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The rest of the week went fairly well. Taylor had a couple run-ins with Troy but nothing major. He never said anything to her. He would just wave or make obscene gestures. Taylor was able to ignore him for the most part. Still, during the evenings, she was always on pins and needles expecting her phone to go off and Troy to be looking for her to come over.
  Taylor’s dad never had any encounters with Troy either. One morning, Peter found a note on the windshield of his car that simply read, “Your daughter sucks cock like a champ!”   But other than that, Troy seemed to leave them alone.

  But over at the Woodward household, Troy was keeping busy. And not in a good way. Troy’s obsession with porn was escalating. He was constantly watching the videos he had made of Taylor. And he was beginning to explore a new, darker, more extreme side of himself. He had discovered rape porn and it absolutely fascinated him!

   In addition to the rape porn, an older guy who he chatted with on the internet, had sent him an email with links to some movies he said Troy should download. There was one called, “I Spit On Your Grave” , another called “Last House On The Left”, and a couple others.
Troy’s chat buddy said they were great movies and he’d like them. Troy had watched the movies and the older guy was right. They were awesome! They really got him worked up.
   Troy was becoming more and more obsessed with rape fantasies. The concept of forcing a girl to submit to him, whether she wanted to or not, thrilled and excited him. He began to wonder what it would be like to rape a girl. In the past he had coerced girls into having sex with him. He had sweet-talked and charmed them or like his situation with Taylor, had blackmailed them.
  But he had never just forced a girl to have sex. Held her down and tore her clothes off, held his hand over her mouth so she couldn’t scream. Had never had her fighting and screaming and crying underneath him as he fucked her. The more he thought about it, the more he realized it was something he wanted to try. Troy was beginning to think that things with Taylor needed to be ramped up. Sure, he was getting great blowjobs from her and he couldn’t complain about that. But he knew the situation had so much more potential!

It was after school on Friday afternoon. Taylor hadn’t heard from Troy in nearly a week. She had a feeling she was going to be hearing from him on the weekend and it filled her with dread. She had just finished walking Becky home from school, when her phone went off.

  “Hey, cutie! It’s your lover boy!” Troy said. “What have you been up to all week?”

  “You are not my lover boy!” sneered Taylor.

“Awww, I’m hurt,” said Troy playfully. “After all we’ve been through and you still don’t love me?”

 “Just stop with the games,” said Taylor. “Let me guess, you want me over in 15 minutes?”

“Oh horny, are we? Inviting yourself over now?” Troy laughed.

“Troy, you know damn well you’re calling me to come over! So just say it!” snapped Taylor. She had no patience for Troy’s little head games.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I am calling you over,” he finally said. “I had a rough day in school. I figured what better way to kick off the weekend, than to get a nice blowjob from my favourite girl?”

“So you want me over right now?” she asked.

“Sure,” said Troy. “I’m almost home myself. I’ll see you when you get here.”
Taylor ended the call and began walking toward Troy’s house. She hadn’t been planning on doing something like this right after school, but hey, maybe if he got his fix now, he’d leave her alone for the weekend. That was what she hoped anyway!
  She came up the walk to his front door and rang the doorbell. Troy answered right away and ushered her inside. Taylor was wearing a pair of white denim jeans and a pink tank top with the saying, “Divas Rock!” printed on it.
  Troy gave a look of amusement. “A diva, huh? Yeah, I’d say you’re a diva, all right! My little cock-loving diva! By the way, I love those jeans. They do a good job of showing off your ass.”
  He motioned for her to follow him and they headed up to his bedroom.

“You know, Troy, you could be a lot nicer when you talk to me,” said Taylor. “You just always act like such a pig and you’re very rude in the things you say.”

  Troy stopped for a minute at the top of the stairs and gave a thoughtful look.

“Yeah, maybe. You could be right. But then again, my mom says I should be nicer too and she’s a dumb bitch. So I guess I probably won’t be listening to her or you!”

He spun on his heel and walked into his bedroom. Taylor followed him. He turned around and was facing her. He pointed to the floor.

“You know the routine. On your knees in front of me!”

Taylor wished she hadn’t worn her white jeans that day, seeing the state of Troy’s bedroom floor. But she didn’t want to argue with him so she did as she was told. Troy looked down at her.

“Today, I want my pants all the way off. I want to be able to move around,” he ordered.
   Taylor reached up and undid the snap on his jeans. She pulled down the zipper and then tugged on his pants as they slipped off his hips. As they came down his legs, he stepped out of them.

“Now take my underwear off too,” he said to Taylor.

She hooked her small hands in the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down. His erect cock stood at attention, all six and a half inches of it. For some reason, Taylor thought, it seemed bigger and more grotesque now when Troy wasn’t wearing any pants. Troy walked up closer to her and smiled as he looked down at her.

  “Okay, get doing your magic. If I could do it myself, I certainly wouldn’t need you here, would I?”

Taylor slowly stroked the base of his cock with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. One thing, when he didn’t have pants on, it gave her more room to work. Her tongue swirled around the head and moved down the underside of his shaft.
  Troy rocked back and forth on his heels, his eyes half closed.

“Ohhhhhh, yes! Work that tongue!” he whispered softly.

Taylor kept up licking along the shaft and across his balls, all the while stroking him to full hardness. She leaned forward and slid him inside her mouth. Her lips tightened around the head and she slid her mouth along his whole length. Pulling back, and pausing for a breath, she did it again.
  Troy arched his back and let out a loud groan.
“Yes! Wanna fuck your mouth, Taylor!” he said.

He suddenly wrapped his fingers in her hair, holding her head in a firm grip. He pulled her to him, crushing her face against his stomach until her lips were at the base of his cock and he was completely buried inside her.
   Taylor’s lungs fought to draw in air around the swollen piece of meat that filled her throat. She began gagging and choking. Troy was holding himself inside her, letting the constrictions of her throat work on him.
Her body jerked and bounced as she tried to pull back from him. Taylor’s little fists pounded against his legs. Troy just looked down and laughed, then pulled his hips back and thrust into her mouth again.
   Using her hair like handles, Troy began ramming his cock back and forth in her mouth.
 Taylor made loud gurgling sounds as his saliva-coated dick drove in and out of her mouth. She was panicking. What the hell was he doing? He had never acted like this before! Troy was acting like an animal. The harder Taylor tried to pull away, the more Troy tightened his grip on her head. It was hurting her! Tears streamed down her face.

 Troy’s heart was pounding with excitement. He was doing it! He was raping Taylor’s mouth just like he had seen on one of his rape porn videos. A feeling of absolute power washed over him as he watched his cock move in and out of her mouth. Her struggles were a turn-on to him. Especially exciting was the feeling of her throat constricting around his cock every time she gagged. It felt as if she were milking him.
  Tears ran down her face and she was turning a bright shade of purplish-red as she fought for air. Her blue eyes were as big as dinner plates.
Troy’s hips slapped against her face as Taylor screamed around the thick cock that filled her mouth.
Troy moaned deep in his throat as he felt his balls start to tighten. He was ready to fill her throat with thick, hot cum, but just as he began to spurt in her mouth, he yanked himself out.
  He jerked himself off hard, spraying cum right into Taylor’s face. She didn’t even have time to react as the sticky jizz blasted across her cheeks and nose and into her eyes.

 “FUCK! YEAHHH!“ Troy yelled.


Taylor was trying to wipe the gooey mess away from her eyes as tears ran down her cheeks.
“Wh-what the hell is wrong with you? You almost ch-choked me to death!”

She heard a click and then realized Troy was standing there with his phone, taking a picture of her face.
“Hold still!” he said. “I want a couple more!”

After snapping a couple more pics, he set his phone down and walked behind Taylor. She tried to turn to see what he was doing. He grabbed a handful of her hair and used it to wipe his cock clean. Then he tossed a box of Kleenex to Taylor as he pulled his underwear back on.
"Here! Clean yourself up!” said Troy.

Taylor took some tissues and wiped her face clean. She could feel her hair matted together on the back of her head where Troy had wiped himself.

“What the hell is the matter with you?“ sobbed Taylor. “You were choking me, you idiot!“

“Yeah! Duh!” sneered Troy. “Said I was gonna fuck your mouth and that’s what I did! What’s wrong? You didn’t like my face painting?”

“That was gross!” Taylor cried.

 “Gotta say, you look pretty cute with a face full of cum!” Troy laughed.

“A-a-and what do you plan to do with those pictures you took?” she asked.

“Just let me say, it’s my insurance,” explained Troy, “for you to keep your mouth shut! I do already have the video of you and your dad, but hey, a little more never hurts.”

“You’re so sick!” Taylor spat.

“Yeah, whatever!” Troy scoffed.

Taylor stood up and brushed herself off. “Can I go now?”

Troy sat down on his bed. “Yeah, sure. I’ve had my fun. But hey, I want you back tomorrow afternoon.”

Taylor glared at him. “Tomorrow? Why so soon again?”

“What does it matter, slut? I told you from the beginning of this, you come when I call you, no matter what!”

“I had plans for tomorrow,” complained Taylor.

“Then you change them,” said Troy. “My mom is gone all day tomorrow, I have the house to myself. I want to take advantage of that.”

Taylor rolled her eyes. “Okay, I’ll be over after lunch. But you better not do again what you did today! That was ignorant!”

Troy chuckled. “I thought you were having fun. I’ll try to behave myself, okay? Oh, and I want you to wear that sexy little pink skirt again, with knee socks! Fuck, you look good in that!”

“Same panties?” asked Taylor with a note of disgust in her voice.

“Nahhh, that don’t matter,” said Troy.

He watched as Taylor turned and left the room. He heard the door slam as she left the house. Troy retrieved his video camera from its hiding place. He took it over to his computer and quickly downloaded the video footage he had just filmed.
 Troy stroked his cock furiously as he watched the footage of him ramming his cock between Taylor’s jaws. It was awesome! He couldn’t wait until Saturday afternoon.

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Anothe good one vile

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And now....the breaking of Taylor!

Taylor headed straight upstairs to her bedroom when she got home. Thank God, her dad wasn’t home yet. He wouldn’t see her tear-stained face and her messed-up hair. What had just happened at Troy’s house, was very disturbing to her. He had acted like some kind of monster, uncaring and depraved.

  Taylor could still feel where the hard head of his cock had hammered at the back of her throat. She had never been so scared in all her life. She wasn’t sure if she could go back there again, but she knew, for her father’s sake, that she had to. But Troy seemed so weird all of a sudden, or at least weirder than he had been. Taylor wasn’t sure if she could trust him anymore.

  She stripped off her jeans and shirt and put on her bathrobe. She padded down the hallway to the bathroom. Taylor slid her panties down off her legs and removed her bra, then stepped into the shower. The hot water of the shower felt good as she washed Troy’s filth out of her hair.
  After her shower, Taylor put on a pair of jogging pants and an over-sized sweater. She just wanted to relax and bum around the house. She watched some television and then started making supper.
  Around 5:30 her dad got home from work. He gave her a kiss on the cheek as she was setting the table for supper.

  “Hey, how’s my little muffin?” he asked.

“I’m doing good, daddy,” she replied.

“You didn’t have to see Troy today, did you?”

“No,” she lied. “I haven’t heard from him in a while, actually. I think he’s been busy.”

“Yeah, I’m sure he’s been busy,” her dad remarked sarcastically. He thought about the note he had found on his windshield a few days ago. He hadn’t told Taylor about that little incident.

  They had a pleasant supper and later that evening, snuggled on the couch together while they watched a movie. Peter enjoyed the feeling of his daughter’s body pressed against him and he could feel his cock growing hard. He was sure she could probably feel it pressing into her back.
  Peter wanted so badly to do something with her, but he was still rattled by the thought of what could happen if Troy found out. That boy next door was making his life very miserable and he hated him for it. Hopefully, Troy would soon tire of this little game and leave them alone. But Peter had a feeling that was not going to happen for a long time yet.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny. Peter had to go into work that morning. He didn’t usually work on Saturdays, but he was planning on taking some vacation time and wanted to get caught up on some paperwork before he left. Taylor was still in bed when he left and he was extra quiet leaving the house so he didn’t disturb her.

 She woke up around 9 a.m. Taylor had a bowl of cereal as she watched some Saturday morning cartoons and then did her morning chores. She was just finishing up as her phone rang. It made her jump. She sighed with relief as she saw it was her friend Becky, and not Troy.

“Hey Taylor, what’s up?” she asked.

“Not much, Becky. How about you?” replied Taylor.

“Are we still on for this afternoon? You know, going to the mall with Lexie and Larissa?”
“Oh, I can’t,” said Taylor sadly. She thought quickly of an excuse to tell her friend. “I have to go to my grandma’s this afternoon. It’s her birthday.”

“Okay,” said Becky. “We’re going to miss you though. It’ll be fun. You’re sure you can’t come?”

“I’m sure,” said Taylor. “My dad said I have to go.”

“Bummer,” said Becky. “Well, give me a text later, okay?”

“Yeah, I will,” said Taylor as she hung up.

No sooner had she finished talking to Becky than her phone buzzed, indicating a text message coming through. She checked her messages. It was Troy! This  is odd, she thought. He’s never texted me before.
  She cringed as she opened the message, wondering what he was up to this time.

< hey sweet lips! howz my bj princess doin 2day? check out the pic I sent u >

Taylor looked and noticed that, yes, there was a photo attachment with the text. She hit “open”.  Her mouth fell open as she saw the pic he had sent. It was him sitting in a chair with no pants on, showing off his erection. A caption under the pic read: Willy’s waitin for a suckin!

  Taylor could not believe what she was seeing. She immediately sent Troy a text reply.
< u r sick troy!!!!!! >

< lol cya later > he replied.

  Taylor looked at the time. It was 11:45. Well, she figured, might as well go and get this over with. Let him have his fun and then she’d have the rest of the afternoon to herself.
  She went up to her room and changed into the black skirt and slipped on some white knee socks. She put on a pink and white “Hello Kitty” t-shirt. After combing her long hair, she put on a bit of red lipstick and some perfume. She looked at herself in the mirror.
  This should make him happy, she thought.

  She walked across the backyard towards Troy’s house. It was a warm sunny day. Too nice a day to have to spend time with the neighbourhood pervert, Taylor mused. But she would go there, do her thing and be gone!
   As she entered his yard, he stuck his head out from his upstairs window.

“Hey sexy! Lookin’ good! Come on up, the door’s open!”

Taylor climbed the steps to the back deck and came into the house. She made her way up to Troy’s bedroom. She looked around at the usual mess. Troy was sitting at his computer. He was wearing a pair of grey sweatpants and no shirt.
  As she entered the room, he quickly shut off his computer and got up from his desk.

  “Wow, you look sexy!” he exclaimed. “I love the lipstick! And I’m glad you let your hair down today. Ponytails are cute but when you wear your hair down like that, it makes you look so much more grown up.”

Taylor shrugged her shoulders and blushed a little.
“Thank you,” she said quietly. It was a nice compliment, she figured. It was a change from his usual piggish comments.

Troy walked over to the bed and sat down. Taylor couldn’t help but notice his erection. His sweat pants made it more prominent than when he was wearing jeans. She didn’t know it but Troy was not wearing any underwear. He patted the bed beside him.

“Come sit down.” he said.

Taylor nervously sat down beside Troy. She didn’t know what it was, but something seemed to be different about him. It made her uneasy.

“What’s the matter? You seem like you’re scared of me,” said Troy.

“I-I am a little,” replied Taylor. “I don’t want you doing what you did yesterday. You hurt me.”

“Listen,” said Troy. “I’m sorry about that, okay? Yesterday, I just kinda got a little too excited, if you know what I mean. You’re just so awesome, Taylor, at what you do, and you really get me worked up!”

“Well, please don’t do it again,” said Taylor.

“I won’t,” said Troy. He paused a moment then spoke again.

“That skirt looks so god damn hot on you. You have gorgeous legs, you know? Anybody ever tell you that?”

Taylor shrugged her shoulders.
“No, not really. But th-thanks.”

“Well, I’m telling you,” said Troy. “And I want to spread them!”

Taylor immediately jumped up from the bed and spun around to face Troy.

“SAY WHAT?” she demanded.

Troy looked her straight in the eye.
“I said I wouldn’t do what I did yesterday, because I don‘t want a blowjob from you. What I want is to fuck you!”

Taylor was absolutely floored.

“Well,” he said with a smirk, “I’m making it part of the deal and you should know by now, there’s not a damn thing you and your old man can do about it!”
 Taylor tried to back away from him but he reached out and grabbed her by one of her wrists. She pulled back.


He jumped up and pulled her in close to him. She tried to kick and squirm away but he grabbed her under the arms. Troy easily outweighed Taylor by at least 50 lb. He literally picked her up off the floor and threw her onto her back on the bed. The air was knocked out of her lungs as she hit the mattress.

“Now you’re getting fucked, bitch!” he snarled.

  Troy was on top of her in a flash. She lashed out, trying to punch and slap at him. He grabbed both of her little wrists in one hand and pinned her arms down above her head. His other hand went to her breasts as he began squeezing and mauling them through her shirt.
Troy ran his tongue along the side of her neck and across her cheek. He began sucking on her neck as well. Taylor screamed and cried out, trying to push him off of her. But his weight kept her pinned firmly to the bed.
  Troy looked down. In the course of struggling, the skirt had rode up Taylor’s thighs. He had a full view of her panties. They were white with tiny red stripes. Keeping her arms held down, Troy pushed his hand between her squirming legs.
“NOOOOO! NOOOO! STOP IT, TROY!” Taylor shrieked as he wrapped his fingers in the waistband and yanked up on them, trying to rip them off her.  He felt a small rip but they held firm. He gave the panties a second yank, feeling the fabric give a little more.
 Damn, he thought. These things are harder to rip off than I thought! The movies make it look so easy!

  He paused for a second and dug his fingers in tighter around the fabric. He yanked as hard as he could and this time was rewarded with the sound of cotton fabric giving way as her panties were violently torn free from her body. He was also rewarded with a loud piercing scream from the fighting girl.
  Troy quickly pushed down his sweat pants, exposing his rock hard dick. It was the reason he had worn sweats that day. So he wouldn’t have to fumble around with zippers and snaps and such.

Taylor was terrified now, struggling even more as she kicked her legs uselessly. It was no use. Troy was simply too heavy. He lay there, enjoying the sensation of her tight little body squirming and moving underneath him. Just the way he had imagined a rape would feel like from watching his movies.
    His body was now completely against her and his head next to hers, breathing heavily into her right ear. Taylor felt the head of his cock between her thighs, his hand rubbing himself as he pushed up against her tiny petal-like pussy lips.

   Crying and sobbing, she moved her body as much as she could, hysterically trying to get away, but with no effect. He pushed his cock further towards her and she could hear his laboured breath in her ear, his heavy body rubbing against her. Troy guided his cock head with some difficulty in between the lips and against her opening, with a sigh of pleasure that repulsed her.

   He let go of his cock and pushed her skirt farther up around her waist. Then he placed his hand over her mouth. Troy pushed his hips forward slowly. He wanted to enjoy the feeling of raping her, wanted to listen to her whimpers as he penetrated her with his dick . She felt her pussy widen and the horrible ache as the large cock tried to fit into her tightness.

   Taylor closed her eyes, trying to think of something else and gave up kicking and hammering, exhausted. Perhaps he would stop if she didn't fight, she thought. She laid there limp, but realised that Troy was completely oblivious to her, he just wanted to rape her.

   Troy just lay there for a second, loving the way her pussy entrance tightly gripped his cock head. She was like a vise! He pushed further, forcing her to take a little more of his cock in and pressing against her hymen. Taylor had heard all the horror stories about how much it hurt and she gave one last fight as she cried and squirmed. Then with a long sigh into her ear, Troy thrust forward, tearing her virginity away and shoving his cock all the way inside her.

 Taylor’s breath was momentarily sucked out of her lungs as her entire body went stiff. Then a scream erupted from her throat.


Troy kept his hand clamped over her mouth, his fingers digging into her cheek.

“You wanna scream? Then fucking scream!“ he growled in her ear.

Troy’s heart was pounding a hundred beats a minute, he was so excited. Taylor’s nubile body was twisting and bucking under him, her vagina clamping down on him as her body tried to push him out. Her little feet pounded on the bed. So this was what a rape felt like? He was loving it!

   With his cock all the way inside her, he hugged her small body against the bed, moving himself for a better position. Troy pushed his knees against Taylor’s legs, forcing them wider apart. He pulled his hips back, feeling his cock scraping along the walls of her pussy. The friction was incredible! Almost to the point of being uncomfortable.

He started moving in and out of her tightness slowly, taking short, slow thrusts. Troy felt Taylor’s vagina hesitantly begin to lubricate itself, a natural reaction to protect itself. That, and her hymen blood, began to make it a little easier to move inside her.

   Troy was able to pull back out of her about half-way. He sunk his cock back into her, his cock grinding against her and he moaned of pleasure against the pillow, feeling his cock get even harder. He groaned loudly, pushing in harder and faster. Her pussy lips were wrapped around him like a tight elastic band, squeezing and pulling on his cock.

  Each thrust elicited a muffled scream from Taylor. Her face was red and tears streamed down her cheeks and ran over his hand on her mouth. Her long hair was spread out around her face. Each time he drove his cock into her, her firm body went stiff, then relaxed.
   Troy was having the time of his life. Finally living his fantasy of fucking his cute next door neighbour. He didn’t want it to end.

   Troy had built up a rhythm of hard pounding thrusts. The room was completely quiet, the only sounds were of Taylor’s muffled squeals and cries and the bed softly creaking. Troy looked over at his closet and smiled, sticking his tongue out.
  On the top shelf of his closet was his video camera, peeking from under a pile of magazines. He had placed it there prior to Taylor coming over. Being up on the shelf, it was pointed so it was looking down on the bed. Troy knew he would be making some truly awesome video footage!

   Taylor had ceased screaming and was now just sobbing and bawling. Troy took his hand off her mouth and let go of her wrists. He took both his hands and shoved them under Taylor, cupping her tiny round ass cheeks. God, they felt good!

  He pulled her body up tighter against him as he continued to pump in and out. Taylor’s t-shirt had rode up across her stomach and was bunched up under her titties. It felt good, his stomach pressed against the warm, soft flesh of her flat tummy. His balls began to tingle and Troy knew it was almost time. Time to dump a load in this sweet, sweet little pussy.

   Hammering harder and harder, the sweat began running down his face. Taylor’s was not the first cherry he had ever popped, but she was by far the best! The others had just given it up to him. This one he had TAKEN! It was a great feeling!
   Troy sped up his thrusts, ready to cum inside Taylor. She sensed what he was getting ready to do and she began to struggle with renewed energy.


She dug her fingers into his shoulders and tried to push him off. It was like a squirrel trying to move an oak tree. It wasn’t going to happen! In the course of the rape, Taylor’s body had slid across the bed and her head was now right against the head board.
   Troy gave one last powerful thrust as he buried himself balls deep in the sobbing girl. He felt the muscles in his lower back twitch as his cock jerked and spasmed, shooting its load of hot jizz into her.

“YESSSSSSSSSSS!“ he shouted.

He twisted and ground his hips against her, as if he was seeing how far he could force his seed into her.
   Taylor’s head struck the headboard and she let out a cry of pain. At the same time, she felt hot wetness explode inside her. Troy had came!
  He lay on top of her, his cock still inside her as he tried to catch his breath. Taylor lay completely still, trying to comprehend what had just happened to her. She had been raped!

   As Troy lay there, he began to suckle on her neck again. He clamped his mouth down hard, giving her a huge hickey. Taylor couldn’t even move. She just had to lay there and let him do it.
  After a few minutes, he pushed himself up off her. His softening dick slid out of her tight hole, making a farting noise.

“Oh Taylor, that was great!” he said with a huge smile. “You were awesome!”

“Fuck off, Troy!” she cried. “You r-r-raped me!”

“That’s right and I loved every minute of it!” he said. “I think you did too. You just don’t want to admit it.”
“I d-did not!” she sobbed. “You r-really hurt m-me.”

“Well I’m finished with you now, so you can go,” he said as he pulled up his sweatpants.

  Taylor started getting up from the bed. Her legs were weak and her pussy ached horribly. There were dark bruises around her wrists where Troy had held her down. She pulled her skirt back down and her shirt too. 
  Troy spotted her torn panties on the floor and picked them up.

“I don’t think you’ll be wearing these,” he chuckled as he looked at the crumpled garment. “As a matter of fact, I think I’ll just keep these as a little souvenir of our wonderful afternoon together.”
  Taylor stood up and staggered a bit until she regained her balance. She gingerly walked across the room and down the stairs. Just as she reached the bottom, Troy came running down after her. He stopped her before she got to the door. He backed her against the wall.

“You’re gonna keep your mouth shut, right?” he said threateningly. “Not a word of this to anyone and especially not your father! Because if you do, well, you know what will happen!”

“Yes, Troy,” Taylor said quietly. “I won’t say anything!”

“Okay, because shit will hit the fan if you don’t!”

She went to open the door but Troy stopped her. He pulled her in close to him and kissed her hard on the lips. His tongue pushed into her mouth and his hands cupped her ass again, squeezing her firm little cheeks.
  He let her go as she jumped back from him.

“Just wanted to give you a good-bye kiss, Taylor, “ he smiled. “See you around, baby-cakes!”

 Taylor left the house and walked across the alley to her yard. Troy watched her. She wasn’t walking very fast.
 Yep, she’ll be walking slow for a couple days, he laughed to himself. I fucked her hard!
Troy headed back up to his room and pulled his video camera off the shelf of his closet. Hurriedly, he downloaded the video onto his computer. He started watching the footage he had recorded, his cock getting harder the whole time. At the first scream, he started stroking himself. Damn! This was golden!

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I have missed out on a lot while I have been gone love this story vile!!!!

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 Taylor staggered up the stairs to her bedroom. She could not believe what had just happened. Troy had taken things to a whole new violent level. If he thought he was going to be doing this all the time now, he was very mistaken, thought Taylor. She was never going back there again and she would be telling Troy that!

  She stripped off her shirt and skirt and looked at herself in the mirror. There were dark bruises all over her upper thighs and on her breasts where he had been squeezing them. There was a small bit of dried blood and sperm on her thighs as well. And then there was the huge hickey Troy had left on her neck!

  Her eyes were red and bloodshot from crying. Her whole body ached. Taylor went to the shower and washed herself. Then she came back to her room and put on some pajamas.
   Using some makeup, she was able to disguise the bruises on her wrists and cover up the hickey on her neck. She didn’t know what she’d do at gym class on Monday. There was no way she could wear shorts! She’d have to make up some excuse to get out of class.

  Taylor climbed into bed, curled into a little ball and cried herself into a deep sleep. That was where she was when her father came home from work a short while later. He called for her and she didn’t reply so he went up the stairs to her bedroom.
  She sat up with a start as Peter stuck his head around the corner of the doorway.

  “Hey, my little muffin! What’s up? Why are you in bed?” he asked with a look of concern on his face.

“Oh, daddy, I just don’t feel good,” she said softly. “I think I picked up a bit of the flu.”

“Awwwww,” said her dad. “That’s no good! Is there anything you need? Want me to go to the drugstore for you?”

“No, I’ll be fine,” she said with a smile. “I just need some sleep.”

“Okay, well you call for me if you need anything.” Taylor’s dad walked over to the bed and gave Taylor a small kiss on the cheek.

 The next day Taylor felt a little better and she even went over to her friend Becky’s for the afternoon. She just wanted to put Troy out of her mind.

A couple more days went by and she neither saw nor heard any sign of Troy Woodward. Until Tuesday evening after school when she and Becky were going to the mall. There was a big sale at one of their favourite clothing stores and Becky wanted to buy some new jeans. Taylor wasn’t buying anything but she was just going along.
  They came walking right down the street past Troy’s house. Taylor realized her mistake, but too late.

“Oh crap, I didn’t want to come this way!” said Taylor.

“Why not?” asked Becky. “It’s shorter going this way.”

“I know, but then we have to go past….his house!” Taylor spat with a tone of disgust as she pointed towards Troy Woodward’s house.

The two girls could see there was some boys standing on the front veranda. Taylor took Becky by the arm and they walked to the other side of the street.

“What’s the matter?” asked Becky angrily. “Don’t you like Troy?”

“No, I don’t!” Taylor replied curtly.

“I think he’s kinda hot,” smiled Becky. “My sister Bianca talks about him all the time.”

“Well, if you knew Troy Woodward like I do, you wouldn’t think that. He’s a creep! He looks at me weird all the time. You know that, Becky! You’ve seen him watching us when we’ve been in my backyard on the trampoline!”

“I know, Taylor. But I think it’s kinda cool having an older boy check us out.”

“It ain’t as great as you think, believe me!”

Becky gave her blonde friend a quizzical look as they continued down the sidewalk. They suddenly heard a voice call out.

“Hey Taylor! Hey Becky!”

The girls glanced across the street. They were right in front of Troy’s house now. He was standing on the veranda with three of his friends. They saw him waving. Taylor gave a little wave back and kept walking.

“What are you girls up to?” Troy called out again.

“Come on! Let’s go!” growled Taylor under her breath as she looked down at the sidewalk and started walking faster. Becky had stopped and was turning around. Taylor grabbed the dark-haired girl by the elbow and hurried her along.

“Ignore him!” hissed Taylor.

“Okay, okay,” said Becky, catching up to Taylor. “God, you’re being rude today!”

The four boys stood on the veranda and watched the two young girls. There was Troy and his three friends, Paulie, Terrence,  and Dylan.

“What do you think?” asked Troy, motioning to Taylor and Becky. “You guys like?”

“Not bad,” said Paulie. “The blondie has a nice little ass!”

“You’re fucking right about that!” said Troy. He continued to stare at the girls as they disappeared down the street. “She has a very sweet ass!”

“The dark-haired girl, ain’t that Bianca Barrino’s little sister?” asked Terrence.

“Yeah, it is,” replied Troy. “The blondie is Taylor Yates. My neighbour across the alley.”

“Seriously?” asked Dylan. “She’s a hottie! You’ve never told us you had such a hot neighbour. Isn’t she a little on the young side, though?”

Troy shrugged. “She’s 12, almost 13. Ain’t really that young!”

“Well, she’s got a pretty sweet body for that age,” remarked Paulie. “I could certainly get into that!”

“Damn straight,” said Troy. “I wish she was a car. I’d drive her all over the place!”

The five boys had a good laugh as they all high-fived Troy.

“You are a crude motherfucker!” said Paulie. “But I love it!”

Troy smiled to himself. A crude motherfucker, huh? Paulie, you have no clue how crude I can be!

“So what are you guys up to Friday night?” asked Troy.

“I don’t know. Not much,” said Terrence.

“Why don’t you all come over and spend the night here?” Troy suggested. “My mom is gone for the weekend and I get bored being home by myself. We can watch movies and shit. Paulie, get your big bro to pick us up some beer and we’ll get wasted!”

“Hey, sounds like a plan to me,” said Dylan.

Paulie nodded in agreement. “Yeah, sure man! We haven’t done that in a while. Just the boys hangin’ out!”

“It’s on then,” said Troy.


That Friday night, Taylor and her dad were sitting together on the couch watching some TV when he brought up the subject of Troy.

“So how have things been going with you and Troy?” Peter asked.

Taylor shrugged her shoulders and looked down at her bowl of popcorn. She didn’t want to make eye contact with her father.

“It-it’s been okay,” she said. “He hasn’t asked me over in a while actually.”

“He hasn’t tried anything….else, has he?” Her dad queried her sternly.

“NO!” Taylor replied firmly. “He has mentioned it a couple times but I always tell him that’s not the deal, and he just drops the subject.”

“Well, that’s good. Just keep telling him that,” said Peter with a small sigh of relief. If he found out his daughter had been defiled by that little animal next door, Peter wasn’t sure what he would do. Taylor’s virginity was his, and his alone! 

“So can I ask what he does make you do?” Peter asked cautiously.

Taylor shrugged again. “ We just….do….you know!”

“Well, tell me,” her dad insisted. “I’m your father, I think I should have a right  to know. I want to make sure he’s not being mean to you.”

“He’s not, Dad! He’s usually pretty nice. I just give him his… know. And he’s happy.” Taylor was feeling very awkward. It didn’t seem like a normal conversation for a daughter to be having with her father.

“Does he touch you in other places? You know, with his fingers, like I used to do?”

“No,” replied Taylor.

“Do you, ummmm, swallow for him? He doesn’t shoot in your mouth, does he?”

Taylor paused for a second. “Yes, he does.”

Peter was also silent for a short time. He shifted on the couch. What the fuck? he thought. I’m listening to my daughter talk about a boy coming in her mouth, and I’m getting hard!

“Have you kissed him?”


“Has he made you take your clothes off?”

“He made me….show my panties…..once,” she said slowly. “He made me lift my skirt and show him my…..panties.”
“What panties?” asked her dad.

Taylor looked over at him. “What does it matter?” she asked with attitude.

Peter blushed a little bit. He didn’t want Taylor to clue in that he was actually asking these questions not so much to check up on Troy, as he was getting aroused. He was drawing a mental picture of Taylor kneeling in front of Troy, licking and sucking on his erect cock. He realized with a twinge of embarrassment, it was a turn-on to him. He, himself, couldn’t get any action from Taylor anymore, so he was living vicariously through the answers to his questions.

“I’m just being snoopy,” said Peter. “You don’t have to tell me.”

“Well, if you must know, they were red and white ones, okay?”

Peter knew which panties she was talking about. It was a favourite activity of his when Taylor wasn’t home, to go through her underwear drawer and look at her panties and bras. She didn’t know that.

“So who do you like more? Me or him?”

Taylor let out a little laugh. “Daddy, you sound jealous! I like you more, of course! I hate Troy!”

Peter didn’t want to admit it, but yes, he was very jealous. His beautiful little daughter, who had been his for so long, was being stolen away from him. And he didn’t like it one bit! He let out a little laugh himself to lighten the mood.

“I’m glad to hear that, muffin. You’ll always be my favourite too.”

There was a moment of silence where neither one of them said anything. Then Taylor spoke.


“Yes, muffin?”

“How much longer do you think I have to keep doing this for….for Troy? Isn’t there some way we can stop him?”

Peter took a deep breath to keep his voice from breaking. He could see his little girl was also on the verge of tears.
“I-I don’t know, Taylor. I just really don’t know. He’s a teenage boy, hopefully he’s going to get bored soon and move on to something else. But it’s really hard to say. As long as he holds that video over our heads, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

  I want to talk to a lawyer or the police and see if there is some way we can stop Troy, but there is just no way I can do it without incriminating myself. Just try to be strong and if he does anything, and I mean anything, to hurt you, you need to let me know right away! Okay?”

“Yes, I will, daddy!” said Taylor with a weak smile. Too late for that! she thought to herself. She gave her dad a small kiss on the cheek. She didn’t mention that she was planning to never go back to Troy’s house.

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So enjoying this and wondering where it will go.

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It's been a little while, but I am posting more of the continuing saga of Taylor! Hope you all enjoy!

Over at Troy’s house, he and his friends were also watching TV. They were watching a DVD Troy had made. He had downloaded several movies off the internet that contained very graphic rape scenes. He burned the scenes onto a disc. Later they were going to watch some rape porno he had down- loaded as well. The boys were getting quite worked up as they watched the rape scenes from “I Spit On Your Grave.”

  “That is nasty shit!” said Paulie.

“Yeah, but fucking hot!” said Terrence. “It’d be awesome to gang-bang a girl like that! Listening to her scream and stuff. It’d be a blast! As long as you didn’t caught.”

 “So tell me then, guys,” said Troy as he hit the pause button on the DVD remote. “I wanna ask you a hypothetical question. IF you could rape a girl and get away with it, WOULD you do it?”

 The boys were sitting in the basement rec room. Troy was in a big leather recliner, Paulie and Terrence were stretched out on the two big couches that were there and Dylan was in another recliner. They were all slightly drunk and stoned, having nearly polished off three dozen beer Paulie had brought over. Dylan had brought a baggie full of weed.

“I definitely would pound some hot cunt if I could get away with it!” exclaimed Dylan.

“Yeah, I guess I’d do it too,” said Paulie. “I know a few girls around school who could use a good fucking, whether they wanted it or not!”

The boys all laughed.

“Now, what if I was to tell you I have done it?” asked Troy.
“Yeah, right, Woodward!” scoffed Terrence. “Who did you rape? A sock puppet?”

That elicited another round of laughter.

Troy looked straight at him. Terrence sat up on the couch as he suddenly realized his friend was dead serious.

“You mean to tell me…y-you have raped someone?” he asked incredulously.

“Damn straight, I have,” replied Troy. “And it was fucking awesome!”

“Who was it?” asked Paulie with a hint of skepticism. “Anyone we know?”

“As matter of fact, yes. You saw her just the other day?”
All three boys looked at Troy with questioning looks.

“Taylor Yates!” Troy finally said. “That little blonde that walked past my house the other day!”

 “Your neighbour?” asked Dylan. “That little hottie from across the alley?”

“I call bullshit!” Paulie scoffed.

“Believe me, I raped her!” said Troy impatiently. “Right upstairs in my bedroom last Saturday!”

“Was she good?” said Terrence. “Was she a virgin?”

Troy smiled. “Was a virgin, yes! Not anymore! I fucked her hard, guys. She screamed and cried and everything. Just like in a movie. It was the most awesome fuck I’d ever had! She had this little skirt on. I just threw her on the bed, pushed her skirt up, got her panties off and slammed her!”

“Shit, that is hardcore!” said Dylan. Troy could tell from the look in his eyes, that Dylan was getting very excited. “So how did you keep from getting in trouble? I mean, aren’t you afraid she might tell someone? Rape is serious shit! You’d end up in jail if she ever told the cops.”

“That’s just it!” said Troy. “That’s why I did it! She can’t go to the cops!”

“Why the fuck not?” asked Paulie.

“Just trust me, you guys. She cannot go to the  cops! I won’t tell you why right now, but sometime down the road I will.”

“So is that why you’re asking if we could get away with it, would we do it?” said Terrence.

“Bingo!” yelled Troy. “That is exactly why I’m asking. You guys got pretty worked up watching this disk. I’m giving you the opportunity to do it for real! Are you guys in or what?”

All three nodded in agreement.

“Sure! What the fuck?” said Paulie. “I’ve never said no to a piece of ass!”

“And I know you want a piece of Taylor’s sweet little ass!” joked Troy.

“How you gonna get her over here? We gonna do it tonight?” asked Dylan.

“Settle down, big fella,” laughed Troy. “No, it won’t be tonight. But I can set it up for tomorrow. And don’t worry, I’ll get her over here. You guys don’t have to worry about that. Just make sure your dicks are ready for some prime fuckin’! Now, I need another beer and I’ll tell you my plan.”


 It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning. Taylor was up early and had breakfast with her dad. He was going out fishing with some friends and would be gone all day. Taylor was going to go and spend the day with Becky after she was finished her Saturday chores.

“When I’m home tomorrow, I’ll take you out for brunch and we’ll spend the day together, okay?” said Peter as he kissed Taylor on the cheek.

“Okay, daddy. Have fun!”

She was glad to see her dad going out and having a good time doing something he enjoyed. He didn’t get a chance to do that very often.

Taylor was almost finished her chores when her phone went off. She froze as she saw by the screen that it was Troy. She had been fearing this. It was a week now since the rape in his bedroom and she had done her best to keep it out of her mind. Now all the memories came flooding back. Well, she thought, it’s just time to put my foot down and tell him that I am not going over there!

She answered the call. “H-hello?”

“Hey, Sweet-cheeks! It‘s Sugar-daddy. What’s up?”

“You are not my sugar-daddy and I am not  your sweet-cheeks!” snapped Taylor. “I have nothing to say to you, you fucking pervert!”

 “Hey, hey, hey! What’s with all the attitude? I don’t need that shit!” Troy retorted.

“Before you even start Troy, I’m telling you right now. I am not coming over to your house! Not today and not ever! We’re done! Last week was the last straw!”

There was silence at the other end for a minute then Troy spoke in a low menacing tone. Taylor had never heard him speak this way before.

“Listen to me, cunt! I am not asking you to get over here today. I am fucking telling you! I want you over here in one hour! You hear me? And if you ain’t, I’ll be showing a certain little video to the cops and they’ll be dragging your dad’s sorry ass off to jail. Then he can find out first-hand what happens to pedophiles in the slammer. He’ll be learning himself how to suck dick! You want that to happen, huh?”

Taylor began to cry. She had tried to be defiant, but she knew it was no use. Troy had all the power.

“O-okay! I-I’ll be there!” she finally said.

“Good! I knew you’d see things my way, not that you have much choice. Now dress really good for me. You know, something sexy! Show some skin.”

Fuck you, Troy Woodward! Taylor seethed. “I-I’ll see what I can do.”

“No seeing,” snapped Troy. “Just do it! And I think you owe me a serious apology, little Miss Attitude!”

“F-for what?” she asked angrily.

“For calling me a pervert! I think we all know who the real pervert is in this situation, don’t we Taylor?”

“Y-yes! I am sorry, okay?” she sobbed.

“Well, it’s not a great apology, but it‘ll have to do for now,” he replied. “We’ll talk about it some more when you come over.”

“Can I go now?’ asked Taylor.

“Okay, see you later, angel lips!”

Taylor shut her phone off and a couple minutes later heard it buzz as a text message came through. She picked it up and saw that Troy had sent her a photo attachment again too. She could only imagine what it could be. The text message read:

 < hey hottie, take a look at the pic and reply. and don’t ignore me. U have two mins or daddy goes byebye!>

Taylor opened the attachment. It was a closeup pic of the head of his cock. It filled the entire screen. Taylor sent back a text reply.

<juvenile troy! Very juvenile!>

He sent back a reply. < lol >

Taylor called Becky and let her know she would be late coming over. She would go to Troy’s if he so insisted, but she wasn’t letting him do what he did last week. If he wanted her over there, all he was getting was a blowjob and nothing else! AND she certainly wasn’t going to dress sexy!

  Taylor went upstairs and found the ugliest pair of jeans she had. They were some old things she used for when her dad made her help with yard work. They fit her like a grocery bag, not showing off any of her body. And she dug out a baggy t-shirt. The kind she wore when she was just lazing around the house on a Sunday. Then she slipped some flip-flops on her feet.

  She looked at herself in the mirror. Yeah, here’s your sexy hottie, Troy, you sick bastard! 
  She looked at the clock. It was 12:30 p.m. May as well go and get this over with! But she was sticking to her guns! Nothing but a blowjob and if he wanted to get tough, well she could get tough too. She’d kick him in the balls if she had to.

  Troy watched as Taylor came across her backyard toward his house. He frowned as he saw what she was wearing. You insolent little bitch! he thought. You are deliberately defying what I told you to do!
He made a mental note that he would have to have a word with her about that.

But for now, everything was in place! The other guys had been very enthusiastic about his plan when he told them about it the night before. Now it was just a matter of putting it all into action! And it was perfect that his mom was gone again for the weekend. They would have the house to themselves for the whole day!

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A great addition to one of my favs!  Thanks Vile!

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He opened the door the minute Taylor touched the doorbell. It made her jump. She wasn’t expecting him to answer the door so quickly.

  “Hey babe, come on in!” he said.

Taylor managed a weak smile and entered the house. Troy was wearing jogging pants again, she noticed. Same thing he was wearing last week! But at least this time he had on a t-shirt. His house smelled of stale beer and pot smoke. Obviously, he had had a party the night before.
  Taylor wasn’t surprised about that. Troy’s mom was hardly ever home on weekends, therefore pretty well leaving Troy to do as he pleased.

 “Well, let’s head up to the bedroom,” he said, motioning towards the stairs.

“No, Troy! I am not going up there just so you can rape me again!”

Troy put his arm around her shoulders. Taylor felt herself tense up.

“Relax, okay?” Troy said with a chuckle. “So that’s why you have all the attitude? You think I’m going to rape you again?”

“Y-yes,” said Taylor. “I can’t trust you anymore.”

“Last week was a little over the top, I will admit,” said Troy. “I-I lost control. And I’m sorry that I hurt you. Really, I am!”

“You didn’t seem very sorry at the time,” Taylor remarked.

“I’m sorry!” Troy repeated. “I just saw you and you looked so pretty and….well, I just couldn‘t help myself. I know it wasn’t part of the deal I made and I won’t make you do something like that ever again!”

Troy noticed a small smile on Taylor’s face.

“You thought I looked pretty?” she asked. She felt herself blushing.

“Of course!” said Troy in his smoothest voice. “You’re a very pretty girl. You always have been!”

“Thank you,” she said timidly.

“So we can go upstairs?” he asked. “Everything’s good?”

Taylor gave a small nod. “Yeah, everything’s good.”

Troy smirked to himself as he walked up the stairs behind Taylor. Like putty in my hands, thought Troy. You ol’ smooth talker. Always puttin’ on the charm!

 They walked into his room and sat down on the bed. Taylor looked around. Troy’s bedroom was no tidier than the last time she had been there, and if anything, was even messier.

“So Taylor, why didn’t you dress sexier?” Troy blurted out right away as soon as they got in the bedroom. “I did specifically ask you to and I don’t appreciate being ignored.”

Taylor shrugged her shoulders. She knew it would make Troy mad and she didn’t really care.

Troy waited for an answer but Taylor said nothing.

“Oh well, guess it doesn’t really matter what you‘re wearing,” he said. “It’s not gonna be on you for very long anyway!”

Taylor’s mouth fell open and her eyes grew big.

“What the -” Troy held his hand up and cut her off.

“Uh, uh, Taylor!” he said with a smirk. “Don’t get all excited! Remember, I said I wasn’t going to rape you again.”

“Then what the hell are you talking about?”

“Well, I said I will not rape you again and I meant it. Because this time WE will be raping you!”
 He turned his head and yelled out, “Hey boys! Come on in!”

Taylor’s face went white as she suddenly saw three of Troy’s friends step inside the room from out in the hallway. She didn’t know they had been hiding in the spare room down the hallway.

  Taylor’s heart pounded with terror as she suddenly realized the trap Troy had set for her. She jumped to her feet in an attempt to run for the door. It was hopelessly futile, as Troy had his arm around her waist the minute her feet hit the floor. She felt her body being lifted right off the floor. She kicked her legs out, causing one of her flip-flops to fly off her foot and across the room.


Troy swung her around and slammed her down on the bed on her back. It knocked the air out of her lungs. Paulie jumped on the bed right away and grabbed Taylor’s wrists, pinning her arms down. Terrence and Dylan each grabbed one of her thrashing legs and pulled them wide apart. They pinned her legs down to the bed. Troy knelt on the bed, between her outstretched legs.

  “Good work guys! Wanna see her naked now?”

“Fuck yeah, we do!” exclaimed Dylan.

“Go for it!” hollered Paulie.

“Let’s see what that sweet little body really looks like!” said Terrence.

“All right, here goes!” said Troy.

He grabbed Taylor’s other flip-flop and yanked it off her foot. He flung it across the room. Then he started to push her t-shirt up over her tummy and tits. Troy felt himself growing harder as he looked down at Taylor’s flat, firm tummy and her chest rising up and down. Paulie helped him pull the shirt over her head and down off her arms.
  Taylor squealed and bawled as her bra was undone and pulled off her.

“Nice little titties!” yelled Paulie.

Troy moved up so he was sitting on Taylor’s tummy. Reaching down, he undid the snap on Taylor’s jeans and pulled down the zipper.

“NNNNOOOOOO! NNNNNOOOO! GET OFF ME, TROY!” Taylor screamed wildly.

Troy raised himself  up on his knees. He yelled to Dylan and Terrence.

“Okay, get her pants off!“

  Terrence and Dylan each grabbed a leg of her jeans and together they tugged and pulled them down off her. The boys hooted and hollered as they saw her firm little body slowly exposed until she was  lying there in nothing but her panties. She was wearing a pair of light blue panties with little white stars on them.
  Troy hooked his fingers in the waistband and began to slide them off her hips.

“Tear ‘em off!” said Dylan.

“Hey, that’s fucking harder than you think!” replied Troy. “I tried that before. They make it look it easy in the movies. And anyway, I want to save these.”

Taylor tried to squirm and twist as her panties were removed from her body.


“Wow! Check out that tight little cunt!” said Terrence, licking his lips. His cock was rock-hard.

The boys all looked hungrily at the little pink slit between her legs, surrounded by a small triangle of wispy blonde peach fuzz. Troy, his heart pounding with excitement, yanked down his sweat pants. He wasn’t wearing underwear. His erect cock stood straight out, the head glistening with pre-cum.

“Time for some fun!” Troy smirked. He looked down at Taylor’s nubile body spread-eagled before him. She looked up at him with a pleading look, tears running down her cheeks.

“P-p-please, Troy! D-don’t do th-this!” she begged in a frightened voice. She was scared like she had never been in her life. Her whole body trembled.

Troy just ignored her. He just wanted to be inside this cutie again.

“Ready, princess?” he asked as he positioned his cock at the entrance to her snatch. Taylor was wide-eyed as she realized what would follow.
With that last word, grasping both her hips, Troy lined himself up at her pussy entrance. He pushed himself into her, as Taylor screamed loudly. She was dry and his cock pulled and scraped at the walls of her vagina.

 He sighed in ecstasy as her tight pussy contracted around every inch of his cock. Troy slowly pulled out of her, then thrust in again.
  Taylor cried out in pain. Slowly he built up a gentle rhythm, burying every inch into her, savouring the feel of her tight pussy. Her back arched, she writhed and screamed out shrilly as he began to fuck her hard.

“Yeah, that’s it princess! You’re a real little cock-slut now!” Troy sneered as he laid into Taylor. Her small body was slammed down into the mattress with each thrust.

“Fuck, this is awesome!” yelled Dylan. “Bang her, man! BANG HER!”

“Pound that little cunt!” Terrence cheered Troy on.

  Encouraged by the attention he was receiving, Troy grunted with effort as he drove full-bore into the girl.

“STOP! STOP! STOP!” Taylor wailed, shaking her head from side to side.

Sweat ran down Troy’s face as he stroked in and out of Taylor’s tight little slit. Every thrust was an effort but at the same time, it felt so good! She was so tight and warm and moist! He loved the first time he had fucked Taylor, but this second time felt even better!

The other boys cheering him on and the crying and pleading of Taylor made Troy aroused like he had never been in his life. Between the hard pounding and Taylor’s cunt gripping his shaft so tightly, it didn’t take too long for Troy to feel his balls getting ready to release.
  Laying his whole weight against Taylor, Troy dove up into her. His balls slapped on her inner thighs as his cock went rigid inside her.

“OHHHHHHHHHH!” he exclaimed as he came inside her. “FUCCKKKKKK!”

Of all the times Troy had had sex, he didn’t think he had ever came so hard as he did that time! His cock jerked two….three…four times, shooting streams of hot cum into Taylor. She cried out feeling her insides flooded with Troy’s seed.
  He pulled out slowly, looking down at his blood-streaked dick.

 Troy grinned. “You ain’t no little girl anymore, you’re just a hot little whore and hot little whores get fucked!”

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Offline vile8r

Troy lifted himself off her and wiped his dick off using Taylor’s t-shirt.
“Okay, guys! Have at ‘er!” said Troy. He switched places with Dylan, holding Taylor’s leg.

Dylan had his pants off in record time and yanked down his underwear. His  five and a half inch long hard-on stood straight up and ready to go! The prospect of getting to fuck a young hottie like Taylor had him very excited. His hands were shaking as he climbed on the bed.

  Troy and Terrence held her legs wide apart as he mounted her, guiding his cock between her pussy lips with one hand. He pushed in about half way then grabbed her by the hips. He lifted her ass off the bed and slammed himself in the rest of the way.


“Shut up, bitch and take it!” Dylan growled. “Like Troy said, gonna fuck you like a slut!”

He lifted her by the ass off the bed and gave her a couple hard thrusts, pulling out and driving back in. Then he settled down on top of her, his cock hammering away at her pussy.

“FUCK!…Ugh!…She…Ugh!….is…Ugh…tight!” he grunted.

“Bang the little cutie!” yelled Paulie. His own hard cock was straining at his pants, waiting to be let out so it could play too.

Dylan ran his tongue along Taylor’s neck and across her cheeks as he raped her. Her face glistened with his slobber. Taylor sobbed non-stop as the piggish boy drove his cock in and out of her.
  His whole body suddenly went stiff and he let out a satisfied grunt as he emptied his balls into her. Taylor let out a small whimper. Dylan lay there for a minute, catching his breath. Finally he pushed himself off the poor girl and like Troy used the t-shirt to wipe himself clean.

  Dylan took Terrence’s place as Terrence quickly yanked his pants down, exposing a thick six-inch cock. He climbed between Taylor’s outstretched legs. Not wasting any time, he guided himself inside her, His mouth hung open in pleasure as the tight walls of her vagina wrapped themselves around his cock.

   Pulling his hips back he began a solid pounding fuck. He ran his hands over Taylor’s flat, firm stomach, enjoying the feel of her soft skin. His hands wrapped around her budding breasts and squeezed.

“AAAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!” Taylor squealed in shock. Her little body was rocked and shaken back and forth as Terrence rode her.
Troy was getting hard as a rock again already. It was awesome, he thought, getting to fuck Taylor, but it was even more of an arousal to watch other guys fucking her too! All Troy knew, he was definitely going to be doing this again. This was fun!

   Terrence’s buttocks shook and shuddered with the force of his thrusts into Taylor. The muscles in his neck stood out as he finally orgasmed. However, he didn’t cum inside Taylor like Troy and Dylan had. He pulled out as he got close  and began jerking off furiously. Jizz spurted from the head of his cock to spray all across Taylor’s stomach.

“Right on dude!” said Dylan.

Taylor screwed up her face as she looked at the slimy stuff deposited on her. It felt very gross. The room spun and she was in a state of shock. It was as if she was in a bad dream and she couldn’t wake up.

  She was aware of Paulie letting go of her arms and he was moving around on the bed. Suddenly she saw him hovering over her, wedging his body between her legs. He looked down at her with hunger in his eyes and his tongue running across his lips. The other boys let go of her legs and Paulie hooked his arms behind her knees.

   Her legs were pushed back until her knees were against her chest.  Paulie threw his weight forward as he entered her. He had the largest cock of all the boys, around seven inches. Taylor let out an involuntary scream as she felt the thick shaft spread her wide open.

  Paulie pumped furiously into the young girl. He revelled in the exquisite tightness of her pussy. Her body jerked and she cried out in pain as he
slammed against her cervix. He threw more weight onto her.

“Don’t like that, huh?” he laughed. “Too fucking bad! I’m gonna make you hurt!”

"NNUUHHH ... NNUUHHH ... NNUUHHH ... STOP! ... OH GOD! ... OH GOD! ... PLEASE! ... NO! ...

Taylor’s body trembled and jerked under the frenzy of the assault. She kicked her little feet, snapped her head from side to side, twisted her body uselessly. Still he pounded relentlessly into her. The other boys cheered him on.
  Finally, mercifully, he came. "YEAHHHHHH!" Paulie roared as his sperm poured into Taylor’s insides.

“Atta boy!” Troy congratulated him as Paulie pulled out of Taylor.

“You owned that pussy!” said Terrence.

“Pretty fine fuckin’,” said Paulie, catching his breath. “Wish I had a sweet little neighbour like her!”

“Well, I’m hard as hell and I want some more,” said Troy. He motioned to Terrence and Dylan to roll Taylor over on her stomach. She looked around in stunned confusion, wondering what was going on.

“Wha-wha-what are y-you doing?” she sobbed.

“Never mind, sweetie,” sneered Troy. She didn’t notice him pick up the tube of lube jelly off his dresser.

Troy climbed onto the bed behind her and suddenly grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling them apart. Taylor tensed up as she felt something cool and wet squirted on her anus. Her body jumped as she felt a sharp pain in her ass and realized Troy was inserting his finger. The cool, wet stuff was lotion. Taylor squealed in pain.

“Shut up, cunt!” snarled Troy. He looked down, watching his fingers slide in and out of her tight bung-hole. Taylor had never felt so humiliated in her life. This was the sickest thing Troy had ever done to her. Then he stopped.

Taylor breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God that was over, she thought. She didn’t think he would do anything more to her down there. But she doubted if she would get away from this without giving him and his friends blowjobs. Well, she could probably handle that, if she had to.

  She didn’t see that Troy was standing behind her, smearing lotion all over his hard dick. He smiled and nodded at the rest of the boys. Terrence and Dylan grabbed her legs again and yanked them apart. Troy jumped on the bed and spread her ass cheeks. The head of his cock pushed at her anal entrance.
  Taylor screamed loud and shrill.
“Shut her up!” ordered Troy. “She could get a bit noisy!”

Paulie looked around and spotted Taylor’s panties lying on the floor. He picked them up and jammed them into her open mouth.

“MMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! MMMMMMFFFFFFFF!” Taylor continued to scream around the panties stuffed in her mouth. She was suddenly realizing with terror, what Troy intended to do! He was going to ass-rape her!

Troy dropped his weight down on her as he plunged into her ass in one vicious thrust. He felt the walls of her rectum violently tearing as his dick pushed in to the hilt.


Taylor’s head snapped back and her whole body went rigid. Her eyes rolled back as her whole face contorted in an explosion of pain.

“Ohhhh! That hurts, don‘t it?” Troy laughed. “Hang on, because I am gonna rip your ass open!”

He pulled back out about halfway, his penis streaked with Taylor’s ass blood and plunged himself in again, his ball sac slapping against her.


 An inhuman sound escaped from Taylor’s throat. Tears streamed down her cheeks and mixed with a string of snot that had blown out her nose and plastered itself against her cheek.

“Yeehawww!” hollered Dylan as he struggled to hold the twisting, bucking girl down on the bed. “ Fuck her shitter! Fuck it hard, man!”

“Yeah!” added Paulie. “Just like in that “spit on your grave movie”. Kill that pretty little ass!”

Troy began steadily driving in and out of her unbelievably tight ass, sweat beginning to run down his forehead from the exertion. Taylor groaned from out around her gag. Her lower body was on fire from Troy’s  cock spreading apart her tight anus. It felt like a white-hot spear being pushed right up inside her.

“Oh…uhh…man….uhhh….she’s….uhhh….tight!” Troy grunted between thrusts. It was the first time he had ever performed anal sex. He had watched it done in his porno and rape videos, and had wondered what it would be like. His internet chat buddy had told him it was an experience he would never forget. Troy had to admit, he was right!

  The tightness was incredible. Like having his cock wrapped in a vise! At first, it had been a little uncomfortable, but now he was having the time of his life.
Not so much for Taylor. Her whole body shuddered in agony. She had never experienced such pain! She bawled and screamed hysterically.
 Paulie placed his hand on the back of her head and pushed her face down into a pillow. Terrence and Dylan kept holding her legs as Troy raped her poop chute.

  As Troy kept up his rhythm he could feel the cum rising in his balls. He slammed hard into Taylor’s ass and groaned out loud as he came in her bowels. It felt awesome!
  As he pulled out he had a grin a mile wide on his face.

“OH! You guys have got to try this!” exclaimed Troy. “It is the best!”

He wiped himself off on the back of Taylor’s leg. “Who’s next?” he hollered.

Paulie stepped up. “I wanna try this sweet little ass!”

“I knew you would!” said Troy, clapping Paulie on the shoulder.

Paulie positioned himself behind Taylor and began pushing in to her ass tunnel. He sucked in his breath the minute he felt her sphincter muscles close around the head of his cock. He continued to push in deeper.

“Hey, listen to her!” laughed Terrence. “She squeals like a little pig!”

It was true. Taylor was emitting high-pitched squeals and screams with her face buried in the pillow. Her little fists pounded against the mattress.

“Squeal little piglet, squeal!” yelled Paulie as he began to stroke in and out of her ass. He pinched her on the ass cheek and she gave a little jump.

The boys laughed and jeered as she continued her wailing. Paulie pumped and pounded into Taylor’s round little ass, bouncing her body up and down on the bed. His fingers were dug into her ass cheeks so hard he was leaving red marks. Paulie’s mouth hung open as he gave a last big thrust and spurted a load of cum into Taylor’s shitbox. As he pulled out a mixture of blood and cum made a pinkish slime that ran down the crack of her ass.

  “My turn now!” said Dylan. “This’ll be great!”

As he slid into her now well-lubricated arse, Taylor didn’t even let out a scream. Just an agonized whimper that sounded like a wounded animal.
Troy reached down and pulled the panties out of her mouth.
“I think our little whore has quietened down,” he said.

Dylan had begun hammering away at Taylor’s tight butthole. He reached underneath her and squeezed and pinched at her little pink nipples.
He whispered in her ear.

“Fuck, girl, you are sweet! A guy could get used to fucking a little slut  like you. So young and fresh, just made for raping!”

Taylor just lay on the bed, completely still, her head on the pillow, her eyes staring off into space. Quiet sobs and whimpers came from her mouth.

As Troy listened, he realized with a satisfied smirk that he had created a monster. Dylan was getting right into this whole gang-rape thing!
  Dylan breathed heavily in Taylor’s ear as he kept up a solid rhythm of in-and-out on her ass.

His cock being milked inside the tight confines of Taylor’s poo tunnel proved too much for him and he couldn’t hang on any longer. He spurted another load of cum into her already saturated bowels. As he pulled out, Taylor’s ass made a farting noise. The boys laughed like little kids.

“I think we got her full!” Paulie chortled.

“Not yet!” said Terrence as he climbed on the bed.

January 30, 2016, 07:30:21 AM
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Offline shannyfries

Very exciting!

February 01, 2016, 12:03:23 PM
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Offline kathy22dc

It took me a bit of time to read all the story on here but it was worth it.
After a few moments of reading, I can feel very much the part of Taylor as I am reading.  Maybe it is your writing style or detailed writing that allows me to get my mind into feeling I am Taylor and I can feel all this happening to me.

Although I am 24, I still live at my parents house in a basement bedroom that is quite nice.  I don't think boys his age live near my parents house even if I am tempted to try to emulate Taylor's situation.  That is sad because each time I read Taylor's story and realistic life I feel more intense and frustrated inside.

Kathy M in DC

February 02, 2016, 11:44:29 PM
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Offline vile8r

Thank you kathy for that great feedback! It is flattering to know someone gets into one of my stories in such an intense way. Thank you so much and I will be posting more very soon.

February 03, 2016, 11:39:38 AM
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Offline vile8r

He guided himself in slowly, enjoying the sensation as her ass muscles clamped down on him and pulled him in. Terrence pulled back and thrust in again. He laughed as he watched Taylor’s little ass cheeks jiggle and shake.

  Terrence began slapping his hand across Taylor’s buttocks in rhythm with his thrusts. Taylor, who had been listless, suddenly began to respond. Every time Terrence would slap her ass, she would cry out.

  “Hey! This is fun!” he yelled. “Come on, little piglet! Squeal for me!”

He slapped her again, leaving a bright red welt across her cheek.

Terrence carried on, boring into Taylor’s gopher hole. He held her firmly by the hips, his body slapping against her loudly.
   Taylor prayed it would soon be over. Her insides were on fire and it felt like soon she would be literally split in two. Her throat felt raw from screaming. Of all the things Troy had subjected her to over the past few weeks, this was the absolute most horrible! She could not believe this was happening to her.

  Terrence pounded at her relentlessly, until he pulled out at the last minute before he came. He sprayed slimy jizz all over Taylor’s ass and lower back.  He slipped out of her and collapsed on the bed.

“Wow! Phenomenal!” he whooped. He gave Taylor another hard slap on the ass as he got up off the bed.
“Thanks, toots!”

“Well!” said Troy. “Don’t know about you boys, but let’s take a five minute break and then we ll get into some more fun! You guys are gonna learn how good this little tramp is with her mouth!

The boys took some time out for a bathroom break and to get a drink. They were all very thirsty. Troy took a bottle of water to Taylor and gave it to her. She drank it down quickly. She was still on the bed, curled up in a little ball. Her body was bathed in sweat and her hair hung limply down over her face.
Troy turned around to face the other boys.

“So you guys still curious about what it is I have on Taylor that she can’t go to the cops on us?” he asked.

“Yeah,” replied Dylan. “What the hell is going on with you and her?”

Troy smirked as he walked over to his dvd player and hit the “play” button.

“Just have a look at this,” was all he said.

What looked like a homemade video began playing on Troy’s TV set. It showed a young girl in a bedroom giving an older man a vigorous and arousing blowjob as she knelt between his legs. The young girl was naked except for her panties. The video appeared to be shot from outside the bedroom, through a window.

“Wow, that’s fucking hot,” said Paulie. “Wonder who the lucky bugger is getting the blowjob?”

“Ummm, you guys don’t recognize anybody in that video?” quizzed Troy.
“Wait a minute!” said Terrence suddenly, pointing at the TV screen. “That’s Taylor!”

“Yep, it is!” said Troy proudly.

“Well, who the hell is she with?” asked Paulie. “Guy looks old enough to be her…..hey!” He turned to look at Troy. “ Do NOT tell me that’s her old man!”

“Precisely!” announced Troy. “This is a video of our sweet little whore giving her daddy a most excellent blowjob.”

“Does her fuck her too?” asked Dylan, excitement written across his face.

“No! He doesn’t!” stated Troy. “But if you watch, you’ll soon get to see Taylor do some championship cum guzzling.”

Sure enough, a couple minutes later the boys watched as Taylor’s dad came inside her mouth and she hungrily swallowed all of it. Troy looked over and saw Taylor had also sat up on the bed and was watching the video. The look of utter humiliation on her face was priceless!

So this was the famous video that Troy was holding over her and her father’s head! Taylor was both mortified and aghast at how Troy had managed to invade her privacy in such a sick manner. It made her feel sick to her stomach! And she realized that if Troy ever did go to the police with such a damning piece of evidence, her father would go to jail for a long, long time!

He would have absolutely no defence against something like this. No wonder Troy was so cocky and arrogant. He had them right where he wanted them, and there was no escape for either her or her father! Taylor lay back on the bed and began to quietly sob.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Paulie. “How did you get this?”

Troy smiled. “Let me just say, I was in the right place at the right time!”

“Her old man is molesting her? That’s some sick shit!” said Terrence. “Some one needs to kick his ass!”

“Why?” scoffed Troy. “I have this video and I can make him do whatever the hell I want! That’s way better than having his ass kicked.”

“So he knows you have this and you’re blackmailing him?” asked Paulie.

“Yep,” replied Troy. “I made a little arrangement with him that his little whore daughter comes over here and services my cock ANY time I want it! If she doesn’t, I go to the cops and he goes bye-bye to the state pen!”

“That is wild shit!” said Dylan.

“But, as great as they were, I got bored with just blowjobs! So I decided to up the action a little bit. I popped her cherry, which I did right there on that bed, and now here we are, boys!”

“You are a piece of work, Woodward,” said Dylan, giving him a high-five. “And I love it!”
“Well now you guys are gonna find out, this little honey, she sucks cock like you wouldn’t believe!” said Troy. He walked over to the bed and grabbed Taylor by the arm. He pulled her roughly onto her feet. She wobbled and staggered. Her legs were weak and she was still in a lot of pain from the ass-raping she had just received.

“G-get away fr-from me, Troy!” she feebly protested.

“What’s the matter, buttercup?” he asked as he supported her with a hand around her slender waist. “We’re almost done with you. But I have one more job for you. You’re gonna do for my friends what you been doing for me. Give us all a nice little dick-suck!”
Troy sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her down onto his lap.

“But you’re gonna do it in a certain way,” he explained. “We took your pussy and ass without you having much say in the matter. But this is gonna be different. You are gonna beg us to let you suck our cocks! And you’re gonna do a good job too. If I think you don’t sound sincere enough, you go back on the bed and we take another ride on your ass! You understand?”

Taylor gave a little nod.

“Good!” said Troy. “Now the first person you’re gonna do, of course, is me! I want you to tell me how much you like my cock and I want you to tell me you’re falling in love with my cock! And do it like a sexy little slut.”

He pushed Taylor off his lap and she kneeled in front of him. She reached up and began to slowly stroke his erect cock as he leaned back on the bed. Taylor looked up at him.

“I-I really want your cock in my mouth, T-Troy. Your c-cock tastes g-good and I want to suck it. W-will y-you let me?”
She cocked her head to the side and bit her lower lip as she continued to softly stroke him. Troy felt himself getting harder.

“Tell me more,” whispered Troy. “You’re doing good.”

“Your c-cock is so awesome, T-Troy, you know I think I’m falling in love with it.”
Tears began to run down her face as she said these things. This was all very humiliating. For Troy, it was immensely arousing to hear her talk like that to him.

“My cock is falling in love with you, princess,” said Troy. “I’ll let you suck it, okay?”

Taylor looked up at him and smiled weakly. Troy laid back on the bed and Taylor proceeded to run her tongue along the underside of his shaft. She swirled her tongue around his cock, getting it coated in saliva. She raised herself up as she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked it into her mouth. Her hand stroked the base of his cock.

The other boys watched wide-eyed as Taylor wrapped her mouth further around Troy’s cock and displayed her admirable cock sucking abilities. She had one hand wrapped tightly around the base of his shaft, with her mouth encased around the head and was bobbing her head up and down at a fervent pace. The sounds of her slurping loudly on Troy‘s meat stick was getting them very turned on. Her other hand massaged and played with his balls.
Troy suddenly grabbed the back of Taylor's head and pushed her mouth farther down on him

"Suck my cock, Taylor. Take that cock all the way down your throat, yeah," said Troy. “Remember you’re my little knob-gobbling princess. Do me proud!”

Taylor gagged a bit as she felt Troy’s cock hit the back of her throat. She stopped for a minute to adjust her breathing and continued working her mouth up and down on him.

"Oh shit! Oh, fuck-fuck-fuck!" he said repeatedly as he wrapped his fingers in her hair.
He thrust his hips up into her face and exploded into the back of her throat, filling her tummy with hot white jizz and pulling out fast enough to shoot the remainder of his wad directly across her pretty face.

"Fucking-A!" Paulie remarked at the display. "That was awesome!"

"I told you she was good!“ said Troy as he sat back up and pushed Taylor away. He threw her some Kleenex to wipe off her face.

“I wanna be next!” said Paulie excitedly as he walked up to Taylor, his erect cock jutting out.

“Okay, first I wanna tell you guys something,” said Troy. “We’re gonna play a little game.”

Troy picked up Taylor’s blue and white panties off the bed and waved them in the air.
“I want to see who can go the longest before they cum. And you can’t make Taylor stop or anything to make it last longer. Once she starts sucking you, you have to use your own self-control. Winner gets these panties as a souvenir!”

“Don’t you want them, Troy?” asked Dylan.

“Meh, I already have a pair from the first time I did her. I’ll let one of you have these ones.”

“All right!” Terrence whooped. “I can beat you other two losers!”

“I don’t think so,” scoffed Paulie. “Those panties are mine!”

“I’ll time you guys,” said Troy. “Clock starts the minute she touches your dick!”

Paulie looked down at Taylor kneeling in front of her. She had been listening to Troy explain the rules of his sick little game.

“I believe you’re supposed to be doing some begging?” asked Paulie with a sneer. “I wanna hear you tell me how bad you want to suck it!”

Taylor looked up at him and began to speak.
“W-will you allow me to suck your cock? I love to s-suck cock and I want to suck yours so, so bad. I’ll even swallow for y-you.”

She ran her hands up and down on the front of Paulie’s thighs.

“Kiss it first and I’ll think about it,” Paulie replied.

Taylor wrapped her small hand around Paulie’s thick shaft, so just the head was peeking out. She leaned forward and kissed the tip softly.

Paulie smiled, watching the little 12 year-old hottie press her lips to the head of his cock.
“Yeah, Taylor. I’ll let you suck my cock. But you do a good job, you hear?”

Taylor gave him a fake smile. “I promise you I w-will.”

It was the first time Taylor had actually had a good look at Paulie’s dick. She was surprised at the size. It was bigger than Troy’s. Paulie was only a teenager and yet he was about the size of her father.
Taylor began to lick at it, running her tongue along the entire length.

“Okay! Clock’s running!“ Troy informed Paulie. He was using the stop-watch app on his cellphone.

February 04, 2016, 04:25:20 PM
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Offline shannyfries

Poor little Taylor is really getting a work out today! What will Troy come up with next? Can't wait.

February 06, 2016, 11:31:18 AM
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Offline vile8r

Paulie ordered to Taylor, "Put it in your mouth, slut, and don’t take your lips off until I cum down your throat."
Taylor did as she was told and slipped his young cock in her mouth and started to suck it. The blonde-haired boy moaned and grabbed her head with both hands. He started to pump it into her mouth.

"Yeah, you slut, take my dick. Take it all down!"

He started to fuck her face faster and harder, his entire cock disappearing into her mouth, his balls slapping her chin. Taylor gagged a little and Paulie only went faster. He was loving this! The other boys cheered him on.

“Fuck that throat! Choke her!” yelled Dylan.

“Give it to ‘er good!” hollered Terrence.

“Suck, suck, suck!” chanted Troy. “What a little cock-whore!”

After about five minutes, Paulie could feel the pressure in his balls rising. Damn! He thought. I can’t cum yet! I wanna win those panties!

But his balls didn’t care about any silly contest. He tried to hold back but it was too late. He let out a deep moan and exploded into her mouth without warning.
"Swallow it bitch. Every single drop!" he yelled.

Taylor didn’t expect so much cum and she fought to swallow it all. She coughed and a bunch dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin. Paulie pulled out of her mouth and pushed her away.
“Yeah. She’s a good little cum-drinker, Troy. Her daddy taught her well.”

“I got you timed at 5:38, Paulie!” said Troy. He looked over at Terrence. “That’s the time for you to beat!”

Taylor crawled over to Terrence and began stroking his cock for him.
“Are you going to let me suck your cock too, Terrence? It’s so nice and hard. It w-would feel good in m-my mouth. Your cum would taste g-good too.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet you want my cock in your mouth, you little tramp! Do something for me first.”
“What-what do you want?“ she asked.

“Rub your tits on my dick!“ he ordered.

Taylor began to rub against Terrence’s cock with her small round tits. Terrence let out a sigh as he felt her tiny nipples rub across the head of his cock.
“Mmmmmm, feels good, girlie,“ he said.

“So, may I suck your cock, please?“ Taylor asked again.

“I guess so,” he said. “I will allow you.“

Taylor leaned in to begin licking on Terrence’s cock. Suddenly Troy grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back.

“Hey!” he snapped. “Where’s your manners, Taylor, you fucking skank? Boy says you can suck his dick, you say thank you!”

“I-I’m sorry, Troy!” squealed Taylor, grabbing at his hand pulling on her hair.

“Don’t apologize to me! Apologize to him! Keep it up, cunt , and we’ll widen that ass of yours a little more!”

Taylor looked up at Terrence with tears running down her cheeks.
“I’m-I’m sorry, Terrence, th-thank you for letting me s-suck your d-dick!”

“It’s all right,” he said. “Just get to it now!”

Taylor started stroking his cock and kissing the head.
“And the clock is on!” said Troy.

Taylor ran her lips along Terrence’s shaft and up over the head. Her tongue swirled around it coating it with saliva. Her lips formed in a perfect little “O” as she slipped her mouth over his cock.

“Holy shit!” gasped Terrence! “Where did you learn to suck dick, girl? You are amazing!”

Taylor’s mouth moved back and forth on Terrence and she continued to stroke him with her hand at the same time. After a little while she pulled back and licked around the head, flicking her tongue around his pee-slit. Then slid him back in her warm, wet mouth again.
Terrence’s mouth hung open and beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

“What’s the matter, Terrence?” asked Dylan. “Having trouble? You wanna cum?”

“Just shut the fuck up!” he snapped impatiently. “I gotta concentrate!”

He closed his eyes as he felt Taylor moving her mouth in a circular motion around his cock. His hips rocked back and forth and he held Taylor by the head.
“Mmmmm, girl, slow down!” Terrence said.

“Uh, uh,” Troy said wagging his finger. “That’s against the rules, Terrence! She can go as fast as she wants. You’re the one who has to hold back!

“Goddamn it!” he yelled. “I can’t “
He began thrusting his hips harder in and out of Taylor’s mouth.

“AAAACCCKKKKKKK!” she gagged as his cock banged against the back of her throat.

Terrence threw his head back as he let his load go.
“Fuck it! Gonna fill you up, bitch!”

A thick wad of cum splashed across the roof of Taylor’s mouth and down her throat. She tried to swallow but choked and coughed. Some oozed back down her chin.

“Well, you did better than Paulie!” said Troy. “ 6:02 is your time!”

“Right on!” said Terrence, pumping his fist.

Taylor was on her hands and knees, trying to catch her breath. Her jaws ached from the exertion of giving blowjob after blowjob. But she knew, she had one more to do.

Dylan walked up, stroking his cock into hardness. Taylor looked up. At least his dick wasn’t as big as the others.
“You know what you need to do,” he sneered.

“Hi D-Dylan. May I suck y-your bi-big cock. Fuck my pr-pretty mouth, please?”
Taylor thought if she turned on the sexiness, maybe it would get him extra horny and he’d cum faster. Then she’d be done.

“You really want me to fuck your mouth?” asked Dylan. The excitement in his voice was palpable.

“Y-yes,” said Taylor, rubbing her hands up and down his legs as she knelt in front of him. “I really want your hard cock in my mouth! I love cocks so much.”
She looked up at him and ran her tongue across her lips.

“Oh yeah, you can suck my cock, baby.”

“Thank you,” she said.

Taylor wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and slowly began stroking the shaft.

“Time’s running!” yelled Troy. “Who is gonna win the panties?”

After sucking on the head for awhile, Taylor took her tongue and slid it along the length of Dylan’s cock. She pushed it up so she could also lick along the underside, running her tongue along the little vein down the center. Opening her mouth wide, she slipped his cock inside in one gulp. She pulled back as she felt it hit her throat and then slid her mouth down it again.

Dylan’s mouth hung open as he watched his saliva-slicked shaft disappear between her lips. Her hand massaged and gently squeezed his balls.
“Sheee-it!” he exclaimed. “This is awesome! Fuck, your mouth feels good!”

He grabbed a handful of her hair and jammed her mouth down hard on him. The sandy-haired boy, slammed his hips up into her face. He felt the head of his cock hit her throat. Pulling back, he did it again. Taylor made gagging and choking sounds as she struggled.

He increased his rhythm, his balls slapping on her chin. Her eyes grew big and her face turned red as she fought for air. Dylan continued on, oblivious to Taylor. All he was concerned about was driving his cock in and out of her soft mouth.

“How am I doing?” he called out to Troy.

“Keep it up, man! You just hit the 5 minute mark. You have to beat 6 minutes!”

Taylor tightened her mouth around him and swirled her tongue around faster.
I’m gonna make this asshole cum whether he wants to or not! She said to herself.

Dylan felt what she was doing and cursed under his breath. He knew he couldn’t tell her to slow down. His balls were responding to the increased arousal of his dick. Taylor grabbed his hips and pulled him closer to her. She took a deep breath and allowed him to push his cock right into her throat.

“OHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH!” he shouted.
His cock could take no more stimulation and his balls released involuntarily.

“NO! NO! Not yet!” Dylan cried out. He pulled back, his dick slipping out of Taylor’s mouth and spraying her directly in the face. Slimy spatters of cum shot across her cheeks and nose. Some even got in her eyes.

“OHHHH! Damn!” laughed Troy.

“What? What was my fucking time?” asked Dylan.

“5:59! You were just short, man! Terrence had the best time. He wins the panties!”

“Fuck!” spat Dylan. “I was doing so good too.”

Terrence plucked the panties away from Troy’ hand. He put them up to his nose.

“MMMMM! They smell damn sweet too! I’m gonna get these babies framed!”

“She was awesome,” said Paulie.

“It’s not quite over yet, though,” said Troy with a mischievous grin. He held up a digital camera.

“You guys didn’t all notice but I was taking some awesome pics while you were all getting your dicks sucked. I got some great additions to my collection. Even got some pics of Taylor getting her facial just now.”

“What collection?” asked Paulie.

“Ohhhh, I’ll show you later,” said Troy. “But, first we’re gonna take a few more. With Taylor as our model!”

March 11, 2016, 09:46:47 PM
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Offline vile8r

Taylor was pulled up to her feet and taken into the bathroom off Troy’s bedroom. He made her shower and wash the dried blood and cum off her. After that, he had her blow-dry her hair. He went to his mom’s bedroom and got some lipstick and make-up. He made Taylor put it on and make herself look sexy.
Then she was brought back to the bedroom and told to get on the bed again.

“Pl-please don’t hurt m-me anymore,“ she pleaded to Troy.

“Ahhhh, don’t worry. We’re all cummed out. We had our fun!“ he replied. “But you did good. I’m getting you trained as a good little whore! Your dad would be proud!“

Taylor felt sick listening to Troy talk. That’s all he thought of her? As a whore?

Over the next little while, she was forced by Troy to pose for pictures. He made her lay on her back and spread her legs as he took pics of her pussy.
Just like in a porno magazine, he made her stick her fingers inside herself and spread her pussy lips apart. He had the boys pose on the bed with her and he made pics of her giving simulated blowjobs and hand jobs.

He put her on her hands and knees and took pics of her from behind. He held her on his lap, his fingers inside her and his tongue licking at her tits as he had Paulie take pics. Actually he had all the boys pose with her on their lap.

Finally he was done. “Well, Taylor, I’m happy to tell you, we’re finished with you. You’re free to go. But of course, you know that your mouth will stay shut. For daddy’s sake of course!”

“Yes, I won’t tell anyone,” she said with an air of resignation. God, how she wanted to see Troy in the back of a police car! Him and all his friends!
Before she was allowed to get dressed again, Troy made her go around and give each of the boys a big sloppy kiss on the lips and tell each one, “Thanks guys for the great fuck and letting me suck your dicks.”

Taylor didn’t even protest. Her spirit was broken. She just wanted to get all the humiliation and degradation over with and go home.

Troy tossed her her clothes and told her to put them back on.

“Hey! I want that!” snapped Paulie as he spotted Taylor picking up her bra off the floor. He snatched it from her.
Taylor slipped on her pants and t-shirt. She started walking unsteadily out the bedroom. Her petite body was still racked in pain from the abuse she had received and her insides ached horribly. Her arms and legs and ass were covered in bruises. Troy took her by the arm.

“Here, I’ll walk you to the door, princess,” he said.

They got to the bottom of the stairs and he was just going to open the door, when he pushed her up against the wall, his hand around her throat.

“You were a great fuck today, Taylor! Just want you to know, me and my friends will be doing this again! Now where’s my apology for defying me earlier?”

“I-I’m s-s-sorry! I w-won’t do it a-again!” Taylor sobbed. “Let me g-go. Y-you’re hurting m-me!”

“Fucking right, you won’t do it again! You will never disobey any of my orders again! When I tell you something you will listen!” snarled Troy.

“The next time I tell you to dress sexy, you fucking dress sexy! I like you to show off your body! As a matter of fact, I want you to go out and get some sexy clothes. Some really short skirts and dresses. Make sure they’re tight too! And maybe some really slutty underwear.”

“B-but my dad- he won’t let m-me buy th-that kind of st-stuff!”

“You know what?” said Troy as a devious grin crept across his face. “You tell your old man, he’s gonna be the one to buy it for you! His little daughter is a slut and I want you to start dressing like one when you come over!”

He clamped his mouth down on hers and slipped his tongue between her lips. He pulled her body tightly to his, feeling her small breasts crush against his chest.
Finally he let her go. He opened the door and motioned for her to leave.
“See you later, honey-buns,” he said as he smacked her bottom. “Go home and get some rest! And by the way, thanks! It was a great time!”
Troy smiled as he watched Taylor make her way slowly back towards her home. Yep, life was pretty damn good!

He went back up to the bedroom where his friends were waiting for him. Troy walked over to the closet. He reached up and took the video camera from its hiding place.

“What the fuck?” asked Terrence. “You were filming us?”

“Damn straight,’ answered Troy. “I got some great footage too! More to blackmail that little cow and her daddy with. I can make her look like the biggest slut in town if I want!”

“Awesome!” said Dylan.

“Not only that,” added Troy. “I have every session of her coming here to suck my dick on video too. And the night I popped her cherry!”

“Woodward, you are a piece of shit!” laughed Paulie.

“Ain’t I though?” chuckled Troy. “You boys got anything else to do this afternoon, or do you wanna watch some video?”

“Video!” exclaimed Terrence.

“Okay! Video it is, but let us retire to the basement where we can watch in comfort!” said Troy.


 Taylor laid in bed, staring at the ceiling. God, how her body hurt! When she had gotten back home from her ordeal at Troy’s house, she had practically had to climb upstairs on her hands and knees, her body had been so weak. She had spent close to an hour just sitting in the shower and crying.
  Her thighs and legs were a mass of black and blue bruises. Even her small tits were covered in bruises and hickeys. The worst was her behind. Her ass hurt like crazy and it hurt to even move! Thank God her dad wasn’t home! She didn’t know how she would explain things to him.

Oh, how she detested Troy and his friends! This was definitely NOT in the deal Troy had made with her father. But apparently that deal no longer meant anything to Troy. He was basically doing as he pleased, however he pleased! And Taylor knew there was nothing she or her father could do about it. Troy had turned into an uncontrollable monster.

And his threat that he and his friends would be doing it again to her, chilled her to the bone. She wasn’t sure how much more abuse and humiliation she could handle.
  Taylor had been able to put up with the things her dad had made her do. He was so gentle and loving when he did it. He made Taylor feel special by telling her she was doing the things that her mom had also done to make him happy. All she had cared about was making her daddy happy after her mom had passed away.
  But Troy….he was another matter! He didn’t care a tinker’s damn about Taylor. He was rough and crude and perverted. All he cared about was his own gratification. Taylor had never known such a sick, twisted, depraved boy.

She knew the next day she would have to dress so her dad couldn’t see the bruises and hickeys on her body. She wasn’t sure if she could go to school or not on Monday, but she guessed she would worry about that when the time came. The worst was that on Sunday, her dad wanted to take her out for brunch. She’d have to try to act as normal as she could.

Taylor soon fell asleep.


  Troy’s friends had left and he was in his bedroom by himself. They had watched the video they made of Taylor being gang raped a couple times. Troy still couldn’t believe they had actually done it!

It was the most exhilarating thing he had ever done in his life! Way more fun than going snowboarding in the mountains or snorkelling in the Pacific Ocean like he had done when his mom took him on vacation to Hawaii. Troy knew he just had to do it again!

He knew he had to prepare for the shit storm coming his way if Taylor told her dad what had happened. He had told her to keep her mouth shut, but he wondered if she would. Troy was kind of half hoping Taylor would tell her dad. He knew Mr. Yates would confront him. And Troy smiled at the prospect of being able to tell him that ’yeah, I took your little daughter’s cherry… both ends! Whatcha gonna do about it?’

Troy knew that Mr. Yates had likely been planning to do just that himself. He knew that Mr. Yates would eventually get bored of just getting blowjobs from Taylor and was , no doubt, grooming her for someday taking her virginity. Well, too late for that now, he chuckled. Your daughter’s cherry juice has been all over the end of my dick!
 Feeling himself getting hard, Troy turned on his dvd player and started watching the video again. He slowly stroked himself as he saw Taylor being held down on the bed  and her clothes being stripped off her. Then the part where he mounted her and drove his cock inside her tight, tight pussy!

It looked so damn hot, her being held down on the bed by his friends. Troy turned up the volume on the TV so he could listen to Taylor’s frenzied screams as he pounded in and out of her. He heard himself say something.

“Yeah, that’s it princess! You’re a real little cock-slut now!”

Troy furiously stroked his cock as he watched himself violate his cute little neighbour, while his friends cheered him on. He finally came, slimy gobs of cum spraying out of his cock and oozing down over his hand and wrist. He reached over to his nightstand and grabbed a handful of Kleenex to clean himself up.

It was going to be hard, he knew, but he’d have to give her a little rest before he had her over to his place again. But when he did, it was going to be another wild time!

The next day, Taylor and her dad went out for brunch. She was still pretty stiff and sore and walking slowly. It didn’t take long for her dad to say something.

“What’s the matter, muffin? You don’t seem to be yourself today. You’re not talking much.”

“I’m sorry, daddy. I’m just not feeling very good today. Becky and I went to the swimming pool yesterday and I fell down some stairs.”

“Oh my God!” said Peter. “Are you okay? Maybe we should go to the doctor?”

“No, no, it’s okay!” said Taylor. “I’m okay. I’m just a little stiff is all. There’s nothing broken!”

“Well, you worried me there for a minute,” her dad said. “You need to be more careful.”

“I will, “ she smiled. “And by the way, thanks for the brunch, It’s really good.”

“You’re welcome, cupcake,” he said as he playfully mussed up her hair.

Later as they drove home, Peter brought up the subject of Troy. He didn’t want to, but he just needed to know what was going on between him and his daughter.

“So, ummmm, Troy still hasn’t called you lately?”

Taylor was silent for a moment, then she spoke. She was afraid her dad was going to bring up Troy and she had to fight hard to not start crying and just blurt out about what had happened to her.

“Ummm, no, he hasn’t. I think he has been busy hanging out with his buddies.”

“That’s good,” said Peter. “Maybe he’s started to get bored with this whole thing. You know the attention span of teenage boys.”

“Yeah, but daddy, he still has that video of us.” She didn’t want to mention that he now had even more graphic video….of her!

“I know, I know,” Peter said with irritation. “I’m trying to come up with a plan where I might be able to get him to stop this bullshit.”

“I hope you can, daddy,” said Taylor.

I hope I can too! thought Peter. Then I can have you back for myself, Taylor!

The days went by. Nothing of any significance happened. Taylor heard nothing from Troy. No phone calls, no texts, nothing! She didn’t even see him much. A couple times she was in the backyard and saw him on his back deck, looking over towards their house. She saw him wave at her but she just ignored him.

 She didn’t even run into him walking home from school. Maybe he got what he wanted now and he’s leaving her alone?  Nahhhh, that seemed too good to be true. She knew she would hear from him again, she just didn’t know when!
She was feeling much better now, her body had slowly recovered. Her bruises had cleared up and she could now wear shorts and skirts again.
  Best of all, she could wear her little blue and white nightgown again and show off to her dad. She knew he was still nervous about doing stuff with her, but she did little things for him that made him smile. She would sit across from him in the recliner while he sat on the couch watching movies. Taylor would purposefully sit so the nightgown would ride up her legs. Peter could see under her nightgown and get a good look of her panties.

He liked when she did that, although it made him hard as hell! He knew she was just trying to cheer him up, but in some ways he kind of wished she wouldn’t tease him like that.

Troy was curious. He hadn’t seen or heard anything from Mr. Yates. Obviously, Taylor hadn’t said anything to him. Troy knew if she had, Peter Yates would have been over to see him in a flash! He was really hoping he would be confronted by Peter. He was dying to tell him what he had done to his daughter.
 He thought about putting some nasty notes on Peter’s windshield again but decided against it. The time would come, he knew. It would come! He just had to be patient.

He thought a lot about Taylor. He still watched the videos almost every night. He couldn’t get it out of his head, the sensation of her tight little pussy wrapped around his cock. Or her pretty red lips sucking and sliding along his shaft.

  He realized it had now been two weeks since it had all happened. Troy hadn’t went completely without sex in that time. He had had a couple girls. One of them was even the incredibly cute Alexis!

  He hooked up with her at a party and just like the last time, they ended up in a bedroom before the night was over. But, unlike the last time, he didn’t leave the bedroom unfulfilled. Alexis put up a bit of a protest, but Troy was not the same boy he had been the first time he was with her.

  Alexis of course, was thinking they would just be having a little petting session. Well, Troy didn’t go for that shit anymore. That was for amateurs! It was all the way now, or not at all. And Alexis soon found that out as she heard the sound of her own panties being ripped off her. Troy was not taking no for an answer this time.
  After his experiences with Taylor, he had a new-found power, and knew how to use it!  To hell with the sweet-talking. Now, if he wanted a fuck, he was going to just take it!

  Sure, Alexis didn’t enjoy it that much, what with his hand over her mouth for most of it, her shirt pushed up over her tits and her skirt bunched up around her waist. But Troy didn’t really give a shit! He had an awesome time!
  Oh yeah, she bawled and blubbered afterwards, but Troy told her to just shut the fuck up. It was her fault and yeah, she could go cry rape if she wanted, but who was gonna believe her? Everyone at the party had seen her come onto him! And it was Alexis who had went and asked Melissa, the girl hosting the party, if she and Troy could use a bedroom.

Not only that, when he stuck it in her, he discovered she wasn’t even a virgin! Which ended up pissing off Troy because he thought he’d be her first, and made him fuck her just that much harder.

“What the fuck, you’re frigid with me but you’ve put out for someone else? Fucking bitch!” he had hissed in her ear as his cock had pounded away between her silky thighs.

Alexis knew he was right and wisely, she kept her mouth shut. Except, of course, when Troy had forced his cock into it and forced her to suck and lick his dick clean after he raped her.

Troy smiled to himself. This rape thing was getting to be a lot of fun!

But his mind drifted back to Taylor. As good as Alexis had been, Troy wanted more of his little blonde neighbour. Lots more! And he decided it was time again. He picked up his cell phone and called his friend Terrence.
  He was going to call Paulie, but he remembered Paulie wasn’t home this weekend. He had to go to a cousin’s wedding or something like that.
Terrence answered at the other end.

“Yo dawg! What’s up?” he asked.

“What you doing this weekend?” asked Troy in reply.

“I dunno, probably getting wasted. Maybe fucked? Who knows? What you doin’?”

“You wanna come over here? I got a plan.”

“What kinda plan?”

“You wanna have another go-round with Taylor?”

“Your little neighbour girl we banged?”

“Fuckin’ A, man! I’m up for that! She was some sweet fuckin’! I take it your mom ain’t home?”

Troy sneered. “When the fuck is she ever home on a weekend? That old cougar will be out on the prowl.”

“Okay, then! I’ll be there!”

“Grab Dylan and bring him along too,” said Troy. “The more the merrier!”

“We gonna make another movie?” asked Terrence.

“Do bears shit in the woods?” laughed Troy. “Be here about 12:30 tomorrow afternoon.”

“Gotcha!” said Terrence.