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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.  In addition, although persons of distinct ethnicities and races are portrayed, no racism implied or otherwise is intended and no offense is meant to anyone.


Julius opened the door to the diner, and seeing a woman approaching held the door for her.  The white woman in her 50’s looked at him with obvious shock and clutched her purse to her chest quickly exiting the building.  It was something he would never get used to.  He realized his size made him intimidating at 6’5” and 270 pounds, but he knew it was mostly because he was black that the woman behaved that way.

Jeff joined him and they both entered to get something to eat.  There was immediate tension in the room, but they ignored it and sat in a booth.  The waitress seemed nice enough and brought them menus and water, but there were stares and whispers from most of the patrons.  They were used to stares because of their size, but this was more than that.
“Not a lot of folks of color around here,” noted Julius.
“Yeah, don’t think so.  I think if some Martians showed up, they would be less surprised,” answered Jeff.

He and Jeff had just graduated with engineering degrees from a California university and were driving east to St. Louis where he was from.  They were going to stay briefly with his mom and then go further east to Jeff’s parents in Maryland.  He already had a job in Maryland starting in a few weeks, and Jeff had a couple job interviews there.  He got into college on a football scholarship, but he took his classes seriously knowing the NFL was unlikely and graduated with honors.  Jeff looked like a football player too at 6’4” and 280 pounds, but he entered college partly paid by his middle class parents and partly on student loans.  He did play football in high school.

Not long after the pleasant waitress brought them the burgers and fries they ordered, they distinctly heard a girl’s voice use the N-word.  They both looked over seeing a blond girl with a smirk on her face staring at them.  She whispered again to her two friends who now looked nervous seeing he and Jeff looking at them.  The blond had a very unpleasant expression on her face while looking at them, but it was the only unpleasant thing about her.  She appeared to be late teens maybe 17 or 18 with a thin waist, small but nice tits visible in a white top and the face of a model framed by luxurious wavy long blond hair.

Julius was thinking about how he’d like to wipe that smirk off her face by shoving his cock down her throat, but then a man loomed in front of them blocking his view.  The white man was big but not quite as big as he and Jeff.  He was wearing camouflage fatigues and had a huge stainless steel revolver holstered at his hip.  The man looked them over with obvious distain and then went over to the blond girl.  Not long later they started for the door, both of them glaring at him and Jeff with obvious hatred.  The man stopped briefly making sure they saw the revolver again and said, “You N#&&@*$ pay your check, and then take your black asses out of this county as fast as you can.”
Not waiting for an answer the man and girl headed for the door.

Shaking his head in astonishment, Julius wondered if he just got transported back to 1960.  The waitress came over as they were finishing their food and whispered, “I’m so sorry about that, Payton Sheffler and his daughter Morgan……well, they don’t represent my view……sorry.”
“What’s their deal?” asked Jeff.
Still whispering the waitress said “Payton heads a militia group around here that includes the sheriff, mayor and probably half the men in the county.  He thinks a race war is coming, and they have to be prepared.”
She hesitated a moment and added, “I think they’re all nuts…..nuts with lots of guns.”

They had drove over 20 minutes from the interstate hoping for a better food option and probably would have done better just eating the fast food right off the exit.  While getting in the car somebody driving past yelled something unintelligible except for the N-word.  He observed to Jeff, “I’m beginning to feel unwanted around here.”
Jeff snorted and started the car.

Headed back towards the exit, Jeff spoke again, “Is that who I think it is ahead of us.”
Julius looked and it was that guy from the diner and his daughter in a jacked up truck with huge tires.  The truck was driving very fast so was soon far ahead of them.  They watched while it spun into a grocery store parking lot on the outskirts of town.  The truck stopped, and the blond girl got out showing a great deal of her slender white legs under a blue skirt as she climbed down from the truck.  The truck immediately left, and headed further out of town.  His curiosity peeking, Julius said, “Pull over, let’s see what she does.”

They waited 15 minutes and the girl came out and looked around.  She walked across the parking lot towards the road and appeared to be waiting and looking for her father.  She stood next to an 18-wheeler that blocked her from the parking lot still looking down the road away from the two men.  Julius got out and got in the back seat and said to Jeff, “Pull up to her.”
“You going to scare her?”
“Just keep an eye out for any cars.”

Morgan was angry.  Dad said he would be back by the time she got out of the store, but looking down the road she could see almost a mile and no cars were in sight.  Looking the other way towards town, there was only one car she didn’t recognize coming that way.  The car stopped next to her.  The windows were tinted, so she couldn’t see in.  The back door opened, and a huge negro got out.  Morgan’s jaw dropped seeing one of ‘them’ from the diner.  Just as she was about to scream, he covered her mouth with a huge black hand and pulled her into the back seat.
“Drive!” Julius yelled to Jeff.

Morgan tried to scream through the huge hand covering her mouth, but only muffled noises came out.  She trashed around trying to get loose, but the negro held her easily as if she were a baby.  She was 5’6" and a strong girl, but this huge black man handled her effortlessly.  After a few minutes she gave up struggling.  Julius let go of her mouth and abruptly tore her white top open revealing a lacy white bra underneath.  She opened her mouth again to try and scream, and he covered it again letting only muffled protests come out saying, “Don’t worry little white girl.  We’re just going to give you a few lessons in race relations.”

After a pause, he continued on the phone, “It’s Payton.  She’s run off again.”
“Yeah, I dropped her off at the market and came back soon after and she wasn’t there.  I just hope it’s that Johnny or Pete again and not some new guy.”
Another pause listening, and then he said, “No, it’s not those two N#&&@*$ that were in town.  I ran them off.  They took one look at my 454 Casull and were pissing themselves in fear.  I saw their black asses leave town.”
“Get a couple of your deputies you can trust to check her boyfriends and look around quietly.  There are enough rumors about her being a slut without starting more.”
“Yeah, thanks and let me know when you find her.”
Payton hung up the phone annoyed at his daughter.  He knew she’d turn up in a day or two.  He really needed to punish her bad this time, but the girl was nearly 18 and so hard to discipline.

By the time Payton Sheffler figured out something was very wrong and maybe he should have got the license number of the car the two black men had been driving, Julius, Jeff and a terrorized white girl named Morgan were only a couple hours outside of St. Louis.

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“Stupid white boys,” yelled Adelae again and spit on the two young men in their mid-20’s bleeding in the street.  Then the pretty black girl kicked them one after the other hearing them groan in pain.  The others had backed off and were retreating towards the house, but she kept taunting them.  Flashing lights appeared down the road headed for the scene, and finally the girl also walked quickly back to the house.

The whole fight had started when Steve and Eric pulled up beside a young black man and Steve asked, “Hey, you got any pot or coke?”
“Fuck you whitey, you think every black man is a drug dealer!”

Steve and Eric had been drinking and without using much sense, Steve jumped out of the truck with a baseball bat.  Eric got out too confronting the young black man.  Some other black men ran over from the house and soon there was a shouting match between Steve and Eric and five black people.  Steve was swinging the bat in the direction of four black men and one black girl.  One of the black men was in his late 40’s and the others were in their early 20’s.  The girl appeared to be in her late teens.

Instead of backing off and leaving, the two white guys got increasingly belligerent.  Someone threw a chunk of wood that glanced off Steve’s head briefly stunning him.  That was when the four black men moved in fists flying.  It didn’t take long before Eric and Steve were down and dazed, bleeding from a few cuts and bruises.  There was a yell from the house that 911 had been called.

With the news the police were on the way, the men backed off towards the house.  Adelae stayed yelling at the white men spitting on and kicking them.  Steve looked up at her with both eyes rapidly swelling and had an incongruous thought, ‘Wow, she’s got nice tits and is kind of pretty for a black girl.’

The officer searched the truck and found nothing illegal, just a few empty beer cans in the truck bed.  Eric submitted to a breathalyzer and was borderline DUI, but not quite at the limit.  It was at the discretion of the officer whether to charge him for DUI or not.  Given the circumstances of the fight, he was inclined to arrest both young men and the others they had been fighting with.  He knew the two white men started it with the black men right in front of their home, so he was hesitant to arrest people for confronting a couple of strangers at their home.  Besides, the biggest bruises on the two white men were on their egos.  The cuts and bruises were minor, and they had refused an ambulance.  They also said they didn’t want to press any charges.  The black men said they weren’t hurt at all and didn’t want to press charges either.  Finally saving himself a mountain of paperwork and an exceptionally late night on the job, he let everyone go with verbal warnings that this better be the end of it.

Adelae pronounced ‘A-day-lay’ and her family were from St. Louis.  Her father had found a decent job and moved her and her older brother west to this town that was verging on being a small city.  A year later Dad’s brother came out with her two male cousins and moved into a house less than a block away.  The town was in that area of the country where you weren’t quite sure if you were still in the Mid-west or had crossed into the West.  The Rocky Mountains were still a long way away, but it did have a western feel to it.  A lot of people even wore cowboy hats.  The first time she saw her dad in one, she laughed so hard she got the hiccups.

She was 12 when they moved here, and now she was nearly 18.  She went from going to a school that was 90% black to going to a school that was barely over 5% black.  It was still very strange being around so many white people.  It also made dating difficult.  While her brother and two male cousins had lots of white girls interested in them, the white boys rarely wanted to go out with a black girl.  She didn’t care much for the white boys anyway, the way they acted and the awful music they listened to.  Despite the few available black boys in the immediate vicinity, Adelae managed to lose her virginity to one when she was 15.  She dated a total of three different black boys since moving here starting with the one that took her virginity.  She had let all three black boyfriends eventually get what they wanted and got a little proud of her ability at giving blow jobs.

Adelae broke up with all three boyfriends for the same damn exact reason.  She caught them with white girls.  That combined with her perception of the lack of interest of white boys in her, made her very angry at white people in general.  It would have been a big surprise to Adelae that several white boys were interested in her, but a mix of shyness and fear of being teased for dating a black girl made them hide their interest.

All of this made Adelae lose it that day the white men started a fight with her brother, cousins and uncle.  She had never been so furious and spat on them and kicked them as hard as she could until that cop showed up.

Adelae looked at herself in the mirror to check how she looked in the light red top and white pants.  Satisfied she pulled the strap of her rolled up green yoga mat over her shoulder and grabbed a bottle of water.  She stood in the doorway waiting for Shawna to come by and take them to yoga class.  She thought about it and laughed lightly wondering if any of her friends back in St. Louis ever even heard of yoga let alone took classes.  Her ride showed up, and Adelae slipped her shoes on and trotted out to Shawna’s car.

Over a month had passed since Eric and Steve had gotten beat up, when Eric spotted two black girls walking from a car into a building and said, “The one in white pants, is that who I think it is?”
“Oh shit, it’s the girl that kicked and spit on us.”
“You know even then, I thought she was kind of hot.”
“I did too for a black girl.”
“I’d like to get even with her for that.”
“Me too.”
“I wonder if she likes white dick.”
“Well we could find out.”

The two men talked more about the girl.  The more they talked, the more it became obvious they both wanted to do more to the girl than just talk about her.  They began learning more about her and followed her around learning her schedule.  One evening at dusk circumstances were in their favor and she was alone on the road with no one around.  Steve got in the back seat of the double cab truck and had Eric pull up beside her.  Before Adelae knew what was going on, he opened the back door and pulled her into the truck.

Adelae tried to scream, but the white man covered her mouth with his hand.  She was confused and terrified.  The white man driving looked back at her with a grin.  Then she turned her eyes to the man holding her struggling body.  Suddenly she realized these were the men from the fight, and began panicking and freaking out knowing they remembered her kicking them and spitting on them.  She thrashed around trying to get loose, but he held her easily.  His one hand began kneading her breast, and then he whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry little chocolate.  We’re just going to give you a few lessons in race relations.”

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And the Jed-ster is at it again!!!

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Thanks vile,

Here are a couple more pictures of the girls in this dual story.  Guess which one is getting black cock and which one is getting white cock?

April 07, 2016, 05:38:54 PM
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Nice job Jed!

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Thank you Plaything!

Here’s an author’s comment before I proceed:

Racism is a thorny issue.  I’m of the opinion that no one is completely without some racial prejudices.  It’s hard to purge ourselves of thoughts, words and even actions that are influenced by perceptions of ‘those people’, and the assumptions we make about ‘those people’.  I try to treat each person on an individual basis and be ‘colorblind’ as it were, but even making that effort, I know I sometimes make assumptions because of race.  Those that insist they aren’t racist at all are fooling themselves.  Have you ever heard someone begin a sentence with, ‘I’m not a racist, but…..?’  This is usually followed by a particularly racist comment.

I’m an older white male.  Hair doesn’t grow too well on my head anymore, so I cut it so close that it looks like I’m completely bald.  To prove I can grow some hair, I usually have a beard.  It’s a white beard.  I once had a girl that worked with me a few years ago joke that I look like a white supremacist.  There were a couple news articles around that time showing skinhead old white men with white beards that ran a white supremacist gang in the prisons, so I know where that comment came from.  The point is I know what I look like, therefore I know what assumptions a black person might make looking at me.

Just a few days ago I was at a red light.  When it turned green, the car next to me jumped ahead and then cut me off while still in the intersection.  I nearly ran into the side of it with my new truck.  I was pissed and beeped my horn.  I then pulled up next to the car at the next light intending to yell ‘Watch it asshole!’ or something similar, but I immediately stopped myself seeing three black teens in the car.  The driver lifted his hand and mouthed the word ‘Sorry’.  I nodded and mouth back ‘Be careful’.  When I saw they were black teens, I stopped myself from yelling at them, because I didn’t want to be perceived as the old angry scary bald white man who probably has a title like “Grand Wizard’ and burns crosses in his back yard.

I wanted to make some comments before I do terrible things to the two girls in this pair of stories.  As I post more of the story, I’ll probably make more comments on the topic of race relations and racism.  When I say I’m going to do terrible things to these two girls, I mean beyond them being raped.  I’m going to use the characters own racial fears to utterly humiliate them.  I’m doing this because humiliation is a turn on, and not in any way to endorse racism.  It’s not by any means my intention to offend anyone, I just wanted to write an edgy story that I hope some people will like.  If you feel you may be offended, please don’t read any more.  It’s going to get rough.

April 08, 2016, 06:18:01 PM
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And with that being said...... Lets get it on. Figuratively speaking. Lol

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From the time she was a little girl her father told her all black men wanted to rape white girls.  It was the stuff of her nightmares.  She was shaking in terror held firmly by the large negro.  His hand was inside her top squeezing a breast still covered by her bra.  Realizing the futility of it, she stopped trying to struggle and softly sobbed feeling his huge black hands roaming on her trembling body.  With her seemingly calmed down, he released her.  She didn’t try and scream again, but she did rapidly scramble away from him and cower against the car door.  Regaining some of her faculties, she grabbed the handle trying to open the door despite them traveling around 50 mph.  Jeff had locked the back doors from the front using the parental controls.  Julius tossed her purse up into the front seat to make sure she couldn’t get to her phone.

Morgan continued to cower as far away from the negro as she could get looking frantically around for some means of escape.  She didn’t even have enough composure to close her top.  He ignored her picking up a pillow that was in the back they used for short naps while traveling.  He shook the pillow out of the pillow case, and began tearing strips of cloth from the case.

Morgan watched him tearing the cloth, and then he looked up at her.  She cringed against the car door shaking in terror.  He reached out grasping her ankle pulling her towards him.  Whimpering now she held onto the door handle, as he turned her over on her stomach.  He forced both her hands behind her back, and using the strips of cloth began tying her up.  She started to plead with him saying, “Please sir, just let me go, and I won’t tell anyone what you did.”

She got no response, and then he stuffed a wad of pillow case cloth in her mouth tying it in place with one of the strips.  He pulled her hips up and slid the pillow underneath her belly.  Her skirt had hiked up some, but so far he had not reached under it.  Morgan moaned in anguish feeling the black man yank the buttons of her skirt off, and then pull the zipper down.  He slowly worked the skirt off her hips.  She could feel her cheeks redden knowing he could see her lacy white panties that were almost a thong.  She had meant for Johnny to see those later this afternoon after she ditched her father, and now a huge terrifying negro was looking at those sexy panties on her nearly bare butt.  Groaning in misery, she could feel him slide his fingers under the waistband.  The elastic briefly dug painfully into her pelvis just before they tore leaving her naked below the waist and nearly naked above it.  She heard the one up front say, “Wait until we’re on the Interstate.”

His hands held her in place with her bare butt in the air for only a few minutes before she felt his face lean down to her crotch.  She squealed into the gag feeling his tongue probing her vagina.  He licked the outside for a few seconds and then shoved his tongue deep inside.  She squealed again astonished at how big and long his tongue felt in her pussy.  As his tongue slithered inside her pussy, she felt her hips reflexively push back at his face and moaned in shame at her body’s involuntary reaction.  This went on for a minute or so until he pulled his tongue out of her body and said, “That’s about as wet as you’re going to get.  Time for you to experience a real man’s cock.”
Pausing he said to his friend driving, “I’m glad you got this big Buick.  I can’t imagine at our size trying to fuck in the backseat of most cars.”
Chuckling, Jeff answered, “That’s why I asked my parents if I could take this car to college.”

For Morgan the events were beyond surreal.  She had started the day chatting on her phone with Johnny planning when they would meet for sex, and now she was face down in a car with a black man about to rape her.  She could hear the jingling of his belt and he undid his pants.  Every time she tried to lift up, a meaty hand would slam into her back knocking her down.  She was hysterical, but completely helpless to stop him.  And then she abruptly felt it pressing against her slit.  He worked it around trying to open her up, and then he spit.  She felt the wetness strike directly on her crack above her opening.  He nosed the head around getting it wetter and began pushing.

Morgan had lost her virginity over 3 years ago when she was 14, and by now she would have a hard time remembering how many different boys and even older men she had opened her legs for, but she could tell instantly this black man was different.  As the pressure mounted on her vagina, she could feel it dilating open and stretching excruciatingly wide trying to accommodate his girth.

Morgan shrieked into the gag as the negro forced his way inside her body.  He felt beyond enormous.  Her vaginal walls stretched and stretched painfully until she was sure they were going to tear.  He pushed it further and deeper into her body until she began gurgling as he pressed her uterus up into her other internal organs.  Then he pulled back, and it felt like he was pulling her vaginal walls outside her body.  In fact, she could actually feel her vaginal lips being pulled out from her body.  This was just the beginning as pushed back in and pulled out with increasing speed.  She tried to struggle and thrash around to get away, but he had no trouble keeping her in position to receive his skewering black cock.

Morgan screamed into the gag for her father to come and save her from the most intense and powerful fucking her body had ever been subjected to.  She wanted her father or anyone to come and make it stop.  That she was being raped by a black man was the most horrific and humiliating thing she could imagine.  The awful pounding went on and on; he repeatedly drilled deep inside her, hurtfully pressing against her womb followed by pulling her insides out.  Her rapist breathing steady said to her, “You never been fucked like this before have you little white girl?  Well I’m just getting started.”

True to his word he slammed his black meat into her body relentlessly.  The pain became a constant awful soreness spreading out from the source of her violation causing agony even to her extremities.  Morgan could not believe the duration of her rape and tried to scream through her gag for him to please get it over with.  Then the thought hit her of what that would entail, and she tried to scream out begging him futilely not to cum inside her all the while a huge black cock was pistoning inside her body.

Morgan had ceased any attempt at resistance and just wept in distress at what was being done to her.  Just when she thought she couldn’t be fucked any harder, he thrust into her even faster grunting with effort.  She sensed what that meant and tried feebly to yell ‘no’ through the gag.  Abruptly he stiffened on top of her and unleashed a torrent of gushing negro semen into her body.  She could feel his filthy wetness spreading inside her.  He stoked her worst fears by taunting, “That’s it baby white girl, take my black sperm in your womb and make my black baby inside your body.”

Morgan wailed in anguish at his words, as he held it inside her body draining every drop from his pulsating cock.  She sensed the car slowing down, and then it stopped.  She heard the black man who had been driving open and close the door.  Finally, the one that had raped her pulled his softening flesh from her body.  She heard the jingling again as he put his pants on.  And then she heard the back door open.  Sobbing from the ordeal of being raped by a detestable negro Morgan wanted to try and escape, but she couldn’t move her ravaged body.

Jeff looked and saw Julius’s semen leaking down the white girl’s thigh and complained, “How come I always seem to get sloppy seconds?”
“What are you complaining about?  How much extra pussy have you got just because you’re best friends with a football player?”
This wasn’t the first girl, even white girl, they had shared, just the only unwilling one.  To prove how progressive they were, white girls in college often seek a black experience especially in California.  Several white girls even let them both fuck her as a three way.  However, on two occasions a white girl agreed to do them both, but then backed out seeing how much meat they were packing.  Poor Morgan was not given that option.

Morgan heard the conversation, and howled in misery realizing her rape was not over.  She felt some cloth wiping at her crotch and thigh, and then massive black hands gripped her waist as she trembled and tried to move away from him.  She felt it touch her raw aching vagina causing her to squeal in pain, and then he gave a hard push filling her yet again with a huge black cock.  As her second black rapist began drilling into her quivering body, she sensed the car moving again.

Overwhelmed by the horror of being raped by loathsome black men, Morgan wanted to die to end the awful shame.  Weeping and moaning into the gag an image appeared in her mind of them after raping her, strangling her and then tossing her lifeless body in a deserted ravine.  The image terrified her, but it angered her even more.  She wanted these N#&&@*$ to pay for what they were doing to her.  She wanted to see her father kill them.  Until she can escape and contact her father, she resolved herself to survive this experience and do whatever they told her to do.  Face down in the backseat Morgan shifted her legs a little wider apart to a more comfortable position, and winced as the negro slammed his cock a little deeper into her body.  She began praying for him to finish and praying for her revenge.

April 09, 2016, 07:10:40 AM
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Offline Jed


It wasn’t long before the truck turned down a dusty bumpy country road, but Adelae couldn’t see where they were going.   The white man had forced her down kneeling on the floor boards.  She was panic stricken into near silence, only gasping for breath and staring up at the creepy scary white man.  He picked up something off the seat of the truck, and Adelae nearly wet herself seeing a large handgun.  She closed her eyes remembering seeing someone shot next to her back in St. Louis when she was only 9.  Bullets had hit all around barely missing her.  They didn’t miss her second cousin, a young man of 19 who then lay bleeding in the street.  He bled out right in front of her eyes well before the police and ambulance arrived almost a half hour later.  It was because of things like that, that her father moved them out of the city.

Slowly in a quivering voice, Adelae whispered, “Please don’t kill me mister.”
“That will depend on you little chocolate.  Are you going to do what you’re told?”
Terrified, Adelae managed to nod.  The man placed the barrel of the gun on her forehead, and ordered, “Take your clothes off slowly.”

She knew immediately the white men intended to rape her.  Because she had expected them to kill her outright for revenge because of what she did at the fight spitting on them and kicking them, she felt a weird sense of relief they wanted something else from her other than just to kill her.  They might still kill her, but she would at least have some time to try and convince them to let her go.  She had frozen in place, so the white man tapped her hurtfully on the head with the gun barrel and repeated, “Clothes off.”

Adelae reached down and pulled her top up over her breasts.  The man briefly pulled the gun back from her face to let her pull it over her head.  She reached back and undid her bra allowing it to fall off her shoulders.  Reaching further down, she awkwardly undid the snap on her jeans and slowly worked them off her hips followed by a pair of plain white panties.  She looked down trying to figure out how to get them past her knees, but the man said, “Never mind that.  Now open your mouth wide.”

Adelae opened her mouth wide and then let out a terrified moan when the man inserted the gun barrel pushing it in her mouth a couple inches.  He reached down with his other hand taking hold of her breast.  He squeezed it hard and began playing with her nipple commenting, “Your tits are a little saggy compared to most white girls I know, but they feel nice.”
Adelae closed her eyes in shame.  It wasn’t her fault her full breasts were really soft and hung like that.  Her boyfriends had liked them, that was until they left her for white girls.

The man began speaking again, “Do you like the gun in your mouth?”
She shook her head slightly.
“Would you like me to pull it out?”
She nodded.
“If I pull the gun out of your mouth, something else is going in.  Do you know what I mean?”
She had given blow jobs before, so with tears rolling down her cheeks, Adelae nodded her understanding.
“Are you going to bite me when you do it?
She shook her head.
“Are you going to suck me off really good?”
She nodded again.
“Because if I feel teeth or if I don’t think you are trying hard enough, I’ll put the gun back in your mouth and pull the trigger.”

The man pulled the barrel of the gun slowly out of her mouth.  Once it was out Adelae swallowed hard a couple times.  He was still pointing it at her face making her extremely frightened, and then he said, “Open my pants, get it out and start sucking little chocolate.”

Adelae’s hands were shaking violently when she lifted them up to his belt.  It took her four tries to finally get his belt open.  She unbuttoned his pants and lowered the zipper.  He lifted his hips, and she pulled on his pants until it flopped out pointing at her face.  Instead of dark brown and familiar, it was clammy and pale looking like some creature that lived under a rock or in a cave.  She stared at it in disgust.  It smelled funny, not like it was particularly unclean or sweaty, just a weird unpleasant smell.  He tapped her on the head with the gun barrel again making her cringe.  Knowing she had to do it, Adelae gripped the base of the ghostly white penis, opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes not to see it.

It pushed past her lips and slid along her tongue, she heaved slightly as it tasted as nasty as it smelled.  His hand brushed her hair as she began moving her head.  He got a grip on her hair and forcing her a little.  She had done this before but never with a white man, so detaching her mind from the repellent act, she bobbed her head up and down sucking strongly on it.  She heard him grunt with satisfaction, so she moved her head faster hoping to end this as soon as possible.  The truck bouncing along the rough road helped her head bounce up and down on his cock.

Adelae worked him into her mouth, gripping it with her lips and swirling her tongue around generating suction.  She could hear him breathing hard and knew he was close.  She opened her eyes, and then closed them again seeing the gun still pointed at her face.  Trembling in fear, she kept at it praying for him to just finish.  She felt him shaking and knew that meant he was very close.  He moaned out loud, and she knew that was it.  She tried to pull her head back not wanting him to cum in her mouth, but his hand forced her face even closer to his hips.   His penis jerked and twitched, and then it erupted in her mouth splashing his white man’s semen directly down her throat.

Even then he refused to let go of her head.  She squealed around his flesh trying to breath, and then in desperation swallowed, and then swallowed again instantly becoming nauseous at the disgusting act of swallowing a white man’s semen.  Only then did he release her hair allowing her to raise her head off his awful pallid penis.  Choking and gagging on the taste of the white man’s cum, Adelae tried not to vomit in the truck afraid that would anger him to violence.  She hung her head down eyes closed and wept in shame.

Chuckling and in a good mood from making the black girl suck him off and swallow it, the white man asked, “What’s your name?  I can’t call you little chocolate all the time.”
“Adelae,” she murmured.
“Well you’re sure getting laid this day,” he replied laughing.
Seemingly on cue, the truck stopped and the white man driving said, “We’re here.”
“You want a blow job too?”
“Not yet, I want to fuck her first.”

When they pulled her from the truck, Adelae stumbled over her pants around her ankles.  Her panties hung around her knees until one of them yanked them down.  They forced her to step out of her pants and under wear until all she had on were the black high heeled shoes she only wore today because she just bought them.  She had trouble walking in the shoes and felt ridiculous now wearing only them.

She looked around and saw they were at some cabin or shack in the middle of nowhere.  There was junk all around the shack.  She looked at the surroundings, and saw there were small hills around them mostly barren with a few sparse trees, and no other structure in sight.  It was a deserted remote place they had taken her to where no one would hear if she yelled for help.  The man who had been driving said to her, “You’re going to do what we tell you or we’ll take you down one of these ravines, put a bullet in your head and let the coyotes and buzzards destroy the evidence.”

Terrified, Adelae believed they would do that.  They led her inside the shack, which looked much better inside than out.  There was a decent bed inside the shack, and she shuddered seeing it seemed prepared in advance for them being there.  They had been planning to rape her even before they grabbed her she realized.
“Get on the bed on your hands and knees,” ordered the driver.
“Please no mister,” she begged.
“Do it.  I’m going to fuck you like a dog.”
Sobbing Adelae crawled onto the bed thinking with humiliation about how he didn’t say doggie style, he called her a dog.  The one that made her blow him was standing off to the side grinning at her.

Hearing him undressing, Adelae closed her eyes trying to will what was about to happen away.  She felt the bed shift from him kneeling on it behind her, and then his hands caressed and groped her butt.  She shut her eyes even tighter feeling his fingers probing the lips of her vagina.  And then her body recoiled in pain as he inserted two molesting fingers in her dry unresponsive vagina.  He spit on her butt and used his fingers to wet her orifice.  He did this a few times, and then she felt him grind his stiff white penis against her slit.

Trying one last time, Adelae begged, “Please mister don’t do it.  I promise I won’t tell about all this, if you just take me home.”
Ignoring her pleas, he said, “You know if this was 1850, we could go to a slave market and buy a pretty black girl like you.”
Adelae was stunned to silence by those awful words, and then she yelped in agony as he forced himself into her body.  He held it there just a few inches inside her and said, “Yep, we could buy you and do whatever we wanted to you, all completely legal.”
It was the most horrific thing she had ever heard anyone say.  Her ass in the air with his foul repulsive white penis inside her body, Adelae twisted her head back to look at him stunned at his despicable appalling words; his words even overwhelming the shock she felt at being raped.

“That’s what you are now, our little black slave girl.”
Adelae let out a cry of horrific suffering shame devastated by his words.  Nothing could possibly be more humiliating and degrading to a young black girl than to be called a slave by a terrifying white man who was raping her.  She sobbed uncontrollably into the sheets feeling the fiendish white devil dig his fingers into her thighs and slam his repugnant hurtful organ into her body over and over.

April 16, 2016, 04:52:14 AM
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Offline Jed


Morgan was face down on the floor boards of the car.  She wasn’t sure how long she had been there, but it must have been a few hours, maybe 4 or 5.  Even after those hours, her crotch felt like it was on fire it was so sore.  The second negro had raped her every bit as hard and long as the first one with a cock just as big.  The one difference was she didn’t offer any resistance this time.  She even adjusted her body to make it easier for him to fuck her by opening her legs a little wider and lifting her butt up a little.  She still couldn’t suppress the little moans and squeals of pain she made at each of his thrusts or stop whimpering throughout the rape, but she had made a conscious decision to cooperate with the two loathsome black rapists.  It was an appalling decision and one that sickened her, but she wanted to live.

When the second negro rapist finally stiffened on top of her and she felt his revolting black semen polluting her body, he abruptly withdrew and pushed her face down on the car floorboards.  He seemed to go to sleep with his massive hand resting on her back.  She tried a couple times to lift up and look around, but his snoring stopped, and his hand pushed her back down again.

It disgusted and repulsed her what she was planning to do, to cooperate with them, but she wanted to survive and get away and go back home.  It was inevitable that at some point they would be done with her and want to get rid of her.  That could only mean they would kill her and dispose of the body.  She had to keep their interest long enough to delay that as long as possible and find some means of escape.  Keeping their interest meant she not only would stop fighting them, but she would obey them even participate in more rapes.  Her father taught her to survive in all sorts of harsh conditions.  That had been on hunting trips further west in the cold lonely Rocky Mountains, but the same mindset applied here.

Morgan sensed the car slowing and determined the one driving was exiting the freeway.  It stopped briefly, and then she could tell it was pulling up to something.  She guessed correctly they were at a gas station.  The black man in back with her placed his foot on her back and his huge hand grasped her neck and squeezed.  She could tell he could snap her neck if he wanted, and then he said, “Just lay there little white girl, the car needs a hose in it just like you needed hoses in you.”

They were there for about 20 minutes.  She could hear other cars around and some people talking.  She wanted to try and scream for help through the gag, but the hand squeezing her neck kept her quiet.  When they left the gas station, she could tell they didn’t get back on the freeway and that terrified her thinking this was it.  They were going to kill her.

The ride got a little bumpy, and then the car stopped.  He lifted her up and she could see nothing but wheat fields all around them on a dirt road.  He untied her hands and took the gag out of her mouth.  The other one opened the back door and looked in on them.  She swallowed hard petrified with fear.  He handed her a bottle of cold water, and she took it with trembling hands.  She drank thirstily out of the bottle thinking they wouldn’t give her water if they were going to kill her.  She drank again and again, and then suddenly she blurted out, “I have to pee.”
“Sure little white girl,” the one named Julius said.

He helped her out of the car.  It was dark and no one was around.  She still had on her torn long sleeved white top and nothing else.  He led her into the wheat and gripped her hand while she squatted to relieve herself.  She let him pull her unresisting back to the car thinking if he was taking her back to the car, they weren’t thinking of killing her yet.  Feeling her stomach grumble, she said, “I’m hungry.”
“Sure we’ll give you something to eat in a little while, but you’re going to have to suck some big black dick first.”

Morgan lowered her head cheeks reddening, and then after a long hesitation she nodded her acceptance relieved they weren’t going to kill her and telling herself this is all part of her plan to survive.  Julius pulled her into the back seat with him and pushed her kneeling on the floor boards between his knees.  Julius began opening his pants, and then he paused and turned the overhead light on.  Morgan would rather he had kept it dark, especially when he released his massive black organ and aimed it at her face.  Instead of white and familiar, it was a frightening dark and menacing like an enormous black snake about to swallow her whole.  It was easily twice the size of any she had seen up close, and she couldn’t believe this thing had fit inside her body without killing her.  It seemed as big as her arm.  Staring at it wavering in front of her eyes in a combination of horror and fascination she managed to whisper, “Oh wow.”
He laughed at her reaction saying, “Yeah, that’s not one of those tiny white wieners you’re used to.”
He got a grip on her throat and continued, “Now no teeth little white girl, or they’ll find a strangled girl’s body in that wheat field during harvest.”
Whispering again, she said, “It will never fit.”
“Just shut up and open really wide.”

She didn’t want to see it happen, so she closed her eyes and quivering in fear and disgust, opened her mouth wide as she could.  He got a grip on her blond hair and began feeding his gigantic black organ into her mouth.  Her lips were stretched wide and tight around it, and as it slid along her tongue Morgan immediately retched at the taste.  The men had been traveling from California, and it had been a while since either had a shower.  That was part of the taste, but she also realized she was tasting herself on his penis from his previous rape of her body.  Calming her stomach, she tentative sucked on it and moved her head slightly up and down getting used to his size.  His huge hand gripped her hair hurtfully and he raised his voice saying, “Use your hands too you dumb cracker bitch.”

Morgan had given many blow jobs and jerk off many guys, but she had no experience with someone of this size.  She reached up to it and curled both hands around his cock and began pulling on it in rhythm with her sucking mouth.  Her fingers just barely touched her thumb around his immense black cock.  Soon she had it covered with her saliva and got it slippery enough to slide her hands on it.  He said, “That’s it little white girl, now let me see those pretty blue eyes of yours while you suck my big black dick.”

She wanted to keep her eyes closed, but obeyed him and looked up at the negro while she vigorously sucked and jerked him off.  She blinked at the bright overhead light.  Impatient with her efforts, he got a good grip on her long blond hair and brutally forced her face further on it.  Morgan immediately began gagging and choking on his dark flesh buried deep in the back of her mouth nearly entering her throat.  She squealed around his cock in protest heaving and gagging, and he laughed saying, “Now you know why I didn’t want to give you any food yet.  Don’t want you throwing up in the car.”
He held her there for a few more seconds, and then released her head commenting, “Just gotta learn to relax that throat and let that big black cock in.”

Morgan wanted this over with, and sucked and pulled on his huge black penis.  Her mouth was getting really tired, but at least he had stopped talking and was watching her with half closed eyes.  His hands had relaxed on her head for a couple minutes, but then they suddenly gripped her blond hair hard.  His eyes opened wide and he groaned.  And then with no other warning, his big black cock erupted in her mouth and a flood of negro semen spurted hitting the back of her throat.  She wanted to spit it out, but he held her head hard forcing it deep in her mouth.  With her lips stretched so wide around his dark flesh, there was no other place it could go.  So feeling extremely nauseated and queasy, Morgan began swallowing down his revolting negro seed until after several swallows he released her head.  Julius sighed and pat her on the head saying, “That’s a good little white girl gulping down my cum.  We’ll just keep feeding you black men’s cum and that’s all.  Would you like that?”

Morgan just lowered her head in shame and retched a few more times trying to keep it all down fearing that if she vomited in the car they might kill her.  Again she resolved herself to live through this horrible experience and escape somehow.  The one name Julius got out of the back seat and was replaced by the one named Jeff.  Julius started the car and began driving back to the interstate, while Jeff opened his pants.  Calming her stomach and working her jaw, Morgan prepared herself for giving another blow job.

It took Morgan a really long time to suck Jeff off.  And when he finally did cum and forced her to swallow it, he wouldn’t let her take her mouth of his softened cock.  He made her hold it in her mouth while the car cruised along the highway.  After maybe a half hour he let her sit up, and gave her a dry ham and cheese sandwich they must have gotten at the gas station and a plastic bottle of orange juice.  Once she finished both, he made her take his huge black repellent cock in her mouth again and slowly suck on it.  Her mouth had the expected result, and he soon got hard again.  The second time she sucked Jeff off seemed like it took an hour, and again after swallowing his load, he wouldn’t let her take her mouth off it commenting, “Gotta gag you somehow and keep you from trying to call out for help.”

Morgan could tell they weren’t on the interstate any more.  There were many stops and starts, and then she could glimpse street lights.  She tried to see more, but kneeling in the back seat with a black penis in her mouth, it was hard to see where they were especially at night.  He then spoke to the driver, “I hope you know where you’re going.  I don’t like the looks of this place.”
“Relax, you’re in my town now.”

The car finally stops and Julius rolls down the window as a large black man approaches the car and says, “Jules, it that you?”
“Yo Monk, is Tookie around?”
“Yeah, he’ll want to know you’re back.”

Morgan is allowed to sit up and looks around at the dark dilapidated buildings and sees three unfamiliar black men talking with the one Julius.  Jeff still has her neck in his grip, but he seems a little nervous and unsure.  When Julius comes back over, he says, “We’re going inside.”
“What about my car?”
“Jeff, no one will touch your car here.  Trust me.”

Extremely self-conscious of being naked below the waist, Morgan tries to find her skirt, but it’s missing.  When they pull her from the car, she closes her top with one hand and covers her bare crotch with the other.  It’s all she can do under the leering gazes of the black men.  They immediately drag her inside the building. 

Julius explains she is the racist daughter of a big white racist further west, and she needed some lessons in race relations.  The one called Tookie comes closer and towers over her.  He slaps her hands away from her top and crotch and looks her over.  Morgan closes her eyes in shame as he casually squeezes her small breasts.  She whimpers and tries to pull away when he reaches for her crotch, but then gives up as he slides two fingers between her legs and comments, “That’s a freshly shaved pussy.  Seems she knew she was getting some action when she got up this morning.  We’ll talk in a few, but do you mind if I fuck the racist white bitch first?”
Julius replies, “Well I didn’t bring her here so you could give her singing lessons.”
Tookie laughs and says, “But I sing so well!”
“You’re giving me to him?” Morgan asks Julius, but he ignores her.
“Come on little white girl, I’ll be real gentle.”

Tookie begins dragging her towards a bed that doesn’t look very clean.  She resists a little looking back at Julius and Jeff as if they would save her.  He pushes on her back on the bed and with huge black hands spreads her legs excruciatingly wide.  The day’s events are incredibly surreal for Morgan, and she finds herself clinging to the will to survive by complying.  She leaves her legs spread watching with horror the unfamiliar black man undo his pants.  She had resigned herself to more rapes, but it hadn’t occurred to her it would be by anyone but the two that had grabbed her back home.

Tookie’s pants drop to the floor, and he spits and rubs the wetness of his saliva between her legs.  He spits again, and Morgan winces as her sore crotch is rubbed again with more spit.  He hefts his huge black organ aiming it between her legs.  Morgan stares in rapt fascination and dread as it gets closer and nuzzles against her opening, grinding to get inside.  She lets out a loud moan of anguish as he slowly forces his big black cock inside her body stretching her vaginal walls painfully open.  Tookie forces her legs even wider apart and up in the air trapping them with his arms braced on the bed.  With slow deliberate movements, the huge negro slowly fucks her.

With her feet wavering high in the air, Morgan can’t help leaning up and staring at the gigantic black cock disappearing and reappearing between her legs repeatedly penetrating her body.  Inexplicably, she finds herself reaching under her thighs with both hands.  She briefly touches his dark cock with her finger tips to confirm it’s real, and then presses her pelvis down so she can more easily see it fuck her.  Morgan stares with amazement that something that big could fit inside her pussy.  Her brief flirtation with fascination ends when Tookie abruptly speeds up and begins slamming his enormous black cock inside her body.  Morgan cries out in pain and looks up at his merciless black face begging him to be quick while knowing this won't end soon.

April 16, 2016, 04:56:28 AM
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Offline Jed

More commentary on race:

As much as any white person can, I think I understand the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.  When I hear someone with irritation in their voice respond indignantly to hearing that with ‘All Lives Matter!’, I think that person is missing something.  Of course all lives matter, that’s not what is being said.
Imagine a newspaper article with no pictures.  It describes how a young man of 19 named Richard Lee Johnson walking on the street minding his own business was hit by a stray bullet and killed.  There is no indication where the bullet came from, and the police have no leads on who is responsible.  It describes a grieving family of parents, a brother and two sisters, grandparents and other relatives.
A person reads this article and finds it very tragic.  They comment to their spouse about it, how horrible it must be for the family, and that they hope the police find who did it.  The spouse agrees it’s terrible.
Take that same exact story, but change the name of the 19 year old victim to Jamal Tyrone Johnson.  That same person reading the article has a brief thought of, ‘Well those people live in those neighborhoods, and that’s what happens’, and they don’t bother mentioning it to their spouse and move on to the next news article.
Of course the person in that scenario reading the article thinks it’s tragic when they think it’s a young black man, but they find it just a little more tragic when they think the person is white.  That’s what I think is being said by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, that people should think that blacks lives are qualitatively just as important as white lives, and they perceive that this often is just not the case.  I think they’re right.  To be honest I can’t claim I’m entirely free of that mindset either, but I’m trying to be.
I recently saw a bumper sticker that said ‘Blue Lives Matter’.  Blue of course means the police.  I see this as an appropriate response to the perversion of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, where a few imbecilic criminals think a war has been declared between black people and the police, and they are fighting in that war.  I find this issue deeply personal considering what has happened to Plaything’s family.

Hopefully I will get back to Adelae's story soon, but it will be several days at least.


April 27, 2016, 02:38:00 AM
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Offline Jed


Adelae whimpers and moans during the rape as the white man relentlessly plunges his foul organ into her body.  Again the image of these awful men killing her and leaving her body out in the hills for the coyotes and buzzards flashes in her head.  It makes her determined to survive.  She has to make them think she likes it and won’t tell.  She’ll even say she wants to come back and be with them again.  Once she gets away, then she’ll report them to the police.  She just has to get them to let her go.  His cock plunging into her body seems to get less abrasive as her bodily secretions strive to protect her from damage.  Mentally steeling herself, Adelae begins doing the most disgusting thing she’s ever done in her life.  Bracing herself with both arms on the bed, she begins pushing her butt back at the filthy white man meeting each of his thrusts.

Feeling the girl start fucking him back, Eric laughs and asks her, “You like being fucked by your Master don’t you little black slave girl?”
Adelae stuttering with revulsion to force it out replies, “Ya…ya….yes Ma….Ma…Master.”
Grunting with effort drilling into the young black teen, Eric asks again, “You love my white cock inside your black pussy don’t you little slave girl?”
Swallowing and forcing down the bile of ghastly nauseating gorge trying to rise in her throat, Adelae responds, “Yes, give it to me Master!”

Mercifully he doesn’t talk anymore and focuses on skewering the tight black girl prostrate before him.  Adelae just closes her eyes and suppresses the desire to sob, still pushing back at him praying for it to end and wondering how many times will she have to do these repellent acts until they are too exhausted to perform anymore and let her go.  Not a virgin by any means, she senses it in him when he gets closes and pushes even harder back at him.  His fingers dig hurtfully into her butt, and then he groans releasing a flood of putrid semen into her body.  Unable to prevent it, Adelae lets out a loud moan of anguish feeling her womb being contaminated by his fetid repellent white man’s sperm.

After the awful white man pulls his flaccid organ from her body, Adelae curls up into a ball trying not to weep and breathing hard, again willing herself to go along with whatever happens next.  She knew it would be some time before they would be done with her.  Not to her surprise, she felt the other one Steve kneeling on the bed, and then moving behind her.  She could feel his naked body pressing up against her, his thing poking at her butt.  Bracing herself for more rape, she passively allows him to position her as he wants.  Feeling him fumbling, she even pushes her butt back a little cooperating, but she couldn’t help groaning in despair as he shoves himself inside her.  At least his entry didn’t hurt as much as the other one.

He forces her leg in the air with an arm and then grips her breast.  He moves very slowly inside her and fondles her breasts possessively like he owns her.  Again disgusted by what she is doing, she pushes her butt back matching his thrusts and even lifts her hand and begins caressing his cheek and then his dark head of hair.  She turns her head toward him until their lips barely brush and a slight tingle travels through her body.  She abruptly turns her face away, the thought of kissing the white man raping her is just too revolting.  While faking that she is enjoying their violation of her body, there are still limits to what she is able to do.

Mentally Adelae found both white men extremely repugnant and their rapes and labeling her as a slave to be the most humiliating, degrading and abhorrent experience of her life, but there was something going on at a primal level she was completely unaware of.  While the rape by the one named Eric had initially hurt terribly, her body had rapidly reacted by moistening her vaginal opening easing her discomfort.  That reaction had everything to do with the intense humiliation she was experiencing, both by being raped by white men she detested and them calling her the most dreadful thing she could imagine a black girl could be called, a slave.  It’s not that unusual for a girl to become aroused by humiliation, but it does take them a very long time to realize what is going on.

Meanwhile Steve’s hand leaves her breast and travels down her stomach until it nears where his pasty white organ is violating her loins.  It tickles her belly as it lightly moves, and she shivers in anticipation as it gets closer.  His fingers brush through her neatly trimmed black pubic hair, and then a single finger slides down making contact with her clit.  Her hand jerks away from his head and face as if it were a hot stove and hovers over his hand manipulating her clit.  She wants so badly to shove his tormenting hand away, but the image of her dead in the hills pops into to her head again.  She grasps both her hands together in front of her trying to ignore his teasing touch and the maddening sensations coursing through her body.

Her butt was still pushing back meeting each of his hard thrusts, but Adelae wasn’t forcing herself to do it anymore.  Her movements had become involuntary and instinctual without her even realizing it.  Not a complete stranger to orgasms, Adelae suddenly recognizes the feeling within her body of one approaching.
“Ooooh noooo,” she whispers.
There was a brief pause and Steve asks, “Are you going to cum for your Master?”
“Oooooh nooooo,” is all she can manage breathing extremely hard.

It was building inside her, there was no denying it.  Adelae tried to will it away, and then tried to shut down her mind, but it insidiously kept surging ever closer.  Her whole body seemed to be throbbing in rhythm with his horrid thrusting organ and wicked finger.   She tried thinking of something else, but the sensations electrifying her body wouldn’t let her.  Striving desperately to keep it a bay, she did manage to delay it for a short time.  Nonetheless, the inevitability of it could not be denied.

The ironic thing was that if Adelae had relaxed and not fought the orgasm building within her, it might have been a mild barely perceptible quaking of her body and perhaps a slightly audible moan.  Instead, she fought against it prolonging her release until it became agonizing.  The end result was an intensely powerful discharge of emotional and physical energy.  Sensing the young black girl was about to cum, Steve rolled her onto her stomach his finger still abrading her clit underneath her.  And then he slammed his cock into her body as hard as he could thoroughly enjoying the way her pussy was pulsating on his cock.

Helplessly driving her body back at his insistent thrusting, Adelae gasping and moaning dug her fingers so hard into the sheets on the bed she broke two nails without knowing it.  She was right on the edge and then it washed over her in wave after wave of unrelenting passion.  It started as a low moan and a trembling of her body that within a couple seconds escalated.  Her low moan transformed into a scream of increasing decibels, and her shaking became so violent she nearly bucked Steve off her, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

“WWOOOWWW!!,” exclaimed Steve, and then a couple seconds later he too was overwhelmed by her spasming pussy milking his cock.  He groaned loudly and began cumming hard inside the young black girl flopping uncontrollably on the bed underneath him.
“Damn,” Eric said in a near whisper a little envious his friend elicited such a reaction in the black girl.

His cock still embedded in her body, Steve placed his lips next to Adelae’s ear and said, “That’s a good little black slave girl cumming for her white Master.”
Coming to full realization of her reactions and still quaking with orgasmic aftershocks, Adelae let out a wail of mortification as shame and humiliation overwhelmed her soul.  She had just been raped by horrible white men and behaved as if she loved every aspect of her defilement.

June 04, 2016, 07:01:44 AM
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Offline Jed


Her whimpers had turned to pleading sobs begging him to finish, but the huge black man they called Tookie just kept drilling into her body ruthlessly.  It went on and on until her crotch felt like it was on fire it hurt so bad.  When he finally stiffened above her, Morgan almost welcomed the gushing feeling of his negro cum flooding into her body.  At least it was over.  When he pulled out of her with a sickening squishy sound, she saw the one name Julius hovering over her and cried out, “No!  No!  I can’t take any more!”
“Too bad little white blond Aryan bitch, you’re a little white whore for black men now.”

Without any hesitation or pity, Julius abruptly shoved himself inside her aching vagina.  Morgan squealed in pain at his entry shaking her head in disbelief.  This morning she had woke planning to meet with Johnny for sex, and now she was being gang raped by horrible nasty N#&&@*$.  Her father was right about them, he was right.  Moaning with anguish Morgan again willed that she would survive this and make them pay.  Groaning in agony at each of his thrusts, she tried to picture in her head her father shooting all the black men in the room.  She could see the ones named Jeff and Tookie watching with appalling smirking grins on their faces.  Julius breathing deep with effort ordered, “Wrap your legs around me you little white slut, and maybe I’ll be quick.”

Morgan hoping it would help him finish faster, lifted her thin white legs and wrapped them around the enormous black trunk of her repellent rapist.  Even though she was fairly tall for a girl at 5’6”, she was thin only weighing 104 pounds and felt so tiny underneath the gigantic humping black man.  Julius was relentless with his thrusting, and Morgan shook her head with grief and outrage.  She needed this to be over.  She couldn’t take this anymore.  Seeking some way, any way at all, to end the pain of the rape, Morgan began moving under him matching his thrusts like a dirty slut.  It was the most disgusting thing she had ever done, participating and even cooperating in her rape by a negro.  Julius wasn’t fooled by her act, but he went along with it chuckling and saying to her, “That’s it little white whore, fuck me back.  You’re learning your race relations lessons real good.”

Morgan continued to move under him, wincing in pain at each pounding thrust he gave her.  She felt him speed up and praying for this to be the end, she tried to bring him over the edge by encouraging him moaning out, “That’s it.  Fill me with your cum.  I want it bad!”

Julius laughed, but then he did go rigid above her, and she felt a revolting spurting inside her body.  She closed her eyes in shame at her actions telling herself she did it to survive.  Mentally Morgan began counting, that was four rapes in her vagina, and she had to blow this one once and the other one named Jeff twice.  She felt him withdraw his flaccid organ, and then her stomach lurched feeling his spent lust bubbling out and dripping down her crack.  Feeling a strong hand grip her ankle, she opened her eyes to see Jeff’s leering face above her.  She began kicking at him with her free leg screaming, “No more!  I can’t take any more!  NO…..NO……NO…..NO!!!!

Jeff easily grabbed her kicking leg, and forced her ankles together.  Gripping both ankles in a single massive hand, Jeff raised his other huge hand and slapped her excruciatingly hard across the face.  The stinging blow turned her head so far it nearly broke her neck.  It abruptly silenced her screams, and Morgan fought to stay conscious.  Wavering in and out of consciousness her head was ringing, and she could taste blood in her mouth.  He flipped her onto her stomach, and she felt her legs being yanked apart.  His entry was immediate and brutal causing her to scream at first inarticulately, and then followed by, “OH GOD SAVE ME!!!  DADDY COME SAVE ME!!!  PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!  DADDY!!!  PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!  OH GOD NO, THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!!”

But her daddy didn’t come and save her, and eventually her screaming stopped replaced with low sobbing into the dirty mattress.  She wasn’t sure how long the one named Jeff rooted inside her.  The agonizing pain washed over her, and she began to pray for death.  She no longer had a plan to cooperate until she could escape, she just wanted to die and end the shame and pain.  When Jeff came inside her, she was barely conscious.  She felt the gushing deluge of his semen, and then blacked out.

Morgan had the sensation of being carried, and then put down.  Opening her eyes she saw it was a bed, but a different one.  A black man was cuffing her ankle to the bed frame.  ‘That’s so I don’t escape,’ her brain told her.  He was familiar but not one of the ones that kidnapped her.  ‘His name is Tookie,’ she thought.  He was naked when he got on the bed with her.  His hands began caressing her small breasts and tight butt, and she could feel his huge erect cock pressing against her side, so she pleaded with him, “Please don’t fuck me anymore.  I’ll be good, but it hurts so bad.”
“Just suck me off good baby girl, and we’ll give your pussy a rest for a while.”

Her mouth hurt from the slap, but nowhere near as bad as her crotch.  She worked her jaw realizing it was sore from more than just the slap.  That one Jeff had made her suck his dick for hours before they got here.  Her mouth was tired but the idea of refusing didn’t even occur to her.  Morgan was just grateful this one wasn’t going to fuck her again.

Nodding her acceptance but still trembling with dread, Morgan moved her head down to it.  She stared at it in the dim light thinking about how big it was and would it even fit in her mouth.  Remembering it had been inside her body and she didn’t want that again, Morgan open her mouth as wide as she could and took it in.  It tasted awful, but she sucked on the tip and tried to get as much of it as possible in her mouth.  Remembering what the first one she blew said, she used her hands.  Trying to generate as much saliva as possible, she worked feverishly on it.  A voice in her head kept saying ‘If you do this good, he’s not going to fuck you.’

Keeping his cock in her mouth he moved them sideways.  Morgan could feel his hands in her blond hair, and he began forcing her.  His hips thrust at her mouth forcing it too deep, and she began choking on it.  Her hands briefly left his cock to try and push him away, but again terrified he would fuck her, she stopped any resistance.  She was gagging horribly on his big black cock, so she tried to will herself to handle it.  Soon they got into a rhythm, with her sucking on it and squeezing both hands around it matching him shoving it in her mouth.  After several minutes he seemed to shake a little, and she knew it was coming and increased her efforts.  Suddenly he groaned, and his salty slimy fluid poured into her mouth.  Just like the other times this awful day, there was no place for it to go but down.

She swallowed and then retched a few times, as he pulled it from her mouth.  Terrified of what would happen if she vomited, she forced the rising gorge down and tried not to think of the four loads of negro cum she had swallowed today.  There was a clock near the bed.  It was almost 3AM.  A couple hours ago she never met this negro now snoring with her in his arms.  She never really met any black man until those terrible N#&&@*$ kidnapped her and raped her.

Her mouth was sore, but it didn’t compare to how crotch felt.  Morgan was no stranger to sex, and she knew she had a reputation as a slut.  One that she tried to play down for fear of her father, but he had caught her so many times, she was sure he knew that about most of what she did.  Since she was only 17, and the guys he caught her with were usually older, he threatened to have them arrested.  It probably was only to try and keep the gossip down that he hadn’t so far.

Counting again, Morgan confirmed she had been fucked five times by the black men.  She wasn’t even sure if what had happened to her today was the most sex she had in a day without sleep.  Thinking hard and counting, she remembered sneaking out and spending the night with Johnny a couple months ago and they fucked twice in the morning.  Late that evening she was with Pete in his truck, and he also fucked her twice before he took her home.  And that wasn’t all of it that day, she had been seeing a married 29 year old man with two kids.  She showed up at his house that afternoon after his wife took the kids to see her parents.  They fucked twice in his basement, so that was six times in one day she thought blushing and realizing she really was a slut.  She remembered blowing all three too, but just enough to get each of them ready for round two.

The married guy had a big dick, that was really the only reason she went to him.  At least she thought then it was big.  After being raped by those three black men including the one asleep next to her, she now had a new perspective on big.  Oh God, what’s going to happen to her tomorrow?  More sex with cocks that huge will kill her.  She lay in the bed a long time agonizing over and worrying about what was going to happen to her tomorrow until she fell into oblivion.

Morgan opened her eyes in confusion.  Someone was dragging her out of bed and forcing her to stand.  Blinking the sleep out of her eyes and looking around it all started coming back to her, the horror of her situation.  The one named Tookie began dragging her by the arm.  He pulled her into a room full of black men.  There were maybe 8 or 10 of them in there all leering at her naked body.  She cringed against Tookie terrified of what was going to happen.  Tookie announced to the room, “Nobody touches the white girl’s pussy today.  She’s too sore for any fucking.”

In surprise, Morgan looked up gratefully at him and even smiled slightly.  Smiling down at her with his hands on shoulders, Tookie continued, “But I don’t care how many black cocks she ends up sucking today.”
The smile vanished from Morgan’s face, and then Tookie’s hands on her shoulders began forcing her down on her knees in front of him.

June 04, 2016, 10:24:24 PM
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Every time I read more of one of Jed's stories, I realize how fortunate we are to have a writer of this calibre on the site! We share him with no one!

June 05, 2016, 05:12:31 PM
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Yeah I agree, more of this!

June 05, 2016, 05:24:58 PM
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Offline Jed

Thanks vile, high praise indeed from the story master.

And thank you too blondicath.

I'm working on a few old stories that need finishing up, but I'll be back to this one soon.

June 12, 2016, 06:30:37 PM
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Looking forward to more of this one too!

July 07, 2016, 06:07:07 AM
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Offline Jed


After the white man pulled his repugnant organ from her body, Adelae curled up in a ball sobbing pathetically.  She felt herself quiver and moaned in misery knowing it was an aftershock from her intense orgasm.  She tried to will the memory of it from her head, but there was this little voice in her head that kept reminding her it was the best one she ever had.  She whimpered in shame thinking of how it came from an awful white man who raped her and kept calling her his slave.

Adelae felt something on the bed.  It was the other one Eric laying down naked next to her.  His hand took a grip of her hair and began pulling her head over.  She opened her eyes and saw his erect cock just inches from her face.  She wanted all this to stop and without thinking of her previous fears of them killing her, she pushed against his thighs saying, “No more!  I want to go home!”

There was a loud ‘CRACK’ followed by stinging pain on her back.  With a surprised squeal, her head snapped around to see the one that made her cum, Steve, holding a long thin branch. He raised it again, and then with a rapid down stroke lashed her back a second time making her shriek in pain and yell, “No please, it hurts!”
“Of course it hurts little chocolate slave girl, but you are not being obedient to your masters.”

Eric held her hair painfully hard forcing her face against his sweaty crotch with his slimy erect cock sliding along her cheek, and then Steve began whipping her with the switch raising red welts on her back.  Adelae howled in agony at each lash until she was blubbering inarticulately.  After a dozen or so lashes, there was a pause by Steve while Eric asked, “Are you ready to do a good job of sucking my cock?”
“Yaa..yaa…yes,” she whimpered.
“Yes what?”
“Yes Master,” sobbed Adelae, and then she wailed in misery.

Terrified Steve would resume whipping her, Adelae began begging, “Please Master, I’ll suck your cock real good.”
Turning and looking at Steve, she begged him, “Please don’t whip me any more Master, I’ll be a good slave for you.”

Adelae swallowed hard realizing she wasn’t acting any more, and those words just came out.  She knew she was terrified, but she also knew something deep inside her was going on.  She felt weird inside thinking of herself as a slave, and not how she would have thought she would feel.  Right now she was eager to please these two white men, and without any more hesitation and to keep from being whipped any more, she leaned down and engulfed Eric’s cock.  Her eyes darting from Eric’s face and over to Steve, she sucked vigorously on Eric hoping both men would be delighted with her efforts.  Rapidly moving her head, she worked him deep in her mouth using her lips and tongues to create suction.  When Eric began moaning, a shiver of relief tingled down her spine, and she applied herself even more diligently to the task.  It didn’t take long, and soon Eric groaned really loud and held her head hard as he spurted into her throat.

Adelae didn’t consider doing anything else but to swallow every drop of the white man’s cum.  In a strange way it seemed like the right thing to do.  Both men seemed to want to rest, and she didn’t know what to do with herself.  She looked wistfully at her pants and underwear on the floor wanting to cover her nudity.  She also looked around for her bra and top, and then remembered they were in the truck.  Steve saw her looking at her pants and commented, “You won’t be putting those on for a little while yet.  There’s a couple beers in that small fridge over there, get us each one.”

Adelae stood awkwardly in the black high heels she still had on, and then started to kick them off, but Steve said, “No, I like the way you look in those heels my little chocolate slave girl.”
She just nodded submissively, but then Steve asked, “What are you supposed to say to your Master when he gives you an order?”
Stopping briefly, Adelae looked at his stern face and then fearfully choked out, “Yes, Master.”

They ordered her to get some snacks which was some Dorito’s corn chips and string cheese.  She had to kneel naked except for those heels she was beginning to hate, and offer the snacks to them.  Steve fed her a little string cheese, but he wouldn’t let her touch it with her hands.  He would but it in her mouth.  She didn’t want to eat that way, but she was afraid of the switch or what else they might do.  Each time he put a little food in her mouth, Steve made her say, “Thank you Master.”

A litter shiver would go through her body when she called Steve Master, and when he called her his slave.  It wasn’t quite the same with Eric.  She told herself it was because she was more afraid of Steve, but part of her knew it was more than that.  She was terrified that Steve would make her cum again, but again she knew what was bothering her in particular about wasn’t only that.  She knew they were just waiting until they had the strength to use her again, so it came as no surprise when Steve lay back on the bed and pointed at his cock ordering her, “Get on, and ride me little slave girl.”
Adelae watched Eric pick up the switch, and then say, “I’ll make sure rides hard and fast.”

She was both afraid to do it and afraid not to.  As she walked over to him trembling and crawled shaking onto the bed, she realized why she was afraid to do it.  It wasn’t the rape or that it would hurt, she was also terrified she would cum again with Steve.  She reached out with a trembling hand and took hold of it and stroked him a few times until he said, “Just get it inside you.”
“I’m dry.  It will hurt,” she whined knowing deep down that was only partly true.
“Then get it wet and sloppy with your mouth first and be quick about it.”

She obeyed him lowering her head and sucking on it intentionally coating it with her saliva.  After only about half a minute she could tell by his stern face she had better move on.  Moving up and straddling him, she got a grip and slowly lowered herself down on it.  She gasped feeling it fill her with only a little abrasion.  Staring down at his emotionless face she began moving.  She saw Eric with the switch move behind her, and she began bouncing rapidly on Steve’s cock.  Eric raised the switch and moaning in terror, Adelae placed her hands on Steve’s shoulders and slammed her crotch down on his cock as fast as she could.  It did hurt then, but she was too afraid to slow down with Eric menacing her with that switch.

A couple minutes into riding Steve she grew tired and it slipped out jabbing her painfully.  She howled feeling the lash on her back, and quickly got it back inside her and began bouncing again.  She gyrated and grinded on his rod desperately hoping to please him.  His hands gripped her ass hard guiding her movements.  She was sore, but she could also feel her wetness easing the impaling of her body.  She was terrified she would cum again and tried to think of something else while she rode the white man.  Abruptly Steve groaned his fingers digging hurtfully into her butt cheeks.  Adelae sighed in relief feeling him shooting inside her thankful she didn’t cum again.  She collapsed in fatigue on top of him breathing hard.  She felt him stroke her hair and closed her eyes tight telling herself she didn’t like it.

She lay on top of Steve their combined sweat sticking them to each other for a couple minutes as their breathing calmed, until that idyllic moment was rudely interrupted by Eric callously tugging on her legs.  He flipped her off of Steve and onto her back yanking her legs cruelly apart.  She looked over at Steve, but he swung his legs off the bed with his back to her and got up.  Eric wasted no time and jammed himself inside her making her squeal in pain.  Eric poked at her roughly until a throbbing soreness made her cringe at each thrust.  The men had fucked her twice each, and this amount of sex was something her young body had never experienced.

She begged Eric to stop and looked over at Steve for help, but he just watched them stone faced.  Realizing no one was going to help her, Adelae turned her head to the side and prayed for Eric to finish.  Frustrated with her lack of response, Eric grunted, “Move your ass you black bitch!”
Afraid to disobey and hoping he would be done quicker, she wrapped her legs around him and began moving under his thrusting body.  Again she glanced at Steve’s expressionless face searching for signs he would intervene and saw nothing.  Eric’s pounding went on and on until her crotch was in agony.  She was crying out in pain and anguish at each thrust.  When he finally stiffened on top of her, she just whimpered in grief feeling his semen polluting her body.

As he pulled his disgusting organ out of her body, Eric asked Steve, “You done with her?”
“Me too.  What do you want to do with her?”
“That depends on if she going to be a good little slave girl.”
Adelae looked back and forth between the two white men terrified they really were going to kill her and begged, “Please don’t hurt me Masters.  I’ll be good.  I won’t tell no one what you did.”

It was quiet for a few minutes and then Steve told her gently, “No one is going to hurt you.  We’ll take you near your house and let you go.”
Noticing he didn’t call her a slave, she felt weird and uncertain.  Regaining some composure, she nodded and even smiled slightly.  She was determined to convince them she would keep quiet about all this, but began scheming to tell the police and put these white men in prison for what they did.  Thinking of Steve in prison made her feel funny, but she told herself he deserved it.

Steve got her pants and panties, while Eric retrieved her top and bra from the truck.  Once she was dressed, they sat her down.  Eric showed her a video on his phone.  It was her cumming with Steve.  Adelae could feel her cheeks burning in shame as she watched herself moan and scream in obvious pleasure.  Eric said, “I doubt anyone seeing that would believe we raped you.”

Steve got his phone out and showed her a picture of a large group of armed men.  One was holding a sign that said ‘White Power’.  The group looked terrifyingly dangerous.  Steve reached out and began fondling her breast possessively and said, “That’s a militia group run by a racist named Peyton Sheffler a couple counties west of here.  Their goal is to make the whole state whites only.  Both Eric and I have family over there.  If you cause us any trouble, we’ll tell them about the black families in this county that need gotten rid of.  We’ll name your parents, brother uncle and cousins.”

Adelae was petrified in fear picturing these men with guns burning her home down and shooting her entire family as they ran out.  Her voice quaking in terror she stuttered, “I pppro…promise.  I won….won’t tell no……no one.”
“That’s a good little slave girl.  You are our slave aren’t you?” asked Steve his hand gripping her breast tightened painfully.
“Ya..yes…..yes Master.”
“So you’ll be ready for us to pick you up Saturday to come back here for a few hours of fun?”
That was only 2 days away, but Adelae choked out, “Yes Ma..master.”
“And you’re going to be a very obedient slave girl on Saturday too?”
Head down with tears flowing down her cheek, Adelae nodded and said, “Yes Master.”

After telling her to be in the same spot at 11AM on Saturday, they dropped her off within an easy walk of her house and pulled away.  While driving Eric asked Steve, “Who is this Payton Sheffler?”
“Oh, he’s real alright and a crazy fucker too.”
“You know him?”
“Of course not, and I don’t believe his shit either.”
“OK, good.  You had me worried there.”

July 07, 2016, 04:35:40 PM
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Another great job Jed!!!!

July 14, 2016, 05:43:00 AM
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Offline Jed

Thanks for all the comments on this story so far.

Race relations in general are at a new low in the U.S.  In a perverted sort of way, I think writing and reading a story like this is a good outlet for these troubled times.

So don't worry, the little blond Morgan will be back soon, and she's going to get more black cock than a Kardashian. . . . . .