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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction. Any resemblance to real places, people, or events is purely coincidental. If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

I wrote this story on a whim.  It was just out of the blue and pretty quick to rape.

Rape At The Penguins' Game

It was between the second and third period.  

The ref had on occasion noticed this Penguins fan yelling every nasty expletive at him, horrific words about the refs mother, wife , and even grand mother.

The ref couldn't help but look up into the stands as he heard the fans booming voice scream his name with every filthy word and more disgusting words about his family.

On one of his glances into the stands the ref noticed a young, thin beautiful girl sitting next to the nasty fan.  She seemed to blush with each thing the man yelled.

The refs anger built to the point he thought he might go up into the stands.

Nearing the end of the third period the ref desperately needed to use the toilet.  On his route there to the unmarked door reserved for officials he passed a ladies room with a long line.  There standing in the late ng line was the young, thin attractive girl who had been sitting by the obnoxious fan.

The ref still felt such anger and a temptation he never thought he would feel.  His real desire would be to pummel the asshole who had been heckling him during the game.

To his surprise the young girl also spotted the ref, made eye contact and said, "I'm sorry about my dad.  He's had a few too many beers."

The ref thought for a moment, his anger still deep in his belly.  He wanted do bad to resist his temptation but surprised himself when he heard the words come from his own voice, "Exceptionally long line isn't it?"  She nodded looking at the long line dreading the wait.

He continued nervously, "um there is um a private unlabeled restroom for the referee crew just down the way.  I was headed there.  This line might keep you here till close to the end of the game.  I'd be happy to let you use the referee facilities if you hurry, but I don't have long for you to decide as I have to hurry back to the game before the third period starts.

The young girl tried to think quickly, a little timid but knew she didn't have time to really think about it so she gave a quick answer, "Ok."  She then followed the ref through the corridor and then made a turn to a thin hallway with an unlabeled door just a few feet down the corridor.

The ref used a key to unlock the bathroom.  As he held the door open for her he could hear every insult, every swear word and every horrible thing the girl's father yelled at him about what he'd do to the ref's mom, wife and even grandmother.

The girl also needing to pee badly quickly walked past him entering the bathroom.  He followed her into the bathroom locking the door.

The minute the door was closed and locked the ref felt a rush of anger he had never felt before.

Every insult every fan had ever yelled at him filled him with rage.  With barely a thought he swung a perfect roundhouse punch landing it squarely on the young girl's chin.

She collapsed to the floor in a heap all but completely loosing consciousness.

He looked at her long enough to make sure she was fully incapacitated and then unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly took his cock out and relieved the pent up urine he had been struggling to hold.

He wasn't sure why but he enjoyed spraying the urine on the girl from her head to her feet.  Saturating her with fresh warm piss.

After he released the last few drops he saw a large puddle of urine where her hips had been lying and he realized that his punch must have caused her to lose her bladder as well.

He told himself to leave but he still felt pent up anger.

Suddenly he reached down grabbed a handful of her once beautiful but now wet with urine hair and managed to tug her up until she was on her knees.  He then very sternly said, "I'm going to fuck your mouth, if you so much as scrape a single tooth on my cock I'm going to punch you in the mouth and knock every tooth out of your mouth.  I played youth hockey and used to be an enforcer so if there is any doubt in your mind I know how to do it..." He reached into his own mouth and pulled his dentures out showing her he didn't have several of his front teeth.  He then put his dentures back in and continued, "One touch of a single tooth and you'll wear dentures the rest of your life.  Nod and open your mouth if you understand."

In horror the poor girl did as she was told, nodding and opening her mouth.

The ref didn't hesitate a moment he grabbed firm hold of her hair and shoved his cock hard into her mouth.  For a passing moment she thought of biting but she could not get the image of the ref pulling his dentures out of his mouth.  She did her absolute best to keep her teeth back off his cock as he fucked her mouth anything but gently.

She couldn't help but cough and gag over and over as his cock pistoned in and out of her mouth.  His hips continued to move with the anger of the nasty words yelled at him for two periods steady.  He was unrelenting, intense even causing her to spit up phlegm and eventually even vomit.  Even that only stopped him for a moment as he let her spit up the nasty bile from her belly onto her clothes.

He took that moment to pull her to her feet.  He pushed her to the sink basin and bent her over to the basin asking, "Did you hear the things your father said he would do to my family"? But before she could get out a verbal answer he tugged down the panties she was wearing under her skirt and thrust his still hard, saliva and  phlegm coated cock into her pussy.  To his surprise he felt a tear when he only penetrated partway inside but did not say a word about taking her virginity.

Again he felt the energy of his anger fucking her like a male dog fucks a bitch in heat.  He fucked her like he had no other woman.  He grabbed firm hold of her hard pulling her body bavk to him as he thrust forward and inside over and over.  He was anything but gentle thrusting as hard and deep as he coukd on each and every stroke.  To his shock she was incredibly tight and it took multiple strokes to work his cock deeper inside her.

It was cold and brutal.  Every ounce of his anger at his father and other abusive fans were being taken out on her body.

She managed to sob and cry some but she was more in shock then anything.  Even she coukd hear the horrible things her father had been yelling at the ref in her head.  

Her father had been far from father of the year.  In fact the ref failed to notice some bruises on the girl he was fucking back, arms and legs.  He didn't notice a tiny scar going down at the right corner of her pretty mouth, a scar that required three stitches done in the emergency room when her mother took her describing a bicycle accident that never happened.

It was strange to the young penguins fan that while her father had never sexually assaulted her he had physically assaulted her many times.

It was almost surreal for the ref that the girl he was raping was almost stoic and accepting of the onslaught of the sexual assault befalling her.  

Yet while a horrible violation of her sexually the years of physical abuse has conditioned her to shift into survival mode and to limit her resistance knowing very well any resistance would be met with more violence.

The ref did not relent in his sexual assault other than to slow his tempo only in an effort to prolong the release of his pent up fury and anger.  

Finally, after a very intense sexual assault the ref felt his balls restrict, build and explode.  

He shot stream after stream of warm cum inside her unprotected sex.  

For just an extra minute that felt much longer to her then it really was he collapsed on top of her pinning her on the sink basin.

As he pulled away he tugged her panties the rest of the way down her legs pulling them off one then the other foot.  He grabbed her purse, opened it and took out her school ID and health insurance card showing them to her.

If you tell anyone, I have your address and know where you go to school.  I will find you while out on bond awaiting trial and will end your life.

You will go bavk to your seat and say nothing to no one.  This will be our secret forever or your death.

He placed her panties in his pocket as well as her insurance card and school ID.

He handed her a towel off the top shelf placed there for the refs to use after a shower.

I'd better see you in your seat shortly.  He then took out two beers pouring them over the front of her body.  He handed her a twenty and said, "Tell your father someone ran into you carrying your soda and a beer for him on the way back to your seat, but use this to buy one of each."

Good luck with that jerk of a father.  With that he gave her a hard kiss on the lips and left the private bathroom.

Used to her father's abuse she did exactly as she was told purchasing one beer and one diet soda and went back to her seat.

The third period began and one of the refs was a tiny bit late but made it right before the beginning of play.

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Super job Brokenwing!

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As the game began again my father once again began to berate the ref with insults.  But the fact that I reeked of beer, poured on my by the ref, didn't go unnoticed.

He started in on me too, "You smell like a filthy brewery and look disgusting."  As his negativity worked into my mind the shock of what happened to me in the private restroom continued to creep more into my consciousness.  Without the panties I had been wearing, now in the ref's pocket, I felt the juices of being fucked continued to ooze and leak out from between my legs.

"You look like shit" he added not even directly looking at me.  He then gulped the last of his beer down grabbing my wrist.  "Get me another beer and try not to spill it this time" he added placing money in my hand.

As I stood getting ready to head up the aisle I once again heard my father start in on the ref but his words almost seemed to describe what had been done to me, "The way you call a game, I should piss on your wife like the filthy dirty whore she is."

His verbal assault continued, "While your calling the Capitals game I'm going to plunge my cock deep into your mother's womb from behind while I bend her over."

I couldn't help shiver as it felt like he knew what happened to me.  It felt like each and every Penguins fan in our section could just look at me and know I had been raped in the private bathroom.

His attract didn't cease, "I'm gonna shove my cock down her throat till she coughs, gags and pukes like a dirty whore."  "I'll bruise her body like a fighter bruises his sparing partner except there won't be any gloves.  It'll be bare knuckles right on the chin."

I couldn't help rubbing my chin and jaw still feeling sore from the punch that had all but knocked me out.  I felt even more sore now from everything that had happened.  You don't get thrown off your feet onto a concrete floor from a punch and not feel pain everywhere your body hit the ground as you fell.

But somehow I managed to walk up the aisle headed to the concession to buy my father another beer.

I felt like I needed to pee again but I was terrified to head to the bathroom.  

I walked in that direction but could not go down the corridor towards the restroom.

I saw a grouping of vending machines with a small gap between two of the machines.  

Once again I looked towards the corridor to the public bathrooms but could not make my body move in that direction but the need to urinate intensified.

I found myself walking closer to the vending machines.  

Very slowly I managed to move partway in front of one, then halfway and finally fully standing in front of the brightly lit up machine advertising it's refreshing beverages.

I looked around paying attention to see if anyone was watching me turning 315 degrees around but nobody seemed to be looking in my direction, everyone's eyes were directed towards the rink.

I tried one more time to look in the direction and move towards the public ladies restroom but knowing the private secluded restroom was in the same direction I couldn't take one step that way.

Instead I found myself inching just a little farther towards standing between the gap between the two vending machines but still in front of them.

As I got there I looked hard at the gap determining I could squeeze between the two machines.  The bright lights shining forward from each machine made it quite dark between them.  

One more time I looked to see if anyone was watching and no one was.

Ever so slowly I inched my body between the two vending machines.  Once my shoulders were partly between the two machines I felt the need to move quickly and pushed myself fully between the two warm humming machines.

Once again I looked outwards and saw that no one had noticed me move between the machines.

* * * *

It was at that moment I remembered the long drive back from my grandmothers house when I was nine years old, my father's mom.  She had made me my favorite breakfast, fried eggs, sunny side up with two strips of bacon.  But what made that morning breakfast special is she and I shared the love of a freshly made vanilla shake made with her homemade old fashioned ice cream.

As she set my breakfast at the table in front of me she also placed a thermal coffee mug in front of me like those fancy ones sold in the expensive chain coffee shops.

I didn't drink coffee so I was surprised as she placed the large insulated mug next to my plate, but when I looked in my mug I was surprised and delighted to see it full to the top with my favorite ice cold vanilla ice cream milk shake.  When I looked I know a huge smile came to my face and my eyes must have been wide but before I could say a word my grandmother put a single finger in front of her lips and made the symbol for "shush" but silently.

Her timing couldn't be better as just then my father walked in the kitchen, "You bout ready to go brat" he asked sounding in a huff then cotinued, "we got a long haul back home, get that breakfast down your gullet before I throw it in the trash and get your ass into the car."

Knowing I didn't want a spanking or him to yell at me I did as he commanded eating my breakfast but also frequently drinking my ice cream milkshake from the thermal coffee mug.  He never suspected a thing.

I ate most of my breakfast and managed to gulp down my favorite fresh vanilla shake.  Then before he yelled any more gave a quick hug and kiss to my grandmother telling her good bye.

Unfortunately we had not been on the road long when the large coffee mug sized milkshake managed to pas through my system and I needed to pee terribly.

"Daddy, I need to pee!" I stated quite factually.  He quickly and obviously upset replied, we just left your Gran's.  Why the hell didn't you piss before we left.  Hold it."

I did my best to do as he asked and managed the hold my urine another half hour.  

But after the half hour once again I stated, "Daddy I really need to go pee!"  I said this with my sweetest exacerbated pleading little girl voice.  

He immediately replied, "Can't ya hold it just a bit longer till we stop for gas?"

I responded the two words I never wanted to say to my father knowing there would be consequences, "No Sir" and added, "If I can't go soon I'm gonna have an accident."

He shouted to no one, "Got damned little bitch, always gotta have her fuckin way."  With that he quickly from a high speed, aggressively pulled the car over onto the shoulder of the highway.  I though he was going to lose control of the car.

He got out came to my back door, opened it, pulled me out by the hand and walked me towards a line of trees.  He then lifted up my dress, tugged my panties down and off yanking them first off one foot then the other right over my shoes almost knocking me down.  He then commanded, "Squat here and take your piss!"

I stood there horrified, watching cars and trucks whizz by on the highway not all that far away. Once again he commanded, "Squat down and take your piss."  I had never done anything like that before and even as bad as I needed to go it wasn't easy not sitting on any type of potty to pee.

To my shock he reached over and swatted me hard on the bare bottom yelling, "Squat down and take a piss or I'll make you hold it till we stop for gas and we've still got over three quarter of a tank.  

My bottom stung, but I did really need to go so I squatted, so as I choked back tears, knowing better then to cry or he'd hit me more, I tried to ignore the sight and sound of the traffic and focused on trying to pee.

Finally after what felt like forever I was able to release the stream of pee that I had struggled so hard to hold so long.

"You piss like an animal girl, dirty pig" he said as I felt the humiliation of peeing on the side of the highway.

After emptying my bladder I had to ask, "Daddy do ya have any toilet paper?"

He looked at me like I was stupid and replied, "No, wipe with your hand."  And he took firm hold of my wrist, moved my hand between my legs and forced me to wipe myself with my bare hand.  
"It's sticky!" I whined dragging out the word sticky.  "Lick it clean then filthy dirty little girl" as he said this he moved my hand in front of my face and then quickly added, "Lick it clean or I'll wipe it on your face and in your hair."

Dreading the alternative I licked the bit of wetness I had gotten on my hand from between my legs.  No sooner then I did he tugged my wrist and we headed back, then got into the car getting back on the highway home.


So there I stood between the vending machines looking out from my dark hiding place.  I tried one more time to make myself walk back towards the corridor where I had been raped but never moved an inch out from between the machines.  Deep in my self conscious I heard my father's words, "Squat down and piss."  As I started squatting I once more looked to see if anyone was watching.  I hardly could see anyone and the two people I did see quite a distance away were watching the game playing on the rink.

I squatted a bit more then felt my heart pound but I did what I had to do and let loose of my bladder and began to urinate on the concrete floor between the machines.

No I have always imagined doing the emergency stop an pee wasn't too hard for guys but I can tell you it isn't easy for us girls.  Sometimes if you really have to go bad enough, squat just right and the pedals to your sex open with the squat you might get lucky and have one consistent stream in one direction.  But if you don't open your legs just right and squat enough of even if the pedals of flesh nature designed for you doesn't open fully you very likely can get more then one stream or even a mist like when you put your finger over the end of a garden hose.

I felt shame and degredation but I needed to pee so bad.  Just like on the side of the highway I began to empty my bladder.  Unfortunately this was one of those occasions that my flesh didn't corporate as much as I hoped and I could feel a light mist on my right thigh as I finished emptying my bladder.

Once finished before I could think of anything else to use I found myself wiping between my legs and wiping the wetness from there.  But this time the problem was there was more then just urine leaking from inside me and my hand got very sticky.  Again with little thought I moved my hand to my mouth and licked the wetness from my hand.  Like my father had made me do more then that one time on the drive home from Gran's when I was nine.

I quickly moved out from between the machines having no panties to pull up.  I hurried to the concession to buy my father another beer. At least there I could get paper napkins to wipe off my hand.  I took extra to discretely wipe off the extra spray I had gotten on my legs later.  I intentionally did not get myself another beverage not having any desire to need to use any bathroom at that arena.

I quickly headed back to our seats and handed my father his beer.  Of course he griped at me, "sure took ya got damned long enough, the damn ref's still callin bull shit. 
I felt so much like those terrible words my father liked to call me, "animal girl, dirty pig, little bitch."  And over the years he added more humiliating degrading words.  I sat in my seat, very carefully to not catch anyone's attention and wiped the fluids off my legs as best as I could as my father continued to yell obscenities at the ref and players on the ice.

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This makes me want to hang out by a bathroom at the Air Canada Centre when the Leafs next play! Maybe get lucky myself!

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This makes me want to hang out by a bathroom at the Air Canada Centre when the Leafs next play! Maybe get lucky myself!

Maybe I can meet you there. I'm not THAT far from Toronto! :P

Oh, and wonderful story, BW! I just wish there was more to it, it's got sooo much potential! I've read this so many times now, haha. Writers like you are part of the reason I joined here, I just wish I wasn't a crappy writer, haha.