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Warning!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

Synpsis:  Three male scouts get even with a strict female counselor.

Barbara stood with her hands on her hips, glaring angrily at the three male scouts.  She was dressed in full counselor regalia; the  summer uniform with shorts and button down shirt, knee high socks, a clip board in her hand, and a whistle around her neck.

Secretly, there was nothing more she enjoyed that exercising her authority over the boys.  She rarely got the chance as the councils frowned upon female's leading male scouts, but occasionally it would be necessary and this was one of those days.

“I really don't care to discuss it any more boys.  I am filling in for your ailing scout master and since there are no other male leaders available at such short notice that puts me in charge. I am looking at his records right here and there is no entry for the ten mile hike. You will just have to do it again, and you are going to do it today.  All other activities are canceled until this is completed, now get ready!” Barbara huffed as she walked away momentarily.

“I hate that fucking bitch,” Andy snarled. “We have already done that hike and there is no way I am going to do it again.”

“Me too. Cant' stand her.  Always wearing her pants a size too small showing off her ass like she's hot shit,” Tom huffed.

“Maybe she is advertising, hoping for a good fucking. She is single you know,” Pete remarked as they all laughed.

“Well she has ruined our weekend and now we will have to come back to finish the swimming requirements to get our merit badges. I don't know about you, but I had other plans,” Andy grumbled.

“Hell yes we did,”  the other two remarked.

“Then let's show the bitch she can't get away with it,” Andy remarked.  “Let's show her who is really in charge.”   The three lads huddled together as they laid out their vengeful assault.

The three grabbed the needed things from the cabin and met Barbara at the foot of the trail to begin the trek through the rugged woods.   An hour later they found themselves at an abandoned camp site and stopped for a rest.

As Barbara sat on a large branch the three came up from behind.  One placed a hand over her mouth and they pulled her backwards.  She screamed, squealed, and writhed to free herself, but the three lads were just too strong for her.

Lying her flat on the ground, Andy rolled a pair of underwear into a ball shape and forced it into her mouth, securing it with a roll of duct tape they had found in the cabin, while the other two held her arms and legs in place.

“Let's get this bitch naked!” he growled.

“Mmmmmmffffff!”  Barbara growled, her eyes wide with fear at Andy's words as she shook her head defiantly.

Barbara was a fit women with a body in excellent shape for her 38 years. A medium frame with short dirty blonde hair, 38-C tits, athletic legs, and shapely ass.  Still, she was no match for three horny 18 year old males who were at the peak of their physical strength.

With minimum effort from the boys, Barbara soon lay naked on the ground staring up at the three attackers who grinned as they tossed her clothes aside. They dragged her to a more open spot where they staked her spread eagle using two long bamboo rods for her arms and legs and fastening each arm and leg to them with thick ropes.

Andy snarled as he placed his hand around her neck. “You prance around like you own everything, wearing skin tight pants to show off your ass.  If you want attention so bad, we are going to give it to you.  We're going to fuck you good bitch, and there is not one damn thing you can do about it,”   

Barbara was horrified, screaming profusely through her gag.  She was helpless, in the middle of nowhere, and the boys were seeing everything she had to offer.  Her face blushed crimson at her exposed nudity and her heart beat rapidly from fear of the impending rape. 

“Look at this shit!” Andy remarked as he bent down and tugged at the clit ring adorning Barbara's bald pussy.  “You kinky bitch. What kind of respectable leader would have a ring stuck through her clit? I am sure this is against scout regulations. Maybe we should report this,”  Andy derided.  Each of the three boys took turns tugging at it, causing her to moan and move her body in response. They also took delight in rubbing her pussy and teasing the exposed asshole before rising and stripping naked themselves.

Barbara tossed her head back and forth, pleading with them through her eyes, which grew even larger when she saw their cocks spring into action as they approached her.  Andy and Tom knelt by her chest and began teasingly twisting her nipples and groping her breasts.  “Nice tits for an  older lady,”Tom remarked.  “Looks like she likes it too,” Andy said with a grin. “Her nipples are already getting hard.”

Pete lowered his head between her legs and began licking her pussy with his tongue while teasing her clit with his thumb and fingers.   Barbara blushed and squirmed uncomfortably as she felt her juices flowing and her body responding to the stimulation she was receiving.

She moaned, pleaded and shook her head defiantly as the spittle dribbled from the ball gag down her chin onto her neck and tears of shame filled her eyes.  “I got an idea,” Andy relayed to Tom.

Andy and Tom tilted her head downward and while one held her head, the other would slide his cock through the tight wedge between her chin and neck, using the space to masturbate their cocks.  The action of the cock rubbing against her throat made it painful to breathe but the two were having quite a sport with it and disregarded her painful humiliation.

When her pussy was gushing wet from his tongue lashing, Pete walked over to the bags and pulled out a camcorder.  Andy and  Tom joined him and the three stood watching as they recorded her lying naked and spread eagle on the ground.   “Just so you know.  You even think about telling anyone about this and we will send the video to everyone we know.  They will all see what a whore you really are,” Andy threatened.

The thought of her being recorded in such a degrading state was unbearable and she wept all the more.

“Enough foreplay, I wanna mount this bitch,” Andy remarked and lowered his body over her, shoving his cock against her moist opening. Pete captured it on film as Andy thrust his cock into her and began humping her enthusiastically while squeezing her bit tits with his hands.

“Oh fuck..She feels good,” Andy groaned as he sawed his dick in and out of her cunt.  Barbara wrestled  with the fact that she was being fucked like a common whore by three boy scouts.  If word ever got out her reputation would be ruined, rape or not.  Andy pumped her steadily until he moaned, stiffened his body and sent a thick flood of cum oozing into her.   As he pulled out and shook his dick over her, some beads of cum fell onto her lower stomach. Barbara closed her eyes in disgust.

Pete was next and gripped his cock in his hands while he ran the head up and down her slit. “You want this don't you bitch?” he hissed.  She shook her head no but he laughed and shoved it into her with relative ease before pumping his rigid shaft as deep as it would go.  The sound of his balls slapping against her could be heard with each thrust as Andy and Tom shouted their laughing approval while filming it.  They were careful never to include a facial shot, just a bare ass humping the spread out victim.

 “Fuck..I'm..cumming!!” Pete moaned as he emptied his cum laden balls into her snatch.  The cum oozed from her crack  and dripped onto the ground as Pete stood above her grinning in triumph.

Tom grasped his 8 inch cock into the palm of his hand and began stroking it as he lowered himself onto of her and pressed the head of his cock against her gaping hole.   She was still shaking her head no and pleading, but she knew it was useless to stop them now.  Tom slipped his cock inside and began thrusting in and out in lustful abandon.

Barbara was delirious as she felt an unwelcome orgasm beginning to erupt inside her.  She closed her eyes, determined to fight it, but the action of three cocks inside her was simply too powerful.   As the teenage boy fucked her steadily she felt the first wave of orgasm and groaned loudly as it overtook her. Tom could feel her hot juices splashing against his cock and moaned loudly as he shot his load in response.

The boys stood over her grinning from ear to ear at the sight of her pussy gaping wide and leaking cum, her big tits heaving up and down as she tried to catch her breath and the eyes wet with tears.

“She don't look so bossy now,” Andy remarked.  The boys grabbed some cold water from a small cooler and sat down nearby, all  the while listening to Barbara plead and moan through her gag and wrestle against the ropes binding her.  Refreshed, they decided to have some more fun and scoured the nearby woods until they had each found and cut some nettle branches.

They dragged the stinging plants up and down her body, delighting in how she would squeal and try to free herself.  For a solid hour they tormented before deciding to fuck her one more time.  As the last boy pulled from her Andy knelt down and removed the gag and tape from her mouth.

“You had enough, or shall we continue?” Andy growled.

“Yes, yes, please just give my my clothes,” Barbara pleaded tearfully wanting the ordeal to be over.

“No clothes until we decide so bitch. You be good and mark all of our requirements passed and we will go easy on you.  Refuse or tell anyone about this and you will be sorry,” Andy chided.

The three boys had the time of their life marching Barbara butt naked through the woods with her hands bound above her head, each taking turns whipping her naked ass with switches.  By the time they arrived back to the beginning of the trail her ass was criss-crossed in angry red stripes and she was bawling hysterically.

The boys handed her her clothes and watched her drive away.  Barbara was beyond humiliated but could not get the incident out of her mind. Later that night she laid on her bed burying the dildo in her cunt and reliving the entire incident in her mind.

All three boys spent a carefree summer having met all the requirements for their merit badges.  Every other weekend or so they would go with Barbara to a remote location where they would tie her up and fuck her endlessly.

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Makes me wish I'd have been a scout. ;D

March 08, 2015, 08:09:54 PM
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ha ha. Yes I was thinking the same thing :)

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I had female leaders when I was in Scouts but they were definitely not hot enough to want to fuck. Sure wish we'd had one like Barbara! hehe. Another great post Darklord.

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Great story Darklord, just my thing!

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Love this, read it with a dido in my pussy