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May 22, 2018, 02:59:46 PM

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We’re talking about sex and she tells me what she thinks about men and the things she has been through in her live with them. I tell her just how awesome I think she is soon we’re sitting close to each other and I lean over and kiss her.(I expected her to slap me but she kissed me back the first thing I go for is her wonderful tits. She asks me if I want to go to the bed? I said ok I’m sucking on her tits as hard as I can and she’s not complaining she pushes me off her so she can take off her jeans I’m so hard and trying to get my dick inside her but I can’t find the hole. She move my hand and holds my dick then gently eases me inside of her she felt so good I died and went to heaven was melting inside of her, trying to make love but she asked me if I can go faster, so I started pounding her while sucking on her right breast. I was pounding her then slowing down and straight fucking till we got tiered. I never cummed but she did.

We’ve been having sex for months now I couldn’t have been happier she was spending the night tonight so I already knew what I was in for. We had dinner she ate with us at the table while playing footsie with me so my younger brothers wouldn’t see. We put them to bed then went out side to the living room on the rug and layed down a comforter. We began touching each other as if exploring each other’s body I couldn’t get enough of her pussy for some reason I just loved putting my finger inside of her and sucking on it, she layed back and I licked her pussy like a dog would drink water from a bowl, she reached down and spread her pussy so I could lick inside of her and drink all of her juicy creamy sweetness out. Then I move into position and slide my dick inside of her stroking softly
 To savor her body and feeling her body then she says “fuck me”. I lay straight and begin to pound inside of her like I was trying to tear her in two couldn’t believe how much wetness was all over me she pulled me closer to her wrapping her arms around my back and feeling her Hershey kiss nipples against my chest caused an reaction I never felt before in my body my legs began to shake I felt jolts of crippling pleasure and I began to spasm in pleasure that’s when it hit me I was cumming, I couldn’t do nothing else but hold her and screamed while cumming inside of her. It was the most intense feeling I’ve ever had.