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May 16, 2018, 03:23:29 PM

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When I was 12 my mom would have to work nights most times and had a babysitter to watch me and my brothers. Mom would cook dinner and have her share it out for us and share the food out for us she would call me to help her prepare the table and I would always take the opportunity to get little touches off of her, I would be real suttle didn’t want to scare her away but I wanted her. I loved walking behind her facing her back and gently brushing by her so I can smell her hair, when handing me anything I would always touch her fingers. She never sat with us to eat she would be on the phone talking to someone.

The nights that she slept in the couch and we went to bed I would sneak out and walk by to see just how deeply asleep she is stearing for any hint that she’s still awake, I started with a kiss on her lips, immediately leaving after planting one on her sweet lips, biding my time to see if she wakes then moving on to her voluptuous body her tits were missiles ready to launch and I squeezed and groped those beautiful tits, but over her clothes just wasn’t enough... I just had to feel her bare breast. I slipped my left hand under her shirt and touching her naked breast felt absolutely wonderful she was so soft and her nipples seemed so big, touching her then touching her nipples with my thumb and index finger she moved, I pulled my hand out from under her shirt and run straight to my room.