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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy

This story features, non-consensual sex; gangrape; oral; anal; voyeurism; incest; and blackmail

What would you do if you happened to videotape something that you weren’t supposed to see? This story is about a young boy who stumbles upon a mind-blowing secret that could scandalize his entire neighbourhood. Follow along as we see how he deals with this situation and how events spiral to their inevitable climax!

Having Fun With The Girl Next Door

Chapter 1:

   It had been about six months since the Yates’ had moved in across the back alley from Troy Woodward. He remembered the day well. The house had sat empty for over a year and when his mother informed him someone was moving in, he was pleasantly surprised. He decided to go out in the backyard and check out the new neighbours. Maybe they’d have a son. He could use a new friend.
  He didn’t see any boys, but what he did see really caught his attention. An incredibly cute girl! She was a few years younger than Troy who was 14 at the time. He figured she looked probably around 11 or 12, but she had a face and body that made her look much older.

   Upon introducing himself to her, he discovered her name was Taylor. She lived alone with her father, Peter Yates. Her mother, Suzanne, had died a year earlier from leukemia. Her father decided he could no longer live in the house where they had been married, so he sold it and he and Taylor moved to a new neighbourhood.
  Troy and Taylor had something in common as he told her he too was an only child with just one parent.  After Troy was born, his parents had made the decision they wanted no more children. His mother and father had divorced when he was 10. Now just he and his mother lived together.
   After that initial meeting, Troy didn’t see Taylor much for a while. She seemed to keep to herself a lot and about the only time he would see her was when she was walking to and from school. That summer, though, things improved.

   He began seeing her out in the backyard in her swimsuit or little denim cut-offs. Seeing as how the two houses were right across the back alley from  each other, Troy could sit on his back deck and look right into Taylor’s backyard. The Yates had a trampoline and a small swimming pool. Troy would watch Taylor and her friends playing on the trampoline. Sometimes they would be frolicking in the pool or just lying out in the grass sunbathing in their little bikinis.
  Over time, he realized he was developing quite an unhealthy obsession with the little blonde girl. And she was small! Only about 4’ 8” and maybe….maybe…..90 lb. soaking wet. But with a tight, fit, petite body that was driving Troy wild. If she looks this good, he thought, when she’s this age, what the hell is she gonna be like when she turns into a teenager!?

   He had never been attracted much to girls younger than himself. Oh, a few 14 year-olds he knew, and the odd 13 year-old, but never a girl as young as Taylor. Then again, he had never found one as hot-looking as she was. He began telling himself, he had to have her! How that was going to happen, he didn’t know.

     It certainly wasn’t because he was unsure of his abilities to get lucky with a girl. Troy was a good-looking boy. He stood around 5’ 6” and 130 lb. with a fit physique. He had dark spiky hair with blonde streaks in it and brown eyes. On top of that, he had a reputation for being a smooth-talker. He was very popular with girls in his school and already at the age of 15, he could boast of having several sexual encounters. Needless to say, Troy was not a virgin.
One of his conquests had even been an older 16 year-old girl!

   Yes, together with the usual teenage hormones raging inside of him, coupled with his apparent good luck with pretty girls, it gave Troy an extremely high sex drive. He was very confident that he could have any girl he set his eyes upon.
  But there was something else that also helped to contribute to his sex drive. Although just a teenager, he had an addiction to porn. When Troy was about twelve, he had discovered a large cardboard box in a basement closet. It turned out to be his father’s old porn collection. How it got there, he had no idea. He figured his dad must have forgot it there when he moved out. There was a large assortment of magazines and videos in the box.
   Troy hid the box again and began sneaking videos into his bedroom at night to watch them. At first he didn’t even really know what the hell he was watching. Some of it actually seemed a little gross! But as he got a little older and began to understand what was going on, he realized he really liked watching porn, and that it made him incredibly sexually aroused. He could see why his dad had liked it!

  As I explained earlier, the Yates and Woodwards lived across the alley from each other. Their houses were each at the end of their respective streets. To the east were more houses, but to the west was a large wooded area that bordered on a park. There were paths and walkways through the trees to access the park which was a popular place for the kids in the neighbourhood to go and play.
The older teens liked to go there to hang out as well and do what most teens like to do. Smoke cigarettes and pot, drink beer, make out with their girlfriends in the bushes. You know, good wholesome teenage activities.
  The park was also used as a shortcut to get downtown. Just on the other side of the park was a large shopping mall. And you know how kids are attracted to shopping malls! It was a very popular gathering place for the youth of Hendersonville.

   It was the shopping mall that Troy had been at on that fateful Thursday night when the activities of our story begin. He had been there with a few of his friends, hanging out by the food court and indulging in one of their favourite pastimes. Checking out the hotties!
   Troy was quite pleased with himself in that he had managed to secure the phone numbers of a handful of girls. There was one he was particularly interested in. A gorgeous blonde 15 year-old by the name of Alexis. She had just moved to Hendersonville and, wow, what a body!
  Troy had a friend by the name of Wally , whose parents were going to be gone from home for the weekend. Wally was planning on throwing a party in his parent’s basement on Friday night. Troy figured he would invite Alexis to go to this party with him. If everything fell in place for him like it usually did, he would hopefully be finding out what colour of panties little Ms. Alexis was wearing before the night was out. And also getting inside said panties. Troy was quite excited.

Troy was on a path that would bring him right up into the back alley between his house and the Yates. It was a path he didn’t normally take. There was a wider, more used path to the south that he usually walked on. It brought him right up onto the street in front of his house.
  But tonight, his mind distracted with thoughts of Alexis, he had taken a wrong turn and started heading up this other path. It was not a big deal, he thought. It would still get him home.

  He looked at his watch. It was just before 9 p.m. The sun had just set and there were still a few vestiges of daylight on the western horizon. But among the trees it was getting quite dark.
   As he came out of the trees, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. Something bright! He turned to the left and realized what the bright thing was. There was a light on in an upstairs window of the Yates house.
  Troy was just going to carry on when something else caught his eye. He saw someone walk past the window. When he saw a flicker of blonde hair, his heart jumped a little, as he realized it was Taylor.

  Troy couldn’t explain why he did what he did next. It was like some inexplicable force was pushing him forward. He walked through the trees until he was right beneath the window. He was just on the other side of the Yates’ yard fence.
  He realized, his heart pounding with excitement, that he was looking up at Taylor’s bedroom window! And she didn’t keep her blinds closed! No doubt she probably figured she had lots of privacy with all the trees on the west side of the house, Troy deduced. Obviously, no one could see the house from the park. However, she hadn’t taken into consideration the possibility of little perverts like Troy walking up the path at night time.
   He looked around and saw he was at the base of a large elm tree. It towered over him and one large branch stretched out over the fence and into the Yates’ yard. It was at the perfect height to see into Taylor’s window!

Troy had never done anything like this in his life, although he had been very tempted a few times. A couple of his friends had told him about spying on girls through their bedroom windows but Troy had never tried it. He had always been afraid of being caught. But, he figured, how am I gonna get caught here? It’s dark outside and Taylor won’t be able to see me in the tree.
   He began to clamber up the thick trunk until he got to the large branch. It was around 18 inches thick, so he knew it would be more than able to support his weight. He crawled out along the length of the branch. He pulled a few small branches to the side. Awesome!
  There he was, only about 20 feet away from Taylor’s window! The leaf-covered branches of the elm tree perfectly concealed him. Someone would really have to look hard to spot him. Troy chuckled to himself. It was the perfect hiding spot, almost like it had been made just for this purpose.

  He could see Taylor sitting at a small desk doing something on her computer. He could just make out the screen. It looked like she was chatting with someone on Facebook. After about 5 minutes, she shut the computer down and got up from her chair.
  Taylor was wearing a short blue skirt with white knee socks. She also wore a white t-shirt that had some saying printed on the front of it but Troy couldn’t make it out. Her hair was in two ponytails.

 “GOD! WHAT A CUTIE!”  thought Troy. The skirt and knee socks made her look very sexy. He felt his dick getting harder.
  Troy watched as Taylor walked over to her bedroom dresser and opened a drawer. She pulled out a little blue and white frilly nightgown and laid it on the bed.
  “Oh my God , Oh my God, I am going to get to watch her undress!” Troy’s heart was in his throat.
  It certainly wasn’t like Troy had never seen a girl get undressed before. But the prospect of getting to see his cute little neighbour disrobe, the one whom he had fantasized about so much, this was something special!
  Taylor began to pull her t-shirt up over her head. She took it off and tossed it into a laundry hamper in the corner of her room. Troy could now see her cute little pink and white bra covering  her small round breasts.

 Taylor reached behind herself and unsnapped the bra, letting it fall off her. Troy was beside himself with excitement as he witnessed her titties for the first time. They were so perfect!
  So round, so soft-looking. With perfectly round pink nipples like little rose petals. Her boobies were not huge of course, but they were a little bigger than a normal 12 year-old’s. Troy could just picture himself running his tongue across them.
   Taylor continued on. She undid the button on her skirt and began to slide it down off her slender little hips. Troy had to hold himself back from cumming in his shorts as he saw her standing there in nothing but a little pair of pink and white cotton panties that matched her bra. What a sight! What an incredibly sweet little body!

  She sat on the edge of the bed and slowly slid her knee socks down off her slender calves. Then before she put on her night gown, Troy got another little show. There was a large mirror on one wall of her bedroom right beside the door. Taylor walked over and stood in front of it, admiring herself.
  She cupped her little breasts in her hands and looked at them like she was comparing one to the other. Troy watched as she rolled her nipples between her fingers. Then suddenly she dipped one of her hands down inside her panties.
  Taylor continued squeezing and playing with one of her titties as her other hand moved around inside her panties. Holy crap! Troy realized. She’s playing with herself! How fucking hot is that?

  After a few minutes she stopped and then she just stood in front of the mirror. She reached up and undid her ponytails, letting her long blonde hair fall down over her shoulders. Then she placed her hands on her hips and cocked her head from side to side, like she was casting some sexy poses.
    Finally, she walked over and picked up the night gown. She slipped it on over her head. It was a very short night gown, barely covering her butt. Then, she walked over to the door and left the room. The show was over!
  Troy was barely able to climb out of the tree, his dick in his pants was so hard! He hurried home to his bedroom. That night he masturbated hard to the images of Taylor he had in his head. He couldn’t get rid of them. They were indelibly stamped in his memory.  One thing was even more certain to him than ever before. He wanted Taylor Yates and he wasn’t going to stop until he had her!

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This one is really good Vile8r

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Always excited when I see Vile8r has posted.  This is another really good story.  :D

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Chapter 2:

    The next morning, Troy tried to see if he could spot Taylor on her way to school. But he was unsuccessful. He figured her father must have given her a ride to school, which he sometimes did.
  All day long at school, he couldn’t stop thinking about the happenings of the night before. He had developed a really bad case of Taylor-on-the-brain.
Later that night at Wally’s party, his mind was still somewhere else.
    Alexis, the hottie he had met the day before at the mall, accepted his invitation to go to Wally’s. Normally, he would have been ecstatic, taking such a hot girl to a party. All of his friends were very envious of him. He did end up taking her to a bedroom, later in the night, and they had started making out.

  She let him put his hands under her shirt, and he had been feeling up her gorgeous tits. But when his hand wandered down to begin fumbling with the snap on her jeans, she had pushed him away. Then came the old “sorry-but-I’m-not-that-kind-of-girl” spiel.
  Troy hadn’t even cared. He just shrugged his shoulders and said, “Yeah, okay. Whatever.”
  Alexis had got up off the bed, pulled down her shirt, and went back to the party. Normally, right about then, Troy would have been kicking the old powers of persuasion into high gear. Doing his best to sweet-talk his way into Alexis’ pants. But that night, he just didn’t give a shit. All he could think about was Taylor.

  The next night, though, come nightfall, Troy was back at the tree, hoping for another show. He was not disappointed. At first, when he climbed the tree, his heart sank. The light was on in her bedroom but when he looked in the window, no one was there!
  Well, she has to show up eventually, thought Troy. He decided he would just wait. Close to 20 minutes went past and he was almost contemplating giving up, when his patience was rewarded! The door to her room opened and in came Taylor.

   She had a large white bath towel wrapped around her and he could see her hair was wet. She had just come from having a shower. This really got Troy excited as he realized, she’s probably naked under that towel!
  Sure enough, Taylor pulled the towel away from her body and there she stood in all her naked glory! Troy felt like pinching himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He could see everything!

  Her perky little breasts, her firm flat tummy, her slender hips and  her smooth legs. He could just make out the beginnings of a wispy little bush between her legs. Troy wiped at his chin, realizing he was slobbering.
  She turned and walked to her dresser. Troy got a full view of her little peach-shaped butt. He just wanted to reach out and take a big juicy bite out of it!
  She pulled out a pair of light blue lacy panties from her dresser. She slipped them on and then stood in front of her full-length mirror, combing her long hair. Troy could not get over what a sweet body she had for a 12 year-old. After getting out of the shower, her skin looked so pink and smooth and he could just imagine how fresh she must smell.

  After combing her hair, she put on some pajamas. No skimpy little nightgown tonight, though. She put on a pair of what looked like red and white boy’s boxer shorts and a matching red and white sleeveless top. She still looked damn sexy, decided Troy! Then she left the room.
  Troy was hoping she would have stayed a little longer, but he was quite satisfied with what he saw. He had another batch of images in his head that he put to good use when he got home.

  This became the routine for Troy for the next week. Every night, at just after dark, Troy would slip out of his house and climb the tree outside Taylor’s window. He began to learn her schedule. She would be in her room pretty well every night at around 9 p.m.
  If she wasn’t, she would show up soon afterwards. He was able to catch her a couple more times in the nude after having a shower. He was also able to catch her playing with herself again a couple times. One thing puzzled him, however. He wondered why she sometimes left her room after putting on her pajamas? And he wondered where she went?
  Ah well, he thought. Not a big deal. Maybe she went downstairs to watch TV.

  It was now Saturday. Troy had been making visits to the Yates’ backyard for a week now. He had to admit, he had seen some pretty hot stuff! He chuckled at the thought of how mortified Taylor would be if he was to tell her he had been watching her.
  He had seen her out on the street a couple times  walking to school and he was tempted to say something. But he didn’t. He knew if he did that, she would start pulling her blinds shut and that would ruin all his fun. Plus she’d probably tell her dad and then Troy would be in a bunch of trouble. No, he decided, he would just leave well enough alone.

  He had said ‘hi ‘ to her on the street and she had said ‘hi’ back. Then Troy had smirked to himself as he thought, Hey Taylor, I know what colour of panties you’re wearing! 
But Troy wanted to turn things up a bit. Short of climbing through her bedroom window and hiding in her closet, he just didn’t know what else to do. Then it hit him! A day or two before he had watched a porno video where a guy was filming a hot woman through her bedroom window with a video camera. She caught him and he thought he was in trouble.  But, true to porno video plotlines, instead of calling the cops the two people starting making out and then pretty soon they were fucking.

  Troy didn’t think that would happen to him if Taylor caught him with a video camera. Quite the opposite, most likely! But he would have some awesome footage to watch. He could get his own little porno collection started!
  Troy knew he had a little hand-held video camera. His mom had given it to him for his 14th birthday. One nice thing about being an only son with a parent who worked a lot, his mom did a lot of cheque-book parenting!

  Troy had all the newest electronic gadgets. An iPhone, an iPad, an iPod, a top of the line home computer, his own flat screen TV with a Blu-ray and DVD player, a Sony Playstation, Xbox, you  name it!  Troy dug around in his closet and found the video camera. He scanned the instruction manual.   
  This was going to be excellent! He couldn’t wait until that night. He looked out into the Yates’ backyard from his bedroom window. Taylor had a friend over and the two were bouncing on the trampoline. It was a young dark-haired girl from down the street by the name of Becky Barrino.

  Troy knew her older sister Bianca, who was the same age as Troy. Becky was pretty cute, but in Troy’s view, she still didn’t hold a candle to Taylor.
  Finally, night time came and Troy prepared for his little adventure. But it was not to be that night. He made his way to the tree and was just ready to start climbing it, when he realized there was no bedroom light on. As a matter of fact, there were no lights on in the house at all. It was completely dark! Damn! He thought. There’s no one home!   
  It was the first time such a thing had happened to him. He went back home and kept a constant vigil on the Yates house all night, hoping to eventually see some lights on. But it didn’t happen. He realized Taylor had likely went to Becky’s house for a sleepover and her dad had also taken off somewhere.

  Troy was delighted the next day to see the Yates’ car back in the driveway. He knew Taylor would definitely be home that night because there was school the next day. That night he was back in his tree, ready to get Taylor on film! True to his predictions, the light was on in her bedroom and there she was at her desk, playing on the computer. Just like clockwork!
  His camera was rolling as he waited for Taylor to begin her usual bedtime routine. But little did he know the show he was about to be treated to! The door to the bedroom suddenly opened and in walked Taylor’s dad. He was wearing nothing but a green bathrobe.What the hell? Troy wondered as he watched her dad quietly close the door behind him.

  Peter Yates was in his early 30s, about 32 actually. At just over 5’ 10” and 165 lb., his blonde good looks and fit body made him appear about 3 or 4 years younger than he actually was. Peter and Taylor’s mom, Suzanne, had only been 19 when they were married. They were both 20 when Taylor was born.
    Suzanne had began developing health problems soon after Taylor was born and it had prevented them from having anymore children. Then just 3 years ago, the doctor had diagnosed Suzanne with an inoperable type of leukemia. It had been a very traumatic and stressful period for Taylor and her dad. Especially after Suzanne had died.

  But Peter was optimistic for the future. They had sold their old house and moved into a nice new house in a new neighbourhood. He had received a nice promotion at work along with a sizable raise. And his daughter Taylor was adjusting nicely to everything, not to mention growing up into a beautiful young woman. She reminded Peter so much of his late wife.
   He entered Taylor’s bedroom and closed the door behind him. Usually whenever they had one of their little “sessions”, it took place in his bedroom, but tonight he had decided to come to her. He had missed her the night before. Peter had had to go on a small overnight business trip and Taylor had spent the night at her friend Becky’s house.

  She was on the computer and had her back to him. She didn’t have her pajamas on yet. That was all right. He liked it when he got to help her undress. 
  Taylor looked over her shoulder and smiled at him.
  “Hi daddy, what are you doing here?” she said
  “Well Muffin, I decided we’d have fun in your bedroom tonight.” He bent down and kissed her softly on the cheek.

  “I don’t have my pajamas on yet, I’m not ready,” she replied.

  “That’s okay,” Peter said. “Come on. Shut down your computer. Daddy missed you last night and I can’t wait any longer.”

  Taylor turned off her computer and stood up from the desk. She was wearing a short denim skirt with a floral pattern on it and a white button-up blouse. Peter took her by the shoulder and turned her around facing him.
 Taylor began to undo the buttons on her blouse. Peter stopped her.

 “No, let me do that, okay?”

  Taylor nodded.
  Peter unbuttoned her blouse slowly and pulled it down off her shoulders. He reached around behind her and unsnapped her bra. Then he took her by the hand and led her over to the bed. Taylor sat on the edge of the bed and watched as her father undid his bathrobe and took it off. 
   He was wearing underwear and she could see the large lump jutting out from the front of them. Peter removed his underwear so he was completely naked. Then he climbed onto the bed and laid on his back, his seven inch cock standing straight up.

   Out in the tree, Troy was absolutely dumbfounded. What the fuck is going on here? Is he gonna do his daughter?  Troy was both sickened by the prospect of what was going to happen but also incredibly aroused. He kept the camera going. This was gonna be good!

   Peter held his hand out to Taylor and instructed her to straddle his chest. She did so, placing her smooth legs on either side of his muscular chest, her skirt hiking up on her thighs. Peter pulled her down so her little breasts were over his face. He licked and suckled at her tiny nipples. His hands went to her skirt, pulling it up over her round butt. He slid a hand into the back of her panties and his fingers slid down over the curve of her ass and sought out the small pink lips of her vagina.

  Taylor let out a small squeal as Peter slid a finger inside her tight little entrance.
  God! So tight! He thought to himself. So very tight!
While he was doing this, Taylor was kissing him on the side of the neck, her small soft hands running back and forth across his chest. She placed her lips on his and kissed him deeply, her moist tongue slipping inside his mouth.

 Oh Taylor, you don’t know how much I love it when you do that! I’ve taught you well. You’re getting very good at this!
   Peter stopped her and looked into her eyes. “Okay, sweetie. It’s time to make Daddy happy.”

  “Okay, Daddy. I will,” whispered Taylor.

   Taylor climbed off the bed and slipped her skirt down off her legs. She climbed back on the bed, wearing only her pink cotton panties,  and positioned herself between her father’s outstretched legs. Reaching out, she wrapped one small hand around his thick shaft and began slowly stroking it.
  With her other hand she cupped his balls and massaged them. Her head dipped down and her tongue darted out from between her lips. She began lapping at Peter’s cock, running her tongue up and down the underside of the shaft.
  She moved up, running her tongue in small circles around the head. Peter lay back, his eyes closed and his mouth hanging open. He stroked Taylor’s long blonde hair with his left hand.

 “Oh baby girl, yes! Don’t stop!” he moaned

He sucked in his breath as he felt Taylor’s warm mouth close around the tip and her lips tightened around the shaft.

   Out in the tree, Troy was almost delirious with excitement.
 Troy had to catch himself from yelling it out loud. He looked down at the camera. It still had lots of battery power. Good! Because he wasn’t leaving until he had seen everything!
Taylor had about half of her father’s cock in her mouth now, moving her head up and down slowly. Her hand was still wrapped around the base, stroking it.  Peter arched his back, a look of utter ecstasy on his face. Taylor continued bobbing up and down on him, stopping periodically to brush her hair away from her face. She would also stop and lick the shaft a while, running her tongue around the head and then slide it into her mouth again. She did this for about 15 minutes.

  Taylor placed both hands on his thighs and stopped for a minute as she adjusted her breathing. Then slowly she pushed her mouth down farther on the large cock. She felt the tip bump against the back of her throat. She gave a small gag but just stopped and let herself catch her breath.
  “That’s it baby doll! Remember how it showed on the video. Breathe through your nose and let your muscles relax. Don’t tense up!” Peter said.
  With Peter’s cock all the way in her mouth, Taylor moved her head in small circular motions, her tongue playing along the shaft. The sensation of Taylor’s small throat moving around the head of his cock, started Peter’s balls to begin stirring. Watching her lips move along his saliva-covered shaft was too much. He was ready to cum!

  “Get ready, Taylor! This is daddy’s favourite part!” he whispered hoarsely.

  He placed both hands on top of her head as his hips suddenly bucked and he felt his cock spasm. Taylor massaged his balls as he spurted his thick seed down her throat. She worked her throat muscles, swallowing it all. Only a small dribble escaped past her lips.

  “Good girl!” he panted. “You’re getting so good!”

 “I just like to make you happy,” Taylor replied as she wiped her lips clean.

  “Remember, your birthday is coming up, “ Peter said. “I told you if you were good, you’d get that iPhone you wanted, and I mean it!”

  “Thank you, daddy,” said Taylor as she kissed him on the lips again.

  “And don’t forget what I told you about your 14th birthday!” Peter said.

  “That we get to go to Hawaii?” asked Taylor with a large smile.

  “Yes, Muffin. Daddy’s taking you to Hawaii. It’s going to be a very special birthday for you!”

   Peter grinned to himself. She had no idea how special it was going to be! He already had the beach condo booked. And it would be there, as he watched the surf crashing on the beach, that he was going to take his daughter’s virginity. That’s right! He would be turning his little Taylor into a woman on her 14th birthday!
  He could hardly wait. It was still over a year, but he knew that in the end it was going to be well worth it! In the meantime, he had his little “sessions” with Taylor to keep him satisfied. He didn’t make her do it every night, he didn’t want her to start hating it. But they would get together at least a couple times a week.

   It had been only a few months ago that Peter had first started doing things with Taylor. At first it had just been some kissing and petting. Then he brought out the videos and showed Taylor what he wanted her to do. How he wanted her to pleasure him with her mouth. She had been a bit reluctant and unsure at first. But Peter was very persuasive and was able to easily manipulate his daughter.

   From the very first time she did it to him, he could see Taylor was a natural! Which didn’t really surprise him. His wife Suzanne had also been very skilled at oral sex. When they first met and got married, the blowjobs had been sensational! Peter could see that not only did Taylor resemble her mother in looks , but she had also inherited her oral skills.
 “Come here, Muffin,” said Peter softly. He was sitting on the edge of the bed now. Taylor slid over beside him. He gently pushed her down onto her back and began kissing her on the side of the neck and face. He moved down her body across her chest and her flat tummy, kissing and running his tongue across her soft skin.

  He hooked his fingers in the waistband of her pink panties and slid them down her legs. He gently kissed her light wispy pubic bush. Then pushing her legs farther apart he kissed the outer lips of her tiny pussy. He kissed at the insides of her silky thighs.

  Then he stopped. He let Taylor pull her panties back up and he gave her a hug. “Thanks, my sweetie. You were really good tonight. Daddy’s proud of you.”

  “Thanks, daddy,” Taylor replied.

 “You know the only reason daddy does this is because he’s so lonely, right?” said Peter. “Daddy really misses Mommy and when you do this for me, it helps me forget.”

  “I know, “said Taylor. “I miss Mommy too. And I’m glad I can help you from being lonely.”

  “You’re such a good daughter,“ smiled Peter as he got up off the bed and put his bathrobe back on. “Now you better get your pajamas on and get to bed, okay?”

  He left the room and Taylor pulled a pair of pajamas out of her dresser drawer. After she slipped them on she climbed into bed and turned out the light.
  Troy lay in the tree outside her window, watching as the bedroom went dark. He turned off the video camera and just stared at the house for a few minutes. WOW! WHAT THE FUCK DID HE JUST SEE?  Troy still wasn’t sure if he had actually seen what he thought he had seen, or was he sleeping and dreamt the whole thing. No, he decided, looking down at the camera. It had been real, all right! And he now had it all on camera.

  A wide grin spread across his face. That was the coolest thing he had ever witnessed in his life! His cock felt like it was going to burst from his pants. Little Taylor sucking her daddy’s cock! WHOA! And the most exciting thing, she seemed like she really knew what she was doing. Which made Troy surmise that this was something she had obviously been doing for a while.
    He realized the dangerous weapon he now possessed. The weapon that was going to help him to ultimately sink his cock between Taylor’s sweet little thighs! Troy wanted her, and now he knew…..he had her!

November 08, 2014, 05:40:27 PM
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Chapter 3:

   That night, Troy watched the video he had made over and over. He had captured everything! The spot at which Taylor’s bed sat in relation to the window allowed him to get excellent camera angles of all that had happened. It was almost like a professional production!  He had even managed some great close-ups. Troy finally went to bed, his dick worn out from all the fapping he had done. Tomorrow, he knew, was going to be a very interesting day!
  The next day, Troy thought about what he was going to do with the video. Common sense told him he should go to the police with it. His neighbour, Peter Yates, was a sick motherfucker who was preying on his pre-teen daughter. Troy, even as perverted as he was, knew it wasn’t right.
  But then he got to thinking about the can of worms that would open. Obviously, the police would be curious as to how he had acquired the video. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to give them that info! And then there would be the huge uproar and disruption of Taylor’s life, if her father was arrested. He’d likely lose his job and if he had to go to jail, what would happen to Taylor? And imagine all the scandal and media attention!

  No, Troy realized he had to take the selfish route. He had to keep this to himself. His rationalization was that he was keeping Taylor from having her life destroyed. But in reality, he was doing it to keep Taylor close to him. He had a bargaining tool like no other! And he decided he was going to use it to full advantage.

  That afternoon, he took the same way home that he knew Taylor always walked. He waited along by some shrubs until he saw her coming down the street. Good! She was by herself! Troy had seen her with some other girls earlier, but apparently they were gone now.
  His heart jumped. She was looking good today. Hell, she looked good everyday! She was wearing a little red and white dress with white knee socks just like the ones he had seen her wearing the first night he was up in the tree. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, held in place with a white bow. Her dress came down to about mid-thigh.

  Troy stepped out from the shrubs. “Hey Taylor, how you doing?”

 He made her jump a little bit as he startled her.
  “Oh! Hi, Troy. What do you want?” she asked.

 “Oh not much. Just thought we could walk together the rest of the way home,” he replied.

  “All right,” she said tentatively. Troy made her kind of nervous. Of all the older boys in the neighbourhood, Troy was the only one who ever actually talked to her. And she saw him in his backyard a lot, watching her and her friends. They would laugh about it, but the truth was, Taylor found it a bit creepy.

  “So Taylor,” Troy said. “You must like boys a lot.”

  “Ummm, not really. Why do you say that?”

“No reason. Just an observation. A pretty girl like you, just figured you’d be pretty popular with boys. Are you?”

“Not really your business, Troy,” Taylor said.
“I’ll bet if you were with a boy, you’d be pretty damn good!”

“What do you mean by that?” asked Taylor.
“I mean, you’d be good at fucking him. You’re probably a little firecracker in the sack, aren’t you? You probably really get into it! And those sweet lips of yours? Man, I’ll bet you can do lots with those, can’t you?”

  Taylor suddenly spun around.
“Troy Woodward, you are fucking sick! Now get away from me!” She began walking faster.
  “Just asking some questions! What’s the matter? Did I get a little too close to the truth?”

 “GO AWAY!” Taylor cried, tears starting to run down her cheeks. She began to run. She crossed the street and headed for her house. Troy watched as she disappeared up her walk and into the house. He heard the door slam. Hmmm, he thought. Obviously he hit a bit of a nerve!

  Troy walked back to his street and to his house. He wondered what Taylor would say to her dad, if she said anything at all? He had been looking to get a rise out of her, and it worked! Now to see if dad took the bait.

  It was about two hours later when Troy heard the doorbell. He made his way to the door to answer it. His mom wasn’t home and wouldn’t be home for another couple hours. She was busy with stuff at work.
  Troy opened the door to see Peter Yates standing there. He didn’t look pleased as he glared at Troy.
  “Hello, Troy. Is your mother at home?” he asked brusquely.

 “No sir, she is not.”

 “Hmmmm. Well, I need to talk to her!”

“I don’t know when she’ll be home,” said Troy. “She’s working late. But you know, whatever it is you need to talk about, you can tell me.”

  Peter Yates looked at Troy. He knew  that Troy damn well knew what he was there for. He cleared his throat.
  “May I come in then?”

  “Sure. Knock yourself out.”

Peter stepped inside and closed the door.
 “I think you know why I’m here, Troy. TayIor told me about some inappropriate comments you made to her this afternoon!”

  “Oh?” smirked Troy. “Didn’t seem too inappropriate to me! Not my fault if it‘s true!”

  Peter had already decided he really didn’t like this young boy very much. His arrogance was quickly angering Peter.
  “I think asking a 12 year-old girl if she is a ‘firecracker in the sack’ is extremely inappropriate! I don’t appreciate people talking to my daughter that way. I’m considering going to the police, you know?”

  Troy smiled. He walked over towards the large flat-screen television in a corner of the living room. He picked up the remote control.

  “Are you now, Mr. Yates?” asked Troy amusedly. “Well, if I was you, I wouldn’t be too rash just yet!”

  “What the hell are you talking about?” asked Peter. “You know, I’m not liking your attitude very much.”

 “This is the reason I don’t think you’ll be having anything to do with the police,” announced Troy as he turned on the TV.
  A video began playing almost immediately. Peter could see it appeared to have been filmed through what looked like the window of his daughter’s bedroom. He stood in stunned silence as he realized who was in the video. It showed him lying back on Taylor’s bed completely nude, with her mouth wrapped around his cock. He broke into a cold sweat.

  “What the fuck…is…th-that?” he spat, pointing at the TV screen. “How did you get that?”

  Troy grinned as he looked at Peter’s reddened face.
  “I don’t think that’s important,” he said to Peter. “What is important is the fact that I have it. That’s what you need to worry about!”

  Peter put his hands out in a pleading gesture. “Listen, I can explain. It’s not all what you think it is.”

  Troy stood in the center of the room, glaring at Peter with disgust.
  “Oh, I’m sure you can, Mr. Yates. You sick fucks always do have  very rational and logical explanations for the shit you do! Let me guess? Taylor was giving you a good-night kiss and damn if she didn’t slip and ended up with her mouth on your dick instead?”

  “I know how that happens! Hell, when I was a little kid, my mom used to come give me goodnight kisses and we’d always end up fucking on the bed!”
 Peter gave him a look of exasperation.

   “Listen, you fucking little smart-ass punk!” he snarled. “I want that video!”

  Troy shrugged. “Go ahead, take it! It’s just a copy anyway. I have the original tucked away somewhere very safe and secure.”

  “You’re not seriously going to the cops with that are you?” asked Peter. The fear in his voice was quite apparent. His demeanour began to change a bit. “Okay, I’m really  sorry I called you a punk. I know what I’m doing with Taylor is not right and I-I’ll stop! I won’t touch Taylor anymore if you just promise to not go to the cops!”

  Troy shook his head. “Mr. Yates, you really are a fucking idiot! Don’t you realize the damage has been done already? I have you on video! I can stay quiet but hey, I need some kind of payment.”

  Peter sat down for a minute. His legs were feeling weak. He could not believe what was happening! His world had suddenly come crashing down around him. How had this arrogant little bastard managed to get a video of him and Taylor together? This could destroy him….and  his daughter!

  “Okay!” he said to Troy. “I see the game you wanna play. What do you want? How much money?”

  Troy laughed. The look on his face was so smug, Peter just wanted to jump up and punch him. But he didn’t want to do something like that! He could not afford to antagonize this kid in any way.
  “Money, huh?” asked Troy. “You think I want money?”

 He swept his hand around the room. “Look at all this, Mr. Yates. My mom is  loaded! She got half of my dad’s business when they divorced. I have everything I want and if I don’t, my mom just gets it for me. Yeah, more money is always nice, but really I don’t need it!”

  “What do you want then?” asked Peter impatiently.

  Troy looked straight at him. He paused the video on a close-up of Taylor’s face and pointed at the TV screen.
  “Her! I want her! Your sweet little hottie of a daughter, Taylor!”

  “What the hell do you mean, you ‘want’ her?”

 Troy shook his head. Seriously, he thought to himself. You cannot be this stupid, Mr. Yates!
  “I want what you are getting, Mr. Yates! I want a blowjob from your daughter!”

  Peter jumped up, his face red with anger. “Out of the question!” he yelled. “You are not touching Taylor, you little bastard! I‘m not turning her into some kind of…of… prostitute!”

  “Oh, but it’s perfectly okay for you to make her into your own personal little whore, hey dad?” sneered Troy. “What a fucking hypocrite!”

 Troy hit ‘STOP’ on the dvd player and ejected the disc.
 “ I’m really sorry to hear you say that, Mr. Yates. I was afraid you’d be uncooperative. Guess I have to make a trip down to the police station after all. I wonder what will happen to Taylor when you’re in jail? Foster homes can be so nasty sometimes.”

   Peter slowly took a deep breath. He began to reply, his voice shaking. “But you have to understand! I can‘t ask Taylor to do something like that.”

 “I understand perfectly, dad,” Troy said. “But you have to explain to her the seriousness of the situation. She needs to know you could end up in jail!”

“Well, maybe we can work out some arrangement,” said Peter. “If you want, I’ll let you take her out on a date. And-and I’ll tell her I’ll chaperone so she feels more comfortable about it.”

  Troy lost his patience. He waved the disc in front of Peter’s face.
“You still don’t get it!” he yelled. “You have no, and I mean no, leverage here, Mr. Yates! You cannot bargain! I have a video that shows you, a guy in his 30s, shoving his dick in the mouth of a 12 year-old girl! I don’t know what planet you’re from, but where I live, it’s called child sexual abuse! You’re screwed, Mr. Yates. I hold all the cards!”

  There was a moment of awkward silence as his words sunk into Peter’s head. Peter did not want to admit it, but Troy was right. He was being owned by a 15 year-old punk!

  “So now, THIS is the deal!” continued Troy. “I will give you my cell number! YOU will give it to your daughter. I want her to phone me tonight. And don’t try to whitewash this either. I want you to tell her the whole story. I want her to know I have a video of you and her and the video is going to the police if I don‘t get what I want!”

“Okay, okay!” Peter conceded. “I’ll talk to her. But… you are not being very reasonable! Taylor is not going to want to do this.”

  Troy thought for a few seconds. “Considering what you’ve been doing to your daughter, I think I‘m being very reasonable. She has to know you‘re going to jail if she doesn‘t do this for me!”

  “I will talk to her!” said Peter.

  “Here is my cell number,” said Troy, handing Peter a piece of paper. “I want Taylor to phone me….tonight!

   “Now go! Talk to your daughter and tell her the situation. Got it, dad?”

  Peter glared at Troy. “Yes, I got it! She will call you tonight!”

  Peter turned and headed for the door. He slammed it behind him as he left.

“Nice doing business with you, Mr. Yates!” Troy called after him as he went out the door.
  Troy went upstairs to his room and plunked the disc back in his dvd player. He laid back on his bed and stroked his hard cock as he watched the video for the umpteenth time. All he had to do now was wait for the phone call from cute little Taylor!

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Do you ever write anything that isn't good cuz l like all your stories

November 09, 2014, 09:22:41 PM
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I agree with Sweetness . . .Vile is a great writer and I enjoy all his stories.

November 09, 2014, 10:17:31 PM
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Thank you ladies. You flatter me. I do have a few stories that I feel are not as good as others, but overall I strive to put out stories of good quality. I'm glad to see you think so as well.

November 09, 2014, 10:20:23 PM
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This one is one of my favorites vile.

November 10, 2014, 01:57:25 PM
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Thank you Jed. Much appreciated from a writer such as yourself.

November 10, 2014, 02:05:30 PM
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Chapter 4:

  Peter Yates sat on his back deck for a while before he went in the house. He was very shaken up not to mention scared shitless of Troy going to the cops. Peter had tried to be so careful when he and Taylor had been together. He always had her come to his bedroom, where he would keep the door and blinds closed.

   But that one night he thought it might be fun and maybe even kind of sexy for him to get sucked off in the same bed his little girl slept in. He saw now it was a lapse in judgment that was threatening to bite him in the ass.
That little bastard, Troy, had Peter over a barrel and he knew it!
Peter thought about the video. Was Troy pulling his bluff by saying he had copies? Unfortunately, he knew he had to believe Troy had more than just the original. He couldn’t afford to not believe him! He also had to admit, with a twinge of guilt,  the damn kid had made a good video! He had felt himself get a little hard as he watched Taylor on the TV.

   He walked around to the back of the house and looked up at Taylor‘s bedroom window. Then he looked over at the overhanging trees. He saw the large branch stretching out, sitting at the same level as Taylor‘s window. That little bugger, Peter thought. That’s how he got the video! Guess it’s time to get some tree-trimming done!

   He didn’t want to, but he knew he had to go in the house and talk to Taylor. He had to get this over with. He had mixed feelings about this whole affair. Peter was furious at Troy for basically forcing him to make his daughter into a prostitute! But he knew she had to do it. He could not let Troy take that video to the police. It would be an absolute catastrophe!

  But he also felt something else. It was an emotion he hadn’t felt in years. The last time he could remember feeling like this was way back when he was about 18 and had met his future wife, Suzanne, for the first time. There was another boy who had a crush on her. A big strapping football player on the high school football team.

   Suzanne had told Peter she was trying to decide who to go out with and she couldn’t make up her mind. She liked them both. Peter remembered being intensely jealous of the football player and had been sure Suzanne was going to have him instead of Peter. She had pleasantly surprised him when finally she told Peter she had stronger feelings for him. And she became the love of his life.

  Now Peter realized he was having those same feelings of jealousy again. He was jealous of the fact that another person was going to be with his daughter. Taylor belonged to him! Her soft mouth, her moist lips, her little tongue. It all belonged to him!
   He felt physically sick at the thought of someone else’s hands pawing and groping at her. Some one else would be receiving pleasure from Taylor and it just didn’t feel right! He truly hated Troy for awakening those feelings in him.

   As he came into the house, he saw Taylor in the living room watching TV. One of her Disney Channel shows. That was about the only channel she watched!
   She looked up as Peter entered the room.
  “Hi daddy! Did you talk to Mrs. Woodward?”

  “Yes, I did. Well, not exactly to her, but I did talk to Troy.”

  Taylor sat up. She could see the concern on her dad’s face.
  “What did he have to say for himself? Did he apologize? He was so rude to me.”

“Not exactly,” said Peter as he plopped down in his recliner. “He didn’t seem to think he did anything wrong. But, Taylor, we have a little problem. Actually, a very BIG problem!”

  “What?” asked Taylor. “What’s the problem? Tell me!”

   Peter took in a deep breath. “Troy has a video. A video of you and I….together!”
   Taylor’s face went white. “You mean….when….we’re-”

   Her dad cut her off. “Yes!”

   “Oh my God!” she cried out. Tears began to run down her face. “What’s he going to do? He’s not going to tell anybody, is he? How did he get a video of us?”

  “I think he snuck into the trees outside your room,” said Peter.

  “Oh, daddy! I’m so sorry!” sobbed Taylor. “I didn’t have the blinds shut on my window. I never think of it!”

   Peter Yates came and sat down beside his daughter. He put his arm around her.
  “It’s not your fault, Muffin. Troy Woodward is just a very sick young man.”

  “Well, what are we going to do? What if he shows people?“
  “Taylor! Stop it!“ said Peter sternly. “Listen to me… have to help me with something.“

  “What?” she asked.
  Peter took a deep breath before he began to speak. He took both of Taylor’s hands in his.
  “Troy is blackmailing us. He is threatening to go to the police if……unless…you do….something….for him.”

  “Like what?” she asked suspiciously.

 Peter just blurted it out. He knew if he didn’t, he’d never be able to say it.
“Troy wants you to give him a blowjob!”

Taylor sat on the couch for moment with a stunned look on her face. Then she pulled away from her father and stood up.


  Peter looked up at her pleadingly. “Sweetheart, I don’t like it either and you don’t realize how it breaks my heart to have to ask you to do such a thing. But please, for a second, think about the situation. This is very, very serious! You know that the things we do are because I miss Mommy so much. But other people, like the police, aren’t going to look at it that way. They’re going to say I hurt you and they’re going to want to put me in jail! I’ll be treated like a very bad man!”

  Taylor began to cry again. “B-but, daddy, you‘re NOT bad! You can’t g-go to jail! What will I do?”

  “That’s why you need to do this for me,” said Peter softly as he pulled Taylor back down beside him. “It’s just once and then Troy will be happy.”

“A-and he’ll l-leave us alone then?” she asked, her big blue eyes looking up at Peter.

 “Yes, he will,” said Peter. Well, I’m hoping like hell he’ll leave us alone!

  Taylor closed her eyes tightly as if she was in deep concentration. She nodded slowly. “Okay, daddy. I-I’ll do it.”

   “Thank you, Muffin,” said Peter, stroking her hair and brushing the tears away from her face. “I know it’s going to be hard for you. I’m proud of you that you’re so brave.”

  “I’m not doing anything else with him!” she stated defiantly. “And I’m telling him that!”

  “You don’t have to, Taylor,” Peter replied. “He just wants a blowjob. That’s all!”

   Peter handed her the piece of paper with Troy’s phone number on it. “Here, this is his number. You are supposed to call him tonight, okay?”

“Okay,” she said quietly as she took the piece of paper from him and put it in the pocket of her jeans.

Later that evening, after supper, Taylor went to her room. The first thing she did was go straight to the window and close the blinds. She gave a little shudder as she looked out and saw the large branch that extended out over their fence and pointed right at her window. Taylor felt very violated, thinking about Troy sitting in the tree and watching her.
   She had been completely oblivious! It sickened her to think of what other things he had seen. She had no idea how long he had been coming there to spy on her. Did he videotape other stuff too? Taylor didn’t know.

  She was mad at herself that she had been so careless and not kept her blinds closed. With all the trees on the west side of the house and no other houses, she had just never worried about it. How was she to know her stupid neighbour was so sick in the head? Now her dad was in a lot of trouble, or at least could be in a lot of trouble. Her stomach rolled as she thought about what she was going to have to do to keep Troy from going to the police.
  She picked up her cell phone and dialled his number.

“Hello? Troy? This is Taylor.” she said in a small voice. She suddenly realized she was shaking.
“Hey sugar!” he answered immediately. “How’s my little blowjob queen?”
  Taylor couldn’t believe how he talked. He was such a pig!
“What can I do for you?” he asked.
Taylor knew that he knew damn well what she was calling about.
 “I just called to tell you my dad talked to me and told me about what you want.”

  “And?” asked Troy expectantly.

  “I’ll do it, okay?”

  “Good girl!” Troy answered. “Glad to see we’re on the same page.”

“I’ll come over tomorrow after school and we’ll talk about it,” she said.

“All right!” said Troy. “I’ll see you then. You have a good night, my little hottie.”

   Taylor didn’t respond. She just hung up.

   Troy lay back on his bed and let out a large sigh of satisfaction. He had such control now over both Mr. Yates and Taylor! It was an awesome feeling.
  He had  thought about going over to Taylor’s house that evening and spying on her again. But now he realized there was really no use for it anymore. He now owned her and he knew he could see whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted!

   He couldn’t wait for school to be over the next day. A few of his friends wanted him to go to the mall with them, but he politely declined.

  “What the fuck, Woodward, you pussy!” said his friend, Paulie. “Come on! We’re gonna check out some cunt!”

  “No sorry, guys. I got something on the go tonight.” said Troy.

 “You got a girl coming over, don’t you?” teased another friend by the name of Terrence.

  “Maybe,” said Troy sheepishly.

 “Who is it?” asked Paulie. “It ain’t Stacey Micetti, is it? I saw you talking to her earlier today. She is majorly hot!”

  “No, it ain’t Stacey,” replied Troy impatiently. “I’m not telling you who it is. You’ll find out some day, okay?”

  “All right,” said Terrence. “We’ll see you later. Have fun!”

  “I will! Don’t worry!” said Troy.

  His friends continued on to the mall and Troy headed for home. He made himself a sandwich and plunked down in front of the TV, waiting for Taylor’s arrival. It wasn’t too long and Troy heard the door bell ring. He sat for a minute before he answered the door. He didn’t want to seem too eager.
  He opened the door to see Taylor standing there. She was wearing a pair of tight denim jeans and a pink t-shirt. Troy‘s eyes wandered across her body before he spoke.

  “Well, well! Come in!”

  Taylor stepped inside the house and Troy closed the door behind her. She was visibly nervous.

  “Why so shy?” he asked playfully. “Can I get you something to drink?”

 Taylor shook her head. “No. I can’t stay long.”

  “Then I’ll get down to business right away,” said Troy. “I want you to give me your cell phone number. You do have a cell phone, right?”

  Taylor nodded. “Y-yes, I do. Why do you want my number?”

“Because this is the deal! I want to be able to get a hold of you anytime I want.  And when you’re here, you’ll do whatever I want!”

  “That wasn’t really the deal, Troy,” Taylor protested. “My dad said I only had to do it once!”

  “You can inform your dad the deal has changed,” stated Troy. “I got to thinking, the more I watched the video. You look like you really know what you’re doing! I can see you’ve been doing it for awhile. I figured, why settle for just once, when I can have you doing it to me anytime I want? I know a good thing when I see it!”

 “No Troy! You made a deal with my dad and you can’t break it!” said Taylor anxiously.
  Troy walked up closer to her. She shrunk away from him, feeling very intimidated. Troy stood nearly a foot higher than she did. He pointed a finger at her.

  “Listen, little girly,” he said in a menacing tone. “You will do as you are told. Or your daddy will go to jail! And people in jail aren’t very nice to pedophiles!”

  “M-my dad is not a pedophile!” snapped Taylor. Her eyes were beginning to tear up.
  “Oh, that’s right. I forgot,” sneered Troy. “He’s got you brainwashed. He’s not a pedophile, just a loving father! Who loves you just a little too much!”

  “All right, all right,” sniffed Taylor. “I will come whenever you want me to. Just don’t make my dad go to jail!”

  “That’s kind of up to you, Taylor. And how well you cooperate.”

“Well, I’m not doing anything else with you! Just…..just… sucking you!”
Taylor grimaced. Her having to say that out loud to Troy made her feel so dirty.

  Troy looked at her and then nodded. “Yeah, that’s fine. I can live with that! It’ll be fun having my own little private suck-toy! But I gotta ask you a few questions. I’ve just been dying to know a few things.”

  “Wh-what?” asked Taylor.
 “Just wondering if you’ve still got your cherry? Your dad hasn’t fucked you yet, has he?”

  Taylor had a mortified look on her face.
 “NO!” she said. “He has not done anything like that!”

“What about your bum?” asked Troy. “Your dad stuck it in there? Hmmm? Has he put his tongue in your bum or a finger? Or maybe he made you lick his bum!”

  “Tha-that’s gross!” said Taylor, visibly repulsed. “He doesn’t do gross stuff like that!”

  “Okay, okay,” said Troy. “Don’t have to get so offended. I just wanna know!”
“So then, has he made you lick his balls?”
Taylor’s face grew red and Troy knew the answer to that question.
“That’s hot!” he said.

 “How about other guys?” Troy queried. “You done anything with other boys?”

 “N-no!” said Taylor. “And if I did, it wouldn’t be your business anyway!”

 Troy gave her a hard look. “I don’t enjoy your attitude, Taylor! For someone who is one step away from having her daddy thrown in jail, you need to start being a lot friendlier to me. You understand?”

  “Yes! Okay!” said Taylor. “Now, I have to go!”

  Troy held his hand out. “Ummmm, phone number, please?”

  “Oh yeah,” said Taylor. “It’s 555-324-9875.”

  She watched as Troy entered the number in his phone. Then she turned and began to open the door to leave. Troy suddenly reached out and pushed the door shut with his hand.

  “Not just yet, honey,” he said quietly.

 Taylor tried to step back away from him but realized she had nowhere to go. Troy grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her close to him. His mouth clamped down on hers, his tongue pushing forcefully between her soft lips.
“MMMMFFFFFFFF!” she squealed as Troy’s tongue pushed deep into her mouth.  Her small hands pushed at him, trying to get away. But Troy held her tightly, mashing his body against hers. His hands moved down, one closing over her left breast and squeezing. The other hand went between her legs, as he groped her on the outside of her denim jeans.

  He took his mouth off hers. “Troy! Get off me!” sobbed Taylor. “Let me go!”
 Troy pushed her against the door. He continued to squeeze and grope at her crotch. Taylor tried to pull his hand away.
“Stop! Stop! That hurts!“ she pleaded.

He took his other hand and placed his index finger on Taylor’s lips. He pushed his finger inside her mouth.
  “Suck on it!” he hissed. “Suck on my finger!”

Taylor began to move her lips back and forth on his finger. Troy felt his cock growing harder as he watched the young girl’s moist lips slide along his finger. The inside of her mouth felt so warm!
  Troy suddenly pulled his finger out and smiled at Taylor. “Okay, you can go!”

 He opened the door and Taylor couldn’t get out fast enough as she pushed past him. He reached down and gave her a firm slap on the butt, making her jump as she ran down the front steps.
 “See you soon, sexy!” he called after her.

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Offline Fancy

I was happy see more of this story.  You're a really good writer.

November 14, 2014, 07:33:53 PM
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Offline vile8r

This is quite a long chapter and therefore will be posted in two parts.

Chapter 5:

   Taylor ran all the way home crying. She didn’t stop until she was back in her yard. She went in the house and ran up the stairs to her bedroom. She lay on her bed, still feeling Troy’s roving hands on her body and his hot breath on the side of her face.
  Taylor fell asleep for a short time and then heard her father coming home from work. She came downstairs.
  “Hi Muffin,” he said. “How did things go with Troy today?”

  “Not good, daddy,“ she said. “You need to talk to him again!”

  “What the fuck now!” Peter angrily demanded. He saw how Taylor stepped back from him and he paused for a second.

  “I-I’m sorry, Taylor,” he apologized. “I‘m sorry I snapped at you. This whole thing has just got my nerves on edge. What did he say to you?”

  “Remember how you said I only had to give him one blowjob and that was it?”

  “Yes, that was our deal,” said Peter.

 “Well today, he told me I had to give him my phone number so he can call me anytime he wants and I have to go over there! He said I was going to be his private ‘toy’!”

 “What?” asked Peter incredulously. “He doesn’t think he’s doing anything else, does he?”
“No,” replied Taylor. “He said all he’ll make me do is, ummm, suck him off. But he wants it more than once!”
  She didn’t tell her dad about him molesting her. She figured that would just make things even worse.

  “That little sonuvabitch!” fumed Peter. “I will definitely be talking to him. We made a deal and we have been good enough to keep up our end of it. I’m not letting him change it now!”

  Peter had brought home some pizza for supper. He and Taylor sat in the living room, munching on pizza and watching TV. Afterwards, Taylor cleaned up their plates and put them in the dishwasher. Her dad had to go to his office and finish some paperwork.
   She went upstairs, did her homework and had a shower. She put on her little blue and white nightgown, the one her dad had bought her for her birthday. It was really short and she knew her dad liked it when she wore it. He told her she looked ‘sexy’ and it made Taylor feel good. When he said things like that, it made her feel so grown up.
  She looked in the mirror and smiled. Her dad was right. Taylor did look a lot like her mother. And her mother had been so beautiful! She wanted to grow up to be beautiful like her mother.
  She came downstairs and saw her dad on the couch. He was relaxing in a pair of old sweats with no shirt. She knew it was how her dad liked to kick back and watch TV at night. Without a word she  snuggled in beside her father on the couch. She laid her head on his bare muscular chest.
  Taylor began to slowly slide a hand down across his chest and his hard, flat stomach. She kissed and nuzzled against his neck as her hand slipped inside his sweatpants. Just as she thought, he was wearing no underwear. Her fingers wandered along the length of his flaccid cock. She felt it begin to turn hard though as soon as she wrapped her small hand around the base and gave it a gentle squeeze.
  Then her father reached inside his pants and pulled her hand away from him.
  “No Taylor!” he whispered.
  “But, daddy,” Taylor said. “I want to make you feel good. You’ve been having such a bad time lately. You know, even if Troy is making me do things for him, I’ll still be there for you.”

  “It’s not that, Muffin,” said Peter quietly. “I really love it that you want to make me feel better and you don’t know how badly I want it. But I’m scared. I can’t trust Troy. What if he is able to make another video of us? I-I can’t take that chance. We have to stop. For a while anyway.”

  Taylor pulled her hand out of her dad’s pants and just snuggled with him on the couch. She had never heard her dad sound so sad.

 “But do allow me to say, thank you for wearing your nightgown tonight. You look really good, Taylor,” said Peter.

 “Thanks daddy,” said Taylor. “Do I look, ummm, sexy?”

 “Yes, Muffin. You do!”

    The next morning was Saturday. Peter was sitting on the back deck, enjoying his morning coffee. Taylor was still sleeping. As Peter sipped at his coffee, he suddenly spotted Troy in the back alley. What he was doing out in the back alley at 8 a.m., Peter didn’t know.
   “Hey Troy!” he shouted. “Come over here! I need to talk to you.”

  Troy made his way over into the Yates’ yard.
“What can I do for you, Mr. Yates?” asked Troy.

  Peter hated it when Troy called him ‘Mr. Yates’. It was not that he didn’t appreciate a kid showing some respect for adults. But Troy wasn’t showing any respect. He always said ‘Mr.’ with a sort of sarcastic inflection in his voice. So he knew Troy was really being a little smart-ass.

  “What is going on?” asked Peter. “Taylor tells me you are changing our deal.”

 “Yep, I am,” Troy said matter-of-factly.

 “That’s not what I agreed to!” snapped Peter.

 “I don’t really give a fuck, “ said Troy. “As I told you before, dad, YOU have no bargaining power with me! “

  “I don’t want you turning my daughter into your own little plaything! You said only once, and that was what I promised Taylor!”

  “Well, dad, let this be a lesson to you to not promise things to your daughter that you have no control over. I think you’re just pissed off that she isn’t going to be your little plaything anymore!”

  “You little bastard!” Peter swore as he suddenly jumped at Troy. He swung at his head but Troy was able to easily dodge him.

  “Holy crap!” said Troy. “You’re really  looking to go to jail, aren’t you? Molesting your daughter and now assaulting a minor? You’re in so much shit!”
  He pulled a white envelope out of the pocket of his jacket. “See you later, Yates! I’m going to the cops!”

 “NO!” yelled Peter. “Please, I-I’m sorry, Troy! I just lost my head there for a minute. I beg you, don’t do this!”

  Troy turned around and walked back towards Peter. “Okay, Mr. Yates. I won’t go. But one more episode like that and I will. Be forewarned, I carry a copy of the video with me at all times! You piss me off again, and it’s off to jail for you. Now the new deal is Taylor will come over whenever I want. You got that?”

  Peter nodded. “Yes! Yes, I’ve got it!”

  He glared at Troy as the young boy spun around and walked away. He had a smug smile on his face. Peter seethed inside. He cursed himself for being so stupid. What were you thinking? If you had actually hit him, you would be in trouble for sure!
  He sat down and finished his coffee. This whole situation was getting out of hand. He realized he was losing control. If he wanted to get through this okay, he had to get a grip on himself.

It was an ordinary Saturday otherwise for Taylor. She woke up, had her breakfast and started doing her Saturday chores. It was her job to vacuum and wash the floors every weekend and clean the bathroom. After she was finished, she and her friend, Becky, headed to the mall.
  She and Becky were having lots of fun, going around trying on clothes and new shoes. It felt good to Taylor to just do some normal pre-teen girl things. She was pushing all her troubles with Troy out of her mind. Today was her day!
  Until she and Becky were just leaving the mall and getting ready to walk home. Taylor’s cell phone rang. She looked at her phone and her face went pale. It was Troy!

  “Hello?” she answered.

“Hey, how’s my honey today?” asked Troy. “You and Becky having fun at the mall?”

 Taylor didn’t respond to that. How in hell did he know they were at the mall? They hadn’t seen him anywhere. Obviously, he had been spying on them! A chill ran down Taylor’s back.
“What do you want?” she hissed into the phone. She didn’t want Becky to hear the conversation.

  “My mom isn’t going to be home tonight for a while. I want you over at my house. Eight o’clock sharp! You hear me?”

“Y-yes! I hear you!” Taylor replied.

“Oh, and I got a request,” continued Troy. “I saw you wearing a cute little blue dress one day on your way to school. You know the one I’m talking about?”

 “Yes, I do,” said Taylor.

“I want you to wear it!” said Troy. “You looked hot in it!”

“Okay,” said Taylor. “I’ll be there at 8 p.m. I’m hanging up now.”

“All right! Just don’t be late, sweet-lips!” He blew her a kiss over the phone.

“What was that all about?” asked Becky. “Who called you?”
Taylor shrugged as she put her phone away. “It was just my dad. Nothing important.”

  Taylor didn’t eat much supper. Her dad looked at her across the table.
“What’s the matter?” he asked. “You don’t seem very hungry.”

 “Troy called me today. He wants me to come over tonight,” she said.

“Oh no,” her dad said. He knew it was going to happen eventually. “I-I don’t know what to say. Just be brave, Taylor. And please, whatever you do, don’t get him mad! Just do as he says.”

“All right,” said Taylor.

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Here is Part 2 of the chapter.

She excused herself from the table and went up to her bedroom. She spent some time on her computer. Then she had a shower and put on the blue dress Troy had requested she wear. It was a dress her father had bought her for Christmas.
She did her hair up in a ponytail and put on a bit of perfume. She looked at her clock. It was 7:45 p.m. Time to go.

She walked over to Troy’s house and paused before she went up the steps. Let’s get this over with, she thought. It was going to be so different and also a little scary, to be with someone other than her father. Her dad made her feel so safe and comfortable. Troy, as far as she was concerned, was an uncouth pig.

  She rang the doorbell. Troy answered it immediately this time, almost as if he had been standing there waiting. He looked Taylor up and down and invited her inside.
 “Looking good, Taylor,” he said. “That dress fits you nice! Come on, let’s go to my bedroom.”

  She followed him up the stairs to his bedroom on the second floor. He had a huge room. The walls were plastered with posters, some of half-naked women, others of video games and movies. Dirty laundry was strewn all over the floor. It was a very unkempt room.
 Taylor turned her nose up as she walked into the room.
“What’s the matter, princess?” asked Troy. “Don’t like my housekeeping?”

“You’re a bit of a slob,” she remarked.

“Hey, I’m a guy,” he said. “I know, I know. Your room is immaculate. But you’re just gonna have to put up with my mess!”

  Taylor sat down nervously on the edge of his bed. Troy opened a small mini-fridge he had in one corner of his room. He took out a cold Pepsi.
 “Hey, you want a drink?” he asked.

“Yeah, sure,” Taylor answered. Troy walked over and handed her a soda. She sipped at it slowly. He sat on the bed beside her for a few minutes, just looking at her in her cute blue dress.
  Finally, he stood up and turned to face her. 
“Okay, Taylor. On your knees!”

  Taylor looked up at him. This was it!  She knelt down in front of him, adjusting her dress.
  “Undo my pants,” he ordered her. Taylor reached up with shaking hands and undid the snap on his jeans. She couldn’t help but notice the large bulge in his crotch.

  “Now my zipper,” he said.

Taylor reached for his zipper and Troy slapped her hands away. “Uh-uh! You’re gonna do it like a little whore. With your teeth!”
  Taylor glared at him with hate as she took the zipper in her teeth and slowly pulled it down.
  “Okay, take it out,” he said. “Do I have to tell you to do everything?”

 With her hands shaking nervously, Taylor reached inside Troy’s underwear and pulled out his rock-hard six and a half inch cock. It was shorter than her dad’s but thick. It felt sweaty.
  Taylor just stared at it. It stuck straight out from Troy’s underwear and the head had a slight upward curve.

“Okay,” said Troy. “I know it’s amazing-looking but it’s not so awesome that’ll suck itself! Get to it! Lick it with that little slut-tongue of yours.”
 Taylor wrapped her left hand around the base of Troy’s shaft and stroked it slowly. Her tongue ran along the underside of the shaft and up to the head, then back down. Troy let out a shudder and moaned.

“Holy shit girl, you are good at licking cock! Keep going!”
  Taylor kept licking Troy’s cock, soaking it with her saliva. Her tongue went in circles around the head and Troy’s knees buckled.
  “I want it in your mouth!” he whispered. “Put my cock in your mouth, Taylor!”

  Taylor took a deep breath and leaned forward to put her lips closer to Troy’s cock. His eyes fluttered slowly as Taylor took his cock into her warm mouth. She wrapped her lips around the bump just under his dick's head. Troy tucked some errant hairs behind her ear so he could see her take his dick in her mouth.

  “Ahhhh, yesssss!” he moaned. “It’s all I thought it would be! You do know you’re gonna swallow my load, don’t you?”

  Taylor pulled her mouth off him and stopped. “I will suck you, Troy, but that does not mean I will swallow your….load!”

“Okay,” Troy said impatiently. “Again I have to refer to the video. I have watched it probably 50 times by now. You swallow your dad’s spunk and you do a fine job of it too, I might add. So don’t think you’re gonna get away from doing it with me. You WILL swallow!”

Taylor sighed with resignation. She was so tired of having that video hanging over her and her dad’s head. So she knew she had to do what Troy wanted. There was no getting out of it!

Troy groaned and licked at his lips as Taylor kept her left hand around the base of his shaft and slowly stroked the bottom of his cock. She cast her eyes up at Troy as she smoothly bobbed her head up and down the first couple of inches of his dick. The feeling of her mouth clamped around him tightly made him weak in the legs.

He took her mouth off his dick and she made a gasp for air. Troy grabbed his cock and rubbed it across Taylor’s face.

"You like that cock, don’t you? You’re my little blowjob princess!”
“Get your mouth around it again! Suck me good!”
  Taylor tried to ignore his sick comments.

Troy groaned as she got back into the rhythm of moving back and forth on his cock. As she bobbed her head up and down, her hand started to cover less and less of his shaft since her mouth was taking a claim to more of it. Taylor moved her hand to his balls and playfully squeezed them as she worked his shaft in her mouth.

Troy stopped her after a couple minutes and rubbed his cock across her face some more. He did this for a while, alternating between having her suck on it then pulling it out and rubbing and smearing the saliva-soaked shaft on her face.

  “This better than doing your daddy, huh?“ asked Troy. “Must feel good to have a young cock in your mouth instead of your dad’s old thing. Ohhh, but he’s done a good job of turning you into a championship cock-gobbler! Come on! I want to feel that soft sweet mouth around me some more!“

  Taylor worked her mouth around his dick, moving up and down his shaft, feeling it tense up against her tongue.
 “Kiss it!” he said. “Kiss my dick!”

   Taylor took her mouth off of his cock. He looked down at her as she softly  kissed the head of his dick.

"Ohhhhh..." Troy groaned again as she gave another soft kiss against his cock.  All the while she was fondling his nuts in her left hand.
  “Now lick it some more. I can‘t get enough of that sweet pink tongue of yours, Taylor!”

Taylor closed her eyes and flicked her wet tongue against the head of his dick.
  “That’s it, bitch! Lick me like a big ol’ ice cream cone!“

 Taylor slipped down his shaft again, her tongue coating the underside of his cock with an equal amount of attention as well. She twisted her head to the left and then to the right, dragging her tongue around his dick. Troy ran his hands through her hair, rocking back and forth on his heels.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed. “Suck me some more, baby!”

He looked down at Taylor as she slipped her mouth up and down on his dick. He couldn‘t get over the fact that he actually had his cock in the mouth of his hot little neighbour that he had fantasized about for so long. For only being 12, she was doing such a great job working on his cock. He knew she was something special as she worked herself all over his shaft.

"Ohhhhh damn... Taylor, you're so hot..." Troy moaned as he watched the young girl smoothly suck his cock. He hadn’t felt her teeth at all the whole time! Her lips formed a perfect “O” around his shaft.

“Okay, angel-lips! Make me cum!“ he said.
Taylor groaned around his shaft as she bobbed her head at a quicker pace, gently slapping her tongue against his shaft. Troy realized he was sweating heavily, large beads of perspiration running down his face.

 “Look up at me, Taylor. Look me in the eye!” he ordered.

She turned her big blue eyes up towards him as she quickly bobbed her head back and forth on his cock. She pressed her soft lips tighter around  his hard shaft.
  “Okay, slut! Get ready!”
  Troy could feel the pressure building in his balls. He tried to hold back but he couldn’t. His cock gave a violent jerk in Taylor’s mouth and he felt a stream of cum explode from the tip.

  Taylor gagged a bit as the sticky deluge hit the back of her throat. She kept her lips clamped around the shaft as her throat muscles relaxed and she swallowed. It was just like her dad had taught her to do.

“Fuck that is hot!” said Troy as he watched Taylor swallowing his cum. Only a couple small dribbles escaped down her chin.

Taylor kept her mouth moving along his shaft, licking it clean. Finally, Troy pulled away, his cock slipping from her mouth. He took a big breath.
“Whoa!” he said. “That was fucking awesome! Taylor, you’re the fucking best!”
  Taylor said nothing as she got up off the floor. Troy was zipping himself up. He tossed her a Kleenex and she wiped her mouth.
“You are one great little cocksucker, Taylor. That mouth of yours is a deadly weapon!” Troy said with a smile. “You and me are gonna have a lot of fun!”

"Can I go?" she asked, looking down at the floor.
 “Yeah,“ said Troy. “We’re done.“
 “When will you want to see me again?“ Taylor said.

  “Gee, you want my dick bad, don’t you?“ he smirked. “Can’t wait until the next time!“
  Taylor bit on her bottom lip and gave Troy a nasty glare.
“That’s not why I’m asking!“

   Troy laughed out loud. “Coulda fooled me! I don’t know when I’ll want you back. Won’t be long. A guy could get addicted to that sweet, sweet mouth of yours! Just keep your phone close to you.“

Troy walked Taylor down to the door and gave her a kiss on the cheek as she left.
 “See you later, honey-lips!” he said.

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Chapter 6:

    Taylor came in the house and entered the living room. Her dad looked up at her from his place on the couch.
   “Hey, muffin, how did it go?” he asked.
  Taylor shrugged her shoulders. “Okay, I guess. He said I did good.”
  Peter held out his hands. “Come give me a hug.”
  Taylor gave her dad a big hug and a kiss. “He was really rude to me, though.” she said tearfully. “Called me names and stuff.”

  “H-he didn’t hurt you, did he?” asked Peter anxiously.

  “No, he didn’t hurt me,” said Taylor. “He was just a pig!”

“I’m going to bed now,” she said glumly.
 Peter watched as she headed upstairs. Oh, how he hated this Troy Woodward and the things he was doing to him and his daughter. He could already see how it was draining the spirit of his usually bubbly little girl. She was not herself.

Taylor went up to her room and collapsed on her bed. She needed a shower…..bad! Troy had made her feel physically dirty with all the filthy comments he had made to her. He really treated her like a piece of meat! Taylor hated him, but what she could do about it? Absolutely nothing!
   She had a shower and brushed her teeth…twice! She needed to get Troy’s taste out of her mouth. After putting on some pajamas, she went to bed and slept very soundly.
  The next morning when she went downstairs, she saw her dad had made her favourite breakfast. Waffles with whipped cream and peaches!
 “Wow! Thanks daddy! You usually only make waffles on the weekend,” she gushed as she dug in.
  Peter gave her a peck on the cheek. “I like to see you smile, Taylor. You deserve it! Now I have to leave for work. Will you please take the garbage out before you go to school?”
  “Okay, daddy, have a good day.”
 “I will! And you have a good day at school.”

  After breakfast, Taylor cleaned up the dishes. There was a big bag of garbage sitting by the back door. Taylor put on her shoes and carried it out to the back alley to the garbage can. After wrestling the big bag into the garbage can and putting the lid back on, she turned around.

 “Hey, it’s my little blowjob queen! How’re things this morning?”
There was Troy standing only a few feet away in the alley. She hadn’t even heard him walk up behind her.

 Taylor took a few steps back.
“Piss off Troy!” she said. “I have to get to school.”

“Oh, I know,” he said. “I do too. But just thought I’d say hi when I saw you back here.”

 “What do you want?” Taylor asked.
“Taylor!” Troy exclaimed with fake disappointment. “Why do you always have to think I want something?”

 “Ummm, because usually you always do.”

“Well okay, you’re right,” he laughed. “I did want something. I wanted to tell you I haven’t been able to get you out of my head since last night. After you gave me head!” He laughed at his own joke.

“Please,” Taylor said sarcastically. “I’d rather forget about it, myself.”
“But, baby!” Troy protested. “I think you’ve got a special gift. You sucked cock like a champion last night. I beat off twice after you left, thinking about those sweet lips wrapped around me.”

“Are you done?” asked Taylor impatiently as she tried to push past him.

“Sure,” he said. “Gotta say, though, I can’t wait until you come over again. But I have to wait a bit. I need to recover. My balls are still aching from the way you sucked them dry!”

Taylor gave him a look of disgust and he laughed out loud. He stepped to the side and let her go past. He gave her a slap on the butt.

“Keep it real, baby-cheeks!” he yelled as Taylor ran back into her yard. She threw him the middle finger.

Ohhhh, how he disgusted her, Taylor fumed to herself.

 Taylor headed for school and the rest of the day went without incident. The next few days went good too. She saw not a trace of Troy anywhere. She didn’t even see him out in his backyard. But still, she kept her cell phone with her, always anticipating a call.
  That call finally came in the evening, three days after Taylor’s first episode with Troy. Taylor and her dad had just sat down to supper. Taylor’s phone suddenly went off. She looked at the screen and frowned.
  “It’s Troy, isn’t it?” her father said

Taylor nodded as she picked up the phone.
“Hello, Troy,” she said with a bored tone.

“Hey cupcake, how ya doing?” he asked.

“I’m good,” she replied.
“Well, Mom is gone for the night and damned if my cock hasn’t went and got itself all hard,” he said. “I want you over here again to give me a sweet tongue massage, pronto!”

“I’m having supper right now,” Taylor told him.

“Okay, well you finish up your supper and come over,” he said. “But don’t bother having dessert. I got some custard pudding for you, heh heh heh!”

Peter Yates looked over at Taylor and said, “You tell him he had better be using a condom. God help him if he gives you a disease!”

“Hey,” yelled Troy. “I just heard what your dad said in the background. Put that asshole on the phone!”

 Taylor handed her phone over to her dad. “He wants to talk to you,” she said.

Peter took the phone. “What do you want, Troy?”

“I just heard your remark, dad!” Troy snapped. “You mind your own fucking business. What happens between me and your little whore-daughter is our business! If anything, I should be worrying about getting a disease from her!”

 “You’re pushing your luck, Troy,” said Peter.

“No, you’re pushing your luck, dad!” snapped Troy. “Now, let me finish talking to Taylor.”
 Peter handed the phone back to Taylor.

 “So get over as quick as you can,” ordered Troy. “My balls are full and they need draining.”

  “Okay,” said Taylor. “I’ll be there.”

“Good! I can’t wait. Don’t worry about what you wear tonight. Just make sure you look good.”

Taylor finished her supper and went upstairs. She combed her hair and thought about putting it in a ponytail then decided to let it just hang down. She sprayed a little bit of perfume on herself, then she headed down the stairs and out the door. 
   Troy was watching from his bedroom window as he saw Taylor make her way across the backyard and over to his place.  Right on! He thought. It’s gonna be a good night!
   The doorbell rang and Troy ran down the stairs to answer the door. He invited her in as he checked her out. Taylor was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a pink and white blouse with short sleeves. Her hair hung down around her shoulders.
  “Hey, honey!” he said. “You are looking good, as usual!”

“Thank you,” she muttered.

 “Hey, you don’t sound very enthusiastic,” he scolded her. “I want to see you show a little more excitement when you come over here. Did your dad say something to you?”

“N-no,” she replied.

 Troy put his hand under her chin and lifted her head so he could look her in the eye.
 “Listen,” he said firmly. “I don’t want you telling him anything about what we do or about what I say to you. What happens between us is our business and not his! And when I phone you, I don’t want him interrupting us anymore. If he’s around, you go somewhere private to talk. Okay?”

Taylor let out a tired sigh. “Okay,” she said.

“Now,” he said, running his tongue across his lips, “let’s get upstairs. I’m hard as hell standing here looking at you!”
He took Taylor by her hand and they walked up the stairs to his room. It was still just as messy as the last time Taylor had been there. Girlie magazines were strewn across his bed, showing photos of people having sex in various positions. Taylor looked at them with disgust.
  “I was just getting myself in the mood before you came over,” Troy said. He pushed the magazines out of the way to make room for him and Taylor to sit down.
  He picked up one magazine and flipped through it until he found the page he was looking for.
  “Okay, see this? This is how I want you to suck me off tonight.”
 The picture in the magazine showed a man lying on his back with his legs hanging over the end of the bed. A young woman, not much more than 18 or 19,  was kneeling between his legs and sucking on his large erect cock.

 “L-like that?” asked Taylor.

“Exactly like that,” said Troy.
  Taylor stood up and turned to face Troy as he laid back on the bed. She knelt between his legs and reached up to unsnap his jeans.
“Now remember to unzip me right,” he said. “Like you did last time.”

 Taylor leaned down and took his zipper in her teeth. She tugged on it and pulled it down. His cock bulged up out of his underwear. Pulling his pants open, Taylor slipped her hand inside his underwear and released his raging hard-on. Troy let out a sigh as he felt Taylor’s warm hand close around the shaft.
 “Yes!” he whispered. “I want you to lick it, Taylor. Lick my cock all over like a little slut!” Kneeling between Troy’s legs, Taylor leaned in and ran her tongue from the base of his shaft to just below the head and back down again.

   Troy’s body gave a little shudder. “Oh, baby doll,” he moaned. “Your tongue is like silk. Keep going. Don’t stop until I say.”

  Taylor continued lapping at Troy’s cock, slathering it with her saliva. Her tongue moved up and down and around the shaft. She ran her tongue around the purple head in circles.

“Rub my balls!” he said.

Taylor took a hand and slowly massaged Troy’s ball sac. She continued to work her tongue all over his dick.

“Okay, my little hottie, put me in heaven,” he said softly. “I want my dick in your mouth!”

Opening her lips slightly, Taylor wrapped them around the head of his cock. She just sucked on the head for a minute or so, then began to slide her mouth down farther. Troy watched, his eyes half closed, as his cock slowly disappeared inside Taylor’s warm soft mouth.
  Her hair fell down around her shoulders and over her face. Troy brushed it away so he could see her. Taylor happened to glance up at him. The sight of her big blue eyes looking at him and her lips wrapped tightly around his shaft, almost made him cum on the spot.
  But he held himself back as Taylor began bobbing up and down on his rod. She allowed her tongue to slide along the underside. Troy stared straight up at the ceiling and dug his fingers into the mattress. It was quiet in the room, the only sounds were of Taylor vigorously sucking and lapping on Troy’s cock and Troy softly moaning.
  “Yeahhhhhhhhh! Suck me good! Suck me, my little cock-sucking princess,” said Troy.
 He ran his hands through her silky soft hair and arched his back. Taylor slowly sucked and stroked on Troy’s cock.

  “Rub it on your face,” he said.

Taylor stopped and gave him a quizzical look.
“What?” she asked.

“Take my cock and rub it over your face!” he said impatiently. “Now!”

Taylor gripped Troy’s rod as she rubbed the wet, slimy thing along her cheeks and across her lips.

“That’s it,” said Troy. “Your skin feels so good. Now, back to suckee, suckee!”

It really irked Taylor how he talked to her. Like she was just a piece of meat, an object for his pleasure. Troy let out a load groan as he felt the warmness of her mouth close around him again.

“Come on now,” he said, his voice a raspy whisper. “Fuck me with your mouth. Do it you little whore!”

Taylor slid her mouth up and down on him, her left hand wrapped around the base of his cock. Her lips moved effortlessly along his saliva-coated shaft, her cheeks puffed out like a squirrel. Faster and faster, her head bobbed up and down. She would slow down and tighten her lips around him as she pulled back on his cock with her lips until just the head was in her mouth. Then she would loosen her grip and slide back down on him until he bumped against the back of her throat. It was driving him crazy.

“My balls….. are….. gonna fuckin’…. burst!” he said excitedly. “Make me cum, bitch!”

Taylor sped up her head-bobbing. She stroked and sucked both at the same time. Troy’s whole body suddenly went stiff and he let out a loud groan. His cock gave a little spasm inside Taylor’s mouth as a stream of cum splashed across the roof of her mouth and into her throat.
  She struggled to swallow it all. A small gagging sound came from her throat as she choked a little bit.

“Fuck yeah! Choke on my cum! That’s hot!”

Taylor moved her tongue along Troy’s length, licking and sucking it clean before she finally pulled her mouth off him. Her jaws ached. It had been quite a workout. Taylor coughed as she cleared her throat
   “Hey, don’t choke to death on me!” laughed Troy as he sat back up. “I’ve got too much fun to have with you yet!”

He helped her back up on her feet. He stepped back and looked her up and down.
  “Damn Taylor, you got a hot little body!” he exclaimed.

Again, thought Taylor, he just treats me like an object on display.

“ Well, I guess you can go now,” said Troy. “My mom will probably be home soon.”

“Okay,” said Taylor. She began to turn toward the door.

“And remember what I told you about your dad keeping his nose out of things!” Troy said, pointing his finger at Taylor. “I mean it!”

“All right!” said Taylor, giving Troy a glare. She headed out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

Troy called out as she left. “Have a good night, angel face! We’ll do this again soon!”

 Don’t remind me! Taylor said to herself.

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Great vile love this story

November 24, 2014, 04:28:48 PM
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Oh yeah this is a good story.  Vile writes good stories

November 27, 2014, 11:07:04 PM
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Troy smiled as he heard Taylor go out the door. He laid back on his bed and looked at the picture in the magazine he had shown Taylor. Yep! A few minutes ago, that had been him! Lying back with a pretty girl between his legs giving him an exquisite blowjob. Life didn’t get much better than that.
  Troy got up off the bed and walked over to his bedroom dresser. Moving a small pile of clothes on top of the dresser, Troy picked up his video camera that had been concealed by the pile. He turned it off and walked over to his computer desk. Let’s see what we got today! He smiled to himself. Gonna be some good footage!

Taylor went straight to her bedroom and flopped down on her bed. Oh, how she hated Troy! He wouldn’t be so bad, she thought, if he didn’t treat her like such a piece of crap. A piece of meat!
  She decided she needed a good hot shower. Taylor undid her jeans and slid them down off her slender legs then unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Stripping off her bra and panties, she put on her bathrobe and headed down the hall to the bathroom. 

The next few days were peaceful for Taylor. She saw Troy a couple times from a distance. One time he waved. She waved back nonchalantly and kept walking.
  One day when she came from school, she noticed her father had hired a crew of tree-trimmers. They were working in the backyard, cutting back the trees along the fence on the west side of the house.
 Good! She thought. That’ll keep Troy from doing anymore spying!

  Troy also watched with interest from his back deck as the tree-trimming crew worked. Troy decided to have a bit of fun. He picked up the phone and dialled Peter Yates. He heard him answer the phone at the other end.

“Hey Yates! What the fuck is going on? Cutting down the branch I use to spy on Taylor? I didn’t say you could do that!”

“I never realized I needed your permission!” Peter retorted.
“As long as I hold that video, you need my permission for everything!” replied Troy. “Especially if it concerns Taylor! Now how the fuck am I supposed to spy on her?”

There was silence at the other end of the line for a few seconds. Then Peter spoke.
“I don’t think, considering all the other things you are doing with Taylor, that you need to spy on her too!”

“That’s your problem, dad. You don’t think! But you’re right. I don’t need to peep in on your hottie daughter anymore. Especially not when just the other night I had her mouth wrapped around my cock!”
Troy laughed to himself as he heard Peter let out a frustrated sigh.

“I would appreciate it if you did not speak about Taylor in that way around me!” snapped Peter. “Have some respect!”

“Just messing with you, dad!” laughed Troy and he hung up.

God, this was fun! Troy chuckled as he walked back in the house. He looked at the time. It was a Friday night and in a couple of hours he was going out to a party. He had a date with Stacey Micetti, one of the hottest girls in his class.
  He knew he would get lucky tonight. Stacey was not only a dark-haired hottie with a sweet body, she had a reputation for being a slut. He knew it wouldn’t take much to get into her pants.


Taylor woke to the sound of the ring tone on her phone. It was Katy Perry singing her song “Fireworks”. She looked at the time. It was 7:30 a.m. Who would be calling her at this time of day?
  Her heart leapt into her throat as she looked at her phone. It was Troy! Sleepily, she answered the call.


“Hey, cupcake! What’s up? Were you sleeping?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I was,“ said Taylor with a tone of sarcasm. “What are you doing calling at this time of day?”

“Why do I ever call you?” asked Troy. “You know what I want!”
“Now?” asked Taylor incredulously.

“Hey, it’s Saturday morning, you don’t have school,” replied Troy. “And anyway, I have some mean morning wood! I figured you could help me relieve some pressure.”

“You have what?” asked Taylor.

“Morning wood! A fucking hard-on, okay?” said Troy impatiently. “Now you have fifteen minutes to get over here!”

“Isn’t your mom home?”

“No! She had some business thing she had to go to this weekend. She’s not home until tomorrow.”

Taylor let out a sigh. “Okay, I’ll be over right away.”
What a way to start a morning, she thought.

“Before you hang up, I got a request,” said Troy.

“What?” asked Taylor, still shaking the sleep out of her head.

“Well, the first time I ever spied on you, I saw you wearing a cute blue skirt and a pair of pink and white panties. And you also had on white knee socks. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

“Yes, I do,” said Taylor.

 “I want you to wear that outfit. You looked so fucking hot!” said Troy. “Now hurry! Oh, and come to the back door today. Don’t want people to see you coming over here so early in the morning. Don‘t wanna start a rumour now, do we?”
Taylor heard a click as he hung up. She lay in bed for a minute and stared at the ceiling. Then she swung her legs out of bed and walked over to her dresser. She found her pink and white panties and pulled her skirt out of the closet.
  Within a few minutes she was dressed. Taylor looked at herself in her mirror. She had to admit, she did look cute in her blue skirt! Her dad had told her the same thing several times too.  It just kind of made her sick to know Troy liked it also.
   She combed her hair quickly and put it in a ponytail. Then she sprayed a bit of perfume on herself and headed down the stairs. Taylor was careful not to wake up her dad. He always liked to sleep in on Saturdays. Plus she knew he wouldn’t like it, knowing Troy was calling her to come over at such an early time of day. Unfortunately, she knew her dad didn’t have much say in the matter. He was captive to Troy’s demands.
  She made her way to the back door of Troy’s house. As she rang the doorbell, she heard him yell from inside the house.
“Come on in! The door’s open!”

She slowly opened the door and stepped inside.

“I’m in my bedroom. Come on up!” he yelled.

Taylor walked up the steps and came into Troy’s messy bedroom. He was lying on his bed, wearing a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. She could smell liquor. The smell seemed to be coming from Troy.

“Have you been drinking?” she asked him.

He gave her a silly grin. “Yeah a little bit. Was out at a party last night and to tell you the truth, I haven’t even been to bed yet. I got home, realized I was horny and called you!”

Troy sat up and looked at Taylor. He made a motion with his hand for her to turn around in a circle.
 “Damn, you look good this morning! That skirt is fucking hot!” he said, licking his lips. “Lift it up!”

  Taylor looked at him, dumbfounded.
“You want me to what?” she asked.

  “Lift your skirt up! I wanna see your panties.” Troy said with a look of anticipation.

“No!” Taylor protested. “I will not do that!”
“Do it, or daddy goes bye-bye!” he snarled. “ And I want you to say something for me as you do it. I want you to say, ‘Troy, I wore these panties just for you. Do you like them?’  “

Taylor gave a deep sigh and, glaring at Troy, she grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it up. Troy’s eyes widened as he took in the view of Taylor’s pink and white panties. He saw the little ‘Y’ her thighs made as they came together at her crotch.
“Troy, I wore these panties just for you. Do you like them?” said Taylor.

“Fuck,” he said under his breath. “Those are awesome! Fuck yeah, I like those. You look great, sweetie!”
“Are you done?” Taylor asked sarcastically. She was blushing deeply with humiliation.
“Yeah, I am,” he said, lying back on the bed. “Let’s get to some business. Just like the other day!”
  He spread his legs and waited as Taylor let her skirt down and prepared to kneel at the edge of the bed again. As she reached up to pull his sweats down, he said, ”Uh, uh! Want you to do something for me first.”

As Taylor looked at him inquiringly, he said, “What I want you to do is suck me through my sweats. Know what I mean?”

Taylor nodded as she looked at the large bulge sticking up from the crotch of his sweatpants. She wrapped her mouth around the bulge and sucked at it. The fabric of his pants was dry in her mouth and it took her a while to get it soaked with her saliva.
  The sensation of her mouth around his bulge and his cock straining through the fabric felt awesome.

“Ohhhhhhhh baby! Yessssssss!” he moaned.

  He put his hands in the waistband of his sweats and pushed them down over his hips. His erect dick sprung out, almost hitting Taylor in the nose. He wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Okay, do your thing, princess!” he said.
Troy closed his eyes tightly as he felt her hand wrap around the base of his cock and her tongue run along the shaft. She licked the shaft until it was well-coated with saliva and then dipped her head down to take him in her mouth.
  Troy arched his back and let out a gasp of pleasure. His cock was super-hard this morning and now being inside the moist warmness of Taylor’s mouth was driving him over the edge.

“Suck it bitch! Suck it!” he gasped. “Don’t stop!”

He looked down to see Taylor’s lips wrapped tightly around the shaft as it slid in and out of her mouth. Her small head bobbed up and down, her ponytail bouncing with the rhythm.

“Oh, and just so you know, if my dick tastes a little weird this morning, it’s because I fucked Stacey Micetti last night! Twice actually!”

Taylor suddenly stopped and looked up.

“What the hell?” she exclaimed. “That’s gross!”

“Never mind and get back to work!” Troy ordered. “Now!”

Taylor felt sick to her stomach as her lips wrapped around Troy’s rod once more. The idea of him having his dick inside a girl and then making her suck it, made her nauseous. Troy was really pouring on the humiliation today!

 She continued to stroke and suck him. Troy ran his hands through her hair, low moans coming from him.
“My little cocksucker! My sweet little cock-gobbling princess! Sweet angel-lips!” he was muttering over and over.

  Taylor would pull her mouth back and swirl her tongue around the head of his cock, before dipping down again, her lips slipping along the glistening shaft. She moved her mouth in a circular motion around the rock-hard shaft. The combination of her tongue and lips working on him, had Troy on the verge of orgasm.

 “Okay, “ he said raspily, “I’m getting ready to cum. But when I do I’m gonna tell you to stop sucking and I want you to jerk me off with your hand. Don’t take your hand off my dick for any reason! Even when I’m cumming! I’ll tell you when to stop! You hear me?”

 Taylor looked up at him and nodded. Oh God, she wondered. What sick thing has he got up his sleeve this time?

She kept on sucking and lapping at his hard pole when suddenly he yelled out, “Okay! STOP SUCKING! I’m ready to blow! Jerk me off, Taylor! HARD!”

Taylor immediately took her mouth off him and began to furiously stroke his cock with her right hand. She felt it go rigid in her hand and a thick stream of sperm literally shot out from the head. It flew several inches into the air and deposited itself on Taylor’s hand and wrist, flowing in gobs down the shaft of Troy’s penis. Some of the spray even landed on his thighs.
“Don’t stop!” he yelled. “Keep jerking me off! Milk me!”
She kept stroking vigorously until his cock stopped spurting. Troy gave a loud groan.
“Wow! I am fucking drained!”

  Taylor gave a look of utter disgust at the mess of musky liquid clinging to her hand. Troy laughed out loud.
  “What’s the matter? Never give a hand job before?”
“No, I haven’t!” said Taylor.

“Well, the only way to get it cleaned up is get going with that sweet little tongue of yours!”

Taylor looked at him, her face turned up in revulsion.

“Hey, you dumb cunt,” he sneered. “Just because I didn’t blow it down your throat, doesn’t mean you’re gonna get out of tasting jizz! Get to it! Clean it off your hand and off me too!”

Taylor slowly began to lick at the slimy mess on her hand, cleaning it off her wrist and from between her fingers. After she was done that she went to work, running her tongue up and down Troy’s shaft. She cleaned all the cum off it and licked the spatters off his thighs.
 Finally Troy told her she was done. She stood up and straightened out her skirt. Troy sat up on the bed as he pulled his sweats back up.
  “Well I don’t know about you, but I suddenly got a hankering for some breakfast,” he said. “Maybe some eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce!”
 He laughed again. Taylor didn’t see the humour as she stood near the door, ready to leave.

  “May I go?” she asked irritably.

“Yeah,” he said. “Oh, just a minute! Show me those panties one more time. From behind!”
Taylor turned with her back to Troy and flipped up her skirt, showing off her panties-clad butt. As she did, Troy jumped up and gave her a hard slap on the derriere. She jumped with a start and gave a little yelp of pain.

“Ha ha! Gotcha!” chuckled Troy. “See you later sweet-cheeks! Thanks for the early morning hummer!”

  Taylor ran down the stairs and out the back door. She didn’t stop until she got back to her own house. Looking back at Troy’s house she could see him in the window of his bedroom. He blew her a kiss. Giving a small shudder, Taylor turned away. As she came into the kitchen she could smell the familiar aroma of Saturday morning waffles.
  Ahhhhh, she thought, In spite of all that’s happened this morning, I am starving!

   After a big feed of waffles and peaches, Taylor felt much better. She decided she would block out the events of that morning and just enjoy the rest of the day. Taylor did her morning chores and then her dad asked her if she would like to go shopping and maybe to a movie. She could ask a friend to come along.
  Taylor phoned up her best friend, Becky, and they spent the rest of the day at the mall with her dad. Later that evening, Becky stayed for a sleepover. It turned out to be a great Saturday.

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 I am so glad I found this website and this story. Vile, you just got yourself a fan for life. :)

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I am so glad I found this website and this story. Vile, you just got yourself a fan for life. :)

Thank you Beta. I will get much more of this story posted for you very soon.