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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

Payback for the Tattle-tail

A story by Vile8r

   Bethany Forster fidgeted in her chair outside Professor Turnbull’s office. She was very nervous and even a little scared of what was going to happen to her. It was not a situation she was accustomed to finding herself in.
   Professor Turnbull taught Mathematics at Stafford University and Bethany, or Beth as her friends called her, was one of his best students. The twenty year-old, second-year student was at the top of his honour roll. Beth had plans of becoming a schoolteacher one day.

  But everything changed when she met Clint Van Duren. Clint was the star receiver of the Stafford Scorpions, the university’s football team.

  After being a rather mediocre team for many years, the Scorpions were in a position to win the school’s first ever divisional championship. And most of the team’s unprecedented success could be credited to the stellar play of Clint Van Duren!

 But Clint’s athletic prowess on the football field did not follow him into the classroom. The young, handsome athlete was, how should we say it, dumb as a sack of hammers! It was a constant struggle for him to maintain the minimum grade-point average that he needed to stay in the school’s sports program. The boy could run the football up and down the field like no one’s business, but academically, he was a big dud.

One of the classes that he really had a lot of trouble in was Professor Turnbull’s mathematics class.  Clint hated math but he needed it as a requirement for his graphic arts degree. What the hell math had to do with art, he hadn’t a clue. But it was one of the required courses.

If everything fell into place for Clint, he wasn’t too concerned about getting a college degree anyway. He knew he was being scouted by the NFL, and he had great hopes of ending up one day on a professional football team. Making the big bucks!

It had completely blown Beth away one day, when Clint had approached her after class. Bethany Forster was NOT the kind of girl that guys like Clint normally paid attention to.

Beth knew she was not ugly or unattractive by any means. She could be considered a pretty girl. But she was nowhere in the league of the girls that Clint Van Duren usually associated himself with. The hot, sexy cheerleader, bikini model types.

Beth was short, only about 5’ 2”. She had dark brown, wavy hair that came down to her shoulders. Her body could best be described as curvy although Beth considered herself a bit on the heavy side. She wasn’t fat, but at around 140, Beth felt she could stand to lose 10 or 15 pounds. She was a little self-conscious that her butt was too big.
   Beth had fairly large breasts, about a 36D. If there was any part of her body that Beth was satisfied with, it was her tits. She drew a few looks from the guys for those. Beth also had pretty brown eyes, and a large sparkling smile.
But overall, Beth knew there was a lot of prettier, sexier girls in school. She considered herself quite plain.

Beth had never been a popular girl with the guys. Back in junior high and high school, she had been very awkward and uncomfortable around boys. They had often looked at her as being a bit of a nerd. So far, all through college, she had not been on a single date. She rationalized by telling her friends and family that she was just too busy with her studies to worry about boys.

Having someone like Clint Van Duren, one of the most popular guys in the whole university, come up to her, was quite mind-blowing. He explained his situation to her, that he was failing math badly. Professor Turnbull had told him that, one more failed test, and he would have to report him to Coach Scarpelli. He’d be suspended from the team and it would destroy his football career.

He asked Beth if she would tutor him. Beth was a little reluctant at first. She was not big on tutoring people, mostly because of her shyness. But then Clint put on the charm.

“You know, Beth, I’ve watched you in class a lot, and I know you don’t think I’m the kind of guy interested in you, but I really sort of like you.”

“Really?” asked Beth, her face blushing.

“Yeah, I do, really! You’re so smart and I think you’re sort of cute. You’re a… girl. I’m not just asking you to tutor me because I’m failing math, I’m asking because, well, I’d like to get to know you better.”

That was all it took. Clint Van Duren telling her she was cute? And he wanted to get to know her better? Beth was speechless, and a little flattered. She agreed to begin tutoring him.
  They began to meet at the library for tutoring sessions. Things went great for the first couple times. Clint seemed like he genuinely wanted to learn. And he was so sweet to her. He asked her lots of questions about herself too and seemed like he sincerely had a lot of interest in Beth. He didn’t seem like just the vacuous meathead jock that Beth had always envisioned him as being.

Not to mention he was very good-looking. Clint stood about 6 ft. tall and weighed around 190 lb. He had a very athletic, muscular body. Clint had short sandy blonde hair and chiselled good looks with piercing blue eyes. He reminded Beth a lot of the actor Channing Tatum, of whom she was a big fan. It was no wonder he was so popular with the girls, she thought.

But in spite of Beth’s expert tutoring, she was slowly coming to the realization that he wasn’t really improving in his math skills. She was not confident at all that he would be able to pass the big exam Professor Turnbull had announced he was giving them in a few days and only a couple weeks before the football playoffs were set to begin!
Clint was also aware the tutoring didn‘t seem to be helping him. He just couldn’t get his head wrapped around math. Then he came up with a plan.

  One evening as they sat in the library, he made his proposal to Beth. He told her he knew, and she knew too, that there was NO way he would pass the upcoming test. There would be a good chance he’d be kicked off the team and right before the playoffs too!

“I can’t let that happen, Beth,” he said with a look of genuine concern. “YOU can’t let that happen! NFL scouts are watching me. This could be huge for my career! Plus, think of the school. We have never won a divisional championship….ever! If I’m not on that team, well, their chances of winning are gonna be cut in half!”

“But what are you going to do?” asked Beth. “I’ve tried teaching you this stuff, but you just don’t seem to be getting it. I don’t know what else to do.”

“I do!” replied Clint. “Help me cheat!”

Beth was flabbergasted. She couldn’t believe what Clint was saying. Cheating was serious shit! It could end up getting both of them expelled!

“I-I can’t do something like that, Clint! Uh, uh! NO WAY!” said Beth as she adamantly shook her head.

“It’ll be easy,” he said to her. “Don’t worry, I’ve done this many times and never been caught. All you gotta do is write me up a cheat sheet. You know what Turnbull is gonna put on this test. Please, Beth, you gotta help me here!”

Clint reached out and placed his hand on Beth’s knee. He stroked her thigh through the fabric of her blue jeans and looked her straight in the eye.

“Come on, Beth. You know how I feel about you. And since we started these tutoring sessions, well, I’ve gotten to like you even more. You are a great girl! And….and…well, I think I’m starting to get some really deep feelings for you.”

Beth felt herself blushing. No guy had ever said something to her like that before. She felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach. She smiled back at Clint.

“Well, I-I really like you too, Clint. You have been so……n-nice to me.”

“Let me take you out,” he suddenly blurted.

“Out? Like on a-a d-date?” Beth sputtered.

“Yes!” he answered. “Say you’ll help me and I will take you on a date. It’ll be so much fun. I think you and I are really starting to connect and I feel we should move to the next level.”

Beth sat for a minute, deep in thought. Clint took her hand in his and squeezed as he gazed pleadingly into her eyes.
“Please Beth. You gotta do this for me.”

Finally, her face broke into a weak smile.
“All right, Clint. I’ll do it! But only this one time. And yes, I would love to go on a date with you.”

“Okay, then!” he said as he stood up from the table. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow night at 7.”

He leaned down and gave Beth a soft kiss on the lips before he turned and walked away. She watched as he left the library. Wow! She, Bethany Lynn Forster, was actually going to be having a date with Clint Van Duren! It was like a dream.
  She couldn’t believe what she had just agreed to do for him, though. Cheating was like the ultimate sin to her. And yet, subconsciously, she felt excited and exhilarated. She had never done anything so….dangerous….before, and it made her feel like such a rebel.
  But she wanted to help Clint. She had never felt this way before about a guy and she started to realize that that fluttering feeling she had in her stomach was love. She was falling in love with him.


 The next day Beth had been very excited as she prepared for her date. She had told a couple of her friends that Clint had asked her out. Her friends were a little skeptical and had told her to be careful.

“Clint is not at all the way you think he is,” said Beth. “He’s been a complete gentleman to me.”

“Well, sometimes those are the worst ones,” her roommate Andrea had quipped.

Beth had just ignored her. That evening, she had dressed in a light blue pleated skirt that came to just above her knees. She wore a short-sleeved white blouse and put her hair up. After putting on some makeup, which Beth didn’t do very often, she looked at herself in the mirror.

Not bad! she thought to herself.

When Clint stopped by to pick her up, he was quite surprised.
“Wow, Beth. You look great!”

“Thanks,” she replied.

It turned out to be a super night. Clint took her to a nice restaurant off-campus and later they went to a good movie. He treated her like a queen the whole time and Beth soaked it all up. She had never had a guy do this for her.

Later, he drove her back to her dorm. He stopped in the parking lot and turned to her.
“I had an awesome time with you tonight, Beth,” he said.

Before she knew what was going on, they had started making out in the car. Clint was a great kisser. His hands had roamed across her body, over her breasts and down to her thighs. Beth didn’t even mind as she felt his strong hands slide under her skirt and inside her panties.
 His expert fingers probed and slid into her. Ahhh, just as he thought, as he felt the resistance of her hymen against his fingers. This girl still has her cherry! His thumb rubbed and flicked across her swollen clit. Beth gasped with the intense feelings of pleasure she had never had in her life! She kissed him back and rubbed his crotch through his pants. He was so big and hard.

  But things began to happen a little too fast and Beth had to put the brakes on. As Clint began to unbutton her blouse, Beth stopped him.

“I-I’m sorry, Clint. I can’t do this.”

“Why? What’s the problem? You don’t want me?” he asked.

“Ummm, I haven’t told you this before Clint, but….I’m a virgin,” Beth said. “I’m trying to save myself for, you know, that special guy.”

Clint kissed her on the lips and took her hand. He wasn’t at all surprised at her revelation as he had already determined that she was a virgin.
“Of course, baby. I understand and I respect that. I would never make you do anything that you didn’t want to. It’s actually kind of nice, you being so honest. Quite frankly, most of the girls I date are sluts and they practically throw themselves on me. It’s kind of nice that you’re not that way.”

“Well thank you, “ Beth said with a smile. “You’re so sweet, Clint.”

“All I can say is, when it happens, that guy is gonna be damn lucky,” said Clint as he kissed her again on the cheek. He whispered in her ear.
“Maybe I’ll get to be that special guy someday.”
“Who knows?” Beth cooed. “That just might happen.”

to be continued

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Beth wasn’t even sure if her feet touched the floor as she walked up to her room that night. Now she knew what people talked about when they said they were on Cloud 9! She had just made out with the hottest guy on campus! And he really liked her!
  Her friend Andrea  smirked as Beth came into the room.

“God, Forster! Could the smile on your face get any bigger? And by the way, your blouse is buttoned up crooked.”

Beth blushed as she looked down and realized that, yes, it was crooked. She had been so flustered when she was buttoning it back up, she hadn’t even noticed.

“What? Did you get lucky tonight?” Andrea teased.

“No, I did not!” Beth retorted. “But Clint and I did have a really great time!

Beth was still smiling the next morning when she woke up.  She kept up her end of the bargain and she wrote up a cheat sheet for Clint. She was still really unsure about doing it, but every time she saw Clint, her heart just melted and she told herself everything would be okay.

The day of the exam, Beth was so nervous, she was barely able to concentrate on her own paper. She sat close to Clint and kept flashing him glances the whole time. She was just waiting for Professor Turnbull to catch Clint with his cheat sheet. But it never happened.

After the test was over, Clint gave her a big hug in the hallway.
“Thank you so much, sweetie!” he said. “I have got a great feeling about this. I’m pretty sure I passed. I just know it!”

Two days later, the professor gave them the results of their exams. Clint didn’t exactly ace it, but he pulled off a 70% mark. It was the best he’d done all semester. After class Professor Turnbull pulled Clint into his office.

“It’s nice to see that Beth’s tutoring is having a good effect on you. Keep up the good work. I’m pleased to tell you, this mark will bring your grade-point average up high enough that you’ll pass the course.

Thank God, I don’t have to tell Coach Scarpelli to pull you off the team now! The rest of the school would crucify me!”

“Thanks, Professor,” said Clint. “And, um, yeah! Beth’s tutoring has really helped me. She’s been great!”

Beth had been waiting out in the hallway for him when he came out of the office. He wrapped his big arms around and her and gave her a big kiss on the lips.
“You did it!” he said. “You saved my football career. I’m gonna pass the course now!”

“You’re so welcome, Clint,” Beth replied as she kissed him back.

“You’re a great girl, Beth,” he said. “I’ll be seeing you around.”

He gave her a little wave and a wink as he walked down the hallway. Beth couldn’t take her eyes away as she stared after him like a love-struck puppy.

Later that evening Beth was talking to her roommate Andrea and another friend, Helen. Beth was getting more and more smitten with Clint and just couldn’t stop thinking about him.

“Beth, I think you should be really careful with this guy,” Helen warned her. “He’s a snake in the grass.”

“You just don’t know him that well. He’s not like the other jocks,” Beth countered. “He’s been a total gentleman to me.”

“It’s a ploy,” said Andrea. “I think he’s using you. The only reason he ever talked to you was because he was failing math.”

“Well, I don’t believe that,“ said Beth. “He told me he really liked me, and I believe him.“

“Beth, you can’t be that naïve!“ said Helen. “Guys like Clint Van Duren treat women like shit. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you. He’s going to charm you into the sack and then toss you away like garbage.”

“What do you know anyway, Helen?” asked Beth. “You’re a lesbian!”

“I can see it too,“ said Andrea. “He’s gonna break your heart.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be just fine. It’s nice to see I have such supportive friends!” said Beth with a sneer.

She strode off to her bedroom and slammed the door.

Andrea shook her head and looked over at Helen. “That kid is just gonna have to learn the hard way.”

After stewing in her room for a little while, Beth decided she was going to go for a walk. She wanted to see Clint. Actually, she wanted to do more than just see him. She wanted to feel his hands on her again, wanted to feel the sensations in her body that he had made her feel that night in his car. She wanted to feel his lips on hers again.
  Beth thought back to when she had told Clint she was saving herself for a special guy. And he had whispered in her ear, that he hoped he could be the special guy to take her virginity someday. Was Clint that special guy? Beth was beginning to think more and more that maybe he was. And not only that, but maybe tonight would be that night when she finally decided to let him take it.

  Beth walked down the sidewalk towards the row of frat houses on the edge of the campus. It was a beautiful evening. There was a full moon and the stars were coming out. If things turned out right, it might become an even more beautiful night. Beth had no idea how wrong she would be.

She walked up the steps to the large white 3-storey house. Beth nervously rang the doorbell. The door was answered by a tall gangly dark-haired boy. Beth recognized him as one of Clint’s friends, Shaun.

“Hi, is Cl-Clint here,” she stammered.

“Yeah, he’s upstairs in his bedroom,” Shaun said, pointing towards the stairs. “Top floor, 3rd door on the left.”

“Okay, th-thanks,” said Beth as she entered the house.

There was several guys and a couple girls sitting in the living room watching a movie on a big screen TV. Beer cans and liquor bottles were scattered about and the smell of marijuana was heavy in the air. This was only the second time Beth had ever been in a frat house.
  The first time had been when she was a freshman. Just a couple weeks after college started, she and Andrea attended a freshman party at one of the frat houses. Beth not being much of a drinker, she had been quite disgusted at the display of wanton drunkenness and promiscuity she had witnessed. She had decided there and then that frat parties were not her thing.

  Beth made her way up the stairs to the third floor. As she walked down the hallway towards Clint’s room, the door suddenly opened. A very attractive blonde girl came out of the room. Beth recognized her as a girl by the name of Lisa Torelli. She was a member of the football team’s cheerleading squad, the Scorpionettes. Beth had a class with her and her only impression of Lisa was this….BITCH!

Lisa’s hair looked rather dishevelled and she was doing up the snap on her jeans as she pushed past Beth in the hallway.

“Outta my way, bitch!” Lisa sneered.

Beth gave her a puzzled look. Then she peeked inside to Clint’s room. Clint was sitting up in his bed with his covers pulled over him. It was obvious he was wearing no clothes.

“Hey, sweetie! Come on in!” he said when he saw Beth standing in the doorway. “What brings you here?”

“I….uh, just wanted to, umm, see you, Clint.”

Beth couldn’t help but notice the several empty condom packages scattered on the floor beside his bed.

“What’s the matter, honey?” he asked.
Beth pointed back toward the hallway.

“What was Lisa Torelli doing here? W-were you having s-sex with h-her?” she asked.

Clint let out a chuckle.
“Was I having sex with her? Well, if you want to call it that. With Lisa, it’s more like a good hard bang! That girl’s an animal!”

Beth stood by the bed, her mouth hanging open in stunned amazement. Tears began to roll down her cheeks. Her heart felt like it had fallen into her stomach.

“How could you have done that, Clint? I thought you liked me! I thought we were together!” she sobbed.

“Together? What the fuck ever gave you that idea?” Clint sneered.

“All the things you told me!” yelled Beth. “You told me I was special to you and you….you….said you wanted me!”

Clint shook his head. “Beth, you think you’re the only girl I’ve ever said that to? Christ, I’ve said that to every girl I’ve ever fucked! I guess it’s time I came clean with you.”

“What do you mean?” asked Beth.

“I just needed to save my ass, okay? I was gonna fail math, I was gonna get kicked off the football team. I needed to pass, so I used you. I just pretended to really like you so you’d help me cheat.”

“S-so you never really wanted me to tutor you in the first pl-place? You just wanted someone to help you cheat?” Beth was astounded by what she was hearing.

“But….but… could you do something like that?” she cried.

“Come on, Beth, you’re a smart girl. You can’t tell me you really thought a guy like me would fall for a girl like you.”

“I believed you, Clint! I believed you!” Beth shrieked. “And then I catch you….with some….some…cheerleader skank! I HATE YOU! I wish I had never helped you cheat!”

“Hey, you HAD to help me, Beth,” Clint said calmly. “People knew you were tutoring me and if I had been kicked off the team because I failed math…..they’d have blamed you!”

Beth glared back at Clint. She knew he was right. People in the school would have blamed her, and she now bet anything that Clint would have made sure she was the one to blame.

“You know, Beth, a girl like you, you should be happy I even took you on a date!” said Clint.

“And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?” she spat. Beth was surprised at herself. She wasn’t known for her use of foul language.

“Well, I know a girl like yourself doesn’t date much. You should be grateful for when it does happen.”

Beth picked up a shoe off the floor and hurled it at Clint. He dodged it and it bounced off the wall beside his head.

“I can’t believe I was actually considering letting you be my first when I was walking over here tonight. Andrea and Helen were right! You ARE a jerk!” yelled Beth as she stormed out of the room.

Beth could hear the snickers of the people downstairs as she came down the steps. She realized they probably heard her screaming and yelling at Clint.

“What’s the matter, honey?” asked Shaun. “Clint wouldn’t give you anything?”

“I’m not surprised!” said another guy by the name of Eric. “All the racket he was making upstairs with Lisa, the poor guy was probably worn out!”

The boys in the room erupted in laughter.

“It’s okay, sweetie!” one of the girls called out. “Come back tomorrow and maybe you’ll get lucky then!”

Beth just kept walking through the house and out the front door. She walked home in the dark, tears blurring her vision. She couldn’t believe what had just happened to her. She was so angry at herself.
  How could she have been so blind and naïve? Clint was right! What DID ever make her think a guy like him would be interested in a girl like her? And the way he had duped her into helping him cheat! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Her friends were so right, and it would be a tough pill for Beth to swallow to have to admit that to them.

But the cheating also had to be dealt with! Beth knew she could end up in a heap of trouble because of it, but she had to tell Professor Turnbull. It was the right thing to do! Her conscience was eating her up.
   It would most likely result in Clint being kicked off the team and that could open a real hornet‘s nest. But right at this moment, Beth didn’t care! It would be his just dessert! She was not a cheater, and she needed to get this weight off her shoulders. And also teach Clint Van Duren a lesson about how NOT to treat women!

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And that is how Beth now found herself sitting outside Professor Turnbull’s office, waiting to speak with him. She had phoned him earlier and told him she needed to see him urgently.

 Beth looked up as the door to his office opened and he ushered her inside.

“Come on in, Beth,” he said pleasantly.

Beth entered the office and took a seat across from the professor’s desk. Professor Turnbull was in his mid-forties and could be considered a handsome man. He stood a little over six feet tall and had a fit, trim body. His dark hair was in a ponytail and he had a moustache and goatee.
  He looked more like he should be a roadie for the Grateful Dead than a mathematics professor. Beth had often told herself, if he was 20 years younger, she’d have considered trying to date him!

“How can I help you today, Ms. Forster?” he said cordially. Usually he just called her Beth, but sometimes, to tease her, he would act more formal.

“Professor Turnbull, I h-have something I n-need to tell you, and it’s not going to be easy for me. I know you’re going to be very mad and disappointed in me, and I realize the serious implications, b-but I just can’t be quiet about it any longer!”

Tears had started to run down Beth’s face, and she dabbed at them with a Kleenex.

“Beth, what the hell is the problem?” asked the professor. “I’ve never seen you like this before. Tell me what’s troubling you!”

Beth took a deep breath and just blurted it out all at once. She decided that was the best way.
“The only reason Clint Van Duren passed your exam was because he asked me to help him cheat! I am SO sorry!”

Professor Turnbull frowned and stood up as he came around to sit on the edge of the desk in front of Beth.

“Beth, this is a serious thing you are saying.”

“I-I know. I was tutoring Clint, and I was trying my best but nothing was working. He wasn’t improving, and he knew he wouldn’t pass the exam. He-he talked me into helping him cheat so he wouldn’t get kicked off the football team. He lied to me and made me think he liked me. He even took me on a date. I feel so stupid and used.”

Beth went into detail about how she had wrote up a cheat sheet for Clint to use in the exam and even gave Mr. Turnbull a copy of the cheat sheet that she had made.

The professor scratched his chin in deep thought and was silent for a few seconds.
“Well, I’m very proud that you’ve been honest and came forward with this on your own. You do realize I will have to report this to the dean and the Academic Conduct Review Board. There is a possibility you could be suspended, maybe even expelled.”

“I know, I know!” sobbed Beth.

“But, I will go to bat for you, Beth. You’re one of my brightest students and there are some extenuating circumstances here which hopefully the board will take into consideration. Not to mention your stellar academic record. As for Mr. Van Duren, I think he has a lot of explaining to do. I’m not afraid to say, his football playing days are over!”

Beth went back to her dorm. She felt so much better now that she had talked to Professor Turnbull, even though she was sick to her stomach about what could possibly happen to her. Even if she just got suspended, her parents would not be happy with her.

The next few days were a whirlwind. Of course, Professor Turnbull had to report to the dean and to Coach Scarpelli about Clint being a cheat. Clint was called into the dean’s office and indefinitely suspended from the football team as well as suspended from college for the rest of the semester.

The whole school was in an uproar when it was announced the Stafford Scorpions would be without their star player as they approached the playoffs. The dean didn’t really care. He was proud of the achievements of the football team, but felt that sports programs were secondary to the academic programs. If the football team had to miss the championship, because of the academic wrongdoings of one of their players, well so be it.

Bethany had to go before the Academic Conduct Review Board too. Luckily, as Professor Turnbull had promised, he appeared on her behalf and gave her a glowing commendation to the board. Dean Halliwell, head of Stafford University, was also aware of Beth’s outstanding academic record at the school and being that it was a first offense, the board was lenient with her. She didn’t escape unscathed, however. She was given a stern reprimand and put on academic probation for the remainder of the semester.
  Beth apologized profusely to the review board and promised she would never, ever engage in such activity again.

It was rather tense on campus for several days. No one said anything openly to Beth, but she noticed quite a few people giving her nasty glares in the hallways. She knew Clint had likely spread the word that she was the one who had been tutoring him  and now that he was kicked off the football team, they were blaming her.
  Beth just ignored them. As far as she was concerned, after the way Clint Van Duren had treated her, he was getting everything he deserved!

At the frat house, Clint was raging! He had punched a couple holes in the wall and threw a chair across the room. Prior to that, he had consumed nearly ¾ of a bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! She ruined me! She fucking ruined me!” he shouted.

“Who ruined you?” asked his friend, Cameron.

“That bitch, Bethany Forster! The girl that was tutoring me. She’s the one that helped me cheat, and then she fuckin’ ratted me out!”

“That cow! Seriously?” asked his other friend Bart.

“Yes, seriously!” snapped Clint. “Now my life, well it’s fucked! I ain’t gonna be in next week’s game and there was going to be like 3 or 4 NFL scouts there! There was going to be a guy there from the New England Patriots, for fuck’s sake! Do you understand? THE PATRIOTS!”

The New England Patriots were Clint’s favourite team and he had always dreamt about one day playing for them.

“I’ll NEVER get scouted now. The only thing I’ll be good for now is playing in Canada with the CFL!” he said with disdain.

“You oughtta teach that bitch a lesson for fucking up your career!” said Cameron.

“Oh, I’m gonna get back at her somehow,” Clint spat. “That cow wanted me to fuck her, well I’ll give her a fucking all right! One she’ll never forget!”

“You wanna do her?” asked Bart.

“I didn’t say I wanted to do her,” said Clint. “ It’s not like she’s a hot fuck or anything like that. The only reason I want to fuck her is to just teach her a lesson about screwing with Clint Van Duren!”

“Ahhh, a revenge fuck!” smiled Bart. “Those are the best!”

“I’ll pound that little virgin slut ‘til she can’t walk!” said Clint. “In every hole she’s got!”

“Oooh, a virgin! Even better!” said Bart. “So when you wanna do this? You gonna let us help?”

“I don’t know, “ answered Clint, taking another swig of JD. “I’ll just keep my eyes open. If she crosses paths with me, she’s gonna be one sorry girl! You guys keep a look out for her too. If you see her, let me know. And I’ll definitely share. The more dicks the better!”

Clint started heading up the stairs to his room.
“I’m gonna call Lisa. I need to blow off some steam. Giving her a good pound should make me feel better!”

As he left the room, Cameron and Bart gave each other a high-five.

“You know, I’d never admit it to anyone, but that Bethany is actually kind of a cutie,” said Cameron. “I’d love to dip my stick into her.”

“Oh shit, yeah!” replied Bart. “A little thick in the ass but, hey, she’s do-able! Not the hottest chick in school, but it’d be sweet to dump a load into her.”

October 21, 2014, 01:51:08 PM
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October 23, 2014, 02:13:16 AM
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Online vile8r

A week went by and things had began to settle down around Stafford University. Beth was able to concentrate more on her studies again, and she was putting the whole sordid affair with Clint to the back of her mind. She had never really trusted boys much before, and she trusted them even less now. It still upset her that she had given so much trust to Clint.

It was a warm Friday evening when Beth had decided she was going for a walk. There was a Starbucks just off-campus a couple blocks away from the dorm and she wanted to go for a latte. She asked Andrea and Helen if they wanted to go, but they had plans to go to a movie. Beth didn’t want to see the movie, so she went on her own.
  Like I said, it was warm outside, so Beth dressed in a cute white and pink sundress that came down to just above her knees. It buttoned up the front and had short sleeves. On her feet, she slipped on a pair of white sandals. She put her long brown hair in a ponytail.

   Beth had a pleasant time at the Starbucks, sipping on a latte and reading a good book. She saw two guys come in while she was there and they had looked over at her and whispered something to each other. She didn’t know their names, but she recognized them as two of the guys that had been at the frat house the night she caught Clint with Lisa Torelli. She could only imagine what they were probably saying about her. She just looked away and went back to her book. The men left after each buying a coffee.
Outside, Cameron and Bart looked at each other.

“Shit, that was her in there, Bethany Forster!” exclaimed Bart. “The girl that Clint wants to get back at!”

“I thought that was her!” said Cameron. “She’s looking kinda good tonight in that cute dress.”

“We gotta tell Clint,” said Bart as he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket.

He dialled up Clint.

“Yo, dude!” he said as soon as he heard Clint answer on the other end. “Guess what?”

“What?” asked Clint in an exasperated tone.

“We just saw your little honey down here at Starbucks!”


“Yeah, and she’s looking hot too. Got a sweet little dress on her, just waiting to get fucked! And best thing is, she’s by herself!”

“Okay, you two gotta grab her for me,” said Clint. “I don’t care how you do it, just make sure no one sees you! Try not to rough her up too much if you can help it. Shaun and Eric are here too. We’ll all have fun with that cunt!”

“Ok, gotcha!” replied Bart. He looked over at Cameron with an evil grin.
“You and I got a job to do!”

 As it grew darker outside, Beth decided it was time to head back to the dorm. It was a pretty safe neighbourhood, but Beth still didn’t like walking out at night time by herself anymore than was necessary.
  She was barely half a block from Starbucks when a van careened around the corner and came to a stop at the curb right alongside her. Before Beth could even react, the side door of the van was thrown open and someone leaned out and grabbed her by the arm. She tried to scream, only to have something thrown over her head. It felt like a pillow case.
  It was held tightly over her head as she was yanked back into the van and thrown on the floor. The van was already moving down the street as the guy in the back of the van pulled the door shut.

“WHAT THE HELL…….” Beth tried to yell and was cut off as the man who grabbed her pushed her back down to the floor.

He pinned her arms down above her head as he hissed in her ear, “Shut up, bitch! Or you get hurt!”

Beth couldn’t see anything, with the sack or whatever it was, over her head. Her screams were muffled by it and she felt like she was suffocating. Her heart pounded with terror. Was she being abducted? Was she going to be raped? She had only read about stuff like this happening in the newspapers. She couldn’t fathom that it was happening to her! She had been frantically kicking her legs, but stopped as she realized it was just making her dress ride up her thighs.
  The man in the back straddled her waist, keeping her immobilized as the van sped along. She heard him talking to the driver.

“Told you she was kinda cute,” he said. “Might have a bit of extra meat on her bones, but that’s okay!”

“Just more cushion for the push’n!” she heard the driver remark.

Their crude comments made her blood run cold.

She suddenly noticed the van slowing down and turning a corner. A couple minutes later it came to a stop. The side door was thrown open and the man sitting on her began to pull her out of the vehicle. She tried to resist but he twisted her left arm behind her back.

“Come on, slut! Don’t make us get rough!” the guy growled.

Beth began to think to herself that the voice of the man was vaguely familiar. But she couldn’t put a finger on it.

The mens’ voices were echoing like they were inside a garage or something. Beth was walked up a short flight of stairs and through a door. The smell of the house as they entered hit her nostrils and suddenly she realized where she was! The frat house! She could tell that odour of stale beer and booze mixed with marijuana smoke anywhere!

She felt herself being forced down a hallway and then the sack was pulled off her face. She was in the large living room of the frat house. And there standing in the center of the room was Clint Van Duren!
 Two other boys were in the room with him too. Beth immediately recognized one of them as his friend Shaun. The other guy she didn’t recognize. They all looked at her with hungry stares.

“CLINT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” she screamed at him. “LET ME GO!”

Clint stepped forward and drove a fist into Beth’s stomach. She cried out and doubled over in agony.

“Shut your hole, you ugly bitch!” Clint snarled. He grabbed Beth’s face in his hand and forced her to look up at him.

“Because of you, I’m kicked off the football team. You fucked my college career, do you realize that?”

“It-it wasn’t all my fault, Cl-Clint! You l-lied to m-me!” Beth sobbed.

“I didn’t do a damn thing to you!” said Clint. “You were the one who went and got all mushy, thinking you and I were an item!”

“B-but I th-thought you really liked me!”

“I only wanted to pass math, you dumb bitch,” Clint sneered. “All I wanted was for you to help me! But you went and fucked that up! Now my football career, the only thing in my life that was important to me, is gone. And for that, you are gonna regret getting on the wrong side of Clint Van Duren!”

“Get her upstairs, guys!” Clint ordered.

“NO! NO! LET ME GO!“ Beth screamed loudly. “GET AWAY!”

Cameron and Bart grabbed Beth’s arms and began to pull her over to the stairs. Beth tried to dig her feet in but the boys were too strong for her and they started dragging her up the steps. Clint and the other two boys followed them, watching as Beth’s legs kicked and flailed. Her dress rode up her smooth, milky thighs.

Clint could feel his cock growing hard and his heart was pounding at the thought of ripping her cherry to shreds. It had been a while since he had had a virgin. The last time was in high school. He hadn’t come across any virgins since he started college, he mused sarcastically to himself. It was going to be a nice treat to get to break in an untouched pussy.

Beth continued to scream and bawl as she was drug into one of the bedrooms. It was sparsely furnished, with just a large queen-size bed in the middle of the room. The bed had no sheets or blankets on it, just an old grey mattress. Had Beth looked closer at the mattress and saw the myriad  stains on it, she would have immediately realized what purpose this bed served at the frat house.

This was what the guys called the “Bang Room”. Whenever they wanted to have a gang bang with some chick at the house, this was the room they brought her to, rather than dirtying up their own beds. Beth was going to be the next in a long line of girls who had been taken to the Bang Room.
  The boys had a very strict rule, “What happened in the Bang Room, stayed in the Bang Room!”  As you can probably surmise, not all the girls who went into the Bang Room, went in willingly.  Such as our girl, Beth. Beth may not have noticed the stains on the mattress, but just seeing the large bed was enough for her to know exactly what these boys had in mind.

October 23, 2014, 07:58:14 PM
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Poor Beth!!!  Great story!!!!

October 23, 2014, 11:37:29 PM
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Online vile8r

Thank you for the interest in my story, Fancy.

She screamed as Cameron and Bart pulled her down onto it and pinned her arms down. Clint jumped onto the bed and grabbed the front of Beth’s dress. He ripped it open, hearing the buttons popping off in all directions. Eric and Shaun took hold of her feet, yanking off her sandals.

Clint continued pulling and tearing at Beth’s dress, yanking the ripped fabric down off her shoulders. It was torn open down past her midsection, exposing her stomach and all the way to the bottom hem. The boys pulled the destroyed dress off her body and she was left in her plain white bra and matching bikini panties.

“AAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! STOP! HELPPPPPPPPP!“ Beth frantically wailed as she bucked and flailed on the bed.

“Shut the fuck up! There’s no one here to help you!“ said Clint. “You’re ours for the night!”

“Don’t do this Clint! Oh, please don’t do this!” Beth pleaded.

“What’s the matter, bitch?” he sneered. “A while ago you were just gonna give it up to me.”

Clint ripped the straps off her bra and pulled it off her. Her large round breasts thrust upwards as she arched her back and screamed again.

“Goddamn, those are some nice tits!” exclaimed Eric.

“Gee, Beth, who’d have thought you had such sweet melons!” said Cameron. “I’m gonna have to bury my cock between those later!”

Clint moved down her body and hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties. He tugged them down over her curvy hips and with the help of Eric and Shaun, slipped them down her legs. Eric and Shaun pulled her legs wide apart so the guys could get a look at her naked pussy.

Beth didn’t keep it completely shaved. Her pink slit  was surrounded by a small neatly trimmed bush of light brown hair.

Clint pulled his shirt off and began undoing his pants. Beth’s eyes grew big as she saw the large bulge in his underwear. It was huge. Well, as huge as Beth had ever seen. 
  The only naked penis she had ever touched was when she was 14, and a neighbourhood boy she had a crush on had managed to talk her into giving him a hand job. She remembered it had felt weird, all warm and sweaty. She had pulled her hand away quickly in revulsion when he came.
  Beth also remembered being quite mortified when a large glob of the boy’s semen had dripped onto the carpet in her parent’s downstairs family room. She spent nearly an hour scrubbing at it so it wouldn’t leave a stain.

Clint pulled his underwear down to display his thick eight and a half inch cock.

“This is what I’m gonna use to rip you open, Forster! You are gonna feel every inch of my cock!” he said. “Hold her tight, boys!”

“NOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOO! AAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!” Beth screamed as Clint dropped his weight onto her.

His cock found her opening and he drove into her. Beth arched her back and her mouth opened in a scream of pure pain. The other boys held her wrists and ankles as she bucked her hips, trying to push Clint away. He laughed as he pulled back and slammed his raging erection into her again. Her hymen had shredded like confetti with his first powerful thrust.

Drool ran down his chin as Clint revelled in the sensation of Beth’s virgin fuck hole wrapped around his shaft. At first her dry walls scraped against him. But as he started pumping faster, he felt her pussy juices and blood begin to lubricate her cunt.

“STOPPPPPPPPP! PLEASSSSSE! YOU’RE HURTING ME!” Beth was sobbing hysterically.

“You should be happy a guy like me is fucking a cow like you!” Clint spat. “Women around this campus line up for a chance to get fucked by me!”

“Destroy this bitch!” yelled Shaun.

“Yeah, pound her!” said Cameron.

Clint braced his hands against the mattress on either side of Beth and began to rock his muscular hips back and forth, feeling his thick member spread her apart. Beth was not fat, but her thighs were a bit meatier than Lisa Torelli’s. Clint actually liked the sound of his body slapping against her.
  Lisa was so slender, he sometimes thought he was going to split her in half when he fucked her hard. But with Beth, he felt like he could really lay into her with all his weight.
  His cock pistoned in and out of her tight hole as Beth sobbed and screamed. Clint was relentless and brutal. With each thrust he would pull back and then slam back into her. He twisted his hips, trying to bury himself in as deep as he could.

   The boys had her pinned down to the bed and she was powerless to do anything. This was her ultimate nightmare, to have her virginity ripped away from her in such a violent, savage way!
  The pain of Clint’s cock invading her virginal pussy and hammering at her insides was almost too much to bear. Beth thought she might pass out.

His thrusts increased in tempo. He felt himself getting ready to cum. Beth sensed it too and she cried out.


Clint mashed his mouth down onto Beth’s and forced his tongue between her lips as a hot rush of cum raced down his shaft.

“Uhhhhh……uhhhhhhh….UHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Clint grunted as he sprayed a thick load of his semen into the girl. Beth sobbed as she felt the wetness spread inside her, polluting her womb.

 “Looks like I got to be the lucky guy after all!” Clint said with an evil chuckle.

Beth couldn’t believe Clint was using that against her. He had taken what she had always planned to be a special time in her life, and turned it into this twisted abomination.

Clint gave a couple extra hard thrusts as his cock stopped spurting, then slipped out of Beth. He kissed her again.

“Now my friends get to use you too. We’re all gonna fuck you!” said Clint as he climbed off her.

“NOOOOOO! PLEASE! LET ME GO!” Beth begged.

Clint switched with Cameron, holding Beth’s arm. Cameron dropped his pants and took his place between Beth’s outstretched thighs. Cameron also had a very athletic physique, standing 6’ 2” and weighing around 180 lb. He had curly, blonde hair and blue eyes. His erect cock dangled between his legs.
Beth let out a sharp scream as Cameron gripped her by the hips and plunged his hardened shaft into her. Cameron smiled as he looked down at Beth’s naked body stretched out on the bed. He had thought Bethany Forster was sort of pretty, from that first time when he had seen her come to the frat house.
  It surprised him she was looking for Clint. She was not his type at all. Cameron had known Van Duren long enough to know he was a very shallow person. He only hung around with the hottest girls on campus. Beth was nowhere in that league.

  Cameron always pretended he was that way too, but secretly he didn’t mind girls like Beth. Girls with a bit of meat on their bones, who didn’t look like they were made of popsicle sticks.
  Beth’s tight cunt gripping his cock drove him wild. He started a rhythm of hard, pounding strokes. Her large tits shook and jiggled.

“Yeahhhh! Holy shit, she feels good!” he said as he fucked away on top of her.

Cameron licked and sucked on Beth’s breasts as he thrust harder and faster. She squealed in pain as he bit down on one of her large brown nipples. At the same time she felt Cameron’s cock spurt another load of cum into her.

Cameron pulled out and used Beth’s torn dress to wipe himself clean. He took a spot holding Beth’s arm and allowed Bart to take a turn.

“She’s got a tight, juicy cunt!” yelled Cameron.

“Good!” I like ‘em tight and juicy!” replied Bart.

Bart was probably the shortest of the five boys, standing only 5’ 7”, but he was compact and muscular. He had short, dark, jet-black hair and a goatee. He took his erect cock and rubbed it across Beth’s pussy lips. She clenched her eyes shut and looked away.

“Look at me, bitch!” he ordered. “I like cunts to look at me when I fuck them!”

Bart held her face with one hand and stared straight into her eyes as he bucked his hips, jamming his dick into her sore hole.

“Useless cow!” he muttered as he drew back and slammed into her again. Beth gasped in pain and shock as Bart used her like a piece of garbage, slamming and pounding in and out of her. The whole time he forced her to look into his intense brown eyes, his face only inches away from hers.
  Spittle from his lips hit her in the face and she could smell his breath. His hips were wedged tightly between Beth’s legs and his rape rod was like a machine inside her. Beth sighed with relief when Bart finally collapsed on top of her, filling her insides with more warm goo.
   Bart got up off her, also wiping his slimy member on Beth’s dress.

“She’s an all right fuck, Clint!” he remarked. “Not too bad at all!”

“Give her some more, you guys!” said Clint. “I want this skank to hurt!”

“Roll the sow on her stomach, “ said Shaun, as he let go of her leg and started unzipping his pants. “I’ll give her some doggy action!”

Beth was rolled over on her stomach and her legs yanked apart again.

Clint grabbed her hair and pulled her head up.
“A new rule, slut! Only speak when spoken to!”

Shaun got behind her and began to push his hard cock into Beth. Shaun was quite tall, he stood about 6’ 4” and was on the college basketball team. He was very slim, with dark hair and a thin face. As he felt himself sink into Beth’s warm, wet opening, Shaun began humping her hard.

Shaun was not unpopular with the girls, but he didn’t see near the action that Clint did. He had to work a little harder at it. Still, Shaun definitely saw himself as being above a girl like Beth.

“Come on, you fat bitch, let’s fuck!” said Shaun as he pumped in and out of Beth, slamming her body down into the mattress.

He dug his hands into the meaty cheeks of Beth’s ass. She had never felt so cheap and worthless in her life with the way these boys were using her body.
Shaun raped her mercilessly, pulling on her hair and slapping her ass as he did so. When he finally came, he pulled out and shot his gobs of seed all over the cheeks of her ass. Beth weeped with disgust as she felt the wet, slimy stuff on her skin.

Eric was the last one to fuck her. He had her rolled onto her back again. The other boys by now, figured she wouldn’t try to get up so they let go of her arms and legs. Eric was about 6 feet tall and weighed around 200 lb. He had an athletic physique like the others and had blonde hair. His chest was covered in several tattoos.

His thick cock was rammed into Beth, just like the others. Hard and without mercy. His balls slapped against Beth as he pounded and stroked his cock in and out of her. His hips moved in a frantic rhythm.

Beth was soon to find how depraved these boys could be. Eric suddenly slipped his cock out from Beth’s abused pussy. He moved from between her legs and crawled up to straddle her chest. To Beth’s revulsion, he slid his wet meat between her tits and held them tight around the slimy shaft.

Eric moved his cock back and forth between her soft melons as he began to tit-fuck her. It felt good, her soft skin against his hard dick. Soon Eric felt his balls tingling and the familiar warm rush of cum. It exploded from the swollen tip and spurted all over Beth’s boobs and upper chest.

“Way to go!“ yelled Clint. “Nice job!“

“The slut looks good covered in cum!” laughed Shaun.

Beth curled up in a ball on the bed as Eric climbed off her. The boys were all congratulating each other on a job well done.

“What’s your problem?” Clint sneered at Beth.

“L-leave me a-alone!” she said. “I w-want to g-go!”

“Oh, you’re loving it, bitch,” said Clint. “Since when does a mutt like you get to be fucked by guys like us? This is the best fucking you’ll ever have in your life!”

October 24, 2014, 08:52:23 PM
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I'm ready for some more.  Your stories always leaving me wanting more.

October 25, 2014, 04:05:25 PM
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Online vile8r

If more is what you want, my dear, more is what you shall get!

“Yeah,” agreed Bart. “You should be thanking us for taking the time. A girl like you shouldn’t be picky.”

“So we gonna fuck her some more?” asked Cameron.

“Of course,” replied Clint. “Like I said before, I’m gonna make this cunt hurt, and hurt hard! We’re gonna do that nice plump ass!”

“All right!” exclaimed Eric. “Let’s rip her open!”

Beth didn’t think she could scream anymore, but she found a new reserve of energy as the boys gathered around the bed again. Clint ripped a wide strip of fabric from Beth’s destroyed dress. While Cameron held her, Clint used the piece of cloth to gag her, tying it off behind her head.
 Bart and Eric lifted her by the hips and stuffed a couple large pillows under her, so her butt was up in the air. Then they grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs wide apart. Cameron and Shaun held her wrists.
  Beth tried to buck and flail her body but the boys were too strong for her. Her muffled screams could be heard as Clint positioned himself behind her. He pulled her round ass cheeks apart and spit a large gob of saliva onto her puckered anus. He also rubbed some saliva over the tip of his cock.
“Here we go, boys!” said Clint.

Clint began to force the large head of his dick into Beth’s ass entrance, feeling the sphincter muscles slowly give way. With a hard thrust of his hips, his cock popped through and he was in. Beth let out an agonized wail. Clint kept pushing, feeling her tight turd tunnel wrap around him.

She was so tight, Clint had to slowly work his cock back and forth to make her loosen up. Tears streamed down Beth’s face and she screamed incessantly through her gag. She felt as though her body was being ripped in half.

He finally hit bottom and then just held himself there, feeling Beth thrash and buck underneath him.

“Don’t like it up the ass so much, huh?” he grunted. “Let’s see how you like this then!”

Clint pulled about halfway out and then slammed his body forward, his cock powerfully driving up into Beth’s ass. He began furiously pumping in and out of her. It had been a while since Clint had broken in a virgin ass and he now remembered how good it felt.

“How’s that ass?” asked Bart.

“Oh, it feels damn good!” said Clint, panting from the exertion.

“Slam her!” yelled Shaun. “Slam her hard!”

Cheered on by the others, Clint hammered in and out of Beth relentlessly. Her ass clamped around his dick was almost to the point of being painful, but it was a good kind of painful! The tightness was finally too much and Clint felt his balls ready to unload.

Beth sobbed and moaned pathetically as Clint emptied a load of dick batter into Beth’s bowels. He pulled out of her slowly, semen and blood dripping from his cock.

“Ohhhhh, that was fun,” Clint chuckled. “Who wants to be next?”

“I do!” yelled out Bart.

Clint and Bart switched places and Bart got behind Beth. He gave her a sharp slap on the ass cheeks.
“I am gonna ride this pig’s ass like a bicycle!” he said.

Bart dug his fingers into Beth’s ass as he pushed his engorged rod into her chocolate chute. He began rutting away at her tight channel. He was like an animal.
   Beth had stopped screaming and now just let out muffled, painful groans. Bart continued slapping her ass as he fucked her, the boys all laughing as they watched her cheeks shake and jiggle.
  After Bart came in her, it was Shaun’s turn. The lanky boy mounted Beth from behind, easily penetrating her, now that her butt was more lubricated.

His pale white buttocks bounced up and down as he pumped in and out of Beth. Her tight pooper gripped him like a glove.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, sooooo fucking tight!” he moaned as his balls slapped against her.
  Like Bart, he also slapped Beth across the butt cheeks as he fucked her. His thighs slapped loudly against her meaty flesh. It didn‘t take long for Shaun to cum either, letting out a long satisfied groan as his shaft spasmed inside her poop chute.
“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” he moaned.

Shaun pulled out and a stream of cum oozed out of Beth’s abused shitter.

“Looks like the bitch is full,” said Eric.

“She’s gonna be a whole lot fuller by the time we’re done with her,” said Clint. “Eric, it’s your turn to pump the cow’s ass!”

Eric climbed on the bed and drove his swollen fuck rod into Beth.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she felt another cock being forced into her anus. She couldn’t feel the lower half of her body any longer. Her legs were like jelly.

Eric humped and fucked away at her, his dick pistoning in and out. His hands dug into her hips and his body slapped against her.

“Yeeeee-haaawwwwww!” he whooped. “Nothing like a good ass-poundin’!”

As he was ready to cum, Eric pulled out and furiously stroked his cock. Thick ropes of spooge shot out and sprayed across Beth’s back. Some even ended up in her hair.

  “Good job!“ yelled Clint. “Turn this bitch into a cum-dumpster!”

Cameron was the last. By this time, Beth’s ass entrance was a gaping oozing hole. Cameron barely had to push to get himself inside. He immediately began to hammer away at Beth’s turd tunnel, ramming his cock into her balls deep. He loved the sensation as he bottomed out deep inside her.

Cameron fucked away at her for a good 10 minutes. He was thoroughly enjoying Beth’s chunky ass. Finally, however, he was ready to cum. Unlike Eric, though, Cameron let his load rip into Beth. Cameron always thought nothing felt better than cumming inside a girl’s tight ass.

Cameron climbed off Beth, wiping his slimy cock on the back of her leg.

“Well, what do you figure?” asked Cameron. “Did we punish her good for you, Clintster?”

“Oh, you guys hammered that ass good!” said Clint. “I’m thinking she’s probably a little sorry by now for ratting me out. But it’s a little too late now!”

Clint gave Beth a hard slap on the ass as she lie on the bed, face-down, her body soaked in perspiration. A large puddle of cum had oozed out of her red, sore butt. Her hair was plastered to her face and a string of snot dangled out of her nose.

Clint untied the gag from her mouth. Beth barely moved. She tried to lift her head but she was too weak.

“Let’s go downstairs for some beers,” said Clint. “We’ll take a little break and then we’ll come back. Little Bethany ain’t going anywhere!”

The boys headed downstairs, all laughing and slapping each other on the backs. Beth couldn’t believe the way the boys acted as they left the room. It was like they were just having a big ol’ party.

October 28, 2014, 12:50:55 AM
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Online vile8r

  The boys were gone for probably close to a half hour or more. Beth laid on the bed, trying to get up. Her whole body ached. She was sure they had hurt something inside her with their brutal anal rape.
  WHY? Why had they done this to her? She had done nothing to them! Clint Van Duren was the meanest, most vindictive person she had ever known. Beth knew one thing. It was far from over! The boys would be back, and Clint would be forcing more abuse upon her.

  Beth finally found the strength to sit up on the bed. She looked for her clothes, but they were nowhere to be found. Then she saw her dress on the floor, or what was left of it! She cried. How would she get back home?

 She jumped as she suddenly heard the boys coming back up the stairs. The door to the room opened and they entered. They were all half naked, only wearing their underwear.

Clint smiled as he came in the room.
“Well, well, looks like the fucking little pig is up and waiting for us!”

“I-I’m not a p-pig!” Beth whimpered.

“You’re a fucking pig, okay!” yelled Clint as he slapped her. “Don’t argue with me! You took our cocks like a little whoring dog. Right up the cunt and right up the ass! Like an animal, Beth. You let us fuck you like an animal!”

She couldn’t believe the horrible things he was saying to her. Treating her like such a piece of garbage.
Then Clint pushed her back on the bed and held her down. He had something in his hand and Beth suddenly recognized it as a large black Jiffy marker. Clint wrapped his hand around her throat as he began scribbling something on her forehead with the marker.

“STOP! What are you doing?” she screamed.

Clint let her go and pulled her up off the bed. He forced her to look in a mirror on the far wall. There, in large black letters scrawled on her forehead was the word,  “BITCH”.

“OH MY GOD! WHAT DID YOU DO?” Beth sobbed.

“I branded you like a cow! That’s what you are! A FUCKING BITCH!” Clint roared.

He pushed her to her knees and pulled his underwear down.
“Now you’re gonna suck our cocks, you hear? You’re gonna suck my cock and everybody else’s too!”

Beth shook her head vigorously!

“NO! No, I’m not Clint!” she protested.

Beth continued to shake her head even as Clint grabbed her by the hair and tried pushing her face towards his erect cock. There was no way she was going to allow him to put that thing in her mouth! Clint tried to jam his rod between her lips but she held her mouth tightly closed.

Cameron moved to help Clint. He grabbed Beth by the back of the neck and held her as Clint pushed his cock at her mouth. Still Beth refused to open.

“Fucking bitch! Open your goddamn mouth!“ yelled Clint.
Suddenly Cameron reached down and squeezed her nose shut. Beth, in an effort to breathe, involuntarily opened her mouth. Clint jammed his dick between her open jaws.

Beth gagged and coughed as the thick shaft invaded her mouth. She’d never tasted anything so horrid in her life. Clint hadn’t washed himself since he had raped her ass and she could still taste the residue.
  Clint gripped Beth by the hair as he worked his hips back and forth. The large head of his cock bumped against the back of her throat with each thrust. Beth’s face turned red as she struggled to breathe.

“Fuck, your mouth feels good on my cock, Beth,” said Clint.

Beth was thoroughly disgusted. She was of the opinion that sucking someone’s dick was totally gross. She had listened to her friend Andrea talk about doing it and it just seemed so…..unnatural. The idea of a guy’s penis in her mouth, the thing he used to pee with, ICK!
  But now, here she was! With Clint’s large shaft driving between her stretched lips. The same cock he had just used to rape her virginity, and now was using to rape her mouth.

Beth didn’t know what hurt more, Clint gripping her by the hair or his meat slamming between her teeth. But things were about to get even grosser. Clint began to moan and his breathing was getting shallower and more rapid. Beth realized with horror, he was going to cum in her mouth!

She pushed on his legs, trying to get his dick out of her mouth. But it was no use. He held her face tight to his crotch, his pubic hairs scratching at her, as his cock spasmed inside her mouth. Thick gobs of cum spurted down her throat. Beth was sure she would vomit as she fought to swallow the foul liquid.

“Come on, pig! Swallow my load!” growled Clint. “We’re gonna turn you into a cum-swallowing whore!”

Clint finally let her go, slipping his cock out of her mouth. Beth was on her hands and knees, coughing and spitting. Suddenly, someone grabbed her hair from behind and pulled her head back.

“My turn, bitch!” said Eric.

He stood in front of her as he forced his raging erection into Beth’s cakehole. Like Clint, he began a vigorous face fuck of the hapless girl.

At the same time, Cameron and Shaun came to stand on either side of her. They took her hands and placed them on their cocks, forcing her to stroke them as Eric assaulted her mouth.


Grotesque gagging noises came from her mouth as Eric shoved himself in as deep as he could go. Beth’s cheeks bulged out and tears streamed down her face. With Eric’s cock jammed down her throat, he let a load loose down her gullet.

   As Eric pulled out of Beth’s mouth, she happened to glance over at Clint, standing nearby. He was holding a digital camera and appeared to be taking pictures.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Beth spat.

“What’s it look like, you dumb cunt?” asked Clint. “I’m taking pictures. For your information, I’ve been taking pictures for a while, ever since we started banging you. I’ve got a hell of a collection!”

Beth felt sick. There could only be one reason Clint was taking pictures, and that was to blackmail her! The jerk!

“Hey cow, time for some sucky sucky action,” said Shaun as he jammed his cock in Beth’s face.

Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and let another dick be shoved in. Shaun let out a contented moan as he felt his salami slide into Beth’s warm, wet mouth. Her saliva coated his shaft as he slid it in and out of her mouth.

Beth continued to stroke Cameron’s shaft as she sucked noisily on Shaun’s. He rocked back and forth on his heels as he watched the brown-haired girl’s head bobbing on his pogo stick. Even though she was new to cocksucking, Shaun had to admit, she wasn’t doing too bad.

“Ohhhh, I think I’m gonna cum,” Shaun groaned.

Beth braced herself as she prepared to swallow more dick goo. Shaun arched his back as he pulled her face down into his crotch, his dick pushing to the back of her throat. Again she felt the warm, slimy substance spray into her mouth. Beth knew she would never get used to the taste of the ugly stuff.

“All right, time to let me give you a tonsil tickle,” said Cameron as he stepped around in front of Beth.

He was quite looking forward to having his cock in her cute mouth. Bart took his place having his cock stroked by Beth. Clint was right in there, snapping more pics.

“Damn, Beth. Your friends are just not gonna believe what a little slut you really are! A math whiz AND she sucks cock better than a back alley whore!”

Beth tried to block out the humiliating and degrading things he was saying to her. She shuddered thinking of all the pics he had taken.

October 28, 2014, 10:48:17 AM
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Offline Fancy

You do  great job writing Vile8r always glad to see more story added.

October 28, 2014, 06:00:01 PM
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Online vile8r

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You do  great job writing Vile8r always glad to see more story added.

Thank you Fancy. I actually wrote this story some time ago, and I'm just posting it in instalments.

October 30, 2014, 01:10:07 AM
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Online vile8r

Cameron had her face impaled on his turgid shaft and was humping away. Slobber oozed down Beth’s chin. His thick cock completely filled her mouth. Her lips were getting sore from sliding along the boys’ cocks.
  It didn’t help either that all their cocks tasted extremely gross after having them buried in her bodily cavities. Cameron’s was no exception.

  Beth winced as his balls slapped against her chin and she gagged each time he hit the back of her throat. Cameron tangled his hands in her hair and used her head like a toy, pulling her back and forth on him.

Finally he also came, adding his jizz to the bunch already deposited in Beth’s stomach. The slimy goo coated her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Some leaked out her mouth and down her chin, mixing with the saliva already there.

 Cameron quickly pulled out and stepped back so Bart could have his turn. The dark-haired man grinned down at Beth as he pushed his cock up to her lips.

“Been waiting to get my meat down your throat, slut!” he snarled.

Before Beth even had a chance to catch her breath, he was slamming into her mouth, his cock spreading her lips wide apart.

“GAAAACCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!” Beth choked as he forced himself into her throat, pulled back , then pushed in again.

Bart kept this up for a few minutes, holding his cock in her throat until it seemed like she would pass out, then pull back. He’d give her a few seconds to catch her breath, then jam it in again.

  Beth just prayed he would cum soon and end the fierce face fuck. The other guys were cheering him on and she could hear Clint standing close by, snapping pics.

Then he pulled back and said to Beth, “Take my cock, bitch. Take my cock and stroke it, and don’t stop until I say so!”

Beth began stroking his cock. It was hard to hang onto as it was all slicked up with her saliva. Suddenly, Bart let out a long groan and his body shuddered. A large spurt of cum shot out from the tip and hit her square in the face.

“EEEEWWWWWWW!” she cried out.

“Keep stroking, cunt!” Bart ordered.

Beth continued stroking Bart’s dick as more cum shot out and landed on her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose.

Bart finally pulled away and Beth was able to let go of his cock.

“All right, guys! Good job!” said Clint. “I got some good shit here!”

They all gathered around as Clint showed them some of the pics he had taken of Beth swallowing dick.

“Pl-please, don’t show anybody those pics!” Beth begged.

“Oh, why not, little smart girl?” sneered Clint. “Gee, I’ll bet Professor Turnbull would love to get some of these in his inbox! He could see just how talented his star student really is! Maybe he might want some action too!”

“Shut up, Clint!” Beth cried. “You’ve done enough damage to me!”

“Actually, no I haven’t,” he scoffed. “Have you ever hear of triple-penetration, Beth?”

“N-no!” she answered worriedly.

“Well, you’re gonna find out then!”

Clint had Bart and Eric pull her back over to the bed and she was thrown down on it.

“NO! PLEASE! NO MORE!” Beth sobbed.

Clint climbed on the bed and laid down.
“Now, you’re gonna get on top of me, and ride my cock!” he said.

Beth was pulled up on top of him and the guys positioned her over his once-more hard cock. She bawled as he pushed up into her.

“Yeahhh,“ moaned Clint. “That pussy feels good, Beth!“

Clint began pumping in and out as Beth braced her hands against his chest. She didn’t notice Clint nodding at Eric and Shaun. Suddenly, Shaun grabbed her by the hips and mounted her from behind.

Beth whipped her head around.
“What’s g-going on?”

“Never mind!” said Clint. “Just concentrate on fucking me!”

Beth let out a sharp scream as Shaun plunged his meat stick into her ass. Eric grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head to the side. He was kneeling on the bed beside Clint. Before she knew it, her mouth was being forced down on his cock.

The three boys began moving in and out of her holes. Beth’s body was rocked back and forth as she was sandwiched between them all. It felt like she was going to be split in half by Clint and Shaun.

As one cock was pulling back, the other was thrusting in. Beth felt like a human seesaw. And on top of it all, Eric was jamming his schlong back and forth between her gums.

Beth lost all track of time. All she could think about were the three cocks violating her body over and over. Suddenly Clint yelled out, “Change!”

The three of them stopped. Cameron laid on the bed and Beth was forced to mount him with Bart driving into her ass. Shaun came around and stuck his cock in Beth’s mouth.

“You can clean my dick!” he snapped.

Clint had picked his camera back up  and proceeded to take more pics. He got good close-ups of Cameron’s cock pistoning in and out of Beth’s pussy and Bart’s dick in her pooper. Then he focussed on Shaun making Beth lick and suck on his slimy shaft. It made him incredibly aroused to see the young woman being ravaged by his friends.

After about 10 minutes of watching, Clint yelled out again.
“Okay guys, new game!”

They all stopped and pulled out of Beth. She collapsed on the bed, totally worn out from the brutal three-way fuckings she had just received.

“You guys got one more good load left in you?” asked Clint.

“Oh I think so,” replied Shaun.
“Damn straight, I do!” said Eric.

“Me too,” added Cameron.

“Well let’s give Beth here some good little tittie fucks, but don’t cum, okay?” said Clint.

“Why not?” asked Bart.

“You’ll see,” answered Clint. “I’ve got plans.”

Clint was the first to climb on top of Beth and straddle her chest. He pushed her big meaty tits around his cock and began sliding his shaft back and forth between them.

“Yeah, that’s it!” said Clint as he looked down at Beth’s tear-streaked face. “Those cow udders of yours are good for more than just holding up the front of your shirt!”

After about five minutes of vigorous tit-fucking, Clint stopped and got off her. He was quickly replaced by Bart who was standing next in line. Bart also began thrusting his cock between Beth’s large globes, squeezing and mauling her nipples at the same time.

Then as Bart fucked away at Beth’s tits, Clint climbed back on the bed and started to squat with his ass over Beth’s face.

“You’re gonna be a cum-whore and a crack-whore!” he chuckled. “Start licking my crack! Come on, I wanna feel your tongue on my ass!”

Beth could not stop him as he lowered his bare ass cheeks over her face, so her nose was practically in his ass. Slowly, tears of disgust running down her face, she began to lick at Clint’s hairy ass crack. The taste was abominable and Beth had to fight to keep from vomiting.

“Oh yeah, bitch, your tongue feels good!” said Clint. “Keep it going!”
Beth could barely breathe with Clint’s butt over her face. But she kept lapping away at his ass. Clint made her keep it up for about 5 minutes before he climbed off her and was replaced by Bart.

One by one, each guy took a turn with his cock between Beth’s beautiful tits. When they were done they would squat over her face and force her to lick their anuses. Each ass seemed more disgusting than the last. And Clint caught it all on his camera as Beth licked and tongued their buttholes.

   By the time they were done, Beth’s boobies were a mass of black and blue bruises and her nipples were raw. Cameron was the last one to do her, driving his hard dick relentlessly between her melons. Then also squatting over her face to get himself a sweet little ass-licking.

Beth tried to spit out the taste of the boys’ asses from her mouth, but it was no use. She knew it would take a lot of mouthwash to get rid of that taste.

Cameron climbed off her, his cock throbbing and ready to spurt but he remembered what Clint had said, and he held himself back.

“What now?” asked Bart. “I gotta unload my balls after fucking those tits, dude!”

Clint grabbed Beth and pulled her off the bed. He pushed her onto her knees.
“Gather ‘round boys! We’re gonna have a good old-fashioned circle jerk!”

The men all circled around Beth and furiously stroked their cocks. Beth looked around at them with a confused look on her face. Suddenly the first of the boys began to cum. It was Cameron.

His load sprayed across Beth’s face in large gobs. Shaun and Bart came soon after and then Eric. Beth recoiled as stream after stream of cum hit her in the face and in her hair. Clint held himself back to be the last to cum. He aimed for her nose, laughing as he saw her suck some up her nostrils.

All the guys laughed and joked as they saw Beth’s face covered in gobs and strings of cum. It was stuck in her hair and dripped from the end of her nose. Some was stuck in her eyelashes.

Clint laughed loudly as he stepped back and took a few pics of Beth’s cum-covered face.
“I told you we’d turn you into a cum-loving whore!” he sneered. He added insult to injury by spitting on her as well.

“Th-that’s not what I a-am!” sobbed Beth as she tried to wipe the sticky goop off her face.

“That’s exactly what you are, you pig! A fat, fucking, cum-loving whore!” Clint yelled in her face.

“H-how could you do th-this to me?” Beth asked, tears running down her cheeks and mixing with the streaks of cum.

“How the fuck could you do what you did to me?” asked Clint. “You destroyed my football career and I’m probably gonna get expelled from college. All you had to do was keep your mouth shut, but NO! That was too easy! I have no regrets whatsoever for what I just did to you!”

Beth looked up at him through her teary eyes.

“I really thought you liked me, Clint, a-and you broke my heart when you tr-treated m-me like shit!”

“Well, let that be a lesson to you then. Don’t trust guys like me!” Clint said nonchalantly. He held up the camera.

“But just remember, this will be my little insurance policy to make sure YOU don’t go to the police or anything stupid like that! If you do, Bethany Forster is gonna become an internet sensation!”


Clint gave her a patronizing pat on the head. “Of course you won’t sweetie.”

Clint pointed at the remains of her dress on the floor.
“You can clean yourself up with that, Then I want you to put it on and the boys will give you a ride back to your dorm.”

“But….but it’s all ripped!” Beth sobbed.

“That’s your problem, bitch. Either wear it or go home naked! It’s up to you!”

Beth wiped herself up as best as she could, then wrapped the cum-stained dress around her body, holding it together as best as she could. Clint waved at her as Cameron and Bart helped her down the stairs.
“Goodnight, Bethany! You know I’d give you a goodbye kiss, but your breath smells like ass!”