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What follows is a continuation with the characters of the story The Trial Of Brian McDermott"
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As always this author does not condone violence of anytype towards women. Harassment, assault and rape are all crimes that neither society nor human nature approves off . If you can't understand the difference between reality and words formatted into what resembles a fictional story then seek professional help.


December 23RD,2027

The interior atmosphere of the dimly lit hospital room is only disturbed by the sound of the oxygen machine and the sound of a heart monitor beeping. All else is quiet as I lay there a bullet indenting the left aorta, thinking back to how I came to be like this. With a pen and pad I sit about to write my latest story. At one time I was Brian McDermott, loyal son of Glen McDermott, loving son of Marjorie Del  Somme-McDermott, until my  arrest and conviction  for a trumped up rape charge netted me 20 years in the federal prison of Millhaven. But thanks to the prison’s padre I’ve become a changed person so in my eleventh year I earned my parole. I credit that to my becoming an ordained minister.

All around me thought I had seen the light when I started serious studies of Theology while in Millhaven. Oh I’ve seen a light, a light that would lead me to an early parole and a chance to get back to the sweetest pussy I ever fucked in my life- back to Maria Crompton. Ever since the day i fucke up abd blurted out that fucking confession in the that asshole’s courtroom All I’ve  thought about was getting out and taking that little bitch once more.


My mind returns to, November 24 2027, finds me standing at the main gate, what pases for my belonging in a cardboard box waiting for Reverend Millerton  of the Dixie Presbyterian Church to come and collect me. The guard beside me “Bet you can hardly wait to be out of here right McDermott?”

“That Reverend McDermott to you my son!” as a grey minivan comes to the gate, stopping as a man dressed in a black shirt, black pants and a white collar get’s out “Ah reverend McDermott how good this day must feel to you!” The buzzer sounds and the electronic gate swing open. Picking up my box, making to leave

“Farewell my son, know that the lord will be asked to watch out for you and all here in Millhaven when I pray tonight!” Holding out my hand to him, he shakes it then I officially leave a changed freeman. Walking with Reverend Millerton to the minivan, placing my boxed possessions on the backseat before joining him in the front. The drive to my new home in Mississauga is one of silent contemplation as I begin to seriously plot how I was going to get Maria back  to where I could fuck her once more.

Pulling into the driveway of 3065 Cawthra Rd pulling up to the side building  “Well Reverend McDermott welcome to your new home!” Looking around I see not a whole lot has changed since I use to drive all over this part of the city in my old Chevy Camaro.


I drop the pen as a coughing fit takes control of me. A cute little Filipina nurse ironically named Blessica, comes in to check on me.

“Reverend McDermott how are you feeling?” as she raises the head portion of the bed so she can take my temperature and blood pressure for the thousandth time since i came out of surgery earlier this morning. Writing the results down then leaving me as quietly as she came.Feeling around for the pen, finding it  I pick it back up to start writing once more


Settling into my new room over the mini daycare centre, I wait for the Senior Reverend to come to talk to me about my new responsibilities within the church. Half an hour later he finally shows apologizing for be so long with Mrs Hildergaard. No sooner has he sat down that he explains he wants me to help with the youth ministry but to downplay the going to jail  for rape part.

“Pardon me Reverend but if the parents find out, won’t there be a major backlash?” he tells me not to worry that he’ll handle the outrage if it occurs. Passing me what the prior person who hed my new position had planned, he get’s up and leaves saying he is looking forward to seeing what I have planned. 

Great the first youth night is two days away and I have to go into it basically ignorant. I have no knowledge of this generation’s youth or what they consider is the church’s role in their life is. That’s when I come up with my first good idea, just sit with then talking about the church and them. With that figured out I grab my jacket and go for a walk in my new old community.

It a beautiful sunny day outside, starting to walk north on Cawthra, Without thinking about where i was going I find myself outside of Applewood Secondary school on open house night from 7 to 9 pm, the electronic sign says all future and past students welcome. Well well well, my old school would be an ideal place to start my finding of Crompton! Looking to my watch, 1:38 pm, little over five hours to go.

Setting off once more again with no thoughts of where I going in my mind, before long I’m outside the one time residence of the Crompton’s , just standing there staring as the memories of the night that started flooding back of when I was last in that house. Like I was entranced, I failed to notice the front door open and a woman step out “Sir! Are you alright?”

That grating voice bring me back to the present, I ‘m looking at the bitch herself. Eleven years older, fatter than my memories remembered but like in the olden days, instant dislike. Not trusting her memory I just nod my head and start to walk away when the door opens and her eldest daughter Mary, fuck will my luck hold out and will I catch a glimpse of the older version of my dream fuck?

From their porch I can see then watching me as I walk away, finally turning around and going back inside. Deciding to go back to the church before someone does recognizes me . Arriving I tour the church and the attached daycare center before going to the kitchen to see if I’m needed or can help. My time at Millhaven was so regimented  that I became dependant on the guards and bells to tell me what I was supposed to be doing 24/7.

Seven P.m. arrives and I’m in the gymnasium along with other former and future students listening to the current principal talk about the illustrious history of the school, noticing how fast she skipped over the infamous students before ending her speech by telling us to enjoy the presentations that currents students have to offer in various room of the school. In all the time there, I never see or hear about Maria Crompton nor her mother or sister Mary. Leaving a little before ten i return to the church.

Unused to having freedom, I spend most of the next two days wandering around the immediate neighbourhood and with Reverend Millerton checking in on bed ridden members of the church. Finally my big debut night arrives and the church hall is pleasantly packed with the faces of the youth from the community

Reverend Millerton introduces me to the assembled group and i decide to start like we were all long lost friend.  Before long the conversation is flowing like water from a tap, they seem very happy with me and Me, them. As the time draws near to call it a night, that’s when I catch my first glimpse of her. Suddenly becoming tongue tied, I rush out of the hall pretending I need a drink of water. Coming back inside in time to hear "Aunt Maria you should meet Reverend McDermott!”

“Not now Carly, grandma got some bad news today and she wants all of us home where she says it’s safest to be.”   The past eleven years has done much to change her, a little more roundness to her face, maybe a second chin but in his eyes still a cream dream to him. As they walk out the door , making way for Reverend Millerton to come in he hears her comment “Maybe you can convince grandma to invite Reverend Millerton and the new reverend over for dinner one night!”

So that no one could here ‘I’d be there in a heartbeat with something special for everyone!’

                                                                                  To be Continued

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Part Two

“Reverend McDermott are you listening to me?”

“What? Oh pardon me Reverend King, I was going over in my head how the night went!”  Not a total lie, playing that last conversation over in my mind from the point I walked in on one word made me stop cold. Carly called Maria ‘Aunt’, not mom. Could it be that Mary had a kid while I was away. Deciding to take a chance turning to the speaker “Reverend King have you been with the church long?

“I joined the church ten years ago, why do you ask?”

“Carly wanted the person who picked her up to meet me earlier and I was confused” putting a puzzled facial expression on. “Wasn’t the person her mother?”

“Oh no Reverend McDermott, that was her Aunt Maria, the child’s poor mother Mary rarely leaves the house, unless escorted by her mother!” Now she has a puzzled look on her face “Why do you ask?

“Well her aunt said to ask grandma to ask Reverend Millerton and myself to come to dinner one night and I was wondering why!”

“Oh Reverend McDermott as I understand it the Cromptons went through an awful experience two years before I joined the church. The senior at the time help them through it and they have been faithful worshippers ever since!” Moving closer and in a conspiratorial tone  “If I didn’t know better I would believe that Reverend Millerton fancies Jane Crompton, for he often dines at the Cromptons home!”

Well why would he bring me here if he’s such friend with the Cromptons. I mean surely he knows that I fucked everyone of them which got me sent to jail to begin with. Trying for a bit more background “So Doesn’t Mary’s husband escort her places?

“Oh no Mary is not married, rumor has it the incident that happened resulted in the birth of Carly!” Moving a step back “Now if you don’t mind it’s time we clean up the hall before calling it a night!”

“Of course Reverend King , how inconsiderate of me to keep us here with my thinking!” Moving to get a broom from the closet, then starting to sweep the floor. Through my mind, Mary got pregnant around the time I raped her, wonder if the kid is mine? Could that be the reason Millerton brought me here?  Seems
the first thing I do is make a little visit to Mary and find out if I’m a daddy!”


December 23,2027

Nurse Blessica comes in to take my temperature. “Really Reverend the doctors say you should rest so the bullet by your heart can become stable enough that they can remove it before it punctures your left aorta!”

“Nurse Blessica if the good lord want me then no amount of rest is going to prevent him from calling me to him!” Smiling at her “Besides I’ll have lots of time to rest if the aorta is punctured."

Shaking her head at me “What are you writing that’s so important that it takes priority over rest?”
“My last will and testament!” Watching her turn to walk out to go to the next patient of the night!”


November 27th

The new day begins with the arrival of Reverend Millerton with a glowing report on my first youth group night. “Yes sir Brian, the parents I been speaking to give you a glowing endorsement. Like I give a shit what people think about me, what I most want to know is if he’s had an invitation from old lady Crompton. Keeping my mouth shut and a smile on my face as he drones on about how many like my handling of the youths. Finally the old bastard leaves and I can plot out my first full day on getting Maria back into a bed.

But first I just got to find a way to get Mary alone to find out if I”m a daddy or not! Thinking that her daughter would be walked to the nearest senior public school which would be on Tomken Road. Letting the others know that I was going out on my morning walk, something they all have come to expect.

Fifteen minutes I’m across the street watching the kids assemble by the main door. Spotting Carly at the lights , crossing then turning to wave to someone out of my view. Walking up to the lights I get there just as Mary get’s into a blue car with a license plate of MWRS 980. Damn miss my chance to have a one on one with her. Oh well starting the walk the Crompton hoping to find her at home alone!. Ten more minutes I’m two houses away when I here “I’ll only be gone about two hours Mary, remember Reverend Millerton said he would be dropping by around noon!”  She piles into the blue car and takes off.

Waiting a few minutes to make sure she wasn’t coming back I go up to the door and knock. Inside I can hear her footsteps coming towards the door. Going up on my tip toes so the only thing she’ll see in the peephole is my white collar, the door opens “Why Reverend Millerton, mom aid you weren’t coming until noonish!”  Getting her first real good look at her visitor, instant recognition in her eyes “YOU!”

“Hello Mary, been awhile since our last chance to talk!” Backing her into the house as I proceed inside,closing the door behind me. "Still as pretty as the last time I remember!”

“My mother is only gone to the grocery store for milk!” nervous as I enter the living room

“It’s going to take her two hours to go get milk?” taking a seat on the couch, motioning to her to join me. “Now Mary don’t you know it’s a sin to lie to a reverend?” Looking up at her “Please sit I only want to ask about your daughter, Carly isn’t it?”

“You leave her alone you bastard!”

“Please Mary I’m an ordained man of the cloth! I would ever do anything to a child of the lord, especially when she could be mine own!” The look in her eyes confirms it to me, the way she steps back as if thinking to try to flee. “She is mine isn’t she?”  Standing up  making a sudden grab for her right arm.
Catching her, pulling her into me “Tell me the truth Mary!”

Shaking visibly “Pl-l-l-lease don’t hurt your daughter-r-r-r-r!” Her admission stuns me for a few seconds
“Wow prom night is a super remembrance for you isn’t it?” Even shaking she feel right against my body.

It’s been over twelve years since I've been with a woman and her scent was getting to me. Pulling her tighter to me, my hardon pressing into her thigh. My instinct to kiss her takes over as I turn us back to the couch, forcing her  onto it on her back, me atop of her. Breaking the kiss “What do you say want another mother?”

                                                                      To be continued

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Part Three

“No leave me alone!” trying to get me off her, gripping her blouse in my hands tearing it open revealing her light blue bra. Sitting up on her chest my back to her as lift her skirt up showing my that she’s no longer wears the granny panties she used to wear “A Thong damn you’re making it even easier to put another one in you. Grabbing her thong and pulling it aside so I could  play with her pussy while she cries into the back of the couch.

Involuntarily she’s wet as I turn back around manipulating her bar up and off her breasts “Wow even after nursing a kid you still got a great pair of tits!” Unzipping my pants getting my cock out “You know what to do Mary!” Tears in her eyes as  gt up to stand in front of her.

As she moves her head towards my cock “Don’t even think that I wouldn’t do something to Carly if you don’t do what I want!” Hearing that she rises and opens her mouth taking me in. Closing her eyes so she didn’t have to see my gloating face. I didn’t care that she wasn’t looking after twelve years of my hand  just having lips that wasn’t a guys on my cock was fantastic. Not wanting to unload in her mouth I pull out

“Want to be fucked here or down in the rec room?” Helping her to stand up , her skirt falling back in place. “Before deciding get rid of the laundry, her shaking hands moves to the zipper of her skirt  releasing it to slide down her legs before stepping out of it. Her hands ten going to her bra unhooking it, letting it drop to the floor. “Do a spin for me!”  She twirls around giving him a three hundred and sixty degree view of her. “Damn even after pumping out a kid and I still want to fuck you Mary!”

“Please haven’t you done enough to ruin my life?”

“Ruin your life?” Grabbing her by the throat “You haven’t spent the last twelve years in an institution full of men who considered you scum? Have you been assaulted weekly because you weren’t considered a human being?” letting go turning around “Have you had to sleep in your back to protect yourself  nightly!”  Pausing before shoving her back onto the couch.

Wasting no time getting on top of her and forcing her legs apart and slotting into her pussy. Acting like a virgin, rushing to fuck his first pussy in twelve years. Not giving two shits that’s the one he’s raping is the mother of his child. Blowing his load in her, getting up and putting his cock back into his pants, doing them up spotting the clock above the tv, 10:10 Am

Looking back down to Mary who’s crying, her left arm across her breasts,her right dangling off the couch, cum slowly running down her pussy lips onto the pillow, Moving to the living room door “Christ somethings never change! Just like the last time I left here your crying and full of my cum! Laughing at her then turning serious,  “Tell anyone I was here and Little Carly will have an unfortunate accident!”  Opening and walking out before Mary replied.


December 23-24th 2027

The heart monitor is beeping like crazy  when Blessica and an intern comes rushing in
“Reverend  McDermott were you trying to move? “ Blessica asks me as the intern places his stethoscope to my heart.
“Nurse can I get 5cc of acebutolol intravenous!”  Looking to me “Now Reverend McDermott you have to remain calm Until we can get the bullet out later today!” He goes on to tell my that i’ve been scheduled to go under the knife at noon. They leave and I return to my writing!


November 27th 2027

Whistling softly, contented that he both learned the truth about Carly and that he just got laid he makes his way back to the church. Along the way people wave to him and he waves back as if nothing wrong just occurred. Passing Tomken Road Senior Public  I get the idea to go in and introduce myself to the principal and vice- principal informing them of what I have planned for students who attend our youth group.  For a half hour we talk, when I’m about to leave a knock at the door draws our conversation to a halt.

“It’s open!” a microsecond later that’s true and a head is between the door and the frame “Yes Miss Crompton something I can do for you?”

Hearing Miss Crompton I turn my head, staring into the eyes of my reason for becoming a reverend- Maria Crompton the best fuck I ever had! It was all I could do not to jump up and kiss her on the lips, but I do stand offering her my seat when she does come into the office.

“Miss Crompton have you met Reverend McDermott?”  Offering her my hand, once more fighting the urge to pull her to me and grope her. In her eyes a slight hint that she recognizes me but it disappears just as fast as it came.

“Not formally but the way my niece is carrying on about him I feel like I known him all my life!” Shaking my hand before getting to the reason why she’s here “I have all the permission forms for today’s trip to the Burnhamthorpe Library!” Handing the slips over “But I don’t have a chaperone to help with the kids!

Thinking of what is expected of me today, can’t think of much this afternoon. “Ahem if I may interrupt!” All eyes turn to look at me “I free today and would be more than willing to act as a chaperone!” Hoping to get a chance to have Maria all alone to myself at some point.

“Well! Reverend if you’re sure it’s no bother to you Of course We’ll accept you as a chaperone!”

With that decided I get the details, leaving the schools at one to be at the library by two, releasing the kids at three thirty from there since most live within two blocks of the library to begin with. A good three hours to get her isolated and remind her of my promise of when I got out I would be back to fuck her once more.

Returning to the church,  letting Reverend Millerton of my volunteering as a chaperone for the school trip. Praising me for my initiative just before he leaves for his meeting with Mrs. Crompton  at noon

                                                                 More To Come

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Sorry for taking so long

Part Four

November 27th- Noonish

Millerton couldn’t believe the atmosphere in the Crompton’s residence when he got there.In a mirror he saw  Jane was hold a crying Mary,who was bare legged and top was hanging open, revealing her bra covered breast  to him.

“I promise Mary, nothing will happen to Carly as long as i’m on this earth!” Jane trying to comfort Mary as Millerton knocked on the open front door

“Hello is there anyone home?”  Both ladies look to the door “It’s Reverend Millerton! Is this a bad time to visit?”

Mary upon hearing his voice breaks away from her mother and rushes upstairs. Jane look towards the door “Oh Reverend Millerton, now isn’t a very good time!” ushering him back outside and closing the door throwing the deadbolt.


November 27

12:43 Pm , I’m in front of the principal’s office waiting for the lunch break to be over. The bell rings 12 minutes later and both Carly and Maria Speak as they pass me as they go to their classroom.  Five minutes after that Principal Ewan shows me to the classroom. Introducing me to the class.

“Now students I want to to remember that Reverend McDermott is accompanying you today so you are expected to obey his words as you would Miss Crompton’s” With that said the kids break off into pairs and we start off on our journey. Walking from the school all the way up Tomken to Burnhamthorpe to the library, I couldn’t take my eyes off Maria’ ass under her navy blue skirt, at the head of the class whenever I could see it.

At the library I spend my time looking at internet sites of historical interest as well Maria’s ass when I saw she had her back to me. A couple of desks over from me I notice Carly in profile, she had a decent profile, not much of me in the face, definitely a lot of her mother in the face and tits department. If she wasn’t my daughter, and I was into teens I might try to fuck her like I did Mary and Maria

Over an hour  to go when I see Maria step out to go to the washroom. As I go to get up and follow her, Carly decides to intervenes, preventing me from getting Maria alone. “Reverend McDermott were you in jail before coming to Dixie Presbyterian church?”

Fuck the one question I never thought I would be asked by a school kid. “Now what would you wanting to know something like that for?”

“The project of local history we’re doing today!” Holding up a tablet with the headline ‘McDermott Self Confess Lead to Conviction!’ The mugshot of myself from 13 years ago accompanying the article. “This says someone named McDermott sexually assaulted members of my family before I was born!”

Someone upstairs was looking out for me at that moment, enabling me to get away from answering her question. Maria chose that moment to return “Now Carly, don’t be bothering Reverend McDermott!” Looking at the tablet in Carly’s hand, shuddering at the image on the page. “This is not what I meant by local history Carly!”


December 24th

Change of shift bring me a old German thing whose attitude was she rather put a pillow over my face and hold it until I stop fighting than nurse me to health. With a miserable look on her face she takes my pulse and temperature

“You’re schedule for surgery at Noon, Reverend McDermott!” Walking away  “Maybe you’ll die on the table and save everyone the expense of a trial once more!”

And you have a nice day too bitch!


November 27 2:00 PM

I could tell by the look on her face that Maria was putting two and two together and getting four. She puts her arms around Carly’s shoulders and walking her away from me. All the while afterwards keeping an eye on me, every time I moved.The rest of the time at the library goes by without incident.

At 2:30 pm Maria goes and makes a call then at 2:45 pm she call for everyone to put away the books they took off the shelves back unless they were signing them out. Gathering everyone in the foray “Anyone who doesn’t have to return to the school is free to go from here!” Most of the kids cheer that announcement. “Any that do have to return to the school form a line by the front door behind Reverend McDermott!”

As I move to the door I spot Maria’s mother in the parking lot standing by a car. “Carly your grandmother is her to take you home, so you’re free to go!” great no grilling on the trip back to the school, also this gives me a chance to talk with Maria. As she and Carly walk over to the car I can feel the eyes of Jane Crompton boring holes in my head. Can’t hear what being said between the two of them but i can guess “Watch yourself Maria that bastard already raped Mary again!”

Maria returns to us and all the remaining students started back to the school, all seven of us. Four of the kids disregards totally as I slow down to walk beside Maria “What do you want?”

“To apologize to you for my past actions and try to prove to you that i have seen the light and have changed!” As we come to the park taking a shortcut back to the school, Maria stops and looks at me

“You’re a lying hypocritical bastard Brian McDermott!” Walking around me, getting louder with each sentence coming out of her mouth. “And when I return to the school I plan to tell Principal Ewan just how inappropriate a person you are to be around young impressionable children!” Stopping turn back to face me

“If you even try to come near me or any member of my family I’ll personally put you in the grave!” Swinging back around, storming off towards the group of students that stopped to see what the shouting was all about. Watching them walk off I do likewise remaining half a block away from them stewing at Maria’s words.

Half a block from the school I cut down Partha Crescent coming out ahead of them, in time to see Maria open a passenger door on a Blue Toyota Corolla, placing something inside then closing the door before walking into the school. Going to the car I try the door, it’s open, looking all around I see I’m alone  so I slip into the back seat where I find a Snuggie to hide under.

After a while i finally hear the driver side door open and feel a bag of some kind lan on my chest. Through the opening in the sleeve I see it’s Maria’s purse, lying open, a can of mace and a personal siren on top. Feeling the vibration of the car starting then of motion i wait until we’re in the flow of traffic to make my presence known.

“Do anything stupid and this will be your last day on earth, you little bitch!”  Placing a silver comb to her throat, hoping she would think it was a knife “Just drive until I tell you to stop!” For a little better than a hour i had her drive north on Tomken Rd until we eventually came upon an old abandoned factory  up by the new highway construction zone. “Pull in bitch then toss the keys out the window when I tell you to stop!”

As we turn around the corner of the building the delivery bays comes in sight, a perfect place in my mind to deliver something to Maria. “Park here!”  She does and as I press the comb back into her throat she opens the door and tosses the keys out. “Get out bitch!” Shaking like a leaf she obeys as I get out fast preventing her from getting any chance to run.

Grabbing her in a headlock I pull her towards the hood of the car, slamming her head into it three times before letting go. Maria slides to the ground, stunned, bleeding from a gash on her forehead. “Remember what I promised you before being arrested, how we were going to do it again sometime?”
Grabbing her skirt hiking it up to her waist, taking the thong underneath it and tearing it. “But unlike last time it’s this ass I want to fuck more!”

She struggles to get away from me, her speech slurred from a possible concussion “No Plaeeeee!” Spitting into the crevasse of her ass, then pushing the tip of my cock to the hidden treasure there, applying all the pressure I could until I’m inside her asshole. Screaming tells me she knows what I’m doing to her. I don’t know whether it was because of who I was fucking or if I was excited to be fucking a female but I started thrusting like a madman

Groans from under me whether from pain in her ass or her head rebounding off the hood  greets my grunts of pleasure. Jesus her ass was tight, it felt like a boa constrictor was squeezing my cock making it super hard to hold back any longer. Shooting every ounce of cum I just produced into her, pulling out wiping my shit smeared,cum covered cock on the hem of her skirt I get up and go searching for her keys.

Finding then return, looking down at Maria, still lying there her asshole slowly closing. Just to prove to her I have changed, I reach down and lift her up taking her to the car, depositing her into the passenger side before getting in and driving us back to the shopping plaza on Bloor. Turning sideways to look at Maria, who hasn’t said a word since I bounced her head off the hood. Reaching over I couldn’t resist groping her tits through her top “Hey you want to go to the Applewood to the bleachers and fuck for a while?” laughing as I look around before getting out “Needless to say tell anyone what happened and your niece is going to meet St. Peter real soon!” Closing the door walking away with a smug look on my face!

                                                                     More To Come!