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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read this tale of violence, rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you find this subject matter offensive, please stop reading. This story is fiction and no characters portrayed are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, stop reading now. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. No one is being hurt here, and this is pure fantasy.
For those who wish to continue, please enjoy.


By Sparx


What lay beneath

The LRT train hurtled through the calm night, metal grinding as it speared into a dark tunnel. The passengers could hear a distant ambulance siren if they were listening, but that sorrowful wail died as each train car passed out of the moonlight and into the yawning darkness of the tunnel. The train was downtown, passing beneath the city streets above.

Jennifer Goodwin checked the sparkling watch on her slender wrist. It was three-thirty a.m. and this was the last train heading across town. She yawned and stretched, her long bare legs curving out from beneath the hem of her party dress that came to mid-thigh. The dress was black and it matched the black pearl that dangled on a silver chain between her breasts. She wore a long sleeved leather jacket that was unbuttoned midway, exposing her cleavage. She was a brunette and her thick, luscious hair fell in waves, framing her stunningly beautiful face. She looked over at her companion, her agent and on again, off again boyfriend Curtis. He was folded up as small as he could, his head lolling awkwardly and he was snoring loudly, his mouth open. She giggled briefly and shook her head. He was wasted and when Jen had wanted to leave the party, she had to hold him up when they waited for the train. He had half-heartedly groped at her and she was fairly annoyed at that fact still. They hadn’t slept together in four months, and he thought just because he had too much to drink, he could just put his hands all over her.

Curtis slumped against her on the subway bench, and she pushed him back towards the window harder than she intended, a mock look of disgust on her face. His head knocked against the window and almost woke him up.

“Ow…” He muttered before settling back into his rhythmic snore.

As she took her eyes off of him with a grimace for almost waking him up, she caught the look of the only other passenger on the train. It was an older man, maybe in his seventies and when Jen looked over, she caught him licking his lips and rubbing a hand between his legs.

“You can still get that thing up old man?” She called over to him and the man flushed, turning away. As grossed out as the man’s look had made her, she felt vindicated for telling him off. The train was slowing as it neared a station, the breaks squealing as the train came to a stop in the bright florescent glow of the station lights. Jennifer looked at the station map; her hotel was the next stop. She watched the old man stand up and shuffle quickly out the sliding glass doors and into the light. He made for the stairs at the back of the platform, joined by several people from the train car in front of Jennifer’s. She watched them go, half a dozen of them. Men and women, she actually recognized a couple of them from the party. She had been so focussed on dodging Curtis’ hands she hadn’t noticed them getting on. She tried to wave to them as the doors closed but they were involved in their conversations and as the doors slid shut, the train lurched into motion leaving the bright platform behind.

It had been an awesome after party. Jennifer was originally from the UK but she now lived in California and worked as a model. She was up in Canada for a big fashion tour and tonight had been a big show. She had taken control of the runway in elegant evening dresses, and later incredibly revealing lingerie. Jennifer didn’t mind. She was gorgeous and fit and she loved the attention. The snapping cameras, people turning to each other to comment on the clothing that she brought to life, she loved it.

The party had been at the apartment of one of the designers. It was the penthouse suite in a downtown high rise and while Jen had definitely been in nicer places, she could see herself living in a place like that. But, when Jen saw how poorly Curtis was handling his booze, she knew that she should escort him back to their hotel, where they rooms across the hall from each other. When he had attempted to light heartedly molest her, she wondered for a moment if the whole thing wasn’t a ploy to get her back into his bed, but on closer inspection she could see that he was well and truly wasted.

Jennifer looked at her reflection in the window glass and watched the occasional light snap by on the tunnel wall outside the train. Her thoughts were interrupted as the train approached the next station, her and Curtis’ stop. As the train came to a halt and the doors opened, Jennifer turned to wake Curtis as a devious idea slipped into her mind. She stood, her balance confident in strappy high heeled shoes, and strode off the train and onto the platform. As the door closed behind her, she spun a slow one eighty and blew a kiss to Curtis through the glass. She watched with a smirk as the train carried him off down the line, away from their hotel. Served him right for earlier, she thought. She imagined him being awakened by the conductor at the end of the line, and how angry he’d be with her. She relished the thought as she turned back to the station she now stood in to get her bearings. She saw the stairs at the back of the platform, a single flickering light shining on it. Curiously, there was a closed gate in front of the stairs. She didn’t remember it being there when they’d boarded the train earlier to go downtown. She walked with long strides towards the stairs through deep shadows, the previous station had been much brighter Jennifer thought as a sinking feeling set in. Goose bumps stood out on her arms, and she looked around cautiously, instincts telling her it wasn’t the cold that was giving her chills. She zipped her jacket up to her neck none the less. She quickened her pace as she neared the stairs and the light, a butterfly of panic was setting into her chest as she reached the gate and saw the padlock and chain on it. She reached out for the cross crossing metal, her fingers brushing cold steel before tightening around in a fist and shaking the gate softly. She took the padlock in her hand and tugged. It was locked tight, her eyes tracing the chain as it looped through each half of the gate, sealing the access to the stairs.

Jennifer looked up above the passageway to the stairs and saw the station label, Fuller Street South it read in fading block letters, the same as on the map and Jennifer was confused before realization began to dawn on her. How could she be so stupid, she thought as she remembered Curtis’ friend Paul, who was their contact her in Edmonton, giving them directions.

“If you hit Fuller Street, you’ve gone too far and have to do most of the loop again, so don’t miss your stop. It’s a real pain in the ass.” Paul’s words filled Jennifer’s head now as the butterflies in her chest exploded and her eyes followed the tiles in the wall to another sign that hung crooked on the wall. The sign read NOT PATROLLED by LRT security.

Jennifer looked farther down the platform to where light shone through an identical gate and an identical staircase. She looked through the bars of the one she stood in front of and tried to think of what to do.

“Hello?” She called, confident that anyone who heard her would come to her aid.

 “Help!” She called out louder and then stopped to listen. Her imagination told her that she heard something skittering in the darkness behind her, but from the safety on the other side of the gate there was nothing. She decided to try the other stairwell and headed in that direction. Her instincts told her to run from the darkness that was enveloping her and what might be lurking inside it, but she told herself that she was being foolish and forced herself to walk, though briskly. She passed a corridor with a washroom sign hanging above it, with an arrow pointing into the inky blackness beyond. She could see a faint light coming from under a door at the far end of the short corridor.

There was a sound like an aluminum can rolling across the concrete floor just then, from somewhere in the gloom behind her and she did break into a run, her heart in her throat. Her expensive shoes threatened to trip her as she heard another sound in the dark and she screamed, slamming into the gate of the next stairwell.

“Help, anyone!” She screamed out, pressing her face against the bars. There was no reply and she felt tears threatening to burst from her eyes. She forced herself to take a breath and calm down. She stood up straight and released her grip on the gate. She turned slowly to face the darkness behind her. Her heart was racing and she started to count her pulse to calm herself down.

She screamed as a beam of light hit her from behind. She was bathed in it, vulnerable and exposed in the abyssal darkness that surrounded her in the pool of light from the flashlight that shone through the bars behind her.

“Excuse me Miss.” Came the man’s voice behind the light. He turned the beam on himself. He wore a uniform, not quite like a cop. LRT security was the label on his jacket. “You’re not supposed to be over there, the station is closed.”

“I…” Jennifer stammered. “I missed my stop.” She managed finally and started to cry, mostly in relief.

“Okay, Okay.” The security officer said. “It’s not a big deal. Let me get the gate.” There was a jingle as he fished a key ring off his belt. He put the flashlight under his arm and awkwardly fit a key into the lock. It didn’t work. He went to try another key but he dropped the ring with a clatter. He looked at her for a moment.

“Here, hold this for me.” He said and passed the flashlight through the gate. She took it and shone it on the ground where he had dropped the keys. He bent to retrieve them and she saw the pistol holstered at his hip. The gun made her feel safer.

The officer got the right key on the next try and pulled the chain free, sliding the gate open with a rattle. Jennifer hurried through delicately and up a few stairs passed him.

“Thank you, that was a nightmare.” Jennifer said with a huge sigh of relief as she turned to shine the light for him. When she turned back, he wasn’t moving. His head poked between edges of the open gate, listening.

“What are you doing?” She asked him.

“I thought I heard something.” He said. “Anyway, let me just lock this back up and I’ll walk you up to street level. You’ll have to catch a cab or something, the LRT isn’t running anymore tonight.”

Jennifer watched him pull the gate shut and wind the chain around it again, he was trying to find the lock, as it had fallen loose. He located it by the wall, and scooping it up he hunched over to fasten the chain with it. Jennifer turned the beam of the flashlight away from him, to look up the stairs behind her. The stairs curved away out of sight.

The security guard cried out as there was a terrible slam against the gate. Jennifer screamed as she spun back to see the guard collapsed against the gate. He screamed as meaty thuds came to her ears. His body was wracked with spasms as she swung the light back towards him. He faltered and fell, his legs giving out and she watched as if in slow motion as he twisted in his fall, and the crude home-made knife lodged in his back tore free of the dirty hand that clutched at it. There was a man in the darkness whose eyes flicked to her and glared greedily. They were frozen for a moment in time just looking at each other until Jennifer broke eye contact to see that the security guard had managed to snap the lock shut around the chain. She was safe. The assailant followed her gaze and snatched at the lock, yanking on it in frustration, shaking the gate noisily. And then he crouched suddenly, arms squeezing through the bars groping at the guard where he slumped against the gate and wall, gurgling blood and hanging onto the last shreds of his life. A pool of blood was forming as the man in the dark grabbed the guard by the face and reached for the stuck knife. Jennifer looked at the gun on the dying guard’s hip and for a moment thought she had the courage. But as the cruel piece of sharp metal was torn out of the guard’s flesh and then stabbed repeatedly into the side of the his neck, she turned and ran. The image of those dirty jacketed arms snatching at the keyring on the guard’s belt was seared into her mind as she took off up the steps. She reached the top as she heard the gate below her crash open. She could see the exit sign at the end of a long pedestrian tunnel, and a final staircase to the street. She ran, the flashlight beam shaking wildly over graffiti and a newspaper box.

An iron grip closed over the wrist of her trailing arm, yanking her back. The flashlight flew from her grasp as she fell back into her pursuer. He fell back against the wall and she screamed again, struggling with everything she had to break free. She lashed out at his face and lifted her knee as hard as she could between his legs. He grunted and faltered and she as free. She turned as he went down behind her and for a split second she felt relief wash over her and then that same iron hand closed around her ankle and she went down hard, the wind knocked out of her. He was on top of her then, pressing his weight into her. A hand clamped over her mouth, though she had no breath to scream. She saw the flashlight had come to rest at the foot of the stairwell, not five feet from where she had fallen. She was dragged back into the darkness. At the gate she was shoved hard into the wall, shoulder hurt from the impact.

“Don’t move.” The voice in the gloom ordered. She slumped to the floor and he turned his back to her, fishing at the corpse of the guard. A moment later he stood and turned to face her. Something hard and metal pressed under her chin and lifted her face to meet his. He put the barrel of the guard’s pistol against her soft lips.

“Understand?” Was the simple question to which she couldn’t summon a reply. Her breathing was heavy and finally she managed a nod when he pressed the gun harder, hurting her soft flesh between the gun metal and her teeth. He snatched a handful of her hair and twisted his hand, pulling her up. She screamed and struggled to stand.

“Stand up,” He said calmly. “Shut the fuck up.” When she screamed, He reached a hand around the back of her neck and twisted, she let out a sob of pain as he forced her to face the wall. She felt the gun press against the back of her head for a moment and then he was pulling her arms behind her back and snapping sharp bracelets around her wrists. Handcuffs she realized. He was pressed against her, his groin thrust against her round, tight ass. Through the flimsy fabric of her dress she could feel the bulge in his pants. It was big.
“Please let me go.” She was saying when there was a heavy slam from beyond the gate. He clapped a hand over her mouth and forced her down to her knees with him cursing.

“Hey!” was the shout that came from somewhere in the dark. The man stayed motionless for a moment before he stuffed the gun in his jacket and grabbed her by the back of the head again. His other hand clamped over her mouth he led her through the gate and into the gloomy station darkness. Staying low he pulled her with him. She stumbled as her heels clicked on the concrete. They reached the hallway marked washrooms and as he pushed her inside, she thought she could see shadowy figures at the gate where the guard had been killed. There was an indistinct shout as she was dragged down the hallway and shoved hard into the door to the men’s washroom. A brightness hit her like a physical thing and she was blinded, forced into the harsh white light of the washroom. He pushed her down to the floor by the wash basins and went back to the door as it swung slowly closed. He forced it shut and clicked the deadbolt lock into place. Then he came back to her. There was a short wall that separated the door from where the counter and mirror was, and he pulled her against him while pressing his back to it. They sat there on the floor like that for what felt like an eternity. The man’s hand clamped over her mouth, she found it hard to breath.

She could hear footsteps outside. The doorknob rattled and the door shook from a blow.

“Hey, fuckhead.” Came the call through the door. Jennifer’s captor didn’t respond. He looked her dead in the eye and made a shushing motion with his lips. After several moments whoever was at the door retreated away and Jennifer could hear muffled voices. Still they didn’t move for a long time. And the man looked down at her; she watched his eyes drink her in.

“Fuck, just look at you.” He said, his eyes nearly glazing over. “You’re all mine.” He said to her as his free hand squeezed at one of her breasts through her jacket. She squeezed her eyes shut and squirmed. He pressed his face against her, breathing in the smell of her hair deeply as his hand tugged awkwardly at the zipper of her jacket. He released her mouth and she gasped for air as he used both hands to tug at the zipper. He split her coat wide, showing the sexy black dress she wore underneath. He clutched at her breast again, Now draped only in soft fabric and he squeezed and squished it hungrily.

“Fuck Yes.” He breathed as he tore the front of her dress open, her heavy tits bouncing free and she screamed. He clamped a hand over her mouth again.

“Shut the fuck up or I will kill you.” He threatened her in a low voice. “Do you understand?” She murmured in reply. They lay silently for a long time, the man listening back towards the hallway as he slowly squeezed and kneaded her soft bare breast. Finally he forced her up and shoved her against the counter. With a hand against the back of her head he pressed the side of her face against the mirror. He yanked her jacket off her shoulders, but because of the handcuffs he couldn’t free it from her arms and so he let it hang lazily over her back. Jennifer was crying as she heard him yanking at his belt and tearing his own pants down, She felt his erection against the back of her leg as he grabbed her by the throat and pulled her off the mirror and against him. She stumbled but he held her up and forced her to look at herself in the mirror. Torn dress, her arms held painfully behind her back by the handcuffs biting into her soft wrists. He squeezed her throat, choking her as he squeezed her tit painfully, the nipple pink in the bathroom light. He ran his hand down her stomach and clutched her between the legs. She collapsed against him, weak in the knees as he gripped her pussy before pulling the hem of her dress up and sliding his hand under her panties. Those fingers touched her velvety softness and then he squeezed her throat tighter still and slipped a finger inside her.

“I’m going to fuck you.” He promised her as he worked at her pussy with his fingers for a moment before releasing his hold on her throat. She gasped and fell against the counter awkwardly with her wrists bound behind her, she could not brace herself. He grabbed the back of her neck and forced her against the mirror again, her tits pressed against the cold glass as the counter edge dug painfully into her thighs and she was force up on her tip toes, her back arching. He pulled her short dress up over her ass and yanked her panties down to her knees, cupping his hand over her pussy and massaging it roughly for a second.

And then she felt the tip of his erection probing the wet folds of her pussy. The bulbous head of his cock pressed against her, slipping, searching. In a moment, that smooth grotesque head slid inside of her too quickly and she gasped. She distinctly felt the shaft of his cock sink into her as her lungs filled with air and she pressed harder against the mirror in a vain attempt to flee. Her eyes were wide and she moaned as the penetration continued until the girth of his cock stretching her pussy and the depth of it put a full pressure inside of her. She squeezed her eyes shut and cried out as his hips pressed against her ass, squishing the soft luscious flesh and straining to force the cock deeper, though deep inside she could feel it crushing against her cervix. The hand went back over her mouth, clamping off her cries and allowed her only to breathe raggedly. He grabbed her arm painfully, pulling towards him as he pushed on her head with the other hand, threatening to tear her apart as he released the pressure of his cock for just a moment before piling against her again. He grabbed her shoulder as he began to fuck her, not sinking his dick as far but thrusting angrily. His breathing came awkward against her neck and ear as he tried to be as quiet as possible while he drove his dick into her. She was not very quiet.

“I’m going to fuck you until I cum.” He breathed in her ear. Jennifer was sobbing, her tits squishing against the unyielding mirror. Tears streamed down her face as she took his cock.

“I beg you no…” She managed to gasp between his fingers. “Please…”

“No?” He asked and she shook her head, eyes wide, meeting his glare in the mirror. Her eyes pleaded with him.

“Fine.” He said as he stopped fucking her. He let his cock sit inside her for a moment. His breathing was heavy, his body was hard against her and she could feel his pulse throbbing in his cock. He pulled out slowly, his dick rock hard and twitching. The relief she felt as the cock slipped out of her pussy was palpable and for a moment she stopped crying.

 “You are going to make me cum one way or another. I’ll give you a choice.” He grabbed his cock in his free hand and pressed the length of it between her buttocks. Tears welled up in her eyes again and she squealed between his fingers as that fat, smooth tip pressed angrily against the tight hole of her anus. She squirmed in his grasp, forcing him to adjust his grip. He snatched her hair again as they tussled, yanked her head back and putting the gun to her temple. Her eyes were wide, she was panting as he looked her dead in the eye.

“I can kill you, I can give you a baby or you cooperate and I fuck you in the ass. It’s your choice.” He let the statement hang in the air and Jennifer gave in, her body going loose. He released her hair and she fell back against the counter and mirror. He put the gun down somewhere out of her sight and pulled the rest of his clothes off. With a hand in the middle of her back, he pressed his dick against her again.

“Put your hips out.” He ordered and she complied. The head of his cock pressed hard against her tight asshole and for a moment she thought it was impossible. But his unstoppable force overcame her body and that fat glans forced through her anus. She felt the entirety of the head push into her ass and he grabbed her hips with both hands. She rose up off the mirror, the pain was so intense and he forced her back down by the shoulder. She realized she was screaming, drool running down her chin as her eyes half rolled back. He wrestled with her as his dick pushed impossibly deeper into her ass. Jennifer listened to her own breathing in disbelief, in a moment of clarity she did not believe those sounds were coming from her. The sobbing wail as he began to thrust his cock deep again and again. She couldn’t believe how much it hurt and felt her legs going numb, her thighs pressed desperately against the sharp counter edge.

There was a slam on the door. Jennifer’s heart leapt into her mouth and her rapist jumped, his cock popping free from her ass.

“I fucking knew you were in there!” Came a furious yell through the door and another slam. “Open up, what is going on in there?”

“Help me!” Jennifer screamed as she tried to squirm away. But her attacker was too strong, he pinned her to the counter and forced his cock back into her ass. He slammed into her savagely, and Jennifer’s screams for help were transformed into a sobbing cry. His hips smashed into her ass faster and faster. He was grunting now when he suddenly grabbed into her hair again and yanked her head back, grabbing her throat he pulled her head back and made her face him, upside down. Their eyes locked, inches apart, her eyes impossibly wide. Her tits bounced furiously as he drove his cock into her ass without mercy.

And then it was his turn for his eyes to roll back. His body stiffened and he faltered, releasing her hair. She felt his dick pulling free until he grabbed her hips painfully and forced his cock in deep just in time for her to feel the spasms of his orgasm. His cock twitched as she felt thick fluid squirting inside her. The man grunted as he pumped his hot seed into her ass. He held her down as his orgasm subsided. Breathing hard, he pulled his throbbing, spent cock from inside her. He had pushed on her so hard that when he released her, she stayed pressed against the mirror, slumping only slightly against the counter. He pulled her down to sit against the wall, her head drooping. It felt as though he was still inside her, and she could feel his cum sluggishly oozing out of her ass.

He stood there for a moment, watching her.

“Help me.” She whispered at the door, he head lolling back to look up at him. He went and unlocked the door.

“I’ve got a gun, you lumbering fuck.” He said in a firm voice and then slowly opened the door.

The door blasted out of his grasp and a gigantic man with a crazy beard burst into the light. He was filthy like her attacker, with crazy eyes and thick muscle knotting his arms. He wore a grey t-shirt and it stretched to encompass the girth of his huge gut. He raised a massive fist as he came towards the first man but he stopped in his tracks when he saw Jennifer. The first man turned his palms out.
“It’s all good.” He said. “Peace offering. I just needed first swing. I fuckin’ caught her, and look at her. She’s a fucking supermodel.” The big man pushed the other aside and stood in front of Jennifer. He looked back to the other.

“The guard?” The big man asked, motioning back towards where Jennifer had nearly escaped.

“Worth it.” The rapists said, pointing at Jennifer. He was still naked, a fine trail of semen dripped from his now flaccid cock.
 There was a third man, poking his head around the big guy.

“Holy shit!” Was all the third man said. He was much smaller than the other two, skinny and rat faced. The three of them looked at each other for a moment before the big man snatched the pistol out of the first’s hand and tossed it to the skinny small guy who had entered last.

“I’m next!” The little guy said, tucking the gun into his pants and stepping towards Jennifer. She shrunk against the wall, this nightmare seeming to stretch into forever. The big man spoke.

“No.” Was all he said. He knelt before her, gently touching her hair. A stubby finger grazed her cheek and she turned her head, trying to press into the wall. He growled and grabbed her jaw, pulling her to face him. Her arms hurt bad, cuffed behind her back as he clutched at her tit and put his huge, wet mouth over hers. She clenched her teeth as he licked at her lips and face, sucking on her cheek. He stood and unzipped his pants. His massive cock flopped out of his trousers and Jennifer’s eyes went wide as she looked at it. The behemoth grinned as he stepped out of his pants and pressed his enormous flaccid cock against her face.

“Open your mouth.” He said, grinning. She looked up at him, pleading with her eyes, her shoulders dropping.

“Boxer, bring that gun over here.” He addressed the scrawny man who complied. The big man looked to his buddy and pointed at Jennifer’s temple, which is where the little man pressed the gun.

“I need you to suck my cock.” The giant said to Jennifer, looking right into her eyes. He held his still limp cock in his hand, it looked like a gigantic worm. It looked as big around as Jennifer’s wrist. He waited and Jennifer didn’t know what to do.

“It’s too big for my mouth.” She managed in a small voice. The giant man chuckled at that.

“Just open that sexy mouth and close your eyes or you die.” Jennifer bit her lip, her beautiful face streaked with tears. She did as she was told, she closed her eyes gently and opened her soft, wet little mouth.

The dick pushed between her lips and she opened her mouth wider to accommodate it. The man let his flaccid cock sit inside the soft wetness of her mouth for a moment.

“Stick your tongue out.” He told her, the gun hard against her temple, forcing her head to the side slightly. She pushed her pink tongue out along the underside of his shaft and he pushed his cock towards the back of her throat. He groaned loudly.

“Suck you little bitch.” He breathed and she did. She felt him stiffening, threatening to split her jaw. His dick grew until he could not keep much more than just the head in her mouth without choking her. He let his dick pop out and stood proudly before her. It was so big that it still hung low, even fully erect, inches from her face. The man turned to the first.

“Handcuffs.” He said to her first attacker who was pulling his clothes back on. Once dressed, he fished the cuff key out of his pocket and came towards her. He pulled her away from the wall and undid the cuffs, pocketing them. He let her slump back against the wall and stood back. The big man knelt before her with a wide smile.

“You’re free.” He said and laughed as he grabbed her. He tore the jacket free from her body and ripped her dress off in shreds. Jennifer screamed, she thought every ounce of fight had left her but she struggled and fought.

“Hold her down!” The big man commanded and the little guy pinned her to the ground. The giant man pulled his shirt off his giant, grotesque body. “You did really fucking good Seth.” The giant said to the first assailant. “Peace offering accepted. Now kindly fuck off.

We are keeping the gun too.” The man named Seth who had come out of the depths of the Earth to drag Jennifer into this hell stood for a moment watching her before he backed away and stepped back out into the darkness. The giant man, now completely naked, laughed and came for her.

“Fuck off!” He shouted as he shoved the small man away. Jennifer tried to scramble on the floor but the man had her by the waist. He forced himself between her legs and grabbed her shoulders, holding her down. He pushed his hips close to her, and with one hand he laid his cock against her. He watched her as she saw his dick came up passed her belly button. And then he was forcing his massive cock against her pussy. The massive head found the hole of her vagina immediately but it was too big, she felt her pussy stretch to its maximum, She panted and groaned as she felt the giant dick forcing against pussy walls stretched to rigidity.

But he was too strong. Jennifer was overwhelmed by the penetration as that huge, thick cock forced inside of her. She felt like she could feel it in the back of her throat and her whole body went stiff. She knew she was going into shock as those strong hands took hold around her rib cage and he began to pump her. Her legs were spread to aching, his huge gut pressing down on her. She could feel his ballsack smacking against her. There was no possible way this man could have sex with her, but he was so strong and it felt as though he was breaking her body. He clutched her legs behind the knee, forcing her legs up. Jennifer heard her own voice as if coming from someone else. Her tits shook crazily as the man pounded his cock into her.

Now he was roaring in her face, pressed forward, crushing her into the floor. She felt like she was going to split in half, her eyes lolling in her head.

“Look at me!” He screamed in her face, stuffing his cock into her. One huge paw of a hand clamped around her throat and squeezed. She couldn’t breathe, her eyes wide, making contact with his until the rapid thrusting stopped. With a groan she felt his massive member sink into her so deep she felt it distending her belly and he came. Hot gooey semen burst inside of her. It wasn’t in hard squirts like the first man, it gushed from the man’s cock in thick globs that seeped around his girth and dripped from her pussy.

He lay atop her, breathing heavily for a moment before he stood aside and Jennifer looked up to see the skinny man was naked, stroking his cock for her. The big man sat against the wall and watched as the skinny man propped her up against the wall. When she didn’t respond, just sitting there limply he slapped her in the face. She cried out and looked at him. He grabbed her hair and pulled her face towards his erection. Her mouth lolled open, she was too defeated to resist and he put his hard dick in her mouth.

“I’m going to fuck your face.” He said, his eyes sparkling like a kid with a new toy. He looked to the big man one more time and then he clutched her under the chin and by the back of the head. He started thrusting his dick into her mouth faster and faster. Jennifer gagged. She couldn’t help but come back to life as her survival instinct fought against the suffocating dick pushing deeper and deeper into her throat. He fucked her mouth faster and more savagely, knocking her hands away when she tried to push his hips back.

When he came he forced his cock so deep into her throat that her lips pressed against his pelvic skin and scrotum. She choked and gagged as the thick cum shot deep into her throat.

“Swallow it.” The man groaned as he came and Jennifer complied.

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Wow! So intense. Realy wanna see more of this story.

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Yeah me too . . .this is a good one!

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Keep it going this is great!

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Brave Adventurers Gather

Lindsay Grayson climbed the steep stairs out of the underground LRT station and turned down the street, heading to her dad’s work after school. It was a brisk autumn day in September, school had been in session for three weeks. Grade Ten wasn’t bad as far, and Lindsay finally got to go to the High School with the big kids. She liked school, and her new one was much bigger than the old. Kids from four or five junior highs in the area all came together at Strathcona High. There were lots of cute boys there too, which didn’t hurt. And they had cars.

The chilly wind tugged at Lindsay’s miniskirt as she walked, and she held it down with one hand. She ignored the eyes of two old men sitting on a bench as she passed as they climbed up and down her body. Aside from her bare legs, she wore a big puffy jacket, there wasn’t much to see she thought. Besides, she was only Fifteen, they should be ashamed of themselves. She had hit puberty earlier than most of her friends, and was developing quite the figure of a young woman. But still. Fifteen years old.

She rounded a corner on the busy downtown street and started to walk passed the parking lot of her dad’s work and headed for the front door. 98.9 EAR radio read the sign out front, her dad was a radio personality for one of the most popular radio stations in the city, his name was Jeff Grayson. She thought he really did enjoy being on the radio but his real passion was his side project. A reality television show called Urban Recon. The concept was exploring old, condemned buildings and spooky haunted places. They had only shot one episode, the pilot, but it took place in an abandoned mental hospital. Lindsay had seen the footage and it had given her nightmares. The cast of his show were a pair of sexy twin twenty somethings and one of their boyfriends. There was another girl, her name was Alice. She was new and didn’t say much. Lindsay had only met her once. She carried a second camera for Lindsay’s dad and always was his little gopher girl, bringing him anything he needed from a fresh SD card to a cup of coffee. She was a beautiful girl, but Lindsay’s dad wanted to keep her off camera most of the time for some reason.

When she was halfway passed the parking lot, the backdoor to the radio station swung open with a squeal and Lindsay’s dad stepped into the parking lot.

“Hey there kiddo!” He called when he saw her.

“Hi daddy.” Lindsay gave her customary greeting as she skipped up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, him lifting her off the ground for a moment.

“Your birthday is in one week  and a day, are you excited?” Jeff asked his daughter with a big grin. “Sixteen!”

“Yes I’m excited.” Lindsay rolled her eyes. “You’ve been doing this countdown for a month. Her proud father just laughed.

“How was school?” He asked.

“Boring.” She replied.

“Want to hear something that’s not boring?” Her father continued with a big grin spreading across his face.

“Sure.” Lindsay said as they walked to her dad’s car, a black 2012 Ford Mustang GT.

“The studio is going to pick up my show!” Jeff exclaimed, unable to contain his excitement. “The pilot will air in November!”

“That’s awesome dad!” Lindsay cheered, genuinely thrilled for her father.

“Let’s get home,” Jeff said as he held the car door open for his beautiful daughter, the wind swirling her chocolate brown hair as she slid into the passenger seat. “I want to call the girls and give them the good news.” Jeff climbed behind the wheel and turned the key, the powerful engine roaring to life. He pulled the car out on to the street and headed towards the edge of the city and home.


The LRT train hurtled through the afternoon sun, metal grinding as it rocketed towards the yawning mouth of a dark tunnel. It snapped car by car into the blackness and suddenly the fluorescent light from inside the subway cars was the brightest light source. There were dim lights mounted into the walls of the tunnel and they flashed by, Alice watched them go and tried to count them but she kept losing track. Her mind was elsewhere. She fidgeted with the silver cross dangling on a silver chain, as she always did. She was trying to break the habit and let it drop to lay on her t-shirt, between her breasts. She looked at her friends, Kali and Brianna. The blonde twins were twenty years old and stunningly beautiful. Alice was only seventeen and she looked up to them like older sisters, though she would never tell them. Where their hair was luxuriously straight and glistening blonde, Alice’s long silky locks fell in a messy raven black cascade around her shoulders. The twins used to keep an almost identical hair style, but after the drama of last month, Kali had decided to cut her hair short and kept it usually in two spiky pig tails poking out from the back of her head, a stray strand always falling across her gorgeous face. Brianna’s hair fell around her shoulders in a golden waterfall, catching the light and almost sparkling even in the dim, poor lighting of the subway car.

When it came to clothing and style, Kali aligned much closer to Alice herself with a kind of punk rock look, though she strayed from the more gothic things that Alice liked. Kali had even asked to wear a few of Alice’s heavy metal band t-shirts. Brianna was always the elegant, proper one. The more expensive her outfit, the better; today, on this brisk fall day she wore a long coat and knee high boots over insanely expensive jeans that hugged her legs and ass tightly. Alice had to smile though, even at three years younger she had bigger boobs than the sisters, though it would be a toss-up in the booty department. Alice would have to get some squats in at the gym.

Alice’s gaze wandered away from the two sisters, chatting between themselves, and she made eye contact with Pete, Kali’s boyfriend. He smirked at her, he had been staring the entire time Alice had been sizing up the two girls, lost in thought.

Pete was in the doghouse right now, even though it had been two weeks since his screw up. The four of them worked for a man named Jeff Grayson, on his reality TV show Urban Recon. They had only done one episode, but it had been awesome. At least that’s what Alice thought. They went into an old mental hospital. Alice loved that morbid stuff. Jeff had been more interested in setting it up so that Pete ended up alone with Brianna, who was more than happy to pretend to be her sister and make out with Kali’s man. It had caused a fight, but Jeff thought it was a blast, swearing it would be awesome for ratings. That is why Kali had cut her hair, so Pete couldn’t plead ignorance the next time. Though now, it seemed good old boy Pete had his wandering eyes on Alice.

Alice broke eye contact and looked back out the window. The tunnel had widened, and she could see out into a wider underground space. Huddled around a blazing barrel fire, Alice saw a collection of disheveled people wrapped in blankets and rags. They flashed by so quickly, she only caught a glance.

“There are people down here!” She exclaimed, mostly to herself, not even meaning to speak aloud. The two blondes stopped what they were talking about and turned to look at her but it was Pete who spoke first.

“You didn’t know that?” Pete asked, always with the superiority complex. If you knew something, Pete had to know it better. “Tons of homeless people live in the tunnels, better than being out in the rain and cold I suppose. Especially in the winter.”

“I think that’s creepy.” Brianna added, and Kali nodded emphatically.

“Oh it’s creepy as fuck.”  Pete glanced at his girlfriend and her sister. “There’s probably like, a whole underground community under the city. Who knows how many crazies are down there. Crackheads and escaped murderers probably.” He grinned as he watched the girls shiver at his words. Alice wasn’t listening anymore, she was looking back out the window.

“We should go down there for the show.” She said to the glass, before turning to her friends. “It would be perfect for Urban Recon.” The two twins looked at each other and smiled, finally looking back at Alice and nodding. Though they scared easily, and got creeped out even easier, they loved it Alice knew. Alice looked back at Pete who was staring at her again. When their eyes met he shrugged.

“Fuck it, sure. Call Jeff.” Alice wasted no time pulling out her phone and dialing her boss’s number.

“Have to wait until we get back outside.” Alice said, frowning. “No cell service in this tunnel.”


The next day, after Alice finished school, they all met at Jeff’s house in the suburbs. Jeff let them in through the garage where he was working on his car, grease on his shirt, the mustang hood up and the engine clean and well maintained. The girls cooed as they walked passed the car and Pete stuffed his hands in his hands in his pockets and rolled his eyes. The ladies always got weak in the knees around Jeff’s car. They mounted the short flight of steps to the inside door and Jeff led them into the house, through the kitchen and out onto the deck. They took seats scattered around, the two sisters sitting at the table and nodding enthusiastically when Jeff offered them a drink. Alice took a lounger over in the shade of a big oak tree that grew beside the house while Pete went and stood by the railing, looking South towards the city. Jeff returned with a drink tray, handing a bottle of cider to each of the girls and a beer to Pete. Jeff gave cheers and took a sip of his rye and ginger. Alice watched them, bored. She didn’t drink.

“So the LRT tunnels, hey guys?” Jeff addressed the group when they had lowered their drinks. “I’m actually a little disappointed I didn’t think of it myself. Alice, you said you saw people down there?” Alice nodded, fidgeting with her chain.

“I don’t know.” Said Brianna, looking up from her phone. “The hospital was deserted. All the other places we’ve talked about for the show wouldn’t have any people either. Seems a bit different.”

“That’s kind of true.” Jeff considered what Brianna was saying.

“I think we should do it.” Pete said, looking over at Alice who ignored him. “It could turn out awesome, and give us a whole new avenue to explore. And I think it fits the moniker “Urban Recon.” Jeff nodded thoughtfully and after a moment, Alice looked over at Pete but he was turned to spit off the deck.

Just then they all heard the front door open and Lindsay came into the house.

“Hey Linds!” The twins called and in a moment Lindsay came to the sliding door and stepped out onto the deck.

“Hey ladies.” Lindsay said, walking to take a seat at the table beside them with her signature strut. She certainly had her attitude, Alice thought. She liked Lindsay.

“Your birthday is in a week!” Jeff said to his daughter and she rolled her eyes, just like every time.

“My birthday is on Saturday dad.” She said, hand on hip. “It’s only Friday.”

“That’s a week!” Jeff said, standing to hug her. “Or six days, I don’t know. Who cares! My baby is turning Sixteen.”

“So are you guys going to come party with me on Saturday?” Lindsay said with a smirk.

“Sure we are.” Jeff said, sweeping his arm over the group. “It will double as the celebration after our next shoot! Right guys?”

“So we are doing the tunnels then?” Kali asked, looking around.

“Let’s do it.” Pete said, stepping forward and raising his beer can. Two more nods later and it was set. They had their mission.

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Piercing the Gloom

Jeff grabbed his coat and the keys to the mustang. He checked his watch: it was eight-thirty Friday night, one week after he had met with the crew on the deck.

“Bye baby, I’ll be home later.” Jeff called back into the house as he opened the door to the garage. “I’ll be home late, we can celebrate your birthday right at midnight.”

“Bye Dad! Good luck!” Lindsay called from the kitchen. She was going to make some snacks and watch Netflix; her real birthday party was tomorrow night. With that, the mustang engine roared to life as the garage doors slowly slid up and then the jet black car was out in the night air.

Jeff sped towards the city. He checked his phone. Alice was waiting at the agreed meeting spot. Jeff sent her a text telling her to get coffees for everyone. It was going to be a cool night. Alice texted back that she would and that Pete had shown up. That boy seemed to really be taking a liking to Jeff’s little helper. Maybe Jeff would have to remind him that he was twenty-three and Alice was only seventeen.

Half an hour later the mustang was down the street from an LRT underground station entrance, the stairs descending into pitch. His crew was assembled. He handed mics to the two twins and Pete, and pulled his HD camera from the case. Alice had her own camera and she was checking it while sipping her coffee. Jeff looked her up and down. She wore white sneakers, which was probably a mistake, and her legs were bare beneath a pleated plaid skirt that flared out gently from her figure. She wore a hoodie with the hood up and zipper to the top. When Jeff had first arrived she had been pulling the hoodie on against the cold and he had seen she was wearing a black, skin tight t-shirt with one of those heavy metal bands she liked so much printed across her breasts.

Kali wore running shoes and yoga pants, Jeff couldn’t help but notice the tingle in his groin when his eyes graced her round ass in those pants. He quickly averted her eyes. She was wearing a black hoodie, much like Alice’s but kept the hood down, her spiky blonde hair catching the light from a street lamp.

Brianna was the least practically dressed of the group, with knee high leather boots and a black miniskirt underneath a long brown coat. Jeff didn’t know, but she wore a corset style tank top underneath. She had earrings and had spent a lot of time on her makeup, ever the camera star. That was his girl, Jeff smiled. They stood at the yawning mouth to the subway entrance, dim yellow light coming from wall packs, illuminating the stairway down.

“Cameras on.” Jeff said as he shouldered his rig and started filming. Pete grabbed the camera in one hand and pulled the lens towards himself.

“Let’s do this.” He said, falling into character, and led the way down into the dark. Alice followed close behind, training her camera over Pete’s shoulder.

“Can’t wait.” She said. Jeff turned his camera on his stars. The twins looked stunning next to each other, eyes sparkling and white perfect teeth flashing from behind their mischievous smiles.

“Welcome to Urban Recon!” They said in unison, striking their poses. They followed Pete and Alice into the depths.

The station was deserted. You could hear the sound of the lights buzzing. As they descended down towards the platform, a train came to a stop in the station. They came to the gate and paid the fare to enter the station. Tickets in hand they moved onto the platform. A man sat on a bench alone and watched the camera crew from under his hood.

“Should we talk to him?” Kali asked her sister. Brianna giggled and shook her head, the two girls hurrying passed arm in arm. The group moved down to the end of the platform. Jeff looked back to make sure they were out of sight and the group hopped down onto the tracks. They would have to hurry. The trains were still running and it was a short jog to where Jeff said there was a service corridor. He had spent the last week preparing for this. He had an entire blueprint of the tunnel complex on his iPhone. About half a kilometer away, there was a fence blocking access to the unused, older part of the tunnel system, close to the river.

They reached the service corridor just where Jeff said and slipped inside. It was dimly lit by fluorescent lamps in the ceiling but lots of them were out. There would be a nightshift maintenance worker down here somewhere that they would have to be careful to avoid.

They came back out to the tunnels and hurried across the tracks, a train could be heard in the distance. Down a long, open tunnel with no tracks in it they could see a fire burning, like the one Alice had seen from the train. Jeff zoomed in his camera and could see four or five people huddled around it. The girls had no interest in going to check it out.

They came to a door that was ajar. There was a cart of tools next to it and light spilling from within. As they edged closer a man dressed in coveralls with a hard hat on emerged quickly, spooking Alice. When they ducked out of sight, Brianna stuck her tongue out at Alice for being scared. They watched as he moved things around in the cart before finding what he wanted and heading back through the door, a sign hanging from it labelled it as electrical room 3.

The group slipped through and once they were around a corner, Pete motioned for them to run and the two twins did, laughing as they did so. Jeff knew the sound would carry back to the worker and so he ran too, as quietly as he could.

Twenty minutes later they found the fence. A sign reading “Condemned: Keep Out, this area is off limits and is patrolled by security personnel.”

“Guards?” Kali sounded disappointed. Jeff shook his head as he shrugged his pack off.

“Nah,” Jeff said as he motioned Pete over. “It’s a bluff, to keep people out. Pete, get the wire cutters. You’re up big man.” Pete pulled the heavy tool from Jeff’s backpack and set to cutting a slit through the fence. Alice helped Jeff back into his backpack, and after a minute they were through. Looking back the way they’d come, Jeff checked the knife at his belt. A six inch tanto style fixed blade. He always carried it on these missions, though he hoped he would never have to use it. You never know.

“I heard there was a tunnel to get under the river to the other side.” Pete said.

“There’s a bunch actually.” Alice had done her research too. “They looked like a bit of a maze to be honest, from the architectural drawings I found online.”

“Look at you, girl with the dragon tattoo.” Brianna teased.

“No tattoo.” Was Alice’s only reply with a smile.

They walked for awhile. They entered a station and found the gates that led back to the used parts of the network. Jeff frowned.

“You fuckin’ idiot.” Pete said when he figured out what was going on. “We could have entered here, instead of trekking through the tunnels.”

“Security is way tighter here actually.” Jeff said, pointing through the gate. “See the camera?” He smirked. “Long way was the only way.”

They explored for awhile, but the girls were starting to get bored. There wasn’t really anything cool to find, just crumbled concrete and burnt out lights. In one place it looked like a crew had been working to pull up the rails, but the site looked long abandoned. They came to another platform and Pete walked to the edge peering both ways into the darkness, shining his light. Kali was searching a row of benches with her flashlight beam when she heard a crunch like a footfall. It happened so fast.

Alice was just flicking on the night vision for her camera and she caught a glimpse of the man sprinting towards them. He came from behind and slammed into Pete’s back, knocking him flying off the platform. There was the sickening sound of bone cracking into metal as he went head first into one of the rails.

Brianna was stunned, her flashlight beam following Pete’s body off the platform to where he now lay, his body twitching crazily for a moment before going still. Alice screamed as a huge man rose from the darkness where Kali had been searching the benches. He grabbed Kali by the hair and twisted cruelly.  In his other hand he carried a brick and he pointed it at Jeff with a sinister smile spreading across his face. He grunted, stepping forward and dragging Kali with him. Jeff ran. He dropped his four thousand dollar camera and bolted.

The skinny, rat faced man that had knocked Pete down onto the tracks turned towards Brianna, and she aimed her flashlight beam at him. He squinted and raised a hand over his face, taking a step towards her, arm outstretched. She screamed and ran herself, her sister completely forgotten.

“Fuck!” Alice cursed and took off running after Jeff, tucking her camera under her arm.

The giant man dropped the brick and grabbed Kali by the throat, slamming her into a pillar, knocking the breath from her. He pressed towards her, hand holding her chin and he smelled her, his fat slimey lips sucking on her cheek. He turned back to his cohort.

“Catch those little rabbits, Boxer.” He ordered and the smaller man took off after the fleeing prey. The big man squeezed Kali’s breast through her hoodie for a moment before he lifted her up over his shoulder and dragged her, screaming into the pitch darkness of the tunnels.

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Wow. Please continue this ;) Exciting...

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Beauties and the Beast

Kali didn’t know how long she had been carried. The blood rushed to her head and it was hard to concentrate. Her mind desperately wanted to process the events on that platform. Insanity unleashed.

The man was huge, he carried her easily. He stunk, and it could have been her imagination, but he left filth on her. Her arm would brush his back, and she would feel contaminated. But when they passed through a sporadic light, she saw that her arm was perfectly fine; the skin smooth and clear with no dark, greasy stain. His walking pace became the slow hum of her body. Every heavy booted step jolted through her as if in slow motion, rhythmic and stoic.

And then they burst through a door way, reality snapping into place. And Kali was screaming and flailing, kicking her legs. They were flying at reckless speed as the beast of a man strode through what looked like some kind of staff lunch room. Two long tables centered the room, and a microwave and sink at one far end. He made for a doorway next to the sink, Kali straining to see in front of him as she swayed crazily. A torn and faded sign read FIRST AID in big red letters.
The man swung her off his shoulder and slammed her into the wall, denting the drywall and dazing Kali, she saw stars for a moment. He reached up into a cupboard beside the microwave and retrieved a key from an old coffee tin. He stood very still for a moment, Kali watching his eyes as he concentrated. After several seconds he thrust the key into the lock, popped the handle and swung the door open. He grabbed Kali by the leg and dragged her into the interior of the first aid room. She screamed as she was pulled in and the door slammed shut.
Utter darkness. Kali listened. There was not a sound until a quiet buzzing as the light came on, a flickering lamp in the ceiling ignited, dim as it warmed up. Kali looked at her surroundings. There was a huge medical cabinet and she saw a wide cot in the corner. From this angle on the floor she couldn’t tell anything and as she strained to see more he was on her. He snatched at the hood of her sweater and hoisted her up with it. She struggled to get her legs under her. As she found her center of gravity, she looked up just in time to see his massive fist swinging underhand towards her with a six inch rail tie gripped tightly. She screamed and turned aside as the massive metal spike drove through the fabric of her hood and into the wall, splitting a stud.

Relief at not being impaled flooded her as she realized she was caught, pinned to the wall by her hood. It put her on her knees before him. She struggled for the zipper to her hoodie but she was leaning forward, and it was held tight. As she tugged at the zipper tab frantically the man snatched at her wrist and snapped her arm out straight painfully. He held her arm pinned to the wall while his free hand worked at his belt. He snapped the clasp and tore at his trousers, he let them fall away. his half erect cock rolled out of his pants.

The man grabbed her jaw as he pressed his genitals towards her face. His massive, flaccid member lolled across the side of her face as he pressed his balls against her lips. Kali could smell him, his thick, bulging scrotum forced against her soft cherry lips. He twisted her arm painfully until she opened her mouth to scream. He pressed the bulging sack of his testicles against the soft wet opening. He ground his balls against her open mouth and pulled on her arm harder.

“Lick my balls now.” He groaned at her, his cock hardening even now. He clenched her jaw tighter and cursed when Kali’s soft little tongue slid shyly out of her mouth and travelled the underside of his ball sack. Kali moaned and continued to stroke his scrotum with the tip of her tongue. The huge man pulled her arm and put her hand on his throbbing cock. Her arm drawn in front of her face, he moved her hand to the tip of his dick and pressed her palm against the fat head.

As his thick cock continued to stiffen he released her arm and grabbed at himself. He put the end of his penis where his balls had been. Kali’s eyes went wide as he tried to force his cock into her mouth. It was too late, most of the head passed her luscious lips. With a wet pop she felt the head slide inside her mouth and the top of his shaft pressing in after. He let her rest for just a moment before pushing harder, his dick was in the back of her throat. He let up the pressure, letting his cock slip back momentarily before he forced it deeper. Her tongue was out, cradling the underside of his shaft.
He pushed his cock down her throat. She gagged and coughed, she couldn’t breathe. She was suffocating, her face turning red. She choked and a gob of saliva and pre-cum dripping from her lips as they stretched around his girth. He pushed harder. Kali’s eyes rolled back, her head pressed back against the wall, rail spike an inch from her head. He let go of his cock as the back of his hand began to crush against her lips. He slowly released her jaw and raised his arms. She was pinned to the wall, his stiffening cock forced deep into her throat. She pushed on his legs with both hands but he was stone. He pulled his shirt off and roughly snatched the back of Kali’s head. He pushed just a little harder, she was seeing spots and she could feel her throat stretching.

He pulled his hips away and his throbbing cock slid from her mouth, her mouth too small for the dick to stay on its own. It trailed spit from her mouth and she drooled on the ground in a long string. He rubbed his cock on her face, leaving a slick trail of spit. He knelt, tugging at her hoodie zipper almost playfully. He snatched it down to the bottom clasp and then he grabbed her by the front of her heavy metal band t-shirt she had bored from Alice, and by the throat and pulled her out of her hoodie. He held her against the wall as he peeled the t-shirt from her body with one clenched fist. . As he tore her bra clasp apart, lifting her from the wall she saw that there was a beautiful woman on the bed. Her arms were tied to the head rack with thick rope and she lay naked, partly covered in a sheet. Brunette and beautiful like a model.

His massive hands pawed her tits and she squeezed one eye shut as he sucked on the side of her face. He threw her towards the bed. He came after her, snatching at her pants and peeling the flimsy material off her long, sexy legs. He ripped both her shoes off and one sock in the process. The other sock and her thong were the only clothing she had left.

He hoisted her up on top of the other woman and both girls screamed. He came at her, grappling with her legs, held by the ankles. He mounted the bed with her and pressed his weight between her legs. Holding one leg out high he pressed his cock against the fabric of her panties. He ground his dick against her before snatching her panties off her ass, leaving them in a tattered mess dangling from one smooth thigh.

He couldn’t penetrate her. For several seconds he tried before he released his cock and slapped her in the face. Her grabbed the breast of the other woman and squeezed painfully, with his other hand he took Kali by the back of the head and forced her face to face with the other woman.

Holding her there like that he grasped his cock and forced it against her tight pussy. The fat head slipped in, just enough. With firm pressure he pushed his thick cock inside of her, pulling her towards him as he did so. He clutched at her hips as she lay haphazardly on top of the other girl. He pumped her slowly at first, driving his dick in. He slapped and pawed at the other woman as he drove his dick into Kali, driving her mad. He was squeezing his eyes shut and groaning as he fucked her, losing control. At what seemed the last possible moment he pulled his cock out, seeming to snap to.

He stood and lifted Kali into the air, flipping her over and forcing her to hands and knees straddling the other girl. Her hands gripped the head rack, right next to the brunette woman’s tied wrists. The man mounted her, grabbing the back of her neck and pushing her into the other girl’s tits, he pressed his mammoth cock against the impossibly tight ring of her asshole. When her waist bent, he switched his hand to her firm ass cheek, spreading. She felt her anus yielding as he forced against her hard. He grabbed her by the head again, forcing her down.

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass.” He growled. “Spread your fucking ass now.”

Slowly, reluctantly and painfully, Kali released her grip on the head rack and reached back, sliding her little hands over the soft roundness of her ass. She made eye contact with the other girl before she squeezed her eyes shut, tears welling. She pulled her buttocks apart for him and in return he forced his cock against her hole even harder. She was screaming as his dick forced through her asshole, her legs numb as the massive dick pressed inside her millimeter by millimeter. He snatched at her tit as he continued to impale her, Kali was groaning now, an almost inhuman but distinctly feminine sound. Her eyes rolled back and her tongue lolled lazily out of her mouth as the pressure consumed her. Her body shook as he grasped her around the ribcage in both hands and began to fuck her in the ass. He pumped his cock harder and harder, Kali’s face now up against the cheek of the other woman. She was screaming.

The man was screaming too, forcing his cock in that tight young ass. Kali was seeing spots and she screamed involuntarily as the cock popped out of her ass and she was pushed down next to the other girl. The man straddled them, forcing them close. One leg crouched over Kali where she lay closer to the wall. His other leg was out straight, supporting him on the ground. With a hand on the wall to steady him, he grabbed the brunette by the hair and pressed his cock against her mouth. Her lips parted and they caressed his member. He pulled from the woman’s mouth and he was rubbing the shaft of his cock on Kali’s soft face now, stroking the shaft faster and faster.

“Oh FUCK!” He groaned as his orgasm overtook him. Cum spilled from the tip of his cock, splattering both girls in the face. Gobs of it splattered against their beautiful faces, staining their lips. The man was shook by his orgasm, grunting at them.

He groaned and collapsed beside them on the bed. His hand painfully clutched Kali’s wrist. Even if she could flee, she was powerless. After several minutes and as Kali’s breathing slowed, he pulled her towards him and forced her to take his dick in her mouth again.

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 ;D Love it so far! Hope his friends get Alice as well, and that they make profitable use of those poor girls...

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WOW! What an awesome story Sparx! Very graphic and I LOVE the references to Edmonton! hehe....As soon as I read 'LRT", I thought "Holy shit....this guy's from Edmonton. Who else talks about the LRT in a story?" Message me sometime. I'm from your neck of the woods.

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Nest of Fiends

Brianna fled. Her boots clicked on the concrete as she ran and echoed across the platform and down the hallway she turned. She knew they were following her, close on her heels. She could hear her sister screaming, and looking back over her shoulder she saw Jeff and Alice take off in a different direction. A dark, loping shape came after her.

She screamed, the sound identical to her sister’s. She followed the twists and turns of the catacomb-like tunnels. When an intersection came, she made her choice without thinking, never slowing. She came to a set of heavy double doors. One of the doors was hanging askew, damaged. A pile of benches had been stacked haphazardly in front of it. As Brianna neared, she saw there was a space at the bottom. She came to a halt in front of the benches. With blood rushing in her ears she looked back, her long silky blonde hair flying.

Silence; there was only her heavy breath and beating heart. Her eyes scanned the gloom. Footsteps echoed towards her. There was nowhere else to go and so she dropped to a crouch, and then hands and knees and wriggled her way under the cascade of heavy benches. It was tight, and hard protrusions jabbed at her and knocked at her head. She was pushing her head through the other side when a dirty hand clamped onto her ankle and pulled. She screamed, the rat faced man who had pushed Pete to his death was snaring at her from behind the barricade. She kicked wildly with both legs, jostling the man. Her boot heel found his fingers again and again until he lost his grip, falling back. Brianna tumbled out on the other side, landing in a heap. She crawled away from the barricade as the man howled and started tearing at the benches, heaving them aside one by one. He was getting caught up as the benches fell apart, arm rests and legs swinging as the benches came tumbling down. Brianna got to her feet and ran. She was in a long dark tunnel, only softly glowing wall pack lights illuminated her way. She knew the man was behind her, could feel it.

Brianna reached a tee-intersection and stopped, looking left and right. She looked behind her and the rat faced man was climbing through the door, over the broken barricade. Brianna went left, her long coat tails flying. She took only a handful of steps and stopped; her eyes went wide. Three pale figures stood hunched in the corridor before her. They started with surprise as she rounded the corner. They had obviously heard the commotion and come to investigate. They were pale, skinny, filthy creatures, could hardly be called men at all. Beady eyes stared at her hungrily out of sunken sockets.

“What the fuck?” The biggest one hissed as he looked her head to toe with a quick flick of his dark eyes.

She was hit from behind. The rat faced man tackled her hard against the wall. He yanked on her hair and stuck his hand inside her coat as he forced her to the wall.

“Good run.” The rat man snarled in her ear as he grabbed her between her legs, tugging the taut fabric of her skirt and clamping his hand over her panties and soft pussy beneath. The pale figures moved closer and Brianna’s attacker noticed them for the first time. He pushed the girl to the ground against the wall and stood in front of her.

“She’s mine.” He growled at them, reaching into his waist band. Four more of the ghoulish men entered the corridor from the other side. When the rat-faced man’s head turned to look at the new arrivals, one of the first pale men spoke.

“You are not allowed on this side Boxer.” He said in a thin, gravelly voice. “You know this.” The others looked at the interlopers and nodded.

“I’ll leave the way I came, no problem.” The rat faced man named Boxer replied as he turned to face the speaker, pulling Brianna off the wall. One of the pale figures behind Boxer lunged.

The attacker bolted forward, slamming fists towards Boxer’s head.  Weathering the blows, Boxer pushed his attacker off with one hand and drew a pistol from his belt with the other. He almost had the gun up when the pack crashed into him. The gun went off, deafening in the tunnel. The bullet went high, sparks and broken glass showering from the light it struck. The pack bludgeoned Boxer in the head with their fists, grabbing his weapon arm and pulling the gun from his twisted fingers. With blood running from his ear and many cuts on his face, he slumped to the ground as they kicked at him and lashed out with bony fists. He lay on the ground, choking on blood and struggling to rise. Three of the pale men step forward and scoop him up between them, carrying him into the dark where he screams for a few more moments and then is silent.

They crowd around her, six or seven men, it was hard to keep track. They stand around her for a moment, whispering until one of them crouches. He looks into her fearful eyes and picks at a lock of hair. He pulls at the collar of her coat, eyes peeking to catch a glimpse of what is underneath.

“What are you doing down here?” He questions her, waiting patiently for her to summon her courage and answer.

“I came with my friends.” She said in a small, squeaky voice.

“Where are they?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” Brianna was crying now, the man nodded and smiled. He stood and looked at his assembled cohorts.

“What are we going to do with her?” One of the others asked. The first hollow man shrugged, scratching at his pale stomach under his tattered shirt.

“Go get Harold.” The big one ordered. “He will want a piece of this. As far as I’m concerned she’s on our side, she belongs to us.” He went down on one knee before her again, looking into her eyes for a moment. Then his head darts forward and he nuzzles into her neck, smelling her. He licks at her cheek, licks her lips as she squeals and protests. He follows her as she tries to scamper back. He laughs as he picks at her skirt and coat tails, enjoying her struggle. His hand grips and caresses her leg, the soft smooth skin exposed from boot top to skirt hem. He looks at her and smiles, his hands spreading wide in a shrug. His rotten teeth stick out of his mouth and he licks them, crouching low before her.

A second man steps forward, now naked. He is stroking himself, his grotesque cock erect before her. She looks over his shoulder and watches the smaller man who had spoken turn reluctantly away, turning to disappear into the darkness. The man with his erection gripped in his hand holds it out and even touches her lips with it, the larger man who had been licking and kissing her face falling back. He holds her head steady and tries to get her to open her mouth. The first attacker closes in again, clutching at her jaw, pulling her mouth open. He pinches her nose and she can’t breathe. Her jaw goes loose and she parts her lips to take in air. The man pins her mouth open as that pale cock comes for her mouth slowly. The man slides his cock into her mouth slowly, slowly filling the wet little hole. He groans and his body shudders as he slowly pumps in and out, assaulting her lips and tongue. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he drags her out into the middle of the hallway, away from the wall. Brianna is forced to walk on her knees, balancing precariously as the throbbing cock stays lodged in her mouth. A string of saliva escapes her soft lips as the others begin tugging her out of her coat. The coat is pulled away and they stare at her, her form fitting tank top hugging her curves, accentuating her ample cleavage. The men strike at her.  They snatch at her top, yanking on the shoulder straps, hands all over her body as they rip her clothing from her body. They paw at her tits, tearing at the tank top, shredding it open. A pale man is behind her now, scooping her tits into his hands and squeezing. He snaps the front clasp on her bra and her luscious tits bounce free. He is squeezing them, kneading the soft flesh. She can feel his erection against her. Another man pushes him away and starts tugging at her miniskirt, lifting it up above her hips. Others join him and she is pulled away from the one with his cock in her mouth. She falls onto her back as they rip and tear at her panties, pulling the flimsy garment from her luscious body. She grabs at the thong but it tears in her hands.

One of them kneels beside her and scoops her head into his lap. He lays his cock across her face and puts his fingers in her mouth. Pulling them free, Brianna groans as his fingers trail her saliva and he sticks them in his own mouth, sucking her spit off. He puts his dick in her mouth and pulls her head towards his groin. Her boots are torn off; all she wears now is her jewelry and socks.

A face dives between her legs, a worm like tongue slobbers across her pussy, sloppy lips suck at her clit. Fingers go inside her, and then her legs are being pushed up, knees pressed over her breasts and held by claw like hands. That disgusting mouth is on her asshole now. She screams and wails, the tongue at her anus sending electricity through her body. The cock is pulled from her mouth and her head tugged the other way where another man’s member is thrust into her soft mouth. She feels the man between her legs pressing against her now. The man licking her ass has sat up; he’s pressing his cock against her wet little pussy.

Penetration. A slow moan fills Brianna as that long slippery cock pushes inside her. He is fucking her, her limp legs bouncing with each thrust on either side of him. He snatches at her bouncing tits, her whole body is bouncing. Her mouth is passed back to the man on her other side and this time he fucks her mouth furiously. His breathing changes, his cock is seizing, going impossibly hard in her mouth. He groans as he releases his filthy seed in her mouth. Brianna coughs and spurts as she tries to breathe, the dick jerking violently in her mouth from spasms that wrack the pale man’s entire body. When the dick is free of her mouth, she coughs and spits the white semen onto the ground.

She yelps as the man between her legs stands and steps aside. One of them is pulling her wrists, she is up on her knees as one of them pulls her on top of him. Her hand presses into his sunken chest as she straddles him. He struggles with his cock for a moment, the head slipping around the wet folds of her pussy until he finds her spot and the dick sinks into her hungrily. Her head is pulled to the side again as the first man who fucked her pussy shoves his hard cock into her mouth. She can taste her own pussy on his shaft. He grabs her hand and puts it to his balls, holding her hand there by the wrist. Her free hand is taken up, her fingers forced to wrap around another shaft. She strokes the cock reluctantly. Her body bounces, tits magnificent in the dim light. Her hair tousles around her shoulders. Her head is released, and she collapses forward, catching herself on straight arms posting up her hands against the man’s chest beneath her. She looks around and see’s the assembled pale figures stroking their cocks, fondling their balls and looking at her greedily.

Strong hands around her shoulders and waist, holding her steady. One of them sticks his face between her buttocks and wetly licks and sucks at her anus. Leaving a thick gob of spit behind he mounts her, forcing the glans of his erection against the tight ring of her asshole. Brianna screams, the pressure building. She can feel it in the roof of her mouth, she is holding her breath as the cock forces into her, her asshole spreading. And then the head is in, there are hands all over her body holding in her place, she is screaming. Her eyes are rolling up in her head, her tongue lolling from her mouth and spit dribbling down her chin as the thick, pale cock forces into her ass. She can’t breathe. Two cocks deep inside her, putting pressure all the way up to her diaphragm. She can only gasp as they begin to fuck her, the two dicks out of sync, forcing in and out of her. Another man shoves his dick in her mouth, forcing the tip to the back of her throat. He pulls on the back of her head, shaking her head side to side on his dick.

The man on the bottom is nearing orgasm and the rest snarl at him.

“Not in her pussy.” They rasp. The man relents his thrusting.

Brianna is scooped up in their skinny arms. Those arms prop her up under her legs and others hug her torso. The swollen cock in her ass twitches as another man steps forward and pushes his dick into her exposed pussy. The man fucking her ass is wheezing, faltering. His dick pushes into her. He can’t fuck faster, but he is passed the point of no return. The tight ass squeezing his cock ensures an orgasm no matter how slow he pumps now.

Brianna distinctly feels his dick grow even more rigid inside her ass as the man cums. The slimey, wet feeling of the cum spurting into her ass makes Brianna cry, tears streaming down her face. Both cocks pull out of her and she is laid back on the ground. Her arms pulled up above her head, a man at each knee, they spread her legs.

From the darkness behind the small crowd another pale figure emerges. Impossibly old, he shuffles towards her. A scraggly white beard hangs from his face, over his sunken chest. His round gut hangs low over his gnarled swinging erection.  That swollen pale cock was thicker than the man’s own wrist.

Brianna struggled and screamed, working her hips back and forth, as the old pale man knelt before her. He pressed that bulbous gut on top of her and forced his cock slowly into her pussy. He squeezed her tit as he began pumping her slowly. Groaning he clamped claw like hands around her hips and sunk his thick cock deeper and deeper.

Brianna was delirious. Another man knelt beside her and stoked himself. After a few moments, he pulled her face towards him, pressing his cock into her mouth and came. Her head pulled the other way, another pale figure fucked her mouth until he was on the verge when he pulled his dick free and squirted his pungent load in her face. Yet another man crouched over her, stroking himself furiously before shooting his sperm across her tits.

The old man was wheezing now. The others had stepped back, it was just the two of them. Howling, he forced his cock in to the base, crushing Brianna’s insides. He came inside her, his back ridged, his body swaying. The dick shook again and again, each time sperm gushing inside Brianna.

After several seconds, aftershocks still rocking his grotesque body, the old man looked down at her. Grabbing a tit in his bony hand, he finally pulled his cock from her. The others helped him up as they all looked down on Brianna.

The pale figures scooped Brianna up into their arms and carried her into the dark.

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Yes! This is such a nice story ;) Please, continue!

December 05, 2015, 04:01:55 PM
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More More More

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Dark Angel

Alice was breathing hard as she flew down the dark tunnel, the track rails threatening to snare her feet. She had lost sight of Jeff up ahead but it didn’t matter, she was committed now and all she could do was run. She didn’t know if she was being pursued and she refused to look back over her shoulder. The tunnel ahead curved out of view, the darkness thick. Alice’s running steps echoed off the hard was, the gravel crunching under her feet.

As she rounded the turn, a massive black shape loomed into view, blocking the tunnel. As she neared, Alice slowed. She came up to a halt several meters from the object and pulled her night vision camera up in front of her eyes. It was an old train car, pushed into the back of this dead end tunnel. Alice’s breath was loud in her ears, her breasts heaving as she greedily sucked in the stale air. She slowly began walking around the side of the car, her white sneakers a pair of pale ghosts in the dimness. Her hood was up, her free hand clutched at the top of the hoodie zipper, pinching her hood tighter. Her free hand aimed the high tech camera in front of her, beautiful eyes concentrating fiercely. The green light from the LCD screen bathed her stunning, pouty face in its shades, those eyes flicking to each HD detail on her screen. In the monitor, she watched as the bulky image of the LRT car slide aside, the narrow spaces between the train and the wall centering in her view. She hesitated. Slow steps forward and the ghostly image was gliding through the tight space, claustrophobic to the cinematic extreme. You would be able to hear Alice’s panicked breaths on the recording.

Sharp concrete and metal edges slipped towards her and out of view with no sound. There were two cars Alice could see now. As she passed the boundary between them, something leapt at her, hitting her hard and pinning her to the wall. She tried to scream as a hand closed fiercely over her mouth. Her breaths came hard and sharp through her nose, her jaw aching from the pressure of that oppressive hand. Her attacker’s other hand came up, something clenched in a fist rose towards her face, under her chin.

“Shut the fuck up!” Was the harshly whispered command, as the flashlight Jeff carried rose up lamp first between them and flicked on. Alice squeezed her eyes tightly shut as the bright light assaulted her. Jeff blinked as well, squinting away from the light. When she saw it was him, relief flooded her face and tears welled up in her eyes. She relaxed, her camera dangling from a loose hand at the end of a limp arm. Jeff clicked the light off, bathing them in the darkness once more. He slowly removed his hand from her mouth. They stood there for several moments, so close together, breath ragged and more clear, more clear.

“Where’s everyone else?” Jeff whispered shortly, his hand on Alice’s shoulder.
“I don’t know.” Alice replied, her voice straining. She squeezed her eyes shut and you could hear the waiver in her voice. “Pete…” She trailed off.
“Those fuckers!” Jeff punched the wall, his knuckles splitting. He looked back the way he had come, eyes defiant. His hand when to the handle of his knife, tucked into his leather belt. He looked at Alice, cowering under his protection and it gave him courage. He turned back the way they had come, turning his shoulders to face squarely. He took a breath and when he let it out, his shoulders sank a little and he looked back over his shoulder, but the path that direction ended not far passed the train, a thick bricked up wall. He swung his gaze back towards the only path available to them, back towards that hell on the boarding platform. Something blocked the faint light coming down the tunnel. There was a figure blocking the way. Jeff’s heart leapt into his throat, his true nature flooding his being to the core. There was nowhere for him to run, he was cornered like a rat. He stepped in front of Alice, as tall as he could. Hand on his knife, he snapped his flashlight forward and flicked the beam confidently at the figure. The shadows washed away revealing a man in a tattered old hoodie, his muscular chest swelling the dirty t-shirt beneath. A blue ball cap covered his head, and came low over his feral eyes. They gleamed out of the shadow of his hat brim like wolf’s eyes, perched above a rough short beard. The teeth showed as the flashlight beam hit him, the eyes squinted small and a hand came up to shield them. It wasn’t one of the attackers from the platform, neither that lumbering behemoth nor his lightning quick accomplice.

“What are you doing down here?” The man in the shadows asked quietly as he stepped forward. Jeff didn’t respond. Carefully, he gently drew the knife from its case, exposing an inch of steel.

“We were attacked.” Alice called softly around Jeff’s shoulder. Those wolf eyes darted to the girl, taking her in. Alice had slowly turned her camera to face the man. Unable to see the viewfinder, she aimed as best she could.

“By who?” The man continued his line of questions, taking another step forward, one arm at his side, the other slightly outstretched as he let his fingers fall from his face, taking the flashlight beam directly in the eyes.

“Two guys, one of them was huge.” Jeff answered this time. “They pushed our friend off the platform. Please don’t come any closer.”

“That’s crazy.” The man replied softly as he took another slow step towards them, the fingers of his outstretching hand spread wide in a fan. “Look, my name is Seth. You guys really shouldn’t be down here, this part of the system is closed.” Striking distance.

The scruffy man lunged, hand lashing for Jeff’s throat. Jeff’s knife came up fast, a well- oiled pull from the sheath. The blade darted in, quicksilver in the darkness. Its fine edge hooked the fabric of the other man’s sweater, tearing through and then catching on the rough material. That hand clamped over Jeff’s throat, forcing him back. He stumbled over Alice as the man came on hard and fast, putting weight and pressure behind his tackle, slamming Jeff into the wall. The knife was free, and it lanced in again. The blade sliced through the attacker’s forearm, tearing a clean gash up the muscled flesh.

Alice was screaming and she bolted around the struggling men, running towards the back wall. She saw that the second train car was open; its sliding door was ajar. With a glance back at the melee in time to see the knife twisting from Jeff’s hand, she leapt into the yawning doorway.

The knife was in Seth’s hand now and it speared into Jeff’s stomach. He buckled and the knife came free. A stab at his face sent him to the ground. Booted heels slammed into his side and back, and the knife came down again and again, piercing flesh. A pool of blood formed under Jeff, foretold by the splashes and smears of the red fluid trailing down the wall. A kick to the head and it was done. Standing for a moment over the kill, Seth knelt and retrieved the flashlight from where it had fallen next to the wall. He turned and gazed at the open train door, to where the beautiful young brunette had fled.

Alice crouched in the darkness behind a row of seats. She could not see the doorway from her hiding place, but she watched as the beam of the flashlight flashed through the dirty windows and into the train car. The seatbacks and standing room poles spun light and shadow as the beam cut across them. He was in the car now. A single step and the flashlight went dark. Alice listened; the only light was the faint glow from out in the tunnel, coming from somewhere, and the green of the digital viewfinder on Alice’s video camera. It was silence for several minutes. Courage growing, Alice slowly edged the lens of her camera out into the aisle.

The flashlight’s brightness blinded her through the night vision scope, and with not a sound or utterance the man was on her. A huge, rough hand clamped around her wrist, the bloody knife held awkwardly in that same hand pinched and dug into her soft skin. She was hauled from her hiding spot by the arm, held up for inspection. Seth threw the flashlight down on a seat and clamped that hand around her face. He looked at her, no emotion showing. He shoved her against the window, the camera falling from her grasp. He held her there, just looking for a moment. He started laughing and shook his head.

“I fucking killed your friend.” He growled at her. “He’s dead out there.” Alice only gasped from the pain of being pressed against the cold glass, awkwardly over the train seat. “Do you understand?”

Alice murmured that she did and the man’s eyes went back to her body. His hand followed the curve of her back and went to her round, tight ass. He squeezed her ass through the material of her skirt, then tugged the pleated fabric up and exposed her bare ass. He smacked the plump flesh and squeezed. He twisted Alice’s neck, pulling those wide frightened eyes to face him.

‘Fuck I can’t help it.” He groaned. “Look at you.” He grabbed her face and stuck a finger in her mouth. He leaned in close, pressing his weight on her and licked her face, put his tongue in her ear. Alice was screaming now as he pulled her towards him, turning her to face him. He was tugging at her hoodie as she scrambled to get passed him. She wiggled her way off the seat as he was focused on her hoodie, the zipper parting. As she pulled away from him she also pulled out of her hoodie, her arm dragging out of the last sleeve that he gripped at the cuff. She fell forward as her hand came free, scrambling to her feet. He was on her, hand at her throat, holding her down, her head pressed against the side of a seat. Jeff’s bloody knife was before her eyes, the wet metal catching a glimmer from the flashlight beam. He placed the weapon on the seat beside her head, freeing his hand to clutch at her soft, round tit, stretching the thin fabric of her Fear Factory t-shirt. Her face scrunched up, eyes squeezing shut and forcing a tear down her face as he crushed her tit harder. That knife has in his hand again, under her shirt. He snatched a handful of her hair and yanked her head back over the seat. Alice looked backwards, upside down out the window and into the pitch black tunnel as she felt that cold knife slide up her stomach and between her tits, the razor edge splitting her t-shirt wide. The blade caught the tie at the center of her bra and stretched the elegant fabric until it snapped, the blade piercing the neck of her shirt with a rip, and tore the garment asunder. The limp fabric almost fluttered in slow motion as it fell away from her soft tits. His cock was hard against her through his dirty pants as his calloused hand took up her soft, squishy tit and squeezed. A thumb pressed at her delicate, pink nipple. His mouth was over hers, tongue lashing her. She squealed and tried to squirm away, that mouth on the side of her face.

She was pulled away from the seat, her tattered shirt and bra ripped away from her. Her arms were held high over her head from where she knelt on the floor. A moment later, something clinked in the dark. Alice looked up to see him reaching towards her wrist with a pair of handcuffs. She saw that blood crusted the inside of the bracelet as it snapped over her wrist, tight but not enough to draw some of her own blood. She was pulled back by the wrist, her other wrist soon felt the binding snap of the handcuff. He released his grip on her arm and let her collapse. The cold steel line of a standing room pool pressed against her spine. Her hands fell awkwardly behind her head, catching. She struggled, the clink of the handcuff chain making her panic. She looked up and saw the handcuff chain was around the pole, binding her wrists to it.

Seth stepped away. He pointed the flashlight at her more directly and retrieved her camera. The crucifix and silver chain glittered at her throat and where it dangled between her young perky breasts. The silver cross dangled, spinning in the filtering light.

Fiddling with the controls for a moment, Seth stepped back in front of her, filming her captive body. He pulled at her chin with his free hand, pulling her beauty up to face him. He knelt in front of her, hand caressing her tit, sliding over to the other and squeezing it painfully. He filmed her tits and the look on her face from the pain. He stepped back, unbuckling his pants and letting them fall away.

He was hard, his cock standing out towards Alice’s face. He stepped close, letting the cock graze her cheek, letting his scrotum brush her lips as his dick splayed over her face. She turned her head in disgust.

“Open your mouth.” He ordered and she refused. “You are going to suck my cock and I’m going to film you.” The knife was at her throat, digging painfully.

“Fuck, open that pretty mouth.” The man rasped, zooming the camera on her face.

She did. She opened and her pink, wet tongue darted out after a moment, she had to fish for his cock hanging lazily in front of her face. She took the head of his penis in her lips and then slid her mouth down on his shaft. The man groaned loudly. He dropped the knife and took a fistful of her hair, pushing his hips towards her face. He pushed it in and out, filming how her spit glistened on his cock.

“Suck!” He ordered and she did, her mouth slurping on the member. He pulled his dick out of her wet hole and pressed his testicles to her lips.

“Lick and suck you little bitch.” He groaned, grinding his genitals into her lips. She did, that little soft tongue flicking over the bulbous flesh. She took as much of one testicle into her mouth as she could and sucked, licking at it.

“Tell me you want to choke on my cock.” The man said, letting her mouth free. She just looked up at him. “Say it.”

“Choke me with your cock.” Alice sobbed as the dick pressed between her lips again. He pressed on the back of her head with an open hand, putting the camera to the side as the huge phallus forced to the back of her throat. Inch by inch, it pressed into her throat, her lips stretching around it. The camera caught her eyes going wide as the thick, bulging head blocked her airway. She was gagging, spit dripping from her lips as he forced his cock deeper. She was wheezing, struggling for breath, her tits swaying before her. The back of his hand pressed against the metal pole, trapped by the back of her head, buried in her black hair.

He let his cock pop free and she gasped for air, screaming as the dick came out. She sagged in her bonds. The man set the camera aside, aiming it at the seventeen year old girl from a nearby seat. He took her head in both hands, by the hair and under the jaw, and forced his dick back into her tortured mouth. He fucked her mouth savagely a dozen times, Alice was making crazy, humiliating sounds but she couldn’t help it.

He released her. She was free for a moment and she sagged again. He came at her, forcing her around to face the metal pole, the handcuffs twisted, painfully digging into her as he pushed her down, and pulled her ass towards him. She was on her knees, ass higher than her face, her face pressed into her trapped hands near the base of the pole. He pressed himself against her, his cock between her legs. He snatched her skirt up over her ass again, snatching her pink panties away to reveal the soft inviting folds of her tight little pussy. He hand was on her. She was hot, her pussy wet. He pushed a finger inside that velvety wetness, tickling her insides. And then a fierce hand clutched her buttock, hurting her back as it pressed. The finger inside her was suddenly gone and the disgusting head of his saliva slick cock was pressed against her pussy. She was so wet and in a moment he pushed his thick member inside her body. A shrill scream built inside her as the cock sunk deeper. The penetration filled her up, pushing her against the pole and her cuffed hands. His hips were against her now, that dick swollen and painfully filling her. She could feel the smooth head of his cock forced hard against her insides, pressing on her cervix. He pawed at her tits as he slowly began thrusting her, groaning as her tight pussy held his cock.

He was fucking her, driving his member in and out. It hurt and sent fire through her body. He grabbed at her wrist as he penetrated her, pressing his weight forward and on top of her. He reached back and pulled his hoodie and shirt off, throwing his hat aside. They were naked together except for Alice’s skirt and shoes. The cross she wore around her neck dangled, bouncing with each thrust. He clamped firm hands on her hips. He lifted her as he stood, the cock inside her unyielding as her body moved and changed shape around its rigid frame as she was brought to her feet. He bent over her, snatching at her hair, pulling her up. She moaned as she tried to grip the pole more comfortably as she was lifted, higher up. The bar was pressed between her tits as he began forcing his cock into her harder and harder. She was on her toes now, her back arched, the swell of her ass compressing as he slammed his hips into her. She was practically in the air now, held so tightly. She was pulled away from the pole, her tits bouncing crazily as she screamed and moaned in pain and unwanted ecstasy. She was going to cum. It was building inside her, the electricity of her pleasure. She didn’t want it, her eyes on the ground as her body was thrashed.

And then the cock was free of her. It pulled from her body with a sickening wetness, pulling her juices out to run down her inner thighs. She fell to the ground in a heap. He stood over her, his cock impossibly hard, twitching so close it was to orgasm. Alice felt her own vibrations dying back down inside her as the man retrieved the handcuff key from his clothes and undid one wrist. The pain of release was incredible. He snapped that bracelet around the pole, so that she was still trapped, but one arm free. The man retrieved the camera and aimed it at her.

“Finish me now.” He growled at her, breathing hard. He was so close. He grabbed her free wrist and put her hand on his dick. “Stroke my cock.” He commanded and she did. He soft little hand moved up and down his length, she could feel her own wetness, sticky on his dick.

“Use your mouth.” He commanded and she did. Licking at him, popping the head of his cock in and out of her little mouth; she took more and more of his shaft as she sucked. He scrambled for the key to the cuffs, undoing her final wrist.

“Fuck, play with my balls.” He was panting as he put her other hand on him. She squeezed and massaged the sickening, bulging sack.

He snatched at her hair now, pulling her head away, pulling her mouth of his cock. Her head was against the pole now.

“Don’t fucking stop!” He was groaning. She looked at his dick, her hair pulling painfully. She stroked him and could feel his orgasm building. She was gasping, anticipating what was going to happen. As she tugged and cradled his balls in her hand she felt the sack growing tighter.

“FUCK!” The man groaned, the first twitch of his orgasm splashed warm cum into Alice’s face, into her eyes blinding her. She squealed, her hand dropping from his balls to support her on the floor, her other hand gripping his shaft tightly as it spasmed and twitched, sending gobs of white slime into her face and to splash across her amazing tits. He ejaculated six, seven, eight times, the rhythm slowing with each squirt.

At last it stopped. A final glob of cum dripped from the tip of his twitching cock and fell through the air, trailing a long thin line, to splat on Alice’s soft, round thigh. She was gently stroking him, milking the last of his cum involuntarily. He pulled her forward, her hands now on his legs, and put the end of his dick back in her mouth. Her head bobbed, eyes closed as she sucked the head of his cock.  She felt the lazy thick slime that was the last of his cum dribbling into her little mouth as she sucked. He pulled his sensitive dick free, letting it rest against her face.

“Don’t fucking move.” He said, his hand tangled painfully in her hair. He held her there, kneeling before him as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the receding sensation of his orgasm.

After several minutes he left her. He snatched his clothes, the flashlight, camera and knife. He went back out into the tunnel. Moments passed and Alice gained the courage to reach for her torn clothes. She could feel the cum on her body as she peeked out the window to where her attacker crouched over Jeff’s corpse, going through his pockets. She watched him pull the keys to Jeff’s mustang out along with his wallet. He stood, dressed himself and retrieved his items. A moment later he was gone and Alice was lost, alone in the darkness.

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Good job Sparx!

December 08, 2015, 01:33:06 PM
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Bravo! Keep it up, dont let them escape ;)

December 13, 2015, 02:39:19 AM
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Among the Innocent

Lindsay fell asleep around ten-thirty. The remote control hitting the floor a few moments later woke her with a start, her movie still running not far passed where she had dozed off. She picked a chip out of the bowl and ate it sleepily. She couldn’t know that the jet black mustang was cruising through the city streets like a shark, the lighted windows that flitted passed the car in the buildings along the street like the reflections of stars on still water in the night.

She put the bowl on the ground and sat up, wiping sleep from her eyes. Her perky tits stretched the fabric of her tank top as she arched her back, before using her hands to brush chip crumbs from her loose fitting pajama bottoms. She stood and padded barefoot through the living room and to the stairs, mounting them slowly one at a time. Sleepily, she drifted down the upstairs hallway and into her bedroom. She slipped into her cool sheets, pulling the blanket around her shoulders and drifted back to sleep.

An hour passes and outside in the chill darkness, the mustang’s headlights cut across the neighboring houses as the bulky car turned onto the street. It crawled slowly, the driver of that shadowy car clutching a driver’s license in his hand, wolf eyes scanning the dark houses. Finally the car crept up outside Lindsay’s house and turned slowly into the driveway. She was fast asleep; a sleep so deep the thick rumble of the mustang’s engine could not touch it. Nor could the garage door motor as it slowly ground the rolling door up.

As the car pulled slowly into the garage, Lindsay stirred in her sleep upstairs, as if from a nightmare but then lay still as the key was turned in the ignition and the engine died. In that garage the mustang door swung open, the hinges well-greased and quiet. As the dark figure of the driver stepped out of the car, the interior light illuminated the discarded wallet on the seat. Cash had been taken and pocketed, credit cards and loyalty cards pulled from the wallet and cast aside. A pocket sized photo lay on the seat. It was Lindsay’s school photo from the year before.

The man in the shadows slipped into the house, going to the fridge and looking at more pictures before moving on to the living room. He found the bowl of chips on the floor by the couch and picked it up, taking a handful he placed the bowl gently on the coffee table. Munching the chips as he went, he slowly explored the main floor of the house. He checked that the front door was locked and pulled all the curtains he found shut.

He came to the bottom of the stairs and looked up, one step at a time mounting those steps as slowly as Lindsay had done, a predatory instinct guiding him. The first door led to a bathroom and the man moved passed it slowly. Next was the master bedroom, men’s cloths strewn on the floor, a massive four post bed the dominant furniture. A private master bathroom was through a door at the back, beside the dresser.

At the end of the hall, the man found Lindsay’s room. He pushed the door open and peered in at her. The moonlight coming through the window bathed her in soft blue light. She had been tossing and turning in her sleep as the covers were pushed mostly away. One of the straps of her tank top had fallen down over her shoulder, exposing the soft flesh and roundness of her small, right breast. The man could feel his cock hardening just looking at her.

He went back downstairs and got a glass from the kitchen. He filled it with water from the sink and went outside through the front door. He sat on the wide porch, out in the chill air and watched the street. He listened to the night as he sipped the water. Nothing stirred on the street. A dog barked a few blocks over, and he could hear a siren in the city. He finished his water and went back inside, locking the door behind him. He put the glass in the sink and took another glance at the pictures on the fridge, held with magnets. He selected one that showed Jeff and Lindsay together in the forest, on a hike probably. He took it from the fridge and let the magnet hit the floor. He went upstairs to the master bedroom, closing the door he stripped off his clothes and went to the bathroom. His clothes fell in messy little heaps that looked right at home in the dark, amid the mess of the man who had lived there, slept in that bed. He stepped into the bathroom and flicked on the bright light. Seth looked at himself in the mirror with apathetic eyes, a smile slowly spreading across his face.

Across the hall, Lindsay awoke gently to the sound of the shower. She had been having a nightmare, and that sound saved her from it, the sound that meant her daddy was home. She hugged her pillow and rolled from her back onto her side, pulling the blanket tight. She fell back asleep.

When Lindsay’s eyes opened again she blinked at the pale light shining on her face. She was groggy and groaned gently as she pushed herself up on an elbow.

“What?” She mumbled, disoriented. There was a video playing on a small screen on her bedside table. She reached out and her fingers brushed against the video camera that sat there, the LCD screen pointed towards her. She could hear the muffled sound coming from the camera’s small speaker.

“Open your mouth.” Were the only words she could hear. She peered closer, inspecting the image. There was a girl, tied to a pole. It was in a street car or something, but she wasn’t tied, she was handcuffed Lindsay realized. She wore only a skirt, the poor lighting in the video showed her perfect, bare breasts. The camera was aimed down at her as she took the cameraman’s penis into her mouth. Her beautiful eyes looked up, glittering in the dimly lit image.

“Oh my God.” Lindsay gasps, a hand covering her mouth as she realized the girl in the video was Alice.

A bark of laughter startled her. She screamed as she realized there was someone in the room with her. A big hand snatched at her, long fingers wrapping around her face, pushing her down on the bed. A glint of something metal moved in the dark and Lindsay felt the knife against her throat. She screamed but that hand clamped over her mouth. The hand pushed hard, forcing her to turn her head, to look back at the screen as she watched her friend choking on the man’s erection, forced so far into her mouth. The camera did a close up of her pretty face in such distress as she choked and gagged, her arms held over her head.

“I’m going to take my hand off your mouth.” The voice whispered. “If you scream I’m going to kill you. Do you understand?” Lindsay slowly nodded, her neck hurting, she squeezed her eyes shut and tried to be very quiet. She was trembling as the man did as he promised, moving his hand to her throat.

“What is your name?” He asked. She didn’t answer for a long time.

“Lindsay.” She said finally, in a slow voice. The man reached and took something from the desk. He held it very close to her face, pointing at it. In the light from the camera screen she could see that it was the picture of her and her dad from the fridge.

“Who is that?” The man said, pointing at the man in the picture beside Lindsay.

“My dad.” Lindsay managed in a small voice.

“You live here with your dad?” He asked, the knife was gone from her throat now but that hand was starting to squeeze.

“Yes.” She said.

“Who else?”

“No one.” She continued to answer him obediently, tears starting to come to her eyes. His free hand was on her body now, caressing and exploring, sliding under the cover.

“Who the fuck else?” He raised his voice sharply.

“No one!” Lindsay cried back as that hand roughly squeezed at her small titty, pulled at her tank top.

“How old are you?” He asked, his voice gentler now as he continued to touch her, pulling the blanket away.

“Fifteen.” Lindsay answered. “Soon I’ll be sixteen.” She didn’t know why she told him that. He was leaning over her now, his mouth was over hers. He sucked at her soft lips, licked at her. His hand was in her hair, he was burying his face in her neck, smelling her. She squirmed, trying to push him away. She could smell him, a strong scent of soap. His skin was also wet in places, reminding Lindsay of the running shower. She started to cry. He bit her, sinking his teeth into her neck. He just bit down and held her, it hurt so bad and she screamed. When he pulled his face away there were teeth marks on her soft skin.

In the video the man was on top of Alice now, the camera cast aside. It watched silently as he forced himself on her. The reading lamp on her bed clicked on, bathing the room in a dim, warm light. Lindsay saw there was a pair of handcuffs on the bedside table next to the camera. She turned, looking at the man and screamed when she saw that he was naked. He was tearing the covers off the bed now, Lindsay was fighting and scrambling, trying to get away. He was holding her down, grabbing her arm painfully and tearing at her top. He pulled the tight garment down off her chest, her small breasts popping free, the shoulder straps awkwardly stretching around her arms near the elbow. He was leaning over her, sticking his tongue in her mouth and she was trying to scream, crying as his hand clamped between her legs. His hand squeezed her pussy through her pajamas. He was biting her lip, rubbing her clit, pushing his fingers against her. He squeezed and sucked on her tits, biting the nipples as she squirmed.

He began tugging at her pajama bottoms, pulling them down off her sexy, silky smooth hip bones. She was screaming, pulling back on her pajamas, she swung at him hitting him in the face. He hit back, the blow dazing her. She was faintly aware of her legs up in the air as he pulled her pajamas free. She wasn’t wearing any panties. She regained her focus as the naked man climbed on the bed and pushed her long limp legs apart, settling his weight between them. He was squeezing her tit and then putting his fingers in her mouth.

“I’m going to fuck you little girl.” He promised her. “I’m going to put my big cock inside of you.” He stroked the tip of his cock and pressed his groin against her. She felt his testicles squishing against her pussy as he played with her legs, pushing one up behind the knee one second, and then grabbing her slender ankle the next. His hand was on her again, one of those fingers searched and slipped inside her pussy. He wiggled his finger, she was getting so wet.

“This is going to hurt baby girl.” He said as he pulled his finger out of her and clutched at his cock, pressing the tip of it against her. That smooth head slipped against her wet little pussy, pressing against her special hole but not able to penetrate her. He slapped her hard in the face, squeezed her tit hard, running his hand back and forth over her breasts, enjoying the soft squishy flesh. He stroked himself, smacking his cock against her pussy and abdomen. He clutched at her hip with one hand as he forced his cock against her again. He gained purchase, his massive dick forcing between her soft, delicate pussy lips. It hurt and Lindsay was taking fast, deep breaths. She moaned as the cock pressed harder.

The tip of his cock was inside her. She was squirming and he clutched her tighter with one hand, still roughly holding his cock and he began to work his hips into her. The cock head moved inside her pussy, grinding, getting slick with her pussy juice. Her pussy was tight but the man was too strong. He held his cock tight as he pushed more of it inside her.

“Fuck yes.” The man groaned as he sunk half his cock into the fifteen year old beauty. She was screaming as he started fucking her, his dick deep enough, and held tightly enough that he could let go and hold onto her body with both hands.

“You tight little cunt.” He groaned, pressing his member inside. His hands where all over her body; he stroked her thighs, placed a hand over her flat stomach and ran his hands up her sides. He grabbed both of her tits and squeezed.

“Fuck you are sexy.” He said as he pumped his cock faster. He grabbed her around the waist, drinking her in with his eyes, watching her little titties bounce. His hand was pressing on her flat stomach now. He laughed and reached for her wrist, pulling her hand and placing it on her own tummy.

Lindsay could feel his cock inside her, feel it pressing on her tummy from inside, could feel as it bulged her belly. He released her wrist and grabbed her hair, pulling her head up to look. He grunted and forced his cock as deep as it would go and she could actually see it making the soft skin of her pelvis and belly bulge. It hurt so bad, she was crying. He twisted her neck, made her look at the screen to the video where he was now fucking Alice too.

Lindsay’s body was responding. She was breathing fast shallow breathes, her pussy ached and she could feel something building inside her. The monstrous penetration was too much, it felt like it was filling her whole body. Her toes were going numb and she was falling into the rhythm of his pounding. She couldn’t process what he had said. She could hear herself moaning and panting. Her attacker could see it happening, he reached down and put his hand on her, rubbing at her clitoris as he did his best to keep pumping his cock in long hard thrusts. Her mind was in shambles, she could feel her orgasm coming. It didn’t make any sense. Her mind was filled with the chaos. How could this be happening? He body was shaking, goose bumps standing out on her skin.

Clarity crept back into her mind for a crystal moment, he was furiously scrubbing at her clit with a hand, her hips were arching involuntarily. She let out a long moan, her teeth clenching. Vibrations filled her body, her pussy clenching rhythmically around his fat cock. Her legs her shaking, her eyes rolled up in her head, her mouth open.

“No!” She pleaded against her own body in a shaking scream as the orgasm carried her. He stopped rubbing her clit and grabbed her around the ribcage, fucking her without mercy throughout her orgasm. It made the insanely pleasurable contractions and vibrations hurt. He was squeezing her tits and then he pulled his cock out, groaning. His orgasm was close, his dick insanely hard and straight, twitching.  Lindsay’s orgasm was subsiding. She was breathing so hard as she came down, sucking in air through her nose. Did that just happen? She wondered. He leaned in close to her.

“I killed your dad tonight.” He whispered in her face. “I took his own knife away from him and killed him with it.” He grinned at her. Lindsay’s mind was reeling. She began to struggle. She was screaming as a hand clamped over her throat. He was shifting on the bed, climbing from between her legs and putting his cock in her face. He half knelt there beside her on the bed, pulling her mouth towards him.

“Suck you little bitch!” He shouted at her as she struggled. He squeezed her throat painfully, Lindsay making painful, pathetic noises, her mouth wide. He pushed his cock in her mouth and released her throat. Lindsay gasped around the dick, trying to breathe. He pulled his dick out and let her gasp for a moment before sliding it back between her lips.

“Can you taste your own little pussy?” He asked, gently working his cock in her mouth. She was still squirming and he had to hold her. He pulled away after a few minutes, letting her breath and sob on the bed, her chest rising and falling with each gulped breath. As she regained herself, she looked up at the video camera screen. Alice had her hands free now and she was stroking his cock. The man was on her again, rolling her over, forcing her face down into the pillows. He pulled on her head, making her look at the screen again as he climbed on top of her. He forced his legs between hers, pushing them apart. He was pulling at her hips, as on the screen she watched him cum in her friend’s face. Now he had her by the back of the head, she was screaming as he forced her face first into the pillows and pushed his cock into her painful, swollen pussy again. It hurt so much, her pussy was so sore. But it was easy, the strong cock penetrating her soaking wet little cunt. One hand on her head, one on her shoulder as he drove his cock into her, his body slamming against her, pelvis crushing her round little ass. Her legs were splayed out beneath him, kicking gently from the thrusts.

“It hurts.” Lindsay managed to moan, between labored breathes and squeals. “You’re going to break me, please!” She was pleading as he grunted on top of her, his frame huge over her petite body. He squeezed her buttock painfully and then grabbed her arm, twisting it behind her back, his other hand now twisting in her hair, pulling her face up out of the pillows, arching her back. He was groaning uncontrollably.

“I’m going to cum inside you, I swear to god. I’m going to fuck you until I drain my balls into your fucking uterus.” His voice was gravelly now, he was hunching over her. “I’m going to fucking impregnate you.” Lindsay was sobbing now, her little body being crushed into her own bed. Tears streamed down her face as she took his cock.

“Oh fuck!” The man was shouting now as his pumping became erratic. Lindsay felt as that massive cock exploded inside of her. The feeling was disgusting as his cum pumped inside of her but there was nothing she could do. He pulled her hair painfully, his cock sunk as deep as her little pussy would take. His balls were tight as his cock twitched inside her.
Breathing heavily, Seth slowly pulled his dick from the young girl, letting her settle on the bed as he released her. He grabbed his cock and shook the last small gobs of cum from his dick onto her back and ass. Lindsay just lay there, listening to him breathe. She shifted position and could feel the cum dripping from inside her.

The video playback was done, now showing something Alice had been taping over. It was a day in the summer when they’d all gone to the biggest mall in the city. The man snapped the camera screen shut, turning the device off. He snatched the handcuffs from the table and snapped one bracelet onto his own wrist. He snatched her slender wrist and snapped the other cuff on her, chaining them together. The reading lamp went out with a click and the man climbed onto the bed. He didn’t say a word, just pulled her into his arms and settled into the blanket. Soon he was snoring and Lindsay pushed against him, but he just held her tighter.

Lindsay cried softly in that evil embrace, her soft and smooth body pulled tight against him. She cried into his chest and he stroked her hair, holding the back of her neck for a time. Sleep would not come for Lindsay easily and she looked around her room. She looked at all the familiar, dark shapes. She looked back over her shoulder at the clock that sat on her nightstand. It was hard to see from this angle but Lindsay could just barely make out the time. It was Twelve-Fifteen, after midnight. It was her birthday.

December 13, 2015, 02:45:18 AM
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Well ladies and germs, that's it for Subhuman! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If just one girl got wet reading Subhuman, it was all worth it.

Thank you very much for the encouraging comments along the way Plaything, Shannyfries, Vile8er and especially blondiecath :) :)

The Man in the Shadows will return. I've got a sequel planned for our naughty boy Seth.

Thanks for reading,


December 14, 2015, 03:24:49 AM
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Wow again ;) Sad this was the end though. Very nice story. And sure got wet...

December 18, 2015, 05:34:12 AM
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Wet? I'm dripping! That was hot! I loved the last chapter! I can't wait to read more about Seth.