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August 17, 2018, 03:12:22 AM

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I like the summer. I mean why shouldn’t I? It’s warm after all. You can walk around in loose skirts and tops. And you can go to the beach. Living near the sea has it’s privileges. It’s a beautiful place, if somewhat isolated, and there are some tourists coming here during summer.

Well, we’re not rich. I have to tell you that. Ma and pa died dirt poor so there was nothing left for us. Except this trailer we live in.  Us? Yeah that’s me and my brothers. The twins. I still call them my sweet lil’ brothers even though they just passed their twenties.

They work with a little of this and that. Construction works, moving furniture, stuff that needs strong men but no education. Because they never finished hi school. But strong they sure are. Big boys both of them. I’m their big sis but nowadays they are so much bigger than me.

My name is Ellie. Short for Elizabeth. My brothers’ are Billy, short for William I think, and Rob, short for Robert E Lee.
Yes my grandpa was very much into that civil war thing back when he was around. I don’t remember that much about it though. Only the part that darkies and all kind of immigrants come here to take our land from us. And that’s still going on today.

I’m 25 years old and my looks is my best asset in this world . My only asset I guess bad people would say. But I try my best fending for my brothers, helping them out and taking care of them whenever it’s necessary. And it’s often necessary.

They tend to run into all kind of trouble. A piano falling over Billy’s knee, Rob getting beaten up at some bar. The cops wanna question them fir all kinds of felonies. All kinds of stuff. So it’s good for them I’m always there to help, to sort things out.

My brothers are not that good with girls. They sometimes come to the bar where I clean tables but they’re clumsy around females. Useless actually. No women around here would follow them home, left alone inviting them over. No dates with tea and pie even.

Well they are both big and not that good looking. And smart they certainly ain’t. I’m the brain in this family, that’s for sure. So I figured out quite early that I had to provide female company for them. They are men with sexual needs after all. Yes not me, hell no, our reverend wouldn’t approve. Even thought that incest stuff actually is kind of popular around here...

No instead I learned to spot promising females coming to the bar. Lone female strangers that were usually just passing through. Or were hiking in the woods, all alone and tough. As a girl I could confront them, asking what they were up to. You know, befriend them. I have a pleasant smile. Very comforting. So they say.

Once in a while I find the right company for my brothers. I don’t spike their drinks. No, that would be too obvious and I might lose my job. And believe me, we do need those tipping-money. No instead I try to learn where they’re staying and what kind of plans they have. 

She came to the bar during lunch-time, sitting down in the far corner. Obviously she didn’t wanna speak to the boys eating and drinking. She looked like those kind of smart-assed city-girls, with brown hair to her shoulders and glasses. Still I figured behind that plain shirt and jeans she would have a pretty nice body. About 5,6 tall, slender and fit. Breasts were definitely Cs not too big but fitting for that kind of body. I walked up to her to see what she would like to order.

“Hi hun, you’re up for some food? We’ve got burgers and...”

“Alright I’ll go for the salad.”

“Healthy are we? It’ll be here in no time!”

I asked her what she was up to and where she was going but she wasn’t that talkative. To clever for talking with someone like me I reckoned. Still I put on my nicest act and finally she told me she was just passing through and planned to stay in a hotel by the beach. Her name was Rachel and early tomorrow she would be off again on her way to New Orleans for vacation.

I managed to say the right things in the right ways and she was opening up a little as we sat there. That’s what I’m really good at. It brings in the tipping alright. And I got to know her a little more.

“So you left your man?”

“Yes... can you believe me he was screwing my best friend. A colleague from the University of Michigan. I’m a phd in biology you see.”

I knew it! I’m fucking good with people. This was a clever little lady. I eyed her up while she continued her story. Yes, she would be fun company for my brothers. Maybe she could teach them some stuff about the world as well. I decided to introduce her to them.

I tried to get as much information from her as possibly and even managed to see her room-keys from the hotel. So now I had her room-number. Strange thing that she held on to these, guess she didn’t really trust the staff as that hotel. Can’t really blame her for that.


So that night we went down to that hotel where she stayed. I knew the security was really lousy down there. And I knew the guy in the night watch, an old date of mine. So I just chatted a little with him, all flirty like, while my brothers sneaked in. After promissing meeting up for dinner with the Andy I left him and joined my brothers. Simply as that.

So what would poor Andy do? Say he accidently let a woman and obviously some other guys in? Hell no, he wouldn’t say a thing risking his job. So we just went to her door carrying the stuff needed for a swift and quiet break in. I put on a black hoodie, she had seen me before so I needed to be careful.

She was sleeping all dreamy and nice in that bed. My brothers smiled and were eager to get started. Like unwrapping a Christmas gift Rob took away her blanket as I went to the head of the bed and quickly secured her arms with handcuffs to the headboard, one manacle on each wrist. Now, finally she awoke. Staring in disbelief and testing her cuffs.

She was beautiful, even more so without her glasses. Her nightgown was black and without lace. Nothing special really but her body sure was.

“Now shut up and be quiet! Or you’ll get some trouble coming your way.”

“What... who are you?”

“Who we are isn’t that important. The only thing you have to think about is what’s gonna happen now. Well hun, my brothers need some fun and you’re their treat for the night!”

She looked scared alright but I knew some girls start screaming and making a fuss when they got fucked even though they promised being nice so I gagged her with a lithe towel i had brought.

I thought it was a pity we wouldn’t be able to hear her moans and groans but that’s the way when you’re having neighbors too close. A real pity still.

And my brothers were up for it, that’s for sure. Billy was the first one up on her bed but she managed to kick him in his chest. He looked really clumsy as he fell back on the floor, swearing.

Rob instead got up from the side of the bed and as she tried to kick in his direction he grabbed her breasts through her nightgown and squeezed it hard. She closed her eyes shut and screamed into the gag, completely useless.

Distracting her like this, he quickly climbed between her legs as they kicked on each side of his broad torso. He lifted her gown up over her head, temporary blinding her, as he ripped her plain white cotton panties to shreds. He is strong alright.

She couldn’t see anything as her head was thrashing from side to side under that gown, and Rob seemed to like her movements as she did so. He just lowered his britches and lined his cock up for entrance. She was a fighter though, and even blinded and cuffed she still managed to squirm away a couple of times.

Rob was swearing and muttering but finally he found the right spot and forced himself inside. No preliminaries, no lube. I can just imagine how painful that must have been for her. Her body made a perfect bow trying to get away from the painful invasion. But it was no use off cause.

Damn what I had wanted to hear that little lady scream. I really wonder how those intellectual city gals might try to argue their way out of a fuck like this. I mean, what smart stuff would they say?

But even gagged as she was it was still quite noisy in there. The cringing of the bed as my fat brother mounted her, the sound of flesh slapping on flesh as he got into rhythm. Ah the sound of sex is really music for my ears...

Rob is huge and kind of fat. His stamina is not very good. So soon enough he grabbed her breasts hard and pushed himself as deep inside as he could, shooting his nasty go into Rachel.

As soon as he got off the bed Billy was up again, all eager and angry after having been kicked off her before. This time she seemed too tired to kick efficiently so he lined up and pushed in. The fact that she was still blindfolded by her own nightgown didn’t make it easier for her to fight either off cause.

But Billy wanted to see her face, so he just ripped her silky black gown to pieces. Kind of a revanch for her kicking him before maybe. Destroying her stuff like that.


Damn, she screamed into her gag. I guess poor Rachel was quite sore after Rob having his way down there. She grimaced and winced as he started to pound her. Her breasts were already developing bruises from their rough hands, and Billy was really mauling them as he fucked her.

My brothers are stupid and narrow-minded.  This was like the only kind of sex they knew. Just push your dick into a girl and pound her hard until you come. And at the same time mauling her breasts ruthlessly. Yeah, breasts are impossible for my brothers. Their favourite part I guess.

I stood their looking at the spectacle. No finesse, no foreplay. No this kind of sex wasn’t my kind of tea that’s for sure! But our smart city girl couldn’t really complain. She just had to lie there and take it.

But soon enough Billy groaned in they way I knew meant that he was about to spurt his seed. This time though he surprised us all by pulling out and shooting her all over the breasts. She didn’t seem to like that by the way she shook her head and grimaced. Billy and Rob thought it was hilarious though, and the laughed and high fived each other. I couldn’t help but smile. I mean, it wasn’t that fun. Hell no. But Billy had showed some will to experiment and that was a nice thing.

Her pussy was red and raw from the pounding my brothers had given her. It actually made me a little proud and I kissed them both on their cheeks.

After that it was time to leave. This was an away game after all and we couldn’t stay inside the hotel for too long. There was no time for me too enjoy our prize. We stole her wallet, phone and even clothes. The boys wanted souvenirs and I thought it made sense to make it a little more difficult for her to alarm. Running around naked and all.

It was actually first after we had left the hotel and were driving home through the night that we realised we hadn’t unchained Rachel. That made us all laugh. And a family who laughs together are a happy one. Or so they say.

The end


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August 17, 2018, 03:13:07 PM
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Damn any chance you're looking for a brother from another mother? If my sisters treated me like she does her I wouldn't have to write stories! A great read blondiecath, will there be a sequal?

August 17, 2018, 10:35:51 PM
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Damn I was wishing I was the girl getting the pounding. Loved the story. Awesome job blondiecath

August 26, 2018, 11:27:20 PM
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Thanks for posting this blondiecath!