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November 07, 2014, 05:48:34 PM

Offline Nyx

This fictional story involves abduction and rape. If you don't like reading about such things or are under the age of 18, kindly hit the back button on your browser.


       Waking up was always the best part of Alexandria’s day. The sunlight leaking through her slowly opening eyelids, the familiarity of her comfortable queen size bed, the delicious smell of coffee that her boyfriend Chris made every morning. She used to take it for granted. Not anymore. Now she would give anything to wake up in her bed smelling that coffee. How long had it been since it was all ripped away? A week? A month? It doesn’t really matter. She’s never going back to that. She’s now the complete contents of SexBox number 7.

   You can find them all over the place in any city. They are in front of grocery stores, shopping strips, and many other locations. They’re just like the RedBox machines; in fact they ARE RedBox machines. Non-functioning machines with an out of order sign on the front. The only difference being if you figure out how to open it, you’ll get much more than a movie.
   Alex was a tall, beautiful girl with thick brown hair and piercing dark eyes. She had a body that Aphrodite would be jealous of. On this day she was wearing a black long sleeve shirt and jeans with her hair in a cute side ponytail. Most days she drove to work, but Chris was working on her car, so she walked instead. She got through her shift and after talking to some friends for a while, decided it was time to head home. As she walked out the door, she realized how late it had gotten so she called Chris to see if he could pick her up. After calling a couple times and getting no answer, she started walking. She was halfway through the park when she saw the figure lurking in the trees. She called out but the whistle of the wind was the only reply. She became frightened and tried to hurry along. Alex suddenly became aware that she could no longer see the silhouette and broke into a full on run. The rag went over her mouth just as she was about to break the clearing and come out on the street. The next time she woke up, there would be no bed or coffee.

       Jake was a twenty year old college student who was attending with his parents’ money to drink beer and fuck bitches. His friend had just finished telling him about a broken RedBox machine that he’d found while on vacation. Jake thought the story seemed a little extraordinary, and his friend was known for his story embellishments. Jake scratched his blonde hair and then dismissed the idea. He went about his day but by the time he was heading back to his dorm, the soft nagging in his head had turned into a loud whine. He got into his car and decided to drive around and have a look. It didn’t take long to find a box with an out of order sign affixed to the front. He parked his car and headed up to the machine. He knocked on the front of the box but heard nothing from the inside. He did however see the slot on the side where his friend told him to insert a $100 bill. Conveniently there was an ATM within walking distance, and Jake walked over to get some money….

   Alex awoke to a knock on the box. She tried to scream and realized that there was some kind of rag in her mouth and it was taped over. The knocking abruptly stopped and the emotions flowed like a pouring flood. She was immediately frightened and angry, but when she realized that she was naked and her hands were tied behind her back, she almost threw up into the rag. She had no idea why she was naked and stuck in a coffin-like apparatus. About the time her tears started to involuntarily flow down her cheeks, she again heard a noise. This time it was a whirring like money being placed into a machine.

November 07, 2014, 09:57:34 PM
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What a cool idea, Nyx!

November 08, 2014, 08:58:52 AM
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Offline Fancy

Wow you are a great writer!!  Looking forward to reading more of your stories.

November 08, 2014, 09:43:55 AM
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Offline Jed

A vending machine for rape.  I want to see where this is going.  Nice job Nyx.

November 08, 2014, 04:33:36 PM
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It's got my attention . . .patiently waiting for more!   ;)

November 08, 2014, 09:26:26 PM
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Thanks guys! I have a little more of it typed up that I'll try to post tomorrow (it's on my Surface and I'm currently on my phone). I think I'll stick to writing it after the kids go to bed. What I have now was all written while I sat at the kitchen table and the twins stood at the doorway insisting that we listen to Elton John. Which we did, because they're adorable and they dance if I put on music :)

November 09, 2014, 11:37:05 AM
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Offline sweetness

Cool story

November 17, 2014, 08:23:47 PM
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Ok Nyx we are still waiting for more of your story!!!

November 17, 2014, 10:24:46 PM
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Offline Nyx

Ackkkkk sorry!! I forgot. I'll definitely post tomorrow. And good news: since I forgot to post the other day, there's even more than just that now!! So DOUBLE THE FUN!! Or something like that...

November 18, 2014, 09:53:03 AM
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Oh yay!  I've been watching to see if you had posted more . . .

November 18, 2014, 01:26:05 PM
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Don't be holding out on us nyx

November 19, 2014, 01:10:57 PM
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Offline Nyx

Jake had just gotten back from the ATM and quickly stuffed the bill into the slot. His eyes widened a little when the money actually slid in. He was starting to feel the excitement and his dick was starting to tent in his pants. The bill completely disappeared into the slot and time stopped for a moment. Jake stared at the machine in total silence waiting for fireworks or Vegas dancers or flashing lights that said “You’re a moron”. He came all the way out here and put the money in and after all this he got…..nothing. Nothing was happening. Jake was starting to freak out. That money was supposed to be for his food budget and he was beyond disappointed. He knew his parents would question him when he had to call early for extra money. He punched the box. He thought he heard the slightest muffled noise, but thought nothing of it at this point and started to walk back to his car in the darkness. In the couple steps it took to get to his car, he turned around for one last look and realized that the box was actually creaking open!

   Jake ran back to the box, his heart almost pounding through his chest. When the door was completely open, Jake saw the most gorgeous girl he’d ever seen in his life. Even with tape and tears covering half of her face, he could tell she was beautiful. She had brown hair that flowed down and covered her naked tits. The rest of her body was completely uncovered, and with her hands behind her back, he could see that she had a flat stomach and perfectly sculpted thighs and her little, puffy pussy was peeking out even though she had given a valiant effort to cover it by crossing her legs.

   But this was wrong. Jake’s friend had said nothing about the girl being tied up. His friend had told him that the girls in these boxes were working. This was their job. They stayed in the box all night watching videos and whatnot on their phones and when someone paid, the box opened and they fucked and then they got back in the box. Jake thought about calling his buddy but a sick thought had crossed his mind. He’d had rape fantasies as long as he could remember. He had never been able to talk a girl into playing with him in such a way and he thought this might be his chance. This girl clearly didn’t want to be here and if he called the police, they’d immediately suspect him anyway.

   “This is my chance”, he thought to himself.

   Jake grabbed the girl and pushed her hair out of the way to have an unobstructed view of her tits. He liked what he saw. They were firm and round, with the most perfect areola/nipple proportion he’d ever seen. The girl could see the intention in his eyes and started to flail around.

   “Hold still!” he told her. “I paid good money for you tonight.” As she continued to wiggle around, he slapped her face. “I SAID hold still.” He pinched her left nipple and slowly lowered his head to suck on it. He could feel the sobbing resonating through the girl’s body but he no longer cared. He was hard and he was loving this. He moved his mouth to her other nipple and got even more excited when he realized both of her nipples were hard. “It looks like you’re liking this as much as I am.” He laid her on the ground and began to move his mouth closer to her pussy. Just then, he received a knee to the side from the scared girl. He slapped her pussy and then stuck his index and middle finger inside her and used his thumb to clamp down on the front. “Listen, bitch”, he started, “I’m going to do whatever I want to you tonight and if you keep struggling like this I’m going to rip your throat out and leave you here to bleed to death. Do you understand?”
        Wide eyes and a quick nod showed him that he wouldn’t have to worry about the struggling anymore. Alex had no idea what the fuck was going on but she definitely didn’t want to die here tonight. She closed her eyes hoping for an escape but still felt his mouth moving down her stomach toward her pussy. Once he got there, he gravitated right to her clit and began to slowly suck and nibble. Alex continued to squirm a little bit, mostly because it felt good and she was trying really hard to not let this boy get the satisfaction of bringing her to an orgasm. He started to finger her as he used his tongue and she realized she had stopped squirming and was moving in rhythm with his fingers and tongue. She started squirming again, turning beet red and hoping the boy wouldn’t notice. He had.

        “Well look at you, you little slut. I knew you liked this, but I had no idea how much you loved it!” He said quite happily.
Alex tried to shake her head but he had stopped looking at her. His focus was now completely on getting his pants off. As his pants and boxers came off, Alex’s eyes again went wide. This young man had at least a ten inch dick and he clearly meant to fuck her. Her boyfriend Chris was not so well endowed, having only about eight inches. She tried to scoot herself away from the boy but stopped when she realized that she was on concrete.

        Jake, now also completely naked, moved towards Alex and sat her up. “You can lay on your back, sit up, stand, whatever the fuck you want to do, but you are going to suck my dick. You’re going to do it like you mean it, and you’re not going to use any teeth. You know what happens if you try anything.” The girl squirmed around until she was on her knees. Jake slapped her face. She looked up at him with wondering eyes and he said, “How do you expect to suck my dick with your mouth shut?”

November 19, 2014, 01:12:34 PM
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Offline Nyx

      Alex opened her mouth and welcomed Jake’s dick with her mouth. It was quite a warm welcome. She started on the tip of his penis with small licks and then slowly took in more and more as she rocked her head back and forth on his shaft. Just as she was about to speed it up a little bit, Jake grabbed her hair and pushed his dick all the way into her mouth. She gagged a little bit as it made its way into her throat. She could feel his penis throbbing and knew it wouldn’t be long until he came. He kept ahold of her hair and kept thrusting in and out. The quickened groaning told Alex it was about to happen. Her only other warning was the much more rapid throbbing of his dick. Suddenly he pulled his dick from her mouth and she knew she had escaped tasting his cum. A split second later, the thick liquid was squirting all over her face and running down her chin onto her hot tits. Jake almost came again watching it run down her like a river. He thought about giving the poor girl a break, he really did. But she just looked so good covered in his cum and he knew he needed to fuck her at once. Before she had time to recover from the jizz river, Jake was spreading her legs and sticking his fingers inside her again. Once he had deduced that she was wet enough that it would feel great for him, he crammed his dick in her tight little vagina.

   Alex was in the middle of exhaling when the dick penetrated her almost virgin pussy. The surprise of the action caught her off guard and she nearly choked on the air. His thrusts were hard and fast and he further amused himself by playing with her nipples while he fucked her. He loved the look on her face. Embarrassment mixed with…what? Was she enjoying herself? He wanted to make another snide comment but he reached his climax so fast that he didn’t have a chance to question her. When he was sure that all of his cum had been deposited deep inside her, he pulled out to have a look at the beauty. The cum from her face was now smeared all over her chest and into her hair as well. She was shivering and crying again. Now that he was finished with her though, he put his clothes back on and pulled her to her feet. He walked her back over to the box and put her inside. He carefully closed the door and then checked to make sure it wouldn’t open back up. He then got back into his car and sat there for quite a while letting everything sink in. Then he drove away into the night.

   Alex was glad to be back inside the box. She was covered in tears and jizz and still had no idea what was going on. Unfortunately, just as soon as she felt safe in her box sanctuary, she heard the jingling of keys. She heard a key go into a lock and suddenly the door was opening again.

   This time she was greeted with the site of a masked man. He said nothing but pulled her out of the box and toward a nearby shop. He unlocked the door and they went inside. The place was dark and she couldn’t really get a clear idea of where she was. Even when the boy had been fucking her outside it had been too dark to see any nearby signs. The man led her to a second door and when he turned the lights on, she realized they were in a shower room. He gruffly told her that he would wait outside the door while she took a shower. He didn’t want her to be dirty for the next customer. Her mind was firing too fast for her to comprehend anything about her situation, so like a zombie, she twisted the faucet until the water was warm and got in. There was shampoo and body wash already waiting for her and she started to wash her hair. She was completely lost in her thoughts wondering where in the hell she was, what “more customers” meant, and how she was going to get out of here. She was so lost that she didn’t notice another presence until the man had one hand on her pussy and the other cupping a tit. She jumped with a start and the man calmly told her, “I forgot to leave a cloth in here for you to wash with so I thought I’d come join you.”

   Alex trembled as the man turned her around to face him. With his mask still on, the only thing to focus on was his eyes. She noted that they were an eerie blue and green combination that seemed so familiar but she couldn’t quite place it. The man started to pull the tape from her face and said, “If you promise to be a good girl, we can leave this off for a while”. Alex frantically nodded. The man threw the tape and rag to the side and chuckled to himself when he realized that she’d already had something to wash with. He ran his fingers all over her body. “I always wondered what you’d feel like in my hands.” He whispered, seemingly to himself, as he shoved a couple fingers into her vagina. Alex hardly noticed the words. She had drifted back into her thoughts. She was so tired that she fell in and out of consciousness as the man slowly pulled his fingers out and inserted his penis. As he raped the swaying girl, his mind turned to his other tasks for the night.

   When Alex resumed consciousness, she found herself alone in the box again, very much like when she’d first woken up. She sat on the cold floor waiting for the door to open again. She didn’t have to wait long. The whir of the machine started and slowly the door opened. This time it was an older man. “Perfect.” She heard him say. He was already naked and hard. She was expecting to be pulled from the box again but this man pushed her against the back wall and immediately stuffed his throbbing dick inside her. Alex screamed into the newly applied tape as his penis penetrated her very parched pussy. The man didn’t touch her other than to hold her against the wall. Alex saw the sky changing color and realized this man must be in a rush for time. Soon, he exploded inside her and she could feel the hot, sticky mess leaking down her legs as he pulled her to her knees. “Now clean me off,” he said,” I can’t have my wife knowing I was fucking some slut this morning.” She greedily took his dick in her mouth knowing that the faster she licked the mess up, the faster he’d be out of there. Just as she’d suspected, as soon as he was cleaned off, he shut the door on her and was gone.

November 19, 2014, 01:13:47 PM
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Offline Nyx

      Alex finally drifted off to sleep several hours later. Her dreams were troubled and she was more relieved than anything when the door opened once again for shower time. This routine continued for weeks. Fuck all night, take showers between guys, get fucked in the shower. She had lost all hope that she would ever be found. One night after she’d been in the box for nearly two months, she awoke one evening to the door opening and to her surprise she saw a female standing before her. Even though it was a woman, her general demeanor was not like that of the men who’d come to “visit”. This woman was clearly nervous and almost shaking. “Listen”, whispered the woman,” I made a bet with these guys and lost, so I have to do everything they say for twenty-four hours.” She was subtly gesturing toward the only car in the parking lot. “I don’t know what this is, but somehow they knew about you so here we are. Just please do what we say or I’m going to lose my job.” Alex was already very used to doing everything anyone said so she was sure she could handle it.

   “I’ll do anything, just remember where you found me and come back to get me out of here.” Alex whispered back to her. The woman nodded in agreement. A moment later, two men had joined them.

   “Alright, ladies”, said the first man,” We’re going to make a video. I want this to look completely natural so I’m going to give you some directions and I don’t want to have to repeat them during filming. First of all, Mandy, I want you to walk up to this whore, grab her by the hair and kiss her. Then, while she watches, I want you to strip. After that, the order of events will be up to you, but I want to see some titty play, rubbing, sucking, and above all, I absolutely want to see some 69. Get to it.”

   Mandy walked up to Alex and kissed her as she’d been told. She thrust her tongue into Alex’s mouth and twirled it in little circles on the tip of Alex’s tongue. When she pulled back, she bit Alex’s lip and bit it a little and then stepped away. Alex was surprised at how well this “Mandy” got into character for these guys. When she focused back in on the present, Mandy already had her t-shirt off and was pulling her shorts down and over her feet. When she took her bra off, her round, firm breasts fell out and did a quick little jiggle. She threw the bra to the side and slowly tugged at her panties until she was kicking them away with her foot. Mandy walked back over to Alex and cupped her tits. She lowered her head and began to suck on one nipple as she gently rubbed the other with her hand. Alex, almost unaware of her movements, reached up and began to play with Mandy’s nipples.

   Mandy slowly repositioned Alex onto the ground and began to rub her finger lightly on Alex’s slit. Alex’s body immediately responded with a shudder and a dampening. Mandy wasted no time moving her mouth towards Alex’s clit. It wasn’t long before Alex was flailing around like she was possessed. Mandy twisted her position so that she could press her puffy labia right onto Alex’s mouth. Alex quickly found her clit and reciprocated. Soon the girls were a wet mess of jerky movements. They came together like a love story. They laid there together for several minutes as the guys took the recording equipment back to their vehicle. Alex tried to speak several times but when it became obvious that nothing was going to come out, Mandy spoke. “That was amazing. Thank you for helping me. I know exactly where we are. I’ll come back and get you.” Mandy walked Alex back to the box and it wasn’t until they were at the door that Alex finally found her voice and asked where it was that they were. “We’re right next to the new gym, “Muscle Makers”. Then the door closed and Alex was once again on her own but this time full of hope. She was still in town! And even better, she knew this particular area. It was in fact her boyfriend’s brother who bought the empty store maybe three months ago and started the gym. She was starting to think about all the possible ways she could escape when the door opened and the masked man was ready for shower time.

November 19, 2014, 01:38:11 PM
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Offline Dark

Excellent story Nyx.

November 19, 2014, 02:28:10 PM
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Offline Nyx

And the grand finale.....

   Other than being fucked by the masked man during shower time, Alex wasn’t overly distraught anymore. Mandy had given her hope. Now she just had to figure out a way to get out of there. She was half sitting, half leaning in her box-home hitting her head lightly on the side of the box trying very hard to come up with a plan of escape. She didn’t have to think long as she suddenly heard the wailing of sirens getting closer and closer. At first Alex figured they were on the way somewhere and she was hearing them in passing, however once they got closer, they seemed to stop right outside of the box. Then there was a loud noise, like a prying sound, and it became the only noise to Alex. After several minutes, the door forcefully opened and a man was waiting right outside with a blanket opened in his outstretched arms. Alex walked into the blanket and let it envelope her. It was so warm. Alex thought she must be dreaming.

   “How did you find me?” she asked. The police officer told her that a female had made an anonymous call about the box. They took her to the station and provided her with a sweat suit to wear while they questioned her. She started at the very beginning, her car problems, walking home through the park, waking up in the box. She told them everything she could remember about the men who had come to the box. Finally after several hours, she got a chance to ask some questions herself. She wanted to know how long she had been in the box and if the police knew about her boyfriend, Chris. The officer sighed and told her she’d been missing for five months. He also told her that her boyfriend had never given up on her. He’d been to the police station every day checking in to find out if they had gotten and leads. The officer told Alex that based on the time, they didn’t expect him in for several more hours. The officer offered to drive Alex to her house, as her boyfriend had left one at the station in case they found Alex.

   Alex was nervous as they took off. She hadn’t seen Chris in five months! What would he say when he found out she’d been getting fucked by random guys every night for five months? What would she do if she found out she had a disease? What if she was pregnant? Finally, they arrived at the house. The officer walked Alex up to the door and Alex fumbled with the key for a minute before getting the door unlocked. She waved goodbye to the officer as he headed back to his car. The house was very dark. Alex looked at the clock as she walked through the kitchen. It was only five in the morning. Chris was surely still asleep. She turned around to go get some clean clothes and looked right into a pair of eerie green and blue colored eyes. She screamed as she was grabbed. Suddenly, the light flicked on and Chris was standing in the doorway yelling.

   “What the fuck is go….Alex?!” He stammered. “Where the fuck have you been?” The man let go of Alex and when she turned to look, she realized it was only Ben, Chris’ brother. She gave Chris a card from the police station and began to tell him what had happened. When she spoke of the gym, Chris couldn’t believe it. The time he hadn’t spent at the police station or work had been spent at the gym. IT was the only way he could deal with his feelings of hopelessness. He knew Alex hadn’t just left, but he didn’t know where to start looking for her. After several more questions, he left Alex alone to take her bath and to get some rest in a bed.

   Alex walked upstairs and got her clothes and headed to the bathroom.  She could hear the boys talking downstairs and she was glad that Ben had been there to comfort Chris, even if he had just scared the shit out of her. When there was enough water in the tub, Alex got in and laid back, enjoying the warm water in solitude. When she was finished, she dried off, got dressed and went downstairs. Chris was in the kitchen making breakfast, so she sat in the living room with Ben.

   “We’re so glad to have you home,” he started. “I’ve been trying my hardest to keep Chris calm since you disappeared. He’s been so worried. I would have given him a spare key to go work out more at night but I just never had time to go make one.”

   “That’s nice of you,” Alex said in reply. “I was very worried about him as well. I kept thinking the whole time that he was going to think I left him.”

   “Breakfast is ready!” Chris yelled from the kitchen. Alex and Ben went to join him.

   Several weeks later, Chris and Alex went to the gym together so Alex could check it out.  The place just gave Alex a bad feeling that she couldn’t shake, and she had to keep reminding herself that it was the close proximity to her former prison that was freaking her out. She did actually get into it, and started to use some of the equipment, which surprised her but also made her feel normal again. As the couple was about to meet back up and head out for dinner, Alex realized she needed to use the bathroom and headed towards the showers. She opened the door and walked inside. It was a pretty decent sized shower, she thought, looking it over. It was actually very nice. Alex couldn’t believe that Ben had managed to put together a nearly perfect shower room. The only issue she noticed was that someone had taken a shower and left their belongings on the floor. She bent down to get a closer look and began to sob when she realized that she was looking at a rag and a used piece of tape.

November 19, 2014, 03:19:54 PM
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It is good!!!!!

November 19, 2014, 03:26:26 PM
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Thanks :]

November 21, 2014, 03:33:24 PM
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Great job Nyx . . .worth the wait!

November 22, 2014, 08:06:53 AM
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Great story Nyx.  Thanks for posting it.