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March 08, 2016, 05:21:01 AM
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Yes this story is developing very nice...

March 13, 2016, 08:57:41 AM
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It had gotten easier, but Emily couldn’t see herself ever completely getting used to this.  It still hurt when he fucked her ass.  She was grunting in pain her head hanging slight off the edge of the bed in the back of the van, while the fat man drilled into her ass from behind.  She could tell he was getting close, but then the unexpected happened.  He abruptly disengaged from her ass and slid around the bed.  Before Emily could quite fathom what was happening the fat man was standing in front of her aiming it at her face.  In sheer reflex and as she had countless times before, she opened wide to take it in.

Gripping her curly brunette hair hard, the nasty fat man slammed his pelvis against her face.  Emily barely had time to ready her throat to take it in, so she still heaved and gagged on it barely keeping the gorge from rising in her stomach.  She didn’t get any pride out of the fact she could take all of him in her mouth now.  She hated the pics and vids he had of her ‘deepthroating’ him.  Suddenly as he pumped his cock in her mouth and throat, the taste hit her, and then she realized where it had just been.  Emily squealed in disgust around his flesh, but he wouldn’t stop.  He held her head hard and pumped his cock in her mouth laughing.
“This is called ‘from ass to mouth’.  All the porn stars learn to do this.”

Emily shut her eyes and tried to ignore the taste.  The fat man was grunting with pleasure as he shoved his cock in her mouth.  Mercifully, she could feel his thrusts get more insistent.  It wasn’t long before he groaned and held it deep in her mouth.  She began swallowing even before it started spurting.  She had choked on his cum too many times not to be prepared for it.

“You should consider a career in porn in a few years.  You’re a natural.  I’ve sure helped you by breaking you in.”
“Please stop.”
“I mean those guys in porn have really huge cocks bigger than mine, so you’d have to learn to take really big ones in your throat and ass, but I know you could do it eventually.  They won’t let you do porn until you’re 18.  How old are you again?”
“I turn 15 tomorrow.”
“Ah, well we’ll have to do something special for your birthday then.”
Emily didn’t want to even think what that might be, and gave a choking sob thinking about how not even on her birthday will this man give her a break.

Her parents let her stay up until after 10PM on her birthday.  They had family over including several of her cousins.  It was after 11PM when she sneaked out of the house.  She was terrified he would be mad she was late, but he didn’t even mention it.

It was strange what he was doing.  I mean he had licked her down there before, but not for this long and not like this.  He had her butt on the edge of the bed in the van and his arms were under her thighs gripping her wrists.  It made her helpless to move away from his maddening tongue.  He kept using her wrists to pull her crotch onto his face.  She wasn’t sure why he would do this.  Emily knew it was what someone would do to give pleasure, but this awful man was only interested in his own pleasure.  Maybe in some perverted way he thought this was a birthday present?

His insidious tongue was beginning to have an effect on her.  She didn’t like responding to him, but her body seemed to have a mind of its own and was squirming around.  She could hear herself moaning and wanted to stop.  It was embarrassing and humiliating to wiggle, gasp and moan for this horrible man.  To her mortification, she could feel it getting close.  And then she let out a loud moan of disappointment, as he abruptly stopped licking.  He asked, “Do you wish it was Brian doing this for you on your birthday.”
“Yes,” she answered gasping.
“Go ahead, imagine it’s Brian making you cum.”

With that he resumed licking her privates, and her hips moved in rhythm to his tongue.  Emily did then pretend it was Brian, and her moans got louder and louder.  But then he stopped again, and Emily nearly screamed in frustration.
“Would you give your virginity to Brian right now if you could?”
“Yes I would,” Emily said without thinking, but then knew she would.

The fat man went back to lapping at her vagina with long licks along her clit.  Emily shook her head back and forth knowing it was coming and she couldn’t stop it.  He released her wrists, and she grabbed his head moaning continuously now.  His tongue was driving her crazy, and then it happened.  Emily felt it wash over her in waves better than anything she ever did with her finger.  Her hips were bucking against the man’s face, and she could hear herself screaming, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

He moved up between her legs chuckling until his face soaked with her juices was directly over hers and asked again, “You’d give your virginity to Brian?”
“Yes,” Emily said again still gasping from her orgasm.
“I’m Brian.  It’s been me you’ve been chatting with all this time.”
“What! No!” Emily yelled confused and disoriented from just cumming for this horrible fat man.
“Yes, Brian doesn’t exist.  It’s just been me.”
“No!  What about the pictures?”
“I stole those off some kid’s Facebook page.  I think he lives in Wisconsin.”
“No, it can’t be!”
“I’m your boyfriend Emily.  It’s always been me.  You can call me Brian for now on if you want.”

Emily’s mind was racing and her whole being was reeling in shock.  She shook her head ‘no’ over and over.  The man was forcing her thighs further apart, and she could feel him fumbling between her legs.  She felt it pressing against her entrance and wanted to scream at him to stop, but the realization that this man might be her Brian had her stunned to inaction.  Before Emily could think to do anything, the fat man jerked his hips forward and then she did scream.  Her back arched up as she felt her virginity torn from her.  He drove it deep in her body until he had fully penetrated her womb, and then he began moving.  It hurt so bad as she lay under his thrusting fat body crying and wondering how this could be happening.  Her whole world had just been turned upside down.

The initial sharp pain gave way to a dull aching soreness.  She wanted to fight him, but the realization that the boy she had fallen in love with and had been chatting with for so long was really this old fat man was just too much to bear.  More so than ever, she knew this man owned her.  There would be no more waiting for Brian to figure out how to stop this.  This was Brian, and he could do whatever he wanted to her.  Understanding this, Emily opened her legs even wider making it easier for him to fuck her.  Sensing her defeat, the man ordered, “Wrap your legs around me and fuck me back.”

Tears streaming down her cheeks, Emily obeyed him and lifted her legs and wrapped them around his fat thrusting body.  And then with a choking sob lifted meeting one of his thrusts, and then lifted to another and kept doing it as he drilled into her body.  Her virginity was gone.  She had nothing left to protect.  He grunted, huffed and gasped for what seemed like an hour until he finally stiffened above her his seed squirting into her womb.  He lay on top of her crushing her with his weight breathing hard.  When he finally caught his breath, he pinched her cheek and said, “Happy Birthday.”

Later back at home with her crotch so sore it was difficult to sit in front of her computer, Emily typed.
Emily:  Brian?

She waited for several minutes, and then there was a response.
Brian:  Hi Emily my girl.

Suddenly, Emily was hopeful the fat uncle had lied.
Emily:  Is it you?
Brian:  I sure enjoyed taking your pussy tonight.  You be ready to give that to me again tomorrow night.  We’ve got to make up for lost time.

And with that any hope Emily had was gone.

March 13, 2016, 11:19:43 AM
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Oh shit Yes! This was great Jed! I can just see the look on her face as she came to the realization about Brian! Brilliant!

March 13, 2016, 06:23:49 PM
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well done! It's nice how he crushed her hope...

March 16, 2016, 12:26:39 AM
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Great story Jed . . .as always!   ;)

April 02, 2016, 10:29:32 AM
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Emily leaned forward just a little more until the angle was just right.  She had her palms on his shoulders and was riding his cock.  There was a time doing this it would slip out once in a while, but she had gotten lots of practice and that rarely happened anymore.  She heard herself moan feeling his cock rub her clit just the way she liked it.  She called him Brian now, but she was almost sure that wasn’t his real name.  It was better than thinking of him as the fat man.

Stewart watch the cute brunette ride his cock liking the way her pert titties bounced.  Her eyes were nearly closed, and her mouth hung open with obvious passion.  He was really going to miss her, especially that sweet cock sucking mouth of hers, but it was time to cut Emily loose.  Earlier today just after she got out of school, a very pretty petite 14-year-old with long straw blond hair and captivating blue eyes from Western Connecticut had sucked him off.  Her name was Courtney.

Courtney has an on-line boyfriend named Chad.  Over a week ago she thought she was going to meet Chad and instead his uncle showed up in a blue van.  He had pictures and videos of her naked and even masturbating and threatened to show them to everyone.  The fat uncle made her take her top off.  He played with her small but nicely shaped breasts while she sobbed, and then he took her nipples in his mouth sucking on them until they got really red and sore.  When he opened his pants and told her she had to blow him, the sobs got louder with choking sounds to them.  Soon after with his thing forced in her mouth, she was choking for another reason.  She soon found out that the blow job was not a onetime event.

He had seen Courtney nearly every day after she either got out of school or in the afternoon on the weekend.  Chad had told her he had a plan to stop it, she just had to be patient.  She wasn’t the only new girl he had on the hook.  A girl from the Mohawk Valley New York named Chelsea with curly red hair upstairs and down had just sent her on-line boyfriend Shawn a video of her masturbating for him.  She would get a visit from Shawn’s uncle in a few days.

Suddenly Emily let out a loud moan and collapsed gasping on top of him.  Stewart could feel her pussy spasming on his cock as her orgasm rolled through her.  He let her catch her breath for nearly a half minute.  Once her breathing calmed a little, he tapped her on her head and said, “Very impressive, now get that cute ass of yours moving again and get me off too.”

With a sign of resignation, Emily propped herself back up with her palms on his shoulders again and resumed gyrating on his cock in a delightful way.  He reached up and got a good firm grip on her tits marveling at how taut and hard they were.  The skin seemed so stretched tight on them, it was if they were about to pop and shoot those hard pointy nipples at him.  They were noticeably bigger than they were over three months ago when he first began blackmailing the young teen.  Perhaps a small amount of the increase in size had to do with her still maturing, but he knew that their swollen size really had the same cause as the swelling becoming ever more noticeable in her belly.  He guessed she had been wearing loose clothes at home and at school to hide her growing belly, but very soon it would be too obvious to hide.  He was sure her tits had already been noticed.  Those things had already been really nice, but the way they were popping out now could not be missed, not just by boys in her school, but by her parents too.

Emily was working her magic, and Stewart couldn’t hold back any longer.  He gritted his teeth and grabbed her ass thrusting one last time up into her body.  He let out a loud groan feeling his seed pump into the young brunette.  She lay across him catching her breath.  After a minute or so both their breathing slowed and he softened enough that he slipped out of her body.  Without a word they curled up together to take a nap.  It was after midnight, but for a couple months now it was typical for Emily to stay a while.  They would nap, and then he would use her again before sending her home before dawn.

Stewart woke and checked the clock, 3:12AM.  He would let her sleep a little while longer.  Emily was the third young teen he had knocked up, but she was different in one respect.  He had cut loose the other two as soon as he found out.  It was just so hard to let Emily go for two main reasons.  The first being he had never so truly owned a girl the way he owned Emily.  She was just so beautifully broken.  She still occasionally showed distaste for the things he made her do, but anything resembling resistance was gone.  Ordered to strip, she would be naked within a few seconds.  Ordered on her knees, her back or her stomach, she would obey instantly readying her mouth or body for what was coming.

The second reason it was so hard to let her go was that mouth of hers.  He had joked with her early on about how she could do porn with that sweet sucking mouth of hers, but she had gone way beyond that.  It wasn’t just that she could easily take all of his 7.5 inches, it was her technique.  She was the proverbial girl that ‘could suck a golf ball through a garden hose’, ‘could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch’ or ‘could suck start a leaf blower’.  If she wanted she could get him off in under 2 minutes with that mouth of hers, but she understood that fast wasn’t the best.  It was amazing how she could bring him to the edge and let it subside, and then bring him to the edge again over and over until when he finally did cum his head felt like it was exploding.  He was convinced she gave the best blow jobs he would ever get.  It was going to be so hard giving that up.

Glancing at the clock again, Stewart saw it said 3:49AM.  He nudged Emily a couple times until she woke and stretched.  Once she seemed fully awake, he pushed her head down to it.  There was no resistance, and he sighed feeling her mouth engulf him.  As she began moving her head slowly at first, he whispered, “Make it last a long time.”

She nodded her head slightly never losing him in her mouth, and then proceeded to use her very best technique keeping him at the edge of cumming for nearly an hour.  By the time he did cum, he was screaming and holding her head really hard as he filled her mouth and throat.

Emily didn’t hear from him on Saturday, but she went outside and looked for the blue van a couple times.  She tried typing on-line ‘Brian?’ a few times as well and got nothing.  As usual she sneaked out of the house around 10PM positive that Brian would be there.  She walked around for 3 hours waiting and in complete confusion.  She had always wanted it to stop, but somehow it terrified her that he wasn’t here to use her body.  He had missed evenings before just not often, so she went home figuring he would surely be there tomorrow.

While Emily was walking around in the dark looking for him in Northern New Jersey, Stewart was in Western Connecticut with a completely naked cute blond named Courtney.  Courtney’s wrists were cuffed above her head to the door in the back of the van, and her butt was on the edge of the bed.  Her ankles were secured to each side of the van spreading her legs impossibly wide almost into a gymnast’s split.  She had been shrieking while he wrestled her down and restrained her, but then he gagged her mouth by shoving his underwear inside tying it in place with a strip of cloth.

Stewart stood above the petite blonde thinking about how tiny she looked.  The girl was around 5’0” and probably didn’t even weigh 95 pounds, certainly more than 90 pounds, but not 95.  With amusement, he realized at 275 pounds he probably weighed three times what she did.  It was going to be fun fucking this little bitch.  It was a little risky escalating things like this when he usually took more time to move beyond a blow job, but with Emily gone he wanted more options than amateurish cock sucking.

He leaned down and got his face in Courtney’s crotch and began lapping at her pussy to get it wet and ready.  He licked and tongued it until saliva was dripping down her crack.  He slid a finger along her crack finding her anus and rubbed saliva on it.  He gave a tentative push and felt even more resistance than he expected.  He switched to his pinky finger and pushed really hard.  It bent and hurt a little, but pushing again he finally got it in.  The little blond squealed through her gag, and he commented, “Damn girl, you must make little hamster turds.  We’re gonna have to work on getting you opened up.”

Stewart moved his head up licking across her belly and then sucking loudly on one of her pointed nipples.  He nuzzled her neck and cheek putting his mouth next to Courtney’s ear and whispered, “You may think you’re going to tell what happened here, but I have those pictures and video that prove what a slut you really are.  No one will believe you didn’t want this.”

Courtney was staring into his hairy chest and could feel it pressing against her inner thigh.  Then he fumbled with it until it was pushing against her most intimate place.  He was rubbing it around spreading her genital lips forcing it just inside her body.  She screamed into the gag trying to beg him to stop.  She felt the pressure on her hymen building, and then he slammed his hips forwards tearing into her body.  She screamed into the gag, and tried again to twist out from under him, but he was too heavy.  He held it deep inside her and then started moving slowly at first but then with increasing speed.

It was a horrible experience that lasted for what seemed like an hour but had to be less.  When he finally stiffened above her, Courtney became nauseous feeling his filth spurting into her body.  Her face was soaked with tears and she thought about the pictures he had of her naked and blowing him.  She knew she would have to let him do this again.  If only Chad can figure something out to stop him.

Courtney watch him as he absently wiped himself off with a towel.  He looked down at her still gagged and secured on the bed, and then wiped her crotch with the towel.  She recoiled in pain from the rough towel rubbing her sore privates and was shocked to see the blood it, her blood.  He wasn’t done with her yet and showed her a blued cone shaped object with a wide base saying, “This is the smallest butt plug I could find.  We’ll work you up to bigger ones.”

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Courtney stared at the object in confusion unable to respond through the gag.  He got out a small bottle that said K-Y on it and squirted liquid over the cone.  Suddenly, she realized what a butt plug must be and began fighting against her restraints.  He knelt down and wrapped and arm under her thigh and up over her belly to hold her twisting body in place.  He pressed the butt plug against her anus, and then rotating and pushing really hard forced the plug in place while Courtney squealed into the gag.

Courtney was sitting on the edge of the bed nodding when the fat man spoke.  She was leaning on one butt cheek, so as not to be sitting directly on the thing he had forced into her butt.  The fat man said, “You leave that plug in your ass all night.  I want you the text me a pic of it tomorrow morning still in your ass.”
Courtney gave a brief terrified nod.
“You can take it out to go to church, but I want it back in place by the afternoon.  You take another pic of it there and send it to me to prove you put it back in.  And it better be there when you meet me tomorrow night.”
In a daze Courtney found herself nodding in agreement again.
“We’ll give your pussy a rest tomorrow night.  You can just blow me.”
“Thank you,” Courtney managed to whisper a little bewildered at thanking her rapist.

Emily looked for Brian every night and every day after school for a whole week until the realization came that he wasn’t coming back.  She knew she was pregnant and knew he was aware of that too.  She heard about guys leaving girls because of that.  She knew she should be relieved and happy he was gone, but she wasn’t.  She lifted her glasses and began wiping at the tears flowing down her cheeks and wondered what she was supposed to do now.

On Saturday afternoon a week after he had deflowered Courtney a very confused and crying redhead named Chelsea nodded her head and agreed to blow her boyfriend Shawn’s fat uncle while he was pinching her red nipples and squeezing her freckled breasts.  She couldn’t let her family and friends see those pictures and videos.  As Chelsea opened wide to take his thing in her mouth, she had no idea this was just the beginning of an extremely abusive and devastatingly humiliating experience for her that would only end over 3 months from now when she became pregnant.

At the same time the sobbing redhead was blowing the fat man, Emily told her mother everything about the man, the pictures and being blackmailed.  She also admitted to being pregnant.  The police were called, and Emily gave them a full description.  She had written down ‘Brian’s’ Pennsylvania tag number from his van, but the tag turned out to be stolen.  Stewart lived in New York State and was not caught.

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Great ending Jed! That Stewart......what a piece of work! LOL!

April 02, 2016, 10:31:22 PM
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Who said that was the ending?  LOL

I already have 2/3 of another post.

April 03, 2016, 09:20:30 AM
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Sorry Jed. I just sorta figured from the tone of this post that it sounded like it was ending. Glad to hear it's not!

April 03, 2016, 03:46:30 PM
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This is great!

April 03, 2016, 05:06:36 PM
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Yeah, realy nice story ;)

April 03, 2016, 05:18:48 PM
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I was thinking it was ending too . . .

April 03, 2016, 07:56:46 PM
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Wow!  Need I say more?  I thought it was the end too!  I'm definitely in suspense to see how he continues to work his magic on his pliable victims.  Well done on his adventures with Emily!

April 03, 2016, 08:11:33 PM
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Thanks everyone,

I guess I didn't realize there was a tone of finality to that last chapter.  I've had more beyond that written for a while.  I was just trying to catch up to it.  I tend to write some stories a few chapters at a time simultaneously just to help me with where everything is going.

April 04, 2016, 02:47:47 AM
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It's also nice to see him having Courtney send pics directly to him... That's bold new step.

April 07, 2016, 05:28:25 PM
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Well, since its not the end . . .when can we expect more?

April 08, 2016, 06:10:29 PM
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UGH! More more more..... Please.

April 08, 2016, 09:29:21 PM
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Well, since its not the end . . .when can we expect more?

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UGH! More more more..... Please.

Such impatience can lead to spankings. . . . .

Hopefully soon, I seem to be focusing on another story right now.

April 09, 2016, 04:24:11 PM
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Min Lei was biting her lower lip trying to get the courage to do it.  Up until a couple weeks ago her life had been incredibly boring.  All she did was study.  It was all she was allowed to do other than a few traditional Chinese activities.  She spent her entire summer vacation studying for the SATs.  ‘I just started high school as a freshman, and I’m only 14’, she ranted silently.  ‘You take the SATs when you are a junior or senior and are 17.  My father called me 4 or 5 times a day from his work all summer to ask what I was studying!  I have no life!’

That was until she met Michael on-line.  He was about as un-Chinese as you could get with his wavy blond hair and blue eyes.  He was 16 and interested in her.  Her parents were born in China and only associated with other Chinese people here in the United States even after all these years, but she was born here.  She wanted to be an American girl and have an American boyfriend.  Her parents said she should put off dating until she finished college and then find a nice Chinese boy when she went off to Medical School.  That will be 8 years from now!  She didn’t even want to be a doctor.

She didn’t like the other Chinese kids her own age very much.  They teased her because of her darker complexion.  Min’s family was from the south of China where many people are darker than the lighter toned skin people of the north, and she was slightly darker than her parents.  Light was considered classy to the Chinese.  She wasn’t that dark, just not ghostly pale white like her parent’s friends.  This was why she liked hanging out with Caucasians; the girls and occasionally even boys would complement her on her nice tan, and sometimes ask if she used a tanning salon.  The Chinese kids would ask her if she was really Chinese, that maybe she was Vietnamese instead.  She didn’t mind being called that as her family was from close to Vietnam, but the kids meant it as an insult.

She was very shy around boys.  Even if she could get over her shyness, she couldn’t talk to a boy in school without her parents somehow finding out.  Other Chinese students would tell their parents who would tell her parents.  Min wondered if she was overly sexual.  She always liked boys even if she rarely got to talk to them, but beginning sometime around 12 years old she became obsessed with boys.  It was a frustrating obsession she couldn’t do anything about.  Once when she was 12 an older boy said she was pretty, and he liked her long straight black hair.  She stopped cutting her hair after that, and it now hung down past her lower back.  She usually wore it on a pony tail to keep it from getting in the way.

By 13 she was sneaking peeks at boys all the time, sometimes even glancing at the bulges in their pants wondering what it would look like.  Biology was her best subject, and she had many books especially medical books.  The pages with pictures of penises were creased from having been opened to those pages so many times ever since she was 11.  That wasn’t all and she was terrified of being caught doing it, but recently Min had visited a few pornography websites.  She liked the scenes where Caucasian men were having sex with Asian girls.  She liked the stars Alina Li and Evelyn Lin best because they were Chinese, and she imagined it was her the men were having sex with.  Alina’s real name was Chichi Zhou, and she started doing porn right after turning 18.  She didn’t know Evelyn’s real name.

Michael was wonderful.  He really understood her and what she wanted.  She opened up to him and was able to shed some of her shyness.  Soon after chatting with him, she knew she wanted Michael to be her boyfriend.  Gradually their chats got more intimate, and then he started calling her his girlfriend.  She was so thrilled.  They exchanged some more pictures until eventually she sent him one of her bare breasts.  It was the most exciting and daring thing she had ever done.  She was actually proud of her development wearing a 28C or 30B now, but her parents would let her wear anything that showed them well.  Her mother even briefly mentioned it once that her American diet made her develop faster.  Her mother meant it as a criticism of what she was eating.  Min wondered if her mother wasn’t jealous that her breasts were now bigger than her mother’s.  At 5’2” she was also already an inch taller than her mother.

She confessed to Michael about the pornography she watched.  Instead of being disgusted, he said he thought it was cool she looked at those and even asked her to link him her favorites.  They had long chats about them wishing she was the girl in the videos and he was the guy.

Tonight Min was going to do something that terrified her, but also had her extremely excited.  Waiting until she was sure her parents were asleep, she angled her laptop to aim the camera where she wanted.  Sitting on the edge of her bed, Min took a deep breath and leaned back.  She had watched some of the pornography she liked and then looked at pictures of Michael until she was very turned on.  She let her hand with red nails slide down her belly until it brushed her unusually straight pubic hair.  She had applied red nail polish just for Michael.

She was self-conscious about her pubic hair.  She knew from gym class at school most girls had very curly hair down there, and she caught other girls staring at hers.  She had been so hesitant about letting Michael seeing it until she confessed to him about it being very straight.  It was hard to know what it looked like on other Asian girls in pornography because they shaved.  She thought about doing that but didn’t have a razor or knew how to use one.  She finally sent a picture of her legs spread to Michael, and he said she was beautiful all over.  Taking another breathe she began rubbing her finger along her vagina making sure to abrade her clitoris.

Stewart watched the video of Min masturbating for him.  He reached down and kneaded his erection while watching, but then jerked his hand away knowing a cute brunette named Lisa would be waiting for him later.  The Asian girl was very responsive and was soon writhing all over her bed passionately.  It was so adorable when she had her orgasm.  She shoved her hand in her mouth and bit down, and he knew that was so her parents wouldn’t hear her cumming.  He sent her a long e-mail as Michael telling her how hot the video was and arranging for them to meet in a couple days.  She would be his first Asian.

Later in the evening while fucking 15 year old Lisa, Stewart noticed again how much she looked like Emily especially her hair.  Lisa had missed her last two periods, so Stewart knew he would have to disappear on her very soon.  Thankfully by then, he should be slipping his cock inside a gorgeous Chinese girl.  He groaned and came inside the young brunette, and he heard her breath a little sigh of relief that he was done.  Dropping Lisa off, he wondered again whatever happened to Emily.  He still missed that wonderful cocksucking mouth of hers.

In the diner as they were almost done with lunch, Emily handed her 4-month old daughter to her mother.  Mom would take her home while she shopped for some more baby clothes.  She was growing so fast.  She sat and finished her coke watching her mom leave with her daughter, when a man spoke to her in an unpleasant tone, “You’re a little young to have a baby aren’t you?”
The man was around 30 and a little overweight.  Unsure why she bothered, she answered, “I turned 16 last month.”
“So some guy fucked you when you were 15 or 14?”
“Starting on my 15 birthday,” answered Emily still unsure why she was talking to this asshole.
“Well Happy Birthday to you.  Maybe you should have sucked him off instead.”
“I did.  In fact, he said I was the best at that he ever had.”
“Really?  Why don’t you suck me off then?”
Emily stared at him for nearly a minute a little shocked, but then asked, “You got a car close by?”
It was the man’s turn to be shocked, and then he nodded he did.

20 minutes later Emily was examining the man’s cock noting it was about the same size as she was familiar with.  She lowered her head near the steering wheel and opened wide taking it in her mouth.  She slowly sucked on the first couple of inches getting it wet and slippery.  And then wishing she could see his eyes, she relaxed her throat and pushed her head down until her lips clung to the base of it.
“Damn girl,” the man said with admiration feeling his cock embedded in her throat.

Thinking to herself that he’d seen nothing yet, Emily began moving her head using her best technique.  In no time at all the man was gasping for breath and his hands were gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles were white.  She brought him near the edge twice then letting it subside, and then finally took him to the point of no return.  He tapped her shoulder to let her know he was going to cum, but she gave a slight shake of her head and increased her suction.  Feeling his balls contract, she swallowed him into her throat and used her throat muscles to milk his cum out and directly into her stomach.

When Emily lifted her head up and looked at him with a smug expression, she noticed the unpleasant look in his eyes was replaced with awe.  He stared at her for a minute and then asked, “You want to come over to my apartment and do that again in a more comfortable setting?”
“OK,” she said unsure why and still confused about why she blew him in the first place.

An hour later Emily was kneeling on the carpet naked in front of the man doing her very best to swallow his erection for the second time today.  He was seated on the couch with his hands in her hair forcing her.  She had put his hands there herself unsure why she wanted to be forced.  The door to the apartment opened and a man she never saw before was standing there looking at them with a bemused expression.  The man she had met earlier said to her, “Don’t stop what you are doing, that’s just my roommate.”

Unsure what else to do, she resumed sucking his cock very self-conscious of being watched.  His roommate spoke, “Don’t you think an introduction is in order?”
The man she was blowing answered, “I think you’re right.”
He pulled her head off her cock and said to her, “I’m Randal.”
Without thinking Emily looked up at the man she was blowing and replied, “I’m Emily.”
Introductions complete, Randal pushed his cock back in her mouth.
“Randal, you are hilarious!” the roommate said laughing.

Emily felt her cheeks blush with shame, but she didn’t stop sucking on Randal’s cock.  She heard some clinking noises and glanced over to see the roommate unfastening his pants.  She kept glancing over while the roommate undressed, but each time her mouth slowed on Randal, he pushed on her head to get her going again.  The naked roommate walked over and behind Emily.  She looked up at Randal with her eyes pleading, but he said, “I share everything with my roommate.”
The roommate pulled her hips up and positioned himself behind her, and then said, “Let me introduce myself Emily, I’m Rick.”
With that, Rick forced his cock into her pussy spit-roasting her with his roommate.

Min shook her head again that she didn’t want Michael to get into trouble or for anyone to see those pictures and the masturbation video.  She knew those getting out would kill her parents, and she would have to do anything this fat man wanted to prevent that.  She was naked above the waist, and the awful fat man was groping her breasts with his left hand, his right hand stroking her hair in the ponytail.  He had forced her fingers to curl around his repellent erect penis, and he was making her pull on it.

Pinching her dark nipple he asked her, “Do you think you can deepthroat a cock like Alina Li?”
Min shook her head.
“Don’t worry little girl, you’ll learn very fast with my help,” he said, and then got a hurtful grip on her ponytail and began forcing her face towards his lap.  Wondering why Michael would ever mention to his uncle their discussions about Alina Li and her abilities, Min slid her cheek down his repulsive sweaty belly and opened her mouth wide engulfing his repugnant penis.