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The author of the following doesn't condone any form of violence towards women. Seek medical help if reality begins to blur in your mind when even considering doing any such act.

The young lady who is collaborating on "The Woods"  has fallen in love with my story "Infatuation"
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login     and wanted to know if I could take it beyond the ending of the first story. what follows does just that!


Four years! I waited for this moment. Finally I was leaving a Canadian prison for one in the States. Finally I was going home where I could be released back to human society in another few years with time off for good behaviour.

Seven years later I standing at the gate of the Montana State prison. “So Tomlinson what’s your plan now that you’re free?”

Turning my back on the guard I think ‘what is my plan?’ No sense telling that I plan to find my love one more time.Fuck he probably refuse to release me if I said that out loud. I just pretend that I didn’t hear his question, craning my neck to see if the bus was coming.

Finally I see the Greyhound bus with Helena in the destination banner. Six minutes after it stops I’m aboard an dreaming of how Karen has changed over the last 11 years. One hour later I’m pulling in to the Helena Bus Depot, as i exit the bus and collect my bag, I make my way to a phone booth to check out the white pages. Only two Karen Mitchell listed , one at the same address that I absconded with her 12 years ago. Hand shaking I lift the receiver and place a call…

“Hello, Mitchell residence, can I help you?” I recognize that sweet voice even after eleven years. She still lives there great I got my starting place I’m almost tempted to speak but suddenly the dial tone comes over the line, she’s hung up on me. From here to her place it’s a forty minute walk, forty minutes until I can lay my eyes on her once more. Spending most of the day reacquainting myself with the place , talking a walk past the diner where i first laid eyes on Karen all those many years ago. Finding a public library, spending most of the rest of the day catching up on local events and reading how my abduction of Karen was reported until the place closed at 7 pm.

Grabbing my bag I start the most anxious walk I’ve taken in a long ,long time. As I approach her building I see it’s changed alot since I was last here, now it has fence all around the front, gates block the driveway entrances with a guard booth on the right side. No just walking up and entering like I live there this time! The only saving grace, the old house directly across the street is all boarded up with a sign saying ‘condemned!’ Looks like I know where I’ll be staying this night

Working my way to the hose from the back side, I find a board I could pry up enough to give me access. This bring back memories of being on the run with Karen in Idaho before making our way up into Canada. Doing a fast check around I find a boarded up window on the second floor directly opposite the front door with a dirt mattress under it. The corner of the board busted off, making a perfect peephole.

Using my bag as a pillow I settle down for my first night in the real world. Like normal I awake just after three am, out of habit going to the left corner to piss, forgetting there was no urinal in the place! Returning to the mattress I begin the long wait hoping to catch a glimpse of Karen as she leaves. Five hours later I’m graced by good fortune, there she is a little chubbier than I remembered but still the only girl I want to make love with. In a flash I’m down the stairs, out the back and around to the front in time to see her walking down towards the intersection.

My eyes drink in her appearance as I race down the opposite side of the road, knocking over an old bum looking for spare change. As she turns the corner making a beeline for the same restaurant that I first laid eyes on her more than eleven years ago. Taking up the same position that I did before I watch through the front glass, every now and then I thought she spotted me.

Damn I wish I had a pair of binoculars or a telephoto camera with me so I could look into the restaurant. I wonder if she would remember me after all these years. Digging through my pants pocket pulling out a whopping one thirty-five in coins- not even enough to get a glass of free water.

Getting a little braver I venture across the street and make like I was searching for someone inside the dinner. Staring intently inside, my eyes glued on Karen most of the time until she happens to notice me. Into the back she goes when she reemerges she’s with a tall lanky guy pointing directly at me, his lips moving as he gets closer to the door

I should go but for some reason I don’t, then the inevitable confrontation happens. “Something I can do for you mate?”

“Just looking to see if my friend Steve was here yet!”

“Well if you don’t see him, clear off then!” saying the cliche line I fully expected “or I’m calling the police!”

Make feeble excuses like “my friend must be running late!” and the classic “Just give me a few minutes more to see if he shows!”

“Fine five minutes then the police!” Returning inside. Pretending to look both ways for my suppose ‘friend’ then i just leave after shrugging my shoulders in front of the window. Only going down a quarter of a block I cross the street and slowly work my way back up to my original position.

Looking inside the store I see a clock , eleven thirty!” No way that guy and those inside the dinner wouldn’t notice me hanging out all day. Then I get the idea to go check out her apartment. Making my way back I get there just as a group of kids were coming home for lunch.Easily walking in with them, like I lived there.

My memory about her is infallible, Apartment 109 as i about to approach the door i hear the voice that almost ruined things for me the first time

“Well little Sammy how are you?”

“Fine Mr. Jessup!”

“And your mom?

“Fine too!” Looking around seeing the fat bastard talking with a boy about ten standing with his hand extended towards the lock, a key in his hand.I froze at the sight of the kid, it was like I was looking at a smaller version of me

Could it be???

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Part Two

To say I’m floored would be an understatement. At no time did I ever received any message about a possible child. Did Karen hate me that much as to keep me in the dark about a son? Now I was torn, stay and maybe try to talk with the kid or go confront Karen

My mind’s made up for me by fatso turning to continue his chores “Hey don’t I know you?” I bolt for the side door before Fatso can get a real good look at my face. Looks like I’m going to have the talk with Karen earlier than I anticipated. Making my way back to the restaurant I come across the bum I knocked down earlier, asleep with a hat in front of him. In it a few bills and some coins, looking around seeing no one, bending down and scooping a few bills for myself .

Making the restaurant without incident, I don’t hesitate this time going right in and taking a seat at the counter. Karen comes to me with a pad in her hand “What can I get you?” I don’t speak, my face buried in the menu “Shall I come back when you decided?” Biting my inner cheek so I don’t reply with a snotty attitude to her

“Sorry it’s been eleven years since I had to make my own decision as to what to eat!” Looking up from the menu “What can you recommend ?” At first she’s doesn’t recognize me, then when I smile at her and wink she begins to shake

“When did you get out of Canada? Wow news to me that the feds didn’t keep her inform about my activities.

“Seven years ago when I was extradited to complete my sentence In Montana!” Her eyes widen as I continue “It’s great to see you again Karen, I never stopped thinking about you or loving you!” The pen in her hand shaking like she was a human seismograph “So what’s new with you, anyone special in your life?” she drops the pen and pad, running for the back

Calling out “I know about Sam!” That stops her dead in her tracks “He’s mine isn’t he?”

“You stay away from him you monster!” tears openly flowing down her cheeks, from the back the asshole who told me to leave comes to see what going on. Spotting me as he comes around Karen, turning back saying something that I imagine amounted to ‘do you want me to throw him out!’, as he turns back to me a glare in his eyes .

Picking up the pad and pen I write a message ‘Here or at your apartment your choice either way I’ll get the truth!’. Dropping the pad back down then getting up and leaving, going across the street to the advantage point that I knew. As I settle in I see Karen pick up the pad then look out the window.

Her reaction in there pretty well told me that I was Sammy’s father. After all the years, she’s still the ideal female in my eyes and that thought of her and me having a child just seemed perfect to me. The question now was how I could use this to get back into bed with her, Then I see her come out looking both ways and across, then return back inside. Taking the bills out of my pocket I stole from the bum I count- thirty five bucks

Looking around I spot a cell phone store six stores up from the diner. Making my way there i buy a cheap disposable, pay as you go phone and return to my advantage point. Dialing the restaurant, Karen answers “Hello?”

“I mean it Karen!, we talk now or tonight in front of Sam your choice?”

I see the receiver drop from her hand, another co-worker picking it up then “I don’t know who you are but know the police have been notified and will be here soon!” Then the dial tone greets my hearing,amateurs! On the safe side I do move to a new location where i can watch the front window, then lo and behold a cop car cruises by, coincident  probably but i don’t  take a chance going for a longer walk down the street until it drives off.

Outside of a barber shop i stop hoping to maybe learn the time. Looking in I spot a L.C.D. TV set on one of those 24 hour news channel, the time in the upper right hand corner One fifteen. If i remember right her shift use to end at four PM, two hours and forty-five minutes is a long time to wait outside of the restaurant what with her coworkers on the lookout for me also. And forget trying to find where Sam goes to school, that’s just begging for a return trip to prison what with the heighten awareness of schools over one parent families and child molesters!

Maybe now would be a good time to check in with the local Howard Johnson Society and get a place to stay. Doing that means a trip back to the condemned place I stayed last night to collect what meager things I have. On the way back I see the bum I knocked down and stole from, digging into my pocket for the loose coins, dropping then into the hat, waking him up

“Thank you mister!”

“Forget it old timer, I’ve been where you are, glad I could do a little something to help out!” Walking on without mentioning how i just gave back some of what I took to begin with. Soon I’m at the condemned place as two mother pass

”So tonight open house will have a play by all the  grade four classes!”

“Yes I hear Sam Mitchell is going to be the star just like at the grade three presentation last year!”

Hearing the name I stop cold. Could there be more than one Sam Mitchell in this neighbourhood. Highly unlikely, maybe old Howard Johnson will see me a little later, deciding to go find the school after all. A couple of block later i hear the laughter of lots of kids, damn must be getting close. Almost three block from Karen’s apartment i find it Loyalment Public School, a banner announcing the open house and play for tonight, food and beverages provided, all welcomed!

A smile on my lips, as i spot Sam standing in front of the fence as other boys run the other way chasing a soccer ball. Spotting a watch on his wrist i get closer, “Excuse me can you tell me the time?”

He turns to me looking at his watch, a cheap LED digital of some cartoon character “ Two twenty-five sir!” just as the recess bell rings and he runs off to go back to class. God he looks so much like me when I was ten, calling out loud!

“Thank you before he’s back inside, earning my a wave of acknowledgement. Turning to make my way back to the condemned place I get there in time to see Karen getting out of a blue two door car

“No I’m sure I’ll be alright, thanks Margret for the lift!”

Making to the gate after Karen is already through it and as an elderly lady with a shopping car is going in with a load of grocery it trying to maneuver in side. “Here allow me to help!” Taking the cart and wheeling it inside for her, suggesting I help her right to her apartment door. Five minutes later I’m inside Karen’s building once more.

Making my way to her door, knocking hearing a slightly muffled “Coming!”, footsteps then the sound of a deadbolt opening “Yes can I help you?”

As the door open wide enough I jam my foot into the opening, preventing Karen from closing the door “As I said either there or here!” The look of shock on her face makes it easy for me to get past her, close and lock the door!

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Part Three

With my back hard against the only exit “What!’ no good to see you again Jim?’ oh by the way looking as lovely as ever Karen!” Moving closer to her as she stands there paralyzed with fear. My right hand, raises to touch her cheeks, “God how I missed touching you!”

She flinches as my hand drifts down to her covered breast “Never understood why you kept these covered up when at home!” Moving my hand to the buttons on her shirt, my left hand joining, undoing them slowly! Even though the fabric of her shirt I can feel her trembling. Gently pulling the tail out of her black pants “Well are you going to welcome me back properly or…?” Letting it hang between us.

“Why are you doing this to me again?”

"Oh you know why Karen!” sliding her shirt off her shoulders and down her arms, dropping it to the floor. Starting to lower the straps of her white bra down her arm, then reaching around her and unhooking it,also letting it fall to the floor. “Just as perfect as I remember them all these years!” Leaning in kissing her lips then kissing my way down to her breasts. Stopping after kissing both until her nipples starting to come to attention

“Please if you leave now I won’t call the police or tell anyone you were here!” Trying to move away from me.

Grabbing her by the arms “Oh no I’m going nowhere until we have a small chat about Sam!”

She tries to kick out “You leave him alone you bastard, he’s too good to be related to you!”

“Then it true, he’s mine!” Stunned Ii let her go and stepped back “I’ve a child, and a son at that!” Karen took the opportunity to run into the kitchen grabbing a cast iron skillet then coming run towards me swinging it. Spotting it i duck causing her to go off balance, sweeping out with my left foot, taking her feet out from under her sending her to the floor.

Moving fast, stepping on the wrist with the pan in her hand, making her let go of it. “Stupid bitch, did you forget that you were no match for me?” Reaching down taking the pan, tossing it over to the couch. Looking down to her, licking my lips as I see the fear on her face “For that maybe Sam should have an accident!” Her eyes widen hearing that “Or Maybe you’ll make it up to me in the bedroom?”

“If I let you you’ll leave Sam alone?” Fuck I knew I had my new hold on her, Little sammie is get me a lot from her! Now i just have to prove that I would never harm my own son!

“Only one way to find out!” Lifting my foot off her wrist. She slides along the floor away from me still on her back. When she’s far enough she gets up, tears coming from her eyes. Trembling she reaches out her right hand, I take it and she turns to lead me to the bedroom.Once fully inside a hear a whispered “Please close the door!” followed by sobs. Doing as asked I turn and get her just as her pants slide down her long legs. I’m on her in a flash, forcing her onto her hands and knees,  holding my upper weight on her back I tear at the belt then the button.of my pants. Getting the fly open I fish out my already hard cock, about to enjoy the first pussy in eleven years and better yet the one pussy that I always want to fuck at that.

Like a teenager about to get his first pussy I shove it into her. Oh fuck it all came back to me what it was like all those years ago when I first took Karen. Even after giving birth she was still and incredible fuck. Damn only about a three minutes and I spraying her pussy with my cum. So damn excited to be back in a pussy instead of  my hand or the fish’s ass who squealed that I had a picture of Karen in my pillow!

The best part as i pull out I rush to her front end “Suck it hard again!” Karen doesn’t objects, opening her trembling lips to take me in. My like a teenager I back hard again after about ten minutes of her sucking me. Pulling out Ii lift her by the hair “On The bed!”  Before her back has so much as touched the blanket I’m onto her forcing her legs open.

This time I’m more like the fifty year old I really am. Controlling my thrust, alternating my both my tempo and depth. Making it all the more worst for her i kiss her every few strokes while fucking her. When i’m not kissing her she turns her head so not to look at her raping bastard of a baby daddy. I couldn’t help but to taunt her about that!

“So how will you explain this if Sammie comes in before I’m gone?”

She replies with a gob of spit into my eyes, which I allow to drip back down onto hers

"Ooh that just earned you first hand knowledge of what you;re going to say!” Catching onto my meaning!

“I’m sorry please just cum and leave!” more tears flow from her eyes almost washing her spit away

“What and not get a piece of ass?” Smirking down at her “What type of gentleman does that?” Then a jab i just couldn’t resist “Besides isn’t time that Sammie get’s the ‘talk’?”

“Don’t you say anything to him!” trying to muster a threatening voice while I pound her pussy “Don’t even say hi to him!” Ooh she had me scared, so I decide to return the favor to her.

“Maybe it’s time that Sammie comes to live with Daddy!” She chokes back something as I  continue “I’m sure the courts would agree that a growing teenage boy needs a father’s influence in just such times!”

More tears burst from her eyes, as I continuing to thrust fast and short into her “Please he just come to accept that his daddy dies before he was born!” The bitch lied to my son about me. With that I see red, pulling out, forcing her onto her stomach, grabbing her ass cheeks parting them then ramming into her dry asshole.

Her head is up in an instant, the air shattered with “FFFFUUUUCCCKKKK!!!!” Someone in  the next apartment hits the wall with something “Quit it I’m trying to take a nap!” But I have not intention of quitting, if anything I become more brutal in my ass fucking her. Biting the pillow to stifle her screams of pain. “I’ll show you to lie to my son, Karen!” it was all I could be not to call her bitch! Not wanting to waste me seed I pull out, lift her hips up and shove back into her pussy where five thrusts I spray her insides once more.

On the side table a digital clock reading three fifteen pm, Great been almost an hour since I first came back to her apartment building. Looking at the dazed Karen beside me I remind her of something “Need I tell you if you call the cops then Sammie will find out that dear old mom is a liar when you show up in court to testify against me!”  then to rub it in “Wonder what he’ll do then?”

Getting off the bed, dressing “I hear Sammie is the lead in the school’s play tonight!” Her head finally turns to me “I think it would be a shame if I didn’t make an appearance to see daddy’s little boy’s big performance, don’t you!”

Walking out of the bedroom, going to the door unlocking it then checking both ways i leave via the stairs like I did many times twelve years ago. Once back on the street i decide a another night in the old abandoned house wasn’t so bad since I knew I was going to have company tonight.

Working my way back inside I settle in watching for Sammie to return which happened a little around three forty five. A short nap latter i’m awoken by kids outside  “Come on we’ve got to be at school by six thirty!” Looking to my phone- Six eleven PM. Great I’ve plenty of time to make my way, looking back up I see Sammie running to catch up with a group of kids. Dialing Karen’s phone, waiting for it’s to be picked up, a hesitant “Hello?”

“Unless you want a scene at the school, you’ll make plans to meet me tonight in the old abandoned house across from your place, understand?” Cutting the connection before she could reply, I didn’t want her to think she had any choice. Settling back I see her comes out, looking across to here then setting off in the same direction that Sammie took. Waiting for a half hour more I make my way back to the school.

By the time I got there it was standing room only in the small auditorium but I find a space in the back. On stage Sammie is delivering a speech which at the end earns him a round of applause. By the end of the play I was as proud as a peacock at how good Sammie was compared to me. Not wanting to be caught I make a fast exit while there were so many in the hallways and a state of confusion reigned supreme!

Making my way back to the abandoned house once more i take my stuff and leave. As a crowd of parents and kids made their way into Karen’s building I join then. Once inside making my way to her apartment once more, putting some long known skills to work i have her door open and I’m inside with it backed locked before I count to a hundred.

Inside I make my way to her kitchen, finding a small pot of spaghetti on the stove. Helping myself to some then Making a beeline for her bedroom  closet to wait for Karen and Sammie to return. A little after nine, I hear then in the living room. “ Now why don’t you go to bed after all tomorrow is still a school day Sam!”

“Yes mom!” then a challenge “I’ll go if you go to after all tomorrow is a work day mom!

Laughter as both do. After an hour i watch Karen get up and get dressed, before she can get her shoes in her hand i come out of the closet, surprising her. Not wanting to waken Sammie or the neighbours she doesn’t utter a sound as i lead her out. In the lobby she finally speaks “What do you want?”

“Oh you know?”
                                                                               To Be Continued