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Hanging up the phone, I smiled in satisfaction. Kamila had come to her senses and was on her way over. She was a young teen singer, who had considerable talent and huge ambition. I was her manager, and was responsible for making sure she got the right gigs, got a recording contract and made all the right career choices. I controlled access. Of course I covered myself with binding contracts that ensured someone else couldn't just steal my talent without me profiting.

She was from Puerto Rico with some Guyanese in her, and came from a poor family. The family had high hopes for her as she had shown prodigious talent even back when she was a child. Eventually she made contact with me through some lower level talent scout.

I had made several young artists successful. Sure some didn't make it, but it was known that with my connections and power in the industry I was one of the best chances a young artist could get. Of course there was a price to be paid for success, and I'm not just talking about a percentage of revenues. If a hot looking young female artists wanted me to go the extra mile to get them a serious recording contract and/or a contract to open for a major act which was the first step to becoming a star, they had to put out. I had sharpened my cock on many aspiring young female artists, some of whom you have likely heard of, and one very big name. They didn't like it, but they all knew the game, and it worked that way with pretty much anyone who could get you the big chance. My competition and I may differ on things like percentages of sales, concert ticket revenues percentages, and such, but we all agreed that if you want to play in the big leagues, you best be ready for us to put the cock to you. Put simply, if you wanted the big break, then let us at that pussy.

Kamila had been raised in a very religious family, and was a strong believer in waiting for marriage. I suppose I can respect that to an extent, but if I let her pussy pass through untouched everybody is going to expect that. I started slowly making advances, hugging her a bit too long, kissing her on the cheek too frequently when congratulating her, my hands rubbing her back a lot, and eventually I made the move and kissed her. She tensed and resisted at first, but reluctantly complied. As my hands started to roam, and I guided her to a couch, she put her foot down. This created a bit of a game, where each time we would get together I would put the moves on her, and see how far I could get.

Eventually I started dropping hints about how I could help her more if she would just Show a little appreciation. She understood the implications of what I was saying, but was adamant that she would not open the legs for me. It kind of pissed me off, but I knew time and power was on my side. She still helped her family clean houses from time to time, as money was tighter than a mouse's cunt, so the future opportunities I could open up for her would seem irresistible.

One night at a party I had gotten her alone, and with a few drinks in me got rather aggressive, feeling that if I pushed the issue I could score, but she physically pushed me off of her, and even slapped me before running away, sobbing.

One of the other young talents associated with another manager followed her to see if she was ok, and during the course of the conversation, Kamila opened up about my intentions. Of course the other girl, a more experienced artist still on her way up, assured her that it was not a big deal and that everybody did it. They talked for a bit, and Kamila divulged that she had never had sex before, at which point the other girl said "What's the big deal about virginity?", saying that in a few years she would look back and realize it was a very small price to pay. Kamila was not fully convinced, and went home eventually.

I had to step up my pressure. She had a rival, another up and comer named Alysia, who she had slowly surpassed. I decided that my support for Kamila would cool off as I put more effort into Alysia. Alysia hadn't thought twice about spreading her legs the little slut. Gradually over the past few weeks I had been spending more time with Alysia, getting her more gigs and meetings..etc. The writing was on the wall for Kamila. Put out or get out. So, she just phoned me and was now on her way over. Her family was used to her coming for late night meetings, and staying out late as these were the demands of the industry.

A knock on the door signalled her arrival. Opening it, I saw her standing there, looking beautiful in her long coat, shivering, mostly from the cold I assume but perhaps from something else. Letting her step in, I took notice of her light brown skin, and her beautiful shiny hair, as she came into my place.

"You look beautiful" I say as I place a gentle kiss on her cheek, as she looks down nervously.

Taking her coat, I hang it up and get a good look at the way she is dressed. She is wearing a form fitting dress, that accentuates her great figure. She is petite and slender, yet has nicely sized tits for a girl of her size, with a great ass and shapely thighs. Her high heels accentuate her legs nicely, as she walks hesitantly into my place, nervously like a condemned prisoner walking to the electric chair. My excitement is killing me, as I have waited months to sink myself into this tender young piece of flesh.

Looking her up and down, I see her nicely toned belly rising and falling nervously with her breathing as she stands there, anticipating the ordeal ahead. Her dress is short, showing ample thigh, and it is all I can do to refrain from throwing her down on the floor right there, yanking those thighs apart and fucking her like a savage right there on the hardwood floor. I've waited this long, so now I can wait until I get her to the bedroom.

She removes her shoes, and stands there, her bare feet on the floor, a I gently take her arm and tell her to come with me, as I guide her in the direction of the bedroom. Following her, I listened to the sound of her feet padding on the floor as she walked nervously to the room, her buttocks and thighs working nicely as she walked. I could already anticipate the feel of being between those tender young thighs.

As I opened the door to my room, she swallowed hard, nervousness showing on her face as I gently placed my hand on her lower back and nudged her in. When I closed the door behind me, she flinched at the sound.  Taking her arm gently, I turned her towards me and looked at her. She had a beautiful face, prominent cheekbones, a defined jawline, with a small nose, and rich brown eyes.

Her neckline was slender, and exposed as her loosely curled hair was tied up. She had a slender petite body, yet nicely sized breasts for her size. her waist was shapely, yet despite her slenderness, her lower belly had a nice sexual swell to it. Her thighs which were nicely exposed by the dress which was tight yet short were finely tuned from years of dance class and she had a nice round little ass on her.

I turn of the light so only the glow of the full moon illuminates the room. Stepping up behind her, I place my hands on her shoulders, and start to gently rub them feeling her trembling, before undoing the clip in her hair, allowing it to fall loosely around her small shoulders. Closing the gap between is, I press myself up against her from behind and start to kiss her neck, tenderly as she tenses up at my touch.

"It's OK sweetheart?" I whisper in her ear "I'm going to make this special", as I undo the clasp in the back of her dress, and slowly unzip her from behind, exposing her soft light brown skin as I bring the zipper all the way to the bottom, exposing her panties.
 Gently I slip the shoulder straps of her dress off of her shoulders and peel the form fitting dress off of her body, leaving her standing there in her bra and panties. They are both plain and white, without any fancy lacing, however the enhance her innocence. I slide my shirt over my head and then reach for the clasp of her bra and undo it, sliding it off of her. She crosses her arms nervously over her chest as I step back and admire her form, as she stands there in the moonlight wearing only a white pair of panties. Her waist curves nicely towards her hips.

I undo the belt buckle and then unzip my pants, seeing her flinch at the sound. When I let my pants drop to the floor, the sound of the belt buckle hitting the floor causes another flinch. She is petrified of the experience to come, which I find endearing.

Wrapping my arms around her from behind, I take her wrists and gently pull her arms away from her chest, exposing her tender young mounds, as I bring her arms up behind her so she can wrap them around my neck as I stand pressed against her back. Turning her face towards me, I see her nervous eyes looking at me as I touch my lips to hers and start to kiss her. My hand slide along her arms, to her shoulders, gently caressing them, moving towards her face, her neck, and eventually sliding over her soft young tits. I feel her tense up as I touch them, not really kissing back but just allowing me to explore her mouth as I maul her youthful flesh. My hardness presses against her back through my underwear as I do this.

Turing her around I face her, and pull her in close, her breasts pressing against my chest as I kiss her deeply and passionately. My hands slide down her back, and over her panties to grab her young ass and pull her tightly against me. She does not resist, but she also does not actively participate. She does not want to do this, but merely sees it as a price she has no choice but to pay for her ambitions.

Breaking the kiss, I walk her over to the bed as her trembling legs try to keep her steady. She pauses as I step between her and the bed, and then I pull her in close. I kiss her neck, and then start working my mouth towards her breasts. Many women would find this erotic, but she just stands there her lips pressed tightly together, looking at the ceiling as though she wants to mentally remove herself from the situation. Sitting on the bed, I kiss her belly, and move my lips to the waistband of her panties as she stands there trembling, her eyes looking like they are about to water as I linked my thumbs over the waistband and slid them down, exposing her soft curly bush. Standing I tower over the petite young brown skinned girl, standing naked in the moonlit glow of my room, as she shivers. I pull down the covers on the bed and then face her, and lower my own underwear, releasing my manhood before her before pulling her in close in an embrace, kissing her as my hardness presses against her belly. She is tense, and stiff but that is to be expected for a young girl her first time.

Turning her around so her back is to the bed, I start to lower her back onto the bed. She resists at first, but yields as I exert pressure on her, pushing her first into a seating position and then onto her back before I swing her legs up onto the bed, and crawl in with her, bring the covers up over us. This is a huge moment. I am about to be her first, and I eagerly anticipate taking her virginity and exploring the pleasures of her young body.

Pulling her in close, pressing my body against her naked warmth skin on skin, I kiss her passionately, allowing my hands to explore her body, caressing, massaging and probing as my kisses go to her neck and her breasts. My intention is to 'warm her up' or arouse her for the pending intercourse. She didn't seem to be responding to my touch, perhaps not yet ready to accept what was about to happen. Of course during this time I physically confirmed her virginity, even though I already knew she had never been touched by a man. She winced and made a sound when she felt my finger penetrating her body, and shut her eyes tightly.  Guiding her hand to my erection, I felt my excitement surge when the soft skin of her small hand touched it, but of course she just looked freaked out, and pulled her hand away. I gently guided it back, wrapping it around my phallus and then moved her hand up and down the shaft in a slow stroking motion as I continued exploring her nether regions. I was tempted to get her to take me in her mouth, but refrained from doing so, as in her nervous state that might push her over the edge, and cause her to freak out, demanding to leave. I was so close to deflowering her now, I would not risk doing anything that would cause that. The mouth could come later. For now I had to keep my eye on the ball, or more specifically her virgin pussy. I find once you break the seal, they lower their reluctance to everything else.

After a bit more foreplay, I realized nothing I was going to do would really get her hot and aroused, so there was not much point in delaying this. Pulling her in close, I hold her tightly, and the assertively roll on top of her, letting her feel my weight pressing down on her as her breathing picks up, and she tightens her jaw. My phallus is pressed against her belly, but her immediate reaction to having me roll on top was to close her legs.

Gently but assertively I part them, whispering "It's Ok's OK" in her ear as I position myself between her legs. Despite the fact that she is not likely on birth control, I opt not to use a condom. If she conceives, we can take care of that later. I want to feel that virgin flesh on my bare skin.

"I don't want to do this....I'm scared" she says in a quivering girlish voice as I grasp my erection and guide it to her youthful entrance.

"Don't be." I whisper, giving her a kiss

"Will this hurt?" she inquired in a high pitched nervous voice that drives me wild with excitement

"I'll be gentle...just relax" I reassure her, holding her firmly beneath me.' as I touch the head of my straining manhood to the delicate petals of her outer girlhood. She flinches at the contact, licks her lips and looks up at the ceiling.

"Look at me" I say commandingly as I position myself to penetrate. I like seeing the eyes when I penetrate a virgin.
Leaning forward I start to push, trying to breach her outer defences but due to her tightness, nervous clenching and the fact that she is too dry, I make absolutely no gain, other than to cause her to wince in discomfort and make a frightened noise from deep inside. She starts pulling her legs together a bit also.

"It's OK" I reassure, as I bring my hand to my mouth and get some saliva on it, and then thrust my hand between her legs, spreading the saliva around on her soft flesh, wetting it nicely. To assist, I get some more spittle on my hand and spread it on the end of my cock, wanting to make sure I penetrate.

As I guide myself to her flesh, I also make sure to pin her legs a bit. It will be easier if I can just keep them apart and get the initial penetration over with. Sensing the reason for my pinning her legs, she gets a very frightened look on her face.

"Be gentle....please", she whines, as the fear shines in her eyes.

'Of course" I say, as I slide the tip of my cock up and down between her nether lips, enjoying her nervous anticipation. After a moment, I start carefully nudging the tip towards her entrance, knowing that the lubrication will allow me to penetrate this time.

I start to push the tip in and she winces, gritting her teeth. Exerting more pressure, I feel her outer entrance start to yield, allowing the head to penetrate past the outer lips and into the entrance. She immediately tenses.

"You're hurting me....ow it hurts", she whimpers
'Only at first love", I say, determined to pop her cherry now, as I push harder, opening her and sliding in, feeling my cock head bump against her hymen. She starts to struggle, feeling the pain of being stretched open like this.

"Stop...your hurting me...please" she cries hysterically as she tries to push me off, but my size and weight hold her fast. I see no point in delaying this as she will keep hesitating all night. As they say, it's like tearing off a bandaid.

Leaning in hard, I press against her virgin barrier, as she cries, and with a forceful shove, I tear the virgin flesh barrier, causing her to scream in an erotic high pitched girlish voice as my cock head now starts to bury itself into her young vagina. She struggles and squirms desperately, crying "It hurts" and "Stop" as I work to plunge the entire length into her youthful sheath, sliding it into her as the young girl squirms in pain, and cries openly at the pain of having a male organ forced into her body for the first time in her life, tearing her, causing her to bleed.

When I finally get the whole thing in, I pause to feel the luxurious feel of her tender soft young insides gripping my manhood, the first one that has ever been inside, as my balls dangle against her ass. She sobs and cries, at the pain she just experienced, so I give her a moment to recover before starting to fuck her.

After a moment or two, as her sobs die down, I slide myself out slowly and then push in, causing her to yelp again. I should go slower, but my urges are crazy, and I want to dominate this young flower. I start to fuck her hard like a street whore, pining her legs apart and thrusting myself into her body. I took her like a conquistador, ravishing her body, taking her, violating her inner depths with my flesh, invading her virgin territory as she cried beneath me in pain at the roughness of her first sex. Each thrust was met with a yelp or a whimper as I plundered her, plowing her depths open like I was a mining drill digging into her. It's not that I was trying to be inconsiderate, I just like good deep hard aggressive fucking. She would get used to it in time, and would even learn to like it.

"Oh my god baby, you are doing awesome! So hot! So tight!" I say encouragingly as I drive my malehood repeatedly into her, the sound of my flesh slapping against hers resounding through the room, with the sounds of her cries.

I continued thrusting into her, urgently driving myself into her repeatedly, with deep and powerful thrusts as she sobbed beneath me. I needed my orgasm and would aggressively use her body to that end, as I fucked the young sweetheart, until I felt my orgasm coming. I drove myself into her several more times until I came hard, planting my shaft into her, as my erection convulsed, sending my sperm dip inside her, the first such fluids ever to explore her depths. I groaned loudly, luxuriating at the feel of climaxing bareback inside this tight young girls body, lost in my pleasure, as I continued to pump my seed into her until I had drained it. Sagging, I let my weight fall on her, as I sweated and caught my breath.

She lay there, gasping in shock and relief as I looked down at her, still feeling her insides squeezing me. Wiping away her tears, I kiss her looking down as she looks up at me with a broken betrayed look in her eyes.

"You said you wouldn't hurt me" she said in a hurt accusing voice

"Darling" I say, kissing her gently, "I'm can't be helped. It always hurts the first time. It gets better, I promise. You'll see" I say as I move off of her, sliding out of her freshly deflowered flesh. I pause to look in satisfaction at the blood on my cock, before getting up and going to the wine chiller in the room and pulling out a chilled bottle of Champaign and two glasses before heading back to the bed with my most recent conquest.

I took her again several times that night. She didn't really get into it, and I think she cried each time, but that couldn't be helped. Over the rest of the weekend, I taught her all the ways a girl can pleasure a man's body. I taught her to use her mouth on me, which she was very reluctant to do at first. I also introduced her to anal sex, which she really did not like, and cried even worse than when I made love to her the first time. At least I tried to be more gentle with the ass, and used a proper lubricant.

Stick around and I'll give you more details.......................

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