Author Topic: The baby Sitter: act 2  (Read 1370 times)

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May 18, 2018, 08:22:37 PM

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Moms out working late again. Shes sleeping on the spare bed, I can hear breathing and shes in a deep sleep, I slowly walked towards her and kneeled in front of her she was wearing a loose fitting shirt and it was exposing her left breast just a little. I felt it disrespectful of me to start feeling her up without kissing her first, so I gazed at her thick fat lips licking mine and kissed her, it made me feel so welcomed when my lips touched hers. Cant explain why I wasnt to cautious this night maybe because she was breathing so loudly or I have become quite skilled at this. After kissing her I felt the need to lick her lips, then looking down onto her breast her left nipple was just peeking out the shirt she was wearing and I felt it my responsibility to help her out her discomfort.

I carefully and slowly pulled the top half of her shirt down uncovering her huge nippled breast, I looked up at her laying their and wondered how sexy this woman is her Areola's where broad and dark brown and her nipples were plumped.! I opened my mouth and placed gently sucked on both her nipples then As Im gently sucking on her nipple I rest my left hand on her fat round ass and squeezed. Looking at her once more then kissing her again, I sucked on her both nipples just a little harder one last time then pulling back up her shirt before going back to bed.