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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy. 

Sweet Little Sister: A cute young girl seduces her older sister's boyfriend, but finds out she has bitten off more than she can handle!

An original story by Vile8r

What a boring Friday night! Guess I shouldn’t have gotten grounded!
thought Lexy.

The 13 year-old girl was stretched out on the couch in her parents’ basement rec room watching a movie.
  Normally, on a Friday night she would be hanging out with friends. But the previous weekend, little Lexy had got herself in some trouble.
   Lexy was known as being very precocious. She definitely looked older than her age and acted like it too. Which tended to get her in a bit of trouble from time to time. Take last weekend, for example.

  Lexy Stafford was an extremely cute girl. Silky blonde hair  past her shoulders, big blue eyes and full lips and a sparkling smile. Lexy stood about 5 ft. tall and weighed around 100 lb. She had a very curvy, coltish body. With her flat, firm stomach, toned legs and budding breasts, Lexy was very popular with the boys.

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 Lexy and her friend, Danielle, had told their parents they were going to see a movie with friends. And they had good intentions of doing just that.

But as they walked through the mall on the way to the multiplex theatre, they ran into some boys. Older boys, about 15-16. They started flirting with Lexy and Danielle and before they knew it, the girls were invited to a party at a nearby house. Danielle was a little reluctant at first, but Lexy persuaded her to skip the movie and they went with the boys to the party.

  The girls figured as long as they were home by the time of their curfews, no one would be the wiser. But that didn’t happen! The girls each had a couple beers and got a bit of a buzz on. One of the boys, a 15 year-old by the name of Matt, took quite a liking to Lexy and she to him.

  After a while the two ended up in a quiet corner, making out. Lexy was not shy around boys in the least bit. For want of a better term, I guess you could say Lexy was a “loose” girl, although she was still a virgin. She had no problem with letting Matt unsnap her jeans and put his hand inside her panties. Lexy gave Matt a sweet little cock-suck and finished up with a hand job.

  They were just returning to the party, when all of a sudden Danielle came running up, informing Lexy it was 10:30 p.m. They were supposed to be home at 10! The two girls were out the door and running for home.

  Lexy had tried to sneak in the back door, hoping her parents wouldn’t hear her, but they were both sitting up waiting for her. The shit hit the proverbial fan! It was bad enough she was nearly an hour late getting home, but her parents could also smell beer and cigarettes on her. They were able to easily deduce that she and Danielle had not went to the movie. She was busted! Luckily, they didn’t find out what she had done with Matt!

   So now she was grounded for the next two weeks. Bummer! Oh well, at least Danielle was too. The two were able to text each other and chat on the internet. At least her parents hadn’t taken that away from her.

  Her phone buzzed and she picked it up. She thought it might be Danielle. It wasn’t! It was her bitchy older sister, Ashley. Well, she wasn’t really that bitchy, but she did like to boss Lexy around a lot. Ashley had an after-school job at The Old Navy store in the mall a few blocks away and that was where she was now. Lexy wondered what she wanted.

Ashley was five years older than Lexy and a high school senior. She had just celebrated her 18th birthday a few weeks earlier.

Ashley was a very beautiful girl. In teenage boy lingo, she was a “definite hottie!“ At 5’ 5”, 115 lb., blonde hair and a smoking hot athletic body, the description certainly fit. She was on the cheerleading squad at her high school and was very popular.

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   Ashley also went out with one of the most popular boys in school, Reese Chapman! He was the star quarterback of the school football team. Every popular girl in school wanted him, but Lexy’s sister had been the lucky one to latch onto him.

   It made Lexy a little jealous. She was hoping she would grow up to be as beautiful as Ashley and have a hot boyfriend someday too. Lexy would never let Ashley know, but she had a huge crush on Reese. Some people would dismiss it as silly adolescent puppy love, but as far as Lexy was concerned, Reese was everything a boyfriend should be.

  Tall, great-looking, muscular, athletic and he seemed to have a great personality. Lexy seemed to think so anyway. Reese was so much more mature than the boys her age. And mature in more ways than one.
  As was mentioned before, Lexy was not inexperienced when it came to fooling around with boys. Already at the seemingly tender age of 13, Lexy knew her way around. But she was still a virgin.

  It was something that bothered her. She knew a lot of girls in school, who were around her age, who had already done it. Girls less pretty and less popular than her.
   But Lexy didn’t want to lose her virginity just for the sake of losing it. If that was the case, she would have done it ages ago. Hell, she’d have given it up to Matt that night. No, Lexy had a special plan for how she wanted to do it.

  She wanted an older guy! Not old as in like her father’s age. That would just be gross!  But someone like Reese, who was 18. Someone who knew what he was doing and knew it well. Lexy knew that Reese was experienced. She had heard and seen Reese and Ashley one time, doing it in her sister’s bedroom when their parents hadn’t been home.

  Lexy had come home from her friend’s and had heard strange noises from downstairs where her and Ashley’s bedrooms were. As Lexy had walked down the steps, she had heard the sounds of the two teens vigorously rutting away. Her sister’s moans and squeals, Reese grunting and panting, the bed quietly creaking and groaning. Lexy was not so innocent and naïve as to not know the sounds of two people fucking.

  The bedroom door had been left open a little bit and Lexy had stood there and excitedly watched it all. Reese and Ashley hadn’t even noticed her. She had seen her sister on the bed, her long shapely legs wrapped around the naked body of Reese as he had pumped in and out of her. Lexy had seen the powerful muscles in his back and buttocks rippling and flexing as his body moved between her sister’s widely spread legs.

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   She could make out the thick shaft of his cock thrusting and ramming into her sister’s pussy. Lexy gasped in shock as she saw Reese’s large penis. It wasn’t by any means the first erect penis she had ever seen, but it was certainly the largest! It was eight and a half inches long and nearly as thick as Lexy’s wrist. She marvelled at how such a large thing could fit inside a girl.

    It had been an incredible sight and one that was stamped indelibly in Lexy’s mind. She remembered the damp sensation she had felt between her legs as she saw Reese’s extremely fit, naked body and realized she was getting very aroused. There and then, she had decided, Reese was the one!  She wanted him to break her in!

   She didn’t want some clumsy, half-drunken junior high boy pawing and slobbering all over her. Some over-excited idiot who would probably cum before he even got it inside her. No, she wanted it to be with an experienced, handsome, masculine guy, who knew how to truly pleasure a girl and who would take his time. She knew it sounded corny, but she wanted someone who could make her feel like, well, a woman! Someone like Reese!

   But Lexy had another reason for wanting Reese. Lexy was already a member of the popular crowd at her school. She knew that if she could add losing her virginity to her list of achievements, it would make her even more popular. But even more so, if she could boast that she had lost her virginity to Reese Chapman, a high school senior, well that would practically make her a celebrity amongst her friends! Lexy just had to figure out a way to make it all happen. Without Ashley finding out, of course!

  But would Reese be interested in her? Lexy was pretty certain she could get him to do it. After all, he was a teenage male. And what did teenage males think with most of the time?…..That’s right! Their dicks!

  Reese always liked to tease and flirt with Lexy when he came over to visit Ashley. Lexy enjoyed the attention. Sometimes, Ashley acted a little jealous when Reese would flirt with her and Lexy got a kick out of that. The idea that her older sister should feel threatened by her 13 year-old little sister, that she thought she was going to steal away her boyfriend.

  Who knows, maybe someday I will! Lexy thought to herself. I’m pretty! I’m getting a hot body! One day I’ll be just as hot as Ashley, maybe hotter. And the boys will be wanting me just like they’re wanting her now!

  Lexy looked at the text message from her sister.

< hey brat! What u up 2? Enjoying your grounded fri nite? LMAO >

<Oh yeah sure, rub it in y don’t u?> Lexy replied.

< reese is coming over> Ashley texted. <we’re supposed to b going out to a party 2nite>

<yeah? So?>

<well I have to work late until 10. He said he’d come over and just wait 4 me tell him to watch a movie or something he can have some beers out of dads fridge if he wants>

<ok whatever>

<what r u doing? Did u do the dishes like mom asked u?>

   Lexy hadn’t even touched the dishes in the kitchen sink yet. Yep, she thought. I’ll get right on that, sis! NOT! 

As far as what she was doing, well, she didn’t think she should tell Ash exactly what she was doing! She looked at the bottle of wine she had stolen out of her parent’s liquor cabinet. It was already half gone and she was getting a nice little glow.

  Her parents weren’t home tonight. They had gone to some charity ball and told Lexy not to expect them home until after midnight. So Lexy took advantage of the situation. She figured just because she was grounded, didn’t mean she had to live like a nun. She’d be in bed by the time they got home and no one would be the wiser.

<in the rec room watching a movie> Lexy sent back to Ashley.

<okay well watch for reese>
<he’ll b there soon>

<ok bye>

Lexy set her phone back down on the coffee table. So Reese was coming over, was he? Lexy jumped up and ran to her bedroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a pair of denim cut-offs and a white t-shirt.

The shorts showed off her legs nicely and were short enough to even show a little bit of butt.
  Lexy sprayed a little bit of perfume on herself and put on a bit of sparkly pink lipstick. She rubbed her lips together. Lexy smiled. Gotta look good for Reese!

  She went upstairs and peeked out the living room window. He wasn’t there yet but he should be soon. While she waited, she texted Danielle.

<hey gf! guess who’s coming 2 my house? Reese!>

<ohhhh lucky bitch! wish I was there>


She suddenly spotted headlights pulling into the front driveway. It was Reese! In a couple minutes, she heard him ringing the doorbell.


Reese Chapman cruised along in his car, a 1968 Chevy Camaro his dad bought him for his 18th birthday. Ashley had texted him earlier to tell him she had to work late. She told him he could hang out at the mall until she was done work if he wanted, or he could wait at her house. Reese opted for the house.

  He was excited for tonight. It had been a long week and he needed some release. He knew before the night was out, he would be getting fucked! And not just getting fucked, but getting fucked by one of the hottest girls in Haydenville, Ashley Stafford!

  He still couldn’t believe, at times, that he was going out with her. She was an awesome girl, with a body that just wouldn’t stop. He was proud to say he was the first guy in school to have his dick inside that body too! Yes, he had been the one to pluck Ashley Stafford’s cherry and it had been an experience to remember. It was nearly a year ago now, when they were both still 17.

  Since then, he had created a monster! Ashley was insatiable and the two teens had had many wild and crazy fuck sessions since that first night. The one thing he couldn’t get her talked into, though, was anal sex. She would let him play around back there but just wouldn’t go for him sticking his dick in that fine tight derriere of hers.

  Someday, thought Reese. I’ll get inside that ass!  For now he was quite content to eat out and pound that exquisite cunt of hers. And he couldn’t forget the blowjobs! Oh good God, the blowjobs! That girl was born to have a dick in her mouth, he mused. The things that blonde hottie could do with her tongue! It gave him shivers up the spine just thinking about it.

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  Reese pulled up into the Stafford’s front driveway. He walked to the front door and rang the doorbell. The door opened and he saw Lexy, Ashley’s little sister, standing there.

“Hi Reese! Come on in!” she said in a cute voice.

Reese entered the house and looked around.
“Just you home tonight, Lexy?” he asked.

“Yeah, Mom and Dad are gone. They won’t be home until late. Come on downstairs. We can watch a movie! Ash said you can have beers out of Dad’s fridge if you want.”

“Okay!” he said.

He watched as the young teen girl bounced down the basement steps. Hmmmm, looking good tonight, Lexy! he observed. Lexy was a very fun, vivacious girl and Reese had gotten along great with her ever since he had started going out with Ash. He loved to tease her and she could give it right back too. But the last couple months he had begun to notice her in a more physical way.

   Reese could see that Ashley’s younger sister was growing into quite a little hottie in her own right. She was definitely taking after her big sister in the looks department. Lexy may have only been 13, but she certainly looked older!

  Her curvy body was perfectly outlined in the denim shorts and tight-fitting t-shirt she was wearing. Small budding tits pushed out the front of her shirt and her round bubble-butt was barely contained inside the shorts. Reese was sure he could just make out the edge of an ass cheek. He blushed a bit as he realized he was getting hard looking at the young girl.

  He was a bit embarrassed with himself that he was checking out a 13 year-old girl, especially seeing as how it was his girlfriend’s little sister. Thinking back to when he was that age, he realized, Man, I would have been all over that!   
  He sat down on a couch and Lexy brought him a cold beer from the beer fridge. He looked at the half-empty wine bottle on the table.

“What the hell is with that, Lexy?” he asked with a smirk.   

“Never mind! What are you, my mother?”

“Just don’t want to see you get in shit.”

Lexy gave a dismissive wave with her hand. “Bahhhhhh! I’ll just throw the empty bottle in  Ash’s room and let her catch the shit!”

Reese laughed out loud. “You are an evil little brat! If you were my sister, I’d beat your ass!”

“If I was your sister, I’d shoot myself!” Lexy giggled.

“Ohhhh, you’re gonna get it!” said Reese. He threw a magazine at her.

Lexy turned on the movie and they started watching it. Lexy was sitting in a recliner across from the couch where Reese was. She was sitting sideways in the chair with her slender legs dangling over the arm on one side. Reese noticed how her t-shirt had rode up on her a bit, giving him a glimpse of her bare stomach. It looked so flat and firm.
  Reese couldn’t resist and he reached over and placed his cold beer can against the exposed skin. Lexy jumped and squealed. Reese laughed.

“Haha! Made you jump!”

“You asshole!” snapped Lexy as she pulled her t-shirt down.

“So, you enjoying your grounding?” asked Reese. “Kind of a bitch when you gotta sit at home, isn’t it?”

“I’m fucking hating it!” spat Lexy. “My parents are so ignorant. They grounded me for two whole weeks!”

“Guess that’s what happens when you’re a bad girl!”

“I wasn’t a bad girl!” pouted Lexy.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, Lexy,” chuckled Reese. “Guys like bad girls!”

“Very funny!” she retorted. “Guys like you, I suppose!”

The movie went on for a little longer and then Lexy paused it.
“I have to pee,” she said. She had drank another glass of wine and was getting quite wobbly.

“Okay, don’t fall in!” said Reese.

“You’re such a comedian,” remarked Lexy.

  Reese watched her as she walked away. Damn, that girl has a sexy little ass! thought Reese.  Suddenly, he heard Lexy’s phone buzzing. He picked it up and looked at the screen. “message from danielle” it read. Lexy was still in the bathroom. Reese hit “read”.
<hey gf! is reese there yet?>

Was she talking about me to one of her friends? wondered Reese.
He scrolled back and sure enough. He found Lexy’s earlier text to Danielle, the one with the little heart emoticons.
Reese chuckled to himself.
If I didn’t know better, I’d say little Lexy has a thing for me!
   A few minutes later, Lexy was back. She immediately noticed her phone was missing off the coffee table.

“What did you do with my phone?” she demanded to Reese.

“Nothing! Why?” he replied.

She pointed to the table. “It was right there when I left, Reese. Now it’s gone! You took it!”

He held her phone up in his left hand. “Oh, you mean this one?”

Lexy held her hand out. “Yes, now give it back!”

“Why?” asked Reese with a mischievous grin. “Are you expecting a text from Danielle?”

“Did she send one?”


“Come on, give me my phone back!”

“Oh, by the way, it’s nice to see you gave me three hearts in the message you sent to Danielle. I’m flattered!”

“NO! Reese! You’re not supposed to see that!” Lexy said. Her face turned red as she blushed.
“I think it’s kinda funny!” chuckled Reese.

Lexy jumped on the couch and tried to snatch the phone away from Reese. He shoved it down in the couch cushions behind him. As Lexy tried to reach around behind him, her body pressed against his. Reese could feel her firm little breasts brush against his arm.
  He held both his hands out in front of him.

“What are you looking for? See? I don’t have your phone!” he laughed.

“It’s behind you!” she said as she reached around his other side. Her whole body was stretched across his lap. Reese tried to push her off him, his hand sliding across her silky soft thigh. He couldn’t help but notice he was getting a wicked hard-on as the nubile young girl wiggled around on his lap. He could smell her sweet perfume and her soft blonde hair rubbed across his face.

  “Reese Chapman! Give me my phone!” she persisted.

He reached behind  himself and pulled the phone out of the cushions. He held it high above his head in his right hand.
“Try and get it!”

“I knew you had it!” giggled Lexy. She swung her leg over Reese so she was straddling his lap. She reached up to grab the phone away from him. Her breasts were right in front of his face. If he had wanted to, he could have bit them!

  He glanced down. Lexy’s t-shirt had rode up, exposing her entire tummy. Reese poked her in the belly button with his left index finger. Lexy squealed.

  “Reese, you jackass!“  she laughed and pulled down her t-shirt.
  Reese kept his right arm above his head, holding Lexy’s phone. She stretched her body to reach it, still straddling his lap.  As she did that, she lost her balance and fell forward. She grabbed Reese’s shoulders to steady herself, her face coming down right in front of his. She held herself there for a few seconds, looking right into his eyes.

  Lexy wasn’t sure what caused her to do it. It was most likely a combination of her own impulsiveness, the ¾ of a bottle of wine she had drank, and the feeling of incredible sexual tension that suddenly overcame her as she looked into Reese’s deep, brown eyes.
  She pressed her lips against Reese’s, giving him an intensely passionate kiss. Her tongue pushed at his lips and she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his face closer to her.

  Reese, totally taken by surprise, found himself kissing her back momentarily. He brought his right hand down and placed both his hands on her slim hips. Lexy ground her body against Reese before she pulled away.

“L-Lexy, what the h-hell are you doing?” asked Reese, completely dumbfounded.

Lexy, her face still very close to him, whispered in his left ear. He felt her warm breath on the side of his face.
“Reese, I want you!”



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Mmmm Lexy sounds delicious. Looking forward to reading about her being broken in (I hope)...

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Looks like the beginning to another delicious story by the great vile8r.

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Offline vile8r

“I-I want you! I want you to be my first. Take my virginity,” she continued to whisper. She kissed him along the side of his neck.

Reese couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He didn’t know what to say. Finally he spoke.

“Lexy, do you know what you’re saying? I think you’ve had too much to drink.“

“No, I haven’t. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I want someone who knows what they’re doing. The boys in my school are all morons. I want you, Reese, because well, I-I’ve seen you doing it.“

“You’ve seen me doing it? Me and Ashley? When?“

“One time in her bedroom. You guys saw never saw me. I watched you.“

Reese didn’t know if he should feel embarrassed or mad. The strange thing was, he was feeling kind of aroused, thinking about Lexy watching him bang her big sister.

“Will you, please? No one has to find out. Ash won’t be home for a while. We have lots of time.“ said Lexy. She kissed him again, gently pressing her soft lips to his.
“Please, Reese? It would mean so much to me” She used her most seductive tone.

  It felt so good, as he felt the warm breath of the young girl on his face. But this was wrong! So wrong , in so many ways! And yet Reese was feeling excitement and lust like he had never felt in his life. His heart was pounding harder than it had the first time he had fucked Ashley. His cock felt like it was going to explode out of his pants.

  He was like the cartoon character with the little angel on one shoulder and the little red devil on the other. He felt guilty that he was possibly about to cheat on his beautiful girlfriend, and with her little sister, no less!

  But then the little devil spoke. Forget about her being Ashley’s sister! Here was an insanely hot, sexy, young 13 year-old, who looked more like she should be 16, asking him to take her virginity! No! Not asking! Practically begging him.

How often, if ever, would something like this happen again? Then the little devil threw in the deal-breaker. The one thing Reese’s ego couldn’t ignore. Look at it from this angle! You had Ashley’s cherry, now you can have Lexy’s! How many guys can boast they have taken the cherries from two hot sisters? Don’t let this opportunity get away from you!

“Okay, Lexy,” he said quietly. “But Ashley can never, ever find out! Or your parents! God, they’d kill me!”
“Don’t worry!” she assured him. “No one will find out. It will be our little secret!”
  “Come on, we’ll go to my bedroom.”

“Shit, my condoms are out in my car,” said Reese.

“It’s okay. I’ll get some,” Lexy smiled. She took Reese by the hand as they went down the hallway to her bedroom. She stopped in front of Ashley’s bedroom and went in. Opening the drawer of Ashley’s bedside stand, she took out a box of condoms. She grabbed a couple packages out of the box and then put it back where she found it.

“Now how did you know Ashley had those in there?” he said with a smirk. He was actually the one who had put them there.

“I snoop in my sister’s room all the time. I know where she hides everything. Even her vibrator!”

“Like I said before. You are a brat!” Reese joked. He looked back at Ashley’s bed as they left the room. Yep, he thought. I’ve done some good banging in that bed. Now I get to check out your sister’s!
They went across the hall and entered Lexy’s bedroom. Reese looked around. It was your typical young teen girl’s room. Piles of laundry on the floor, posters of teen celebrities on the wall, a computer desk in one corner. And a comfortable-looking queen-size bed along one wall with stuffed animals piled up on it.

   Lexy turned around and looked up at Reese. At 6’ 2” and 185 lb., the dark-haired boy towered over Lexy by a good foot. He had no fat on him. Reese was one of those people blessed with a very fit, athletic body. His face had the chiselled good looks of a movie star. Some people would perhaps call him a pretty-boy. Whatever the case, his looks made him very popular with the girls in school.

  Lexy stood on her tip-toes to kiss him again. He kissed her back, their tongues intertwining for a brief second.

“Are you absolutely sure you want to do this?” asked Reese.

“Yes!” Lexy affirmed. “Yes, I do. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life! I really, really want you, Reese. So, are we going to do this, or do I have to just rape you?”

“Ooh, a tough chick, huh?” laughed Reese. “Well, go easy on me! I’m very fragile!”

“Yeah, right!” said Lexy.

She stepped back and began pulling her t-shirt up over her head, showing off her beautiful, flat tummy and her little white bra. She reached around behind her and undid it, pulling it off and exposing her small soft breasts. Reese felt his heart pounding as he gazed at her tiny pink, perky nipples the size of nickels. 

  Reese pulled his shirt off too. Lexy bit her lower lip as she saw his rock-hard abs. He began to unbutton his jeans. Lexy held up her hand as she walked up to him.

“No, Reese! Let me!” she said softly.

Kneeling down in front of him, she unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper. Reese watched as her small hand reached inside his underwear and pulled out his throbbing cock. It practically sprang out like a cobra snake.

“Wow!” Lexy said as she looked up at him with big blue eyes. “You are so big, Reese! It’s fucking huge!”

It felt like a tree trunk in her small hands. It was so warm and she could feel it throbbing and flexing as she stroked it, like it had a life of its own. She told Reese to take his pants and underwear off, which he quickly obliged. He laid back on Lexy’s bed, supporting himself with a couple large pillows. Lexy crawled on the bed and pushed his legs farther apart. She knelt between his outstretched legs.

This can't be happening! Reese thought to himself. He could not believe what was about to happen.

Lexy smiled at him as she stroked his thick cock. The hardness of him made her so excited.
  “I've wanted to do this for a long time“, she said. “I've wanted to feel your hard cock in my mouth.”

Reese’s heart was in his throat as he watched her face get closer to his cock. He so wanted to feel her pretty little mouth, with her pink sparkly lipstick, wrapped snugly around the head of his cock. Her pink, wet tongue quickly slipped out between her lips and flicked underneath the base. It was more wonderful than he could have ever imagined.

"Oh Lexy," he moaned, "That feels so fucking good."

Lexy began to stroke his cock just below the head as she licked the bottom half of his shaft. She pushed it back against his stomach as she ran her warm tongue along the underside. Reese dug his fingers into the bed. He reached up and stroked her pretty blonde hair. Lexy responded by taking him into her hot little mouth, and began to bob her head up and down.

 She had never had a dick so big in her mouth before. She had to try and relax her jaws to accomodate him.

“Fuck, girl! Where did you learn to suck cock like this?” Reese asked.

Lexy took her mouth off him for a second.

“Am I as good as Ash?“

“Shit, you’re better!“

Lexy rewarded that compliment by swirling her tongue around the tip of his cock and closing her lips around him again. Lexy sucked away, making slurping sounds and dripping saliva all over the place. Reese just lay back and closed his eyes, revelling in the feeling of her mouth sliding effortlessly along his shaft.

After about ten minutes of her vigorously working his pole, sucking and stroking it, Lexy stopped.

“Are you ready now?” she asked sweetly.

“Oh Lexy, I’m more than ready! That was awesome!” Reese replied.

Lexy climbed up off the bed and unbuttoned her shorts. Reese watched with anticipation as she slowly slid them down over her curvy hips and down her legs. She stepped out of them, now clad only in a skimpy pair of pink bikini panties.

  She hooked her fingers in the waistband and slid them down off her legs. Reese could see she had a thin film of blondish-brown peach fuzz. The small pink lips between her legs looked so tight! He could just picture his
massive cock sliding inside her.

   Lexy climbed back on the bed and snuggled up beside Reese. He ran his hands along the curves of her exquisite teenage body. Across her breasts and down her stomach, along her thighs. He brought his hand up and gently parted her legs. He slowly put one finger into her pussy and she moaned loudly.

  Jesus, he marvelled. If one finger was tight, just imagine what his dick would feel like?

Reese spit on his fingers and dabbled her clit for a few minutes. Lexy moaned with everything he did. Her pussy was so nice and wet. Reese reached over Lexy and took one of the condoms she had placed on her nightstand. He opened the package and slid the condom over his engorged dick. He lifted himself up on his elbows and Lexy slid her petite body under him. She spread her legs wide as Reese positioned himself between her thighs.

He looked down at her. “Okay, Lexy. Are you ready? Because it is gonna hurt a bit.”

“I-I’m ready,” she whispered, biting on her lower lip. She brushed her hair away from her face. Her heart felt like it was going to burst out of her chest. Finally! She was going to become a woman! And with Reese Chapman, no less!

Reese reached down between Lexy’s thighs and spread her soft pussy lips wide apart with the fingers of one hand, gripping her waist tightly with the other as he supported himself on his knees. He moved his hips around, prodding the little girl's spread-open slit with the hot head of his steel-hard cock. Reese rubbed the tip up and down her lips, making
it even wetter. He then pulled Lexy slowly towards him and the head pushed into her vagina.
"Uhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnn!” she moaned painfully.  Lexy felt the large head of Reese’s cock spreading her open.

Reese held himself with just the head of his dick inside her. He could feel her pussy squeezing and contracting around him. Then without warning, he bucked forward, piercing her tight cunt channel with his hard prick, sliding in four inches with his first thrust. Reese felt a brief second of resistance as his cock bored its way through her hymen. His shaft was surrounded by a gush of her virginal blood.

  The feeling was incredible! Lexy’s cunt was like a tight velvet glove clenching on his pulsating prong, clasping him in a warm, wet embrace. Reese took a deep breath. He looked down at Lexy who had her eyes closed tightly, her hands on his arms as she braced herself. A couple tears were  making their way down her cheeks. Her whole body was shaking. Reese gripped Lexy by her slender hips and pulled her all the way down on his huge cock hard and fast.

"OOOOOAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Lexy cried out as Reese entered the virgin all the way.

"OOOOHHH! STOPPPPPPP! STOPPPPPP!” Lexy sobbed as Reese held her there on his thick cock.

“It’s okay,” he reassured her. “I told you it was gonna hurt.”

“I-I kn-know. Just go slower, okay?”

Reese began to grind inside of her and she moaned with every new place that the dick explored. He started to move in and out slowly, then faster and faster, picking up pace.

"Damn girl, you are tight as hell,” Reese muttered. Ashley hadn’t even felt this good when he banged her the first time!

Lexy was slowly getting used to the large thing inside her. It was still a little painful  but her pussy walls were expanding to tightly grip the throbbing member and she felt herself getting wetter which helped to lubricate him. The incredible feeling of a large cock inside her was like nothing she had ever experienced in her life. Her face was feeling flushed and she was light-headed.

Reese held her firmly down against the bed as he speared his hard shaft deeply up into her small shuddering body. He fucked and fucked his hot pole up inside of the little girl beneath him, eagerly riding her trembling body.

He suddenly felt her tighten her thighs around his waist and her fingernails dug into his buttocks.

“C-come on, Reese! Fuck me!”

Hearing the incredibly hot teen say that, made him horny beyond belief. He looked down at her as he pounded his cock like a jack-hammer against her little cervix.  Reese couldn’t get over what a tight, firm curvy little body she had! He bent down and ran his tongue across Lexy’s nipples. He smiled as she felt them turn into hard little stones.

“Goddamn it! Yes! Oh Reese! I love your cock so much!“ she exclaimed. “Keep fucking me!“

  As Lexy began bucking her hips up against  him, Reese realized he couldn’t hang on much longer. His balls felt ready to explode. Reese gripped her hips tightly, tilting her sweet little cunt up to his groin so he could achieve maximum penetration for his last five, brutally fierce thrusts into her soft little body.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!“ he groaned as he thrust himself fully up inside of her tight, convulsing cunt. Reese came in a torrent of hot cum that he was afraid was going to blow the condom right off the end of his dick. He quickly pulled out of her, yanking the overflowing condom off. He grabbed his shaft and furiously stroked it, splattering the rest of his load across Lexy’s flat tanned stomach.

  Reese rolled over and collapsed on the bed beside Lexy. He was drenched in sweat. He lay there for a few minutes, catching his breath. He didn’t even notice Lexy taking his still-hard cock in her hand and wrapping her lips around the head again.

  He looked down to see her mouth sliding around his shaft, her tongue licking him clean. After she was done, they embraced for a little while on the bed. Her warm firm body felt awesome next to him. Reese was on Cloud Nine. First Ashley Stafford and now her little sister. Life was good!

Lexy looked at the clock and then whispered to Reese. “We have time before Ash gets home. Let’s do it again!”

“Again?” he repeated.

“Yes,” Lexy cooed in his ear. “I want you inside me again, Reese! Fuck me!”

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Reese was shocked, yet absolutely aroused by her shameless promiscuity.

“Fuck, Lexy! You’re just like your sister, and I love it!”

Reese slipped another condom on and rolled over as Lexy opened her legs wide again. This time, Reese hooked his arms behind her knees and bent her legs back. He looked down and smiled as he saw the tight little slit of her vagina, slick with pussy juices. With one quick motion, Reese mounted the young teen hottie and plunged deep into that exquisitely tight pussy once again going deeper than the first time.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Reese yelled out.

This second time felt even better. Her pussy was so warm and inviting. She was so wet, his powerful shaft slid effortlessly in and out of her, his balls slapping against her inner thighs. Reese licked his lips as he pushed his cock deep up inside of Lexy and then began a slow, steady thrusting motion, his engorged shaft going in and out, in and out, in and out.

  “OHHHHH! OHHHHHH! OHHHHHH!” Lexy moaned with ecstasy as she lay beneath him, eyes open, watching the young man above her as he skewered her tender young pussy on his hard prong.

  This was the way she had envisioned it to be. Reese was such a man! Way better than the boys in her school. She arched her back as she felt Reese’s massive rod spread her wide open. Her pussy clamped down along his entire length. Reese was picking up his tempo, his balls ready to release again. His body suddenly stiffened and he moaned softly as he shot his load of hot cum. Reluctantly, he pulled out of the little girl's soft vagina, never wanting the pleasure to end.

“We better get dressed,“ he said. “Ashley could be showing up soon.“
He threw his used condoms into the garbage can in a corner of Lexy’s room. “You better get rid of those so Ash doesn’t see them, okay? Flush them down the toilet.“ 

  “I need a shower,“ said Lexy, looking down at her blood-smeared inner thighs. Her bed sheet also had a large red blotch in the middle.
 “Fuck, my mother will kill me if she sees that!“ said Lexy. She began to rip the sheet off her bed.

  “What are you gonna do?“ asked Reese as he got dressed.
“I’ll just tell mom I had an accident with my period.“

She walked over to Reese and gave him another sensuous kiss on the lips.

“Thank you, Reese! That was the awesomest thing I’ve ever done!“

“No!“ he said. “Thank you! You were great, Lexy! I hope you don’t mind me saying, but you have got one smoking hot little body! Some day, you are going to out-do your sister!“

“Thanks, Reese. But I better get to the shower before Ash gets home.“

He watched as she sauntered out of the bedroom towards the bathroom. Pinch me! He said to himself. I cannot believe I just got to fuck that!


  While Lexy was in the shower, Reese ran some water in the bathroom sink and used a washcloth to clean his cock and balls. If I’m going to be banging Ash later tonight, I better smell fresh, thought Reese. 

  He went back to the rec room. Seeing the bottle of wine Lexy had been polishing off, he picked it up off the coffee table. He figured he better dispose of it before Ashley got home. Reese remembered what Lexy had said about throwing it in Ashley’s room. He took the bottle and tucked it away in Ashley‘s bedroom closet.

  Just as he got back to the rec room, Lexy came in. She was wearing a pink and white fuzzy bathrobe. Reese was sitting on the couch and Lexy came over to stand in front of him. The pretty little blonde pulled the top of her bathrobe open to expose her perfect, round titties.
“Like what you see?“ she asked.

“Of course I do, girlie!“ said Reese with a smile. “They’re beautiful! As a matter of fact, you‘re beautiful. You‘re a special girl, Lexy.“

Lexy sat on his lap. She gave him a long, passionate kiss on the lips, running her hands through his hair. Reese felt himself immediately harden.

“You know," she whispered sexily in his ear, “we could do it one more time.”

She ran her hand across Reese’s bulging crotch and began pulling at the snap on his jeans.

Reese pushed her hands away.
“No, Lexy! As much as I would love to, Ashley will be home any minute! You don’t want us to get caught, do you? You have to be smart about this.“

“All right,” she pouted. “But I had so much fun! I hope we can do it again sometime.“

“Of course we will. I had an awesome time with you, Lexy,“ said Reese.

“Just that next time, be a little slower,” said Lexy. “You got a little rough and you scared me a bit.”

“I’m sorry,” Reese grinned sheepishly. “Kinda forgot who I was with. Probably shouldn’t tell you this but your sis kinda likes it when I get rough.”

“Well, I’m not Ashley.”

“I know, and like I said, I’m sorry. But you know, sometimes for it to be good sex, it’s fun to be a little rough.”

Lexy kissed him again on the lips. “Well, after I get a little more used to it, I’ll let you be rough. How’s that sound?”

“That sounds awesome!” he exclaimed.

No sooner had he said that, they heard the door open upstairs. Ashley was home! Lexy pulled her bathrobe closed and jumped off Reese’s lap. She quickly sat down in the recliner she had been sitting in earlier and turned the TV on.
  Ashley came walking down the stairs into the basement. The gorgeous blonde was wearing a black mid-length skirt and a white blouse.

“Hey, sweetie!“ said Reese. “You’re home finally!“
He got up off the couch and gave her a big hug. They shared a long kiss.

“Oh fuck, what a night at work!“ Ashley said tiredly. “I hate when they have sales! Let’s get going to the party. I am ready to get my drink on!“

She looked at Lexy in the recliner.

“What are you up to, brat? How come you’re wearing your bathrobe? And it looks like you just had a shower. What’s with that?“

“I never knew there was a law that said when I had to have showers. I just wanted a shower, okay?“ Lexy replied defensively.

“Whatever,“ said Ashley. “I was just wondering. You never have showers before you go to bed. You always have them in the morning.“

“She had to have a shower,“ interjected Reese. “The little klutz spilt chocolate milk all over herself.“

Ashley laughed. “Really? Oh my God! I thought you were past that phase Lexy? Do I have to get one of your baby bibs back out for you to wear? Too funny! I hope you cleaned it all up.”

“Fuck you, Ashley!” Lexy retorted. “I don’t need a bib! And, um, yes. I did clean it up.”
She flashed a silent thank-you look to Reese for him distracting Ashley away from her interrogation of why Lexy needed a shower.

“Well, I am going to change into some different clothes and then we can get going,” laughed Ashley as she gave Reese another kiss.

“Make sure they’re slutty!” called Reese as Ashley headed to her bedroom.
She looked back over her shoulder and gave him a sexy smile.

“Do you think she’s suspicious?” whispered Lexy. “She was really looking at me weird when she asked my why I was showering at this time of night.”

“No,” answered Reese. “I don’t think so. But just be careful what you say when you’re around her for the next little while. Don’t let something accidentally slip.”

“I’ll be careful,” Lexy assured him.

Ashley came out of her bedroom wearing a denim miniskirt, a pink tank top that showed off way too much cleavage and high heels.

“You look sexy as fuck!” said Reese. “Let’s go!”

The two 18 year-olds headed up the stairs.
“Good night, Lexy,” said Ashley with a wave of her hand. “Get to bed!”

“Go fuck yourself!” the younger girl shot back. She hated when Ashley treated her like a little kid.

Reese looked back over his shoulder. “Good night, Lexy. Have sweet dreams!” He flashed her a knowing smile and winked.

“Oh, I will, Reese! Good niii-ght!” she wiggled the fingers of her left hand in a little wave and ran her tongue across her upper lip. She batted her big blue eyes.

Damn girl, you are one sexy little creature! sighed Reese. He ran up the stairs to catch up with Ashley.

The moment both Reese and Ashley were out the door, Lexy was on her phone, texting to Danielle.


<Wut? Wut? Tell me girl!!!> replied Danielle.





Lexy settled down in the recliner as she began relaying all the sordid details of her evening with Reese Chapman.

Come Monday at school, she knew she would be the envy of every girl she knew. But like Reese had said, she had to be smart about things. Luckily, most of the girls she knew, didn’t know Reese Chapman or that her sister went out with him. Reese and her sister went to the senior high school and she went to Carter Middle School so really, she figured, there shouldn’t be too much risk of rumours getting back to Ash.

   She knew she could trust Danielle, well she hoped she could, but some of her other friends at school she wasn’t so sure about. So just to be on the safe side, Lexy decided she would tell them she was with an older guy from Grade 12, but just wouldn’t reveal any names.

  After she was done chatting with Danielle, Lexy went to bed. She lay in bed, her fingers inside her panties, playing with her little clit as she replayed the events of the night over in her head. It had felt so great, his hard, muscular body pressed against her, his large cock thrusting and pushing between her legs. The smell of his musky sweat, his hot breath against her face.

 True, he had been a bit rough and at first it hurt like hell, but it hadn’t taken long for Lexy to learn how to relax herself and truly enjoy it. Lexy especially loved how Reese’s cock had felt when he came. How it went rigid and then she could feel it throbbing and jerking inside her.

Sex with Reese was the most sensational thing she had ever experienced! It was way, way better than anything the boys she knew could give her. And even better, Reese said they would do it again. He was such a great guy! Lexy smiled to herself as she felt a little nervous fluttering sensation in her stomach. Yes! It was hard to believe, but Lexy realized, she was falling in love!

A week went by before Lexy would see Reese again. She had basked in the attention and admiration she had received from her friends as she related her story of going to bed with a high school senior. They tried to wrangle a name out of her, but Lexy played coy. She kept her mystery boy a secret.

 A few of the more jealous and vindictive girls had called her a ‘slut’, but Lexy didn’t care.

Go fuck your little junior high boys, thought Lexy smugly. I have a real man to look after me!

  Then came Saturday night, when Lexy’s world would come crashing down as fast as it had been built up. Reese and Ashley were heading out to another weekend party at one of their friend’s houses. Reese came over to pick up Ashley, but Ashley wasn’t ready.

She still had to have a shower and get dressed. Reese made a snide remark about girls never being ready and it had pissed off Ashley.
  They had a small argument and Ashley called him a “dickhead” and an “ass-wad” before finally storming off to have her shower.
  Reese sat down on the couch in the basement rec room. Lexy was sprawled out in the recliner again, like she always was, watching some TV. She was wearing a pair of red and white gym shorts and a t-shirt.

“Women! Fuck, they can be hard to get along with sometimes!” muttered Reese.

“She was kinda ignorant to you tonight,” remarked Lexy.

“Ah well, I’m kinda used to it,” shrugged Reese. “As you know yourself, your sister can be a bit of a bitch at times. She has a bad temper.”

“Yeah, don’t I know that!” Lexy scoffed. “She’s a total cow, sometimes. But I don’t know why she gets so mad at you. You treat her like a queen, and she just shits on you!”

“Like I said, I’m used to it,” said Reese. He didn’t tell Lexy that the one reason he put up with Ashley’s bullshit was she was the hottest fuck in high school. He could put up with a bit of verbal abuse, as long as he was able to keep banging that sweet, hot pussy.

Lexy got up from her chair and came over to sit beside Reese on the couch. She draped one leg over his lap and kissed him on the cheek.

“But you know I would never treat you like that, Reese.”

“Lexy, what the hell are you doing?” he asked, blushing. “Ash is just down the hall in the shower!”

“I know where she’s at, and I’m not worried. She can’t see us. Besides, you should know, she takes forever to have a shower. And since she is pissed off at you, she’ll deliberately take even longer!”

“I know, but still we shouldn’t be doing this when she’s so close by.”

“Speaking of that,” said Lexy as she looked up dreamily into Reese’s brown eyes, “when can we get together again? I’ve really missed you.”
 Reese pushed Lexy’s leg off his lap.
“Lexy, that’s something I need to talk to you about,” he said slowly. “There isn’t going to be ‘another time’.”

Lexy frowned. “Wh-why not? Are you mad at me? I thought you loved me?”

Reese shook his head with confusion.
“Loved you? Whatever gave you the idea I loved you?”

“You said it yourself. You said I was beautiful and I was special!”

“Well, that’s a long way from saying I love you!” he retorted.
Lexy looked at him, her eyes beginning to well up with tears. She felt sick to her stomach.

“Bu-but, what about our time together? Didn’t that mean anything to you?”

Reese gave a big sigh and rolled his eyes.

“Listen, Lexy. I don’t know what is going on in your head or what delusions you seem to be having, but there is nothing between us. There never was and there never can be! You’re 13 for Christ’s sake! I’m 18! You’re still practically a little kid, not to mention my girlfriend’s little sister! I can’t risk screwing around with you and losing Ash! I love her too much for that!”

“Well, you certainly didn’t worry about that the night you were fucking me!” spat Lexy.

“What was I supposed to do? Shit, any guy in his right mind with two balls and a heartbeat isn’t going to turn down a good fuck when the girl is practically throwing it at him!”

“So that’s all I really meant to you then?” cried Lexy. “I was “a good fuck”?”

“Come on, Lexy,” said Reese. “ Face it. You got what you wanted, and I got what I wanted. There’s really no other way to say it, but just that, yeah, you were a good fuck! And you have to admit, I was a good fuck to you too!”

 Lexy stood up, tears running down her face. Her heart felt like Reese had reached inside her chest and ripped it out with his hands. She had bared her feelings to him and all he could do was treat her like a piece of meat. She was so hurt!

“NO!” she snapped. “I don’t have to admit anything to you, Reese Chapman, other than the fact you are a monumental jerk! I thought our time together meant something special, but you’re just as bad as every other guy! All you cared about was blowing your load! You can just go fuck yourself!”

Lexy strode off to her bedroom and slammed the door behind her. A few short minutes later, Ashley was out of the shower. She came walking into the rec room with a white bath towel wrapped around her.

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“What was going on out here?” she asked. “I heard Lexy yelling and then her bedroom door slammed.”
Reese gave a shrug. “Oh, you know Lexy. Always in a pout about something. I wanted to watch a show on TV and she wouldn’t give me the remote, so I just took it away from her. Then she threw a big hissy fit and ran off to her bedroom.”

Ashley just shook her head. “Oh yeah, that sounds like Lexy, all right. Let her pout then. Sometimes all that girl needs is a good ass-beating!”

  Ashley got dressed and soon she and Reese were heading out the door on their way to the party.

 “Boy, you must have really pissed her off!” Ashley chuckled. “She’s still in her room. Usually she lasts about ten minutes and then as soon as she realizes no one is paying any attention to her, she comes back out.”

“Yeah, I must have!” Reese replied. Well, I’ve got a feeling she’s gonna be pissed off for a long time after the things I said to her!

It felt like ages before she was able to finally stop crying. Lexy laid in her bed and stared at the wall. She felt so incredibly empty inside. Reese had stomped on her heart! Mangled and destroyed it!

  He had been the one! The one she had allowed to take her most precious of possessions, her virginity! To her, it had been the most special night of her life and she thought Reese would have been more appreciative of the fact that of all the guys she could have offered it to, he was the one! But no, he had to ruin it all by telling her that, basically, she was just another fuck to him. A hole to stick his dick in and brag to his friends about it later.

  Lexy felt horribly used. And to think she actually thought she was falling in love with him! What a joke! Reese didn’t even deserve to have her sister.

  Lexy put on an act a lot of the time that she hated her sister. But, in reality, she loved her big sister a lot! It made her sick to her stomach now, knowing that that pig, Reese Chapman, would be fucking Ashley! And thinking he was such a man while doing it!

  Lexy wanted to get even with him. She wanted Reese to know he could not treat girls the way he did and get away with it. But how to do it without Ash finding out she had fucked him, she didn‘t know. For now, all she knew was, she really, really hated Reese Chapman!

Monday morning at school, Lexy was standing in front of her locker with Danielle.
“I still can’t believe Reese did that to you?” asked Danielle incredulously. “What a jerk!”

“Who’s the jerk?” asked another of Lexy’s friends, a blonde girl by the name of Tara. She had just walked up.

“Reese Chapman!” spat Lexy.

“Was that the guy you, um, did it with?” asked Tara. “ Because my older sister knows a guy named Reese from high school. He’s supposed to be really hot!”

“Yes!” replied Lexy. “I used to think he was pretty hot too. But he’s a big loser and I want people to know!”

That was all it took. By the end of the school day, it was known by all of Lexy’s friends, that she had been to bed with Reese Chapman. As with most gossip, it spread fast and it spread beyond the confines of Carter Middle School.

 Ashley Stafford was just leaving school when her friend, Alanna, came up to her.
“Hey Ash!” Alanna greeted her.

“What’s up, girl?” asked Ashley.

“I just wanted to let you know this before you heard it from someone else. I just got a really weird text from my sister.”


“Well, she goes to school with your sister, Lexy.”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“She told me there’s a story going around her school that your boyfriend fucked Lexy!”

“WHAT?” Ashley’s mouth hung open with disbelief. “Who the fuck did she hear that from?”

“I don’t know,” replied Alanna. “My sister just said she heard it from someone at her school.”

“That’s bullshit!” spat Ashley. “Reese can be an idiot but he’d never be that stupid! My sister is only 13!”

“Just giving you a heads-up, Ash,” said Alanna.

“Well, thanks,” said Ashley as she got in her car.

She sat there for a moment, dumbfounded. What the fuck was going on? Where would such a fucked-up rumour come from? Lexy might be a spoiled brat but she would never do something like this, would she? And Reese, surely he wouldn’t be so stupid! Reese and Lexy had both been acting kind of weird around her lately, but surely it couldn’t be true.

  Ashley just knew she would be getting to the bottom of this in a hurry. And she better not find out it was true, or the shit would fly! She pulled out her phone and sent Reese a text.


A reply came back in a few seconds.

<hey sugar! Wut’s up?  U seem mad>

< not really mad. Just need sum answers. I’ll call u back in a bit>

  Ashley threw her car in gear and sped out of the parking lot. She would talk to Lexy first before she went to Reese.
  When she got home, Ashley headed for the basement. Lexy was in her room, sitting at her computer. Ashley stomped into the room and yanked Lexy off the chair. She pushed her up against the wall and grabbed her by the front of the shirt.

“What the hell?” Lexy cried out. “Stop it! You’re hurting me! Why are you being such a psycho?”

“Okay, little sis!” Ashley spat. “Start talking! What’s all this shit about you and Reese fucking?”

“I-I didn’t do anything with Reese!” Lexy began to cry.

“Well, according to what I heard, the rumour’s all over your school! And if I find out it’s true, I’ll kick your pouty little ass!”

“Please! I didn’t do a-anything, Ash! Okay? Reese, he-he….” Lexy stammered. Ashley’s temper was scaring her and she needed to come up with something fast.

“Spit it out!” yelled Ashley. “He did what?”

“He r-raped me!” Lexy sobbed.

Ashley stepped back and let go of Lexy’s shirt. “He-he what?”

Tears were streaming down Lexy’s face now. “He raped me, Ashley! R-r-right here, in my bedroom!”
Ashley looked at Lexy sternly.
“Do you realize what you’re saying, Lexy? That is a very serious thing to say! You’d better be telling the truth! When did this happen?”

“That-that night when he came over because you were w-working late,” explained Lexy tearfully. “He stole my phone from me and I was trying to get it back. A-and we were wr-wrestling and then he started to grab at me and then he kissed me and I told him to stop it and he just grabbed my arm and said we were gonna have some fun. He pulled me here to the bedroom and he-he pushed m-me on the b-bed and he….he…”
  Ashley wrapped her arms around Lexy and hugged her.
“It-it’s okay, Lexy. You don’t have to tell me anymore. Di-did he hurt you?”

“Th-that’s why I had a shower that night,” said Lexy. “He-he made me bleed. I screamed and tried to get him to stop and he just said, ’oh, it‘s gonna hurt a bit but you‘ll get used to it‘ and then he also said, ‘it‘s not good sex unless it‘s rough‘.”

She walked over to her closet and pulled out the bed sheet she had thrown in there. Ashley’s eyes grew big as she saw the large red blotch on the sheet.

  Ashley had to sit down. She couldn’t believe it. It seemed so unreal, but the way Lexy was crying and now seeing this, she couldn’t help but come to any other conclusion. Her boyfriend had raped her little sister! The line about sex not being good unless it was rough, he had said that exact same thing to her once!

“I hope to God he used a condom!” said Ashley. “Please tell me he did!”

“He stopped in your bedroom and grabbed some out of your nightstand,” Lexy replied.

Son of a bitch!
thought Ashley. He knew those were there too, he asked me if he could keep some there. I wanted him to come and hang out at the mall that night but he insisted on coming here to wait for me. And I had told him the only person home was Lexy!

It was like getting kicked in the stomach. The way all the pieces were falling together, Lexy had to be telling the truth! She had been so in love with Reese and now she realized, she didn’t even know him. 
   Ashley had always noticed the way Reese looked at Lexy and she also knew Lexy was growing into a very attractive girl. She couldn’t help but admit to herself that she did get a bit jealous at times when Reese would flirt with Lexy. But she had always just dismissed it as nothing serious. Reese just liked to tease people. Who would have ever thought he would go this far?
Ashley grabbed Lexy by the arms and sat her down on the bed. She looked intently into the younger girl’s eyes.

“Did he try something the other night when I was in the shower? I heard you yelling at him and you went to your bedroom. You didn’t even come out when we left, you always come out and say goodbye to me!”

Lexy sighed and tried to look away.

“Come on, Lexy, tell me!” Ashley badgered her.

“Y-yes, he did,” Lexy replied reluctantly. “He pulled me onto his lap and tried to kiss me. And he-he tried to put his hand down my shorts. I told him to stop because you were just down the hallway and he said he didn’t care. He said you were going to be in the shower so long we could fool around a bit. That was when I got mad and I got away from him and went to my bedroom!”

“Sick sonuvabitch!” spat Ashley to no one in particular. “I knew something was wrong that night! Now it all makes sense!”

“A-and when I did that he said he was gonna go around and start telling everyone what a slut I was. Then I start hearing at school that he was going around and telling people that we did it together. I tried to tell everyone th-that it was a lie but no one w-would believe me!”

She turned to Lexy again.
“We have to tell someone, Lexy. You have to tell Mom and Dad and the police. If Reese did this, he has to pay the consequences! You’re only 13! What he did was statutory rape!”

“NO!” Lexy cried out. “I-I can’t do that! Mom and Dad would freak out and it would get Reese in too much trouble. I’m t-too scared!”

“But he hurt you!” said Ashley. She could feel herself tearing up. “You’re my baby sister and I can’t believe he would have done something so sick and twisted! I should have known something was wrong. I can tell when you’re not yourself.”

Ashley was silent for a few minutes then she spoke to Lexy again.
“Okay, I won’t make you tell anybody. We’ll keep it our secret. But if you ever need to talk to somebody, you can come to me anytime, okay? I’ll go and deal with Reese. He’s gonna get it in both ears from me!”

She gave Lexy one more big hug and kissed her on the forehead. “I’ll see you when I get back! Take care!”

“I will, sis,” Lexy said.
 Ashley left the room and  a couple minutes later Lexy heard her car roar out of the driveway. Lexy laid back on her bed and stared at the ceiling. Wow! What a hornet’s nest she had opened up now! But it had worked.

  She had made Ashley believe Reese had raped her and now Reese was going to get it from her big sister. Good! She knew Ashley was going to break up with him. Served him right, too! After the bullshit he had pulled off on her, Reese Chapman didn’t deserve either one of them.

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I realy hope little Lexi's going to pay for that...

March 21, 2016, 05:09:17 PM
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Ashley pulled up in front of Reese’s house and texted him.

<I’m in ur driveway. Get out here! We need to talk!>

Reese came walking out of the house a couple minutes later, wearing sweats and a t-shirt. He saw Ashley standing by her car.
  “Hey sweetie, what’s up?” he asked as he approached her. He put his hands out to hug her.

Ashley wound up and punched him hard in the face, connecting just below his left eye. Reese lurched back, grabbing his face. Ashley shook her hand and grimaced in pain herself. Punching someone hurt more than she thought!

“Owwwww! What the fuck was that for?” he yelped.

“You’re lucky I don’t kick you in the nuts too!” yelled Ashley. “Lexy just told me about what you did to her!”

“What? I didn’t do nothing to your sister!” Reese shot back.

“You raped her, you sonuvabitch! She told me all about it!”

“I fucking did not!” he protested. “When the hell was this supposed to happen?”

“The night you were waiting for me to get home! I told you there was no use going to my house because the only one at home was Lexy! But you insisted on going there. You wanted to go and bang my little sister!”

“I did not! I didn’t lay a finger on the little slut! She practically threw herself on me!”

“She’s 13, for Christ’s sake! I’m sure she really threw herself on you, Reese. Even if she did, which I don’t believe for a minute, I really imagine she “overpowered” you! You’re twice her size!”

“So you’re going to believe her over me?” asked Reese. “I don’t get a chance to tell my side?”

 “Reese, when it comes to believing you or my sister, I’m sorry. My sister comes first! And all the evidence points to you! What would she gain by lying about it?”

“Um, because she’s a conniving little bitch?” sneered Reese.

“Do not talk about my sister like that,” warned Ashley as she pointed a finger at Reese. “She may be a spoiled brat at times, but this is something she would not lie about! The way she was crying, I could tell you really hurt her! I’ve noticed the last while she hasn’t been acting herself. Now I know why!”

“This is bullshit!” spat Reese.

“No!” said Ashley. “It’s statutory rape, is what it is, and you’re lucky I’m not going to the cops. You can thank Lexy for that. She doesn’t want to press charges.”

“Yeah,” said Reese. “Because she knows it ain’t true!”

“I know how you always looked at her,” said Ashley. “And all your little flirting bullshit with her. You were just waiting for me to not be around so you could do something! And to top it all off you tried to force yourself on her while I was in the shower the other night! She told me that was why you two were arguing!”

“Ash! You gotta believe me! I didn’t touch her!” Reese pleaded.

“I don’t want to hear it, Reese! We’re through!”

“Through? You’re breaking up with me?”

“Yes, I am!” said Ashley. “El finito, arrivederci, good-bye! Whatever you wanna use!”

“But-but, I thought we loved each other? What the fuck?” stammered Reese.

“No, you loved this!” Ashley spat, pointing to her crotch. “You didn’t love me!”

She spun around and jumped back in her car. Reese had to jump out of the way as she drove away, almost hitting him.

Reese threw his hands up in the air. What the hell? That little bitch! Accusing him of raping her just so she wouldn’t get in shit with Ashley! That’s what this was all about! And now Ashley, the hottest girl in school, had just broke up with him. What kind of crap was that?
 That little Lexy was going to get it! Fucking little bitch! She was a good piece of ass but he knew if he fucked her it was going to come back to haunt him! That girl was going to cause him a lot of trouble!


It had been two weeks since the episode with Ashley. Reese still missed her a lot but he figured he was getting over her. He’d had the opportunity to bone a couple other hot girls from school that he’d always wanted. That helped him take his mind off Ashley, and her bitchy little sister!

   But he was still plenty mad about the whole affair. Rumours even got back to his football coach that he had been having sex with a 13 year-old girl. He got pulled in the office and given a big lecture.

 “College scouts catch wind of shit like that, and you can kiss any scholarships goodbye!” he got told.

  He still couldn’t believe that Lexy had done such a thing as to accuse him of rape. He knew he had pissed her off, but he didn’t imagine she would be that vindictive! And then Ashley had been totally unreasonable about the whole thing too. She hadn’t even given him a chance to tell his side of the story.

  It was a terrible blow to his ego to have to face his friends and tell them Ashley had thrown him to the curb. Stuff like this didn’t happen to Reese Chapman! He broke up with girls, not the other way around!

  But he knew he’d rebound and find another girlfriend. And anyways he was going to college in the fall. It would be good to be single and be able to chase all the college cunt! Maybe Ashley had done him a favour by breaking up with him.

  All the same, he still wanted to settle a score with that Lexy! She had made him look like a fool, big time, and accusing him of something as serious as rape did not sit well with him at all. If such a rumour ever got out, it could jeopardize his football career. Not to mention his reputation in Haydenville. The Chapmans were one of the up-standing families of the town, with his dad being a well-established businessman.

   He didn’t know how he was going to get even with Lexy, but he’d find a way! Today, however, he was just out having fun with friends. The Stafford sisters were the farthest thing from his mind.

  Reese and his four friends, Ryan, Dale, Jason and Jeremy, were wandering through the mall, just having checked out a movie. Later that night they were going to a party. Reese’s parents were gone for the weekend and he was free to pretty well do whatever the hell he wanted. He figured a Saturday night of getting drunk and most likely fucked by some hottie was the perfect plan!

  As the group of friends walked through the mall, they ran into a girl they knew. Her name was Deanna, but she was more commonly known as just Dee. Dee was not your normal high school girl, though. She was a lesbian and made it very well known too! 

  She was a very attractive girl with long dark hair and a beautiful face. Dee stood about 5’ 4” and weighed around 115 lb. with a curvy, toned body. She definitely did not look like your stereotypical lesbian. Dee looked more like she should fit in with the cheerleading crowd than the butch crowd. Like the boys, she was 18 too and a high school senior but actually looked younger. A lot of people mis-took her age for 15 or 16.

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  Dee had no interest in guys and any guy who ever did try to put a move on her usually walked away with very bruised testicles. To the group of friends, Dee was just one of the guys. It was rather frustrating sometimes, having  such a hot-looking girl around and knowing they would never have a chance with her. On the other hand, it was kind of arousing, watching her hit on other hot girls, just like….well, a guy!

“Hey retards! What’s up?” she asked.
 “Not much”, replied Reese. “What are you doing? Shopping for a new carpet?”

“Oh, I get it!” Dee said with a sarcastic smile. “She’s a carpet-muncher, so she’s shopping for a new carpet. Yeah, yeah, Chapman, you’re such a dickhead! Leave humour to the real comedians.”

The other boys all had a good chuckle. That was another thing about Dee. She was used to people making jokes about her sexual orientation but it didn’t faze her. She could hand it right back as easily as she could take it.

“You guys going to Beckman’s party tonight?” she asked.

“Planning on it,” replied Ryan. “You?”

“I might,” she said with a shrug. “Mind if I hang out with you guys?”

“Sure, come along,” said Reese.

  The group carried on through the mall until they were at the food court. They decided to get a bite to eat and were standing in line at the Taco Bell booth when suddenly Jason punched Reese in the arm.

“Hey, check that out over there!”

 He pointed to a nearby group of young girls gathered around a table. Sitting closest to the group of boys, was a striking petite blonde. She was wearing a short denim skirt that showed off gorgeous legs and a tight white tank top with spaghetti straps. The neckline was just high enough to not show any cleavage but still showed off her small budding breasts. Her tanned legs were bare and she wore short white socks and running shoes.

  “That’s pretty sweet, huh? A little on the young side, but I’d fucking do her! She’s got a smokin’ body!” Jason said to Reese.

Reese looked at where Jason was pointing. His eyes opened wide.

“Sonuvabitch! You know who that is?” he asked.

“No,” replied Jason. “Who?”

“That’s Lexy Stafford! Ashley’s little sister!”
“Holy shit! I didn’t know Ashley had a hot little sister like that!” exclaimed Jeremy.

“She looks delicious!” Dee said approvingly.

“How old is she?” asked Ryan. “She’s gotta be like 16.”

“Ummm, try 13?” said Reese with a smirk.

“Fuck off!” said Ryan. “No fucking way she’s only 13!”

Dale spoke up. “Yeah guys, Reese is right. My little bro’ goes to school with her.”

“Shit, I don’t care how old she is,” said Jeremy. “I’d stick it up inside that little honey if I ever had the chance.”

Reese pulled the group over towards the fountain in the center of the food court so the girls couldn’t see them so easily. He had this sly smile, that his friends knew, meant he was up to something.

“So you guys think she’s pretty hot, huh?”

“Yeah!” Ryan nodded.

“How about we have some fun with her tonight?” asked Reese.
“How?” asked Jason. “And where?”

“Well, let me tell you guys the real story  about why Ashley and I broke up.”

“Oh, this sounds good,” said Jeremy.

Reese jerked his thumb towards where the group of girls were sitting.
“I fucked Lexy Stafford!”

“No shit?” asked Ryan. “You banged that little sweetie? No fucking wonder Ashley broke up with you!”

“But that ain’t the whole story,” continued Reese. “We were at Ashley’s house one night and I was waiting for Ash to get off work. Her little sister was there and I started flirting with her and the horny little tramp practically threw herself on me!”

“Damn, why can’t I be that lucky?” asked Jason.

Reese carried on with his story. “So she tells me she wants her cherry popped  and she wants “a man” to do it! So who was I to deny her? We went to her bedroom and I banged the little hottie! Twice, as a matter of fact! She was fucking awesome. Tightest cunt I’ve ever had in my life! She gave me a hot blowjob too. The girl is pretty good with her mouth!”

Dale held up his hand to high-five Reese. “Man, you are my hero! That is a fucking hot story, getting to tap a sweet little piece of cunt like that!”

“Well there’s more,” said Reese. “The stupid bimbo started thinking she was in love with me. I had to put a quick stop to that. All I wanted was a piece of ass and I got it, I didn’t need all the other shit to go along with it! Besides, I didn’t need Ash finding out what I did. But then Lexy got all pissed off and goes and blabs to her friends that I’m a dickwad! Then she tells Ash I raped her!”

“That fucking skank accused you of rape?” said Dee. “I hate when bitches do that!”

“Yes, and that’s why Ashley broke up with me. She didn’t even give me a chance to tell my side of the story. Gave me a bunch of shit about it being statutory rape and all that crap and told me I should consider myself lucky Lexy didn’t want to press charges to the cops.”

“I’d kill a bitch if she pulled that crap on me,” snarled Jeremy.

“Yeah, she did,” said Reese. “But now I want to get back at her. The slut wants to call rape on me, I’ll fucking show her!”

“A gangbang?” asked Jason with a look of anticipation.

“You got it!” smiled Reese. “A good hard one, too! I wanna hurt that fucking brat. Show her what happens when she messes with Reese Chapman. And it’ll be a good way of getting back at her bitch of a sister too.”

“Hey, mind if I join in on this little escapade?” Dee piped up. “I have always hated Ashley Stafford. That stuck-up bitch dumped me in cheerleader try-outs just because she knew I was gay. I heard her say to someone, “we don’t need any muff divers on the squad. I’m not going in the locker room just to have that dyke stare at me!” I’ve always wanted to get back at that snooty cow!”

Reese gave a shrug. “Yeah, sure! What the fuck? It might be fun to watch some hot pussy-licking!”

“Okay, well how are we going to pull this off and how are we gonna be able to keep her mouth shut?” asked Ryan.

“I’ll worry about making sure she stays quiet,” Reese assured them. “I have ways.“

  “Now you guys head out to my place. Go wait in the guest house out back. You don’t have to worry, no one else is home, I got the whole place to myself. I’ll work my charms on little Lexy and get her out there. Once I get her there, she’s ours!”

“What if things don’t work out and you can’t get her out to your place?” asked Jeremy.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure I can,” smirked Reese. “I know how to push her buttons. But if things do go tits-up, I’ll just give you a phone call and we‘ll re-group.”

“Sounds good,” said Jeremy. “Come on everybody! Let’s head out to Reese’s!”

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Reese watched as his group of friends, with Dee in tow, walked away. He glanced over his shoulder. The girls were still at the table, giggling and laughing about something.

Reese brushed his hair back with his hand and took a deep breath as he walked towards them. Lexy had her back to him at first and then he saw one of her friends notice him and tap her on the shoulder. Lexy spun around in her seat to look at him.
“Umm, hi Lexy,” said Reese.

“Hello,” she said, trying to not make eye contact.

“How have you been?” asked Reese.

“I-I’ve been o-okay,” she stammered nervously.

“Hey, can we, um, talk? You know , in private?” he said, nodding at her friends.

Lexy looked at her friends who had stopped their conversation and were now staring at Reese intently. She felt her face flushing.

“Gee, I-I don’t know, Reese,” she said.

“Come on, Lexy,” he persisted. “I just want to talk about a few things with you. We’ll just go over by the fountain and talk, okay? I really need to talk to you.”

Lexy gave him a weak smile. “Well, okay. You have five minutes!”

Reese and Lexy walked over toward the fountain and sat down on a bench facing each other. Reese could feel his cock growing hard as he noticed how Lexy’s denim skirt pulled tight across her thighs as she sat down.

“Just let me say first, Lexy, I really want to apologize for how I treated you! I’ve missed you a lot!”

Lexy bit her bottom lip and cocked her head to the side.

“I-I’m sorry too, Reese. I shouldn’t have said those things about you and I’m sorry Ash broke up with you. But you really hurt my feelings.”

“I know and it wasn’t right. I kinda had it coming. But, you shouldn’t have said I raped you, Lexy! Shit like that is serious. I could have lost my football scholarship!”

Reese saw tears welling in the corners of her eyes. He reached up and brushed away a stray tear on her cheek.
“I-I’m sorry, Reese. Ash came t-to me and she was really m-m-mad. She said she he-heard we had been to-together and I didn’t kn-know what to say, so I p-panicked!”

“It’s okay,” said Reese as he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a hug.

She smiled back at him. “I’m glad to see you’re not too mad at me.”

“Oh, I’m still mad!” he replied jokingly. “But I’ve been thinking. That night we had together was really special and you are a special girl, Lexy. God, you are so beautiful! When you asked if I loved you, I kinda panicked too. It took me by surprise and that was why I said those mean things to you.”

Lexy gave him a quizzical look. “You’re not trying to butter me up, are you? So you can get back together with Ashley?” she asked suspiciously.

“No! No I am not!’ said Reese firmly. “Me and Ash are finished. I have no intentions of getting back with her and I know she doesn’t want to get back with me. To tell you the truth, if it wouldn’t have happened then, it would have just happened later.  Our relationship had kinda run it’s course and we were not the perfect couple you thought we were. This just kinda helped end it.”

“That’s too bad,” said Lexy sadly. “I always thought you two were made for each other.”

“I did too, Lex,” said Reese. “And at one time we thought that too. But people change.”
Reese took Lexy’s right hand in his and squeezed it gently. “But, right now, it’s you I want to talk about.”

“M-me?” asked Lexy. She blushed a bit and played with her hair, twirling it around one of her fingers.

“Yes,” said Reese. “And not just you, but….us!”
He took a deep breath before he carried on, giving Lexy the impression he was kind of nervous. He wanted it to look that way.

“I know I kinda fucked things up at first, but you know, since you and me had that time together, I haven’t been able to get you out of my head, Lexy. It was really hurtful when I heard you told Ashley I raped you, but I could understand. You’re young and I knew you probably just got confused and scared.”

“I-I did, Reese,” answered Lexy. “I feel so shitty about that! It-it was me that wanted to do it in the first place.”

“It’s okay, Lexy,” said Reese comfortingly. He continued to hold her hand as he stroked her hair with his other hand. “What I want to ask you, is if we can start over?”

“You and me?” asked Lexy sheepishly.

“Yes, you and me! I don’t want Ash anymore. It’s you I want, Lexy! I mean, wow! Look at you today! I saw you earlier and my heart just jumped. You look so goddamn good. I cannot believe you’re only 13! You make girls my age look silly.”
Fuck man, you are pouring it on thick today, he told himself.
But looking down at Lexy, the way her eyes were beginning to sparkle and her face blushing like a beet, he knew it was working!

“I still think a lot about you too, Reese,” Lexy confessed. She blushed an even deeper shade of red. “Ever since, well, you know, when we, um, did it, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. You were so-so……incredible!”

“And so were you, Lexy!” smiled Reese. “And I want us to get to know each other better. A lot better!”

“Yeah, I’d like that,“ Lexy said with a sweet, seductive smile that almost made Reese’s cock jump out of his pants.

“How about I take you on a date today?“ he asked.

”A-A date?”

“Yeah,“ said Reese. “Listen, my parents aren’t home all weekend. I’ll take you somewhere nice to eat and then we can go back to my house. We can watch a movie together. Just you and me, Lexy!”

“I don’t know, Reese,” said Lexy reluctantly. “I’m supposed to be staying at my friend Danielle’s house tonight. I don’t want to get in trouble again and get grounded like I did before.”

“You’re staying at Danielle’s tonight?” asked Reese. “Well then, that’s perfect! We’ll get Danielle to cover for you. Just think, we could spend the whole night together at my place! No one would know!”

Lexy looked down at the floor and back up at Reese. He could feel her little hand squeezing his. She gave a nervous sigh, then replied.

“Okay, Reese. I-I’ll do it.”

“Thank you!” Reese beamed. “Wow! We are going to have a great time, Lexy! I am a lucky guy!”
“No, I’m a lucky girl!” Lexy said. She leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on Reese’s lips.

You won’t be feeling so lucky when you find out what I’ve got planned for you, Reese smirked. The plan was falling into place perfectly!
The gang had all piled into Ryan’s car and were heading across town to Reese’s place. He and his family lived on a large acreage just a couple miles outside of the town limits.
  “Hey!” said Dee to Ryan. “Can you stop at my place? I need to pick up something.”

 “Yeah, okay. Give me directions,” he replied.

After about ten minutes, they pulled up outside of a green and white two-storey in a fairly upscale suburban neighbourhood. Dee ran inside the house.

“Damn, it sucks she’s a lez! Look at that ass!” remarked Jeremy as he watched her run up the steps to her house, her long dark hair streaming out behind her. Dee wore a grey and white cotton hoodie and a pair of tight faded denim jeans. She had on a pair of knee-high leather boots with 2-inch heels.

“Yeah, she’d be a good fuck!” Ryan agreed.

“Well, I dare you to tell her that when she gets back,” chuckled Jason.

“Are you kidding?” laughed Jeremy. “I don’t want to have to go the hospital to get one of those boots removed from my ass!”

Dee came back out of the house after a few minutes and jumped back in the car. She was carrying a small black leather case. It measured about 12 inches in length and 6 inches wide.

“What’s in the case?” asked Dale.

Dee gave a sly grin. “Oh, wouldn’t you boys like to know? You’ll find out when the party starts.”
It didn’t take too much for Lexy to talk Danielle into covering for her for the night. Lexy told her how Reese had apologized to her and he wanted to make it up to her. She neglected, however, to tell how she had cried rape to Ashley and that was the real truth behind Ashley and Reese breaking up. Lexy didn’t want Danielle to know how conniving she had been.
  Danielle thought this was great news and told Lexy she was very envious of her. But if she had the opportunity to spend the night with Reese Chapman, well, she would cover for her!
  Reese and Lexy walked out to his car. He held the door open for her as she got in on the passenger side. Reese stole a look as he noticed her short skirt slide up on her thighs as she sat down. He caught just the smallest glimpse of some red panties.

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Goddamn, I can’t wait to get between those legs again! Reese thought.

“Okay, we have to run out to my place first. I want to change my clothes,” said Reese.

“Why? You look pretty good to me,” smiled Lexy.

“Well, maybe I want to look even better!” he joked.

“Then I should change my clothes too,” she said.

Reese looked over at Lexy, his eyes roving across her body.
“Nahhh, believe me girl, you look awesome!”

They drove along in silence with neither one of them saying very much. Reese would steal a glance over at the little blonde from time to time and she’d smile back at him.
  Soon they were at the outskirts of town and pulling up the driveway into Reese’s place. Lexy looked at the large house with wonder.
  “Wow, you’re parents have a sweet house! It’s huge!” she exclaimed.

“Mehhh, it’s all right,” said Reese. “We have to go to the guest house in the back. That’s where I live. I have more privacy there.”

Reese turned onto another smaller driveway that skirted around the larger house. He pulled up in front of a smaller house nestled amongst some trees behind the main house. Good! he thought. He saw no other vehicles. Ryan had been smart enough to park his car behind the house so Lexy wouldn’t see someone else was there.
  “You have your own house? Must be nice!” said Lexy.

“It’s okay,” said Reese. “My parents got lots of money.”

“I’ll say!” replied Lexy.
  Reese parked the car near the front step.
“Okay, I gotta run in and change my clothes. I’ll just be a few minutes but you might as well come in with me too. I can show you the house.”

“Okay,” said Lexy.

Reese and Lexy got out of the car and went up the front steps of the house. The house was dim as they entered and Reese reached over to the wall and flicked on a light switch. As he did, Lexy saw four other teenage boys, all about the same age as Reese, and a young dark-haired girl step out of various hiding spots around the large living room.

“SURPRISE!” they all yelled. It was a shock to Lexy and she visibly jumped.

“Surprise?” she queried, giving Reese a puzzled look.

“Yeah,” he answered. “It’s a surprise party. We’re the surprise….you’re the party!”

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She tried backing towards the door but Reese blocked her way. Lexy suddenly had a very bad feeling about this whole situation. 
   She looked at the four guys all walking slowly towards her. They all looked to be about the same age as Reese, probably all high school seniors. They were all fit and in good shape, probably football players like Reese. Two had blonde hair, one was dark-haired and a fourth was sort of reddish-brown. They stared at Lexy like a pack of wolves.

“Like I said, Lexy, we’re going to spend the night together. But it’s going to be with me and my friends. I’ve got a little score to settle with you. And they’re gonna help me!”
   Reese spoke in a cold, malicious tone. Lexy felt her legs begin to shake with terror. She realized the trap she had just walked into.

“NOOOOO, REESE! NOOOOOOO!” the young teen screamed out.

“OHHHHH YES!” Reese whooped.

He grabbed Lexy around the waist and swept her off the floor. The small girl had no chance to fight back against the teen boy who outweighed her by over 80 lb. Ryan ran over and grabbed her flailing legs.

“Let’s get her in my bedroom!” yelled Reese.

The two boys easily carried the screaming, fighting girl down a flight of stairs into the basement. The rest of the group followed.

 She tried to twist and squirm in an effort to break free but Ryan and Reese were way too strong for her. All her struggles achieved, was for her short skirt to ride up farther on her thighs, giving everyone a good view of her red panties.

“Holy fuck, what a smoking little body she’s got!” said Jason. “Can’t wait to fuck that!”

They entered Reese’s bedroom and Lexy was thrown down on the large king-size bed. Reese thought of all the times he and Ashley had fucked in this bed. Now he was going to get to do her sister there too!

Ryan and Jason held her legs as Dale and Jeremy pinned her arms down. Reese straddled her petite body. Her shirt had rode up on her stomach so it was bunched under her tits. Reese pulled the spaghetti straps down off her shoulders then grabbed the front of her shirt in both of his hands. The thin fabric tore easily and he yanked the tank top from her body.

“Let’s see those titties!” Dale called out.

Reese reached under Lexy to unsnap her little white bra and pulled it off her. The guys all “ooohed” and “ahhhed” as they saw Lexy’s budding round breasts with their small pink nipples.

“Oh, I’m in love!” said Dee as she watched.

Next came Lexy’s denim skirt. Reese ripped the snap open and tugged them down off her hips. As he did that, Dee began pulling Lexy’s shoes and socks off her feet.

 “Help you?” laughed Dee. “Shit, honey! As soon as Reese gets your clothes off, I’m gonna be in there like a hungry dog myself!”

Lexy couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This girl was going to help Reese and his friends rape her? What kind of sick bitch was she?

Reese finished getting Lexy’s skirt pulled down off her legs. He threw the skirt across the room and looked down at her.

“Get those panties off. I wanna see some cunny!” hollered Ryan.

Reese licked his lips as he hooked his fingers in the waistband of Lexy’s panties. With a hard yank they ripped in half and with another tug Reese pulled them off her.
  Everyone could see her tight pink slit and her bush of soft pubic fuzz. Reese stood up and began taking his clothes off.

Reese looked over at Dee. “Hope you don’t mind us undressing in front of you.“
  Dee looked back and smirked. “Like I care. You guys ain’t got anything I’m interested in.“

Lexy looked up at Reese, tears streaming down her face.

“Please Reese! I’m begging you, don’t do th-this! I’m sorry for what I did! I’m really, really sorry!” she blubbered.

Reese climbed onto the bed, his large erection dangling between his legs.
“It‘s a little late for apologies, you fucking cunt! Do you realize I could have lost my football scholarship because of you? So now, you wanna go around yelling rape, you’re gonna find out what rape is all about!”
  “NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!” screamed Lexy as Reese positioned himself between her out-stretched legs.

“Hold her tight, boys,” said Reese. He fed the thick head of his cock between Lexy’s soft pussy lips, then threw his hips forward.

“UUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!” he grunted as he sunk himself inside her tight, dry hole. He pulled back, his shaft scraping along the walls of her pussy. He paused and rammed back in again.


“Make the little cunt hurt!” yelled Dee.

Reese had started to pound in and out of Lexy, his cock spreading her tiny cunt wide open. It felt good to be back inside her. She was so awesomely tight! He looked down at Lexy, her face screwed up in pain and tears running down her face.
“You did this to yourself, Lexy!” Reese smirked. “You like it so much, now? Getting fucked by an older guy?”


“I know,” said Reese. “No one fucks Reese Chapman around and gets away with it! I’m just getting started.”

 He looked her straight in the eyes as he gave another savage thrust up inside her. Her head snapped back and her mouth flew open as she let out another scream.

  The first night she and Reese had been together, his cock had felt wonderful inside her. Tonight it was like some evil demonic monster! It hammered and pounded away at her, every thrust sending new waves of pain through her body.
  The other boys cheered on Reese as he continued to fuck her. Lexy’s body was rocked back and forth as Reese’s muscular thighs slammed against her.

“Ready…….cum!” he grunted, looking down at Lexy. He grabbed her by the face and forced her to look up at him. “No condom this time, bitch! Gonna dump it all inside you!”

“NO REESE! DON’T DO THAT!” Lexy’s eyes were big with fear as she realized what Reese was going to do. But it was too late.
Reese arched his back and drove up deep into Lexy as he released his load of cum into her. He kept up stroking in and out of her as his cock spurted.

Lexy bawled as Reese pulled out of her, his cock glistening with cum. He used Lexy’s ripped shirt to wipe himself clean.
 “I’m done for now,” he said to her. “Now my friends get to have you!”

Jeremy yelled out, “I’m next.”
Dee took his place holding Lexy’s arm and Jeremy began stripping down his pants. He looked at Lexy’s supple body stretched out on the bed. It was hard to believe she was only 13!
"Oh girl, I am gonna fuck the shit out of you!"

With that comment, he started to force himself into her. Lexy started to thrash her head around and she shrieked as she felt him pushing deeper into her.

Lexy screamed, "NOOOOOOOO!" But Jeremy just pushed harder. He kneaded her tits, and smiled before quickly and forcefully pushing in all the way.


 Ignoring the young girl's cries, with hard steady strokes, Jeremy began to fuck Lexy. Her blonde hair flew all over as she flailed about and tears dropped from her pretty eyes. All one could hear, was the squeaking of the bed, the shrieks and cries of Lexy, and the grunts of the boy fucking her, mixed with an occasional verbal cheer from his buddies.
   Jeremy was pounding into her faster and faster as he grew more excited.

 "Yeah, oh yeah, you sexy little bitch!" he growled at her while fucking her tight pussy with reckless abandon. Finally, he felt the end was coming and leaned in and shoved his tongue into her mouth as he shot off deep inside her. He climbed off the girl.

 "Okay, who is next?" he asked.

Ryan spoke up. "Me!" The two swapped places and Ryan dropped his pants and climbed onto the bed with Lexy.

"OH GOD NO! NOT AGAIN!" Lexy screamed, pulling and struggling desperately.

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Me like :)

April 02, 2016, 03:50:05 PM
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Offline vile8r

She cried out, almost more out of instinct rather than surprise as she knew that they would all have their way with her tonight. Ryan shoved his hardened seven and a half inch member into her still tight pussy and started fucking the hot 13-year-old. Her cries and tears grew louder from the more violent pounding that he was inflicting on her petite body. He held her head in his hands as he fucked her and forcibly kissed the girl. As he pumped away, her tits were shaking like little molds of Jell-O in the midst of her naked chest.

 "Damn! What a tight, sexy bitch!" Ryan remarked as he fucked her harder and harder. He looked down to watch his glistening shaft slide in and out, her swollen pussy lips wrapped tightly around him. Soon enough, however, he came and deposited yet another load into her.

“Awesome little fuck!“ Ryan exclaimed as he dislodged himself from her naked form.

Jason eagerly awaited his turn to screw this hot vixen. Ryan took Jason's place holding Lexy’s left leg. Jason had his pants off in a flash, his hard eight inch cock jutting out between his legs. He stroked it as he pushed himself between Lexy’s thighs. He hungrily inserted himself into her pussy and started to fuck pretty Lexy with rough, violent strokes.

 "Ugh, yeah, oh yeah.... nice and tight!" he grunted while raping this beautiful young girl. He pumped into the prone girl with gusto as she sobbed beneath him. Jason fully enjoyed the snug feel of her tight snatch around his rigid cock. He slammed roughly into her, causing her entire body to move backwards on the bed.

“Fuck her hard!” yelled Jeremy.

“The little skank is liking it!” said Dee.

  Reese sat in a chair across the room watching the proceedings with great amusement. He had had fun fucking the little hottie but it was a great turn-on to watch her be fucked by his friends too. It was a little fetish of his. When he had dated Ashley Stafford, he had also fantasized about what it would be like to watch a group of men fuck her.
  After vigorously hammering at Lexy’s sweet hole for several minutes, Jason had sweat running down his face. A big smile came across his face as he spurted his seed into her womb. He grabbed her tits and squeezed as he dismounted her.
Excitedly, Dale dropped his pants. Dale, like the other boys, also had an athletic physique but was taller and skinnier. He stood about 6 feet 4 inches. He was a star on the track and field team and also played basketball.
  “Flip her on her stomach!‘ he ordered.

  Lexy was rolled over onto her stomach and her legs yanked wide apart again. She tried to look over her shoulder to see what Dale was doing. Kneeling between her legs he grabbed her hips and mounted the violated girl from behind. His 7-inch cock slid into her effortlessly with a loud SCHLIKKK! sound and he started to fuck her.
  Lexy continued to plead, with little success, for them to cease the assault. Dale pumped her hard and steady.

"No…. no…. more, please no more," Lexy panted in exhaustion. Her face was stained with tears as the fifth assault on her young, firm body was taking place. Her body rocking furiously from the violent thrusts of Dale, she wailed away while he used her for his pleasure. After what seemed like forever to her, Dale finally exploded his load. He didn’t, however, cum into her. He pulled out at the last minute and let his cock spray across her ass and lower back.
“Yeah! Good one!” cheered Ryan.

Dale slid his cock out of the teen girl’s abused pussy. Lexy’s body shook and shuddered with deep sobs. Cum oozed out of her swollen pussy and collected on her thighs.
   For a moment, the boys paused about what to do next. Dee got up and said “Okay, well you bastards have had your fun, now I get mine!“

“Where are you going?” asked Reese.

“I’ll be back,” she said. “Just hold on.”

She left the room and returned a minute later with the small black case she had grabbed from home. Dee opened the case and the boys finally got to see what was inside. She pulled out a large white ten-inch strap-on dildo.

“What the fuck is that?” asked Ryan.

“Do I really have to explain?” replied Dee sarcastically.

“Well, we know what it is,” said Reese. “We’re just wondering why you have something like that?”

“Girls gotta have fun too, you know,” Dee remarked. She began to take off her boots and undid her tight jeans. She slid them down off her slim thighs, exposing the black thong she was wearing.
 Dee paused for a minute as she noticed Jeremy and Jason watching her intently, their mouths hanging open.
  “You guys got a problem? Or do I have to run this dildo up your asses?” she sneered. “Just a reminder! I’ve taken martial arts since I was eight. I’ve put guys way bigger than you on the floor, curled up and crying like little girls.”

  “Ummmm, no! No problem!” sputtered Jeremy.

“Good! Now put your eyes back in your head and hold her down! I get my turn now!”

Dee had also taken off her grey and white hoodie, She was wearing a white tank top underneath. The lesbian girl strapped on the dildo. It was quite a sight to see the large rubber phallus sticking out from between her legs. Reese was getting an incredible hard-on as he realized what Dee was going to do.
  All this time, Lexy had looked on in absolute horror. She couldn’t believe what the dark-haired girl was planning to do. The other boys had let her go for the time being, but she had no way to escape, as they surrounded the bed. Lexy had crawled to the far side of the bed and was sitting with her legs pulled up to her chest. She shook her head from side to side.

“NO! OH GAWD! NO! DON’T LET HER TOUCH ME!” she sobbed.

“Oh honey, it’s gonna be fun!” Dee smirked as she approached the bed. “Get her ready, you guys!” she said.

Lexy was grabbed and held down on the bed again, her legs spread wide for Dee.

The boys watched with excitement as Dee climbed between Lexy’s legs.
“Ready for a good cunt-pounding from a girl?” asked Dee. “This is for your sister being such a bitch to me all through high school!”

Dee guided the dildo up to Lexy’s pussy lips. She rubbed the head across them and watched as Lexy’s body flinched. Her eyes were tightly closed and her chest heaved as she braced herself for what she knew was coming. Dee threw her hips forward and watched as the dildo drove into Lexy’s tight hole.


Dee pulled back and rammed in again, rewarded with another piercing scream from Lexy.

“Shut up, princess!” Dee snarled. “Take it like the little tramp you are! You’re just a fucking skank like your sister!”

Dee dug her hands into Lexy’s small breasts for leverage as she began a rhythm of hard, hammering strokes in and out of the crying teen. Reese had never seen anything so hot in is life. The hot dark-haired girl in her tank top and black thong, showing off her awesome tanned body, fucking the pretty little blonde being forcefully held down on the bed. It was an awesome scene!
  Dee twisted her hips as the dildo was driven in and out of Lexy, trying to push the thick shaft in as far as she could. Dee had used this many times with other girls she had been with, but it was the first time she had ever used it on a girl against their will. And it was the first time she had used it on such a young girl. She was getting incredibly aroused, feeling the familiar wetness between her legs.
  Lexy’s cries and whimpers also turned her on. Dee was getting back at Ashley Stafford for every mean and vindictive thing she had done or said in high school. She wished it was Ashley she was slamming the dildo in and out of, but her cute little sister would do just fine as a substitute.

“AAAAHHHH……AAAAAHHHH….AAAAHHHHH…AAAAAHHHHH!” Lexy gasped in pain as the big dildo spread her pussy wide open. Being raped by the boys had been bad enough, but this was pure humiliation. Dee ran her hands across Lexy’s tits and squeezed and pinched her nipples.
  Finally, she stopped and pulled out of Lexy. The shaft of the dildo was slick with pussy juice and the cum the guys had deposited in her. Dee moved up so she was straddling Lexy’s chest and pushed the dildo in her face.

“Lick it off, bitch!” she ordered. “Look at the mess you made on it!”

Lexy shook her head back and forth. No way was she going to lick that gross thing!
 “Lick it!” yelled Dee.
She rubbed it across Lexy’s face and her lips. Lexy tried to turn away but Dee grabbed her face in both hands and held her. Slowly, Lexy began licking off the dildo with her tongue. She made a face as she tasted the slimy shaft.

“Don’t like the taste of cum, huh?” Dee grinned. “Well, can’t say as I blame you, but knowing what these guys have got planned for you, you better get used to it in a hurry!”

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Offline vile8r

After Lexy had licked the dildo clean, Dee climbed off her and unbuckled the strap-on around her waist.
“You were wonderful, Lexy,” she said. “So tight! We’ll have some more fun later.”

 Lexy was spitting and coughing, trying to get the taste of the cum out of her mouth. The other boys had let her go and she sat up slowly on the bed. She looked at Reese with red, swollen eyes.

“Please let me go, Reese,” she said.

“I thought we were spending some time together,” sneered Reese. “You told me you wanted to. What? You’re lying to me again?”

“No! No! I-I just want t-to go h-home!” she sobbed.

“In a while,” said Reese. “When I feel like letting you.”

Ryan was standing next to Reese and whispered to him, “Hey, what’s happening next? I want some more of that sweetie.”

“You’ll get your chance,” said Reese. “We’re gonna pop her ass cherry.”

“Really? I’ve never done that before!”

“Well, bud, tonight’s the night,” replied Reese.

Jeremy came in the room with cold beers for everyone.

“Right on!” said Reese, taking a big gulp of beer.

He motioned to Jason and Dale to grab Lexy again.
  “Get her on her stomach! Put a couple pillows under her hips!” he barked.

“Wh-what are you d-d-doing now?” Lexy whimpered.

“Oh, you’ll see,” Reese snickered. He came up to the bed and kneeled behind Lexy. He ran his hands across Lexy’s round, firm butt cheeks. Reese parted them and jammed his right index finger into her little rosebud. Lexy’s head flew back and she squealed loudly.


“Oh yeah!” said Reese. “You said you wanted to be better than your sister, well now you get your chance. I’m gonna get from you what I never got from Ashley. Your ass!”
Lexy began flailing and kicking as she screamed frantically. It was all Jason and Dale could do to hold her down.

“Someone help hold her!” said Reese.

“Gladly,” Dee gloated. “I know just how to settle her down!”

Stripping her panties down her long legs, Dee hopped up on the bed. Jeremy and Ryan nudged each other as they caught a look at Dee’s shaved pussy.

 She positioned herself sitting with Lexy’s face almost in her crotch. Dee wrapped her hands in Lexy’s hair and pushed her pussy against Lexy’s mouth and nose.

“You can lick some pussy while Reese bangs your ass!” said Dee.

Reese smiled and placed the head of his cock at Lexy’s ass entrance. He began to push in. He pressed forward as the large head popped through her sphincter muscles.


Making slow, deliberate strokes, Reese pushed deeper into Lexy’s dirt chute. The tightness was incredible. His cock wormed itself deeper into her.

Dee held Lexy’s face tight against her crotch, muffling her screams and cries. She felt the young girl’s nose push inside her.

“That’s right, honey,” Dee cooed. “Get your face right in there.”



Lexy’s body felt as if it was on fire. Reese’s large cock ripped at her insides as he pulled back and thrust deeper. Lexy tried to scream but her mouth was pressed to Dee’s cunt. Ugh! thought Lexy. How gross!  The heavy, musky scent of Dee’s wet pussy filled her nostrils and mouth.

 She had heard her sister talk about this Dee girl before, how she preferred girls instead of boys. Ashley had said she was a weird bitch who gave her the creeps. Now Lexy was finding out firsthand!

  Reese was in all the way now and began pumping slowly in and out of Lexy’s ass. He knew it was Lexy he was sodomizing, but in his mind, he imagined it was Ashley. He had wanted so badly to sink his cock in the hot blonde’s gorgeous ass when they dated, but she had always been very clear it was something she would not partake in.

  He picked up his tempo a little bit, watching as Lexy’s body shuddered with each thrust. It was very hot seeing her head buried between Dee’s outstretched legs. It was hard to hold himself back, the sensation of her ass clamping down on the shaft of his cock sent him over the edge and soon he was ready to cum.

  Reese gave several powerful thrusts up into Lexy. He let out a loud sigh as he released his load of cum in her bowels. Lexy let out a muffled squeal as she felt the wet warmness flood her insides. Reese pulled out slowly, looking down at his cock. It was streaked with blood, cum and small brown flecks of shit. He wiped himself using Lexy’s shirt again.

“Who’s up for some ass fucking?” asked Reese.

“I’ll do her!” yelled Ryan.

He was behind Lexy as soon as Reese moved out of the way. Ryan’s erect cock was at attention as he prepared to enter her ass. Giving her a couple sharp cracks across the cheeks with the palm of his hand, Ryan then slid inside her. She was still pretty tight and he had to pull back and push in a couple times.

“MMMMFFFFFFF……..MMMMFFFFFFF…….MMMMMMFFFFFFFF!” Lexy wailed as she tried to lift her head. Dee shoved her back down.

“Get that sweet little tongue back in my cunt!” she ordered. She moaned with pleasure as she felt Lexy’s tongue push its way back inside her.

Ryan rutted away in Lexy’s butthole. His thighs slapped at the back of Lexy’s and her body rocked back and forth. Ryan reached under her and cupped her tiny breasts in his hands.

“Fuck! This bitch is tight!” he hollered.

“Yeah!” Reese agreed. “Ass fucking is awesome. Shoulda been doing this ages ago!”

Ryan had sweat beading on his forehead and the muscles in his thighs flexed as he watched his cock work its way in and out of Lexy’s gopher hole. Lexy’s body was also drenched in sweat. Dale and Jason had let go of her arms. She was going nowhere. Dee had a firm grip on the young girl as she held Lexy’s face between her legs. She would let her pull back a bit to catch her breath, then shove her face in again.

“S-stop, st-stop! Pl-please!” Lexy pleaded with tears streaming down her cheeks.

But her pleas fell on deaf ears. Ryan soon came, shooting a load of spooge up her ass. He pulled out and was replaced by Jason. Lexy didn’t even scream this time when the teen boy drove his cock inside her butt. She just let out a loud agonized moan.

  Over the next half hour, Jason, Jeremy and Dale, each took their turn raping the blonde teenager’s ass. They stroked and pumped in and out of the tight orifice. The backs of Lexy’s thighs were red from the boys’ legs slapping against her.
  Lexy sobbed and bawled in pain. Her petite body was pounded down into the mattress.

April 07, 2016, 09:53:02 AM
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They pinched and squeezed and molested her tits and ass cheeks. Pulled on her soft blonde hair as they used it like handles to fuck her. Dale even finger- fucked her as he pounded his cock into her chocolate-hole. He managed to insert three fingers in her tight slit.
Dee had relented from making Lexy lick her pussy. Instead she lifted her tank top and bra over her tits and forced Lexy to suckle and lick her nipples.

“Oh, Lexy. You are such a good little girl. I do love that tongue of yours! You and me are gonna be good friends,” she cooed as she pressed the 13 year-old’s face to her chest.

 Finally the boys were all finished with their anal violation of Lexy. All the boys had left deposits of cum in her, of which now seeped out of her gaping anus and ran down the backs of her thighs.
“I could use that ass to park my car!” laughed Reese.

“It’s gonna be even bigger after I’m done,” said Dee. She had gotten off the bed and was strapping the dildo back on again.

“You’re gonna stick that up her ass?” asked Jeremy.

“Why not?” Dee shot back. “You stuck your slimy sausage up there!”

  The big flesh-coloured cock dangled between her legs as she gripped Lexy’s wrists firmly in her hand and pulled them behind her back. Dee squeezed Lexy’s ass cheeks apart. The tip of the rubbery cock pressed against her anus.       Lexy cried out as Dee pressed harder, stretching her ass painfully. The thick dildo slipped in easily using the residual cum as lube.
   Dee began to plow her ass harder and harder. She reached under Lexy and began squeezing her nipples.

“Mmmm, your ass feels good,“ said Dee “You know what I think? I think you’re a nasty fucking whore. I think you’re liking all this.”

“N-n-no, I’m n-not!” cried Lexy.

Lexy’s asshole was swollen and raw from the fucking before and now every thrust of the dildo felt like a red-hot spear going in and out of her. It seemed like the torture would go on forever.

Dee pulled out of Lexy’s pooper and smiled as the dildo made a loud sucking noise. She wiped it off in Lexy’s hair.

“She’s all yours, boys!” said Dee. As she climbed off the bed she gave Lexy a resounding slap on her ass. Lexy barely moved, her body enveloped in pain from the sadistic pounding her butt had just received.

“Well, I think we should give that sweet mouth a working-over now,” said Reese. “I know from experience she’s pretty damn good with it.”

“Yeah, I want that little honey’s mouth wrapped around my cock,” said Dale.

Reese pulled Lexy’s limp body off the bed. He brushed the hair away from her face. She looked up at him with tear-filled eyes.

“R-Reese, pl-please can you let me go?” she said weakly.

“Ummmm, no, I can’t,” said Reese matter-of-factly. “We’re done fucking you, maybe.  But now you’re gonna get on your knees and suck my cock, and all my friends’ cocks too.”

“NO! Don’t make me d-do th-that!” she sobbed.

Reese pushed her onto her knees. He grabbed her by the hair and bent her head back as he pushed his cock towards her mouth.

“Suck it, you fucking whore. Show us how much you love cock,” he growled.

Dee laughed wickedly. “Yeah, come on you little slut!”

Lexy slowly took Reese’s dick in her mouth. It tasted way worse than the first time she had sucked him off. She realized with a sickening feeling in her stomach that she was tasting her own ass.
  Reese moved his hips back and forth as Lexy’s lips tightened around him and she bobbed her head up and down.

“Ohhhh,” Reese sighed. “That’s the stuff, Lexy.”

He could feel her tongue slide along his shaft and her saliva lubricated him. Reese placed his hands on the back of her head and forced his shaft deeper into Lexy’s mouth. She coughed as the tip of his cock hit her throat. She tried to pull back but Reese held her there as he slammed his hips forward.
  His thick girth was slowly cutting off her air. Her little fists pounded at his thighs. Reese just laughed as he fucked her face.

“What’s the matter? Can’t breathe? Just wait until I cum down your throat!”

Reese continued to pump his hips as his big cock slid back and forth between  the young girl’s lips. Her face was turning red and slobber ran down her chin.
Suddenly, Reese stopped and she felt his cock go rigid in her mouth. Thick gobs of cum shot into her throat and oozed out of her mouth.
  Reese held his cock in her for a couple minutes, forcing her to swallow as much as she could. Finally he pulled out.

“Yeah!” he whooped. “That’s what I’ve wanted to do for a while!”

Dale stepped up, stroking his cock. “She’s gonna do me next! Do a good job little girl!”

Lexy reached up and began to stroke his cock around the base as she ran her tongue around the head. As she serviced Dale, Jason grabbed her other hand and wrapped it around his tumescent shaft.
“You can stroke me while you’re sucking him,” he said.

Lexy stroked away at the other boy as she slipped Dale’s cock into her warm mouth.
“OHHHHHHH!” he moaned. Lexy stroked and sucked on his shaft as he rocked back and forth. He was in heaven as he watched Lexy’s small lips slip and slide along his length.
It didn’t take long and he was ready to cum. His cock jerked inside her mouth and cum splashed across the roof of her mouth.
“GGGGGAAAAAACCCKKKKKKKKK!” Lexy gagged as she was forced to swallow more slimy spooge. The taste was terrible!

She had barely caught her breath, when Jason was jamming his fuck rod between her jaws.
“MMMMPPPHHHHHACCCKKKKKKK!” He pushed all the way in at once, his thick eight-incher pushing her lips apart.
  He fucked her mouth, holding her head in both hands.

“AAAACCCKKK…..AAAAACCKKK…AAAACCCKK….AAACCCKKKKK!” She made choking sounds with each thrust. His balls slapped against her chin.
The other boys clapped and hollered, cheering him on.

Soon, he too was ready to blow a load. Lexy could tell he was ready to cum and she decided she didn’t want to swallow anymore cum. She tried to pull away but Jason wrapped his fingers tighter in her hair and shoved her face deeper into his crotch.
 He bucked his hips as his cock pushed to the back of her throat. He let out a loud groan as he felt his balls drain. Lexy swallowed frantically as spurt after spurt of hot jizz sprayed down her gullet.

Next up were Jeremy and Ryan. Lexy closed her eyes and opened her mouth in silent surrender as Jeremy let his dick slip into her mouth. Ryan made her stroke him and play with his balls. Lexy’s head bobbed up and down on Jeremy.
“Suck me good, Lexy, and I won’t get too rough with you,” Jeremy said.

Lexy pulled back and licked along his shaft then dipped her mouth back onto it. She did this several times.
“Fuuuuck!” Jeremy moaned. “You are good!”
 As she began to suck faster and faster on him, he felt his balls begin to tighten. He leaned forward trying to push his cock in deeper.

“Enough playing now, “ he said. “Get that dick in your throat!”
 He yanked her head back by her hair as he jammed his cock to the back of her throat.
“UUUUUHHHHHHHHH!” he yelled out as he felt himself orgasm. His cock spasmed and jerked and another load of cum was deposited in Lexy’s belly.

The room spun as he pulled out. Lexy felt sick to her stomach. The taste of all the cum in her mouth and throat was overwhelming. But she still had one more boy to service. And God only knew what Dee might want her to do again!

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Finally finding time to get caught up on some reading!  Great one . . .as usual Vile!

April 08, 2016, 06:16:20 AM
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April 13, 2016, 05:58:20 PM
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She wasn’t even aware of Ryan pushing his cock in her mouth until she felt his hands on the back of her head.
“Come on, bitch!” he snapped. “Wake up and start suckin’!”

Like a robot, Lexy began moving her mouth back and forth on Ryan. Her jaws ached like they were on fire but she knew she had to keep going. Her only hope was maybe he would come fast.
  To speed that along she began to massage his balls and stroke around the base of his dick.

“That’s a girl!” he said. “Suck me like the little whore that you are!”

Her mouth tightened around him as she moved her head in little circular motions. Ryan’s mouth hung open and he arched his back. He pushed his cock in deeper until it bumped against her throat. Lexy knew by this time to breathe through her nose. It helped her from choking. She continued to work her mouth back and forth on him until she felt his cock stiffen. She prepared for the onslaught of sperm down her throat.
  But Ryan threw a curveball. He suddenly yanked his cock free of her mouth and stroking it furiously, he sprayed his load right in her face. Lexy jerked back as the slimy goo hit her square across the nose and cheeks. A little bit was sprayed into her eyes as well.

“Money shot!” she heard Reese yell.

She turned around to see Reese standing there with a digital camera. He was taking pics of the mess on her face.

“Wh-what the hell are you doing?” asked Lexy.

“This is so you keep your little slut-hole of a mouth shut,” Reese explained. “You tell anyone what happened here tonight, and I mean anyone, and Lexy Stafford becomes an internet sensation.”

 “No! Please! D-Don’t do th-that!”

“Well these aren’t the only pics I’m gonna have,” he explained. He threw a towel at Lexy and told her to wipe the cum off her face.
 “You’re going to do some posing for us, Lexy. You’re going to be my sexy little model.”

Ryan and Jeremy helped her to her feet and they all moved upstairs. Reese began taking photos of Lexy in different poses and in different spots throughout the house.

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 To start out he had her do some poses for him on the kitchen counter. Then he moved to the living room and had her pose on the couch, in a recliner and on the large rug in front of the fireplace.
  Reese had her spread her legs and display her pussy, he had her on all fours and he had some with her fingering herself.

“That’s it!” he said. “Give me lots of sexy looks! Do it, or we throw you on the bed and have some more fun with your holes!”

Lexy felt extremely humiliated by all this, but she reluctantly cooperated. She had no choice and Reese’s continuous threats of raping her again, terrified her.

“Guess you’re kinda learning your lessons now about being a little lying cunt, huh?” Reese mocked. “I can tell all your friends what a horny slut you really
are, how you like fucking so much you took on five guys!”

“And a girl!” added Dee.

Reese took Lexy into one of the spare bedrooms and took some poses of her there too. Again, he made her do lots of humiliating, explicit positions. Dale and Jason even made up a little sign on a piece of cardboard that Reese made her hold up in front of her for a couple pics.


“That’s awesome guys!” laughed Reese.

 Then came the really fun pics. Reese had Lexy and the guys pose in different action shots. He took pics of her stroking their cocks and licking them with her tongue. In one pic he had two of the boys, Jeremy and Dale, rub their dicks across her face.
  In some other pics he had her on her back with the boys looking like they were trying to mount her. He even did some simulated double penetration pics. One boy would be behind her looking like he was ready to drill her ass and another would be in front of her ready to shove his dick in her mouth.

“Okay Dee, now it’s your turn for some poses with Lexy!” said Reese.

Dee sat back on the couch, with her legs apart and Lexy kneeling in front of her.

“Okay, sweetie, start licking!” she ordered.

Lexy put her face down near Dee’s moist pussy and Reese began snapping pics. Lexy stuck her tongue out to make it look like she was going to lick Dee’s pussy.

“Uh, uh, honey! We’re doing it for real!” Dee said. She grabbed Lexy by the hair and shoved her face right into her pussy. Lexy had no choice but to begin licking and lapping at Dee’s vagina. Her tongue was forced right inside Dee’s tight hole.
  “That’s right! Tongue fuck me!”

Lexy’s licked away vigorously as Dee moved her hips back and forth. Lexy’s mouth and chin were covered in her pussy juices.

“Ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh, yeah! Keep going!” moaned Dee. Her body began to shudder in the throes of an orgasm.

“How fucking hot is this?” whispered Ryan to Reese.

“This is epic!” smiled Reese.

Dee made Lexy stop and she turned around to kneel on the couch, her ass pointed outward. She reached behind her and parted her butt cheeks, showing off her puckered anus.

“Get her to lick my ass!” said Dee. “I need my ass licked!”

“N-no! I’m not doing th-that!” cried Lexy.

“The girl said she wants her ass licked, so you’re gonna lick it!” said Reese.

Ryan grabbed her by the back of the head and pushed her face into Dee’s ass.

“Get that tongue moving,” he said to her.

Reluctantly, with a look of revulsion, Lexy began running her tongue in small circles around Dee’s little brown hole. The taste was horrible! Lexy’s stomach heaved and she thought she was going to vomit but she managed to fight the urge.

“Ohhhh, your tongue feels good back there!” sighed Dee.

Lexy was forced to lick all around Dee’s ass and right across her anus too. Then Dee parted her butthole with her fingers, opening it up.

“Okay, girlie, get your tongue inside!”

Lexy shook her head, but Ryan pushed her face into Dee’s ass and she had to comply. She closed her eyes as she pushed her tongue into the other girl’s turd hopper.


She pulled back out after a few seconds, spitting and coughing, trying to get the gross taste of ass out of her mouth.

“That was really good!” said Dee, patting Lexy on the head. “You and me, we’re gonna have to get together more often. I’m getting you trained pretty good with that sweet little tongue.”

“Well, I got enough pics now,” said Reese. “It’s been a good party, guys!”

“You were great Lexy!” said Ryan. “Anytime you wanna go on a date, just call me!”

“Yeah, don’t be shy!” said Jason. “I like little blondes.”

The boys, along with Dee, put their clothes back on and headed out the door.

“We’ll see you later, Reese!” yelled Jeremy. “We’re gonna go get something to eat and then we’re going to the party.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in a bit,” said Reese.

The door closed and Reese turned to Lexy. He pulled her up to her feet and took her down the hallway to the bathroom.
“Gonna give you a shower. You’re quite a mess,” he said.

As they entered the large bathroom, Reese suddenly spun her around and pushed her against the vanity counter. He pressed her face against the mirror.

“So bitch, you gonna keep your mouth shut?”

“Y-you r-r-raped me, Reese!” Lexy sobbed.

“Yeah, ain’t that a coincidence? You said I raped you when I never did! Now you have something to really complain about! You’ll keep your mouth shut, Lexy or those pics will be all over the internet! I’ll send some personally to your sister. I still have her email address!”

“I-I won’t say anything, okay?” Lexy whimpered. “Now, can y-you let m-me go? You’re hu-hurting me!”

“After I’m done!” Reese growled. He kicked Lexy’s feet apart and she suddenly realized what he was planning on doing. Before she could even cry out, his thick cock drove up inside her in a single savage stroke. He began to slam in and out of her, her legs hitting against the counter. He continued to hold her with her face mashed against the mirror, her tears running down her cheeks and making little smears on the glass.

 Reese fucked her brutally, pulling back and driving in over and over. She tried to brace her hands against the edge of the sink as her body was rocked back and forth. Each thrust lifted her feet right off the floor.
  Reese felt himself ready to cum, but he had a little surprise for her. He suddenly pulled out of her battered cunt and slammed himself into her ass.

“AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Lexy’s shrill scream was loud in the room as it felt like a red-hot spear driving into her.

Reese continued to pound in and out of her tight ass until finally his balls shot a large load up into her. He held himself inside her, feeling his cock throbbing as her tight ass tunnel clamped down on him. Then he slipped out of her. She collapsed on the bathroom floor, sobbing and bawling.

“NOW I’m done!” spat Reese. “Have a shower and I’ll give you a ride back to town.”


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