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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy

Punks And Snobs

An original story by Vile8r

Chapter I

I have the hottest girl in town! thought Justin Appleton as he watched the incredibly attractive blonde teenage girl approaching his car. Mallory Davenport!
  The 17 year-old just exuded hotness! She was petite, at only 5’ 3” and around 110 lb. Her silky blonde hair that came down just past her shoulders, framed a gorgeous oval face. Mallory had sparkling blue eyes and sensuous red lips with high cheek bones and perfect ivory skin.
  But her face was only part of her attractiveness. Mallory had a body that as some guys would say, “could just make you cry”! A flat, incredibly firm stomach topped with perky B cup breasts. A slender waist, curvy hips, and toned athletic legs, And an ass which, as far as Justin was concerned, should be registered as a dangerous weapon!

Mallory was the daughter of Julian Davenport, the mayor of Patterson Falls and a very prominent businessman. Julian had made millions as the owner of a very successful capital investment firm.

Yes, Mallory Davenport was about as close to the image of perfection as any guy could find in the town of Patterson Falls. And Justin was proud to    say…she was HIS girlfriend! He could also proudly boast that they had consummated their relationship.
Oh yes, Justin didn’t have to be like the rest of the guys at his high school and just dream about what Mallory looked like naked. He KNEW what she looked like! On more than one occasion, he had buried his cock deep in her sweet, tight pussy. He’d had her wonderful mouth wrapped around it too!
  In addition to her beauty, Mallory was a tiger in the sack. She was insatiable! Which was another reason Justin was so looking forward to this date. He knew, before the night was over, he’d be sliding Mallory’s panties down her silky thighs.

Mallory smiled as Justin held open the passenger door of his car for her to get in.

“Why thank you, sweetie!” she said. She gave him a little kiss on the cheek.

Justin took in a deep breath of her wonderful perfume. Mallory was wearing a short black dress that came to well above mid-thigh. It had tiny spaghetti straps and a plunging neckline that gave a nice view of some delicious cleavage. She wore matching black sandals with 4-inch heels.

   As she sat down in Justin’s car, the thin fabric of the dress rode up on her tanned thighs, barely covering her ass. Justin caught a tiny glimpse of white thong panties under the dress.

“Goddamn it, Mallory! You look good tonight!“ he said to her as he got back in on the driver’s side.

“You ain’t too shabby yourself,” she said in that angelic voice that always made Justin weak in the knees.

She was right. Justin Appleton was no slouch himself in the looks department. The sandy-haired 18 year-old stood around 6 ft. tall and weighed about 160 lb. He had a muscular, athletic physique and handsome well-proportioned facial features that made him look like a movie star.
  His family was also very affluent. His father was Dr. Anthony Appleton, chief surgeon at the Patterson Falls Holy Cross Hospital.

  Other guys would probably refer to Justin as a “pretty-boy”. But to the girls of Patterson Falls, he was a “major hunk”. All of Mallory’s friends were very envious, but not surprised, that she was able to latch onto a guy like Justin.
  He could have any girl he wanted in town, and well, she could have any guy! So it only made sense the hottest guy and the hottest girl in Patterson Falls, should become an item.

    Both young people had very promising futures too. Mallory had plans of pursuing a career in television journalism. Justin was a star athlete in both hockey and baseball. He had already been scouted, as an 18 year-old prospect, by the Boston Bruins NHL hockey team. He was headed for university in the fall on a full sports scholarship to play hockey. Down the road , he also had aspirations of becoming a doctor like his father.
  Mallory wasn’t graduating until next spring. But the college Justin was attending was only 3 hours away, so the young couple knew it wouldn’t be too hard to keep seeing each other.

  Mallory leaned over and gave Justin a sweet kiss on the lips. He brushed his hand along her smooth thigh as he kissed her back. Mallory playfully slapped at his hand.

“Now, now!” she laughed. “That’s for later!”

They headed through the streets of the ritzy neighbourhood in Justin’s BMW. It was actually his father’s car, but tonight he’d let Justin borrow it. Justin and Mallory were on their way to the annual Spring Dance at their school, T.J. Maxwell Composite High.

  They parked and entered the school. The gymnasium was lavishly decorated and a DJ was set up on the stage to begin playing music. Mallory and Justin mingled amongst their friends. Needless to say, they were both very popular at their school.
  Mallory, along with being the president of the Student’s Council, was also head of the organizing committee for the Spring Dance. She was very pleased to see the event was going to be the successful function she had hoped it would.

 The night progressed, with Mallory and Justin dancing up a storm out on the floor. Justin’s friends were also extremely envious of the good-looking boy and his luck in having such a hot girlfriend as Mallory. She was a girl every red-blooded male in school, from freshmen to seniors, lusted after.
  Of course, all of Justin’s friends just had to ask Mallory for dances too. And Mallory’s hot friends made sure they all took a turn with Justin on the dance floor.

Mallory and Justin had been dancing steady for nearly two hours. They decided to go outside and get some fresh air. It was a beautiful warm spring evening as they walked out onto the broad concourse in front of the school. Many other kids from the dance were out there too, mingling around.

 Justin and Mallory sat down on a bench to rest their feet. As they held hands and gazed up at the full moon, a beer bottle suddenly smashed on the concrete, only a few feet from where they sat. Justin jumped up and spun around.
 A group of boys sat on a grassy knoll nearby. There was about 6 or 7 of them, along with a couple girls too.
Justin immediately recognized them as some of the town badasses. They were a bunch of punkers. Most were wearing leather jackets and jeans, sporting nose, lip and ear piercings. A couple had tattoos visible on their necks and arms.
  One or two had Mohawk hairdos, the rest had short spiky hair, dyed in all kinds of wild colours.
  The girls had long spiky hairdos too. One girl’s hair was dyed a bright pink. They wore short spandex skirts with torn fishnet stockings and knee-high black boots. Both had heavy dark makeup on their eyes and black lipstick. Both girls also had numerous face piercings.

The whole bunch was the polar opposite of the exquisitely dressed teens attending the dance.
They had a very bad reputation around Patterson Falls with most of the group being well-known by the local police force. At T.J. Maxwell High, in particular, their main priority seemed to be doing drugs and getting wasted. The members of the group were forever in trouble at school for various things. Truancy, theft of school property, vandalism and fighting with other students.
 One group the punks really seemed to hate were the ones they referred to as “the snobs”. Justin and Mallory and their friends fell into that category. Justin detested the punks. They were a blemish on the school and the community as far as he was concerned.

  Most of the punks came from a section of town known as The Docks. It was an area of Patterson Falls that ran along the Jefferson River on the east side of town. Years ago, The Docks were the economic and industrial heart of Patterson Falls. The area contained several large factories that produced textiles and other products; railway yards;  and of course shipping docks where river freighters would bring in raw materials and haul away finished products from the factories.
  The Docks also contained the neighbourhoods where the factory and dock workers and their families resided. During the 1970s and early ‘80s, The Docks went into decline as factories and docks closed down and people were laid off from their jobs. The area became known for its large number of unemployed people and high crime rate. Neighbourhoods fell into disrepair and businesses closed.

Of course, as Patterson Falls grew and other parts of the town became more developed and affluent, the residents of The Docks became more resentful, as it appeared their part of town was simply ignored. Kids from neighbourhoods like Kensington Estates, where Mallory’s and Justin’s families lived, looked down their noses at the kids from The Docks. It created a lot of animosity between the two cliques, which had been going on now for quite a few years.

The kid who threw the beer bottle stood up. His name was Darnell Todd. He was 18 and roughly the same height as Justin but a little heavier. His hair was cut short almost to the point of being shaved bald and he had a scruffy blonde goatee. He had two rings in his nose and a couple piercings in his lips.
  Justin had known him since first grade. He had always been a troublemaker and a bully and when Justin was younger, Darnell had beat him up several times.

“Hey Apple-seed, you fag boy! Got a problem?” he sneered.

“Apple-seed” was a derogatory nickname Darnell had called Justin for years.

“You realize you just about hit my girlfriend with that beer bottle, loser?”

“Good!” piped up the girl with the bright pink hair. “Bitch could use her face re-arranged!”

Mallory had stood up too and was now standing beside Justin.

“Shut your hole, Stacey!” snapped Mallory.
Believe it or not, Mallory and the pink-haired girl, Stacey Blitzer, had been good friends at one time. Until about 4th grade, when Mallory suddenly realized she was rich, and Stacey was not.

“Oh, and by the way, nice skirt, Stacey! You don‘t look at all like a ditch-skank, do you?”

“At least I don’t look like a high-priced whore!” Stacey retorted.

“Why don’t you scuzz get the fuck out of here and get stoned somewhere else?” said Justin. “You’re not wanted!”

“This is public property, Apple-seed. We can sit here if we want. We ain’t hurting nothing,” said another of the punks.

It was a tall lanky boy by the name of Frankie Lowery. He was one of the boys who sported a Mohawk. It was dyed red and blue.

“As a matter of fact, it isn’t public property, Frankie,” said Justin. “It’s school property! Fuck, why do they even let you idiots come to this school?”

“We have every right in the world to be here, snob!” said Darnell.

“Let’s just get away from these losers, Justin,” said Mallory as she tugged on his sleeve.

“Yeah, Apple-seed! Listen to your slut. Sounds like she’s got the leash tied pretty tight around your dick. Be a good little nutless wonder and do as she says!” said another one of the boys.
It was Kenny Duffy. He stood about 5’ 8” and weighed at least 250 lb. Justin looked at him with a contemptuous sneer. Obese people really disgusted him.

“What did you just call my girl?”

“I called her a slut! Okay, I apologize. She’s not a slut…she’s a fucking slut!”

“All of you get the hell out of here before I go get Principal Hendricks,” yelled Justin.
“Tell you what, fag,” Darnell scowled. “If you want us to leave, come over here and make us!”

“Fucking right we’ll make you, Todd, you piece of shit!”

Justin spun around. He hadn’t noticed that a large crowd of people had gathered behind him when they heard the commotion begin. Now one of his friends, a tall muscular boy by the name of Jared Sommers was striding towards the grassy knoll. He swung at Darnell‘s face, connecting with his fist and sending the punker flying backward.

The fight was on! Justin, along with more of his friends, jumped into the fray. Fists and feet were flying as the group of punks were assailed by the high school boys. Even the two girls got in the action as one of them jumped on the back of Justin as he punched another punker kid in the stomach. She pulled at his hair and tried to scratch his face. Justin flung her off him and she landed on the ground on her back.

“Oh my God!” screamed Mallory. “Justin!”

Suddenly, everyone turned as three police cars came roaring into the parking lot of the school, lights flashing and sirens screaming.

A tall, balding man in a dark blue suit came running up. It was Mr. Hendricks, the principal of T.J. Maxwell High.

“Everybody break it up!” he yelled. “I’ve called the police!”

Six police officers came wading into the melee, separating the fighting boys.

“He was the one who started it all!” said Mallory as she pointed accusingly at Darnell. “He threw a beer bottle at my head!”

“He did not, you bitch!” said Stacey.

“You’ll be coming with us,” said one of the cops as he tackled Darnell. He reached into a pocket of Darnell’s jacket and pulled out a small bag of weed.
“Well, well, Todd. You never learn, do you? You’re already on probation for drug possession. The judge ain’t gonna like this!”

Another police car pulled up. Capt. Paul Phillips, one of the senior officers of the Patterson Falls police dept. got out. He walked up to Mr. Hendricks.

“What have we got going on here? Our local little bastards up to their shit again?”

“Yes,” said Mr. Hendricks. “They were sitting out here, drinking and smoking drugs and harassing the other kids.”

Mallory walked up to Capt. Phillips. He turned and smiled at her, He was a good friend of her father. He had known Mallory since she was a young girl. His daughter, Emily, was a friend of Mallory’s.
“Mallory! Are you okay?”
“It was all their fault! Darnell Todd threw a beer bottle at me,” she said. “Almost hit me! Then he attacked Justin. They started the fight!”

“Well, we’re getting a little tired of their crap around town,” said Capt. Phillips. “This is the last straw. Every weekend it’s the same old stuff. I’m gonna see to it the book gets thrown at them this time!”

“I wish you would,” said Mallory. “They give the whole town a bad name!”

One of the other officers walked up to Capt. Phillips. “We hit the jackpot this time, Captain. Caught four of them with weed and one of them had some tablets of Ecstasy. Also found five knives.”

“Okay, get these little buggers down to the station and we’ll deal with them there.”
“This is fucking bullshit!” yelled Darnell as he was led to a police cruiser. “Apple-seed and his asshole friends were the ones who started fighting with us!”

“Shut up, Darnell!” yelled Mallory. “You’re a dirtbag!”

“How come none of them are getting arrested?” protested Kenny. He had blood running from his nose and staining the white wife-beater shirt he was wearing.

“We were just trying to get you bums out of here!” said Justin. “You fat piece of shit!”

“Yeah, we were trying to have a nice dance until you scums came along!” Mallory sneered.

Kenny made a lewd gesture at Mallory with his tongue as he was taken to a police car.

“Keep your blonde bitch on a leash, Apple-seed! That mouth of hers could get her in trouble someday!” said Kenny.

Mallory felt herself involuntarily shiver as she noticed Kenny’s eyes roving across her body. Kenny Duffy was one of the most disgusting people she knew.
“You’re going down, Appleton!” yelled Darnell just before he was put in the backseat of the police car. “Don’t know how, don’t know when, but you’re going down!”

Soon the police cars pulled away with most of the punkers in the backseats. There was only two boys they didn’t arrest as well as the two girls. Those four were told to vacate the school property and go home or they would be joining their friends in a holding cell.

“And report to my office first thing Monday!” yelled Principal Hendricks. “I’ll be having a little chat with all of you!”

Mallory gave Justin a big hug as she brushed some dirt and grass off his tuxedo. He was sporting a black eye and a cut lip.

“Are you okay?” asked Capt. Phillips. “Sorry this had to happen at your dance. You want to press any charges? Mallory said they threw a beer bottle at her?”
“I’m all right,” said Justin. “I’ll survive. Do you want to press any charges, Mallory?”
“No, “ she replied. “I’m just glad they’re gone.”

“Well, I’ll still need you and Justin and the others involved to come down to the station and give us some statements,” said Capt. Phillips. “Regardless of whether you press any charges or not, Darnell Todd and Frankie Lowery are going away for awhile. They’re both on probation!”

“Yeah, we can do that,” said Justin.

Later that night, after they had spent some time at the police station filling out statements about the night’s events, Justin drove Mallory home. They kissed and necked in the front seat of Justin’s car for a bit. Mallory pulled away after a few minutes.

“I’m sorry, Justin. Not tonight. My mind’s just not there. I still keep thinking about what a bunch of jerks those punkers were! I hope they all end up in jail!”

“I do too, sweetheart,” said Justin. “And yeah, I could use some sleep too. I’m beat! We’ll take a rain check.”

Mallory reached down between Justin’s legs and cupped the hard bulge in his pants.
 “You bet, baby. Maybe tomorrow night we can let it out to play!”

“It’s a date,” said Justin, smiling back at her. He watched as she walked up the drive to her front door, then drove away.
Justin was mad! Mad at Darnell Todd and his bunch for the way they had wrecked his night. He had planned on getting some from Mallory, but he guessed, it wasn’t meant to be! But there was always tomorrow night.

To Be Continued

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I can't wait for more!  Great story as usual by one of the best!

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Things didn’t go well for the punkers in court. They were given an assortment of charges. Public drunkenness; illegal conveyance of liquor; illegal possession of narcotics; possession of concealed weapons; assault; and a few others.  Darnell and Frankie had violated their probations which meant automatic jail terms. Both were now 18 so they had to serve their terms in an adult facility.
  The judge was a particular hard-ass and he gave all the boys quite a stern lecture. He was on a campaign to clean up the image of Patterson Falls and he told them in no uncertain terms, their lawless and rowdy behaviour would no longer be tolerated. If he saw ANY of them back in his court, they’d be going to jail!
  He gave, to the other four boys that had been arrested, punishments that ranged from fines to probation and community service. Principal Hendricks also suspended them all from school. Darnell and Frankie were outright expelled which meant they wouldn’t be graduating. ( Not that the two of them had near enough credits to graduate anyway! )

Time went by and spring turned into a beautiful summer. Justin graduated from high school and was preparing to head to college that fall. He got a summer job working as a lifeguard at a swimming pool. Mallory also got a summer job working for her dad at his office.
   When they weren’t working, the two of them spent time with their friends at a nearby lake. They relaxed on the beach, went boating, had barbecues and just generally had fun! The summer was one big party!

Oh, and of course, spent lots of time in the company of each other, if you know what I mean? Wink, wink! It was definitely turning out to be a summer to remember. But Mallory and Justin were about to find out they would be remembering it in more ways than one!
Darnell and Frankie were released from jail in the middle of July. A few days later they were found in downtown Patterson Falls, hanging out in the parking lot of the 7-11, with some of the old crew again. There was Kenny Duffy, Lewis McCoy and Andy Elson.

“Shit man, it was boring around here when you were gone!” said Kenny.

“Yeah, and the cops watch us like hawks now. Can’t do nothing and they’re all over us like white on rice!” Lewis complained.

“All because of those fuckin’ rich kids!“  Darnell scowled. “Wish some of them had been in jail with me. They wouldn’t pull their shit in there. They’d get their motherfuckin’ asses kicked!”

“So what are we gonna do today?” asked Frankie. “Man, I wanna get WASTED!”

“Me too,” said Darnell. “But we better go somewhere where the cops ain’t gonna see us.”
“Let’s go out to the lake,” suggested Andy. “It’s Saturday. The beach will be packed with cunt!”

“Hey, you got that right!” Lewis agreed.

The five boys piled into Darnell’s old sedan and they began driving down the street. They pulled up to an intersection and had to stop for a red light. As they sat there, a fancy silver convertible passed through the intersection. The guys could see a young man driving and a hot blonde girl on the passenger side.

“That was fuckin’ Appleton!” said Frankie. “And his stuck-up girlfriend!”

“Yeah, it was,” said Darnell. “Hey, you guys wanna have some fun?”

“Awww, just leave him alone,” said Lewis. “He’ll just get us in shit again!”

“I’m just gonna follow him. See what he’s up to. I just wanna fuck with his mind!” chuckled Darnell.

The light turned green and Darnell turned left to follow Justin’s car. He could see him about 3 cars ahead of him. They saw the convertible turn onto an off-ramp heading toward the highway out of town.

“Right on!” said Frankie. “I’ll betcha they’re going to the lake too!”

Justin looked over at Mallory as they turned onto the highway on their way to Lake Ummagumma. Mallory looked awesome today! She was wearing a pair of tight denim shorts that showed off her tanned legs. Her blue t-shirt was stretched tightly across her perky tits. The wind blew her strawberry blonde hair around her face.

“Damn, you’re hot, girl!” he exclaimed.

Mallory smiled at him. “Someone’s looking for brownie points. Mmmmm, I can’t wait to get to the lake. It’s such a beautiful day!”

“Well, remember. We’re not going to the beach right away. You said you wanted to go to Bay 69 first,” said Justin.

“Mmmmm, yes, I do,” said Mallory with a seductive smile. She bit down on her lower lip.
“Bay 69” was the name of a secluded cove on the lake where a lot of the boys of Patterson Falls liked to take their girlfriends in the summertime. You couldn’t drive all the way there. You had to park and hike a short distance down a path.   To access it from the lake, you had to navigate through a narrow channel between two large rock outcroppings. Many boats were too big to fit through the channel. Inside the cove, was a small sandy beach, surrounded by tall trees. It was quite beautiful. And like I said, very secluded. It was the perfect little lover’s getaway.

It had been Mallory’s idea for the two of them to sneak off there for a little while before they joined their friends at Ummagumma Beach for a big party. Justin couldn’t wait as he knew the great time that awaited him when they arrived.
 He glanced over at Mallory again. She had slouched down in her seat, kicked off her flip-flops, and placed her cute feet up on the dashboard. Justin admired the curve of her slender thighs and the way her shorts were sucked up into her crotch.
Sometimes, you are TOO much, Mallory Davenport! thought Justin.
Justin saw the narrow gravel road off to his right that led to Bay 69. He slowed down and turned off the highway. It was another 4 miles and they’d be there.
“Hey, they’re turning off the highway!” said Frankie. “Where the hell are they going? It’s at least another 5 miles until the turn-off to the beach.”

“I don’t know, but let’s follow,” said Darnell.

He slowed down and pulled onto the gravel road. He began driving slower so the car ahead wouldn’t realize they were being followed. Darnell could easily follow their cloud of dust so he knew he wouldn’t lose them.

Justin turned off the road and parked the car in a small clearing. He and Mallory began to hike down the narrow path. The path wound down the side of a steep hill, surrounded by tall shady trees. It was almost as if they were walking through a tunnel. When they emerged from the trees, they were in the cove.

“Wow! It’s so beautiful down here, Justin!” Mallory exclaimed. “I love it!”

While Justin spread out a large beach blanket on the sand, Mallory began stripping off her shirt, revealing her bikini top underneath. She undid her shorts and slid them down her legs.

Justin had also stripped off his shorts and tank top too. He had his swim trunks on underneath.

“Last one in the water gets a wedgie!” he yelled.

Mallory began running for the water, giggling. Justin was right behind her.

“Where’d they go?” Kenny asked. “They’ve disappeared!”

“I don’t fuckin’ know,” Darnell snapped back. “They were on the road. Now I don’t see them!”

They had been following Justin and Mallory from a distance but suddenly their dust plume disappeared. Large spruce and pine trees lined the road. The boys could see nothing.

“They must have pulled off somewhere!” Andy suggested.

“Yeah, but where?” asked Darnell. He was getting frustrated. “There’s no side roads!”

Suddenly Frankie yelled out. “There! I see their car back in the trees!”

Darnell stopped and backed up a bit. Sure enough, there was the silver-coloured convertible parked back off the road in a small clearing. The tall trees and undergrowth made it hard to spot from the road and the approach into the clearing was overgrown with tall grass. If you weren’t consciously looking, it was very easy to drive by and see nothing.

  The boys piled out of the car and looked around. They could see no one.

“Now where’d they go?“ asked Kenny.

“There’s a path in the trees,” said Darnell, pointing. “Let’s follow it.”

The five boys wandered down the path. As they proceeded farther down the hill, they could hear faint voices and laughing. They could see the trees opening up in front of them and the small sandy beach in the cove. None of the boys had ever been to Bay 69.

“Hey, what a cool place!” said Frankie. “I’ve never been here before!”

“This would be an awesome place to come and party.” Kenny observed.

“Quiet, you guys!” Darnell hissed. He pointed out towards the water. “Stay back here in the trees so they can’t see ya!”

Crouching down in the bushes just off the path, the five of them could see Justin and Mallory cavorting in the water. The young couple were wrestling and splashing each other. Occasionally, they could hear Mallory’s high-pitched giggle.
  After a short while, the two of them made their way out of the water and came running up onto the beach.

  Darnell and his friends perked up right away as they saw Mallory in her skimpy blue bikini.

“Wow, what a hot bitch!” said Kenny. “Nice fuckin’ bikini!”

“Way outta your league!” chuckled Lewis.

“Your hand’s gonna get jealous hearing you talk about other girls like that,” joked Frankie.

“Ahhh, blow it out yer asses, ya jerks!” Kenny retorted.

The boys watched as Mallory and Justin towelled off their wet bodies. Mallory shook her blonde hair, causing water droplets to reflect in the sunlight like a halo around her head.
Then things started to get a bit more interesting. Mallory walked up to Justin and standing on her tiptoes, threw her arms around his neck and began kissing him. Justin’s hands moved down her body and cupped her tight, round ass cheeks.
  He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He held her like that for a couple minutes.

“Shit, they’re getting it on!” said Frankie. “This is gonna be good!”

“Geez, didn’t think fag-boy knew what to do with a girl!” said Darnell.

“Yeah, ‘specially not a hot bitch like that!” added Lewis.

Justin walked over to the beach blanket, Mallory’s legs still wrapped around his waist. Kneeling down, he laid her on the blanket. Straddling her body, the two young lovers began to make out.
“I sure hope they fuck!” said Andy, pulling his cell phone out of his jacket pocket. “I wanna get some video!”

“Yeah, can’t wait!” said Kenny.

“Damn, this is hot!” Darnell said shaking his head. “So whaddaya say guys? Ready for a bit of payback on Apple-seed? I‘ve been waiting for awhile.”
“Sure!” Frankie nodded. “What ya got in mind?”

An evil grin crept across Darnell’s face. “Ohhhh, I got a little plan. Who wants to get laid?”

Frankie smiled back and nodded knowingly.

“Fuckin’ right I wanna get laid!” said Kenny as he continued to watch Justin and Mallory on the blanket.

Darnell tossed his car keys to Andy. “Andy, I need you to run back to the car and in the trunk there’s some pieces of rope. Grab ‘em and hoof it back here! Don’t make a lot of noise.”

Andy took off and about 10 minutes later was back with several pieces of sturdy rope from the trunk of Darnell’s car.

“Here you go, man. So why the hell do you carry rope in your car?” Andy asked. He was panting heavily in the hot weather.

“Never mind. I just like to always have some,” Darnell replied.

“Did I miss anything?” asked Andy.

“Nah, not really,” said Kenny. “Still waiting for the main attraction.”

Mallory and Justin had been kissing heavily and then stopped for a little bit. Justin dug around in a small backpack he had brought with him. He pulled out a bottle of water from which they both had a drink. Then Justin pulled a couple small packets out and laid them on the blanket. The boys hiding in the bushes recognized they were condom packages. Justin and Mallory went back at it.
  This time Justin’s hands went underneath Mallory’s bikini top and began fondling her gorgeous tits. Mallory slipped a hand inside Justin’s swim trunks. The boys could see from their vantage point that she was stroking and massaging his dick.

“Shit, wish I could see more!” said Kenny. He tried shifting positions in the tall grass.
“Shhhhhh,” said Darnell holding up his hand. “Be quiet! We don’t them to know we’re here!”

Darnell gave some instructions.

“Frankie and Andy, you two go through the bushes and get around to the other side of the beach. Be as quiet as you can! Kenny and Lewis, you guys stay with me. When I see you on the other side, Frankie, I’ll give a signal and we’ll all come out at the same time. We’ll scare the shit out of them!”

“Then what are we gonna do,” asked Frankie. “Pound the shit out of Apple-seed? He certainly deserves it!”

“You’ll see,” said Darnell. “I just wanna fuck with their heads.”

Frankie and Andy began to make their way  through the trees, to the other side of the beach. Darnell and the others looked back at Justin and Mallory on the blanket. They had switched positions, with Mallory now on top of Justin, her legs straddling him. The boys had the perfect view of her sweet ass. Her bikini top was sucked right up into the crack of her butt.

Justin had pushed her bikini top up over her tits and he was sucking and nibbling at her nipples.

“Jesus Christ! I’m getting fucking hard!” said Kenny. “God, she’s got beautiful tits!”

“Fuckin’ Appleton sure don’t deserve something like that, that’s for sure,” muttered Darnell.
After a few minutes there was some movement in the trees over on the far side of the beach, across from where they were hiding. Frankie and Andy were in place. Darnell looked back to the two horny teens on the beach. He noticed Justin was beginning to fumble with the side of Mallory’s bikini bottom where it tied off. They were completely oblivious to the boys hiding in the trees.

  Darnell looked across to where he could see Frankie waiting and he gave a thumbs up. They began to step out of their hiding places.

“Hey! Apple-seed! Long time no see!” yelled Darnell.

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Offline sexslave1990

Another good one vile can't wait for more

August 23, 2015, 10:47:53 AM
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Offline vile8r

Mallory’s head whipped around and she let out a small squeal of surprise. In a flash she was on her feet, pulling down her bikini top.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ASSHOLES DOING HERE?” she shrieked. “GET LOST!” She was quickly re-tying her bikini bottom.

Justin had also jumped up right away. He saw Darnell, Lewis, and Kenny walking up to them, but didn’t notice Frankie and Andy coming up from the other direction.

“Get outta here, Todd!” Justin said.

 “You know, I didn’t see any signs that said we couldn’t be here,” said Darnell. “Me and the boys were just out for a walk on a gorgeous day. What’s the matter? Did we interrupt something?”
Darnell chuckled.

“You sick shits were hiding in the bushes watching us?” asked Mallory.

“Yeah, we were,” Kenny smirked. “You shouldn’t have stopped on account of us. You were putting on a pretty good show.”

“It was better than pay-for-view,” laughed Lewis.

“Ewwwwww, I think I’m gonna be sick!” said Mallory with a look of disdain.

“Get lost before I kick your ass, Darnell!” said Justin, taking a step towards the other boy. “I’m not telling you again!”

“How are you  gonna do that?” asked Darnell sarcastically. “You ain’t got one of your friends here to sucker-punch me this time!”

“OHHH! You losers are so disgusting! Just listen to him and get out of here!” Mallory spat. “Go hang out with your skanks instead of getting your jollies watching other people!”

Darnell pointed a finger at Mallory.

“You got a real sass-mouth! I‘d shut it if I was you.” He turned back to Justin.

“Can’t you control your little rich bitch better than that?”

“Don’t be calling my girlfriend a bitch, asshole!” said Justin.

“Well, we already know you’re a little bitch, Apple-seed!” Darnell retorted. “Always have been, always will be!”

“You’re going down!” yelled Justin as he took a lunge towards Darnell.

He suddenly hit the sand hard as Frankie, who had come up behind him, punched him in the back of the head. Darnell took advantage of the situation and landed a hard kick to Justin’s stomach.

“Get up, you piece of shit,” Darnell snarled. “You are gonna receive the ass-kicking of your fucking life! You‘re gonna pay for me going to jail!”

“LEAVE HIM ALONE, YOU TRASH!” Mallory screamed.

She needed to call for help. But where did she leave her phone? She looked around frantically. It was lying on top of her shorts where she had left it when she got undressed earlier. Mallory tried to run to get to it.

She didn’t realize Frankie and Andy were blocking her way. She turned and ran right into them. They each grabbed one of her arms, holding her tightly between them.

“LET GO OF ME, SCUMS!” she shrieked as she tried to kick at them.

Kenny had hauled Justin to his feet and had him in a choke-hold as Justin delivered several more blows to Justin’s face and abdomen. Blood was running from his nose.

“STOP IT, TODD, YOU PIECE OF DIRT!” Mallory shouted. “YOU’RE HURTING HIM!“ She tried to kick sand at Darnell.

Darnell stopped hitting Justin for a few seconds and turned toward Mallory.

“What did you call me, you fucking cow?”

“I called you a piece of fucking dirt!” said Mallory defiantly, her eyes blazing. “You’re a dirt bag and an asshole! You have to hang around with skanks like Stacey Blitzer because any normal girl wouldn’t touch you with a ten-foot pole!”

Darnell stepped toward Mallory, cocking his hand back as if he was ready to smack her.

“Don’t you dare touch her, dickwad!” Justin yelled out.

Darnell brought his hand down.
“Yeah, you’re right. I don’t get any satisfaction from beating chicks! Even stuck up-bitch ones!”

He looked Mallory up and down with a sick grin on his face.
“I’ll tell you one thing, though, honey. I’m more of a fuckin’ man than your dweeb boyfriend!”

Mallory spat at him. At the same time, Justin tried to  break loose from Kenny’s choke-hold. He brought his elbow back into Kenny’s ribs. Kenny let out a loud “OOOOMMPPPHH!”
 Justin pulled away from him and lunged at Darnell. Darnell saw him coming and swung his right fist around. He connected with Justin’s jaw. One of Justin’s teeth came flying out of his mouth and he dropped like a sack of potatoes. He and Darnell were the same height but Darnell outweighed him by about 20 lbs.

“I was just waiting for you to do something stupid like that, Apple-seed. You know, at first I was just really gonna lay a beating on you! But all of a sudden, I got a different idea!”

He looked over at Lewis. “You got that rope?”

Lewis held up the pieces of rope he had in his hand. “You bet, man!”

Darnell spotted a large, sturdy-looking tree just a few yards away at the edge of the beach.
“Get him over there and tie him to that tree!” he instructed the other boys.

He and Kenny grabbed the semi-conscious Justin and dragged him over to the tree. Standing him up against it, they yanked his arms back around the thick trunk and began binding his wrists together.

“STOP IT! WHAT ARE YOU FUCKERS DOING TO HIM?” Mallory cried out, tears beginning to run down her cheeks.

With his wrists tied tightly together, they wrapped more rope around his body, securing him to the tree. Darnell drove his fist into Justin’s gut a couple more times for good measure. Justin groaned in pain as he tried to spit up blood.

“Sonuvabitch, and here I thought learning knots in Boy Scouts was a waste of time!” laughed Kenny.

While Darnell and Kenny were busy lashing Justin to the tree, Darnell had told Lewis to bring the beach blanket over closer. He spread it out on a small patch of grass right in front of the tree.

“Wha-what are you g-guys doing now?” asked Mallory. She was becoming increasingly nervous about the intentions of these boys.

“Get her over here on the blanket!” Darnell ordered.

Frankie and Andy began pulling and dragging Mallory by her arms. She tried to dig her feet into the sand. It was suddenly dawning on her what was going to happen.

“OH NO! OH NO! NOT THAT! PLEASE! NO!” she began to plead.

Lewis grabbed her legs and she was hoisted up by the three boys. Trying to kick and fight, she was hauled over to the blanket. They pulled her down onto her back. Kenny jumped in and grabbed one of her legs. He and Lewis took her by the ankles and pulled her legs apart and Frankie and Andy pinned her arms down. She was spread-eagled on the blanket.

Darnell knelt between her legs.

“GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU PIG! JUSTIN! HELP MEEEEE!” Mallory frantically yelled.

Justin was slowly coming to. He tried to move his arms but realized they were somehow immobilized. Looking down, he saw he was tied to a tree. He shook his head, his vision slowly clearing. Mallory was on the ground in front of him and it looked like someone kneeling over her. Darnell??? His eyes wouldn’t focus.

Darnell grabbed the front of Mallory’s bikini top and yanked it off her in one savage movement.


“Awesome titties!” exclaimed Kenny.

Darnell reached down and untied Mallory’s bikini bottom. He tugged at it, pulling it off her body. The boys could all see her immaculately shaved bare pussy.
  Seeing the beautiful naked teen girl stretched out on the blanket was getting all the boys incredibly hard and aroused.
   Darnell took his leather jacket off and began unbuckling his pants. He pulled them down, his thick 8 inch cock springing out.

“JUSTIN! FOR GOD’S SAKE! HELLLLPPPPPP MEEEEEEEEEEE!” Mallory was terrified like she had never been in her life with the prospect of being raped by someone as disgusting as Darnell.

“Hey, we all gonna get to fuck her?” asked Kenny expectantly.

“Hell yes!” exclaimed Darnell. “Of course we’re all gonna fuck her! We just gotta take turns, is all.”

“Right on!” Kenny gloated.
“I can’t wait!” Andy gloated. “Gonna get to fuck some prime cunt!”

“Oh it’s gonna be good!” agreed Frankie.

Mallory freaked out when she realized it wasn’t going to just be Darnell raping her, but all five of these disgusting creeps. She was going to be gang-raped!


She frantically fought and pulled against the boys holding her down. But they were all too strong for her.
“Get her legs wider, boys!” said Darnell “I wanna fuck this bitch hard!”

Kenny and Lewis yanked her legs farther apart. Mallory squealed at the pressure put on her hips.

Justin had finally come around and his eyes were able to focus on the horrid spectacle before him. There was Mallory, completely naked, pinned down on the beach blanket by four of the boys. Darnell was between her outstretched legs and his……his…..pants were down! They were going to rape her!
  Justin tugged against the ropes holding him to the tree, but it was no good. The knots just got tighter.

“Ah, you’re awake!” said Darnell. “Good! You better watch this, Appleton. You don’t wanna miss it!”

“YEEEEAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Darnell yelled as he dropped his body on top of Mallory and his hard cock drove up inside her tight cunt. Mallory was not a virgin, and Darnell didn’t expect that she was. But man, was she nice and tight! Her pussy wrapped around his rock-hard shaft like shrinkwrap.
Mallory’s entire body went stiff as his cock invaded her. Her back arched and she let out a piercing scream.


It echoed through the trees and caused birds to take off in fright.

Darnell pulled back, feeling her pussy lips drag along his fuck rod. He pulled completely out and then drove in again, listening to another scream erupt from Mallory.

“Am I hurting you bitch? I sure fucking hope so!” Darnell sneered.
Darnell began a savage, hammering fuck of Mallory, but it wasn’t really a fuck. There was no rhythm to it. Just Darnell slamming his cock into her, then pulling back  and slamming in again. His hands wrapped around her tits, squeezing them and using them like handles.

Mallory looked up into Darnell’s face, his mouth twisted into an evil grin. Sweat ran down his face and dripped from his scruffy goatee. He stuck his tongue out at her and licked his lips.

“Gonna…….pound……your…..fucking……cunt…..Davenport!” he grunted between thrusts.
Darnell could not recall ever fucking a girl this hard and forceful. Oh, a couple girls he knew, Stacey Blitzer for one, liked it a little rough. She liked him to pull on her hair and slap her ass when he fucked her. She was kind of a kinky little thing at times.
  But it wasn’t like this. It was like all of the hate he had built up over the years was pouring out of him. His dick being used as a weapon of retribution.

Mallory let out a scream with each punishing thrust. Darnell’s dick was really not much larger than Justin’s, but the way he so savagely fucked her was very painful. The head of his cock punched against her cervix like a small fist.

“Wow! Hammer that slut!” yelled Kenny.

“Demolish ‘er!” said Frankie.

Mallory’s tight pussy clamped down on him and it wasn’t too long before Darnell could feel his balls building up pressure. He knew it was gonna be a big load. And it was ALL going in her!

Darnell started to grunt louder and Mallory could tell he was building up to an orgasm. She had fucked enough to know when a guy was getting ready to cum.



Darnell ground his hips into Mallory as he released his load of cum deep into her tight depths. Mallory cried out in disgust.


Mallory had never had unprotected sex. NEVER! She would barely even let Justin kiss her unless she knew he had a condom in his pocket. But Mallory didn’t even completely trust condoms. There was always the potential for a break or a hole.
  So Mallory had went on birth control pills when she started dating Justin. She knew she wanted to lose her virginity to him and therefore she was taking no chances! Her mother consented. After all, going to college and pursuing her career was far too important to her, to be destroyed by an unwanted pregnancy.
Not to mention, she was a Davenport! A “Kensington brat“, as she and her friends jokingly called each other. She wasn’t some white trash skank from The Docks who was going to get knocked up the minute she turned 18 so she could start collecting a welfare cheque.

So even though she knew there was not much likelihood of pregnancy, just the thought of having the despicable boy’s sperm inside her was repugnant beyond belief. Mallory felt like dying as she felt the warm wetness of Darnell’s cum spurting into her. It seemed like he would never stop. Before he got up off her, he kissed her hard on the lips, his piercings scraping against her face.

“Thanks for the great fuck, Davenport!” he said as he pushed himself off her.
“Man!” he said, panting. “I blew one hell of a load into her.”

August 25, 2015, 12:13:24 AM
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Offline vile8r

As soon as he was out of the way, Kenny was going to take his place.

“No!” said Darnell, pushing Kenny back.

“What the fuck, Darnell? You said we all get to take a turn!” Kenny spat.

“I know what I said. But you ain’t taking your turn yet. It’s Frankie’s. Him and I were the ones who ended up in jail because of her and her limp-dick boyfriend, so we go first!”

Frankie let go of Mallory’s arm he was holding and got up. Andy took hold of both her arms.

“Ahhhh, fuck! Whatever!” said Kenny. He went back to holding Mallory’s leg as Frankie instead climbed between Mallory’s spread thighs. He dropped his pants, showing an erect seven and a half-inch long prick.

Grabbing Mallory’s hips, he wasted no time impaling her on his rape-rod.

Frankie drove up into her hard. It felt good! He pulled back and began a series of hard jabbing thrusts , enjoying how her cunt stretched around his swollen shaft. Frank’s pale white ass bounced up and down as he sawed in and out of her. He laughed as he listened to Mallory’s screams and cries.
“YOU BASTARDS! LET HER GO!” yelled Justin.

Darnell had picked up Mallory’s bikini bottoms earlier and wiped his slimy dick on them. He now walked up to Justin, yanked his head back by his hair and shoved the bikini bottoms in his mouth.

“That’ll shut you up Apple-seed! You can have the taste of my cum in your mouth now! The same cum I filled your girlfriend up with!”

“MMMMFFFFFFFF!…..MMMMMFFFFF!…MMMUFFFFAAAAFFUUUKKRRRS!” Justin tried to yell through the gag.

Darnell patted him on the top of the head.
“Just quit your complaining and watch the show, huh? Gotta tell ya, Apple-seed, you may be a dweeb, but ya got some good taste in bitches! She was some fine fucking!”

He turned back to watch as Frankie continued his hard drilling of Mallory.

Frankie was quite tall and skinny. About 6’ 2” and 170 lb. He had a wiry physique. His most outstanding feature was his multi-coloured Mohawk hair-do. He worked his hips frantically between Mallory’s thighs as he licked and sucked on her tits.

“UUUNNNNHHHH…..YEEEEAAAHHHHHH!” he groaned as his dick went rigid and he spewed his jizz inside her.
He collapsed on top of Mallory, slobber running out of his mouth and onto her boobs as he tried to catch his breath.

“GET OFF ME, PIG!” Mallory wailed. “EWWWWW!”

“Mallory, you are a real bitch!” said Darnell. “Kenny, I think it’s your turn. Pound this little sow!”

“With pleasure!” smiled Kenny.

Darnell switched places with Kenny, holding Mallory’s leg. Kenny began stripping down to his underwear. Mallory gasped in disgust as she saw Kenny’s erect cock, jutting from underneath his flabby gut. It was not very long, maybe 7 inches at the most, but was very thick. It looked like a beer can between his legs.
“NOOOOO!” Mallory cried out. “GET AWAY FROM ME! DO NOT TOUCH ME!”

Kenny looked down at Mallory and just smiled.

“Ohhhh, I’m gonna touch you, all right! All over!”

Although 18, Kenny had only fucked a girl once in his life and that had been three years ago when he was 15. He had talked his younger sister’s friend, Tabitha, who was 13, into doing it. Kenny had told her he could get her some weed.
  It hadn’t been the greatest experience. She was a virgin too, like Kenny. She was cute although a little on the chubby side. But she was still a wet hole for Kenny to stick his dick in so what the hell? He knew he wasn’t the most attractive guy around, so if a girl said she’d fuck him, well he knew he’d better take her up on the offer.

Girls like Mallory Davenport and her snobby friends had tormented and made fun of him for years. It was going to be awesome to get to fuck a hot bitch like Mallory and really slam it to ‘er!

Mallory screamed as she felt the large head of his dick stab into her. The scream was cut short as Kenny thrust his hips forward and his cock burrowed its way into her, driving the air from her lungs.


Her eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth flew open. Kenny settled his large frame down on top of the petite girl as his cock pistoned in and out of her pussy. His weight pushed her down into the blanket as his sweaty belly pressed against Mallory’s own firm, tanned stomach. Mallory struggled to breathe as Kenny furiously humped her.

His thick shaft pounded at her insides. She could feel every vein, every little bump, as her pussy tried to accommodate his girth. She was sure he had to be ripping something inside her.

 The disgusting boy panted and huffed like an animal, his sweat dripping down onto Mallory. He leaned down, his chubby face next to Mallory’s and ran his slimy tongue along her cheek.
“GET OFF ME! YOU’RE GROSS!” she pathetically whimpered.

“It’s girls like you who I fuckin’ hate!” snarled Kenny. “Everyday I see you at school, all I think about is rammin’ my cock inside you and making you scream!”

As if to emphasize his point, Kenny lifted himself up and dropped down again, his thick cock driving into her. Damn, it felt good! Kenny had forgotten how good it felt to have his cock inside a girl and now to have it inside a girl as hot as Mallory Davenport… was paradise!
  But Kenny wasn’t really caring about sexual gratification at the moment. Mallory represented all the stuck-up, snobby girls in Patterson Falls who had made his life miserable. Who sneered and looked at him like he was a piece of dog shit because he was overweight, called him “fat” and “gross” behind his back. Who dressed like little sluts to tease everyone, like Kenny, but knowing full well a guy like him would never be touching them.

  Now Kenny was showing them, and in particular showing Mallory! All he wanted to do was make sure she hurt!

As Kenny fucked away at her, Mallory suddenly felt his sweaty hands underneath her. Kenny worked a hand around one of her butt cheeks and pulled on it. Mallory felt her ass spread apart and at the same time he began working one of his fat fingers into her ass. Mallory’s body bucked and jumped.

Kenny just laughed as he worked his finger in and out of her tight anus.

“Just wait until this is my cock!” he said.

Kenny’s whole body suddenly shuddered, and Mallory felt his rod throb inside her. He made a sound like a sick walrus as his balls emptied inside her, polluting her even more than Darnell and Frankie already had. He kept thrusting as his cock spurted.
  As he pulled out, his dick made a loud SHLUPPPPPP sound and a puddle of cum oozed out of her cunt. Before he got off her, though, Kenny pushed the finger he had had in her ass, into her mouth.

“Suck your ass off my finger!” he ordered.

Mallory was ready to retch with his slimy finger in her mouth. Slowly, she sucked on his finger as he pushed it in further. The taste was horrible.

Kenny finally pulled his finger out of her mouth and pushed himself up. Mallory was finally able to breathe with the weight of his body off her. She felt all sticky and slimy from his sweat.
Kenny walked over to Justin. Justin had felt truly, physically sick as he had been forced to watch the tub of lard violating his girlfriend.
Kenny slapped him across the face.

“She was damn good, Appleton! She ain’t ever gonna want to go back to you now, she knows what it’s like to have a REAL dick inside her!”

Justin said nothing, but just glared back at Kenny with pure hate.

Now was Lewis’ turn. After Kenny’s torturous rape of her, Mallory had lost her fight. The other boys released her arms and legs.

“I wanna do this slut from behind!” said Lewis.

Andy and Frankie rolled her onto her stomach. Lewis pushed her legs apart as he mounted her from behind.

“IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Mallory let out a painful squeal as Lewis drove his seven and a half inch shaft into her. He reached underneath her and grabbed hold of her tits, using them as handles as he pulled her back against him.

Lewis McCoy was 18 years old, about 5’ 10” and 180 lb. He wasn’t fat but he was a stout boy, with big arms and a broad chest from lifting weights. He was shaved almost bald too, like Darnell. Like the others he also had some face piercings and a few tattoos on his arms.


He let out loud grunts as his dick drove in and out of Mallory with short, powerful thrusts. It was a hard, brutal hate-fuck. Lewis had always hated the kids from the west side of town. The ones who lived in neighbourhoods like Kensington Estates and West Parkdale.

  His dad had worked at the Sullivan Enterprises Ltd. manufacturing plant in The Docks for 28 years. They made specialty tools and construction equipment. Then one day the manager of the plant just up and announced the place was downsizing! After 54 years of operating, 425 jobs, over three-quarters of the workforce, were being outsourced to a company in Mexico.
  Lewis’ dad was one of the guys being laid off. He was 55 years old and was planning on retirement when he turned 60, with a full pension. They told him he would have to take an early retirement with a reduced pension, but after he turned 60 he would be able to collect his full pension. He was fine with that.

Then only a year after the downsizing, Sullivan Enterprises announced they were going into receivership! The whole plant was shut down, but the worst of it was, everybody found out the company’s pension fund also went in the tank. The owners had been stealing money from the fund to keep the company afloat.

Lewis’ dad was devastated. Nearly 28 years with the same company and now his retirement pension was gone! And with a family to feed yet. Lewis’ two older brothers had left home already but Lewis was only 12 at the time and his younger sister, Noreen was 10. His parents had had them late in their lives.

One night Lewis’ dad was out drinking at the local pub. He had gotten pretty drunk and he had decided he was going to settle a score with the plant manager, a fellow by the name of Hugh Dryden, who lived in a big fancy house in Kensington Estates. The story was that just before Sullivan had went bankrupt, Dryden and several other senior managers with the company, had received big severance packages, in the hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Lewis’ dad went driving up to Kensington Estates, very drunk, and had smashed his old pickup truck into a fancy car backing out of Mr. Dryden’s driveway. He thought it was Dryden in the car. It turned out to be Dryden’s 16 year-old daughter, Carissa, who had just got her license about 3 days before.
  The car was demolished and Carissa was horribly injured. She ended up being paralyzed from the neck down and the doctors said she would be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

The incident put all of Patterson Falls in an uproar. Lewis’ dad was arrested and charged with DUI and attempted vehicular manslaughter. He was given a 15 year prison sentence and not eligible for parole for 10 years. Then the Dryden’s slapped Lewis’ family with a $2 million civil lawsuit for the injuries sustained to their daughter who had been an aspiring volleyball player.
  The McCoys ended up losing everything they owned. Their house, their car, their furniture, the few savings they did have in the bank. The vindictive Mr. Dryden had even showed up on their doorstep right after the trial with a sheriff and informed them they had 48 hours to vacate the place.
It was the middle of February and Lewis’ mom pleaded with him to at least give them a week. He had said to her, “I don’t give a shit! And neither does Carissa! This house belongs to me now and you have two days to get the fuck out of it!“

Lewis and his sister, along with his mom had to move into a shithole 2-bedroom apartment in a rundown building. His mom, who worked as a waitress at a local restaurant, had to take a second job cleaning houses.

So, as far as Lewis was concerned, the rich fat-cats of Kensington Estates had destroyed his family and his life. It was after that, that Lewis had started getting heavily into drugs and drinking and being, in general, a juvenile delinquent!

Now as he fucked this gorgeous blond hottie, all of the hate and resentment he had for the rich people of Patterson Falls came flooding out of him. Every powerful penetration of his dick into Mallory’s tight fuck hole was directed, not just at her, but all of her kind.


Lewis held Mallory by the hips as he slammed his body against her and let his balls empty. Mallory sobbed as she felt the boy’s cock jerk and spurt inside her.
“That wasn’t just for you, Mallory! It was for the fuckin’ Drydens too!” he said as he pulled out.

Andy pushed him out of the way as he positioned himself behind Mallory.

“Come on Lewis! Get out of there! I’ve been waiting forever!”

“All right, all right!” Lewis scowled. “Have your turn then!”

Andy began to fuck Mallory with short, rapid thrusts. His pale white hips worked back and forth.

“Fuckin’ yeah……getting to…..fuck a…….bitch….yeah!” Andy said as he gave her cunt a hard, vicious pounding.

Andy Elson was about 5’ 8” and 165 lb. He was the opposite of Kenny Duffy, in that Andy had the physique of a popsicle stick. He was quite skinny with long gangly arms and legs. He had a thin, pale face pockmarked with acne. His short, spiky hair was dyed dark black and silver.
  He hunched over Mallory as he humped away at her. His balls swung between his legs as he pumped his seven-inch dick in and out of her abused hole. Andy hadn’t had too much sexual experience, a little more than Kenny, but not much. Fucking a girl like Mallory Davenport was something a guy like him could only dream about.

He squeezed her tits as his cum rushed up the shaft of his cock. At the last minute he pulled out and sprayed his load across her ass and the backs of her legs. Andy pulled his pants back up with a satisfied smile.

“Pretty good fuckin’, guys!” he said as they all high-fived each other.

Frankie walked over to Justin and yanked the bikini bottoms out of his mouth.

“You sons of bitches are in so much shit!” yelled Justin.

August 25, 2015, 03:12:30 PM
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Offline sweetness

Great great great story

August 25, 2015, 11:12:56 PM
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Offline vile8r

Thank you sweetness, and here's more.

“Awwwww, are you mad?” Frankie taunted him. “Everybody’s getting to fuck your girlfriend but you? I gotta tell you, Appleton, Mallory has got one sweet, tight cunt!”
“I think you got a problem now, though,” smirked Kenny. “Now that she’s had some real men’s cocks, she ain’t gonna want anything from you!”

Justin spit at Kenny. “You fuck off, you fat piece of shit!”

Kenny punched Justin hard in the gut and grabbed him by the throat. He held his face close in front of Justin’s.

“Call me what you want, Apple-seed. Just remember this. THIS piece of shit just had his dick inside YOUR hottie girlfriend. All….the….way…..IN!”

 “Hey guys, look what I found,” said Darnell.

He had been rooting around in Justin’s backpack and Mallory’s purse while the others had been finishing up their fucking of Mallory. He pulled  a small tube of lotion out of Mallory’s purse. On the label it read, “Ezee-Pleeze Strawberry-Flavoured Lotion: for maximum lubrication and oral pleasure!”

“Looks like you two were gonna get a little kinky out here,” Darnell smirked.

Mallory had collapsed into a little ball on the blanket as she tried to recover from the brutal gang rape she had just endured. She looked over at Darnell.

“G-get out of m-my stuff, jerk!”

“What? Were you gonna get your needle-dick boyfriend here to give it to you up the ass?”

“N-NO!” said Mallory. “You’re gross. I d-don’t do stuff like th-that!”

Darnell walked over to Justin and waved the tube of lotion in his face.

“Is that true, Apple-seed? Little princess here don’t like it in the back door? Huh?”

Justin just glared at him with pure hate.

“Come on, Justin. You can tell your old friend, Darnell. She won’t let you stick it in there, will she? That sweet, tight, little ass that she likes to show off to you so much! But it’s off-limits, ain’t it?”

Justin continued to glare as he replied back to Darnell.
“Yes…..yes, it’s off limits!”

“Then we’ll just have to show you how it’s done!” said Darnell.
He pointed to an old log laying in the edge of the woods. It was about eight feet long and roughly a foot in diameter.
“Grab that log and bring it over here!” he ordered.

Andy and Lewis quickly dragged the old log over and set it on the ground a few feet in front of Justin. Kenny had seized Mallory by the arms and pulled her up off the blanket.

“Let me g-go, fatso!” she feebly protested.

Mallory was roughly thrown down over top of the log. She was positioned with her hips over the log and her ass in the air.

“AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE! NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!” she shrieked as she realized what the boys were intending to do.

“LET HER GO, FUCKERS!” yelled Justin.

Frankie shoved the bikini bottoms back in his mouth and this time tied them around Justin’s head, so he couldn’t spit them out.
“Just shut up and watch the show!” he said.

Mallory scratched and dug her fingers into the dirt as she tried to crawl away. Andy and Lewis grabbed hold of her ankles and held her legs apart. Darnell dropped his pants and kneeled behind her.

He smeared some of the lotion around the tip of his rape rod. He pulled Mallory’s cheeks apart and admired the little pink rosebud between them. Smearing some lotion on two fingers, he pushed them inside her.

“Those were just fingers, sweetie! The real fun is still coming!”

Darnell positioned himself behind her and began pressing the swollen head of his cock against her tight opening. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head up.

“I want you to be looking your panty-assed boyfriend right in the eye when my dick goes up your ass!” Darnell growled.

Mallory was able to look right up at Justin.

Justin could only stare back at her in helpless frustration. He tried pulling and straining at the ropes holding him to the tree but it was no use. He couldn’t budge.

Mallory’s eyes suddenly snapped back in her head and she let out a piercing scream. Darnell forcefully shoved his hips forward, powering his cock inside her extremely tight anus. The lotion helped lubricate his shaft. Mallory felt it tearing at her insides as he pushed in farther.

Darnell held himself inside her for a minute, her ass squeezing around him. Then he pulled back and hammered into her again.


Her body twisted and bucked as Darnell drove her hips against the rough log. He pumped slowly in and out of her as her tight shit tunnel began to adjust to his thick cock.

“STOPPPP…..OH GOD…..STOPPPPPP!” Mallory sobbed.

Darnell kept up his fierce raping of Mallory’s ass. He’d had anal sex before, but this little upper-class princess’ ass was the finest yet! He was bottoming out on each stroke, completely filling her ass with his swollen cock.

Mallory continued to scream and wail as she endured the brutal pounding. Darnell kept her head pulled up, forcing her to look at Justin. She held her hand out to him, in a futile attempt for help, but she knew it was useless. Justin could do nothing but watch helplessly.

Darnell finished up by shooting a large load of cum into Mallory’s ass. She let out a loud sob as she felt his semen fill her bowels. Darnell pulled out, his dick streaked with her blood.

“God damn it, that was good!” he said as he wiped his dick on a corner of the beach blanket.

Frankie was kneeling behind Mallory and preparing to invade her shithole. With a couple hard thrusts, he was inside her.


Frankie couldn’t believe how tight she was. He slapped his body against her, stabbing in and out with his cock. Mallory had a small trench dug in the sand in front of her, where she had been digging and scratching with her hands to get away.

Lewis and Andy continued to hang onto her ankles as they cheered on Frankie.

“Fuck her up the ass, man!”

“Give it to that little snobby bitch!”

Frankie was breaking into a sweat from the exertion of driving his rape shaft into the tight passage. It was like a giant elastic band squeezed around him. But, oh, it felt so good!

He didn’t know how many times he had watched Mallory and her little clique of stuck-up friends strut through the hallways at school, wiggling their tight little asses in their jeans or short skirts. He had always imagined how nice it would be to sink his cock into one of their firm butts and listen to them squeal. Now he was finding out!

Frankie dug his fingers into her hips as he continued pounding away at her. He looked down to watch his dick work its way in and out through her tight ass entrance. Frankie came inside her, grunting and panting like an animal.

Next was Kenny. Mallory barely moved as the large boy mounted her from behind and drove his thick cock up her ass.

“AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” she shrieked in pain. She felt Kenny’s fat gut press against her back.

“Gonna fuck you like a whore, Davenport!” said Kenny.

He pulled her arms back and held her wrists as he pumped furiously in and out of her. His fat dick ripped and scraped at her insides. Kenny slammed her body hard against the log. To Mallory, if felt like someone was sticking their arm inside her.

FWAP!…..FWAP!…..FWAP! His flabby thighs jiggled and shook and sweat dripped off him like rain.

Kenny was red in the face, when his body gave a big shudder and he unloaded thick jizz up Mallory’s turd chute.

He held himself inside her for a minute, her ass still squeezing him tightly. Kenny needed a hand from Darnell to stand up. He was wheezing and panting.

“Easy there, big fella,” laughed Darnell. “Don’t give yourself a heart attack!”

“If I…..had a….heart attack while……I….was….fucking her…it would be….fucking…worth it!” said Kenny, slobber dripping from his bottom lip.

August 27, 2015, 11:05:04 PM
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Offline vile8r

Mallory was no longer struggling and Lewis and Andy let go of her ankles. Lewis was getting behind her to take a turn in her ass.

He rubbed the head of his cock across her ass opening, then plunged in.

“UUUNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Mallory groaned painfully.
She was laying with her head on the ground, sand and twigs in her hair. Her body could barely move from the pain of the ass rapes she was receiving. She didn’t even know who was inside her right now.

Lewis pumped and pounded at her ass, taking long powerful strokes. She was loosened up a bit more now, but was still very tight.

Darnell had ripped a small branch off a nearby tree. He used it as a switch as he suddenly cracked it across Mallory’s ass. Her head flew up and she squealed loudly.


Darnell did it again, giving her about six good solid whacks on her ass cheeks.
Bright red welts formed on her smooth tanned ass cheeks. He threw the switch to Frankie.

“You have a go at ‘er!” he said.

Frankie laid into her as well. He and Lewis set up a little rhythm. Lewis would pull back in her ass and Frankie would give her a good whack. As she squealed, Lewis would drive back into her, laughing as he felt his cock  bottom out.

After Frankie gave her about 6 or 7 good lashes with the switch, Kenny took over. He didn’t whip her ass though. He gave her vicious whacks across her lower back and shoulders.

Mallory was in agony, each lash stinging like fire. Soon her back and shoulders were criss-crossed with red welts from the switch.

Lewis came hard in her ass and pulled out. Andy wasted no time in getting behind her and shoving his skinny dick inside her. He humped and fucked her with reckless abandon. His shaft pistoned in and out of her, making wet farting sounds.

Darnell was harassing Justin again.

“Damn, she’s got a sweet little pooper, Apple-seed! Fucking tight! I’m really sorry you had to miss out on getting to pop her ass cherry. I fucked her extra hard…..just for you!”

“MMMUUFFFFFFFRRRRRFFFFUUCKKKKRRRRSSSS!” Justin tried to yell through his gag.

“Motherfuckers? You’re calling us motherfuckers?” snarled Darnell.

He whacked Justin across the the bare stomach with the switch, laughing as he winced in pain. He gave him several more whacks, across the stomach and bare legs.

“Call me that again, and I’ll drive this stick up your ass, faggot!” said Darnell. “On second thought, you’d probably like that!”

The other boys exploded in laughter as they heard Darnell.

Andy grunted and slobbered as he prepared to cum in Mallory’s tortured ass.

“Oh yeah….oh yeah…..oh yeah!“ he chanted.

At the last minute he pulled out. His dick sprayed cum all over Mallory’s back. She cringed as she felt the slimy stuff across her skin. Andy got back up to his feet. Mallory was left sprawled across the log, her ass looking like a red, gaping wound. Her lustrous blonde hair was plastered to her face and her body glistened with  sweat.

“H-help m-m-me!” she moaned to no one in particular.

Mallory was in extreme pain from the abuse she had just suffered at the hands of the depraved boys. Hopefully, she thought, maybe it’s over now.

But it wasn’t! Darnell reached down and grabbed her by the hair. He pulled her to her feet.

“Got more for you to do, bitch!”

He looked over at Justin, then back to Mallory.

“So tell me, Davenport,” he said. “If we wouldn’t have shown up when we did, what were you gonna do with little Apple-seed there? Were you gonna suck his dick?”

“N-no!” she answered.

Darnell pushed her over to Kenny who grabbed her arms and held her. He picked up his switch and gave her a hard whack across her bare tits.


“Lying cow!” Darnell yelled. “Now tell me!”

“Y-y-yes! I-I was!” sobbed Mallory.

“Oh shit! That’s hot,” said Kenny. “I’d have liked to see that!”

“Well, you are gonna see that,Kenny,” said Darnell. “Mallory wanted to do some cock sucking, well, we’ll help her out.”

He unzipped his pants and let them fall down his legs. His cock was hard again.

“Her boyfriend is a little, ummmm, tied up at the moment. But don’t be disappointed, Mallory. We’ll fill in for him!”

Kenny pushed Mallory onto her knees on the grassy patch in front of the tree where Justin was tied. She was only a few feet in front of him. Darnell stepped in front of her.

“Open wide , slut!” he ordered her.

Mallory looked up at him and shook her head defiantly.

“N-no, I won’t do that! You’ve had your fun! N-now get out and l-leave us a-alone!”
Kenny grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back.
“He said to open your fucking mouth!” snarled Kenny.

Darnell began to force his swollen cock between Mallory’s lips. Slowly, she opened her mouth and took him in, gagging as she did so. Darnell grabbed the sides of her head as he pushed his cock into her mouth, forcing the head right into her throat.

“GGGAAAAACCCCKKKKKKKK!” Mallory made a choking sound as her air was cut off. His cock tasted terrible.

Darnell pulled back then pushed in again. Her moist lips wrapped around his hard shaft felt good and he began to fuck her face. Mallory felt her head being pushed back against Kenny’s fat gut. Tears welled up in her eyes and her face turned red as Darnell worked his cock back and forth in her mouth.

“That’s it,” said Darnell, looking down at her. “Finally, we found a good use for that bitchy little mouth of yours! You’re gonna suck us all, slut!”

Mallory squeezed her eyes shut and tried to turn her head away but Darnell kept a firm grip on her. Kenny had her arms pulled back. Then Darnell motioned the other boys to come closer.

“You’re gonna stroke them while you suck me!” he said to Mallory. Andy and Lewis stood on either side of her and dropped their pants. Kenny let go of her arms. The boys each grabbed one of her hands and placed them on their cocks.

As Darnell kept sliding his cock between her jaws, she slowly stroked the boys’ erect dicks. He sped up his tempo and got ready to spurt a load down her throat.

Mallory realized what was happening and tried to pull her head away but it was no use. She was no stranger to giving blowjobs but one thing she had never done was swallow cum. Justin was never allowed to cum in her mouth. That was just gross.

She coughed and gagged as Darnell’s repugnant seed sprayed into her mouth. The taste was horrible! He buried her face in his crotch as he held her there and forced her to swallow it all.

Justin could not believe they were forcing him to watch this all, only a few feet in front of him. But the most humiliating thing of all, he suddenly realized he was getting hard! Justin had begged and pleaded Mallory in the past to let him cum in her mouth. She would never let him do it and was quite adamant about it.

  Now, strangely, he was finding it arousing to watch her swallow cum. But he hated himself for it. It was very embarrassing, that he should be getting turned on watching his girlfriend be forced to suck the dicks of these animals!

September 04, 2015, 10:58:26 PM
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Offline vile8r

As Darnell pulled out, Andy was right there, ready to push his cock in her mouth. Frankie stepped up to have her stroke his cock.

“Ohhhhh yeahhhh, suck me, baby!” Andy moaned. He would never have believed in his wildest dreams that someday Mallory Davenport would have her mouth wrapped around his dick.

He watched as his saliva-slicked shaft slid in and out between her soft red lips.

She made gulping and gagging sounds as he pumped her face. Slobber oozed down her chin.

“Hey, what the fuck is this?” Darnell yelled out. “Look! Apples-seed’s got a hard-on!”

Justin closed his eyes in embarrassment and tried to look away from Mallory. The boys, including Mallory, turned to look at Justin. The bulge in his swim trunks was unmistakable.

“Holy shit, you sick fuck!” Darnell laughed. “You’re getting off watching your girlfriend gobble cock!”

“What do you think of that?” asked Frankie. “Your boyfriend’s a freaking weirdo!”

“I guess he doesn’t care much about you, Mallory,” said Kenny. “I’d be pretty pissed!”

Mallory felt sick to her stomach. How could he? How could her own boyfriend be getting excited to watch her be gang-raped by a bunch of lowlifes?

Justin tried to yell in protest but he was still gagged with the bikini bottoms in his mouth. He looked away when Mallory looked towards him. He couldn’t make eye contact.

Andy was getting close to cumming. The sensation of Mallory’s beautiful mouth around his hard shaft, her tongue running along the underside, was getting too much. He exploded in her mouth, warm spunk splashing against the back of her throat.  Again, she was forced to swallow the foul liquid.

Andy slipped out of her mouth and Lewis was there. He held his cock just at her mouth.

“I want you to use that tongue, bitch,” he said. “Give my weiner a nice little tongue bath.”

Mallory, with a look of disgust, began to run her tongue along the shaft. Up and down, up and down, pausing to flick around the tip of his schlong. Lewis rocked back and forth on his feet as he relished the sensation of Mallory’s sweet tongue on him.

Lewis decided he couldn’t wait any longer. Grabbing her by the hair, he jammed her mouth down onto him. He began to deliver a ferocious face fucking to the pretty blonde teen.
  Mallory tried pushing back on his legs with her hands. Frankie grabbed her arms and pulled them back.

“Okay, Lewis! Give it to ‘er!” he said.

Lewis continued thrusting in and out of Mallory’s mouth. Her lips were stretched around his shaft and tears rolled down her cheeks.


Mallory gagged on Lewis’ dick as he forced it into her throat, pulled it back and pushed it in again. His scrotum pressed against her face. Mallory felt like she was about to pass out when Lewis finally came, the warm stream of semen spurting into her mouth.

“Eat cum, you rich bitch!” snarled Lewis as he continued to push in and out even as he emptied his balls into her throat. As he pulled out, he wiped the slimy tip of his cock across Mallory’s cheek.

“All right! Time for me!” Frankie gloated.

Mallory barely had time to catch her breath from the last face fuck and another cock was being forced between her aching jaws.

“Give it to ‘er good, Frankie!” yelled Darnell as he relaxed in the shade nearby.

“The bitch likes it!” said Andy.

“All rich cunts like sucking cock!” sneered Lewis.

Frankie pressed his body against her face as her mouth enveloped him. He pumped away relentlessly, the head of his cock poking into her cheek.

“Yeah…..uhhhhh….take….that…cock……uhhhh… your……throat!” Frankie said as he pulled Mallory’s head back and forth on him.

He looked down, seeing his slick rod spreading her lips wide. A string of snot hung from her nose. Mallory silently wished he would cum soon. The back of her throat hurt from his dick hitting against it.
  His balls tightened and he let out a sigh of relief as a rush of jizz spurted into her warm mouth. Frankie pressed Mallory’s face hard into his crotch. She tried to breathe as coarse pubic hairs were pushed up her nose.

Frankie pulled out but still held Mallory by the hair as he made her lick his cock clean.

“Fuck, you’re sexy!” he said as he watched her tongue roll around the head of his dick, licking away the last vestiges of sperm.

Frankie stepped away from her and she slumped to the ground. She was exhausted and her jaws felt like they were ready to fall off her head. Mallory looked up as a large shadow suddenly loomed over her. It was Kenny and he had his pants off.

He had been standing back, patiently watching everyone else get their dicks sucked. He wanted to be the last. His cock was rock hard and at full attention.

“Yeah, that’s right Davenport! You get to suck my cock now! But I ain’t gonna just pound it in your mouth like these other guys did. I’m gonna make you do it nice and slow…..just like you would for your boyfriend.”

Kenny pulled her to her feet and took her back to the blanket. He pushed her down to her knees and then laid down on the blanket himself. His thick cock stood straight out.

He placed his hand on the back of her head and pushed her face down towards his crotch. Kneeling beside the large boy, Mallory began to stroke his dick. It sickened her, the prospect of having to put this disgusting thing in her mouth.

Mallory closed her eyes as she wrapped her mouth around him. He tasted horrible! Slowly, with her hands on his thighs, Mallory began moving her head up and down on him.
Kenny let out a loud sigh as Mallory’s lips slid along his shaft. She sucked on him for a minute or so then stopped to lick around the head with her tongue. Then took him in her mouth again. Mallory kept this up as she also stroked the base of his rod.

Kenny took her hand and placed it on his sweaty ball sac.
“Massage my balls!” he ordered.

With a sneer of disgust, Mallory started rubbing and massaging his balls. The sweaty, greasy feel of his pubic hair on her skin churned her stomach.

“You got yourself a championship whore, Apple-seed!” said Kenny as he smiled at Justin. “She loves cock!”

Justin glared at the obese boy. It made him sick to his stomach watching the things Mallory was being forced to do to him. He swore to God, if he could get loose from these ropes he would kill Kenny!

The friction of Mallory’s lips on his shaft and her soft hand massaging his balls, finally brought him to point of orgasm. Kenny held Mallory’s head down as he pushed his hips up, forcing his dick to the back of her throat. His body shuddered as he came in her mouth. It was the first time he had ever came in
a girl’s mouth, and it felt great!

 Mallory pulled her mouth off Kenny and rolled over. She hacked and coughed, trying to get his taste out of her mouth.

Kenny laid back on the blanket, staring at the sky.
“Wow, that was great!” he finally said.

September 15, 2015, 06:14:49 PM
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Offline vile8r

The other boys were still lounging in the grass, smoking a joint. They had been enjoying watching Mallory and Kenny going at it on the beach blanket. Now Darnell stood up.

“Well, we’ve had some pretty good fun!” he said. “I think we definitely showed Apple-seed a thing or two!”
He walked over to Justin and gave him another hard punch to the mid-section. Then he grabbed him by the throat. Justin’s eyes bulged out and he made a gurgling noise.

“What I really should do, is beat you to a fucking pulp, Appleton. Turn your face into fuckin’ hamburger! But I don’t wanna do that, because then you wouldn’t be able to see what we’re gonna do next to your girlfriend.”

He walked back over to Mallory. He began to bark out orders.

“Andy, you hold her feet. Lewis, sit on her stomach and hold her arms.”

Mallory didn’t even have the strength to struggle or protest. She did, however, wonder what depraved thing these boys had planned for her next. She was about to find out.

The boys rolled her onto her back on the blanket. Andy grabbed her by the ankles. Lewis sat on her firm tummy and pinned her arms to her sides. In the meantime, Darnell had taken off his pants. He knelt down with his cock and balls hanging over Mallory’s face.

“Ever been tea bagged, Mallory?” he asked.
The other boys began to laugh. Darnell hovered over Mallory’s face, his knees on either side of her head. He lowered himself down until his balls were resting on her forehead. His dick laid down across her nose and lips.

“GET OFF M-ME!” Mallory blurted.

Darnell looked over at Justin. “Hey, this looks good on her, Justin!”

Just before he got up, Darnell scooted ahead and rested his sweaty ass right on Mallory’s face.

“Mmmmmmfffffffffffff!” she squealed, trying to turn her head.

Darnell got up off her and Frankie came over to take his place.

“Didn’t like the smell of my ass, Mallory?” Darnell chuckled. “Poor little princess!”

Frankie did the same thing as Darnell, hanging his nut bag over her forehead and rubbing his cock all over her face. He finished by pushing his ass down on her face.

Darnell and Frankie then switched places with Andy and Lewis. Mallory suddenly had some fight left in her and she tried to jump up when Lewis got off her stomach.

Darnell slammed her back down. “You ain’t going anywhere!”

Andy sat down on Mallory’s face and gave her a  good tea bagging. He even slid his sack back and forth across her nose. He squished his ass on her face and then got up.

Lewis was really cruel when his turn came. He rubbed the head of his dick right in Mallory’s eyes and dragged his ball sack all over her face. When he settled his ass on her face, he blew a loud stinky fart.

“EEEEEWWWWWWWW!” Mallory cried.

This was the ultimate humiliation. She could not believe what these boys were doing to her. How could they be so sick? She hated them. Hated them more than anything in her whole life! But it wasn’t over yet.

It was Kenny’s turn. He hovered over her face, his balls hanging down over her forehead and lowered himself down. His gut covered her whole face. Mallory screamed as he rubbed his gross ball sack across her forehead. His body odour filled her nostrils.

Then came the worst. Kenny grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing his brown, hairy craphole. He settled down over her mouth.

“Eat my ass, you fuckin’ diva!” he growled.

“Yeah!” said Darnell. “Let’s see you stick your tongue up his ass!”

Oh God! NO! She was not doing something that utterly gross!

Mallory tried to scream in disgust and as she did, Kenny pushed his ass down on her mouth. Mallory felt her lips press against his shitty ass. The taste was horrid. She tried to twist and turn her head away.

“Everybody get off her!” shouted Darnell. Kenny stood up and Frankie let go of her ankles.

Darnell grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up on her knees. He yanked her head back.

“Listen here, bitch! You are going to eat Kenny’s ass whether you want to or not! I want to see some brown on that little pink tongue. And if you don’t…..we’re gonna shove our dicks up that sweet ass of yours again! ALL OF US!”

“O-okay!” whimpered Mallory. “Don’t h-hurt me!”

Kenny bent over in front of her and spread his ass cheeks again. Darnell pushed her face into his brown moon and held it there. Mallory’s tongue snaked out and she slowly began to press it into Kenny’s grotesque anus.

“Ohhhhhh, baby, yeahhhh!” Kenny said. “That feels good!”

Mallory felt her tongue push inside him and she could taste the sourness of his shit. Her stomach heaved. She was sure she would puke. Darnell held her there for several minutes as Mallory was forced to do a rim job on Kenny. She licked and probed all around his anus with her tongue.

“MMMMMMMPPPPHHHHHH!…..MMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHHHH!” The boys could hear Justin hollering and yelling through his gag and tugging at the ropes.

Justin was beside himself with rage as he watched this final humiliation of Mallory.

Darnell finally let her up for air. He let go of her hair. Mallory fell to her hands and knees, gasping and hacking for air, fighting to get the horrid taste from her mouth.

Darnell felt himself getting hard again as he looked down at Mallory on her hands and knees. His pants were still off and he dropped down behind her. In one hard thrust, he was inside her tight pussy again, fucking her doggy-style.

He hammered and pounded at her, his cock pistoning in and out. Mallory could do nothing but groan and whimper in pain. But Darnell didn’t cum inside her this time. He pulled out and stood up. Stroking his cock, he sprayed his load across Mallory’s back.

“Have a turn, guys! That cunt feels even better the second time!” said Darnell.

Frankie was next. He knelt behind Mallory and plunged his cock into her swollen pussy, giving her another vigorous fucking. He also did like Darnell and pulled out at the last minute. Frankie spurted more cum onto Mallory’s back.

So it continued with Andy and Lewis too. Both boys fucked Mallory doggy-style, slamming and driving their cocks in and out of her. Mallory lay with her head down on the blanket, a broken, blank stare on her face.
  She felt nothing as her body was rocked and shaken back and forth by the hard, savage fucks. She just hoped and prayed it would be over soon. Surely these boys had to be running out of energy!
  Mallory didn’t even react as she felt them pull out and deposit their sperm on her back and in her hair. They used her like a piece of garbage. It was as if they had completely forgotten she was a human being.

 Kenny Duffy was the worst. He jammed his cock into her and began pumping like an animal. He grunted and wheezed, his sweaty hands groped her tits and thighs as he fucked her. Mallory knew she could never shower enough after this was all over, to get the feeling of his filthy hands off her skin.
Kenny finally came, huffing and puffing like a steam engine. He spurted his cum on her back, adding to the puddle of spooge already accumulated there, and then used her hair to wipe himself clean.
Now, finally spent, the five boys relaxed in the grass, after having put their clothes back on.  Mallory was curled up in a little ball, shivering on the blanket. Justin, who had ceased struggling against his bonds, slumped against the tree where he was tied. He too was a broken man, after having watched the brutal and horrific defilement of his beautiful girlfriend.
 She wasn’t looking so beautiful at the moment. Her body was covered in cum and sweat and bruises. Dirt and grass and twigs were stuck to her. Her eyes were red and swollen from crying and her throat was hoarse from screaming.

“You think she’s gonna stay quiet about this?” asked Frankie. “We could get in a lot of shit!”

Darnell looked at her and smirked. “I got a feeling she ain’t gonna talk much. I know girls like her. She won’t want her “family name” dragged through the mud, for people to know what all happened to her.”

He walked over and pulled Mallory to her feet. She could barely stand and he had to hold her up.

“You’ll keep your fucking trap shut, won’t you? And you’ll tell your asshole boyfriend the same thing too. Because if you don’t, well, things could get really nasty for you!”

Mallory slowly nodded. “I just….w-w-want to go home. J-just l-leave us alone….I-I won’t s-say any…thing!”

Mallory knew she would stay quiet. There was no way she could let her parents know something like this had happened to her. It would destroy her public image and her future career.

Darnell gave her a pat on the cheek. “That’s a really good girl!”

“Okay boys, time to go! But first we got one more little thing to do.”

Mallory was pulled over in front of Justin and pushed down to her knees.

“Pull his shorts down!” ordered Darnell.

Mallory complied, reaching up and pulling Justin’s swim trunks down to his ankles. The boys all laughed as they saw that he had an erection.

“What the fuck, Apple-seed?” said Frankie. “You all excited about this?”

Justin moaned through the gag. He tried pulling at the ropes again until Kenny punched him again in the gut. Darnell put his hand on the back of Mallory’s head and forced her mouth onto Justin’s cock.
  As he did that, Andy and Lewis took a piece of rope and tied it around her left wrist. They pulled the rope around the tree and wrapped the other end around Mallory’s right wrist. Then they pulled the rope taut so Mallory was sucked up against Justin’s body with his dick in her mouth. They tied it off tightly so she couldn’t pull back. At the same time they tightened the ropes holding Justin.

“There!” said Lewis. “You wanted to suck your boyfriend’s dick, well you can now!”

  As a goodbye gesture, Darnell gave Justin a couple more hits to the face. He laughed as Justin’s head smacked against the tree trunk.
  “Fuck, Mallory’s a mess!” said Kenny. “She needs a shower!”

“Let’s give her one then,” said Darnell as he peeled his cock out of his pants.

He began to urinate, spraying yellow piss on Mallory’s back. The other boys joined in and soon all five were urinating on Mallory. The putrid liquid ran down her back and her legs and soaked into her hair. Mallory could do nothing but let the tears run down her face at this horrible degradation.

“Well, I need a beer!” said Darnell as he zipped up his pants.

“Yeah, me too!” added Frankie. “I wanna get shit-faced!”

“Let’s go then,” said Lewis.

Before they left, they rifled through Justin’s backpack, They found some money in his wallet , which they took. In Mallory’s bag they found some extra clothing, including a pair of black thong panties and a black bra. Darnell took the panties as a souvenir and Kenny took the bra.

The five boys headed back up the path to their car. It had been an eventful afternoon.