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What follows is a fictional account of underage teen sex. Two people were hurt in the making of this story, and it's their word you are about to read. As usual Rape is a serious crime and should never be Done to anyone in real life.

 Story code m/f rp, first time


Mandy was where I thought she would be, up in our tree house like she’s been every Friday night since she got a new stepdad. Not that she doesn’t like John, it just that he trying to hard to replace her actual father. Apparently recently John took it upon himself to have ‘the talk’ with her

Talk about pissing her off, I had to sit and hear all about it the whole Saturday when she came over to work on our health fair project.I don’t remember saying more than ‘Unh huh’ the whole day. The only thing I can clearly remember was “Wonder how he would react if I did get fucked by someone?”

Since out project was the effect of sexual advertising on teenagers I just concentrated on analysing the data we collected from polls conducted during lunch at school. But in the back of my mind I was taking notice of how Mandy was filling out almost weekly how.. At the start of the school year she was a little flat chested and it was hard to say she had an ass at all. Now eight weeks later, the Friday night before Halloween you could see that she was getting puffier  in the chest area. Her ass was getting more defined, as way my determination to be the first to  inside her.

And that’s how the following came about!


Mandy was on the air mattress, clad only in her training bra and a pair of Sailor Moon panties, an issue of Adam Film World on her lap, a can of pop in her left hand. She was totally unaware that I was hiding in the old gym locker we rescued from the school’s  renovation during the summer, naked except for a Lone Ranger style mask over my eyes.

For a Friday night this late in October it was still quite warm out here in Phoenix, hence her state of dress. Score one for Mother Nature, apparently she wanted us to lose our virginity also! Through the enlarged air slat in the locker door I could see that Mandy’s right hand was inside her panties
Earlier in the week I oiled the locker’s door hinges so it open whisper quiet, she never heard or saw my come up behind her until i snaked my left arm around her throat, Pulling her up until she standing, my right hand holding a steak knife to scare her into obedience. The pop hits the floor and spills all over the place the magazine falling into the puddle. Lowering my voice, “So you little slut you like to play with yourself do you?” Putting the knife under her chin “Why don’t you take off your bra and panties and i’ll give you something else you can play with!”

As I press the knife to her skin, I can feel her trembling as she raises her hands to the back of her  bra, unhooking it, letting it drop onto the mattress. Jesus her tits didn’t look anything like the tits in the magazines were like. Her breast kind of resembles earbuds sitting on a nylon pot scrubber. She didn’t even need both arms to cover then from my sight, just her forearm was all it took.

“Nice but you forgot something!”

“Please I don’t want to take then off!”

“Too bad, either you take then off or I’ll cut them off!” I remembered that line from a movie my older brother was watching one day when i got home from school early. Mandy must have seen or heard about the movie because her hands drop to her panties and slides them down her legs, then steps out of them!

“Turn around slut!”

She feels the knife touch her skin, indenting it “Please don’t hurt me!” beginning to move to face me after I remove my hand from her throat. Man the girls in the magazines are all shaved but Mandy has a patch of hair that looks like a comb has never been taken through it before. (I can hear you out there laughing, cut me some slack this was my first real girl I seen naked considering I’m only 14 and my parents are ultra religious!)

“Nice, I can tell I’m going to enjoy this!” Mandy lowering her eyes, getting her first look at a naked guy with a hard on

“What are you... going to do... to me?” nervously spitting out the sentence as her eyes lock onto my dick. I wasn’t like the guys in the magazines, I’m only four inches long  and not very wide but I was the biggest Mandy ever seen in the flesh or would be feeling in her tonight!

“You ever sucked a dick before?” Putting a hands onto her shoulder, placing the knife onto her right tit making her kneel in front of me. When she’s down, my hand grips the back of her head drawing it towards my jutting cock. I hear her sniffing the air around it

“Ewww! Someone needs a bath!

“Just open up and suck it!”

She opens her lips, as she moves her head to the tip of my cock. The feel of her lips on my tip is strange, makes me tingle along my cock as i move forwards to get more into her mouth. Something hard presses against the tip mashing it making it hurt like a stone was hitting it. “Hey open your jaws dim bulb!”

Pressing the knife hard into her tit, Mandy opens her jaws enough that my cock glides inside. In an excited state I forgot to stop until I'm pressing hard against the back of her mouth, and she’s going “hwwk hwwk!” Pulling back out Mandy turns her head and spit out a mouthful of phlegm and I think bits of carrots, not really sure

As she breathing deep “You almost choked me moron!”

Pushing her back onto the air mattress, laying down beside her, “Get on top of me and suck my cock like the real slut you are!” Grabbing her and forcing her to do as I said. As she positions herself over me, I drop the knife and grab a leg in each hand parting then, getting my first up close view of a female’s pussy and asshole.

As Mandy opens her mouth, lowering her head back onto my cock I see that her pussy is shiny. All the magazines claim that girls get wet when touching their pussy so I think that Mandy is ready to be ate. Slowly moving my tongue forwards as Mandy takes my cock into her mouth, I get my first taste of a female and a sudden urge to scream in pain.. I don’t know what was worst, the taste of fish or the burning of my cock being scraped by her overbite. Going for another lick thinking it must be my imagination that it’s taste like fish I feel something surging out of the tip of my cock. My tongue connects and once more all I get is the taste of fish!

Pushing her off me as she’s pulling herself up, both of us spit onto the floor and wipe our mouths on the back of our hands. “Fuck that was like snot!” Mandy get’s out as she uses her first three fingers to scrape the taste off her tongue. Me I’m moving to the locker to retrieve a pack of Listerine pocket strips. Popping three into my mouth before offering her any!

When I could finally speak “Do you spill tuna in your lap at dinner?”  to which Mandy responded

“Can I suggest next time you bathe try soap!” but not leaving it there “Christ now I understand why girls spit, I had better tasting fat on a roast beef, than that stuff!”

That for some reason made me mad. Grabbing her rolling her over onto her back, getting between her legs “You tasted like fish maybe you just a pin cushion for cock!”  moving up until my cock is almost touching her pussy.

“No please I’ll suck your cock again and I’ll swallow everything I promise!”

Moving forwards hearing her cry out in pain “That’s not  it!”  Moving back looking down finding out that I just tried to enter her between her two holes. Raising up a bit, I try once more this time getting it right as I feel the tip of my cock push aside the lips of her pussy.

“Yes!, now you going to get fucked Slut!” Pushing in deep. Coming up against something inside, her cherry, I was going to pop her cherry. Excited I pulled back and pushed forwards again faster and deeper feeling her cherry disappeared as our groins mashed together.

Mandy screamed out loud and I joined her, she in pain and me from cumming in her. She easily pushed me off her, my cock disengaging her pussy within seconds “That hurt asshole and what the hell was with you pissing in me!”

“It wasn’t piss I cummed!”

“You’re kidding right that was it! She moved to get a kleenex to wipe herself with. “The magazines made me think it was a big deal to lose your virginity!” Turning to me “Well it hurt and your cum taste like snot!”

“Well you pussy tasted like tuna fish!” looking down at his deflated cock noticing long red line along it “and your overbite scrapped my cock!”

Moving back to the air mattress after getting two cans of pop out of our ice chest, handing me one “Well John was right about one thing Tommy!, I’m not ready to have sex yet with anyone!”

“Yeah I agree!” taking the pop and opening it, taking a mouthful “The kids probably lied on our survey and we’ve been told you can’t believe what you read in magazines or on tv!”

‘There was one thing I did like though!” Mandy shyly tell Tommy “I loved when you snuck out of the lock and threatened me with the knife!” Leaning into Tommy whispering into his ear “I made me wet myself for real!”

“What that was piss I tasted?”

“No Tommy that was me!

Looking funny at her “You’re absolutely sure that you didn’t spill tuna broth on your crotch today?”

Mandy dressed fast tossing me dirty looks all the time while doing so. “See you tomorrow after you shower!”

Sticking around to clean up, picking up the magazine “Ah no not the issue with Ginger Lynn as the centerfold!” looking at the sodden page, a sensation in his cock coming once more!


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