Look at the horny skank! Not even wearing a bra!” Jake sneered.

“FUCK OFF! STOP IT!” Mary yelled as she fought against the boys holding her down.

Jake began twisting and pulling on Mary’s large nipples, making her squeal in pain. He undid the snap on her shorts and pushed a hand down inside them. Jake smiled as his fingers forced their way into her panties and he could feel her sex.

Mary screamed as he pushed a finger inside her.


“Oh, Bennett, you got a nice pussy! Tighter than I thought,” said Jake. “I think she’s gonna be good fucking boys!”

Marcel was turned around in his seat and watching the guys molest Mary. He felt himself getting incredibly hard! He had never mentioned it to Jake or any of his other friends, lest he be subjected to their ridicule, but he had had a major crush on Mary back in high school. Although he knew of her reputation,  he had always thought of her as a very pretty girl with a hot body.
Despite her not being a member of the popular crowd, Marcel had considered her one of the hottest girls in Wilson’s Junction. Many a night, when he was a teenager, he had jerked off while thinking about fucking Mary Bennett. But, in the social circles he travelled in at the time, Mary was considered an “untouchable” and had he expressed any affection for her, his friends would have laughed him out of town! So Marcel had kept his feelings to himself.
  Now, here they had the girl of his adolescent dreams in the back of a van and he was looking at her naked tits! The same ones he had watched bouncing up and down under her t-shirts at school. Marcel jumped out of his seat and came to the back of the van.

“Oh man! I have GOT to squeeze those!” he said.

Jake moved out of the way as Marcel reached in to squeeze and knead both of Mary’s voluptuous melons. After he was done, he held Mary’s legs while Brad took a turn molesting her. He shoved his hand down her shorts and pushed a couple fingers deep inside her.

“Shit! We have got to get these shorts off her,” said Brad excitedly. “This bitch needs to be fucked!”

Gord yelled up at Wendell. “Take the road down to the old farmyard! We can do her there, we’ll have lots of privacy!”


Her heart was pounding as she realized what these bastards had planned for her.

The ‘old farmyard’ was on part of Gord’s family’s land. It was the location of an old settler’s homestead in the late 1800s but had been abandoned now for many years. All that remained of the once flourishing farm, was the remains of an old root cellar and a pile of old rotting logs that had once been a barn. There was a number of large rocks set in a square formation that had been the foundation of the old farmhouse.

 The whole yard was now overgrown with weeds and tall grass and old trees. It was several miles out of town, and it did indeed provide a lot of privacy. Gord had used the old place as a spot for keg parties over the years.

Now Wendell drove down the old driveway, actually not much more than a trail through the trees. The huge overhanging branches of the oak and elm trees lining the trail made it seem like he was driving through a tunnel.

The van came to a stop along the edge of a large grassy area. The boys fell upon Mary like a wolf pack. Jake and Marcel began yanking at Mary’s shorts, trying to peel them down over her hips.

She subjected them to a volley of swear words and cussing as they held her down on the mattress. Maybe she couldn’t stop them from gangraping her, but she wasn’t giving up without a fight!


Jake and Wendell ignored her as they yanked and pulled at her shorts, eventually pulling them down off her legs. They both grabbed at her black thong panties and tore them from her body. While Gord and Jake were busy getting her shorts off her, Brad had pulled off her socks and running shoes.

Mary was now totally nude, stretched out on the bed. And still cussing like a trooper!


 “You’re gonna find out how much of a faggot I am,” sneered Jake. “I’m gonna fuck you like a cheap whore!”

“But first, let’s open the damn door. It’s bloody hot in here!“

They had all began to notice, since Wendell shut off the van and the air conditioning wasn’t running, that the temperature had increased dramatically in the rear of the van. Jake slid open the side door, allowing a cool breeze to enter. He turned back to Mary.
 Jake began pulling down his shorts, exposing his seven and a half-inch erect cock. As Jake climbed on the bed, Brad let go of one of her legs and moved out of the way. At that moment, Mary decided to make her move!
   She kicked at Jake with her free leg. He tried to dodge it but she connected with his crotch. Luckily, he was able to twist his body enough that her heel just grazed his ball sac and struck the inside of his left thigh. It was enough to cause him to yelp in pain and he fell backwards into Brad, making him let go of her other leg.
  Mary, with all her might, yanked her wrists free from Gord’s grip. The petite woman jumped up from the bed and was out the door. Marcel and Wendell tried to grab at her, but were too slow.

“After her, you idiots!” yelled Jake. “Get her!”

Marcel was out the door right behind her. Mary tried to run but she stumbled on the uneven ground. Marcel tackled her, throwing her to the ground. He twisted her left arm behind her back and grabbed a handful of her hair as he dragged her back through the grass. The others were out of the van by that time.

“Bring her over here by the van!” ordered Jake.

Mary was dumped on the ground beside the van. Brad and Gord grabbed her arms and Marcel and Wendell her legs. She was stretched out spread-eagled on the ground. The boys drooled as they pulled her thighs wide apart to expose her sweet shaved pussy.

Jake’s shorts were around his knees and his hard-on jutted from between his legs as he prepared to mount the struggling girl.

“Fuckin’ bitch!” he roared. “Gonna feel REALLY good fucking you now!”

Mary groaned in pain as Gord and Brad kept her arms pinned down. Jake slid his hands along Mary’s smooth thighs and licked his lips as he looked down at her pink pussy lips.

“We could have done this the easy way, slut!” he said. “But you chose not to!”

“Come on, man!” yelled Wendell. “Drill this bitch!”

With a hard buck of his hips, Jake drove inside Mary. He groaned with pleasure, feeling the walls of her cunt wrap around him. He held himself inside her for a minute. Mary screamed in frustration, trying to close her thighs and push him out. But Marcel and Wendel held her legs tight.
Jake pulled back and slammed into Mary again. He began fucking Mary with hard pounding thrusts, one after the other.

Jake was fucking her like a madman, driving her body down into the grass. Mary’s tits shook and shuddered and she gasped in pain with every punishing stab of his cock into her.

“How you like that?….Huh, bitch?….How you like that?” Jake said as his hips moved a mile a minute.

“Is he your type now?” sneered Marcel.


“We’ll stop when you can’t fuckin’ walk anymore,” Brad snarled.

Jake’s rock-hard shaft pounding away inside her was very painful. Mary was certainly no stranger to being fucked, but not like this! Being held down on the ground by four men and savagely raped by another was not her idea of a fun date.

Jake’s hands dug into her hips as the tempo of his thrusts grew faster. He was ready to cum. Mary suddenly realized with horror he was going to cum in her. She was on birth control and not too concerned about getting pregnant, but just the thought of Jake Cutler spewing his foul seed into her against her will was repulsive.

“AAAARRGGGHHHHHH! YEAHHHHHH!” Jake bellowed, sweat running down his face as his body shuddered and shook with the force of his orgasm. He felt the hot sperm race up his shaft and spurt into Mary’s tight depths.

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Very good! Can't wait for more!

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“Fucking prick!” Mary spat, as Jake began to pull out. He bent down to kiss her and she lobbed a gob of saliva at his face.

He smiled as he wiped it off.
“That’s all right, cunt. What goes around, comes around,” he said.

He took over from Marcel, holding Mary’s leg.

“Give it to her hard, buddy,” he said.

Marcel’s heart was pounding as he pulled down his shorts and climbed between Mary’s legs. This was the moment he had been waiting for for years and now it was going to happen. He was gonna fuck Mary Bennett!

Marcel’s eyes rolled back as he sunk himself balls deep into her wet cunt. Oh heaven! His hands slid up her stomach and he squeezed her tits as he began to pump in and out slowly, enjoying every inch of her luscious pussy.

Marcel was a tall good-looking guy, about 6’ 2” and 175 lbs. Like Jake he had short, dark hair and a fit physique. Had he not been such an arrogant prick, Mary would probably have been attracted to him. But not now as he plowed his thick cock into her. She hated his guts!

He raped her with zest, the muscles in his thighs rippling as he rammed and pounded away at her, feeling his dick bottom out on every stroke. Mary was so tight and warm. Marcel had fucked many girls in his life, but this was awesome! Mary was a girl who he had fantasized about since he was old enough to know what sex was, and now she was impaled on the end of his cock.

The other men cheered him on as he pumped faster and faster, finally spurting a torrent of jizz into Mary’s pussy.

Wendell was the next one. He was about 5’ 10” and 170 lb. with sandy brown hair and freckles. He wasted no time in ramming his throbbing cock into Mary.

“UUUUNNNHHHHHHH!” she groaned in pain.

The men were like lust-filled animals. They weren’t concerned with fucking her so much as they just wanted to see how hard and painful they could drive their cocks into her.
 Wendell was doing a fine job of that, slamming in, pulling back out, and slamming in again. Mary gasped as she struggled to catch her breath, the air being driven out of her lungs. Her pussy muscles clenched down on Wendell’s tool and made him fuck her that much harder.
“That’s my boy!” cheered Jake. “Fuck this white trash cunt!”

“We’re the best fuckin’ she’s ever had!” yelled Marcel.

“Ju-just cum….a-already!” Mary cried.

“Oh, the baby girl wants you to blow a load in her!” Brad sneered.

“Okay!” said Wendell.

He arched his back and lifted Mary’s ass right off the ground as he poured thick ropes of spooge into her.

“Fuuuuuck, Yeah!” he groaned as he slowly slid out of her, her cunt making a slurping sound. A string of cum still hung from the tip of his dick.

By this time a small puddle of cum had oozed out of her and gathered in the grass.

With Wendell finished, Brad was ready for action. They switched spots and Brad dropped his pants, his large hard-on leaping out of his underwear. Pre-cum glistened on the head.

“Now’s payback, slut!” said Brad. “You made me look like an idiot in the bar today.”

Brad was shorter than all the others, only about 5’ 7”. But he was very fit and muscular. He had reddish blonde hair and a moustache. His smiled as he looked down and watched his hard cock disappear inside Mary.

He began a vicious pounding fuck of the dark-haired woman. His body slapped against her as he used her tits like handles. Brad leaned down and planted his mouth on Mary’s. Muffled squeals came from her as he forced his tongue inside her mouth.

She spat at him as he pulled away from her.

“PIG! FUCKING PIG!” she yelled.

Brad slapped her hard across the face.

“You still got a lot of fight left in you, bitch! We’re gonna have to get rid of that!”

Throwing all his weight behind him, Brad thrust and rammed his meat between Mary’s outstretched thighs. Tear streamed down Mary’s face as she was forced to endure the powerful assault. As Brad prepared to cum, he pulled out and shot his load across Mary’s upper chest and tits.

“Cum-whore!” he snarled as he stood up.

The boys were using Mary’s clothes from the van to wipe themselves clean. Brad used her halter top to wipe off his dick, then took over Gord’s spot holding one of Mary’s arms.

“Looks like you’re last, Gordie! Slam ‘er!”

Gordie also used the halter top to wipe the cum off her tits, before he pulled down his pants. He didn’t have a huge cock, in terms of length, but it was quite thick. He was proud of it.

He stood about 6’ tall and weighed about 200 lb. but not much was fat. Gord was a farm boy, and although he didn’t have to do a lot of manual labour, he still did a bit more than his friends. He had also been a football player and track athlete in high school.

He teased Mary with the purple tip of his cock, rubbing it across her outer lips. He saw her tense up, preparing for another cock to invade her body.

“Ya want this, bitch, huh? Ya want some Gord meat in ya?” he sneered.

Mary shook her head.

“I wanna hear ya say it,” Gord said. “Say I’m a whore and I want your cock in me!”

Mary glared at him. “No way, creep!”

He slapped her hard across the tits, then grabbed both her nipples and twisted on them.
“FUCKIN” SAY IT, COW!” he roared.

“Okay, okay!” Mary sobbed. “Pl-please, Gord! I’m a wh-whore, stick y-your cock in m-me!”

“Fuckin’ slut,” he said as he drove into her.

Mary let out a sharp squeal as his thick cock spread her open. Gord settled his body down on top of her and began working his cock in and out. He took one of her nipples in his mouth and bit down on it as he brutally fucked her.
Gord’s shaft pistoned in and out of her like a steam engine. Mary squealed and cried out as he kept her nipple in his mouth. Her body bucked underneath him.

He finally took her nipple out his mouth, then ran his tongue up the side of her neck and across her cheek.

“Who’d have thought a cheap tramp like you could taste so good,” Gord said between thrusts.

His buttocks clenched together and he let out a long sigh as he felt his swollen balls release their load of semen into her. Gord gave a couple more hard thrusts when he came, as though he was trying to force himself deeper into her.

He was panting heavily as he pulled out of her.

“Damn, that’s one fine cunt!” he said.

The boys all released their holds on Mary as they relaxed in the grass. She rolled into a little ball, rubbing her sore wrists. She glared at the boys with pure hate.

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Offline vile8r

Jake was handing out cold beers to the guys. He looked down at Mary and nudged her with his foot.

“What’s your problem, bitch. Better wipe that look off your face!”

“You assholes are in a pile of trouble when I get back to town!” Mary hissed. “I’ve got friends who will beat the living shit out of you for doing this to me!”

“I ain’t scared of your riffraff,” Jake scoffed. “And anyway, the way you were skanking around in that bar today, and all drunk, no cop’s gonna listen to you if you go to them!”

“You’re a fucking jerk, Cutler!” Mary said. “I wish you’d die!”

Jake suddenly reached down and pulled Mary up by her hair.

“Oh yeah? Well with what we’re gonna do to you next, you’re gonna wish you could die!”

Jake began to drag Mary across the ground towards the old house foundation. He took her to a rock that stood about three feet high. He threw her down so she was bent over the large rock and he kicked her legs apart.

Mary screamed as Jake grabbed the cheeks of her firm ass and pulled them apart.
“I’ll bet a slut like you has taken it up the ass a lot!” he sneered.


“Whoa, are you saying you’re an ass virgin?” asked Jake.

“N-no, but I-I don’t like it! It hurts a lot.” she whined.

When she was a little younger, Mary had dabbled a bit in anal sex with a couple of her former boyfriends who had pressured her into doing it. She had tried it two or three times, but decided it wasn’t her thing. Now, with horror, she realized Jake and his gang were going to ass rape her. She tried to wriggle away from Jake but her held her down firmly on the rock.

She felt something wet on her ass, realizing he had spit on her to lubricate her hole. He jammed a finger into her and she yelped out in pain.


“Heh, heh! That was just my finger, Mary. Gonna really make you scream when I jam my rod in there!”

“Please!” she begged. “I-I’ll let you fuck me again! I’ll suck you off! Anything! Just don’t do this!”

“Let me fuck you?” Jake smirked. “Why, you ignorant little tramp! I’ll fuck you whenever I want, NOT because you’re going to let me! And don’t worry, we’ll get back to your pussy, but right now, you’re getting your ass tagged!”

The other boys were watching with fascination.

“Holy crap, he’s gonna fuck her ass!” said Brad.

“Hot damn, that’d feel good,” said Gord. He was a big fan of anal sex and no girl he ever went out with, got away without letting him do her ass. Whether they wanted it there or not!

Marcel felt himself growing very hard. He saw Mary’s cute little butt wiggling around in her shorts at the bar earlier that day. Now he was going to have his cock buried balls deep into it. Wow!

Mary let out an animalistic scream as Jake began forcing himself inside her pooper. He had one hand around her neck, holding her down on the rock as he guided his cock into her with his other hand.

Jake let out a series of loud grunts as he pushed in deeper. Her ass felt exquisite around his cock. So warm and tight.

Mary tried to buck and twist underneath him, trying to throw him off her, but it was no use. The petite girl was no match for him. Jake began to stroke and thrust in and out of Mary’s tight anus.

“This is what white trash cunts like you are good for!” snarled Jake. “Taking it up the ass!”

The guys all gathered around the rock, watching Jake as he brutally violated Mary.


That just made Jake fuck her harder. He held her by the hips as he pounded her. Sweat ran down his face from the late evening heat and the exertion of working his hard cock in and out of Mary’s tight hole. The pressure on his cock was incredible and soon Jake was ready to spurt another load.

“Tell me to come in your ass!” he yelled! “Now!”

Mary said nothing. Jake grabbed a handful of her dark hair and yanked her head back.

“I wanna hear you tell me to cum in your ass!” he repeated angrily.

“Pl-please cum……m-my ass!” Mary said painfully.

“All right!” said Jake. He let his balls release, shooting a thick load of dick batter into Mary’s bowels. He pulled out, his dick smeared with slime and little flecks of shit. Jake wiped himself on the back of Mary’s legs.

He looked at the group of his friends.

“Who’s next? he grinned.

Marcel stepped up, his cock out and ready for business. Mary was still bent over the rock as Marcel began to mount her from behind. She had barely caught her breath from the first ass pounding, when she let out another scream as Marcel plunged into her.

“Ohhhhhhh, shit ya!” he groaned. “This is good!”

Marcel began vigorously pumping in and out of Mary’s incredibly tight turd tunnel. Her ass muscles clamped down on him like a vise. Marcel’s body pressed her down against the rock, her tits scraping on the rough surface. Mary grunted in pain as his thighs slapped against her.
“That’s it, Marcel!” yelled Jake. “Fuck that bitch’s ass!”

His fingers dug into her ass cheeks as he impaled her with his rod. Marcel was in heaven, fucking Mary’s sweet ass like a crazy man. He finally came, spurting gob after gob of warm semen deep into her.

He pulled out, a huge grin on his face.

“Tapped that ass good!” he exclaimed, high-fiving his friends.

Brad had his pants pulled down and ready for the next turn. He slapped Mary across the ass, making a loud SMACK!

“Get ready, cunt! Gonna pound you good!”

Mary groaned in agony.

“NNNNOOOOOOOO! NO MORE!“ Mary pleaded.

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Offline vile8r

Brad just laughed as he guided his cock inside her. He began a series of brutal thrusts, pulling back and slamming back in. He loved how her ass would grip him tightly each time he plunged back into her.

Mary’s ass was on fire. She didn’t know how much more she could take. The first rape she could handle, even as disgusting as it was, but this was pure torture!
  Brad taunted her as he raped her pooper. He slapped her butt cheeks, making them sting and said degrading things to her.

“You’re liking this, ain’t you Bennett? A whore like you loves taking cock!”

“Ju-just pl-please……stop….it h-hurts!” Mary sobbed, tears running down her cheeks.

“It hurts? Good! That’s the plan!” Brad laughed. He slapped her ass again and kept pumping in and out.

After he blew yet another load in Mary’s bowels, Gord took his spot. It was the moment he had been waiting for. Watching the others pound Mary’s shitter, he had become incredibly hard. He couldn’t wait to ram his cock into her gopher hole!

And ram it, he did! Gord grabbed two handfuls of Mary’s hair and pulled back on her head. It caused her to arch her back and as she did, Gord ploughed his thick shaft into her.
“AAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Mary screamed. Her throat felt so hoarse, she didn’t think she had any more screams left in her but her body forced out another one.

Mary stared straight ahead, a dead look in her eyes. Her hair was plastered to her face with sweat and tears. Her fingers were raw from gripping the rough rock and her legs hurt from being banged against the side of it.

Gord was oblivious to her suffering, humping and ramming in and out of her ass. He looked down, watching his swollen meat slam in and out of her battered shithole. Spittle flew from his mouth.

Gord leaned down and licked the side of Mary’s face as he prepared to cum. A couple seconds later, Mary felt his cock go rigid inside her, and more white goo was deposited in her already saturated ass. He took his time pulling out of Mary, letting his thick shaft drag along the sides of her turd tunnel. The head made a small ‘POP!’ sound as it pulled free from her.

Wendell was the last one. At least Mary hoped he was the last one. Her whole body was draped over the rock like a rag doll, limp and exhausted.
The sandy-haired male grunted like a hog as he pushed into Mary effortlessly.

“Fuckin’ bitch!” he said as he grabbed her around the hips. “You’re like a fuckin’ train tunnel!”

Nevertheless, he began a spirited pounding of Mary’s ass. He grabbed her arms and pulled them back as his hips slapped against her.

Wendell fucked her relentlessly. Mary’s ass was lubed up enough now that he could slide quite easily in and out, yet it was still plenty tight. Wendell moaned with pleasure feeling her ass muscles clench around his cock, as though she was milking him.

  Faster and faster, he worked his cock back and forth, twisting his hips to try and push in deeper. He didn’t want it to end, but he couldn’t hold back and finally had to let his balls release. He pulled out at the last minute and jizz spurted from the head of his dick to spray across Mary’s back.

“Take that, cunt!” he sneered. He gave her a last hard slap on the ass as he pulled out.

Mary slid off the rock and slumped to the ground. She wiped tears off her face and rubbed her scraped knees. Her whole body ached and her legs felt too weak for her to stand.
  The boys had all moved back over by the van and were laughing and joking amongst themselves. Cold beers were being passed out. Mary had to pee really bad. She crawled over to some nearby bushes and squatted to pee. It hurt really bad to squat, but she managed.
The boys weren’t even looking in her direction. Mary looked around. It would be so easy right now to get up and run away. But she was in no condition to run anywhere at the moment. She could barely crawl.
  If she did run, where the hell would she go? She had no idea where she was! She was several miles outside of town, she knew that much. But in what direction?
  No, Mary knew that right now, there was no escape. She had to stay with the boys for now, in spite of the ordeal they had just put her through.

“Hey bitch, what do you think you’re doing?” Jake suddenly yelled out.

He came marching over to Mary and grabbed her by the arm.

“Trying to get away?”

“N-no, I was ju-just having a pee!” she whimpered.

“Looked like you were trying to escape,” he said. “You get your ass over here where we can watch you.”

Some of the boys had gathered up firewood and were getting a bonfire going, although there was still quite a bit of daylight. Jake was sitting on a large stump by the bonfire. He pulled Mary over beside him and made her sit on the ground.

“The boys wanted to take a little break, but we ain’t done with you yet, girl!” said Jake.

He yanked her head back and poured some beer in her mouth.
“Here, have a drink.”

“I-I don’t w-want any,” Mary said.
“Bullshit,” said Jake. “You were pouring back the booze like it was going out of style earlier today! Now you’re gonna drink with us.”

Jake stuck a beer can up to her mouth again and poured some down her throat. Mary coughed and sputtered as she swallowed it.

For the next half hour or so, the boys sat around the bonfire, drinking beer and telling jokes. Then Jake turned to Mary.

“We got this fine-looking bitch with us, boys! Maybe she should be up dancing for us.”

“Yeah!” yelled Marcel.

“DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!” the other guys began to chant.

Jake pulled her to her feet and pushed her out into the center of the circle of men. Mary’s legs were still a little weak and she wobbled and staggered. Wendell turned up the music blaring from the stereo in the van.

“Do a dance for us, skank,” Jake ordered. “Or we’ll pound that hot ass some more!”

Slowly, Mary began to dance, gyrating and swaying her body to the  music. She had never been so humiliated in all her life. The boys clapped and hooted like they were in a strip club.

Brad and Gord jumped up and began dancing with her, rubbing and pressing their bodies against her. Their hands roamed across her body, squeezing and groping at her tits, pinching and slapping her sore ass.

“Yeeee-hawwwwww!” Jake whooped.

He felt his cock growing hard again and he knew his batteries were recharged.

“All right, guys!” he yelled. “We’ve had her cunny and her ass. What hole should we do next?”

“Mouth!” replied Wendell.

“Yeah, let’s make her swallow some dick!” added Marcel.

“All right, then. Mouth it is!” said Jake.

Brad pushed Mary down to her knees and began pulling his cock out. Mary shook her head and turned her face away from him.

“NO! I’M NOT DOING THAT!” she cried out.

Brad tried to turn her head back towards him, but she continued to resist.

“Bitch won’t co-operate, huh?” said Jake. “Well, we just won’t be so nice then!”

Jake got Wendell to grab one of her arms and told Gord to grab the other. Together, he had them drag her back over closer to the van. They pushed her back down on her knees so her back was against the side of the van. The two men held her arms straight out.

“You’re gonna need a little lube in that mouth of yours for what we got planned,” Jake said to Mary.

Grabbing her face and forcing her mouth open, Jake leaned down. He brought up a couple big loogies from his throat and spit into her mouth.

“Okay, Brad! Have at ‘er!“ said Jake.

Before Mary had a chance to spit out the foul stuff in her mouth, Brad had jammed his hard cock between her jaws. He grabbed the back of her head and began working his shaft in and out.

Mary gagged and choked as he fucked her mouth. She was no stranger to giving blowjobs. Hell, she was handing them out to boys behind the school when she was only 12, in trade for cigarettes.

 But this was no blowjob! This was just a fierce rape of her mouth! Brad’s thighs slapped against her face as his cock spread her lips wide open. He tried to push in as deep as he possibly could. Mary could do nothing to stop him.

“I hope you like the taste of cum!” Brad said. “There’s a load of it going down your gullet!”

Brad slammed his hips up into Mary’s face and she felt his cock go rigid in her mouth. Seconds later, spurts of jizz splashed against the back of her throat. Mary was forced to swallow it all. It certainly wasn’t the first time she had swallowed a guy’s cum, but it was by far, the most disgusting!

“Ahhhhh, that’s the stuff,” said Brad contentedly. “Nothing like blowing a load down a bitch’s throat.”

Marcel stepped up next and stabbed his cock between Mary’s lips. Holding her head with both hands, he began humping her face. Slobber ran down Mary’s chin and tears ran down her face.

Marcel used her mouth like a cunt, sliding his cock in and out. Her mouth and tongue felt so good on his dick. He had always fantasized about what it would be like to get a blowjob from Mary.

 Her saliva lubricated his shaft and it slid back and forth effortlessly. Marcel looked down into her teary eyes and smiled. He pressed his cock to the back of her throat and let his load go. Mary coughed and spluttered as he pulled back, a string of spooge still dangling from the tip of his rod.

Marcel took Gord’s spot, holding Mary’s arm. Gord pulled his erect cock out of his pants and pushed it into Mary’s unwilling mouth.

“Suck meat, bitch!” he growled.

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Offline comptonasbryan

Thank you for a good read.  I can't wait for more.

June 16, 2015, 09:52:18 PM
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Offline vile8r

He pushed in all the way to the back of Mary’s throat and held his cock there. As her face turned red, he pulled back and then pushed in as she caught her breath. Gord carried on with the deep fucking of Mary’s mouth, as he listened to her gagging and choking.

“Come on, slut! You’ve had half of the cocks in Wilson’s Junction in your mouth. You should be used to deep throating by now!” Gord sneered.
“Yeah, she’s probably had more balls bouncing off her chin than a tennis racquet,” laughed Wendell.

The boys all laughed at Wendell’s joke. In the meantime, Gord continued his hard pounding of Mary’s mouth, finally shooting a heavy wad of spunk into her throat hole. As Gord pulled out he wiped his slimy shaft across her cheek.

Mary’s head hung down as she awaited the next cock to assault her throat. She was trying to catch her breath, slobber and cum dripping from her lips. It was bad enough that they were forcing their cocks into her mouth, but Mary was also aware of the horrible taste, which she realized was the taste of ass! Her ass!

Wendell slapped her in the face with his hard dick.

“Hey, cunt! Wake up! Time for some tongue action!”

Mary looked up at him with a glassy stare. He was holding the head of his cock just millimeters from her lips. Mary’s tongue snaked out of her mouth and rolled around the tip of the cock.
 Wendell held her by the hair as he guided her tongue around the shaft of his rape rod.

“That’s it, get it all nice and slicked up,” he moaned. “Oh, you are one good cocksucker, Bennett.”

Then without warning, Wendell pushed his dick into her mouth. Mary was forced to open her sore and tired jaws once more. Wendell began pumping away at her face.

Mary winced as the large head of his cock hammered away at the back of her mouth. He slowed down and pulled back slowly, enjoying the sensation of her lips dragging along his length. Then he plunged back in.

Wendell did that a few times, until he let out a sharp gasp as he felt his balls tighten. Cum spurted from his cock and sprayed the inside of Mary’s mouth.

“Oh shit, that was good!” he sighed as he pulled out.

Now was Jake’s turn. He had purposely waited to take the last turn. His cock was now as hard as a steel bar as he had watched his friends rape Mary’s face hole. Pulling Mary’s head back by her hair, Jake began to push his nut sack into her mouth.

“You’re going to suck on some balls first,” he said.

Mary gagged as the hairy balls were pushed into her mouth. She began to suck and lick at them with her tongue.

“And don’t even think about biting them,” said Jake. “Or we’ll fuck you in the ass again so hard, Wendell will have a new garage for his van!”

Mary’s tongue ran across the rough skin of Jake’s ball sack, the hairs itching her lips. Jake told her she could stop and then began to feed his cock between her jaws. He rammed in hard, making her head bang against the side of the van.

He seized Mary by the sides of her head and began ramming his cock in and out of her mouth. His balls slapped against her chin. Mary could barely breathe as Jake tried to shove his cock right down into her throat.

“Not so sassy now, are you?” Jake taunted her. “That mouth of yours is getting used for what it’s good for, a dick receptacle!”

Jake stood still and forced Mary’s head up and down on him. Her lips were beginning to hurt from the punishment they were receiving. Mary’s jaws felt like they were dislocated.

Jake kept up it up, working his hips back and forth and watching Mary’s lips stretched around his swollen shaft. He was getting ready to cum, but he had a surprise for her. He wasn’t going to shoot his load in her throat.

He quickly pulled his dick out of her mouth.

“Open wide!” he ordered.

He grabbed her by the hair as he furiously stroked his cock with his other hand. Mary’s head was forced back as she held her mouth open.

Jake’s cock erupted, shooting jism all over the place. He aimed for her mouth, although most of it sprayed onto her cheeks and nose.

“Hah! Cum-face!” laughed Marcel.

“It’s a good look for her,” chuckled Brad.

The guys let go of Mary’s arms and she fell onto the ground. Cum dripped off her face and she gasped for breath. It had been a horrible ordeal.

The boys took another beer break as they talked about how much fun they had just had abusing Mary’s mouth. It was about 15-20 minutes later, they walked back over to Mary. She was still curled up on the ground beside the van, totally exhausted.

Brad and Gord dragged her over closer to the bonfire.

“N-no, please! Please! N-no more, no more!” Mary pleaded tearfully. “T-take me h-home!”

“Why?” asked Jake sarcastically. “We’re just giving you what you were looking for today. You can’t tell me, if you were back at the bar right now, you wouldn’t be flirting with a bunch of guys, just looking for someone to bang!”

“We’re just saving you all the work,” said Wendell.

“I-I want t-to go h-home. I-I’m sorry f-for wh-what I said before,” Mary whimpered.

“Yeah, I’m sure you are, “ said Jake nonchalantly. “But we ain’t quite done with you yet. You ever been in a TP, Mary?”

Mary knew exactly what Jake meant. She didn’t like it.

“Okay,” said Jake. “I’m gonna take her cunt, Brad you take her ass and Gord you can have her mouth. Wendell and Marcel, you two can do her after us.”

“Hey, I wanna do her ass again,” Gord whined.

“All right then, I‘ll take her mouth, you can have her ass,” said Brad.

Jake laid down in the grass and pulled Mary on top of him.
“Start riding me, slut,“ he ordered. Brad and Gord stood over her menacingly as she straddled Jake and slowly lowered herself down onto his erect pole.

She gasped painfully as Jake gripped her by the hips and began moving her up and down on him.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, that pussy feels good,” he moaned.

As Jake forced Mary to ride him, Brad came around in front of her. He pushed her mouth onto his softening cock. It didn’t stay soft for long as he felt her warm mouth wrap around it.

Behind her, Gord proceeded to mount her ass. She couldn’t even scream as Brad’s dick filled her mouth. All three of her holes were filled with meat as the men began a savage attack on her body.

Mary wanted to pass out. In spite of her sexual escapades over the years, she had never been fucked like this before. It felt like Jake and Gord were splitting her body in two as they worked their cocks in and out of her. Neither were being particularly gentle as they rocked her body back and forth with hard thrusts.
And as she tried to cope with that, Brad was stabbing his rod in and out of her mouth.

Jake was squeezing and pinching Mary’s breasts and Gord slapped her ass as he fucked it. Jake slammed up into Mary, her cunt wrapped around his shaft like a glove.

Wendell and Marcel looked on, both getting hard as they anticipated fucking the pretty dark-haired girl again.

Brad was the first to cum, shooting his load into Mary’s mouth. She was barely able to swallow, most of it dribbling back down her chin. Gord came next, grunting like an animal as he pumped jizz into her sore ass.

Jake pumped and pistoned away at Mary’s pussy hole. It made wet farting sounds as his thick shaft spread it open.

Jake held her tight as he thrust his hips up, pushing himself deeper into Mary. Then came the satisfying sensation of cum racing up his shaft as he pumped another load into her.

“Fuck yeah! Fill you up, bitch!” he grunted.

The three men now finished, Marcel and Wendell stepped in for their turn. Mary was pulled up onto her hands and knees as Marcel got behind her. Wendell kneeled in front of her.

Marcel impaled her from behind, driving his cock deep into her. At the same time, Wendell forced her mouth open and slid his raging erection between her lips.

Marcel was in heaven again, his cock buried in the hot girl’s box. Although, she didn’t look so hot right now. Her body was covered in sweat and dirt, her thighs and arms black and blue with bruises. Her once silky hair had twigs and grass stuck in it and her eyes were red and bloodshot.

 But her cunt still felt damn fine, as Marcel discovered. His hips slapped back and forth, her body shuddering with each thrust.

Wendell had his dick sliding in and out of Mary’s sore mouth, her lips wrapped tightly around him. His hands were wrapped in her hair as he forced himself into her throat.

As Marcel got ready to cum, he reached under Mary and pulled hard on her tits.
“Love those little fun bags of yours, Mary,” he said as he panted and grunted.

When the two men did finally cum, they both pulled out and spurted their loads on Mary. Wendell came on her face, gobs of cum sticking to her nose and eyebrows. Marcel deposited his dick goo on her back and buttocks.

“Yeeee-hawww!” shouted Jake. “We turned this cow into a little cum whore!”

Mary was collapsed in a heap in the grass, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

“Shit man, I am all cummed out!” laughed Marcel.

“Yeah, I think I am too,” agreed Jake. “But I think we showed the bitch. She won’t be disrespecting us again!”

“Next time we ask you to party with us, you won’t be so ignorant about it, will you?” Brad sneered at her.

Mary didn’t reply as she laid on the ground and quietly sobbed. She had hung out with a lot of guys over the years, some who had been real dickheads, but never had she been treated like this before!

“Speaking of disrespecting, I just remembered something,” said Jake. “I seem to recall this little bitch saying something a little earlier today about all the girls in town having to kiss my ass!”

“Yeah, I remember that too,” said Gord.

Jake reached down and grabbed Mary by the hair, pulling her up to her knees.

“Well, I’m here to tell you, Bennett, that yeah, all the girls SHOULD kiss my ass! I’m Jake Fucking Cutler! My old man owns half the town and if it wasn’t for my family, Wilson’s Junction wouldn’t even exist!”

He pulled his pants down and turned around so his ass was facing Mary.

“So now, bitch, you ARE gonna kiss my ass! Literally! A skanky slut like you ain’t good for nothing else!”

Marcel put his hand on the back of Mary’s head and pushed it toward Jake’s butt. Closing her eyes, Mary puckered up and planted a small kiss on his left buttock.

“Uh, uh!” said Jake. “Right in the crack! Kiss me right on the shithole!”

He held his ass cheeks apart as Mary’s face was pressed to his ass again. Mary was forced to kiss his puckered brown hole.

“Yeah, that’s it!” Jake sneered as he began to pull his shorts back up. “And now, you can kiss all my friends’ asses too!”

One by one, the other boys lined up and dropped their pants in front of Mary. It was totally degrading and disgusting, but she kissed each one in their ass cracks.

“I think we should head to the lake now,” said Wendell.

“What are we doing with her?” asked Brad.

Jake looked at Mary. “She’s a fucking mess for one thing,” he said. “She ain’t coming with us. She can fucking walk back to town for all I care.”

“B-but, I don’t kn-know where I-I’m at,” Mary cried.

“All you gotta do is walk back down that old trail over there,” said Gord as he pointed to the overgrown entrance to the farmyard. “When ya get to the road, just turn left and keep walking. It’s about 5 miles to town.”

“I’m sure some nice soul might stop and pick you up,” chuckled Marcel.

“Not looking like that!” Jake sneered. “What say we’ll give her a bath first?”

He began to pull his dick out of his pants again.

“Yeah!” said Wendell, realizing what Jake was up to.

The five men all circled around Mary with their penises pulled out and began to urinate on her. The warm yellow liquid splashed across her skin and ran down her chest and legs. Mary covered her face in humiliation and revulsion as she endured being used as human urinal.

Finally the guys were done and zipped back up.

“H-how am I supposed to w-walk back to town?” asked Mary tearfully. “I have no clothes!”

Jake shrugged. “Not my problem!”

“Oh one more thing, Bennett. I trust you won’t be saying anything about this? I mean after all, who the fuck is gonna believe you anyway? The sheriff knows your reputation so I doubt if he’ll want to listen to you.”

Mary knew he was right. The sheriff of Wilson’s Junction was in the pocket of Jake Cutler’s dad. If it came to a Bennett going up against a Cutler, or even any of the other boys, she knew the sheriff would just laugh in her face. She was, well, screwed!

“I-I won’t say….anything,” Mary replied quietly.

“That’s good,” said Jake. “Now you have fun there, getting back to town. Oh, and thanks for the great time! But now, me and the boys gotta get out to the lake. I’ve got a date with a hot blonde!”
The guys all waved to her, leaving her kneeling in the grass, as they piled into Wendell’s van and drove off into the fading daylight.


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