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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

This story features non-consensual gang rape, oral, anal, bondage, and other violent situations.

Another note: This story contains racial comments which some people may find offending. They are purely for literary dialogue purposes and do not reflect the opinions of the writer or the forum.

She Saw Too Much

A story by Vile8r


 "So, this is the place, huh?"

 "Yep, this is the address Mr. Fantino gave me. 1640 Horseshoe Drive."

The two men in the black sedan looked up towards the house at the end of the long driveway. It was a large, two-storey, ranch-style house surrounded by a beautiful groomed lawn. Tall maple and elm trees lined the driveway.
  It looked like a lot of the homes in Parkallen Estates, a very upscale residential area on the outskirts of the city of New Dover. It was zoned as country/residential which meant most of the homes were on small acreages. This particular place was at the end of the road and was a little more isolated than some of the other residences in the area.

The two men in the car were known by the names of Zane and Duke. They were not nice men and their reason for admiring the beautiful home at 1640 Horseshoe Drive was not a pleasant one. Zane and Duke belonged to a local crime outfit who went by the name of The 46th Street Gang , better known simply as, The 46ers .
   They dealt in all sorts of nasty business. Prostitution, drugs, robbery, fencing stolen goods, money laundering, loansharking. If it was illegal and made good money, chances were The 46ers were involved in it.
    The head of the criminal organization was a fellow by the name of Mr. Fantino. At least that was what the men in his crew knew him as. Mr. Fantino was a very wealthy New Dover businessman with his fingers in many  legitimate  businesses as well. What many people did not know, was that those businesses were primarily  fronts  for his illegal doings, where he made his real money.

   A few weeks before, a bad situation had went down.  A local businessman had borrowed a large amount of money from Mr. Fantino to save his faltering store. When it came time to collect on the debt, one of the 46ers' captains was told to send a couple men to do just that.
  But the captain, who happened to be Zane, had gotten lazy, and the men he sent had botched the whole thing. They were young and inexperienced and things had gotten out of control. The businessman had managed to get one of their guns away from them and had fired a shot at them, almost hitting one man. In retaliation, the other guy fired back and killed the businessman.
    Mr. Fantino had just intended for his guys to rough up the businessman a bit and scare the shit out of him. Now it had become a cold-blooded murder!

 He was furious with Zane and his bad lapse in judgment. Zane had tried to explain that it had seemed like a fairly easy assignment and that was the reason the younger guys had been sent. Zane figured it was a good way for them to learn some stuff.
"Yeah, well ya figured wrong!" Mr. Fantino had retorted.

   But the biggest thing Mr. Fantino was upset about, was that he discovered there was an eyewitness to the whole thing! Several people who worked for the New Dover police, were on the payroll of The 46ers. They helped keep Mr. Fantino informed of goings-on at the police department.
  One of them told him that the police had a witness. A woman had been pulling up to the store at the time of the shooting and had apparently seen it all. In a panic, she drove away. Mr. Fantino's men didn't see her leave.

  But the woman had went to the police and told them everything she had seen! It was the break the cops needed. For several years they had been trying to nail members of The 46ers, but could never get anything solid on them.
  Using the descriptions she provided, the police had been able to find and arrest the two men involved in the shooting. Not only were they charged with murder, but the cops hoped to get some info on the inner workings of the gang, with the aim of someday bringing down Mr. Fantino himself.
But they were going to need the testimony of a witness, so they could get a conviction. With this woman, who had seen the entire murder at the store, they finally had that witness!

   This was an unacceptable situation to Mr. Fantino. He needed to shut this woman up and quick! His informant was able to provide Mr. Fantino with a name. Monica Freeman!
  Monica was 36 years old. She was a senior executive for a large advertising firm in New Dover. Mr. Fantino was also told she was divorced and was a single mother.

Mr. Fantino found out where Monica worked, and one evening as she was getting in her car in the parking garage, he pulled up. He ever so politely explained to her that the men she had witnessed, committing the killing, worked for him. He also explained that for her own well-being, it was in her best interest to drop the case.
  She told him she had known the man who was killed. He had been a well-known store owner in the neighborhood for many years. Monica was very determined to see the men who had killed him brought to justice.
  Monica informed Mr. Fantino that there was no way she would not be testifying.
 "You're really sure about that, huh?"  Mr. Fantino asked.

 "I am very sure about it! And if you come near me again, I'll be going to the police,"  she snapped as she got in her car.

 "I must say, Ms. Freeman, it is disappointing to hear you say that. I was hoping you would think differently."

 "Well, you were wrong,"  she said.  "The crime in this city is getting worse everyday because of people like you. It's about time people started to stand up!"

Mr. Fantino didn t reply. He just stood there and watched her drive away. He now knew that he would have to use other methods to shut her up. It was not the first time he had dealt with a difficult witness and he had various ways that he knew worked very effectively.

  His informant at the police department was also able to supply Mr. Fantino with an address of where she lived. So that was how Zane and Duke now found themselves sitting on the edge of a road out in the boonies. Mr. Fantino had sent them to case out Monica Freeman s home.
  He wanted to find out as much as he could about her. Where she lived, what time she got home from work, what kind of security did she have, all that kind of stuff. Zane and Duke were sent to gather the information and report back to Mr. Fantino.
    Zane was 28 and was a captain of one of Mr. Fantino's crews. He had been working for the crime boss since he was 21 and was one of Fantino's youngest captains. Duke was a bit younger at 24. He and Zane were cousins and it was Zane who had managed to get him a job working for the crime outfit.

 "Jeezus!" Zane remarked.  "I didn't know this address was way the fuck out of town. I've never been out here before!"
"Some pretty sweet cribs out here," said Duke.  "We could make some good money bustin'  into these places!"

 "Well, that ain't what we're out here for," replied Zane.  "The boss wants us to find out some shit about this Monica Freeman bitch and that's what we're gonna do."

He pulled off the road and parked behind a small grove of trees. They still had a full view of the driveway  and the house, but anybody coming down the road wouldn't be able to see them. It was late afternoon and they were sure someone should be showing up soon at the acreage.
  They heard a vehicle coming down the road towards them. Zane picked up his camera and prepared to take photos of whoever it was. He had already taken several photos of the property.
  A white Chevrolet SUV rounded a bend in the road and slowed down to turn into the driveway. They could see it was a woman driving.

 "It's her!" said Zane.

The SUV pulled up in front of the house and stopped without pulling into the garage. The men watched as the occupants of the vehicle climbed out. First was the woman driving.
  She had dark hair and looked to be around 5' 6"  in height. The men couldn't help but notice, she had a very curvy, fit body. She wore a tight-fitting black skirt that came to just above her knees and a white long-sleeved blouse. On her feet were 3-inch high heels. She was a very classy, attractive-looking woman, very much the kind of person Zane and Duke expected to see living in such a house.

  Then they sat up as they saw the other two occupants of the SUV. Getting out on the front passenger side was a strikingly attractive teenage girl. She too, had long dark hair, but was just a little shorter than the older woman.
  The teen girl wore a pair of tight denim jeans and a pink t-shirt. The two older men felt their cocks twitching as they admired the tight curves of her firm, teenage body.

"Motherfuck! Check that out!" said Duke.  "Man, I could definitely get into that!"

 "She looks a bit young for you, Duke," remarked Zane as he used the zoom lens to snap several pics of the mother and daughter.  "She don't look much over 16."

 "Hey, I don't give a damn,"  said Duke, licking his lips.  "A hot bitch is a hot bitch. And 16 is just the right age to break one in."

  Then they caught a view of the other passenger in the SUV as she stepped out. It was another young teen girl, although this one appeared to be a bit younger. She had reddish-brown hair down to her shoulders and an incredibly cute face with the sweetest red, pouty lips. The younger girl was considerably shorter and more petite than the older one, being lucky if she was even 5 ft. tall.
  She wore a short blue pleated skirt and white knee socks showing off slender legs, along with a dark blue blazer that matched the skirt. It looked like a uniform for a private school.

"Wow!"  said Zane.  She's a cutie-patootie! Kinda weird though."

 "What's so weird?" asked Duke.

 "Well, Mom and the little one look white, but big sis, she kinda looks like a wetback."

Duke shrugged.  "Hmmm, I don't know. Maybe Mom fucked the gardener."

They both erupted into laughter. The woman and her daughters entered the house. Zane and Duke continued to watch from their spot in the trees until it got a little darker. Then they pulled back onto the road and headed towards the city.
 "These are the pics of that chick and her family,"  said Zane, as he showed them to Mr. Fantino.

The older man sat at the desk in his large office and thumbed through the pics Zane had downloaded from his camera. A cruel smile crept across his face as he looked at the pics of the two teen girls.
 "Mmmmmm, a very pretty little family," he mused.

 "Yeah, they are," said Zane.

 "And this 1640 Horsehoe Drive, it's in a very remote location, huh?"

 "Oh yeah, it's at the end of the fuckin' road. It's like a half mile past all the other houses on that road. Lots of trees around too."

 "Perfect," Fantino stated. "I like that."

 "So, what's your plan?" asked Zane.

Fantino leaned back in his chair, still looking at one particular pic that showed Monica and both her daughters together as they walked up the steps into their house.

 "Well, I tried to talk logical sense to Ms. Freeman and she would not listen. But now I have some bargaining chips. The cards are once again in my favor. And I think you know what needs to be done. I want you to gather some of your crew and pay a little visit to Ms. Freeman and her family. I want you to  show her the consequences that she, and now also her daughters, must pay for her refusing to listen to me."

 "Okay," said Zane. "So kinda like what we did for the Goldman job, huh?"

 "Exactly," said Mr. Fantino. "Except in that situation, you only had to deal with Mr. Goldman's wife. This time you also have two pretty daughters."

Zane smiled. "I get exactly what you mean, boss. Don't worry, when we're done, that dumb bitch will be keeping her mouth shut for sure!"

As he began to walk out of the office, Mr. Fantino called out, "Zane, you and your boys make sure you have lots of fun."

 "Oh, we will, Mr. Fantino....we will!"
Later that evening, Zane and Duke were sitting at a local bar having a few beers.

 "Well, Duke, we got a little job to do," said Zane.

 "What's that?" asked the younger man.

 Mr. Fantino gave me the go-ahead today for us to pay a visit out to that Monica Freeman's place.

 "Holy fuck! Really?"

 "Yep," he replied, taking a big swig of cold beer. "He wants us to make sure she don't talk no more. And we can use the daughters to make her see things our way."

 "You mean fuck the shit out of them?" Duke asked excitedly.

 "That's exactly what I mean," said Zane. "Just like we did to that Goldman slut a while ago."

 "Oh fuck! That was a lot of fun!" obasaid Duke.

 "Well, this is gonna be even more fun. Just imagine getting to sink our dicks into those hot pieces of ass. Even Mom looks like she'd be damn good fuckin'!" 

"Hey, you know who we gotta take with us, don't ya?"  asked Duke with an evil smirk.


 "Cousin Syl, man! You know how he likes the young ones! Man, when he sees the little sis, he'll blow a load right in his fuckin' pants!"

 "Hey, yeah," said Zane. "Good ol' cousin Syl. He does like 'em young!"

The man Zane and Duke spoke of was their cousin, Sylvester. But for as long as they'd known him, he was always just Syl. Syl was 29, only a year older than Zane. But he'd already been in a lifetime of trouble.
  Syl was, for the lack of any better term, a pedophile. He had been molesting and raping young girls since at least the age of 13. He had spent 2 separate stints in a juvenile detention facility before he even turned 18, for sexual offences he had committed.
  The first time was when he was 14 and had been caught in his neighbor's garage forcing two 12 year-old girls to strip and perform oral sex on him.

  The second time was a little more violent. It was shortly after he had turned 16. He attacked and raped a 15 year-old girl in a park as she walked home from a friend s place.

 He was arrested and could have ended up going to jail for a long time. The DA had wanted him tried as an adult, but was unsuccessful. Due to a good lawyer and a bleeding-heart judge, he only received a one year sentence.
As Syl got older though, his tastes began to change. He became less and less attracted to girls his own age, and found himself drawn to younger girls. Syl really seemed to like girls in the 10-13 year-old range.

  Zane had lost track of all the young girls he knew Syl had abused over the years. The most recent incident was just a few months ago. A woman Syl had been dating, came home to find him attempting to rape her 13 year-old daughter on the living room couch. She freaked out and called the cops.
  Syl had been looking at some serious jail time, due to his prior convictions. But after Zane and a couple other fellows visited the woman and threatened to make her and her daughter disappear, she agreed to drop the charges. She told the police her daughter had made up the whole story.

  Syl had dodged a bullet that time. But Zane told him he better lay low for a while and behave himself. Now, this would be the perfect opportunity for Syl to blow off some steam. Let him loose on a couple little hotties! He'd love it!

 "Yeah, that would be perfect," said Zane. "Man, he'll give those two darlings a fuck they'll never forget!"

 "Oh shit, yeah!" said Duke.

They spent the rest of the night deciding who else in the crew they would bring along for the job.

 "I want guys who are young and got lots of energy," said Zane. "This ain't gonna be just a one night thing. I'm planning on making it a whole weekend. Not too often we get a nice opportunity like this, I plan on making it worth our time."

For the next week, Zane and Duke continued surveillance of the Freeman's home. They determined that Ms.Freeman was usually home no later than 6:00 p.m. The school bus dropped the girls off around 4:15 p.m. Once in a while, their mother would pick them up from school.
  The oldest daughter was involved In school sports it was obvious, as one day they watched her get out of the SUV wearing a volleyball uniform. There was a couple hard cocks that day, let me tell you!

 "Fuck, I cannot wait to tap that," said Duke, rubbing his crotch.
Obviously, the Freemans were not too concerned with security out here in the countryside, as they had no fence around their property or a security gate.

 "Don't let that fool ya, though," said Zane. "They probably got something at the house."

One very interesting development they discovered, was that the local telephone service in the area was out for several days. There was a small gas station a couple miles down the road and one day they had stopped there to buy cigarettes. There was a public notice taped to the front door informing people that the phone company was repairing an underground cable damaged by a construction crew.

   "No phone service, huh?" Zane had asked the elderly owner of the gas station.

 "Only if you got a cell phone," he replied. "All the land lines are down. Phone company says they should have it going by Monday."

Zane and Duke smiled at each other as they left the gas station. This was going to work out perfect!

Finally, late Friday afternoon came. It was the day Zane had decided they would make their move. They'd have all weekend to terrorize the mother and daughters, and that was exactly what they had planned.

There was ten of them piled into an old blue Chevrolet delivery van. Zane and Duke, of course, and their cousin Syl. Another member of the crew, Benny, was driving. Also seated in the back, were several other members of Zane's crew. Donnie; Seth; Smitty; Fingers; Gordo; and Bonzo.
  They were all in their early to mid 20s, with the exception of Zane and Syl, who were 28 and 29 respectively. They were the senior members of the crew. The whole group of them were a rough, nasty bunch. Crime had been their lives and they knew nothing else.
   Several of them had already done hard time in jail for various offenses, ranging from petty theft, break and enter, assault and battery and, yes....rape! The prospect of what was going to go down that night had them all in a heightened state of excitement. Especially Syl!

 "So....these, uh, girls.....they're, uh, pretty hot, Zane?" he asked his cousin.

 "The oldest one....she s a fuckin  fox!" Zane replied. "She's got a body like you would not fuckin' believe! But it's the little one I think you're gonna like, Syl."

 "Oh God!" Syl said, his eyes lighting up. "A little one! How little?"

 "Well, I'm figuring around 12 or 13," said Zane. "But Syl....she is as cute as a button....with a real sweet little body!"

Syl punched the wall of the van, he was getting so excited.  "Wow, 12 or 13, huh? Fuck, I can't wait to see her!"

They stopped about 500 yards from the entrance to the Freeman s driveway. Zane instructed all the men, except for himself, Duke and Benny, to get out and sneak through the trees to the edge of the property. But before they left the van, he gave them their instructions.

 "We're gonna hide the van and we'll sneak up to the house. Now they don't have phone service out here tonight, so if they have an alarm system, it probably ain't working anyway. But Benny's a whiz with alarm systems, so if we find one, he'll shut it down, just to be safe.. I'll give two long whistles when it's clear. Then Gordo, Fingers and Bonzo will take the front door. Donnie, Seth, Smitty and Syl, you take the back. Me, Duke and Benny, will come in through the garage. We'll slash the tires on their vehicle so no one will be getting away. First job when we get in the house is grab one of the daughters, and make sure we get their cellphones from them! You all got that?"
The group of men all nodded their agreement.
"Now we're splitting into teams for doing mom and the girls," Zane further explained.
"I want the young one!" said Syl excitedly.

"Yeah, yeah, keep your dick in your pants, Syl," said Zane with a grin. "You'll get to do the little sis, don't worry."
"Me and Benny are gonna do mom first," said Zane. "Duke, the oldest girl is your baby!"
"Hot damn!" said Duke, pumping his fist in the air. "Gonna pound her teenage cunt into hamburger!"
"Donnie, Seth and Smitty, you're with Duke. Now Syl, the little sis is all yours. Fingers, Gordo and Bonzo, you're with Syl. You guys listen up and listen up good. When we get inside, it ain't just a fuckin' free-for-all. You don't do nothin' to the girls until I give you the go-ahead. Am I understood?"
Again all the men nodded in agreement. Zane knew, however, when the shit hit the fan, he would have a hard time keeping these animals under control, especially Syl. But he'd deal with that when the time came.
"Okay!"  said Duke.  "Let's fucking do this!"
The men dispersed into the darkness.

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Love it!!!!!!  Jed and Plaything were right you are a good writer!!!!

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Thank you, fancyface! I appreciate the feedback.


Monica and her daughters had just gotten in the house. She had been able to get off work a little earlier and picked up the girls from school. They picked up groceries for the weekend and came home.
  It was going to be a nice weekend. She had nothing planned, and the girls weren't doing anything either. The three were going to go to the local farmer's market on Saturday morning and then do a bit of work around the yard.
  Later, they were going to watch some movies and have some nice, relaxing family time with popcorn and hot chocolate. Monica knew they all needed it!
  The last few weeks had been very stressful, especially for her. Witnessing the brutal murder of Mr. Dershowitz at his convenience store had been very traumatic for Monica. She'd had to go for questioning at the police station and fill out a whole report on what she'd saw. Then the district attorney had sat down with her and explained how essential it was that she testify for the prosecution.

  At first, Monica wasn't sure if she could. But the more she thought about seeing poor old Mr. Dershowitz lying in a pool of blood in his store, the more determined she became, to want to see the men responsible go to jail. She had grown up in New Dover, had lived here all her life. She, like a lot of other people in the city, was becoming increasingly alarmed with the growing crime rate, and now a murder only 10 minutes away from where she and her daughters lived!
  She knew the police wanted to bring down this crime gang called The 46ers, and if she could help them do it, well, it was her civic duty as far as she was concerned. Even so, she had been a little freaked out when that horrid man had confronted her in the parking garage at her office and threatened her about testifying in the upcoming trial.

   Monica knew she should have went to the police right away and told them. But she was afraid they would want to put her and her kids in a safe house until after the trial. Monica didn't want to alarm her kids that they could be in danger.
  She wanted to keep their lives as normal as possible. She knew she had her alarm system at the house, and as a further precaution, she started leaving earlier from work so she was never alone in the parking garage. But since that one incident, she hadn't seen or heard anything else.

  The trial was only a couple weeks away and she was getting more and more nervous. But she had been meeting with the prosecutors, and they had been coaching her on what to say and how to say it. They knew the gang members had hired some cutthroat defense lawyers, and if Monica wasn't careful on the witness stand, they'd rip her to shreds. Monica was going to be so relieved when this was all over!
"Mom, is the phone still not working?" asked her oldest daughter, Rosanna.
"I'm sorry, dear," said Monica. "They're not supposed to have it fixed until Monday."
"How is Alissa supposed to call me?" asked the pretty dark-haired teen. "I just wish you'd let me have my own cell phone!"
"We've been over this already, Rosie! I told you....I'll let you have one when you turn 17."
"I need one NOW!" said Rosanna as she stomped out of the kitchen.
Monica knew all Rosanna's friends had cellphones, but she had some very conservative beliefs, and one of those was that she didn't figure kids should be having cellphones. She smiled as she looked into the living room and saw her two daughters on the couch watching TV. Monica was proud of her children, who were growing up into very beautiful young ladies.

Rosanna, or Rosie as they always called her, was the oldest. Monica and her ex-husband had adopted her when she was only two years old. Monica had been in a bad car accident when she was a teenager and had suffered some serious internal injuries. A doctor had told her that as a result of those injuries, she would have difficulty having children, if she could have them at all!
  Monica had married her high school sweetheart, Jeff, when she was only 20. And as the doctor had predicted, she found she couldn't get pregnant. Desperate to have a family, she and her husband adopted a little girl. That little girl was Rosanna, who was of Mexican descent. Then, like a moment out of a Lifetime movie, not much more than 6 months after the adoption, a miracle happened. Monica discovered. against the odds, that she was pregnant! Just a few weeks after her 23rd birthday, she gave birth to another gorgeous little girl.
  They named her Jeanette, after Monica's grandmother, but over the years, she just became known as Jeannie. Or sometimes just "J.J." Monica didn't know where that nickname had originated. Rosie just started calling her that when Jeannie was a baby and it stuck.
 Both girls were growing up to become real lookers. Rosanna with lustrous dark hair and sensual Hispanic features, and Jeannie with reddish-brown hair, sparkling green eyes and the cutest red lips. Monica couldn't help but notice that both girls were beginning to develop very womanly bodies as well. She tried to shelter her daughters, but she knew now that Rosie was in high school, it would be only a matter of time before she'd be wanting to date. Monica was dreading that day.
  She knew Rosie was very popular in school and she was sure there a lot of over-excited high school boys already drooling over her daughter. Monica had been a very attractive teenager herself, and she knew all about how high school boys operated. It was another of the reasons she resisted letting Rosie have a cellphone.
Monica knew the divorce between her and her husband had been tough on the girls. But they had been quite resilient and she was proud of how they had held up. Monica was so happy that part of the divorce settlement had been that she was able to keep the house and the acreage. It had been such a relief that she and the girls hadn't had to uproot and move somewhere else. They had grown up in this house and they liked it here.
  She could have taken her husband for a lot more! After she discovered he had committed adultery, she had been furious. It wasn't so much the adultery, but who he had committed it with, that really got her mad. She found out he had been having sex with a 19 year-old intern who worked at his law firm. At one point, he had even got her pregnant and paid for her to get an abortion. It had sickened Monica to know that her husband was fucking a girl only a few years older than his own daughter. She threw him out of the house and filed for divorce.
  That had been 2 years ago. Since then, the girls had adapted quite well to their parents no longer being together. Their father had custody of them for one weekend a month. He had an apartment in downtown New Dover and they would stay with him. Rosie and Jeannie resented him for what he had did to their mother and how he had tore their family apart. But he was still their father and they did love him.
Monica walked down the hallway to her bedroom and changed out of the skirt and blouse she had been wearing for work. Standing in front of her mirror, she took a minute to admire her body. Monica figured she still looked pretty good for her age. She was 36, but she still had much the same body she'd had when she was 26! Going to the gym at least 3 times a week, and jogging nearly every morning, certainly paid off.
  It was something else that had puzzled her so much about her husband. Monica just couldn't figure out what her husband had seen in a 19 year-old girl when he had a beautiful, youthful-looking wife at home. Oh sure, maybe her breasts weren't quite as perky as they used to be, and her tummy maybe wasn't as firm either, but hey, she was still looking damn good! Monica knew a lot of men considered her very attractive.
  Even though it had been a while now since the divorce had been finalized, Monica was still not quite ready to start dating. A couple men at her office had asked her on dates and she had obliged them but she had gone no further than letting them take her out to a nice dinner. She knew they were mostly looking to get her in the sack. But Monica wasn't going to fall for that.
  She knew her daughters wanted her to start dating, but she didn't want to just be bringing home a steady line of strange men every weekend. If she was going to start dating, it was going to be with someone who she knew she could get into a long-term relationship with. Sure, she missed the sex, and she supposed that once in a while it might be fun to just jump in bed with some horny stud and fuck his brains out. But for now, she was just too busy looking after her girls and taking care of her career.
 Sex could be substituted, she smirked to herself. That was what her "toys" in her bottom dresser drawer were for. Monica made herself blush thinking about it.
  Quickly, she threw on a pair of baggy grey sweatpants and an old sweater. It was Friday now, and she didn't give a damn what she looked like.
She walked back down to the living room. Rosie and Jeannie were having a fight over the tv remote and what show they were going to watch.
"Rosie! I wanna watch Wizards of Waverly Place!" Jeannie protested. She was trying to get the remote away from her older sister.
"No damn way, that show is old and stupid," said Rosie. "We're watching Pretty Little Liars!"
"No!" Jeannie whined. "Mom! Rosie won't give me the remote!"
"Stop it, you two," snapped Monica. "Hey, it's almost time for supper. Jeannie, why don't you come in the kitchen and help mommy? Let Rosie watch her show and later you can pick a movie for us to watch."
"Okay," Jeannie agreed.
They just entered the kitchen, when their world exploded around them. The door between the kitchen and the garage burst open and three men came through it.
"WHAT THE HELL?" yelled Monica.  With the phone lines being down, Monica knew she had had to activate the security system manually after they had come home. It was one of the first things she had done. How were these men getting in her house? She didn't know that Benny had went into the junction box inside the garage and cut the wires, disabling the entire system.
  As the three menacing men approached her and Jeannie, she yelled at her young daughter to run for the back door. At almost the same time, Monica heard Rosie scream in the living room as the front door also whipped open and another three men entered the house. Jeannie tried to run for the hallway but Zane was in her way. He grabbed her arm and immediately placed a large knife to her throat.
"Where you going, little girl?" he snarled. "Don't try anything stupid, mom, or your daughter gets her throat slit!"
Monica froze as Benny was on top of her in a flash, shoving her against the kitchen fridge and twisting her right arm up behind her back. Monica made a frantic grab with her other hand for her cellphone on the kitchen counter. Benny saw her going for it and slapped her hand away. He scooped up the phone and put it in his pocket.
Both Jeannie and her mom were pulled into the large living room. In there, Duke had already seized Rosie and was holding her down on the couch with a hand on the back of her neck and one of her arms twisted behind her back. He looked down at her, admiring her hot, teen body. Rosie was wearing a pair of denim cut-offs and a white t-shirt.
Duke could already feel his cock growing hard as he felt her squirm and struggle beneath him.
"Get the hell off my daughter!" yelled Monica. "Who are you people?"
Four more men who had come in through the back door at the far end of the hallway, also entered the living room.
Syl's heart was pounding as he saw Zane holding the young girl. Jeannie was also wearing a pair of denim shorts and a blue t-shirt. She was in bare feet. Man, she was cute! The leering man was beside himself with excitement. He wasn't even looking at Rosie or was Jeannie he wanted!

Zane was barking out orders. "Get a couple chairs in here! I want these kids tied up. Come on.....hurry!"
Bonzo and Gordo brought in a couple of wooden chairs from the dining room. They set them along one wall and  Jeannie and Rosie were dragged over to the chairs. The men forced the girls to sit down and Seth produced lengths of rope from a duffel bag he was carrying.
The room was a scene of mayhem, with the girls screaming and crying for their mother, Monica screaming at the men, and the men all chattering away excitedly, making lewd comments. Zane knew he had to keep the men focused. He had to do something to maintain control.

The room went silent except for Monica who kept calling for Jeannie and Rosie. Zane backhanded her hard across the face.
"You were told to keep quiet, bitch!"
Zane looked around the room at his men. "All right, that's better."
He looked straight at the girls. "Where are your cellphones?"
"We-we....don't h-have any. Our m-mom doesn't let us h-have them," Rosie stammered.
Zane looked back to Monica. "Is that right, mom? The little cunts better not be lying."
"Yes, that's right," she said in a low voice. "I-I've told're too young to have phones."
"This is the only one I found," said Benny, holding out the phone he had snatched off the counter earlier. Zane took it from him. He turned back to the two teens.

"Now I don't wanna hear anymore bawling and screaming from you two, you hear me? You will sit there like good little girls....or else Mommy gets hurt bad? You want that?"
Duke pulled a gun out from under his shirt. "I'll use this to keep 'em quiet, boss," he said with a smirk.
"OH GOD! DON'T HURT MY GIRLS!" Monica shrieked.
Zane backhanded her again. "Mom.....keep your fuckin' mouth SHUT!"
The girls' eyes were wide with terror as they saw him brandishing the weapon.
"Good plan, Duke," said Zane. "They make anymore noise, the little one gets 'er brains splattered on the wall! You two understand?"
The sisters shook their heads vigorously to signify that they understood.
"Okay, good! Now finish tying them up." As four of the men set to work tying Rosie and Jeannie's wrists and ankles securely to the chairs, Zane turned to Monica. "Now, you were asking earlier who we are?"
"Yes!" Monica spat. "What the hell are you doing in my house?"
"I understand you've met my boss, a certain Mr. Fantino?"
"Yes," sneered Monica. "I've met him. And if the reason you're here is to intimidate me about testifying at the trial, it's not going to work! I won't be bullied by criminals! People have to start standing up to you thugs."
Monica had wondered right away when the men came crashing into the house, whether they were involved with Mr. Fantino's gang. Now her worst fears were confirmed. This wasn't just a random home invasion.
"That's not a good attitude to have, miss," said Benny. "You've really made Mr. Fantino very mad."
"He's right, you know?" said Zane. "Mr. Fantino is NOT accustomed to people saying no to him. In fact, it really pisses him off!"
 "Well, I don't care how pissed off your boss is," Monica said. "Men from your gang killed an innocent old man, and I want to see them brought to justice. They're killers!"
"She's quite the feisty little bitch," Benny grinned as he pulled Monica back tighter against him. He could smell her perfume and it was getting him hard.
"Too feisty," Zane commented."Now Ms. Freeman, I need to tell you that we have been sent here to resolve a problem. And one way or another, that problem will be resolved before we leave. My men are not nice people and you don't want to see how they deal with problems."
Zane was going to tell her that several of his men were seasoned and experienced rapists, who had served hard time in jail for the crimes they had committed. But he decided she would find that out herself soon enough.
"I'm asking.....y-you to leave my!" said Monica as she glared at Zane.
"Oh, and what if we don't?" asked Zane. He held up Monica's cellphone. "How you gonna call the cops? I've got this. And I also happen to know you have no outside phone lines. So you're quite screwed right now, honey!"
"Pl-please.....just let me d-daughters.....go!" she sobbed.
"Only if you do as Mr. Fantino has asked and don't testify at that trial," snarled Zane.
Monica slowly shook her head. "N-n-no!" she stated firmly.
Zane said nothing, but just turned away for a minute. He looked at the two teen girls tied to the chairs along one wall. Their eyes were wide with fear and tears rolled down their cheeks. Zane turned back to Monica.
"I'm really disappointed to hear you say that, Ms. Freeman," he said. "Because now we gotta move to Plan B. We're just gonna have to find another way to shut you up!"
Zane wielded the knife he had been holding to Jeannie's throat earlier. He grabbed the front of Monica's sweater and sliced down the front of it. The sharp blade cut through the fabric easily.
"OH GOD! OH GOD!" Monica cried out. "NOOOOOOO!"
"Leave my mother alone!" Rosie screamed.
Duke pointed the gun straight at Jeannie. "Shut the fuck up!" he ordered. "Or say bye-bye to little sis!"
Rosie immediately went quiet.
Benny yanked the two halves of the sweater down off Monica's shoulders. Zane sliced through her white lace bra.
"Fuck! Those are some nice tits!" Bonzo said.

"Let's see some more," yelled Duke.
Zane grabbed the waistband of Monica's sweats and yanked them down. The mens' eyes were filled with mad lust as they viewed Monica's curvy hips and legs. Benny held her as Zane pulled the sweats down off her legs. Monica tried to kick and struggle but Benny was too strong for her. With a couple moves of the blade of his knife, Zane quickly sliced off her white bikini panties. His cock grew hard as he saw the neatly shaved bush between her legs.
"Pl-please.......not in front of my......girls!" she begged.
Monica knew what was coming and there was no way to escape it. She just hoped the men would have enough decency to not force her daughters to witness it all.
"Whatsa matter, mom? Your girls are probably old enough to learn about fuckin'!" Bennie laughed.
Zane turned to Rosie and Jeannie again. "Yeah, girls. How old are you, anyway?"
"I-I'm sixteen," Rosie whimpered.
"I'm th-thirteen," said Jeannie in a voice that was almost a whisper.
"Well, then!" Zane whooped. "13 & 16! Those are perfect ages to learn all about sex! Hell, I was getting regular blowjobs from my neighbor's daughter when I was only 13!"
"Pl-pleasssse!" Monica frantically begged. "Don't touch them!"
Zane began to unbuckle his pants. "Don't worry, ma. We're hear to deal with you, not them. You know, what you said earlier, about how people should stand up to us? That is so right! Only problem is, it's a little hard to do when you're on your hands and knees!"

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Another great one Vile, as usual!

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Benny took his cue and putting his hands on Monica's shoulders, forced her down on all fours onto the living room floor. Zane was behind her right away, pulling his pants all the way down and exposing his hard veined cock.
"NOOOOOOO! MOMMMMY!" Jeannie screamed.
Duke yanked her head back by the hair. "Shut up and just watch!" he snapped. "I swear to God, I will use this fucking gun!"

He pressed the cold barrel against the girl's cheek.
Zane's heart was pounding with excitement as he knelt behind Monica. She had a great body for a woman in her mid-30s. He admired her sweet cunt, with a small, neatly trimmed triangle of dark pubic hair. It wasn't often he had the opportunity to fuck such an attractive woman like Monica Freeman. But whenever he did, he made it worth his time.
"OH GOD.....Please! Not in front of the girls! Please!" Monica continued to beg.
Zane merely ignored her as he grabbed her around the hips. He rubbed the large purple head of his cock across her pussy lips. Monica tried to brace herself, she knew it would be painful. Still, as she felt Zane's thick shaft push in, she let out a sharp squeal. It had been a long time since Monica had had sex, forced or otherwise.
  It had been well over two years since Monica had last had sex. Since the revelation of her husband's infidelity with a girl 15 years younger than himself, Monica hadn't had any desire to be intimate with a man. Oh sure, she used her "toys" on a regular basis, but that didn't compare to having an actual swollen cock rammed into her.
That was why now, Monica was feeling extreme pain, as Zane's erection forcefully penetrated her. It was almost as if she was a teenager again, losing her virginity. It didn't help that she was also very dry and unlubricated. She could literally feel every bump and vein on his swollen rod as it scraped and ripped its way inside her.
"YEAHHHHH!" Zane yelled out. "Fuckin' sweet cunt!"
The sound of Zane's body slapping against her was loud in the room as he began to viciously fuck her.
"Benny! You know what to do!"
"You got it, boss," said Benny as he came around in front of Monica and dropped his pants.
He pulled an erect seven-inch penis out of his underwear.
"Let's see how good Mom is at suckin' dick!"
"NOOOOOO!" Monica pleaded.
She tried to turn her head, but Zane held her by the hair, and Benny was able to force the head of his cock between her lips.
  When Monica was married, she had enjoyed giving her husband blowjobs. It made her proud to know she could make Jeff orgasm, using just her tongue and lips. He had always told her she was a natural talent.
   But Jeff's was the only cock she'd ever had in her mouth. Now a strange man was not just putting his dick in her mouth, but jamming it in! It filled her oral cavity and made her gag and cough. It tasted of stale sweat and piss. Then he grabbed her by both sides of her head and thrust his hips into her face.
"Yeah! Face-fuck her!" she heard one of the other men yell out.
She could not see the mortified looks on her daughters' faces as they witnessed their mother sandwiched between the two louts. Zane pumping his meat in and out of her cunt, Benny working his shaft in her mouth. Her naked body was rocked back and forth as they raped her from both ends.
"This bitch is tight!" Zane exclaimed out loud.
It certainly wasn't the first time Zane had ever fucked a woman Monica's age. He was 28 and generally enjoyed younger women, but he wasn't fussy. If he ran into a sexy, older woman with a hot body, he didn't care what age she was! And Monica was definitely IT! This bitch looked good!
Zane loved how her pussy wrapped around him, gripping him firmly. He loved the curves of her ass and hips. It was gonna be a lot of fun fucking this woman.
  Benny was also having a good time with Monica's mouth on his cock. He was trying to push his rod into her throat, pushing in until she'd choke, then pulling back. His cock was coated in her saliva. Benny was feeling ready to cum. Man, it was gonna be fun to come in this honey's mouth. Grabbing her hair, he mashed her face into his crotch, his cock pushing to the back of her throat.
"UHHHHHHHH.........holy fuck!" he groaned as his balls unloaded.
Not more than a minute later, Zane also came. Driving his cock up hard into Monica, his balls delivered a load of white jizz into her. She felt sick to her stomach, knowing the sperm of a strange man was being deposited inside her. She knew there was a very slim chance of her becoming pregnant, but she was more concerned about disease.
Benny cumming in her mouth was even more repulsive. Despite the fact she had been very adept at oral sex, letting her ex-husband cum in her mouth was one thing she had never allowed! Benny held his cock inside Monica's mouth until she had swallowed all his load. As he pulled out, Zane grabbed a handful of her hair.
  He pulled her up onto her knees and leaned down so he could look into her face.
  "Well bitch, have we changed your mind about testifying now? Or do you need a little more persuading?"
Monica glared back at him defiantly.
"Just g-get out.....of my h-house!"
Zane yanked her hair harder, making her wince in pain.
"I'm not kidding around, slut! Answer me!"
"I've told you already!......I-I'm not going to b-be bullied around by y-you thugs. You r-raped me.....and now you'll g-go to jail for that!" Monica said.
Zane slowly shook his head. He let go of her hair and stood back as he zipped up his pants.
 "Boys, I guess we're going to have to really teach this slut a lesson. She just ain't listening to reason. I didn't want to have to take things so far, but I'm left with no choice!"
"Someone bring another chair in here," he barked.
Donnie grabbed another chair from the dining room and brought it to the living room. Zane instructed Fingers and Gordo to take Monica over to the chair and tie her up like her daughters. "
"And gag Mom too, I'm getting tired of listening to her," he said.
"While you're doing that, Seth and Smitty, you untie the hottie," he said as he motioned to Rosie. "We'll do her first."
"What are you doing?" asked Monica. "NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO! Leave my girls out of this!.......I-I won't go to the trial.....I....MMMMMPPPHHHHHH!"
Monica was silenced as part of her shirt was wrapped around her mouth as a gag and tied off behind her head.
Zane smiled. "Well, now it sounds like Mom wanted to change her mind! Sorry, but it's a little too late! You see, we're not just here to stop you from testifying, we're also here to punish you. You defied Mr. Fantino, and he is a man who does not like to be defied! Therefore, he wants us to make an example of you, to teach you a lesson. And your daughters will be used to teach that lesson!"
Seth and Smitty had untied Rosie and they now held her up between them. Duke handed his gun to Syl and told him to hang onto it for him. He then turned to Rosie and grabbed the front of her t-shirt.
"Mommmmmyyyyyy!" Rosie cried out. "HELP MEEEEEEEE!"
Duke yanked at the thin fabric of the t-shirt and laughed as it ripped easily. She wore no bra and Duke pulled the torn halves of the t-shirt away to expose her beautiful teenage tits and flat, toned stomach.
"Man! Those are fucking nice!" Smitty exclaimed.
Ignoring Rosie's frantic screams and cries, Duke tore open the button on her shorts. In the background, could be heard Jeannie's screaming too.
"Leave my sister alone! Leave her alone!!!"
Syl leaned down and rubbed the gun against her cheek. "You be quiet, little one! Or we'll really hurt sis!"
Zane grabbed both sides of Rosie's shorts and in one hard pull, her shorts were down off her hips to her knees. She tried to kick and struggle but it was no use. Zane continued to pull on the shorts until they were down off her legs.

 She was wearing no shoes or socks and he was able to slip the shorts over her feet easily. Rosie was left just wearing a pair of red and white striped bikini panties.
"Get her panties off!" yelled Donnie. "I wanna see her cunt!"
The men were excited beyond belief as they admired the curves of the attractive Latino girl. Their cocks were hard as rocks imagining the fun they were about to have raping her.
 She had a beautiful little bush of dark curls between her legs, neatly trimmed and looking as soft as goose down.
"Fucking sweet!" said Seth.
"Wow! I'm impressed!" said Syl. The sight of a young girl's naked pussy always set him over the edge. But he knew he had to control himself...for the time being.
"Okay," said Zane barking out orders. "Tie her hands behind her back and get her bent over the dining room table. I want her legs tied too!"
"MMMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHH!" Monica wailed through her gag.
Zane grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. "What? I can't hear you Mom!"
Rosie was dragged, still fighting and bawling, over to the dining room table. The dining room was open to the living room, so Monica and Jeannie could see all that was going on. Rosie's wrists were pulled behind her back and tied with some rope, then she was pushed face down on the large oak table. Each of her legs were pulled wide apart and her ankles secured to a table leg with more rope.

This was the moment Duke had been eagerly awaiting since the day he saw Rosie in the driveway. The 25 year-old man was getting the opportunity to fuck a truly gorgeous teenage girl. And not just fuck her.....but rape her! Pound her cunt hard and forcefully!
Rosie thrashed and twisted her upper body on top of the table as she tried to get loose. Duke put a hand in the middle of her back to hold her still as he pushed his cock up to the edge of her virgin pussy opening. He did nothing to lubricate her or loosen her up. He was going in dry.....the way he liked it for breaking a new cunt.
"GRRRRRRR......YEAHHHHHHHHHH!" he shouted, as he slammed his hips forward and his cock drove into Rosie's tight hole.
Her whole body went rigid and her eyes rolled back. She let out a scream to wake the dead. Duke felt her hymen being ripped open as the first couple inches of meat penetrated her. He pulled back and holding her shoulders for leverage, drove in again, his veined shaft opening her up.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Rosie screamed from the intense pain of a man's cock inside her for the first time.
Monica and Jeannie sobbed uncontrollably as they were forced to watch the brutal man proceed to rape her. Again and again, he would pull back and drive in, shaking the table with the violent fucking he was giving the girl.
"Holy shit! She's sooooo fucking......tight!" he exclaimed. "Damn......this is.......good!"
Duke hadn't had a girl this nice and tight in several years. Rosie reminded him of his young step-sister, Emilia, he had raped on her 14th birthday.

She'd had dark hair just like Rosie's. The teasing little bitch had asked for it as far as Duke was concerned. Always parading around the house wearing nothing but panties and a t-shirt. Duke had only been 16 at the time. Emilia had kept quiet about the rape, Duke had threatened to really hurt her if she didn't, but a few weeks later she announced to him, she thought she might be pregnant. Duke panicked, he knew his father would freak when he found out. He ran away from home and never returned, eventually befriending Zane and becoming a member of The 46ers.
  He knew, if Emilia really was pregnant, that his father would have made her have the baby. He was against abortion. That had all happened nearly 10 years ago now. Emilia would be in her 20s. Duke often wondered if somewhere he had a young son or daughter.
Rosie's loud screams brought him out of his daydream. Wow! The feeling of this girl's tight cunt clamped down on his hard cock was incredible. He slammed her hips against the edge of the table with each thrust. Duke knew he wasn't going to last long, his balls were already preparing to release their load.
Duke held onto Rosie's smooth hips as he felt his cock jerk inside her. He had a loud sigh of pleasure as he shot a stream of semen into her young teenage womb. Rosie let out another sharp scream.
Monica looked on with utter horror. The thought of one of these brutes getting her daughter pregnant terrified her.
"Good job, Duke!" said Zane.
Duke pulled out of the sobbing teen and wiped his blood-streaked cock on the tablecloth.
"Pretty fine fuckin'!" he said as he caught his breath. He looked over at Monica. "Your little Rosie is a woman now, mom! And a damn hot one too!"
"My turn now to make this little piggie squeal!" said Donnie as he dropped his pants.

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Great story vile.  We are privileged to have you here with us.

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Ok l am wet and horny now GREAT job Vile8r

October 01, 2014, 12:54:32 AM
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Nice to see I'm having such an "effect" on you. Thank you, sweetness. Here is more!

Donnie was only 20 and was one of the youngest members of Zane's crew. He had only been with Zane for about 6 months and was still considered a novice member. He was eager to prove himself to the boss.
  This was the first time he had been involved in a gang rape with the crew......but not his FIRST gang rape! Oh no, Donny had been hanging around with gangs since he was 14, and he'd participated in a few of these over the years. He was excited though, because Rosie was probably one of the hottest-looking girls he'd ever had the opportunity to fuck!

Donnie lined himself up with Rosie's tight pussy slit and pushed himself in. Grabbing two handfuls of her long, dark hair, he began pounding in and out. She was more lubricated now but still exquisitely tight. It was a great feeling to know his was only the second cock she'd ever had!

"AAAAIIIIIIEEEE.......MOMMMMMYYY.......AAAAHHHHOOOWWWWW........!" Rosie called for her mother but it was no use.

 Monica could only watch helplessly as her daughter was roughly fucked. She was trying to twist and pull at the ropes that bound her arms and legs but the knots were too tight.
Donnie was hard and brutal, twisting his hips with each thrust to get maximum penetration. Her body looked and felt so good underneath him, his thighs slapping against the soft skin of her legs.

Zane leaned down by Monica's face. "Look at that! Look at how my men love your hot-ass daughter. They don't get to fuck sweet pussy like this very they're gonna fuck it hard!"
"That's it.....scream you little bitch!" Donnie snarled as he banged away. Rosie was exactly the kind of girl he hated back when he was younger. Pretty beyond belief, and thinking she was too good for a kid like him from the wrong side of town.

He pulled out of her as he came, gobs of his jizz spraying across her back. He smacked her hard on her ass cheeks as he moved out of the way. Smitty moved in, already standing in line, awaiting his turn.
 Smitty was short, only about 5' 7", but quite muscular with a very broad chest and thick arms. He was 24 and one of Zane's best enforcers, having served in the U.S. Army. He had spent 2 years in Iraq.

His cock wasn't large, but it was thick, and it brought a good scream out of Rosie as he drove up inside her. It felt like a fist punching inside her as her pussy lips were forced to stretch around it. She struggled to catch her breath, as the air was forced out of her lungs each time Smitty slammed his hips forward. Smitty was really loving this young girl and her beautiful curves.

 He could have held on longer but he decided he would let his balls blow. Smitty knew there was gonna be lots more opportunity over the weekend for him to have his cock buried in her. Gripping both sides of the table with his big hands, Smitty drove his cock into Rosie with amazing force as the cum raced up his shaft. Rosie let out several sharp screams as she felt the large man's cock cumming inside her.

"Yeahhhhhhhhh!" he whooped. "Gave you a good load!"
Gobs of semen still dripped from the tip of his rod as he pulled out, her pussy making a SCHLOORRPPPP! sound. After he wiped his slimy dick on the tablecloth, he walked past Monica. "You raised a good girl there, Mom. I think I'll stick around and fuck her some more!"

"Outta my way!" said Seth. He had been standing off to the side, stroking his cock as he watched Smitty fuck the teen hottie. "Gotta get me some sweet cunt!"

Seth was skinny but very wiry. He had boyish looks that made him seem younger than his age, which was 22. As a result, the other guys in the crew often called him "Junior". It was a name he detested and would get mad when people would call him that. He, like Donnie, was fairly new to The 46ers, and therefore, always looking to prove himself.

He slipped his hard cock inside Rosie. "Ohhhhh yeahhhh baby are damn sweet!" he said.
"STOPPPPPP.....PLEASSSSE.....NO MORE!" she sobbed.

Seth stroked in and out slowly a couple times, enjoying how her tight pussy seemed to pull on his cock. Then he began thrusting in and out a little faster. "Ohhhhhh......ohhhhhhhh.....ohhhhhhhh......your cunt is like silk!"
He looked over at Monica. "Damn, I've fucked a lot of girls, but your Rosie here, she's the best!"

Monica tried to talk through the gag but it just came out as jumbled gibberish.
"Like I said before, mom," Zane laughed, "can't understand a goddamn word you're saying!"
The oak table creaked and shook as Seth rutted away on the sobbing teen. He held her by the shoulders as he drove his body against her, his cock driving up inside her tight hole. Rosie could never have imagined that her first sexual experience would be as the victim of a brutal gangrape. She just wished that it would end. Her whole body ached and hurt. Rosie couldn't know that actually the nightmare was just beginning.
Seth finished up by pulling out and stroking his cock until he came across Rosie's ass and back. The white streaks of jizz against her brown skin made a nice contrast. Like the others, Seth cleaned his cock on the tablecloth.
Rosie was left where she was, wrists still tied behind her back, ankles tied to the table legs, as attention was now turned to her little sister.
Zane looked over at Syl, who stood beside the chair where Jeannie was sitting.
"Well, big guy, looks like it's your turn now! Little sis is ALL yours!"

"Goddamn! Yesssss!" he said, his face lit up with excitement. He gave Duke the gun, and pulled out a large, nasty-looking knife from his back pocket.

October 06, 2014, 11:34:27 PM
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Offline vile8r

"Get her untied!" he said to Gordo and Bonzo.
The two men undid her ropes and pulled her to her feet. The two men each held one of her arms out to the side. Fingers moved in behind her and Syl walked around to stand in front of her. The small girl was surrounded by the four brutish men.

"Oh baby, you don't know how long I've waited for this!" he said.
Zane had to admit, even he got a little creeped out by Syl, when he got into what the other guys called his "pervert mode". His face changed and even his voice. It was almost like he was in another world.

Syl got down on his knees so his face was close to the same level as Jeannie's. Licking his lips he reached out and grabbed the front of her shirt.
"MOOMMMMYYYYYYY! HELLLLPPPPPPPPP! I-I'M SCARED!" Jeannie cried out. Tears streamed down her face. She tried to pull away but the men held her arms firmly.

Starting at the bottom, Syl began slicing upwards with the knife through Jeannie's t-shirt, the sharp blade moving through the fabric like it was hot butter. He cut right up the middle, until the shirt was in two halves. Syl then slipped the blade under the sleeves on her shoulders and cut them away. Jeannie was shaking like a leaf in a windstorm as Gordo and Bonzo ripped the rest of the shirt away from her.

"NNNOOOOOOOOO....PLEASE......PLEASE.....MISTER......DON'T H-H-HURT.....ME.......!" Jeannie sobbed.

Syl was admiring Jeannie's small breasts, as she was wearing no bra, and her flat tummy. He was breathing heavy.
"Oh, Jeannie, you're beautiful.....Uncle Syl is gonna enjoy this," he said.
"Hey, yeah, she ain't bad," said Bonzo.

All the men were getting incredibly hard as they viewed the half-naked 13 year-old. Syl had stood up as he cut open her t-shirt and now got back down on his knees. He undid the snap on her shorts and slowly began to pull them open and down her bare legs. Monica could only watch helplessly as her little girl was being stripped naked.

"STOPPPPPPP! LEAVE HER ALONE!" Rosie suddenly screamed out.

Duke walked over to the table with his gun in his hand. He yanked Rosie's head back by her hair and jammed the barrel of the gun between her lips.
"I'm thinking you better be quiet, big sis! Or do you wanna deep-throat the barrel of my gun?"

Rosie shook her head frantically and Duke pulled the gun away. He turned back to Jeannie's shorts bunched up at her feet. Syl had pulled them down to just above her knees and then let go of them, letting them slide the rest of the way down her legs. He lifted each of her legs up and slid the shorts off. Jeannie was left standing with just a pair of plain white bikini panties.

Syl stood up and pointed to the other end of the dining room table.
"Get her over the end of the table," he said to Gordo and Bonzo.
Monica watched as Jeannie was dragged over to the table. All she could do was scream into her gag. She had been already been raped and her daughter Rosie too. She could not believe these cruel, sadistic men were going to do the same to a 13 year-old girl!

But neither her mother or her sister could do anything to help her. Gordo and Bonzo held her arms and kept her bent over the table. Syl was now standing behind her. He began stroking his fingers across her bare back, moving them down to her sides and tickling her a bit. He laughed as he watched her squirm and wiggle. The other men watched with interest.

Zane thought to himself, that it was like watching a cat play with a little mouse.
Then Syl hooked one of his fingers into the back of her panties and began to pull them down over her bum. When he got them pulled all the way off her hips, Syl grabbed the sides of her panties and slid them the rest of the way down her legs. Jeannie looked pleadingly to her sister at the other end of the table. Rosie could do nothing but look back. She knew the men were going to do terrible things to her little sister and she was going to be forced to watch.

 Duke stood behind Rosie, holding his gun and ensuring she stayed quiet. Zane stood beside Monica who was still tied to the chair.
Syl pulled her little ass cheeks apart and spit a large gob of saliva into her tiny puckered rosebud. He forced his right index finger inside her and began working it in and out, getting her opened up. Jeannie wailed in pain.

"Shit girlie, I ain't even started making you hurt yet," said Syl.
Jeannie began crying louder when she heard Syl undo his pants and let them fall down to his ankles. His erect cock stood straight out and ready for action.

"Jesus, he's gonna do her in the ass?" asked Donnie.
"Leave it up to Syl," said Bennie. "He likes to make 'em hurt!"
Syl held his cock in one hand as he placed the fat head at her ass entrance. The man grabbed Jeannie by her slender hips and drove his body forward, the whole length of his cock entering her in one thrust. Jeannie's screams were almost enough to rattle the windows.

 The screams were heaven to Syl's ears as he pulled back and pumped into Jeannie's tight little pooper again and again, feeling his thick cock rip her open. From the very first time he had actually raped a girl, it was the screaming and the crying that really turned him on. Knowing that he was hurting them, was a powerful trigger for him.

  Syl was not a really big man, he stood about 5' 9" and weighed about 190 lb. He wasn't really fat, but had a bit of a beer gut on him which he used to press Jeannie down against the table as he impaled her with his six and a half inch cock. It maybe wasn't very long, but it was thick. Syl kept himself shaved bald and had a small goatee. He always said being bald made him look more intimidating.

He let out heavy grunts as he thrust into Jeannie's small body.
"Look at that!" said Zane, leaning down close to Monica. "Syl just loves little girls......and it looks like he REALLY loves Jeannie!"

Bennie was on her other side. "Yeah! You know, Syl is a dangerous man! He's been in jail for raping little girls!"
"Raping their pussies and their asses......making them suck his's that make you feel, mom?" Zane taunted.


 Monica threw her head from side to side, rocking the chair, trying to break free so she could save her little girl from these animals. But her struggles just made the ropes on her wrists and ankles tighter.

Jeannie's screams continued to punctuate the ass-fucking Syl was giving her. Zane wanted to gag her, but he knew Syl wanted to hear those screams. It's what made him happy. His pumping increased in tempo and Syl closed his eyes as he felt the intensely satisfying rush of sperm out of his balls. His cock spurted.....once.....twice.....three....four times! He'd had quite a load stored up and he was now shooting it all into Jeannie's bowels.

He pulled his blood-streaked cock out of the young girl's ass, sweat running down his face.
"Fuck......fuck yeah!" he said as he caught his breath. "Ohhhhh......that was good! I fucked her Zane......fucked her ass......good!"

Syl used the white tablecloth to clean himself, like the men who raped Rosie.
Gordo and Bonzo let go of her arms and Jeannie collapsed on the floor, bawling uncontrollably. She was in horrible pain. Tears streamed down Rosie's face too. She had just watched her little sister be viciously sodomized. But it wasn't over.

Fingers walked up, undoing his pants. The 25 year-old said to Gordo and Bonzo, "Okay fellas, get her back up on that table. It's my turn!"
Jeannie cried out as she was yanked back to her feet and bent over again. "PL-PLEASSSSEEEE......NOOOOO........ST-ST-STOPPPPP!"

Fingers kicked her legs apart and began feeding the head of his hard cock into her anus. Jeannie let out another sharp scream as her butt was invaded once again. Fingers was also a convicted addition to other crimes. He had earned the nickname of Fingers when he was only 19 and had bit off a man's finger in a bar fight.

Now he humped away inside Jeannie's ass, his balls slapping against her with each thrust. She was a little younger than he was accustomed to, he usually went for girls a bit older. But Fingers didn't really care. A tight hole was a tight hole......and hey....this one was pretty cute and she had a nice little body for a 13 year-old.
Fingers was really enjoying the incredible tightness of Jeannie's bumhole. It had been a long time since he had fucked an ass this tight. It didn't take him long to cum. His whole body shook with the force of his orgasm as he deposited another load of white jizz into Jeannie. His cock made a popping sound as he slipped free of her. Again the men let her fall to the floor.

After cleaning himself off, Fingers stepped out of the way and switched places with Gordo. "She's all yours, Gordo!" he said.

Gordo was 23 and quite fit. He kept himself in shape lifting weights and was into boxing. Gordo could have made it as a professional boxer, but got wrapped up in a gambling scandal when he was only 18. He and his manager were fixing matches and the boxing commission found out. Gordo, whose real name was Gordon, was given a 25 year ban from boxing or even being associated with professional boxing. He also spent 2 years in jail.

  Now, any matches he was involved in, were just illegal, unsanctioned matches.
"Watch there, mom," said Zane as he held Monica's head still. "I want you to watch little Jeannie getting her ass reamed again. You're gonna be able to park your car in her butt, when they're done!"
"Shoulda just co-operated with us and none of this would be happening," said Bennie. "But maybe she's one of these kinky bitches who likes watching her kids get fucked!"

Zane laughed. "Yeah, I'll bet she is!"

Monica couldn't believe how these men taunted and mocked her. And she could do nothing about it!
Another loud scream erupted from Jeannie's mouth as Gordo pounded his erect cock into her. Jeannie was perfect! Gordo had been excited the minute he saw her when they busted into the house. He fancied himself a bit of a ladies' man and had a reputation with the crew of always picking up strippers and other hot chicks when they went out to clubs.

  Gordo was a good-looking guy and it had sort of been a curse when he spent his time in jail. He had been an instant target for the sexual predators in the joint. But his fists had helped him. After he nearly beat his cellmate to death, only two days after he arrived in prison, the others left him alone. He had proved he could stand up for himself. It earned him a month in solitary, but he knew it was worth it.

His powerful body drove in and out of the young girl. He drove the air out of her lungs with each thrust of his cock in her tight depths. To Jeannie, it was like she was having a white-hot spear pushed up inside her. The pain was unbearable! None of these men were showing her any mercy.
Gordo came inside her like the others and pulled out. A string of cum dangled from the end of his dick and he wiped it on her leg. He gave her a hard slap across her sore ass.

"Thanks, sweetie! That was fun!"
Jeannie's body was so weak and she just crumpled to the floor again.
"Get her back up," said Bonzo. "Time for some Bonzo-dick!"

Fingers and Gordo pulled her limp body back onto the table.
"Y-you're gonna.....k-kill her.....!" Rosie whimpered.
"No we ain't!" said Duke, as he gave her a sharp crack across the ass. "And you weren't given permission to talk!"

"Yeah, we ain't gonna let a little cutie like her die,' said Syl. "We got way more fun to have with her."
As Gordo and Fingers hung onto her, Bonzo impaled her on his meat. Bonzo's nickname came from the mop of red hair on top of his head. When he first joined The 46ers, Bennie said he looked like Bonzo the clown.

 "Don't you mean Bozo?" said Zane.
"Bonzo....Bozo, whoever!" Bennie said. Everybody had a good laugh and the name Bonzo stuck.

Bonzo was also 25 and was a career criminal, spending his first stint in juvey when he was only 10! He had robbed 2 kids at school at knifepoint. Having his dick buried in Jeannie's ass brought back memories to him.

 He began forcing his younger sister, Mandy,  to have sex with him when he was only 13. She was 11. By the time she was 12, Bonzo was pimping her out to several older men in the neighborhood. She was a cutie and Bonzo knew she'd be popular, which she was!

He told her once, "When a girl looks like you, Mandy, the only way they're gonna get ahead in the world is using their cunt. No one's gonna care whether you got a brain or not!"

He was pulling in some pretty good money from his little operation and was even considering talking a couple of Mandy's friends into working for him. Then his neighbor caught Mandy with her 30 year-old husband and it all went in the tank. Bonzo ended up in juvey again; the neighbor's husband was charged with statutory rape; and his sister was taken away by Child Services, from his parents, and placed in a foster home. When he got out of juvey, his parents didn't want him back in their house and he ended up going to live in a foster home as well.

  Fucking this young girl now sure reminded him of when he popped Mandy's ass cherry. She squealed and cried a lot too, although Jeannie's screams had sort of quietened down now. All that was coming out of her were pathetic whimpers and sobs. Bonzo rammed in and out, revelling in her tight ass wrapped around him. He knew he could fuck her for a long time like this, but the cum in his balls began to boil and he figured it was time to let go.

  He began to fuck her faster, her small body bouncing around on top of the table.
"Here it comes, mom!" said Zane, excitedly. "Jeannie's gonna take another load up her Hershey highway! Goddamn, that little girl of yours can take a lot of cum!"

Bonzo let out a loud whoop as he unloaded inside her. As he pulled out, a steady stream of cum, blood and ass slime, oozed from her tortured, gaping ass. Jeannie, nearly unconscious, fell to the floor in a heap as the men let go of her.
"Well, that was one hell of an ass bangin'," Bennie said.
"No better way to break in a young bitch!" chuckled Syl.

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I'm enjoying this story sooooo much it's a great one

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While Jeannie had been going through her ordeal, Seth and Smitty had been exploring the house and they found the liquor cabinet downstairs in the rec room. Monica didn't drink a lot herself, although she did like an after-work martini occasionally or a glass of wine. She did entertain friends once in a while. But mostly the cabinet had sat un-used since her husband left.

  It had been locked, but it was not a problem for Seth and Smitty to smash the doors open and help themselves to the contents. Now they came back upstairs with a couple bottles of whiskey and vodka.

"Ahhhh, boys! Just what we need!" Zane smiled as he took a good swig of whiskey.
"I love rich fuckers' liquor cabinets," said Donnie. "They always got the good stuff!"

"Yeah, well I like rich fuckers' wives," said Bennie. "They always got nice cunts!"
All the men had a hearty laugh at Bennie's remark.
Zane yanked Monica's saliva-soaked gag out of her mouth.

"Yeah, tell me, mom. I know you're divorced. What kind of dumb-shit husband would let a piece of ass like you go?"

Zane slapped her across the face. "I asked you a fuckin' question.....ANSWER ME!"
Monica was silent for a moment. Then she answered.
"I....I caught him fucking his.....secretary!"

"Well, nothin' wrong with that," said Zane. "But the dumb fuck, he couldn't have been too smart if he got caught. I think you're better off without him."

"Still," Bennie mused. "Why, if a guy had a hot piece of ass like you at home, did he figure he needed to diddle his secretary? Weren't you puttin' out for him? Hmmm? Holdin' out in the bedroom?"
"Yeah, tell us!" said Duke.

"I.....I.....was not....holding out.....on him," Monica spat, humiliated by having to engage in this conversation.
"I just think it's a bloody shame, he was out looking for stray cunt and he had some good stuff right here at home!" said Bennie.

"Hell yeah!" agreed Bonzo. "At the very least, if he was tired of your holes, mom, he coulda tapped these hotties!" He pointed to Rosie and Jeannie. "God knows, if I was their daddy, I'd have been digging into them!"

"Speakin' of that, what's with you and your girls?" asked Duke. "You and little sis there, you're white. But hot-ass here, she's a goddamn spick! What the fuck's with that?"
"Sh-she's adopted," said Monica.
"She know that?" asked Zane.
"Y-yes.....she does," Monica answered.

"You're pretty lucky," said Duke to Rosie. "A hot little thing like you, if you were still livin' down in Mexico, some guy'd likely have ya handin' out blowjobs on the street corner by now! That's usually what you wetback chicks are best for!"

Monica was going to make a remark to Duke about speaking so degradingly to Rosie, but thought better of it.
"Well, I think little JJ here has had enough of a break," said Syl.

Fingers walked over to Jeannie and pulled her up to her knees.
"I think you need to clean our cocks now, girlie!" he said.

"PLEASE! FOR GOD'S SAKE! LET HER BE!" Monica yelled.

Zane began jamming the gag back into Monica's mouth.
"Time for you to shut up again, mom," he snapped.
Syl had his cock out and was standing in front of Jeannie. She looked up at him, with a confused look.

"You wondering what you're supposed to do? Well, I'll show you," he said.
Syl began to push the thick head of his cock against Jeannie's lips. She slowly opened up and he forced his cock into her mouth. She tried to pull away, but Fingers put his hands on the back of her head and held her still as Syl began to rape her mouth.

Jeannie made choking and gagging sounds as the large cock filled her mouth.

The taste of his dick was horrible and Jeannie felt like throwing up.
Syl slowly worked his cock back and forth between her cute red lips.
"Wow, you have got the prettiest mouth," said Syl.

It had always thrilled Syl to have a young girl's mouth wrapped around his cock. Right from the very first girl he had ever molested. He just loved how their soft lips and tongues felt on him.
  Jeannie was a good one! She had such full red lips and they formed a perfect "O" as they wrapped around Syl's shaft. She struggled to breathe as Syl's hips pushed up into her face.

"UGGGGHHHH......GGGGAACCCKKKKK.....UUGGGHHHHHH.....GGGGAAAACCCKKK!" were the sounds she made as Syl's meat invaded her mouth over and over, and cut off her air.

Monica and Rosie were forced to watch the horrific sight.
Syl began to cum, letting out a loud moan as he shot cum into her mouth. Jeannie did not even realize, at first, what the warm sensation was, hitting the back of her throat. Until the taste hit her! Syl laughed out loud as he saw how Jeannie's little nose turned up at the realization she was swallowing a man's sperm.

"That's it, girlie, you're learning how to swallow every girl should!" he said.
Jeannie coughed and spit out gobs of cum as Syl pulled out of her mouth. It was the worst stuff she'd ever tasted.

"Ahhh, it's not so bad, sweetie," said Bonzo. "We'll get you used to it."
He pulled her up to her knees and began to feed his dick into her mouth. Jeannie tried to protest but to no use. Again, another foul-tasting cock was sliding across her tongue. Fingers didn't hold her head this time.

"Look at that," said Bennie to Monica. "That girl of yours is already getting good at sucking cock!"
"Syl and the boys are getting her turned into a little whore," Zane taunted her. "Hell, ain't gonna be long and she'll be begging them to let her suck 'em off!"

Bonzo rocked on his heels, holding Jeannie by her hair as she moved her mouth on him.
"Oh yeah......oh yeah.....suck me good," he moaned.

It wasn't too long before Bonzo also shot a load into Jeannie's mouth. This time she was a little more prepared for it. As she felt Bonzo's shaft go rigid, she tried to pull away. No way was she going to swallow sperm again! But Bonzo placed a big hand on the back of her head and ensured she swallowed it all, except for what ran down her chin.

Gordo stepped up to be next. He had his cock out, stroking it to hardness.
"Hey, darlin', let's see what you can do with that tongue," he said. "You're gonna lick my balls."
Jeannie tried to open her mouth in protest but Syl grabbed her by the hair. "Man said he wants his balls licked, I figure you better do it!"

She opened her mouth and slowly pushed her tongue out. Gordo had his balls right in her face, holding them close to her mouth. He sighed as he felt her wet tongue on him.
"Yeah, that's the stuff!"

His rough pubic hairs were like sandpaper on her tongue but Jeannie kept up her licking. He tasted like sweat and his body odour filled her nostrils.

After a few minutes of licking, Gordo had her stop and she was made to wrap her lips around his hard shaft. Syl held her head as Gordo began to pump in and out of her mouth.
"Those lips look soooo pretty wrapped around cock, don't they, Gordo?" asked Syl.
"Man, do they ever!" Gordo replied.
The sight of the young girl with her mouth clamped around him, made Gordo even hornier. He pushed in and out of her mouth, deeper and faster, barely giving her a chance to breathe. Her small hands pounded at his thighs.
Gordo's breathing grew heavier as he prepared to cum. Jeannie tried to twist her head away but Syl held her firmly. She coughed and wheezed as she was made to swallow more spunk.

As Gordo pulled out, Fingers was ready to take his place. He forced his cock into Jeannie's mouth even as she was still trying to wipe the last remains of Gordo's load off her lips.
"Oh....mmmmman! That mouth feels good!" he exclaimed, feeling his dick slide across Jeannie's soft tongue.

Syl had let go of her and Fingers wrapped one of his hands in her smooth hair, moving her mouth back and forth on his shaft.
"You go, little girl!" he said. "You give ol' Uncle Fingers' a good suck-job, okay?"

Jeannie had pretty well went limp, there was no fight left in her. She was like a rag doll as Fingers fucked her small mouth. The muscles in her jaws had pretty well went numb and Jeannie found herself almost praying that the man would cum so he would be done. She hoped none of the other men would want to put their cocks in her mouth.

Fingers shot more jizz into her mouth and laughed as he listened to her gag.

"Better get used to that taste, dollface! I got a feelin' you're gonna be swallowin' a whole lot more."
Jeannie dropped to the floor, curling up into a ball. She was crying and babbling like a baby. Monica also sobbed helplessly.

Duke had been getting hard again as he watched the other men stick their cocks in Jeannie's mouth. He knew it was time again for him to have some fun with the beautiful Rosie.
"Seth, Smitty! You two feeling as fuckin' horny as me?" he asked.

"Yeah!" said Smitty. Seth agreed too.
"Fuck yeah!" said Donnie. "I'm hard as rock again!"

"I know exactly what we can do too," said  Duke, running his hand across Rosie's smooth ass.
"Hey Zane!" yelled Duke. "You won't mind if we take another turn on the hottie, will you? I have just GOT to do this girl in the ass!"

Zane looked at Rosie, still bent over the end of the dining room table, legs spread apart and her ankles tied to the table legs.

"Yeah," he chuckled. "Go for it, Duke!"

Duke already his cock out of his pants. He could have smashed rocks with the erection he had. He gave Rosie several hard smacks across her bare ass, making her scream each time.

"Ohhh, that ain't nothin', girl," he scoffed. "That was just to take your mind off when I do this!"
Duke pulled Rosie's tender ass cheeks wide apart and jammed the head of his cock into her ass opening.


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Duke worked his cock back and forth a couple times, before shoving his hips forward.
"Ohhhhhh shit! YEAH!" he roared as he felt his cock bottom out in Rosie' tight teen ass. It was heaven!

"Goddamn it, Duke!" said Donnie. "Fuck that sweet little ass."

As Rosie screamed to wake the dead, Duke began pumping in and out of her pooper. Duke's cock spread her virgin ass wide open, ripping and tearing at her insides. It was the most exquisite ass he had ever fucked! He grunted with the effort as he sawed in and out of her, her tight ass squeezing around his shaft.

Zane knelt beside Monica's chair and continued to taunt her, forcing her to watch her pretty daughter be sodomized by the brutish Duke.
"Goddamn it, Mom," said Zane. "Your little Mexican whore of a daughter looks like she's enjoying that! I've heard spick bitches like it up the ass! Hehehe!"

Monica tried to close her eyes. But hearing the screams was just as bad. Zane would slap her face whenever she tried to look away.
Duke continued to huff and puff away as he slammed into the teen girl's body over and over, driving his cock in and out of her ass.

"Gonna blow!" Duke yelled out.
Picking up the pace of his fucking, Duke ground his hips hard against the back of Rosie's legs and his body shuddered as he shot a stream of his jizz into her tight bowels. His cock made a popping sound as he slowly withdrew it from her ass. The shaft was bloody and covered in flecks of shit. Once again the table cloth was used to clean his dick.

"Well, I'm done! Who's up next?" he smiled. "Sonuvabitch, boys! That is one SWEET ass!"
Seth was next, feeding his hard cock into Rosie's hole. His skinny body pressed against Rosie as he slowly pushed into her, enjoying every inch of her teen ass. Then pulling back, he too began to savagely sodomize her.

"Goddamn.......unnnhhhh.......goddamn....!" he exclaimed as he worked his meat in and out of her.
He held her tightly by the hips, the table creaking as he slammed her body against the edge of it. Sweat ran down his face.

Rosie couldn't believe the pain! It was like red-hot spears being jammed into her body. Her throat was raw from screaming.
Seth finished up, cumming inside her like Duke had. As he pulled out, Donnie was waiting for his turn.

"All right!" Donnie whooped as his cock impaled Rosie.
He began to hump away at her tight pooper. It gripped him like a steel vise. Ass fucking was always one of Donnie's favorite activities. He liked how girls would squeal and thrash around as they had their most private hole invaded.

 Rosie wasn't doing too much thrashing around anymore. She was just lying on the table, tears and sweat plastering her hair to her face. Painful squeals and moans escaped from her mouth.
"Oh baby......this feels good!" he said as he fucked her with hard, powerful thrusts.
He pulled on her long dark hair with one hand as he held her down on the table with the other. His body made a sick slapping sound against her.

"I could fuck you all night, bitch," Donnie panted.
But the tightness of her turd tunnel squeezing and milking his cock, was too much to bear, and soon Donnie found himself adding to the amount of semen already deposited into the poor girl. He pulled out of her, a long string of cum still clnging to the tip of his cock. He wiped it off on the table cloth and then watched as Smitty mounted her.

The short, stocky man plowed into her full-bore, making Rosie's body bounce on top of the table.
"Owwwwwaaiiiweeeee!" she screamed.
"Ahhhh, still a bit of life left in her," Smitty smiled. "She hasn't been fucked totally senseless yet."

As Smitty fucked away at Rosie, she laid on the table, her eyes open, staring at nothing. She knew that she was being anally raped, knew that a stranger was driving himself deep into her bowels, but she couldn't feel anything. Smitty used her body roughly and callously. Rosie knew that Smitty was blowing his load inside her, knew his cum was mixing with the other fluids already flooding her, but it just didn't matter anymore.

  Smitty pulled his dick out of her asshole and stood back, admiring her gaping, oozing rectum.

"Yep, we did a good job breaking in that sweet ass," he said.

Duke handed him a bottle of vodka. "Here bud, you look like you need a good drink."

"That was the best ass I've ever had my dick in," said Donnie.

"Well, you boys are gonna love the next little game we'll be playing," said Zane. "Untie little Rosie and bring her back here into the living room."

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Rosie heard the men talking, but nothing they said registered in her mind. Then Fingers and Bonzo were untying the ropes on her wrists and ankles. It felt good as the ropes were taken off, then she was grabbed and pulled off the table. Zane and Bennie had untied Monica and Syl had dragged Jeannie into the living room. All three were pushed down on the floor into a little group in the middle of the room. The men stood in a large circle around them.

"Okay Mom, get on your back!" Zane ordered her.

Looking up at the menacing man, Monica began to lie back on the rug.
"Pl-please.....just leave us've.....hurt us enough.....just go!"

"Oh mom, there's way more to do," said Zane. He looked down at Monica's tits jutting up from her chest as she laid on her back.

He looked over at Rosie and Jeannie. "Okay girls, I want you to each grab a tit and start lickin'!"

Jeannie shook her head. "N-n-no! No way!"

"Th-that's sick!" Rosie spat.

Zane grabbed Rosie by the hair and yanked her head back. "I'll tell you what's gonna be sick? When I throw your little sister back on that table and let every guy here fuck her until she can't walk! You want that?"

Rosie said nothing, but tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Yeah, that's what I figured. Now I better see you wrap that sweet little mouth of yours around one of your mommy's tits!"

Jeannie and Rosie leaned in on either side of their mother and began to lick and suck on her large brown nipples. Monica closed her eyes in silent humiliation.
  Syl leaned against the couch, stroking his cock.
"Sonuvabitch! That's fucking hot!" he mumbled.

"Just like when you were babies," Bennie chuckled. "Suckin' on your mama's tits!"

Monica was even more mortified as she felt her nipples hardening in response to her daughters' soft, wet mouths on her nipples. It had been a long time since anyone had pleasured her tits in such a manner.

"All right, I think that's good," said Zane. "Now girls, I want you to roll mommy over on her stomach."

The girls, afraid to anger Zane and the rest of the men. did as they were told. Monica cooperated, allowing the girls to roll her so she was face-down on the floor.

"Lick her ass cheeks," said Zane.

"Her.....her...bum?" Jeannie asked, pointing at her mom's behind.

"Yeah!" snapped Zane. "You don't need to lick her shitter, just all over those sweet cheeks of hers."

The two sisters looked at each other and then leaned down to begin running their tongues across their mom's buttocks. Monica sobbed loudly, as her girls were forced to perform the degrading act. The men all cheered and whooped as they watched the girls licking their hot mother's ass. But it was going to get better!

Zane pulled Jeannie away from her mom.

"Next, it's just gonna be Rosie and mom," he said. "Mom, get on your back again!"

Hesitantly, Monica rolled on her back. Zane kicked at her feet, making Monica spread her legs.
"That's it! Get 'em apart. Rosie, get in there and start licking some pussy."

Rosie looked down at her mother's splayed legs and her vagina being forcefully put on display. Zane couldn't help but get hard himself as he gazed at the puffy pink labia between Monica's thighs. He put his hand on the back of Rosie's head and pushed her closer to her mom's crotch. Rosie trembled as her tongue came into contact with Monica's pussy lips.

"Yeah, start lickin'!" said Zane. "I wanna see you eat your momma's pussy."

Rosie began to lick vigorously, her eyes tightly closed. The musky scent of her mother's sex filled her nostrils.

"Make sure you get that tongue right inside her," said Bennie. He too was getting incredibly hard watching the teen girl and her attractive mom.

It was very arousing for the men to see the incredibly pretty teen push her tongue inside Monica. It was even more exciting when suddenly Monica let out a sharp gasp and her back arched involuntarily.

"Holy shit! She's likin' it!" Duke exclaimed.

"Ooooh, wonder what goes on around this house now that daddy's gone?" Seth chuckled.

"Maybe that's why mom don't need a man around," Smitty joked.

"She's got her little girls trained to keep her happy," Fingers quipped.

Monica had never been so embarrassed in her life....and yet she couldn't stop her body from responding to the soft motions of Rosie's tongue inside her. She could feel herself getting wetter, her pussy getting aroused and secreting more juices. Rosie also noticed the involuntary movement of her mom's vaginal muscles, contracting and squeezing around her tongue.
  Rosie knew what was happening. Being a curious teenager, many times at night, in the privacy of her bedroom, she would explore herself with her fingers. Rosie had become quite adept at learning how to make herself feel good, using just her fingers, or sometimes the handle of her hair brush. She noticed how, whenever she was about to bring herself to orgasm, her pussy would seem to clench around her fingers. Her mom's vagina was doing the same thing now!
  Rosie kept up her rhythm of licking and sucking, as Monica's hips lifted off the floor with a life of their own.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh.......ohhhhhhhhhh!" Monica moaned. She slapped a hand over her mouth. She couldn't let these men know her daughter was bringing her close to orgasm.

Suddenly, her body went stiff and she arched her back. Monica stifled a small squeal of delight as a wave of ecstasy washed over her. Rosie pulled her face away, her mouth and chin glistening with her mom's juices.

"Hey, that was pretty hot!" Zane grinned. "Way to go, Rosie! Gotta say, you're a fine little pussy-licker."

Monica tried to cover her flushed face with her hands. She hadn't felt like this in ages. Even her bedroom toys never gave her an orgasm like the one she had just experienced.

"I think Mom likes that tongue of Rosie's," Duke laughed.

"I'm....I'm sorry, mommy!" Rosie bawled.

"It's okay, dear," Monica said. "It....wasn't your...fault!"

"Get these two back in their chairs," Zane barked.

"Jeannie too?" asked Syl.

"Nope, just hold onto her," said Zane. "I want Mom and Rosie tied up again."

Rough hands grabbed the two of them as Rosie and her mom were hauled to their feet and plunked down on two chairs. Ropes were wrapped around their legs and arms, lashing them to the chairs again.

Zane looked over at Syl, a twinkle in his eye.

"You want some more of Jeannie?" he asked. Zane knew it was a stupid question and he knew the answer before he even asked.

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It's sooooo good Vile8r!!!!!!

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Nice vile, this new part I hadn't read yet.

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Thanks for the feedback, Jed and Fancy.

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Syl knew exactly what Zane meant and he didn't even reply. He just gave him a nod of the head.

Jeannie was dragged over to the couch and Syl threw her onto it.

"Mommie!!" she yelled. "Hellllppppppppp!"

Gordo grabbed her arms and pinned them down above her head, knowing what Syl was intending on doing. Jeannie, although she still hurt a lot from her anal rape, found the strength to kick and thrash her legs at Syl.

"Fingers! Bonzo! Grab her legs!" yelled Syl as he began to undo his pants.

The two men took hold of Jeannie's slender young legs by the ankles.

 "Pull 'em apart!" he ordered.

As Jeannie's legs were pulled wide apart, Syl got a good look at Jeannie's tight pink slit and light fuzzy bush. His cock felt ready to explode. Rosie and Monica both knew what was going to happen next and could do nothing. Monica was going to be forced to watch her baby girl's virginity ripped away from her by a sick, vile man!

Syl was on top of the bawling girl in a matter of seconds, pushing his fat cock up to her soft pink vagina. There was a loud grunt from Syl as he gave a hard shove with his hips. He felt the satisfying tearing of Jeannie's hymen, followed by her scream of pain.

Syl didn't know what it was about young girls. They always had that same high, keening shriek when they took a cock for the first time. It was painful to the ears and yet incredibly arousing. Syl let out another loud grunt as he pushed his hard cock deeper into the cute 13 year-old's pussy.
He pulled back and pushed in again, smiling as he heard Jeannie howl.
"Hold on, sweetie," he said. "Uncle Syl's gonna give you a good fuckin'!"
Jeannie threw her head from side to side as Syl began to fuck her with short, powerful thrusts. Her tight little cunt wrapped around him, milking and squeezing his shaft. Syl was in he always was when he had a young girl.
Zane noticed that it was almost as if Syl totally zoned out. His eyes were glassy and his mouth hung open, dribbles of slobber running down his chin. This was not the first time Zane had watched Syl rape a girl, and it was always the same!
Syl continued his relentless assault, driving into her vagina with ever increasing ferocity. He enjoyed hearing Jeannie whimper in pain as she squirmed beneath him. Syl put all his weight on Jeannie, grinding her against the couch cushions. Her trembling body twitched and jumped in pain with each thrust into her.
  "Goddamn it, girlie. Gonna cum inside you!" Syl yelled out.

  Jeannie whimpered in fear as she felt the warmth of his cum shoot into her and spread through her insides. She felt him spraying more and more of the thick, hot liquid deep inside her with each thrust. Finally, with one last drive into her, Syl finished and collapsed on top of Jeannie.

"Come on, man," Fingers said to Syl. "You taking a nap or what?"

"Okay, okay," Syl grumbled as he raised himself off of Jeannie, withdrawing from her as he did. Jeannie could feel the cum leaking out of her and running down between the cheeks of her ass. She felt as if she wanted to vomit.

"That was one of the best young ones I've had in a while," said Syl. He looked down at his blood streaked cock. To Syl, there was nothing better than seeing the blood of a deflowered girl on his dick. He wiped it on the arm of the couch.

Fingers was preparing to mount Jeannie. He rubbed the head of his cock across Jeannie's pussy opening before plunging inside the teen girl. Fingers began fucking her viciously, relishing the pain and humiliation he was causing her. He grabbed Jeannie's head and clamped his mouth over hers. He forced his tongue into her mouth as he moaned in pleasure. Bonzo had let go of her leg and stepped back to watch the action.

  The couch shook with the force of Fingers fucking the little sweetie.


She could barely breathe as the air was forced out of her lungs with every thrust of his hips. Jeannie's eyes were squeezed tightly shut as she ground her teeth in pain. She felt that she was going to die as Fingers continued his relentless assault. The pain was too great. She felt as if she was being torn in half.

"Eee...eee...eee...eee...eee!" Jeannie was nearly squeaking as Fingers drove into her over and over again. She felt him speed up his pounding, felt him growing ever larger inside of her. Then, with a near animalistic growl deep in his throat, Fingers began blowing his load inside the poor girl. She felt his penis pulsing, as he shot wave after wave of cum into her.
As he finished up and stepped aside to let Bonzo have his turn, Monica suddenly yelled out.


Duke, who was standing behind her and Rosie, brandished his pistol. He pressed it against Rosie's cheek, the barrel making an indentation.

"Mom, another outburst like that.....and little hottie here is gonna get this gun barrel right up her cunt and I'll pull the trigger!"

"Okay....okay....I-I'll be qu-quiet!" Monica sobbed.

"Nnnnuuuuuoooohhhhhh!" Jeannie groaned as Bonzo jammed himself all the way into her, pounding her body like a pile driver. Bonzo grabbed her legs and forced them into the air so that he could penetrate her more deeply. Pain tore through her body each time the savage man drove into her depths. 
"Uuuhhh.....uuuhhh....uuuhhh," she moaned in pain each time Bonzo drove into her. Over and over he pounded into her, tearing her body and soul. Bonzo couldn't recall fucking a vagina this tight since the day he had broken in his little sister Mandy.
He looked down to watch Jeannie's pussy lips wrap around his swollen meat! What an incredible sight!

Bonzo continued to fuck the bawling girl, sweat running down his face. He would ram in until his cock bottomed out inside her, pull back and ram in again! She was such exquisite fucking! Finally, however, Bonzo could no longer contain himself and he had to dump a load of jizz inside the cutie. He pulled out and was soon replaced by Gordo.

Gordo was on top of her, pinning her to the couch and pushing into her as she continued screaming. Damn! She was so TIGHT! Gordo loved the feeling of a girl squirming under him. He loved hearing them scream and cry. Gordo smiled as Jeannie's head snapped back and she arched her back in pain. Gordo drove completely into her, burying himself deep inside the little hottie.
"No-o-o-o! Oh no-o-o-o! P-please ST-STOP! Oh P-PLEASE!" Jeannie pleaded as she continued twisting her body, trying to pull away from Gordo.
He fucked Jeannie's young body, pulling back so that only the head of his dick was still inside her, then driving full force back into her. Jeannie jumped in pain each time Gordo impaled her on his rock hard meat. She didn't know how much more she could stand.
Gordo was groaning with pleasure as he brutalized the young girl that was twitching and quivering under him. He didn't want it to end. But at last, he came, his shaft jerking and pulsing inside Jeannie's tight hole.
  Gordo's cock made a loud SCHLORP! as it slipped out of the girl, she had so much cum inside her.

"Right on!" he said as he climbed off the couch. "She's some good fuckin'!"

"Little Jeannie took all those cocks like a champ, mom," said Zane to Monica. "I think your little girl is turning into a nympho!"

Monica said nothing in reply, just praying to herself the nightmare would end.

"I want these two untied," said Zane, pointing to Monica and Rosie. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm hungry as fuck! So our hosts are gonna make us some supper. You hear that, girls?"

Rosie and Monica both nodded as Bonzo and Bennie untied them.

"We'll be keeping a close eye on you while you're in the kitchen, you hear?" Zane growled. "So don't be trying any funny stuff. I don't wanna be needing to dig any graves tonight!"

Zane's words chilled them to the bone as they made their way to the kitchen. Even though Jeannie could barely walk, she too was pulled off the couch and made to go help the other two.

"Go on," said Syl. "I know you're sore, but you're gonna have to learn how to take a hard fuck."

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So hot!!!!!  More!!!!!!

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It took about an hour, but Monica and her girls managed to whip up a meal for the men. They made a large pot of chili, along with some salad and garlic bread. Monica also warmed up some leftover lasagna she had in the fridge. Zane and Bennie stayed in the kitchen and kept an eye on the women.

  A few of the men plunked themselves down in the living room and began watching TV. Syl, Bonzo, Duke and Seth, explored the rest of the house.

Syl's first destination was Jeannie's bedroom, where he went through her closet and then her underwear drawer. He checked out pairs of her panties and bras. It was a fetish of Syl's, that he liked to handle young girls' underwear and clothes. He liked to feel them with his hands and smell them. He also admired a few pictures hanging up on her walls, including a couple of Jeannie and Rosie during what must of been a vacation at the beach. Both of the girls were wearing bikinis.

Zane called everybody when supper was ready. They dished up their food and then sat in the living room to eat. Zane made Monica and the girls eat as well.

"Gotta keep your strength up, ladies! You're gonna need it."

After everybody was finished eating, Jeannie and Rosie gathered up all the dirty dishes and silverware and took them to the kitchen. Then Zane made them come back to the living room. He was sitting on the couch and made Monica sit beside him with his arm around her.

"All right, well that was some good eats! But now I think we need a little after-dinner show. Rosie and Jeannie, you're gonna provide the entertainment. I want you on your back on the floor, Rosie. And Jeannie I want you on top. Gonna get you two into a bit of 69 action."

The girls both gave him a puzzled look, not knowing what the hell he was talking about. Duke and Syl stepped in to show them. Rosie was made to lay on the floor on her back in the middle of the living room. Syl set Jeannie on top of her, her pussy and ass right over Rosie's face and her face pushed down between Rosie's legs.

"Start lickin' some cunt, you two!" Zane snapped.
Reluctantly, Rosie began to lick at her little sister's pussy. Jeannie squirmed around. If felt funny and weird to her.
"Yeah, I know big sis knows how to use her tongue," said Zane. "Let's see what you can do Jeannie!"
Syl stood over her and pushed her mouth down closer to Rosie's bare cunt.
"He said lick!" Syl snarled.

Tears running down her face, Jeannie's small pink tongue began licking at the outer lips of Rosie's pussy.
Rosie felt her hips involuntarily move as Jeannie's wet tongue stimulated her. All the while, she kept flicking her tongue across Jeannie's pussy, feeling drops of moisture begin to form on the folds of her labia. Jeannie began to have sensations in her body she had never felt before. She felt her face flushing.

Syl pushed on the back of Jeannie's head, forcing her tongue deeper into Rosie. Rosie let out a loud moan. She too, felt herself getting wetter, while at the same time being very embarrassed that it was her little sister making her respond this way.
"Wow, ain't that sweet," mused Zane to Monica. "Now that is what you call sisterly love."
"Th-that's sick!" spat Monica.

"Oh mom, you don't know how sick I can get," smiled Zane as he kept his arm around her shoulders.
The men all watched the two young girls pleasuring each other. It was very sexy and arousing, seeing their tight, curvy bodies entangled around each other, perspiration glistening on their smooth skin.
Rosie speared her tongue inside Jeannie's little lovebox, rubbing her thumb across her clitoris. Jeannie was feeling hot and flushed and her body tingled with each touch from her sister. It was a sensation like she'd never felt before. Rosie too, could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter as Jeannie's tongue pushed in and out.

The men could see that the two girls were getting close to giving each other orgasms.
"Man, oh, man! This is hot!" said Seth.
" porno movie hot!" agreed Bonzo.

Rosie was arching her back and pushing her hips up into Jeannie's face. Jeannie tried to pull back, but Syl had his hand on the back of her head.
"Just keep licking, girlie," he said.

Rosie's body began to shudder as she came, juices coating Jeannie's chin and mouth. Rosie ran her tongue in little circles around Jeannie's clit and soon the young girl's body was also bucking as she experienced her very first orgasm. Syl had let her bring her head up and a sharp squeal of sexual delight escaped from her lips. Her face turned a deep shade of red at her embarrassment.

"That was a damn hot performance, you two," said Zane. He turned to Monica. "You oughtta get these girls of yours in the movie biz, mom. They could make you rich!"
"L-let us go.....Please!" Monica begged. "I-I told you! I won't testify.....Okay?"

"I heard you before," said Zane as he got up from the couch. "And like I told you, it's too late! You had your chance to cooperate with us the first time and you told us to go to hell. Now Jeannie and Rosie, are gonna pay for your stubbornness."
"What are we gonna do next?" asked Duke.

"I think, seeing as how it's getting kinda late, we should retire to the bedrooms," said Zane. "We can continue the fun there. Rosie and Jeannie, you're gonna spend the night with the guys that first fucked ya. Me and Bennie, we'll look after mom."

Monica cringed as Zane ran his hand across her ass. She shuddered thinking about the vile men spending the night with her daughters, especially poor Jeannie. She watched Syl take Jeannie by the arm and lead her towards the upstairs bedrooms. Fingers, Gordo and Bonzo followed along. Jeannie looked back at her mother, her eyes pleading for help. It broke Monica's heart to know she could do nothing.

Duke and Seth had a hold of Rosie and were pulling her along too.
"Come on, little bitch. Can't wait to bury my cock in you again!" said Duke.
Smitty slapped her on the ass as they went up the stairs.

Zane and Bennie switched off the lights in the kitchen and living room and led Monica down the hallway to her bedroom. Once in the bedroom, Bennie closed the door shut behind them. Monica was thrown onto her large king-sized bed. Bennie and Zane began to undress, knowing they would have no more need for clothing tonight.

"Your turn to fuck her first," Zane said to Bennie.
Bennie didn't need to be told twice as he jumped on the bed and rolled Monica onto her back. She let out a small squeal of protest as Bennie worked his hard cock inside her and began a powerful fuck of the woman. Bennie loved every minute of it as his hard meat was enveloped inside her warm, wet cunt.

Duke dragged Rosie into her bedroom.
"Pl-please......please.....l-let us....go!" Rosie tearfully begged.

"Just shut up and get on the bed!" Duke snapped as he threw her down.

Seth and Donnie held her down on the bed as Duke undressed and climbed onto the bed. He lifted her legs up onto his shoulders and with a hard thrust, impaled her sweet body on his throbbing rod. He began to fuck the gorgeous 16 year-old with short, stabbing thrusts. The other men all undressed and waited beside the bed for their turn with the teen hottie.
In Jeannie's room, things were taking a little different turn. Syl threw the pile of stuffed animals on her bed, onto the floor.
"Gotta make some room," said Syl with an evil grin. "Now Jeannie, get on your bed!"
The young girl slowly climbed onto her bed and Syl made her get on her knees, with her little ass poking up in the air. Pulling his clothes off, Syl positioned himself behind her.

He gave her a hard slap across her tight cheeks. "You ready, little sweetie, for another ass-bangin'?"

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Jeannie cried, but it was too late. Syl was already forcing his erect cock into her sore bumhole.
Jeannie let out a loud scream as Syl began pumping away in her turd tunnel. She pushed her face down into her Disney Princess bedspread as her body was bounced back and forth on the bed. Syl had his hands wrapped around her slender waist as he fucked away. Her ass was feeling even better the second time around. Fucking her in her own bedroom was even more of a turn-on to Syl.

  He really liked it when he could violate a young girl in her bedroom.....her own private little sanctuary. The place where she should be safe from guys like him!

Her tears soaked into the bed as Syl's cock drove into her like a hot spear. She prayed he would just cum soon and leave her alone. Syl did finally cum, his dick spurting more jizz into her tight bowels. Jeannie shuddered as Syl pulled out of her, letting out another contented sigh. He was really liking this young girl.

"Now I wanna see something special with her," Syl said to the others. "I want you to do some TP on her."
"Yeah?" asked Bonzo. "All right then! I get her cunt!"
"I'll do her ass," Gordo piped up.
"I guess she can suck my dick then," said Fingers.

Jeannie couldn't understand what the men were talking about, but it sounded like.....they were going to all fuck the same time?

Her fears were realized when the three of them all began to climb on her queen-sized bed at the same time. Bonzo laid on his back and Fingers and Gordo hoisted her up on top of him. She bawled as she was made to straddle Bonzo's cock and it slid up inside her. Bonzo's heart pounded as he watched the pretty 13 year-old begin to ride his hard pole.

 Jeannie had barely gotten accustomed to Bonzo's cock inside her, when Gordo began to push inside her ass. She tried to turn around.
"NOOOO.....NOOOOOO.....PLEASE!" she cried out.

Suddenly, Jeannie had two hard dicks inside her! The pain was incredible as both of her small holes were spread apart. She didn't have much opportunity to scream, however.
Fingers was on the bed in front of her and pushing his penis into her mouth. She tried to turn away but a hard tug on her hair by Fingers, smartened her up. Her lips stretched around his shaft as it pushed into her mouth. Her slobber coated him as he slid in and out of her jaws.

"Ohhhhh, princess.....that's a good girl," he said.

Syl sat in a chair beside the bed, slowly stroking his cock. The sight of the petite girl servicing three cocks was a sight to behold. Bonzo and Gordo's dicks sawing in and out of her pussy and ass, and Fingers working his cock in her mouth!

Gordo was the first to cum, Jeannie's tight pooper milking him to orgasm. He grunted loudly as he shot a load into her ass. Just a couple minutes later, Bonzo let out a low growl, "Grrrrrrr.........YEAHHHHHH!" as his balls also released into her sweet little pussy.

Fingers took a little longer, but eventually he too had Jeannie swallowing his spunk as his cock jerked and spasmed in her mouth. She coughed and gagged as the foul stuff slid down her throat. The three men all collapsed on the bed, completely spent.