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Due to real world commitments, I have not been able to rework this story till now. Nevertheless, before moving forward if you are unable to tell the difference between fantasy and reality please do not proceed.

The plan had been going on for months. After much tinkering and bickering the plan was carried out and the execution was perfect. 3 convicts had broken out of Fuchū Prison in Tokyo. Prior to this a distraction was planted by the mastermind of the escape pitting 2 rival Yakuza groups in prison against one another in a gang fight triggering lockdowns. As security forces attempted to subdue the situation it became increasingly difficult as such an event has never happened.

Mastermind of the group, Kawada Nariaki was serving a 100 year sentence for a series of rapes committed across Tokyo. His crimes achieved levels of infamy that his own Yakuza group had to stop protecting him as law enforcement had to come down hard on him as he had targeted a number of Caucasian female expatriates resulting in diplomatic pressure from multiple countries to arrest him.

Feeling betrayed from his kin; Nariaki spent time in prison mingling with prisoners from other nationalities instead. Nevertheless, his exploits attracted the attention of 2 African Americans currently in prison for similar crimes. Tyrone Burges; 6 feet 250 lbs of solid muscle, incarcerated for raping a university student in Tokyo and Michael Delamore for assault. Each facing long sentences they were hell bent on breaking out of prison. Being a foot bigger than anyone else in prison; nobody dared messed with them and in return for protecting Nariaki from other Yakuza members from killing him, he agreed to include them in the escape.

Receiving his university education in the States; fluency in English wasn’t a problem for Nariaki and being a certified genius, he could have made a significant contribution to mankind but instead choosing a life of crime; a moment he had never regretted. Planning to full perfection; as prisoners were fighting security forces, the 3 of them made a quiet escape.

“Holy shit man; we are actually escaping this place… loved the food in here but freedom… AMERICA is more important he he he”

‘Shut the fuck up Michael, at least we can depend on this Nippon guy to get us the fuck outta here”

“You Americansi… talk too much…. Moveeee”

Silently creeping away from the main fight to an old wing of the prison under refurbishment they made it away from the main block to a quiet zone. Hiding in the dimly lit corridor, catching a breath was when they heard footsteps from the distance; distinct conversations in Japanese were heard, 3 men in riot gear and full masks were securing the sector before locking down that section. With radio communication with a mobile command center; Nariaki overhead and realize it was only 3 of them. Relaying to his new accomplices a trap was laid to overcome them physically and to steal their uniforms and escape.

“Get into position; its only 3 of them we take them out we are outta here”

Without objections all 3 men assumed a hiding position and like a predator waited for their prey to pass them and lunged at them. All 3 guards were taken by surprise and were quickly overpowered. Nariaki slipped into their uniforms rather easily as they were the same build; Tyrone and Michael could only put on their body armor and helmets and face covers given the discrepancy in size but under the circumstances better than nothing.

Moving out of the main door and entering the parking lot they were almost free now all that was left was to look for a getaway vehicle. Moving silently round the parking lot without drawing attention the 3 settled on stealing a Honda to drive their way out the front gate. Hotwiring and starting the car;

“You two Americansi; stay low and keep quiet,”

Nodding in agreement, all 3 men were on the brink of breaking out of prison, driving towards the front gate, regularly most times the security booth would let them through but given the riot all exit vehicles had to be checked. Being the last in the columnof 6 cars, Nariaki had to think quick and to get through the final obstacle before exiting to their freedom; and that was when he spotted her

Officer Miyoko Mayashita

Fresh out of the academy this was her first assignment in securing the prison in assisting the security forces; her job was to scan every vehicle exiting the prison that night. Scanning and checking the back seat and the trunk of every vehicle. it was considered a low risk job until Nariaki spotted her.

Licking his lips, it had been 2 years since his last fuck session, with each car going through at least 15 minutes of through checking, spotting her bought him memories of his last rape session involving a flight attendant on Japan Airways.

Spotting her on a flight back to Tokyo; cock instantly straining in his pants, landing in Narita airport Nariaki followed the poor attendant home in a taxi completely oblivious to the sexual predator following behind. Following up into her apartment, forced himself in and spent the next 2 hours having his way with the young beauty. With both hands tied to the bed and gagged, Nariaki proceeded to rape and sodomize her repeatedly until her husband came home, seeing the situation his wife was on in proceeded to attack Nariaki with fury

Snapping back to reality; Nariaki whispered to his American compatriots at the back;

“You boys ever banged a Japanese pussy? A Japo cop at that”… with an evil grin in his smile.

Both men peeping up to take a look, cocks straining in their pants

“Holy shit I gotta fuck her…its been 6 months too long”

“Quick, how do we grab her???”

Laying out his plan, all 3 agreed in unison on how to grab the unsuspecting cop!

Almost reaching the guard post; the plan sprung into action. Tyrone exited the car and hid in the boot whilst Michael hid in the back seat with Nariaki in the front. Reaching the guard post and handing out the bogus ID taken from the ambushed guards earlier, Miyoko took the ID and passed it to her colleague in the security room to run a check on the ID. Beginning her round and asking Nariaki to follow her as she prodded round the car to check for anything suspicious.

Moving to the trunk of the car with Tyrone in hiding, the plan was for the both of them to grab and shove her into the trunk and speed past the guard post. Tyrone overheard the conversations in Japanese as Miyoko was prodding inquisitively why was Nariaki leaving the prison whilst in its lockdown and Nariaki getting infuriated by her questions maintained his composure and answered politely giving a bullshit answer.

Finally ordering him to open the trunk of the car, Tyrone laid in ready to snatch her. Trunk opened and before Miyoko could react Nariaki disarmed her and Tyrone grabbed her by the waists and dragged into the Trunk, Miyoko let out a scream before Nariaki slammed the trunk and gotten into the Honda and made his get away before her colleague in the station could react.

Speeding 2 kilometers down the road Michael let out a huge sigh and was relieved. Meanwhile Tyrone was enjoying the feeling of this sexy policewoman in his grasped. One hand over her mouth preventing her from screaming and another hand roaming her sexy body beneath her distinct cop uniform, he was reeling from this freedom and a sweet police bitch as a cherry on the top.

Coming to a quick stop, Nariaki wanted to let Tyrone out of the trunk. Using ropes Miyoko was restrained and her mouth covered with duct tape. Although she wanted to put up a fight with her police combat training in mind, noticing 2 menacing 6 foot Americans quickly changed her mind as no amount of police training could overcome brute force.

Continuing their drive, Nariaki had planned to spend the evening in a safe house he once had, it was a mere 30 minutes from their present location. Seated like a beef patty between the 2 horny African Americans, she could feel her body was violated by their roaming hands; understanding a little bit English she began to shudder in fear as the lewd comments were being made of her body;

“Man, I bet shes gonna be tight when I shove my shaft up of her, these Asians haven’t had dicks as big as mine”

“Shut the fuck up Michael, mine’s bigger ahhahaha”

Nariaki upon hearing this halted the car and demanded;
“I got first round at this bitch since I am the one that broke us out of this”

The 2 cohorts were in agreement; before Nariaki started driving, he stared at Miyoko in her eyes and spoke in Japanese

“I’ll be the first to fuck your police ass!!”

Grinning as he started driving again, tears began streaming down her cheeks as to what was gonna happen to her next.

Reaching the safe house at 11 at night, with their night’s entertainment with them, the 3 men hauled the pretty officer into the safe house for the night…

Doors locked, Nariaki popped open the fridge and grabbed some beers for his new accomplices to rest before the fun time began with the officer on the bed in the next room…

Quickly finishing their beers; all 3 entered the next room with their beautiful prey lying on the bed with her sexy uniform on. Stripping off their clothing, all 3 descended on her with roaming hands caressing her slender long legs and body all congratulating one another on what a prize catch they gotten themselves with. Rope untied leaving the duct tape on Nariaki had the pleasure of stripping her nylon stockings and short skirt off her with only her panties protecting her innocence from the 3 sexual predators.

Tyrone an d Michael admired Miyoko’s legs and were each kissing and caressing her legs while Nariaki was busy prodding her vagina after tearing down her panties with his fingers. Tearing off her buttons and bra next exposing her lovely firm breasts Nariaki sucked and kissed each nipple making it hard and licking the entire front of her body leaving Miyoko to sob silently with her gag as the three men were enjoying themselves with her.

These went on for 10 minutes before Nariaki had enough, stripping off his clothing and ordering Michael Tyrone to back off, they complied as removing his shirt revealed many tattoos on a well ripped body Miyoko began to scream loudly through her gag as dropping his underpants revealed his massive tool ready to violate her.
Forced into a sitting position and his two American cohorts held her hands, Nariaki forced his cock into her mouth to get things rolling. Slapping her multiple times before she complied, Nariaki was finally able to get his cock into her mouth and she began sucking on his tool lubricating it in the process for the inevitable rape that was to come.

Getting himself well stimulated he has had enough, cock out of her mouth Nariaki positioned himself at the entrance of her vagina, both hands holding her fighting legs, Nariaki thrusted hard into her. It was one of his dreams coming true, raping a policewoman! Of various rapes he conducted he knew this was the one to remember.
With nothing to do both Michael and Tyrone cheered Nariaki on as he pounded deeply into her deeply; to prevent her screaming Nariaki forced his mouth into hers and exploring it whilst violently thrusting away. Throughout the ordeal Miyoko kept her mouth shut as her body was violated in ways never before experienced.

Her feeble attempts to fight off Nariaki using her hands only served to stir him more, her soft petite hands thumping his muscular body it was a dream come true. And out of the blue, Tyrone saw a digital camera on the bedside table.

“Hey Michael, that’s a fucking camera grab it…!!”

Instinctively grabbing the camera and turning it on, it was a camcorder, quickly motioning Tyrone to get out of the picture Michael recorded Miyoko’s rape on the video cam and the contrast was amazing. A fully tattooed muscular man humping away at a police officer with her telltale blue uniform shirt and cap to identify her.
Slamming away for a good 5 minutes, Nariaki reached a point of no return, letting go of her legs and grabbing her hands Nariaki knew he was gonna cum and slammed hard for the last time deeply into her as he unleashed a waterfall of cum as he had not masturbated in prison for the 2 years he was there and Miyoko was sobbing away with the amount of semen deposited in her fertile womb.

Totally exhausted from such an amazing fuck, Nariaki pulled out of her tight body and his cock delivered a massive payload he was ready for a break. Noticing Michael had recorded it on tape, he grinned as his performance was fully recorded on tape

Micahel and Tyrone stripped off their clothing immediately and Miyoko almost screamed seeing 2 extremely muscular black men with their much bigger dicks ready to ruin her…. Michael wanted a blowjob and forced his 13 inch cock into her mouth whilst Tyrone was in no mood for foreplay; grabbing her hips and buried himself into her. Both hands fighting furiously trying to push Tyrone off of her, Miyoko was shaking her head begging in Japanese not to rape her…

“hahaha… fucking bitch I don’t understand a single goddamn word of Japo…. Heres something for you to remember me by…..”

Slamming himself into her ; Michael grabber Miyoko by the face and face fucked her burying his cock into her mouth. Nariaki was amused from this as traditionally women in his country rarely slept with foreign men and now he had a Japanese policewoman being raped by 2 African Americans. Holding a video cam in hand as he recorded her ordeal beginning with a closeup shot of her face gagging on a cock before going a full circle.

Both men high fived one another as they proceeded to dump their seed in their respective positions with Michael especially squeezing Miyoko’s nose forcing her to swallow all his cum. With semen dripping on both her mouth and vagina, Miyoko wept herself in the fetal position while all 3 men congratulated each other on their successful sexual conquest of the young police officer.

Proceeding to the kitchen and grabbing more beer and potato chips the 3 men rested before proceeding with round 2 with their police bitch. Turning on the television, they watched the evening news and gleamed with pride as news of the breakout was live on television and all 3 had their mugshots displayed on television and were all laughing at the photos.

Changing channels to an international news network; it was at this point that an American correspondent at the scene had this to report.

“Whilst the 3 convicts managed to escape, it also believed that they had kidnapped a young police officer named Miyoko Mayashita, who coincidentally is the daughter of the Chief of Tokyo Police, Commissioner Tamaro Mayashita.”

Immediately, all 3  were laughing and taunting

“Yeah we sure as hell fucked her daughter good…!!”

“Man…best fucks of our lives so far”

Hearing the television from next door, tears streamed down Miyoko’s face as the three men had defiled her severely. After a short rest and emboldened by knowing who she really is, the 3 men were ready for round 2.

Stepping back into the bedroom; speaking in Japanese,

“ Your daddy tried to arrest me once, let me return the favor to his DAUGHTER!”

Caressing her pretty soft ass, he was ready for round 2, tieing a gag around her mouth; Nariaki forced her on all fours, Michael began recording on the camera as Nariaki positioned himself behind Miyoko, both men could not understand what he was saying as he was taunting Miyoko in Japanese

Spitting saliva onto his cock and the tip of her asshole, happily remarking as he caressed her virgin ass cheeks remarking

“Your daddy is a real pain in my ass, now you will find out first hand what it means!!!”

Readying himself and holding her hips, Nariaki slammed forth his dick into her ass as Miyoko screamed like a banshee onto her gag, never penetrated in the ass before in her life. With each round Nariaki was forcing himself deeper and deeper into her bowels while taunting the words

“Banzai Banzai Banzai”..

Again the mesmerizing scene of a Japanese cop being buggered by a Yakuza man was captured on video as both Tyrone and Michael were admiring their new found friend’s stamina, their dicks were also hardening as they prepare themselves to have a go at the policewoman’s beautiful ass…

With the tightening muscles of her rectum, Nariaki was pounding her like a jackhammer and before long he was ready to cum inside her much tighter ass. Readying himself as he drove like a piston Nariaki buried himself in her ass before letting out his final load for the evening and collaped onto Miyoko's sexy body totally spent.

Moving away from the bed, Nariaki took over the videography duties as Michael had a go first. This time, wanting to see her fully naked Michael ripped the last remaining clothes on Miyoko, her blue uniform standard issue shirt, forcing her face down on the bed, Michael grabbed a hold of her hips and began pounding away. Miyoko, completely broken at this point was sobbing away silently praying for it to end quickly whilst Michael was enjoying his time inside her Asian ass.

“Go Michael, fuck her ass, she deserves it”

With the lewd sight in hand, Tyrone was stroking his dick as he await his turn to have a go  at her beautiful ass watching Michael pounding away continuously for the next 5 minutes. Reaching a point of no return, Michael spewed the last of his cum for the night into her beautiful ass before letting out a loud groan and collapsed onto the bed on his back.

Tyrone was rock hard at this point, took up similar position as to Michael earlier and began pounding away at her police ass, like a piston and shuffling his hips slammed away whilst caressing her beautiful ass cheeks while listening to her soft sobs in the background. Reaching down to support himself grabbing her stomach, and fired away his final load of the evening before collapsing onto her back groaning and panting after an incredible fuck session.

Gathering his composure, and caressing her ass cheeks, Tyrone was smiling away after having his way with the petite police officer beneath him. Miyoko on the other hand, completely shattered at his point from the humiliation and pain collapsed onto the bed in agony and cried herself to sleep.

Just then, as the 3 men were recovering after such an incredible fuck session, the front door of the house was broken down and heavily armed men with POLICE badges entered the home wielding machine guns to find the 3 of them standing over the ravaged Miyoko. Hands up in the air, all 3 were gleaming with pride as they were going back to prison with the biggest exploit ever pulled off to date in Japan; the rape of a Japanese police officer not only by 2 foreign Americans but by an ex-Yakuza member with the icing on the cake, the police officer in question Miyoko Mayashita was the daughter of the police commissioner of Tokyo Police Force.

As the men were led away in cuffs, the video camera was discovered by a investigating detective on scene,  he let off an evil grin upon rewinding  the content of the video cam. Quickly concealing the video cam in his pants pocket from the other police officers and detectives to be smuggled out of the crime scene, readjusting his  wrist buttons on his long sleeve shirt to conceal the Yakuza tattoo beneath it and continue his work on the crime scene

 The End

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Oh! Something tell me the officer's colleagues are going to debrief her back at the station. Love your story! Can't wait for more from you!