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The author of the following does not condone violence of any kind towards women. Rape, kidnapping, Forcible Confinement are serious crime that earns the accused jail time when convicted. If you cannot comprehend this seek professional help before professionals seek you!

The people portrayed in the following are all over the legal age of consent. In future chapters a underage character will be introduced and it will be noted prior to the chapter starting

The first game of the season and I was stoked, West Virginia was going down before my beloved Volunteers. This year I managed to scrimp and save enough to by a pair of tickets right at the fifty yard line behind the team’s bench. I had it planned out, up by eight, the pickup loaded by nine and at the tailgate party by nine thirty.

Little did I know that volunteering to be a guide would take me away from the party  and to a game I never want to play again!

12:35PM Gameday

The ribs were cooking, the cornbread was done and I was just putting the finishing touches on the baked beans and slaw. The guys parked beside me kept calling over “You sure you don’t want us to help y'all!”

“No I got everything under control!” Wiping my hands on the apron I wore over my blue daisy duke jean shorts. “In fact guys it’s ready if in y’all want to try some!” The door to their Winnebago opened and two of the burilest guys I’ve ever seen exited and made a beeline to my little party zone. In a hand each guy has a case of beer and a stool in the other.

Placing the stoll down, one stretched out his arm towards me “Burford McCovy, this here is my brother Donald!” Donald took off his cap and  motioned to her with it.

"Well pleasure to meet ya, I’m Valeen Innoson, take it you boys aren’t from around these parts?”

“Oh no ma’am we’re in from West Virginia, Shepherdstown to be precise!!

“Here for the kickoff of the new season are you?” Passing a plate  to each guy “Well just serve yourself, while I go change into my jersey!”

The minute the word change left her mouth both guys heads shot up,  hiding no bones that they were checking out the blonde haired girl. As she moved they could tell that she was not your typical city girl, one her size looked like it came from an honest days work, not some cushy office job.

Donald couldn’t help but watch as Valeen went into the cab of her pickup and pulled a little curtain across the front and side windows, the back one already block by the top cover. What sunlight there was shone through the fabric enough that Donald got a gauze look at the silhouetted form of Valeen as her top came off and her jersey was put in place. One thing Donald notice was the distinct lack of  shadow around the breast area.

Holding a thumb up to Burford, Donald made his way back to his brother

“Yeah just like you said she not wearing anything under the jersey!”

“Well then that’s going to make for a find show when we get here inside!” Taking a little pouch from his jean’s pocket, extracting a small little pill. Twisting the cap off one of the bottles of beer, dropping the pill in. “Once she gets this inta her, it’ll make the trip away from here all the more enjoyable for us! High fiving each other as the driver’s side door opens and Valeen emerges.

Their conversation turns to sound not words “Ohh and mmmhh!”  greeting Valeen as she came around to the back of the pickup. A stool is already sat up for her as finished dishing up a plate of food. As she sits Burford extends his left hand with a bottle of Samuel Adams lager. Accepting taking it, Valeen shovels a forkful of slaw into her mouth, then washes it down with a long pull from the beer.

As the three finish their meal, Donald lok to Burford, winking to him then “Say since you cooked why don’t I take the dishes and wash them as a way to thank you for the food

“Whyyyy thatsss would beee niceeeee!” Valeen slurring her words  as the pill that Burford slipped into her beer took effect. She tries to stand only to stumble a bit as she tried to walk. Before she legs gave out Burford had his hands around her shoulders and knees, lifting her up, carrying her into the Winnebago, eyeing her full mouth as he gently deposited her onto one of the beds.

Donald comes in, “I’ve lock her pickup, tossing everything into the back so we can get out of here anytime you want Burford!”

“Well then little brother don’t you eva say your big bro didn’t treat you every now and then!” Motioning to Valeen’s form on the bed. “You can have the honour of taking her first!”

Donald didn’t need to be told twice, stripping his clothes in a flash then starting to strip the jersey off Valeen. As the fabric came up past her breasts both brother gave a gasp of delight at the sight of the high firm flesh that had to be at least a 36DD. Donald’s mouth watered as his cock started hardening from the sight. Burford biting his left fist as he turned and left for the driver’s seat.

Looking both way Burford slowly pulled away from the stadium, checking the rear view mirror to see how Donald was doing with their guest.


Donald was wasting no time. Taking the daisy dukes off finding a floral thong that he tore off like it was made of licorice. As soon as she was naked, he spread her legs and got his first look at the hidden prize there.  Biting his lower lip “Ah seems a pity to mess something that purty!”

Burford calling back “Well if you feel that way! Then don’t and i’ll come back and do it!”

“Screw you Burford!” His hand stroking his hard cock as he climbed between her legs. Before long his tongue had her outer labia wet, his middle finger is buried inside her inner lips. As she lays there lowly moaning as her sex is orally and digitally worked. Slowly creaming her passage, even though she was not fully aware what was being done to her.

Sensing that she was moist enough to fuck, Donald reposition himself  “Hey Valeen do you want a lover or a hard fuck?” Raising his voice an octave “A hard fuck Donald!” responding for her. Then a hard fucking is what i’ll give you.

Rearing back his hips then driving them and his thick cock into her passage. Air is shot through her lips as his cock tears it way deep into her. Donald doesn’t let up thrusting long and deep into her, jerking her up and down like a limp rag doll.

Meanwhile Buford took his time driving the them out of Knoxville towards the Forks Of The River Wildlife Management area when he pulled into a little used area. Finding a secluded area, he parked and stripped his clothes off, joining his brother.

"Oh Burford she a good fuck, can we keep her and he continues to thrust hard in and out of Valeen’s body.

"Well that depends little brother, why don’t you roll her onto your chest and let me have he ass!” Donald smirks at him, doing as asked. Thrusting in deep, holding himself there as Burford climbed on and aligned himself to penetrate her asshole. Just like Donald did, Burford rammed into her anal opening. Valeen screamed as she felt his cock tear into her ass, the effects of the pill quickly wearing off.

“Oh god that hurt!” tears coming to her eyes as both brothers piston in and out of her lower holes “Why are you doing this to me?!"

“Hey we asked if you like to show us your thanks and you said yes!” Burford says before bursting out laughing.

“God damn Burford I’m going fill her!”

“So why tell me, tell her Donald!”

Valeen cries out begging Donald not to cum inside her. He ignores her, shooting rope after rope deep into her pussy before pulling out. Wigging out from under Valeen then moving to the front of the bed, pulling up her head “Clean me up bitch!” Pressing his cock to her lips, Burford to help his little brother, pulls back then rams back in making Valeen scream in pain.

Donald uses that time to shove his cock into her mouth, effectively stuffing her front to back. Valeen is thrusted front and back as the brothers fuck their cocks in and out of her. Her asshole is burning as she’s feels Burford cum flow through her bowel, her throat is raw as Donald cock  once more squirts cum out of it!.
As he pulls out, Buford pulls his cock out of her ass, rolling her onto her stomach “Clean me or the last thing you’ll see is the surface of the road as you are kicked out on the interstate!”

Valeen takes him at his word, opening her mouth, shuddering as his cock touches the tip of her tongue. The taste is revolting , never having ever tasted the inside of her ass before. She almost vomits as his shaft travels the length of her tongue. Donal returns with handcuffs, shackling her right arm to the wall of the Winnebago
When Burford was finished fucking Valeen mouth, he resumed driving, Donald sat with Valeen, his hand groping her breasts “Oh yeah Burford i can hardly wait to introduce Valeen here to the rest!”

Valeen eyes widen “The rest?”

“Oh yeah there are four more brother and six uncles that you’ll be expected to sleep with daily!”

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” as she faints!

                                                                   To be Continued

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Love the story. Looking forward to reading more.

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Well i hope i can make it worth continue reading Dirty Serenity!

Part Two:

Valeen comes too on her stomach, her hands still cuffed to the cot,  a pain in her ass as Donald is once more fucking her without mercy. Driving his thick cock into her rectum like a battering ram trying to knock the door down on an olden castle. As everything became clear to her befuddled mind “Ah fuck her ass is so fucking tight!” Licking the back of her neck “Damn Burford do we have make straight for home!”

“Now how many times do I have to tell you Donald that she not your personal dick squeezer!” Burford holler back from the front seat “So why don’t you just cum in her for the fourth time and get you ass up here to spell me so I can have one more time with that pussy!”

Donald tried to stave off his latest climax but her ass muscles were just too talented to resisted letting them please him. As he let loose once more draining his churning balls in her bowels. “Ah god i hope that Dwayne doesn’t get a hankering to screw her in the ass!” Lifting his weight up off the helpless Valeen “That big pole of his will make her wide enough that a boar could put his snout into her ass!”

Tears in her eyes as she hears Donald making his way to the front of the Winnebago, then a slowing down to a gentle stop. A rustling of  wooden beads then “I hope Donald hasn’t worn you out ?” Coming towards Valeen, naked from the waist down,his flaccid dick swinging as he walked towards her. “Doesn’t matter if you can fuck right now cause you gotta get me hard before I can fuck you again!”


“Doesn’t matter if you can fuck right now cause you gotta get me hard before I can fuck you again!” Oh god I don’t want him in my mouth, hell I didn’t want him anywhere near me at all! Unlike Donald, Burford didn’t look upon me as a personal possession. If i pretend to do what he wanted maybe Burford would tell me why they are doing this to me!”

“P-p-p-lease-e-e-e I’ll suck your cockk-k-k-k!” Getting a little bolder as Burford stop in front of me, a stunned look in his eyes “Just tell me why your doing this to me-e-e-e-e?!”

Burford looks down at me “Why because you bitches feel that we ain’t anything but a piece of crap that don’t need some love!” The stunned look changes into one of nostalgia “The first one was a little blonde that car broke down in front of our place!” The look in his eyes was like he was remembering something special. “Man she was a fighter that one, right up until Dwayne rammed his big hard cock into her asshole!”

From the front “Oh yeah i can still remember her screams and all the blood as Dwyane tore her ass apart!” Valeen shivered at that, turning her attention back to Burford

"You say the first!, How many has there been before me?”

Burford gets a look like he was trying to remember and count the ones before “Damn Donald can you believe that this one is going to be the lucky number eleven!”

"Ten other girls have been used before me “And what happened to them?”

“Well as I said Dwayne tore the first one’s ass part, she died in pain, Number two and three was choked to death by Cousin Norbert before the doctors got his meds right!”  Turning me over onto my back, closing them reaching up to undo the cuffs, untwisting them before cuffing me to the bed again. Now number four lasted for a couple of years borning us three kids that the bastards of the state welfare took from us!” Five was shot trying to escape the first night she was left alone!” He pauses as he casted a dirty look towards Donald

“Hey I said I was aiming for her leg when the dog hit me!”

“Even the dog hitting you shouldn’t have made you blow the top of her head off!” Burford was shaking the cot

“Why don’t you just admit it when she called you little dick you blew her head off when we let you go in and fuck her alone!” A Harumph came from the front then silence.

“Number six and seven choked to death of cum, Eight ran away with our oldest brother Billy Bob, last we heard they were carnies  in Arizona! He’s calm once more his hand running along my left leg. “Number nine died from heat exhaustion on her first night with us and number ten went crazy and jumped into the doghouse and refuses to come out and those damn dogs won’t let us pull her out, biting us when we try!”

From the front “I still say she prefers Cooter and Rufus over any of us!”

Burford starts again aas his hand comes up my thigh to my pussy “A guy need a guarantee lay or he’ll die from blue balls!” His fingers tracing some pattern along my outer pussy lips as he gets up and turns to me “So that’s going to be your duty for the dozen or so of us!”

I was thinking that there was no way in hell I was going to willing let twelve guys fuck me when ever they desired. Even cuffed like I was I decided that old Burford was in for a surprised when he put his cock into my mouth! Little did I know that he has a plan of his own!

As he swung his hips toward my face, I felt his fingers penetrate my outer lips, move against my clitoris and suddenly grab it between his thumb and first two fingers, his nails pressing against it as if trying to cut through the nerves found there. The sudden influx of pain into my brain makes me scream out, only to have it muffled by Burford’s thick shaft shoved into the opening. ‘Gwakkk’ I damn near chock as the tip hits the skin at the back of my throat.

He didn’t let go of my clit as he forced fucked my mouth but as long as I twirled my tongue along his shaft he never pressed his fingernails into the tender nub. I suck like as mad woman, until I got a sample of salty in my mouth. As we pass over the border of Virginia Burford calls out .

“Hey find us an out of the way place to pull over!”  I feel the Winnebago slow down and the view out of the small window is darkened by leaves. Burford gets up and looks out “Oh nice choice Donald!”  He lets go of my clit as Donald calls back “Should I come back there Burford?”


“Should I come back there Burford?” He opens the cuffs open, Burford grabs a handful of her hair, yanking her up off the bed to stand before he pulling my by the hair to the door, then out of it. “Hey Burford Should I come out too?”

“Stay where you are Donald!” Swinging Valeen towards the side of the Winnebago face first , forcing her legs apart “Just gonna get me some in the outdoors that’s all!”

Slamming her hard against the side, her forehead striking the sidewall with enough impact that she is stunned. Any thought of resistance is instantly scrambled in her head. Then her pussy is split apart as Burford rams his thick shaft into her pussy.  The only sensation she has is pain from head to pussy as Burford fucks her like an animal.

Burford like Donald can’t help but comment about her ability to fuck “Damn I just knew when I first spotted you getting out of that pick up that you had natural ability to fuck sweetheart, licking the back of her neck from shoulders to just behind the ear lobes on her left side. Alternating his technique from long  and slow to short and fast thrust He soon felt his balls begin to produce sperm. Pulling out he took her off the side, turning her onto her back, shoving his cock back into her spreaded pussy in one long deep thrust.

“Oh god no one’s been that deep before!” Valeen cried out as she shoot to the tip of her toes to create a bit of space between the top of his cock and her cervix. Burford realizing what she was trying to do when up on his tiptoes also driving the cock in as far as he could get it. Both groaned, Burford in Pleasure, Valeen in pain. Once more Burford started to change how he thrusted into her pussy but like before, he pulled out before cumming in her.

As his cock left her pussy, Valeen sank back to the sole of her feet, almost standing erect if it wasn’t for Burford grabbing her shoulder and forcing her towards the ground! As her knees came in contact with the dirt “Time to get me more of the tight ass blondie!”

As her hands comes in contact with the dirt Burford settles in behind her forcing her legs open, wrapping his right arm around her waist, pulling her back onto his hard cock. Valeen’s breath is forced out her mouth from the combination of his thrust and the grip he had on her waist. Valeen gulps in air as Burford pulled back, trying to sync her breathing to his thrust. As he sodomized her she began to mew in slight pleasure as he moves his right arm from her waist so he could grope her dangling breasts. Squeezing one as he thrusted in and the other as he pulled back.

Burford groaned in distinct pleasure as he once more enjoyed fucking Valeen’s ass. As he felt his balls boiling over producing sperm he pulls out and rams back into her just closed pussy. Valeen moans in pleasure as once more her pussy and clit is being worked by the pelvic region of Burford.  A Weak “Oh no please not now!” escapes Valeen, making Burford grim in outright pleasure!

“You’re cumming ain’t ya blondie!” Grabbing her hips and pulling her hard against his crotch “You’re gonna do what I’m about to do to you ain’t ya?” As soon as the words are out of his mouth, Burford once more floods her pussy with rope after long rope of his hot cum. Valeen cries out “Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!” as she recipercates soaking his cock with her cum!

Valeen collapses to the dirt, utterly ashamed that she let the bastard climax in her instead of crying out to cum over her back. But worst was the shamed feeling she had for climaxing for the bastard. Fresh tears started to flow from her eyes as Burford collapsed beside her. “Sowas it as good for you was it was for me?” Grinning at her while breathing deep.

"I swear if your like that with us two I wonder how soon before you start begging all of us to fuck you?”
In Valeen’s mind * Damn if i don’t getaway from these two it will be a living fucking nightmare for me and my holes!*

                                                                 To be Continued

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Dann I can't wait to find out how much worse it gets for her.

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Well never let it be said that I keep someone in suspense!

Part Three

Burford gets up “Get up woman or I’ll let Donald come out and fuck you again!” Valeen looks up fear on her face as she slowly gets to her hands and knees. Burford reaches out a hand to help her up, she takes it and he helps pull her erect. Once standing he once more gropes her breasts “Damn I can’t wait until the other sees what Donald and me are bring for their pleasure!”

With his left arm around her shoulder, his hand gripping her left breast Burford led Valeen back into the Winnebago. Donald is just inside the door as they enter, eyeing Valeen he spots that one pupil is larger than the other “Oh shit Burford why did you do to her?”

“I didn’t do a thing!’ Letting go of her breast, taking his arm off her shoulders. Valeen sags a bit as he legs doesn’t appear able to kept her erect on her own Burford leads her back to the cot, forcing her lay down “Now you promise not to do anything foolish and i won’t cuff you to the cot!”

Slightly slurred “I promissseee!”  from Valeen laying on her back staring up to the ceiling of the Winnebago
Donald getting even more concerned that ever. Taking Burford aside whispering to him “I think she has one of those brain things!’ trying for the right word “you know what you call a conclusion!”

“That’s concussion your moron!’ Burford looks to Valeen noticing for himself that she was looking dazed, her pupils not looking alike! “Oh fuck don’t tell me she’s not even going to make home?” Turning to Donald “Let’s make a pact we put the pedal to the floor and get her back to Jonboy before we fuck her again. Spitting in his hand, presenting it to Donald who does similar  before slapping hand with Burford, As they seal their deal Valeen slowly fades to unconsciousness.


Fluttering eyelids lets in a bit of light, then they open to slits emitting a solid stream of light that was reflecting off a white surface besides coming through the window. As she opens her eyes more, it becomes clear that she isn’t in the Winnebago but in a bedroom containing a bed and a dresser and nothing else.

Slowly swinging her leg up and off the mattress and blankets that she was laying on Valeen tried to stand up. Her head feels slightly fuzzy, her vision slowly settling on a single image instead of the two version she was seeing as she was lead back to the Winnebago.Trying a few steps she is wobbly at first but the more she moves the more confident she becomes.

As she turns to the door, finding it unlocked as she turns the knob, opening the door about to go out into the hall

“Well looks like your concussion isn’t that servere!” A man about six feet six, Muscular without be muscle bound, hair all over the chest but nothing below the waistline. A cock that was flaccid looking like it was seven inches long and a good two inches in diameter. Eyeing her from head to toe “Well I got to give my little brothers credit, they sure brought home a looker this time! Walking towards Valeen, making her back pedal  back into the bedroom.

As he entered he shut the door behind him his eyes boring holes into Valeen’s breasts “I’m sure you been told why your here!” Forcing her to back up until her legs comes into contact with the edge of the bed. “Well I here to make sure your okay to give us pleasure whenever we want it!” Stepping close to her, making her sit down on the bed, her head level with his crotch. Trembling Valeen looks up into the face of the guy “And One thing Jonboy knows is how to check out a woman for fitness!”

Grabbing his cock  “Now I want you to keep you eyes lock on the tip of my cock at all times” Valeen does as he says as Jonboy starts moving his cock to the left, the right, up and down . He eyes never leaves the tip, following it as he takes a few steps back. Even when Jonboy steps close to her her eyes follow, only losing eye contact with it as he steps so close that the tip actually touches her lips.

“So Burford and Donald told us how willing you been to service us all!” Valeen didn’t need to hear more, opening her mouth, running her tongue along the length of Jonboy’s hardening shaft. Without being told she wrapped her lips around his shaft, making them as tight as possible. Jonboy responds by lowly moaning in distinct pleasure. “Oh yeah they wasn’t kidding that you got a mouth on you!”

Pulling his cock out of her mouth Jonboy takes Valeen by the shoulder and turns her on the mattress slowly pressing her onto her back. “Now i plan to get you ready for a temperature reading so you better get my thermometer ready while i clean the insertion site!” Valeen didn’t understand what he wanted until Jonboy climbed up onto her body, his cock back at her lips, his hands parting her legs so his mouth could touch her venus mound.

As the lips of her mouth part, Jonboys tongue parts her inner pussy. *Oh god this is so wrong!* as Valeen finds herself taking two parts of the same man into two of her orifices *I’ve never been made to let the same guy dp me before!*

As Jonboy worked his tongue around her inner lips,  lightly caressing the lips before zeroing in on her clitoris. The tip flicks all over the surface of her clit causing little jolts of electricity to travel to the pleasure centre of her brain. As much as she didn’t want this, she was slowly giving into the pleasure he was ekoving from her. Soon she was grinding her mound into the invading tongue helping Jonboy to make her cum for him.

As his cock begins to leak salty precum into her mouth, Jonboy pulls out “Damn I got to know if your pussy is as good as your mouth!” Spinning on her so now his lips are covering hers, his cock nudging her pussy opening. Valeen doesn’t offer any resistance as she’s penetrated by the biggest cock to date. “Ohhhhhgggooodddddd!” crying out as wet Jonboy’s cock surged into her wet passage.

Even after the fucking she suffered at the cocks of Burford and Donald Valeen wasn’t wet enough to endure the size and girth of Jonboy in her. “Oh god please take it out!” Jonboy snickers at her as he pulls back and surges forward again and again intent on fucking her through the mattress and the floor. In his eyes she sees his desire to use her unleashed, in her pussy she feels the powerful surges forwards, hitting places no other cock has been before.

“Oh you’re loving this aren’t you?” Raising her hips up with his hands as he drives his full length into her

“Fuckkkkkmeeeeeeeeee!!” Jonboy hollered so loud that everyone in the house instantly knew what he was doing. Echoes of  “Fuck her a good one for me!’ quickly followed by “So is she fit?” coming from somewhere in the house

Jonboy hollering back “Damn if she had a concussion than I’m gonna fuck her brain back in it’s rightful place!” Hammering her pussy with deep hard thrusts. Valeen was losing it by the second as Jonboy continued pounding his hard cock into her, wrapping her legs around his effectively lock then together. *Oh god I’m beginning to want this!*

Then lowly “yes fuck me!” slowly building up in volume as Jonboy drove his cock in and out of her “OH GOD YES FUCK ME!”  The harder he thrusted the more she wanted from him Arching her back “Fuck me i’m cumming!”

“Oh go right ahead and cum Darling, cause i’m just warming up!”  Mashing his lips onto hers as she arches her back into his chest. Breaking off his kiss “Oh yeah push those tit into me like I’m driving my cock into you!”
Valeen was so ashamed of how she was acting as Jonboy continued to fuck her. Now only was he rocking her insides but the bed itself. The harder he pounded her the more the legs of the bed shook,until they cracked, bed collapsing onto the floor ad Jonboy thrusted in as deep as possible, holding inside before unleashing torrents of cum into her pussy

As Jonboy finished, winded he pulls out and rolls off Valeen, laying beside her trying to gulp in large amounts of air. Valeen doing the same as large gobs of cum drip out of her well fucked passage. The door to the room opens and nine other heads appear around it’s opening.

“So is she fit enough to take us all?” a rather large head missing a few teeth asks

Choruses of “Well is she?” from the rest

“Maybe later but right now she need a damn good rest” Wrapping an arm around her  “And to make sure she gets its I’m gonna stay right here until she able to!”

The looks from the others tell of their disappointment “Ah well then what do you want for dinner Jonboy!

“Breast and thigh would be nice!” looking over Valeen rising and lowering chest.

                                                                    More To Follow

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Only posting once a day is just teasing me.....loving the story

September 19, 2018, 01:50:37 PM
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Am i teasing you or making sure that you keep coming back daily? ;)

So with this chapter I'm starting to wind the story up, only two chapters more after this one

Part Four

The security guard tied the pick up door, locked solid. Grabbing his walkie talkie “This is Sebastine , looks like we have an abandoned vehicle that needs towing, license plate VIP 069, 2018 sticker on it.” Moving to the back, flashing the beam of his flashlight into the camper portion of the pick up “Wait something doesn’t appear right here?”

“In what way? Over!”

“The person’s purse and cell phone are in the back!’ Pressing his hands to the glass just to the sides of his eyes

“And the phone is flashing!”

“Call the local police instead?”

“Yeah something tell me that’s the right thing to do!” Backing away from the vehicle “Sebastine out!”


The object of Sebastine’s worry was 459 miles away under watch by two men, one beside her the other looking in through the bedroom window. It’s been a week since Harley celebrated his nineteenth birthday and he had yet to received his one present he absolutely wanted-a live pussy to fuck!

“God look at her lying there, must be one of those women who like women you hear about Charlie!” Talking to a younger cousin, who was looking up to him with a confused look on his face “Why else isn’t she letting Jonboy fuck her?” Ducking down so he isn’t caught in case Jonboy looked out the window.

Harley been homeschooled since he was ten and they haven’t covered sex education. All he knew was what he saw from peering in neighbours windows after sneaking out at night. Every window he looked into there was a girl with a guy between her legs so he thought all females all day and night. So The behaviour the two were looking in on confused him.

Now Charlie you understand what i want you to do right?” Once more raising his head so he could see inside
“I’m to go to the garage and cry out and keep it up until Jonboy comes out so you can get in and got between her legs!” Harley musses Charlie’s hair while telling him he’s a good boy. Then he shoves him in the back after saying now get going.Turning to watch Charlie get up and start for the garage. Looking back in through the window, waiting for Jonboy to get up and leave.

Five minutes of hollering passes before Jonboy is roused to go check out the commotion. Once he clears the door, Harley raises the window high enough to slip in. Moving to the foot of the bed, Harley can’t help but wonder why Valeen’s legs are closed. A thought that maybe she isn’t a real girl, trembling as he reaches out to touch her ankle. His hand closes around her right ankle, sending a shiver through her leg up into her brain.

As her eyes open, spotting Harley, she instinctively jerks her leg out of his grasp. “W-w-w-h-h-o-o-o are you?”  covering her bare breast with her right hand, her venus mound with her left hand.

“You’re gonna be my first!” His hand going to the belt at his waist, opening it then the button on his jeans. As his hand takes his zipper down Valeen eyes widen as she see the cock hidden behind the front of his pants.It had to be at least five inches long and an inch in girth. As he kicks his pants off he climbs up onto the bed 
“Now I want you to open your legs so i can lay between them!”

“But Jonboy said that no one was going to have me until he said they could!”

Harley’s hand started to caress her right leg “I was promised a real live woman for my nineteenth birthday and by god your going to be her!”. His hand now travelling up above her knee, steadily make it’s way between her thighs “So why don’t you spread these legs and let me have my first woman!” Not giving her a chance to do it on her own, Harley spreads her legs and oohs at the sight he beholds.

As he moves up to position himself between her legs “Oh man I can’t believe I’m gonna get me a woman!”

Valeen had no choice with Burford and Donald due to the drug they slipped her. She hated to admit to herself how submissive she was with Jonboy, but this was too much for her to take. Lashing out with both hands Valeen slapped Harley across the face, stunning him enough to make it easy to roll him off her and the bed. As he looked up from the floor “Why did you do that?” rubbing his cheek “All the women I’ve seen let’s the guys do her when they are between her legs!"

“You try that again and I’ll tear your cock off!” Jumping up off the bed, putting it between him and her. “I’m not going to let you fuck me like a piece of meat!”

“OH YES YOU ARE!” Jonboy standing in the door frame “I don’t approve how he went about getting you but we did promise him a woman!” Coming into the room, going over to Harley, holding out a hand to help him up with. “So get you ass back on that bed and spread them legs and get fucking!

Looking shocked Valeen at Johnboy's attitude “But I thought that….!”

“What made you think anything!” Hopping onto the bed then off to the right of Valeen “You were brought here to fuck us and that’s what your going to do!” Pulling her towards the bed “I’ll give you a choice, Fuck Harley here and now or I’ll take you out to the living room where everyone is gathered and you can fuck him there while sucking everyone else’s cocks!”

As her knees hit the edge of the bed “No please don’t make me choose, just let me go and I swear I won’t tell anyone about this!”

Harley hops onto the bed reaching out to grab Valeen’s arms!, With a good hold on her wrists he pulls her towards him as Jonboy helps to propel her forwards “Nooooooooooo!” As she falls onto the surface of the mattress Harley rolls her onto her back, Jonboy he’s him to get her legs spread. Struggling as Harley took his place, Jonboy lean over and slapped Valeen across the face “There more where that came from!, Now started with the fucking!”

Tears flow from her eyes from the sharp blow and the pain from Harley penetrating her without any sort of lubricant. Harley having no experience with women didn’t know what to do “Oh christ Harley moves your hips back then push then forward again, like this!” Jonboy grabbed Harley’s hips pulling then out then pushing them back in. Doing it five times “Alright i’m letting go now you continue doing that!”

As he lets go Jonboy couldn’t help but to be aroused by the sight of Harley continuing on his own. As his cock hardened he moved to the top of the bed. “You gonna suck my cock ain’t cha girl?”

“Jonboy ain’t you afraid of her biting your cock?”

“Not if she wants to live I ain’t!” admonishing Harley “You just fuck your first pussy and pay no mind to what i’m doing!” Climbing on the bed beside Valeen’s head, presenting his cock to her lips, once more knowing she had no choice she opens her mouth and takes his cock in.

*Is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life* Valeen wonders as once more two cock begin to use her. Harley monotone fuck of her pussy doing nothing to pleasure her and Jonboy’s cock is giving her none either. A minute later Valeen feel the liquid warmth spread in her love passage as Harley came in her.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” Harley cries out as he cums

“Well Harley you're a man now!” Jonboy pulls out “And i want you to watch how a real man fucks a pussy like this!” Moving  between her legs, shoving his entire cock into Valeen’s pussy “Watch how i change how deep i put it before taking it out!” Harley eyeing intently as Jonboy thrusted in and out of Valeen “See how she responds when you change to short and fast movement!”

Valeen was so ashamed that Jonboy was showing Harley how to fuck her, worse she was equally ashamed that he body was once more proving how it loved the way Jonboy was fucking her “oh please no more!” Her head rocking side to side as Jonboy keep the pace, only altering it every few strokes to excite her body more “ Oh yes!"

“See Harley how much she like what i’m doing to her!” Seeing that Harley’s cock is hard once more “She loves this so much that she would do anything for you!”

“Like what Jonboy?”

“Like take you in her mouth and suck your cock!” Harley couldn’t believe it but he moved to her head, pressing his cock to Valeen’s lips “Oh yes i’ll suck it!’ opening her mouth wide, moving her head so his cock filled her open mouth, closing until it made a tight seal around it then moving her tongue all over the undersize of his cock.

Valeen’s oral technique is more than a match for the inexperienced youth. As Jonboy brings her to climax, she has Harley spraying his seed into her mouth. Coating her teeth and tongue before some leaks out the corner of her mouth. Seeing that Jonboy Thrusts deep into her and hold himself there until he starts spraying her  insides with more of his seed.

As they both leave their respective orifice, Valeen lies back sexually satisfied

"Hey Harley why don’t you go to the living room and get the coffee table ready to hold our little fuck toy here!’

"Okay Jonboy should i tell them to get ready to fuck her?”

"You do that Harley, why i help her walk out!” Harley is off like a bolt of lightning “Oh yeah it’s time you met everyone else you’ll be fucking from here on out!


The officer comes into the security office “Yeah i don’t think that pick up was abandoned by choice.” Moving to the three men at the main desk “Do you have the footage of the parking area ready

“Sure do!’ on the screen 10:06 am the pick up in question pulls in and a lady gets out

“Fast forward it until the two spaces around her are filled!” One guys presses a button and the screen show the picture moving forwards, the spot on the left never fills, 10:36 am the right one is taken by a Winnebago, licence plate G55467. Jotting the plate number down, “Can you fast forward until the Winnebago leaves?”

The guy does and in quick motion the four watch as the girl brings food to the men in the Winnebago, gets a beer and is taken into the man comes out and cleans up placing everything in the pick up, locking it looking around then going into the Winnebago and it leaving.

“Damn wonder if he went willingly?”

"Don’t know I’ll have hq run the plate and take it from there!” Making note in on his pad “Can i get a copy of that footage for my report?”

                                                                  To Be Continued

September 19, 2018, 05:12:55 PM
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Online DirtySerenity

Both but mostly teasing.

September 20, 2018, 07:41:12 AM
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Offline gscmar64

In this chapter i write About a Sixteen year old male first experience with a girl. If such an act offends you sensibility then skip this part or skip over the three paragraphs. Consider yourself warned!

Part Five:

Just the thought of eight more males, taking me had me shaking. Jonboy didn’t seem to care that I was really frightened as he grabbed my left wrist in his large hand, “Now the only question is are you going to come willingly or do I toss you over my shoulder and carry you out?”

Looking around I see the window that Harley came in was still open, I try for it, my head and shoulders almost out of it before Jonboy grabs my waist and pulls me back. Tossing me back towards the bed, my legs strikes the edge of it and I fall onto the mattress. Ultra quick Jonboy is on me, his cock hitting my right ass cheek, rolling me over onto my stomach then sitting on my waist.

From the left comes his open palm, right across my left cheek, snapping my head to the right. “Stupid bitch try that again and you’ll be blown to bits by our shotguns!” Stunned I feel him force his shoulder into my midriff driving more air out of my diaphragm as I’m lifted up off the mattress. Like a ragdoll I’m carried from the bedroom into a large room with men whooping.

A feeling of falling is stopped by the sudden striking of a solid hardwood surface. My head hangs over one end,my torso on the hard surface, my legs bend from the waist drop to the floor as the men come closer to me.“She tried to get away from me so she needs to be shown her place!”

My head is grabbed as my eyes adjust to the bright light of the room, something brown with a pink slit is coming towards me. Out of fear i open my mouth and feel a flesh taste as what turns out to be a small cock is pushed into my mouth. My nose is rubbed by the wiry crotch hair of the cocks owner. The cock inside my mouth isn’t long, nor thick so when an extremely long and thick cock is jammed into my pussy I could cry out in pain around it.

“Oh god please it hurts!”  my cries are ignored as the cock in my pussy begins to saw roughly in and out of me. A hand snakes it way between the wood’s surface and my chest, then I feel a hand grasp onto my breast, squeezing the flesh like a stress relief ball. Another join coming from the other direction as I’m in pain from the combination of hands and cocks.

The cock in my mouth tenses up and soon I feel a hot liquid sensation flowing over my tongue “Damn is that what it’s like to have your cock sucked?” The cock and a gob of it’s cum slips from my mouth “Damn I’m gonna have her suck me off three times a day!’

“Now Harvey we’ll discuss that later!!” My focus comes onto the face a smiling teen who couldn’t be more than sixteen of age before he pushed out of the way by a guy who is obviously older and possesses a cock that was destined for my empty mouth. Like the teen’s his crotch wasn’t shaved, once more the tip of my nose is buried into a forest of crotch hair that smelled of smoke, grease. Worse off all, his cock tasted like it hasn’t seen soap and water in months as it traversed my tongue.

God I started to gag from the taste, damn sure that I was going to throw up the more it went into me. The horror must have shown on my face as the room of guys started laughing. “What’s the matter does Jerome tang not suit your delicate palate?” Other slapping him on the back “Man Jerome I don’t think she’s going to be calling you back to blow again!”

“Well then I’ll just have to fuck her throat now and feed her my cum until she says she will call me again!” An evil laugh from Jerome sealed my fate as he amped up how fast and deep he forced his cock into my throat. The person in my pussy was alternating his rhythm as he fucked me, at the same time he was using my ass cheeks like a personal metronome, slapping me as he pulled outwards.

“Hey Bobby Joe how is she?” A voice I recognize, Burford, somewhere in front of me to me right.

“A bit loose, Harley must be bigger than he told us!” This Bobby Joe , slapping and fucking me moaned “Or else Jonboy did her before bringing her out!” What I heard next made me sick inside “Either way by the time I’m done with her should be ready for Bubba to take his turn!”

Yells of “NO way! I don’t want her after Bubba had her?”, “Damn she’ll be able to park a truck in there after he’s done with her!” and one voice that I could only guess was Bubba’s “Hell yeah my Wreckin’ rod is ready to take her apart!”

Jerome takes his cock out of her mouth and turns her head so she gets an eyeful of Bubba’s cock. It looked like the arm of a four year old child that’s been redden by being gripped to hard, all red and veiny. Jerome leans into her whispering “And that’s what’s going to be fucking you daily”  Turning her head back to him “But until then open up!” His slimy cock resting against her equally slimy lips.

Valeen knew she had no choice, parting her lips and took his cock back into her mouth. Bobby Joe’s cock in her pussy pushed in deep and stayed right before emptying the contents of the his balls into her. “So that the first of many for you dearie!” Pulling his shrinking cock out of her fucked orifice.

No sooner is his cock out of her than a drooling giggling idiot runs up and starts dry humping her, Jerome calls out “Oh for god’s sake Georgie drop your pants first!” The guy does what Jerome says and I feel something push between my pussy lips, it’s not very thick and not all that particularly long. What must have been about six thrusts I feel more cum flowing into me and the giggling gets further from me.

Jerome’s cock tenses and soon my mouth is once more trying to contained the contents of someone else’s balls. The only advantage is that I’m given time to recover from the abuse I’ve just experienced. Getting a chance to look around I see the drooling grotesque caricature of a human sitting without his pants, his cock dangling like a Udon noodle, No wonder I didn’t experience any trouble from him fucking me

Hey guys why don’t we give her a rest before fucking her again?” Jonboy taking control once more


Tennessee State Police HQ Knoxville is abuzzed with the apparent abduction of one Valeen Innoson. In the bullpen “So we are sure that the Winnebago has crossed state lines with Miss Innoson?

“Seems so boss!”

“Damn then we have to bring the feds in on this!” picking up the receiver dialing the number that no state officer wants to call “Hello this is Captain Pan Thersseventy can I speak with Special Agent Sanders please


The assembled guys are passing a jug of something around before setting it down onto the table that I had been bookended on. Currently I was sprawled out on the floor, on my stomach with cum still leaking from my abused pussy Someone has a plush towel and is wiping my back with it. Turning my head I see it’s Donald who’s toweling me off.

“I’m sorry Valeen that those bastards has done that to you!” His hand with the towel now between my thighs gently wiping my sex off.  “Promise me that you won’t try to escape again?”  I could hear the caring in his voice as he spoke quietly to me. “By my count there is only four more who hasn’t had a chance with you yet!” Even with him being gentle with me, I tense up thinking that the abuse was starting again.

“Hey! Relax  they are drinking pure rockgut that Jerome makes out in the shed out back!” They was he was talking for some reason was putting me at ease. “I’ll bet they will be passed out within the half hour!” The towel drops and his fingers are caressing my pussy lips, I can feel him tracing a figure eight all over them. I don’t want to react but his actions gets to me and I can feel myself start to grind against his fingers.

Then I feel them leave my pussy lips and gently glide inside where he once more traces the figure eight all over my inner lips. His thumb makes contact with my already stimulated clitoris sending waves of pleasure impulses through mt lions and into my brain. Against my thoughts I lowly moan in pleasure, my body trying more to get of what he’s doing to it.

A new sensation then rocks my already over stimulated flesh, light butterfly kissed to the back of my neck, down across my shoulders sending shivers up my spine. God it was like he knew exactly what to do to drive my desire to be fucked off the scale. Inside my conscious is screaming *resist you fool!* but my body is responding deeply to him by finally releasing a long needed cumming.

Weakly “Take me!”  no sooner are the words off my lips than I spreading my legs so my latest abuser can mount me. A breeze as he moves into position, a heavy weight descends onto my back and I feel myself penetrated once more. This time lovingly not animalistically like before. The only thing ruining my experience was when I heard the degrading remarks of the other

“That’s it Donald fuck her through the floorboards!” followed by a voice I haven’t heard before “You deep into her ass?” As i moan in pleasure “What a slut you two got us, she liking it already!”


Hanging up the phone I open the file sent from Tennessee, a brief scan of the file brings a little bell ringing to my head. Opening another window I input the licence plate number and wait the microseconds it took for the name of the owner to pop up. Burford McCovy Suspected accomplice in the abduction of Mary Jo Amberson and a couple of more. “Shit looks like he might have struck again Jason!” Swinging the monitor around so my partner could see “A Valeen Innoson was taken from the stadium in Knoxville earlier today by someone driving a Winnebago with his licence plate on it!”

“Maybe we should go out and have a chat with Mr. McCovy” Jason, getting up “See who had his vehicle and what he knows about what they did with it!”

Opening my drawer I grab my badge and gun “Let’s my gut is telling me that we might not be wasting time on this!” As I go to shut off the monitor, a picture of Miss Innoson comes onto the screen “Damn what a looker!” Jason stop, turns and comes over to see.

“Fuck maybe we should take the Range rover and come in from the backside of the property!” I swear I saw him lick his lips “In case they do have her and try to flee!”

                                                                  To be Concluded

September 20, 2018, 10:56:08 AM
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Online DirtySerenity

I'm dying to know what happens to her. Don't leave us hanging to long.

September 20, 2018, 01:49:18 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Okay I won't!

Part Six

“Ignore them Valeen, they don’t know how to act in the presence of a real women!” As he continued to fuck me from behind on the floor. I was so confused after the previous four just shanked their cock in either my mouth or my pussy but here was the very first one to violate me sexually acting as if he was in love with me. The worst part I was actually liking it!

I feel the hair moved from the back of my neck, then warm breath flowing over the flesh followed by the warmth of something slightly wet. The sensation is repeated over and over eliciting soft moan of pleasure from me. My pussy was sore from the previous fucking  but I still found myself pushing back to meet his forward thrusts.

Visions of the first time in the Winnebago comes back to me, how his actions mirrored what I’d just experienced both in the bedroom and here in the living room. He pulls out, gets up and hold his hand out to me “ Valeen let’s take this back to the bedroom!”

In my mind I’m screaming *No just let me go!* but from my mouth “Yesssss!!” My eyes going to his cock which is still rock hard. My hand goes to his and I feel him gently pulling me up, as I get to my feet I can’t help but place my left arm around Donald’s waist, my hand coming to rest on his cock, my head on his shoulder as we make our way to the bedroom.

Inside the bedroom, Donald gently lifts my to the bed, depositing me down like I was a feather. As soon as my back touches the mattress I spread my legs for him and he takes his place, once more penetrating me like a lover not a rapist. I cry out in pleasure as he establishes his rhythm, my overstimulated clit rubbing against his pelvic bone when our bodies slap together, driving me to a higher state of horniness.

It’s as if we are one as he thrust in and out of me. I lock my legs around his legs, refusing to let him go and he responds by thrust faster. Soon the only thing I know is his cock and my wanton desires to be fucked by him.

What feel like hours comes to a halt as i feel him tense then ejaculate in me, making me answer him back. Rolling of me I feel the weight leave the bed as i close my eyes, signing in delight from my fucking.

Then the weight is back followed by the feel of a air chilled sheet touching most of me. “You get some rest while I stay here and prevent the others from disturbing you!” Still confused I snuggle closer to Donald and do as he says, calming my breathing and eventually drifting off to a sexually stimulated slumber.


A bottle crashes to the floor, falling from the hand of Burford, rousing them from their rock gut slumber. Shaking their heads to clear the alcohol effects they as one come to realize  that their new fuck toy was missing. “God damn where has she and Donald got off to?” Buford getting yo careful not to step in the spilt booze. Looking around the living room “A.J. get up and go check the bedroom!”

A blonde moves off like a scared rabbit as the rest get up and look to the only clock in the place. 8:36 Pm in big red digital numbers and letters greets their bleary eyes. Out the window the sun is beginning to sink, scratching their balls they all move to the kitchen, Burford calling out “Well A.J. you find them yet?”

“Yeah Burford their in Jonboy’s room sleeping!” All at once they all make their way to the room in question. Peering in the find Donals his arms around Valeen’s naked form, a sheet barely covering her back and exposed ass.

“Jesus what a sight!” Bubba exclaimed as he tried to push the other out of the way I can’t wait to get my cock into the ass!”  Finally able to get into the room, his hand reaching out to touch the exposed flesh, making Valeen jolt out of her slumber.


That bring Donald awake “Valeen it alright I’m here!’

“So what twerp!” Bubba pushing Valeen into Donald making him roll off the edge of the bed, leaving Valeen there alone with a man monster staring down at her, drool on his lips. “What you going to do to stop me!”


Looking down at the print out then back up “There it is 666 Bronson Crescent!” Jason pointed out the house at the midpoint of the crescent. “For some reason I think we should be calling in the locals as backup!”

"If we call then Jason we would have to wait for ten minutes before they could get here!’

“So what is ten minutes Tony if they have guns in there?” Damn Jason was making sense. Getting out my phone speed dialing the number “ Captain Cartier please!” Waiting for the eventually pick up. “Hey Grayson it Tony Sanders could I get a couple of squaddies to attend an address while we conduct an investigation?”

Listening to his complaining about lack of manpower and the inevitable question then I play my ace card “We’re going to talk to one Burford McCovy!” I’m told we’ll have four cars in the area within minutes

“Well Jason looks like we have your backup!”


“What a pussy, he’s got probably the hottest chick we ever got and he’s cuddling asleep with it instead of fucking her through the mattress!” Jerome holler waking Donald and Valeen Jonboy pushes Jerome aside and enters.

“Okay Donnie boy you had your lone time with her now get out soNorbet, A.J., hank and Dwayne can have their turn with her!”

“Hey I told ya my name is Bubba not Dwayne!” Pushing his way past Jonboy “And I’ll make little Donnie leave, count on that! Coming to the bed, reaching out grabbing Donald by the arm, lifting him out of the bed like a rag doll and dropping him to the floor “Now get before I tear that thing you call a cock off!”

Donald doesn’t sass back, basically scooting his naked ass along the floor towards the door. The others were smirking seeing this help him to stand as he’s about to pass through the door. Once on his feet, surrounded by the others “Well Dwayne I hope you can actually get a hard on this time, what with the last one preferring dog over getting fucked by you again!”

Bubba turns and lunges for Donald who bolts into the living room just as four squad cars pull into the crescent.  As the converge on the black Range Rover two guys gets out and motion the cars as to where they wanted them! Crying out

“Hey guys looks like someone about to get a visit from the pigs!” Seeing one of the guys from the Range Rover turn and stare into the direction of him ‘Shit if I didn’t know any better I would say it us they are interested in!”
All by the four who haven’t had a chance with Valeen came to the living room, Burford leading the group. Looking out the window, “Damn not those two again!”


The phone goes off and i’m told our backup should be turning into the crescent with us at any moment. Looking through the rear view mirror I see the first car. Okay Jason it’s go time!” Getting out I direct the cars as to where I want them, as the officers inside get out I call out.

“Okay I want two around back, two on the front door and four with me and Agent Donavon!” Turning back I stare at the house, spotting someone looking out at us “Damn so much for the element of surprise!” All eyes turn to the house In time to see more eyes peering back at us as we start towards the front door.


Meanwhile in the bedroom the four who remained were salivating at the thoughts of fucking Valeen. Bubba seemed to take charge “Well i trust that the others can stall the pigs long enough for us to give her what she wants from us!” Staring down at the inert form of Valeen Norbert, Hank you two hold her down on the bed as A.J. fucks her mouth and I take that sweet ass.

Norbert and Hank moves to the bed each grabbing an arm and leg, spinning Valeen on the mattress so she was lying crossways, giving A.J. and Bubba clean access to her orifices in question. Bubba moves around the bed  as A.J. moves nearer to her mouth.

“No A.J. you just wait until I slam home in her ass  and she screams out to stuff her mouth!” All four are unaware that the pigs are in the open door as Bubba grabs her ass cheeks splitting them then spitting on the orifice hidden between them. Then aligning his monstrous head to her asshole, surging forwards making Valeen cry out.



Six of us are ready to go in after i knock on the door. We hear movement then the door opens “Good evening can i help you?”

“Evening I’m Special agent Sanders and this is my partner Special Agent Donavon and we would like to talk with one Burford McCovy!” The one at the door turns as if to call someone when

“Oh god NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shatters the air

Jason and I go into action immediately “We suspect that was one Valeen Innoson who was kidnapped from Tennessee earlier today!” Pushing past the one at the door “You four cover them if anyone tries to leave detain then anyway you have to!” Rushing into the bowels of the house sounds of a struggle comes to our ears from straight ahead then screaming! Pulling our guns we go to the door.


Going into the room, one guy is holding his crotch, a red stain spreading between his fingers, two others putting their hands up as they see us with guns out. A monster of a man pressing hard against a woman’s naked ass “Pull out or we’ll shoot! Both of us recognizing Miss Innoson. Jason doesn’t speak he leaps and tackles the man to the floor, forcing his cock out of Miss Innoson’s ass. After that it was all a blur of activity


Five hours after the raid

“Miss Innoson we can come back another time that’s more convenient for you!”  The nurses checking her B.P. and pulse

“No Special Agent Now I want to get this over with as soon as possible so i can get back home!”

“Well I don’t know when the doctors will be done but as for us we have more than enough evidence to convict each member of the McCovy Clan for aggravated Sexual Assault, Forcible Confinement, Burford and Donald also for Kidnapping and Trafficking Across State Lines!” Jason hanging back by the door adds “And don’t forget about the other we found in the kennel, there’s charges for what they did to her also!”

“Officers the doctor gave Miss Innoson a sedative that should be taking effect soon!” Moving to the door “So if you could make this brief…!” Leaving us three alone as she left to perform more duties elsewhere

“Are you sure that they’ll be sentenced to prison Special Agent?”

“No jury in the world couldn’t help but convict them Miss Innoson!”

Valeen lays back, closes her eyes “All I did was volunteer to share some food with them!” tears coming to her eyes “All this was not what I thought I was volunteering for!” A few minutes later she is quickly drifting to sleep!

The agent get up and leave, out in the hall “Well I got to give it to them, they did pick a true beauty!”

                                                              The End!

September 20, 2018, 03:02:09 PM
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Online DirtySerenity

That's not the ending I was expecting but I loved it. Great story gscmar64.

September 20, 2018, 04:28:59 PM
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Offline gscmar64

 I'm glad you like it Dirty Serenity!  How did you see it ending?

September 20, 2018, 05:46:31 PM
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Online DirtySerenity

The girl being taken by the two FBI agents maybe

September 20, 2018, 05:52:10 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Is that how you think the FBI Would act? Well I'll see if i can eek out some time for a different ending!

September 20, 2018, 05:58:37 PM
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Online DirtySerenity

No no don't change the ending. I love the ending. It was just a dirty thought that went through my head.

September 24, 2018, 11:21:57 PM
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Offline vile8r

Outdid yourself with this one gsc! A classic!

September 25, 2018, 07:38:44 AM
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Offline gscmar64

Glad you liked it Vile8r. For some reason this one flowed from brain to keyboard like a dream!

September 25, 2018, 06:57:14 PM
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Offline vile8r

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Glad you liked it Vile8r. For some reason this one flowed from brain to keyboard like a dream!
It's an awesome feeling when that happens.