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The following fantasy story involves under age sex, mild violence and swearing, if any of that offends you then I suggest you go read someone else's story. Violence against women is wrong, Rape of pre-teens  is considered the most heinous act a rapists can do . Even Rapists beat child rapists in jail. Rape is a crime  if you don't understand that then just go down and confess to your neighbourhood police and the justice system will teach you all about that!

Story codes
MMMFff ,rp,anal, pre-teen


It’s been two weeks since my men and I were forced out of Mvurwi by the government troops, thanks to that little bitch and her mother. Two weeks of keeping our eyes over our shoulders for the troops. Two weeks of sleeping and foraging for food on the tobacco plantations in the outlying areas. They call us rebels, they say we want to overthrow the local council

We are not rebels we were equality fighters but thanks to that little bitch, now we’re hunted men. As the sky turns dark we are about to jump from a tree into another tobacco farm. Making our way through rows upon rows of the leafy product. Getting to within shouting distance of the manor house is when we first see a human soul. On the porch standing, her hands on her hips calling “Riya!, Riya! Time to come in!” Moving to the opposite side of the porch leaning over then calling ot once more.

From four rows further over a small girl no more than 11 years old comes out and runs to the porch. “Maji,Maji i saw three men jump into our fields!”
Looking down to the child, “Now Riya ,what have I’ve told you about  making up stories?” Placing a hand on the girl’s shoulder and steering her into the house. “You know since Anaya turned in those men to the council there hasn’t been any strangers around!” Closing the door.

“Anodya can you believe our luck!” the six foot three Tafara asked me. I turn to look at him and his brother Manqoba a fellow six footer in his own right. The smile on my face tells them what I’m thinking.

“My brothers we will finally get our revenge on that little bitch!” Coming to my six foot five height and moving stealthly out of the tobacco leaves. Making our way to the porch, looking in a window, seeing a living room empty of people. Voices from another room carry 

“But Maji are we not waiting for Anaya to return from her schooling?” Looking to each brother smiling ,remembering the smug look on the face of that little bitch as she ran to the local authorities and pointed Tafara, Manqoba and me out. The look of pure unadulterated pleasure she got from doing it. I promised myself right then and there that I would make her pay for want she did and this was my golden opportunity to do just that.

Sneaking all around the perimeter of the manor house, finding a window on the alee side, open enough that we could use it to enter the house, we all enter and listen to hear if anyone detected our coming in. After a few seconds I signal for them to split and move out to my wings. As we enter the hallway the corridor is split by three door . Signalling each brother to the out most door, leaving the middle door for myself we enter a bedroom containing a bed, dresser and a dressing table. Doing a search, I’m inside the room,claimed by the Maji, Tafara is in Riya’s room leaving Manqoba in Anaya’s room. As he comes out a pair of her panties to his nose, inhaling deep, passing then to me when he has had enough of her scent.

Slapping his hand “I want the real scent not some after use smell!” Just shrugging his shoulders he offers then to Tafara, who gladly accepts them. From large room at the top of the hall we hear the sound of movement coming towards us!

Ducking back into Maji’s room, hiding as the sound of footsteps draws nearer then passes us. Riya in her room for something, motioning Manqoba to silent her and bring her to us. As he returns both Tafara and I hid a smirk at the comical sight of a six foot black man holding a barely four foot child around the waist with one arm and one hand over her mouth. The child is trying to kick but Manqoba has her held tight enough that she can’t get and great movement for her legs.

“Riya! What is taking so long to get your homework?” Maji’s voice comes down to greets our ears. Hearing the words Riya tries to scream but with her mouth covered by a large black hand her scream is muffled into almost nothing.

“Try calling out and I will snap your neck without thinking about it?” Manqoba whispers into the child’s ear.  With his head that close he couldn’t resist to run his tongue along the side of her head from just under her earlobe to her shoulder. Riya shudders and tears comes to her eyes. Motioning to his to stop and to move out before us, we make our way to the top of the hall, to what we come to find out is the opening to the living room. Having Manqoba go first, the shocked look on Maji’s face is priceless to us “Who are…” all she gets out before Tafara calls out

“Quiet or my brother will snap the neck of your daughter!” Moving over to her slapping her across the face “You will only speak when spoken to understand whore!” Her head snaps to the right as his hand connects with the left side of her face, throwing her off balance, then to the floor, in tears.  Reaching down, grabbing a handful of her long black hair pulling her head back “What is your name whore

Through tears “Prisha” Doing anything she can not to look at Tafara.  Pulling her up by the handful of hair forcing her to the couch before he lets go. Finally she looks up in terror “Please don’t hurt my daughter!” Manqoba tossed Riya onto the couch  besides her mother.

“This isn’t the one we want now where is the little bitch?” I move over in front of Prisha as she grabs Riya  into her arms to protect her from us. “I want the one who turned us into the council?” Looking up she finally realizes who we are and why were in her house. “Once more! Where is the little bitch?”

“Somewhere you can’t hurt her you ghatiya!” Spitting after the words left her mouth. Before she can look away her face is once more rocked this time from the back of my left hand.

“For that hure! One of my friends can have this one to do what he wants to!” Ripping Riya out of her arms. Turning away “Who want this one?”  Manqoba eyes her up and down tongue running over his lips as he holds out his hand. Handing her over to him she cries out for her majias Manqoba walk away with her going down the hallway to a bedroom.

“No please I’m sorry!” Jumping up off the couch “Let him take do what he wants to me!” Trying to get past me and Tafara, only for Tafara to grab her around the waist, pulling hr to him, spinning her around to kiss her.  Her hands closes to fist, striking him on the chest until he let’s go and takes her by both fists and drags her off to a bedroom. From my peripheral I spot a girl on a bicycle , coming up the long driveway.

Anaya! the reason her Maji and sister are in this predicament in the first place! She parks the bike beside the side of the porch, I meanwhile go to the door, taking my pistol out cocking it, just waiting for her to enter.

 The door opens and she enters “Maji I’m home”

“Good hure!” Pushing the barrel of the pistol hard against the side of her head! She instantly freezes as the air is shattered  by “Majiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”  Manqoba just took Riya’s cherry!

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Part Two

“Majiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiii!”  Manqoba just took Riya’s cherry!

“Why is my sister screaming,What have you done to her?”  Standing there with a smug look on my face.

"Me? why nothing! Manqoba though….”



I’ve got her once more tight to my body as I carry her back to her bedroom, Practically drooling from the  thought of what I was planning to do to this little girl. Going into her room I leave the door open, giving her some sense that she could leave at ny time. One hand holding her against me the other trying to unbutton her blue jeans, opening the zipper then shaking them off her small four foot three body. Underneath a pair of red and  white panties with ‘Hello Kitty’

Whistling then “Oh nice underwear! Bet what they’re covering will have me saying “Hello Kitty soon!” Laughing at my joke as I drop her onto her bed. Immediately she curls up grabbing a blanket to hide under. Taking pants off, placing then onto her dressing table I climb onto the bed with her.Taking ahold of the top of the blanket, ripping it down  the length of her body then tossing it completely off the bed onto the floor

“Now Riya! You do what I tell you and you will probably enjoy it!” not saying anything else until I have her t-shirt in my hand “Fight and I won’t hesitate to kill you and then your mother also!” She silent just staring at me wide eyed, body trembling “Now take this off like a good little girl!”

She hesitates only for a second  as I begin to raise it up myself “Trust me!,If I have to take it off  it’s going to be wrapped around your neck until you stop breathing!” believing my word she removes it from there. As I tell her to lay flat in the middle of the bed , I roll on top of her pinning her body beneath mine. Leaning down kissing her cheek, then down onto her lips, she just lies there doing nothing  but producing tears. Letting my hand move between her legs as i whisper to her “Spread your legs!”

I feel then move a bit enabling me to force my knees between her legs, making them widen more., Settling in I grip her panties as pull then aside. She tries to roll from under me freeing an arm, swinging, slapping me across the face “You little hure!” gripping her shoulders, pulling her down as i spear up between her legs, my cock tearing it’s way into her virgin pussy,right through her hymen, completely impaling the young girl on it.

“Majiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiii!” Such sweet music to my ears as she screams as I pull back and thrust back in all over again. Ten minutes past as I fuck her pussy, destroying it with my 7 inch ramrod. Tensing up  because of how ultra tight she was thrust as deep as possible hold it there then unload rope after long rope into her once virginal passage. Pulling out I wipe my cock along her lips, staring into her eyes which seems to be mostly white, just a hint of the brown iris showing!

Getting up going out into the living room, Finding Anodya holding a pistol to the head of the little bitch who turned us in, in the middle of the room. He talking about how i like young girls as he has her unbuttoning her school blouse, when we hear “No not there!” from the hallway.



“Me? why nothing! Manqoba though….”

She wants to go to her sister but with my pistol pressing harder into the side of her head stops her in her tracks. I tell her “Manqo didn’t like having to leave Mvurwi!” Moving closer to her reaching my free arm around her petite four foot eleven body,  moving her deeper into the living room. “See he had two little girls that he would regularly have service his constant need!”

Nervously “Yo-o-u-u-u Don’t-t-t-t mean he was-s-s-s having s--s-s-s-s--e-e-x-x with the-m-m-m-m?”

“Constantly!” as we’re standing by the couch “Now unless you want your little sister to become another one of his constant lovers I suggest you take that blouse off. Shakily she starts with the top button slowly working her was down as Manqoba returns, with only two buttons to go…

 “No not there!” from the hallway.



As Manqoba takes his prize to a bedroom, Prisha jumps to her feet. “No please I’m sorry!” Jumping up off the couch “Let him take do what he wants to me!” Trying to get past me and Anodya to save her little girl.Grabbing her around the waist, pulling her to me, spinning her around to kiss her.  Her hands closes to fist, striking me on the chest until I get frustrated and let’s go and taking her by both fists,  dragging her off to her bedroom.

Turning the corner just as Manqoba goes into Riya’s bedroom. As I do the same with her maji, once inside “Do what your told and I will stop Manqoba from totally harming her!”  Dragging her to the bed, letting go of her hands “Strip!” As if she believe me she does as I say, stripping complete down without once looking to me

The sight of her sagging tits turn me off, the slight paunch above the hairiest vee I’ve ever seen makes me remember why I tell my women to shave before bedding me.Get in bed on your stomach!” Once more she obeys my command to her, thinking she would save her little girl

Taking my pants off,I climb on the bed getting a good view of her cellulite ass and thighs which jiggle when the mattress move under her. “God what a sight, you’re disgusting sexually!” Moving on top of her “If your little Pamhata turning us in was a major pain in our asses so I will return the favor and be one to you!

Jerking off to the image of the last girl he fucked before having to flee, I hardens up. My cock comes to its full 10 inches of black steel so I split her asscheeks apart seeking her darken hole. As I push in until I’m hard against ass “Now your pain will begin” Pushing harder she cries out!

“No not there!” asa split second later we hear, “Majiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiii!” from Riya’s room.

Continuing to push hard, then bursting the sphincter muscle deep into her ass. Sinking in as she screams into the pillow her face is resting on I taunt her “Oh damn seems you took too long to save your Riya!”   Her head rolling side to side as I continue pushing deeper until I’m totally buried in her bowel.  Pulling back before she can adjust I start to pound her ass without mercy.

Tears streaming down her face soaks the pillow and the blanket. As i fuck her she incoherently tries to speak, slapping the back of her head “Shut up hure it’s your fault that we are in the trouble we are.  She instantly shuts up as I tense up and begin to unload my cum into her ass. When i’m done, I pull out and command her to get up and follow me. As we enter the hall we see Manqoba return to the living room.

Prisha whispers “Please let me see to Riya!”  Taking her to Riya’s door allowing her to look in where we see Riya on the bed naked, legs splayed , a combination of cum and blood seeping from her torn pussy lips, a dazed look on her face. Prisha, sinks to the floor “Riya my little Riya, what has he done to you?” Tears flowing down her face at the sight of her once virginal daughter

Grabbing a handful of her hair, turning to the opposite direction  “get up or I’ll drag you all the way back to the living room!” She doesn’t move so I start to drag her along behind me until some of her hair comes loose in my hand. Grabbing more I continue until we emerge into the living room in time to see her eldest daughter sinking to her knees in front of Anodya with a gun to her head.

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Part Three

“Well seems I got Prisha here in time to see the reason we’re here get what she deserves!” Dragging Prisha over to the couch, letting go of the handful of hair. “Might as well get comfortable on the couch and watch!” taking a seat as prisha gets to her feet then flops onto the couch. Manqoba eyes her naked body, then returns his eyes to the girl on her knees with  her school blouse open.

“Good Tafara?”

“Better than my hand!”, Prisha lowers her head in shame as Manqoba and me laugh

“Well maybe she’ll let you try this one to make up for that?” I snicker  “Now hure!, the bra!” shakily she reaches around and unhooks it,  sliding  the straps down her arms until it clears  her hands. Reaching down slapping her arms, making her drop the bra to the floor. Looking at the pyramid like pert small 32c cup tits, each topped with a tan areola and small brown nipple.

“So you like to use your mouth do you. Walking around to the front of her, reaching down opening my fly, taking my cock out.  Moving the gun from the side of her head to the middle of her forehead “Well then let’s see how good you can use that mouth!”

From the couch Prisha call out.“Please  leave my daughter alone, Use me in her place!”

Turning to Tafara “Keep her quiet or I will!” Tafara grabs her head and forces it down to his crotch, his cock hardening at the sight of Anaya  bare tits. Bring her head to the tip Open or he opens another hole in her head!” Prisha, looks over to her daughter as she opens her mouth so Tafara could stuff her mouth with his cock.

In the centre of the room Anaya has Anodya’s cock pressed against her lips. Trying to turn her head to the side. The point of the barrel pressed harder into the skin of her forehead,  before she turns it back without being told. Slowly opening her mouth “Lick Hure!” comes from Anodya. Tentatively she moves her tongue onto his cock, her eyes trying to see what is happening to her mother on the couch.  Then she starts to gag as Anodya shoves his cock as far in as he can get it.

His free hand grabs the back of her head forcing it up and down his shaft. On the couch Tafara doing the same to her mother as Anodya is doing to her. Anaya turning red the a slight shade of blue before Anodya, pulls out so she can breathe . Pulling out letting her gulp in lungs full of air before forcing her head back onto his cock.

Manqoba getting anxious comes over to Anaya reaching between her chest and Anodya’s legs to play with her brown nipple. Twirling it between two fingers, pulling his fingers back as spittle drip onto his hand from Anaya’s mouth. Having more experience than her daughter Prisha has Tafara pumping his cum into her mouth as Anodya loses patience with Anaya , removing his cock, letting go of her head and back handing her away from him.

 “Worthless Hure! As she slumps to the floor stunned by the blow to her head.Her skirt riding up on her white stocking thighs.His eyes follow the stocking up to the end of the skirt hem, where he glimpses a white triangle of fabric. Dropping to his knees reaching out to the fabric, hooking it with his fingers, tearing them back , dragging it until it’s pinned under her weight. Keeping the tugging going the fabric begins to stress then tear a bit before his finger comes through it.

The sight of tanned fleshy thighs greet him. Reaching down spreading her legs open, finding a vertical opening that would soon be running red and white after he had his way with her. Moving her legs further apart, laying down between them,aligning my cock to her slit as she focuses her eyes on me. “Hope your better with this than you were with your mouth!” Hoping she was a virgin, Rearing back then thrusting forwards fast and hard, tearing through the opening, he hymen until I was buried completely inside of her tightness.


From the couch Prisha cries out “ANAYAAAAA!”

Tear flowing down her face as I force all my ten inch black cock into her newly torn open pussy. Pulling back until only the tip is inside then ramming forwards once more not caring if I rip her apart or not.  All the time looking down at her face  spitting into it then “No you’re not even a good fuck!” more spitting “All you’re good for is fucking up people’s lives!”  Even though she didn’t deserve it i continue to fuck her.

On the couch her maji bawling like a baby watching my ass move up and down on top of her little girl. Knowing in the back bedroom her other daughter may very well be bleeding internally from her own brutal fucking by the black man that carried her there!. Wanting to get up only to have Tafara pull her back down, forcing her legs apart his hand finding her slit and punching his fist deep into her dry pussy

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” as Tafara beginning to piston his fist in and out  “Worthless Hure not even a hyena would use you for pleasure” Horking up as much phlegm as he could and launching it into her face. With a face full of phlegm, grimacing in deep pain from her fisting  She silent prayed to Allah for his protection!” Tarafa bored pulled his fist completely out of her leaving her well gapped! “Manqoba did you use both hole in the bedroom?”

Receiving a head shake as Manqoba keeps his eyes on Anaya and Anodya, seeing that Anodya “Take this Hure!” Spraying her abused pussy with his seed. Pulling out seeing a small stream of cum mixed with blood flow from the ravaged opening. Looking to Manqoba, motioning to his then down to Anaya “Want her?”

Manqoba cock hard in his hand looks at her the kneels down rolling her over onto her stomach.Spreading her ass cheeks then aligning his own 10 incher to her tighter opening Pressing it until to pops in  All screamed out from her first brutal fuck, she whimpers as her head rolls side to side adding facial burns from the rough wooden flooring. Splinters in her cheeks as Manqoba spears her bowels as hard as Anodya did her virgin pussy!

Meanwhile Tafara has left Prisha on the couch holding her lower abdomen, in pain from her first fisting and her anal rape at his hand. Wanting to go Anaya wanting to take her place, but she couldn’t move,not even when Tafara return with Riya in his arms  “Look who’s decided to join us out here!” Dropping her to the floor besides her sister where she curls up into a fetal position.

Anodya looking to Prisha “What are you waiting for an engraved invitation?” Moving to the couch “Get on the floor until I say you earned the right to use soft furniture Hure!” She barely moves so he grabs her by the hair and drags her over the arm onto her youngest daughter then kicks her in the stomach!

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Part Four

Manqoba, thrusting in and out of Anaya’s rear end, grabs a handful of her long brown hair and pulls back on it like her was reining in a horse. “Well Maji, you’ll be pleased to know your little Hure has no experience pleasuring a cock!” then adds an insult about Anaya “Either that or she one lousy fuck!” Gripping her waist , pulling her back onto his cock holding her three as she stands up. “Hey Tafara! She still open out front!”

Tafara getting what Manqoba meant, jumps the couch to shank his cock up into her still gaped pussy. Taking her arms and placing them around his neck to support her while they fucked her small body.

Anodya used this time to once more kick Prisha in the stomach actually lifting her up and off Riya’s body. Reaching down picking Riya up, placing her on the couch, face down spreading her legs viewing the bleeding pussy between them. “Manqoba, why is only one hole gaping?”  Getting no reply, he climb onto the couch, his hand rubbing his cock back hard. Without saying a word he take his position atop of the comatose child, pulling her asscheeks apart and spitting onto the little wrinkled hole there.

With the sound of a girl whimpering as two cock savage her, a fully grown woman on the floor whimpering to Allah to spare her family from any further abuse Anodya rears back and spears his cock into the child under him. Driving his entire length into her,getting no response as he pulls back and commence fucking her ass. “My brothers i propose a contest to see who can last the longest in their perspective hole!”

“You’re On!” from Tafara, Manqoba complains that his hole is almost tearing the skin off his cock with a grin on his face. I could understand what he’s talking about since Riya’s hole is doing something similar to the skin of my cock. Not holding back, as I plow into her, getting no sense of response from her, like she wasn’t even inside the shell of her body anymore.

On the floor Prisha is curled up into a ball, bawling, still mumbling incoherently  the only word decipherable was Allah. Little did she realize that Allah hold very little sway here in Zimbabwe. She be better off praying to Mugabe or the white man’s Christ for help.Getting annoyed with her presence Tafara hollers out “Either shut up or  or get out, you’re annoying!”

“Oh leave her be Tafara!” Manqoba says before says “She can clean my cock after I blow my load into her daughter’s asshole!” Leaning back and doing just that, “Damn! Seems I lose!” Pulling his cock out of her with a loud pop and a gob of cum falling to the floor splashing and some onto Tafara’s boots

“Hey bro!” stepping back yanking Anaya way from Manqoba “Those are my only boots!”

“Don’t worry Tafara I’ll get them cleaned for you!” Going over to Prisha, Nudging her with his boot. “Hure! go clean up my mess!” She doesn’t move, he reaches down and grabs her by the back of the neck, dragging her over to Tafara. Pushing her face on his boots “Lick it clean Imbwa!”

On The couch Anodya, rears up and jams back in, unleashing his cum deep into the still silent child. “Damn looks like Tafara wins!” Pulling out of Riya pushing her further up the couch so he could sit down “Send that Imbwa over here to clean me up when she’s done!”  Getting up to get his pants, taking out a squashed package of smokes, offering one to Manqoba before taking one and lighting it for himself.

Tafara, kicks out “Go to Anodya and clean him up!” She moves slowly, going over to him, getting on her knees, opening her mouth, taking his cock into her mouth , casting her eyes to Her daughter Riya laying there her legs still wide open, cum oozing down the crack of her ass. A hand on her forehead pushes her away “CHRIST a monkey is better than you!”

Across the room a loud “THUD!”  of something hitting the floor “Christ she can’t even stand up!” Laughing as he moved away “Hey Imbwa, one more to go!”  Sitting down on  the arm of the couch making Prisha come to her on her knees to clean his cock. Taking half of it into her mouth. She never got to finish as Tafara callout

“ZDF coming up the drive!” Manqoba calls out. Anodya is one his feet instantly grabbing Riya, while Manqoba go and grabs Anaya.Tafara pushes Prisha away from him as Anodya grabs her

“Get rid of the troopers or you daughter will be used as our shield when they shoot!”

Outside the jeep,with five men comes to a halt almost equal to the door as the invaders run to the first bedroom with the girls. A Knock comes to the door “Mrs. Chopra , Sergeant Nandoro ZDF Please Open up!”

Slowly going to the door, using it to hide her nakedness, opens it “Yes Sergeant what can I do for you?” Holding on tight to the door, the only thing keeping her upright after suffering the kicks from Anodya. Trying to keep her eyes on the face in front of her. “Is something wro….” She collapses to the floor

“Mrs Chopra, are you alright pushing the door open enough that he could slip in. Sgt. Nandoro sinks to his knee, getting his first good look at the naked woman lying there. His eyes looks her over then he turns his head to survey the room, getting up motioning some men to go around the back before going into the livingroom.

Finding the school blouse on the floor, a wet stain on the fabric of the couch, going back to the door motioning the remaining men to come to him. “Chenai the back rooms, Mufaro see to Mrs. Chopra!” Chenai and Nandoro draws their pistols  and start their search. Coming around the corner of the living room into the hallway when a thud breaks the silence.

The first bed room where the noise emanated from two black forms holding two small tan forms while a third in on his knees holding a pistol out front of him. A pistol round rings out followed by “Come in or near this room and we’ll kill her daughters!”
“We have you surrounded, this is Sergeant Nandoro of the Zimbabwean Defense Force, Surrender and you will be treated fairly!. Another shot is the reply.  Nandoro motions for Chenai to fire into the ceiling, he does “You inside, there is five of is plus a radio to call for reinforcements, release the females and we will treat you with no prejudices!”

“Go to Hell!” Moving to get a better shot with his dwindling supply of bullets, Tafara comes in view of Chenai who doesn’t hesitates to pull the trigger on his pistol. The reverb from the bullet comes as Tafara flops face down the back of his skull missing

“Tafara, my brother!” Manqoba drops Anaya and rushes to get Tafara’s gun, the only gun the three had in the room. Chenai once more pulls his trigger. Manqoba spins around as the bullet takes him in the stomach, existing from his back along with some vital organs and blood.

Getting braver Chenai creeps to the frame, a quick look inside shows him Anodya  holding Riya in front of himself.  Turning back “Only one holding a young child in front as a shield Serg.

Nandoro motions a  shot to the leg, Chenai nods his head. Lying prone on the floor pushing himself along on tippy toes until he can just make out a leg inside. Aiming his pistol, holding is breath before pulling the trigger. What seems like a loud boom then a long scream of pain followed by another thud. Nandoro burst inside finding Anodya on the floor missing his left foot and Riya lying on the floor in a heap. Rushing inside, checking on the medical conditions of the girls before hollering out “Call for Medical assistance!”


Months later

Prisha Is coming through the front door with her realtor,  “Yes Mr. Moyo I do want to sell everything, as soon as possible.

“Well Mrs. Chopra We can handle the sale without your presence in Zimbabwe  but the money may not cover your moving to America!”

“I Don’t care I have money saved that can get me and my daughters out of Zimbabwe, selling this place is a way to close out the bad memories of what occurred here!” Turning to the door, walking away before she begins to remember those events!

                                                                               The End