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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy. 

The Black Limo

An original story by Vile8r

Calvin had been a limo driver for 6 years now. For years he had been a bus driver for the city transit commission. Then, to make a little extra cash, he started moonlighting for a friend who owned a limousine business. A couple nights a week and on the weekends, he’d drive limo for his buddy.

It was a lot of fun. He got to meet a lot of very interesting people and had even had the opportunity to meet a few celebrities. About six years ago, during some city budget cutbacks, Calvin was laid off from his bus driver’s job.  His friend, Rick, asked him if he would come to work for him full-time. So he became a full-time chaffeur.

Yeah, limo driving was a fun job. He really enjoyed it. But the one aspect of his job that Calvin really  liked was the women! He would get hired to drive for bachelorette and birthday parties and weddings. Sometimes it would be a bunch of young women just on a girls’ night out going from bar to bar. And, of course, he couldn’t forget high school prom season!

Oh yes, over the years he had hauled some very hot and gorgeous women and girls around in the back of his limo! And usually they would be dressed to the nines, or sometimes, not much at all! He had witnessed some very sexy goings-on over the years.

Half-drunk women flashing their tits, high school kids making out on their way to a prom party, college girls licking tequila off each other’s bare stomachs, the list went on. He couldn’t begin to remember all the titillating and decadent happenings he had seen. If the backseats of his limo could talk…..well, he’d be able to write one hell of a book.

The best part was, none of his passengers realized he was seeing all this. Proper procedure was that the tinted glass divider between the driver’s seat and the backseat area was supposed to be closed at all times when there was passengers in the back. You know, to give them their….privacy. If they needed to talk to the driver, the passengers would press a buzzer and the driver would open the divider.

 What the passengers didn’t know, much to Calvin’s amusement, was that his divider was made of one-way glass. Yes it was tinted, but what his passengers didn’t realize was that HE could look into the back, but THEY couldn’t see into the front. Also about 2 years ago, unknown to Rick, Calvin and a mechanic at the shop where they stored the limos, had installed a couple  small video cameras in the back of the limo.

 He could watch everything that went on in the back on a small screen up front. When the screen wasn’t in use, it folded back into the dashboard. He always drove the same limo so he always had use of these little ‘extras’. The mechanic who helped him install the camera system, had a little agreement with him. Calvin would make tapes of the camera footage and give them to him.

Calvin had watched all these hot girls and women over the years, and he had done a lot of fantasizing. Fantasizing about fucking them, raping them, making them do whatever he wanted. Making them do dirty, perverted, degrading things! Treating them like the sluts that they were.

Calvin didn’t have a great history with women. He had been, he had to admit, a bit of a gawky nerd when he was growing up. He never had a girlfriend all through high school. As he grew older, he lost the gawkiness and turned into an actually not bad-looking guy. But he still had a lot of self-confidence and self-esteem issues. He was terribly shy around women.

Women always tended to think of him as the nice guy who made a good friend, but no, they never wanted to fuck him. He had friends who were getting laid every time they looked at a girl but Calvin always got  the old, “I like you, but not in that way”, treatment. It made him so pissed off sometimes.

Calvin had his first real girlfriend when he was 19. She was the first for him, although he wasn’t her first. Stacey Kemp was her name.  She was quite cute too, he remembered. Had a beautiful ass! They had dated for about 6 months. Then she broke up with him. About two days later he found her with his good friend Bobby Switzer, who was quite popular with the girls.

 It turned out, he found out later, that Stacey had dated him so she could get to know Bobby better. It was Bobby who she REALLY wanted, not Calvin! He had been furious at the time. Furious and absolutely heartbroken. He didn’t date again for about 2 years.

Then when he was 21 he met another girl. Her name was Kathleen Brown and they both fell head over heels for each other. Kathleen had been a wonderful girl! Smart, pretty and great in bed! But after they were married a couple years, the friction began.

   Kathleen’s older sister Karen, who was 28, had 4 children. She had first gotten pregnant with her husband when she was 20. Kathleen and Karen were very competitive and Calvin knew it drove Kathleen up the wall that she had no children of her own.  Kathleen told him she wanted to start a family but try as they may, Calvin couldn’t get her pregnant. That was when he went to the doctor and discovered he was sterile.

   Both he and Kathleen were devastated. But after awhile, he began to play with the idea that they could try to adopt. That wasn’t good enough for her. She wanted her OWN child. She suggested they try a surrogate father, you know, go to a sperm bank. He didn’t particularly relish the idea of having another man’s sperm inside his wife.

  Then one day, he came home from work and found a note. Kathleen had packed up and left him. She couldn’t go on like this she had said. Having a family was very important to her and he just couldn’t provide that. She needed to find someone who could. She was 26 years old,  she said in the note, and she was concerned that her ‘biological clock’ was ticking. She wanted children before she was 30. The gist of it was, she wanted a divorce.

   So, at the age of 27, he became an EX-husband. That was almost 20 years ago now. He never re-married, although he did have several other girlfriends. Some more long-term than others. The longest one lasted about 2 years. A couple of them were concerned about his sterility, others didn’t care.

But after he turned 40, he made the decision to become a dedicated bachelor. If he went through a dry spell of no sex, he just went and hired an escort for a night. The way he looked at it, he got just as much satisfaction and the next morning he didn’t have to cuddle and tell lies about what a wonderful night it had been!
  Over the years, however, he began to harbour a lot of cynicism and resentment towards women. A lot of women he knew, still had that old “ I like you good enough to be friends, but not good enough to let you fuck me,” attitude. It really frustrated him.

   To make matters worse, his friend Bobby, had been married TWICE! The first time to a swimsuit model, the second time to a NBA cheerleader! And the reason they divorced him? HE couldn’t keep his hands off other women!

   Oh, that drove Calvin up the wall! If he had had women like that, he would have been on cloud 9. But Bobby, he just treated women like shit. And the women just kept flocking to him! Disgusting!

   All of this worked together to make Calvin decide he was going to take some action. He wanted to settle a score with all the women who had patronized and treated him like crap over the years. With all the tight-bodied college and high school girls who had ridden in his limousine, who strutted around knowing they could show off their bodies as much as they wanted and he, the lowly chaffeur, could only look and drool. Certainly not touch! No, they reserved that privilege for their pimply-faced, meathead boyfriends. Guys, who like his old friend Bobby, did not appreciate being with a beautiful girl.

    There was one incident, in particular, that had really angered him and made him finally decide he was going to do something. It was prom season, one of their busiest times of the year at the limo service. One day some rich dude came in and booked Calvin’s limo for his little spoiled brat-bitch of a daughter, Brianna.

   Friday night came and Calvin pulled up outside the rich guy’s house to pick up his passenger. She was a drop-dead little hottie! About 5 foot 3 inches, long brunette hair down around her shoulders, gorgeous face and a smoking hot, tight little body. His cock sprang to attention the moment he saw her.

  She was wearing a very sexy pink prom dress. It was one of those backless dresses that tied off around her neck. It showed off her whole beautiful tanned back, almost right down to her ass. The rest of the dress hugged her curves and beautiful tits like it was painted on. As if that wasn’t enough, the dress also had a slit up the right side that gave a nice full view of her leg and thigh. She was wearing white high-heeled shoes. She looked like a million bucks, Calvin thought. A real little prom slu- er…..princess! He corrected himself with a grin.

    He stood by the door of the limo, waiting as she came down the front walk. She might have looked like a million bucks, but Calvin soon discovered she had all the manners of a common street-whore. As she walked up to the limo, Calvin had opened the door for her, something he did for all passengers.

  He asked her if she was all ready for her big night. Her only remark, in a really bitchy tone, had been, “Let’s get going! You’re running late and you still have to pick up my friends.”

   That pissed him off right there. He WASN’T late, he was right on time! Calvin made it a matter of personal pride to always be about 5 minutes early to all his pick-ups. Spoiled brat, he thought.

   They drove a couple blocks to another house and picked up her three friends, Ashley, Shelby, and Tiffany. Ashley and Shelby were both blondes and Tiffany had long dark hair. All three were total hardbodies, like their bitchy little friend, Brianna.

   This was nothing new to him. Calvin had had many spectacularly hot and gorgeous females, of all ages, in the back of the limo over the years. It was what they did next that set his blood to boiling. He had the glass divider closed and his little video cameras going the minute Brianna had set foot inside the limo.

   One of the first things the girls did was open up their little purses and pull out mickeys of whiskey and vodka. The little tramps proceeded to start getting half drunk in the back of the limo.

The girls began marvelling at how awesomely cool it was to be riding in a limo on their way to prom. Then Brianna said to her friends, “Yeah, but we got a real perv for a driver! You should have seen him when he picked me up. I could see him like totally checking me out! It was gross. Almost felt like telling him to take a picture, it would last longer.”

  “OH MY GOD!” Shelby had said. “I know what you mean! He was checking me out TOO when we got in the limo. He was staring right at my tits. Just like Mr. Whitney does in English class! Sooo creepy!”

  “I know,” Tiffany had chimed in. “That is soooo gross when old guys are staring at you. Like at the mall. It’s like, hellooo! You’re old enough to be my dad? If you’re that horny go buy a Playboy and jack off!” All four burst into giggling.

    He could not believe the crap coming from these girls’ mouths! What stuck-up snooty little sluts, he thought. They certainly needed to be shown a thing or two.

   Then Ashley said, “Well, girls let’s give him something to look at then! If he wants to be a perv, let’s give him a good reason.” With one fluid movement, she yanked down the spaghetti straps on her dress and let the front of her dress fall down, exposing her bare breasts. Just as he had suspected, the tramp was not wearing a bra.

Shelby taking the cue from Ashley , dropped the front of her dress too. He suddenly had two teenage girls showing off their exquisite racks in the back of his limo!

  “Oh, Mr. Limo Driver!” Shelby said. “Take a good look NOW! Probably been a long time since you got to see 18 year old titties. That aren’t in a magazine!” She and Ashley began laughing.

   Tiffany’s mouth was open in shock. “You idiots! He can see you, you know!”

  “No he can’t!” snorted Brianna. “There’s privacy glass between us and him. All limos are like that, so the driver can’t see what’s going on in the back! How do you think people get away with fucking in limos?”

  “Oh ,well you’d be the one who knows about fucking in the back of limos, Bri!” retorted Tiffany.

  Brianna blushed as she shot a glare back at the other girl. “Yeah, well so what, girl-who’s-going-to graduate-high-school-as-a-virgin!”

   Ah, Calvin had thought at the time. Unknown to the horny little tarts in the back, he was watching EVERYTHING, on the video screen in his dashboard. Then Brianna and Tiffany joined in the fun too. Both of them hiked up their dresses around their waists and allowed Calvin to get excellent views of their golden tanned thighs and thong panties. His cock turned rock-hard. They continued  to taunt him at the same time.

  Brianna slid her hand over the front of her panties and looked towards the front of the limo.

  “OOOh, big daddy”, she cooed seductively. “Wanna see my tight  pussy? I know you do! Wanna fuck it too? Dream on, you fucking pedophile. It’ll be a million years before you ever get to touch something like this!”

   Shelby slapped her playfully. “Brianna, you’re an evil bitch! Anyone ever tell you that?”

  “Why Shelby, thank you for the compliment!” Brianna had laughed.

   He finally arrived at the high school and dropped them off. He watched them strut up the sidewalk to the entrance of the auditorium, thinking of all the lessons those foul-mouthed teenage whores needed to learn. It was so ironic, he thought. Here they had been in school all these years and were now graduating and, really, they hadn’t learned a thing yet. Not about the REAL world, anyway.

So it was that very night that he had decided to put his plan in place. He was going to teach the Briannas of the world that they couldn’t get away with being total cock-teases and ball-breaking bitches without there being some consequences!


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Oh, my! Those girls are playing with fire!

(Must find a way to warn them... before it's too late!)

XOXO Britney

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Thank you Britney! More is on the way very soon!

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I love the first part of Black Limo, Vile8r! Thanks for posting it! I do like the idea that the girls are all being watched -- and on film. It makes me want to take a limo ride... ;)

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Calvin heard about a car auction happening. There was going to be a couple used limousines for sale. The day of the sale he went to look at the limos. One was in very good shape. It was a year older than the one he was driving now but it had less miles on it. The engine ran like a top and the tires were in good shape. It was perfect for his plan.

  It went for a lot less than he expected too.  Calvin ended up being the successful bidder and he paid $2000 less for it than he had budgeted. That was good, he thought. I’ll have that much more money for other things. His plan was going to cost him a lot of money, but, if everything went good, he knew it would be money well spent!

   His mechanic friend at work, knew a fellow who lived on the outskirts of the city and who owned a big workshop. He was able to rent a part of the workshop from this guy, no questions asked.

   Then Calvin ran into a bit of a dilemma. His plan had not called for having a partner, but Calvin began to realize that the logistics of this project would require it.

He knew that a lot of the work he had to do, he could do himself. But there were a few things he was going to need done, that would require more professional assistance. Calvin knew he could ask his mechanic friend and he would help, but he would ask a lot of questions. Questions Calvin didn’t really want to have to answer, yet knew he couldn’t avoid.

   After thinking about all the videos he had made for him over the years from the backseat video cameras, he decided he could trust him. The mechanic was around the same age as Calvin, had never been married and in fact, Calvin couldn’t even remember him ever having a girlfriend in the six years he had known him. He was more of a loser with women than Calvin was! On top of that, he knew the mechanic had a lot of the same attitudes towards the female sex that Calvin had.

  Calvin asked him to come to the bar with him one Friday after work for a beer. Once at the bar, he confided in him.

  “Doug, I have a business proposition for you,” he began. The mechanic was all ears as Calvin explained in great detail what his plan was. By the time he was done, he had himself a partner-in-crime. The mechanic would assist him as needed and, in return, he would get to partake in the plan as well.

    The next day, Calvin showed up at the workshop with his new purchase and was met by Doug. Another advantage of having him involved in the plan, was that Doug had quite an array of his own tools. It was another expense Calvin had been able to avoid as he didn’t have that many tools himself. With a big high-five, the two men set to work completely stripping the interior of the limo.

   For the next several months, the limo project was Calvin and Doug’s life. Calvin sunk quite a chunk of his paycheques and some of his savings into the job. He didn’t care. He didn’t need that much to live on, he rationalized. Doug solidified the partnership, by contributing some of his savings too and, of course, many hours of helpful labour. The two men spent the majority of their free time at the shop. They got to know each other quite well.

  Calvin found out a few things about Doug he had never known. Doug’s real father had taken off, never to be seen again, when Doug was only 4. His mother had remarried when he was 6, but his step-father was a real bastard. He drank a lot and would beat Doug and his sister, Elizabeth. When Doug was about 8, his stepfather began sexually abusing him and his sister, who was only 6. This carried on for about the next 4 years until he was 12.
  Then his stepfather had stopped abusing him, but still carried on with Doug’s sister until she was about 15. At that time, Elizabeth got pregnant. Doug knew fucking well it was his stepfather who had knocked her up, but that son of a bitch tried to accuse her of screwing around with boys at school. He kicked her out of the house and she went to live with their aunt. She had the kid, but put it up for adoption.

   Elizabeth ended up dropping out of school and then running away from home. Doug didn’t see her for about 3 years. Then the police came one day and informed his mother, they had found a body in a back alley. It was his little sister Elizabeth. She had been living on the streets as a prostitute and had gotten hooked on heroin. She died from an overdose. She was only 19.

   Doug had been so furious. He blamed it all on his stepfather. He had left home himself when he was 16 and lived on the streets. He got in with a gang, robbing gas stations and convenience stores, dealing drugs, beating up people, stuff like that. He and his gang went to his old home one night.

 They beat his stepfather to death right in front of his mother. At that time, he told his mother all the things her husband had done to him and his sister.

   Doug ended up being arrested and charged with manslaughter, along with a few other things the police were after him for. He would spend the next 10 years in jail. While he was there, he obtained his high school diploma. When he got out, he apprenticed to get his mechanic’s license. But he was forever scarred by the events of his youth.

    Calvin was blown away. He’d had no idea Doug had had such a traumatic upbringing. Kind of made his own problems seem insignificant. But he and Doug did find a lot of common ground in the way they had been treated by women over the years. Both of them had a lot of repressed anger and frustration to work out.

  All winter and into the early spring, the two men continued working on the limo. Finally, in the first week of May, they were finished! It had taken a lot of work, and a fair amount of money, but they were finally ready to enjoy the fruits of their labour. And none too soon, either. Calvin knew the prom season was only a month away. He needed to begin the final preparations.

   He didn’t want to get his friend Rick’s limousine business implicated in any of what he was planning. So he hacked into a couple of their competitors’ websites. It wasn’t too hard to do. Once he was in, he had full access to all their booking information.

   One evening he scanned through a bunch of the bookings for one company, Elite Limousine. One particular booking caught his eye. It was for a Jocelyn Bradford at 3850 Jefferson Street. Why did that address sound so familiar to him?

   He scrounged around in his office for his logbook from the previous year. He always kept a record of all his limo runs, who it was for, addresses, stuff like that. It always helped to have that info if there was a customer complaint or a billing discrepancy.

   He turned to the month of June. Sure enough, there it was! 3850 Jefferson Street, Brianna Bradford! This girl was little bitchy Brianna’s sister. Well, well, he thought. Fate was definitely shining on him. He would maybe never get his chance to teach Brianna a lesson about her cockteasing ways, but he now had an opportunity for the next best thing. He could have her little sister instead!

    Next he went into Facebook and tried to find her. There were quite a few Jocelyn Bradfords, but he finally found the one he was looking for. Damn, the little tramp’s profile was blocked except to her friends. Well, Calvin chuckled to himself, I’ll just have to resort to more extreme measures. A friend of his, who was a bit of a computer geek, had shown him a couple years ago how to hack into Facebook profiles.

It took him a little while to remember how to do it, but soon he was in! Just as he expected, Jocelyn definitely took after her sister. He looked at her birthday, Apr. 23. Excellent, the little honey JUST turned 18! And what a looker!

   Judging from her pics, she looked to be a bit taller than Brianna. Maybe around 5 foot 6 or so. Like Brianna she had luscious brunette hair and it fell down to about the middle of her back. Her face reminded him of one those Disney actresses he jacked off to sometimes. Vanessa Hudgens! Yeah, she looked a lot like Vanessa Hudgens. That thought made him rock hard.

   Yes, this would be the one! His balls ached at the thought of himself being inside her. Her tight, firm body twisting and bucking underneath him as he spread her slender legs wide and fucked her like a madman! He printed off a couple of her pics from Facebook, one of her in a bikini and another that showed her in her school volleyball uniform, and took them to bed that night, using them to masturbate to.

     The next morning, he stopped in at the limo shop and showed the pics to Doug.
    “Holy fuck!” Doug looked at the pictures with his mouth open. “This is the girl we’re gonna do? Man, she is hot! Smoking hot! Way hotter than any whore I‘ve ever been with. And sooo young!”

  “And even better, she’s the sister of that little slut, Brianna. You know, the one in the video, rubbing her panties and being a total cocktease?” I said.
   “Oh yeah! From last year!” said Doug excitedly. “And she had the real hot friends flashing their tits. Fuckin’ right, I remember that video! Still one of my faves, that one!”

   “Well, get your dick in shape, man,” he said. “Cuz in a couple weeks we are gonna be doing some prime fucking!”

   He had made copies of the pics he had of Jocelyn and he left two with Doug.
  “Thanks, man!” he said. “I gotta go on break, I’ll see you later!”
   “You bet, Doug,” Calvin said as he watched him head towards the washroom. He knew what Doug was gonna do! He chuckled to himself as he left the shop and got back in his car.
   So they had the limo ready to go and now they had a girl. The next item on the agenda was to make sure he could get that day off. He knew that might not be so easy to arrange. Calvin was one of Rick’s senior drivers AND it was gonna be one of their busiest times of the year. Unless it was an absolute emergency, he knew Rick would NEVER give him a Friday night off right in the middle of prom season.

   Then he remembered he had a favour to call in. One time last summer, Rick had a booking for a wedding. At the last minute, the limo driver who was scheduled for it had a death in the family. Calvin had booked off a week for some summer vacation and was getting ready to head out with a couple friends on a fishing trip in the mountains. Suddenly Friday afternoon, he gets a frantic call from Rick that he needed him.
  “You know I wouldn’t call you unless I was in a real pinch,” Rick had said.
   Calvin had suggested Rick take the run himself, but Rick couldn’t do that. Rick was already filling in that weekend for another driver who had to attend his niece’s wedding.
   “You do this for me Calvin, and I’ll return the favour down the road!” he said.

   So Calvin agreed to postpone his fishing trip for a day and did the limo run for Rick. Rick paid him overtime, and offered to give him some extra vacation. Calvin made a deal with him. He would take the extra vacation time, BUT, whenever HE wanted it, not just when Rick said he could have it. Rick agreed.
   Well now, Calvin thought, time to take that extra vacation! He went to Rick’s office and told him he wanted to call in his favour. He wanted that weekend off. Rick wasn’t too pleased about it, but he told Calvin a deal was a deal and he would honour it. Calvin had helped him out in a tight spot and he knew he owed it back to him.
   Right on! Calvin smiled as he drove home that day. Everything for the plan was falling in place.

   That afternoon he drove to 3850 Jefferson Street. He parked a couple houses down but on the opposite side of the street so he still had a good view of the driveway, but he wouldn’t be too conspicuous. He looked at his watch. Yes, school should be out soon. He would just wait.

   He must have sat there for close to half an hour, but soon his patience was rewarded. A black convertible Mustang came speeding up the street and pulled into the Bradford’s driveway. He could see there was a young girl with long brunette hair in a ponytail driving.
     Had to be Jocelyn, Calvin said to himself. It would figure. Daddy bought his spoiled little bitch a Mustang to drive back and forth to school. She’d be too important to walk!

    The car came to a stop at the end of the driveway and  the driver’s door opened.  Jocelyn got out of the car, allowing Calvin to get a full view of her exquisite, curvy body. She was wearing a white button up blouse and a black pleated skirt that came to just above mid-thigh. Her slender legs were accented by white thigh-high stockings and she was wearing black pumps with two-inch heels.

   Oh my God, sighed Calvin breathlessly! He could just picture her walking down the hallway at school, giving all the young boys extreme hard-ons as she passed by. Goddamn cock-tease!

  As he watched her, Calvin realized her pics on Face- book didn’t do her justice. In the flesh, she was a goddess! He had thought Brianna was fucking hot, but Jocelyn put her to shame. Brianna had had a slutty hotness about her. But Jocelyn, she had more of a classic girl-next-door look!

   As she walked across the driveway towards the house, Calvin was able to grab a couple pics of her with his phone. Then she disappeared behind some shrubs and into the house. Calvin pulled away from the curb and drove away, his  rock-hard cock straining at the zipper of his jeans. He sent the two pics of Jocelyn he had just taken to Doug’s phone.

     Only about a minute passed and he got a text reply from Doug.

   <Sonovabitch! Awesome pix! Goddam u! I ain’t gonna get any work done today. Gotta take another break. LOL!>

   Calvin laughed out loud as he continued on his way home. He rubbed his own throbbing crotch and thought that would be a good thing to do himself when he got home.

   Later on, as he stroked his cock in his bedroom while looking at the pics he had taken of Jocelyn in her driveway, he looked down at his thick 9 in. shaft and patted it.
   “Oh yes. In another few days, old fella, I will give you some fucking like you have never had in your life!” he said to himself.

  Then Calvin made a promise to himself that no matter how worked up he got over the next while, he wasn’t going to masturbate. He was going to keep his balls full to overflowing. When the time came, he wanted to blast a load into Jocelyn like he had never blasted before.

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 That night he realized he still had one little detail left to take care of. He knew what time he had to pick up Jocelyn next Friday night and he knew he would be masquerading as a limo from Elite Limousine. But he had to think of a way to get rid of the REAL Elite limo who would also be on its way to pick up Jocelyn. He didn’t want to accidentally cross paths with the limo that was SUPPOSED to pick up Jocelyn!

   Then he hit on an idea. He went back into Elite Limousine’s website on his computer. Finding the booking for 3850 Jefferson Street, Calvin made a couple minor changes. He chuckled to himself. The driver would now be looking to pick up someone at 3085 Jefferson Street, 8 blocks away, and at 7:30 p.m., NOT 7 p.m.! That would give Calvin lots of time to get there, pick up his passenger and be gone out of the neighbourhood.

   The next week dragged by. Calvin didn’t think Friday would ever come. BUT, finally it did! He woke up early that morning and made himself a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausages and hash browns. It was an absolutely beautiful June morning. He ate his breakfast, looking out the window at the sunrise and listening to the birds sing.

 He knew by this time the next day, his life, and Jocelyn’s, not to mention Doug’s as well, would be forever and irrevocably changed. Once he picked up Jocelyn, there would be NO turning back!

  Calvin was very aware of the potential consequences of his actions. He and Doug had discussed it many times. Doug had said that, frankly, he didn’t give a shit anymore. He had been in jail before and if it was going to happen again, well, he’d just roll with it. Calvin had to admit, he was of the same attitude.

 He didn’t give a damn anymore either. And if he  had to pick something to do, that would put him in jail, he couldn’t think of anything better than this. But, IF everything worked out in his plan, the risk of them getting caught was going to be very small.

   He drove out to the workshop where the limo was parked. He checked and double-checked everything to make sure it was all working. He phoned Doug to make sure everything was good with him. Doug had to work that day but he would be off at 4 p.m. Rick had ALMOST thrown a fly in the ointment with Doug.

   Because things were so busy with prom, Rick had wanted Doug to be on call, in case one of the limos had a breakdown. Doug didn’t know what to do. Rick had been pretty adamant about it. But Doug had another buddy who was also a mechanic, and a very good one too. He sometimes came into the shop and helped Doug with things.

  Doug asked him if he would be on call for Rick if he needed somebody. His buddy agreed and Rick didn’t care. He just wanted a mechanic to call if he needed one. He was a little curious as to why Doug wanted the night off. Doug NEVER said no to overtime. He told Rick his favourite band, ZZ Top, was in town and he wanted to go see them.

  “You’ll be at the rendezvous point like we planned?” Calvin asked him.

 “Yep”, Doug said.

 “Okay, well I guess I’ll see you later then.”

   As late afternoon approached, Calvin began to get ready. He showered and then made himself a big plate of spaghetti and meat sauce. He didn’t know how long it would be before he ate again so he filled up. Then he got in his car and drove out to the workshop.
When he entered the workshop, the guy who owned it was inside, doing some repairs to a big black Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He stood up when he saw Calvin.

  “Hey, dude! How’s it goin’?” he said to Calvin.

  “Not too bad, Stan”, said Calvin. “Gonna be even better in a little while. I’m on my way to work!”

   Stan was a big man, standing just over 6 ft. tall and about 275 lb. He had a big bushy beard and a pock-marked and scarred face that indicated he had been in one too many barfights in his life. He was an ex-biker, so Doug had told Calvin. Used to hang with some pretty dangerous people. Spent time in prison for assault and battery and some other nasty stuff.

   Now in his mid-50s, Stan had mellowed a bit. But he still operated a bit on the wrong side of the law. Doug said he was into dealing pot and some other illicit substances and was known to dabble a bit in stolen auto parts and other goods. It mattered not to Calvin. What he did was no concern of Calvin’s. And what HE did was no concern of Stan’s.

    “Hey!” said Stan. “You and Doug gonna settle up for the rest of the rent tonight?”

  Calvin smiled and nodded. “You bet, Stan! After tonight. We‘ll get paid up in full.”

  “Right on,” replied Stan. 

  “Yep,” Calvin said as he walked toward the black limousine parked in the far corner. Before he got in he put on his chaffeur’s hat and jacket. Then he sat down in the driver’s seat and breathed in deeply. He put on sunglasses and a fake moustache. He didn’t figure anyone would recognize him, but he didn’t want to take any chances.

Well! Here goes, he thought, as he turned the key and the big motor came to life. He drove out of the shop, maneuvering past several big wooden crates, and down the tree-covered driveway toward the street.

   As he headed toward his destination, he looked at his watch. It was 6:40 p.m. Good. He should arrive at 3850 Jefferson Street  at 6:55 p.m. Turning onto Jefferson Street, Calvin could feel his heart beginning to race and his palms getting sweaty. Relax, he told himself, just relax. Everything is going to work out perfect.

  He pulled up in front of the house and stopped at the end of the long driveway. It was 6:54 p.m. Hmmm, Calvin mused. I’m SIX minutes early! He honked the horn just to let them know he was there, and stepped out of the limo. He walked to the back door of the limo and opened it, then stood patiently beside the car.

   In a couple minutes, he heard them coming out of the house. Just a minute, Calvin thought! THEM?!

  The two girls came around the hedge and down the walk. Jocelyn, he recognized right away. But there was a second girl with her. A short, very cute blonde!

  “Fuck!” Calvin muttered to himself. THIS was not part of the plan. He wasn’t really prepared for dealing with TWO girls. But he did have Doug, so it wasn’t like he was going to be by himself. And hey, this could be quite fun, now that he thought about it. Looking at the two girls, he felt his cock growing hard, thinking about all the depraved things he would be doing to them in just a short period of time.

   Then he also spotted two adults coming down the walk behind them. It was Jocelyn’s parents. He remembered their names from last year. Stewart and Roxanne Bradford. Roxanne wasn’t a bad-looking woman herself, Calvin thought as he looked her up and down. Probably in her early forties, short dark hair, pretty face, big tits and a curvy ass. In her younger years, she was probably quite a looker. Even now she still looked 5 or 6 years younger than she actually was.

   “Jocelyn! Noelle! I want to get your pictures before you go!” she called after them.

  Hmmm, Noelle! That’s a cute name, thought Calvin.

  Jocelyn turned around impatiently.

  “ Mom! You’ve already taken a million fucking pictures today. We have to get going!” she snapped.

   “Well, it’s not everyday that my little baby girl is going to her high school prom. So just put up with it! And watch your mouth too, young girl!”

  “Whatever!” said Jocelyn, her eyes rolling up to the sky.

  “Go on,” said Roxanne to the blonde girl. “Get over there beside your cousin.”

   Her cousin! This was getting more and more interesting all the time! Calvin felt his cock ready to burst out of his pants. He kept his hands in front of him trying to inconspicuously hide his monster hard-on.
   After snapping a few pictures of the two girls standing iin front of the limo, Jocelyn’s mom and her dad gave them each a hug.

  “Have fun, sweetie,” said her father.

  “Oh yes, we’re so proud of you and Noelle!” her mom gushed. “Have fun and BE careful! Try not to get as drunk as your sister did last year, PLEASE!”

  “Yes, Mom!” said Jocelyn, in a tone of frustration. “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not like my sister. Stop stressing out, okay? Now we have to get going. Paige and Jenn are waiting for us!”

   Well, you might not be EXACTLY the same as your sister, surmised Calvin, but you certainly have her bitchy attitude!

  Roxanne looked at Calvin.
  “Your limousine looks beautiful, sir! Please drive careful.”

  “No problem, ma’am,” Calvin said. “I always drive careful when I have precious cargo. It’s my job! Now where is it that I have to pick up their friends?”

“Oh, 2640 Lexington Drive,” Roxanne said.

“Hello? Uh, WAITING!” Jocelyn called out rudely.

“Okay, we’re on our way,” Calvin replied.

  “Yes, well so is Christmas,” snapped Jocelyn back.

  As he closed the door, evil thoughts filled his head. The little bitch had no idea that she was in for the attitude re-adjustment of her life. It was unfortunate that her cousin would also be suffering the same fate, but, as they say, shit happens! When he closed that door, she hadn’t the slightest realization she had just saw her parents for what would probably be the last time ever.

 Had she known that, she might have considered being a bit nicer to them, thought Calvin. But little spoiled brats don’t think about anyone but themselves, do they? And that was what pissed off Calvin so much about them.

   As he pulled away from the curb, he looked back through the glass divider. Wow! These two were hot, seriously hot!

  Jocelyn was superb in a black and white strapless prom dress. It was very tight and form-fitting, accentuating every curve of her body. There was a slit that went about half-way up her left thigh. Her gorgeous brunette hair was curled, cute ringlets falling down around her shoulders. She was beautifully tanned, suggesting to Calvin she probably went to a tanning salon.

   Then there was Noelle. She was considerably shorter than Jocelyn and very petite. She was barely 5 feet tall and maybe 105 lb., Calvin estimated. She had a very cute face with big blue eyes, pouty lips and a great smile. Calvin was trying to figure out who she reminded him of. Then it came to him. Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears' little sister! Yeah, he thought, she does look a lot like her.

   Like Jocelyn, she had a very tight, firm, athletic body. Her tits weren’t very big, but Calvin didn’t care about that. The rest of her made up for it. She had the perkiest little ass Calvin had ever seen and short strawberry blonde hair that came down just past her shoulders. She was clad in a tight blue dress made out of some kind of shimmery fabric. It was very low cut in the front with spaghetti straps holding it up. Unlike Jocelyn’s longer dress, Noelle’s came down to just above her knees, showing off her cute and slender calves.

   As the car was put in gear, Calvin had heard a slight click. That was the back doors of the limo locking. The girls were now his!
  As he drove, he picked up his cell phone and hit speed dial. It only took one ring for Doug to answer.

  “Doug! I’ve got a little surprise for you!” Calvin said.

  “What the fuck?” Doug replied. “Don’t tell me things got fucked up!”

  “Well, things HAVE changed, but kinda in a good way.”

 “Whaddaya mean? Come on man, spit it out!” barked Doug impatiently.

  “We have TWO girls!” Calvin said. “Jocelyn and her cousin. A really sweet little blonde by the name of Noelle.”

  “Holy shit!” exclaimed Doug. “TWO? How the hell did that happen? Noelle, huh? Christ, even her name sounds hot!”

  “I’ll explain it all later. But I know you are really gonna like her!”

“Okay, well, I’ll see you in a bit,” said Doug and he hung up.

I turned on the video cameras in the back. I wanted to see what my little honeys were up to. Things were going to get interesting in a few minutes. I could hear the girls talking.

  “Fuck, I hate it sooooo much when Mom compares me to Brianna!” Jocelyn was complaining. “She’s so afraid I’m going to go out and get  all drunk and knocked up like Brianna did last year on her prom.”

   I almost spit my fake moustache right off my face when I heard that! Brianna? Knocked up? Oh this was TOO good! Talk about poetic justice! I continued to listen.

“ What is Brianna up to now?” asked Noelle.

“Well, she lost her cheerleading scholarship to UCLA after she had to tell them she was pregnant. She had an abortion and now she’s living with her friend Shelby who also got kicked out of college. She got caught fucking her English professor who was like old enough to be her grandfather. And now she and Brianna are working as cashiers at  WalMart. Brianna says she might go to community college this fall. Take some kind of secretarial course.”

 “Did she ever figure out who the father was?”

 “No, the story I heard was, after prom a whole bunch of kids went to some hotel downtown to party. She was just fucking wrecked and I guess she was with about 3 different guys that night. So who knows?”

   Calvin was in heaven listening to all this. Apparently, there was a God in the universe! The precious little Brianna, now working amongst the rest of the peasants. And Shelby! Obviously she must have had a change of heart. Maybe she decided it wasn’t so bad after all, having an old man staring at her tits!

   Then Jocelyn suddenly looked out the window.

 “Hey! That dumb fuck chaffeur just drove right past Lexington Drive! He was supposed to turn there.”

  Jocelyn pressed the buzzer to get his attention. Calvin didn’t open the glass divider but he hit another button on the dashboard that activated an intercom system.
  “Yes, can I help you?” he asked.

 “Um, you drove right past Lexington Drive!” snapped Jocelyn. “We’re supposed to pick up my friends there!”

  “Sorry, ain’t happenin’,” Calvin said flatly.

He switched off the intercom, and waited for the fireworks to begin. It only took a second for Jocelyn to come jumping up to the front of the limo and begin banging on the glass divider. He didn’t care, she could pound on that glass all she wanted. He and Doug had replaced all the windows in the back of the limo with military grade bullet-proof glass. The same kind the Secret Service used in the President’s limousines.

   He shut off the audio so he couldn’t hear them either. The two girls in the back of the limo suddenly knew something not good was going on. Both of them were pounding and kicking at the glass divider behind his seat.

 They also tried to open the doors, only to find them securely locked. He saw Jocelyn lie on her back and violently kick at one of the windows. All that accomplished was to break the heel on one of her shoes and let Calvin get a nice view of her long tanned legs as her dress rode up on her thighs.

   The girls were in panic mode now. They were beginning to realize they were riding in the back of what was essentially a rolling prison cell. Calvin chuckled to himself as he came to the edge of the city and turned onto the freeway. By this time, the REAL Elite Limousine was probably starting to realize something was up too.

He wouldn’t have found anybody to pick up at the address Calvin had put in the computer, and Jocelyn’s friends were likely wondering why the hell no one was coming to pick them up.

  He would be far down the freeway and out in the countryside by the time the police were alerted.

I know there's been a lot of buildup.....but the action is about to start!

December 30, 2015, 02:06:24 AM
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I know there's been a lot of buildup.....but the action is about to start!

It works really well, Vile8r! So far this story seems like a complex recipe -- a lot of different elements go into it to start, but the meal it creates is delicious.

I wait with bated breath for the next part ;)

December 30, 2015, 04:03:55 AM
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Offline shannyfries

I agree with roped. I love the anticipation. Cant wait for more.

December 31, 2015, 01:56:47 AM
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Offline vile8r

Calvin glanced at the video screen. The two sobbing and screaming girls were both frantically dialling their cellphones.

Go ahead, laughed Calvin. He and Doug had installed an electronic device in the limo that scrambled cell phone signals so anybody in the back could neither receive nor send phone calls.

   Stan had acquired it for them. He said he got it from a military surplus dealer. Now why a military surplus dealer would have such a device, Calvin didn’t know. And personally he didn’t care. Stan just seemed to have a lot of connections when it came to acquiring things that you couldn’t just walk into Home Depot and grab off the shelf. And usually it was just better if you didn’t ask a lot of questions.

   Calvin decided he would have a bit of fun with his passengers. He hit a few buttons on the customized dashboard. In the back of the limo, a small flat screen TV he had installed in one corner suddenly turned on. A video began to play on the screen. It was a rape porno he had downloaded off the internet.

  It showed a young woman being held down on a bed by three very big, muscular men. One held her arms and another gripped her legs. A third man was pulling down his pants, a huge erection jutting out of his underwear. The terrified girl was screaming and crying as the man slammed his big cock into her.

  Jocelyn and Noelle looked at the screen with abject terror in their eyes.

  Calvin turned the intercom system back on.
  “Enjoying the in-flight movie, girls?”

  The two girls jumped, looking around to see where the voice was coming from. Jocelyn spoke first. “YOU SICK SON OF A BITCH! LET US OUT OF HERE!” she screeched.

  “Please mister! We won’t tell anybody if you just let us go now! Is this some kind of a trick? Are you punking us?” whined Noelle.

   “Am I ‘punking’ you?!” Calvin asked incredulously. He laughed out loud. “ You watch way too much TV, my little princess. I can assure you, I am NOT Ashton Kutcher and you are NOT on MTV!”

  “My father will have every cop in the city looking for us!” shouted Jocelyn. “He’s a city councillor, you know. You are soooo fucking dead, you fucking sick pervert! I don’t know what you’re planning but you have picked the wrong girl to mess with!”

  “Au contraire, my little drama queen,” said Calvin sarcastically. “I think YOU are the one in trouble. Watch the TV closely. Consider it an instructional video, showing what is in store for you tonight. I plan on having a lot of fun with you, A LOT! And your little cousin there won’t be excluded from the party either.”

  “OH MY GOD!” sobbed Noelle. “JOCELYN! This guy is gonna RAPE us!”
  “Check out the big brain on Noelle!” Calvin sneered. “But yes, she is exactly right. You will both be raped, many times and many ways!”

  “ I don’t wanna lose my virginity this way!” cried Noelle, burying her face against Jocelyn’s shoulder.

  “Grow up, Noelle!” snapped Jocelyn. “He isn’t gonna do anything. He doesn’t dare! Paige and Jenn will know something is up and they’ll tell Mom and Dad. And then the cops will be looking for us. And then this piece of shit is dead meat!”

  “Like your mother told you tonight, Jocelyn. You really need to watch your potty mouth,” lectured Calvin. “Everything you say and do is being monitored by me and there will be consequences.”

  “Like what?” mocked Jocelyn.
  Calvin was starting to get mad talking to this brat.


He flicked the switch, shutting off the intercom.

  A moment later he looked at the video screen again. Jocelyn had taken her other shoe off and was beating the TV with it. The heel of the shoe suddenly punctured the screen in a shower of sparks and the TV went dead. That’s all right, thought Calvin. Just keep it up. You WILL pay for that TV, you defiant little bitch. With your hide!

   Calvin had travelled about 20 miles when he saw the turnoff. He exited the freeway and began driving down a desolate tree-lined gravel road. As he drove along, Calvin began getting more and more excited. Now he had learned another amazing revelation. Noelle was a virgin! He wondered if Jocelyn was also.

  It would stand to reason. He could definitely see a “high class” brat like Jocelyn, strutting around the boys like a real cock-tease, getting them all worked up. But when it came down to business, being as frigid as an iceberg. Keeping her legs together tighter than a bear trap. Giving the old “I’m saving myself for the right guy” bullshit. Which when translated actually meant, “You’re not rich enough for me to allow you to even have a peek at my panties, loser.”

   Calvin knew her type well. He remembered many girls from high school that were like that. Times never change. Back then too, he had wanted nothing more but  to give those girls a good hard fuck and put them in their place. But he had been too scared and non-assertive to do anything. Now, however, he WAS finally taking action.

 Jocelyn and Noelle were going to be the sacrificial lambs upon which he would take out all his frustrations of the last 30 or so years. The feeling of power and control that he knew he suddenly had over these girls was like nothing he had ever experienced before. It was intoxicating! It mattered not to him if Jocelyn WAS a virgin, but if it turned out she was, well, consider it a bonus!

   He came to a crossroads and turned right. He continued down another dusty gravel road which soon turned into nothing but a narrow over-grown trail, winding around stands of pine and spruce trees and crossing over small streams and ponds. He could barely negotiate down it with the big limousine. In a couple spots, the bottom of the car scraped the ground. Suddenly he entered into a large clearing.

   It was an old abandoned campground. Years ago, Calvin could remember coming there with his parents for camping trips. There was a small stream running through the middle where he and his father used to fish. The campground had closed back when he was a teenager.

 Now it was overgrown with tall grass and weeds. Scattered here and there were old busted picnic tables and broken beer bottles. It used to be a popular place for teenage bush parties, but even the kids didn’t come out here anymore. It was the perfect spot. Calvin knew the nearest farm was at least 3 or 4 miles away. They were very secluded.

   And there he was! Just like he said he would be. Doug’s old Ford pick-up truck was parked over by some big trees at the edge of the clearing. Doug was standing by the side of the truck smoking a cigarette. Calvin also noticed the bottle of Jack Daniel’s sitting on the hood of his truck. Getting primed for the big night, chuckled Calvin.

   He took another look at the video screen. The two girls had settled down somewhat. They were huddled together on one of the seats, hugging each other and looking around trying to figure out where the hell they were. Calvin and Doug had installed retractable metal blinds over the windows. After he had pulled onto the freeway, Calvin had flicked a switch to lower them down. The girls could not see a thing out the windows.

Calvin pulled up beside Doug’s truck and shut the car off. Yes! He felt his heart beginning to pound. So far his plan had worked out admirably. He had the girls and now he had arrived at the campground without incident. And Doug had made it too. “Let’s get this party started!” he whispered to himself.

   Calvin peeled off his fake moustache and sunglasses as he stepped out of the limo and walked over to Doug. The two men high-fived each other.

  “WE DID IT!” Calvin whooped. “Everything went great! Even turned out better than I expected.”

  “Fuckin’ yeah!” yelled Doug. “How did you manage to end up with two girls?” He handed the bottle of Jack Daniel’s to Calvin.
 “Just happened,” said Calvin, taking a swig of whiskey. “I went to pick up Jocelyn, and her cousin was there too. She’s a real little honey, Doug. We are gonna have FUN!”

  “I gotta see these two!” exclaimed Doug.

  He got in the driver’s seat of the limo and switched on the video screen. The girls were still huddling together, Jocelyn gently stroking Noelle’s hair, trying to comfort the sobbing girl.

   Doug punched the steering wheel.

“HOT DAMN, Calvin! They ARE fuckin’ hot! Can’t wait to dig into that!”

  He flicked on the intercom switch. “Helllloooo girls!” Doug said with a big grin on his face.

  He made the girls jump again in surprise. “Wh-wh-who are you?” asked Jocelyn upon hearing the new voice.
  “Oh, don’t be scared. It’s just your old Uncle Dougie! Hi Noelle! Hi Jocelyn!”

   “I don’t know who you are but if you’re as sick as your friend you can just fuck off!” shouted Jocelyn angrily.
   “Fuck off? That’s not a nice way for a young girl to talk. I’m offended!” Doug pouted mockingly.

   “Good!” yelled Noelle defiantly. “Just let us go!”

 “Oh, can’t do that,” said Doug. “Me and Calvin are your prom dates tonight!”

   He flicked off the intercom and got out of the car. He and Calvin could hear faint pounding sounds coming from inside the car as the girls once again tried kicking at the doors.

  Calvin shook his head. “Ah, those kids,” he chuckled. “Haven’t figured out yet that they AIN’T getting out of there! Gotta give them an ‘A’ for persistence, anyways.”

   “Well, we gonna do this or not?” asked Doug impatiently. “My cock is so goddamn hard I could use it to cut diamonds!”

   “Yes!” said Calvin. “Let’s get to it! Those pussies ain’t gonna fuck themselves!”
   He and Doug each took one more swig of whiskey. Calvin reached into the pocket of his chaffeur’s jacket and pulled out what looked like a TV remote. The two men stood close to the rear door of the limo.

  “Okay, you ready?” asked Calvin. “Because as soon as I open this door you know those two little wildcats are gonna be ready to jump out. We don’t want them getting away!”

  “I am ready!” Doug nodded.

  Calvin pressed a button on the remote and they heard a click. Calvin grabbed the handle and slowly began to open the door. Sure enough, as soon as the door began to move a tanned leg kicked out through the open space. Calvin whipped the door wide open.

  Doug jumped inside the limo, immediately tackling the petite Noelle and pinning her back against the seat on the far side. Calvin followed right away, pulling the door shut behind him. Jocelyn threw herself at him, trying to push him off balance. His left hand flew out, grabbing Jocelyn by her slender throat as she kicked at him.

   He easily dodged her flailing legs as he pushed her onto the seat that stretched across the back end of the limo. With his right hand still on the remote, he hit the button to once again lock the doors. Jocelyn was still trying to punch and kick at him. Her left hand came up and she sunk her fingernails into his cheek, digging in hard.

   “Owwww! You fucking little bitch!” Calvin exclaimed in pain, feeling small rivulets of blood running down his cheek.

 He began to squeeze Jocelyn’s throat harder. Her eyes bulged out  and her mouth opened wide as she tried gasping for air. Slowly her body began to go limp as the energy drained out of her. With his other hand, Calvin pulled a hunting knife out from where he had concealed it under his jacket.

   He pressed the knife up against the flesh of her throat as he took his hand away. Jocelyn looked up at him, her brown eyes suddenly filled with terror.

  “P-p-please mister! Don’t hurt me!” she pleaded.

  “ Not so brave now are you, when you got a knife at your throat. I won’t hurt you as long as you do exactly as you’re told! But you WILL pay for this,” growled Calvin as he dabbed at the blood on his cheek.

   He could hear muted screams and squeals coming from across the limo. He looked over his shoulder. Doug had Noelle down on her back on the seat. He was holding her down with one big arm laid across her throat. With the other hand he was shoving her dress up her slender thighs, her legs flailing wildly. She was trying to pull his arm away from her throat to no avail.

   Calvin reached up near the ceiling and pressed a small button. A compartment popped open in the wall above the seat. It was stuffed full of lengths of rope, a pair of metal handcuffs, and several rolls of pink duct tape. Calvin smiled when he saw the duct tape. It had been Doug’s idea.

  “Hey, don’t most princesses like the colour pink?” he had asked.

December 31, 2015, 02:19:50 AM
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I love it, Vile8r! Here's what I like about this section. You've built up the tension. We're clearly at the point where the tension hits a boiling point. But instead of launching into the action, the momentum is understated. Instead of things rapidly spiralling out of control, Calvin and Doug are letting things *gradually* get out of control, but only as much as they can still handle.

I also love the items at the end: rope, handcuffs, and duct tape.

The way a cat feels about catnip is the way I feel about rope, handcuffs, and duct tape. :P

Looking forward to the next installment, Vile8r! :)

December 31, 2015, 08:33:04 AM
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Thank you for the great feedback, roped!

January 01, 2016, 06:09:59 PM
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And now the fun begins:

Keeping the knife tightly pressed against Jocelyn’s throat, Calvin pulled out the pair of metal handcuffs. He rolled Jocelyn onto her stomach and yanked her arms behind her back. He snapped the handcuffs onto her wrists, hearing her gasp in pain as he did so. Then he slapped a piece of duct tape over her mouth. He pulled her over to the other bench seat and sat her down.

  Looking over at Doug, he said, “Hey, stop for a second. Help me get things set up.”

  Doug looked up at Calvin. He  now had Noelle’s dress hiked up to her waist, showing off her cute white lace panties and was just in the process of forcing her legs apart.

  “Oh come on, man!” he protested. “Things are getting good over here!”

  “I know, I know! But we gotta get the seats pulled out.” said Calvin. “Noelle ain’t going anywhere.”

  Doug reluctantly got up off the crying girl and came to help Calvin. Pulling her dress back down, she crawled over to Jocelyn, curling up into a little ball beside her on the seat.

The two men had built the bench seats and the seat across the back so they could pull them out and basically turn the entire back of the limo into one gigantic bed. After pulling one side out they moved the girls over to that side and then pulled the other side out. Then they pulled the end seat out so it butted up against the others. Voila! The bed was made!

   Calvin and Doug then began to strip down. Noelle cringed as she saw Doug pull his shirt off exposing his flabby gut. He wasn’t grossly obese, but over the years, drinking beer and eating lots of takeout had given him a fairly sizable beer gut. He hadn’t shaved that day, either. Combine that with him smelling like whiskey and he wasn’t exactly the picture of the perfect date. His thick 8 inch circumcised cock jutted out in front of him.

  Calvin looked down at his own erect 9 inch shaft and then over at Jocelyn. The look in her fear-crazed eyes was priceless. Doug had brought his bottle of Jack Daniel’s with him. He took another swig from it and handed it to Calvin. Calvin drank from it and then crawled over to Jocelyn.

  Peeling the tape away from her mouth, he put the bottle up to her lips.
  “Take a little drink, Jocelyn,” he ordered. “It’ll do you good!”

  She shook her head back and forth. Calvin forced the bottle between her lips and poured a shot of whiskey into her throat. She gagged and coughed as the liquor burned its way down to her stomach.

   Calvin handed the bottle back to Doug. “Here, I’m sure Noelle wants a shot too!”

   Noelle backed away from Doug, shaking her head. “No, no! I don’t want any!”

  Doug grabbed her by the arm and pulled her towards him. “What’s the matter, you little diva? You too good to drink whiskey? Oh, I suppose you upper class sluts only drink champagne. Well, I’ve got some of that in the truck too. We’ll have that later.”

   Yanking her head back, Doug shoved the bottle between her lips and tipped it up, watching the amber liquid pour into her mouth.
  “Now you’re having a drink or you’ll get this bottle shoved up your cunt!” he snarled.

   He pulled the bottle away, Noelle’s chest heaving as she struggled to swallow the strong liquor.
   Doug sat for a minute waiting for Noelle to catch her breath. He then fell upon her like a wolf. He grabbed the front of her dress and yanked it down, snapping the spaghetti straps and exposing her bra.

   “JOCELYN! HELP MEEEEEE!”  she screamed.

  But Jocelyn had her own problems to contend with. Calvin had taken his hunting knife and begun to cut open the front of her  dress as well. He held the fabric firmly in one hand and sliced with the other. He straddled her legs as he did this. Jocelyn tried screaming through the tape over her mouth.


  Calvin cut the dress open down to her midsection and pulled the two halves away from her body. He admired her heaving breasts in a white strapless bra and her smooth tanned stomach. He slipped the knife blade under her bra and cut it open. Her tits were superb! Beautifully round, about a size 34C and cute brown nipples.

   Calvin, his heart pounding like a jackhammer, leaned down and ran his tongue across her nipples. He took one in his teeth and gently bit down on it. Jocelyn arched her back in shock and pain.


 He continued to cut open Jocelyn’s dress and pulled it off her. He could see her whole body now. Gorgeous slender legs and all. She was wearing a white lace thong that matched the white bra. Calvin ran the point of the knife blade up the inside of her left thigh, feeling her whole body tense. He traced up along the edge of her panties and then slipped the point under the elastic along the top of them. Giving a small tug, the sharp blade sliced through the thin fabric. She was completely exposed to him. He looked down and licked his lips.

    Calvin held the knife to her throat again as he pushed his hand between her thighs and began to force her legs apart. He rubbed his hands over the outside of her smooth vagina, then inserted a finger.

“MMMPPPPHHHH!” she squealed, her back arching.

Calvin probed inside her until he felt the resistance of her hymen. YES! She WAS a virgin!

  “Well, well,” he said looking up at her face. “Our little princess is a virgin. That’s going to make things vastly more fun.”

Jocelyn shook her head back and forth in panic and fear. Her eyes were filling with tears.

   Calvin suddenly heard a sharp shriek. He looked over his shoulder. Doug had the rest of Noelle’s dress pushed up around her waist and had just ripped her panties off. Wow! Calvin thought. What a hot little body!

“Doug!” he yelled. “Just hold it a minute! Let’s do something!”

“What the hell now?” Doug spat.

  Calvin replied. “Put Noelle so she’s facing this way. I’ll turn Jocelyn so she’s facing Noelle and then we’ll do both of them at the same time. I want them to look in each other eyes as we pop their cherries!”

  “What the fuck do you mean, ‘cherries’? Are these two virgins?!”

  “Yes indeed they are!“ exclaimed Calvin. “I was keeping it as a surprise to you, Doug. I found out on the way here that Noelle was a virgin. And now I just discovered Jocelyn is cherry property too!”

  “Hot damn!“ Doug whooped. “Yeah let’s do that! You are one sick pup, Calvin. But I like it!”

   He grabbed Noelle and flipped her onto her stomach, turning her so she was facing Jocelyn as Calvin did the same. The two men positioned themselves behind their respective girls. Noelle was screaming at the top of her lungs as she felt Doug’s thick cock pushing at her outer labia.


 Jocelyn could do nothing to help her cousin as she felt Calvin behind her. He reached inside the storage compartment and pulled out a small tube of lube jelly.
  “Gonna use a bit of this to make it easier. You want some Doug?“ he asked.

   “Fuck no! I’m doin’ her dry!“ Doug said.

   Jocelyn flinched as Calvin applied a small dab to her pussy lips. Then he smeared a small bit over the head of his cock. Both men looked at each other and nodded. Calvin gripped  Jocelyn’s smooth hips and began to press his thick cock into her tight entrance. She let out a painful muffled scream.

 At the same time, an agonized scream also burst from Noelle as Doug spread her apart, ripping her hymen to shreds in one savage thrust.

  Calvin continued to push into Jocelyn, her tight cunt gripping him like a vise. The lube jelly he had put on the head of his cock helped it along. He came up against her hymen. He gave his hips a hard thrust and he felt his cock break through. Jocelyn gave a muffled squeal and pushed her face down into the seat cushion. He was all the way in now. Inside her beautiful pussy.

   He pulled back a bit and then slammed his hips forward. Jocelyn screamed. He did it again but this time reached up and ripped the tape from her mouth.

 “AAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!” she screamed loudly as his hips slapped against the back of her smooth thighs. “OH GOD! STOP! YOU’RE HURTING ME!”

  “I’m hurting you?” sneered Calvin. “Awwww, ain’t that too fucking bad. I WANT you to hurt!”

  Calvin began to increase his tempo. He drove into her with all his might, shoving her whole body forward each time. He looked down and marvelled at the sight of his blood-streaked cock spreading her cunt wide apart.

  He looked over at Doug. Doug had a handful of Noelle’s blonde hair wrapped up in his fist and had her head pulled back so she was almost looking straight up. His hips moved back and forth as he pounded in and out of the small girl. Tears streamed down her face and her mouth hung open as though she wanted to scream but the air kept being driven out of her lungs with each savage thrust.

 “AHHHH…….AHHHH…..AHHHH…..AHHHH.” Small agonized gasps escaped from her mouth.
   Doug looked back at him and gave him a thumbs-up sign.

 “Heaven, man! I am in fucking heaven!” Doug panted. “I have NEVER fucked a girl this tight before!”
   Calvin grabbed Jocelyn by the hair and pulled her head up.

“I wanna see you kiss Noelle!” he ordered.

  Doug let Noelle’s head down so the two girls were almost nose to nose. They puckered their lips and, hesitantly, kissed each other gently on the lips.
  Calvin slapped Jocelyn across the back of the head, causing her to flinch.

  “I said fuckin’ KISS!” he yelled. “None of this goddamn granny shit. I wanna see full-on tongue-down-the-throat lesbian action!”

   The two girls looked at each other, tears running down their faces. Noelle shook her head.
  “I-I-I can’t!” she blubbered.

  Doug drove hard into her, digging his fingers into her ass cheeks.
  “Do as Calvin says, or get it up the ass!” he snarled.

  Noelle slowly opened her mouth as did Jocelyn. They leaned toward each other as their tongues interlocked. Jocelyn clamped her mouth over Noelle’s, the blonde girl’s eyes growing big.

  “Oh fuck!” exclaimed Calvin. “Have you ever seen anything so hot in your life?”
  “No,” replied Doug breathlessly. “I haven’t!”

  Calvin began pumping furiously in and out of Jocelyn. Her cunt gripped him like a glove and he felt his balls ready to erupt.
  “Holy shit, man. I have not cum in like a week!” he said to Doug. “I am ready to explode!”

  He felt his balls begin to expand and his cock suddenly pulsated. He couldn’t hold back any longer. This was what he had been waiting for all week!
  Jocelyn felt his body tensing and she knew he was ready to cum. She pulled her mouth off Noelle’s.

She flung her head over her shoulder to look at Calvin. Her big brown eyes filled with tears, her gorgeous hair, all mussed up now, hanging down over her face. Calvin had never seen a girl so scared in all his life. He laughed to himself, knowing that he was NEVER going to get anybody pregnant. But she didn’t know that!

  He drove into her one more time as he felt himself lose control. His hips bucked and he arched his back as he let loose inside her, his cum shooting out in a torrent, wave after wave. Calvin threw his head back and howled.


  He continued to pump into her. It didn’t feel like he was ever going to stop cumming.
   At the same time, Doug suddenly felt his balls begin to tighten too. He pulled Noelle by the hips back tight against him as his entire body shuddered, blasting inside her like a cannon.

Noelle began sobbing uncontrollably.
  “NOOOOO! NOOOOOOO! NOOOOOO!DON’T! DON’T!” she pleaded helplessly.

   The two men collapsed back on the seats, totally spent.

 “Oh Jesus! That was fucking awesome!” said Calvin staring up at the ceiling of the limo.

  Doug was trying to catch his breath, sweat running down his face. “Best fuck……EVER!” he gasped.

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Offline vile8r

Calvin looked over at Jocelyn and Noelle. Jocelyn was still lying on her stomach, her hands handcuffed behind her back. Her legs were spread slightly, allowing him to see her ravaged cunt. Cum was oozing out of her.

   Little Noelle was a mess. The remains of her torn and ripped prom dress was still gathered around her waist. Doug had torn into her pretty good. Her inner thighs were smeared with a mixture of blood and cum. Her face was streaked with mascara and her eyes were red and swollen from crying. She had curled into a fetal position beside Jocelyn.

   Calvin opened another concealed storage compartment and pulled out a large box of Kleenex. He threw it over towards the two girls.
  “Here! Clean yourselves up a bit.” he said as he undid Jocelyn’s handcuffs.

  He propped himself up in a sitting position against the back end of the limo and motioned to Doug to pass him the Jack Daniel’s.

   “Okay girls!” he said, “That was Round One! You were one fine fuck Jocelyn. Everything I expected and MORE! Now it’s time for Round Two. I need to ask you girls some questions.”

   Jocelyn looked up from wiping her thighs clean of Calvin’s vile semen.

  “Wh-wh-what do y-you want?” she asked.

“Well, number one, you little tramps ever suck cock? And I want you to be honest!”

    Jocelyn blushed a bit as she nodded her head yes. Noelle slowly whispered, “No!”

   Calvin smirked. “Okay, well it don’t surprise me you’ve sucked cock before, Jocelyn. That’d be just the kind of thing a cock-tease like you would do. Suck some poor guy’s dick and get him all excited he was gonna get more, and then leave him hangin’.”

  “Looks like Noelle’s gonna need some lessons,” said Doug excitedly.

  “Yes it does, doesn’t it?” said Calvin. “Jocelyn, get over here!”

  He grabbed Jocelyn’s arm and pulled her over to him. He made her sit beside him, putting his arm around her shoulder and pulling her close to him.

  “So, tell me. Did you have a date for tonight’s prom?” he asked.

  “Y-yes,” she said quietly.

  “What was his name?”


 “I see,” continued Calvin. “Let me guess now. Tyler’s a football player!”

  “Yeah, he is,” replied Jocelyn.

 Calvin shook his head. “I will just never understand you girls and your fascination with jocks. Jocks are fucking meatheads! Always have been and always will be. And nice guys like me, you girls just shit upon all the time.”

  “B-b-but I’ve never done anything to you,” protested Jocelyn.

 “No, not you personally,” said Calvin. “I’m talking about your kind in general. The too-hot-for-your-own-good-snooty-rich-bitches! Like your older sister, Brianna and her friends. And a thousand other girls I’ve met over the years.”

   “I’m’ s-s-sorry!” Jocelyn began to cry.
  “No you ain’t!” sneered Calvin. “So, were you planning to suck Tyler’s dick tonight?”

   Jocelyn’s face turned red again. “I-I don’t kn-know.”

  “Be honest!” Calvin growled.

  “M-m-maybe,” whimpered Jocelyn.

 “That’s what I thought. And you were probably gonna let him fuck you tonight too, weren’t you? Give it all up on prom night and all that kind of crap.”

  “I-I-don’t know,” said Jocelyn.

  “Well, I’ll have to tell Tyler he was too late. You got fucked by a real man’s cock instead of his little stubby schoolboy dick!” laughed Calvin. “ Have you sucked Tyler’s dick before, or was this gonna be the first time for him?”

  “I-I’ve been with h-h-him before,” answered Jocelyn.
 “Ahhh, I see. Is Tyler’s dick as big as mine?” asked Calvin sarcastically.

  “I-I-don’t know. I guess n-not.”

“Good answer, girly!” smiled Calvin. “Now tell me this, have you ever let him cum in your mouth?

  “No!” said Jocelyn, her face aghast. “I would never let him!”

“Ahh, that’s what I would expect a little diva like you to say,” said Calvin.

 “Now, this is what’s gonna happen. Way back when I was in high school, I always wanted to get my cock sucked by a hot girl. It never happened though. I was never COOL enough!"

   "So tonight you are gonna make my fantasy come true. You are gonna suck MY cock! And I won’t be rough with you. I’m not gonna force it down your throat or anything like that, unless I have to! You are going to pretend I’M Tyler and you are going to give me a nice, sweet blowjob, just like you’d give to him. With one small exception. You WILL be letting ME cum in your mouth. And I have a way of guaranteeing I’ll be getting a blowjob to remember!”

  He picked up his hunting knife and tossed it to Doug, who caught it in his right hand.
  “Doug, cut off one of Noelle’s sweet little titties if Jocelyn doesn’t do as she’s told!”

  “Fuckin’ right, I will!” grinned Doug. He grabbed Noelle and pulled her back against him, wrapping an arm around her throat in a chokehold and pressing the big knife just under her left breast. The terrified young girl squealed in terror.


Doug revelled in the feeling of Noelle’s firm body squirming and pressing against his.

   Calvin told Jocelyn to get down in front of him . Kneeling between his legs, she brushed her hair out of her eyes and slowly reached out, wrapping her small hand around his thick erect shaft. She began to stroke it up and down as she moved her head closer. Jocelyn cautiously slid her tongue around the head of his cock. Calvin sucked in his breath at the sensation of her warm, moist tongue on his dick.
    His heart was pounding as he watched the head of his cock disappear inside her mouth.

  “Ohhhhh yeahhhhh!” he moaned as she slid her tongue along the bottom side of his shaft. “You ARE good, Jocelyn!”

  She had about half of his length inside her mouth when she began to move her head up and down, tightening her lips around him.
   “Holy shit!” he gasped, placing a hand on the back of Jocelyn’s head.

    Out of the corner of his eye, Calvin could see Doug was getting busy again. As he intently watched the brunette girl going down on Calvin, Doug still had the knife pressed against Noelle’s tit. He had ripped the remains of her dress completely off Noelle and had moved his other arm down her body. He was sliding two fat fingers up inside her pussy.

    Suddenly Calvin said, “I’ve just decided! I want Noelle over here too. I want BOTH of them sucking my dick!”

   “What the hell?” asked Doug incredulously. “Don’t be so fucking greedy, Calvin. I want some fun too, you know!”

   “Yeah, yeah,” said Calvin, calmly reassuring the other man. “You’ll get your turn. Don’t worry!”

     Doug let Noelle go and pushed her over to Calvin. The scared girl looked up at Calvin with big tear-filled eyes.

  “Okay, this is what I want you to do,” Calvin said to the two girls. “Each of you get on one side of me, and start licking my cock.”

   Jocelyn and Noelle got themselves in position on either side of Calvin and started  simultaneously licking up and down on his big shaft. Looking down at the two pretty young girls servicing him, Calvin was in heaven!

 “That’s it, Noelle!” he moaned, watching her run her warm, pink tongue up the side of his cock. “Just pretend like you’ve got a big ol’ popsicle. Oh yeah, I think you’re gonna be a fast learner!”

  “ Now, I want one of you to put my cock head in their mouth and the other one keep licking.”

   Jocelyn moved her mouth up and around the top of his head as Noelle continued running her tongue up and down.
  After a couple minutes, Calvin had them switch. His eyes grew big as he watched the cute blonde girl’s small mouth engulf him.

  “Careful, careful,” he said quietly. “Don’t use your teeth, Noelle. Use your tongue.” She had to stretch her lips wide to get his whole girth inside her mouth.

   After another couple minutes, he had them switch again.

   “Fuck, that is hot!” said Doug stroking his cock. 

   Calvin motioned to Doug to move in behind the girls as they were busy with his dick.
  “Come on over, man! Grab one!” he said.

  Doug tossed the knife back to Calvin as he quickly slid over behind Jocelyn, licking his lips as he looked down at her sweet ass and pussy sticking up in the air. His rock hard penis jutted out in front of him. Gripping her hips, he pushed himself inside her in one quick penetration. The tight walls of her cunt enveloped him, making him moan in ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhhhh!”   “Holy motherfucker!” Doug yelled out loud. “That feels good!” 

    He began driving into her,  making a loud “fwapfwapfwap” sound as his legs slapped against the back of her thighs. Doug reached down beside himself as he furiously pounded into Jocelyn. He slipped two fingers into Noelle’s pussy and began vigorously sliding them in and out, eliciting a small squeal of shock from her.

Jocelyn let out a painful gasp as Doug thrust roughly against her. “AHHHHH! Stop! Stop! It hurts!”

   Calvin pushed her head back down onto his cock. “Never mind what he’s up to. You just concentrate on me!”

  Calvin was thoroughly enjoying the two girls on his cock. Jocelyn sliding her soft mouth up and down on his shaft and Noelle licking around the base. With Doug fucking Jocelyn from behind, every time he thrust, it caused her mouth to tighten around Calvin’s shaft, increasing his pleasure

  Calvin could feel the pressure building in his balls. It was only a matter of time before he was ready to cum again. He put both hands on the back of Jocelyn’s head, entangling his fingers in her hair. She sensed what was happening and tried to pull back but Calvin held her mouth firmly down on his cock. At the last minute he thrust his hips up, pushing himself right to the back of her throat.

   Jocelyn violently gagged as he exploded in her mouth, a thick stream of cum shooting into her throat. Calvin held her head as he forced her to swallow. Slobber and cum was oozing out of her mouth and running down her chin.

   Calvin finally let her pull her mouth off him. Her chest heaved as she gasped for air. A few seconds later, Doug grabbed her hips tightly as he yelled out, “Oh Lordie, I am cumming hard!”

He held her as his whole body shook with the force of his orgasm, great spurts of semen spraying her insides.
  “Noelle!” barked Calvin. “Clean off Jocelyn’s face with your tongue! And Jocelyn, you let her.”

   Noelle looked at Jocelyn with tears in her eyes.
  “I’m sorry,” she cried.

  “It’s okay, Noelle. Just do as they say and we’ll get through this,” said Jocelyn.

   Noelle leaned in to Jocelyn and began to lick the mess off her chin and around her mouth. She cringed with disgust as she tasted the cum stuck to Jocelyn’s face.

   “Don’t make such faces, Noelle,” laughed Doug. “Wait until you got a whole mouthful of that stuff!”

   Doug began to put his pants back on.
  “Calvin, unlock the door,” he said. “Gotta go to my truck and get some stuff.”

    Calvin rummaged in his jacket pocket and pulled out the remote. Before he clicked the button, he grabbed Noelle by the arm and pulled her close to him.

  “Don’t you girls be trying anything stupid and running away when I open this door.”

   Doug opened the door and stepped out. It was a beautiful June night. The stars were out and he breathed in the scent of the pine trees surrounding the clearing. Ahhhhhh, he thought, as he stretched. A great night to be alive! He went to his truck,  got his stuff and went back to the limo. He smiled as he entered the back of the limo.

   “It’s party time!” he announced.

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Yet another hot one...

January 08, 2016, 06:36:40 PM
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 Doug had brought back a  brown paper bag that contained two large bottles of champagne. In his other hand he had a large plastic baggie of marijuana. He tossed a bottle of champagne to Calvin as he sat down and opened the baggie of weed. Doug pulled out some rolling papers and proceeded to begin making a large joint.

   Calvin popped the cork out of the bottle of champagne, taking a big swig of the bubbly. He pulled Noelle up so she was sitting right on his lap. He placed the bottle of champagne up to her lips and poured some in her mouth.

  “A toast!” he yelled. “To a wonderful night! Ain’t this more fun than going to some stupid old prom and hanging out with the same morons you’ve been going to school with for years? Tonight you get to party with some REAL men!”

   Jocelyn who had curled up in a corner of the limo across from Calvin and Noelle gave Calvin a contemptuous sneer.

  “You’re not REAL men! You’re perverted FUCKS and you RAPED us!”

  “Hey, hey,” said Calvin. “What did I tell you about your potty-mouth? You girls get what you deserve. You strut around like little cock-teases and think nothing is gonna happen to you. Tonight, I showed you different!”

   “YOU‘RE SICK!” spat Jocelyn.

  Doug crawled over beside her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

  “Just shut up and have some of this,” he snarled as he pushed the large pot joint in her face.

 The pungent aroma of burning weed began to fill the air. She tried to turn her head away from him but he grabbed her jaw and forced her lips open. Taking a large puff himself from the joint, he clamped his mouth over hers and blew the smoke into her. She coughed and spit as he pulled away from her.

   Doug handed the other bottle of champagne to her and ordered her to take a drink.

“And if I don’t, what are you going to do? Rape me? You’ve already done that!” she defiantly retorted.

   “ Do as Doug says or we rape Noelle so hard and for so long, she never walks again!” said Calvin coldly. “You wanna sit there and watch your cousin get raped again and again and again, in every hole we can think of? And if we run out of holes maybe we’ll make some new ones!”

  Noelle looked at Jocelyn, her eyes filled with terror.

  “Jocelyn, quit being such a bitch and just do as they say!” she snapped. “God! You always have to think you’re so tough!”

   Calvin playfully slapped  Noelle on the thigh.
  “Now there we go! One of you has some brains,” said Calvin. “Noelle knows what she’s talking about, Jocelyn. I suggest you listen to her.”

   Doug passed the joint to Calvin as Jocelyn took a drink of champagne. Calvin took a big drag and then passed it to Noelle.
She hesitantly took a small puff from it, instantly breaking into a coughing fit.

  “Not a pot-smoker?” Calvin chuckled.

“No….I’ve never…smoked…it before!” said Noelle between coughs.

  “We need some tunes!” yelled Doug as he snuggled up against Jocelyn, sliding his hand along her leg.
  “You’re exactly right Doug, old pal”, said Calvin. “What’s a party without music?”

   Using the remote, Calvin hit a couple buttons. A panel in the wall up near the front of the limo opened, revealing a CD stereo. Calvin pressed another button and music started playing. It was AC/DC.

   “There we go!” said Doug, moving his head to the music. He pushed the champagne up to Jocelyn’s lips again.

   Calvin began exploring Noelle’s body. He ran his hands down over her small breasts, pausing to pinch and squeeze her tiny pink nipples. He slid a hand across her flat, firm stomach and down between her legs. He pushed her thighs apart and slid a finger in her tight slit.

   “Oh Noelle, you are a real cutie,” he whispered in her ear. “I  want to fuck you so hard.”

 He licked her cheek with his tongue and ran his hand through her silky blonde hair. Noelle squirmed nervously. She could feel Calvin’s erection pushing up against her.

  “But first, you and Jocelyn are gonna put on a little show for me and Doug.”

   He looked over at Doug. “Lay Jocelyn down here in the middle of the seats.”

   Doug pulled Jocelyn over to where Calvin wanted her and made her lie down on her back. Calvin pushed Noelle off his lap and crawled over to Jocelyn.
  “Hold her arms,” he said.

  Doug grabbed Jocelyn’s arms and pinned them down above her head. Calvin pushed her legs wide apart as he brought the bottle of champagne up to her pussy lips. He inserted the neck of the bottle inside her and tipped it up. Jocelyn gasped in shock and arched her back as she felt the bubbly liquid pour into her.

  “Noelle!” Calvin ordered as he pulled the bottle out of Jocelyn’s vagina. “Get over here!”

  As she crawled over to him, he pushed her head down between Jocelyn’s thighs.
  “Get that little tongue busy. I want you to lick all the champagne out of your cousin!”

   Noelle closed her eyes as her tongue slid out between her lips.
  Calvin put his hand on the back of her neck and shoved her face right into Jocelyn’s crotch.

  “Come on! Start licking! You don’t want that champagne to go to waste, do you?”

   Noelle began to cry as she pushed her tongue inside Jocelyn, lapping at the champagne seeping out of her.
  “ That is smoking hot!” said Doug as he continued to hold Jocelyn’s arms down. She was trying to use her hips to push Noelle away but Calvin held his hand on the back of Noelle’s neck, keeping her there.

“You fuckers are so gross!” yelled Jocelyn.

  “ Maybe we should make YOU suck champagne out of Doug’s ass!” Calvin growled.

  “Yeah! That’d be awesome!” grinned Doug.

   Calvin pulled Noelle’s face out from between Jocelyn’s legs. Tears were running down her cheeks, mingling with the pussy juices and champagne smeared around her mouth.

   “That taste good?” asked Calvin.
  “N-N-NO!” Noelle blurted.

“Better check for myself,” said Calvin. He pushed the bottle neck inside Jocelyn again and poured some more champagne into her. Bending down he parted her pussy lips with his fingers. He ran his tongue slowly across her clit, noticing her body go rigid. He slid his tongue inside her. She tasted good!

   He lapped at  the champagne along the walls of her vagina and revelled in its musky flavour as it mixed with her internal juices. He pushed his tongue in as far as it could go. He could feel her  squirming and quivering as her body began to betray her.

  “ S-s-stop, pl-pl-please!” she gasped.

 “Oh, Calvin! I think the little ice princess is starting to get a little warm!” said Doug. Deciding to get in on the action, he leaned down as he continued to hold her arms and slowly ran his tongue across her tits. Sucking on her nipples, he smiled as they began to stiffen.

  “Ooooh,  now her titties are getting all puffy!” laughed Doug.

  Calvin continued licking and sucking on Jocelyn’s pussy. He took her clit between his teeth and gently nibbled on it. Her back arched and her legs went rigid. Her face was flushed and tiny beads of sweat were forming on her forehead. Her breathing was also becoming heavier.

  “Aaaah! Aaaaah ! Aaaaah!” she was moaning.

 Calvin took her clit between his thumb and forefinger and lightly squeezed it as he ran his tongue in tight circles around her labia. Then he plunged his tongue in deep again. He took both her ass cheeks in his hands and pulled her right up into his face, clamping his whole mouth down on her pussy. Jocelyn’s whole body began to shudder.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she began to pant heavily.

  “Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Yes! Yes!” she suddenly blurted out.

  “I knew it!” yelled Doug. “The little slut is liking it!”

  “Yeah, I figured I could get her going!” said Calvin contentedly as he came up for air. “Your turn now, Doug.”

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Your imagination is incredible in this story  ;)...keep up the good work

January 10, 2016, 12:09:26 AM
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Little Jocelyn needs an attitude adjustment, maybe some dp would teach her a lesson.

January 11, 2016, 10:54:51 AM
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Offline vile8r

 Doug let go of Jocelyn’s arms and quickly scooted around to get between her legs. Before she had a chance to catch her breath, he poured some more champagne into her. He dipped his head down to begin lapping at her pussy. Wrapping his hands around her inner thighs, Doug gripped her firmly as he buried his tongue inside her. A loud moan escaped from Jocelyn’s throat as she threw her head back, her mouth wide open. She wrapped her fingers in Doug’s greasy hair and arched her back, pushing her hips up into his face.

   “Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh, yessssss!” she squealed.
  “Goddamn, your cousin is a fucking nympho!” exclaimed Calvin to Noelle.

   He felt himself getting very hard and he looked at Noelle’s slender body. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her over to him. He clamped his mouth down on hers, slipping his tongue between her lips. She squirmed and tried to pull away.

  “Uh, uh. It’s you and me now, Noelle!” whispered Calvin in her ear.

  He pushed her down onto her back. Her hands came up, pushing at his chest.

  “NOOOO!” she cried.

  Calvin grabbed her  small wrists and pinned her arms down above her head with one hand. He guided himself up to the edge of her pussy lips with his other hand. Calvin looked down at Noelle. Unlike Jocelyn she was not completely shaved. She had a small  triangle of wispy blonde pubic hair. A true blonde! Calvin thought to himself. Her tight pink slit was still red and puffy from the abuse she had received from Doug.

   Noelle’s eyes were wide with fear as she felt the  big head of Calvin’s cock pressing at her opening. He slowly forced himself inside her, pushing his hips forward and letting the weight of his body do the rest. She was incredibly tight! Even more so than Jocelyn.
  Calvin stopped, pulled back, and dropped his weight forward again. This time he felt the walls of her vagina stretching, giving way to his thick girth. He began a rhythm, slowly pumping in and out of her.

  “Ughhhhhh! Ughhhhh!” Noelle groaned painfully. “Y-you’re t-too b-b-big. It h-h-hurts!”

  “That’s what I like to hear,” said Calvin. “I like to know I’m hurting you little princesses! It’ll make you remember the experience that much more.”

He laid his whole weight down on the small girl and began to pump harder into her. He licked and sucked on her small tits as he continued to hold her arms down with one hand. With his free hand, he reached under her and began to insert an index finger in her tight anus.

“Owwwaaaiieeee!“ Noelle let out a painful squeal and her whole body jerked, causing her hips to come up off the bed. At the same time Calvin slammed into her, his balls slapping against her.

  He pressed his finger into her again, once more forcing her to push her hips up.

  “That’s it, baby,” Calvin panted.

Her tight, small cunt gripped his large member like it had never been gripped before. Calvin looked down and watched his cock slide in and out of her, glistening with her juices and a few small streaks of blood. It excited him.

“I want you to ride me!” he said excitedly.

“Wh-what?“ Noelle asked, a confused and scared look on her face.

  Calvin grabbed Noelle by the hips and began to roll over onto his back, pulling her over with him. Next thing she knew, Calvin was on his back with her straddling him.

“Now, you start fucking me!” he said.

“H-how?” Noelle asked tearfully.

“You just start sliding your sweet little pussy up and down on my rod,” replied Calvin.

  Noelle placed her hands on Calvin’s chest to steady herself and slowly began moving up and down. Her face grimaced in pain as Calvin’s large shaft impaled her. He looked up at the pretty blonde girl and moaned with sick pleasure.

  A sudden commotion caused him to pause. He twisted his head to look around Noelle and see what was happening with Doug and Jocelyn.

   Doug had kept his tongue inside Jocelyn, licking and sucking her cunt. The beautiful brunette’s body shook with the force of her orgasm. As her body had went limp, Doug moved up and began sucking and biting on her nipples. Jocelyn quietly sobbed, angry and humiliated at her lack of self-control. 

   “Oh, you’re a naughty little slut, ain’t you,” Doug said. “I want you to call me ‘daddy‘.”

  “I will NOT, you sick old fuck!” she screamed at him.

   She slapped him hard across the face, her long fingernails slashing him just under the left eye.
  Doug lost his temper, wrapping a meaty hand around her throat. He brought his other hand back, forming a fist, ready to strike her.
  “DOUG!” Calvin barked. “No hitting! Remember? Stan said we had to keep them looking good!”

  Doug let his arm down. “Oh fuck, yeah. Okay. But you’re gonna get it a different way then, you fuckin’ tramp!”

    He grabbed Jocelyn’s wrists and pinned her arms down above her head. Moving up on her body, he straddled her, his big thighs on either side of her. Forcing her mouth open, he began to shove his cock between her lips.

  “Gonna throat-fuck you hard!” he grunted. He thrust his hips downward, pushing his cock into her throat. Jocelyn’s  body twisted and bucked, her legs flailing wildly as she tried to get him off her. She gagged violently.


  “Take it, bitch!” Doug roared. “Take it!” His sweaty gut hung down over her face as his cock slid in and out of her open mouth, slobber running down her cheeks.

  Calvin looked up, catching Noelle looking over her shoulder, watching Doug’s sudden violent assault on Jocelyn.
“Oh my God!,” she cried. “What’s he doing to Jocelyn?”

“Nothing you need to be concerned about,” said Calvin. “Now get fucking me or I’ll do THAT to you!”

   Noelle started sliding up and down on Calvin, pushing with her hands on Calvin’s hairy chest. He arched his back, thrusting his hips up to match her downward movements.

 “Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!”  she gasped painfully as Calvin’s cock spread the sides of her pussy wide apart.

   Calvin felt his balls begin to tighten. “YESSSSS!” he moaned. He pulled Noelle down onto his chest and wrapped his arms tight around her waist as he pushed up into her. His cock spurted, coating her insides. It felt so good! Calvin kissed her hard on the lips, running a hand through her blonde hair.

  “That was awesome, Noelle!” he whispered breathlessly.

He heard Doug let out an animalistic grunt. He pushed Noelle off him so he could watch what was happening to Jocelyn. Doug was bent over Jocelyn’s body as if he was doing push-ups, his cock still buried in her face. His face was twisted up in an expression of ecstasy and pleasure as he orgasmed into her throat.

  Jocelyn’s cheeks bulged, thick streams of cum oozing down the sides of her face as she struggled to swallow Doug’s load.
He finally pulled out and rolled off her. Jocelyn coughed and sputtered, her face a bright shade of red as she fought to catch her breath. She crawled over to Noelle, the two girls tightly embracing each other.

  “N-N-Noelle, h-help me!” whimpered Jocelyn, her eyes staring blankly ahead of her.

 “I think ‘little tough bitch’ is starting to come down off her high horse,” chuckled Doug. “A good face-fuck will do that!”

  Calvin tossed the box of Kleenex over to the girls. “Here! Clean yourselves up a bit. Me and Doug need a little break.”
  Doug took another big swig of Jack Daniel’s and handed the bottle to Calvin. He looked at what was left in the bottle and finished it off.

  “This is gonna be one hell of a video, Doug!” he exclaimed.

 “Y-y-you’re taping all-all th-this?” asked Noelle incredulously.

  “You bet!” answered Calvin. “Got 4 hidden cameras back here. Been filming the whole time, from ALL angles. You girls are gonna be stars!”

   Doug was busy rolling another joint. He lit it up, inhaling deeply from it. He handed it over to Calvin, who also took a big hit.

 “Ahhhh! That felt good!” Calvin said as he exhaled, blowing a large cloud of pot smoke towards the cowering girls.

 He waved the empty bottle of Jack Daniel’s in the air. He nodded his head to the song that was playing on the stereo, Nickelback’s “Burn It To The Ground.”

  “Nowww, “ he mused thoughtfully. “What should we do next, Doug?”

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“I think we oughtta fuck their asses!” said Doug, drawing another puff off the joint. He pulled Noelle away from Jocelyn and pushed his mouth down onto hers, exhaling pot smoke into her. She coughed harshly as it filled her lungs. Doug slid a hand down over her ass.

  “Little Noelle here has an ass that just SCREAMS to be fucked!”

  “N-n-no!” Noelle pleaded her voice quivering. “Please not th-th-that!”

  “Leave her alone, you pig!” said Jocelyn.

  Doug glared at Jocelyn menacingly. “You shut the fuck up! Or I’ll do you instead! I’d have a lot of fun ripping that bitchy ass of yours in half.”
   “No one is doing anybody’s ass!” yelled Calvin. “Doug, remember the deal?”

  Doug paused, looking puzzled for a minute.

  “Oh, yeah,” he finally replied. “I remember. It’s a fucking shame, though. Could have some real fun.”

   “Well, there’s lots of other ways to have fun,” said Calvin. “ I think what we need to see is Jocelyn do some pussy licking.” He grabbed one of Jocelyn’s ankles and yanked her onto her back. Grabbing onto the other ankle, he pulled her tanned legs apart. She still had some fight left in her.

  “Get away from me!” she screeched as she tried to kick at Calvin.
   Calvin pinched her hard on the inside of her left thigh, causing her to yelp in pain.

  “Settle down!” he ordered. “Or I WILL let Doug loose on your ass.”

“Doug!” he yelled. “Get Noelle over here and get her to sit on Jocelyn’s face!”

   Doug pulled Noelle, squirming and fighting, over to Jocelyn and positioned her so she was on her knees straddling Jocelyn’s face. He forced her to lower herself down so her vagina was just an inch or so above Jocelyn’s mouth.

  “Now start licking that cunt!” said Calvin. “I wanna see you make Noelle cum or you’ll get fucked with this bottle.”

  He picked up the empty Jack Daniel’s bottle and pressed the end of the neck up against Jocelyn’s cunt lips.
   Jocelyn slowly began to push her tongue inside Noelle. Noelle  gasped in shock as she felt the other’s mouth on her. Doug pushed her down so she was sitting right on Jocelyn’s face. Jocelyn’s body bucked as she struggled for air.

  “Keep that tongue up there!” snarled Calvin.

Jocelyn started to lick and suck vigorously at Noelle’s pussy. Her chin and face was becoming slick with the young blonde’s juices. Noelle began breathing heavily and her face became flushed as her body began to respond to Jocelyn’s tongue. A shudder moved through her body.

  “Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Noooo! Stoppp!” Noelle whimpered. Tears of humiliation ran down from her face.

  Calvin looked down at Jocelyn, watching her glistening tongue slide in and out of Noelle’s tight hole. He felt himself growing hard. He looked over at Doug who, he noticed, was also hard once again. They smiled and nodded at each other.

  Doug moved in closer to Noelle and began kissing her on the neck. His hands came up to her tits and Doug began squeezing and kneading them. He leaned down and took one of her tiny nipples in his mouth. He sucked and nibbled on it, feeling it grow hard.
  Noelle’s chest was heaving, her whole body shuddering. She was experiencing her very first orgasm. She suddenly threw her head back, letting out a sharp squeal. Her thighs clamped around Jocelyn’s head.

  “OHHH! OHHHH!” she moaned. Noelle collapsed forward against Doug, his mouth still clamped down on one of her tits. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled Noelle off Jocelyn.

  Jocelyn’s face glistened with Noelle’s pussy juices. Calvin slid himself between Jocelyn’s legs, his heart pounding faster as he relished the prospect of being inside her again. He grabbed her by the calves and placed her legs on his shoulders. He pushed on her legs, her body bending at the waist, causing her vagina to point straight up.

   He raised his hips and with a hand guided his cock inside her opening.

“OHHHHHHH!” he groaned as he let his body drop down, impaling Jocelyn with his large dick. Her cunt gripped him tightly, pulling him inside her.  Jocelyn let out a muffled squeal as she felt Calvin drive into her. Her arms came up, trying to push Calvin off her. Calvin grabbed her wrists and held them down above her head.

  There was no mercy. Calvin began fucking her like a man possessed. All of his years of pent-up frustration and anger was pouring out of him. The first time he had fucked Jocelyn had been special but this second time it felt even better. He lowered his face and began to lick Noelle’s pussy juices off Jocelyn’s face. She tried to turn her face away from him in disgust. Calvin just laughed.

  He had her legs pushed back so her knees were almost even with her head. This position afforded him maximum penetration and he was ramming his nine-inch cock into her as deep and as hard as he could.

   Jocelyn’s face was twisted up in pain as she tried to withstand Calvin‘s relentless assault. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut and her mouth hung open. Every thrust forced the air out of her lungs so she wasn’t even able to scream. All she could manage was some agonized moans.


  Meanwhile, Doug was having more fun with Noelle. Her body was like a rag doll after he had pulled her off Jocelyn. Easily hoisting her up by the hips, he slid his cock inside her effortlessly, her pussy well-lubricated from her recent orgasm. He grunted pleasurably as he sunk into her to the hilt.
  Wrapping her slender legs around his waist, he began moving in and out of her in slow, methodical strokes. Noelle had to put her arms around his neck to hang on and buried her face in Doug’s sweaty chest.

  “AHHHH! AHHHHH! AHHHHH!” Noelle gasped breathlessly, her body drenched in sweat.

  “Oh, baby girl! I love fucking you!” panted Doug. “I want to take you home and never let you go. I’d be able to do this every night.”

   Calvin was still slamming away at Jocelyn. He took two fingers and began squeezing and pinching her clit as his cock slid in and out. She dug her fingers into his shoulders and threw her head back.

   “I’m gonna fuck you so hard, Jocelyn. You’re a bitchy little slut and this is what you deserve!” whispered Calvin in her ear. “I wanna hear you say it too. Say, ‘I’m a slut, fuck me hard!’”.

Jocelyn shook her head. “N-n-no. I won’t give y-you th-that satisfaction!” she said defiantly.
  “ Say it or that Jack Daniel’s bottle goes up Noelle’s cunt so far it’ll take a doctor to get it out!”

  “O-okay!” she cried. “I-I-I’m a sl-sl-slut! F-fuck me ha-ha-hard!”

  “That’s what I like to hear,” sneered Calvin.

 He could feel himself close to orgasm. He picked up his tempo, his balls slapping hard against Jocelyn’s ass. Suddenly he pulled out. Moving his body up, he straddled Jocelyn’s chest, placing his thick cock between her tits. He pushed them tight around his slick shaft and began sliding his cock back and forth.

Calvin felt his balls tighten and he sped up. His body shuddered and his cock jerked several times. Long streams of thick splooge erupted from the head of his dick, spraying across Jocelyn’s upper chest and her chin. Some large gobs shot up and deposited themselves on her cheeks and face. Wiping his cock off on her tits, Calvin got up off her.

  “That’s a good look for you, Jocelyn,” he laughed. “Should take a picture and send it to your parents. Show them what a little cum-bitch you really are!”

   “That was awesome, man!” yelled Doug, still pumping into the petite blonde girl wrapped around his waist.

  He too was ready to blow his load. He began thrusting harder and faster into Noelle, bouncing her body up and down on his thick eight-inch shaft. He dug his fingers into her ass cheeks and pulled her tight against him as he felt his cock spasm. He sprayed her insides with another thick coating of semen.

  “There!” he moaned. “Another little Doug-baby inside you, Noelle!”

   He collapsed on his back, the young girl still clinging to him, sweat running down his face.
  “Man, oh, man!” he said. “What a night! Ain’t never gonna forget this!”

   “Yep, it has been one superb time,” chuckled Calvin. “Haven’t regretted a minute of it.”

The two men lay there catching their breaths. Noelle and Jocelyn crawled over to each other. Noelle gently wiped at Jocelyn’s face with a Kleenex to clean Calvin’s mess off her.

Suddenly both men jumped. They could hear a vehicle pulling into the clearing.

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This getting exciting now. Your an amazing writer.